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Spotify Stations: Stream radio
Create stations based on the music you love, all for free with Spotify Stations. Select an artist, genre or even decade and Spotify Stations does the hard work for you. Plus, the more Spotify Stations learn about what you love to listen to, you’ll get even more personalized recommendations. Rock, Rap, Pop, EDM, Classical, RnB, Jazz, Alternative, Top 40, Country music and much more! Choose from many different genres and spend less time searching and more time enjoying your music. Whether you’re driving on the road or sound tracking your workday, Spotify Stations has mixes just waiting for you. Tuning in with Spotify Stations couldn’t be easier: Choose the style of music you love Get personalized recommendations based on your tastes and preference You can even name your stations and make them totally unique to you Easily switch between genres when you want to mix things up Create a station based on one or more of your favorite artists Use it on mobile, web or connect it to your car for your next roadtrip Log in with your Spotify account or create one to access Stations for free. Download Spotify Stations today to get access to a whole new listening experience from Spotify.
🍼It’s okay I guess....🍼
by Suicidal Girl🔪🚬🧸🖤 on 2021/04/21 05:08
🍰Okay so, I like this app because it has good music. But that may be the only reason why.🍰 🍯The reason for that is, you only get 5 skips a day, you can’t search up songs and you can’t view what songs are next (unless you buy premium) 🍯 🥛But even with premium you can’t search up songs which I think is really DUMB. 🥛 🍓But uhm thanks for reading I guess🍓
by Kronprinzen Spice on 2021/04/20 03:20
I like using this app and creating stations I can listen to on a daily basis.
Needs more
by CuhCrowley on 2021/04/18 15:48
I love this app. It makes Spotify have absolutely everything that Apple Music has, at no extra charge! I would give it 5 stars, but there are some things I want to address. First, it would be great if when you tapped that song name at the bottom, it went full screen and showed the album cover. That would also help solve my second problem. I love to see the album with the songs I listen to. It’s an essential part of the experience imo. Second, when you like something in the Spotify Stations app, it doesn’t show up in your liked songs on Spotify! And you can’t add anything to playlists or look up songs! Everything on Spotify Stations basically stays on Spotify Stations. If the first problem was addressed, the full screen menu would show all the same things that Spotify does. Also, if you could download stations that would be kind of cool I guess. Thanks for reading! Please add this stuff!
Listen man
by Power user 2 on 2021/04/17 17:11
Great app gets me right to my favorites
by badbill8079 on 2021/04/14 21:29
Outstanding place!!!!!!!!!!
I love this app when it actually works
by ryanneod on 2021/04/14 02:50
This app works great and plays great music playlists. however it’s super frustrating that every single time I go to open the app, I’ve been logged out and it’s forgotten my login information (multiple times in the same day in some instances). For this reason I end up using other apps instead to play music because this one is such a pain in the neck to get into each time.
Great app
by Brerfrase on 2021/04/12 00:47
Such a smooth friendly app and great concept behind it — to make it a pleasure to use Smart idea because pandora is great and colossal and YouTube and Apple fair but this would be killer if only — if only! The bitrate / audio quality could compete with the others and even Spotify .... here’s hoping for that upgrade
Best place to listen your music
by 007bur on 2021/04/09 19:03
Amazing app
Great app for minimalists and nosurfers!
by Bgr5000 on 2021/04/08 20:06
I’v been trying to eliminate as much distractions out of my life as possible. One of those being how cluttered every music app is. Now it’s not just music. It’s podcasts, books, video, etc. etc. then you make playlist after playlist and search for more and more. This app is great for someone like me.
Lovely but
by willzz_xavier on 2021/04/08 02:52
Can this be added to the main Spotify premium app please the radio feature there is whack putting this type of radio format there would be lovely
It could be awesome but...
by dsebastiana on 2021/04/07 22:06
Every time I open the app it requires me to login. The regular app doesn’t... Only stations. I even deleted the app and reinstalled and same issue.
Not quite there yet
by MBSomebody on 2021/04/07 15:45
Great concept but if Spotify is treating like a separate app to compete with Pandora, it has a ways to go. 2 major issues, 1) you cannot shuffle genre’s. If you want to mix today’s pop and today’s country, you are out of luck. 2) No landscape mode? Bad enough the app is not made for iPad, but landscape doesn’t exist for the iPhone app either. Is this a real app or is Spotify trying to figure out if it should keep developing it?
by Bangsmith on 2021/04/07 04:27
This is good in theory, but it still needs a lot of work. When I search for certain artists, it tells me it "couldn't find" an artist that I know Spotify has, including artists that come up as suggestions on my other stations in this app!!
