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tv mexico EPG
Here is your free Mexico TV guide! You wont have to zap anymore with this smart and simple electronic program guide. • 5 Days TV Guide with Spanish synopsis • 100+ mexico tv channels including Las Estrellas, Canal 5, Azteca 7, Azteca 13, Foro, Gala • See what is being broadcast now on a single page and decide what to watch at On Air mode • Click on notification icon and get notified just before the TV show you want to watch, you will never miss anything! • Search easy and fast! • See all channels in same screen for current or for particular time of the day at Time Table mode • Easy navigation between channels and programs, just slide on detail mode to see whats next • Share all details of the program by single click, no need screenshot or copy paste! • Find out everything about the program on embedded browser without leaving the app by clicking on quick links. ## You cannot watch live TV or streaming within this application ##