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Your countdown is waiting. Based on the horror movie Countdown, this app will predict exactly how long is left. Tag us in your countdowns using #CountdownApp and #CountdownMovie to be featured in the app. Unlock a limited time update to your fate from BRAHMS: THE BOY 2. The wait is over... Experience COUNTDOWN - on Digital HD NOW, Blu-Ray & DVD. --- --- --- --- WARNING: This application may not be suitable for users with epilepsy. This application contains vibrations, sounds, music and use of your iPhone torch in order to create the horror experience. --- --- --- --- Disclaimer: this app is for entertainment purposes. Results should not be taken seriously.
It real
by So%fool on 2020/02/20 04:24
It real
by itsfunneh and the krew lover on 2020/02/20 02:45
Even though it’s fake, (read the description) I already watched the horror movie,my dad,my brother and I (my mom and sister couldn’t or didn’t want to) downloaded it and just wanted to see what it said for us! We had so much fun with it,joking around with it!
by Super girl 1.0.1 on 2020/02/19 23:21
I deleted it to quick before I could find out 😂
by MyNicknameWasTaken563 on 2020/02/19 23:18
If your not stupid like me you wouldn’t turn on notifications, if the notifications weren’t off you would not hear all of these “noises” that you guys hear.
by sUbmit 4646644664464663 on 2020/02/19 18:51
i was sitting at home with my dogs eating potatoe chips like usual and the app started ringing. try a out i had 1 minute left, anyways...i saw the grim reaper and flew away in the air: i am now a ghost :) that one part is a joke dont worry! i wasnt eating potatoe chips, it was doritos
I’m scared!
by Loukas <3 on 2020/02/19 02:06
I’m terrified and scared about this app. Is this true. I’m only 8 here I’m scared.. is this real? Please don’t lie!
by i said yaay on 2020/02/18 20:39
I was hoping for a day but one year is ok. Just kidding but it gave me one year
So stupid
by Shaemin Gaming on 2020/02/18 17:57
This is absolute s***. Nothing even happened this is just a scam. Bot reviews.
by gfdfhugfvbbh on 2020/02/18 10:25
i literally just downloaded this app and i’ve been checking out the reviews. challenge accepted.
by Jayden.d mejia on 2020/02/18 04:59
this is FAKE my friend downloaded it and it said he would die in a year but he died 2 YEARS in a car crash sooo not real
Don’t get the GAME
by cdggbfgjb on 2020/02/18 04:10
DO NOT GET my friend got the game and when it when to 0 we couldn’t get ahold of him and were crying because were so scared for him so please don’t get this app😭😭😭
by Brook_4_3v3r on 2020/02/18 00:11
Honestly the app is fake. The reviews just wanna scare u, but do u seriously think an app can tell when u die? Bruh, it’s a friken movie played by terrible actors. Don’t worry, it’s fake. Ur fine. It’s fun so if u want to just download it as a joke, go ahead. I wish the reviews were more honest. Don’t waste your time, it’s useless.
Very Accurate
by we died on 2020/02/17 22:01
Yesterday we had a family meet up and we decided to watch the countdown movie and we looked up the app wondering and laughing if it was real my aunt showed us it was real we downloaded it and waited btw we downloaded on my aunts phone it said she had 25 minutes we where a little concerned We just laughed it off and spent the the rest of the day enjoying each other then the phone started beeping and then flashing we refreshed the app and it said 8 minutes my aunt closed the app and deleted it she then proceeded to go to the restroom it seemed as if someone had spilled water on the floor she slipped and split her head in two my grandma came in and told us to take her to the hospital has we where pulling up to the hospital we ran inside carrying her my uncle tripped and fell and banged his head on the counter of the front desk and also died Then a maniac came out cause we went to mental hospital and stabbed everyone and we lived happily ever after JOKING JOKING JOKING CHILL...
by XR2~Ug1y on 2020/02/17 21:03
Guys Ik the song and the light flashing is from the app but I had 2 hours left and at this moment I have 30 minutes while am writing this and am scared bc I am hearing noises and I see shawdowshard under my door of my rom don’t download this it’s real and now am about to die I love my family I hear a little girl saying come out to play now I have 20 minutes bye guys don’t download
by buggibois on 2020/02/17 20:15
This app is fake, all these other reviews are total bologna, let’s be real. This is fake
Good promo
by lollol5131 on 2020/02/17 18:44
This app is pretty accurate to the movie only you don’t it’s also very interesting and pretty well made and I love how you can update your “fate”
by femosnowman on 2020/02/17 16:19
Gave me 26 years instead of 2 days 1 star wouldn’t recommend
I dead
by Penis6969696===========8me on 2020/02/17 06:51
I got killed while watching the movie. 100% REAL.
by This name is classifyed on 2020/02/17 04:16
So my cousin got bored after watching the movie countdown my cousin said we should download it and I said no bc it looked to scary she downloaded it and got 37 years to live and I decided to download it and got 13 years this boy at my school downloaded it and he only had a well to live we all laughed and thought it was a joke then next week came around nobody have heared from him and we asked the teachers nobody knew anything😳
by Fuckdisshitimout on 2020/02/17 01:54
I just downloaded it and it said I had 2 years to live... and I’m like um okay.. so irdk if it’s true or not
As fake as they get...
by nickname🤨 on 2020/02/17 01:43
This app is as fake as they get. If you’re scrolling through the reviews before downloading this app and you come across this review, leave. There is literally no point in downloading this app. There is no such thing and there will never be such thing as an app that tells you when you die.
Scary asf
by dorabutmexican on 2020/02/17 01:42
So I downloaded this cause I was watching the movie I opened the app and it says I will die at 39 the flashlight goes crazy and I get so scared and leave the app so if I like scary stuff this is good for u
by THIS APP IS REAL on 2020/02/16 21:15
So me and my friends thought it was fake so we got the app thinking it was a joke so we all got like long years so we didn’t worry but are phones kept turning on and off and weird songs and scary we left are phones like that and went to sleep that night one of my friends wasn’t there and my other friend told me check your phone the years has change we only had a little bit of time left so we all told each other it was going to be fine but then one of my friends just passed out and we were all like are you ok are you fine but she was not ok so we took her to the hospital and the next day she died so then me and my friends deleted the app and it wouldn’t let us so we finally delete it but when we opened are phones we still had it we all tryed to get rid of it but it wasn’t letting us so we just didn’t care so if you download this app PLEASE BE CAREFUL IT IS REAL AND PLEASE DONT THINK THIS IS A JOKE HOPE YOU DONT DIE 😓😢😭😣💀
by ædèł heknen on 2020/02/16 16:47
It said I had 16 years. Then a creepy song started playing. I closed the app and then it was still playing I I shut down my IPad and it was still playing and then a few hours later I opened the app it said 5 minutes left to live. And then about 4 minutes and 30 seconds later someone was banging on the door and I was home alone he had a gun I heard my alarm go off and said the door was opening. The app said 11 seconds. I was in my bed room he started coming up the stair and he had a gun. I am in the hospital and almost died. Share with one friend this story for a scare (this is fake none of this happend😂😂)
by Steveki18_YT on 2020/02/16 13:42
Once I’ve downloaded the app, things have been going crazy 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
I died
by thejackofff on 2020/02/16 10:49
Jus died 😐
by Omm9091ko on 2020/02/16 08:48
mrna be saxi nave ashqa yar 😬
Scary App
by vdhdvusvdhvejzeuiehuxs on 2020/02/16 04:34
To all the kids out there do not download the app because your flashlight will not stop going off. Also it will scare the living crap out of you!
Utter Didappointment
by Tedlee Bear on 2020/02/16 04:26
I didn’t die.
Developers I want a new phone
by salmarskit plz sub to youtube on 2020/02/16 03:39
This app is crap I downloaded it and when I did my phone stopped working I finally got it fixed and immediately deleted it this app is the worst only download it if you want a broken phone I don’t know if it installed a virus but all I know is my phone was fine I downloaded the app and then it wouldn’t work
Very real and spooky
by kakelli on 2020/02/16 01:42
So I got this app as a joke and it said 15 minutes thinking nothing of it I started the movie. Then it went off and Trump appeared and built a wall around me! I was closer-phobic and then Hillary appeared with secret emails And started filling the box! Luckily I did the ritual and survived.
And I oop
by alphawolf91_yt on 2020/02/16 00:17
Ok so when I downloaded this app I was with my friend and on her phone we had a ghost radar on and we saw I had 14 years left and then the flashlight on my phone was flickering like crazy until I left the app
Eh not so good
by DeyaniraJezebel on 2020/02/15 15:55
The movie could be better but the app flashing the lights, scared me and I thought that some dude was taking a picture of me.
Fake but sure
by IceFromCFA on 2020/02/15 01:44
Anyone who rated it 5 stars and came up with some scary story making yourself scared you’re an immature child. It’s a random number. Proving my point you all downloaded the app and lived to rate it...
