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Metronome Pro - Beat & Tempo
The metronome app you have been waiting for. As a musician, you know the importance of the tempo. That's why Metronome Pro has been created, so you don’t lose the pace and play with a perfect precision! Always keep the tempo and rhythm, wherever you are. This metronome has been made by professional musicians: its extremely accurate system will perfectly help you to get the right tempo, whatever the instrument you use. Metronome Pro works great for daily practice, live performances with your band or if you do records in a studio. Intuitive to use with a beautiful interface, it offers many ways to personalize your experience. The possibilities are almost infinite: The BPM beats per minute can be set on a wheel, from 30 to 250 beats. It can also be set manually with the Tap BPM feature. Finally, Time Signature and Subdvisions can also be changed to fit your specific needs. Want to customize your metronome song? No problem, you can choose from a wide selection of songs. There is something for every band and for every kind of instruments. And if you prefer to have a visible cue of the beat, you can use the flash of your phone as a marker! Rhythm games will help you improve your rhythm: learn to accurately play a sequence at a specific BPM and train your capacity of retrieving a rhythm from your memory. Metronome is more than just an application. It’s a real tool, convenient for beginners and professionals alike. Don’t wait anymore and come test it! ** KEY FEATURES ** ** Digital Metronome ** - Tempo range from 30 to 250 bpm beats per minute - Time signature and Subdivisions set-up - TAP BPM to manually set your tempo - Background mode ** Games ** - Funny rhythm games - Scoring system to improve your skills and track your performance - Lot of levels to practice (premium version to get them all) ** Tempo animations ** - Clearly visualize each beat with beautiful animations - Downbeat clearly visible with a different color - Camera flashlight can be activated to see the beats ** Sounds ** - More than 15 metronome sounds for all styles - Can be used for any instruments: piano, drums, guitar etc... All you have to do now is to test this app, which will become your main tool for playing music! SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION - Subscribe for unlimited access to our Premium features. - Weekly ($7.99) & yearly ($40.99)* - Free trial subscription is automatically renewed unless cancelled 24 hours before the renewal - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the same price - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable Privacy Policy and Terms of use: *Price are equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines is the equivalent of the subscription price in $USD.
by EverRayne78 on 2019/10/13 04:51
It costs money at the beginning :/
by 🍫🍫🦄🦄🌮🌮🍿🍿 on 2019/10/11 22:18
It is a little annoying to my brother’s
8 dollars a week? Are you kidding me?
by Isiah1234 on 2019/10/10 19:40
Insanely over priced. You can get free apps just as good as this.
Plz remove my subscription
by connerjsmith on 2019/10/10 15:27
Can I unsubscribe plz I accidentally did it Thx
by sadisttic on 2019/10/10 14:36
The promotion they are running is misleading. And you also have to pay in order to use it. They should let you know beforehand
Don’t make the same mistake I did
by EDanielV on 2019/10/05 14:31
Downloaded this during a quick guitar lesson to teach a student about metronomes. Come to find out a month later that I was being charged 7.99 a week for their “Week Subscription.” You’re better off buying a physical metronome that downloading this. My mistake for not researching what I download..but 7.99 per week..obvious scam.
Having a hard time canceling
by meliflewis on 2019/09/30 17:51
This looks like it might be a good metronome but I think I’m subscribed to the service and can’t find any way to unsubscribe. What a horrible experience!
Scam. Stay away.
by Asdfmatt on 2019/09/29 06:28
I wanted to try the game and it is so terrible and dumb and boring. Now I can’t find where to cancel under account settings. $7.99/week for a metronome app is despicable and I hope the developers rot for that.
Rip off
by bus parent on 2019/09/27 13:06
Before you can do ANYTHING you have to pay the 8$ a week fee. Another cash grab app.
Thank you
by hagfd on 2019/09/21 00:58
Go ahead and send me a copy of the email I Cox’s
by Me81(293726 on 2019/09/19 05:32
The app is intended to get money from people by mistake. There’s a small button to try the free trial version, just above the “7 days free trial”
Ad at every touch of anything
by FGDChris on 2019/09/15 21:52
Might as well just make the app cost money
by Hollyleaf<3er on 2019/09/15 06:02
You get into the app and says you have to pay to use it Might as well just make the app cost the amount of the trial instead of having people download it for free and not be able to use it.
