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OPixels - cartoon photo Editor
OPixels - an inspiring and easy photos editor for all of you! Now you can turn your photos to videos in several simple steps! You can edit your own photos or create your unique wallpapers or posters with comic effects, art filters, face aging magic, trending stickers and special texts, and then upload to the gallery to share with your friends. We also create a talents gallery to share artworks and joy in our life. Just download it to open an amazing visual journey! •Comic Effects Turn your photos into fashionable comic effects. Set them to your head portrait or your banner of social platform. •Artistic Filters We design multiple series artistic filters such as season series and favor series. Also there are amazing bending effects for you. •Face Aging Special aging filter to see through your past and future. Don't you want to know what you would look like in your 60s? •Make your story video Turn your photos to videos with selected background music. Make your own slideshows or stories or movies and share it with friends and family. •1000+ Trending Stickers Add the stickers to customize your body features and to decorate your photograph. Funny stickers make your life looks cool and bling. •Add Text to Photos Add text and graphic elements to your photos to make them more interesting and professional. You can change the size or the color as you like. •Everyone is a Designer No matter a professional designer or pictures/videos lover, you can find your group here. •Multiple Categories Neon, funky, glitch, glitter, hip-pop, landscapes, hot body, celebrity...We have every type you want. ============ OPixels VIP Subscription is now available! Join in VIP, you can get: 1. Premium comic effects, art filters, double exposure tools 2. Premium trending stickers and texts art 3. Unlock exclusive wallpapers and live wallpapers 4. Remove all watermarks 5. Remove all the ads OPixels offers 3 subscription options. You can start with 3-day free trial or subscribe directly: •Weekly subscription is priced at $9.99/week. •Monthly subscription is priced at $19.99/month. •Yearly subscription is priced at $79.99/year. Subscription Terms •The price is for US customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. •Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions can be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. •Once you cancel your subscriptions, you will no longer use the paid functions or features. •You can still use the app without vip subscriptions except for the paid functions or features. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: For complete access to all functions, you will need to allow access to the following •Photos for you to be able to import the wallpapers you like and set them up on your device; •Notifications will notify you when new wallpapers are updated. Instagram: @opixels_official Feedback Email:
This app is 👍
by zcbbm on 2020/01/20 20:33
So ok I was just sitting on the coach when this add came up so I got but I didn’t think it would work but honestly it works pretty great and everyone should get it
Where’s the anime back grounds?
by landengeorge 87 on 2020/01/19 22:02
I love this app, really cool designs. Tho I am mad that In the add they provided us with goku and Naruto things and they are not on the app. 100% if they did have those I would definitely buy a subscription. But over all very cool
Waste of time
by Rodrigo duo on 2020/01/19 17:30
Just another annoying app
by bebbsbxhxhsnkwlshebdb on 2020/01/13 22:50
It was trash
You have to pay for things
by Friggaflash85 on 2020/01/13 02:57
I don’t like it how I have to pay, its mostly a scam. It is bugged. Doesn’t show at the edge of your screen. It only works for stinky Samsung. They might delete this review. The advertising on TikTok is worse than the ones on the app
Your a liar
by Wow wow wow wow wow wow!!! on 2020/01/12 05:05
They make u pay for all the filters even tho it says free in the add
Being honest
by hi_im_gianna on 2020/01/12 03:27
Ok so I’m going to be honest, I have seen this app on all of my social media’s and it showed all types of backgrounds and filters. But when I finally decided to downloaded this app I was very unimpressed, there was not enough choices for the live backgrounds. Also the in store purchases were very expensive, yes my expensive might be different to your expensive but 7.99 a week for live backgrounds?! also the adds right when I was opening the app I was welcomed with 2 adds in under 1 minute. As a consumer I disliked the app and you might love it but I’m just being honest I was very disappointed there was so much potential for this app I would rate this app a 3.4 but I just rounded.
I’m just gonna say it
by GamerTube1430 on 2020/01/09 03:02
I thought that this app would help me find a better wallpaper but apparently not. I had to pay to do anything on the app. To be honest I think I would be better off with a different app. This is a short review so please don’t expect too much. Also I’m sorry if I made the developers upset but I just wanted to share what I think. Sincerely, Your Mysterious Narrator
Stickers move
by Munkee x on 2020/01/08 23:56
When you place stickers on the photo and save it, the sticker is moved. Totally off center and crooked. Why bother?
You could get it but I don’t recommend it
by loves to sing but is sick on 2020/01/07 01:18
Like in the title you can get it but I don’t recommend it because you have to pay money so you can post it or something
80$ a year for bull
by Butte licke on 2020/01/05 17:30
The advertisements were complete lies. Which was obvious to everyone, but I wanted to see if they were at least cool. They are not and you have to pay $80 USD to use this app for one year, and on top of that there are more purchasable products and ads. Scam.
so sad
by on 2020/01/02 22:12
iam so sorry about that but its true . the adv say it free and when i download it they detected from me.!
by nooppibs on 2020/01/02 12:23
by paige._.zechman on 2020/01/01 17:22
Fake fake fake fake fake fake FAKE! The cartoon effect (which is on every single one of their ads) you have to pay $80 for. That’s stupid.
Not that good
by Jack_The_Ripper_6 on 2019/12/31 16:25
Unless you willing to pay $80 a month for this app you don’t have too many options to pick from.
by i😘🐘 on 2019/12/30 15:08
So I’ve seen loads of adds on this app... so then I downloaded it and you had to subscribe to even use it. No thanks
by Coopa20 on 2019/12/30 06:27
First of all you have to pay just to use it and all the ads about it are fake smh😡😡😡
Why false advertising
by delitful cheese burger man on 2019/12/25 22:24
I want in the app and you can only access the filters with the right know thing I thought you can access all of the filters
It's Manual
by najhf on 2019/12/15 00:47
The animations are good and the graphics are great on them but when I open my phone I want to see an animation not press and hold every time I turn on my phone. I thought it would be cool to do something New as a background for my mobile device but I don’t want to press and hold down a screen to see an animation I wanted to be going as I’m using the device otherwise I see this is kind of pointless I think.
