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Flirt Me: Fwb Hookup & Dating
Flirt Me - one of the best casual dating & hookup apps that makes it possible to meet mature adult friends near you. This dating site helps you to flirt or hook up with local sexy girls and established men faster due to nearness hence improving the time and effort involved in searching for dates. Get away from boredom with the interesting and charming people online. Search, flirt, chat and meet the mature people with the official flirt me app. Find the one night hookup, casual dating, new friendship or even lone term relationship you’ve been seeking for with exactly what you desired. What are you waiting for, join us now.  Warnings: 1. Although Flirt me app is a 18+ dating app, It’s not adult friend finder, please don’t upload any objectionable content such as pornography or profanity. 2. Flirt Fish is NOT a sugar daddy or sugar momma dating app. Any content about sugar daddy, sugar baby and sugar momma will be removed, your account will be blocked as well. Once installed, Flirt fish will allow you to:
 - Set up a profile for free.
- View thousands of hot singles photos.
 - Play "Ice Breaker" game to build connections with other users.
 - Start the chat with a premium membership (Reply to message for free).
 - Show your moment on "Spotlight" section.
 - Comment and respond on others' posts.
 - Check who are interested in you.
 And more....
 About the Subscriptions on Flirt fish: - If you choose to purchase a monthly, 3 months or 6 months VIP subscription you'll be able to initiate chat and check who’s liked you and who’s visited your profile without any limitations. - The prices may vary per country and are subject to change without notice. Prices are clearly displayed in the app. - All subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period without any limitations. - Auto-renewal can be canceled at any time by going to your iPhone settings after the purchase. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms of service:
 Our Privacy Policy:
 Our Terms of Service:
fantastic adult hookup app      
by chnhard CieR on 2020/10/28 20:12
The ice breakers are incredible, really helps adult singles start the snapchat with friends with benefits quickly.        
Need free HOOKUP features ‍  ​‌
by su ynn uwe on 2020/10/28 19:29
If flirt me app adds up more free features, the app will be better than the whatsyourprice, and uDates.        
Feel nice on flirt me app      
by GelnaMcFarl en on 2020/10/28 01:47
Amazing adult hookup and dating app with excellent features and friendly people, I found much happiness here. Thanks for flirt me app developers.   ‍ ​ 
perfect to meet me. ​  ​  
by E PRKIEINGSR SWHCAN on 2020/10/28 01:06
Everything goes well on flirt me app, I do not know whether the 18+ adult dating app would fit you, but for me , it is perfect to meet girls, sugar baby swingers.‌   ‍  
Meet me here.    ​​
by Dinay Vmahija on 2020/10/28 00:27
The flirt me app does a really better job on location search than most other 18+ adult dating apps, such as tantan, hud, meet me or even the snapfuc hookup apps.   ​ ​
Got excited with FLIRT ME‌      
by meamohamedkw.fse on 2020/10/27 23:41
I am thrilled with this adult hookup app, all features on flirt me are awesome and useful. Meet me now.       
I want to delete my profile
by Sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 2020/10/27 23:28
Why can’t I delete my profile
For mature singles 18+ dating​​ ​​​
by qdulaHAnnan Tarib on 2020/10/27 22:19
Seems the mature dating app becomes better and better after it updates day by day. Like an adult friend finder, a sexting snapchat dating app.        
Not bad dating site.​  ‍‌​‍
by SANDYGJIAN on 2020/10/27 21:35
Stunning hookup app I have used, way better than most of free dating apps for adults such as bustr, xwoo, whatsyourprice or even the plenty of fish. ​  ‍ 
Great place for hookup   ‍  
by T NANVY IZANTEN on 2020/10/27 20:53
No ads, no limits, onlyfans for real 18+ adult dating on flirt me app. ‌ ‍  
Meet me spot for adult hookup.‌    ‌ 
by Agsne Sin on 2020/10/27 20:12
Enjoying the time on this adult dating app, it really helps me meet and sexting chat with local girls for casual dating or long term relationships. ​   ‍  
like onlyfans       
by Ux_xo_shadowoxoxo on 2020/10/27 19:30
Liking onlyfans app, this adult hookup app, never be boring. You may have the sexy chat / sexting msg with a swinger, fet admires.‌    ​‌
Heplful sexy chat tools    ‍  
by Jeroo Algnho Sancsez on 2020/10/27 01:47
The search filters works effective on seeking adult dating or hookups. Helpful for established men who are interested in hooking up with sexy girls, sugar baby, or momma online.​    ‍ 
choose this flirt me app    ‌ 
by DMB.. SAAI on 2020/10/27 01:07
The best 18+ adult hookup app for now, more like tender meets app in hook up field.       