Please save yourself...
by De@th is R3@l on 2020/02/15 01:36
Never download this app it will kill you. My friend used this app and it said he had 1 minute left to live we laughed and said oh no then he tripped and fell and died breaking his skull open I checked the timer it said 00000000 all across the board
The light ok most got me in a car crash
by colt r schmidt on 2020/02/15 01:22
I was on my way home from work and I had my son in the car and he opened the apps light flashed in the my eyes
I’m scared
by apppppp822828272$: d on 2020/02/14 22:04
I haven’t gotten this app but I feel scared for reading the reviews
Hope Springs Eternal
by PremierRat on 2020/02/14 21:41
My nephew mentioned it and I was curious... just hopeful that I’ll enjoy a few years of retirement...whewee that user agreement was sca-a-ary😅 Was happy with an expected 20+years, and like big fish, know the end will be amazing... hope my family rememberers to feed me popcorn kernels for the cremation.
Stupid app
by Niloofar_mp on 2020/02/14 12:50
Its awful dont wise your time to download
Don’t download
by Ebola man on 2020/02/13 23:02
The other day I downloaded this app and said I had a week to live so I waited. When the countdown came to 1 day I was diagnosed with Ebola. Then I turned passed out and I ended up in a grave.
I want to get my countdown to say 2 days
by The05Plays on 2020/02/13 16:23
I thought the “change your fate” option made me choose how long I had left and it didn’t work. Please add an option someday so we can either pay or watch an ad to get to chose our fate.
My Frightening Review
by Mr. Wilson the Neighbor YT on 2020/02/13 02:13
So, I saw the trailer and saw a video on the actual app, so I searched it up and got it today. When I started it, I had 16 years. I added more years and had 19 years left. I wanted to changed into nineteen years later but when I reopened the app, my phone started flashing and I heard weird noises just now while typing this. Honestly, this app is scary. I LOVE IT. I recommend it. It was weird but cool. I just got scared cause my lights flashed. I may be the only honest one here for everything because I don’t believe people died when having the app and I don’t think demons exist.
by Littlelily14 on 2020/02/13 01:53
So I was causally looking at my timers I had 4 minutes left and then Charlie Dameilo came out of no where I told me it was ok.Lil huddy came too he tried to get Addison but she wouldn’t come and then Sebastian Bails came with his blueberry girlfriend and told me to die.Charlie was really helpful tho.At that point I had 7 seconds and Charlie gave me 39 more years
by p u b g is the best on 2020/02/12 23:17
it is real and it said my brother had 2 days 😭so he passed away two days later in a car crash now DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP OR YOU WANT THE SAME PROBLEM
Fake and stupid
by tall20 on 2020/02/12 22:44
Downloaded and deleted was bored and briefly messed with it said I had like 13 years which is BS. Got way longer than that.
Dear Ryan, owner of the countdown app
by Cloud Antill on 2020/02/12 19:53
Omg so my friends app says 2.0 on it but mine doesn’t I’m so confused as to why
Ok too real?
by Gabby Bongard on 2020/02/12 12:40
Ok I’m going to give a real review cause other people are lying! So I like it because it’s scary but with my flashlight from my phone trucking on and off I can’t help but feel that it’s my camera like they are taking pictures of me it’s scary I know... but also it’s just weird the sounds it makes the flashing light it’s scary which is it’s intent but on a different level please do not get this when your at a sleepover with your friends it’s dumb and just going to wake your parents up and cause you to be yelled at..
Ohh my goodness
by sirmeowsaIot on 2020/02/11 20:51
So basically the day got the app I was with my friends ame and canter I got really excited to see if the app really worked then it said my friend canter had 26 minutes then 26 minutes later my friend got killed by a person or something but it looked like a goat a new car and a car I had a great job and it was so much easier to find out if I was going there I could go back to my car but it would have to go back and I would be a lot better than the car and the other guy that was there and he
by TTVkingofskullz on 2020/02/11 17:47
I died
by Coothie Slayer 69 😤 on 2020/02/11 15:51
Freaky DaNgErOuS, add me on tinder to see what happened to me;) 🥵🥵🥵🤯🤯🤯😼😼😼😈😈😈😈🥴🥴🥴🥴😱😱😱
Uhm... what?
by lil miss umbrella on 2020/02/11 15:18
It’s a great app (but I’m apparently going to live way too long :/) but when using it, my flash light on my phone randomly flashes??? So, yeah. That’s it. A little odd, but it’s a good app all together.
by Red dead fanboy on 2020/02/11 12:36
Recent buzz at my school
by blowerhoax on 2020/02/11 07:44
My cousin died in a car crash he sent me a screen shot of his death count and when he sent me the screenshot pic to my phone he died in a car accident. They no texting while driving? But this is a coincidence? We love you stay in are memories. 😢😖❤️💔💔💔
It needs to be fix
by prcoooiooo on 2020/02/11 04:26
So it said I have 1 year but the I went back on the app then is said I have 11 years soo boy I don’t hate it
It this real
by Jay🤬🤬🤬 on 2020/02/11 02:26
Is the real cuz I’m freaking out like for it said I was supposed to die are the age of 33 I hope the is not real
I’m in a place that’s really hot now
by KimJongUno69 on 2020/02/10 23:21
So I was just minding my own business at an orgy and I came across this app, I thought it was a joke but decided to download it for fun. It said I had 16 minutes left to live and so I decided to kill myself before the timer ran out to break the app, I couldn’t kill myself until the timer ran out, it was weird. Anyway, 10/10 would recommend. At least now I have a warm seat and can pop popcorn by simply holding it in the air since it’s so hot down here. It’s like it’s summer forever, but hotter, way hotter...
by 537159 on 2020/02/10 22:16
Has this app on androids then got an iPhone and decided to install it, not gonna lie really creepy. Get the android app and your countdown changes each time you reinstall the app, not for iPhones. Reinstall the app for iPhone and ur countdown goes back to the way it was when you installed it... Nice
by LISTEN TO ME ABOUT REVIEWS!! on 2020/02/10 21:56
this app is really true it said that I have 100 days left and I was really scared and so I decided to live my life to the fullest so I called my bff ejmddkdnj djejrjdj, to come and hang for a bit. We hung out for about 69 days and I realized that my time was almost out. Luckily me and ejmddkdnj and his gf jsjdndndnd found a loophole but the app said thatnI can’t cheat death but then jsjdndnd’s cousin, jdkdnehrjdjwjthdkethdn ate the demons and we lived happily ever after. 😁
by Birthdaypartynapkin on 2020/02/10 20:04
I was just sitting in my office when I thought about the countdown movie and thought “what if it was an actual app!” I downloaded it and it said I had 1 minute to live, I got really scared and u won’t believe what happened next... Joe Biden beat down my door and started talking to me about climate change and taking my money to give to other people who don’t need it!!! I then died from the sound of his voice
Perro loco
by 80869 Osama Bin Lady on 2020/02/10 18:10
This was a crazy dog adventure. The app told me I had -12 minutes to live, so I knew I was immortal. With my newly discovered power, I appointed a dolphin to Congress and made a blob fish the president and I knew nobody would notice cause Trump looks identical to blob fishes. After that, I went on a personal tour of every bank in Kentucky and the people working there were so kind to give me all of their money after I put them at gunpoint. Then I built a memorial to remember that licking doorknobs on other planets is illegal. I also built a memorial to remind people that aglets are those plastic thingys on shoes. Then I flew to the moon and saved Vector and brought him back to Earth. Then I lived happily ever after. So overall, I would recommend this app because it is extremely accurate and it helped me discover my powers. OINK.
I died....
by hhfjfrhrhdhdh on 2020/02/10 14:40
I died in 2 days from being shot I mean I asked the guy to shoot me but... I still died
by stayhighval! on 2020/02/10 04:26
I don’t believe this app is real 🤷🏽‍♀️
by tiktok kawiiartistbear queen on 2020/02/10 01:38
I downloaded it and my flashlight kept blinking on and off then I deleted it now I’m scared I’m too young to DIEeeeeeeee I’m only 10
by READ THIS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣 on 2020/02/09 19:01
Ok so I’m 9 and I gust got the app so I played it as a joke and it started turning my flashlight on so I’m like that’s weird so I go to turn it of and what do I see it doesn’t turn off so I close the app and you know what happened the light turned off so at this point I mess with the time and it says you can’t cheat death so I’m like who are you to tell me what to do and then I got killed lol and the way it killed me was all of the “scary movies” came out and chopped my head off Lol this is obviously a joke
NO WAY!!:0
by itsTripps on 2020/02/09 17:46
This is so scary because I had 300 years left so I got on my magic school bus and drove to the future and I died in a chicken farm while pooping out bacon. What’s that smell ;0 chicken coming from the toilet :))))
by flimtah on 2020/02/09 17:34
I HATE IT!!! It say I’m gonna die in 8 years,ok so what does that MEAN!?? IDC it’s all FAKE okay don’t worry u can delete it but in the movie countdown u can’t, delete it don’t download it I hate this OWNER 𝖎 𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖊 𝖚𝖚𝖚𝖚𝖚𝖚!!!! 𝔸𝕃𝕆𝕋!