What I think
by jdjdhdhhdjdjdjdjdjdjdudhrnf on 2019/12/12 00:51
You need vip to do Lots of things plus the filters don’t even look good
Why is everything VIP
by SavannahPearl on 2019/12/01 20:07
Everything in the game is VIP it’s kinda boring sometimes like some people don’t want to be looking through TikTok (were I found the app) be like ohh look I can make my photos look nice and then i can’t do one thing thats VIP
I love it but one complaint
by 17:38 unicorn on 2019/11/29 05:47
I love how you can get phone screens but you have to pay for specific ones that’s my only complaint
All the add
by kennataytay on 2019/11/27 21:48
I don't like that it wants me to pay to just edit a picture. I want to be able to edit a picture without any adds getting in the way.
One of the best
by xxxxnen on 2019/11/25 22:39
It is a good app . I made my dog look good
This is an good app but why do you have to pay??
by lazypeeps on 2019/11/23 22:46
It is good but all of the good wallpapers you have to pay for.One you shouldn’t have to pay for a freaking wallpaper.Two it makes no sense.Three just why.
It cost to much
by Lashesofatlanta on 2019/11/22 00:02
I hate this app because it cost $10 a week..
Love it
by NeumaticBoot218 on 2019/11/19 11:37
This app gives people a very cool live wallpaper. However, for people that don’t have premium, they should have more creative wallpapers. I like this app and will continue to use it. But, hopefully they create some cooler wallpaper😛😜😎
by Jay_Disney on 2019/11/18 23:52
I HATE THE APP because there isn’t no live and i dont wanna pay for unlock some
by LBear251 on 2019/11/18 03:59
You download the app and then open it, it MAKES you start a “free trial” that turns into 7.99$ a week?? really? 7.99 a week? Not worth it at all
Scam beware
by Frustrating 2746 on 2019/11/07 11:35
This app gives you a free trial but automatically signs you up for a 9,99 weekly subscription. Total scam. It’s a pretty useless app and the content it offers is pretty dumb too.
Was charged from this app for a year
by thisiswrong1111 on 2019/11/07 00:11
I have been charged for a year and have no idea why or how u can charge a year I don’t have this app nor do I want it
I hate this game!!!
by aseryimx on 2019/11/05 15:27
In this game you have to pay for everything! That is the first thing it does. It didn’t even let me look around! You should not download this useless app😠
Hidden fees
by never play reveiws on 2019/11/05 01:33
So the day I downloaded this game I saw that I had to pay to see result, I said no then I deleted it.Later in the day I soon saw that it had started to make me automatically pay it. I didn’t even get something to tell me I was paying for it!
by alvaelchingon on 2019/11/03 22:06
Están locos 80 dólares por esto ??????
You can barley do stuff
by keillythecrackhead on 2019/11/03 20:48
If you don’t have vip you can’t do anything only crop the photo and color it which is to be honest something that I can do with any other camera app even the app that comes already on your phone to take pictures
This app is bs
by nicknameeii on 2019/11/02 21:27
It a total waste of time and it too expensive don’t even bother downloading this app it crap they want you to pay 80$ a year for this it ain’t worth it 0 stars😑
How it's so bad do not get it
by progectzorgo on 2019/11/02 03:18
Do not get it it's so bad it tells u to pay for the stuff.
3 days free trial? for 7$ / week subscription
by ricky958 on 2019/11/01 19:25
So first I have to commit to pay $7/week to even try what it’s all about. Am sorry I won’t do it. Trial should be little longer. If you guys think you’re app is so great why you insecure and asking for money first
Pretty good
by austinkirkwood on 2019/10/31 03:11
I like it
I don’t like this app
by unicorn crazy girl on 2019/10/29 05:29
Reason why I hate this app is it dose not let you do Anything unless you pay for it
Hate it
by Mr.M30 on 2019/10/29 02:07
You have to pay ten dollars a month and it is not nessasry to have it because you are probably just going to use one or two wallpapers
by aj bj on 2019/10/27 21:37
To be free some don’t have money
by muatasem991 on 2019/10/27 19:40
You showed us that we can change our pictures to cartoon and bla bla bla ... but we i downloaded it i found its all about money .. huh 1 star to much for you
Don’t try to trick us
by javaboi21 on 2019/10/27 14:24
You shouldn’t have to pay this much or nothing at all for this app and you didn’t tell us that you had to pay in the ad
Don’t get this game
by heck482 on 2019/10/27 01:40
I spent 2 days downloading it and now it wants me to pay 80 DOLLARS A YEAR to gat a picture.
Totally mislead into signing a year contract!
by ericalegault on 2019/10/25 21:03
I was using PicStitch this morning, when an add for this app popped up. It looked interesting, and free! So I downloaded it. Upon opening, there were two buttons — one the appeared to be a VIP membership with an extra cost, the other (which I pressed) appeared to be free. Because I have my face recognition set up for app purchases, it automatically approved a YEARS WORTH of access to an app I had never even used, totalling $85.99. I emailed the contact info for the app requesting a refund and they have yet to respond. Have never felt so tricked in my life and I used to work in UX for a Fortune 500 company!
Dont bother unless u like paying 4 BS
by Zeaky on 2019/10/24 21:27
Cant use any comics unless u pay total waste of app & download space ..👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾trash app
not worth it
by 7son_exlo on 2019/10/24 11:41
this app is waaaaay over priced it is a Pure Steal !! not worth the huge amount of money for the minimum features too
by kfkckskvkfk on 2019/10/24 02:19
I love this app so much and I feel like I can finally have a app that I can get not bored of so quickly.The only con is that you have to buy a lot of photos and filters witch is sometimes annoying.