Wonderful hookup apps.      
by rTlelJa ifi on 2020/10/27 00:24
My life is totally changed with this adult dating app, it is really a wonderful conversation starter with sexy girls, sugar baby, momma or some swingers online.      ​ 
Meet my needs ​    
by Mihinder Siagh nhoDgrn on 2020/10/26 23:42
I get tons of sexting msg and it likes from nearby sexy girls, it means there are plenty of fish to hook up.  ​    ‌
plenty of fish on flirt me app  ‍   ‍
by ACoehk og on 2020/10/26 23:01
I admit that this adult hookup app is much more better than whatsyourprice, bustr, uDates and topface. ​    
it works on flirt me app       
by REBEASA ANRIN on 2020/10/26 22:18
Works smoothly on my device, have to say for adult dating, it works. Better chances than on onlyfans, adult friend finder or even the hinge: the dating app for relationship seekers!  ‍   
should have a try      
by TRORORAB RTHEVPE on 2020/10/26 20:52
The sugar momma dating app is definitely way better than most free dating apps for adults, even better than plenty of fish and hinge.   ​    
Happy to say hi.      
by BAEAETMN on 2020/10/26 19:29
I believe everyone can find sexy matches with the help of this adult dating app - flirt me ‍    
enjoyable mature dating app ‍   ‌
by jason rihndaret on 2020/10/26 01:47
The better adult dating app among all this kind of hookup apps I must say.      
Have uDates all the time      
by mmhoamad musallem on 2020/10/26 01:07
Just used this adult dating app for couple days and went to several good dates. As good as the free dating apps for adults pof, tagged and happn.  ‍   
interesting adult dating app    ​‍ 
by Annries vadeder Mrew on 2020/10/26 00:35
Online 18+ adult dating is a new experience for me, but seems it is interesting, better design than plenty of fish, flurv, backpage and bustr hookup apps.   ‌   ‍
Sweet flirt me app‍‍    
by NANHC EEG TTCK on 2020/10/25 23:42
Here you can date, meet, chat with sexy girls, way better than other adult hookup dating apps.​     
convenient app for mature singles   ​  
by E RNAMABAULDHI on 2020/10/25 22:58
Well-designed hookup app with very intuitive interface, the best one for seeking sugar baby, momma, onlyfans.     ​ ​
Actually flirt me works   ​   
by IC USTRICS AOS SADDE NV on 2020/10/25 22:18
Love the fact that we can send sexting messages each other without matching on snapchat dating app. The first step is find a match on this adult dating app, then go to snapfu-k app. it actually works.‌     ‍ 
Good work guys‌ ​   
by Me Eric srFhir on 2020/10/25 21:35
The adult friend finder style app keeps me up all night, and please keep up your good work, flirt fish Team. ‌    
professional platform for adult dating   ‍  
by lSryeg Kapean on 2020/10/25 20:53
Different from all free dating apps for adults I tried, the best hookup app works for established men and their sugar baby only. Not like on the onlyfans and whatsyourprice app.       
Good hookup app for short fling    ‌‌
by Stuve Hheg on 2020/10/25 20:12
Definitely I am not interested in LTR, and lucky the 18+ adult dating app just meets my needs, I can chat with sexy singles, meet girls, message the sexting things on snapchat.​ ‍‍   
Safe and pure hookup app  ‍ ‌​
by Mr.lrtoarnng KuRpiasoot on 2020/10/25 19:30
The threesome dating app is totally safe and pure, really makes my day. chat with sugar momma, baby, send sexting msg as a swingers.  ‍ ‍ ‍
Meet me on flirt fish app.       
by nanida jimshl on 2020/10/25 01:47
Nice user-friendly hookup app for seeking adult dating or hookup. ​ ‌    
Much popular than onlyfans     ​
by Wigl amiWlno on 2020/10/25 01:07
very convenient to get in touch with nearby sexy girls, the flirt me dating app becomes more and more popular now.     ‍ 
similar to adult friend finder and tinder ​‍   
by M.RLE OHECHOAN on 2020/10/25 00:24
Like adultfriendfinder plus tender meets, I get plenty of fish to hook up on this adult dating app.   ‍   
well-designed hookup application    ‌  
by BA SAN SHENINS on 2020/10/24 23:41
Very nice interface and nice concept, all attract as many sexy girls as possiable to join in this 18+ adult dating app. ​      
Chat with sexy girls​  ​  
by V J YAKUMARISHARMA on 2020/10/24 22:18
Flirt me Works smoothly, no fakes and scammers, just a pure adult hookup app for seeking friends with benefits, or sexting message exchange, or a relationship seekers.      
