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Ready for More Go? With the spirit airlines app, easily manage all your trips in one place. Book your next getaway, check-in for your flight, and get your boarding pass. Travel faster and lighter than ever before with your new travel app companion. My Trips - View and access all your upcoming trips to see everything you need to know Check-in - Get notified when it’s time to check-in so you’re ready to go the next day Boarding Pass - No more paper! Access your boarding pass and move hassle-free through the airport Book Flights - Find and book your next getaway with ease Flight Status - Easily check flight statuses so you know when your family and friends are arriving Manage Trip - Need to make a change? Quickly update your seats, add bags or extras to your trip Free Spirit - View your member number and track your mileage balance
Doesn’t work
by SylviaWhite on 2019/10/21 14:58
This app does not work on an iPhone for check in. My husband and I have both tried and the app closes out as soon as we enter the confirmation code. If you check in online be sure to print your boarding pass because the boarding pass was not emailed as requested. Spirit needs to work on their website and app to make them work properly
Actually 0 Stars!
by ytow on 2019/10/21 14:03
When I tried to check in for my first flight, the app kept crashing. For my second flight, it simply wouldn’t let me check in. Either way, it’s worthless.
App crashes
by tbooms-reviews on 2019/10/21 03:44
App crashes every time you try to load an added trip.
No good
by Eilynn M on 2019/10/21 01:23
I havent had a problem with the airline itself but this app is horrible. Will freeze up, or will let you do everything check in ect and will not work for tsa. Dont waste your time
Can I give less than one star?
by xxLizziee on 2019/10/20 16:04
This app never loads anything. I have it updated and my connection is fine. Tried to check my flight and load my boarding pass and it just loads and loads or freezes and closes. In the off chance that it does load, it takes forever. Just use the website in your phone’s web browser.
Just fly with anyone else
by spiritairlinessucks on 2019/10/20 14:45
They nickel and dime you for everything. This app doesn’t even work. If you’re that strapped for cash at least use an airline that GIVES YOU A CARRYON for FREE. Ridiculous.
by holycrapitsjake on 2019/10/19 17:57
My department recruited a useless intern who breaks down literally every single time anyone needs something done, and I don’t know how the hell she’s still here or why the hell they still keep her around. This app is worse than that intern.
by Jeff4234 on 2019/10/18 18:53
Completely worthless.
Worst airline app
by igmyc on 2019/10/18 11:40
Useless, can’t check in, can’t look at your flight schedule, can’t buy a flight.
Doesn't register 9FC membership
by S_nickname on 2019/10/17 14:32
I paid to join the $9 Fair Club. The website confirms my active status, but the app only gives me the option to join (again). I can't book the discounted flights without being charged the $59.95 again by the app!
Glitchy and subpar app
by ledgemomma on 2019/10/17 12:57
The app wouldn’t allow me to proceed with passport information. Also, the boarding pass disappeared while waiting in airport, so I had to get a paper boarding pass. Defeats the purpose of the app.
Great fees, comfortable flight
by Kristy Swope-Chavez on 2019/10/17 08:50
Spirit has many great destinations to fly too and best prices around.
Years of Mediocrity
by BobSz on 2019/10/17 05:31
Crashing, fails when you need it , can never find your reservations, unable to book award tickets.… So much is wrong and for years now. I used to complain but I’m tired of the canned email responses. Is it conceivable that a major airline can afford a decent app developer? What else can’t they afford? Airplane maintenance?
Quick hack
by Ed Brey on 2019/10/16 21:50
Not we’ll tested, with lots of bugs: - Photo shows with wrong aspect ratio - Ignores crop when using an existing photo - Can’t delete an uploaded photo - Doesn’t notify when check-in is available - Says “check-in available” after you check in Plea to airlines: compete on transportation, not apps. Pool your dev resources into a single, great app for use by the whole industry, rather than every airline putting out poor apps on a shoestring budget.
Worst airline app
by Hirogen_Hunter on 2019/10/16 20:00
I don’t understand why is it so easy on EVERY other airline app and so hard on Spirit’s. Every one knocks Spirit Airlines. I see a nice new fleet of airplanes, friendly efficient flight crews. Spend a few bucks and fix the dam app.
by X-Lash on 2019/10/16 16:19
My app keeps crashing
App Crash
by Ray Speralta on 2019/10/16 05:07
When I try to check in under “trips” and click on my trip the app crashes. When I try to check in under “Check-in” I enter my last name and confirmation code then I press Check-in and nothing happens. App needs improvements.
Pretty good airline!!!
by Jeff9875 on 2019/10/15 15:57
Despite the bad reviews, I personally had a great experience flying with spirit for the first time. Flight crew was professional & I had no issues. Flew from LaGuardia to Dallas Fort Worth airport. Would use spirit again.
by ETHMAN84 on 2019/10/15 13:04
Crashes when retrieving boarding pass
by pdot on 2019/10/14 20:11
Basically useless to me without the boarding pass option. I even tried deleting and re-downloading but to no avail
Worst App Ever!
by Frustrated First & Last Time on 2019/10/14 15:29
This is the worst app ever especially for a frequent flyer on all airlines. The first flight to our destination city Spirit is flying. App crashes every single time if not when opening as soon as the first click down it goes and disappears. Can’t get boarding passes, buy luggage (nice surprise a charge for a carry on) or change seats can’t do anything in an app that crashes every single time. Go on the website and it’s just as horrible. It’s hard to navigate, most links don’t work, can’t check in either but was able to buy seats and again luggage since they charge for that too even though everyone has a carry on. Once you add up the cost it’s not any cheaper than other discount carriers and with advanced purchases nor the major airline. Lastly when we called to see why the app crashes or the website don’t work and want to check in, there’s another 25 buck charge for that too, wow. So now we will have to wait in the long lines to get paper tickets which is more than frustrating and we’re also TSA pre-approved so instead of zipping through the process which we’ve paid to do now our onboarding will take forever. This is the first and last time we will fly with Spirit!!!
Hello software engineering
by Ron86477 on 2019/10/14 12:45
Your app is broken, useless, and wasting my time.
Doesn’t work properly
by Ash W20178 on 2019/10/14 11:42
Do not use this app for your boarding passes! It hardly ever works when you need it the most. Just print the pas at home or else you will pay at the boarding gate. The app always attempts to loads but never works
App is bad; airline is worse
by iPad Maniac on 2019/10/13 17:52
Never, ever, use this airline. Horrible service. Horrible seats. Will cost you more money in the long run. Horrible app that is loaded with up sell junk. Horrible.