It fake
by pooper sammy on 2020/02/09 15:11
My friend had his phone and it said 10 min and after that nothing happens and has happend since he downloaded the app
by Douvbt on 2020/02/09 06:11
So I forgot that I had 88 days to live. Then I died and I forgot I died 🥴
I am Scared
by gdonstid on 2020/02/09 04:30
It Gave me 26 Years To Live and I did the Math and I will be 37
I don’t Recommend
by shela-shila on 2020/02/09 01:32
I don’t recommend it do you have Bad paranoia
It’s not real😀
by MCR is back 💛💛 on 2020/02/09 00:33
These reviews are so funny
Omg help
by Marksssssssssh on 2020/02/08 23:01
So my mom said to go help her get her phone out of the car but I said no I had 7min on my countdown and I said user agreement was broken then I fell. BUT I got up but I was in pane I fell on my neck and almost died.
Your not funny
by gamerlife3032 on 2020/02/08 07:47
Pretty cool app when your bored but what the hell you people are typing the stupidest crap your not funny you don’t realize how cringe you are just stop
by BEEOOOP on 2020/02/08 06:29
Unsatisfied I wanted a shorter time but got the same time as my sister 😐. I just wanna know what happens when the red comes tbh
So Accurate
by Gsjfndmkfkd on 2020/02/08 00:51
I downloaded this as a joke and I hade 1 min left I was like lol but Mickey and his fricking time machine came up and stuck his bananer down my throat
This is real, don’t try! READ!!!
by Aubrey gurl on 2020/02/07 22:36
WARNING: Scary and I regret getting this.. I’m telling people not to get this app! It’s scary and overwhelming. Here’s why. I wanted to see this movie, called, “Countdown”. So did everybody else in my family. A few months later, my brother had told me there had been an app about it. My reaction was priceless, I said, “Really? There’s no way, let’s get it.” We didn’t think of reading the reviews, which was a HUGE problem. Once I downloaded it, it said I had 16 hours, 23 minutes, and 36 seconds. We found it very VERY funny, but soon enough, this wasn’t funny...wasn’t funny at all. Once we looked at the app, it was 9:56 PM— or some where around there—, on the clock. And we had school tomorrow and we had to get up at 5:30 so it was an appropriate time to get some sleep. My dad said I was getting up off the couch, “See you in the morning, good night!” I smiled and nodded. Then my brother looked and me and whispered, “Hopefully,” Then he just winked and ran up stairs. I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not. Once I was in bed, I just watch TikTok until I found out it was somewhere around 1:00 AM. I heard a ‘BANG’ and foot steps coming towards my room. Rushed to my mom and dads room, they where gone. When I came back, a note was on my bed. It read, “Watch what you install, Robin. -Your brother, Leeroy.” I looked back at the app and it said 2 hour, 10 minutes, and 54 seconds left to live... I was so....excited for some reason..... was I ready? I looked in my brothers room, and asked, “Leeroy, where are you?” No response. Then, I went back to my room, and another note was there, it read, “He’s gone, I got him. -Your brother, Leeroy.” I shrugged my shoulders to that (also if you’re wondering how I remember all of this, 1 I stilled have the notes. 2 it was to terrifying I could look it in my head). I’m so confused, if he’s gone then how did he right the note? I thought not even caring that he was gone, just that I was wondering who wrote that note. Which was something to be wondering big about. I looked beside me and..... I saw my brother.... scars and blood on his face and hands..... he said, “Oh, Robin! He’s here...” I turned around and you’ll never EVER believe what I saw....... nah, I’m joking. But this game is surprisingly looks real ngl. this game is fake but it was fun to write that whole story. 😂👏
by Jizlyx on 2020/02/07 15:52
Iv been trying change my fate from 18 yrs to no years but failing. Whenever I have this app open the flash is turning on and Off which is creepy. Is there anyway to break the User agreement? I want to see what happens!!!
Supper cool
by 24365789 on 2020/02/07 14:36
Super cool but is it supposed to use flash light and flicker a lot either way supper cool and I have 36 years
by doxoxood on 2020/02/07 05:46
I think this app should be deleted because it is causing people to harm each other or there selfs
by brittabear1 on 2020/02/06 16:15
This app is so fake that every time I refresh the app it goes back 40 seconds!! Like omg so fake
by MasteredUi777 on 2020/02/06 02:13
They should make this app more realistic Idk something like you actually get cursed That would be exciting WOULDNT it
Anyone died yet?
by this app is the most on 2020/02/04 22:15
by smokenstewart on 2020/02/03 22:35
Me and my friends were just hanging out and thought it would be funny to get this app. We all got over 10 years, but one friend got 1 minute. We all started laughing and think about it again until 1 minute later. Their phone started playing weird music. We went over to find out that there time is up. We heard footsteps coming near us, and found out it was JAMES CHARLES. He came running towards our friend and started beating her up with comb. Then we heard more footsteps. Shrek came to save us! He ate James Charles. We thanked him a lot, he left, we went on with our day.
by LordMemerFreezer on 2020/02/03 21:48
I downloaded the app and then it said I had 10 seconds left to live I was frickin scared and all of a sudden after it expired A person in my closet loudly whispered AND HIS NAME IS and then I was like NANI?! And then the person in my closet yelled JOHN CENA then JOHN CENA FRICKING CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET AND BROKE MY SPINE I had to go to the hospital. Sike, get this app tho it fun.
ᴡʜᴇɴ ɪ ғɪʀsᴛ ɢᴏᴛ ɪᴛ ɪᴛ ᴡᴀs ᴀʟʀᴇᴀᴅʏ ᴄʀᴇᴇᴘʏ ɪ ᴅᴇʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ ɪᴛ
by JylerIcerFlame on 2020/02/03 21:31
ɪ ᴅᴏᴡɴ ʟᴏᴀᴅᴇᴅ ɪᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ɪ ᴛᴏʟᴅ ᴍʏ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅ ɪғ ɪᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴇᴘʏ ғᴏʀ ᴍᴇ ɪ sᴀʏ ᴅᴏɴ&#39;ᴛ ᴅᴏᴡɴ ʟᴏᴀᴅ ɪᴛ ʙᴜᴛ ᴡʜᴇɴ ɪ ɢᴏᴛ ɪᴛ ᴏɴ ʜᴜɢʜ ʜᴇʟʟ ɴᴀᴀᴀᴀᴀᴀ ɪ ᴅᴇʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ ɪᴛ ᴀs ғᴀsᴛ ᴀs ɪ ᴄᴀɴɴɴ ᴀɴᴅ ɪ ᴛᴏʟᴅ ᴍʏ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅ ᴅᴏɴ&#39;ᴛ ᴅᴏᴡɴ ʟᴏᴀᴅ ɪᴛ ɪ&#39;ᴍ ᴏɴʟʏ 8 ᴀɴᴅ ɪᴛ sᴀɪᴅ ɪ ᴡᴇʟʟ ᴅɪᴇ ɪɴ 4 ʏᴇᴀʀs ᴛʜᴀᴛ&#39;s ᴡʜᴇɴ ɪ&#39;ᴍ ᴛᴡᴇʟᴠᴇ ɪ ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴛʜɪs ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ʀᴇᴀʟ ᴀɴᴅ ɪғ ɪᴛ ɪs ɪ ᴡɪsʜ ᴛʜɪs ᴀᴘᴘ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴇxɪsᴛᴇᴅ ᴀɴᴅ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴇᴠᴇɴ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ ɴᴏᴛ ᴇᴠᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀᴍɴ ᴍᴏᴠɪᴇ ʙᴜᴛ ɪᴛ ᴡᴀs ᴄʀᴇᴇᴘʏ ᴇɴᴏᴜɢʜ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜɪs ғᴏʀ ʀᴜɪɴɪɴɢ ᴍʏ ʟɪғᴇ ᴏғ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ᴅᴏᴡɴ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ʙᴀɪ ᴀɴᴅ ɪ ʜᴀᴛᴇ ᴛʜɪs ᴀᴘᴘ ᴀɴᴅʀᴏɪᴅ ᴋɪɴᴅᴀ ʟɪᴋᴇ ɪᴛ ʙᴜᴛ ɪ sᴛɪʟʟ ʜᴀᴛᴇ ɪᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ɪ ᴡɪsʜ ɪ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴ ʟᴏᴀᴅᴇᴅ ɪᴛ
It works!!!!
by fresh heat on 2020/02/03 21:03
I died, then came back!!!
Scary sound🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
by qwertyuiop[asdfghjkl;'zxcvbn on 2020/02/03 20:41
No matter if i’am 13 years old i know this is fake but made out so good... When you are inside the app your lights will start turning off and on and you will hear a scary voice but the problem is... It said in 33 years there is... 88 days🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
by N build101 on 2020/02/03 04:01
So I downloaded the app and looked and I’m 11 and it says I had 21years 163days and 11hours I looked at what time that was and it was the exact hour of my birthday! And I did not enter any information in the app the only thing I did was accept the terms and agreement. 😱
This is just a fake little app
by Braylon&reigan on 2020/02/02 16:59
So once I got this app it said I had 27 years to live. Then I made my step brother get it and he had 136 days til he died. I kept reading the reviews so then I started to get scared. So then when it started flashing my light on my phone I thought my phone broke, but no it was just some scary song. Later on I checked if it was real on YouTube, so then I find this video that said what happens when the death countdown hits 0. When it hit 0 nothing happened so then I showed it to my step bro so that he knew that this app is fake. And to everyone that read til the end thank you for reading and have a good day.
