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Omni Wallpapers satisfy your unique needs for customization. Everyday we will update some fabulous wallpapers handpicked for you, making your phone stand out in the crowds. Daily New Wallpapers We will update on a daily bases fresh HD and live wallpapers, which can be found in the ‘Latest' tab on the homepage. Don’t miss out! Themed Wallpapers We will bring you the special matching themed wallpapers to pair your home screen and lock screen. 4k HD Wallpapers Every wallpaper has been adapted for iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max etc. and its color enhanced with more lively tinge for OLED screens. ‘Omni’ Styles Buildings, nature, firecrackers, underwater world, abstract, animals, mountains, sci-fi, to name just a few. Choose whatever suits your mood and vibe! We’re constantly updating our wallpaper stock and you’ll never be bored! Customized Recommendation Omni Wallpapers is dedicated to providing delicate wallpapers that cater to your unique needs. We’ll recommend you content according to your tastes. Ease of Use Download live wallpapers to your gallery, set up your wallpapers effortlessly through user-friendly user interface. To improve our app we’d also like to hear about your thoughts and ideas. ==== Subscription information and Terms ==== * Omni Wallpapers offers the following auto-renewing subscription options: 1. One Week Plan: $6.99 per week, with a 3-day free trial. 2. One Month Plan: $16.99 per month. 3. One Year Plan: $36.99 per year. 4. One Week Plan: $6.99 per week * This price is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. * Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase or at the end of the free trial period you choose. * Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. * Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. * You can manage and cancel your subscription plans, or turn off the auto-renewal by going to the your Account Settings after purchase. * Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. ==== Permissions Required ==== * Access to Photos library: allow the app to save wallpapers on your phone and set as your lock screen * Notification: Allow us to send you relevant updates Term Of Service: Privacy Policy:
It is good
by bake y on 2020/10/28 16:10
It is really good for trolling
Lisette garcia
by jhhjdjshdhsjuhdjjuudu on 2020/10/28 15:38
This game is amazing!!!!
by Lpikfdeunsbj on 2020/10/28 13:27
Honestly, this is not good at all. The worst thing is the ads. Errytime i click on a new wallpaper i get a new ad. Also the money. Why tf i need tonpay for a wallpaper that moves?
by v gym to on 2020/10/28 01:31
CFC tv g
So much adds,a
by eva2016k on 2020/10/28 00:32
When I want to look at a picture a add pops up and even if I’m just scrolling though the sections. When the add popped up for this it looked cool so I’d thought to try it out but that was a HUGE mistake for doing that. In my opinion I don’t think that you should get this app it is horrible and so many add I got rid of after 5 minute of trying to get a wall paper.
by caulkin bowls on 2020/10/27 23:28
Download this app
by 69 21 34 on 2020/10/27 23:20
So gooooddd
by heydgydg on 2020/10/27 21:34
I love this app so much they also have so many good wallpapers
Good review
by hdbdusbegsibreieheheiehe on 2020/10/27 21:07
Very good
Best game
by rebeka123na on 2020/10/27 17:56
I love this game it helps you change your wallpapers and you should get it and it is free
by dear boob on 2020/10/27 17:40
How do you even save the wall paper bruh i shouldn’t have to right a review top just to get a wall paper
by Krull man on 2020/10/27 17:11
by yeethestdhfe on 2020/10/27 17:01
Hi boo hi
by hvdgninbbu on 2020/10/27 16:10
Hi boo
Omni wallpapers
by Sweetness4783 on 2020/10/27 15:32
Love your wallpapers
This app helps me relax
by girl who likes cows on 2020/10/27 12:13
I love this app I have never found an app this good. I love the one we’re it is Pikachu holding a coffe cup it is cute 🙂. This app can make me happy when I go on it if I am mad I go on phone and I know this might sound crazy but I go this app and it makes me calm down I LOVE this app
by LEEEEEEEEEGODDDDDDD on 2020/10/27 04:20
So I just downloaded it and It took 17 ads for a wallpaper to many adds and The moving ones are MONEY in the ads they are FREE
It is good so good
by Cookiechayce on 2020/10/27 03:07
It is good so cool
So amazing!
by Macy Mead 123 on 2020/10/27 00:22
I am upsessed with this app! It’s so addicting! I love that you can type in what you want and so many come up! You should really download this app I guarantee you’ll love it as much as I do
There are to many ads.
by keilandhill on 2020/10/26 23:58
There are to many ads I just tap somewhere add
by Picture Locker on 2020/10/26 23:38
Alright this is massive click bait, no wall paper for you. A ton of ads and money to even search! Funny scam go BrRrrRrRrrRRrR
Cool but one thing
by Goldendogrufruf666 on 2020/10/26 23:03
This app is cool. Making moving wallpapers, finding cool wallpapers, but there is one thing that bothers me. When you go into DIY and click gravity, it takes forever to load and you can’t click on the plus sign. It’s kinda weird, but if you can fix that I would love it!
