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Sandship: Crafting Factory
From the developers of Deep Town, Sandship is a factory management game set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe. You control the last remaining sandship: a gigantic, artificially intelligent mega-factory, which roams across the endless deserts of a far-away planet. Noranti One was a highly advanced civilization. After an accident forced your sandship into hibernation, it awoke in a world of ruins. Join us on a journey to rediscover forgotten technologies, forge a better tomorrow through crafting and trade, and fight a vicious cult hellbent on your destruction. Unlock the secrets of this cryptic land onboard your incredible sandship. Design futuristic factories from the ground up in this free to play adventure. Place devices like synthesizers, chemical mixers, and ice guns in your sandship factory. The more devices you have, the greater your automated productivity. Connect those devices with conveyor belts to craft a wide variety of materials, from copper wires and combustion engines to ancient technology utilizing the mythic power of the overwell. Upgrade your sandship and add bigger factories to get the space you’ll need to produce more complex items. Trade the incredible stuff you make to earn credits, XP and get old crates filled with scientific research from the distant past. This ancient knowledge gives your sandship new abilities, becoming stronger, smarter, and more powerful than she’s been in a long, long time. Your engineering mentor is Harvey, a tenacious one-eyed cyborg who needs your help to reconnect with his past. Harvey will show you the ropes of sandship engineering as you build and maintain more complex factories on a desert journey. Are you ready to voyage through a mysterious alien desert with many obstacles in your path? The planet is inhabited by an unusual assortment of robots and aliens. Some are friendly and astounded by your sandship. Others are hostile and want to see your sandship destroyed, but you’re not sure why. Complete quests to meet new characters, uncover ancient civilizations, hear campfire stories and learn how this once industrious world crumbled in the distant past. There’s so much to discover on-board a sandship. Solve factory floor puzzles, then create your own to share with other players. Get creative in the sandbox to try out new setups without using any resources. Build an enigmatic underwell to mine precious resources, but be prepared to defend against hordes of extraterrestrial enemies to collect them. New features and places to explore are added continuously. The universe of Sandship is constantly expanding. FEATURES Engineered for Fun: Free to Play Design a futuristic assembly line for automated crafting Produce everything from simple items to otherworldly technology Place more devices to create increasingly complex materials Trade what you make for credits, XP, and crates containing ancient knowledge Upgrade your sandship’s size to mythic proportions Maximize your credits to buy buildings, devices, and decorations Develop holographic blueprints to get creative with your setups Solve factory floor puzzles and share your own Explore the World: Help Harvey, your cyborg engineering mentor, reconnect with his past Complete quests to earn rewards and assist the colorful inhabitants of Noranti One Adventure through a strange planet inhabited by aliens and robots Uncover lost civilizations and learn their secret histories Defend your sandship against hordes of extraterrestrial enemies
Good game, just some annoying mechanics and bugs
by Noah93526 on 2021/04/21 21:53
This is a really good game, with amazing story, however some game mechanics are annoying, and seem useless in-game(EG Synthesizer cap, and a lot of wires small bugs,.
Great game
by 1 @m u m@st3r on 2021/04/21 21:28
So much detail and effort was put into this game it runs so smooth I recommend downloading this game
So great
by Cam 😄😀😀👍😊😝😛🙂👍😄😀 on 2021/04/19 18:14
Amazing game!
Awesome game
by Mkdarling on 2021/04/17 16:50
Ytr and
by jhtfhjtfjhtft on 2021/04/16 02:22
Very fun!
by wanderingclover on 2021/04/15 01:41
This game is fun and at times challenging. It is hard to make progress at times but fun in the long run. Trying to make the factories more and more efficient is what keeps me going. Can’t wait to see more content in the future.
by MM ripped off on 2021/04/14 23:52
This is by far one of my favorite games even though You are probably hated by some you have really good graphics and this is a Ginuwine review I’m not a bot I love this game and I really ever give any reviews especially five star ones so creators of this game thank you
Are u kidding me
by rick roll 101 on 2021/04/14 04:33
Really then you don’t send the review
Pretty good so far
by Stormtroopers78 on 2021/04/13 05:16
It’s your typical factory style game, producing stuff to be able to produce more stuff, and that’s fine. It would be nice if our building inventory could be utilized even when it has buildings in it, because that is a little annoying that I can’t (to my knowledge) build a new building, or sell an old one for that matter, when I want some grid a space on my Sandship. Please edit this function, or add a workaround. Thanks
it's actually pretty fun
by magic J. ;) on 2021/04/13 01:12
it's pretty sandboxy which i love
by nononoko$$!$$&!!777 on 2021/04/12 22:29
Excellent, beautiful game
by Lukey Bukey 99 on 2021/04/12 14:27
I was looking for something like Mindustry on a mobile device. This has so much to offer!
Love it
by Frogman5600 on 2021/04/12 14:11
It's like a mobile factorio and its awesome. I have zero complaints other then it can sorta freeze up when you interact with something but overall amazing
I love this game
by djnsiekdjfid on 2021/04/12 11:33
This game was so fun for me I’m a person who loves these types of games.
Amazing but I have experienced some audio issues
by Wyatt927494 on 2021/04/12 02:59
This game is amazing so far but i've noticed the audio turns to static during certain transition sequences in between chapters.
Great game
by alphavampier on 2021/04/11 15:53
I love that you can design your own workshop
Really great
by jac08_ on 2021/04/10 20:24
Just so good!!
by angieb129 on 2021/04/10 13:26
This game is incredible and I recommend getting it
It’s good so far
by A few suggestions. on 2021/04/10 08:03
Minor issues I’ve had are frequent audio bugs (crackling/static sounding bugs), and uncommon lag. Otherwise fantastic
wont open
by HuntinTheBounty on 2021/04/09 14:45
When it gets to 90%, it says that it is being worked on and then it wont open at all. I sat their for 10 minutes waiting for it to fully load but it wouldnt load.
I love it!
by ForHisGlory930 on 2021/04/08 19:34
It's been amazing so far, very addicting.
Fun but
by boshebo on 2021/04/07 06:48
Fun so far buuuuut its very glitchy and will freeze randomly making the game unplayable cause its frozen please fix this bug it makes the game very unplayable
It won’t load
by wooppkgj on 2021/04/05 14:55
I been waiting for it to load for hours
by nmbnmmnmnn on 2021/04/04 02:56
God game
Insert IGN meme here
by LennyGamer9 on 2021/04/02 17:31
by fizzypuff on 2021/04/02 12:35
This game gave me some fun times thank you for this game
Automation = good
by roiapple on 2021/04/02 03:36
I love games where you automate and this game fits that so i like it
Ok so
by Just_A_Fan207 on 2021/04/02 02:55
It’s ok but takes to long to lvl up just saying
by Ddoggg4066 on 2021/04/02 02:17
Good game
by your mom is gae on 2021/03/31 21:34
If you’re into tycoons then this game is perfect
good game
by Stick and stons on 2021/03/31 13:54
Game fun game good
by SexySwaggyJJ on 2021/03/31 00:54
Can’t stop playing, I just keep wanting to upgrade my factory
Factory disappeared
by pratgatra on 2021/03/30 15:30
Factory got disappeared and tabs are non clickable, I updated the review, it’s fixed thanks.
