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Photo Collage Maker & Pic Grid
Download Cute Collage, All-In-one photo collage maker & photo editor to create the most unique collages, stories, wallpapers and flyers! Get C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E with No.1 collage maker app, Cute Collage! Edit & collage your awesome photos any way you like with the best Do-It-All Collection of layouts, effects, tools! ◉ DARE TO CREATE UNIQUE COLLAGES? Unleash your creativity and create perfect pic collages with 10000+ completely Free photo grids, effects, stickers, fonts & background patterns. Choose from tons of trendy grid layouts and photo collage styles to TELL YOUR STORY with one framed picture! Just back from a vacation? Collage your photos easily and keep the holiday vibe going on your social media account! Cute Collage combines powerful photo editing tools with awesome effects to wake up your creativity. Mix and match tons of Free frames, stickers and fonts in any way to create coolest collages. You won’t believe the art pieces you will create with just a few taps! ◉ SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR PRINT IN 1 HOUR Cute Collage makes design amazingly simple, fun and easy! No design skills or complex software needed to build beautiful Collages and Layouts, Instagram Stories and posts, Facebook posts and covers or Twitter header and posts, Posters and Flyers. After creating you can easily tap through to share your photo collage on Social Media or Print to Walgreens, CVS, Target and pick up the same day. ◉ CUTE COLLAGE'S AWESOME FEATURES • Thousands of classic and stylish Collages, Grids and unique Layouts to choose from • Combine from 2 to 15 favorite shots into a single pic in the easiest and most artful ways! • Photo filters to choose from and apply instantly. • Zoom, pan, rotate and mirror your photos to create the best combinations! • Customize your layout by adjusting the frame, colors and patterns • Hundreds of categorized stickers and background patterns for every moment of your life. • Add text on collages with hundreds of fonts • Move photos between grids by drag and drop. • Share your collages on Facebook or Instagram or share privately via iMessage • Print your best collages in 1 hour at Walgreens, CVS or Target as a classic print, poster or canvas easily Cute Collage offers subscriptions for premium users. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account once you confirm your purchase. Your iTunes account will be charged again when your subscription automatically renews at the end of your current subscription period unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Where applicable, any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user repurchases a subscription. You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID Account settings on your phone any time after purchase ------------------------------------------------------------------ We’re so happy you chose us as your favorite photo collage and photo editor app and excited to see what you make! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: We’d love to hear from YOU! Drop us a line at Happy collaging :)
Must pay to use
by Name12348642 on 2021/11/13 18:31
Will not allow you to make anything unless you subscribe. 😡would have been fine if that was clear in the description.
Not a free app.
by Fogfffhgcfg on 2021/11/08 00:59
You can’t actually do anything in this app without buying a subscription.
must buy to use
by dohtem1 on 2021/11/05 04:02
Selected photos and clicked collage then ad popped out. Clicked X on the ad and it closes collage and the ad…. Just no
Should sue for false advertising
by son of jomu on 2021/11/03 02:23
If you’re reading this DO NOT DOWNLOAD despite the appearance, this app is NOT- I repeat, NOT free. The instant you even attempt to make a collage it forces you to make an in app purchase (a subscription) which is NOT WHATS BEING ADVERTISED ON THE APP STORE. It’s advertising a free collage maker, but this is anything but. It’s an outrage, and to the person that made this app…I’m ashamed of you.
Incredibly invasive
by obsessedwithtime on 2021/11/01 11:02
This app is not FREE!!!!!! Watch out!!!!!The app require “full access” to all photo (we’re talking everything) then hoodwinks you into a free trail for seven days “after you make a collage.” It’s like being held hostage. When l searched for the app on Apple 🍎 l searched specifically for “ collage maker free” . It’s anything but! The app doesn’t even tell you upfront its cost or requirements in the descriptions b4 you download it making it seem like it’s free. Then the app runs away with all your “metadata” after you delete it. It’s messed up!
Don’t download
by wbwelker on 2021/10/31 02:28
Once I downloaded the I app I tried to create a collage but then a ad for the app asking to sign up for a membership popped up. Every time I exited out of the add it would return to the picture selection screen. After I tried to create the collage and what do you know the ad again. Don’t waste your time!