“The worst app ever created” - Mark Zuckerberg
by slim_tim1912 on 2019/10/13 14:32
This is the worst app I have ever seen. And they have the audacity to charge you to print the pass at the airport when the app inevitably does not work.
App Crashes on loading reservation
by Killacam5000 on 2019/10/13 11:41
Not functional. As I am an app is very irking to see that this happens in a production environment. Cannot check in for a flight...
Needs zero stars!!
by Mirimage on 2019/10/13 09:32
If I could give this app a lower rating I would. My boarding pass would not load after getting to security check in causing me to have to get out of line and print the pass and wait in line all over again. This app can’t even do simple task therefore I’d say just print at home or at airport because it most likely won’t work when you need it to.
Worst app
by Nick1019100 on 2019/10/12 21:00
I just needed to check in my flight and every time I clicked it it closed. I wouldn’t recommend using it, very unreliable.
by matt_zs on 2019/10/12 16:43
Do not get unless you have to
Spirit Airline app’: AWFUL
by Skiierguy1 on 2019/10/12 03:27
The app repeatedly crashes every time you try to open details of your flight to see boarding passes, etc. Also, at times, you’ll enter your confirmation number and the app will fail to find your flights saying it doesn’t exist. Can’t even find a way to save boarding pass to wallet—if I can ever find or open the pass! AWFUL! Obviously not tested first.
Horrible App.
by Cathyboo32 on 2019/10/12 02:23
This app is horrible. I can’t even book a flight because it gets to the last step and freezes. I spent hours finding the right flight picking seats only to have the very end pause and end even though I was connected to internet with 4 bars.
Can’t find my flights
by Divya Jagadeesh on 2019/10/12 01:08
This app can’t find my booking. So if I can’t check in with this app, what is the point of it? Crap company...
Unusable on Pro Max
by E sKrilla on 2019/10/12 00:25
When you want to view your trips, the app crashes
by LTm12345 on 2019/10/11 22:01
Website check in was broken so downloaded the app, but app is completely broken as well. Looks like they really want to rake in the in-person charges
It’s 2019.....
by spiritw/novaseline on 2019/10/11 11:40
It’s 2019, how in the world is an app still this awful? Trying to check in for flight and the websites down, customer service said they couldn’t either so I tried app. I hit check in and it crashes and closes out. Such a shame.
Shockingly Unreliable
by jc180 on 2019/10/11 02:09
No other reason could this app be so unreliable other than neglect. What a poor reflection of the company’s management.
App just crashes
by Dawnco7 on 2019/10/10 23:26
Terrible app. Does not work. Just crashes. Deleted and reinstalled more times than I can count. Still crashes.
by Bull2thtony on 2019/10/10 19:30
Literally is the worst app I have ever downloaded. Literally crashes every time you try to do anything in the app. A kindergartener could create a more functional app.
Not a reliable app
by The maple tree on 2019/10/10 12:47
While I’ve been extremely pleased with my flights on Spirit and their flight crews, this app falls far short in every way. I have tried several times to book flights and it lets me put in destinations and dates then the screen just goes yellow and black. Useless for its intended purpose.
Can’t checkin!
by stuck at 192.2 on 2019/10/10 00:59
Why is this app still on the App Store. Crashes every time I try to check in
by whats wrong with Spirit on 2019/10/09 19:49
Worst app ever. No customer support. Can’t even sign in. Flying Delta 🍆
Come on guys
by Imaldo10 on 2019/10/09 17:07
App crashes. That simple. You’d think the develop team would fix this by now.
App so bad I had to write a review.
by BombBreaKeR on 2019/10/09 16:34
This app is horrible. I can’t even sign in. It sends me a new password and when you try to use it it tells me about some internal error. I wasted a good 15-20 minutes being patient to find a way for it to work. It didn’t, so I decided to just check in online. I’m all about being cheap and saving money. I don’t expect things to last or be fancy. But it has to work. If you want me to spend my money, take the time to make sure the app works.
by chris1234567890543 on 2019/10/09 16:18
Their is no point to this app, the only thing it does is crash.
Doesn’t work
by Dewonna and Dillen on 2019/10/09 00:25
App doesn’t work for me at all
🚫wknd Dates 🚫Calendar entry‼️‼️‼️‼️
by db4life on 2019/10/08 18:31
Use Website DO NOT use this App... App Does NOT: Show all dates Won’t let you select dates Have to toggle screen by screen for dates Keep track of your flight schedule Allow you to update your calendar directly with flight information. It has to be entered manually into my calendar. Like WTH y’all
Crashes every time
by irshii on 2019/10/08 10:37
Cannot use to see my boarding passes, crashes every single time. Annoying, but at least the email QR Code is still usable.
App is terrible
by Rjeezie on 2019/10/08 00:41
The app is horrible. Won’t let me sign into my Spirit account and constantly freezes and crashes
by whorewhore on 2019/10/07 21:21
Every time I open the app to check my flight it crashes
Can’t book with this app...
by rchavez4 on 2019/10/07 15:24
I contacted support noting I was on the latest iOS version, and would get a blank screen with a black header row in the banner (ie, couldn’t do anything) when doing searches for a booking. Their canned email response was to make sure I was on the latest iOS version... really???? ):-/ App is junk, should be removes from App store until better internal QA is done before publishing back on App store. Shows very poor development project management.
App only crashes.
by Dan Dotson. on 2019/10/06 20:32
Have the new iPhone 11 and the app will not work with it. Every time I try to load my travel itinerary it goes into a loop where it crashes and won’t bring anything up.
Awful App
by Kevin@Texas on 2019/10/06 15:49
Please review any other booking site out there and copy it. OMG. 20 steps to book my flight and then the app crashed. I don’t even want to try again. If the price goes up I’ll just pay the difference and fly on someone else. Way too frustrating. The experience at the airport and on the plane has gotten so much better over the years but the app needs to be fixed.
This is the worst app I’ve ever used
by Koshesha on 2019/10/06 15:45
The app doesn’t work. Flat out. I wasn’t able to add my KTN, wasn’t even able to submit payment. The app Does. Not. Work. But given Spirit’s reputation I am not surprised at all.
by Babasoz on 2019/10/06 14:08
While trying to check in, app keeps crashing.
Don’t bother
by VideoWizard7 on 2019/10/06 11:16
App is less than useless. Crashes when trip is input and selected. Checkin doesn’t work just spins. This isn’t even an app.
Has never work properly
by Quetaq on 2019/10/04 18:05
Every time I want to check in or want to see my tickets it looks like it’s going to open but it crashes and it takes me back to just the front menu, so when I need to check in I have to do it in a computer. It does let me buy the tickets and look at what’s available. Another thing I noticed is that as a $9 member I don’t see the deals or it doesn’t give me the same deals as someone who is not a member 👎 Please fix the bug on the app🙏🏽 it sure would be nice to have my ticket on my phone app.