I love it
by Menotyou me on 2021/03/30 12:35
Straight up
Great game
by AlexTheWebGuy on 2021/03/30 06:51
It’s kind of like Factorio, but on a phone and easier.
Fun Game
by KyberShadowsong on 2021/03/30 02:26
Lots of fun so far, the puzzles are fun trying to figure out and there is no pressure to use micro transactions to sped the game up.
Factorio fans will like this!
by Lyricalgoose on 2021/03/29 19:14
This is a great game for you if you like Factorio and want a similar game in mobile form. Of course it has timers for pacing so it’s good to pick up and play for a little bit. There are still some bugs but overall it’s a very nice game and has tons of potential!
This is the best game!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
by vincent yu77j777 on 2021/03/27 19:19
It was so fun and I like this game a lot!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
by A lil' Potato on 2021/03/27 12:51
Very interesting lore that is not letting me go! I love the mechanics and how the game works! I am also not a paid actor because I am... well I don’t know but still, this game has amazing art and is inspiring! Lil’ bit of a spoiler, that old man is very weird but funny addition to the game.
Great game
by o FDA chf n on 2021/03/27 09:39
As far as mobile games go this is great just two things I want changed less waiting for trade and what ever and to drive the truck
Pretty good
by djkanevdjf on 2021/03/27 05:35
Pretty good
by SpcyChimken on 2021/03/26 23:44
First impression is great
by Akvavit82 on 2021/03/26 04:16
Fun game with a lot of personality, way move love put into it than the average free game. I’m still scratching the surface but the learning curve has been very well presented.
by funny rat boi on 2021/03/25 18:28
One of the few awesome mobile games
Tried to play again, bugged
by VoodooVyper on 2021/03/25 02:50
Edit: Issue appears to be resolved. Adjusted rating. Tried to play again after having not played for a year or so to see what changes have been made. Save data was gone, no problem. Started over, going through the tutorial. I can’t progress because the “claim” bug is still there... after all this time. Materials just go into extractor and vanish, nothing can be claimed. Tried using a guest account, same problem. Tried force closing, stashing, you name it, nothing worked. This was remedied in my previous play through by stashing the factory and replacing it, but since I’m still so early in the tutorial, this can’t be done. Devs seem active, hopefully they see this.
Great very relaxing game
by Sad IPhone 6 user😭 on 2021/03/24 15:57
Overall just great
Really fun game!
by R7erickson on 2021/03/23 18:14
This game is great. You get to optimize factory layouts, learn new production processes. The story is fun and interesting. It is really fun to be able to save factory blueprints and use them in other places. I wish the art was optimized for my phone a bit better. The camera notch covers some of the artwork on iPhone 12.
I enjoyed it
by normal monkey man on 2021/03/22 01:32
The game was great and you can’t find good Mobile games nowadays
Really great game
by DATMEMEBOI777 on 2021/03/21 17:23
Like factorio on the go but with different gameplay mechanics
by The Original Sabanrai on 2021/03/21 13:53
Very satisfying, almost therapeutic. However, could you please add a confirmation dialogue box before we spend gems? It’s too easy to make the mistake of spending your gems. Finger slip or accidental double tap? Well, there goes your limited currency.
Would Recommend
by thehipsterwebdesigner on 2021/03/21 06:30
Little buggy but the game is good enough to sometimes force quit and restart anyway. All in all, it’s awesome and just was I was looking for coming from Dyson Sphere Program. Devs, please iron out the random state and menu freezes. Maybe the pay to play balancing could be a little better/cheaper? Since I wanted to quickly figure out what the game was about, I used my gems whenever I could. Issue with that strategy is that I felt all the cool things happened after I spent money (since I ran out earlier than most players) not before. If I didn’t feel like spending money, I might have not kept playing.
I love it
by qfise[<>w on 2021/03/21 02:52
The title says it all
Lots of fun to veg out on.
by randwil82 on 2021/03/20 17:52
Easy game to just sit and play. Recommend.
by indierockerboy on 2021/03/20 16:25
So many bugs. I can’t take it.
Fun factory game
by LeighannAshlee on 2021/03/20 14:36
This is a great game to play actively and the story is pretty cute. The music is beautiful.
by DustinWoggerman on 2021/03/20 04:37
I’m started to see a trend with the games from this company, shallow timed gameplay with micro transactions at the ready though ads seem to be key. When I say shallow there’s literally nothing unique going on, simple factory automation with key timers for a mobile game.
by Justin6708 on 2021/03/20 03:14
Has bugs but amazing concept
Sandship, what I think about it.
by ...justafuvkingfan on 2021/03/19 11:24
Sandship is a great game, not many ads to deal with, yeah it’s a bit over the edge of too much grinding. Sandship is a waiting game, if you can get past that and make the wait for your contracts and researches to be done, you will have fun. Thanks to the devs for making this game so fun&amp;good.
Now I can’t get my name back
by beech nut on 2021/03/18 22:45
Did my best to get the iron plate situation figured out and it became a new game of it’s own. Extremely annoyed that I lost my user name. Ive tried everything to get it back. This game is awesome looking and fun to play but this is another reason not to get it or spend any money on it.
by gary g willicker on 2021/03/18 20:03
Well done!
by Cschwagg on 2021/03/18 01:18
Great game, great engine, runs well, very entertaining!
by Gaudierkhan5806 on 2021/03/18 00:12
Hi so this is the first time I’m playing this game but when I start it stops at 50 and says it doesn’t respond to servers so I just wanted to check in on what’s happening
Great game
by Sf (is name from c.o.c.) on 2021/03/17 07:19
This is a great relaxing game I wish there was a pc version and the times for contact could be a little shorter I would put 6 stars if I could.
