Uprising: Premium Action Game

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uprising: Premium Action Game
Rise of Colonies: uprising is a shooter that makes you find yourself in dangerous cyberpunk future. Fight against a crazy army of implanted people as a lone survivor and compete for the highest score with other players. The world’s gone dark, and now it’s your turn to become a real hero! This premium version of the game includes full game experience without In-App Purchases and without any advertising. UPGRADE YOUR CHARACTER WITH POWERFUL WEAPONS Have always dreamed to feel like a hero? One of the most addictive shooting games uprising allows you to use variety weapon against the creations of the apocalypse. You’re the only one who can save the world by shooting monsters so take out your gun and attack! Become the most powerful survivor! DIVE INTO A POST-APOCALYPTIC CYBERPUNK ATMOSPHERE This cyberpunk atmosphere will just blow your mind with its magnificent style and exciting story of the post-apocalyptic world. What difficulties are waiting for you? FIGHT EPIC BOSS BATTLES Are you sure you can save yourself from unpredictable abilities of the strongest bosses? Go ahead, give’em hell! EARN EVERYDAY REWARDS TO UPGRADE THE GAMEPLAY Ever wanted to upgrade your gaming experience? With everyday rewards, you’ll never get tired of this 3rd person shooter. Check out what we’ve prepared to protect yourself. BECOME THE #1 SURVIVOR Let the players know about your achievements. Try to get a higher score than your friend and be the first in the list of our brave heroes. BE READY FOR AN ENGAGING STORY In such difficult times, Jack hasn’t lost his sense of humor… Wait, who’s Jack?... DOWNLOAD THE GAME NOW! FOLLOW US: