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Hoop - Make new friends
HOW DOES IT WORK? With Hoop, you can make new friends, discover new cultures, grow your Snapchat community, fill your Snap map and much more! How? Super easy: 1. ask the profiles you like for their Snapchat username, 2. get a notification when they accept your request, 3. add them on Snapchat. You can also receive Snapchat username requests KEEP CONTROL Your Snapchat username is private. When a user asks you for it, you can : • accept : we send them your Snapchat username on Hoop, • decline : we don't let them know that you declined COLLECT DIAMONDS You need diamonds to ask for Snapchat usernames, go back to the previous profile and unlock profile’s decorations. To earn diamonds, you can: • share your profile (the reward is doubled on Sundays!) • open Hoop every day • level up (by adding 20 Snapchat friends using Hoop) • watch a video Have fun!
Scammers and prostitutes
by Ghjgyu on 2020/11/30 23:23
All I got. Bombarded by fake accounts and savvy scammers trying to squeeze my information out of me.
by pbritchett on 2020/11/30 18:41
All I get is bots every time I try and get diamonds it says something messes up the app used to be amazing and not have so many bots now it’s broken or something!
Rip off
by trashgames1216 on 2020/11/30 14:36
Either give me my 6k diamonds or give me my money back it’s not that difficult._.
I hate this app
by GameTanx on 2020/11/30 14:02
The app keeps pushing you to rate it like a little girl telling you to follow her new Instagram but she’s made over 20 accounts it’s annoying make it so there is a button so where people can just say I don’t want to review it
by james_vr6 on 2020/11/30 07:19
Only a bunch of girls trying to sell me their nudes or make my pay them to hook up
Doesn’t work
by R.I.P_X on 2020/11/30 01:31
You can’t like anyone and everyone that asks for your snap wants to sell you a premium or have you pay for sex. Also it’s all bots trying to sell that to you
amazing app, but...
by cordelia2005 on 2020/11/30 00:04
the app is great and i met so many new people. i was kind of bummed out when you changed how many pictures we could upload and took away the option for a bio. It isnt sending a good message to accept people for more than their looks. the bio lets people show some of their personality that isnt in photos. Also, out of no where, it wont load any more profiles. i tried logging out and signing back in and also deleting the app and redownloading it but its still doing that. any idea whats going wrong?
Needs a bio again
by liagirlginzo on 2020/11/29 22:48
All we have is name age and what they look like. We don’t know anything about them. This is so boring and we need the bios again so we know who we are talking to.
by DRINA02 on 2020/11/29 20:34
I really like hoop I met so many amazing people around the world the only complaint I have is when I add somebody and it says “oops try again “ if there was a way to message the person and ask them for their snap so you can manually put it in and avoid that error that would be nice.
by Jahzayla on 2020/11/29 20:09
I actually didn't mind this app and thought it was cool to meet new friends but I guess someone reported me or something, even though I didn't break any rules, and now my account banned.
by R3A1_R3V13W on 2020/11/29 17:41
I want to neet people in my state not just across the country.
by maddievonuhl on 2020/11/29 07:54
I can’t ask for anyone’s snap. I would watch ads for gems and then it would say, “Huuh, looks like something went wrong.” I did everything right. It’s not letting me watch ads, collect my daily gift, nothing.
by James Soria on 2020/11/29 07:10
This app is full of scams it seems like 99% of the people here are scammers. Every single one its always about money and fake pictures. This is very un useful app and should be deleted immediately unless its the scammers themselves who created it. Stay away!
by sicknonster117 on 2020/11/29 05:35
This app is FILLED with sex bots who are impersonating little girls who try and make me sign up for their sex programs. I’m sick of it. this is disgusting.
by jskakzkkxk on 2020/11/29 00:49
put the bios back it just seems scary when you dont know anything abt them besides their age and country
by Coolheadgeek on 2020/11/28 20:54
Great app
by Sergio Sigui on 2020/11/28 20:14
There’s a huge issue with horny women bots
by chevyrules2003 on 2020/11/28 14:32
I can’t go a full day without getting spammed with requests from horny women bots it’s annoying but other than that it’s a good app
Please fix the app
by Gabe_jonesboi on 2020/11/28 13:16
I liked hoop before, but now its like only bots that request for my snapchat now.
by brandan44598 on 2020/11/28 09:56
We should have states under our u.s logo to let you know what state they live in so when your 15 you don’t add some person from another state that you’ll never see
stopped working
by bobladish on 2020/11/28 08:07
since the past few days, it’s keeps saying “no new friends to discover” and “looks like something went wrong” please fix that.
I like it.
by 𝚖𝚊𝚍𝚍𝚢𝚢☆ on 2020/11/28 07:18
I like the app how ever i am ugly so no one adds me💀✌️
by Tim Yas on 2020/11/28 07:05
App started out nice and doing Its job but now it’s over run by people who create clearly fake accounts and try to get you to sign up for porn websites. They all use the same pictures and bitmoji. White Female with black hair. I think all this app needs is something more to sign up then just a Snapchat account that way they could actually block out the porn accounts. Genuinely overrun by perverts
Spam and scams all I ever see
by Tim lwig on 2020/11/28 02:37
If it’s not fake accounts it’s hooker heaven
by isabelle_d04 on 2020/11/27 23:35
This is my second time downloading this app, the first time I enjoyed it but I just didn’t use it often. This time I downloaded it and was excited to use it again, until every time I opened the app it said there was an error. Every time I try to collect gems it says there was an error! I really want to use the app, but it needs some improvements.
by whyyoucare314 on 2020/11/27 23:21
Lot of bots or people who want you to click on a link but it works pretty good
Won’t work
by EthanCN on 2020/11/27 23:16
Everytime i try to connect my Snapchat it just brings me back to the connect
by crs2001 on 2020/11/27 19:42
The best
by alsmsmmajskananajwnananwnan on 2020/11/27 18:45
by Madison Jacob on 2020/11/27 18:10
should be able to see the people you added, but nooo
Fun app
by Dugan.Navy on 2020/11/27 12:34
Easy to use
no bio’s
by justinnfennell on 2020/11/27 06:42
it was a good app until they removed bio’s
by 1996mus on 2020/11/27 05:23
Full of sugar daddies and moms, it’s honestly annoying.
by Petes biggest fan on 2020/11/27 05:12
I really wish I could sort people closer to me. Like people just in my state or just within 100 miles or something
by shhdhshshsgs on 2020/11/26 09:09
It was working fine for the longest time then all of a sudden no profiles will load anymore. Idk how to fix it!?!?
by Neroncathal1997 on 2020/11/26 05:37
I paid 0.99 for extra swipes , and constantly I saw people I ALREADY SWIPED RIGHT ON show up ... about 5 guys I saw like 3 or 4 times... totally a waste of swipes and money!