I can’t use the app without paying
by Jordishorty on 2021/10/30 14:38
Pretty scummy how you can’t use the app without upgrading and paying $2.99 a week. Maybe it was a glitch but it wouldn’t let me out of the option so I just stopped what I was doing and deleted the whole app.
by MMRTobinski on 2021/10/27 21:36
This is not a free app. It does not have a price listed in the downloads and only mentions this when you try to create a collage. I wouldn’t have even touched it otherwise. PUT THE PRICE FIRST and let people decide if they want to download.
Bad app don’t download
by app user 33333 on 2021/10/26 12:35
Such a bad app
Can’t create unless you subscribe
by MissTibs on 2021/10/25 04:42
Don’t waste your time Downloading unless you plan to set up a subscription. You can’t use anything on the app until you do.
Rip off
by kamalani Schell on 2021/10/24 20:47
It’s misleading that you can download it for free but have to pay to even use it.
They make you pay there stupid
by Nogetiy on 2021/10/24 14:33
I star
Paid app
by 9A74A70C28648563 on 2021/10/23 01:18
Free to download but paywall within the app. The actual cost? $2.99 a WEEK. That’s more expensive than the base Netflix cost. All to create picture collages. Be up front about the cost of your app, and stop wasting our time.
Says “Free”, it’s not!
by Domino's is awesome on 2021/10/18 01:47
Don’t say free in the title, then I download and find out it’s not Free!!
Not free
by LilDemon702 on 2021/10/13 02:07
Why make it free if it’s nothing you can even do on it.
Not free! It’s a SCAM!
by Jbccbaker on 2021/10/07 13:10
Said it was free, but then once I downloaded the app, i could not actually make a collage until i agreed to pay $2.99 a week. SCAM.
You need to pay to use it
by twotone117 on 2021/10/06 20:37
Nothing about this is free. Better off with another app
Pure garbage
by killer chew on 2021/10/02 19:38
Can’t even combine two files without agreeing to a two week free trial. No….. Just no…..
Can’t make a collage without paying $2.99/WEEK
by 5thAve.Allman on 2021/09/30 20:36
Don’t see how you can make any collages without paying $2.99 a WEEK! Have added the photos I want to combine into a progression photo and keep getting a pop up to buy something. Every time I close the pop up it just takes me back to my pictures. NO WAY to make a collage without paying a ridiculous amount of $!
Forced to upgrade
by gfjdgeiwheghfiej on 2021/09/27 15:54
Tried to make a simple before and after effect but after selecting my 2 photos a pop up appears and prevents me from even going to the secondly step. It forces you to upgrade to $2.99 per week to continue. Thought there was a free version.
by Qazxswedcvfrtyu on 2021/09/24 00:54
This app will not let you make a single collage without doing a seven day trial and then $2.99 per week. Cancel at any time but who wants to pay for that after one week! There’s free ones out there. Do not get this app!
Amazing app!
by creepy glitch victem on 2021/09/14 14:00
This app is so great, I ate it and then it tasted like milk.
by dontdiwnlosdit on 2021/09/14 04:41
Made me download it for reason
Not Free!
by LiLmommyRed on 2021/09/14 03:51
It’s not free. 7 day free trial, then you have to pay.
Not free
by Lsuc on 2021/09/10 21:29
This app is not free. It’s free to download but not free to use. You must subscribe with a 7 day free trial. Very misleading
Not free
by Kkha:) on 2021/09/03 13:17
Makes you pay for a subscription
Not free - need 0 stars
by missbats1990 on 2021/08/29 22:33
This app pulls up under free apps but it’s not. It’s “free” to download, but once downloaded you have to pay to use it.
Won’t work
by Broookkkkeee1211 on 2021/08/26 02:39
Trying to make my first collage and it won’t let me see or edit it until i purchase another part of the app. Zero stars
by bobby skeet on 2021/08/25 21:56
This literally isn’t free.
Not Free
by JeffG96 on 2021/08/23 13:21
It wouldn’t let me make a college without paying 2.99 a month. Just be transparent with your price don’t advertise as free if it’s not free…
Paid app hiding as “free”
by mrjdar on 2021/08/17 21:08
App may be good, who knows. You cannot do a single thing without subscribing. Should be flagged for false advertisement.
Not free as shown.
by cldurren on 2021/08/16 00:13
I thought it as free because i searched free collage but its a subscription 😩
Don’t waste your time
by KylieA_sn on 2021/08/14 11:35
Literally won’t even let you to anything without signing up for a free trial for the membership
by jcmeter on 2021/08/07 22:39
You basically need to pay first before you can do anything in the app
Not Free
by Kelly Stuard on 2021/08/07 19:35
Despite being free, zero functionality. You have to pay to do ANYTHING. False advertising to put in free section!
