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Video Editor is the most powerful movie editor & slideshow editor application on iPhone. Create, edit your project with Video Editing from your iOS device Whether you are in a waiting room, on public transport or comfortably at home, Video Editor is the reference application on the AppStore to create your video project. It is very frequently used to make and share videos on, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. - CREATE your project from several videos. - ADJUST your videos (format, cut, speed, volume). - ADD music or voices. - INCORPORATE transitions effects, filters, emoticons and texts from a huge library. - RECORD your creations and share it around you. "Perfect, creating video montages has become a real pleasure for my Instagram posts " "Allows you to combine your holiday memories into one video, my loved ones loved it." "The stickers / emoticons are too beautiful, the filters too, I validate totally" Subscription: - You can subscribe for this app to get access unlimited content, projects and no ads - Subscription options are: 1-month with 3-day trial, 1-year, 1-quarter Privacy policy : EULA :
Nafas mm
by Nafas mm on 2020/08/06 10:12
Nafas mm
by what are yeah yo on 2020/08/06 03:19
It’s okay but every time I add color it takes the color away when I finalize it
I thought this was bad but it’s actually good
by JRadickal on 2020/08/05 13:52
It’s perfect but I thought well you can only take a photo!!!!!! But there is nothing wrong with it.4stars.
by Thepeep1 on 2020/08/05 09:26
Not half bad
Best app ever
by KristinaH. on 2020/08/03 23:51
It is very easy to learn it very well done
by oofer and the niners on 2020/08/03 17:04
by alexis154 on 2020/08/03 01:30
I like this area because it helped me record my YouTube videos
Video Editor
by TenleyBlairloverbuger on 2020/08/02 21:42
It is so so fun to do for YouTube videos and I love it so much
by vhf hg hf on 2020/08/02 19:16
I can’t make projects
by Cutecats101 on 2020/08/02 16:09
I used to love this app because it got full quality out of videos. Now it won’t even load the editing screen unless I use the camera option and it says there is an error when i try to save it to photos
Can’t get on
by elle02_hinata on 2020/08/01 19:59
so i downloaded the app but i can’t use it because it keep shutting down is there any way you can fix this?
Helping people editing
by Lefllyy on 2020/07/31 18:32
This helps people a video that’s they made and that they can make a real video
by $:!:$ on 2020/07/31 05:32
I love this app I let me download my videos for free and I have a bunch of editing tools to I love this app so much now
by 👸🏾😊 on 2020/07/31 02:20
I wish you could adjust the video when cropping it
Not working
by katie.2021 on 2020/07/30 04:09
Once I add my music in there in just does a loading sign FOREVER. It never quits. Do not tell me I did this all for nothing.
by julitorr22 on 2020/07/30 00:11
Exemplary APP
by Loupohill on 2020/07/27 04:05
LOVE THE APP! Thank you so much 🙏
by Ooo head on 2020/07/26 23:22
I LOVE THIS APP!! And I’m glad I finally found an app that lets you combine videos and add music for free😆
App crashes when exporting the videos
by 1 H8 This App on 2020/07/26 14:50
Not worth the upgrade or the download.
Didn’t work at all
by Nick The Pick on 2020/07/25 10:33
Immediately upon uploading my video, the app would just sit there and do nothing. There were no other pages to go to. The app is unusable.
Video editor
by theycallmejoel on 2020/07/25 02:28
I really like this app it is so much help
No descarga
by kim2309240794 on 2020/07/24 02:47
Dice ser gratuito y lo cobran y no se puede descargar el video
by lilrayray44 on 2020/07/23 22:45
Yall i aint no robot buh i would like to say this app is trash bc i tried to upload a video an it wouldn’t let me i was rooting for YOU!💀
YOU Should get this
by Queen_banana63 on 2020/07/23 03:53
This is the best edit game ever!!!
real bad and not understanding don’t buy
by stupid app dont buy >:( on 2020/07/22 21:30
So the sound is way different it’s sounds deep idk why umm and I tried to edit it was really hard so I use KineMaster and one time I did a edit it was ok I guess but u can’t put music on my thing and I need to it has a high pitch at the first part but then- It’s really deep so could u fix this and btw I like the app cause it’s like easy to put videos in and edit a little bit but not to much so yeah I tried doing Gacha life edits but it was really bad and the music had cracks and it was not right but I mean it’s nice I will not buy premium cause that’s just I waist I heard I also heard that ur advertisements were fake to so I don’t really know if this is true so yeah This app I’m deleting so yeah I don’t like it that much but it’s ok idk ima try one more time and if it’s really gets on my nerves I will delete the app and I will never buy it again and btw this app needs to get reworked and how do u make a app like this it’s just really bad and ok I would not use it if I were u so- Don’t buy if u want to make Cracky noised music and deep voices and it’s just not good for famous you tubers and if ur reading this I will ask this and only once How do u make apps ? I watch tutorials I read magazines still nothing so please tell me it ok And btw I’m not deleting it right know this is a three star :\ u could of don’t way better then this and I know u made more apps and they were :\ not that good and the name luni:/ I think it’s taken and is ur name luni in real life ok if not that’s stolen so yeah don’t buy this if u want a good edit buy one of these! KineMaster super good so amazing Vidéo Star SO HARD BUT SUCH GOOD EDITS AND I HAVE TO WATCH TUTORIALS TO EDIT SO YEAH THIS IS A FOUR STAr Cute cut JUST SO AMAZING I USE EVERY GOSH DANG DAY TO DO GIFS :D And that’s all my GOOD U HERE THAT GOOD EDITING APPS OK >:( BTW DONT DOWNLOAD THIS IS REAL BAD THIS IS SO BAD NOT USE AND IM JUST REVIEWING THIS AND I HATE THIS PLEASE UPDATE WHERE U CAN MOVE THE PICTURE CAUSE THATS NOT GOOD ITS REAL BAD CAUSE KINE MASTER COULD CHANEG THE PICTURE AND U CANT IN THIS RENAME THIS INTO STUPID GAME THIS IS SO BAD REWORK IT LIKE ROBLOX ROBLOX IS BETTER THEN U :) AND USE IBISPAINT TO EDIT AND DRAW THINGS WAY BETTER :) DELETE THIS IF I WERE U THIS IS THE END OF THIS I HAD ENUFF WITH THIS I HATE U >:(
This is amazing!