Hookup and premium
by abe16to16 on 2020/11/26 01:39
Not sure if it’s me or my luck but most people I’ve encounter have been looking for hookup or premium. So I wouldn’t recommend unless that’s what your looking for.
Very glitchy
by Im_anxiuos on 2020/11/25 23:01
I always have problems connecting to my Snapchat account and will have to undownload and redownload it over and over.
It’s pretty dope
by :(-): on 2020/11/25 21:31
It’s pretty ya know
by loss69696960 on 2020/11/25 07:16
Best dating app
Tried to advertise my own profile as a potential match.
by Blackflames1 on 2020/11/25 05:42
Some how my own profile super liked me and requested my Snapchat, you can see the problem with that as I can’t match with myself.
by lanajj on 2020/11/25 04:11
There are so many scammers and perverts and fake sugar daddies I do not recommend this app at all just use tinder
Hoop stopped working
by kyle.gunner on 2020/11/24 20:09
My hoop stopped working in the beginning of October and I thought if I deleted the app it would fix it but I still doesn’t work I’m so mad
Need Fixes!
by SaiBoi on 2020/11/24 19:07
Honestly, Only downloaded this app for couple min to test and see if there are any fake profiles/scammers! I can say that it’s definitely ALOT better than the app WINK, but, however, this app still has fake profiles and scammers who’ll do anything to get money out of you. So if you can get rid of that on this app, then it’s going to be good app where normal ppl can fully use to make new friends.
by hashtagfangle on 2020/11/24 04:33
So this app is for 12+ right? So, uh there is a bunch of freaking adults and im 13 i want someone there that is my age or like younger but not a 18+ person :/
love it
by Zacsmith1234 on 2020/11/23 23:41
love this app has helped me gain so many friends
by ANGRY BABY ALPACA on 2020/11/23 05:51
Personally i really like the app, but yall should make a lot more preferences such as age ranges and whether or not we want people near us. I would rather to talk to people close to me instead of thousands of miles away. Another thing yall should do is put bios back because i feel like itd be much safer than just blindly adding someone. Overall i really like the app i just wish we had a few more preferences and bios.
not what it seems
by dark oanda on 2020/11/23 02:40
it’s more like a dating site for 12+
Make it More diverse
by clora azures on 2020/11/22 23:25
Can you make this app more diverse for the Lgbtq+ community? Personally, I'm gender fluid so this is a bit harder for me when having to identify and meet people. Please make the options more diverse for transgender people, nonbinary, and more people😊
Nice app
by crystalnortton on 2020/11/22 21:30
Very good
by ichristiang on 2020/11/22 03:34
put bios back it helps us kinda get to know a person before we start just adding them
by young Torres on 2020/11/22 03:03
Love this app
Anyone else got this problem
by 🤚🦋 on 2020/11/21 21:33
At first I was good then I got banned for no reason I didn’t have anything inappropriate or anything like that and now I can’t get back in
good but
by Leg1tl1t on 2020/11/21 15:45
This is a really good app, but the problem with women who are bots or something and their pictures are usually out of focus and with a white background. i wouldn’t mind seeing there a tab where you can see who you have sent a request to , and having bios back would he awesome !!
My Hoop Account Got Banned for No Reason
by gnicole_ on 2020/11/21 02:45
So I had hoop for a little while, abided the rules and guidelines, and for some reason my account was permanently banned for “sexual activity” when I did nothing of the sort?? Kind of upset because I actually enjoyed that app and made a few long term friends off of it. And I’m not sure how to get my account back/contact someone to help.
by baiabajabahavajahsishaa on 2020/11/21 02:36
i’m confused bc when i try to log in it says i’ve been declined for recent sexual activity??? i haven’t even logged into it before ?
Good but went downhill
by Fiddler dude on 2020/11/21 01:01
I used always get on this app. But I realized that I send in request but they never seem to go through, and the removal of bios kinda stinks. Please listen to your users and update/fix the app.
by Really toley on 2020/11/20 20:59
This app used to be awesome, but recently it has had a lot of problems for me and many others as I understand. The same people you’ve already requested continue to show up, and now my app has said that there are no new people available and to check back later for 4 DAYS consecutively. This is extremely disheartening. I have tried to contact customer support but every time I go through the app, it says that “something went wrong.” I love this app but I’m very close to deleting it if these problems aren’t fixed soon. What’s the point of having an app if you can’t use it for its intended purpose?
by janelelslsl on 2020/11/20 05:53
Love the app. But I don’t like how there’s no bios anymore and how you can only have 3 pictures.
It’s OK I just downloaded I am 12
by IGK_LILPEEP on 2020/11/19 08:41
by Not_sloppy on 2020/11/19 07:32
I met this really wired girl and she had bugs but she’s cute so I kept talking to her and it was the best thing I ever done because she is so amazing and I love her and she’s really cool to get to know. But she’s wired but ummm she teaches me stuff like English and writing stuff like that she really helps out a lot I really found the love of my life 😉
i met my love, like no joke
by Hal3y bear on 2020/11/19 07:19
i met this kid, and he’s like bad at grammar and spelling. And now he can write some stuff i can’t even write.😁👍🏻 #smartboy
by'Parley on 2020/11/19 05:29
Im not the best at pictures but my videos are dope and a lot of other sites like yours have that ability and that’s really the only thing that is lacking and that’s how u would get a 5 star from me.
Not working
by chevyzzzzss on 2020/11/19 03:32
It doesn’t work for me it just says unable to find new friends I’ve tried re downloading it and logging out n back in anyone know how to fix ?
by xxTreasurexx on 2020/11/19 00:32
It was absolutely amazing
by yor good at fornite on 2020/11/18 23:16
it won’t let me get any diamonds. I’ve watched videos, shared it on snapchat, copied the link and shared it and after i do it it just says that there was a error and they could t retrieve the data or somthing. i’ve tried deleting the app, logging out of the app and back in and nothing works..
by Nick015 on 2020/11/18 21:06
V good app
something went wrong
by korbinkay on 2020/11/18 18:56
i like the app but when someone requests my snap and i try to give it to them, it keeps saying something went wrong
Can’t add anymore friends?
by Carson Duncan on 2020/11/18 17:32
I LOVE this app. It has helped me reach and meet so many people, but apparently maybe too many? For the past few months, the app has given me a screen that says I have no more people to add right now, and asks me to “come back later! 😁”. I really want to be able to add people again, and I’ve tried messing around with my preferences but it seems that doesn’t work. There’s no way I could’ve added or denied the ENTIRE app already, is there? Maybe it’s a much smaller app than I thought, or maybe it’s broken for me.