False advertising
by Firefly gal on 2021/08/06 19:59
Cannot even make one collage without being forced to pay. Sneaky and crappy way to do business.
You have to pay to use it
by thaliagera on 2021/08/05 08:22
You are able to download the app for free but when you try to use it and create a collage they want you to subscribe and pay!!
Required in app purchase to use
by MGFarm on 2021/07/28 23:31
I tried creating a simple two photo over/under. After I selected my two photos and clicked “create”, the next screen required a purchase in order to proceed.
Not really free
by nich z name on 2021/07/26 13:14
Description states you can make hundreds of collages free but that is not true. All require a subscription
Not free
by thelovershavelied on 2021/07/20 21:22
Can’t create a simple collage for free. They make you pay or you cannot access the collage. Scam.
Not an app, just junk/ad
by Rfrax79 on 2021/07/18 23:48
Thanks for the time waste
Requires you to purchase their plan to do anything
by hexagonstorms on 2021/07/10 12:18
I wish I could go back to the days where I could buy a basic app to do this basic functionality for a couple bucks. This app requires you to get on their $3 a WEEK subscription just to make basic collages.
by Toxic215 on 2021/07/05 04:09
Downloaded for free and as soon as I selected my pictures for collage I was met with an ad to pay ? Had the app for like 30 seconds.. deleted it.🙄
Now worth paying for
by MrjWalker83 on 2021/07/01 02:17
Can’t even adjust boarders
by S.L97 on 2021/06/29 01:57
Every time I try to create a collage the app goes back to my camera roll but the photos are selected...not worth the download
Ad wall- can’t create collage without purchase
by Mikem987 on 2021/06/27 00:28
Imagine an app that you simply want to put two photos together. Well this does just that. But wait! There’s an AD wall that forces you to purchase their WEEKLY paid product just to put two photos next to each other. No free trial or anything. Stay far away from this app. Bunch of thieves trying to take your money.
by whispeyy on 2021/06/26 03:54
Says free isn’t free at all makes you pay weekly.
Gotta pay for it
by CorrinaE7 on 2021/06/25 02:37
That’s so lame. They get you every time.
👎🏻not worth it
by pwke mermaids on 2021/06/22 15:39
I was disappointed to find out that in order to use anything on this app you have to purchase at $2.99/wk. To bad just part of the app isn’t free
by Badger1968 on 2021/06/13 20:39
You can’t do anything without paying. And it’s very expensive for what it is
Only a few free templates
by HollyShrub on 2021/06/12 22:31
This app would be great is there were more free collages. I get they are trying to make money but you can’t do anything cool without paying.
by disappointed eyeroll on 2021/06/10 22:13
Tries to pass itself off as a free app but AFTER you upload your pictures that’s when it tells you it won’t let you make even one collage without paying.
Not free
by Sheoftensaid on 2021/06/07 12:21
Will save you the trouble of downloading - it’s $2.99/wk to use this app.
Don’t download
by g1jsge3 on 2021/06/04 14:18
It’s horrible it always show pay.
by Dj458ITALIA on 2021/05/25 23:38
I downloaded this cuz I wanted to use it for my discord and found out you had to pay. Uninstalled.
Couldn’t even use it due to ads
by munchkym on 2021/05/25 05:09
I have no problem with exiting ads and understand why they’re important, but there’s a glitch that makes it so I can’t even do that. It closes the ad and then goes back a page to open the ad back up. Non-functional.
Me gusta
by Gladys Maria on 2021/05/25 03:08
by caropa2002 on 2021/05/23 18:36
Unable to fit the width of the pictures
You have to pay!
by Sean the psychic on 2021/05/22 23:23
Looks free but to use it you have to sign up and pay. Good if your willing to pay.
Pay to use
by Wyningggggggg on 2021/05/13 01:18
Must pay monthly to use. Can’t even get a editor app without paying nowadays. Sad.
Are you kidding me
by smitty fw on 2021/05/01 19:11
It’s listed under free apps..... after you create your first picture mix, it asks if $2.99 a week is ok!?!!?
Not worth it
by DDogA99 on 2021/04/29 20:03
Cost money to combine photos. Not worth it.
Not Free Apparently
by Hils Anna on 2021/04/16 15:01
It won’t allow me to create a collage unless I do their 7 day “free trial” and then pay $2.99 a week
Not actually free
by IT1B on 2021/04/15 23:32
Free to download but wouldn’t actually let me make a collage without first buying a subscription. Lame.
Not worth it
by ShadowsNight on 2021/04/15 16:47
I was looking for an app to create a quick collage. I don’t do it often and just wanted something basic. You can download this app for free, but you can’t do anything without agreeing to purchase. It has a free trial, but the cost then comes to 2.99 a week, which isn’t worth it in my opinion.
Wack af
by Stuffed mug on 2021/04/12 23:11
You gonna make me pay my money to COMBINE TWO PHOTOS, ligma.
Not free
by TTPLUM on 2021/04/12 13:35
You pick the layout, which photos you want, give permissions, just to be routed to a screen for payment. Payment should be posted. This app is a lie.
Not free
by bollongpin on 2021/04/09 02:48
No I do not want to try it for two days for free and and all my info.
by ggGabsss on 2021/04/08 16:58
NOT FREE. You can download it but have to pay to use it. Why can’t developers just be upfront about this 😒
App is terrible. Waste of time
by lemondelacreme on 2021/04/06 21:22
This app is a lie. You must pay for everything. Even the simplest of designs, meaning a one picture collage, costs money. If you use your computer, you can find better sites for free.
Don’t waste your time!
by mj13484 on 2021/04/06 01:30
It’s not free and wants you to pay for a trial. Can’t even select photos from specific albums. Wish I could get those 10 minutes of my life back
Don’t waste your time
by CameraHappy7474 on 2021/04/01 14:53
Downloaded but can’t use without buying another app
Pretty useless
by sal17566 on 2021/03/30 23:51
You can’t really make a collage without doing an in app purchase
You have to spend money.
by idcaboutthisnickname on 2021/03/27 05:37
For you to do anything they want you to subscribe which costs money. Definitely not free.
by KImmielouKiss on 2021/03/26 01:44
Free? Won’t even let you use it before using a credit card.
$156 A YEAR??
by Pigeon G-MAN on 2021/03/25 03:35
by LrowlandArt on 2021/03/16 12:12
You upload the app and pay then they require you to pay for an additional $12 per month add on to use it. Terrible
by gfscgirl on 2021/03/16 11:59
The app itself is great. Nice designs and easy to use and fun exploring different ideas. With that being said I have tried to cancel my subscription for three days and I am still unable to do it and still getting charged for it. So the app is great, but don’t hit hard times and need to unsubscribe with it.
NOT Free
by Lord Cheesy on 2021/03/09 23:34
As soon as you get into the app using it you have to pay
Complete Waste of Time
by Shelle L.A. on 2021/03/08 18:31
It’s only free to download. You can do absolutely nothing without paying.
by A Real Gamer on 2021/03/08 08:09
To create a collage you have to pay for a subscription, the only thing this app does for free is waste storage space. Find another app. Would Rate 0/5 stars but I can’t. Suggestion for the developers: If ur gonna make people pay to do anything, just make them pay for the app. Don’t make it an in-app purchase. It just pisses people off.
Won’t populate new photos
by meebo84 on 2021/02/27 14:41
Clunky and glitchy. Won’t update my photo selection even after I take new photos. Will not be using again.
Don’t waste your time — nothing free
by Temoa on 2021/02/25 19:32
What I hate most is when these apps waste my time. First of you can’t select pics from any album which is a major fault. You can only upload from recent, favorites, screenshots, selfies and panoramas. If you have pictures in an album to make it easier to find, you’ll have to search for it in all your pictures. Then as soon as you make a collage a pop up jumps up prompting you to upgrade. If you X out, it will go back to selecting your layout. I only made a simple two picture collage and would have to pay to even see it for longer than a glimpse. No thanks. Horrible app!!
My 2 Grands, Birthdays Month Feb 8 & Feb 28
by Mimi Down on 2021/02/25 15:35
by Brílove22 on 2021/02/21 05:44
Worth no stars, 🙄 never seen an app that wants to charge by the week...and just a photo collage. I should of read all the reviews before...downloading.
Not free
by MaryBLong on 2021/02/20 23:17
Free to download, not free to use.