Staff was very cranky
by fjndndhfjfn on 2019/10/04 14:40
Idk why
Use Points to Purchase on App
by SpiritLMD on 2019/10/04 10:17
Way too many screens to complete, no bags, no car needed, just tell me how many points I need to purchase a ticket with the app without completing every single section. TY!
Sign in doesn’t work
by Herms_3 on 2019/10/04 09:36
Just like the airline, the app is terrible!! I put in my login information and it doesn’t even let me in!! So dumb!! For future reference, just screenshot your ticket from your phone, so much easier.
Crashes every step of the way
by tidiclous on 2019/10/04 08:10
Tried creating account online it crashed tried checking in online and it crashed. Then tried to buy a bag it crashed finally had to go online to website that wasn’t user-friendly either. You need to do better.
App constantly crashes
by morjulia on 2019/10/04 03:27
Couldn’t check in, couldn’t pick a seat, couldn’t check bags. This app is a nightmare and their site isn’t much better
A scam uncovered
by DrunkinRampage on 2019/10/04 01:23
So they charge you for printing a boarding pass but then I can’t add the flight in the app when I enter my last name and confirmation number it just resets with no error message and my flight details don’t appear. What a scam
Very bad app
by Ocampogabriela on 2019/10/03 23:32
Please son not download it. It does not works! It’s allow you to book the first steps of your trip however the app get down when you need to confirm the round trip flight. It also does not work to consult your already booked flight, again it went down and take you out of the app. It does not work for anything.
Rating -2 stars
by broken spirit airlines app on 2019/10/03 18:26
The app continually crashes while trying to use. If you are trying to get people to check in using the mobile app, then why can you not spend a little money to fix the app. It would be cheaper than paying for an employee to check people in.
Fine...WHEN it works
by flamingoaly on 2019/10/03 14:34
The generic error messages are useless when there is an issue. Their Custer service is barely acceptable. The app crashes a lot for no reason & gives you NO CHANCE to fix an error on your end (such as entering the wrong information). Get better developers FFS.
by MZ jackson001 on 2019/10/03 10:38
Crashes everytime I click on my trips button. It shuts down.👎🏾
App is trash
by jmlawls on 2019/10/03 04:04
Multiple efforts to add checked bags and seats have resulted in little but frustration. No such issues elsewhere. This app is awful
Complete garbage
by DocMJA on 2019/10/03 03:36
This app is horrible. It doesn’t work at all. Trying to click on things all you get is some stupid phrase that makes no sense. I feel embarrassed for everyone involved with this app. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 🖕
This app contributed to me missing my flight.
by SuperFrustratedFlyer on 2019/10/02 23:12
I had an all-around awful experience but will limit this complaint to the Spirit app. I checked in for my flight the night before via this app and added my tickets to my Apple wallet. After an unpleasant experience failing to get my boarding passes printed by a boarding kiosk and then a boarding agent, I went to security, intending to enter with the passes in my Apple wallet, but when I handed my phone to security, I was told my passes were invalid because they didn’t have a barcode or QR Code. So this app cost me $1000 in new tickets I had to purchase to get home.
App is Useless
by Mich621 on 2019/10/02 21:59
You can’t even use it. It crashes every time I try and select one of my trips. Can’t use it for boarding passes. Can’t use it to book. Nothing. I’m even trying to get a friend to come on a trip with me and my returning flight doesn’t appear anywhere even thought we have called and verified that it is available for booking. Terrible terrible terrible.
by Zgdjj on 2019/10/02 09:04
One of the worst attempts at an app I’ve ever seen. If you try to use it to do anything it crashes. Don’t bother downloading
Shuts down
by 4lex182 on 2019/10/01 23:55
The app is useless it keeps shutting down
Not working as intended
by hrahmed on 2019/10/01 23:33
Doesn’t let me check-in for a flight
by Jandel93 on 2019/10/01 06:12
Wont let me check in. I wanted to use this feature on my flight tommorrow.
Broken boarding pass
by ->Anonymous<- on 2019/09/30 15:14
I try to download a boarding pass but it didn’t even include the QR code needed to scan so I had to walk out of line at security to print out a paper copy
Doesn’t work
by 175Denver on 2019/09/30 09:51
Pretty much that simple. Check-in function won’t work, bag purchase function won’t work. Worthless.
Do you like boarding pass roulette?
by Chuck Biz on 2019/09/30 01:52
If so, you will be pleasantly surprised with the Spirit Airline app. You never know if it will open and, if it does, it may not load a functional boarding pass. Live life on the risky side. Roll the dice. Download this app.
Horrible customer experience
by wingate cccc on 2019/09/29 21:02
I had trouble checking in & was double charged for my check bag, at my lay over I was told I couldn’t get on the plane till I repaid for the same bag!!! Customer service when I called said it was incorrect & refund it back & the gate employee made me repay & charged me more really... Horrible experience will never do this again!!!
Getting better, still needs work
by arberx on 2019/09/29 15:07
Mobile boarding passes fail to show barcode.
So far so good
by hasta la vista MT on 2019/09/29 12:03
Downloaded the updated app, and signed in, and my reservation immediately populated (which is more than had happened with other discount airline). Not going to give the app a bad review for it being a discount airline, you have to know what you are in for when you book a $40 ticket... everything is an add on, I accept that.
The app just doesn’t work.
by RikT on 2019/09/28 19:11
As soon as I try to look at my flight the app crashes.
Kinda broken
by Brooklynn72 on 2019/09/28 17:55
Won’t let me add my free spirit account to my flight. The submit button does nothing.
The app crashes. I can’t do anything.
by yheeyt🏸☕️💀🇸🇬☕️ on 2019/09/28 17:42
I added my flight to the the my trips section using the confirmation code and my name. It now appears hnder my trips, but when I press on it to open my flight the app crashes. I’ve tried restarting my phone, the app, and deleting and restalling the app but it still crashes when I press on my flight under my trips.
by Tisa8787 on 2019/09/28 12:53
Every time I try to check in, it crashes and I can’t get a barcode on emails. All of it needs to be fix
Absolute GARBAGE. Will freeze
by LeagueChamp92705 on 2019/09/28 03:57
I wish I could give this app negative stars. I checked my boarding pass 20 minutes before getting to the airport. Closed the app. When I got to the gate and tried to open it, the screen was frozen with a loading sign. I had to delete the app to get rid of it. Completely unreliable. Trash
Lame. Broken. Half-@ssed
by Jay Es El on 2019/09/27 03:05
Links in email specifically to open the app, open the webpage. No fields are pre-populated so when you need to go back to the email copy the confirmation number, go back to the webpage and paste. When when is pressed for time, the frustration is palpable.