by lps amino lover on 2020/07/22 19:13
I 💖 it!! Edit: okay so I deleted it for a month, I realized I cant live without it 🤣 back to this again
Awesome app but
by Piraterijah on 2020/07/22 13:41
I don’t like how the screen looks but it’s awesome
Worst app for editing
by legend blader on 2020/07/21 13:59
This app is so bad every time I go in the app there is always an ad and I tried to put my video on YouTube it didn’t even go on to YouTube and if I put a text It doesn’t even stay on the video so I was going to give the app 0 stars but I gave it 1 star and I just got it like 5 minutes ago
Not good
by Lolohad on 2020/07/21 12:45
Wouldn’t even let me edit a video
Pls fix now person
by puglov24girl on 2020/07/19 21:02
I can’t pay for the apps, so I thought it was good there was a free version, but when I did the “free” version it wouldn’t let me edit any videos witch was super frustrating. I don’t know if any body else has this problem with the free version, but if they do then I hope whoever created this app will fix that so I can actually use it.
Didn’t save my video with audio or the edits I made
by luxlilith on 2020/07/18 20:26
I attempted to save my project and it didn’t save with audio or the edits.
Doesn’t work
by Or3O Kidd on 2020/07/18 16:23
I’d select create project, I’d ask me which video I want to do, then nothing happens. Fix this
Free option
by MrFishyBoi on 2020/07/18 06:44
I love the free option I think it’s great
by vicalavida on 2020/07/17 20:57
Complete garbage. Don’t waste your time.
This app is great
by snow44668809 on 2020/07/17 20:06
I think the app is really good and it’s especially handy because I like to do a lot of editing on my pictures this App makes it so much easier to edit bravo to to whoever made it😀👍🏻
Great free video app
by archEvangel on 2020/07/17 17:58
You get a 5 second ad every 5 minutes give or take. Very convenient given the excellent tools and features that Apple should take note of! Recommended
Great! BUT
by ghale86 on 2020/07/17 11:59
It’s to laggy I can’t do it properly but it is cool!!! Like seriously it is cool! The ones who gave 1 star review your just jealous!!! Sorry for being rude 1 star review guys/gals
It was so bad!!!
by it was bad!!!!!!!Xoxo Karen on 2020/07/17 01:24
I only got it so I can speed my video up for tiktok and I would not let me it’s said I needed to upgrade it to be able to speed the video!!!and I cost real money for it so I would not get it if you wanted it to speed your video!!!!!and it was really laggy💩
Love it
by Joelie M on 2020/07/16 23:47
Very easy to edit
It won’t even load
by JtG CROO25 on 2020/07/16 16:01
When I make a new project and tap photo library, select the clips I want to use, it’ll go back to the previous screen.
It’s a good game but
by bri brozer on 2020/07/16 14:38
Why is the everything look so weird
Good so far
by TinaTarGina on 2020/07/16 03:50
How come when I trim videos it’s zoomed in I can’t select where I want to zoom in at
Good features but SO laggy :(
by FireGirlGamer on 2020/07/15 21:29
I just bought this app today and I was making a YouTube video, every two minutes it would kick me out of the app and it won’t let me save my progress. The feature are really cool and easy to use but THEY HAVE TO FIX THE LAGS AND BUGS, I swear I can’t use this app :(
by andrewnissou99 on 2020/07/15 15:51
Good program
by 😜🎠🎠 on 2020/07/15 05:10
It’s ok
by knowplusnico on 2020/07/15 02:31
So I do not love this app but it is ok so I do not like how much money it is but the video is so cute❤️so if it was not money I would love the app if the person that made this app sees this I think they should maybe do what I think xoxox
by kdjagiyah on 2020/07/14 11:56
I love it❤️
Ads keep popping up and impossible to click away!!! 😡😡😡😡
by Karra3 on 2020/07/14 11:21
Ads keep popping up and it’s impossible to click away!!! Trying to make a video, but annoying pop up ads keeps interrupting my work and the the x-button is sooo small which makes it impossible to exit out! I’m getting rid of this app
Tell This To The People Who Got Kicked From Video Editor
by Cookielov on 2020/07/13 03:27
Please Tell This To The People Who Got Kicked From Video Editor. How To Fix It Is To Delete It Then Wait A Few Days Then Reinstall It. I’ll Right Another Review Saying How I Know How To Fix The Kicking If You Reply To This Review.