Ads are ridiculous
by Max Dunham on 2019/09/07 05:37
Too many ads. Other than that, they offer a lot of options most free metronomes wouldn’t incorporate
Way too expensive
by Mike Fullerton on 2019/09/06 15:22
$7 per week for a metronome? I’d pay for a one time upgrade fee to remove ads but that’s it. There are a lot of free metronome apps like Tempo that are great. Also the ads are obnoxious — I can deal with ads but not ads that take over the whole app for 15 seconds for lame games I’d never in a billion years ever play. Get real. I urge the developers to revise their pricing.
Deceiving Company
by JonTrumpet101 on 2019/08/30 20:51
I tried this out and hated it, so, I immediately uninstalled it. Then, more than a month later a monthly subscription fee showed up in my credit card that is setup in iTunes. A subscription fee for a metronome? $7.99 per month? Is this some type of joke?
First review ever
by oh yeah yeah yea on 2019/08/29 04:39
You can’t even use it unless you pay 8 dollars a month and if you do the free trial you have to cancel or else it will charge you
by dandu1244241 on 2019/08/22 01:56
No la recomiendo para nada, súper aburrida
$409.48 a year for this app? No, thanks!
by Dasgogofuze on 2019/08/19 22:44
$7.99 a week subscription rate is outrageous. Who would pay that? Not me. That’s over $400 a year. You can buy an extremely nice drum machine for that kind of money. I would not have bothered downloading it had I known that ahead of time. However, you can save yourself the headache of deleting the app by just not bothering.
Impossible to unsubscribe!
by kbodily81 on 2019/08/19 22:29
I wanted to give it a try but now I can’t unsubscribe! Don’t click on the 7-day free trial!
by Reevrednav on 2019/08/19 16:40
The app IS NOT free. It’s $8 a week to use this metronome! Hahaha scumbags.
by MintYe2019 on 2019/08/19 06:05
Never ever try to use this app. It lures you to subscribe when you first open it.
by Electro Bull Daniel23 on 2019/08/17 10:59
Every thing is great
Useless without the subscription.
by BarcelonaO1 on 2019/08/14 01:28
The game was fun and tricky until I finished the 3rd level, because that’s all the ones it gave you! Unless you wanted to pay 8 bucks for 17 more levels. This game is definitely not worth the download.
by iknymous on 2019/08/04 14:42
Trial???? I hate this app
I can’t cancel my subscription
by hhdfhues on 2019/08/02 18:47
I can’t cancel my subscription and I’m getting charged for it
by too much all at wonse on 2019/08/01 00:21
Fast simple easy cool
At $8 per week, this app had better wipe my butt.
by BigJ1974 on 2019/07/31 09:44
Go to a real physical, brick and mortar store and buy a metronome. No need for a $7.99 PER WEEK subscription. Gotta love the pair of stones on this developer, though. Delete the app immediately.
An attempt to scam
by Nolt194 on 2019/07/26 22:28
When you open the app it gives you a pleasant slide show of what the app can do. Then asks you to purchase a subscription or start your free trial. And I’m very very hard to see light gray text in very small font it says you can try the limited version. I wouldn’t have found that option had I not come here to read reviews. It’s an attempt to scam people who are too quick to react or know what they are doing. Honestly shameful to the developer to get their money from trickery. And shameful that apple does not hold developers to a higher standard. Will e forwarding this to apple support.
Can’t unsubscribe
by phyolayyyy on 2019/07/21 16:35
I want to stop using the app but can’t unsubscribe. How do I stop this weekly renewal subscription ASAP?
Don’t download this app! You will be charged $8 a WEEK for a metronome
by TTEENNOO on 2019/07/21 02:17
Oof, what a scam. If you do download this app, make sure to cancel right away or you will be charged $8 a week for a metronome.
Not worth the money
by starguy247 on 2019/07/17 15:05
There are many other apps out there that have what this app has but for free. Go download those unless you want to waste your money.