Snooze you lose
by HYP3R_TIG3R on 2020/11/18 00:30
If you accidentally reject someone awhile ago that you really want to talk to someone you can’t search for them on the app, and You have to say bye to them and you can’t even see them again if they don’t have a obvious Snapchat password
by jadyybugg on 2020/11/17 22:38
I have enjoyed the app so far, not come across many creeps or anything. I do think we should be able to input more of a preference on the ages we’re offered though. I’d like to be able to pick only 15-17 as a 16 year old, seeing 13 year olds all the time is kind of annoying
It was ok at first
by Julie💋🗽 on 2020/11/17 21:57
It was an ok app and I added a few people. But my account got suspended for inappropriate activities when I never posted anything remotely sexual and it didn’t give me a probation period. I would understand not being able to use it for a couple days as the first warning but straight off the bat I was banned without knowing what I did wrong. Never gave me a chance to explain myself and I bet they didn’t even investigate the report just straight up banned me.
Women who want you to pay for sex
by raccoon god on 2020/11/17 21:03
This app is filled with nothing but women who want you to pay for sex via Snapchat.
by ZMoo16 on 2020/11/17 20:45
So apparently I’ve discovered every girl in the world on this app...makes sense...why?
by oniiiii🥰 on 2020/11/17 18:43
It doesn’t give me any diamonds or how ever they are called in the app
Fix the app!!
by widnrncbc on 2020/11/17 05:57
I’ve been using this app for some time now and it’s been all good until recently where I can’t even look through profiles, all it says is that there are no new friends at the moment and it’s just been extremely buggy. Please fix this as soon as possible!!
not working.
by Claire monroe. on 2020/11/17 03:51
it sends me notifications but when i click on them, it says i have none.
Chats inside the app plus bios
by niyahholt on 2020/11/17 03:43
I love this app! However I would love it and a lot of other people would like if you guys added the bios back and you were able to chat with the person in the app and see if they added you back on hoop. Kinda like yubo .
pretty good but...
by mistyyleeeee on 2020/11/16 23:08
i wish there was an age preference. i’m 17 and i’m seeing a lot of 14 year olds.
Bunch of scammers
by Dommy73096 on 2020/11/16 20:57
All there is on this app is a bunch of scammers who want your bank account info and pretend like they’re sugar mommas or sugar daddies. It’s so weird and annoying. I’m good on this app. I was contacted by almost 20 scammers asking for my bank info and location. No thanks.
by TIKTOKFAMBOI on 2020/11/16 20:00
actually the best app
by v-egypt on 2020/11/16 12:16
The app is okay. I made a few friends that I actually kept. The downside was it wasn’t really letting me accept or send my snap and it’s just a bunch of older women asking if you wanna be their sugar baby... lastly, it seems that the other users don’t want to make friends around the world and will ask you why you added them lol???
Cool app but...
by Emmajasmine❤️ on 2020/11/16 07:37
I like this app bc in I can meet new friends but it would be a better app if there was an age filter, I wanna know people of my age not 13 years old. If u do this I will put 5 stars
by 200120012001dariafritts on 2020/11/16 06:52
I had to relogin and lost all of my diamonds and I had like 10,000 something gems which is extremely frustrating and I had also just reached level 8😤
by N0aH777 on 2020/11/16 06:33
I like this app but I wish you would put back the bio again. It was more fun that way
No more new friends to discover
by VengefulStrat on 2020/11/16 03:01
Home page is blank and has read “no more new friends to discover” for about 3 days now. Hello?
My Review
by parisallybic on 2020/11/15 22:33
This is an amazing app to meet new friends and people!! :D
by Fransisco Fred on 2020/11/15 15:58
I’ve matched with maybe 2 real people, the rest are just women trying to scam you or just porn sites. Don’t waste your time
by Stdiiaz on 2020/11/15 13:19
Snapchat wants to be Tinder
A review
by iihgsag on 2020/11/15 11:54
The app is great, the problem is the mfs who send nudes.
diamonds and bios
by qalnsjsisjxbdhkakaowhs on 2020/11/15 07:08
i’ve had hoop for a while and there was a short period of time where the diamonds were more and i would like it to be like that again so i could add people without having the fear of running out of diamonds. we also used to be able to have bios and i think that was really good because before adding something you could know what kind of person they are.
Used to be better
by Jakethefakewholovestowake on 2020/11/15 02:30
Half the accounts on here are just fake trying to get you to join scam porn websites, before people could have real bios and you were mostly able to tell who was real and who hasn’t. Unless y’all can get your stuff together I won’t be using this again🤷🏻‍♂️
by frjjejsnenr f jdjdd on 2020/11/14 17:31
My review
by timmys2cool on 2020/11/14 02:44
I jus feel like I shouldn’t have to watch videos or pay for diamonds. Like we should get at least like 4000 diamonds when we start.
No one is popping up
by bambamcam18 on 2020/11/14 01:58
At first the app was great, but then later on the app kept saying that there was no one else to add which I know is not true since I’ve added about 20 people from the app so far. I was also wondering if this was happening to anyone else?
by kingnoel23_ on 2020/11/13 23:57
by kylie gonez on 2020/11/13 23:11
I love this app it’s amazing download it right now
Chat features
by imvuplayer on 2020/11/13 19:33
This app is really good and all but I wish their is a chat feature where you could chat with them before you add them on snap and if you aren’t able to add them because they didn’t put their username right in their account and you really want to add them. I also think that you should have bios back and that you can add more than three pictures on your profile.
It’s ok...
by kdkdkkdkdm on 2020/11/13 18:27
The app is great overall but when you see an picture of an person I would really appreciate it if on the bottom it said what country there in instead of United States 💀 I’ve found some boys and one is from Indiana meanwhile I’m in New York
a crazy love storyyy
by A Reviewer ㅋㅋㅋ on 2020/08/08 23:02
so i got this app when it was around February and there’s a story behind it. i got the app cause it was all over tiktok and my friends had it too. i got the app just for fun and didn’t think anything else would happen. i just got the app to meet new friends but until i met the love of my life. we added each other and we talked every single day. he lives in South Carolina and i live in Missouri. this app is something that i will remember. he asked me out March 5,2020 at around 9:00pm. i wonder what would happen if i didn’t get the app. it would’ve been so different. but im glad i got it. i would definitely download this app cause you never know that you might find your twin flame. i just can’t thank you enough for this app. its crazy how much my life changed. we’ve been dating for five months already :). thank you so so much. take care everyone and i hope you liked my story.