by roblox fan2013 on 2020/07/13 02:50
I’m struggling
by Hood_heffner on 2020/07/13 02:00
As I’ve been seen by my family this app can do you wonders! But for some reason I can’t even start because when I go to my photos looking for a video as soon as I pick one and press done It doesn’t even load me into it and so I can’t do anything on here 😢😢😢😓
What’s happening???
by wodivjcneicjvj on 2020/07/12 14:55
So I wanted to make a video and I keep trying to press and it won’t even work!! I don’t know why but I will keep trying until It works :/
by hdbgksbe on 2020/07/12 11:47
Im paying for an app that continuously crashes whenever I try to export a video...smh
Why it great
by pdoodj on 2020/07/12 08:41
I get to edit my vids and post them with really good edits it’s so awsome
Keenan Black-Smitten
by Dangzr on 2020/07/11 05:00
This app is the best app I edited for my 2 year old daughter falling off the bed and crying she said it hurt like a buttcheak on a stick!!!
it great
by Bradzz_101 on 2020/07/11 01:11
great great great
by wheresmynoodles on 2020/07/10 21:16
It’s good I just wish it had a feature wear the music is free and in the video u had an option to make the music fade in and out
I like it for the ease, but the Ui is still not smooth.
by B3BU0- on 2020/07/10 14:21
I like it very much for a simple game editing app. However it feels not as smooth as I thought because when I tryna edit the Texts for my video it is quite hard to move it around with my big fingers on a small screen. Hopefully they can adjust this to improve the app’s quality.
Weird glitch
by Charcoal Bread on 2020/07/10 10:09
Whenever I start up the app I’m immediately kicked out of it
I paid for subscription $39 and it’s not working at all !!!!!
by Saam LA on 2020/07/10 06:54
I paid $39 and it’s not working!!!!! Be careful and do not download this app.
don’t get it it’s a bug
by $$$$$$$$$$$¥ on 2020/07/10 01:56
i download this editor cuz why not and it let me choose my pictures but it won’t let me i tried many times but it didn’t help it so don’t get if i could get a solution i would love for the creator to respond 😡🤬
Doesn’t work
by me:):(;);( on 2020/07/10 00:10
Trash doesn’t let me add more pictures only videos
Video editor 🎥
by pgradyy on 2020/07/09 19:00
I edited my video it was great this app is better than my other ones and hope everyone uses this app if they struggle with there videos
by hen1736 on 2020/07/09 02:49
I like it
by yagirlbaby❤️ on 2020/07/09 00:49
Thanks ig
by J3ssyb00 on 2020/07/08 16:33
Doesn’t let me save long video
Good buttt
by ensnktsrbbj flaryon on 2020/07/08 15:02
Good but I can’t see some of the words recommended for iPhone not iPad but still a good app
by phattyblaine on 2020/07/08 14:39
Ok, so I just downloaded this and when I press a picture/video, it does not work, it’s been acting like this for a while and I don’t know what to do! It just makes me mad how the app does not work for me, I’m not saying it’s a terrible app, I’m saying that later in the future, make sure that the app can work for everyone! I am only 10 years old, but I know when apps should or should not work, thank you!😁
Wierd glitch
by Like meg on 2020/07/08 00:27
I don’t know why but when I chose a video to edit it doesn’t take me to edit the video it just leaves me back at the original screen
Good but need some better updates
by potting potter on 2020/07/06 19:40
I downloaded this to make YouTube videos and all my videos and things came out great but once I tried to save them or upload them it doesn’t go to my gallery so like I kept trying and trying but then I just takes forever so I tried restarting my device so I waitn an hour or two , but nothing works I can’t save it or any of my work so all I can really do is just look at them and whenever I wanna watch them it’s just shows the editing settings. Honestly if it would let me save any of my videos I would recommend this app but I don’t really recommend it that much if you want to just not have any of your work sent to your gallery or anything then go ahead . honestly sorry for the long statement but thanks for reading it anyway
Idk What’s happening?
by Maritobia on 2020/07/06 02:54
I give this app 3 stars because I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews. The problem here is that, i submit all the photos that I want to edit but, when I click “Done” it just takes me back to the original page. It doesn’t load. Pleaee fix this :/
You had only one job.
by vhybuyv on 2020/07/06 02:27
Color effects get lost on the final result. Payed 8 dollars for nothing.
Charged for 3 day trial. Bad functionality
by sas jae on 2020/07/04 13:07
I was charged on day 1 on my free day trial. This app is a scam. You also can’t move the music you choose to play over different clips. Overall you’re better off using windows movie maker or iMovie. Do not download!
by kojiejssef on 2020/07/03 19:00
U know from the title what I will say…
Complicated but worth it
by zedgems on 2020/07/03 13:53
This app is very good for music editing but it’s very complicated the subtitles and stickers are very hard to time even when you get the hang of it, it will still be stressful to deal with, but almost everything else is perfect you can cut parts out add clips etc. I like this app for the type of videos I post it is amazing.