HUGE scam
by C mac insta man on 2019/07/17 15:02
They do everything to get you to pay $7.99 per week. It’s ridiculous. I couldn’t even figure out how to play for free on my “trial” week. Horrible app, horrible experience.
by EverNicknameIsAlreadyTaken on 2019/07/06 18:37
$8 week??? No thanks
by HeadphonesTooLoud on 2019/07/04 17:12
Did not see a way to try this without automatic pay of $8 week after 7 day trial. Deleted from phone.
$8 a week for premium? Are you joking?
by enzosus on 2019/06/27 19:09
I thought this looked like a fun and interesting rhythm game with a metronome so I installed it. There are 15 levels in the gave and only 3 are free. The other 12 levels you have to pay $8 a week for with a “more levels coming soon” banner. It’s comedic how little you get for such a high price. If you paid for the premium for a month to get next to no features you’re looking at $32 a month or $384 a year. Do not buy this.
Scam - $8 per week
by random102948572810102947461910 on 2019/06/20 23:52
There are plenty of free metronome apps that don’t charge $8 every week. Use those, this is ridiculous.
The may as well have just charged for it.
by Ag7292 on 2019/06/20 04:47
The app works fine. It does what it’s supposed to do, UNLESS you opt out of the 7.99 subscription. It loses all reason to download this app. Everything is locked behind a paywall except 3 basic tap to the beat levels (if you can call them that. You can literally do all 3 stages in 30 secs) and a masochist Metronome. It’s a decent app if your willing to pay.
by s k e l e t o n on 2019/06/17 21:45
Very displeased at the fact that we have to get a free trial AND pay for an $8.00 subscription. I’d rather have it that some levels are locked and we have to skip them to play the next level rather than pay for something so little, I haven’t seen you use a copyrighted song in any of your ads. I’m not going to waste my time buying something I know I won’t use later in the future.
by jlsigcorp on 2019/06/17 18:43
no use in having this game if you have to PAY for it.
Lol $8/wk to use
by mibubu on 2019/06/16 06:16
It’s a metronome app...
by MarkMcArthurSax on 2019/06/16 00:50
TO ALL STUDENTS AND ASPIRING MUSICIANS: **** DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP**** the developer only gives you the option to join a subscription service for this app for $7.99 per WEEK! NO FREE VERSION UNLESS YOU SUBSCRIBE THEN UNSUBSCRIBE. This is highway robbery!!! Plenty of free apps out there! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!! No metronome costs over $400 per year to use.
by ffhfhdhdhfhdgrydd on 2019/06/13 16:00
It was horrible I only could premium so i had to pay ssoooo muy
I can’t get out of the “Get Premium” screen
by G Street on 2019/06/13 01:09
I can’t find the X to get out of the “Get Premium” screen??!!!??😡😡
It may be optional but it’s still shady paractice
by carterwahl on 2019/06/12 23:39
Sure the pay wall is optional, but when I opened the app, it did not seem that way. You guys know what you’re doing. I’ll find another app.
Why have to pay?!?
by Anonymoususername** on 2019/06/11 01:25
First of all I have to say that I can’t even proceed forward without it saying I have to pay!! For your next update I really think you guys should make it where as tho we can continue for the people that doesn’t want to pay and make a section for the people that do wanna pay!!
Charged me even after the app was deleted
by Connor2816 on 2019/06/10 02:02
Had no clue that the app was still charging me after I deleted it. I don’t even remember signing up for a premium membership anyways. Not worth it
by Ggmon13 on 2019/06/09 02:02
I can’t even go onto the free version and it seemed interesting but I got locked out into this screen that wants $8 a week COMPLETE SH*T Your a developer who is desperate for money and tries to cheat out little kids for their moms money just quit making things pay to use you can add in game purchases but not this trash if your gonna make a game at least make it good
Too pricy
by TcW2020 on 2019/06/08 16:26
I agree it is a good product but not 8 bucks a week. I don’t agree with comment on difficulty canceling unless they were using an android device. I received notification of purchase, option to review and bam in less than 15 seconds it was canceled. Took a screen shot showing I had like 5 more days free and was done. If you need something like this and have money to just blow then I would say go for it. It is a good app user friendly. Just don’t forget if you are getting for short term if you forget you will get hit for 7.99.
