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Milkshake — website builder
Make instantly! Milkshake websites are super easy to make and update anytime. No desktops, design or website building skills needed. All you need is your iPhone and the Milkshake app. 1. Pick a card Cards are the pages of your Milkshake website. You can swipe between each card like an Instagram Story. Each card has unique features for what you want to say, sell or share. 2. Add your content Personalize each card with your text, images, GIFs, YouTube videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, contact details, promotions, links and more! 3. Shake up your look ‘Shake it up’ to choose the best look for your card. Customize looks with brand colors, fonts, logos and images. All look designs are beautiful, professional and mobile responsive. 4. Publish and share Once you’ve made your Milkshake website, publish it online for FREE. Then add your ‘link in bio’ to all social profiles, including: Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. Plus anywhere else you want to connect your followers to your shiny new Milkshake website - easy! Whether you're a beginner or a website pro, you can have your Milkshake website online in minutes! Create your online brand and grow your business on the go with the Milkshake website builder. Love stats? Keep an eye on the performance of your Milkshake website with Insights. Track the analytics of card views and link clicks to optimize your Milkshake website - for free! A Milkshake website can be your only website or the connection to your existing website. It’s the easiest way for your followers to access all you offer from your ‘link in bio’. Use a Milkshake website to... - Introduce yourself and what makes you amazing - Share your services, products, passion projects, promotions, testimonials & social profiles - Keep followers up to date on your latest blog posts, podcast episodes, ebooks & resources - Promote your YouTube videos and channel to turn your followers into subscribers - Recommend your top picks, fave buys, must-dos & must-haves - Highlight your latest and greatest work - Receive new bookings and clients - Launch your new business venture + more coming your way! Share a Milkshake website on... - Social networks, including: Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch, Tumblr, WhatsApp and WeChat - Business Cards, Email Signatures, Brochures, Posters, Online Profiles and Listings - Portfolio Sites, Resumes and Media Kits + anywhere your followers and customers want to learn more about you! Time to show the world what you’re made of. Aaaand go!
Love this app!!
by Blessedashleyelizabeth on 2021/11/22 03:59
This app is so so so much fun & easy to use!! All my info is easy to find through one simple link in my bio! I also love how stinkin cute & professional the styles & backgrounds are! 😍
by krissig7 on 2021/11/20 15:04
I love the simplicity and easy advertising that comes with it! Awsome app indeed
by AmateurHourFish on 2021/11/18 00:50
This app is fantastic to make up a quick website(or a more elaborate one) It is so easy to use. Definitely one to check out!!!!
Quick and Easy
by CVRoberts on 2021/11/14 23:37
If you’re a lazy person like me, then the idea of making a website probably sounds like a lot of work. However, with this app you’re provided with ideas and inspiration to improve your marketing skills. My favorite thing about this, is that it gives you an outline to follow and it takes no time at all to figure out how everything works. Definitely worth the download😊
by listwithlisa_ on 2021/11/14 23:33
This app is incredible! I am still in awe it’s free. Literally the best, and super easy to use
Small changes
by Acfjejsjfbrktrjejdjr on 2021/11/12 05:50
I love it but I wish you could have separators on a page so you could organize more so it’s not all one big list of links . I would love to breakdown my page into resources , ambassador codes , and featured products. Also wish I could add more social media links at the bottom . It sets a limit .
Had me with their designs
by lpoibgghjb on 2021/11/11 21:56
I never write app reviews, but this one definitely Took the cake! It’s so easy to use and the graphics and designs are amazing!!!
Amazing app
by nipcream on 2021/11/11 12:05
They made web designing super easy. I made 2 pages in 5 minutes. I love it. Definitely recommend.
Amazing and so easy!
by DrAMBN on 2021/11/11 02:58
I love this app! It is perfect for IG and so easy to set up. I love the options and you can create everything you need right from your phone. Highly recommend.
I love milkshakes website
by Helpsavekmeababies on 2021/11/10 20:04
I just started today it will be great support if you share wat I tag on your instagram page to support for my children
Simplicity & Beauty
by qtestboricua on 2021/11/08 23:07
I couldn’t get over how simple it was to set mine up. And now all that I can hear when I see my little masterpiece is “my milkshake brings all the sales to the yard.”
Cockblocked by connectivity issues
by Saelin91 on 2021/11/08 18:23
Trying to sign up with my Apple ID gave me error after error claiming I had no internet connection though at the time I was connected to WiFi and was in 5G service area. Uninstalled, app bricked itself.
Wonder tool!
by DLTalbot on 2021/11/08 04:14
This is wonderful tool for any business. Thank you for making the website so easy.
by nilly87654 on 2021/11/06 13:05
Milkshake is literally awesome. I created a website in less then five minutes and I am already getting compliments for how cute it looks! It is helping me feature my products in a much more organized way and I love the templates they have! Make sure to download this one you won’t want to miss it
Super Impressed
by ChanelLeshay on 2021/10/31 04:05
I was originally going to pay the yearly fee for another popular bio site. Boy am I glad I found milkshake!!!! The fact that it’s free or $3 a month is insane to me! And it offers so many great designs for your bio site! I’m hooked! Lovely app!
The best
by LKimb on 2021/10/28 03:01
Milkshake is so cute and easy to use! Really love the fun images and way they design things! So good
by Faildfetus on 2021/10/27 04:45
Milkshake is great for anyone needing a small site! Especially if you're not design savvy or just need something fast! The paid option simply removes their promo page although its not obstructive or anything annoying. Milkshake also has a link insight feature for those looking to track that information. Truly amazing!
Easy to use for newbies like myself
by productglory on 2021/10/27 02:55
I was relieved with the ease of use and how quickly I was able to create something I was thrilled about!
I love milkshake!!
by Self-Care Saturday on 2021/10/26 01:28
I love milkshake because it’s the perfect website for my podcast! I can put the links on one page and then have an about page! It’s super awesome and it was the right choice to download this! <33
Love it!
by -ch3rr1el4- on 2021/10/25 02:44
I love milkshake I always wanted to make a website so this is a big help!
Easy to use!
by BriaunaaNicolee on 2021/10/20 02:34
I love this for my Instagram, it allows my followers to have easy access to codes brands give me! It’s chic and modern layouts are attention grabbing! Super great!