I love it
by day26luva on 2020/07/02 17:41
It’s so good my videos are perfect
by Torolina on 2020/07/02 16:46
by maddi_fox on 2020/07/02 04:08
So it was so good I use these for my YouTube videos and it’s amaze I can’t live without it I just can’t and if u have tiktok follow meee @maddi_fox
by Mickie23 on 2020/07/01 22:04
So easy to use!
by lenilemon 2009! on 2020/07/01 13:36
This is an amazing video editor app and should be given a complete 5 stars :)
The only bad thing:
by good writer❤️ on 2020/06/30 20:21
The only bad thing about this app is how it doesn’t let you play the whole song if you were to put audio in your creation.
Not happy
by HJHairstyles on 2020/06/30 15:06
Spent over an hour fine tuning the details, clips, music, etc for a 2 minute 45 second video. Won’t let me save or send. I tried everything. Extremely annoyed and upset that my beautiful video is stuck in the app and now I have to go to another to try to recreate.
by human being 🥳 on 2020/06/29 21:59
I love this app so much I use it for my tik told boom 1k likes on a small account this app is so useful but won thing I don’t like about it is how I can’t make ur own filter color that would be cool but other than that this is great
by alexdatrep on 2020/06/29 01:02
Thank yu so much
by ĀŁ3ŃŃ on 2020/06/28 21:38
Thank yu 👄👁👄
Ok app but limited uses of things.
by Xurned it on 2020/06/28 19:13
The one thing I don’t like is that you get limited uses of things. For example you can only add one text box or music per project the only way to get unlimited uses is to subscribe to the app which is like $10 per month or something.
by KadenBTS7 on 2020/06/28 15:27
I use this app to make videos for my social media’s and I love it so much and I can make a ton of amazing videos 😎😁
by leah ashe🌸 on 2020/06/27 19:06
It’s awesome
by Buh-biscut on 2020/06/27 15:50
All my videos are gone there just frayed out and I get play them or save it to my phots
Faking the iPad version
by Closetcatlovr on 2020/06/27 01:23
How about make a real iPad version and not make us deal with this iPhone version on the iPad?
Worst app ever
by Mha_Nerd on 2020/06/27 01:09
I go to make a project and it won't come up like why it will just have the loading thing and then it will take me to the blue screen were you make a new project. This is what it is doing to my phone.
It didn’t let me do anything
by Chloe4444444 on 2020/06/26 20:48
I opened the app clicked create new project selected my video and it did nothing
Very Good!
by AvocadoPineapple on 2020/06/26 17:45
Nothing I would change, it loads, saves, and creates fine! I think that you should download this for advanced or beginner video editing!
Nothing Amazing 😑 😩 😫
by QwQ GamerGirl on 2020/06/26 17:40
This only lets you put music in videos stickers aka “filters” , uhm 😶 😶... it lets you change the color and look filters, also the speed and sound, it lets you use your own music too, but basically every video editor does that, I was hoping for a better experience with this but other ones are sadly basically the same... also check out FlipaClip it isn’t a video editor nut it is an animation creator and it is AMAZING 😉
What’s going on?
by TheFirceWolf on 2020/06/26 15:13
I can’t download this app
Great but...
by Crazychickenenthusiast101 on 2020/06/26 12:58
This is a great app! I’m working on a project and it added all the videos smoothly and efficiently. The only problem I had was music. Everything was fine, except for the music from my library. I sat down, pressed the add button, and waited for HALF AN HOUR. It did NOT load. I need this project done within a few days, so I’m greatly upset that I cannot use the music that I was specifically asked to use. I don’t know what to do now☹️
Asome but...
by poop and poop and poop on 2020/06/26 01:13
I love it but there is not much things that I thought it would because I kept on searching for the perfect editing app that has everything I need but this app might be the key to becoming famous and I think I was just being dramatic but this is a pretty good app and my favorite thing about it is the thing that makes you go faster so that is my report
Did not work for me
by withoutafrace on 2020/06/25 01:06
This app didn’t work at all for me. I have an iPhone XS that’s up-to-date on all updates. I don’t know if it’s just the latest version or an ongoing problem, but every time I tried to navigate anywhere in the app I would get the spinning wheel and would have to exit. Wouldn’t let me add music or edit other features.
Great app
by kbluuzy on 2020/06/25 00:40
Good for shortening long videos you wish your time lapsed🤦‍♀️🤩👏
This is an amazing video editor app!!
by idonthaveanynamesinmind on 2019/12/18 00:18
If your looking for a video to edit or a clip to change for better looks, this is the app to get for it! You can change move around your favorite clips and make them into to one full video. And you can even add your own background sound which is pretty amazing. Unlike the other video editors I’ve checked out this one is actually what I wanted! The only thing I have a tiny problem with is the background audio, I was hoping to use some of my custom music from my photos, but you can only use the songs they have for you or Apple Music that you have. But otherwise this is a really good app to get if you are interested in video editing and I highly recommend it!
This app is the best!!! IGNORE THE OTHER REVIEWS!!!!!!🧁
by Good vibes only Kyra on 2019/10/06 17:45
Hello everyone… I am just going to start by saying… This is the best app ever made! You can have multiple videos in one, you can change the colors, you can add music! Literally almost all the reviews are about themselves! You can do almost everything in this app. Although there is a trial you can skip it and have all these wonderful features! Please understand that the other reviews are all about themselves and not this app. Thank you for reading. For more of my reviews … look for this emoji:🧁 Believe me…it’s all the truth!