multiple adult dating site  ​   
by RYERTO COBAP on 2020/10/24 21:35
The best thing about this onlyfans style app is that I can find a sugar momma or just an exciting sexting msg exchange or date hookup. ​ ​  ‌ 
Good mature dating app     ‌
by M.IMsAN on 2020/10/24 20:53
A good set of search filters, easy to meet up and chat with nearby sexy girls for dating or hookup. ​‌‌  
The dating service works  ‌    
by M rtesSono on 2020/10/24 20:12
Step by step, swipe by swipe and I went to some good dates or hook ups on this adult friend finder alike dating site. ​      
Great app for hooking up ‍ ‍ ​ 
by MSIC KDY NUO on 2020/10/24 19:30
It feels so good to be a part of this 18+ adult dating app, where are plenty of fish to hook up.‌‌    
Great place for hookup‍  ‍  ‌
by GuaniPitk cr on 2020/10/24 01:47
This 18+ adult dating app seems to be all about searching, meeting and chatting with sexy adult singles around.      
classic app for adult dating    ‍  
by ZIpolAD on 2020/10/24 01:07
Great classic adult dating app, works smoother than whatsyourprice, onlyfans and other similar free dating apps for adults.     ​ 
gorgeous UI design  ‍    
by SERNAKIBYNA on 2020/10/24 00:24
Well-designed interface, much advanced and modern than most free dating apps for adults, even the plenty of fish and uDates.        
My favorite one for hookup ​ ‍ ‌
by beR ecaePcng on 2020/10/23 23:41
Definitely in my favorite hookup apps, this iFlirts app is the best on in adult dating field.  ​   
Offer what your want ‍​   
by Ma ynAnlrS. Si lada on 2020/10/23 22:58
Best adult dating app for meeting, chatting and hookup, no limits, all things work as good as tender, hinge and onlyfans.   ​ ​​ 
Nice concept  ​ ‍ 
by r ulaMePcer on 2020/10/23 22:18
The flirt dating only concept makes it the popular one among all usual dating apps, Much helpful on adult fling than adult friend finder, tantan and other sexting msg apps.  ​    ‌
Have more potentials on flirt me   ​  ‌
by RenatouBento aM donnet uJ on 2020/10/23 21:35
So exciting to get more potentials on this adult hookup dating app than all free dating apps for adults out there.     ​‌ 
looking for friends with benefits ‌ ‌‍‍‍
by k nitceran on 2020/10/23 20:52
It is not easy to find a sugar baby or momma on normal hookup apps, but on this flirt dating app that is easier, at least its much easier than whatsyourprice, plenty of fish, onlyfans or topface etc.   ‌  
worth your try       
by AndaersfSta fen on 2020/10/23 20:12
Every time the flirt me updates, I always find something new. This adult dating app is worth a try. ‍ ​‍   
by far the nice one‍ ‍    
by mayghni-eyadgra on 2020/10/23 19:29
The adult dating app does not require anything special, but always offers you someone special. So amazing hookup app so far.       
To devs: Good job       
by zht. D.i. SchnHrDler on 2020/10/23 01:47
Better settings on privacy protection than whatsyourprice, and onlyfans, or some free dating apps for adults.   ​  ‍
NO.1 dating app for adults  ​   
by CAARAMINE AEGNLH C.PEROS on 2020/10/23 01:08
With limitless searches and a lot of other features - this new dating app surpasses plenty of fish, tantan, hud and all free dating apps for adults and becomes the NO.1 adult hookup dating app.‍     ​
incredible for your date hookups    ‌ 
by nave aSDhdu on 2020/10/23 00:24
I feel awesome every time I get a hookup with a sexy girl nearby. The flirt me dating app is really more helpful for instant hookups than sexting online.   ‌  
EZ to date hookup ‌    
by MS.SL AS IUEN on 2020/10/22 23:41
Lovely fet dating app, you will never feeling lonely since there are plenty of fish in the dating pool, it's easy to meet girls, start the sexy chat with milfs adults singles.        
Things work well on flirt me      
by RAcardomi dala on 2020/10/22 23:01
Well-designed date hookup app, everything goes well here.​​ ‍ ‌‌ 
One of the nice choice‌   ‌​
by rFP r MortimeM on 2020/10/22 22:18
I am not sure this threesome alike app is good for everyone, but if you are seeking threesome dating, the app may be the nice choice.      