Please read before downloading...
by kyndall reyes on 2019/10/23 19:32
Not to long before I downloaded the app, I received an ad to this photo editing app. The ad showed me the cool and fun filters and features. Me being a 13 year old girl that likes to edit photos and post them on social media i was so excited especially about the live wallpaper option. When i opened the app the first thing it shows me is a subscription pop-up that you have to click on and then cancel to actually proceed within the app. My mood changed when I reached the point where I couldn’t go 1 minute without having to close an ad or watch one. Some filters are free but most are charged by paying or watching a 2 minute ad. What is advertised is not what it shows. It says it’s a free app with all accessible features. Apparently, that’s false and very many people won’t want to keep the app. I gave it a chance and did a 3 day free trial. I tried it and was honestly very disappointed. The Live Photo filter was bad and blurry although I was pleased with the color filters. Regardless, I deleted the app knowing I would never pay 8.99 a week for a useless blurry feature when I can download a free app with no ads, no pay and 100% quality. This was misleading and isn’t pleasant overall. I understand to keep some apps that aren’t so popular keep running you need to have some payment but, mention that in the ad you are showing to people all over the country it’s free and able to use with no pay. I recommend this app if your trying to spend loads of money and terrible features. I hope you use this review to decide on what’s best for you and your bank account lol. Thank you Opixels. Thank you reader! -sincerely, Camille
High price
by faryspeed on 2019/10/23 03:23
you must pay the price of photoshop for a singel app 😅
by Yinanime_24 on 2019/10/21 16:43
The app says you can do a bunch of fun stuff but the fun things cost money or you have to do a free trial like I don’t know about you but I don’t do that just tell me in the description area on the app so I know what I’m getting 😒👎
Very dissatisfied
by my lizard died on 2019/10/21 14:47
In the advertisement for this app, it shows real life photos being turned to cartoon. I thought it’d be fun but almost all the features cost money. It never said that in the ad. The stuff that is free is just copying PicsArt. I do NOT like this app at all.
So stupid and annoying
by Chicken Time <3 on 2019/10/20 02:40
I put an emoji on my picture fully on it and and press save then it changes and cuts half of it off and moves it to the middle for no stupid reason and all the effects are for vip it’s such a lie from the ads I’ve seen please fix it and don’t post fake ads on it goodness gracious
by KawaiiwolfygachaNya OMG on 2019/10/19 21:56
Sorry I didn’t really like it when you have to pay
by arlin 8 on 2019/10/18 20:30
I don’t wanna be rude but you have to pay like everything!!! WHY can’t your app be free,never mind none of these kind of apps are free, why should yalls be different
Greedy annoying app
by A5med on 2019/10/18 13:54
Everything, every action you do it annoys you with the ad to either subscribe or take the bait (free) which requires you to approve the auto subscription after the 1st free month. Moreover, lots of apps do what this does for free without annoying ads. Deleting now.....
by Tsso-123456 on 2019/10/18 12:17
What’s the point the app is free and literally you can’t use it unless you pey monthle subscription ??!
by Peter8797 on 2019/10/16 02:32
I am being bribed right now
The best
by Haelleo on 2019/10/15 03:39
It gives you the best time of you’re life although it never tells you that you have to pay but I don’t care I live this app you should get it now
Love it
by ckhkggjxjgc on 2019/10/14 02:50
Its making me write tgis so its good
I do like the most
by toledito36 on 2019/10/13 20:52
Don’t waste your time.
by Neteru9 on 2019/10/13 12:23
I’m very disappointed. This app makes you go through the hassle to subscribe then fails in many functions. When trying many of the features, the screen blacked out. Considering the attempted charge for this app, there’s not enough filters that 1. Works and 2. That isn’t found on free apps. I’m willing to pay for quality. This is not it. When I tried to use the Cartoonize filter on a brown skin man it failed utterly. Fix your glitches...
by Cooler_mind on 2019/10/13 01:28
Before looking at the app: Ik I haven’t tried the app BUT listen to me! By the looks of the app and ads… the ads def look fake I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. It’s not that easy to just get a filter or something and swipe up they should post a YouTube video on how to use the apps and what their ads mean!!! After looking at the app: everything is crowned witch means you have to pay for everything! Why don’t you consider making people pay before downloading and not make people waste time and not like ur app! Definitely Deleting !! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤡🙄
by Nickplayzfarcry on 2019/10/08 17:47
See what I did there... kahoot (kashoot)
I want a refund
by furiousandwantrefund on 2019/10/03 18:22
I never ever agreed to pay for this app. I downloaded it out of curiosity and when I found out you had to pay for everything I deleted it. But I got an email today saying that I was charged ten dollars for this app. So I downloaded it again to try and cancel the subscription but I never made an account so not only can I not cancel it and it will continue to charge me but I can’t even use the features because I never made an account
by izzzylilydilkybioly1234444 on 2019/10/03 10:40
ما يتسحون
by ConanQ8🕵🏻‍♂️🇰🇼 on 2019/10/03 06:27
سيء جداً تنزله على أنه مجاناً آخر شي ما يشتغل إلا بفلوس
by hdbsbdvge on 2019/10/01 23:53
I like how you made more of the categories free but if someone who is poor is trying to make s cool cartoon picture for her friend’s birthday I think that you can make more things free. Just a suggestion. Thank you.
Cost money
by screwthiscrap111100011111 on 2019/10/01 01:16
Its retarted i get doing ads but i aint going to pay you jack
by My name is jorja on 2019/09/29 22:57
It&#39;s fake I&#39;m just doing this to get the wallpapers
by bre2626 on 2019/09/29 17:07
Amazing app
it's really good and I like it
by Kevin adamski on 2019/09/29 16:49
Awesome great queity
The best thing ever
by youtube pokemon on 2019/09/29 13:07
I love it!!!!!!!!