by I can't tell you 😒 on 2020/10/26 22:30
by eliyahf33 on 2020/10/26 22:00
I like Good
by *ℬ| ៚ℯαǤℓℯ* on 2020/10/26 20:54
It’s ok
by Queen Brat 2020 on 2020/10/26 17:24
Some suggestions
by hihihihijieeee on 2020/10/26 17:15
by OI23GHJ on 2020/10/26 16:29
There are so many adds
by sparkythelion on 2020/10/26 16:23
Ok app I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s ok
by Thisappis____andhereiswhy on 2020/10/26 00:20
The amount of ads that this app advertises is absurd. There is an option that if you tap on a wallpaper and swipe, you can view other wallpapers, and after swiping 4-5 times an ad appears. Half of the time I spent trying to find a wallpaper was ads. It almost feels like the app is trying to force you to get premium, or their no ads. So basically, if you want to find a wallpaper on this app, just power through the ads because there is a lot of them. Everything else is okay, the wallpapers look good and I don’t have any other complaints other than the ads.
by ChrzanFamily on 2020/10/25 23:00
It is broken
by Cotton Candy Boi on 2020/10/25 21:37
ITS A FRICKING SCAM (I made it 5 star so people can see it)
It’s cool
by jude4813 on 2020/10/25 21:07
Like super COOL
Jdjdjduud j
by trentn39 on 2020/10/25 20:45
by gfuhdtggcff on 2020/10/25 18:59
I love this app
by ryan martinez milano on 2020/10/25 18:20
Is so cool you. background moves
So many adds barely any wallpapers
by 👌🤠🥴 on 2020/10/25 16:58
There are a LOT of adds its very annoying. I came here for awsome live wallpapers when all I got was some ugly outdated wallpapers. I can find better stuff online. Not only that but the majority of stuff COASTS MONEY I mean come on with the amount of adds already?? This is nothing like the add.
I want to get more wallpapers
by Scarlet Macaws on 2020/10/25 14:50
I want to get the 4D but i can’t because I need to buy a premium.😢
The ads not true
by Dmitrianimal on 2020/10/25 13:56
They just did the ad for click bait
by Brook(ghost hunter) on 2020/10/25 12:25
Omg!! This app is the best it is also so satisfying and fun to look at!!!!!!! I love it! 🤗🤩🤩
.......😑 .....I don’t know what to say ....I- ..........bye ya’ll
by elli-A on 2020/10/25 04:53
Hi I’m Elizabeth this app is awesome 😊😁
It a cool app and I like it
by sutumn911 on 2020/10/25 04:44
I give it a for star bu you can’t customize
Best app
by hahbsbddn on 2020/10/25 00:18
Best back screen ever
by zzzrrrrmmm126 on 2020/10/24 23:33
It was confusing but at the end good
Real fun cool
by ty Shannon on 2020/10/24 22:55
Trust me.
by Christan DeMarco on 2020/10/24 22:39
Trust me, just the biggest waste of your time.
It is okay I guess
by Starpig:) on 2020/10/24 21:24
When I first saw the add for this I was SO EXCITED 😊. I had to have this app but when I actually got it I was pretty disappointed😕. It had shown all of these amazing interactive wallpapers but I could use a single one they had shown! I mean eventually I got used to it until it took away all the wallpapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t find a single one it had stopped showing them to me😤 It took them away and it said it had “no data” even though it had tons before. I tried deleting it and then downloading it again. It didn’t work. It stayed the same! Not to mention the INSANE amount of adds!!!! 😒Every time I click something it’s an ad, leave the thing BOOM an AD. I get it is needed but there is such thing as too much ads as well. Still I have gotten soon really good wallpapers and overall I do thing this app is ok.
It doesn’t let you touch it
by rztchcg on 2020/10/24 21:05
It is terrible
by ndjbk on 2020/10/24 20:10
You can set your wallpaper and then delete it from photo’s and you still have the wallpaper until you change it. Then find it in saved.And use it again. AAAAMMZZZIINNGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!L!!!!!!
Fix these mistakes
by poopapptrashapp on 2020/10/24 19:27
There is to much ads , when you get a wall paper there not even live . I don't recommend getting this app unless you don't want a live wall paper . 😡😡😡😾😾👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
by Jaylexis10 on 2020/10/24 18:12
by درابزفلزا on 2020/10/24 16:09
Not good but not bad
by weebchick on 2020/10/24 07:46
Ok so I have the 2020 iPad and I don’t know if it’s the ipad or the app but when I try to make the wallpaper move when it’s on the screen it doesn’t work but besides that it have a lot of cool wallpapers 😁😁😁 4/5 stars
by Jake_the_Trainer on 2020/10/24 03:37
I am not paying just to serch for a wallpaper!!
by asewzd on 2020/10/24 00:34
I hate this app it is a scam
The wallpaper won’t move for me
by TTV NOT TOXIC :) on 2020/10/23 23:38
Whenever I download a Live Photo it wont move in my lock screen
This is I don’t even know how to describe it
by Libbysibby on 2020/10/23 23:31
So I was trying to search and it said I had to do a subscription to SEARCH i souls not have to they just want dii ok not download this app
It’s great I just wish it had more options were we could customize our own wallpaper
by mexicanaaaaa on 2020/10/23 22:55
It’s a 10
by J’ada Dawson on 2020/10/23 22:10
The app is great it’s just the ads that gets on my nerves☺️
by Mindnightgirl2016 on 2020/10/23 20:45
by Hfdcghhgcxr on 2020/10/23 19:36
I wish I could give this less than one star. Don't download! First of all, this app had way too many ads. It was constant. Also, you had to pay for the "premiums membership" to be able to unlock simple things such as searching for a wallpaper, unlocking some wallpapers, or even saving one using a good image quality. That last thing I want to point out is that the advertisements for this app show a moving wallpaper that you can customize your name onto. This is a lie. There is no such thing as that on this app. If the makers of this app care to even read my review, please respond. I would like to know what made you think you could waste the time of consumers with your lies.
