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DraftKings Casino
Your favorite casino games are here. All at your fingertips. With DraftKings Casino app, you can play slots, blackjack, roulette, and live-dealer games whenever you want. Take a spin around the DraftKings Casino app and get closer to the games you love. Join DraftKings Casino for free and win real cash prizes. With more and more games added regularly, DraftKings Casino is changing the game. New ways to play. Customized table felts. Exclusive slots and blackjack games you can’t find anywhere else. Since we’re using the same advanced technology as our industry-leading sportsbook and daily fantasy sports product, you can play with confidence knowing everything is safe and secure. Getting started is simple: 1) Download the app and create a free account 2) Find your favorite casino games 3) Start playing! Bets with DraftKings Casino are not affiliated with or provided by Apple. DraftKings is a US company with headquarters in Boston, MA. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800 GAMBLER. 21+. NJ, CT, PA, WV, and MI only. Eligibility Restrictions Apply. DraftKings is licensed in the State of Connecticut - License OGO.000003 *A patron’s first deposit on DraftKings Casino only (min. $5) made between 10/1/21 – 12/31/21 qualifies the patron to receive up to $2,000 in bonus funds that can only be used on DraftKings Casino. Bonus amount is equal to that of the first deposit amount, not to exceed $2,000 (the patron must deposit $2,000 to be eligible to receive the maximum possible bonus amount of $2,000). Bonus funds will be applied automatically to patron’s account following their first deposit. Original deposit amount plus the bonus amount are subject to a 10x play-through requirement. All casino games eligible at different contribution rate (e.g., a $2,000 deposit requires a customer to play through a minimum of $40,000 to maximum of $400,000 based on the casino products played to release any winnings and bonus credits. A $10 bet will contribute towards the wager requirement at the following contribution rates: $10 at 100% on Most Slots, Keno, Rocket and Virtual Sports, $2 at 20% on Blackjack, Other Table Games and Select Slots, $1 at 10% on Live Dealer Games, Video Poker, Baccarat and Roulette, and 0% on Craps and other Variety Games. If the play-through requirement has not been met within 30 days, any winnings, bonus funds and wagered portion of the original deposit will expire and be forfeited. Limit one (1) deposit bonus per patron. If a patron has previously made a deposit on DraftKings Casino, Sportsbook, or DFS, they are ineligible. Free credits: $25 awarded upon registration; up to $25 awarded contingent upon deposit amount. Global free credits eligible on select games and can only be used on DraftKings and expire on 1/7/22. Opt-in required. 21+. Offers expire 12/31/21 at 11:59pm.
Great app
by OfficerDoofy on 2021/10/24 07:59
Casino app has gotten better. Feels like slots actually pay more in line with its competitors now… thank god!
by tn bous on 2021/10/24 05:06
Enjoying it
by Poolman5050 on 2021/10/24 01:27
Fun and fast play
It’s okay
by Rarity215 on 2021/10/23 03:59
I was so happy to see some of my favorite casino games; however, it looks like there are some glitches where the sounds stop playing or when it has an error message. Also, it logs me off. I worked so hard to put money into the pot, where there is no bonuses at all. This is ridiculous. I rather travel to the casino where I can enjoy having cocktails and hearing the sounds of the machines. It’s such a rip off how it makes me so frustrated when it glitches.
Exciting. Sports Book is nice too. Should be fun.
by DDOCHHHH on 2021/10/23 00:33
Gamble responsibly, this game isn’t here to give free money. CANT WAIT FOR ONLINE POKER TO LAUNCH !
by ASAP SAV on 2021/10/22 01:30
Great app lots of fun, little to no bugs I haven’t experienced any yet, very fair gambling too.
Awesome app
by jmmst19 on 2021/10/22 00:27
Great games and live capability!
Games keep crashing.
by syclonekid43 on 2021/10/21 06:07
App needs some improvement. I’m spending more time restarting the app than anything, but it is fun when it does work.
Fed up Pots won’t shut no chance at jackpot like game claim
by old lady 9 on 2021/10/21 01:19
The games name are 5-treasures,88 fortune and dancing drum all of them keeps me from entering the jackpots by never shutting some times just stuck for 1,to3 days not fair n games all of them claim err so I only can play them certain ones signed fed up with full pot that only gets fuller n never shuts!!!
Love it
by papaburgundy22 on 2021/10/20 23:58
Best sports app
Entertaining and safe
by Coolest app user on 2021/10/19 16:05
Great games and always new types
One of the best
by GFU JPF on 2021/10/19 13:56
Great app for betting or casino games the best
Fun to play
by TrillRates on 2021/10/18 19:58
Very fun to play an win big love it!
Great app BUT….
by Zlove304 on 2021/10/18 10:37
I live this app I recommend it to all my Friends. But the app on my iPhone is missing a lot of the games that are on the website that’s the only downside it may be where I live in WV. I ALSO CANNOT PLAYN WITH A LIVE DEALER BECAUSE OF MY STATE. I search for that answer for two days. Would be nice if they told us ranting front or even publish something about before I wasted so much time researching it
Awesome Game
by fxybrwn52 on 2021/10/18 01:21
If your going to play a casino game Draft Kings is it. It is one of the best casinos I’ve ever played online and not only that you actually win.