You have to pay
by Natesujey on 2021/02/19 15:26
You have to pay a monthly subscription. Don’t wast your time downloading this
by HDRealtorInWA on 2021/02/15 17:37
In order to actually use the APP that you download for free- you have to pay $2.99 per week.
Bait and switch
by Of2minds on 2021/02/13 18:44
I downloaded the free version because that’s all I need. I couldn’t even finish one collage. A pop-up comes up immediately to make you pay for the better version and won’t let you go on until you purchase it! It’s a bait and switch. There is no “free” version as far as I am concerned.
Weekly charge even to get one photo
by cbb1234 on 2021/02/05 05:04
I don’t mind ads. I don’t mind paying a few bucks for an app. I do mind being led to believe an app would perform then find out I cannot get any use of it unless I pay every week for it. Not even one combo of just two photos to see if I like the results. Many free apps out there do the same for free. Skip this.
Not Free
by Reeeeee123 on 2021/02/04 19:42
This app is free to upload but it is NOT free to use!
Find yourself another app
by JN7654321 on 2021/02/04 14:41
This app is titled Collage Maker, but when downloaded it’s labeled as Cute Collage. You won’t be able to make any collages without first purchasing it for $2.99 a week. Save yourself the time and find another app.
Don’t get unless you want to pay
by Angelbaby0601 on 2021/01/29 15:40
Don’t get this app. I tried to make my first collage and it wouldn’t let me unless I paid 2.99 to access all of their templates. I only wanted to make this one in all honesty. Not worth it.
by The guy who is good at reviews on 2021/01/23 21:02
Free download and refused to work unless I paid money. Talk about a scam.
by BD1911 on 2021/01/22 02:40
App it trash tries to force u to buy things to use it
OmL tHis Is TeRRibLe.
by DO I LIKE THIS GAME IR NO on 2021/01/14 02:38
Okay so I was reading the other reviews and some people or slot of people were like “you have to pay a 3day free trial” or something like that so you know I did not care and down loaded it anyways and literally the SAME EXACT thing happen right to me right in my face ——>( ̄▽ ̄)ノ so I was really disappointed in this hope you can fox this SITUATION in this case, a lot other people were like “oh it’s great five star” maybe because they just bought it.🙌🏻✨🙄 but I was really looking for an app for my wall papers to be better and I did. Yay me 🥱 or maybe I should yay the ones who brought the app. Anyways like I was saying if you want This app you gotta pay like fr fr don’t be like me okay kids 👍 I’ve learned my lesson for this type of stuff READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD ANYTHING. That’s all but I think that this. App was amazing if I bought it :D have a wonder day peace out✌🏻👏🏻😁
by Yawdamp on 2021/01/10 22:41
$3 a week!?
Can’t make a collage
by Texting Gamer on 2021/01/06 08:01
I initially had no problems & was able to create my collages. I go back to use the app & now every time I press “create collage” it doesn’t allow me to unless I pay. No thank you.
Not in app purchases
by SnowWhite09 on 2021/01/05 02:55
Not in app purchases, must purchase membership to use.
Amazing photo collage maker
by Josefinaswanson on 2019/11/24 01:15
Delightful experience. If you are old and want to remind yourself good old days, you can try this collage maker. I combine photos like I used to do it in my childhood thanks to Cute Collage. Photo collage was like a family tradition in our house. I remember all these years. I think I am getting emotional. Anyway thanks a lot to Cute Collage to give me a chance to create pic collage on my phone in a very easy way for free that even a grandma can use it.
Terrible App
by the crappening on 2020/04/09 03:07
I just needed to make a quick photo collage for an assignment and downloaded this app. First, this app is not free and you can’t make a collage unless you complete an in-app purchase. Second, I agreed to subscribe to a 3-day trial with a plan to unsubscribe and delete the app right after I was done with my collage. However, after subscribing the app froze on the in-app purchase pop-up. Finally, when I confirmed the subscription I saw the checkmark that verifies the purchase, but this app is not showing up in my subscriptions. I restarted my phone. I logged in and out of my apple account. Did the app fail to subscribe or is it another fault in the programming? Am I going to get charged for an app I don’t want and don’t have use for beyond one collage that I couldn’t complete because the app froze? There is nothing about this app worth the hassle. Too many apps in the app store are sloppy garbage whose only purpose is to steal people’s money. This is just one more garbage app to throw in the pile.