Lots of things to talk about
by NobodyAnonymousTotally on 2020/10/23 18:09
RIGHT AS I GET INTO THE APP I GET FLOODED WITH ADDS... seriously just stop i get like 60 adds within my 5 min in this app.... second of all.... I hate how everything that is actually good... Is premium.... third.... All that i saw were fort nite wallpapers and like video game stuff when i want stone food or something... ALSO your gravity wallpapers are stupid because they are fake٫ you record yourself doing bit but then it dont work... so dumb... ALSOO.. you had like no wallpapers in the asmr section.. LOTS OF COMPLAINTS FROM ME I DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL
Oh hi I
by mlljgvufed on 2020/10/23 17:05
by Derik😢 on 2020/10/23 15:30
by ffdhdys on 2020/10/23 14:05
Yah baby
by D1meezy on 2020/10/23 06:51
Yah baby
by high bh high on 2020/10/22 18:59
This app is awesome.
by Nana Ventro on 2020/10/22 14:32
This is so simple to download and graphics are amazing.
by bayleepuppy4 on 2020/10/22 10:32
It’s a great app
by Emily Hendrix on 2020/10/22 01:32
You really shouldn’t put so many ads in your game you should think about how many every time you click on one there’s an ad there’s an ad there’s an ad it would be a five star but there are so many ads I really think you should just think about how many hours you put in your game
Nope nope I don’t like it💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
by GMHRozal on 2020/10/22 01:32
💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💞💔 too much ads
I hate it
by SidMonkey 02 on 2020/10/22 01:15
It has ads fills like every five seconds. Do not get this app! Plz
Yarielyz’s was the time
by hedkxn on 2020/10/21 20:48
by king😭😔 on 2020/10/21 17:16
by paidmckc on 2020/10/21 16:29
I like it but to much adds and VIP
To good at drip
by lil rb kid on 2020/10/21 14:16
I’m ro cool
Pretty neat😉
by Jeep Gypsy 86 on 2020/10/21 13:17
To many pop ups but easy cool wallpaper
by babydollcity on 2020/10/21 12:09
by bjejjccdjjf on 2020/10/21 02:44
H Yes
Love it but too many ads
by Ale The Ravenclaw😜 on 2020/10/21 01:34
I love this app it's so cool it's just that there is too many ads. I search up for a wallpaper and then there is an ad, I exit the app there is an ad, there is so many ads!! It's getting annoying. But other than that this app is amazing
by Harley_Quinn_1005 on 2020/10/21 01:07
I do not know how to do this
Cool app
by jeffy_d0ll123 on 2020/10/20 19:02
This is a amazing app, the thing I’m not happy about is you have to pay to use search.
by bubba702boy on 2020/10/20 18:25
I love your wallpaper
by Xxavon18 on 2020/10/20 14:38
Really good but the ads but I will not be a baby and give this 1 star.
Great app
by ct 7567 Rex on 2020/10/20 13:14
THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT WALLPAPERS ON THIS APP! I highly recommend this app and it deserves a five star review!
It’s ok
by DYL1874 on 2020/10/20 11:27
I don’t like that you have to pay for some of the wallpapers but yeah you should get it
by 𝑺𝒉𝒂𝒅𝒐𝒘𝑬𝒁_11 on 2020/10/20 05:20
Why is is not working for me
by 379237923 on 2020/10/20 01:28
I would love this app so much if it work BC i tried so many many times to it and i tried everything to change it and its not working but again i would like it if it worked
by vsbbshak on 2020/10/19 23:27
Why would people buy premium?
by ushsfufjfjf on 2020/10/19 20:34
Whenever i got the app i could get almost any wallpaper but now you can only get around 30 wallpapers per tab. And don’t even get me started on the ads omg the ads
by gotdk on 2020/10/19 19:44
I love this app I love the ones with snitch and pickachu they are SO CUTE PLS REASPOND
by sofia wolf fox hehe my cookies on 2020/10/19 19:27
Lovely flower
by Ivelac4 on 2020/10/19 16:30
by yayyagah on 2020/10/19 15:57
Yall wall paper is the best
by nono ononodbdjs on 2020/10/19 09:56
I really love this
I like it
by jjiiigh on 2020/10/19 02:37
It has so much ads but I think it’s worth it I mean I love it I love it so much that if it was a movie I would watch it 15 million times and I would not get tired of it
by HeatherRDCDE on 2020/10/19 02:04
I love this app because I can have really cool 4K backgrounds and I love it👍
This App is Garbage! 0 stars out of 5
by A7Xlord on 2020/10/18 20:43
Total crap infested with ads and everything I click on says no data and all the 5 star reviews are from the company themselves which is hilarious
It’s ok
by idk what to put272772 on 2020/10/18 17:12
Yes like the other people said there are ALOT of ads but other than that it was pretty good game tho I would not download it if you don’t have a lot of time I really injoyed it it needs some improvements but although it’s good :D
They need some improvements
by A random ladie on 2020/07/12 18:40
I do really like the game because they do have alot of great backgrounds but i think that they should fix the ads because each time you click something there is always an ad and its pretty annoying so i think they should have less ads. Also in the video they have about the game it shows you can create one by putting your name and it looks super cool but you cant actually do that in the game which is also what i downladed it for so I was a bit disappointed about that. So i do recomend the game but the video has totally different things then what is actually in the game and there are a lot of ads.