Bad decision
by (!)AdamK(!) on 2021/10/17 20:15
App gives multiple errors. More than half the games won’t load. Android tablet reflects over 200 slots while my iOS reflects 165. Game, when loaded, will often times give error and take money; never showing outcome. As a consumer I’m deeply troubled. As a shareholder I’m deeply concerned.
Best casino
by makin bread tom on 2021/10/17 18:51
This casino performs way better than the competition. Great promos too!
The best yet
by Loco 21222 on 2021/10/17 02:04
Win big every time
by mcdem123 on 2021/10/15 02:54
Love this site!
by mo1713 on 2021/10/14 23:33
Great app
Love it
by deadave on 2021/10/13 23:20
Love it
by calebdubbbbz on 2021/10/13 17:13
Great app
by mir265 on 2021/10/13 14:22
Love this appp
Love it
by Jcruc47 on 2021/10/13 06:49
Great layout
Love it
by emily25252525 on 2021/10/12 17:36
App is great
Fun and easy
by nugs2332 on 2021/10/12 11:35
Great for break time at work
Fun Online casino Sportsbook
by 631593463148 on 2021/10/11 23:12
I really enjoy the DraftKings App for slot play and sports betting!
by z xfj on 2021/10/11 18:37
Awesome slots
by stinny425 on 2021/10/10 18:03
i enjoy this app a lot
by joyrdkane on 2021/10/10 17:35
Love you
Daily bonuses
by dmac2005 on 2021/10/10 16:43
Only thing draftkings is missing if daily bonuses like mgm! Mgm gives you a Chance to win money daily without any deposits needed!!
App is sleek but the algorithm isn’t.
by tbone pickems on 2021/10/09 05:27
If you want to lose money fast play blackjack. The standard game play black jack rules don’t apply here at all. I’ve never seen so many “bad beats” in such a short amount of time. Dealer shows a 6? You have a 18 - what do you do? In this app it doesn’t matter because the dealer will find a way to get to 20 or 21 every time!! BRUTAL!!
by Carebear_1996 on 2021/10/08 23:28
I really like this app this site is the best it’s like being at the casino. Only right in your own home
Low pay out
by Dsatt18 on 2021/10/08 22:06
You will put more money In then what it pays out. Pay outs are absolutely horrible.
by Planeguap on 2021/10/08 19:02
It good use it
by pook212 on 2021/10/08 15:42
Great I love it I just can’t get my $20 back that I put in and it never showed up and I can’t contact live help how I use to be able too.
Great bets
by 3halil on 2021/10/08 06:38
Good for beginners
by daddybody on 2021/10/08 03:09
Fun games with easy play
by chill chill dog on 2021/10/08 03:02
DraftKings sportsbook and casino is the best in the game! 5 star experience here all the time!! Great service and fun games!! Great all around
by frantsnk on 2021/10/08 01:28
I am very satisfied with DraftKings casino and sports app
by Shadway5100 on 2021/10/07 18:39
I love it! it play safe and fun thanks
by Beaudiggz on 2021/10/07 01:48
The best
by just gg36 on 2021/10/06 23:14
Draftkings is better then all these other apps they payout faster Great promotions n free credit n bets I only play on Draftkings
Casino and sports book
by papigringo609 on 2021/10/06 14:50
I truly enjoy draft kings . I feel it’s one of the easiest apps for gambling to operate and best offers . Since the sgp has happened i rarely use another gambling app . Keep up the good work
by ALWAYS ANTHONY on 2021/10/06 06:28
Love it
by judge none on 2021/10/05 15:40
Like the app but am still upset that I never received a deposit bonus and my emails have been ignored.
by MrVasquez2019 on 2021/10/05 11:59
Love this app. I hit 750 on soccer my first day playing. It was definitely luck. The only thing I noticed is when I play the slots. Some of the games be cheating. You’ll have 2 of the same and when it gets to the next rows it slows down or skips. That’s how’s I know they control it. Also better promotions like bet mgm does. They appreciate there players with free stuff more often they Draft King.But other than that I love the app.
by kojothor7914 on 2021/10/04 09:10
Love the app and the games but just wish the payout was quicker
by 6TT3 on 2021/10/04 02:46
Real money fair play fun action
by olives bagels on 2021/10/03 18:12
Love the casino!!!
Doesn’t even pretend to let you win
by rabidrabbit369 on 2021/10/02 19:50
I have to give it to Draft Kings. Most casino apps use their bonus to trap people in and win money it will take forever to get back and maybe, just maybe, get a piece of it before you never win again. Draft Kings just takes it from the moment go, so snaps to them. I’ll never bet on this again, that’s for sure.
by Vcddjkb on 2021/10/02 19:09
Works great. Easy to win.
by MasDogg101 on 2021/10/02 03:30
I really enjoy playing on this app and I believe it’s pretty fair as well
The Best Across The Board on Every Level
by Casey’s Subscriptions on 2021/10/01 23:51
The title says it all: FAIR PLAY, QUICK PAYOUTS, PHENOMENAL CUSTOMER SERVICE, and COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY. Obviously, it’s strictly my opinion, but why anyone would use any Service other than DraftKings is beyond me. DraftKings has the BEST FANTASY PLAY, the BEST SPORTSBOOK, and the BEST CASINO. Hands Down, DraftKings is the BEST. Once all the dust settles, I truly believe it will be DraftKings at the Top of The Mountain—and then there will be everyone else. Fantastic Job DraftKings!!! PLEASE continue to keep it up!! That said, I’m confident you guys most definitely will do exactly that…..