Login feature does not work
by Briliant63 on 2019/09/26 21:41
The login feature does not work. You are good if you manually enter the confirmation code of your booking.
Unsure how to even rate if the app straight up doesn’t work
by mecklos on 2019/09/26 16:04
I have yet to be able to use this app for months. Downloading and redownloading after deleting multiple times. Can’t put in my confirmation code without it crashing. Have tried roughly 10 times to use this app and now just giving up.
App is horrible
by Jersey Carolina Girl on 2019/09/26 02:46
I tried to check in for my flight, the app said “object not sent to an instance of an object”. What does that even mean? I tried to check in on my laptop, NOPE! The website froze. Giving the benefit of the doubt, I was going to create an account. NOPE! Website froze again. My flight is in 6 hours, I need to go to bed and am now on hold for 15-20 minutes. Really?
App closes and crashes with iOS 13
by estracar on 2019/09/25 18:35
Your app crashes or shuts down when attempting to add a reservation. It doesn’t work for the latest iOS version.
Horrible app
by urihfhwkdhd on 2019/09/25 15:40
This app doesn’t work at all. I had it last year and it worked. Now I downloaded it again and I can’t even log in. I’ve tried for weeks now. It will not work.
Crashed within seconds of download
by Chandler1991 on 2019/09/25 14:58
I’ve had this app for about 45 seconds and it’s unusable. Put in my name and confirmation which brought up my flight details, but as soon as I try to click on them, the app crashes every time. Tried 5 times before just giving up. Never flown Spirit but I know it’s a budget airline. Didn’t realize it was complimented with a budget app as well.
by MACATTACKS214 on 2019/09/24 22:24
I JUST downloaded the app for my upcoming flight and it’s already crashing. As much as they charge for a checked luggage they need to use that money for IT support.
Nothing works
by back to expedia on 2019/09/24 21:12
Nothing works
Crashes if I try to check in
by Joe Sottile on 2019/09/24 16:19
App crashes with iOS 13.0 on iPhone X and iOS 12.4.1 on iPhone 5s if I try to check in.
by davyjones82 on 2019/09/24 15:28
Either crashes or just sits there. Couldn’t do anything with it except log in.
App Crashes
by mommajaz76 on 2019/09/24 13:15
Tried checking in my flight and the app just crashes. Checked in online and app still shows I need to check in and won’t show my boarding pass. Worked great my last flight but that was almost a year ago that I flied on Spirit. Why have an app if it is unusable?
Horrible App
by Tlloydm on 2019/09/23 11:44
Will not let me log in or change my password after sending a temp password. Website is not much better. Don’t even feel comfortable flying with these people. Will be my first and last time. They nickel and dime you to death!
can’t login
by djdddddhh on 2019/09/23 05:19
no errors. nothing. just sits there. other than that great app!
Don’t move your seats using this app
by AngelF09 on 2019/02/06 11:52
The app okay. I was able to look at my flight time and boarding passes (it did not crash on me like other users seem to deal with). However, I wanted to move our seats on our flight, so I did that. But then it never updated our boarding pass with the new seats I chose. Instead, the pass check to “check at gate”. So, I went up to the attendant and told them the pass said I needed to check in with them and that I had moved our seats using the app. She prints off boarding passes for us and instead of them being he seats I chose, they are all the way at the back of the plane and we are no longer next to one another. I explained to her the seats I had chosen and asked if we could have those, but she said those seats were already taken. If you’re going to make an app, all aspects of the app should function. To show the seats I chose were available and then to find out they actually aren’t and we got moved to the very last row of the plane is very disappointing and frustrating.
Crappy airline and crappy app
by svhejdv on 2019/08/04 19:29
Where do I begin? First off, my flight was cancelled due to bad weather. I called customer service to see what my options were. The employee I talked to was very nice however, she could not rebook me on a similar flight. My original flight was from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico to Orlando. I was told that they could refund my money. That truly is not an option because I’m on vacation and need to get home. So I asked her if there was an alternate flight. The only viable solution was to leave out of San Juan the following day (an hour and a half out of the way) and arrive in Ft. Lauderdale. I had paid extra for 2 big seats in the front of the airplane. I asked her if she could give me the same seats and she replied that I couldn’t get row 2 but I could get row 6 which would be the same (I later found out that is a lie). So I said that’s fine. She informed me that I also have a $36 credit that will expire in October for a future flight (not gonna happen) because of a price difference. So now I’ve been trying to check in for this flight that I’m reluctantly trying to get on which I have doubts is going to leave or not and the app is frozen/crashing. It’s very frustrating! I was able to check in on the website (I think) but I want to have my boarding passes on my phone because I have no access to a printer. Heaven forbid I go to the airport tomorrow and pay $10 per ticket to print it out! Maybe I’ll use my $36 credit...what a joke airline!
Worst App Ever!
by Frustrated First & Last Time on 2019/10/14 15:29
This is the worst app ever especially for a frequent flyer on all airlines. The first flight to our destination city Spirit is flying. App crashes every single time if not when opening as soon as the first click down it goes and disappears. Can’t get boarding passes, buy luggage (nice surprise a charge for a carry on) or change seats can’t do anything in an app that crashes every single time. Go on the website and it’s just as horrible. It’s hard to navigate, most links don’t work, can’t check in either but was able to buy seats and again luggage since they charge for that too even though everyone has a carry on. Once you add up the cost it’s not any cheaper than other discount carriers and with advanced purchases nor the major airline. Lastly when we called to see why the app crashes or the website don’t work and want to check in, there’s another 25 buck charge for that too, wow. So now we will have to wait in the long lines to get paper tickets which is more than frustrating and we’re also TSA pre-approved so instead of zipping through the process which we’ve paid to do now our onboarding will take forever. This is the first and last time we will fly with Spirit!!!
Has never work properly
by Quetaq on 2019/10/04 18:05
Every time I want to check in or want to see my tickets it looks like it’s going to open but it crashes and it takes me back to just the front menu, so when I need to check in I have to do it in a computer. It does let me buy the tickets and look at what’s available. Another thing I noticed is that as a $9 member I don’t see the deals or it doesn’t give me the same deals as someone who is not a member 👎 Please fix the bug on the app🙏🏽 it sure would be nice to have my ticket on my phone app.