Is it for entertainment?
by Brookiecookieoreo on 2020/02/02 11:04
I downloaded this app on my main iTunes account, it said I had 28 years and some days. I deleted the app cause there is no point in having it after I already saw, redownloaded it cause so am watching the movie. So it says the same thing minus how long it’s been since I downloaded it. Creepy but expected. New iTunes account. Deleted it. Signed into new account. Same thing. Minus the difference. Creepy. 🙃🙃
by HayleyHouseHunter on 2020/02/02 07:07
okay, so me and my best friend decided to get this app as a joke. best friend tingz, am i right? (qUiRkY) anyways, she had 4 years left to live and i only had 10 minutes. we laughed it off and played minecraft for about 5 minutes before i started hearing some weird noises. my friend went tee tee in the potty while i only had 30 seconds left to live. with only 5 seconds left, a nakey nakey old lady walked across my room and ate me up. i am now writing this review from heck. overall, i really recommend this app.
Idk if it’s real
by idk if its real on 2020/02/02 06:34
So I was watching the movie countdown and I was so scared so I checked if the countdown app was real and it was so I downloaded and I was scared because it actually said the same exact thing it said on the movie so I wanted to risk it but wen it said yes or cancel I said cancel I am sorry I just can i was so scared
by koolvibes💗 on 2020/02/02 06:17
I just got this app and opened it I have 32 years left and I went on it my flash went on and off and I heard noises !!! If u get scared easily don’t download it !! This is not click bait I swear guys I’m so so serious I’m not trying be funny !! Wen the time run out they might play a trick on yo wit sum bc u accepted the terms it could mess yo phone up!!! I heard sum reviews that said it mess wit their settings!! Delete the app if u have it !!!! If no don’t get it .. im finna delete it nowww!! ~have a great day btw💗
by HuNtER7715 on 2020/02/02 06:09
Hey this is such a fake app no one in their right mind would believe that this is really real right guess not if other people are saying it’s real it’s not that accurate and it doesn’t make sense on how it tells u when exactly ur going to die IT IS FAKE
by david the joker on 2020/02/02 05:05
It only gave me one year and 186 days
by emashae on 2020/02/02 04:18
Okay so I had some friends over for my birthday and we were watching countdown and then we all had the excellent idea of downloading it because why not. A few minutes later we found our death dates and we were like oh not that bad but then we started hearing scratching noises and some music playing from the app and the flashlights started flickering so we were like no omg can’t be real. A few mins later this dude shows up on monkey and whips out his d. and threatens us, we were shocked honestly, and then they called us devils and we said ight so no head🍆🍑and then we stood there and were frozen for good. And then I woke up. Idk how much of that was real.
by Camille1122875 on 2020/02/02 03:12
This has me ALLLL MESSED UP. Mine said 18 years and that would put my kids at 19 &amp; 20 and now I’m terrified. Someone please prove this app wrong.
by chief_100 on 2020/02/02 02:06
Ok so I was over at my friends house, and her parents were sleeping, so we wanted to have fun. So we downloaded countdown. Mine said 68 years, and hers said 3 minutes... We started freaking out. So I went to get a cup of water and when I came back a minute before she was supposed to ‘die’ she somehow has an asthma attack. I started balling my eyes out and called to her parents. 30 minutes later we were at the hospital........she was gone............DONT INSTALL
by adsaada on 2020/02/02 01:42
Do u really enjoy being dead
do not download
by baileymariamunson on 2019/10/08 00:03
I download the app as a Joke. It said I only had 3 minutes left to live. I obviously didn’t take it seriously. But it gave me a good reason to eat my dog. So I ate my dog and my cat and then my phone began going crazy. I then realized I was having a nightmare and I decided to download the app in real life, it said i had 4 hours left to live. I again, took it as a joke. But this time, I did not eat my cat and dog. I then instead wrote a letter and put money in a box for my parents. As the hours turned to minutes my heart began racing. I new it was fake but I serious anxiety. The minutes turned to seconds and I felt my lungs closing. I also remembered I had asthma so I hurried to my inhailer. (I know that’s not how you spell it) that obviously didn’t work. I then saw I had 5 seconds left to live. I deleted the app. But that made things worse. My flash began going crazy. I don’t know what is that made it do it. But I recommend not downloading this if you have anxiety. Things are still weird and I still feel like I will die. So if you see this. I might be dead.
Maybe a little too accurate?
by Ready.Write.Review on 2019/10/27 23:43
I’m just sitting around, and my dad and I ponder whether or not we should go to a movie. We see the countdown movie and think “Oh, does this app actually exist?” We’re all laughing as my dad pulls it up in the App Store, but my stepmom says not to download it. My dad agreed to, but later I got bored and decided to download it for myself. It said I had only 18 years left. Wanting to check the accuracy of the app because o was bored, I got in my time traveling couch and took a trip to 19 years in the future to see if I could find myself. Oddly enough, I found out from my future family that I had died in a sausage factory assembly line after turning into a dog and not being able to control myself because of the amazing smell. So, there is no doubt in my mind that this app is actually accurate. Don’t download it unless you’re willing to face the consequence of knowing when your final breath will be! Mine will be at the hands of machines... 😂 joking, joking. Hope I didn’t scare the paws off you! Mmm.. what a delicious smell. Breakfast is ready!
Very Accurate
by we died on 2020/02/17 22:01
Yesterday we had a family meet up and we decided to watch the countdown movie and we looked up the app wondering and laughing if it was real my aunt showed us it was real we downloaded it and waited btw we downloaded on my aunts phone it said she had 25 minutes we where a little concerned We just laughed it off and spent the the rest of the day enjoying each other then the phone started beeping and then flashing we refreshed the app and it said 8 minutes my aunt closed the app and deleted it she then proceeded to go to the restroom it seemed as if someone had spilled water on the floor she slipped and split her head in two my grandma came in and told us to take her to the hospital has we where pulling up to the hospital we ran inside carrying her my uncle tripped and fell and banged his head on the counter of the front desk and also died Then a maniac came out cause we went to mental hospital and stabbed everyone and we lived happily ever after JOKING JOKING JOKING CHILL...
Don’t get this app
by OlIVIA Velez on 2019/11/18 02:01
So basically my friends Alyssa and Ang told me to download this app and basically I got and like I was scared cause like it said I had 4 days and it said my friends had 4 days, so like we lived our lives uppp. We sang every song we danced around we partied . It came the last day me and my friends sat around in a circle and we thought to our selves welll what if the demon takes something else. So we took a plane to the TikTok house stole candy ken and his friends along with danniel chon Sebastian bails and his girl friend Lauren. We tied them up and put them in a circle the demon came and dannlie chon stared dancing and then the demon stared screaming cause candy ken and his friends started sayin “And I oop skskks” in perfect harmony. Then peaches came and said “STANKY AND FISHY” she opened her legs and the demon was killed by the smell. While me and my friends cover our noses everyone else didn’t and that was thier last day. So now no more rich vsco ppl and back breakers thanks to the demons and peaches
Too realistic?
by Al-Shahabi on 2019/10/07 13:58
When I first downloaded this app, I thought it was going to give out a random date and thats it. Oh boy I was wrong. I downloaded it and launched it and it said I had 73 days to live. I thought nothing of this and then tried to change my date to go back in time. I then launched the app and it gave out a notification saying I shouldn&#39;t try to cheat death, it started flashing my light and vibrating. Then the weirdest thing happened. My internet seemed like it had disconnected itself and I couldn’t access anything. Maybe this was a coincidence but I don’t know. Then I tried launching Instagram, and it said I had been logged out. I tried to send an sms that logs me back on but to no avail. Even email didn’t work. I then returned my phone to factory settings and it worked perfectly fine again. I don’t know if this application did this, or if it was a mere coincidence. Anyways, this app is amazing for those who want a bit of fun and adrenaline boosts.
by THIS APP IS REAL on 2020/02/16 21:15
So me and my friends thought it was fake so we got the app thinking it was a joke so we all got like long years so we didn’t worry but are phones kept turning on and off and weird songs and scary we left are phones like that and went to sleep that night one of my friends wasn’t there and my other friend told me check your phone the years has change we only had a little bit of time left so we all told each other it was going to be fine but then one of my friends just passed out and we were all like are you ok are you fine but she was not ok so we took her to the hospital and the next day she died so then me and my friends deleted the app and it wouldn’t let us so we finally delete it but when we opened are phones we still had it we all tryed to get rid of it but it wasn’t letting us so we just didn’t care so if you download this app PLEASE BE CAREFUL IT IS REAL AND PLEASE DONT THINK THIS IS A JOKE HOPE YOU DONT DIE 😓😢😭😣💀
by fjjsjdidjejdnz on 2019/10/07 21:07
Yesterday i was with my cousins and we decided to get the app lemme tell ya what happened so i got it and mines said 60 years , my other cousin we will call her flower got 12 years and my other cousin we will call her sofa got 3 hours. she got really scared and wanted to delete the app but me and my cousin wanted her to keep it to see what would happen 2 hours go by and nothing happened that was scary or anything. 1 hour goes by and its time for her to leave but at the same time the countdown timer was going off but she wasn&#39;t dead so we thought it was fake. her and her parents aka my aunt and uncle parked across the street because there was no space in the driveway so we said our goodbyes and my aunt and uncle walked across the street sofa had forgot her necklace in the house so her parents were waiting for her on the other side once she went over to cross a speeding car hit her... this game is for reals!! always look both ways. sorry for spelling mistakes
dont download
by ccatalinaa on 2019/11/05 03:16
I downloaded this app on my other phone and it said i had 43 years to live i left the app alone for 2 days i went back on and my flash light kept turning on and off and music like a little girl so i powered my phone off and i was shaking and the music started playing but my phone was shut off so i went ouside and i had this feeling that someone was staring at me so i look into the woods and see a little girl walk bye and we dont have neighbors so I screamed and ran into my house and started crying badly and so my mom went outside and my mom heard a voice saying let’s play so my mom ran inside the house and told my dad he drove back home and shot guns but no one was there. So while I was sitting on the couch traumatized my phone cut back on to the app out of no where and it said I only have a Minute to live so I started crying even more but nothing. happened a day after my dad gave me a cross and after an hour it broke..