by glotti9_pewpewpew on 2021/10/01 21:57
Great way to hustle and an even better way to flow!
by Jrdoublebacon on 2021/10/01 09:19
Love it!
by Kake555 on 2021/10/01 08:28
Great online casino site
by JonnyT2121 on 2021/10/01 01:48
Amazing service
by GEO810 on 2021/10/01 00:07
by iqbanki on 2021/09/30 22:00
I like it n stuff
by tsands97 on 2021/09/30 19:40
Can’t tell you how many times I’ve played Blackjack and the dealer always magically gets 21 when I stand at a 20 or a 20 when I stand at 19. I always go bust whenever I hit on 15 or 16 as I always end up getting 10 when I hit. They only let you win every now and then so you keep coming back and blowing your money. Don’t waste your time
by jack 4435 on 2021/09/30 19:24
More free play
by coolkernxncn on 2021/09/30 12:26
I place a lot of wagers and never get any free play I’m really disappointed in this app lately
Great casino
by Emilysunn on 2021/09/30 07:11
I’ve done really good on DraftKings compared to some of the other casino apps and they have a pretty good variety of games to play..
Great app and great customer service
by Golf is so fun on 2021/09/30 03:39
Platform is awesome. Customer service has been available and helpful whenever I've had an issue!
by Chavezdghj on 2021/09/30 02:02
Awesome gaming.
Great fun
by headstrong76 on 2021/09/30 00:58
I love being able to use the money from my fansty to play on slots, great concept
by Prico08 on 2021/09/30 00:50
Great site to play on.
Best promos
by Lunabelle22 on 2021/09/30 00:41
This is my favorite casino app. They always have great promos!
Great App
by anon0077 on 2021/09/29 23:43
Works well
by bpb4 on 2021/09/29 22:52
Thank you for getting issues fixed in a quick manner !!!! Your my hero !!!
Truly the King!
by joekwi on 2021/09/29 19:38
DK is the King! Best betting site hands down. I’ve tried several other gambling apps, no comparison.
by mommyhaugen on 2021/09/29 04:56
Fun games- lots of ways to earn money on fun bonus games daily.
Great time
by Surrender Elcheck on 2021/09/28 23:29
Fun and easy games with great bet’s and easy deposit/withdrawal
by kelgibsn on 2021/09/28 15:56
by Rachele$ on 2021/09/28 13:50
I like DraftKings because it’s a real casino atmosphere and like other websites, you can actually win. This is my favorite one
Mr T
by brebonto on 2021/09/28 01:35
DraftKings casino is awesome!!
Win some loose some
by Trina697 on 2021/09/27 22:53
For the most part, been pretty lucky playing draft kings. Good variety of games and quick to fix errors.
Game freezes
by pretty gurk on 2021/09/27 16:26
Yes I’m enjoying DraftKing. I only have one disadvantage. The slots comes up error on almost all of your games. I would playing all of them but unfortunately I can’t.
So hooked
by Sassyb81 on 2021/09/27 13:47
Absolutely love DraftKings, I’ve won the most with this Casino so far 🤑
Very happy
by zultous on 2021/09/27 04:30
Site is easy to use and efficient
by CodyTanner93 on 2021/09/27 00:33
I’ve actually won a good bit of money playing
Don’t play blackjack
by sirhc2486 on 2021/09/27 00:01
Site is extremely rigged. Not even close to being fairly run. But they’ll say it’s closely monitored by regulators.
Probably the best app yo profit from
by lebriel on 2021/09/26 08:20
I played on Betmgn, Fanduel and my odds were horrible i joined DK Casino and i regained my losses and gotten a gain some Ws
by kingape123 on 2021/09/26 03:26
I downloaded this a few weeks ago and just stay winning better the AC any day
A lot of fun
by JakeRei on 2021/09/26 00:46
The games are easy to learn and play. The bonuses and promos keep it interesting
by wescar7 on 2021/09/25 21:15
It seems like sometimes someone is messing with the games making them spin faster and not stopping when they should
by Ambbol on 2021/09/25 12:29
Great promos and withdrawal time is quick!
by Orelly100 on 2021/09/25 03:00
Good Jawn
by driver1760 on 2021/09/24 22:17
I usually play with Phet Rivers but I thought I’d give this a try, hopefully you introduced more games
TOTAL SCAM!!! Taking your money
by wghtcg on 2021/09/24 18:40
I play blackjack, started out good won here and there then I couldn’t even win a hand. Dealer always had 20 or 21. Dealer would never bust, didn’t matter if they had a 4,5, or 6 because to them there is no such thing as a bust card.
So much fun
by kertlaa on 2021/09/23 03:59
Awesome seriously so Much fun
by ab2808 on 2021/09/23 01:56
Great app - better than all the other apps
by ml1880 on 2021/09/22 21:10
Fun games and sometimes I actually even win
Awesome site!
by afox1976 on 2021/09/22 20:42
Lots of great promotions…and they pay quickly!
Good site
by teejay28888888 on 2021/09/22 11:02
Been paying good lately! More game Options than Caesars
by ashland1220 on 2021/09/22 03:56
Best casino app ever!