Horribly underdeveloped
by Rjdkcbeksdb on 2020/07/24 00:29
I assume making the app less like a dating app serves fixes to legal problems, but it makes the app much less enjoyable. Features such as having the option to only show people near you, or the ability to have a bio to say something about yourself, would make the app serve it’s purpose to make friends much more efficiently. I also think it’s strange that after I ask to see someone’s snap and they accept the request, which then leads to a notification showing their name and saying to either add they snap or decline, sometimes it doesn’t give me the ability to see more then the persons first picture. I am not mistaken in finding this, and it can be extremely annoying as someone could have something that doesn’t show any Thing about them except for a picture of their face. Making them less recognizable. Please fix this bug, or change it if it is intact a feature. Overall this app is decent at best, and incredibly underdeveloped for its popularity. A side note, I see many profiles advertising a child porn website when I’m scrolling through, and every time I see them I report the account and block it, but the user making these account keeps making them and making your app look pretty bad so I’d think you’d want to do something about it. I’ve been seeing these accounts for as long as I’d have the app, about 2 weeks.
Good at first, but it went downhill
by MyaIsGr8 on 2020/06/03 03:08
I liked hoop at first. I went on it about everyday, until recently it stopped working the way it should. I kept adding people, or requesting for their snap, and it seemed like the request would go through. That’s when I started to notice that I would see the person I attempted to add before come up and be recommended to me again. It became increasingly frustrating, as I was wasting my gems on someone who I had already added once. It it getting to the point that I added the same person about 4 times because I thought the issue was on my end. I have restarted the app numerous times, and, not to say that I am in high demand or anything, have received no requests or snaps at all in the past week. I feel like there would be at least one person. When I tried to contact support through the app, which again was numerous times, I received a banner that said something along the lines of couldn’t be displayed at this time. I even tried to go to their website, and from what I saw, support was only available through email. If this doesn’t work that’s where I will be headed next. I am increasingly frustrated and I am about to delete the app. I don’t want to, especially right now during quarantine because it helped me connect to some very great new internet friends. I hope this will reach someone at hoop so they can fix this for me because the app was great before this started.
A few suggestions:)
by JustACatMom1 on 2020/01/26 05:02
I think the idea of this app is pretty cool, I’ve just joined so I haven’t yet made many friends. I’ve noticed a few issues such as it took a day for me to even see any profiles, my bio doesn’t update when I change it sometimes, and things take very long to update and load. Not a huge deal, everything eventually loads up. I do have a few suggestions on how to improve the app though. I saw in another review that there used to be a search by distance feature, I think that should be brought back so we can find people in our area easier. I also think you guys should add a messaging feature right on the app, so that people can either request to message or request to get their snap. Last suggestion I have is that the profiles should really be checked out before being allowed to post. I’ve seen a large amount of girls using this app to sell explicit pictures, many of these girls under the age of 18. I just don’t think people should be able to use this app to advertise such activities as that is not the intentions of the app. Overall, I’m not too disappointed with this app. Like I said, it could use some improvements. But I’m sure with time things will come together. I think this app has a lot of potential and it’s off to a pretty good start:)
Super slow and unusable
by gitgifhjjgf on 2020/02/11 20:02
This app used to be sooo great and amazing, I don’t know what is causing the slow down it’s so bad the app is unusable, it takes 10-30 minutes to load up a profile.. when you spend your gems on someone it doesn’t go through you have to wait 10-30 minutes and if you close the app you’ll have your gems back as if you never spent them. It’s definitely not my internet I have a 1 gig connection and it’s not my phone I have an X. Look into this please. Update: it’s getting worse and worse I don’t understand why the developers are like this they keep telling us it’s because a lot of people have been using the app lately.. now the app is freezing after a few seconds of opening the app, I think I’m just going to delete this app UPDATE 2: I deleted the app and reinstalled it now everything is working sooo smoothly I also noticed all of my notification history was all gone I easily had over 1,000 notifications and I guess that was the reason for the insane slowdown so if you want to avoid future errors delete those notifications once you add that persons snap.
Good app but a few suggestions
by isi1633 on 2020/08/15 18:10
I’ve been reading the other reviews and from what I’ve gathered, the more updates, the less people liked it. I’m not sure why you would take bios away as it gives people a better understanding on who they’re swiping on. One of the things I enjoyed about Hoop was how I could put multiple pictures to give better insight to who I am, especially since I could do that in a bio. Also with this most recent update, all of the pictures I upload drop In quality, perhaps it’s just my phone but it’s still something that frustrates me. I also saw another review that brought up the idea of having a filter for people who live in the same state as you, I think this would be a great idea. While meeting people from across the state is nice, it’s almost impossible to meet up with them, or keep conversations going considering the time difference. I love meeting new people but it’d be nice if I could meet people closer to me. Like be able to select *within so many miles* or *same city*?
Met the love of my life
by spodgejamin on 2020/09/12 18:32
Downloaded the App in February because my friends told me to. I only really did it as a joke and wasn’t expecting much from it. I even joked about them trying to find people on there to date and how stupid it was. About a week or so in, this boy requested my snap. I accepted his request and after talking for a little we realised we were actually in the same school district. After talking for a few more weeks he asked me out on a date. I wasn’t really expecting much to come from it but he was a really nice guy so I went along with it to see what would happen. He took me to this restaurant and we really hit it off. After a few more dates he introduced me to his family and we made it official. We’re now coming up to 6 months together. I’ve never been so happy and my mental health hasn’t been this good in years. I really found the right person. Thank you Hoop!
update got me messed up
by ssadbboi345 on 2020/03/17 03:34
I really liked this app and was having a great time on it. Till this new update that messed me up. I have tried putting several pictures of me on it with my clear face and it has not worked at all. First I tried putting this mirror picture which did not work which I get cause it kinda showed my face but didn’t. Then I tried this picture that showed my face clear with the fendi filter from Snapchat which did not work and I was like ok, maybe it did not pick up my face because the filter. So then I try couple more pictures that don’t have filters such one with me and my friend and another one of me and the sun and then the last one with me goofing around. All these pictures you could see my face 100% and know it’s me. I just want that fixed cause this app really be giving me cute boys snaps so please help me out.
by zeeisnothappy on 2020/11/04 03:18
My friend and I downloaded this app because we say it on TikTok and it said you can get more friends on Snapchat and connect with others so that’s what we went there for . So we started to get some people that we became friends with but unfortunately something bad happened to my friend she basically to make the story short got scammed the person hacked her Cashapp took her money mind you she is a single mom of two girls doesn’t have a job and they literally took petty change from her . Do not use it you can maybe meet a regular normal person like us ( me for example) that are just looking to make friends and not cause harm but over all this app is used by people that just will ruin your life in Seconds like it’s really sad now my friend is out of money who is going to get it back for her ? The people that made this app ? TBH the way I feel about this Is they are probably the ones maybe that are even doing this . Truly horrible experience. I wish there was a horrible rate but I am going to leave one star but trust me it’s just so I can post this because it’s not allowing me without rating this first .