OmL tHis Is TeRRibLe.
by DO I LIKE THIS GAME IR NO on 2021/01/14 02:38
Okay so I was reading the other reviews and some people or slot of people were like “you have to pay a 3day free trial” or something like that so you know I did not care and down loaded it anyways and literally the SAME EXACT thing happen right to me right in my face ——>( ̄▽ ̄)ノ so I was really disappointed in this hope you can fox this SITUATION in this case, a lot other people were like “oh it’s great five star” maybe because they just bought it.🙌🏻✨🙄 but I was really looking for an app for my wall papers to be better and I did. Yay me 🥱 or maybe I should yay the ones who brought the app. Anyways like I was saying if you want This app you gotta pay like fr fr don’t be like me okay kids 👍 I’ve learned my lesson for this type of stuff READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD ANYTHING. That’s all but I think that this. App was amazing if I bought it :D have a wonder day peace out✌🏻👏🏻😁
Amazing app
by Nana horse lover🐴 on 2019/12/01 00:47
I was looking for a free photo collage app but all of the ones a found required a trial for all things to work. I was skeptical this didn’t have any in app purchases but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw their was non! I definitely recommend it to people who just want to simple photo app. Overall the selection is a bit small but still affective if you want to make a cute photo!
by JRWTZ on 2020/05/11 14:26
I never write reviews on apps but I was so disappointed in this one that I decided to write one. After downloading the app, you are not allowed to make even one collage without subscribing to a free 3-day trial after which you will be charged $2.99 A WEEK. Whaaat?! That is more than $12/month for a simple collage app! There are way too many free options out there to throw your money away on a shady company such as this one. Although there are many great reviews those were all before they started charging you to even use the app. If you sort by recent reviews, you will get a true picture of this shady company. Complete scam.
Don’t waste your time — nothing free
by Temoa on 2021/02/25 19:32
What I hate most is when these apps waste my time. First of you can’t select pics from any album which is a major fault. You can only upload from recent, favorites, screenshots, selfies and panoramas. If you have pictures in an album to make it easier to find, you’ll have to search for it in all your pictures. Then as soon as you make a collage a pop up jumps up prompting you to upgrade. If you X out, it will go back to selecting your layout. I only made a simple two picture collage and would have to pay to even see it for longer than a glimpse. No thanks. Horrible app!!
Amazed with the results
by Marie_Grateta1 on 2019/11/24 01:16
I asked my husband to create a photo collage since he likes to make it from our photos. He made it and I instantly loved it. It was funny that first I didn't believe that he can make this amazing side by side photo collages but the results were speaking for itself. Technology is getting more interesting for sure :)
Best pic collage maker to combine photos❤️❤️❤️
by marydaly414 on 2020/01/18 04:46
I’ve been using this collage maker app for a while and I’m getting addicted with every new update. It’s literally the best one out there. It’s free and super easy to create pic collages by combining multiple photos, changing background, adding stickers and text. Thank you so much to the developers for this amazing app 👍
Combine photo and create amazing collages
by TammyadaCorrigan on 2019/11/18 00:40
Cute Collage lets you choose what layout style you want and combine your pics. Gives you to change ratio and space between images or margins. You have flexibility to change layout if you are not happy with the layout for your collage. Add text and stickers as captions.
best side by side photo collage maker
by Tainaweirdas on 2019/11/16 04:31
I like creating contrast photo collages with this app. So easy to use and free. I can combine my pics with all layouts. Stylish layouts give you sense of white space and you can use it by writing a short text. I recommend everyone who loves minimalism. This app gives you just what you need not unnecessarry stuff.
Not a bad app but,
by 22cdilger on 2020/04/01 00:32
At first this app was great. I was able to make collages of my friends and family with no trouble. But now when I pick the pictures to make the collage, it brings up this premium screen and I can close out of it. The screen basically is making me either buy the premium or I can’t make collages. If i could make collages without having to buy anything I Would rate 5 stars.
lovely collage maker for couples
by WilliaM_MathenY on 2019/11/19 01:40
I really enjoyed putting our anniversary pictures side by side with this photo collage maker. I found Cute Collage pretty simple and straight forward. I never struggled with font selection because of typeface options. I found many stickers that match with my anniversary pics.