I just want a wallpaper!
by thegamer gacha on 2020/07/15 17:31
Let me get in right into the chase, I wanted a wallpaper, but instead was greeted with 40 ads! In the span of 20 minutes, that’s kinda annoying, but don’t get me wrong, I am fine with maybe..3 ads in the span of 8 minutes, but 40 ads in the span of twenty minutes, is just.. No! And I want more categories, I mean they put a lot of categories. But I want the ones that I might like, I am not trying to sound greedy, but just try to add more for fun, kids, comedy, anime, etc. Another thing, I found like..4 moving wallpapers, and the ad I got was a gorgeous foundation, of a moving wallpaper, I found none, by the way. I would say this app is kinda a scam. And I know this because I got this app like, 10 minutes ago, and my brain is already moshed from all the ads, and premium pop ups. I don’t really like that, cause I can click on a unknown website, that is inappropriate, creepy, or just plain out weird. I don’t like TO many ads, but this is WAY to much. Even when you tap on a wallpaper you want, like 100 ads burst right there! I wish I could’ve rated this app better but, it just... kinda... is a scam, out of your time and money.
by donkey mixed with burger on 2020/06/03 23:39
This app has a lot of great wallpapers and I have saved many of them but there is one problem. There are WAY too many ads. Every time you click on a wallpaper you will get an ad and every time you click off a wallpaper you will get an add. Just for that reason I am giving this app a 3 star rating. It would be five but there are too many ads. I’ve also hear people say the wallpaper that’s supposed to move is not moving. When you put on the wallpaper there is a screen where you set it on either your lock screen or your home screen or both. If you got a moving wallpaper than do this. At the bottom middle of the screen you can make it a perspective wallpaper or a live one. Make sure you click on the live wallpaper action and make sure it is on. A live wallpaper also won’t work on the home screen it only works on the lock screen. And the wallpapers where they react to you moving your phone are fake.
I love it!!
by jewhan on 2020/07/05 19:22
This game is so fun and so easy to use all you have to do is click on the wallpaper you like it could be live or a regular picture and you could save it to your photos you don’t have to screenshot it or anything you just press the save button and then it saves I love this game is so easy thank you for making it I saved several pictures and live photos I love this game so much I’ll never stop using it you should really be a game artist and create a lot more games for 2050 and all that stuff you’re really good at making games I love this game I wasn’t gonna write a bad review on it when I first saw it I was like oh this game is probably going to be trash but I downloaded it anyway and I thought it was really good I was just on it and then it said to write a review so that’s what I did😂
It is okay I guess
by Starpig:) on 2020/10/24 21:24
When I first saw the add for this I was SO EXCITED 😊. I had to have this app but when I actually got it I was pretty disappointed😕. It had shown all of these amazing interactive wallpapers but I could use a single one they had shown! I mean eventually I got used to it until it took away all the wallpapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t find a single one it had stopped showing them to me😤 It took them away and it said it had “no data” even though it had tons before. I tried deleting it and then downloading it again. It didn’t work. It stayed the same! Not to mention the INSANE amount of adds!!!! 😒Every time I click something it’s an ad, leave the thing BOOM an AD. I get it is needed but there is such thing as too much ads as well. Still I have gotten soon really good wallpapers and overall I do thing this app is ok.
Omg ads
by pineapple_grrl on 2020/05/14 17:44
Uuuummm, sorry, but no. I have been looking for a really good wallpaper for so long and I thought that this app would finally do the trick. Of course, I was completely wrong. I guessed correctly that there would be a premium version. (And by the way, why would you buy a premium version, just for like, a WALLPAPER app?! Like, why?) When I open it up, an ad. Every single time I click one freaking button I get bombarded with stupid ads! I’m sorry, but I am going to rate this app a 2 star. Not worth the money, the waiting, or the time. And did I mention that the advertisement for this app was completely wrong? There was a really cool wallpaper in the ad that it looked like a broken screen and you could see the hard drive and stuff. Ha, couldn’t find that thing anywhere. And even if I did, it would be on the premium version. Everyone out there looking for a wallpaper app, please don’t choose this one. I’m sorry, but no.
by Kim Stieglier on 2020/08/16 15:09
1st. Paying for higher quality wallpaper that doesn’t even look normal quality 2nd. The “live” wallpapers were just screenshots of the “live” wallpaper that was displayed on the app! When you tried to out the “live” wallpapers as you background, they want you to put on the perspective which does nothing!!!! 3rd. Oml SO MANY ADDS!!!!!!!!!! ONE AFTER ANOTHER! I DIDNT EVEN GET 5 MINUTES OF NO ADD TIME CAUSE 30 SECONDS AFTER THE FIRST ADD! WOW! ANOTHER ADD!!! like I get it, it an unpopular app (which it should be) and it needs the money, BUT COME ON! DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT SOMEONE IS JUST GONNA BE LIKE “oh wow 15 seconds of a person holding a tablet, I AM SO GONNA GET THAT PRODUCT!” cause they’re not! I’m sorry this app, game, whatever you wanna call it, is terrible, it doesn’t even meet the expectations of its name, “....Live Wallpapers” I do not recommend getting it, it is a waste of space and does not even give you “ok” quality wallpapers. Thank you for reading this, have a good day!