Of the better online casino/Sportsbooks
by Smanhatton on 2021/09/22 02:45
Very well run company that gives good customer experience and great customer service. They have great and some fun promos and leaderboard challenges but you need to read the fine print!! After Playing all types of DK games for many years now my only complaint is that some slots have the feel that they have unbalanced payouts, especially recently. Overall I still prefer them to other online casinos.
Bull crap
by Kerri fab on 2021/09/22 02:38
This is the only place I’ve been depositing and I never win to withdraw. I’ve been playing a game for hours an all I’m doing is depositing, no bonus, no winning. Why?? I’m super disappointed!! When i try to play other games it gives an error message so they can’t open. The one game i can play whenever I’m playing right in the middle of the game there’s also an error message popping up that disrupts the game so i have to start all over again. Smh!!
Fairest rules and smoothest gameplay
by M.K. Styles on 2020/08/20 12:43
Definitely the best online casino app from my experience on the App Store. They offer a pretty generous free play bonus at signup. Other apps tend to crash more often; in contrast, these servers feel more stable with minimal drop outs. Good variety of slots (my favorite) and table games. You also don’t get the feeling of “the fix” with this one (I.e. dealer magically gets four blackjacks in a row when you’re ahead); play seems fair. As with all gaming apps and casinos in general, the odds are ultimately stacked in favor of the house, so don’t bet what you’re not willing to lose. However, with a little bit of luck and setting of some reasonable personal limits, you can come away with some extra coffee money.
Doesn’t stand by what they offer
by Llaw0503 on 2021/04/12 16:26
This app offers daily promotions. I have had a couple of times in which they say if you play $10 we will give you $10, and they don’t give it to you until you send them a message. One time they even tried to argue with my telling me I hadn’t opt’d in even though I showed them a screen shot that was time stamped that I actually had opt’d in successfully. They eventually gave me the money after several emails with them. Today they have a play at least $1 on any slot and get $1 in DK dollars for every dollar you spend up to $10 maximum. I played my $10 but they aren’t rewarding the $10 in DK dollars now. I have emailed them and they said you have to play 10 different slots to receive the promotion but that is not what they have stated in the terms. I have withdrawn my money and will be looking for a new casino. I can’t handle the dishonesty and the headaches making sure they do what they offer.
Draftkings pledge to run a fair system is an absolute false statement
by schemedawg on 2021/05/23 18:01
Normally when you see a post like this you think it’s your typical angry person who’d lost their money. Now, I have lost chump change here and there but the amount of bogus cards it pulls on blackjack is unheard of, nearly impossible, and a scam to the Max. It will let you win maybe 1/100 times you play.. and I mean let you actually profit not give you a hand every 1/5. If you draw 20 right off the bat, 8 times out of 10 the dealer will draw 5-6 cards and magically pull 21. Further in depth, if you manage to draw a decent hand, we’ll say, above 17, 5 separate hands in a row the dealer will some how pull 1 number higher than you each hand, and just when you’ve lost your 8th hand in a row and you think it’s not possible to lose the next. Wrong, dealer gets black jack when you decide to bet up, increasing your losing streak to 9. Moral of the story is, this is the most unfair casino table game app I’ve ever experienced by far.
by zanemoore on 2021/05/13 01:03
This is thee absolute biggest scam online today. Please listen to me, and don’t let your gambling habit enter this crooked scheme of taking money straight out of your pocket. You’re going to see good reviews of this app, most likely. That’s because they’re one of the very, VERY, few people that have actually came out on top. I’m not saying this because I got on this app and lost all my money and I’m upset. I’m a Aerospace engineer for one of the most respected air-craft company’s in the entire country. I have studied my schooling just as hard as I have studied black-jack and many other gambling strategies in my life time. And what I will tell you About playing this game is that is simply isn’t realistic. And that the company’s have to meet a quota. Well, they don’t have to but, I’d imagine that they’d like to? What better way to do that then create a computerized system to where they can program it to essentially do what ever they please........... than for your time. Don’t be a fool.
by dakotavance on 2021/01/18 05:50
This app is the absolute worst, Do not install, besides from HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT NEVER RESOLVES ANYTHING I HAD MISSING PROMO DOLLARS THAT I NEVER RECEIVED, the odds of actually winning anything on the slot games are horrific, easily went though 100 dollars at 40 cent bets and won NOTHING not even 1 dollar.....the slots are so rigged it’s pathetic you can literally see the reels glitch and just happen to miss every single scatter/win etc, I’m taking my business to MGM draft kings casino is the most absolutely rigged casino I’ve ever played, so many times have I actually got the scatters to trigger the free games only for the app to pop up a message saying an error has occurred and then reload the screen without the scatters, I’ve played at many real casinos and other online casinos as well but I’ve never played something with such horribly rigged odds as draft kings casino..... Do not install this app unless you are looking to throw money away without any chance of winning anything.............................
I’m feeling’ hot hot hot
by Dr. Peel on 2021/05/06 02:17
Hype man, Moonbuddy here! Whether you are a gambler or not... Draftkings will surely be able to fill your downtime with its expansive library of games . These user friendly games can make you some serious money... if you try new games snd keep playing within your budget, it might be more like a day at an amusement park than a payday, but without the lingering nausea when you lose. Set boundaries for your spending , and enjoy responsible escapes from your nauseating daily grind. There’s nothing wrong with investing in gameplay. People sink millions in to a virtually invisible stock exchange, with little to no knowledge of what they are even invested in... I have multiple portfolios, and nothing ever seemed to make sense, and I didn’t have time to investigate what it was I was finding.... after looking deeper I had been investing blindly in to companies that are linked to corruption, deceit, and greed... Gaming is and fair.... it can be instantly rewarding , The Market is big...untouchable, and beyond your control... You choose.