Internet demons
by BNutshell on 2019/10/27 22:41
At a friends sleepover there were 4 girls there. We were going to a haunted house and we all downloaded the app because we thought it was a joke. For everyone it said we had four or more years left but, for one girl it said she has 5 minutes. In the haunted house that one girls phone started flashing and making screeching noises. She screamed and he phone continued flashing. She fell to her knees and yelled in pain. We were all yelling her name but then the lights in the haunted house went out. And I heard whooooooo noises. I started to cry because I saw Flashback Mary. I felt my heart bounce out of my chest as Flashback touched me. I looked down at the ground and the girl was gone. I screamed her name but all I heard was silence. All the other girls had disappeared and Flashback grabbed me and said, “It’s over.” He said all the other girls were being haunted by internet demons. And Flashback was mine. I screamed. But I never escaped. The games 100% real, the internet demons will get you.
by hdsgancor on 2019/10/08 03:42
I downloaded this app and it said I only had 1 year to live and I forced my boyfriend into downloading this as well, he only had 1 hour to live. I was walking in the midst of the night with my boyfriend and we met up with our friends. One of the friends, let’s call them Hennessy, brought along a bike. But this bike was no ordinary bike oh no it was not. We decided to take turns riding the bike, until it was my boyfriends turn to ride this bike, for some how it started to move by itself, and we promise to you this is not a joke. My boyfriend didn’t think anything of it and sat on the seat like he sits on my face and rode it down the road until another deadly bike ride by. NO ONE WAS ON THE BIKE! My boyfriend got spooked and tried to jump off the bike, but only to realize he was permanently STUCK on it for ever. All of a sudden his bike shot up to the sky and he disintegrated into the pitch night. Do not download this app I tell you, hitmen have been hired to murder us with their bikes.
super scary!
by the jackhoff on 2019/10/07 21:34
so me and my friend Lauren decided to download this app and it said 40 years for me and 2 days for her. we thought it was a joke but it turns out we were very wrong. two days later we decided to walk to McDonald’s. on our way there a car almost hit Lauren but she super jumped out of the way. we were pretty shaken up. we got into McDonald’s and ordered our food. when we headed to our table Lauren turned around and on the table was a plastic knife. she almost walked right into it but thankfully I grabbed her before she went too far. the day was just so out of hand already, but when we got our food... the worst thing happened. turns out they gave Lauren a 10 piece nugget instead of a 20 piece. this caused major chaos and turned Lauren into a savage. she went full warthog mode and ate 3 employees. after McDonald’s was empty, it was just us two. I offered her some of my mcflurry and she took it gracefully. but turns out she didn’t know how to use spoons and she swallowed the spoon and choked and died. please don’t download this app!!!!
Late night Shananagins 🤩
by Roderickisdead on 2019/10/07 21:33
Hi my name is Roderick. A couple nights ago I saw a bunch of people downloading this app and posting their fates on their Snapchat stories. I decided to hop on the trend. I downloaded the app and it said I had 24 minutes to live. I FaceTimed my cat and we started dying laughing. Out of no where she goes “meow meow meow” (uh-oh my time is up). All I hear from the outside of my room is my cat screaming help. I open the door to see a shadow cooking my cat! I ran back into my room. 20 minutes had passed by and I decided to go out of my room. I see my cat cooked up in the corner of the bathroom. I decided to use my last 4 minutes to live to bury my cat in my backyard. I dug 2 graves one for my cat and one for me. I got a notification that said “your time is up”. I started freaking out. A dark cloud surrounded me. Next thing I remember is a clown named Fransicos stabbing me multiple times in my vaginal area. Here I am writing to you in the underworld. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!! IT IS DANGEROUS!!
100 % REAL
by uh oh stink.. on 2019/10/10 00:20
I was eating my lunch (bacon) in school and my friend came up to me and told me that she found a new weird app and told me to download it she said it was fake but I believed it I had 10 mins she had 5 we got really scared and paranoid but 4 minutes pasted and my friend told me she only had 60 seconds we got scared and I held her hand at 10 seconds peppa pig runs in and I hide under the table but my friend doesn’t make it it was her last seconds as she was getting chopped up by peppa with a butcher knife she was crying the whole time. I had 5 more minutes I ran out the door and locked myself in the bathroom but I heard le monke say uh oh stinky uh oh stinky and I cried I had 20 seconds left and the music got louder and louder and louder and didn’t stop until peppa broke open the door and hit le monke with a stick in the eyeball and killed him 10 seconds left peppa takes the stick out his eye and beats me to death with it P.s the under world food is great
by std daddy🤡 on 2019/10/09 00:15
Me and my friends downloaded the app as a joke she had 2 hours left and I have years we went to cheer practice when there was 1 hour left we went to go warm up in stretch all of a sudden we find out that our coach got fired and that she won’t be able to come no more so the freshman coach coached us after warm ups we were practicing toe touch baskets and we hit them good we were able to get a water break and my friend checks her phone and she realized that her time was up her phone started flashing like crazy and her phone was making creepy noises we ignored it as a joke our water break was over and we went to go back stunting we hit one more basket and our old cheer coach walks in crazy with blood all over her she throws her tampon at my flyers face and my flyer snapped her neck in the air and she hit the roof and fell down her arms and legs were completely destroyed and the tampon ended up in her mouth RIP VIANY I’ll see you in 3 years 🥺
please do not download.
by GalaxyUnicorns KinKin on 2019/10/08 01:42
So basically there is a trend with this app going on right now, so my friend downloaded it. She told me her phone flashlight starting going crazy and creepy music was playing. I didn’t think much of it so I downloaded it as well. When I got the app I was like “haha ok this is just for fun.” Now I’m having a panic attack. I went to this website that I could find out what day I would die just for fun but OH BOY HOW THE TABLES TURNED. as soon as I went on the website I got a notification that said “Your IPhone has been infected with 8 viruses!” And it kept taking me to the App Store to download a virus protection app. I swiped out all my tabs and was freaking out. (I forgot to mention before I swiped out the tabs I saw something that said the viruses would spread my Facebook information and photos.) I immediately told my friend and she said she deleted the app but her flashlight kept glitching and the music was still playing. Then I remembered the whole “if your phone cameras are blinking then someone’s watching you” theory. This is when I started panicking. A virus that wants to spread my info, AND an app that could be watching you? UNSAFE. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!
by TurtleMaster375 on 2019/10/25 01:02
I was having a sleep over with my friends. I have 2 years left, my friend Erin’s said 1 year and my friend josh’s said he had an hour and 3 minutes left, we all joked about “Oh no josh your gonna die!”. We all went to sleep. Around an hour later we heard the front door open, but we knew it was locked. We locked the doors and waited. We heard foot steps coming up the stairs. We were terrified. The door started to turn but stopped because it was locked. Then we heard something. “Sksksksk” we geared the clinking of a Hydroflask and a metal straw then she kicked down the door. “And I oop!” She said. We all screamed. She ran towards Josh and started choking him with a scrunchie. Erin pulled her off him but she hit him in the head with her Hydroflask and knocked him out. She ran back to Josh and stabbed him in the chest with a mettle straw. “Save the turtles!” She said as she kept stabbing him. When she was done she dragged him out the window with a final “And I oop!” I miss Josh.