Too expensive
by XeroZ00 on 2019/06/07 00:05
So much of this metronome is pay to use, and I feel like i didn’t get my money’s worth.
I applaud your tactics. “You are just after my money”, “We never said we weren’t “.
by Skankhunt42.001 on 2019/06/05 05:56
If you are going to be scum, at least own it. Which you do nearly perfect, in terms of elegance. Scum supporting evidence: A. List product as free, with in app purchases. (No surprise here, nothing new) B. After product download, trick the mark into purchasing premium version of product. (Recently surprised, fairly new) C. Do not offer a Lite version of product. In Fact, never even make a Lite version. (!!) D. List premium version of product as in app purchase. Attempt Jedi mind trick by offering one free week. (!!) E. Charge outrageous price. (No surprise here) All I needed was a simple metronome to give me an audible representation of 150 rpm (yes, rpm). Nobody makes just a simple metronome and that’s it app, so I chose the top of the list, which was your app. Although all of the extra stuff that was included with your app seemed novel and possibly fun to tinker with, it was not needed for my interest in a metronome. I already figured all of the extra stuff would be locked behind a pay wall, so I wasn’t surprised when I first opened the app and got hit with the purchase premium version now and get one week free ploy that is commonly used. I was surprised to not find the very small x or the no thanks that is usually found in the only dark part of the page, written in a dark font, to get to the basic metronome. Do don’t offer one. Did you think I would just buy your app at a rate of $8 a week just because I was so close to my goal, Or was it because you thought I was so stupid that you could confuse me into buying your app. You did trick me into wasting more time by writing this review, when I really didn’t want to waste the time to even look for a metronome app. So for that, you are scum. But your effort and trickery I applaud. Thank you, and have a splendid evening.
Can’t play unless you start auto renew free trial
by Josh VS on 2019/06/04 19:00
You literally can’t do anything unless you subscribe to the free trial that auto renews to charge you $8/week for a game you haven’t even played yet. it’s a con.
by JangoFett9 on 2019/06/03 21:08
8 bucks a week? Seriously? This is nice looking but not worth that price.
by SamanDroid on 2019/06/01 15:50
$8 per week?????? What??? For a metronome app game!?? That’s insane. $32 a month for one of the lower quality metronomes in the App Store... for less than the cost of this one app in a month, you could buy a real metronome.
by  on 2019/05/31 03:32
Literally doesn’t let you use it without paying for a description. Very misleading ad. $8 a week for a metronome is crazy.
by AnnaBanana1217 on 2019/05/31 00:52
Can’t even use the app without first signing up for a free trial of the premium version. I don’t want to try to premium, I just want to try the free version. Just trying to steal my money 🤷🏼‍♀️ Admins claim that a free version of the app can be used but I could never find any button to press to let me through to the limited version.
Bad app!
by Drummerman447 on 2019/05/30 21:12
Horrible! App keeps freezing!
need to remove payments
by hallewags_10 on 2019/05/27 19:50
i deleted this app but i still had to pay every week. how do i cancel the payments?
Ridiculously priced
by prizzzzz8 on 2019/05/26 18:20
$7.99 per week is a crazy price. The app is decent, but not for this price.
Yeah I'm not paying for this...
by Zday89 on 2019/05/23 20:16
It looked interesting so I installed it and was immediately greeted by a screen that locked me out of using the app unless I either paid $7.99 A WEEK or tried their "free trial" which after the first week would automatically charge me $7.99 a week. This is NOT a free app. It's only free if you sign up for a free trial then remember to unsubscribe from the renewal and then you're locked out of features. What features you're locked out of, I'm not sure and I'm not going to find out because this is getting installed right now. Total scam. I'm not paying $416 a year for a metronome....
How do I unsubscribe?
by Zyclones on 2019/05/23 19:11
I downloaded after seeing an Instagram ad showing the metronome games, and I was bored. Apparently, like many others, I did not see the option to use the free version and figured I could easily unsubscribe right away but that doesn’t seem to be the case. How do I unsubscribe before paying $8 for a dumb boredom download?