Blackjack seems very “sus”
by Jeff-er on 2021/01/28 02:16
I have played their standard blackjack game extensively over the 5 days since they launched in Michigan and here is what I see: When dealer up card is a 5 or 6, they RARELY bust out. Considering these are generally a 42% bust rate in an 8 deck shoe, this just feels off to me. If anything some of the other up cards tend to bust more. However, since those big bust cards are the ones that a player will tend to double down against, this give the house a big advantage. If I had unlimited funds to research this, I would love to actually keep a running long term tally of the number of busts, and the 20 or 21s the dealer makes when they have a 5 or 6 up card. If the up card is 5 it feels like the down card is a 6 (and vice/versa). I feel more confident about doubling a 10 or 11 in my hand against a 7 or 8 than I do against a 5 or 6. If this is happening, playing “by the book” goes out the window. And don’t get me started about how often doubling my 10/11 against 5 or 6 gives me a 15 or 16. I know this review will get a boilerplate response, but I just want to put this out there to see if others feel the same. On the plus side, I have fewer technical issues with this app than other blackjack games.
by La-di-flipping-da on 2021/09/21 01:47
My fiancé and I love going to the Casino but have missed it with the pandemic. We found our favorite game on here. So far with very little we have won huge. Bet big, win big! (But always within your limits, be safe and have fun!) Thank you, DraftKings, for bringing back something we’ve missed doing and giving us the biggest wins we’ve had on this game! (Even higher than the casino!) Also... the winnings only took two days to show up for me! I cannot believe how fast I got the money. Best app with real and big wins ever!!
Customer service & account locked?
by jayjjohnsonjr on 2021/04/07 21:09
Okay so I just turned 21 back in March. I’ve always liked to gamble and play lotto tickets and stuff so I figured I’d try this app here. Well for some reason, after I put $100 in my account, I got locked out of my account. When I tried logging in they asked me to leave them and message and they would get back to me so I did, and as of me writing this review on April 7th they have still not said anything back to me, I have no way of logging in and withdrawing my $100, and ultimately feel bamboozled about the whole thing and quite upset about it as I had been looking forward to it ever since I heard online gambling and sports betting was coming to Michigan. It’s wrong and I want my money back but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Best of luck to any newcomers trying out this app, wouldn’t recommend at all.
by ronaldschip on 2020/12/29 02:51
100% chance the slot machines are rigged. When playing with credits you can see the amount you win on a spin before the slots even stop. Bonuses don’t pay out. It’s pretty sad when a bonus pays less the what a spin is. Out of all the online casinos DraftKings is the slowest to pay withdrawals. And the lack of slot machines in Pennsylvania is comical. Drive over the bridge to New Jersey and there is over 300 options, why only 124 in PA? Often times a symbol changes as the slot lines are about to stop when it is about to be a win or bonus. 12 days of Christmas gimmick is a joke!!! During any week you have the slot of the week and play $10 and get $5 credit. The “12 days of Christmas “ play $20 to get $5 credit!! Straight joke!!! Tis the season RIP OFF How do you get a bonus and win ZERO during the bonus?????? It’s because the slot machines are rigged!!
by 215greg215 on 2021/02/24 05:18
I really wish I could post my screenshots but the casino games are RIGGED To the MAX..a scattered will pop up on a rail to knock u off winning it’s very noticeable with the game called “Double Stacks” then u start to notice it with every other game I played everyday for about a month straight always depositing 50 or 40 Dollars and never made it past 150 dollars..I won 800 dollars the first time playing then after that it was a straight losing streak like they have something against me but it was just a SETUP to bring me back to chase my losing Money I’m now 3600 I’m the hole from playing draft kings the only site that seems to be fair is “PokerStarsl
The Best Across The Board on Every Level
by Casey’s Subscriptions on 2021/10/01 23:51
The title says it all: FAIR PLAY, QUICK PAYOUTS, PHENOMENAL CUSTOMER SERVICE, and COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY. Obviously, it’s strictly my opinion, but why anyone would use any Service other than DraftKings is beyond me. DraftKings has the BEST FANTASY PLAY, the BEST SPORTSBOOK, and the BEST CASINO. Hands Down, DraftKings is the BEST. Once all the dust settles, I truly believe it will be DraftKings at the Top of The Mountain—and then there will be everyone else. Fantastic Job DraftKings!!! PLEASE continue to keep it up!! That said, I’m confident you guys most definitely will do exactly that…..
by Luanamld1234 on 2021/02/23 23:12
So much fun only thing I don’t like is the timer notifications. At the casino the pit bosses are not over your shoulder saying you have been playing for an hour interrupting my game while spinning win ugh that’s the worst about this app. And have a hard time getting to play the card games says error a lot. Leave people alone while playing it really makes people annoyed and angry especially when winning
Worst gaming experience
by JDunk73 on 2021/05/08 22:18
This is the absolute worst gaming experience I’ve ever had. More than half of the games don’t even open and the few that did had such high minimum betting amounts that it wasn’t even worth playing and a few of the games I did play that I was doing well on, froze and shut down in the middle of spins and I had to log back into the app again. This happened a couple times. The requirements you have for the first deposit match is horrible. Why even do it if you make it impossible to even cash out with anything at all? I have 3 other casino games I play often and I will stick with those. I hope you enjoy the $50 I just donated.