I’m scared for my life
by Jace1111211111122 on 2019/10/27 01:31
I have only seconds left according to this app. I write this review to beg for mercy. Please I’m only 6 but have so much to live for. My Banking empire, my wife, and my 17 children. Since my father passed at the age of 97 after slipping on a banana peel I know what’s it’s like growing up without a dad. Please don’t let my kids suffer like this. Oh no! My eldest son Ebenezer who is 107 just came to me and said the countdown gave him less time than me! KNOCK KNOCK. Oh boy their is a demon at our door, goodbye world. I didn’t even get to scuba and if I can’t scuba what’s this all been for. UPDATE. Ok I’m in purgatory and now the app has gone too far! After killing me and my son the demon faded away. My wife swore off men. She would never take another lover, but somehow the demon influenced the midiclorians around him to create life. My wife is now pregnant with the demons baby, this is where it gets juicy. The unborn baby downloaded the app and has 69 years to live. My wife however gets 3 minutes and dusts away like Spider man and Voldemort in Star Trek. The baby plops out of the dust and looks like the elephant man because he was premature. DOUBLE JEOPARDY. Ok now I’m a ghost and ghost Steve Jobs just made a ghost phone. I downloaded the app again and it says I have 10 years left. What does this mean? I’m I gonna do that thing the forgotten dead people do in Coco or what? Any answers would be nice thank you.
by Lil Smol Bean on 2019/10/08 21:27
Well it all started when i first downloaded the app. My friend and I were sitting on the floor in her living room. We turned the tv station and found that Peppa Pig was on. We obviously put it on to honor our superior Peppa. I turned on my phone and went to Tik tok. I saw a tik tok showing the death countdown app. I told my friend to download it. She did and it said she only had 2 minutes left. We watched as her flashlight went off and on as the time went by. We passed it off as a joke and thought nothing of it by the time the countdown had stopped. She looked at me and with fear in her eyes. I felt the tension in the room and go through my thicc skin. My friend went pale as the color in eyes faded. I looked to the Tv when all of a sudden Peppa Pig was crawling through the Tv. I let a scream go past my crusty mouth as Peppa tackled my friend and Strangled her to death. Peppa has taken me in as her slave and has told me to pass on that this is REAL
by KEEPCALMES on 2019/10/07 21:57
yup, a simple app to joke around with. NO. This app has something else to it. My grandma and I are frequent iPhone users and I told her to download this funny app (or so I thought) we both downloaded and roleplayed a lil saying it was real and we both laughed. She opened the app the same time we did and we both saw our countdown at the same time. SLAM she dropped her phone on the ground. I looked at the countdown and it said 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes and 2 seconds. I laughed nervously thinking she was pranking me. Then I checked her pulse. Yup. You know what I’m about to say. She died. I was in complete shock. So I headed to Walmart and got fortnite costumes and burned them. (She hated fortnite) so I did something in remembrance of her. The police came soon after, then the ambulance and then I went back to making funny AND quirky tiktoks. Moral of the story is don’t ever waste your time reading reviews. Most of them are fake and dumb. JUST DOWNLOAD THE APP.
by 💜Lee💜 on 2020/01/27 21:23
Ok so my countdown says I die in 15 minutes and I’m genuinely terrified. I’m up in my room right now and I can hear my grandma calling my name from downstairs. The unsettling bit is that she has been dead for 5 months, and I keep on seeing my best friend who died last week. He also had countdown, and his said he would die then. Footsteps are coming closer, she’s coming. I just got a weird notification from the app and my lights are going crazy. I think I’m going to die, no, I know I’m going to die. I think she’s waiting right outside my room. I can’t look at the doorway, she’s there. The power just went completely out. I got another notification, 5 minutes left. I can’t go anywhere, it’s going to get me, I’m going to die. 1 minute left. She’s slowly moving towards me and coaxing me to look at her, I can’t, I won’t, 30 seconds. Goodbye Jk😂 did I get you? Anyway it’s a kinda cool, unsettling app to go along with the movie, if you haven’t already, go watch the movie, it’s good.
A story
by just a ramdom dude on 2019/10/25 20:50
So me and my cousin were chilling and he turns to me and says “ I’m scared “ so I look at him and he’s holding up his phone and he’s on some app and it say 0 years 0 days 1 minute 10 seconds and so I say thinking it’s a picture “stop showing me pictures I’m trying to watch tv” but I look again and he’s freaking out he starts pacing so I look at his phone and it says 30 seconds now I’m freaking out because I look up the app on the App Store and apparently it tells you when you will die so I tell him it’s probably fake stop freaking out he calms down and by that time it’s been about 20 seconds when it reaches 0 he gets a notification saying times up and we start hearing creepy noises scraping sounds and footsteps so we go downstairs and apparently the creepy noises are just his moms music and it was just distorted from upstairs and the scraping was his mom scraping dishes because she washing them
by sasha503 on 2019/10/16 20:38
Hello! This is Mandy and I am going to tell a wonderful story *THAT IS TRUE* one day (today) at school me and and my friends were talking about the movie countdown or whatever. So I said let’s download the app! And my friends said OH HELL NO! But I am a real risk taker and I got the app. So I get the app and I got 24 years so I’m fine. BUT!!!! I asked my friends to have a sleepover with me and they said yes so when they we’re asleep at my house I got the app on there phones. All of them had a while to live BUT!!!! One of my friends had 50 seconds and I tried to wake her up and she did not wake up! I flip her over to see if someone stabbed her or something. BUT!!! Instead her back had blood all over her back and her blood spelled SKSKSKSKSK and then I saw her spine was broken. Her spine had a big dent in it so I thought IT WAS A VSCO GIRL!!!!!!! And there was a scruchie around her neck! So moral of the story is VSCO GIRLS ARE EVIL AND ARE BEHIND THIS APP!!!!! And R.I.P Tina love ya ❤️❤️❤️
by Lilly flower!? on 2019/10/08 22:28
so me and my friend were having a sleepover and we were going through our snaps and we saw this app on someones story and decided to get it as a JOKE. I had 60yrs, she had 5 minutes which is crazy. We thought it was a JOKE. 5 minutes later we were in my bathroom doing makeup stuff and her phone starting buzzing and flashing like crazy and it said “TIMES UP” and we laughed and continued to do our makeup. her phone started buzzing and flashing like physco. We decided to delete the app on her phone. We continued, Then later on my phone started doing the thing that was happening on her phone. we were a bit scared but i just deleted it. we wiped off the makeup and went back to our room. the thing did it again, we screamed. we decided to power off her phone and put it in my closet. my mom had called that the pizza was here. i grabbed my phone and made sure the app was deleted first. we ran downstars like wolves 🤣. we were so hungry. but on the stair part we walked bc we got tired bc my room is upstairs back to a long hallway. she fell down the stairs and her neck snapped like a god dang twig. that happened, 2 weeks ago. delete this app.
by Brooklyn Schmidke on 2019/11/03 14:20
Uhhhh don’t download this game my older sibling is in the army and he played it and texted me while he said he was playing it he did a screen record and the next day when he came over. He needed to stop playing this game because it didn’t get pretty because when he played it it was late at night like 3 in the morning he was supposed to be sleeping but no. It said he only had 10 minutes and he would be gone. after 5 minutes he tried avoiding any thing that would probably kill him. about 3 minutes later he was not happy he did not believe the game at all. He started to get scared because he said he kept hearing noises outside. he was down to 1 minute and when he ran out of time he was perfectly fine but he died the next day in a tragic accident collied with a semi truck killing him and his friend. DONT PLAY THIS GAME AND TRY TO AVOID YOUR DUE DATE!!!!. (jk this game is fun but is true)
not a reasonable app.
by super rare talent on 2019/10/08 20:11
i rate this one star because of my opinion. Me and my friend heard about this app and decided to download it during school. We opened the app and looked at our “time left” my friend had 14 years left while i had 11. We were suspicious about this so we deleted the app and re downloaded it. Why we did that? well we knew that if we had 14 and 11 years left surely when we re downloaded the app it would be the same right? wrong. when the app had been installed again we checked again and it was much different. i had 6 years while my friend had 4. We did this for a while and the numbers when up and down up down up down, you get the idea. now looking at these other reviews i honestly don’t know if they are a joke or if they are made to scare the children wanting to get it. My thoughts are (if the other “scary” reviews are not jokes) i feel the developers did that to make the app seem more legitimate. Also i would like to say this app is not real for any young kid reading this. it is just numbers generated for scares and downloads. thank you for reading this review about a scam app.
Seriously, do not get this app
by get the app, if you dare on 2019/11/29 03:29
Me and my older sister got the app as a joke since we watched the new movie countdown. As soon as we got it our flashlights on our phone was flickering in and off. I had 1 year left to live while my older sister had 35 years. Then when I opened the app for the third times this creepy ring around the rosy song started playing. I didn’t think much of it “it’s probably just apart of the app” little did I know I started seeing weird figures in my room, but then they would go away 5 seconds after I see it. The next day I got a notification saying something like user agreement broken. My time went down to ten minutes. I told my sister look and she started laughing. I told my dad and my dad said it’s fake app to try to scare u. Luckily I’m alive bc I’m typing this but in order to live and not let my timer run down I had to kill my best friend.... Jojo siwa
by Saggy Indian Men are YUMM🥴🥵 on 2019/10/08 03:54
This is real beware! So I was doing this with my friend on call as a joke. We both are attracted to Ashy OLD Indian men so this is important😏🥴! So on hers it said 2 hours and we just laughed it off and on mine it said 15 years. It was all funny and soon 1 hour and 55 min went by and we forgot since we had been playing roblox looking for love😏. Reminder we were calling each other so we weren’t together in person. And then out of no where she started choking and all of a sudden she was sucking Indian men’s toes. Then I was like woah buddy but soon after she died cause their toes were so ashy that she choked on the ash that was left in her throat. But it’s okay since that’s how she liked her men ASHY😏. I wish I had known she was gonna die cause I was clapping old men with saggy parts cheeks during all of this. Now it’s been 15 years and now my indian grandpa came to visit me and he has ASHY toes. I’m scared Indian men please help. THIS APP IS REAL!