Flirt me - easy to use     ‌
by kw5oK26 on 2020/10/22 21:35
Well-designed hook up app for mature singles, the flirt chat dating app is simple and convenient to navigat.  ‍‍ ​ 
like the fling app.  ‌   
by CJohn The Aetdcdivi on 2020/10/22 20:53
Never feel lonely with this adult dating app, and never got the feeling on tagged, tantan and other free dating apps for adults.   ​ ‍  
amazing adult dating site     ​ 
by EegAino Sanchuz escencio on 2020/10/22 20:12
Found my sexy girl here, she is taller and bigger figure than me, love the bbw dating. ​​ ​‌
plenty of fishes on flirtme app.   ​   
by HOBLSJ S.LOSI on 2020/10/22 01:47
Plenty of fish to choose from this adult dating app, it means you will get plenty of chances to date or hook up with tons of sexy girls, babies, casual relationship seekers..     ‌  
Flirt me app works smoothly      ​
by R.Mmazna on 2020/10/22 01:06
Good spot to hook up with new people and make new friends with benefits, runs smoother over plenty of fish, sugardaddymeet, flurv dating app and all free dating apps for adults.    ‍ 
Another adult dating app​‍   ‍ 
by norda oasiJCvas on 2020/10/22 00:24
Seems nothing is about serious dating, just a flirt app for adult dating, I can show you more like this, iFlirts, whatsyourprice, tantan, udates and more.   ​  
Adult singles dating app ‍    
by otfaar deh on 2020/10/21 23:41
I prefer flirt me to meet me, plenty of fish and other similar dating apps, it is really a more morden app for adult singles, its well-designed and convenient to hook up with friends. ​    ​ 
You may like it!   ​   
by RLMOUO on 2020/10/21 22:18
Online dating apps is much more easier than traditional dating sites, since it is convenient and professional and special.   ​    
adultfriendfinder alike app     ‍
by LICIAN HEVG on 2020/10/21 21:36
Perfect adult dating app for single adults seeking flirts, sexting msg or onlyfans, as good as bustr / whatsyourprice or even the sugardaddymeet dating site.     ​ 
Way better than      
by ehel pon-c on 2020/10/21 20:53
This adult dating app makes me feel more confident, way much safer and comfortable than adult friend finder and       
Hhelpful sugar momma dating app  ​  ‌
by Synjaa Baid on 2020/10/21 20:12
The flirt me app changed my dating life totally. u Date hookup easily here.  ​‌  
Great plade for adult singles​   ​ 
by eGrygo on 2020/10/21 19:29
This mature dating app is perfect for adult singles looking for flirt, fling or friends with benefits, simple, convenient and fast to get sexy dates. ​‌     
Seems to be a scam
by mwarrior89 on 2020/10/21 17:30
I signed up to check this app out. Against my better judgement I paid the 1 month subscription. Within 10mins of browsing I was logged out at told my account had been suspended for “violating terms of service”. I sent an email to the contact address listed and have not received any reply. I wouldn’t advise this app, seemed to be riddled with bots and there’s no way to filter matches down to locals only. I would advise looking elsewhere if in the market for any kind of dating app.
It works good so far  ‌  ‌
by MIREMY M ECHL on 2020/10/21 11:56
Greatly developed app for singles seeking friends with benefits or adult fling, works good! one of the Great hookup apps       
plenty of fish / choose from     ‌ 
by G h KoangheLng on 2020/10/21 11:48
Trully happy to be in iFlirts app, since there are plenty of fish in the adult dating pool to choose from.      ‍
Cool snapchat dating site ‌    
by JBh nteroos on 2020/10/21 11:48
Great hookup app for meeting new people and finding your sexting mate, even sugar momma.      
Hookup starter here    ​ ​
by DaLid raepmvt on 2020/10/21 11:46
I enjoy using this date hookup app, really meet much more potentials, just sayhi to girls, sugar baby or snapchat friends with benefits. ‌ ‍   
Swingers app‌ ‌   
by bennnyil on 2020/10/21 11:46
The alright swinger app where I can find everything I need and even more, such as onlyfans stars, polyamorous dating, fling and so on.     ‌
For singles dating sexy girls      
by Adllberoo Gtnzaaze on 2020/10/21 11:46
Great dating site for adult singles meeting up dream girls or boys, this flirt me app actually works for me.      
The nice one of hookup apps.       
by aocEpur on 2020/10/21 11:46
Happy with the adult dating app flirt me, It is really the nice one among all paid or free dating apps for adults.   ‌   
hookup free on this site.      
by AUI -DD on 2020/10/21 11:46
Fantastic experience on this flirt chat app, much better than most free dating apps for adults, even the best hookup apps tinder adult friend finder etc...‌‍    
Plenty of fish alike app      
by Alaurr Ctodenar on 2020/10/21 11:46
Great hud for established men seeking sugar babies or milfs. Works more like pof.   ‍    
An app full of escorts and prostitution
by Rivikesojosh on 2020/10/18 18:18
I’ve messaged over a dozen women on this app and their response to my “wanna hook up” question has been “yeah, but I charge.”