by Wordie30 on 2021/02/01 01:06
Stay away from this cheating app. Just send them in a check and give them your money now if you consider playing. I started with $200 single player blackjack. I never bet more than $5 at a time unless I double downed or split. Anytime I had an 11 and doubled down it was always a 2-6, not once did I get a face card. Sometime you would still win if the dealer bust, but for the most part a loss every time. Anytime I split aces or a pair and the dealer had a 6 or less showing I would either win one or lose both. It allowed me to be ahead 5 dollars the entire time I played but that is all. Go to a real casino. There is no way the cards are randomly generated. 100 percent scam!
Where’s my favorite slots?
by pkjgffddssa on 2021/05/24 18:08
Problem with certain games not loading. Click on play or demo doesn’t matter. It takes you immediately back to home screen. I feel like I am playing unfavorable games because others won’t open. It’s like when you go to a brick and mortar casino on a busy Saturday night. There are only a few options available so you don’t have a lot to choose from but you don’t want to waste the trip Example: issues with at least 7 games. starmania for instance was an issue now it’s not even visible.
Lots of issues
by 9999NJ on 2021/07/06 15:40
If you use a smart phone it’s terrible. Losses the link and less games available. I contacted customer service 15 times to get a refund on two monopoly games that were (progressive saves houses/railroads etc). They blamed the customer for the game shutting down, did nothing fir my loss and time. Unfortunate. This after playing for 5 days, loosing $500 to them easily. Computer games ok. Hard to hear live dealers. In the way on your screen. Tip! Screen shot everything for proof of what happened. They’ll blame your WiFi or you.
Totally a set up!
by Thekid4722 on 2020/09/10 06:58
This site can be good if you are playing at 25 dollars or less but if you bet anything above that I promise you, YOU WILL NOT WIN, I’ve bet multiple 25 dollar hands and the second I do even if I’m up $200 I will lose every hand it’s rigged for the site.
Of the better online casino/Sportsbooks
by Smanhatton on 2021/09/22 02:45
Very well run company that gives good customer experience and great customer service. They have great and some fun promos and leaderboard challenges but you need to read the fine print!! After Playing all types of DK games for many years now my only complaint is that some slots have the feel that they have unbalanced payouts, especially recently. Overall I still prefer them to other online casinos.
Most disgusting Ive seen thus far- The casino at least
by no longer customer on 2021/03/15 14:53
There casino will rob every penny you own if you let them. Absolutely atrocious on ever level. Zero wins in thousands of dollars. Get kicked out in the middle of gaming when most likely a bonus was going to hit. That is as sketchy as it gets. I do like the Sportsbook and they offer a lot a different options but the slots are an absolute robbery and take it from me, I’ve played all the sites and this hands down is the worst by far. All they want is your $$. You won’t even get any entertainment out of this site because they will not even allow you to play and enjoy it. Sickening..
by connor16301 on 2021/06/11 01:20
If I could give it negative 100 stars I would. They bring you in with the “whatever you deposit we match” but little do you know that money you deposit and what they match you are not aloud to get back. I won about 20$ more then I put on I put on $20 they matched $20 for a total of $40 I ran black jack up to $60 something odd dollars and WAS NOT ALOUD TO WITHDRAWL A SINGLE CENT instead I had to keep playing till it was down to 0$ because it would not let me withdrawl. I reached out and GUESS WHAT THEY SAID. “THE $20 YOU ADDED AND THE $20 WE MATCHED GIVES YOU IN GAME CURRENCY ONLY YOU CAN NOT SPEND OR WITHDRAWL IT YOU CAN ONLY USE IT TO PLAY MORE OF ARE GAMES AND WHEN YOU WIN THAT GAME WE GIVE YOU MORE OF THAT CURRENCY THAT YOU CANT WITHDRAWL” FUN FUN
So annoyed!!!
by Joseph Guido on 2020/09/02 22:36
This app has got to be the worst ever. Deposited a few times in one evening asked to withdrawal a measly $200 and bam account restricted. Needed a copy of my DL....fine sent it but still waiting for my account to be unlocked so I can get to the rest of MY money that is in my account. Emailed several times and crickets. When they wanted something they replied immediately but when I just want to play.....nothing!! I never write reviews ever but I am so disappointed in this site. I play pretty much all other casino apps and never and I mean never have I had to deal with such aggravation. You lost me as a customer!
Used to be my favorite
by The worst casino app on 2021/08/24 21:30
I had all my friends come over to Draft Kings but then they started holding on to your winnings for longer and longer in hopes that you cancel your withdraw request and lose your money which I feel is predatory, Fan Duel cashes out within an hour. ThenIt used to be that your winnings from the leaderboard were credited within a couple hours but now it’s taking a couple days. I am just disappointed with the changes in the last month. I definitely more time on other apps now
by maxwell6100 on 2021/07/09 17:28
I’ve been using DraftKings for a while now and never have had many issues but today I was literally screwed over. I did a deposit bonus and had to play through it one time. No big deal right? Well as I was playing I literally lost 95% of my hands which is nearly Impossible. I would have a 20 showing and they have a 4 showing and would some how get a 21 everytime this happened over 7 times and this is not a exaggeration. The games aren’t regulated because the odds of losing all those hands in a row is nearly impossible.
by jjjjj1024 on 2021/07/02 11:53
They will let you win once and sucker you to invite friends and rob all you guys at the end of the day. If you want to play blackjack, you’ll be seeing blackjacks in every way ...... but only on the dealers side. Either blackjack right away or get blackjack in unbelievable ways. You will lose your money playing with them. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your money. They don’t care about their customers. They don’t fix any situation you have and also when your opted into a leaderboard you get robbed sometimes unless you catch it and mention it to them.