Set up two different sites
by cclecl68 on 2021/10/17 09:57
How can I set up two different companies. I really like the ease of this app. However, I need two of them lol. Thanks SML
Easy button!
by Stephintohappiness on 2021/10/15 20:53
This tool is so great! I appreciate how simple the app is to create such a professional and polished looking product. This made it quick and easy to start sharing my brand and content quickly. I am not a super tech savvy entrepreneur so I love the layout and suggestions made during this process.
by xbcjvmhkgirydydifjfjchddjvk on 2021/10/15 01:48
Welp it’s ok but I just don’t know how to sell my slimes🙁
Clean, Effortless & Professional
by Ineka00 on 2021/10/14 10:27
I LOVE the Milkshake app!!! It is user friendly and my website looks so clean, professional, and stylish! I dropped Linktree REAL quick!!! Milkshake is everything!!!! I highly recommend it!!!!
❤️ Easy and Pretty!
by cCatKa on 2021/10/13 11:21
It was do easy to start using this app! The templates were great and it was so easy to set up! I can't wait to add more pages!
by PaiPaiisGay on 2021/10/11 13:50
The covers are odd but over all great app
Love this app!
by Mstephens79 on 2021/10/11 00:15
Check out mine at @drmaggiestephens - love how it came together and was super easy to use!
So easy and so pretty!
by jellybean_33 on 2021/10/09 13:20
I saw this on a fellow business owners page and I was like omg I have to look and see what that is! It’s so easy to use and you don’t have to have master editing skills. Perfect to display your links, add an about me page, and more little trinkets of fun to get out there on social media. Love it! Thank you milkshake!
Pretty darn good
by ChristopherCameron on 2021/10/07 17:37
Offers a lot of customization for a free app.
Great app
by desertsnow555 on 2021/10/07 13:09
Simple but great. Good alternative to other similar service 👌🏻
Great App!!!
by fitjunky2014 on 2021/10/07 12:45
It was extremely user-friendly. The options are limitless for making templates your own creation. I've previously had a website, and for my business, Milkshake is way better to engage my clients.
Very easy to use, great designs
by Waterpaperink on 2021/10/07 11:43
Finally, a way to organize my links for Instagram that looks great, and is easy to edit and update. I’m also grateful Milkshake doesn’t force me to pay just to get a decent looking link name. Would recommend!
So fun!
by AshleaC on 2021/10/07 10:11
Milkshake is so much fun and easy to use! They have the cutest designs that keep me going back to switch up my website! 😃
Love this app!!
by Jmillie3556 on 2021/10/04 02:21
I am so glad a friend recommended this app to me! It’s free with so many templates and you can add unlimited links! I definitely recommend this now to all of my friends!
by on 2021/10/01 03:42
I liked the app, but found it somewhat difficult to figure out. Once i did figure out how to use some of the features i needed it was great. I think they should try to tweek their instructions so people can navigate the app a bit better.
Love this app!
by jessicalynn94 on 2021/09/30 01:26
Love the content in this app and that you can design your site the way you want too! I highly recommend. 🙌🏻
Extremely user friendly
by Blind_momofboys on 2021/09/28 00:46
I needed to make a page for companies I work for and this has been the easiest to do. Not many sites are blind or visually impaired friendly but this app is!! THANK YOU! @blind_momofboys
Great app
by Pauwee on 2021/09/27 14:30
Milkshake allowed me to build a website in minutes for free
Love it!
by WarriorPrincess90 on 2021/09/27 01:20
I have zero regrets. The presets make it so easy to use and switch up styles. 10/10
Wish I found this sooner!
by Poor Customer Service! on 2021/09/23 13:13
Milkshake is awesome! Best landing page app I’ve ever used. To be able to create great quality without having to pay for a subscription is awesome. Very user friendly and shareable too. This has helped me showcase my podcast in a creative way and bring in new listeners. :)
Simply amazing 🤩
by earth01 on 2021/09/22 23:09
I love this for my #SnapBackToLife vegan 🌱 Brain Juice “It’s amazing” how simple and friendly the day is with this technology. Thank you for Shaking me up a Great SHAKE!
by conqt on 2021/09/20 22:57
this very cool, 5 stars 👍🏽
I am a CEO and milkshake is the ONLY website I use
by Meg DLC on 2021/09/20 13:31
Milkshake allows me to highlight and house the most important and money making aspects of my business, my podcast, offers and landing pages. I canceled my GoDaddy Website and house everything on my milkshake IG website. This way, I can direct traffic to my social pages (hooray for exposure) AND since my clients find me through social outlets, there lies my website! No extra tabs to open, nothing to remember, no bookmarks needed. I love this!!!
Love it!
by irenwang on 2021/09/16 23:58
So easy to work it. Has so many different layout and aesthetic, you can definitely find something that suited YOU! Finding this app was a true blessing for me and my business. Follow me on instagram to see: @irenn.w ❤️
Fantastic Fun!
by 4thaLuv on 2021/09/16 02:05
I love this app! I tell all my clients(even if they have a traditional site) to get a Milkshake account. It’s so easy & fun, the ease of creating each page takes little to no time(if your content is readily planned out). I also love that you can share different pics & links, make the pages colorful or not. It’s the best part’s of a newsletter, blog & site put together.. ”All FOR FREE”! Another highlight, there’s an option to see insights of how manly people visit or clinked on your links. Valuable data you can use to build your brand. It’s such a win win! If you’re a creative, artist, business owner, entrepreneur or just looking for the perfect alternative to a website, this is the app for you!
by mships on 2021/09/15 22:54
Basically, it’s a free, easy to use template-based website creator. If you want to pay a minimum fee, you can erase their card which is the last one in whatever site you build. Then it can look like a professional website. The app is structured in cards, by creating a card you create a webpage and the templates give impressively efficient functionality for the effort it requires. The app provides several templates and is a very clever way to structure the ability to create very useful websites. It’s easy for beginners and I really like it and recommended it.
by anpelj on 2021/09/12 12:26
The Muzik Lounge
by Cashup_KENN on 2021/09/11 23:36
This app is Great!!!!!