by bean.s1 on 2021/03/17 07:15
It good
by irish mans 321123 on 2021/03/17 02:16
It good game (I had to write this to make a 5 star thing dont know what to say)
Good core mechanics, spoiled by scheme
by Seraphendipity on 2021/03/17 00:37
It has a good core mechanic thay diverges playfully from other factory games, and is quite fun in what it brings to the table: general purpose input machines, synthesis of any resources, space limitations, etc. I wish I could pay $4.99 for a solid game though. The need to connect to a server everytime I open the app means I cant just start it up anytime; the monetization scheme leaves a bad taste in my mouth as if it incentivizes grinding or microtransactions. I dislike the monetization scheme (I say scheme neutrally; not all monetization schemes are bad) with in-game crystals in most games, but for factory games that are typically designed as the antithesis to grind-games by encoraging automation to soeed things up, it feels like a special slap to the face. I would gladly pay for a reskin (“watership” idk) or shameless clone that doesnt have the microtransactions (except maybe in some sorta fancy skins for the ship or somethin) and allows local play. Notably, my first interaction with the game was logging in and not being able to collect anything as apparently the servers went down. The servers dont even seem to offer anything to the players — as far as I can tell, no friends or working on combined factories or such. It just seems like a nuisance, perhaps designed around security of the microtransactions or such. Whereas near every other automation game actively encourages modifying the game and taking it to the limit, this seems designed to fundamentally limit itself for the presumed sake of money. I dont mind paying money, that’s not the issue — i just wanna be able to pay once and then play what feels like a fully functional title that I own. Anywho, that’s my two cents, likely not going to change anything. I wanna progress in the game a bit more to see what it offers, but just sorts disappointed. I’ll def keep an eye out for anything else the devs put out if they pursue different schemes though.
Nice game!
by btonyc on 2021/03/17 00:26
Very addictive and fun to play.
Great Game
by Bnyr on 2021/03/17 00:17
Great game!!!!! The best I have seen. I see so much potential for this game. Fantastic.
Awesome game with minor bugs
by Tracdown on 2021/03/16 06:35
Best game I’ve played on my phone in years honestly. It’s really fleshed out and I like that what you make is yours. It’s not like a level system where you restart after every level. But they do have puzzles to do so it’s like the option is there. I am at a really frustrating bug currently where my gears aren’t counting even though I see them going into the exporter so I can’t really progress until I find a fix. But other than the minor bugs it’s a super fun game especially if you love any kind of factory type game.
Puzzles don’t work
by JJJJsan on 2021/03/16 03:55
I make the thing and then the puzzle doesn’t finish.
You have a bug
by Happz on 2021/03/16 02:59
You have a bug in your game. Copper wire doesn’t export and the authentication seemed to bug the factory it was in making duplicates of the same factory when I tried to stash the factory.
by DrComments on 2021/03/16 02:17
Amazing game but non of my resources are transmitted and it just says claim then nothing is claimed
Supper bugged or rigged
by Big Al 214 on 2021/03/16 01:59
I was progressing fine until the game stop letting me collect iron which prevented any sort of construction for any other production building. Not only that but when I tried to ONLY collect iron it was still somehow marking and letting me collect iron rods and plates even though I had no smelters or pressers down or any ending building to collect any of these materials. Update: I removed all crafting building from the base and it was still producing rods and plates. I uninstalled the game and it doesn’t make any changes to the bugs. Game is completely unplayable at this point as I cannot progress at all nor does it allow you to start over with a fresh game.
Glitch on Steel Rods
by Darksparrow288 on 2021/03/16 00:24
I can not produce steel rods even though they are researched. Weirdly enough I have an assembly line producing them and rods going into an exporter. Other than that the pacing can be a bit slow . Would’ve given 4.5 stars otherwise
by Metalxmike91 on 2021/03/15 23:46
No literally, the button to re-enter the factory disappeared from my screen never to be seen again. After a quick google search, I saw many other threads of people having the same problem that were almost a year old.
I Like It
by dantdmfan10.0 on 2021/03/15 23:37
i like it
A few loading issues
by Dillzard on 2021/03/15 22:56
A few loading issues
Shows potential, but buggy and slow
by NateWhatWhat on 2021/03/15 22:45
As a factorio player I really want to like this game, but there are a couple things holding it back. First is (at least early game) is super slow with almost no factory building. It’s easy to produce the resources, so you’re just waiting around for contracts and research to complete. Second is the bugs. Nothing so far has been game breaking, but sometimes it thinks my inventory is full so I can’t produce anything. Had to kill the game then it worked fine. Also sometimes it takes forever for contracts to complete. I’ll start an hour long one, come back in an hour, and it still says 45 minutes. Gonna keep playing to see if it gets better, but hopefully we’ll ll get some updates.
Very fun, but crashes and bugs
by Cintim on 2021/03/15 20:00
The game keeps locking up, or I get error messages in the game, after which it no longer functions correctly and I have to restart it.
Well done game
by Phouse30 on 2021/03/15 17:42
Really enjoying the game so far
Fun game!
by ARad13847 on 2021/03/15 17:03
Only played a few days so far and it’s a lot of fun. Great that you can play and walk away without feeling the need to farm.
Great game!
by ihavelimedisease on 2021/03/15 13:26
Fun so far!
Was good at first
by AZNGAMERZ on 2021/03/15 10:14
Been playing this game for a good amount of time and at first it was really fun and enjoyable but now I can barely load into the game before it crashes it’s unplayable now hopefully they fix it because it is fun when you can actually play it.
This games bussin
by holy nick on 2021/03/15 02:34
It great
by Zombies IN PARTICULAR ARE COOL on 2021/03/15 01:44
If you like factory games this is for you.
You'll Be A Busy Engineer!
by stitchskin on 2021/03/15 01:03
Game concept is awesome. Takes a while to get familiar with the menu arrangement and flow but all in all it&#39;s a great game. I am loving it so far. Thanks DEVS!
Great game
by RandomHero2391 on 2021/03/14 23:15
Game plays well. Nice way to pass the time. Love the art style and music.
First half hour is great!
by pilot_2023 on 2021/03/14 16:12
A factory puzzle game with a story? So far so good...
by TheGrayster56 on 2021/03/14 03:29
This game is amazing it’s like satisfactory and factorio combined but mobile 10/10 would recommend (tap a item to rotate)
Pretty Neat!!
by Jutdogg on 2021/03/13 23:50
Nice little factory production game!!!
5/5 Plays great, looks even better.
by Yggorath on 2021/03/13 20:55
Compared to other free mobile games it’s certainly not bad. Better than most I would say. The mechanics loops feels rewarding and over 24 hours in I haven’t encountered any ridiculously long wait time that pressure me into purchasing in game currency just to make progress. I’ve seen other users mention bugs but I have yet to encounter any. Aside from mechanics the art is amazing. Played plenty of PC titles that couldn’t be bothered to make their sprites and animations look this good and they had a $15 to $20 price tag. All in all. Quality game and more than worth a try.
by iceywiener on 2021/03/13 02:13
Endless hours of fun. Just can’t stop playing this in-depth game.
Entertaining so far.
by CaptCreekmore on 2021/03/13 01:28
What a wonderful way to waste some time.
more languages support
by Mihahani on 2021/03/13 01:20
more languages support please
by Buttertopwhite on 2021/03/12 17:41
What a great game! I never leave reviews but everything about this game so far has left me astonished. Everything is so well crafted, the art, music, UI, story. Very impressed.
by mil_top on 2021/03/12 14:33
I’m loving it...keep it up!
by Sutartbacon on 2021/03/12 12:51
I’m loving it
Super fun!
by Giraffe_0812 on 2021/03/11 17:15
I really enjoy the mechanics of the game and the community is really cool!