Bios back please
by KeiriAlexis on 2020/05/21 19:30
I’ve been using the app for a while and I really like it, I still do. But there is an update and you no longer have a bio. I’m disappointed by this because that was where I really decided whether I wanted to request or not. Now it’s all about looks. But now if they have group picture I don’t know which one they are because it told me in their bio and they don’t have one anymore. And the bios also told me whether a guy just wanted nudes or not. It also told me who smoked, who wanted a freaky girl and who didn’t, and it told me their heights. I’m 6’2 and I would like to know who is taller than me. It also told me what state they were from because I really don’t want to talk to someone in California or Florida. It also brought in similar interests that I’m attracted to. The bios also let people know that I don’t send nudes. So if there is a way you could bring the bios back that would be nice. I understand this review is kind of everywhere and I’m sorry for that but it needs to be addressed.
Going down hill
by Wyoming Buckeye1 on 2020/08/07 23:36
Hoop used to be one of my favorite apps. Now it is slowly becoming worse and worse. It seems as though every update made it worse and worse. First, they took away bios which was probably the largest blow to the overall enjoyment to the app and helped look for people more. Secondly, they made daily rewards less going from 200 to 100 but also adding in the purchasing of gems which was intentional but understandable. They had taken away being able to take 6 pictures and changed it to 3. Lastly, they’ve added the superchat and the other thing that’s like 2000 gems but also a ripoff. I’ve also noticed that since all these terrible updates it has led to an EXCESSIVE amount of bots advertising sexual images for kids and is very bad. At this point I would not recommend this app to anyone. Hoop used to be such a great app but since they’ve really sunk it. I’m not saying they have to add the same things as before but add features that helps you get better selection of people. I would enjoy talking more about the problems with the app to any developers who may read this.
by _anonymous_102 on 2020/05/26 16:08
This app used to be so good about 6 months ago and with each update there was either a feature taken away or the app just got slower and more unstable, you’ve taken away the ability to make a bio about yourself and to see other peoples interest and locations and other facts about them, but not only that you’ve taken away the ability to change your age which was an issue cause I had to make a new account cause I first put in my birthday wrong and it said I couldn’t change it and I had to make a new account, also you’ve taken away the search preference to see people within a certain amount of miles of your town or city, now that it doesn’t exist anymore you can only see random people around your country or the world, I’d much rather get to know people that live near me so we can hangout, overall this app has gotten a lot worse and I fear what will happen with another update, and the recent restrictions with profiles and settings is not what will make the app better, it makes it worse, this needed to be addressed so please take it into consideration.
by Kkcorn on 2020/04/13 00:34
I would like to rate this app. I had to give it five stars. Because of this app I met a lifelong friend. When I downloaded this app, I downloaded it as a dare with a couple of friends. As I kept swiping through people I saw a girl who was my age and shared some interests. I obviously asked for her snap. She added me back and eventually we began snapping every day! When my in life friends left, I was left with my girlfriend and a few people I knew, but didn’t trust. You know who never left me though? The girl I met on this app. My mother always said she didn’t approve of online people. But kids, you could meet a lifelong best friend online. I already know this friend is going to be in my life forever. I plan on meeting up with her soon too. We also made a pack that we would be in each other’s weddings (lol.) So why not meet a best friend through this app?
The Best Review Here 💯
by RacksOnRacksOnStacks on 2020/05/10 00:12
This app is awesome for making friends if you consider yourself to be an outgoing person. I have added many people I have great conversations with and have made friends. The biggest problem on this app is that there are so many garbage scammers on here. Its a ring of them from what I can tell is based in the US, but they are not really US Americans. Its fairly easy to tell and is also very annoying if this problem isn’t fixed, the app will be labeled as a place for scams. That would be terrible for branding and would hate to see this new thing get ran into the ground. The thought behind this app has global potential, but will not be successful if they don’t handle these minor problems. It’s the loudest 10% that makes the name behind something. Like this review if you want a change. 🙌🏾🙏🏾
Great but...
by No name202020 on 2020/04/02 03:09
I really like the app. I’ve met many people and it’s a good app. One thing I would like to change that you should also be able to search by state because many of the people I have met are from different states. Also, I have tried to add face pictures with Snapchat filters on but it says that you need to include your face. I hope you can bring back the search by distance too! Also Idk what happened but most of my snaps I got from people have disappeared! Like if I scroll down until the bottom I can’t see all of them Also you should be able to search by name cause sometimes I see someone I like but accidentally skip them and I can’t go back cause it also goes back by one so having that option would be great!
It going down hill
by yee haw :2 on 2020/06/30 14:31
Okay, we I first got Hoop it was fun, I meet some really cool people on their on of them being now the person I call every night, and talk every day. I was upset that they took away bios but, found a way to improvise. Doing that took away the ability to get to know someone before you could add them. Now, they have you limited to 3 photos for your profile, now it’s a little bit harder for people get to know you before adding you. I would under stand 5 or something but, 3 I don’t get. Personally the update to allow people to see your stories was a little iffy for me personally, and I haven’t really seen anyone use that feature. I’m sure a couple of people can agree with me that the next update should be adding back bios, and making the photo limit higher. It would also be really nice to be able to change the age range of people you see when your looking for friends.
Recommendations for the Hoop community
by xuctuxhiiduhkfxkfhx on 2020/02/01 14:10
In the beginning using this app I wasn’t quite sure because I didn’t really meet people I can interact with but later on I started making new friends and it was really fun to be honest. Although I think you should let us add people on hoop, I have friends that had hoop, but I had no idea until I asked them, it would be amazing to add and have them on this app. But what I am sure of is that soon time will pass by and hoop will get many updates and it will be for the better. Also, even though adding your friends sound fun some wouldn’t want there privacy to get ruined and have ppl see who they talk to or have added, so maybe you can make it like snapchat only you know the ppl who you follow or have added. Thank you so much if you read my response and i would love to hear your feedback.