Rude people on the phone
by ttiinnmmgg on 2019/04/19 19:14
Here is the reason why I gave them one star .i was going to book a flight through their app but I received an email telling me that something went wrong and I have to call them .so I went ahead and called the phone number in the email I received it so,after 15 min in hold someone answer me he was nice and tell me they the booking didn’t win true because the card declined don’t know why I always use this card for all my purchases but it’s ok .then he told me he can book me by phone and almost after over 40 min he hang the phone and cursing me because he couldn’t finish which I told him it’s ok my concern was just to make sure my card will not charge .then thanked him and told him I can go ahead and book it my self again online that will be easy but he insisted to do it by the phone which the price was more higher than online ,so please everyone read this review don’t waste your time and money with this company specially if you are immigrants,thanks
Most difficult website to use - bad company.
by REC**** on 2019/09/14 19:35
My mother Lin law was dying and need a flight from Myrtle beach. Got on line and tried to book it. Less then 24 hours so it kept showing available but would not book it. Called them and held on almost 1 hour 40 minutes and finally someone came in. Suggested i join their $9 club and go directly to the airport to have them book it. Got there 3 hours prior and was told they could not help me. I told them about holding on for so long and told to join the club. They apologized and said “we hear this all the time”. Offered to file a complaint but they did nothing. Bought a real ticket from a legit airline and got there. Since then tried to see what my $9 club gets me. NOTHING. Sign in and there is no options to use it ANYWHERE. No instructions or help unless you want to wait an hour or more to speak to someone. Go Frontier if you want a discount airline. This may be cheap but no good when all they do is take your money.
My first review of an app..
by RemyT456 on 2019/03/25 20:59
I’ve never wrote a review for a bad app but I had to do it this time. I don’t understand how a national company this big that flies people all over the country can’t afford to hire a real development team. This app has countless bugs. I am an IT admin so I deal with electronics everyday but I can’t get the app to finish the check in process. If I relaunch the app multiple times I will get a different upgrade price for the same seat. Then in the total price summary the seats will be yet again a different price. When you get the pay button, it shows a different price from the total above. Once you just bite the bullet and pay what it decided randomly then an error will come up saying to contact agent for full check in- not paid in full. I would love to pay so I don’t have to deal with it at the airport but no, not in this app. I will not fly this airline until I hear that the basic functionality issues are resolved. Going back to United.
Overcharged and left to wait on the refund
by Foul Weather Flyer on 2019/09/22 13:30
While on vacation in Austin, we used this app to purchase our bags and check in for our upcoming flight. An error message appeared on the app, indicating our baggage payment hadn’t processed, so we tried it again several more times only for it to suddenly inform us that it had been working the entire time and we had purchased 10 bags instead of 2 and charging us $450 instead of $90. This left us with $17 in our bank account while traveling abroad. After 2 hours on the phone between Spirit and the bank, we were informed that due to the way they process transactions, our money would be returned to us in 5-7 business days. To add insult to injury, I had to fight with a customer service rep to even have our bags compensated for the idiotic mishandling. I’m beyond disappointed with this experience. I’ve flown budget carriers around the world, but this is by far the most pathetic excuse for an airline I’ve ever seen.
This app made me write a review
by Nerdherd(: on 2019/08/10 01:18
I’ve never written a review for an app before. I’ve never felt strongly enough. However there’s a first time for everything! This app is a waste of space. None of the functionality ever works. I end up using the website and even there only about half the functionality works. I’m all about a bargain airline but not having a functioning app is next level. Why even have an app if it doesn’t work? Just get rid of it. You make everyone print their boarding passes anyway and the check flight status doesn’t work and I can’t look up my trips so really, just fire the developers in charge and instead allocate that money to try and improve efficiency so when I’m checking how delayed my flight is (on safari because I can’t in the app) maybe it’ll only be delayed a little bit because let’s be realistic it’ll always be delayed - it’s just a matter of by how much.
Yes, the app is as bad as everyone says
by CrushedMySpirit on 2019/03/14 02:21
I read the reviews before installing the app, so I knew that it was not going to be pretty. But I prefer using a digital boarding pass on my phone instead of having to print a paper copy and trying to keep track of it, so I took a chance on the app. It is utter garbage! I couldn’t even access any of the features because it would not allow me to sign in. My last name is St. Pierre and I kept getting a “validation error” for my surname. Obviously whoever created the app never considered that someone might have a surname that has punctuation or a space in it. I checked my confirmation email to see how Spirit had listed my last name (St Pierre) and tried that ... did not work. So I tried every other variation (no period/no space, period/space, all caps, no caps etc. etc.) and nothing worked! So I’ve now deleted the app and will resort to paper boarding pass. Useless! Ugh!
Trying to like this airline
by spirit4me on 2019/04/10 21:50
I’m trying my best to like Spirit Airlines, and I shouldn’t complain about the money they’ve saved me. However, there are a few issues that rub me the wrong way that weren’t known prior to biting on their BOA credit card scam. #1, I wouldn’t have gotten the card and opted for a southwest airline card had I known they only fly to hubs when they feel like it ( in my case ft Myers fl), #2, the booking website could be the worst ever and #3, pack a lunch if you have to wait for your luggage. I realize the airline is no-frills, and going through growing pains, but I hope they remember to take care of the early passengers who jumped onboard if the succeed, it’s been a trying process. As a side note, I’ve never had a negative experience with any employee interaction, kudos to them!
Does Not Deserve Even a Single Star
by JB2866 on 2019/01/28 02:23
I saw that this app only had 1.8 stars but I thought, how bad could it be?Admittedly I did not read the reviews right away. Simple concept and plenty of other airlines can do it, why can’t Spirit? Boy was I wrong! This app is literally the worst app I have ever used. It crashes every time I attempt to use it. Our flight got canceled and I tried to use it to reschedule, view statuses, and check-in. I could do nothing on it. My husband finally called to reschedule. He had to wait for about a half hour just to reach someone. So frustrating when it could’ve been all done in a good app in less than 10 minutes. I finally went on a computer to check in and add my baggage. I am unable to pull up my boarding pass and after reading the reviews don’t trust that it’ll work at the airport either so will be printing them. Hire a new development team Spirit!