Cool game
by Lostafinga on 2021/03/11 05:52
Fun making the factories produce all the different kinds of things. Gets kind of slow later on. Could have more info on what some of the items are for. I have a lot of things I have no idea what to do with.
New Update Edit
by Robodex001 on 2020/06/15 20:42
Love the story and the factory building, is satisfying and interesting. Unfortunately several bugs are INCREDIBLY frustrating, namely the inability to complete contracts (as they sometimes get stuck), and the level 4 underwell pit expands the space inside but doesn’t let you place any more structures, making it impossible to gain everstone with the higher enemy spawns. The in transit and storage menus are too small on the phone and it’s difficult/near impossible to scroll or drag resources around. Without these few issues this game would easily be 5 stars, I’ve been playing a long time and you’ve got a great thing going. Keep up the work devs! You made a great product, it just needs some love. Edit: The newest update is fantastic. Splitting up individual storage limits for each resource was a great idea, though it does mean you have to spend credits to increase those individual caps. However, being able to drag the transit and storage box out and maximize it to see each of the mentioned resource storage caps makes it so much easier to see what you have. It also seems as if the contract bugs have been fixed! There are still some minor crashing and optimization issues, but I love that you guys are still working so hard on this game. I’ve updated my rating to 5 stars.
Excellent until higher levels
by Alex K.47 on 2020/12/06 01:28
I’ve played this game for about 5 months now and it is one of my favorite mobile games ever. I love the way it’s structured, with both contacts and objectives being different styles of goals to complete, and it has a good story to follow. It always feels like you’re expanding by unlocking some new technology or finding some new optimized way to produce something. The guidance for how to make things is very good and helpful up until level 18-19 when instructions for the oil and ink industry are virtually non existent. I also feel like the objectives “complete 10 contracts” become a bit repetitive after doing it 4 or 5 times. My final complaint is that you need to be level 22 in order to upgrade your Sandship the final time. But the game caps your experience at level 20! It feels like a beautiful game until level 18 or so when there seem to be a few holes and it feels generally unpolished for the last few machines/technologies. Minor endgame issues aside, this is one of the best mobile games I’ve played in YEARS and I’m extremely happy with it. It’s kept me engaged for 5 ish months now and I am very impressed with how few ads there were. I’ve recommended it to a few friends and they seem to be enjoying it too. Thank you Rockbite!
by RYNO2023 on 2020/08/14 13:18
This is the best mobile game I’ve played this year. The art is perfect and the story line leaves you with room to do your own thing. You can personalize your factory and design it however you want. There’s no one telling you exactly how to do it except in the tutorial to get you started but even that can change. The one thing that I would say was annoying was in the tutorial it required you to make steel plates, but then asked for iron rods and when I went to make those, I didn’t have enough iron ore. Iron ore is required to make the machines that make iron ore so I had to completely delete the iron plate machine to make it iron ore. Then, I had to disconnect the iron ore to reconnect the iron plates when I had enough iron ore to build its own machine. Other than this small problem I haven’t found any bugs or glitches that ruin the game I was honestly surprised when I found this game was free. Plus no ads!
Not thoroughly developed
by Proshark_ on 2021/01/02 16:36
Before you get this game it is important to keep a few things in mind to not get frustrated. For one, in app purchases are extremely deceiving. If you make an in app purchase not every advertised perk will be fulfilled so its a bit of a scam. You want to listen to non-sandship default music? HERACY, they will mute your music EVERY time you enter the app, want to listen music after the mute prompt? Not allowed here, it will unpause/pause the music till it sounds like the phone is possessed. Even if you decide to listen to music in the app after the loading screen, most actions in-game will cause stuttering in your music. Finally, when you are loading in, you are NOT ALLOWED to do ANYTHING. By doing things such as checking notifications or pulling your widgets out you have nullified the entire loading process, any actions in-game beyond that point will not be saved. When it comes to attention, sandship is like a toxic girlfriend who wants 100% of your attention or she throws a temper tantrum and wrecks your things. All of that being said i enjoy playing this game occasionally and getting productions going like a simplified factorio. You can tell there was a lot of work put into the graphics of the game and animations, but at the same time it is pretty choppy and really poorly optimized. I hope they end up fixing these really irritating issues with this game, id play much more.
Issues and Freemium mentality kill an awesome game
by PartitionedSpace on 2020/10/20 16:55
Had this been designed from the ground up as a $10 app I’d probably have said it was fantastic-and put up with any little issues I ran into. But the whole experience is driven by a freemium mentality that just kills the game. The usual wait timers and slow resource accumulation are in abundance. But, even worse, there’s a laundry list of foozles you have to accumulate to progress that are handed out loot box style. Locking progression behind random drops is the nail in the coffin for this game. For the most part game play has been pretty smooth. The UI could use some work, it’s not always obvious how to get between screens and some pop out windows can be tough to get back. Having 3 build modes seems excessive too. But it all works OK. And assembling your factories can be very cool. I’ve run into a few issues so far but the biggest by far revolves around input feeds. If you stick one feed in that pulls from your stockpile the entire plant (not even just that building, all resource collection) will stall if that resource runs out. It feels like a last minute bandaid to force people to upgrade the Sandship. That was what finally killed the game for me. I’d love to see something like Factorio on iPad-and this comes darn close. But it’s freemium origins handicap the game so much I can’t recommend it.
Best game on iTunes
by DarqXyde on 2020/09/20 02:13
I rarely write reviews, but this is by far the best game I’ve played from the iTunes Store. No ads in a free 2 play is such a rarity nowadays, even when the apps offer micro transactions. I’ve been looking for a factory style game like this for ages on here. The polish on this is fantastic. Now, the 4 stars is only because of a few issues I’ve run into on here. First, I’ve had to restart the app a few times during the forced tutorials because I didn’t have the resources to complete the step, but it wouldn’t allow me to click on anything else to generate the needed resources. Also, the recycler will turn off as soon as any input resource is depleted, instead of just using the remaining inputs at a higher rate. Also, the video for the recycler shows it easily taking in 9 inputs, but mine refuses to take more than 4 due to the processing limit. I’m not sure if there is a way to upgrade it to use resources faster or not, but that was a bit of a bummer as I was trying to dispose of excess resources for coins. Lastly, the room is giving an error when I try to add more than 5 importers in a single room, which makes it difficult to dedicate a single room to recycling.