*** Money grab ***
by Razerki on 2019/09/28 21:32
Fake reviews and false advertising pay to use the actual app as described... you can look at free wallpaper ... wow big deal ... you’ve been warned .. don’t download
Not the best but not the worst
by anna453443344343543434 on 2019/09/28 02:00
I have another game like this and the other one is way better but it isn’t to bad it’s just not the best
How do you use it
by MexKing on 2019/09/26 02:05
I don&#39;t know how to use it but I&#39;ll go for a 5
by SLIMEATORY!!!:) on 2019/09/24 02:13
It makes it so you have to pay I don’t wanna just for some filters this app is TRASH
by Tori Mckool on 2019/09/23 22:31
This app is terrible. i just subscribed and it’s nothing like the advertisement. i’m very displeased
by urboivjc on 2019/09/22 01:41
app is ight
Great wallpaper
by Emilyhernandezperze on 2019/09/21 19:59
Too much money
by mnchtjxryjxyjugl on 2019/09/21 17:52
This app is way to much money you need to change that! Yeah way too expensive!
Highly Recommended
by Mystogan/Jellal on 2019/09/20 01:44
I love the app works great and it easy to use. I highly recommend this app to everyone.
by on 2019/09/19 10:05
It’s trash and just a money grab
Great app
by tangentart on 2019/09/19 03:28
This app is a great app it is so amazing
It’s awful
by minicoffebean on 2019/09/18 23:00
I saw an ad for this app on tiktok and gave it a try within minutes I relived you have to pay for everything the age the animal the cartoon the only this that was free is you can apply color filters to pics don’t install!!!!
It’s an amazing app
by xxcvvhnn on 2019/09/18 20:12
Worst app ever
by kelly1235 on 2019/09/18 19:14
All u can do here is pay and if u dont pay you cant use the effects this is the reason this app gets 1 star dont download it it only wants ur money 😡
not a bad application
by JürgenAbdullah on 2019/09/17 14:40
not a bad application
by kate Ibarra on 2019/09/16 23:08
This app is the bast I love 💕 it so much
by R210004563 on 2019/09/15 18:23
by Harp.g on 2019/09/15 17:18
This is the worst app ever I hate it! It won’t let me download anything so I can’t have cool wallpapers if you can’t download anything then why even make a app!? PLEASE FIX THIS!
Just ok, is not ok
by blackpinkouou on 2019/09/15 04:29
Yes when u first download it they show all the steps to have a live wallpaper it worked!... but it’s not live it is a cute wallpaper just not live
by fjdjfjcfjdjdkv on 2019/09/14 17:16
Dis game is fun
by sadow slash on 2019/09/14 03:51
Why must I pay to have good things?
by Stkdjxkbd on 2019/09/14 00:37
by Acuna40 on 2019/09/12 03:48
How can a 4 year old pay?? You need to change the age
by Ihbrichburchbrfibuey on 2019/09/12 02:15
You can only do one thing without paying and its so boring also it’s expensive to pay 5 dollars every week
Love this app
by Nevaeh Hoots on 2019/09/11 23:30
i love this app just wish everything was open
Honest and Critical
by ShockVt on 2019/01/24 22:22
I will try my best to be critical and honest. Firstly, it does has live and non live good quality wallpaper. However, it is not the best selection. It does not have thousandS of wallpapers as advertised from what I saw. The Live Photo does not work on IPhone SE but it may work on others. It is run on ads and subscriptions. Meaning every 2-4 photos you look at you will be forced see or watch ad. And some-lot of the wallpaper are only for subscription. Which I think is weird instead a one-time pat would be better in my opinion. Since they are trying to also support the artists. I would recommend installing it and see if they have a wallpaper ya like or if the live wallpaper works for you. If not uninstall, if so great! I rate it 3.5 but I rounded up in hopes that they continue to expand and make it better.
I’m very disappointed in this app and here’s why...
by M3owKittyp4ws on 2019/07/18 06:46
This app does have basic photo editing features so it’s not totally worthless. But, the features advertised are NOT FREE. I either have to watch an ad to get the features for a certain period of time or pay. The only reason I got this app was because they said this was a free app and had the features advertised. This wasn’t a total dealbreaker still. There’s more. The features advertised are VERY MISLEADING. The effect that turns your pictures into a drawing or cartoon doesn’t look nearly as good as it does in the ads. In fact, these features look so bad that I decided that my weird acne covered self looked better than the photo that had the effect on it. The whole point that made this app not like others were these filters. Not only do you have to pay for them but they look nothing like the ads show. To me, this app is a waste of space. I recommend you to look for another photo editor that is actually useful. And, developers, please fix your ads and your VIP so you won’t have anymore upset 13 year olds flooding your review section. Thank you!
by im not entering a name on 2019/05/30 14:01
This app isn’t so bad. It is pretty cool. But the filters are different on different images. It should stay the same. And when I opened the app up to edit a photo, it closed the app and took me back the home screen on my phone. This needs to be fixed. I am getting very frustrated because it worked a few hours ago now all of the sudden I can’t even edit one photo. It also has a lot of purchases you have to make to be able to use most of its filters. I purchased nothing. But when you get into the app you see an ad to purchase something, most people don’t see that you can edit out of the ad and use it without making any purchases at all. This app is great once you start to use it but, hopefully they fix the glitch.
