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Colorado National Guard - CONG
The Official Colorado National Guard App. Since 1860, the Colorado National Guard has served our communities, state and nation in times of peace and times of strife and always as the first military responder during state emergencies. The Colorado National Guard is a diverse, community-based force of more than 5,500 Citizen-Soldiers and Citizen-Airmen from all walks of life—college students, single parents, doctors, pilots, police officers, attorneys, teachers and artisans. The Colorado National Guard supports both our state and nation to provide trained, well-equipped men and women to augment the active force during national contingencies or war, and provide state assistance during disasters, both natural and manmade. Staying in touch and up to date with the Colorado National Guard is easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Everything you want to know about CONG is at your fingertips. Some of the features include: *NOTIFICATIONS – Get instant updates *NEWS – Stay up to date with News *EVENTS – View upcoming Events *DIRECTORY – Easily find the contacts you need and more!