One flaw
by JoeyBoi93 on 2020/04/07 06:48
I do really like the app, and I love the variety of different wallpapers it has to choose from, but I have noticed something that I feel is a big problem. Using your app in the ads and previews it shows that your wallpapers move and are even interactive by moving your device, I do not have that. I will hold my finger on the lock screen and nothing will happen, it does not move on it’s own, neither is it interactive by me moving my device. I saw numerous ads for this app and was thinking “hmm, it seems pretty cool, and the fact they move is nice, I’ll try it out”, but after seeing it doesn’t move once so ever has disappointed me. I still like your app, but that part of it not being included greatly affected my thoughts on it.
The live does not work on my phone:( But still great app
by Ghshep on 2020/05/17 00:13
So I LOVE this app but the live video simply doesn’t work on my phone. I was very bummed when I tried it out and it didn’t work:(. I was hoping to have a nice cute live wallpaper. Like always though it was a normal picture... I don’t know if it’s my phone or app. But I would still request getting this app. My pictures might not be live but they still are very cute!!! Thanks OmniWallpaper!❤️❤️! Please make more apps!
I ❤️ OmniWallpaper
by OkieSueK on 2020/04/08 23:48
I don’t even think the adds are bad it’s to good of an app to have adds that annoying and to be honest it’s great. I recommend this app to you and everyone to use. I think it should get some more good reviews. Besides it’s better than I thought it would be. I really do think that this app is made for you. And when I saw the reviews that said the adds are annoying I thought that it would be bad... but it’s wasn’t as as I thought! I recommend Omni wallpaper for you to download! It’s fun it’s not too bad it’s fun and it makes me feel happy! Download now!
Annoying and ad filled
by BadishAsARadish on 2020/06/29 04:50
When I say this thing has ads, you may think it’s like any other service, but believe me when I tell you that this app might as well be nothing but an advertising station. Now even for me this normally wouldn’t be a problem, but it becomes one when there are so many that you can’t even maneuver your way to a help screen. Which is almost impossible to find and you know what no ones going to read this no one even cares google will probably just remove this review so why am I writing it. Just download the app, see how crappy it is I don’t care I’m just using this as a way to vent my anger at this crappy design. Just give me a video tutorial on how to set the lock screen.
Adds, and adds in your way but getting better.
by ultimate_kangoroo on 2020/05/17 12:43
This app is terrible. Just downloaded it and I am already saying this. You need to buy a premium just for wall papers. May I add that the wall papers don’t move. To many adds. Way to many adds. Same ones every time. This app was a real let down when I was looking for a good wallpaper app. Hey, I am writing a second review to this app. I am pretty sure that there has been an update fixing a lot of things. For starters, there is moving pictures now! Good job. There is still way to many ads that are in your way. Also a premium you have to buy, and I am having trouble unlocking anything even after watching a video. Try this app but there is some problems.
Good options, to many problems.
by @Alpha_FX on 2020/07/28 22:08
First, these wallpapers are a scam. They look really cool, when you download them they show up as a picture though. I was fairly disappointed. Second, way to many ads. I swear, every two scrolls an ad. Wanna download a picture? Ad. It gets really annoying after a couple scrolls. On top of all that i have a couple theories. I suggest not reading my theories if you like this app. So, remember in the beginning it asks for permission to your photos? If you think about this, in order to download something, the app/phone/ etc., doesn't need photo access only to download to the files. I declined access to my photos and sure enough, it STILL let me download pictures. My next theory really is just a fact. I decided to mess around with the app and get a vip membership. Want to download something on HD? Well don't. It looks exactly the same as a regular one does. Remember, these are my opinions and theories, i wish for this to be changed so i may have a better wallpaper experience. And yes, i cancelled the membership as soon as i saw the scam. Have a nice day! -iiShxdowStxlk
A lot is wrong with this
by CaRa sUkS on 2020/06/12 19:04
Ok since there’s so much wrong I’m just gonna make a list. 1. There are WAY too many ads, like, I know you need to make money somehow but Jesus Christ tone it down a little. 2. The wallpapers don’t move. In the ads there are moving wallpapers, but on here there aren’t, you have to buy stupid premium in order to actually use the app. 3 it’s basically a scam. They make you install the game, you end up seeing like a million ads, you realize it’s trash after you try to get a wallpaper, you leave, but they already got money from you seeing the dumb ads. 4. It doesn’t have like, anything you want, all I’ve found so far was football players, girls, and that one cringed fort nite thing. 5. Premium is absolutely insane. Who on earth is going to pay 7 dollars a WEEK for a wallpaper app that you’re probably gonna use like once a year, also you could have at least made premium to where you just don’t get adds but no, you made it to where you had to have it for the animated wallpapers as well. Horrible. That’s my review, this app is fake and garbage, don’t fall for it.
by Thisappis____andhereiswhy on 2020/10/26 00:20
The amount of ads that this app advertises is absurd. There is an option that if you tap on a wallpaper and swipe, you can view other wallpapers, and after swiping 4-5 times an ad appears. Half of the time I spent trying to find a wallpaper was ads. It almost feels like the app is trying to force you to get premium, or their no ads. So basically, if you want to find a wallpaper on this app, just power through the ads because there is a lot of them. Everything else is okay, the wallpapers look good and I don’t have any other complaints other than the ads.