Good App Most of the Times
by Qalfpfishwiwoqpwpqpqpqp on 2020/05/14 08:46
I think that this app since I’ve gotten it has been great. I’ve met almost 100 people that I wouldn’t normally have came into contact with all across the world. However, after this most recent update, they have taken away the option of creating a Bio for people to read. I think that the Bio option is great for people who want to get to know someone sorta before they even talk to them, and allows said person to even choose to want to talk to the other person as well. I think that the creators of this app should reinstate the Bio section and update to reflect some previous versions. Other than the most recent update, it was a good app. Totally recommend if you want to get to know people around the world and relate to people who we would normally would never meet in real life.
Changes for the worse
by notthatguy23 on 2020/07/22 09:01
I got this app at the beginning of quarantine and really liked it. The people that I added turned out to be overall really cool people. But now after so many updates and changes to users, the app has been ruined. Pictures on your profile are now so restricted; plus there is no more bio so I can’t get to know them a little bit before I add them or not. The part that is making me consider deleting the app the most is the amount of sex bots on the app. I know everything can’t be stopped but I’ll go on the app every couple of days (since I don’t like it anymore) and have 7-8 requests, but at least 6 of those are clearly sex bots and not actually a real person that wants to talk. I’ve even gotten requests many times from an account that advertises child porn and I’ve reported each account as it comes in, but they’ve clearly just been creating more and more fraudulent accounts. This app has absolutely just fallen apart in a short few months.
Good app with problems.
by jacob953884489 on 2020/05/19 02:39
I just want to start this out by saying this app used to be amazing... but not it’s starting to fall apart. I used to get hundreds of requests a day and everyone I requested always gave me their snap but after I deleted my profile and made a new one it stop working. I’ve tried deleting the app and making even more profile but it just doesn’t work it won’t ever load people profiles for me and when it does I can’t request their snap. I also think people can’t see me anymore on the app because I use the same photos as before and what went from HUNDREDS of request is now sadly zero i tried making sure my profile was complete and I check I had the right snap linked up but it’s like my profile just doesn’t excite anymore PLEASE HELP ME even when I try to watch an add or get assistance it says the sane thing can’t load try again later >:(
Great app but I have one suggestion
by Caleb Tomlinson on 2020/01/02 00:30
So this app is amazing, I use it daily and I’ve made many friends off this app! I’ve even met some of these friends and now we hang out daily. I’ve met some of my closest friends on this app, so don’t get me wrong I love this app, but with all things it could always get better. In the most recent update the developers removed the search by distance filter, I have not been able to find a single person in my state since then. I believe they should introduce a filter that allows the app to show you just people in your state, the user would have to select the state they live in on the settings tab and once they have selected a state they would now be able to use this filter to view all people in their home state.
by FabledGG on 2020/02/03 02:00
So I've had this all for about 6 or 7 months and it was going great. No bugs or glitches of any kind. Until now. Which is why I'm giving this all 1 Star. About 2 or 3 weeks ago I'd get snap requests from people and I'd open the app and the daily diamond thing would get stuck on my screen, eventually it would go away, then after it would go away it click the tab on the top right to check snap requests and it would take forever for the "Give my snap" button to show but once it did I'd give them my snap... or at least I thought I did. Couple days would past and I would get a few more snap request. I go to the app and click the top right but this time it takes around 2 minutes for the request to load and I go back to some request from like weeks ago and the app never sent them and now on top of that I just got another snap request and the app has crashed on me 4 times in a row before I could even get the "Give my snap" button to load
by Dying Pineapple on 2020/01/30 01:20
I’ve loved hoop since I’ve gotten it but one day I delete it and once I downloaded it back it started to malfunction. I wasn’t allowed to give anyone my snap and I couldn’t ask for someone’s snap. It wouldn’t even load! I deleted the app again and re downloaded it the next day and it kinda was better. The app would load quickly but I still couldn’t give my snap to anyone, the X button worked but when I pressed the “ask for snap” button it would show the loading sign but would never load! It would also allow my to press on other buttons such as the coins, the X, the go back, ESC. I really need you to fix this because I love this app and wanna continue using it!
Hoop Rating
by jejwwjkwjwsn on 2020/05/02 04:28
This app is very useful, entertaining, and super fun. It always gives you something to do and it’s a great way to meet new people! I have recently been experiencing some hacks or just some things that are not working. There has been repeating profiles or people that I have already accepted or deleted, but the profiles just keep coming back and I don’t understand why. This other reason I am not saying is the apps fault, but I would always get many requests and now I have not been getting any at all and I don’t know if that’s just me or there’s a hack and I haven’t been receiving them. I just saw that there was a new update and I realized maybe that was the reason. I updated the app and these problems are still occurring. If you could fix those problems for me that would be great! Thank you!
It’s good but there’s too many horny women
by Jaycite on 2020/11/06 21:49
Whenever I first got the app it was cool it was working and everything and everything was chill but recently meaning the last couple of months I’ve noticed that the same pictures of women who claim to be 17 keep popping up and I’m not sure if they’re bots or if they’re just people trying to get nudes or sexual stuff like that when it’s an app made for kids to make friends so like I said there’s just too many bots or nude stuff but I’ve noticed something else just worse than that is that there’s sometimes pictures of CHILDREN who probably aren’t even teens bury but children who are probably still in elementary school I’ve see pictures of children in bikinis blurred with a website for child pornography and it’s sickening I haven’t went to the website but it’s just what I’ve seen please fix this now.
App is pretty great, but missing some key features
by Kardanz on 2020/05/09 20:54
16 Y/O Male. I began using this app in November, before it began to gain traction. I’ve met some pretty cool people on here! Don’t download expecting to find your #1, however, you’re gonna go through a lot of people before you find someone you can really vibe with. This brings me to a few suggestions: Hoop should bring back the “search by distance” feature. With the quarantine, and people switching to online school, you'd probably want to find someone near you that you could meet IRL in the future. I’d also like to add and search for people with similar interests to me. That would aid in finding some people you can really connect with, without having to swipe endlessly. Besides that, I feel like this is an amazing app, and I’d definitely recommend people use it!