Love the app
by Lovelyreading11135 on 2021/09/11 15:32
I love this app. It is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and quick. My onky request is that it adds a duplicate page option so that it’s easier to build of pages that already exist instead of having to start from scratch each time
Easy and awesome
by isantos567892 on 2021/09/10 17:13
Love this app and feature ❤️
by Margaritapretiosa on 2021/09/09 01:29
Super experience with the app. I love it so far! 🥂
Easy to use and looks great
by lizzz712 on 2021/09/06 02:14
Definitely a great and easy way to build a website with multiple pages for my Instagram bio! I love how there are so many different customizations. Definitely would recommend!
Amazing, easy, smart.
by Katieanneberbarn on 2021/09/06 01:59
Love everything about this app. They’ve made looking professional accessible to anyone. Truly appreciate their customer service as well.
Love it!
by London Nikkole on 2021/09/03 01:36
Milkshake is super cool.. it allows you to create a mini website for your customers or clients to East access to any information you’re trying to get across. Not to mention, the edits that you can apply to your cards are lovely…
by TheHoneyCollectionLLC on 2021/09/03 01:35
Very user friendly!!
Great app!
by jessica e g on 2021/09/01 04:58
Easy to use and makes my link look more put together. Looking forward to adding more to my website.
by Nalahjslife on 2021/08/31 01:03
So far so good! I love the flexibility of the app. I love how easy it is to add your information and personalize it anyway you want for the most part. I’m going to use this app some more and I’ll have more feedback. Definitely great for your businesses!
Love it! So cute!!
by MaryRose Vega Photography on 2021/08/30 01:21
Love this app! It was so easy to create and had more options and room for creativity! I selected from templates that spoke more to my brand and was just more appealing overall! Been raving about it to my other IG biz owners! Highly recommend!
Great place to springboard your creativity.
by sykopenguin on 2021/08/30 01:21
Simple setup with room for fancier builds allow for plenty of room to put together your site at your pace. I’m really enjoying how the app has helped me make room for building up all of the stuff I want to share.
Fantastic App
by DarkMoonWrites on 2021/08/30 01:19
This app is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. And the end result is amazing! I am very happy with this app.
Business Website of my Dreams
by bethany lynn crandall on 2021/08/30 01:16
80% of my work is on my phone - and I’m so tired of little linktrees that are helpful but don’t match my brand. Milkshake is more user friendly and cohesive than anything else I’ve tried. AND IT LOOKS LIKE ME
User friendly
by MerkerH on 2021/08/26 12:25
Love this app. Love how user friendly set was. Having design options is a big win! I’ve already shared with all my friends.
Love this app!
by hotgirlmala on 2021/08/26 07:41
Honestly what would I do without this genius app !! I love the fact that there flexibility, there’s so much organized content. It’s also easy to maintain and edit content .
Amazing app
by liluzival on 2021/08/23 03:18
Easy to use and works great
Some Issues
by Ari Xu on 2021/08/16 03:01
So I was trying to make a larger website, and none of it was loading properly and it kept crashing... I spent a lot of time working on it and now I just am disappointed.
by Hbombbbcity on 2021/08/16 02:40
Super easy to use! Milkshake has so many cute trendy designs to choose from that you can customize and make your own. I love that I can now have all my links for easy access on one site. Makes business easy 🙌🏼
by pizzahottie on 2021/08/14 19:06
Love this app it’s way nicer looking than all the other links I’ve tried
Love it
by Glitzysoul209 on 2021/08/13 01:17
This website app was so easy to use and fun to work with. It has so many features and I was able to create something that is eye catching and allows customers to navigate through.. I’d give 10 stars if I could.
Extremely Happy
by jfrhdehder.kusnlfiufhfuchrujf on 2021/08/11 16:08
I’m back in the real world working again and 100% of my engagement comes from clients checking me out online. This app helped create an awesome website that was soooo easy and had really great customization.
Super!!! But...
by MK_EllieC on 2021/08/10 15:26
I love this app so much and it’s totally changed how I get leads and insights to how many clicks and views happen. I really wish I could edit things around on a desktop though. Otherwise, I love this app.
Amazing App!!
by Emlepe on 2021/08/09 02:28
I love this App Milk-shake to build a website specially for the beginners. The app is very simple & easy to use, explain to you every single detail & what is the coolest that it’s Free ☺️!!! I will highly recommend this app !!!
Perfect and easy Insta website
by ThatDoodleChewie on 2021/08/06 12:02
Fun and easy designs to work with and fully able to custom design. We will be recommending to our Insta friends!
Simple and so easy to use!
by Diaryofaworkfromhomemom on 2021/08/05 23:46
Love this app! So many options and so easy to use! Will be recommending
So helpful
by scoutpup21 on 2021/08/05 07:24
This website put all my links in one spot and it was so easy to create!!
Best app for business
by Argen94 on 2021/08/05 03:46
This app is so good to promote your business. Amazing to add photos and your own personal bio
Love this app!!
by Mrs. Penley on 2021/08/05 02:42
Love how it streamlines everything for all of my followers & customers! I can add all the info I need to share in one place!!
Good, but PLEASE let us edit online!
by KiraKiraKira123123123 on 2021/07/30 16:33
The entire concept of Milkshake is great, but I need it to be editable online for people like me who can't stand writing long copy in my cell phone. I'm copy and pasting from my notes app, and it's super annoying. PLEASE make this accessible for people to edit online! This would be so much easier!
by livmariec on 2021/07/29 14:04
The best alternative to link tree ever! I wanted my link website to fit with my brand and this app allowed me to do that perfectly! I was able to match my font and brand colors without an issue. I absolutely love this app and seriously recommend it to anyone who would like a clean professional looking link website that you don’t necessarily have to pay for. Thank you for creating such an amazing app/ Program!
Absolutely love it!!
by MTN97 on 2021/07/29 00:50
When you first open then app the templates are incredible!! But as you dig into the customizations your creativity can go wild!! Play around, have fun, and don’t feel limited by the template, anything is possible!!! Go have fun it’s awesome!!
Best website builder!
by Rochelle87 on 2021/07/28 20:05
I love how easy it is to build your website. Thank you!
Easy to use
by Cstark78 on 2021/07/28 06:03
This is a great way to make an easy landing site for all of your info. The only complaint I have is that you can’t move pictures that you upload or crop them so that they fit correctly.