Can’t save my progress
by EpicSky Gaming on 2019/11/17 20:54
I love the app but there’s this problem when I try to save me finished progress. It shows it saving but when I look at my videos it’s never there. I’m a makeup artist and I heard good things about this app, I decided to try it out. Of course, I did a video of me recording myself doing makeup, I edit it, then I try to save it. I post a lot of my art on my Instagram and my makeup takes me 30 minutes to an hour to do. So I really want to have my hard work payed off but now just trying to save it with it doing nothing really disappoints and frustrated me. I really hope I’m not the only one having the same problem. I hope this gets fixed..
Surprised it’s free
by _WolfSpirit on 2020/05/16 11:26
Most editors like this MASSIVELY restrict what you can do for free. This lets you string together multiple videos and audio all for free. Video I made was over 2 minutes and still no restriction. Just a watermark on the corner. BIG kudos to this app. I in no way need a subscription or the full unlocked app. But for casually stringing together clips and audio? This is better than anything I’ve even found on my computer!
Absolute garbage and a scam
by Chris stice on 2019/09/22 01:16
Well I just purchased a full year of this garbage I still have a subscription active in my Apple account and for some reason when I log into the app it shows me a stupid commercial for Final Fantasy won’t let me get out of it and when I hit restore purchase it tells me there’s nothing to restore don’t waste your time I will be contacting Apple about this fraudulent application to get my money back and if the people who created this app or listening to this review maybe you should fix this problem and I would have something nice to say about it with that said the app did work pretty well for the first two seconds before I purchased a full year anywhooooooo yeah keep it moving if you want something worth your money.
No point
by Dipwad Omega on 2020/03/11 03:05
Worked great for small, 30 second-long videos with no sound. I even bought a premium subscription because I was excited to start using this app for bigger editing projects. I just created one with three videos, background music, and transition effects, and it was about 2 min in total length. When I tried to export it though, nothing I tried worked. I couldn’t save it to my camera roll, I couldn’t email or message it to anyone...heck, I tried AirDropping it to myself on my Mac, and not even that worked. My project is trapped inside the app itself with no way to share the video besides physically showing somebody the phone screen, so...what’s the point?
Absolutely worthless customer service
by Hazel3z on 2019/10/01 19:18
I purchased the year-long subscription for this app yesterday. Upon doing so, I started having problems with its functionality. I attempted to contact the developer’s customer support, but kept getting “auto-generated answers about subscriptions being something Apple deals with, not them...even though the problems are not due to my wanting to cancel at that point. I attempted to contact them 3 times - all attempts were answered with same “canned response”. Ended up contacting Apple and had them issue me a refund on the subscription - since the developer wasn’t going to resolve the bugs that made their app not work properly, nor actually contact me re: the actual issues.
Don't get if you want to stay sane
by gamergrill69 on 2019/02/22 08:40
Literally the most infuriating sofetxare I have ever worked with. Finding how to actually crop my videos was like trying to beat the original legend of Zelda, just aimlessly wandering around the interface till I found the bazaar series of actions I had to do in order to use the main function of the app. I thought my frustration was going to end here, no. It wont let you crop the video into anything but 1:1, 16:9 and some other basic dimensions. If you attempt to crop anything even barely out of these three, very specific dimensions, you will end up with an annoying black bar on the right of your screen. That's it. That's the end. You've done all this for nothing and are now insane, congrats.
It’s really bad
by 2811lhkj on 2019/08/05 03:44
I downloaded this app to do the simplest task of combining 2 videos and putting a title on each. They are videos for my dance coach, one with counts to a dance and one with music. I (tried) labeling each as such. I’m glad this app has 3 day trial, because I’ve been working with it for almost 30 minutes trying to do this and it makes it so difficult. I can’t label the videos without difficulty, combine the videos or even save them to my phone. Simplistically put, this app will take you a while to figure out and it’s pretty frustrating. Wish I never tried it and I swear I’m not the picky type nor do I ever have issues with technology. Xoxo, Someone who wishes their video was already turned into their coach✌🏻
Bug With Music On All Clips
by INS Sketchy on 2020/04/23 22:57
I like the overall mechanics of the app for editing don’t get me wrong, but they make you pay to get that promo out of the bottom right, which doesn’t make since cause if it wasn’t there i would be bragging about how good this app is but that just ruins the whole video. Not only that, but for several weeks now, every time i try putting music from my gallery that has worked with the app before in, it doesn’t work, it just shows an infinite loading symbol. this app use to be great but the developers are behind on bug fixes and overall ways of operation it goes by hopefully they will fix it or i will take my subscription somewhere else.
Well, it’s not that bad...
by cre8tive08 on 2020/04/17 16:01
Okay, so I needed a new app for my Gacha life stuff because I wanted to make an edit. This app is cool and all, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It has very trashy transitions and is too confusing for me. Maybe you can like, make it a bit more easier to understand? Like KineMaster, and IMovie. Those apps are super easy to understand. Even if it’s your first time. And I would add more transitions. Like, cool ones. That are for FREE. Because during this quarantine no one is going to waste their money on some app like this. Not me at least. And can you try and add a tutorial?? Thank you for reading.