This app is horrible
by Sherwinator6789 on 2021/04/06 23:38
Always logs me out and I need to log back in every time. And this new update plays the exact same songs in the exact same order and doesn't shuffle
App not functional with Facebook Login
by Legotti on 2021/04/04 20:20
I log in to normal Spotify account with my Facebook login, but on 2 devices, logging in with that method to Stations just kicks me back to the log in screen. My options are not use or make a 2nd account. Please fix.
Simple and quick
by MiSz1 on 2021/04/04 15:23
Would be nice to add playlists
Not good
by boxing250 on 2021/04/03 20:09
Good aT the beginning then trash not good anymore
Beyond wonderful!
by WetDog65 on 2021/03/30 12:46
Spotify Stations is one fantastic app! I find myself turning to it more and more. Highly recommended.
Great supplement to Spotify
by Matthew Keys on 2021/03/28 03:46
Pick a genre or artist, and boom. Radio. Just wish it worked with my Chromecast Audio.
by i love football fan 12 on 2021/03/27 17:52
This app has gotten me through some really sad times
by Jose1230 on 2021/03/26 19:02
Excelente aplicación para escuchar música se los recomiendo
Simple, easy radio
by Jack T. M on 2021/03/24 11:16
The Spotify stations app is perfect for those who just want a radio based on either a group or just 1 band
by andyoc99 on 2021/03/22 11:53
Quality of reception is GREAT!!
5star music
by Player 6645758 on 2021/03/21 14:21
Very enjoyable. Mixing artists and compilation of music. I’m 80 and enjoy the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s also 40’s and jazz and classical sounds. Thank you Spotify for enjoying many memories
No me gusta
by si o qie on 2021/03/18 22:10
Me gustaría que le pudieras cambiar ala música que quieres sin límite
by wiichicken on 2021/03/16 16:19
it's a station app, but why was this stripped from the normal spotify app? and why can't I turn my Spotify playlists into stations like on desktop?
Going music
by MizPeachy65 on 2021/03/15 15:07
I can find all of my r&b hits👍🏾
Great concept, unusable app
by HookEmRavens on 2021/03/13 17:46
I love The idea of this app, but it is absolutely unusable. The app constantly starts playing music, frequently has trouble loading stations, and has a recurring issue with logging the user out. I hope future updates can make this app usable again.
Love the app, but room for improvement
by nonwbas on 2021/03/13 13:01
I love the concept, and lately I’ve been using this app even more than the original Spotify. However, the thumbs up/thumbs down feature doesn’t seem like it works super great, and the radio stations sometimes feel more like playlists as I get more repetition than new songs. Also, it makes me re-log in just about every time I open the app. But I’ve discovered some good songs through this app and it’s definitely not all bad. I’ll keep using it in the hope that it continues to improve over time.
Beautiful Music
by Yao-Siy on 2021/03/11 22:50
Love the old music which I love.
Needs a few tweaks to be a real five-star app
by Anhdru on 2021/03/07 22:56
I was annoyed at first that Spotify deleted user-created radio stations from the main app, and when I discovered the same concept in Stations I was relieved. For those of us who live outside the US, Spotify/Stations is our Pandora. It’s nearly perfect for set-and-forget music at home, in the office and in the car. I get to hear artists I like and sample other artists who have a similar aesthetic, some of whom I’ve never heard before. Here’s what I like: I can create customised playlists with multiple artists I select myself, and an algorithm that selects similar material, and navigation is simple and easy, particularly with Apple’s CarPlay. The algorithm for choosing music-related-to is a bit narrow, as others have noted, but I’m assuming Spotify will refine it as they go along. And here’s my wish list: the ability to create stations based on genres; a setting allowing me to choose whether I want auto-play every time I select a station, or whether I want to start the music myself; landscape orientation when I turn my device sideways; a real iPad version of the app rather than a resized iPhone app that doesn’t fill the screen; and access to Stations from my computer’s browser (or even a Stations app for MacOS).
“Next play”disappears
by YoungFujun on 2021/03/06 01:03
Why is it no longer possible to see the “next play” list ?
I’m typing this sideways
by Mike Dynamo’s Nutz on 2021/03/05 06:57
I know that every app is special, but I don’t know why this doesn’t go to landscape mode. And there’s something simple and elegant about stations that I love... But... Y’know... make it go sideways. It would be helpful.
by in the beggining god created on 2021/03/03 14:12
I can listen to music now! Yay!
Nick Christian Pesce Only
by dancing trainer on 2021/03/02 20:09
Dear Spotify Radio Stations, I love that app so much to add my showtunes on my new app with my Disney songs and other movie tunes I like on my broadway shows I love it on my new app for a my workout songs on showtunes a LA fitness with my dad he not any showtunes anymore he likes a fun songs with dad’s smart phone I love a showtunes a lot because is my parents don’t like showtunes for I’m a timesheet boss now for my showtunes I like.
by Ginger aH on 2021/03/01 14:34
Loved being able to chose the artist I want to listen to.