Cool but very broken
by Monkeywidget on 2020/10/20 06:42
Great art, cool crafting mechanics... however the interface has more bugs than... something with bugs in it. It’s wretched enough that I’d recommend not even playing this game. I honestly wonder if it’s ever been tested with new players. Sometimes your factory will be making something but the count of the product doesn’t go up (straight up broken). Sometimes the product gets double counted so you cannot make as many as the capacity you paid for. Sometimes the factories are handicapped, and the interface won’t tell you why. Sometimes a product will have different flavors (glass bottles full of different liquids) and a volume limit is counted as a total in one interface but individual in another interface. You sometimes have to guess how the mechanic works: Why is this product not being created? It’s because not enough of one of the components is being made. But nothing will tell you that, you have to decipher it. Another example: why can’t my towers kill bad guys? It’s because you have to manufacture the bullets. This isn’t in any instructions and there is no tutorial.
Waited for this so long and I’m not regretting it
by Koda7119 on 2020/12/19 06:15
Back in the beginning of may when I saw this game for pre download I was so hyped then the game was released around the end of may so I tried playing it but it didn’t work. I would check every week if it got a bug update so I can at least open the app. It still didn’t work. So I eventually gave up after a month or two because I realized that it’s probably because I have a phone with iOS 11 so when I finally got a iPhone XR for an early Christmas gift I instantly installed this as my first game and i was so happy to see that it finally worked and I’ve been going on hour long play sessions and I haven’t found anything bad about the game yet and I love how its a puzzle trying to make the most effective base. I waited for this game for such a long time and I don’t regret waiting for it. For a final rating I would give it a 5 stars.
Lovin it so far! want to love it more
by @jakedowns on 2020/06/28 22:22
as others have said; i love the premise, the mechanics, the visual styling, the sound, the story, the environments / aesthetics. the puzzles, missions, tech tree. all the features are great. it’s a fun gameplay loop and i love it. however, there are so many game breaking bugs right now. this feels like an alpha or beta game. as a dev i get financial support can be hard to come by while publishing, so i don’t feel completely ripped off by the fact i spent $4 and can no longer play the game. it seems like their heart and imagination are in the right spot, but the tech stack isn’t keeping up with the promise of the game. i hope they can iron out these issues to make for an easily recommendable 5-star game in the future lots of little bugs i’d love to see improved. bought a transporter pack to support your efforts. loving what i’m seeing so far. hoping y’all can squash these bugs tho would love an undo button. i accidentally delete things when i’m trying to drag out new belts after stashing things (would be nice if tapping on the floor set the mode back to extend/rotate; like it does when you’re in move/rotate mode) also on iphone X, part of the UI is cut off by the notch. wish i could drag the right hand panel out wider like i can with the left hand slide out panels
Absolutely Enchanting
by Dickery-Dock on 2020/10/07 02:54
I have only played for a couple of hours but already have I been absolutely enchanted, charmed, and absorbed by this lil game. It’s well designed visually; I like ol’ Harvey and the machines are cute and the environment, wow! It’s well designed mechanically; everything builds up nicely (so far) and the materials contribute meaningfully to progression through the story, especially as you’re firing up the ship. The sound design is *chef’s kiss* delicious. I love the mix of synths and acoustic guitar giving the whole experience a gritty, futuristic feel but there are also nice little touches like how the production sounds get slightly muted when you’re in a sub menu inside one of the buildings. Details, man. They go a long way. Most importantly though, that very first lore item is truly what hooked me. The story of Harvey...sheesh what a read. It really went SO far to fleshing out the atmosphere and the character who before had just been a silly pop up tutorial guide but now I know he’s kinda...well, (spoiler alert) haunting the ship. What once was a cutesy Factorio clone—yea I’m on to you, devs ;)— suddenly elevated itself rapidly and very stylishly. My compliments to the team and I look forward to delving deeper into the sands!
Great game! Needs work though...
by Firepheonox:uprising on 2020/10/15 03:50
This game is amazing, and I’ve only been playing for a few minutes. Unlike the stale idle games of recent, this game feels like it has a steady pace of progression, and the way factory expansion works feels like an actual accomplishment! Expanding the factory production isn’t costly and it comes down more to how well you can plan your factory layout than how many machines you can buy. The game feels fun to play, the monetization isn’t aggressive and it feels very free flowing. That said, optimization leaves something to be desired. My phone is having a difficult time processing the factory and I’be barely gotten to level 3. This game might be more suited to the steam platform, and I would love to play this on my PC! I’d rate this game higher if it was better optimized, and I’d be glad to update this review once a patch fixes it! Thank you to the devs for making something new to play on my phone that isn’t an idle tycoon game!
Gorgeous! But a bit buggy
by NillaGoon on 2020/08/18 21:28
This game has a fantastic production design and really shows a lot of attention to detail. I’m not usually an FTP player, but I quite like this one. Unfortunately, my experience has been a bit dampened by pacing issues. I’m trying to reach level six, but I have somehow gotten stuck in a mode where all I can do is grind out delivery missions for XP, five points at a time. I suspect that this is not intentional on the part of the developers. There’s also a fair amount of subtlety in the behavior of the factory parts, and unfortunately there are also some subtle bugs in operations and display. If something isn’t working right, it’s usually not clear whether this is the intended behavior or I have run into a bug.
Beautiful factory game only slightly hampered by timers
by Mushid on 2020/07/08 01:54
I’m not far in the game, yet, but so far I am impressed by depth of the game. It takes the tried and true auto-factory design and gives it a fresh coat of paint with future-fantasy inspired graphics and satisfying sound effects. The game even manages to find a few extra places to polish, like the low-pass filter on the factory sounds when looking at the menus. The machines usages and requirements are logical and clearly communicated. The only major drawback so far is a very heavy reliance on timers as a cost mechanic. At the moment, it is an enjoyable mix of real-time resource management, but I worry that if the timers increase in length and frequency as the levels increase—as tends to happen in this style of free-to-play model—that the game will quickly devolve into a extrinsic-reward-driven waiting simulator.
Fun but resource intensive
by Cliff506 on 2020/11/25 18:26
I really enjoy this game. I tried getting into Factorio but couldn&#39;t climb the steep learning curve at the time. This game helped ease me into this genre with a solid tutorial, good story and excellent pacing. I haven&#39;t felt a grind to get new levels and technology and have fun making my sandship very productive and efficient. Unfortunately after reaching level 10 (sandship level 5) my game has gotten very laggy, almost to the point of being unplayable at times. I have an iPhone 6s, so maybe I just need something more powerful but it&#39;s sad nonetheless that I soon will have to shelve this game until I get an upgrade. Also, it drains the battery very quickly. I wish the was a low power mode available. I would definitely recommend this game to others and hope you have a better phone than I.