It’s annoying...
by CombatQuill8418 on 2020/07/24 21:14
I click on the app and there’s a 30 second ad, I click on a wallpaper and there’s a 30 second ad, I scroll for a new wallpaper and another ad. I’ve played a lot of mobile games with ads it’s just that here, literally everything I do causes there to be an ad. I’m saying that It’s more annoying than your regular app. The wallpapers are kind of nice, but why make it so you have to buy a membership to access some of these wallpapers, I could just get a new app for wallpapers. I’m just saying that this is drawing customers away from the app and wallpaper apps are not even such a big deal so why bother spending money on wallpapers.
by craftyskills on 2020/05/30 10:15
I downloaded this app in hopes I would be able to get a really cool broken screen wall paper but as soon as I got in I was spammed with adds and I know ppl will just say “well why don’t you just turn it on air plane mode so you don’t get adds” and if you have to turn on airplane mode for an app because it has to many adds well guess what it’s not worth it because most likely the app will have some over price premium version and you think oh I Can just do this and get the wallpaper I want but NO you can’t because along with all these other red flags it is false advertising and to all those ppl who gave it 4 to 5 star reviews yeah your given this app to much mercy or hey maybe your all just bots any way DONT GET THIS APP
by Hfdcghhgcxr on 2020/10/23 19:36
I wish I could give this less than one star. Don't download! First of all, this app had way too many ads. It was constant. Also, you had to pay for the "premiums membership" to be able to unlock simple things such as searching for a wallpaper, unlocking some wallpapers, or even saving one using a good image quality. That last thing I want to point out is that the advertisements for this app show a moving wallpaper that you can customize your name onto. This is a lie. There is no such thing as that on this app. If the makers of this app care to even read my review, please respond. I would like to know what made you think you could waste the time of consumers with your lies.
It’s okayish... I guess
by whereismtbaker on 2020/05/28 18:48
This app is not really worth it. First of all, every single time you click any button, and ad pops up in your face. This is not an exaggeration I literally got an ad every single time I clicked a button. Second, to get any cool or moving wallpapers, you have to pay 7 dollars a week which amounts to about 30 dollars a month, or 360 dollars a year. Not worth it for an app. Last, all of the free wallpapers are either football, Fortnite, or Deadpool themed, and if they’re not, then they are a stupid picture with a sentence over it. Really boring app do not recommend I only gave it two stars because I did find one wallpaper I liked.
Very good wallpaper app
by F34R ok on 2020/06/18 03:00
I love it so much! It has new wallpapers like everyday and there’s cool ones fashion ones and different types of wallpapers. I love how some are actually live, like the lock screen whenever you hold the wallpaper it will move or be alive and it’s cool!( iOS ) This is my favorite wallpaper app, I Change my wallpaper each week... well kinda but still whenever I go to the app there’s always new wallpapers and it’s just amazing to look at them and choose your own wallpaper!
ADS!!! 😥
by ok inguess on 2020/09/02 22:30
First of all, ADS! If you interested in waisting loads of money on this app, then this is for you. This app is just.... Yikes! You can barely push 1 button and there goes the ad spams. They will repeat/spam ads! Smh, I don’t even recommend this app. Because they’re wallpapers aren't even that impressive. I mean, there alright. Honestly I didn’t even want to rate it. The ads are so annoying and frustrating. I admit that (ANY) live wallpapers are pretty cool. Sorry for those of you who like this app, it’s just my opinion. But I totally understand if those of you who like this app don’t agree with what I say. Apologies. But my opinion is this app, is just not for ME. But other could like it :)
Very impressed
by very impresed on 2020/09/18 12:34
When I saw an ad for this, for some reason, I didn’t expect it to be a legitimate good app. There are so many ones to choose from, and there are wallpapers for anyone. I highly recommend this app. It does have a lot of ads, but it is a free app, so I can’t really complain, especially after I’ve already downloaded 4 different wallpapers in the first 3 minutes after I got the app. Overall, very, very impressed. 5/5
Need some improvements
by Meg's eggs on 2020/08/03 21:24
So we are just so many ads and it’s so annoying how many ads you’ll get like 20 and like one minute and it’s annoying so please fix that and three ads that come up three different ones and it’s annoying so please make more add or take away some of the ads please it’s annoying how many ads are all there’s too many of the ads and please do so you have to buy some stuff to get it’s even hard to get wallpapers so many hours whenever you want to go get a little and did not add I like it and I will you get me 100 ad and please I kind of want to delete it it’s so annoying please it’s so hard for me to get everything
AMAZING! 🤩 🤩 🤩
by miamia miami 1111112 on 2020/08/08 02:16
I love all of he naruto wallpapers and I just can't choose which one to pick so I Change my wallpaper EVERYDAY! I just. Can’t. And the fact that you don’t have to pay for these wallpapers are amazing. I love this app and honestly there is nothing I would change about this app. TOTALLY LOVE THIS APP! PERIODTT it’s sad that I can only give you guys 5 stars I would totally give you 10 million. If you think I am being extra, lol you funny. I am serious. THIS IS THE BEST APP EVERRRRE
Don’t Download.
by PersonLikeYou on 2020/06/28 00:27
I first saw this as an ad on Instagram and liked the wallpapers it presented. After downloaded, I wasn’t even 2 seconds into it when an ad popped up. That’s a huge red flag for a lot of apps nowadays... it continued and I couldn’t even find any wallpapers I liked before I gave up and I uninstalled because of all the adds, it’s extremely frustrating and there are plenty of better apps to use to get wallpapers. The wallpapers provided weren’t NEARLY as nice as those presented in the adds too. They all looked like an iphones live image option. I’d rate this a 0/10 for how useful it is in comparison to other wallpaper apps, but that isn’t an option.