I love the simplicity of Stations
by Robert Badea on 2021/02/28 21:05
Spotify can be too much sometimes. When I'm in bed after a long day, I just want to chill to some good music without having to think too much about what to listen to.
Station scroll too sensitive
by GSchaeff on 2021/02/27 23:20
Too easy to touch another station in your pocket. Needs a different select method.
Music constantly pauses for no reason.
by Shaprepenr on 2021/02/26 21:58
For months now this app will just randomly pause my music without me even touching my phone. This will happen multiple times a day, every day I use the app. There has not been a single day this has not happened. I’ve reached out to Spotify support but they have not helped.
Won’t let me login or create an account
by kts101010101 on 2021/02/26 18:52
Just takes me in a loop. Try to login with Facebook on my existing Spotify Premium account, Facebook accepts, and then it just kicks me back to the same login page on the Spotify app. Same with trying to sign up with a new account. Disappointed because this looks like a cool way to find new music.
Great app but...
by Drolly95 on 2021/02/24 17:34
This is a really cool app that I’m assuming they are experimenting with before they add it to the main Spotify app. That’s the biggest con to me, I sometimes forget about it because it’s separate. It should definitely be added to the main app. Sometimes I want to listen to a “radio” type app outside of my own playlists and this gives me that with no ads because I have Spotify premium.
by peon 350 on 2021/02/18 21:40
Assuming what I like and sending constant messages
Love this app
by big bucks are us on 2021/02/18 01:04
I could never find an app that could play music while I’m on other apps now I have I completely love this app and recommend it
No variety
by Kent Marlboro on 2021/02/16 22:38
All stations play the same songs in the same order every time. Limited skips and ads make it a pointless app. If you like the same five songs over and over and over, then it’s perfect.
Pretty Lame
by ToonMusic on 2021/02/15 02:06
The user interface for this app is lame. The fact it changes the music immediately as you are browsing is really annoying. No back button to start a track from the beginning. The algorithm is pretty lame when it comes to variety, unless you’re fond of hearing several tracks from the same artist in a row. In general, it’s a pretty weak excuse for a streaming platform. What makes this app particularly annoying is Spotify seems to have used it as an excuse to kill the useful functionality of the radio feature in the regular Spotify app, making it behave more like a playlist. So now I have two apps whose radio feature is lame. Seriously considering moving to a different service like Apple Music or Pandora.
It doesn’t play at all
by Future Flow on 2021/02/14 13:59
It skips every songs. So it just finished.
Why do I need a separate app just to create a station from a song or artist?
by sinloc1 on 2021/02/13 18:29
Great app!
by Tina from Michigan on 2021/02/13 16:48
Love this app! Great choices and huge library of music for free! Thank you Spotify.
Not great.
by vbjtfhgdbjhthv on 2021/02/12 15:45
Stations don’t seem to load. Not a lot of variety.
La mejor estación
by seoana on 2021/02/09 04:13
Me encanta
Amazing app with some customization.
by GAMER4738 on 2021/02/08 18:55
Amazing app with some customization. As I said. I wish you could also rename the pre-made stations in your inbox. I also would like to add at least 20 bands, or even unlimited artists. But other than that, this is an awesome app.
by Apostle SDAJ on 2021/02/05 06:51
Nice adjustment that allows further customization of station.
Stations. Just added 10 playlists of favorites. 🥰
by Mrs.whitehead112012 on 2021/02/04 09:59
Easy to make personal playlists 👍🏻
by LakieshaHandley on 2021/01/27 03:05
Samantha Jenkins
by rockinsam15 on 2021/01/26 11:24
I love music + play guitar.
Good move!
by saint.williams on 2021/01/23 03:52
Personally, this is what Am missing from Spotify. I’m too old for the algorithm’s suggested music (I get it, sell what sells) but this introduces a music discovery/radio station playlist that I miss from Pandora. It’s not quite there yet. But it’s a move in the right direction. If Apple Music wants to top Spotify they need to buy Pandora. If that happens, goodbye Spotify.
Love it
by Earl's Mr.E on 2021/01/22 01:22
Just wish I could rewind. But beggars can’t be choosers. That’s why it still gets 5 stars.
by $$&$) on 2021/01/21 13:36
Like that I could listen to my favorite artist and songs. Dislike that half the time they wouldn’t play at all or would stop half way thru
Willow Herber
by and itif on 2021/01/20 01:43
They always listen to my favorite songs I give it a five
by mc17 on 2021/01/18 19:52
Constant issues with this app. Playback randomly stops. Always logs out of the account which is a major issue if your driving and trying to use CarPlay.