Excellent, speedy service when contacted!
by TheCritic27 on 2020/03/17 02:51
When setting my age with this recent update, I accidentally set the year of my birth to 2001, when, in reality, it is 2002. I did not notice this until after the fact. Upon noticing my mistake, I also realized that I could not change it back to the correct date. I thought all hope was lost, when I noticed the “Assistance” option in my settings. I reached out to Team Hoop via e-mail, and the problem was solved in virtually no time at all! In a matter of about 5 minutes, I was able to change my settings to the correct age, all because I reached out to the Team. Thank you Team Hoop for speedy service with a smile! :)
Great app until now
by nataliew2819 on 2020/02/04 04:46
When I first downloaded this app it worked perfectly fine and I loved the app I meant a lot of great people on the app but recently it doesn’t work it lets me collect my daily diamonds and lets me ask for peoples snap but on the top right where u can see like who wants ur snap and who gave u there snap it says i am all caught up and nothing shows up even though I now I have notifications and people asked for my snap so I decided to delete my hoop account and make a new one so a few minutes passed by and it was fine and then I saw people asked for my snap so I clicked one of them and gave them it then when I went back to give more people my snap it said I was all caught up but before I clicked that first person to give them my snap I saw I had more and I just gave up and I really did love the app and I am upset that it stopped working
Never got to try it :(
by ya girl T: wanna be yelp pro on 2019/12/05 20:47
I can not fully rate this app, but i never got to try it. It always said loading profiles and none ever loaded. i wish i could've utilized it Edit: So the app works occasionally, not really at night but it seems to work in the morning. I love this app but it is very bugged. First, the times in works and doesn't is kind of annoying. Second, it won't let me experience my preferences. I can input them but when I go back to matches, it has the loading screen but after a while it doesn't even load. Third, today I was on the app and did some swipes, already had matches. Later, I went on the app and all my 150 gems were gone and so were my matches like people whose snaps I received. Kinda bummed because I was saving those gems, and I never got to add all my matches.
Request are not showing up?
by Borntowhat22 on 2020/04/21 03:52
Earlier today I was on hoop and Got a notification that someone had requested my snap. I went to the request tab on the right and there wad nothing there. It just says you are all caught up, which i am not because someone just requested my snap. Usually even if you have gone through all of the accounts that have requested you can still see who has given you their snap and who has asked for your snap. Well not for me. There is nothing there and I cannot accept request or add people. I tried logging out and deleting the app and re-downloading it and it did nothing. This issue is very annoying and should be looked into. Is anyone else having this problem?
Great app, new coming technical issues
by MeMeMeMe12349 on 2020/01/28 03:27
I’ve had this app for nearly 3 months with little problems, and I am very satisfied with the app. The app was consistently in shape and provided a great means to meet new people. Over the last few days, the overall quality of the app diminished greatly with frequent glitches. For example, inboxes take well over 2-3 minutes to load and I’m unable to request snapchats from anyone. There was a momentary lapse where this didn’t occur, but overall, it has consistently been out of shape in this way. I still chose 5 stars because the app itself is worthy of 5 stars, and this is only my first problem with the app.
by HeyitzXD on 2020/01/31 05:33
I downloaded this app to see how it was gonna be and that was about two months ago, before it used to be the best thing to see new people but now I get the same people and when I use my diamonds on a profile it will waste it and it will stay on the same profile and not change it will only change when you press x but that’s not fair and also when you go to see the people who wants your snap or to go see the people you used your diamonds snap it will take about like 5 minutes to just see the people snap , also when you go to delete the notification that you gave them you snap it takes like 10 minutes to go delete another one. BUT I STILL THINK THIS APP IS GREAT BUT PLEASE JUST FIX THESE THINGS !!!!!!
Pretty good
by kids see ghosts sometimes on 2020/01/25 20:17
It’s a great app for gaining friends on snapchat however I’ve been experiencing issues lately concerning my being able to check my inbox. When I do check it, it will say I’m all caught up, which I am not. It will wait up to about 60 seconds until the profiles load that say So and So would like to get yo snap, and here is my snap; when these profiles do load on my inbox finally, I click them and experience no input on their pictures or bio from their profile. I don’t know if this is an issue only concerning me but I spoke to a couple friends about it and they told me they were experiencing the same issues. Hope y’all can get this fixed up or I can find a solution to my problem.
Doesn’t Load
by Captain238120 on 2020/01/29 04:20
So, I don’t normally do this. Most apps I download work forever, but recently, this app has stopped working? You can’t see people who want to add you or you wanted to add, and when they finally load (7 min 27 seconds was the longest it took for this to happen), it still hardly works. And that’s only for one person! You have to wait that amount of time or less for each person!!! Trust me, I’ve met some amazing people on this app, and the app used to be brilliant. But after the most recent update (which was yesterday as I’m typing this), it still doesn’t work? I don’t know what else to say except I have high hopes that the developers will see the other reviews talking about this problem, and bring the app back to a fully functional state.
good but went down hill
by briebriebro on 2020/06/12 20:47
when i first got this app i loved it. but now they have taken away bios, which basically tells you a lot about a person. i also have noticed that when i request someone and log into the app after an hour they pop up again like i didn’t even request (even tho i did). it’s taking away my gems. i’ve had to request 4 people 5 times now. and hopefully this time it went through because i haven’t seen any sign of them on the app. i think you may have to wait 20 minutes for the request to fully go through. if you close out the app under that time the request will most likely not go through. i started deleting notifications, i think that sorta helped. this “glitch” was so random, my app was working perfectly fine before this. i tried seeing if i just needed an update with the app but i did not. i haven’t updated my phone in a while so that may be the problem. but i’ve read other reviews about this happening and doesn’t seem that updating my phone would be the case. i wanna delete the app and reinstall but i don’t know if all my acc data will be gone. hopefully hoop can get this fixed.
by @sophiecats21 on 2020/01/25 01:36
Okay. I absolutely love the concept and execution of this app. It works great and I have met new people from it. I’ve been using it for a couple days but already I am getting this thing that says “there are no new profiles for you to view.” I doubt there are that little people on this app?? I’d even be fine with seeing multiple profiles again. I just want to keep seeing profiles! Also, I have my search options sent to like literally everyone in the world. So I’m a little disappointed :( (Also, this doesn’t affect me directly, but when signing up, there should be a non-binary gender option. There might have been and I just don’t remember but I think I remember noticing that there should be one. :D)
Won’t let me view more people near me
by CarlosTG2003 on 2019/11/23 03:26
I love this app, I use it almost everyday to find new friends near me, but I noticed that when I updated the app it won’t let me view all the people who are near me it’ll keep saying “view every profile near you” and it’ll show me people around the U.S I don’t finding people in the US but I want to look at people who are close to me and it won’t let me look at it anymore I even tried restarting the app and it still just shows me people around the US. Could you please fix this and bring it back to the way it was where I can view the people near me as many times as I want I would love that
by itsjazzz on 2020/08/24 02:38
I’ve had this app for awhile now. I’ve met a lot of new people across the country and around the world. I don’t regret downloading this app. Each update has made the app worse. The best features, like the bios have been taken away. The bios were my way of knowing a little about someone before adding them on snap and finding someone with common interests. Before you could get more picture slots by using gems now there are only three. Snap requests disappear after accepting or declining and I don’t know who to add back on snap. My age is also not accurate and I have already checked to make sure my birthday is entered in correctly. I would also like if the app had a way of showing people near you to easier meet people and make friends. PLEASE FIX THIS AND BRING BACK THE OLD AND BETTER HOOP.