Great product
by ChristieMarieMurphy on 2021/07/27 13:53
Loving all the options and the ability to have multiple pages! Gorgeous templates
Total upgrade!
by Emilyj22 on 2021/07/26 23:55
This app was recommended to me by my social media manger and I’m SO glad she did! My link page from my Instagram which is where all my business is driven from is completely upgraded now - can’t believe I went this long without this app!!
Ahead of its Time!
by amarimarie1234567789 on 2021/07/25 23:00
For starters , I love milkshake so far. I am a mom and creative that wears many hats and it can be exhausting sharing everything in pertains to my businesses, services and personal life across platforms . Funneling can be tricky. This here app makes funneling easier . I have looked at other apps that are similar in what they offer (linktree) but milkshake takes the cake! Aesthetics are so important to me and milkshake allows a great EXPERIENCE for potential clients and customers . I get to be personable as well! I love it. It’s also way too easy to navigate lol! Like way easy. The only thing I’d suggest is the option to see other people’s Accounts/sites through the app. That would put IG to shame. Because we’d then have a platform with a lot of business folk and what is offered will be right in your face. Along with an about me about the owner (hire me if you love my idea lol!) Anyway , I wish there was just an easier way to build a community within the milkshake app. Or FOLLOW people’s milkshake accounts to keep up with their business that way you’re not really forced to click the link in their bio but can access it from the app. The “link in bio” can be for consumers . This is an Easier way to convert people because everything you do is (or should be) in one space. . Follow me and download milkshake! This is not sponsored at all lol XOXO @ akandyy ❤️
Great app
by Rubierenee on 2021/07/23 02:55
1. Easy to set up 2. Easy to navigate 3. Beautiful page options
so easy to make beautiful “link in bios”😍
by xansibley on 2021/07/22 13:00
it only took 20-25 minutes to make a website to link in my bio on insta that was far more beautiful than any other platform I’d used in the past. and feels much more personal too!
Milkshake review
by jgjieoebsosie on 2021/07/19 02:06
I rate this app 6 stars out of 5 stars, it's that amazing! A little confusing at 1st but then I got the hang of it right away and it's so easy! I love milkshake so much! I use it for my dogs Instagram @jakethedoxiepoo it's in my bio and you should check it out to see what it looks like! :)
The best and simplest website builder app out there!!
by IAmGuadalupeBatana on 2021/07/18 03:04
I love that milkshake does not clutter their app with adds, nor annoying pop ups that offer exclusive feature offers. Literally EVERY templete and customization feature on the app is free to use. It is a dream come true!! They offer a good variety as well, so most users will be happy with their pages! Yet, there is a subscription but that is simply just to remove the milkshake card from your website. Nothing mandatory nor annoying, but an option if wanted. As a free website builder app, Milkshake deserves more than 5 stars! Thank you developers :)
So super easy!
by mlmccreery on 2021/07/15 04:21
I’m not tech savvy but this was simple!!!
Love it!
by Sharon Beedle on 2021/07/15 01:34
Have nothing bad to say!! Love that everything is available for all! Only tip: make sure to publish after preview so you don’t lose your work!
by wendyrc72110 on 2021/07/12 12:29
I love this app it’s so easy to work with
by Youngthali on 2021/07/11 17:41
Love love love
I love MilkShake!
by MHolste on 2021/07/09 03:44
So easy to use! Tons of layouts to personalize to your liking! Def a five star all around!!!!
I switched from Linktree to this
by Mssupathrowed on 2021/07/07 14:15
I made the switch and so glad I did! I just love the look and templates way more and I love that you can create landing pages, about pages, event pages, anything you want and super easy to put together! So far I’ve created a link page and will be adding a page for specials and events to make it easy for my followers to connect and see what’s going on! Great app!!!!
nice app
by Alma L Vasquez on 2021/07/07 12:36
I like this app..
Will edit that if we got ipad version
by ÉrÍs on 2021/07/04 00:25
Milkshake is awesome!
by dwhite_ on 2021/07/02 13:31
Love this app! Makes it super easy to share links and websites. The app is very easy to use and share!
Love this app!!
by morganarno on 2021/07/02 01:56
I love how user friendly the app is & how many layouts they offer to really make the space yours!! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to add some extra to your insta!!
Milkshake is Awesome
by #INSULIN4ALL on 2020/04/03 18:37
Milkshake is awesome. It’s a really flexible app and offers great options. Just a couple issues I’ve run into that would be nice to resolve at some point if possible: 1. There seems to be no way to make multiple milkshake pages when you have linked Instagram accounts. You need an entirely different email address for each account otherwise it won’t work, but the irony is, most, if not all people who have multiple IG’s do not maintain them this way. They have 1 account that all their other IG accounts are managed by. — to solve this, it seems like instead of having the URL point to your @ name on IG, a unique URL should be generated for each new Milkshake website that is created. 2. Photo uploads can be frustrating. There is no way to move the photo around or crop the image once it’s uploaded so instead you need to “predict” the aspect ratio of the space allowed for the photo which can be a bit of a pain. This issue seems easy to remedy however inside the UI. 3. Also, not sure if this is an isolated issue, but I tend to find my link breaks off and on and it will say Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram. —— Update — April 3, 2020 You guys listened to the reviews and delivered! Bravo! Cannot emphasis enough how much it makes a difference when devs actually try to meet in the middle on user feedback. Awesome work guys - thank you! 👏🏻
Easy even on a phone
by mammaofboys207 on 2021/06/16 17:15
I use my iPhone Mainely to run my business that I mainly running from home so it’s always in my hand it’s always just there so I needed something that would be easy for me to set up continuously other day and use that would also be fun and modern for other people to connect with and milkshake has been the best thing for me it literally I set it up within an hour I was just customizing all day long making it just how I love but still being able to do all of my other things and still be connected with my life by doing it all on my phone and it still works when I switched my iPad and computer it’s amazing I absolutely love it and I don’t think I’m ever gonna stop and go back to link tree I think I’m finally switched over hope you all can do the same questions thrown my way I’m pretty sure I can help you out love it as much as I do!
by Started using it on 2019/10/26 11:05
Okay, so before this app, I used link tree. It was doll, did not have an app, it was very limited unless you bought the paid version which also lacked any aesthetic. I decided to leave link tree and make my own quick links page directly on my website. It was fine but it still didn’t have that “pull people in” element I was looking for. Then, I saw an ad for milkshake & it changed my life. It had the exact aesthetic that fit my brand colors and labels exactly. It built me a beautifully curated insta website. It invited people in. It is fun to build, go through and makes people want to click the links. I am never going back. MILKSHAKE IS AMAZING. Check it out and you won’t regret it at all!!! It has so many amazing fonts, you can change colors, reorder tabs etc. You need this in your life. Period!