I didn’t like it.
by ElyYoon on 2019/11/21 03:23
I was wandering it is buggy, I wrote a text and decrease the size to let people see what I’m talking about, but then when I add another one, lots of text popped up. I had no concern about the quality, I can’t tell. But the music background is the problem too. I only use the music limit only, not the full music, maybe I have to buy it or is it something else? I tried to add another one but it still the same thing. Well that’s all I had to say for reason why I don’t like this app, not that I hated it. Maybe the another video editor app has the good performance. Please improve it. Have a great day!
Overall great app. 👍
by D00dle_Girl on 2019/08/28 02:11
I first got this app, wanting to make a GLMM. I was desperate, and needed something to put together my idea. When it downloaded, and got into it, it was a dream come true- almost. The app was really really laggy. I put my photos together, really easily and quickly. I tapped "done" and it literally took, like, 20 minutes to load half of it. When I FINALLY got enough in for something to work at, it was WAY to laggy to use. I ended up deleting the app, BUT I very much think that someone with a smooth device would find this app great, especially for Gacha vids thx.
Good but bad
by rcymovfyxzsi on 2019/06/10 19:51
I am a little bit of a control freak and seeing that you can control everything you could fix stuff can I background in music I thought you can make a good video it’s very hard to do and it glitches all the time it has too much ads whenever you doing something and I just interrupt you and whenever you’re trying to press something you have to press it at least like five times and every like five seconds you have a new ad so it’s very hard to control so this isn’t up for me but this might be good for other people
This is the worst app i've ever put on my phone
by rrhasa on 2019/05/14 03:10
I can't believe this app has a 4.6 rating. This app is laggy, slow, has an infinite amount of bugs, crashes 1/5 times I use it, and half the time doesn't save anything i do before i export my video. I downloaded it to use for a school project and I have never been more frustrated with using an app in my entire life. You know the feeling when you play geometry dash and complete like 99% of the level and then you die at the end? Imagine that frustration and pain times ten and that's what you're feeling every second of using this app. Awful. If you download this app be ready to chuck your phone through a wall.
by Alex Golde on 2018/12/24 19:38
I love this app!! I mostly use it to put videos together but it’s still great! Some things I wish I could do though would be to put specific clips of music in. It only gives you about 39 seconds of music to work with, and it’s only the beginning part of it. Also when you finish editing and download it it does have an obvious lower quality than it started with. Overall I think it’s an amazing video editor with very few kinks, I hope only to make it better.
Great game but need just one thing
by ndnbdjkjw on 2020/01/17 08:45
I really love this game and just one thing is annoying me it’s that how u any add any of my own songs like the ones I type up and it disabled “Add Song” so now I can’t make the video I wanted to make and I really wanted to upload on Yt but it just didn’t work and I need the ppl who made it fixed so I can upload it
Why can’t I adjust it?
by Iamsunflower2011 on 2019/12/30 03:35
You see I’m need to do very important stuff but I can’t do it if I don’t have an editor I hated kine master because if you edit the video on your photos it changes it back to what it was before and it is very hard to edit but I’m depending on you to help with my problem can you please add adjusting video like the camera of the video if you already had that can you at least a tutorial so people know how to thank you
Must be fake reviews
by Carriebski on 2019/11/04 13:46
These reviews 100% have to be fake. Because this app is absolute crap. Doesn’t do what you want it to do. You have this tiny small area of the screen to make changes. Text editing is a FREAKING JOKE. This app is TERRIBLE. I can’t believe anyone would give this ANY kind of praise. It’s glitchy too. You think oh it’s okay I’ll just power through. NO. This isn’t worth the headache it will give you. ALSO THE SCREENSHOTS ARE FREAKING LIES. Apple, how is this acceptable???????? Doesn’t anyone quality control check to make sure it’s the ACTUAL app being represented in the preview photos???? I don’t know what the hell app THAT is showing but it’s NOT THIS ONE.
Good but I’m having trouble with saving
by person #1littestperson ever on 2019/12/31 16:38
This app is amazing. I was everything I wanted when looking for a editing app but I keep having this small problem. After I finish a edit when I try to save it, it loads fully but I won’t save in my camera roll it was working before in the app but it just kinda stopped idk if it’s from bugs or something I’m doing wrong but yea. It’s a very good app tho.
Not enjoying the new update
by love rty on 2019/12/08 21:02
I like the app don’t get me wrong but the new update I don’t really like the new sounds and music I don’t like I liked it when you used to pick the song for the video but now you only have a bit of options but before you put the song and the artist and then boom there’s your video but now it’s just I has to be in your playlists but if it’s not then you won’t have the song that you want for your video I hope you can bring the old version back please 😔
Decent but not great
by btown2884 on 2019/02/25 07:38
App stitches quick clips together fairly easy. Adding music to anything longer than 30 seconds will have you upset. Multiple songs playing at the same time comes to mind. Filters are a little weak. Text feature is simple. I wish the option to save projects to device was easier to find. For a free app it isn’t bad. If you are looking for an app that does it all flawlessly, look elsewhere.