I’m having problems with the app
by Ice2805 on 2020/01/26 01:07
I’ve love this app it’s really helpful to find friends near me but ever since I downloaded the new update it doesn’t work anymore. I try to see who has sent there Snapchat and it won’t let me see them it just keeps loading. Another things is that I’m not able to press the check mark for people Snapchats it just takes my diamonds and it doesn’t show the next person, unless I press x on them then it goes to the next person. Also I’m not able to collect my diamonds for logging in every day it’s just keeps loading. So I’m kind of upset about what’s going on.
What the heck?!
by Luna•Moon on 2020/09/05 19:22
So I was doing just fine until I went to change my photos I took down most of the ones I had and replaced them with edited photos of me with anime characters to widen the scope of people adding me and then i went about my business adding people back and giving people my snap it wasn’t until I left the app and re opened the app that my account was suddenly disabled for inappropriate behavior I have waited for about a month to see if anything changed I have also deleted and downloaded the app again but nothing changed so for anyone changing the photos on your account be careful. Other than what happened to me this app is good for meeting people all over the world and different types of people to.
Never got to try it either.
by Djgkenfkksbs on 2020/01/25 01:26
I made a profile on the app, and for at least 20 minutes I was waiting for a profile to load. This app has such a cool concept and I would have loved to try it. I know somebody has already made a review about this problem but that was a while ago, and yet you haven’t fully fixed it. After waiting what has seemed to be 30 minutes I finally loaded in some profiles. It only works if I have the app open for a while. I know this isn’t that big of a deal but it is really frustrating having to wait almost a half an hour to look at some profiles. But overall, this app has such a good concept. Keep up the good work!
Fun app but so many bugs!
by JM.Noell on 2020/01/25 21:00
This app is a great way to pass time and i've found lots of new people to talk to! i've been having lots of problems lately though. first off sometimes when i click the snapchat icon to ask for someone's snapchat it takes away my gems but then doesn't move on and seems like it doesn't ask for their snapchat. i can click it multiple times and they'll take more gems but still not move on until i have to click the x and then not get that persons snapchat. i will also get notifications and when i click to see what they are it will say "you are all caught up". these bugs are getting quite annoying
Was Fine Until Now
by Crab Strong on 2020/02/21 14:14
I’ve recently started using this app again and came to notice that there is now a bug that will not allow the user to be able to add photos to his or her profile. This may also have something to do with the bug that forces the user to not be able to see other user’s photos on their profile. Now the main purpose of the app is unusable because of this. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall this app, sign out and sign back in, but nether of those have worked. However, I’ll keep the app installed and updated once a bug fix patch releases. :)
Bios and all that
by Iloveapple123321 on 2020/06/28 18:11
This will be a short review but gotta agree with one of the others I seen on here bios need to come back and the thing were you can filter people by distance cus I met people on here in the same city as me type thing now it’s just people states away and that’s annoying and like someone else said bios really helped determine if I wanted to request someone or accept their request cus I could just get a quick little overview of what they want what there like and all that and its really stupid that now what determines if you wanna add someone or someone wants to add you is looks like how does something like tinder have bios but this app for making friends doesn’t ? In all it’s a good app but used to be a lot better
Bio & Updates
by Harmony0325 on 2020/06/25 17:22
Several people on this app will say stuff like “stoners only” or “send nudes” or something about their political stance point of which gives a preview to their character. For this reason the bios should come back, it’s a preview of your personality and is an app literally based on looks only without the bio. I’m upset bring the bio back. And the recent update is now making all of my pictures bad quality and I had notifications when I woke up this morning that there quite a few new people to add and then after I updated only two of them are loading. I love this app but the developers really need to stop messing up the quality.
by Ar1anasos on 2020/02/01 01:54
I love this app and have met many people but I stopped using it after awhile. When I decided to start using it again I went in to see who had requested me or who had accepted me it said I was all caught up. I knew this couldn’t be right because I always have requested people and people request me. I go in constantly and sometimes I have to wait days for it to load but when I do get in I try accepting and adding people but it takes forever to load and I end up giving up. I don’t know if other people have this problem or if it’s just me but either way I like the app I’m just bothered
Way Too Slow
by xx_Hu4Lif3_xx on 2020/01/27 06:04
Overall the app is great. it’s an easy way to find new people to add and associate with. The only issue i’m having with the app is that it’s WAY TOO SLOW. I could go into collect my Daily Diamonds and it would take a minute or so before it went through. Also clicking on people to see who’s requested my snap takes forever. I could click and be waiting for at least 2-3 minutes before it goes through and shows their picture and all that information. I’m sure if you found a fix to those slow waiting times that the app would be 100% perfect.
Probably one of the best apps, few issues
by michael jacksons granddaughter on 2020/03/18 13:46
i honestly really like this app and I've made a lot of friends throughout this, but there are a few minor bug issues. for example, i will get a notification that someone asked for my snap, or that someone gave me theirs, and then when I open the app there isn't a new request which is very confusing. another thing, is that when you're 13/14, you're not usually hanging out with 15/16 year olds, and many of them use this as a dating app. Also, could there be more of a location preference, like in a designated state for some people? Overall this app is awesome but it needs a few adjustments
Great But the SexBot’s ruin the experience
by Señorspacecookie112 on 2020/10/27 02:59
The app is great and i Enjoyed using it and adding people and meeting people but the only bad thing is the amount of sex bots on the app. The app was fine before the sex bots and i used to get like 12 requests a day from people but now i have 0 requests from people trying to get my snap and like 40 requests from sex bots. Maybe try putting Verifications that you arent a bot and if you can then delete the already existing bot accounts because its really annoying but aside from that i actually love the app although i believe Bio’s should also be added to the app so i get a general idea of what type of person im talking to
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