Not similar to ad
by Mary828! on 2019/06/04 21:24
I wanted to do a picture of my friends at the beach with a golden glitter twirl around them, and in the ad it showed that you can do twirls around them so I downloaded the app but once I added the twirl in the photo with my friends, it looked like they were behind a twirl but in the ad it showed it would look like they are in the twirl. Although, it has really cute stickers, some stickers are like cat ears so that is very cute. Another thing I don’t like it that a lot of cool things are with the vip purchase, maybe the twirl I wanted to do was only with the vip purchase but I’m not sure. So this app was not how I expected it to be but I am keeping the app for the cute stickers!
Ok App! 😊
by Chealsea Reed on 2019/07/21 15:40
I am 12 years old with my own apple account. My account obviously allows me to buys apps, music, and other purchases. I use my own money to pay for these things. OPixels was a free app so I was excited to download, in hopes I could get cool filters similar to Snapchat. Once I arrived at the App, I was SO EXCITED 😆! I noticed a comic effect and aging effect. I entered the effects platform and suddenly realized that BOTH EFFECTS COST MONEY! I was extremely angry, felling as though I was ripped off. I thought that the entire app would be free, but there was A LOT of false advertising in the ads and commercials. I will keep the app and continue to use the few free effects available. But believe me, I will not be wasting my money on a subscription to effects that I thought were unlimited and free. I would not recommend downloading unless you are willing to spend a lot of money. Thank you!
Not Good
by The Minecraft Times on 2019/08/03 05:53
The advertisement I received for this app was focused around the filter part of the app and that’s what I came for so I never really looked into live wallpapers. NOTHING is even free on the app so I had to set a free trial to try the filters I was advertised and I’m just going to say I was severely disappointed. I’m mainly talking about the cartoony filter, or the one that makes you look animated (I forgot the actual name). It made me look nothing like the ad made the examples look so I tried multiple pictures in multiple lighting to no avail. I instantly canceled my free trial and deleted the app. I can’t believe they’re asking $8.99 PER WEEK. That is absolutely ridiculous and unreasonable. Again, I never actually tried the live wallpapers but I skimmed through the selection and there’s really not a ton. Your experience might be different but for me it was a definite nope.
It’s kinda g00d ❤(ӦvӦ。)
by Maya is sooo extited on 2019/06/08 14:21
Honestly I think this app is pretty good I just started using it too! But I think you should not have to pay money for that because what if some people’s parents don’t let them have it! Then they can’t us all of them just like me my mom said no:( so that is what you should change. You should also make it more easy for little kids! What if there mom was not home they might not be able to know how to do it and that would make me sad:( but I like it a lot though!
Being honest
by hi_im_gianna on 2020/01/12 03:27
Ok so I’m going to be honest, I have seen this app on all of my social media’s and it showed all types of backgrounds and filters. But when I finally decided to downloaded this app I was very unimpressed, there was not enough choices for the live backgrounds. Also the in store purchases were very expensive, yes my expensive might be different to your expensive but 7.99 a week for live backgrounds?! also the adds right when I was opening the app I was welcomed with 2 adds in under 1 minute. As a consumer I disliked the app and you might love it but I’m just being honest I was very disappointed there was so much potential for this app I would rate this app a 3.4 but I just rounded.
by noonespeashal on 2019/08/29 13:15
If you can make almost everything else in the app cost money just make the app cost money I mean it isn’t that hard! When I first saw this advertisement on Snapchat I was so excited because I wanted a moving home screen or lock screen so I downloaded it thinking I was going to get that and receive it. I waited for it to download for a little while then when I saw it was done downloading I clicked on it and the first thing that pops up is “vip” start your free trial today” that’s a when I realize most of the things are gonna cost money. I figure not everything cost money so I continued with the app. I was wrong almost everything cost money except for text emojis and filters I was extremely disappointed in the app so I deleted it I don’t recommend unless you wanna use a lot of money ☹️
Not that good
by supreme soul224 on 2019/06/09 14:01
Honestly,I was hoping that when I downloaded the app and open it I was going to find a bunch of background effects and wallpapers. But instead I found a pop up to subscribe to a free three day trial. Thank god it had an x mark on the corner because lately all the editing apps that I downloaded had to do with a free three day trial that I couldn’t get rid of. Another thing is that when I got rid of the free three day trial pop up, I was also hoping that I can do the stuff on the app like it showed on the advertisement, but I was wrong. When I selected a picture I wanted to edit, the effects did not come out exactly as I expected it to. And the ways it came out wasn’t really in my liking.
This is terrible!!
by Atalya Sizemore on 2019/08/04 15:50
I thought this app was going to be fun and I could make cool backgrounds of me as a cartoon. I first tap the app and when I see what it says it says to pay. I don’t want to waste my money. I thought there was some stuff that was free. All of it you have to have a free trial just to use it. I am very upset and disappointed I will not be using this app anytime soon this app is not even good working. Because it said to watch a video just to use it then for one time and the comic one that makes you look like a cartoon does it not even work. Does not look how it tells you. It just looks all weird and just shows all the features of your face in the filter of it is very we are looking to. Do not get this this app is very bad and it lies to you.
Great idea but...