Best for Instagram stories and posts
by RoyceaCOsorio on 2019/11/19 01:35
Spectecular for amateur photographers. Use your beautiful pics to create photo collages for free. Specially as a traveller, I don't want to spend too much time on editing collages to share on Instagram instead of travelling. With this app I made side by side photos in minutes. So happy with the result.
by Ewen's mom on 2020/11/11 05:36
I downloaded this app to try thinking I would pay $2.99 if I liked it. Turns out you can’t even try it without signing up for a $2.99 PER WEEK subscription. They sound be more clear in the in-app purchase description that this is a subscription not a “purchase.” This app costs $155/year to use and if you stop paying all that money has gone down the drain. Total rip-off. For $120/year you can subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud and have access to Photoshop and Lightroom on your phone.
loving it. so much easier to create side by side photo collages
by Neenathelan on 2019/11/19 01:27
I work a lot with social media and I used to spend too much time to edit and collage my photos on computer. Cute Collage is a game changer. It makes photo collages simple, easy and highly productive.
Do not download this app!!
by Mr.VeryNotHappy on 2020/03/17 08:25
create side by side photo collage
by JenelleaStallings on 2019/11/19 01:38
Cute Collage is an amazing photo collage app if you are looking for something that allows you to be more creative. I put side by side photos and add text and cute stickers. I feel more creative while playing with layouts and resizing spaces.
Love Cute Collage :)
by antoniafacobsen on 2019/11/17 00:30
I normally never review apps but I seriously love Cute Collage. Everything I need is in there. It is so cool to be able to create beautiful collages free without ads. Explore your creative limits and brake them with beautifully designed collage app. I feel more confident after all.
This is it! Love this collage maker
by Cordia_Wren24 on 2019/11/17 00:22
sometimes I just need to make a quick meme at an exact moment, or puttinng my friends face on an emoji or gif to make fun of them. It is hard to do it on computer using photoshop. Cute Collage is just what i need. Best part is that it is completely free collage maker.
most user friendly picture collage app
by Terry DoorMAN111 on 2019/11/20 01:11
I have gone through so many side by side photo apps and editing apps and most of them were so confusing, but luckliy I found Cute Collage that is designed very usery friendly and it is free.
Print collages? awesome idea
by Wilfredaot1331 on 2019/11/18 00:42
Great idea and great execution. If you are looking for a full functional and easy to use collage maker, Cute Collage is the best app for this. It gives you option for print too. You can make collages for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any print size.
literally the best
by Hyun ji MoweryYy on 2019/11/20 01:10
This photo collage maker is the best I've found for making easy and cute collages. It has all the essentials to work with. It allows you to control everything to make your collage exactly how you want it.
it brings me joy. love this app
by SherrillMerill0101 on 2019/11/19 01:20
I always loved colorful collages in real life, but this app gives me the same opportunity to create photo collages on my mobile phone. I love to spend time with Cute Collage and create lovely pics. Sometimes I even print them.
Best insta collage maker
by Phillipson12 on 2019/11/21 15:22
As a fashion designer, I need to constantly create instagram posts. I tried lots of collage maker apps but I couldn't find a cool one until now. I have Cute Collage and it works great so far. My post engagements are increased after uploading new pic collages.
print photo collages to Walgreens
by Johnetta Coverterc on 2019/11/19 01:41
Awesome pic collage maker for making memories visible for the future. I create many side by side photos from my family photos. I printed some of them through the app. Everyone liked it
make pic collages with text
by Kayla NicholSa on 2019/11/24 01:18
Seems like Cute Collage will be my favorite collage maker. I put my selfie after running and the view of the place that I run. I add distance, pace as a text. It is a great way to keep your running history.
must have collage maker
by Dee19Dunbar on 2019/11/18 00:36
I am a photography addict. I spend most of my times on taking photos, but I don't like to spend so much time on editing and making collages. This app doing its job very well and quickly.
combine photos to create side by side pic collages
by AlfredoMexico3 on 2019/11/24 01:09
Don't bother to combine photos in real life. Cute Collage makes it easier than you can image. after a few taps on your smartphone, your collage is ready to share or print.
easy to use pic collage maker
by DeniseJimenez02 on 2019/11/21 15:14
I normally suffer with new technologies but this app gives me the easiest way to create picture collages as like in real life doing collages with real pics. I love to play around and making lovely side by side photos.