Super cute app
by Dishon88990 on 2020/10/09 10:33
I love the starting of this app
   Adult hookup finder‏   
by Ce§line Moen on 2020/10/07 05:37
  ‍Have had several exciting hot hookups with some hot girls in my area, the fwb dating app really works for me, like the hot or not i used to.  ‌       
 ‌   Great pof dating app ‌    
by Karianへne Grant on 2020/10/07 05:34
  ‎ ‍Plenty of fish dating / who want to meet me / addme on flirt fish or plenty of fish dating.‏        ​    ‏ 
   ‌ ‌Better matches ‎  ‏ 
by Branson Frane∞cki on 2020/10/07 05:29
   ​‍ Finding better matches lovoo or You can actually chat with plenty of hot girls in your area for free! ​   ‍   
     Most for hookup & chat  ‎ ‌  ‏‍ ‌​‎  
by Antonette ;Parker on 2020/10/07 05:27
​‏   I like the good mature dating app but some people on the flirt fish app are not for serious relationships, just for hookups or naughy dating.  ​ ‌  ‏‏    ‏     
  ‌‎ The best one you can expect more ‍ ‏‎    ‎‍    ‏‌
by Ms. Meda M~itchell on 2020/10/07 05:25
     Didn't expect more about this fwb app, but it gives me more potential matches than plenty of fish, hily and any other free dating apps for adults.       ‏‏    ‎ ‍   
 ‎‌  ‎works as ashley madison ​  ‍‌‍      
by Hans♀ Kub on 2020/10/07 05:25
      The hinge alike app has been a great tool to meet and chat with nearby ladies. Easy for seeking affairs as ashley madison.          ‏    
 ‏  Nice dating site but need pay ‏​         
by Jayd-a Morar on 2020/10/07 05:23
 ‌ ‌Sucks, I can not see who liked me on the flirt fish dating app, just know more than 100 likes.‎ ‌‏‏ ‍ ‎
  ‏‎‍Coool so far‎  ​‍‌‎  
by Juven(al Lehner on 2020/10/07 05:23
‍    ‏This is a cool adult dating app from what I see so far, it definitely worth your time and money.  ‍‏‍ ​‎​ ‎‌ ‍ 
  ​ worth a spin  ‍‎ ‏
by Marti¯n Kris DVM on 2020/10/07 05:22
  ​‎ The flirt hookup dating app is very worthy for seeking casualx hookup or naughty dating.  ‍ ‌      ‌
 ‌  ‏Good milfs / older women dating app​   ​​     ‌     ‌
by ◇Ethan Gottlieb on 2020/10/07 05:21
 ‎   Very good app for younger men seeking sugar momma or The established men finding sugar baby.‏ ​  ‌​​   ‍‌‍
​‏  ‎Better than adult friend finder​  ‌  ‎  ‌
by Ev▲e Lind on 2020/10/07 05:21
​   Awesome hinge dating app that we can not ask more about it.  ‌  ‍‌   ‍  ‏   
  ‍ ​ Meet and date sugar baby / momma     ‍ ​    ‎ ​   
by ﹌Ryleigh Bins on 2020/10/07 05:17
   ‎  So enjoyable free adult hookup app, super easy to get date or hookup with sexy hot girls, mature women.        ‎  
   ‎ responsive cougar dating site ‌‏‏   
by Cl♀eta Thompson on 2020/10/06 03:27
     ‎Much responsive mature dating app. It's not like hinge where everything is based on looks, or hily where they make it too complicated to even start a conversation. ‏​‏    ‌
 ‏  good dating site free to chat     ‏ ‌  ‏ ​
by Jへarod Buckridge on 2020/10/06 03:27
     Great dating site for the most part. Plenty of fish to hook up with on this free dating app.           
   ‍ Need free version‍‎‍   
by Aron !Rice on 2020/10/06 03:27
     The only bad thing with this flirt fish app is that I can not message back when so many hot girls sent likes to me. I am not interested in meeting sugar baby, I like sugar momma dating. ‌ ‏  ‏ 
​‎‌ ‌Like the zoosk and okcupid‌        ‎
by Estelle F<adel DDS on 2020/10/06 03:27
   ‎  Best way of explore quick hookup with mature women nearby, the right adult dating app I am sure to keep up. ‎‍  ‏  ​  ​  ‍
    For real mature dating ‍  ‎ ‎  
by Arthur﹌ Koch on 2020/10/06 03:26
   ‍  I consider this mature hookup app is the best dating site you can meet real hot girls in your area rather than scammers and fakes.      ‍​​    
  ‍‌  Flirt me app works perfectly‎ ‏  ‍   ‎  ‏
by Eldred He♂gmann on 2020/10/06 03:26
  ‌‎‍Great adult hookup app with great features and tons of users. All things make adult hookup easier here. ‎      ‍   ‏  ‌​
    Great pof dating app  ‍​  
by Roωbbie Hand on 2020/10/06 03:26
‍ ‍  Just wish that the plenty of fish dating style app gives me plenty of potentials to flirt / meet and chat with.  ‍‏ ​    ‍ ‍ 
     Highly recommend‍  ‌  
by Diego Bartel0l on 2020/10/06 03:25
      The best older women dating app I highly recommend to those younger guys who are seeking older women for dating or hookups.      ‏   ‎  
Thanks for creating such hookup apps ‍​    
by Dnwsh ihaAan on 2020/07/21 23:09
Good adult dating app, I like the &#34;break ice&#34; feature. FWB dating is a fun way to be presented with sexy girls, hot guys looking for the same thing (friends, relationships, hookups etc). It would be great to see additional features, and maybe even more filtering options for searching sugar babies, local girls, aged men or women (above and beyond relationship types).Love this app compared to other fwb hookup apps because there are basically an unlimited number of girls to talk to. Although, the &#34;you can&#39;t go back in conversations&#34; thing is annoying as hell. Sometimes I forget who I am talking to because they choose not to post a profile picture. Not my fault I&#39;m too sexy. Overall, this is a good hookup application. Like all things that are new, there are some glitches. The two things I notice most are the lack of &#34;normal&#34; keying abilities of flirtme and the lag in update time on local/nea​     