Political? Really?
by Garrettbx on 2020/09/25 06:00
It’s bad enough that we are required to watch ad after ad with most apps nowadays, but to open an app that is straight up political and giving praise to a bill signed by the current President is downright careless, unethical, unrelated to the app I have downloads to use to find a background/wallpaper, and clearly is disconnect from the current state of the country to be boasting about someone who clearly doesn’t care about the elderly (ad was about bill for hearing aids for the elderly...when the current pandemic that he let get out of hand targets the weaker immune systems of the elderly). This is sick and clearly will be deleting this app from my devices.
What a Waste
by EliBiggy GoRed on 2020/04/27 18:11
It has wayyyyyy to many ads. All I want to do is get a wallpaper for my phone not pay for it, get a wallpaper, then delete the app. What a waste of time and energy to look for one you like. I’m also mad because I saw an ad that had the one I liked, but the when I tried to look for it it didn’t have it. I know not everything is not what it seems now with this app. It doesn’t have a lot of options. And sometimes it makes you watch an ad or download in order to see what it looks like, and sometimes it doesn’t even work. If you’re looking for a wallpaper app, DO NOT USE THIS ONE. It will be a complete waste of time.
Too many ads
by bdnneks fbdnsk djsiwnf ndjsndb on 2020/09/29 20:09
I love this app but when I first get into the app, there’s an ad. When I click on a wallpaper that I might like, there’s and ad. When I go back to wheee all the wallpapers are, THERES AN AD. I think you should not have ads because it’s not like you need a break from looking at wallpapers for like a minute or two. So if you can, can you take out most of the non-needed ads. Thank you
Amazing! 😁
by @arayleakindness on 2020/03/16 01:33
I understand, you might think, they only put their good reviews. Wrong. Yes, they have adds. Deal with it. This is how people make their money. Be happy, because at the end of the day, they took time to build this wonderful app for us to get awesome background. Appreciate the work, and the options of the amazing images and animations they put in for you! Would definitely recommend ❤️🔥🔥🔥
by graceshin10 on 2020/09/14 00:40
I mean, their wallpapers are pretty cool, but all the good ones are in the VIP section. Also, every time I click a button on the screen an ad pops up, and all I want is to see that wallpaper! I understand that they get money for ads, but there’s too many. When I press the back button, an ad. When I click on a wallpaper, an ad! This app is not like the ads they show, there’s not anything CLOSE to creating your own wallpaper like they show in the ad. I just really hope they can get rid of all these ads. At least a little bit.
Need some improvement
by yemini girl🇾🇪🧕🏼 on 2020/10/08 22:28
Ya I do like the game the wallpapers are soo cute🥺but I didn’t really get what I wanted in the ad I saw that you put your name and stuff which was really cool but in the game they don’t have it I’m a little disappointed😔bc they didn’t have what I was looking for but it’s totally fine😇 but I recommend you to fix the game and i hope you have a great day❤️stay home stay safe🦠❤️🏡
It’s amazing
by DreadfulShade on 2020/08/05 16:41
I like how a lot of them are free, and a lot of others you have to pay in order to get in, but with this you don’t have to, what I don’t like is every time you click on one you want, you have to watch an add, and when you leave that wallpaper you wanted, an add pops up. I hope they fix that please. Other than that, this is worth downloading
It’s ok...
by Olivia🐴🐎 on 2020/07/23 02:10
I like this app, but first of all, Too many ads. It’s kinda ridiculous how many ads you get in just 30 seconds. I would scroll through like, five wallpapers and get an ad. 🙄 That’s my number one problem. Problem number two Is that there’s not very many live animal wallpapers. I want a horse wallpaper, and I found maybe five, and only two of them are real horses. Also neither of them are live. Add more live Horse wallpapers and remove some of the ads and I’ll give it another try. It’s a good app, but for now, I’m keeping it a two star. ⭐️⭐️👍🏻
Loving it!!!
by knight7y on 2020/05/08 16:23
It has literally all wallpapers some of them are also moving but the thing is I do not like the premium because I did not get access to some awesome stuff to help get more better things. But anyway it is still a pretty good app to get better wall papers and I still have it a 5 star because even though you do not have premium it is still an awesome app
by 27fsh26 on 2020/09/14 21:43
On most apps everything is locked, but this app lets you use hundreds of wallpaper FOR FREE! The only bad thing is you constantly get ads, but that’s how they get paid. I would recommend to everyone! LOVE THIS APP! (Also you have to tap and hold to see the live wallpaper, and when you preview it press the little circle on the bottom left then it will work)
Big Problem!! 😫
by ergdidjid on 2020/05/27 21:29
I got this app because I wanted a moving wallpaper, and that is exactly what it showed the app did. I was pretty excited because I thought it would be super awesome so have a live wallpaper. So I downloaded the app found one I liked and then downloaded it. Then I made it into my wallpaper and tried it out on my home screen. Nothing. I held down my finger and nothing happened. So I thought maybe the app only worked on your lock screen. So I tried it on my lock screen. It did not work. I kept trying for about 10 minutes before I gave up. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!! 👎👎👎😡😡😡
by user7843 on 2020/07/08 16:59
When I first downloaded this app I was confused, but then I realized what to do. First select picture you want. Then click on it and tap the save button. Then wait for it to load, when it’s done it should be in your photos. But there’s one thing that I don’t like about is that there is to many adds. But other than that, fun app!