From a Professional Producer
by Lololalflare on 2019/05/23 05:53
TRASH! Why do I have to subscribe for a metronome.
$8.00/week after 1 week trial
by Frog Grigson on 2019/05/18 01:30
And you must subscribe for the trial. It automatically bills you after the first week. They’re hoping to rip you off for $8, I guess. US $415.00 per year for a metronome? That is insane. No thanks.
Don’t use
by Jmilzy3201 on 2019/05/17 04:13
Way to sucker your users into starting a free trial and then charging them money. No thanks.
Can’t use
by JBP112 on 2019/05/12 17:50
Please help I can’t access the actual metronome I am just stuck on the screen with the stuff that tells you about the app help Also 8$!!!! A WEEK!!!!!!!?!???!? What?
My child got duped
by LKB12LGT12 on 2019/05/12 13:15
My daughter, who is pretty smart, was looking for a metronome to help with a single homework assignment. I just took a look at my Paypal account and saw I’ve been billed $8/week for the past 6 weeks for this app! I have canceled, but honestly, I think Metronome Pro owes us some money back. Why make your process so sneaky that people aren’t realizing they signed up for for recurring payments??
by jazzilejay on 2019/05/08 18:43
How can I unsubscribe?
get the metronome for free
by Claudinebluejean on 2019/05/04 23:25
I found out that if you repeaditly tap on the screen with multiple fingers, you’ll eventually get out of the subscription screen
Couldn’t even use it
by GrayFrost496 on 2019/05/04 20:21
So love that I couldn’t find ANYWHERE a button that says “use limited version”. I’m not paying $8 for a metronome. I can literally go and get a different app OR go to google for a metronome for FREE.
it’s an expensive app
by Jaws1991 on 2019/05/04 01:38
this app would’ve been great for a musician like myself, but due to the price tag, i wouldn’t use it. its sad, as the app did have a lot of potential i just wish it wouldn’t cost so much.
Metronome app
by Morwr Meic on 2019/05/02 08:37
As previous reviewer - would not allow me to use it without going for the subscription trial:(
by 22!$ on 2019/04/30 04:14
it practically forces you 2 buy the “better version “ this game a COMPLETE SCAM this is just awful i didnt even get to play the game because this games tryna get 7.99 a week outta me like noooo.
Total BS of an App
by davidhassenoff on 2019/04/28 16:13
The subscription is 7.99 per week. Who does that kind of subscription pricing? May be Louis Vuitton. Also subscription info is way down in the description. This is a total trap kind of app.
Metronome Review
by CoolGuitat on 2019/04/25 00:46
I think this was really good!!😃 It really helped me with getting the right tempo on Yesterday-by the Beatles, my fav song-and it really just perfected it. I play guitar and I am ten years old, but really any age, any person or instrument can use it.
Click bait
by BigBossManDB on 2019/04/24 23:12
Tricky and miss leading, and almost forces you into an eight dollar per week purchase. Very disappointed, and not worth it. Shame on them.
Eight dollars a WEEK???????
by mosannam9696 on 2019/04/24 15:13
How about $2 forever? Sounds better to me.
by triggered hoe on 2019/04/24 04:26
i cant do anything until i pay.
How to use the Limited Version?
by Leandrin669PlaysGame on 2019/04/24 03:00
I dowloaded the app , but I cant find the button to use it for free . Fix that pls
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! $32 per month. SCAM
by Hirsute Bloviator on 2019/04/22 22:12
Even if you delete it right away you’ve ‘subscribed’ and they start charging you $32/month! Had to call apple to cancel the subscription & refund my money. Repeat -you cannot delete the app- you have to either call apple or go into your system preferences, subscriptions, cancel subscription. Huge hole in iphone security if you ask me. UPDATE: Alice, it’s a scam & you know it.
by Happyrock5 on 2019/04/21 19:33
It took me forever to get pass the subscription page and you click the little gray font that says limited edition to get past. It’s really hard to see. Other than that it’s a good app
by jrfucudjausis on 2019/04/21 02:27
How can I cancel my subscription, I accidentally started it. I have started it not even 10 minutes ago!!! How can I cancel it!!??