Ok Fine
by Kraut Country Boy on 2021/01/14 19:03
Keeps me from reality . Nope I Don’t Need A Shrink .I love cheating them out of $$$$$ of things that nobody REALLY NEEDS.
by #%342 on 2021/01/11 15:04
I loved the app at first now there’s more ads than music that’s ridiculous
I’m not Sure
by Boortness on 2021/01/10 03:44
I can’t comment about this app because no matter what I do to get an account, it tells me that my email and password are not correct? What gives?
by 1redzeba on 2021/01/10 01:26
You only. Let us skip 5times
Not Working
by Bookworm Jay on 2021/01/06 18:38
Suddenly, I can’t login with my existing account although I never logged out of the app, & I can’t create a new account to login again. I guess I’m going to have to use another, better app.
I love it!
by karemrib on 2021/01/06 03:32
Spotify is simply the best app to listen music
Updated Review: Worse than I Thought
by BakaGamer12 on 2021/01/05 21:35
So... it now repeats the same songs until I close the app and reopen the app? Neat randomization algorithm.
This app is perfect for my art gallery
by Rhymingartist on 2021/01/04 14:37
I have a studio along with 30 other artists in a large art gallery in Tequesta FL. We don’t have a professional sound system so we use our cell phone connected through Bluetooth to a speaker near the front door. The artist that is “on”, working in the gallery, chooses what ever music they would like to play, appropriate for a gallery, and I get to pick exactly the kind of music I like that I think others would as well because I use this site. The commercials are short so nobody minds at all and we have great music playing all day long.
New features??
by Steventran4500 on 2021/01/04 08:41
I love using Spotify and Spotify stations but the only thing about stations is that I can move the stations around! What I mean by this is I wish I could move some of the stations in different orders or filter the stations that I want! Some new features to move them around would be amazing! Thank you
Jazz I Picked
by Jims62 on 2021/01/04 05:09
This is heaven for a jazz lover. All your Spotify selections on this app is your personal radio. Play my favorites on iPhone and iPad whenever I wish. So perfect.
by Czesty podroznik on 2021/01/03 16:55
Super and super :)
If it seemed to good to be true... greed will surely consume
by holdin Dix on 2021/01/01 09:45
Had the highest of standards when i found the app about 2-3 weeks ago, thought it to be unreal we could explore to our hearts content, the reason for music is to feel and relate to something (as a listener not the artist) and the app couldnt have hit it off better, but like all els, theres hidden motives, STRONGLY against a industry(spotify) that promotes other industry's(record labels) art form and exploits it for greed and money, yet, a streamer wants to listen to wut they want (some used spotify, and dont want to be bothered by ads and want their own music list so you know they paid for that, right?) Yet industry still prohibits, and we got the snake in the grass sir Spotify able to have similar errors looked past because its an “established platform” for artists.... yeah, whatta world we live in lul
by Afropean85 on 2020/12/28 02:59
I’m enjoying the Spotify Radio. I can make my own playlist of Artists that I want too listen to, and not have an app make a playlist that I’m not going to enjoy!
The Best
by Felo:/ on 2020/12/28 02:45
The best streaming music app
by repetitive777 on 2020/12/22 14:05
Keep playing variety and my favorites
Highly Recommended
by arefin71 on 2020/12/21 19:25
Great for lean back listening
by poop is cool 💩= 😎 on 2020/12/21 01:16
I think that it is really good 🎩. 🐸 🧐. 👙
by kikokokinin on 2020/12/19 22:14
Perfecto para no aburrirse de las canciones
Music pauses when you open regular Spotify to look up an artist
by spamspamspamm on 2020/12/17 19:55
Great idea but the fact that I can't search the current artist on real Spotify without pausing the Stations app makes it useless. Also bitrate is definitely running at low quality
by TRock951 on 2020/12/17 00:03
I love Stations!!! Recommend this to all who love streaming music on the go.
Trash update🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑
by jzkwmdmKAak on 2020/12/13 20:03
For one I only get 6 skips like what is that. Two it doesn’t play the specific song. And three I can’t go back to the specific part on the song. And there are so many more reasons that Spotify is now trash but ya 1 star ⭐️ for me.