Have not yet had an issue
by walgreens connoisseur on 2019/08/23 01:07
Feel horrible for the people with such bad experiences! I haven’t had an issue (prob jinxing myself here) I pay a cheap price.. so not complaining about no free snack or drink on plane.. had a nice size rolling suitcase from Walmart - fit as my free personal bag with 5 days worth of stuff packed .. never really had an issue with taking off late or cancellation. Maybe I’m just lucky with spirit? It’s nice to have an option when you can’t necessarily afford the others, and really just want to be able to visit loved ones far away. If I HAD to complain about something my son is 6’3” and has to sit sideways but they offer bigger seats. Just too pricey. He can sit sideways not a long flight lol
Doesn’t work
by GoingUpToTheSpiritInTheSky on 2019/02/08 15:29
Using my name and confirmation number it was able to find my flight, but for some reason found two identical flights. I picked one of them and tried to pay for a carry on bag. After entering in my credit card info, I was taken to the hazardous materials screen, but when I clicked the button I got a pop-up saying I hadn’t paid in full. When I cancelled and reloaded the app, there was now only one flight found not 2. It somehow remembered that I wanted a carry-on, but still wouldn’t give me a boarding pass. Went to the website in a web browser and tried to do it there. It told me to call customer service to check in. Got bounced around various menus and finally thought I had found the right one about help with check in but the recorded voice just said “goodbye” and hung up on me.
by Awwwwwwwyeah on 2019/07/20 19:55
This app is utter garbage. It is useless. I’m on WiFi and I can’t do anything. Can’t check in, can’t add my flight, can’t book a flight. Nothing works just loads forever or errors out. Tried multiple hotspots, cellular data, same issue. The spirit website suffers from the same issues but it is just slightly more functional. Extremely long loading times, constant errors, nothing really working but rare times you can get it to somehow load and do what you want unlike this app. I can’t believe a major airline could have such terrible servers, website, and mobile app that don’t function. It’s mind boggling that this app was released and it seems Spirit isn’t doing anything to improve their terrible website/servers/ or this app. The developers should be ashamed.
This app is garbage
by modPlusEnter on 2018/11/23 16:29
You should be ashamed at your development team for putting this piece of crap on the App Store. It’s better than the old app but I cannot look at my current flight without the app crashing, check-in does not work on this app either I had to do it online. I requested a boarding pass via email and never got it. There’s also nowhere I’ve found to use your spirit profile number for rewards. Even your websites give me constant errors whenever I try to check in or get my boarding pass. For a “professional” company this is unacceptable. Get your development team to fix many of these things or get a new development team. I guess the impossible use of your app or your website go along perfectly with your “bare fare” model. Enjoy the zero stars.
by Böhme417 on 2019/02/20 22:50
This app is horrible and shouldn’t even bother existing. I couldn’t check in on the app. I couldn’t buy a checked bag. It says in the app description that it notifies you when it’s time to check in. That’s a lie. I have notifications enabled and received no such notice. The app doesn’t update you with gate information or changes, when your flight is boarding, nothing! My trip would randomly disappear from the app and reappear later only to disappear again. I spent an hour and a half on the phone (after navigating their automated phone tree hell, no doubt trying to avoid actually letting you to talk to a person even though the app stated I need to contact an agent) trying to resolve the repeated and various error messages I kept getting in the app.
Print tickets at home, don’t waste your time
by MrsSaint77 on 2018/12/03 20:53
Unable to locate our reservation on app. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Spoke with customer service who went through troubleshooting over the phone and when not able to help, transferred me to a technical advisor who also walked me through the troubleshooting guidelines to end with “well sometimes our app does and does not work and it’s actually going through some changes and being updated.” I’ve been trying for weeks to locate my reservation and still got no where. They state my boarding pass will be emailed to me for free after check in via their website. If it isn’t sent, you have to pay per pass to print at airport. Wish this app had a zero star rating.
You can’t find a worse airline app
by kalagaram on 2019/07/07 02:14
It is impossible to do even basic things in this app like online check-in, make payments etc. Run into errors at almost every other click. I checked in a bag and when I submitted the payment it gave a Java error. OK. I reopened the app and tried again - same. Finally it went through a third time. But I see 3 charges on my Credit Card. Had to call the Customer Service, still waiting for the charges to be reversed. It’s the same while checking in or seat selections. It just crashes at every turn. How this app passed any quality checks, and why apple allows payment processing through this app is a mystery. What makes it worse is their website - more of the same problems.
Lousy, lousy app
by PmgOhio on 2019/09/16 03:31
Honestly, every other airline has managed to deliver an app that enables you to check in for your flight and deliver an electronic boarding pass. This one keeps crashing. Can’t check in, can’t get a boarding pass and when I tried to check in for my return flight, I could not find my reservation. After sitting on hold for 20 minutes, the agent said that since I was a no-show for my initial flight, they canceled the return. How do you not have a record of MY BOARDING PASS and the fact that I checked in and actually flew on your airline 4 days ago??? Does not fill me with confidence about the competency of your operations. I’m filling a complaint with the FAA. Do not expect Spirit to be in business much longer.
Nonfunctional junk
by Tashul on 2019/01/23 12:56
I went to check in on my flight 24 hours in advance. I clicked to check in on the app, and the screen hung up my name and reservation number. First it wouldn't accept my reservation number, then the second time I entered the number, the app apparently accepted the number (no reject message) but wouldn’t go anywhere. I went to a different check-in button to try to work around it. It posted a flight on top - but the wrong flight, and no other info. I went to continue anyhow, but it said I need to select as passenger - on a blank screen - no options. Another dead end. If you want to push this app so hard, you better make sure it works. The most basic functions were broken.
INCREDIBLE improvement
by Ypsigal on 2018/11/17 13:33
I had bogus information in the old app this morning for my upcoming flight. It showed delayed by 13.5 hours!!! I called Spriit. Nope, all was good. So, I knew it was the app. I found this new one, and was blown away! First of all it integrates with Roboform, which I love. Secondly, it’s got the bells and whistles the old one frustratingly didn’t have. And, most important, it had my reservation all correctly showing my correct times and my beloved Big Front Seats. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Developers!!!
Worst airline and app, ever.
by coffeeismybff90 on 2019/08/18 19:02
If I could give this airline and their app no stars I would. From the start of booking my flights, everything has been a true nightmare. I’ve been nickel and dimed for everything to where I could’ve book two other roundtrip tickets with another airline and had no issues! Their customer service is horrible, their fees are ridiculous and rebooking is a joke if your flight gets cancelled. This app always continuously crashes and checking in on the website is impossible because it’s always “over flowing with traffic”. I highly recommend to everyone to never ever fly spirit. I definitely will never be doing so again myself. This airline should be shutdown.
Garbage and Crap
by vipersox on 2019/03/11 04:53
98% of the time this app is garbage and crap. Like actual garbage, this app needs to be thrown into a dumpster and hauled away. And like actual crap, the developers don’t clean it up, they just let the crap dry up and blow away in the wind. Whoever approved this piece of software for public use needs to not only be out of a job, but this person needs extensive psychiatric therapy with the use of heavy medication, and maybe even twice or three time-a-day electroshock therapy. To quote the great scholar, Vanilla Ice, this app needs to put on “Ice, Ice baby.” And what I mean is freeze development, go to a local elementary school, and find a child who could do a better job creating this app instead of the huge, Mount Everest sized steaming pile of feces that it currently is.