Puzzles need work but great game
by Cavilerceaser on 2020/09/21 21:49
The puzzle system is glitchy. If it gives you a puzzle sometimes it will show you the whole completed puzzle when you go to try to make one. Then it won’t let you edit the puzzle in the menus and you need to publish it if you want to make your own. This means there are many puzzles in the game that are just the same one but submitted by different people. They also do not have a way for you to take down puzzles which not only makes the previous issue larger but it means that if there is a puzzle you mess up like I have there is no way to take it down after the fact. The whole game is great besides that but I would like it if the system was tweaked in the puzzle section so there can be a bit of quality control.
Amazing game with some glitches
by ProGamah on 2021/01/02 21:05
This is an amazing game. 5 star quality without a doubt. It has a good storyline, there’s plenty of content, and you can tell the devs worked hard on it. The only ads are completely optional and not in any way critical to progressing in the game. Sometimes claiming materials from in transit gets glitchy, but you can fix that by just re-loading the game. It’s mostly a factory game, but it also has (optional) puzzle elements, and, while you’re away, you factories keep on working (kinda like an idle game). TL;DR Amazing game, not many glitches, no forced ads, and the few ads there is aren’t very important to your progress. Definitely a 5 star game.
Great potential!
by violageek on 2020/06/13 21:28
This game has potential to be awesome! The concept is fun, there’s a TON of things to construct, and the logic to construct them (mostly) makes sense when you stop to think about it. That said, all of the bugs don’t seem to be worked out as of yet. For starters: - The game crashed the first time I started it, before linking to my Game Center account. It hasn’t crashed again though. - Sometimes, the screen will go completely orange except for the “unlock at building level 4” window to the left of where the factory is supposed to be. Closing down and restarting seems to fix this. - Getting the red exclamation point to go away from the Collectibles tab is a chore. You have to poke around a lot to get it to go away. Also, there could be a little more explanation from Harvey about temperature requirements for some of the machines and how many tiles of conveyor belt you need for hot stuff to cool down. Additionally, machine product ratios could be more prominent. Much like real life, the machines will make weird noises and continue to work visibly fine, and much like real life, those noises can be super annoying. This game could easily be a solid 5 once these issues are addressed and I’ll be happy to amend my review at that point.
EDIT::Overall game and update 6.6
by LaouChun on 2020/12/27 20:25
I’ve enjoyed the game quite a bit. I like the factory creation and concept. Overall great job. The con is that once I reached level 17 there is a quest that requires me to get legendary items. The problem with that is, there is no way to get legendary items unless you pay 300 gems for one legendary crate. I have skipped tons of contracts trying to find a legendary contract and it’s non existent. I only get epic which has of course 0% chance to drop a legendary. The only way to get more gems is to complete quest. And I can’t complete quest because I can’t get legendaries, and I can’t get legendaries because I can’t get gems. After a few days of skipping missions I finally came across a legendary contract! So yes it’s possible.
by Random fander on 2020/09/01 16:28
This is the best game for me I love technical things and this just let me go wild. It is slow paced so if you don’t like slow paced games then this is not for you. I like that you can play with out being stuck on a pay wall. I have seen that people had errors and stuck on loading so I would recommend that you have good internet. I don’t use this on a phone I use it on a iPad and I would recommend it too! I think that the phone would be off like forever loading or errors. THIS IS WORTHY FOR 5 STARS Please also look through most critical to know the issues that other people have had and know that it might happen to you too!
Awesome game; Awesome dev team
by Andrewh33 on 2020/06/14 05:52
I don’t usually rate games but this game is very well thought out and impressive. I’m and actual engineering student and I love this game because on the surface it is quite simple but in order to make hyper optimal factories, it really makes you think and there are a lot of ways to be clever in this game. Also the dev team is super helpful. I had an issue, submitted a support ticket, and within the hour they had responded and resolved the issue. I wish all customer service was that good! Of course there are some bugs that still need working through, but this game has a ton of potential to be way better than it already is.
Please fix!
by Master Bait & Tackle on 2021/01/02 07:48
I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but my game has completely broken in the last couple of days, my factories aren’t producing the right items. Example: in one of my factories, I have steel gears being produced (or what should be being produced rather) but steel plates is still going into transit items. Then I decided to delete the whole build and rebuild the factory from scratch and it still did it. THEN I deleted everything and hit go, and steel plates were still going into transit, I had no other factories on at the time and it is happening in every one of my other buildings as well. Other than this, I’ve had a great time on this game in the last two months.
Would Recommend
by thehipsterwebdesigner on 2021/03/21 06:30
Little buggy but the game is good enough to sometimes force quit and restart anyway. All in all, it’s awesome and just was I was looking for coming from Dyson Sphere Program. Devs, please iron out the random state and menu freezes. Maybe the pay to play balancing could be a little better/cheaper? Since I wanted to quickly figure out what the game was about, I used my gems whenever I could. Issue with that strategy is that I felt all the cool things happened after I spent money (since I ran out earlier than most players) not before. If I didn’t feel like spending money, I might have not kept playing.
5/5 Plays great, looks even better.
by Yggorath on 2021/03/13 20:55
Compared to other free mobile games it’s certainly not bad. Better than most I would say. The mechanics loops feels rewarding and over 24 hours in I haven’t encountered any ridiculously long wait time that pressure me into purchasing in game currency just to make progress. I’ve seen other users mention bugs but I have yet to encounter any. Aside from mechanics the art is amazing. Played plenty of PC titles that couldn’t be bothered to make their sprites and animations look this good and they had a $15 to $20 price tag. All in all. Quality game and more than worth a try.
Shows potential, but buggy and slow
by NateWhatWhat on 2021/03/15 22:45
As a factorio player I really want to like this game, but there are a couple things holding it back. First is (at least early game) is super slow with almost no factory building. It’s easy to produce the resources, so you’re just waiting around for contracts and research to complete. Second is the bugs. Nothing so far has been game breaking, but sometimes it thinks my inventory is full so I can’t produce anything. Had to kill the game then it worked fine. Also sometimes it takes forever for contracts to complete. I’ll start an hour long one, come back in an hour, and it still says 45 minutes. Gonna keep playing to see if it gets better, but hopefully we’ll ll get some updates.
A game with great story and customization
by the-arcane on 2021/01/31 23:43
This is the only game I could find in the App Store that allows you to place items where you want and not where the game wants. When you think of a factory game on pc you think of customization and graphics but on mobile you think of simple art and everything is where the game wants it you get almost no freedom in those types of games. I have always had a special place in my heart for automation games and customizable games and this is the only one I could find. The reason this is a four star is the game is really buggy and laggy but that might be my iPad and it also breaks the audio whenever I am in a discord call
Great game with some issues
by 26841 on 2021/01/04 21:01
Rarely do I come across a crafting game that can combine idle gameplay with actual player interaction outside of simply tapping buttons. This game can really make players think about resource management and optimization. While I do enjoy this game, there are some issues that I am having with it, though I am unsure of if this is an issue with my device (iPhone X) or not. The biggest issue is that the game can cause my device to overheat, which I can feel through my somewhat bulky case. It also seems to eat up my battery life rather quickly. Also, the audio for the game tends to crackle, though again I don&#39;t know if this is due to my device or not.