Best collage maker for Instagram
by Marly's_Comlin on 2019/11/20 01:02
I use pic collages for almost all my instagram posts. I used to spend so much time on computer to create collages, but not I just found Cute Collage and it made the process so quick and enjoyable.
my favorite for creating photo collages
by Frediastillisto on 2019/11/18 00:31
Cute Collage is one of my favorite apps. It is so easy to use and fun to create cute collages. I love to share my collages with my friends and family members. We all keep our memory archives with collages.
pretty great collage app
by Kenton_1Colburn on 2019/11/19 01:30
I am a football coach at a high school, I made pic collages of our team and print them. It is so helpful to create showcase in our school board. They remind our successes and failures all together when I put them side by side.
You'll love this app
by LarryXaskeyX on 2019/11/18 00:32
Simply perfect. It can do whatever I want to do with cute colage. I feel so creative while doing pic collages. I love this app because it gives me a chance to use my artistic side after all those years.
all for free? Oh yeah!
by Tosha Stanton19 on 2019/11/20 01:01
Pretty simple and quick collage maker. I enjoyed the app so far. The feature of addinng a pattern on the background as well as stickers and text was greatly enjoyable. You can access all layouts, stickers and fonts for free.
by gfscgirl on 2021/03/16 11:59
The app itself is great. Nice designs and easy to use and fun exploring different ideas. With that being said I have tried to cancel my subscription for three days and I am still unable to do it and still getting charged for it. So the app is great, but don’t hit hard times and need to unsubscribe with it.
Phenomenal collage maker app
by JacklyasWing on 2019/11/19 01:25
Cute Collage is so clean with well designed navigation. You don't need to learn about app, you will start using it immediately. Go ahead and use your creative side to create cute photo collages.
What an amazing app.
by Chris_top_her1 on 2019/11/16 04:43
If you have a baby or kids and want to remember all these cute memories in the future, download it and start creating your own album. I am so happy with this collage maker. So easy to use for mothers.
Combine photos seamlessly !
by Shawanna_Pham333 on 2019/11/16 04:34
I already created tons of collages. I feel more creative while using this collage maker. I love it because I can combine many photos nenxt to each other and they look super cool and fun to use.
free side by side picture collage maker
by PalmiraHoggards on 2019/11/20 01:03
All the layout, color, font and stickers options are free for making picture collages. I enjoyed to create beautiful side by side picture collages in this app easily.
side by side picture collage maker
by Marietta_112 on 2019/11/18 00:30
Great collage maker for projects. It does not just put pictures side by side, it gives you a huge flexibility on collages. You can add more beauty with stickers, colors and fascinating fonts.
Addicted!! So simple yet amazing photo collage app
by eRnardBragg on 2019/11/16 04:24
This picture collage maker app does almost everything for you. If you look for fast and easy app to combine your pictures, this is for you.
lots of options for photo collages
by KatYYYRoberge on 2019/11/19 01:22
I find myself using Cute Collage very often. I work with photos a lot. This is so easy and you can get great results in couple minutes.
loveeeee it!
by Granadosmelo on 2019/11/17 00:36
I have never thought of that I can create this much cute collages. I found the app so easy to use. It become one of my most essential tools. Now I am able to create truly remarkable images.
That’s what I need
by danny atty on 2019/11/15 06:38
I was looking for an app having cute and smart modifications on our wedding aniversary photos, I found this app and very happy to see it. Works great. Very rich enhancements and wonderful design. Waiting for more collage types
top of the top
by AvocadoMonstaaar on 2019/11/21 15:03
I am lucky to find this app. Now I am creating eye-catching side by side photos for my social media accounts. I have tried many others but this one is on the top of the list.
mostly using for side by side collage
by Bellllayfield144 on 2019/11/19 01:29
I am a fitness trainer and I love to create before and after photo collages. I recommend all my customers to use it to motive themselves and track the progress visually. Best part of it is FREE.
The best collage maker <3
by AlexDosta on 2019/11/16 04:22
I create beautiful photo collages of my kids to share with other family members. You can find beautiful fonts in it to use them on your collages. It is so easy to use and free.
what else I can ask for!
by Neal Jensen Curas on 2019/11/21 15:06
I use this collage maker to create side by side photos of my friends/family to brighten up my day. Cute Collage does its job neatly without annoying ads.
10 stars easily
by Helaine Lindquist1313 on 2019/11/20 01:16
I was looking for an app to create quick side by side photos for free. I know I wanted too much but this app provide all I want at one place. This is incredible. You deserve 10 stars.
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