Worst casino odds I’ve ever seen. Basically impossible to win money
by floppy nuts on 2020/12/30 08:00
This app is horribly bad with the casino, in every way imaginable, fairness,odds, cards dealt, hitting and standing and every other way you can rig a card game. So do yourself a favor and DO NOT! Even bother wasting tome and money. I lost about 500 bucks in 3 days by losing 36 out of 40 hands in a row at 1 point and I’ve never felt so ripped off in my life. If you are lucky enough to win in cash out some they are going to get that money back one way or another. Soon as I cashed out 60 bucks 1 time it’s impossible for me to win anything
Worst casino app in Michigan
by Mia LW on 2021/05/05 00:50
Do not waste your time and money downloading this app. It wouldn’t allow me to withdraw my money what so ever. Then when I was doing good my location was mysteriously not found and it would close the game. I had GeoGuard running the entire time. I have never had this problem with any other casino app. I decided to keep playing because I couldn’t withdraw it anyway and they were no help. I couldn’t win a single thing in hundreds of dollars. Which really doesn’t matter when they wouldn’t allow me to withdraw it anyway.
Wont honor bonus promotion then locked my account
by randy meng on 2021/01/26 21:58
My friends and I used the refer a friend promotion to unlock bonus. We made our bets and when it came to withdraw they restricted our account. After two months of back and forth with customer support and complying to their requests, they ended up locking all our accounts and just our initial deposit and could not keep any winning we had. Between acknowledging their policies, sending pictures of our face and ID, bank statements to prove legitimacy, in the end it was for nothing. Very frustrated with customer support.
Your money is worthless and you will LOSE All 2020
by Jaszy fizzle on 2020/11/24 00:19
Go save your money for Christmas or anything else then to waste it on this APP. I lost so much money with Draft kings and you will lose more , don’t sign up for there promotions and the BBB should and need to investigate this slot games.. it’s rigged! 2020- the stock went up because it takes and doesn’t even give you back free play or promotions like they say on their advertisements. This Company may needs to be regulated because it’s impossible that they made soo much money and barely give you back any winnings.
Blackjack is rigged
by hddulfixhddyxuxufudjcfhf on 2021/07/23 04:10
I hate to pull the “it’s rigged” card but I am. At least for all the blackjack games. If you don’t have at least 20 in your hand, you’re done for. Within 5 minutes I’ve seen the dealer get blackjack at last 7 times and 20 even more. It’s not even close to realistic. Its almost comical to see how perfect the dealers cards are. I’ll be deleting my account and playing on another app and try it out instead. NOTE TO DRAFTKINGS: How do you expect people to stay and play when it’s so blatantly obvious the game is so massively skewed? Seriously how?
Listen to the Reviews
by Persniketty on 2021/07/02 15:48
Like others on here, I’m not writing this review because I lost money, but rather because it’s apparent some games are not realistic. I got this app to play blackjack and the amount of times the game has pulled off miracle cards is unreal. It lets you win a bit and then takes your whole balance once you get comfortable. Not to mention the app likely gives new users a sort of beginners luck that doesn’t last. I’ve only played blackjack mostly, but I doubt other games are better. Go to a real casino.
Great app BUT….
by Zlove304 on 2021/10/18 10:37
I live this app I recommend it to all my Friends. But the app on my iPhone is missing a lot of the games that are on the website that’s the only downside it may be where I live in WV. I ALSO CANNOT PLAYN WITH A LIVE DEALER BECAUSE OF MY STATE. I search for that answer for two days. Would be nice if they told us ranting front or even publish something about before I wasted so much time researching it
Bull crap
by Kerri fab on 2021/09/22 02:38
This is the only place I’ve been depositing and I never win to withdraw. I’ve been playing a game for hours an all I’m doing is depositing, no bonus, no winning. Why?? I’m super disappointed!! When i try to play other games it gives an error message so they can’t open. The one game i can play whenever I’m playing right in the middle of the game there’s also an error message popping up that disrupts the game so i have to start all over again. Smh!!
Worst casino game
by A real honest reviewer on 2021/01/28 15:24
You will NOT win any money with this game. While playing black jack you can have 19 or 20 and the computer always gets 1 more than you, basically barely enough to win. Pretty obvious the intentions of this app are and the odds of you winning is slim to none let alone making any money. After the same thing happening almost every game, I don’t think it’s luck based at all, I think it’s an algorithm that is ALWAYS in the dealer (computers) favor. Save the time and don’t waste your time with this stupid app.
Horrible customer service
by f fandule on 2021/02/07 17:07
No phone number to call and can’t even get back to me on a in game issue. Still have a .80 cent bet it seems in play that won’t go through and now I can’t play casino war. Also found other people can still play but I can’t. The live chat is a literal joke and helps nobody. In short once this messes up the app is broke and no one can/will help you. It’s good when it’s working though. Just bad customer service when it’s not. Time to delete the app and head over to FanDule!