by Mads Kelly on 2019/06/19 13:29
I loved the idea of the app because I wanted to share my photography and be able to edit it. I uploaded two pictures the day I got the app and they went “Under Review”. I waited at least a week for the pictures to upload and they still didn’t. That’s when I deleted the app. Not only that, but I’m not one to pay for apps or games and a lot of the effects were only for the members which isn’t good for the people who don’t want to pay. For improvement, I would say make the pictures upload faster or at least make it so you can go back and change things while they are under review or be able to tap on the photo to see it
by dephoki on 2019/06/08 22:27
Horrible. Nothing like advertised. Honest truth. I wish they would have included features that they said they had in the ads. I was super excited when getting the app but all I am now is just dissatisfied. Harsh but true. They advertised cool features. Little did you know that that cost $480 a year. I was beyond upset because if the app was actually anything like advertised, it would’ve been a darn cool app. Besides that, the filters are trashy and most of them are VIP. Stickers are limited and cropping is something you can literally do on an iPhone without any app. The only thing you can do is add trashy stickers, add a filter(which you can also do on an iPhone) and crop the photo. Unless you are willing to pay $480 a year. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Come on guys
by TealMarble on 2019/05/22 23:51
I was playing a game and an ad came on, the ad was for OPixels. I thought to myself, this is a cool app! So, I bought it. I went on it and tried to do the young to old thing. It said that I had to pay for it or have a three day trial. Granted it wasn’t just like 50 cents to a buck, they wee asking for 8.99! I mean, I can definitely afford it, it’s just that the ad said that you were able to all this cool stuff, and come to find out that you have to PAY for it. Guys be careful, some apps say the APP is free, but not nessisarily the things INSIDE the app. I was really disappointed with OPixels about this. I would recommend this photo editor app only if your willing to pay for a “free” app. Also, this waisted storage on my phone, so ya.
Pretty good
by Orange plum on 2019/06/08 03:46
If you dont want to pay a whole lot for a dumb app, when it gives you the add in the beginning to “buy” the vip things, you can hit the x in the corner and be done with that. It really works, sometimes to get something you may have a choice. : watch a video, or buy the vip. I would say if you dont want to buy anything and you watch the videos, the app is pretty good, because the people who made it gave you other options instead of paying. 👌🏻
by Annalasalle on 2019/04/28 12:41
I would rate a two. The first problem I had was when you clicked on anything for an example a filter I click on the filter than you realized that I didn’t want to use it anymore so I click on another filter and started to load for a while. My second problem was that most of the good stuff is for VIP only or you have to pay for it which is annoying because I don’t want to waste my money on games. My 3 problem was from the ad of the app showed a little girl getting older and older and I didn’t find that anywhere in the app it could be wrong I don’t know. Still I would rate this a two.
False Advertisement
by rochaeliseo on 2019/05/23 04:59
Came across this app from an ad on Instagram showcasing a cool Naruto live wallpaper. It did not exist in the actual app, there’s actually very few live wallpapers in the app, and they want $30/month for wallpapers you can just find on google. They didn’t have what they advertised, I also bet the response from them to this review will be the same as the last few they replied too. Seems like there’s been a generic response to several reviews. Update: They replied to my review claiming they’ve added the wallpaper, I just downloaded the app again and guess what, still not there. Unless they have Naruto wallpaper in the pets category I don’t see it. Still lying, don’t bother with the app.
Don’t lie about your app.
by BlaiseLentini on 2019/02/08 17:33
Saw the Instagram ad where the paintbrush swipes across and it makes you a cartoon. I doubted it but I figured I’d download it to make sure. It’s free... right? WRONG. You can’t even access the app until you agree to pay $10 A WEEK after your 3 day free trial. Not only did the ad lie about that feature, but it’s pretty much bad filters. Ya know, like those old Snapchat ones that they inevitably got rid of. Because they were bad. Then had to go on my computer to make sure I canceled the subscription (which they don’t even tell you how to do until you go to the bottom of the FAQ). Garbage app. They even show that “cartoon yourself” feature in their images here. Don’t bother. Not worth.
Cost Money, Free Option for 1-day and Doesn’t Work
by XRYU on 2019/07/01 12:44
You have to subscribe to the service. I get it, nothing in life is free, but you only offer a free trial only after I try to close the app after seeing it costs money. Then you make me watch an ad for 1-day free trial where nothing, and I mean nothing, loads up. So you can’t even see the types of editing or whatever (I wish I knew what this app offered, but I don’t because nothing loaded). It keeps pestering you to purchase even during the trial. Shady tactics to be honest. I’m not about to pay money for something that I don’t know what it can or cant do or one that possibly takes some unethical approaches to its product. You shouldn’t either.
Would not recommend for people just trying to have fun
by SarahM_07 on 2019/05/10 00:43
I’m sure this app is great for like 10 minutes and I wish I could try it out but they want me to pay them before I can do anything. And yes I understand there is a free trial, but with that it makes me set a pay method and I know what that means. It means that after the trial expires it’s just going to start charging me ( I learned the hard way ) but honestly what makes this app any different than the free photo editing apps? Although some of those you do still have to pay for at least you can get some features for free. I’m not a hater but would not recommend this app for anyone who just wants to try it out for fun.
Awesome idea of game but...
by khloe wheeler on 2019/07/03 00:02
I like this game very much but there’s 1 problem well I’m one of the people who can’t pay from my phone well this game has to get free stuff to pay for it and well I don’t like paying for these games it’s just wasting money maybe this game should just have everything for free cause those poor people needs some help and if they download this game and they see they have to pay they won’t play this game again so sorry if I said something wrong but I’m serious
Needs improve
by Verronca on 2019/02/06 15:24
I rate a 4 I really like the app but it don’t have much to ofer as far as wall papers, I do like how ever that it looks great on some of the pictures I have did... but it only has a small selection on the editing .. and one more thing after the free trail will I have to delete the app because I don’t see how it can be continued used with enjoyment? And the price is not a good one ? I think if you are going to charge that much give me more to work with ...
This game is amazing I 😍it
by rosabell👍🏻 on 2019/08/02 03:35
This game is fantastic and I love 💕 it so much. You can do so many things with it. you can edit their backgrounds🎆, you can edit your own photos😉, you can edit like almost everything it’s so much fun👍. I like putting stickers and letters on my pictures it’s just so much fun to choose everything you want. I definitely recommend this game. You should definitely get it. It’s sooooooo amazing, fantastic and fun.😍🤩💕
I have to agree with most people
by Dogs_Cats_Cake on 2019/05/04 16:06
So on the ad, it showed pictures being turned into animation characters and stuff. But when I got the app, it was something like 8.99 a week! I tried doing something but when I tried to save it, it would let me unless I subscribed! I couldn’t even find the tool which I could turn my pic into an animation character. And one more thing, the app says 4+, but there was like social media on it. That’s to old for 4+. But I guess if you payed the money subscription, it would be ok, but it costs about as much Netflix costs!