by Gamer14570 on 2019/10/08 00:21
so i downloaded this app alone in my room. it said i had one minute to live. so in that one minute i ran downstairs and said goodbye to my mom and dad and dog and cat and fish and teddy bear. i then ran to the airport and bought a last minute ticket to Guatemala. i flew all the way there. i had a great time and decided to travel the entire world before i died. i had a great time and when i got back my mom was scared i had run away. i run upstairs and find my e girl sister making a tiktok. i notice she’s cosplaying with a knife. i turn my back and then notice she’s turned into a vsco girl. the lights start flashing in my phone and the app says my one minute is up. my e girl sister (who is now a vsco girl) runs straight to me. her cosplay knife has now tuned into a hydro flask. she pulls the metal straw out of it and says “skskskskskk” while stabbing it into both my eyes. i fall to the ground saying and i oop. i’m dead now but the app is great. i’d download it. it’s a fun thing.
by lucasqb7 on 2019/10/07 21:06
Don’t get this app, please!!!! You will regret it. My best friend Amy and me got this app as a joke. Hers said she had 2 days to live. We laughed and showed it to our friends as a joke. 2 days later she came over and a notification popped up from the app on her phone saying it’s time. We laughed it off until a couple minutes later scrolling Instagram her phone completely shut off. It would not turn back on. This was weird since she just got the new iPhone 11. We showed it to my mom and as we were up there the flash light was going off but the phone still was not working. We got very scared and threw it in our dumpster that night we were cautious but just thought the iPhone 11 was bugged since it was new. That night during our sleepover she fell off the bed. I laughed at her but she was crying. She said she was pulled off the bed. I told her that was crazy but she refused to move because she was petrified. She looked behind me and said AHHHH WHOS THAT! I was confused and the lights flickered and she was gone. I looked under my bed and a grim smile was under there and I noticed it was no ordinary monster... it was the globe glob glob
It’s actually kinda creepy
by itorkfjtjwkskfgjw on 2019/11/01 00:44
So I saw the movie in theaters and liked it so I downloaded the app. At first it asked if I accepted the terms and agreements and all the stuff in the movie just to scare me. But then it gives you the time you die... I have 21 years! (I know it’s not real) then my friend walked by me and said that my phone lights were on. They were but usually when they are on I just swipe up and it shows that they are on but this time it didn’t show that but it was very obvious that they were. I was a little scared and I knew I would never use this app later on so I deleted it. After a while (aka like 10 minutes) I redownloaded it and it said the exact time it had before except a little less of course because time had passed so that was a little scary I guess. Overall it’s a pretty fun app to scare people and other than the flashing lights it’s not very annoying.
This is REAL sisters
by This is Sister James Charles on 2019/10/27 00:25
Okay, this app is REAL I think. Me, my bff, my crush, and my crush’s girlfriend were at a strip party with our fake id’s since we were all 15 at the time. We were there feeding money to some people and then a drunk came up to us and said “He sisters, here is an epic app that lets you know when you’ll die.” I realized that the drunk was James Charles! He became an alcoholic after his career went sister snap after the sister scandal. Anyways, James Charles said “I have 200 seconds left to live, I wonder what’ll happen.” We laughed for a small bit, downloaded instantly but when it reached 0, all hell broke. Tati came out (Tati died 2 days ago found dead in her house for no known reason, probably the app) and dragged James. My crush’s app read he had 1 minuet left, so we started crying scarred he will die. We hear monkey screeches and Eminem rapping upstairs and Dora faintly saying “swiper no swiping me debit card!!!!!” Then it reached 0. He started crying blood, eyes rolled back to his head, he threw up an Annabelle doll and was dragged into hell. Then Brendon Urie dressed as Satan came and killed everyone else in the club. I ran home luckily having 1 week left. For the next week, I cried everyday to sleep. Then, my clock reached 0. Under my blankets (as I was in my bed,) I hear: Hi SISTERS!! I got dragged by my weave and... who’s writing this review then? ... Hey Sisters!
This app is great! 🤠
by Help fix dis on 2019/10/13 21:49
So I downloaded it for fun one time with my sister and our 2 friends. Mine said I had 235 days my sisters said she had 4 years my friend Ruby had 15 year and then 𝙽𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚎 had a couple years or so. We had got up to get a snack and then all of our phones flashes went on, I was like oh cool. Then right beside me Ruby is terrified to the point where if it had started playing the music then, she would pee herself. Keep in mind all of us in the kitchen still, the music starts playing and that’s where it got a little scary, we went back to the couch while everyone was sorta shook up I had to explain, “Oh it’s ok it’s just an app for an upcoming move” (btw the movie looks really good). Once ruby had heard that she was ok and so was everyone else. This app is really cool, So I downloaded it again and it said I had 50 years! 10/10 recommend if you wanna scare your friends easily.
Figured it out
by HannahYRamos on 2019/10/08 12:28
I got on the bus this morning and me and my friend were talking about how freaky yet fake this app is. I had gotten the app last night and so did my friend and hers went from 30 years down to 2 years. Mine went from 39 the first time I downloaded it to 22 year the second time I downloaded it. Me and my friend both re-downloaded once we got on the bus to try and figure out the witchcraft behind it. We saw a review saying that they Believe it’s a hacker tracking our location and sending a hitman to us. So we tried it out. I re downloaded the app and it said 10 years and my phone started to glitch and flash. I deleted it. My friend is now trying to get the app to say only minutes and not hours nor days to see if her phone acts up. She turned off her location and nothing loaded. Once she turned it back on, it loaded super quickly. I’ll update you guys.
by bigtittiegothgf on 2019/10/17 01:21
so i heard a bunch of people say this app was all a joke and that it was fake. so i downloaded it just cause i was bored. so i go into the app and it gives me 4 hours. I have 10 more minutes as im writing this. so obviously i said goodbye to my family and wished them all well. i texted my best friends and they said their last goodbyes. i opened my windows for my last breath of fresh air. and then i see something in the distance. a blinding light flickers in the woods behind my house. i go out the back door to investigate the strange light. as i was walking through the woods, i feel a large wooden club ram into my back. i was knocked out cold. 30 minutes later i woke up tied in an old wooden chair. surrounding me was a circle of cloaked figures. they chant to me &#34;all hail lilhuddy, king of melanin. ooga booga booga!&#34; and thats all i remember. ive escaped and i now have an hour left. wish me luck.
by BigDikGriff on 2019/10/08 13:17
i just downloaded this app and i got 420 years 69 minutes and 69 seconds and i can’t wait to show all my friends they all love it i can’t wait till i get my free candy from the countdown!!! So i was walking my turtle down my street and this old man who was like 87 came up to me and he was waking his rabbit and we made them race to the nearest k-mart and after that tampons fell into my mouth and nose and i began suffocating! I reacted quickly thank god and pulled them out but i swollowed one and now i need surgery. Please don’t take this app as a joke, this is real life! we need to stay away... stay safe. no joke my other friend was riding his dog and he fell off into a ditch and couldn’t get out for 3 hours idk how he did i was to lazy to help him but everone should be careful and stay safe i really hope this countdown goes faster can anyone help me with it thank you very much and have a good one!!
It is real don’t download
by Jaz_246 on 2019/10/08 03:50
So I was at school and it was lunch time my friend was bored and she decided to look on the App Store she saw countdown and she remembered the trailer so she downloaded it she got 0 years 13 day 6 hours 36 minutes and 53 seconds we laughed I set a notification on the day she was going to “die” 13 days later I call he in the morning and we make plans to hang out on her last day and we’re laughing. We decide to go to the mall and she drive us there we spend all day at the mall and while we were looking at legos she checks the app and it is counting down from 10 and we count along 3 2 1 and nothing happens we carry along like nothing has happened and when we were on here ur way home we got into a wreck and the car flips I am able to get out she is pinned and she has a massive cut in her abdomen and she dies on seen I come out with a broken arm DONT BUY THE APP
by The omg-er 7575 on 2020/01/26 14:27
I was just watching the movie with my friend alone in her house, she wanted to see if the app was real so she went to find it, when she did she told me to download it too but I said hell nah. When it finally downloaded she accepted the agreement without reading it, the clock said that she had 2 mins and 40 secs left. She tried to delete it but it did not work at this point we were getting freaked but we decided on the fact that it was fake. 2 mins and 30 sec go by and someone knocked on her door IT WAS 4:00 in the morning she opened the door and her dead friend Annalise was there she opened her mouth and screeched and she had razor sharp teeth, I was afraid for my life so I screamed, then Annalise morphed into Corbin Blue from Jump in!!!! I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF and Corbin dragged my friend outside and I heard a scream and I haven’t seen her since..... If you’re seeing this DO NOT download this app
by Sam hunt vevo on 2019/10/07 17:18
me and my friend were on vacation in Hawai and we downloaded the app as a joke. her time left said 40 minutes so we decided to go to the beach for fun and we ignored it. 20 minutes passed and we decided to get into the water we were chilling and all and then i decided to go back onto the shore where our stuff was and then 20 minutes passed and i look over to find my friend and she was gone so i ran into the beach and found her body floating with blood coming out of her ears and i knew it was too late. EDIT: this is her mom she died after the countdown app said 40 days. She left the house to go run some errands and it was the 40th day didn’t think anything of it. she was driving to the grocery store and on the way there she got into a car wreck and her car fell down a well and the 911 was on there way and she didn’t make it she died oct 6, 2019
Countdown ( don’t download )
by nattybear77771717474 on 2019/11/03 22:20
Me and my friend Maia and Alexa downloaded it 2 days before Halloween . We did it on Maia’s phone and it said that she only had 1 minute mine said 35 years and alexas said 33 years. We went down to show Maia parents but the door was open and they were not where to be found . So we just went upstairs and hid in Maia’s room then a faint laughing sound came from downstairs so Maia set down her phone on the kitchen table and we all looked then we went back upstairs forgetting about the phone and I said how long do you have and she said I forgot so she went down stairs and we had our ears against the floor we heated the laughing again and then we heard her scream and we ran downstairs to see and Maia was not there we looked everywhere the only Thing that was left was her phone that said your time will be next ( jk jk jk ) ( it never happens it was a joke) .