Good mix of what I like😊
by SRV lives! on 2020/12/12 23:22
Busy now!
by Gemladee on 2020/12/12 22:07
Best music and the selections are great
by marcoati on 2020/12/07 22:30
Tremenda aplicación 2000 % recomendada
Good app
by hamster 15 on 2020/12/04 18:23
Works great
Disappointing from Spotify
by samboswell28 on 2020/12/02 20:14
To me this is just a half baked Pandora. You cannot make radios based off songs, just artists. You also cannot scroll through your saved radios without switching from the one you are currently listening to. Another complaint is there is no large viewing screen for current playback, only the bar at the bottom of the screen. Seems silly, but I enjoy being able to see album art and get away from the list of radios, it just doesn’t look right. Lastly, why does this need to be a second app. Just fix the radios on the main app, and keep it more simple for everyone.
by tub,kgruktrhkfgerefhrjkcb on 2020/12/02 07:04
This app is horrible there isn’t even a radio and it needs mobile data cant you plug you earphones in and it’s like a aerial? I’m going back to my Nokia.
Something a little +More
by max.i.mus on 2020/11/27 23:51
A Nice Alternative / 2nd option to their main APP interface. Change your listening experience uP^
by chingadamadre! on 2020/11/26 01:41
Thank you for all the blessings of these songs, those were the days my friend!
Great addition
by mtay.b on 2020/11/19 13:40
Spotify stations was a great addition to Spotify, although the app is still lacking a few features I’d like to see from the main app overall a great experience with the app so far
by deadpool669suckers on 2020/11/18 12:20
This app is awesome I use everyday they got my fav rappers like ynw melly blueface and so much more
by Lobo9004 on 2020/11/17 23:54
by bobby55113 on 2020/11/15 00:21
Yall car enable is missing put a new automatic enable for car
Awesome music
by El Rojo51 on 2020/11/14 18:21
Love the variety of all the songs
Great app!
by nikki lassen on 2020/11/14 02:49
Love it. Not a lot of ads for free music.
I’m premium and it still played ads
by admiller82 on 2020/11/13 01:38
Not very impressed. I was listening to a Mumford and Sons station, then it started playing the Ghostbusters theme song. If that wasn’t bad enough, ads started playing. I pay for premium, I was logged into my correct account, but it still played ads! If I’m going to have ads on my radio, Pandora is way better at generating playlists anyway.
Love it!!
by MattBurnett15 on 2020/11/12 23:32
I enjoyed Spotify and pandora but couldn’t decide, this is the perfect mix!!
by sTARR461 on 2020/11/10 20:19
I wish you'd would bed able to choose the song more!
Not fully baked app
by Nickname19821 on 2020/11/10 01:06
It’s a little buggy, doesn’t slays start back up with CarPlay sometimes needs to be restarted completely
Awesome tool
by CSheppz on 2019/12/26 15:43
I was so surprised today to find this in the App Store. I’ve never been a huge fan of apps like Pandora but this is awesome! I’ve been a premium member for about 4 years now and this is such a cool extension of the main app. One thing I never do in the main app is listen to radio stations it builds for me because I can’t customize it based off of multiple artists I like. I always find myself frantically skipping through songs or just going back to my main library but not anymore! I’ve made 6 stations now and everyone of them has played a lot of my favorite stuff but also a lot of stuff I’ve never heard but very closely related. I totally recommend this app!
This app is perfect for my art gallery
by Rhymingartist on 2021/01/04 14:37
I have a studio along with 30 other artists in a large art gallery in Tequesta FL. We don’t have a professional sound system so we use our cell phone connected through Bluetooth to a speaker near the front door. The artist that is “on”, working in the gallery, chooses what ever music they would like to play, appropriate for a gallery, and I get to pick exactly the kind of music I like that I think others would as well because I use this site. The commercials are short so nobody minds at all and we have great music playing all day long.
Good app needs minor tweaks
by Annoyed Apple Fan on 2020/02/10 03:25
Very straight forward, clean and simple app. Nice when you don’t want to fiddle through playlists or your saved songs. Although, when I lock my phone and unlock it shortly after to either change the song the app is closed and I have to reopen the app by selecting it on my home screen. It’s a minor thing but it is annoying after two or three times. Another thing is the location of the downvote button. Why is it right in the center next to pause button. It should be (from left to right) downvote button, skip, pause, upvote. Doesn’t have to be that order but downvote button should be all the way to the left keep it out of the way. I accidentally downvoted a song I really liked 😡.
by geeohhdee on 2019/09/18 11:19
okay i has low expectations bc i liked the other app so much but in all honesty i’ve been using Stations exclusively for a few weeks now and i LOVE it. i wish in some of my stations there was a wider variety of songs played (sometimes i just get the same few songs on rotation) but otherwise i really enjoy it. the layout is simple and very appealing to look at and there are just enough buttons to make the app useful but not cluttered. i totally love this and i don’t wanna go anywhere else for music
Needs work
by ToyTrains on 2019/06/05 00:16
Been using this a good bit today. Seems to work like Pandora used to. Some limitations though. First it is definitely streaming at a lower bit rate. Even in my car it was obvious. Once I connected to my home theatre it was blatant, even on WiFi. Next the interface is too small when in the car. A larger playback screen with large icons would help here. It also goes to sleep. Hitting thumbs up for a track adds it to your library which is not necessarily what I want. Finally I don’t understand why this is a separate app. It could easily be part of the regular application. Also, these do not show up under “stations” in the main app.