Cannot have multiple accounts
by bwchi85 on 2020/01/16 04:53
This is a great concept, but still some improvements to be made. The most frustrating thing I’ve run in to is not being able to easily create two milkshake sites for two different IG accounts. Just as we can interchange our Instagram accounts, it would be nice to be able to go back and forth between milkshake accounts... or actually be able to have two to begin with. I followed the instructions to logout, then log back in using the second account, however it ALWAYS brings me back to me first instagram account. It NEVER connects me to the second IG account that I am trying to make a milkshake website for. Therefore, I am unable to make a second milkshake website. I hope the developers are working on a way to easily go back and forth between different Instagram accounts and create their respective milkshake websites. Being limited to using one IG account and only making one milkshake website is highly frustrating.
In LOVE with this app!!!
by K.llages on 2020/09/07 18:07
I have seen a handful of Milkshake websites in passing, but never explored the app in depth, so I decided to check it out a couple days ago. I am glad I had the time to download it and then proceed to put together a mini website for my art in record time?! As an artist, making a website has been on my To Do List for a while, but I have felt overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Milkshake makes the process so easy and fun! I love the approachability and user interface. I cannot recommend this app enough. The designs allow for unique customization if you are going for a specific aesthetic. I am excited to continue working on my website and will shout from the rooftops about this app to everyone I know!
Perfect “link in bio” landing page for art people (some stats issues)
by Yukoart on 2020/10/29 15:54
I needed a good “link in bio” landing page, but most of other options are either too dry or focused too much on selling stuff. I just wanted something that look really nice, easy to customize and suitable for art and design people. After some research I found Milkshake and I cannot be happier! I teach seniors in art college and I recommended it to everyone. Definitely best one out there right now. The look and customization front end is 5stars. The only reason I gave 4 stars is that because stats section have some issues. Some days it record stats, some days it doesn’t. I haven’t done anything differently in my end, so it must be some bug... hope you fix it soon. Then you are truly a five star app front and back ends! Thank you!
Super Fun
by LivingWaterCollective on 2020/03/30 00:35
Super easy to navigate. I liked that I could customize the colors and fonts, I just played with it for a while & then got the hang of the platform. I used a Chrome toolbar add-on to pull specific colors out of my brand imaging. I was able to choose those exact colors by typing the #colorname You could keep it really basic and clean tho & that would look great. Not too many themes so I didn’t feel overwhelmed with choices. I noticed a previous comment where someone had difficulty switching between two different IG accounts. I haven’t tried that yet but it would be a bummer if that’s the case because I want to set up a Milkshake account for 4 other IG projects that I’m working on. Hopefully, you create a “Switch Accounts” option that will connect to multiple IG accounts. Thanks !
Just what I needed.
by VivaLasStar on 2019/12/05 00:17
If you’re looking for something user friendly and aesthetic to step up from the basic link tree, this is it. It has fun templates with nice options of customizable fonts and colors. It’s simple if you just need to display your affiliate links but if you really use your imagination and think outside of the box it really has potential to be much more. Fashion and beauty is a fast pace environment and Milkshake makes it easy for my to make changes when I need to without rushing to a computer. I love it! For a free app it’s really everything I could ask for. What I would love to see in the future: a blog card. Something that would let you add multiple photos. Also, maybe an option to use html in places.
by OverTyme Simms on 2020/09/09 12:52
I really enjoy the app I had it on my phone for months scared to use it because it sounding like a lot. If this is you stop, and go do it now! I regret taking so long I have my whole site up in an hour mind you it don’t take that long but when you see mine you will get it. But yes it was super easy to use it’s like linktree but better because you have other sites on it not just websites and they give analytics of clicks and traffic so even when I feel I’m having a bad day I’m tracking them fake fans and friends lol. But for real super fun easy, my favorite feature is the mix it up feature which allows AI to use what I already had and jazz it up. We’ll see for yourself don’t wait!
Fantastic Fun!
by 4thaLuv on 2021/09/16 02:05
I love this app! I tell all my clients(even if they have a traditional site) to get a Milkshake account. It’s so easy & fun, the ease of creating each page takes little to no time(if your content is readily planned out). I also love that you can share different pics & links, make the pages colorful or not. It’s the best part’s of a newsletter, blog & site put together.. ”All FOR FREE”! Another highlight, there’s an option to see insights of how manly people visit or clinked on your links. Valuable data you can use to build your brand. It’s such a win win! If you’re a creative, artist, business owner, entrepreneur or just looking for the perfect alternative to a website, this is the app for you!
Cool concept. Needs work.
by Mike M 222 on 2019/06/11 14:46
I like the idea, and the interface is clean and intuitive. For me there’s not enough customization options yet. The templates are pretty limited at this time. I would be interested in designing additional templates and publishing them to the app through a creator platform. Pain Points: - App would not accept most of the images I tried to upload, maybe because they were 1:1, and there’s no cropping or positioning feature yet. - Could edit text color on Splash card but not the text itself. That does me no good. Need to be able to edit text (and pick fonts) in future iterations. - Color picker feature on text options could use some tool tips or titles. I had to play around with the 3 sliders for a bit before I realized what the bottom 2 did. Also the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 do not indicate what they are for, so I had to adjust colors a few times before I discovered it was outline, heading 1, heading 2, etc. Overall great concept. Not many problems. Currently seems that the target market is female, low-tech. Would love to see an advanced version and more masculine themes. Let me know if you need any other UX insights or testing.
by styledbyempris on 2019/12/30 14:35
I just started using the app and so far, I like it! It’s pretty easy to navigate and the functions are user friendly. I would definitely like more options in terms of templates or even just total freedom with creating your own. But I do like how one template has the option of having your own image in the background, so you really could create your own template in photoshop and add in in that format. I do also wish there were more fonts to choose from but they have a good amount so far to pick. I love how their mission is to help people stick to their brand and better market themselves. Great app, check it out!