I love the app
by Drumline2018-2019 on 2019/04/18 21:45
I love the app is just can you guys add more subdivisions
by djprops on 2019/04/15 09:03
I can’t dis continue it I will not do this again
Rip off!
by Coranelle on 2019/04/14 11:31
I needed a metronome for school use (I’m a teacher). Thought this looked good- started the trial- did not find it easy to use so deleted it. Imagine my surprise when I got billed for $7.99! No asking if I wanted to continue after the trial. Very disappointed, irritated, and deceived! Hmmm- now no matter what name I try to use to submit this, it won’t accept it. If this was a 4-star review I bet it would be accepted! On the tenth name & still trying!
Pay wall
by Falk420 on 2019/04/13 20:24
Asks for payment or to start a trial before exiting app tutorial. Total scam.
by Snows777 on 2019/04/12 01:47
Not good
by Drewsorr1 on 2019/04/09 17:01
For whatever reason it constantly runs background activity which kills battery life. Also, it’s a metronome app so why does it need to run background activity?
Good job
by Mocha cho-co-late on 2019/04/08 22:37
Very helpful and easy to use with a little time with my friends in the band and they have been great for all of us
by Sharpshooter119383776739 on 2019/04/08 10:56
Could be the greatest app ever but I won’t find out since she wants $8 a week.
$8 a week required subscription?!?!?!
by Redcorn85 on 2019/04/08 03:23
Not sure how this got through the App Store curation. This app doesn't even let you use ANYTHING without signing up for a trial subscription and then the actual subscription price is 8 DOLLARS A WEEK?!?!?!?! FOR A METRONOME?!?!?! Seriously, don't download this. Looks like it would be a great tool and a fun way to improve your time, but wow NOT for 8 dollars, A WEEK. ( Did I mention EIGHT DOLLARS A WEEK!!!!!!)
$8 a week?!
by somethingdrummer on 2019/04/07 19:38
Who the heck wants to pay $32 a month for a metronome?? That’s more than Netflix and Hulu combined and then some. You HAVE to agree to trial to even use it for free and the. You get charged per week after the first week. Greedy mother f
Kills my battery
by Doverty on 2019/04/07 16:30
This app is always running background activity. Over the last ten days it’s been running for 216 hours and I’ve only opened it once!!! It’s a metronome app, what could it possibly need to run in the background?!
Maybe not.
by BergieBerg79 on 2019/04/06 04:25
Doesn’t let you do anything without agreeing to a trial? Whole lotta nope there.
by unknown6457291 on 2019/04/06 01:13
This fricking app won’t even let me try it. It won’t let you get off of the free trial page
Bait and Switch
by Sam-G* on 2019/04/04 21:59
I wouldn’t pay for a metronome app if it was only $1.00 per month but you’re asking for $8.00? I hate apps that show as “free” prior to downloading then ask for money after a trial period. LAME SAUCE, I Uninstalled immediately after downloading the app.
by jacccattaccc on 2019/04/03 21:48
This game in general, to be honest, is a straight scam. It’s “free” in the App Store to let people think that it’s free, when in reality you have to subscribe to the game to continue. Then it was difficult to UNsubscribe from the game. All around not worth the hassle.
$8 per week, really?
by HDD1111 on 2019/04/02 01:17
Basic functionality doesn’t worth that much. I did not realize it was automatic renewal until get charged multiple times! The first free week is simply a trap betting someone will forget to cancel.
by job3114 on 2019/04/02 00:19
Please be mindful that this app requires you to sign up for a weekly subscription. It will automatically renew with a 7.99 charge each time. Just be aware. In order to cancel the subscription you need to go to iCloud in settings and change your account preferences.
Complete scam
by Coins 4 Meeeeeeeee on 2019/03/30 11:31
There is no free way to use this app. It automatically charges you after your ‘free trial’ of 7 days. Absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who is willing to pay $8 A WEEK for a stupid metronome has way too much money.
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