So dumb
by skolvick22 on 2020/01/27 22:44
I started creating a movie and already loved the app. It was super easy to figure out and use to make a basic movie. I spent forever editing and splitting and cutting clips to put together a ‘movie’ my kids made. I was ALMOST done and the app crashed. I was hoping it would all still be there when I reopened. It was. But now every time I click on the project to finish, the app crashes. It won’t let me open it at all. Not even to save what I already have to my phone to try to finish another way. I am so frustrated. That was a lot of work for nothing.
Shut up, Kaitlyn Garcia.
by I love horses 101 on 2019/07/22 20:27
I despise how you use your cat’s possible death to explain how much you hate this app. It’s a FREAKING slideshow! I’m really disappointed how you say something when you have nothing good and supportive to tell the app creator. You know how hard it is to make apps? Really hard. Go learn some manners and how to respect your cat more. -Sniperdiaper Girl, a youtuber.
by LamaLover16 on 2019/12/23 21:49
All I did was 2 videos and it was easy to do and I was enjoying it but then I keep trying to make a video and when I finally did I hit save then I had to wait witch is expected but then I got a notification and then I had to load it all over again but now when it’s almost done loading it takes me to my home screen and I have to load it all over again I hope that something or someone can fix this bug because it’s a REALLY good game when it works!🥺
No the best
by jacob steen on 2019/10/10 00:13
It’s super annoying to me because I’m on my school’s morning show and I needed to create a video and it was almost impossible it got on my nerves and it wouldn’t let me finish the video and it got deleted😔😒. There were a few bugs but overall the system it’s self was okay. I guess some people might really enjoy this but sadly not me. I’m giving it a 4 because I’m trying to be nice.
Money Hungry
by Faded Lil Girl on 2019/07/04 06:39
I Downloaded This App To Make Nightcore Music Videos, And The Biggest Problem I Have With This App When I’m Trying To Make Them Is.. You Can’t Add Your Own Image’s! Who Says We Want To Add These Low Quality ‘Images’, That Are Actually Stickers! And The Second I Entered The App, It Immediately Tried To Make Me Buy Their Premium Addition Or Something, And When I X’d Out Of It, It Tried Again And Gave Me So Many Ads! This App Is Ao Money Hungry And I Hope NO ONE Wastes Their Money On This App! It’s Not Worth It! There Are So Many Other Apps That Would Be WORTH The Money, But This One Just Isn’t Worth It! Find A Different One If You Want A Good App.
by mulades on 2020/03/11 23:50
It’s great at first but after about 3/4 videos it will stop saving videos to your phone. You will not be able to share your videos anywhere. They act like you can use your music you have saved to your phone and that is not true it will take forever to load and will not load on there. You might as well just not pay for a subscription because the only thing that changes is that their watermark is gone. You can’t do anything extra and the app still WILL NOT WORK!!! It’s an horrible app I do not recommend!!!
by VDF2020 on 2020/01/12 19:51
1. Terrible when adding text to a clip 2. If you want to add multiple texts to clips they are in the way of each other. 3. Does not save editing such as; muting original volume on clip, entering music at different times of clips & going from one clip to the next.. does not save options. 4. THIS IS THE MOST UPSETTING- after editing an entire video, it did not save. I clicked on the video and I was kicked out of the application entirely. 5. I made another video & in the middle of editing it asked for me to REPURCHASE THE $40 membership! So I continued to try to edit & save. THE SAME ISSUE HAPPENED AGAIN. I wasn’t able to watch video, when I clicked on video it kicked me out. 6. I made a 3rd video, it saved but did not save the entire video??? 7. The quality was awful when I attempted to post it in social media. 8. I SPENT 4 hours wasting my time with the app THAT CLEARLY DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY.
Great but...
by Crazychickenenthusiast101 on 2020/06/26 12:58
This is a great app! I’m working on a project and it added all the videos smoothly and efficiently. The only problem I had was music. Everything was fine, except for the music from my library. I sat down, pressed the add button, and waited for HALF AN HOUR. It did NOT load. I need this project done within a few days, so I’m greatly upset that I cannot use the music that I was specifically asked to use. I don’t know what to do now☹️
Worst app
by Brandon987053 on 2020/02/09 11:43
This app is an complete waste of time to download. I downloaded this app on my iPhone XR and it wouldn’t even open at first. I restarted my phone to try again it open but now another problem occurred. It wouldn’t let me create a project. Like why would you create an app that is totally useless.
The one problem (for me)
by idontfeelsafesayingmyname on 2020/01/02 20:42
The app is great and all but there is only one issue, it’s that when I try to add music it will not work. It just shows the loading logo and we all now we hate that, and even when you wait 5-10 minutes it still doesn’t work. I may have to use another editing app if this problem stays
Complicated but worth it
by zedgems on 2020/07/03 13:53
This app is very good for music editing but it’s very complicated the subtitles and stickers are very hard to time even when you get the hang of it, it will still be stressful to deal with, but almost everything else is perfect you can cut parts out add clips etc. I like this app for the type of videos I post it is amazing.