its nice dating site    ​  
by keofqwhas on 2020/08/14 23:37
Wow I love the profiles in this free dating sites / app. Definitely worth down loading and using unlike other apps such as tinder, bumble or meet me apps.. The only thing I noticed is that most people don&#39;t match with you or hit u up which makes me wonder how old are these profiles and how in use the users are. It just seems like most people are not that active on ththis free dating site based on the level of response I get and the matches, which is barely any. But finally a decent casualx dating app with decent and good looking people.  ​   
Great concept - fluv me app.  ‌   
by vv张宁楚 on 2020/08/14 10:09
Great concept and well designed fwb hookup apps, and was enjoying it, except that it sometimes doesn&#39;t show you have messages, or messages the other person sent you shows up days after they sent them back logged in the conversation string! What&#39;s the point of a adult dating app when you can&#39;t get to the date part; that&#39;s just a cruel app.  ​   
Should be zero stars!
by mmmmmmccccckkkkkk202020 on 2020/01/09 16:07
This service is a waste of time and money. After only being on their service a few hours and LITERALLY DOING NOTHING WRONG, they logged me out and suspended my account saying I violated terms of the service agreement. Which I didn’t. NOT EVEN CLOSE! But even before that these creeps after advertising a totally free service, turn around and make you subscribe for at least $20 a month if you want to use the site for what its purpose is. You can’t read messages from other people or anything else other than look and see who’s on the site. And this site is loaded with scammers. LOADED the majority of the supposed women users are fake or prostitutes. Period.
The Better Dating Site
by Oldrich McClary on 2020/06/14 10:22
Tinder has, unlike any other site, brought me more happiness in not being bombarded with chat requests and empty shallow wants from people. Instead I have found users here to be, on the whole, genuine, honest and can reply with paragraphs and sentences. Not monotone chats. I give 5 Stars to this site Tinder, as it has and is to me, a more kind, intelligent, expansive site to cater for all walks of life. Michael
Learn something from tinder or bumble  ‍   ​
by edeprka on 2020/07/16 21:14
I think a new feature should be applied to flirt me app. When there&#39;s a match, both sides should be able to start the conversation for free. I&#39;ve been using this for about a week and a bit. I am annoyed of having to be the one to start the conversation every time. Learn it from tinder or bumble please!        
Still the best hookup apps
by Tarmara Avramovitz on 2020/05/17 14:05
Actually, I haven&#39;t been on this adult dating app for several weeks. The moment when I logged back, I was quite surprised, everything was saved perfectly under my account. And no to mention, so many flirt in my inbox that would probably keep me busy for a while.
Better than endless swippung on some free hookup apps​     
by MADI .HAL MADI on 2020/08/14 19:29
My journey was started on this date app with very normal pace but luckily I got my partner on this hookup app we talked for some days than dated for somedays and than finally decided to be each other for company and am happy to say that finaly am getting to my partner whom I met on this flirt me app. ​ ​‌ 
Not as good as plenty of fish. ​    
by AQSMHFA. on 2020/08/14 10:09
I hate that plenty of people have one photo on the profile. many out of state matches, I saw sugar daddy, sugar baby and some older guys looking for fun, not for my interests. I also get plenty of people from states very far away. I havent had much luck. the free daily matches is ridiculous! ​ ​  
Relax and laid back
by Letonya Chatt on 2020/02/25 13:50
The biggest advantage of online dating is that you don&#39;t need to go outside and spent much time and money for meaningless chats that ends no where. Joining Flirt fish app was the most correct decision that I&#39;ve ever made. Keep sending flirt and leave all the rest to the app, and it works very well just like the tinder, pure, casualx apps.
Immediate connections for me
by Serj Curness on 2020/05/11 13:13
Truth being told, I have neve thought that I could have established connection with others so fast and esay, and it&#39;s with totoally strangers out there…like one day before, our pathes have never crossed, and the next day, Bam! We are chatting and sending flirt with each other! Incredible app!
No forcing to pay
by Janazia Duignan on 2020/02/18 11:02
You can join to use the site without constatly pushing for buying membership, which could be quite annoying. Which is to say, you can achieve your initial goal with all basic funtions, getting dates, finding one night friend. And so on.