Good art. Good music. Good game
by Oldman543 on 2021/03/06 06:32
Good feel of the game as far as ambiance goes. The puzzle/building part of the game feels good to accomplish. Only game complaint would be it’s a pay to win style game but then it is free otherwise so the monetization strategy isn’t something I can bash too much. Still lots of bugs that make the game unplayable at times. Biggest issue is the Connection to the server often lags out and if you don’t notice you can go on for a long time and all of your progress during that time is gone as if you were still afk the whole time. Only way to connect again is to force close the game and relaunch. There is no caution on connection loss or way to try to reconnect if the connection is lost. There should have to be as the fame should just work but there you have it. Underwell lags badly at higher levels and should have better optimization. It actually crashed the app a few times and when it doesn’t crash the app looks frozen for many seconds while it tries to finish the round. It is a beet puzzle style game that is still being developed. Hope it gets better in the future.
Does this game ever get fixed, now it’s even worse
by JACOB990234 on 2020/10/12 04:36
I preordered this game months before it came out. Still I’m incapable of playing because every time I try it loads to 94% and crashes. Update after update and still no luck on loading past 94%! Please just fix the game and make it compatible with the IPhone 6. It’s really becoming more and more annoying seeing more items released into the game and yet it still doesn’t work on my IPhone 6 this bug has been known about since the day of real ease months ago is it ever going to get fixed!!!! Edit- Thanks with the update that came out today my game now loads to 96% before crashing you’d think months after this games release it would actually get fixed 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’ve given up at this point it’s almost a whole year since release and still no luck I’m uninstalling
Best game ive played in a while.
by Roblox mobile on 2020/10/12 12:50
i started playing this game back a month or two ago, but im already attached to it like none other game i&#39;ve found. if i have time to burn, i open this and burn my time. i will say though, even with all the pros i&#39;ve found for it, the only con or something i found that could be worked on would be the credits system, like an easy way to generate credits with the recycler in larger quantities instead of just waiting for contracts to complete. other than this one small problem i have, i think this game is great overall and Rockbyte has done really well on it
Slow progress without p2p but...
by Arsalus on 2020/10/07 22:07
Once the game gets moving it really does well. Introduction of puzzles help users realize the range of tools the game offers however without significant pay to play amounts (somewhere between 50-75$) players can find themselves in a choppy style game play. This is heavily due to the mechanic used for the games objectives which progress you through the story, directly affecting engineering level and the mechanisms available to produce parts. But as you can see once you get moving past the 12th level 19 available in the game at time of review the game is a true delight and can absorb the attention of players who want to put in the time to move forward through the story. Pros: unique game-style and big step up from the Deeptown Miner game from The developers. Cons: instead of being too quick to finish like Deeptown miner the game progresses a little too slowly for the average player and an adjustment to that process might greatly accelerate the apps success.
Love it but has some issues
by Bill91285 on 2020/08/24 12:19
It is an amazing game almost in every way but one problem is there is not enough ways to get credits. I feel this really limits what you can do. Now enough with what’s wrong with it. I love the graphics, they look amazing! I also love how you can place the machines basically anywhere. This makes it so you have to be precise with where you put conveyors and other machines. Over all, great game.👍 Edit: Once you make lots of things efficient you run out of storage with no credits to upgrade it. So, I find myself sitting around, waiting to get barely enough credits to upgrade one item’s storage capacity, once from slow contracts.
Just awesome and addressing a really annoying bug
by thelucasdaboss on 2020/06/18 01:41
So I LOVE this game and got it about 3 months ago and leveled up to level 7 within the first 2 weeks. But here’s the bug once I got to level 7 720xp (level up) and nothing happened as I was supposed to level up but it just froze it’s stuck and I can’t level up. I tried to get some more Xp to hope to fix the problem but it didn’t do anything. I just logged on after 2 months of on and off checking and I was hoping the updates would eventually fix the bug but it’s still not fixed so devs please fix this bug!
Good but too many bugs to be fun
by pdxschroeder on 2020/09/15 04:38
As others have stated, the bugs in this otherwise fun game make it very, very frustrating. It has all the typical FTP issues that limit how fast you can advance unless you buy gems so I’ll ignore that aspect as that seems to be the norm. The frustration is that the timers only seem to advance when you have the app open. And even then they frequently just stop without it looking like anything is wrong. I left my iPad open and running a 4 hour mission earlier and it wasn’t done after 8 hours, never turned off or went to sleep. Overall I wanted to like this game, it has fun characters and design but it also frequently had me wondering what I was supposed to do next.
Looks like an awesome game! Please fix, crashes
by r3cgm on 2021/01/14 15:24
First time I tried to play it bugged out a couple minutes into the tutorial with &#34;no network connection&#34;, but my network was fine. Tried again this morning and right after placing my first steel plate converter in the tutorial it stopped advancing. I couldn&#39;t stop the simulation, the tutorial help never reappeared, but the animations kept going. I really want to play this game! [Update] after those initial issues, everything since then has been amazing. Such a fun game. The art assets and limited storyline so far have been a treat. Love this game!
Kinda confusing but really good
by 0.773H on 2020/07/16 01:12
There’s a lot of things to keep in mind while playing this game and quite a bit to process as you work through the game. But all that to say, this game is so very well crafted and thought out. I’ve played very few games that are this well made and have as much going for it as this one does. It makes you feel like an important piece of the game itself and that’s kinda rare for a game to do. I’m really glad I was fortunate enough to find this game. Keep up the great work my dudes
Offline style gameplay, but requires internet to play?!
by Ridderon49 on 2021/01/13 02:08
The game, while quite good, will not let you play offline at all because the game will simply crash when you try to open it. And if you lose connection while playing, it will freeze and then crash after you try to close the notification to retry connecting to the server, regardless of what button you hit. There’s no PvP (that I’m aware of after playing for 2 hours) or other kind of function (other than in-app purchases) that might possibly need an internet connection to work. As such, it makes zero sense this kind of game to need to require such, and yet it does for some reason. Not happy with the inability to play it on road trips.
Great game marred by bugs and sleazy IAP
by MooseBoys on 2020/06/16 17:53
Looks so promising, yet the game is very much in a Beta state. On iPhone 11, even the simplest things cause game-breaking bugs, requiring a force-quit and relaunch to resolve. These are not edge cases either; even the most basic playtest would have revealed them (e.g. changing ore type in a connected emitter). Worse than the bugs though is the developers&#39; decision to implement arbitrary time gates that can only be bypassed using money. Edit (2 -&gt; 1 star): Just got a time-limited IAP offer for an additional transporter for $9. This would let you complete two time-gated missions at once. The fine print? You only get it for 30 days! SHAME on you. You either need to fire the person in charge of monetization strategy, or the creatives need to spin off their own studio. So much wasted potential.