Blackjack rigged, all withdrawals take 3-5 days
by Biddy Godoy on 2021/08/19 02:57
Your “luck” in blackjack swings based on how much you bet. I’ll let you guess which way it swings. Experiment for yourself … the higher the bet, the lower the winning percentage. It’s really, really obvious. You will literally lose 15 hands in a row playing exactly by the book. After becoming disgusted with rigged blackjack, I went to withdraw my money, only to realize all methods take at least 3-5 days, even PayPal. Ridiculous. Go to one of the many competitors that offer instant withdrawals.
Super rigged!!!!!
by pjruh on 2020/08/28 23:28
You win $10 you lose $10 and that just keeps repeating. Blackjack is very rigged the dealer gets a Jesus hand every single time and you get stuck with a 12. Better off standing on a 12 cause every time you hit you will bust. It goes through the same exact cycle evert time i play terrible. Won $240 on the slots and running away from this app before it steals anymore of my money. Absolutely terrible can’t believe it’s legal when it’s this rigged.
I hope someone from DraftKings casino really sees this.
by hummdiggity 37 on 2021/03/21 22:55
Friday or Saturday Draftkings casino underwent an upgrade. Lo and behold when I went and logged on a while after the appointed time MY ACCOUNT WAS ZEROED OUT AND MY MONEY WAS GONE. It was a modest amount of money but it was still missing - $360+. I immediately contacted customer support through their site and got a form email back. I emailed a few more times because I was also concerned about my own bank account being raised as well. NO ANSWER. THE SAME FORM LETTER A COUPLE OF TIMES. Then they had the audacity to send me $10 free play. I would like to see better (heck any) customer service from Draftkings. As of this moment there is none. I don’t want to tell you what to download, and I have had some fun with this website, but there needs to be accountability to the customer. Craig
by kristenpay on 2021/07/02 22:44
Playing Draft Kings has been fun! I enjoy the leaderboard events. There have been a few technical issues lately and I’m not sure why. I would be playing for awhile and then all of a sudden kicked out for not being in geographically approved area…? This is strange since I never left my house. Overall the app is good!
the worst casino by a long shot
by seant493926 on 2020/09/15 07:24
If you think your ganna come in here and even just have fun? Get a few bonus spins a few small wins even, your wrong. You will immediately lose your money, every other casino will at least feed you some wins this won’t just eats your money trust me do not use this I can’t stress it enough. Don’t even get me started on the table games black jack specifically they start out with 10 EVERY hand it’s so rigged it’s disgusting if I could give negative stars I would
You will lose
by Mcdonalddvsn on 2021/03/01 05:40
Opted in for a blackjack promotion online, net $10 loss gets $10 back in free credits and got nothing. I’m in Michigan and read the “fine print” after I played I noticed that the rules state that the promotion is only available if are “physically located in the State of New Jersey” Emailed customer service and was told that it is available where I’m at- and still never got the bonus. Also lost $30 betting 15 cents a spin on 2 different slots and only won 10x my bet 5 times on 200+ spins.
DK is better than all the other sites….
by SirSquid47 on 2021/08/06 04:19
Draftkings is the only site I use for my sports and casino wagering. It’s such an easy site to use. The odds boosts are superior to any other site, and the promotions are so much more reasonable than the other sites.
Poor Game Play
by CBEC Girl on 2021/05/31 19:11
I been playing on this app since 2019 and absolutely loved it. That was until now... I have repeatedly uninstalled and installed the app, completed updates as per request from support and I still keep getting game errors and it has only been for the last 3 months. So very frustrating coming from one of your VIP members. Sorry but I will be deleting my Account and happily moving on to Live Casino. It has been a much better experience!
Good so far
by JMWV95 on 2021/04/27 02:29
Not bad I honestly was tempted at first some of these apps are scams I promise you, but this one so far seems legit and I actually won 100 bucks I’m getting a check in the mail I had a option to receive money over PayPal but I don’t like PayPal.
by jlsr2188 on 2021/08/04 23:17
My experience with DraftKings has been very pleasant. Any issues I’ve had have been resolved with no problems. Also they make the experience very pleasant with how easy everything is accessible.
Spare Change on hand?
by hangmanimmortal on 2021/09/03 23:01
DK has been a great way to spend added up spare change and actually turn it around quickly. Be careful however and only spend what you can. Enjoy!!!
Best online casino app by far!
by JessQuinn02 on 2021/05/14 05:56
DraftKings has been my favorite from the jump! Super fun games and loads of opportunities to get rewards from the money you play! New opt ins every day, every week and recently every month! If you ever just try ONE online casino app... try this one! You won’t regret it!
Enjoy it but does have issues that cost me money
by seashorelights on 2021/01/17 20:36
I enjoy it a lot except for when it logs me out way to much and then discovered it changed my bet from 10 cent to a dollar bet but I bet multiple bets on monopoly so it cost me to lose $5 instead of 50 cents... so that wasn’t fun
Winner 😎
by Chyrstyle2004! on 2021/08/25 11:10
I thought this was a joke, but I really won some money and was deposited to my account. Finally found something legit and can’t wait to play more without actually going to the casino 😎
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