Great app
by Mrs.Leo T on 2019/11/13 16:47
I use multiple different apps to edit one video this I can just use one and it saves time. You can play music in the background. I was thinking it was going to be bad, but I looked at the stars and then edited a video that I’ve been working on in months and it took a day.
not terrible, but not very good.
by damien lol on 2019/05/31 20:18
i wanted an app that would add music to videos i took — and in that sense, it worked. when i’d mute the video itself or adjust the volume so the audio with it was solely music, it worked just fine. however, when i’d export the project and save it to my phone, the original video’s audio would still be present and overpower the music. it was very frustrating to try and fix/figure out and overall a disappointing app that i regret for the time being. if this function was fixed, i’d love the app and reinstall it, i would even recommend it to friends, but until then, i’ll advise anyone to steer clear of it if they’re interested in adding music to a video and having it sound good.
Nothing Amazing 😑 😩 😫
by QwQ GamerGirl on 2020/06/26 17:40
This only lets you put music in videos stickers aka “filters” , uhm 😶 😶... it lets you change the color and look filters, also the speed and sound, it lets you use your own music too, but basically every video editor does that, I was hoping for a better experience with this but other ones are sadly basically the same... also check out FlipaClip it isn’t a video editor nut it is an animation creator and it is AMAZING 😉
I can’t puse
by it has some problemes on 2020/02/05 03:51
I had good expectations but when I went in to the app my expectations got lower but when I saw the how to puse and start it I tryed it it didn’t puse I looked again I saw the same thing and I tryed to do it again it still didn’t work but it looked like a good app and I have downloaded a lot of these and it didn’t puse that’s all I was looking for and I’m still looking for an app but at least I gave it two stars and I wonder how do they puse there videos but that’s all I have to say.
This is Great!
by Janoque_Games on 2018/11/16 16:35
Just tried this app for my self. A GREAT Video Editor App for Starting! No Watermark, No Ads and Wow! Although your getting no money from this app, still love it! And I Cannot wait to see more from this app! Some Ideas: Donation for like $1 - $50 and I will donate $10 To this project, when you add it ;)! Here your first Happy Customer
Fix the glitches
by TicciTalia on 2020/01/10 04:35
Yes, this app is great when editing videos, but it has some serious glitches. 3 times when working, I would slide a video where it needed to be and it would exit me out of the app and I couldn’t click on the project, meaning I had to restart. Not only this, but when downloading my finished project, the audio was completely jacked up and I had to spend almost another hour trying to cut and fix it so it worked.
No audio???
by RapidGacha269 on 2019/09/24 00:46
Okay so everything I love the app is perfect but one thing the audio I can’t get it to work every time I put in a song for my video it never works and I don’t understand why and I can’t be doing it I restarted the app I deleted and re-downloaded it did everything it still didn’t work do you think you can fix it????
Not to happy
by Santas-Little-Elf on 2020/03/04 23:17
So I downloaded this app because GoPro Quik wasn’t working right. I was happy with it until the saving the video part. The editing is super easy, but it crashes every time I try to share my video. What is a app like this worth if you can’t even export it? I would gladly change my rating if you developers are willing to fix the app, but for now, you have two stars from me and a unhappy customer.(I recommend you take my advice)
i do love but....
by court.nizzle on 2019/07/29 14:07
i love this app so far it’s one of my top 3 and i have a lot of video editing apps. It continues to crash often and even delete my progress. It has great music selection and many other great features but it doesn’t allow you to use some of the “practical” features cause it will bug out once you press it.
5 stars
by samthe13yearold on 2020/01/30 15:38
I know I’m only 13 years old and I “don’t know what good and bad”😂 but this app is amazing it helps me make amazing videos and the reason I got this app is Bc I want to become a video maker like those trailer makers just without words😂but keep up the great work I’m really inspired hope I get a response😁
by Pheniox76 on 2019/10/05 13:36
Although ads are there the can be annoying like one after another right after you close the first ad down but besides that it’s rather easy to figure out and the tools are given to you you just have to create it
Pretty good
by Dakota Gladyswood on 2019/02/20 08:41
I think this is a pretty good app. I made an edit of me and my friend and I think it turned out pretty good. My only complaint I have with this app (after not using every part of this app and only the basic stuff) is you can only use the sample music from the iTunes Store, I wish I could choose my own section of the song.😕
Love it!!!
by mimimarshmellow on 2020/05/07 19:31
I tried a lot of other video editors, but all of them asked for money to unlock everything or didn’t allow you to save. I really like how you can add music in it and transitions. I edited a lot of videos and they all came out great! Amazing, I totally recommend this app!
Very good
by geosanchez93 on 2020/02/27 04:17
Over all it’s a really good app I’ve been looking for a app that edits photos and videos really good I like making gacha story’s and if your a future gachatuber then this is a good app for you and you get to put music too that’s on Apple Music so over all I am in love with this app! Highly recommended
I thought it was good
by vufmfjc on 2020/01/04 02:03
When I first got this app I was in love with it. I made Gacha life videos. The editing was good and stuff. But today the app wasn’t working. When I was making a video and putting stuff in order, it just kicked me out of the app. I tried several times and it didn’t work. I don’t know if it’s about to update or something but please try to fix it. Thank you.🙂🙂
Asome but...
by poop and poop and poop on 2020/06/26 01:13
I love it but there is not much things that I thought it would because I kept on searching for the perfect editing app that has everything I need but this app might be the key to becoming famous and I think I was just being dramatic but this is a pretty good app and my favorite thing about it is the thing that makes you go faster so that is my report
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