Not dependable.
by Scorpio 30 on 2019/08/07 18:51
Works once in awhile. Even with a strong signal, all I usually see on the screen is “Loading Stations.” Then after about 30 seconds, a message pops up “Unable to load your stations. Try again later.” So far, trying again later has not worked. Stations app deleted....problem solved!
Alphabetize Stations/Profile/Privacy
by jynxss on 2020/07/15 17:39
The only improvements would be maybe alphabetizing stations, while keeping the Favorites at the top, playing more songs by the artists a user has in their stations; maybe add the ability to click on stations to change them, instead of scrolling; also, maybe users could have a profile that displays their name/username and stations and the ability to either keep their profile public or make it private and have the ability to check out other people’s profiles and follow them
Like it!
by Chainblade84 on 2019/06/08 21:29
I’m a very passive music listener so my preferred method of listening is with stations. The main app is very busy. I just like to thumbs up and down songs and keep listening. I’m liking this new app. A few things I’d change is the main view. While interesting and fast, I’d rather have the usual full screen album art and name of the artist and song. I’d also prefer to have crossfade. I do like that it doesn’t take out the top iOS bar with signal, battery life, etc. that drives me nuts on the main app.
Update: nearly perfect
by Hitmeonemoretime on 2020/06/24 06:16
So adding artists to previous stations is possible now, just tapping/holding the existing station. Wonderful. Although there isn’t a way to select/combine all stations, it is sufficient the way it is now. I think a last missing feature is an off timer so people can listen to music for 20 or “x” minutes and then it automatically stops. Useful for listening before sleeping, pandora has this setting.
Great but one thing
by Dylpickle5489 on 2019/06/10 04:27
Honestly I love this idea and I always tried to use stations in the app but it wasn’t the best. Now that there is a whole dedicated app to it it works much better and helps me find new music much easier. One thing tho is that there should be an a button to where if you like the song it automatically adds it to your music library that way you don’t have to switch between apps. Other than that is great!
Love it. Needs a lot of work
by Tommy Becks on 2019/06/27 03:15
I love the whole entire concept, especially just making a station and then just playing. Nothing else. Just pure music. The songs rotate lovely. The problem that I have is the quality of the songs are just so poor. They must be coming through at 128 kb because it is terrible. Also, it is just really laggy and buggy which I am sure it will be fixed in the future. I look forward to a lot of improvements. Very promising app
Love with a couple minor fixes
by Moondogrison on 2019/06/06 14:46
Love this new stations app. So easy to use. Only a couple of changes I would like to see. I would like to be able to sort my stations. And I would like to toggle between stations without it auto changing. I would like to have to make it play or leave current one on. Along with that I would like to be able to add/remove artist without it switching to that station when I am done.
Missing some key features
by Tyry685378745 on 2020/02/28 16:54
Sometimes I am not able to like a song and I would like the ability to go back and rate previous songs. Also where the heck is Google chromecast support. Unbelievable it hasn’t been included. Would like to be able to share songs with friends.
Great for discovery
by Mango Birkie on 2019/10/06 15:18
I primarily listen to jazz, and I like listening to artists I’m not familiar with, or who might not be in my personal music collection. This app is great for that. One suggestion for improvement: while the app is integrated with CarPlay now, it rarely can be started from CarPlay if you were using another audio app before you get in the car. You have to use your phone to get out started.
Great app for minimalists and nosurfers!
by Bgr5000 on 2021/04/08 20:06
I’v been trying to eliminate as much distractions out of my life as possible. One of those being how cluttered every music app is. Now it’s not just music. It’s podcasts, books, video, etc. etc. then you make playlist after playlist and search for more and more. This app is great for someone like me.
The best way to listen to music for free
by 👨🏼‍💻ReviewKing on 2019/11/23 02:33
This is by far way way better than any of the other free music apps loaded with ads and with limitations. You can pick all your fav artists and then like the songs you like to form a favorites playlist. The best part is, its free and there no ads! Highly recommend
Not working on iPhone 7 Plus
by maverick79sf on 2019/06/05 11:43
Not sure what the difference is but the app is not working properly on my 7 Plus vs SE. On my SE, everything is perfect, the stations change as I scroll and I can pause at any moment. On my 7 Plus, it’s just the opposite, stations do not change as I scroll, can’t pause the music. Seems kind of odd why the same app would behave so differently on different iPhone models.