by junior.rules on 2020/01/10 07:46
One Thursday night me and my friend went to a bar and we saw these girls next to us and they both looked freaked out and we asked what’s wrong and they showed us the app and we tried it for ourselves and my friend got 2 hours left. So we didn’t believe this so we left the bar and went back to our dorm room. By the time we got there my friend checked the app and it said 2 more minutes left and he told me he saw a creepy demon looking at him. We talked about it for a few seconds and we both heard a loud bang that came from our door and at first we thought it was people trying to mess with us when the bang just got louder and I went to go checked and I go back into my dorm room and I saw my friend with your mom😂 guys idk what this app is I this like 10 times and the years went higher but idk what this app is get if if you guys want
Danielle Cohn
by brookieb123 on 2019/10/31 15:19
So I was scrolling through TikTok and saw the app!I immediately got the app and started playing the time said 2minutes when my time was up all I saw were flickering lights and then JaMEs CHaRleS as FlAshBAcK MaRy suddenly appeared and yelled HI SISTERS!! Then EAthAn and GraYSoN DoLaN showed up and started arguing about who was more of a d-bag! I have never been more scared in my life! I thought to myself I NEED TO GET OUT! Then I threw on my HARVARd sweatshirt and my aDiDas sweatpants and ran out the door instantly my fairy godmother appeared (Emma chamberlain) and said CcanoT diE now you haven’t even been to THE ReAL HARVARd Emma said let me handle this then went and disatracted Ethan and Grayson by flirting but she couldn’t control James then suddenly peppa Pig appeared and roasted James Charles and then James insulted peppa and peppa cried then James got distracted and had to made a fake apology video! And this is the story of how Emma chamberlain (my fairy godmother) saved my life
by okbabyboomer on 2019/11/10 04:47
I downloaded this app because I thought it was fake. When it told me when I was going to die I was spooked at first. So naturally, I deleted the app but after a minute or two, I reinstalled it because I was like ”its fake so whatever” and it told me a different date so I was like so it is fake and then I kept deleting it and reinstalling it so it gave me a date that was sooner. Finally, I&#39;ve been waiting for a few days and it said 6 hours left and because of the movie based on it. The app was trying to make it seem like the movie and all I wanted was to see was what would happen if it got to all zeros but all it said was ” user agreement broken”. Also, it&#39;s annoying seeing all these reviews saying ”dont download it I about to die blah blah blah”. Another thing is the countdown movie is a terrible movie it has almost character development either. Lastly, it says ”for entertainment proposes only”
this app is wild
by prisha taytas on 2019/10/26 23:16
me and my friend downloaded it just for the jokes but immediately i knew something was up. i got it and my time said 21 minutes but my friend and i went back to carving my pumpkin. soon my time started running up, before i knew it the clock said 5 minutes so my friend and i took preparation. we made a salt circle just incase the sanderson sisters tried to get us. after we were done my clock said 42 seconds then it all became a blur my time ran out but then i resurrected and when i came back trisha paytas was on the ceiling saying those words... i hate those words “So, do i think i’m transgender? Yes 1000 percent. And do i identify with my natural born gender? Yes 1000 percent.” after that my friend and i ran into the wal-mart and found shane dawson lying on the floor he said he was out of conspiracy theries so this is why i’m writing this. Hi shane i hope u enjoyed😎
Don’t Download!! It’s real!!!
by Ginhen on 2019/10/09 01:41
So I was at a sleepover with my girls on a Tuesday night. We all decided to download the app and see how long we have. I had 7 hours while my 2 friends had similar times, being 1 hour and 30ish minutes. We all laughed and decided to go to Walmart. We were at Walmart for a while. On our way back the timers went off for my 2 friends. They looked nervous but we thought nothing of it. Then all of the sudden our driver yelled and slammed on the breaks, but it was too late, he already hit the animal that ran in front of the car. My friends in the back went flying across the car and broke their necks on impact. I got a look at what the animal was peppa in all her glory! All of the survivors (3 of us) then said together... “peppa..what are you doing in the road?” 😏😏😏 Peppa lives among us, watch out for her or it could be your last day.
by Bratalleylover_1 on 2019/10/08 15:02
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP PLEASE!!! My aunt Bertha and I did this as a joke. But it said she had only five days left. We were horrified not sure if it was real or not. BUR IT WAS SO REAL. She was dead that minute hour and second. I Cant believe this. She was going down the stairs on a mattress and she flew off the mattress was bitten by a dog and had to be taken at the hospital. And while at the hospital she was stabbed by a undercover police officer. She was in major surgery when a guy with strep puked in her insides. When she then had to be given antibiotics which she is allergic to. So then she almost died because of that but was given epinephrine and was saved. Right when we though everything was fine. She was attacked by a gorilla and a airborne disease called Ebola. Due to all the stress her body was under she died that second. She’s dead I can’t believe it. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP ITS TOO REAL!!! I miss you Bertha love you.❤️💔🙏🏽
It’s (not) real
by PandaJellycake on 2019/11/04 04:12
When I Downloaded it I kinda thought it was real so I downloaded it. It said I had 12 years “phew” i sighed to myself, the next day, I checked my phone it said I had 17 hours “AM I A JOKE TO YOU!” I was thinking to myself I slept for 12 years. I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked no different, so then I checked my phone again it said I had 12 more hours to go, I ran to tell my dad, telling him about my app. “Haha, #$&amp;&amp;*! It’s just an app!” I calmed myself down. I went to my room and I checked my phone again, I had 12 minutes to go, I ate probably the biggest breakfast in my whole life. I went to go take a run, I checked my phone, 2 more minutes, “I should probably go inside” I thought to myself, I went back to my house, I checked my phone, 3,2,1 something tapped my back, I screamed in horror, I turned around, it was my BROTHER! I sighed in relief, so in conclusion this app is just a joke
Just a story (fake)
by sprinklepower7363 on 2019/10/20 02:52
Me and friend Ruby saw a bunch of people trying this app so like anyone else we downloaded it she got 3 minutes and I got 7 years as always we started making jokes about it we starting watching tik toks with vsco girl swinging their hydro flasks The app starting making weird noises like SKSKS we jumped and threw her phone out the window but her phone was still saying SKSKS out of nowhere a girl with SIZE 13 NIKES RAN THREW THE DOOR then apple mom came by and threw her daughter across the room we screamed ruby started crying I grabbed the apples mom daughter and threw her out the window with the mom and all was left what the size 13 Nike’s MENS SIZE 13 NIKES then the hit threw her shoe at ruby the shoe was already huge so my friend died quickly I ran away and called shane Dawson to come and then we threw Ruby’s body out the window with it the size 13 Nikes girl got arrested for having big feet RIP RUBY we miss you.
It Works?
by emmylikesdonuts on 2019/12/30 21:26
My friend and i downloaded this app for fun. My countdown said that I still had 64 years to live, but my friend was not so lucky. Hers said that she only had 2 hours left. We were a little freaked out, but we just laughed it off because surely it wasn’t real. 2 hours later, she gets a notification that says her time is up. She wasn’t dead, so the app obviously doesn’t work...right? Just then, she got a notification from Duolingo that said “YOU DIDN’T DO YIUR SPANISH LESSON TODAY!! YOU WILL REGRET THIS!!” Suddenly, the bedroom door creaked open and the Duolingo Owl walked in carrying a machete! He screamed, then charged in and scooped my friend up under his wing, then proceeded to chop her head off while yelling “HOW WILL YOU LEARN SPANISH IF YOU DONT DO YOUR SPANISH LESSON EVERY DAY? GAHHHHHHH!!” Then he ran out of the bedroom and flew away through the chimney! It was traumatizing! Good thing I did my Spanish lesson that day!
This is weird
by Tokoyo UwU on 2019/11/11 21:06
So.... I downloaded the app a while back and it said I have 27 days...So I deleted it. And then I downloaded it again the next day and it said I have 1 year. So I thought it was fake but then my friend dared me to download it again so I did. And so got 6 hours. My friend was scared but I still thought it was fake since the first and second time I downloaded it, it was different times. So me and my friend waited and waited and It was down to 10 minutes. My friend started actually getting terrified but I told her nothing would happen so I closed the app. Me and her started playing video games to calm her down but then she told me to check the app. So I did and 10 minutes already passed but.... it says in big letters on the screen “User Agreement broken” and it was flashing red numbers and flashing my phone flashlight.....What do I do? ;w;
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