The best and simplest website builder app out there!!
by IAmGuadalupeBatana on 2021/07/18 03:04
I love that milkshake does not clutter their app with adds, nor annoying pop ups that offer exclusive feature offers. Literally EVERY templete and customization feature on the app is free to use. It is a dream come true!! They offer a good variety as well, so most users will be happy with their pages! Yet, there is a subscription but that is simply just to remove the milkshake card from your website. Nothing mandatory nor annoying, but an option if wanted. As a free website builder app, Milkshake deserves more than 5 stars! Thank you developers :)
by mships on 2021/09/15 22:54
Basically, it’s a free, easy to use template-based website creator. If you want to pay a minimum fee, you can erase their card which is the last one in whatever site you build. Then it can look like a professional website. The app is structured in cards, by creating a card you create a webpage and the templates give impressively efficient functionality for the effort it requires. The app provides several templates and is a very clever way to structure the ability to create very useful websites. It’s easy for beginners and I really like it and recommended it.
I’ve been waiting for an app like this!!
by Erin Denise on 2019/06/12 03:01
I’ve tried several other website apps targeted at IG users. This one is hands down my favorite! While it sounds like there will continue to be additions to font and templates to use, the ones currently available are fantastic! Easy to create, edit, and share. I think I made my site in under 15 minutes. I recommend getting creative with how you use the templates! Don’t just use for the topic suggested. You’ll find it easier to create a unique layout for your viewers! Thank you for all your hard work on this!
PERFECT for the phone / app-lover
by EB Pangle on 2020/12/20 23:26
I absolutely LOVE Milkshake! It compliments my full website really well and allows me to have a little fun aesthetically. I like that it lets me preview my posts in each of the different card formats before publishing AND (I started doing this once I became a little more advanced with the app) it lets you change the fonts and colors within the preset cards, as well! Great for copying + pasting from the Notes app and pulls photos from other apps easily, too. Also TONS of great email resources once you sign up in their email lists. Great product and company.
Love love LOVE
by Briannaanjelique on 2020/02/08 19:49
I absolutely love how easy it is to set up an account as well as my website!! It makes it such an easier way for my followers on Instagram to get to know who I am and what exactly brought me into the industry that I am in— reading everything all out on my milkshake website. There aren’t a lot of tools to use in order to customize like most websites but I think that’s what makes it a whole lot easier for me!! It’s super simple & beginner friendly for those who don’t want all of the complicated website stuff and just a clean look to showcasing your work.
Easy to use with cute customizable designs!
by leslieslifestyle on 2019/07/22 11:33
I love this app! It makes your Instagram look more professional while allowing you to highlight specific things and change things up easily as needed. I love the themes they have already and can’t wait to see the new ones that are still coming! The only thing I would add for improvement is a link page that is more friendly to people who use linktree or other linking sights. Since I use it I only have one link to share so it makes that page either redundant or a little too empty.
Game Changer For Bloggers and Link Managing
by sngnalng on 2021/04/16 01:08
This app is a new idea for me - using a card system, it definitely takes some learning. But unlike other blog platforms where coding and other things can be a setback for those not familiar with coding, or for who would rather use their time to be more productive, I feel this is a great alternative. it is not difficult at all and I’ve already canceled my other link management app subscription. I did not find a way to link my own domain though which I had hoped would be an option. But still a very positive experience so far and loving the card system!
Love it!
by jvdb91 on 2019/08/29 21:00
I’ve tried every linking service so far- All just provide a links page, I found one that boasted they will create a “webpage” for a premium fee- but they could not provide any examples or reviews for this feature so I didn’t want to pay without seeing what I could expect. Millshake has completely changed the game and given me what I need, and the swipe style of the cards is so good- I have a chance to catch my followers for a quick message before providing them links. This is a serious game changer thank you so much!!!
So aesthetically pleasing ☺️
by dontglowalone on 2019/09/24 03:40
I used another service for a long time and was always dissatisfied with the look of the page (and having to pay for customization really sucked). When I saw other users on insta switching to Milkshake, I had to check it out and I’m so happy I did! The app is incredibly easy to use and intuitive and the templates are beautiful. I love being able to make multiple ‘cards’ for different aspects of my lil site! It’s so pretty and I can’t wait to see what updates and additions will be made in the future 💕
User Friendly & Aesthetically Appealing
by nonotever26 on 2020/09/04 00:49
It only took a few minutes to create my milkshake website. I matched it with my brand colors and added the pages I felt people wanted to see. It was as simple as copying and pasting the links and uploading photos. Now people can view our YT vids without completely leaving IG and they can learn more about us as well as check out more links, whatever we chose to add! I have been telling others about how cool the milkshake app is. I’ve noticed their links have changed 😄
Milkshake brings all the clicks to my yard!
by crystal_harris7 on 2021/04/11 03:38
I had SUCH a problem organizing all of my links, information about me and my foundations, and having a place to keep everything for my audience to select only what they are interested in. Then I heard about Milkshake! This app does all the above and more. I love the customization from color to font. It’s so easy to edit, simply to understand, and easily readable for all audiences! Milkshake Premium takes it up a notch and makes your card look more professional than ever!