Great Game, Buffy Issues
by Auto-Ban is BROKEN on 2020/06/27 08:43
This game has great potential, and I personally love these kind of industry games, BUT— There is a huge major problem. I was building a super efficient factory in the long factory (level 4), but the game kept crashing, saying that “devices collided”, and sometimes said that with “x” or “y”, which I had no idea why. It was so frustrating and took so much longer to finish my efficient factory, and when I moved on to the next long factory (level one) it did it again and crashed while making a terrifying siren sound. I have no idea why this is happening, and I just wanna build my factories, so please patch the bugs. But other than that, a great time-consuming game!
Refuses to run on IPhone 6
by Monstrocity on 2020/06/15 00:24
I’m using an IPhone 6 with the latest IOS for it (12.4.6). Whenever I attempt to start the app, it takes me to the download screen and after loading to 92%, the app crashes entirely. I’ve restarting my device two different ways, and both times it still did not load past 92%. Since this is a newly released game, I decided to wait until a couple updates went out before I left a review, but it still won’t work for me. The game looks very interesting; I’d still be willing to try it, but I unfortunately cannot until there’s some sort of fix for the IPhone 6. I hope this issue will be addressed in the future.
Beautiful game with a medium size bug that may just be my phone
by beepdx on 2020/08/22 18:55
So... a beautiful game, first of all. Graphics, audio, lore, everything is spot on! The only problem is with the contract aspect. Not with the actual gameplay, no, I love the motive! Just,...well... when I try to open the crates, my game freezes. This might just be my phone,(2-3 years old and filled with problems) but it is a real pain because I have to play Russian roulette except with a 75% chance of losing. Again, it is probably just my phone, but I just want to make this review to inform people of a bug that may or may not just be me.
Off and on
by Icaristheshadow on 2020/06/27 13:27
I started playing this game and I absolutely loved it. Then an update was released that messed up my game for a bit until the next update it was unplayable. Then I went on a while of being able to play again followed by what is now an issue where I can no longer earn credits or everstone even though they are both being generated. And the no long even generate while I am not in the game app itself. My credits are not at cap not even half way however my everstone is but when I collect it resets my everstone as if I am not at cap. Two updates have been released since this problem started and there has been no change so far. Please fix and I will 100% go to 5 stars.
Very buggy
by Fredd2013 on 2020/10/21 13:40
The game is addictive but the story elements are very lacking. They make mention of it but there are no events beyond the first early on. It is extremely buggy as you go up in levels with beyond lvl 15 the amounts you are making crash the game. The container inventory is bugged with multiple types of filled containers not properly being displayed and seem to disappear but permanently lower your total containers. If you are making enough substance then sometimes the game will pause when you close it and not fill up your inventory. Also at these points items do not place and are invisible. The oil, algae and plastics are bugged in this way particularly.
Great game but what the hell?
by K3nnyB01 on 2020/06/19 00:01
Okay so I’ve been playing for maybe a couple of hours now and I’m enjoining this game soooo much, but I don’t know if it’s my phone or the game on iOS, because it is bugging like hell I can’t even log in without the game crashing so I have to play as a guest. when I play there are constantly bugs everywhere including: textures not loading, the sound lagging or just straight up crashing this game has A LOT of potential but in its current status it’s a pain to play in my opinion Again: I’m not sure if the problems are caused by my pLove or the game but I haven’t had any problems like these before with any other games/apps
by Ares XX on 2020/06/15 01:28
By the time i hit the end of chapter 1 i had the job crates crash the game multiple times (upwards of 10), basic moving of conveyors crashed it 6 times, and i had the orange screen crash 3 times. It said it was “missing something” when it would crash. I have no idea what the actual issue was. Overall though, other than the crashes, its pretty fun. Its a nice little factory game with good visuals, good music, and a great aesthetic. Over all the hour i had on it was pretty fun and I have not seen any ads so far, making me much more likely to help support the devs. Keep working on it guys, you have some fun stuff on your hands here.
Initially addictive despite problems
by Level9Giggler on 2020/06/21 00:55
So initially addictive, I didn’t mind restarting to fix loops that produced “ok” boxes repeatedly, or restarting because I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the factory once I was in it. The limits on ways to sell products is frustrating. This causes limits in warehouse space. Add in many other elements and the game is challenging. Innovation in concept and gameplay are why it gets 5 instead of lower. (I am so tired of matching tiles and puzzles with only one solution—those games are not this game.)
Interesting an addictive
by rjsuzukirider on 2020/06/22 19:19
Yet it lacks content. I am lvl 5 an only play a few mins a day while i have to wait for contracts to complete or wait for a new ability to be learned. I like how u can earn crystals instead of having to actually buy wich is also an option. I suggest having things to do while u wait... we are on an alien planet why not have alien bugs or animals get in to the factories an we players can tap to smoosh them earning credits an crystals or even rare elements and other loot to be used to further inhance our crafts. Thank you for creating this game 🙂
Becomes unplayable after a ton of fun
by Grimkey on 2020/08/20 16:43
This game is wonderful and it is heartbreaking how broken the endgame is. I’ve been playing since the first day and love the game play when it works. But little by little, lagging mechanics creep in until one day it is just unplayable. I’ve spent hours trying to build one building. The game has a discord to appeal to, but the response is just time consuming return everything off and on again. It takes upwards of 15 minutes to do that, then you have to start playing a game within the game of what lags too much for you and what is ok. At the time of this writing, the staff says that they will fix it each update, but it doesn’t. If you like factorio, this game has a great feel, but you’ll end up playing factorio while you wait for the this game to log in, to stop lagging after your last placement, or between crashes. If it wasn’t for the misery of trying to play at endgame, I’ve give it a 5, but the slowly growing misery is just too much.
good but...
by titty grabber yum on 2020/12/24 14:24
it’s a really fun game and it has a good storyline but i just have one problem... whenever i play there is always some lag and it slows down my phone for a few seconds and then it restarts. It would be really great if you could patch that up in the next update so the game can be more enjoyable 😀 I love the game and it’s mechanics probably the second best game i’ve played with really good graphics it’s sorta complex but that’s what i like about this game it’s addictive and fun to play all day and it’s so satisfying to watch the Machines automatically work overall it’s really fun. -equax
Very Great Game but Very Buggy. Please Fix
by LegitPurpose on 2020/06/19 08:48
I like the story and I like the assembly lines. For a perfectionist who likes to optimize everything to the limit is very frustrating but I welcome the challenge. Now for the reason why it’s not 5 stars. First, the game sometimes display error messages when I try to build the assembly lines. Second, when I put my phone down for a while then unlock it the screen is black, but I still hear music. I have to restart it each time when that happens. Otherwise the game is 5 stars all around, so please fix it developers.
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