Free dating apps for adults...  ​   
by mdesi5F83 on 2020/08/21 02:04
Great tinder alike hookup app. Easy to use... a multitude of different people to cipher through, depending on what you&#39;re looking for, casualx dating, adults hookup or pure fwb relationships, it&#39;s the right dating site for you. Love the fact that even with sending a &#34;flirt,&#34; you can send a little message with it!!   ‌  ‍
Needs a bit more of improvements.   ‌‍  
by souoey dnurii on 2020/07/19 22:59
flirt fish is a good hookup app that just needs a bit of work. There are some fake users on here. Normally admins removed thoese users soon but it could be better if your system automatically block the fakes. It&#39;s my advice. ​      
Seems to be a scam
by mwarrior89 on 2020/10/21 17:30
I signed up to check this app out. Against my better judgement I paid the 1 month subscription. Within 10mins of browsing I was logged out at told my account had been suspended for “violating terms of service”. I sent an email to the contact address listed and have not received any reply. I wouldn’t advise this app, seemed to be riddled with bots and there’s no way to filter matches down to locals only. I would advise looking elsewhere if in the market for any kind of dating app.
Win free trail
by Nuh Putley on 2020/05/17 10:10
All is good and just want to ask if you provides others ways to let users win more shots of flirt, like coupon or reward programme or something like these! I am using the league and famers only as well, they have better solutions.
Great product
by Kateleen Frayne on 2019/10/01 13:10
Great flirt app for seeking hookups! Free to use, Upgrade available but not necessary. More and more people arriving daily. App developer upgrades and cures bugs frequently! Location finder is pretty close too. Maybe the dev&#39;s could add additional tools or add-on&#39;s to retain idol users waiting on chats. Otherwise, AAA+
  ‍better than the rest dating apps‏‎‎
by You Sayd on 2020/09/18 03:11
  I&#39;ve been on some paid or free dating apps for adults at one time or another, searching for one that actually works, and now I am sure this cougar dating app works better than the rest.‍‍ 
Awsum tinder style dating site ‍  ‍  
by nJao yRn on 2020/08/19 09:07
It&#39;s an casual dating app that definitely lives up to it&#39;s potential. I give it 5 stars because unfortunately for me, I cannot see who likes me with a free membership, I just have to be lucky that I like them back when I&#39;m searhing.   ​ ‌  
Surprising dating site
by Annalyce Aimson on 2020/06/01 13:14
You have better layout and so much more real users, and that actually surprised me a bit. And now you get to know all people flirting and chatting with you behind a screen are real and no fake, just for adults
Personal perferences
by Letonia Padbury on 2020/05/25 14:29
Use some wisdom and techniques when editing your person profile and putting down what you love the most, because later on the app will give you hookups based on your personal perferences.
Thanks but I will delete
by Aryana Chattington on 2020/04/05 09:51
It&#39;s alright it&#39;s a dating app and I know I&#39;m not the only one who struggles of using dating all the fake girls out there or the girls that find out what your look like in real life and actually don&#39;t want to date, few sugar daddy or baby here, will remove my acc.
need a better profile
by Ingram Piquard on 2019/12/30 15:35
Something thing wrong with my profile or what? Not receiving too many flirts back till now, but I won&#39;t give up trying easily. I will start with an improved profile.
Its a fine dating site‍ ‍‌​  
by CHRNDRESN HISAA on 2020/08/16 06:42
Good and bad everywhere on such adult hookup apps. You have to sort between the real people on this dating site and the scam profiles which is unfortunate. Wish they could modify that better. But all in all its not a bad dating site.    ‌ 
Tinder + plenty of fish  ‍‌‌​
by IHAAAT SRBASTYA on 2020/08/16 06:41
The problem is not with the flirt fish app. Most of the adults here dont want anything, not even talk. Don&#39;t think about the statistics, because its total destruction. But sometimes you can have a friendly chat with someone for free.      
No matches found
by Larome Jephson on 2020/06/29 10:18
Great free dating site / app, easy to use however.... There are some bugs with the flirt system, and if you don&#39;t pay you won&#39;t be seen much (for men) so you have to be active and use a boost ones in a while.
Less limitations
by Dazzlyn Kid on 2020/06/05 14:48
Free account is fine as a matter of fact while after being upgraded your chances will be greatly enhanced and limitation to those more fun features will be gone, like endless flirt and chats ect. Enjoyable and great free dating apps for adults.
The best hookup app ever
by Kaion Bess on 2020/05/24 10:11
If you ever have had terrible experience in terms of signning up, latency and constant bugs, you will value what you have on your cell phone right now-the Flirt fish app engineers are awesome, they&#39;ve made my past experience be an ancient memory.
The fwb hookup app is great.     ‌
by tuJsHnTi*a on 2020/07/24 01:47
Just one thing. Is there any way you can make it so that we can know if our message was read or not? Just a tiny indication that the recipient of the message received and read our messages. Thank you. ‍    
being honest
by Khaleedah Burling on 2019/12/21 11:41
Although people may have different background and marital status here, at least eveyone seems to be upright and honest about themselves. It beats all those sugar baby and Tinder apps where you can not shake off all fake flirts and even scams.