FANTASTIC APP!! Where has this been my whole Instagram-life?!
by arapidimagination on 2019/06/12 18:09
THIS is the app we’ve been wanting, waiting, and wishing for! Thank you thank you thank you for this!! I’ve been inspired to bring back my blog from the grave because this makes sharing links, posts, and everything that surrounds that whole process SO MUCH EASIER! I’m so glad I clicked on the advertisement Instagram story when my interest was peaked.... because now my life and Instagram-life has PEAKED. Truly an amazing app and incredible journey I’m beyond thrilled to begin. TEN STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I’m in love 😍
by Nae styles on 2019/12/08 13:35
I’m a hairstylist/entrepreneur and this is the best app ever. I had just recently shut my original website down for a while and was looking for another alternative to put all of my links on one page to make it easier for my clients and potential clients to book an appointment with me and I stumbled across Milkshake and was like, “Oh hell yes!” Everything about this app matches my personality and my business. So with that being said, I’m in love! Thanks Milkshake. It really does bring all the boys to the yard.😏😂😂 Jk! I’m extremely happy! 😁
Great app! But one thing
by Am931 on 2019/07/15 18:58
This app is amazing! I work at a media company with 4-6 Instagram accounts. This app is perfect and makes it 100x easier to post more blogs/articles by allowing me to use active links. The only thing that would make it better was if there was a simpler way to go between each account. Kind of like Instagram does with the drop down arrow on your profile. It waste time to keep entering usernames and passwords. But I love that you can edit the website as we need to do each week. Thanks!
Best Landing Page Ever
by xLexiMarie on 2021/05/23 04:16
I adore this app. There’s so many possibilities on what you can do with it, it’s not just your average “here’s all my links in one place”. It’s a mini website, you can have about sections, link sections, writing & photo sections, etc. There’s a limited amount of themes to choose from BUT you can customize the colors so not having tons of themes isn’t an issue at all. You can create your own unique little site. I made mine in about an hour, super duper easy and fun to play around with.
A to the M to AZING
by Reena 🛺 on 2020/02/16 08:46
No joke. I loved how this app streamlined sooooooo many things for me! I’m a new artist, and have been told so many times to create a website, and I’ve wanted to, but the process can be crazy difficult/time consuming. So I did what many do - put it off. Then I saw an add for milkshake while on ig. Decided to look into some more & was hooked! I loved the formats & the layout. It was easy to upload what I needed, and I enjoyed watching the pages come to life. In the future, I’d love for a tab so that people can see all the “card” options & go directly to the page they want. For now, it has been so nice to use as those who are following my art journey can see everything all at once (if they decide to click through my many cards 🤣) Thanks SO much for this app and all the hard work y’all have put into it! 11/10 would recommend 😜
Best App for Instagram Link Sharing
by Nesuzare on 2020/07/08 02:53
I really like this app, it has really nice templates to work with and is very easy to use. The only thing I wish it had is an option to add multiple photos to 1 card or show a picture of the product for each link you are sharing. Something like Like to Know it where you see the pictures of all the products linked on the post. But im sure that’s something that they will consider adding.....I appreciate that this is a free app too!! ♥️♥️
How cool!!
by stayclassybyjazzy on 2019/07/12 22:21
I heard about this app for the first time through an Instagram account mentioned on someone’s Instagram story and I’m so glad I decided to look more into it. Not only do you get to create a mini website-like page for your Instagram but it’s free too. 🌟 I’m honestly impressed with the templates they have so far and it didn’t even take long to figure out how to use the app and create my own page. If you want to create an aesthetically pleasing page that showcases your work to your followers with ONE LINK, then I say go ahead and try out this app :)
I’m loving this
by bianca eye on 2019/06/12 02:24
I’ve been trying to start a site for months now with no end in sight. I have no coding or website building experience and I was ready to give up. Thankfully I found this app on Instagram and I’m so glad. It’s so user friendly. I put my site up in an hour today. It’s all really clean and customizable. The only thing I’m missing is a sale tab. I’d like to sell things on my site and I’m hoping they add this in the future. Other than that I love it. It was actually really fun setting up.
Thank you guys so much!
by 001Review100! on 2020/11/19 22:30
This website builder is fabulous! I love it! It’s super easy to make and customize everything to your liking and best of all, ITS FREE. Yes! A free web url with your choice of words, a free views counter and more than just a free website! I love this platform! I’m never going to use another one! I have a really neat suggestion though, could you add a feature that lets you have you display your Cards vertically! That would be ideal for me personally, I’m just weird like that. Also (I could just be doubting my own popularity here 😎, but), I’m not sure how accurate the views count is. It might be spot on and I may just be grossing quicker than I expected, but I just wanted to let you guys know. 🥰 But I’m not complaining! I love this app! Thank you guys for letting me use this app to make a wonderful website to express myself on! 🥤💟✌️
Love the idea, but falls short when trying to update
by LancasterMa on 2020/02/22 00:57
I absolutely love the concept and clean interface of the app. It’s easy to set up and takes only minutes to have your pages ready to go! The issue I have is that when I try to add more pages or update the existing ones, it will not update on instagram. I have copied the new link and pasted it into my Instagram bio over 10 times. I started over from scratch several times. Even deleted the app and created a whole new set of pages... it still shows my old slides with outdated information. Love the idea and want it to work so badly!
The one time an Instagram ad was worth it!
by RMM_Reviews on 2019/07/13 14:13
I saw an ad for Milkshake on Instagram, so I decided to try it. They say they’ll continue to add templates, which I’m looking forward to. The ones they have now, though, are great! A couple things I could change: 1. Possibly offering a paid version to get rid of the last Milkshake card. 2. The ability to enter hex numbers to get more exact colors. Otherwise, great app! I’m stoked about it. I’d definitely recommend. It’s a lot more fun than linktree and the like.
So far, I’m loving it!
by Wren Icarus on 2019/06/11 10:28
Just downloaded it after getting the launch email and the app is very beautiful and easy to use! I just started a separate Instagram page for my freelancing and it is a perfect way to introduce myself without lots of clutter. The pages they have are clean and clever! One less thing to worry and and feel really secure in presenting my page. This review is NOT SPONSORED—and if you don’t believe me, check it out yourself. If my opinion changes, I’ll be sure to update! 💖💖💖 Thanks, Milkshake! 🥤
This is the one!
by Jay Cannady on 2020/10/19 21:18
Have you been looking for an easy to use marketing solution for your Instagram account? Well stop, you just found it. I just spent half the day on another drag and drop site and got almost nothing done. I got on Milkshake and went live within an hour. It’s that easy! It looks great, it’s customizable, and super duper user friendly. I’m very happy with it. Now will you please excuse me, my site is done so I have to get started on my content!✌️Milkshake is great.
by Samira Morrar on 2020/06/09 00:11
I couldn’t be happier with switching from linktree to Milkshake! The aesthetic options are diverse for all creators and it gives a feel of a story and feel for who you are and what you do instead of just placing links on your Instagram bio link. Now that we all have an IG home, it’s important for people to FEEL us and who we are ~ Milkshake provides you to tell a story and showcase all your work through a unique style. Thanks so much guys :) I love it!!! Literally best app I’ve ever used and it was SO FUN to create!!!