Poor excuse for an app
by ZKS238 on 2019/06/06 00:48
This very well could be the worst app on the Apple store. I believe that I could develop a better app in an hour than the team who put this flaming pile of garbage together. There are constant errors when trying to conduct simple tasks. Checking into a flight and getting a boarding pass is like pulling teeth as the application either crashes or errors out upon conducting the activity. I just don’t understand how such a large company cannot take some notes from other airlines in regard to their applications. Apps are supposed to relieve frustration and create convenience for flyers. This app does quite the opposite and creates more work for the end user. Poor excuse for an application.
Truly a bottom level app
by YoungVicious42 on 2018/12/10 03:03
Soooo... the idea of this app is to make things seamless... well that’s a problem when you show up to the airport and CANT PULL UP YOUR BOARDING PASS... Well even before that... it’s suggested to check in on your phone Becca use it saves money, but I’m unable to check in. The app takes forever to load, won’t allow you to log in, gives inaccurate info, and doesn’t update flight info in a timely manner Spirit should TRULY be ashamed.... this is one of the most unreliable apps I’ve used in my life. I wish I could give ZERO stars because pulling up flight info is kind of... well ABSOLUTELY important, not everyone has access to a printer, and you’re saying you have a solution.
I wish I could give it 0 stars
by angry jw on 2019/05/20 03:44
This app is horrible. It does not work when you try to check in, it doesn’t confirm all the way. You have to restart it 10+ times for it to work. It shouldn’t be this hard. If they are going to make the app the only resource to get a free boarding pass, they should make it easily assessable. But of course because it’s for free, it’s complete garbage. I unfortunately had to take spirit as it was the only option for a last minute work trip. I had previous negative experiences with spirit, not through the app. And now with this bad experience with the app, I will make extra efforts to avoid any Spirit airline services moving forward.
Stby list
by Calish2 on 2019/06/12 11:06
Hello Spirit, I love that you finally have an APP, it’s been a long time request for so many people. So far I like the APP, basic but works good. Only suggestion it’s to please if you could add eventually the same stby list you could see on your website in the manage reservation into the APP. Right now if you flight stby and want to see if flight it’s full you have to log into into the normal website, if you could add the option to see the stby list direct from the APP will be great. For the rest good job updating this application.
Yes, the app works.
by BunnyMartini on 2019/02/09 17:58
After reading all the low stars review, and a 5-star review wrote 9 hours ahead. I decided to download because the app was updated 1 day ahead of my downloading day. I used the app to check-in, and added the boarding pass to my apple wallet. It went smoothly within minutes. Comparing using my phone to check-in on the website, which failed, this works perfectly.
Worst app EVER!!
by Sbrewhaha on 2019/03/06 15:55
If you’d like to spend minutes of your precious life wasted to no avail on an app that provides you no ability to manage your flights, resulting in a level of aggravation that is hard to match- this is the app for you!! I cannot check in, cannot select a seat, cannot enter my frequent flyer number (that is already saved in the app!). Terribly disappointing that your IT team cannot create a better platform than this. All of this after I was erroneously charged $70 a month ago before I even booked a flight. Makes me concerned what other corners your company may be cutting and question if I will ever fly Spirit again.
App crashes
by D-Town Boogie on 2018/11/24 16:02
So initially I had the SpiritCheckIn app thinking I could check into my flight but to my dismay, I couldn’t even add my flight. So eventually I find this app. Everything is golden or so I thought. I can add my flight, check in and even book a flight and yet still no luck! The one function that got me to download this app is the one thing that doesn’t work. Every time I try to check the status of my flight and download the boarding pass, the app crashes. This is very annoying. I honestly couldn’t recommend this app in its current form.
If they can’t get an app to work properly, are they safe to fly?
by Workout Guy on 2019/08/25 12:04
Once again I try to check in and print a boarding pass with this app and I get nothing but try again later! Same old story with Spirit, horrible customer service whether its trying to use the lousy app or rescheduling a flight because they cancelled the one I was scheduled to take. Oh, you can get a boarding pass if you want to pay $10 at the terminal. Yes, I know use the ticket kiosk. Good luck with that. They don’t have enough kiosks, so you wait forever to print a boarding pass. Forget Spirit, I’m going to fly on a real airline from now on!!!!
Worst APP and website
by imlafn on 2019/03/18 04:28
If you manage to use either to check in, but bags, or choose seats and it processes, DO NOT MAKE CHANGES. You will have to call because it will mess everything up so bad AND while on the phone, seats showing available to you via the app will not be the same as the person on the phone. The flight experience isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but the IT issues are such a deterrent that I won’t be flying them again because you have to question the capabilities of an airline that can’t produce a working website or app that an 11yo these days could create.
Do not upgrade your seat from app
by Mike_84_DC on 2019/03/25 23:49
I checked into my flight 23 hrs before my flight and had a seat assigned to me. As I was heading to the airport I decided I would want to upgrade my seat to an aisle seat. Apparently the app showed incorrectly the open seat I selected and since the flight was over booked, my original seat was assigned to someone else. They put me on standby and I only made the flight because a couple of people volunteered for a bump offer. Not ideal situation and the gate agent said I should not use the app to do a seat upgrade...well don’t offer it on the app then.
App full of bugs
by GKM2010 on 2019/07/30 18:29
I have had problems completing the simplest of tasks on this app, starting with check in... it just hangs up- no error message, nothing! I had to check in via the web. I submitted a support complaint and the response, 3 days later, was pretty much directions on how to check in online. No mention of why the app doesn’t work. I was able to see updates on my flight in the app. But I was also unable to add miles to my rewards program. Can’t wait to hear the response on that one
Frequent Air Traveler
by Frequent Air Traveler on 2019/01/31 11:44
I fly spirit several times per month and could never check in with the app, it never worked. I JUST saw they updated the app and I downloaded the new version, and I was able to check in a add my boarding pass to Apple Wallet for the 1st time ever. Thank you Spirit for getting this right! I hope this continues to work on all my future flights as well!
Does it even work? NO.
by mpinedo9 on 2019/07/30 23:05
I purchased my first flight with Spirit. Oh look? They have an app. Perfect! I was able to add my flight, but after that, the app constantly closed. Ok, benefit of the doubt… maybe there was an update. NOPE. Fine… we’ll just wait until it’s time to check-in and try again. Well… that didn’t work either. So what’s the point of having the app, if it doesn’t work?! If the app is this horrible, I’m not looking forward to my flight. It’s sad that the app is the deciding factor in me never flying this airline again… and I haven’t even boarded a plane yet! Low hopes, even lower expectations.