Free to set up acc
by Shikeyla Schade on 2020/06/01 11:39
I like the fact that you have to upload your photo to get pass for a profile setup, so that you can guarantee only real people with true intention are flirting with you whatsoever! You can now say byebye to the fakes on some popular dating sites like plenty of fish, yubo, tinder or the league, farmers only app.
Great hookup app for meet new people‍     
by esaiQr on 2020/07/20 00:02
Flirt fish is great, I like all the information you can put in and how well organized it all is. The only thing bothering me is the subscription to see who viewed and liked you. That&#39;s really annoying.  ‌     
Real date hookup app
by Kerl Cuffley on 2020/05/25 11:04
All adult dating apps are just tools that help you get matches easily, but it&#39;s you that who will determine finally who will become your real dates via flirt and chats on the internet. Tinder and bumble are great apps, flirt fish is the newest one, also good.
Fewer but higher quality
by Tyvaeh Le Land on 2020/05/17 14:17
Bitter truth is that much few users online if you compare it together with Tinder or casualx, while the profile quality here is obviously higher, and that may sooth you a little bit.
Full star rating
by 慕牵迮边城 on 2020/02/13 12:51
Whnever you have people click on checking your profile, it&#39;s always a good time to send them flirt to show you are interested as well. And it actually worked wonderfully for me.
Don’t delete my profile again‌      
by arirka mim on 2020/07/20 00:45
It&#39;s good dating site really. The only thing I’m not satisfied is that they removed my account for no reason, again! The new account is completed, please don&#39;t remove it. Thanks.    ‌‍  
Free the Premium
by Darrius Copin on 2020/01/16 00:23
I have been using the service for while, it is good and convenient to flirt with one night friend, but it could be better if you guys can free all the limits and let us have more adult hookup fun like adult friend finder or sugar daddy meet offered to their users..
use occasionally
by Doncella Frawley on 2020/01/08 01:10
I have downloaded the app for some time, but not been using it that much..and I logged back in today and to my surprise, so many people have sent flirts to me. Now that just made my day!
I really like this app ‌ ​  
by NUBHK BHB on 2020/08/20 21:33
I can&#39;t believe that there are some things that work out on dating sites like this one, these hookup apps like tinder, pure, plenty of fish offer you much chances to meet up with sexy women even sugar baby if you are richh enough!   ‌  
Very good dating application      ‍
by JymiH muang on 2020/07/28 22:18
Best way to meet new people and even some people who you might have lost touch with an it&#39;s really free not like POF way better than any of the other hookup apps out there 💯💯💯 thank you highly recommend    ‌   
Not so pricey
by Camrion Rodenburg on 2020/05/23 10:15
This dating app is clearly on the rise for member base accumulation and that&#39;s why it&#39;s comparatively cheap compared with others like Tinder, pof and bumble I used before. And it may increase the fee later on if it gets more popular, similar action like the league.
Free features
by Ellaine Fields on 2020/01/03 23:15
You have some really cool free dating features, like you can send and receive flirts without paying a penny while other apps simply lock them up, plenty of fish, tinder, hud, casualx, adult friend finder need a expensive membership to send your msg.
It's worths!  ‌​  
by B irhshnaiaK on 2020/07/18 20:13
A little clunky in some pages. But worth it if you put the effort in on your profile. An Ooops option would be good when you liked the wrong user. Only needs to go back one profile.  ‍    
Found the one baby
by Rhoena Presnail on 2020/06/17 12:22
Can’t believe I’m writing this but I think I may have found the one girl I’m looking for! Who would have knew hey...well anyway we would love if you could gift us a holiday to butlins for our first date!
Want more free functions
by Verlena Crolly on 2020/06/04 13:35
Pretty much an open platform and easy to use to get flirt and connected with people. Unless you want much more you need to spend a little fee credits, plenty of fish for you hooking up.
Awesome everything
by Kycen Jacobowicz on 2020/05/23 10:15
Way too easy to find yourself a match within limited time requirements which is wonderful, works better than plenty of fish and farmers only app for me. Awesome functions like flirt and fwb hookup and others!
First date
by Thelmer Ruoff on 2020/05/16 11:50
My first date from this dating app was last month after many rounds of flirt and online chats, then we finally decided to meet each other in a local café, and we had a nice converstaion.
Keep it up!
by Jalik Rendall on 2020/03/08 15:25
I have been on free trail for few days and feel so great about your service that definitely worths 5 stars above, and you can actually flirt with real people which is almost impossilbe on other adult hookup apps.
App is very slowe..
by Khadijha Kimbury on 2020/06/21 12:35
Has a few women on here who are looking to take money from people by giving them these big stories and then never following through, I not like the sugar baby and friends with benefits.
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