Milkshake Is Quick and Easy!
by Fab_u on 2020/05/08 19:51
I downloaded Milkshake yesterday and had my Insta Website up and running within 30 minutes. A few awesome things about this app: 1. You can share your Milkshake Insta Website directly to your Instagram stories! 2. Have multiple websites you want to share on instagram? No worries, there is no limit to the number of links you can share. 3. It is customizable with several template options, fonts, color schemes and your own photos, or skip the template all together and create your own. The sky’s the limit! Minor complaint: I realize this was created for Instagram(IG), but since there is an option to share one’s site outside of IG, it would be nice to have one’s personalized images display with the personalized link instead of Milkshake’s image. Thank you developers of Milkshake and Envato!!!
4 Stars Only Because
by MMMICHA77 on 2020/10/12 20:11
I really like this app. It was my very first time using it and it was very easy to setup. I am coming over from Linktree (basic) which served its purposes. It’s a good app too. There are a few things that bug me a bit about this app. I can’t customize the sizing of the letters nor the colors. This maybe user error. If you can, I need instructions. I don’t like the fact that the last card says “create a free website with milkshake” I get that you want to promote the business but it doesn’t look as exclusive as I hoped it would be. Maybe a premium subscription could help folks like me who fuss over things like this to remove that card. With Linktree there is a link that pops up ( if you want it displayed) to bring awareness and support to current causes ( like voting, BlackLivesMatter, etc.) Visitors can choose to visit that link or remove it from their view
by Sarabeth84 on 2020/04/13 23:19
I am someone who knows how to build websites on ALL the platforms. I have been doing it for 10 years. I know exactly where to get all of the best looking themes available. And yet, after years of enjoying building websites, I got super burned out, and I was over it. For my newest launch, I just wanted something super simple - and yet, design is still really important to me too. Enter Milkshake, and my mind has been BLOWN. They have made great design and simplicity possible in a way I never dreamed of. And they thought of everything - stylish font options and being able to customize colors... I crazy crazy love this and I will be using it for a long time to come. Pro Tip: if you want to pair your new great looking mini-site with amazing looking email campaigns, use FloDesk. It’s the Milkshake equivalent of email. You’re welcome.
So glad I found this app!
by Csjohnson21287 on 2021/02/11 05:58
I’m not sure how I haven’t come across Milkshake before...I guess good things come to those who wait. The app is super simple to use and my link in bio is now on brand and gorgeous, with a mini website that’s perfect for linking to a blog, a shop, socials, and letting me showcase some of the items in my shop. Their templates look clean and the designs are on point but also customizable for your brand. LOVE LOVE LOVE this app and have already recommended to others.
Best App for Instagram Bio!
by Lolitsmeli on 2020/03/19 05:08
I really enjoy this app. I love the templates and types of pages you can add. It’s also customizable. I recommend especially if you are an influencer or have a business or brand that you run. One thing I wish it had was the possibility to connect multiple accounts for Instagram and other social media platforms like Facebook Page and twitter. Other then that it’s a great app way better than Link Tree, ContactinBio, and other websites out there!
A Game Changer 💅🏾
by Woman of Rivers on 2019/10/14 18:12
I am a woman who is just getting her “sea legs” being of service through an online platform, instagram. This is not to say I don’t have the skills or knowledge of how to design and publish a website, because i do (bfa in print) this is to say that I was seeking the quickest, most economical, and stylish ways to reach people. Milkshake absolutely checks those boxes for me. Grateful for an app like this that is by women and supports women who are expressing themselves and sharing theirs gifts. Well done 👏🏾
Loving this app
by AnnaReece on 2020/12/07 16:08
I love the creativity and how easy it is to change things up considering one is editing on a mobile device. I had an issue where the insights was not working, and when I reached out to them, they let me know they were working on it, and when it was fixed, they contacted me to let me know. I appreciate this little touch of attention to details. Wonderful product and customer service. I wish it was available on the computer but in due time I hope.
Great oomph for insta page!
by utada hikaru fan! on 2019/12/05 06:37
I recently downloaded the milkshake app from seeing another Instagram account use it and I immediately downloaded it because it seemed fun and cool instead of the boring link tree I was using. I love it because it’s easy to use with fun and creative templates. I especially like the concept because it allows me to not have to make a blog website for my Instagram account. I can’t wait for more card options in the future!
Quick and Easy
by CVRoberts on 2021/11/14 23:37
If you’re a lazy person like me, then the idea of making a website probably sounds like a lot of work. However, with this app you’re provided with ideas and inspiration to improve your marketing skills. My favorite thing about this, is that it gives you an outline to follow and it takes no time at all to figure out how everything works. Definitely worth the download😊
Love it !! 🤍
by c.elainexxx on 2020/08/18 03:00
Okay so you probably won’t believe me but this is the best app by far. I was using link tree before this and it’s not bad but you are very limited in everything. You would have to pay for pro version to customize it. It still looks basic to me. It does not give me that aesthetic feeling like milkshake does. This app is completely free and you can personalize it to your liking. Give it a try! I promise you’ll love it just as much as I do.
I am in love!
by Jen-Turquoise Coffee on 2021/02/01 09:47
Like many other reviews, I was also using LinkTree, because FlowPage let me down so badly. Yet, LinkTree was super dull unless you paid. I know that $7.00 a month is not much, but I’m starting a business and I’m on a very tight budget. A fellow business owner referred me to Milkshake and I’m never going back! I have many ventures, not just my business, and you guys are awesome. Not to mention that your mobile app is top notch! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The key to your Instagram link conversion
by Natalie Rochelle on 2019/06/13 02:03
This is hands down the best link to have for your Instagram of even if you don’t have a website yet! I am a brand strategist and i always stay up to date on ways for my clients and potential customers to buy my products and gain knowledge from me and when i set this link live, i got so many compliments and even booked appointments from the easy navigation and sleek design ! Thank you for this
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