Nothing comes for free now days
by frecklefacegracie!😂 on 2019/08/02 00:11
Sometimes I just want to have a decent game when there is no need to pay for anything. If you are looking for something like that this is not the app for you. There is not very many options with or without paying for more of the effects. It is a complete waste of money. However I did not pay for it and did not see what it would have impacted on me if I were to pay for it.
False Advertisement/Weak Selection
by Coog2020 on 2019/01/30 10:11
Saw the ad online on social media. Saw cool Live Photos that I wanted to get but downloaded the only to have a subscription shoved in my face. Very overpriced IMO for just live wallpapers, $10/week is kinda crazy. Aside from that, and the even more evident pop up ads every other wallpaper I previewed, I wasn’t even able to find any of the cool wallpapers I wanted and saw on the ad. You can find some you might like but the selection is very limited. I found one I was okay with and had some difficulty downloading it at first but once I saved it successfully I outright deleted the app immediately after.
Hear the Truth! Why it's bad!
by ✨EMR✨ on 2019/05/22 00:59
This app is so bad it is almost. . . Wait it is, a joke! (Please read; will help) Why it&#39;s bad- •Filters- The filters in this app are really bad and by really I mean REALLY bad! The filters don&#39;t even have real names! Some of the names are, Dragon and the filter looks nothing like what it is in the picture! Oh also the picture for that one is a ROSE! Rose does not equal dragon. Next name is Alpaca 🦙 and for this picture it is a CITY!! And again the filter is nothing like the picture. Now honestly the names don&#39;t really matter but the filters are just the same thing over and over but different coloring. So really it&#39;s a waste of time. Waste of money- $10 a week $30 a month $80 a year for something a 5 year old can design. And plus why do you need this app when you can find good pictures on the internet❓Oh wait you don&#39;t need this app‼️🤣🤣 Forgot we had the World Wide Web!!👌🤣 Summary- Don&#39;t buy Opixles.
Bad very bad
by why yoy mad boi on 2019/06/02 03:05
I tried using it and it kept on going to a three day trial and it said it was completely free and I tried to use it like it did on the video and it didn’t work one bit you have to be a VIP to do it and I don’t think that’s right I think that it should be better than that I think that it shouldn’t be doing that and I think that it’s bad very bad because it’s trying to get you guys to submit the three day trial and I don’t want to do the trial so I Rate this a one there’s better things than this to make you look good so yeah that’s what I think about it bad bad to the bad to the bad bad bad
Always 😡😡
by THISISTHETRUTH! on 2019/07/01 01:58
Why you guys gotta do this 😩 i only got this app so i can look like a cartoon! But you have PAY FOR IT REALLY?? and there is other apps to fix pictures like aren’t you guys already getting money from people who are getting this?? or do you just want more money you can’t really expect EVERYONE to get this app and pay for the features like what if you don’t have money or parents wouldnt pay for it im only giving two stars because you can edit your photo please don’t get this UNLESS YOU WANT TO WASTE MONEY ON CARTOON EFFECTS
My review
by Anterosia Munõz on 2019/06/28 01:28
I really think that if your looking for a very straight and simple app to make your photos look professional then this is the app for you. But there’s a lot of suggestions for you to do free trials. In that case I wouldn’t use money on the app. But I really like how there’s and option for you to get a free trial by just watching an advertisement instead of using your money. And there filters are very nice and make me feel a lot less self conscious.
Good app
by ultrasharpgamer on 2019/04/28 14:58
I recommend this app to everyone who is looking for live or still wallpapers. There are a lot of adds but I do understand that how they make a lot of their money. And you can get a subscription to get more features which I think is pretty cool but if you can do that I think that there should be less adds.
3-day free trial
by mint___lover on 2019/06/26 20:57
So I saw this app in an ad and I thought it was cool. The thing that I thought was cool about it was that how you could change a picture into a animated picture. I was looking through the reviews and I thought they weren’t that bad so I downloaded it. But right when I opened it it said I would have to pay after 3 days. I was really disappointed because I was really excited to try it.
Looks fun! But don’t get it!
by adgy-boo-bear on 2019/04/22 23:21
This app keeps crashing. It doesn’t have everything they say it does. The only thing I could do was change the size of my picture. This app is terrible. I already read the other reviews and the app keeps saying that they will fix everything. But that is not true clearly. I don’t want to hear the app telling me that they will fix it because I know they won’t. I just need them to take it down so no one else gets an app that keeps crashing. Don’t waste your money on this piece of garbage app! Thank you. Anonymous writer.
Misleading and unoriginal
by Zaiah1347 on 2019/05/26 19:30
The ads show an app that can transform normal photos into cartoon versions and one that works across a wide variety of skin colors. Upon actual download you find that the app is not actually free (which is illegal to list it as such on the apple store) and that it is just a compilation of basic Snapchat filters (not even the good ones). I tried cartoon to see if it worked and it was nothing like the ads. This app was a sore disappointment. I would recommend not downloading and deleting before 3 days if they trick you into getting it.😤
Not much to choose from
by querria on 2019/04/24 21:11
When I send the ad for this app it looked fantastic, but it made it look like there was more to choose from. I think your Ads should focus on what you have on the app. Also, there is not much to choose from. I think your app should have more things on it. Your ads should show what your app is really about and I think you should change the ads you have out. And just so you know, you should have more ideas about your ads
by MolJon on 2019/05/28 23:51
I downloaded the app. To take some pictures of my dog and edit them. But it showed I could buy extra stuff or have a trial so I looked for and exit symbol but i couldn’t see one. After 15 seconds one finally appeared.... and after I took a picture and edited it and filtered it I hit save. Then it said “get three month trial to continue... Wow that pretty low.... I will reconsider my rating when I can give a less than one star review. If you don’t want to pay for an editing app monthly don’t download. Thanks for your time.