Closes when making selections
by MsZTB on 2019/06/13 13:01
I have tried to use the app to check-in for my flight or change my seat options and whenever I do, it closes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled after rebooting my phone but it continues to do the same thing. I understand that your services are cheap but in some capacity, you are forcing travelers to pay to print boarding passes when you offer the feature in your app to show the boarding pass but the app closes each time the boarding pass is selected.
Just crap!
by ve81red on 2019/03/14 13:10
I downloaded this to help me with my flight info. Your supposed to see your trip, and check in. I can do neither on the app. Tried numerous attempts to check in on my phone to avoid paying 10 at the airport. Had to go online and do it. Luckily that worked! Also when I requested a new password, it took over a day to get a response. When you open the email, you need to change it within 30 minutes of getting the email or it expires. That doesn’t help when it’s sent at 2am and I’m asleep. Very bad app. I hope my flight is better than all I went through so far.
HELP! Locked account
by redcrayonpunk on 2019/06/17 13:52
I have used the app before and then started getting error messages. After deleting the app and installing it again, it seems that the layout has changed. Great! I had checked to see if there was an update before I deleted the app and there wasn’t which was strange. When I tried to log into the newly downloaded one, I now get a message saying that I am locked out of the account. I would LOVE to use the new app but I cannot seem to find anything online that addresses this. HELP
This app is straight BROKE
by BboySpaz on 2019/08/12 02:33
This was my first time ever using the app and flying Spirit. I actually haven’t even taken the flight yet. But doing something as simple as checking into my flight and paying for additional seating or bags is LITERALLY impossible. The SIMPLEST tasks and it keeps giving me error messages that honestly look like they haven’t fully finished the app. Which is disappointing. I fly VERY often for business and this is the hands down WORST app experience as fast as checking into flights. I’ll probably just have to check in at the airport which defeats the whole purpose of having an app.
Still needs bug fixes!!!
by Fav game 123456789 on 2019/01/29 12:43
I downloaded this app and I see that it’s just been updated to fix the bugs but it still needs work! When I opened the app it asked to send me notifications so I allowed it and then a buffering circle showed up and I was stuck being unable to navigate the app. I force closed it just to open the app to see the same screen still buffering. The overall look of the app is great but it means nothing if it cannot be accessed. I would definitely not rely on this app to access my boarding pass. Excited to see if there’s another update soon!
So frustrating
by ladydiane818 on 2019/01/29 00:20
I thought all was well, we had our boarding passes on the app. Then we got to the gate and they wouldn’t come up. We could see the flight but the barcode was not there. So after being in line to board, we had to then wait in another line at the counter to get a paper boarding pass. Then back in line to board again. Why can’t they just make something that works? This didn’t save any time or money. The staff told me I should have taken a screenshot. Maybe the app should do that for me or just work properly. I’m also not happy it doesn’t email you a copy.
Save yourself the stress and lay elsewhere
by JennCheyenne on 2019/08/18 21:37
I’d give 0 starts if I could... I have a 8:30p flight tonight. I call to see why my flight is delayed FOUR times today since 10am this morning.. no bad weather in Tampa, no bad weather in ATL... I then ask, “why is the flight delayed to 12:15am then?” I get told “there is no reason, it is just an estimated delay and you should still arrive one hour from the original booking.” So spirit. You’re telling me that you are giving me updates that my flight could POSSIBLY be delayed but that I should still show up as if I’m flying at my original time?! The purpose of telling me my flight is delayed is so that I DON’T WASTE MY TIME SITTING IN THE AIRPORT FOR SAID DELAYED FLIGHT! Second time flying Spirit and yet again, disappointment. I will be cancelling and unsubscribing after I make it home. You get what you pay for people. The low costs are not worth the irritation, constant delays, and payments to breathe...
So far so good
by hasta la vista MT on 2019/09/29 12:03
Downloaded the updated app, and signed in, and my reservation immediately populated (which is more than had happened with other discount airline). Not going to give the app a bad review for it being a discount airline, you have to know what you are in for when you book a $40 ticket... everything is an add on, I accept that.
Two horrible ways to fail at checking in now!
by Bhermes123 on 2019/04/15 03:37
congratulations- you’ve created Two horrible ways to not accomplish a check in. but this one has even more error messages than your website. you are all human trash, there’s no excuse for this. every airline in the world has figured out the magic mystery formula for a simple check in waited forever to roll it out and have failed to even create a rudimentary facsimile. everything about your airline is horrible, you are horrible and the devry dropouts you hired to make this app are also horrible. stop existing, bye!
Worse than bad- actually just has WRONG information
by laniezebra on 2019/03/10 04:23
I checked in earlier today on my desktop, paid for upgraded seats, and printed my boarding passes. Now saw Spirit has an app, and thought I’d download so I can just use my phone like I do worn all other airlines. FAIL! It has my flight listed - tells me I’m not checked in, then when I click check in, it pulls up a totally random flight! NEITHER AIRPORT IS PART OF MY RESERVATION. Not even in the correct states of my travel. What the heck?!?! I’m just deleting this piece of junk before my travel just jacked up permanently. I can’t imagine how anyone even scored it 2*.
The Spirit app is worthless
by lindi53 on 2019/01/31 13:59
I agree with all others that complained about this app. No reason to have the app if it doesn't work. Can not download my boarding pass. Gave me some weird information regarding a location that was NOT my flight. Will be my first time flying Spirit...if the app is any indication of the flight experience ...well, I'll learn a lesson. If my flight is as bad as the app, I'll pay the extra to fly a better airline. Make me wonder if the airline cares at all about its customers. Based on the reviews I read about the app and my own experience, I don't think they give a twit.
by Luckycharminc on 2019/05/09 01:36
After 1 hr of trying to book via the app, we changed to a computer but then the seats, bags info all conflicted, didn’t work. They charged us the incorrect amount. No email confirmation of the transactions.... Then when we get to the airport we need to do it all again at the automated kiosk for a 30% price increase. Our flight boards on time, poor people going to LA have been waiting for 3 hours. After 20min on the plane, attendant comes on and cancels the flight so the pilots can fly the LA plane. Wow. Currently 400 people inline at the gate counter, I’d estimate about a 15 hour wait in line then who knows when they will rebook these poor people on the same ridiculous airline. We booked a delta flight and won’t fly spirit again. One, angers, guy on line going fla says he’s been bumped 3 times. Spirit are just up selling scammers who offer cheap air then start grinding, 1000+ people here all agree it’s a scam.
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