Not worth your time
by this is hard to get a nickname on 2020/05/18 13:53
When u download the wallpaper and change it in settings it doesn’t move it’s just a still wallpaper. This is not a good app! And now let’s talk about all the ADS they pop up every time u scroll to a different wallpaper and when u open the app!do not get this app it’s not worth your time. AND DO NOT BUY PREMIUM ITS A WAIST OF MONEY AND ITS FOR A WALLPAPER APP! Or in general don’t get this app
Amazing wonderful good high-quality wallpapers
by Jagermister19 on 2020/07/05 01:57
I’ve been looking for a really good high quality wallpapers for a while and I’ve came across this app. The only thing I wish they had was a little bit more anime stuff because right now they only have Goku, norito and demon slayer but eventually they’ll get more I hope. Overall super satisfied.
Good but SO many ads
by boredboredbored24-7 on 2020/08/24 19:55
hi! I loveeee this app so much and I think you should download it no doubt. But there is WAY to many ADS, like every few seconds. (Some are shorter than others tho) also I don’t think u should have to pay to search a wallpaper you want. I also think you should add more quotes used in movies. Anyways overall a great app ! byee & thanks for reading. ~~
by BugscarA on 2020/07/11 15:37
I love This App It’s So Fun And Cool There Are So Many Cool Back rounds but if you want a live one you have to look for a little white circle on one of them and then you have to hold down on it to see it move into see if you want to have it and then you go down on a little download thingy and I’ll give you the choice to do either normal or premium!
This game needs to be fixed
by MariahPotterHead on 2020/09/02 05:00
I saw reviews and thought it was awesome but it’s ANOYING everything you click a add pops up it’s like every 1 second, other than that I would rate form 1-10 it would be a 1 because it ain’t that nice the adds and there ain’t much when I type something like I typed Harry Potter it only poped up one thing saying Raveclaw and my house is Gryffindor so I was looking for it and I was trying to put a name and it didn’t work that well look this is really annoying and I would like this to be fixed sorry but I have to uninstall it
I love this app
by allison chicas on 2020/07/05 13:03
I love 💕 this app because It’s better then our old one’s like baby 👶 photos and memories of family and then this app came up 👌but like I said family memories all of Us could still use them as our wallpaper but me this app and then family memories like one cool wallpaper an the other family photo.
Too much premium
by MarvelLover#1 on 2020/09/22 02:37
Too many functions on this app cost monthly money, like the search function that people deserve to use without paying money for it. Also, how do you download asmr/gravity wallpapers? I click download but I can’t set actually set them as a wallpaper. But it’s still an okay app. The only thing keeping this from being a one star rating is the quality and variety of the wallpapers.
Welcome to ad vacation!
by mr.iPadman on 2020/09/04 23:08
Welcome to ad vacations! Once you click off that pesky pop up ad, where does it go? Right here! At ad vacations you can watch ads that stick right there on your screen, unless if you want to pay 7$ a month! What else comes with your 7$ monthly payment? You get to search! Guess what else? You can actually scroll down all the way! And if you want to use a wallpaper, you can download a random app specifically chosen for you to have no connections to it! We hope you enjoy your stay at ad vacations!
10 out of 10 should download
by Bethrevew on 2020/06/25 06:15
The only thing that I had trouble with had nothing to do with I just couldn’t get my live wallpapers to cooperate with my phone, but that’s my problem, not yours, this is a five star app I definitely recommend getting this if you want a unique and beautiful background!
It’s garbage.
by Maciddle on 2020/07/04 02:29
They falsely advertise themselves with these neat 3D interactive wallpapers which don’t even exist. It’s just a regular wallpaper app. That is, a regular wallpaper app with triple the ads. There is an ad for every single thing you do in this app. Start the app? Ad. Click a wallpaper? Ad. Viewing the wallpaper? Banner ad. Click away from the wallpaper? Ad. In browsing this app for 5 minutes I saw at least 20 ads. Also to buy this app and get rid of ads, it’s $7 per WEEK. $30 a month for a wallpaper app. It’s a garbage scam that falsely advertises itself. Disgusting app run by a greedy company.
Cool but wayyy too many ads
by ArtObsessive on 2020/03/18 21:53
I downloaded this app because I was in a wallpaper crisis, and I have to say the wallpapers are pretty cool, but I soon discovered the outrageous amount of ads in this app. I couldn’t take it anymore so I had to delete it. I hope in the future you could update the app and get rid of most of these ridiculous ads. I know you are trying to make money, but I have never seen this many ads in any type of app before.
It has a lot of ads 😡
by LED_Foodz on 2020/09/04 15:39
When i started it i liked it a lot but i couldn't find anything i liked. Well but there was MILLIONS of ads popping up and it was annoying even when i first entered it was so annoying. I found a stich background i liked and i put it in access to my photos. pls fix the ads popping up its kinda annoying. Everytime i go in it litteraly ads everywherenpopping up from no where.
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