Not going to lye
by hcshbcd on 2019/08/04 00:21
This app looks amazing when you look at it but you have to a PAY for everything and when I say everything I mean everything and it doesn’t even tell you it’s a social media it is a great app but do think your getting all the emoji filters u don’t get that at all SUCH A RIPOFF
Click bait
by Kook bubba on 2019/06/30 22:15
This game is like so Clickbait I want I got this cause I saw the commercial the ad whatever it’s called and I think it looked pretty cool so I got the thing and I cannot find the same thing on the ad anywhere that has happened to me with a lot of different games and this is basically just like a social media and the dump open people who like this game so that’s why am giving it restores the other thing is but the theme thing and so yeah let my review Haidet done bye-bye
by Mykolas Ruth on 2018/12/27 15:25
It looks amazing and when you go to download it, it always says save failed! Like come on. If you want to create an app that users would like to use then at least make the Live Photo’s possible to download. I got an iPhone X and the download won’t work so if this isn’t fixed, then the creators should take down the app. And when I look at other reviews the developers always say they will talk with there devs and fix the problem. 9 times out of 10 they don’t care and say nothing at all.
Too many in-app purchases
by Pennypenny9876 on 2019/06/22 12:04
I downloaded this app because all the adds I had seen made it look like you could make the photos less live. I downloaded the app and could only use less than half of the filters. I didn’t buy the rest of the filters because it was $10 A WEEK!!! This app is way more cheap than the adds say.
Why are you lying???
by MY NAME IS CLACIFIED on 2019/06/04 20:20
Don’t get this game. I was playing a game and I saw this ad and it was OPixels and I saw the paint brush painting over the pictures into cartoons. I’m an artist and I love drawing and really good at it and I thought it would help me draw sketches of people better. I’m like , ok well, it’s free, it looks cool, and it would help me draw sketches of people better. So I get the game and get on it immediately. Super excited. And it wants me to pay 10$ a week for everything. Turns out the paint brush/cartoon isn’t in the game AT ALL!!! So don’t waste your time with this app.
by Edeneo on 2019/07/27 15:14
I got this app thinking oh yeah I can make my photos look so cool but what I didn&#39;t realize was that they were super cool things there too and I just think that it&#39;s super cool that everything there is so easy and simple and we can all do it just with one simple click get a opixles now
Not what expected
by Wolfington94 on 2018/11/21 04:05
I expected just a gallery of live picture that where capable with movement in the background but ended up being needed payment for mostly non-live pictures for a membership from pictures you could find off google. Even if you where to make it the background you need to press the background because it is a live picture and you don’t even need those live photos to do it you can just get one of your own live pictures.
by wollfey on 2019/07/05 23:12
This app is really trashy. Everything is VIP accessed. Sorry, but there’s better apps out there than this one like VSCO. You could find a complete duplicate of this app probably for free. Just look up something along the lines of “Filter app”. And the free filters are HORRIFYING. It hurts my eyes. It looks like a compressed JPEG image with lowered opacity. For example, if you do the “spring” filter, it’s a blurry photo of a rainbow over your image you uploaded. Like, are you actually kidding me?! This makes me NOT want to even get the trial version for this app!
Scammy... $8.99 per WEEK! ??
by side show design on 2019/05/10 16:40
Grabbed this app to do photo effects. Realized it’s more like a social network, Instagram knock off. Bounced through the agree for FREE 3 day TRIAL. Barley noticed it was “subscribing” instead of how most apps work by charging you once the trial runs out. Only 3 days to cancel or you get charged $8.99 a week! Wow! This is the most expensive app I’ve ever seen. Nice business model to screw people who aren’t paying attention. Yeah, it’s legal, but it’s shady. Shame on you. And no, you didn’t get me. I cancelled in iTunes day 2. Ugh. BEWARE!
Don’t waste your time.
by Neteru9 on 2019/10/13 12:23
I’m very disappointed. This app makes you go through the hassle to subscribe then fails in many functions. When trying many of the features, the screen blacked out. Considering the attempted charge for this app, there’s not enough filters that 1. Works and 2. That isn’t found on free apps. I’m willing to pay for quality. This is not it. When I tried to use the Cartoonize filter on a brown skin man it failed utterly. Fix your glitches...
Dont waste your money or time
by moneybagreviewer on 2019/06/09 18:20
This app has a lot of crashes and also u need to watch an add just to get some wallpapers also the aging app does not work it just gives you a little bit of wrinkles and thats it it does not actually look like it aged you plus you can’t make your self portrait a cartoon you only have filters that barely work this app does not have much to offer and I don’t recommend it please fix your app just use pics art its way better
by Person56•_• on 2019/05/14 23:34
Okay so the add made it look so cool and it wasnt that as i was expecting like many poeple , i mean why do all these type of apps make the filters wierd names and basically they are just switchin round the colors.?? And they are like omgosh did u know that if u pay me 11$ a month(exaggerated) you will get aAAlll the new cool filters? ThAt yOu cAn gEt oN anOthEr aPp 4 FREEE??? Lol its dumb, i think apple should take down click bait apps
I want a refund
by furiousandwantrefund on 2019/10/03 18:22
I never ever agreed to pay for this app. I downloaded it out of curiosity and when I found out you had to pay for everything I deleted it. But I got an email today saying that I was charged ten dollars for this app. So I downloaded it again to try and cancel the subscription but I never made an account so not only can I not cancel it and it will continue to charge me but I can’t even use the features because I never made an account
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