Great Concept, a few tweaks needed
by on 2019/06/05 16:05
- Make it easier to add a song to an existing playlist: I barely use the "Likes" feature but always add to my main playlist - More moods: morning, angry, roadtrip, sexytime, etc. - reorganize order of stations - album art is so small :(, holding on it does make it bigger but seems not ideal - option to preload a few stations for a few hours of offline use
Randomly stopping
by H373738939 on 2020/08/09 03:58
I think this app is really cool and I was super excited to use it, but I had an issue with the app that starting to really get on my nerves. Whenever my phone locks the song no longer plays. I would have to go back to the app and start the song again, it would also start from the beginning. It did the same thing whenever I go on to another app. The song plays for a bit then stops after sometime. It’s really annoying.
Great App but needs Refinement
by dockaiz on 2019/09/23 23:09
1. The list of songs should be made available, with our being able to Blacklist songs so that they they do not play. Alternatively we can select our favourite songs which would only play. 2. If an artiste is associated with more than one language, one should be able to select which ones. For that, it would be best if the song is given an indication of the language. 3. When playing that music, one should be able to select more than one artiste and music should be shuffled from the selected. 4. The order of artistes is how you add them. One should be able to reorder them at any time. This is such a great app that people would be willing to pay a small sum with the refinements suggested.
Kinda works
by Dannymq on 2019/06/11 00:21
Mostly works like pandora but the music selected for a station is not as good as pandora. But the biggest problem for me is that it doesn’t work well with Apple CarPlay. The app doesn’t appear on the CarPlay UI, the only way to open it is to either open the app in the phone or click on now playing which requires you to go home first and then click now playing which is too many clicks for CarPlay
Awesome App
by Kvharder on 2019/06/05 08:58
My experience with Stations has been great. As a long time Pandora user, Stations does a lot of things right. The UI is clean and efficient. It doesn’t have bloat and is quick and snappy. Creating custom stations is a pleasant process. Please develop CarPlay functionality so I can continue the experience in the car.
Great curated music app!
by scard116 on 2019/08/22 01:13
I really like this. It works the way Pandora used to. One suggestion is that I'd like to be able to thumbs up/down music for the station I'm currently listening to. Maybe I don't dislike a song, it just doesn't fit on my "workout" station, for example.
by DADDYDUNCAN69.COM/URMOM on 2020/07/14 21:34
Was taking one of the biggest poo’s in the world and was bumping this app, even after my poo, I stayed in the restroom listening to music because song after song was straight fuego. Definitely recommend when you’re on the toilet.
Great app except for one thing
by Jo Rd An O. on 2019/12/25 20:24
The setting for a specific stations where you can set it to play similar artists or not just doesn’t work for me. I have a station for one artist that I want only to play that artist, but it doesn’t matter which way I set the switch, it always ends up playing stuff by other artists
I love this app when it actually works
by ryanneod on 2021/04/14 02:50
This app works great and plays great music playlists. however it’s super frustrating that every single time I go to open the app, I’ve been logged out and it’s forgotten my login information (multiple times in the same day in some instances). For this reason I end up using other apps instead to play music because this one is such a pain in the neck to get into each time.
Cool, but...
by Emerald Lioness on 2020/01/19 22:52
Look if you like radio this is for you. I’ve added an unknown artist station then added artists from major labels, like Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur. Now when I listen to the station( even named after him) all I get is major label artists. I want to listen to the artist i made the station around; not only artists that he’s similar too. I’ve gone through 50 songs now and hasn’t popped up once. It feels like top 40 radio that strangles out indie artists. Boring.
One thing
by Giorgio Franzi on 2019/06/08 17:10
If there was a way to add music from the radio to a playlist that would be very nice. Then when you go to the music app you can listen to the songs you liked from the station. Using this app to help me discover new music and artists would be much easier with a feature like that!
Love the app, few issues
by ByronWright on 2019/11/17 02:31
Overall the app is amazing. Would love to have to ability to sort my stations alphabetically. Also would love the ability to change the quality of the songs streaming. Other than those 2 things I think the app is amazing. Keep up the great work.
Idea for improvement
by Westheswitchfootfan on 2020/04/19 19:41
The next update should offer the ability to change the order of stations. I would like to put my favorites at the top or perhaps organize by genre. Thanks
by lonelycricket on 2020/07/17 18:25
The app is ok, but the ads are much longer than Pandora. Also, adding artists to a station is cumbersome. For example, I search for an artist and add them then click a couple other suggested ones. Then when I search and add another one to the same station, it bumps most of the others I already chose out and I have to add them again.
by Mari &Jonnie on 2019/10/10 22:46
I will be honest,it took me a while 🤔to sign up to this music 🎶 app but when I kept observing🧐 it and of course my daughter bugging me 🙄to change music 🎼 app it’s simply is an awesome 😎 site!!! I just love the music 🎼 how it blends in some songz I haven’t heard in so long!!! Thanx alot*SPOTIFY*
Amazing except for one thing...
by Mr.Panda.05 on 2019/06/11 17:22
Overall this is a really great app and I’ve found so much good music with it in a short amount of time. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to reorder the stations. Other than that it’s really good.
Nice functionality
by TBristle12 on 2020/07/19 01:28
Big fan of being able to make stations of my favorite artists. Wish we could add a couple more artists before reaching the maximum, but overall it’s pretty solid.
Love this app
by marc.cardwell on 2020/04/21 16:01
It’s so simple and visually pleasing. I find the full spot app too much visual noise. My only qualm is on an iPad, the UI is one direction only, vertical. Ok, one other qualm, the spot commercials: i know you have to have them, but make some new ones. That cassette / 8-track one, oy.
How many time I need to vote down a song
by karenyng on 2020/03/12 05:22
If I vote down a song in the radio I expect that particular song and similar songs not to appear again in my version of the radio. That is not the case
Love it
by Chrisbrownosu on 2019/06/08 12:32
Love the user interface. Been waiting a long time for something like this. So far liking it more than Pandora. Can’t wait for it to get full voice integration with Alexa (and maybe one day Siri god willing)
signs me out constantly
by Honkycatt on 2020/10/12 13:04
I like the app for having “channels“ to just listen to a style of music, but the fact that it constantly signs me out is very frustrating. I’ve started using its competitors (like Pandora) because when I choose Pandora in my CarPlay, it actually plays and doesn’t require me to login. Every. Time.
Amazing app with some customization.
by GAMER4738 on 2021/02/08 18:55
Amazing app with some customization. As I said. I wish you could also rename the pre-made stations in your inbox. I also would like to add at least 20 bands, or even unlimited artists. But other than that, this is an awesome app.
Needs a lot of work
by Loke2112 on 2019/06/18 14:47
As another review pointed out thumbs up shouldn’t add to library. It gets stuck a lot and I have to log in again. Really needs a desktop version so we can listen on multiple speaker sets. Happy they finally addressed radio issues after a decade but it still seems halfway done.
Stations are great love it
by dtiger17 on 2019/06/16 04:53
The stations will let you pick your own there is all kind of music in order awesome 😎. Can this be ad free and played offline for free with no lacks I really want to enjoy every music I have here please.
Back button
by HfeoVzla on 2020/02/27 15:36
I love my favorite playlist option. Works great creating playlists based on favorite bands however, I wish it had a back button.
Great choice of music. Don’t need any other app.
by Brock dizzle on 2019/09/06 02:51
I use it for work and I don’t get distracted from any ads or random changes in music themes. The music is great for background and helps me stay focused throughout the day.
CarPlay is an afterthought
by Apaulo11 on 2019/08/18 20:28
It doesn’t appear in CarPlay‘s app switcher, album artwork in the list view doesn’t load (happens when I have strong internet connection), I consistently have to tap a station more than once for it to play and when it does start to play I get a nondescript error message on my CarPlay screen, and the “now playing” just doesn’t show at all.
Good radio
by emoclout on 2020/07/06 12:42
I love this app! I was able to link my accounts so I already some stations that I loved. One thing though, if you could add an explicit content filter that would be great.
So smart, so simple
by BUCKETHEAD 153664 on 2020/07/16 17:46
In terms of a free music streaming service, Stations is actually a nice choice. Good sound quality, easy one button play and fully customizable stations. I really hope for a bigger album art presentation besides the lively beautiful colors.
It’s okay
by Rhiri121 on 2020/08/03 07:16
The music plays great and everything but when I play a song for a bit it pauses and takes me out of the app and then I get back on and it plays it from the start again but plays it just for a few more seconds less.
Good but...
by MaggieG64 on 2019/11/18 19:19
Good Pandora-killing app, but I’m not getting the function of the “include similar artists” button. I assumed that meant you can get the station to either play only that artist or to include similar artists. The station plays the same whether I have that button toggled off or in. Puzzling.
by foodfair on 2019/09/23 20:20
I love it but I use to be able to listen to it without being connected to the internet or WiFI that needs to be fixed because I not been able to have to listen to it without being connected to the internet or WIFI but love having if they can fixes it to where I can listen to it without being connected to the internet or WIFI . #YouAreworthit.
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