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Amazon store card
Now there’s a simple, convenient way to manage your store card and Amazon Prime store card, issued by Synchrony Bank. With the Amazon store card app, you can access your credit account details, pay your bill, shop with points and view your digital card. Easy set-up and log in Login and access your account securely and easily with TouchID or FaceID View purchase details by navigating to the activity page and tapping into the transaction
by Libendrei on 2021/06/23 03:47
Paying my bill on time
by vennysmile on 2021/06/23 02:51
Love it so much easier to pay my bill
Easy to use.
by jn435 on 2021/06/23 02:41
Simple and current with the latest data on balance and activity.
by Matta1230 on 2021/06/23 02:05
Very helpful easy to use😁
by Astudlee1 on 2021/06/23 01:41
Easy to use app and make payments or view Balance.
Great app
by evelyn janeth on 2021/06/23 01:05
Nice app,
Not enough rewards
by fsbsgsbzbhsbs on 2021/06/23 00:15
Not enough rewards
It’s so good
by Santeb1979 on 2021/06/22 22:01
It’s amazing
Easy to use
by guest1957 on 2021/06/22 21:42
Very easy and secure to use.
A lot cleaner!
by Addiem77 on 2021/06/22 21:35
The old app was kind of chunky and clunky. The new one runs so much smoother.
Easy to use
by Bigtoewrecker on 2021/06/22 21:23
Easy to setup and use
by lovker on 2021/06/22 21:06
by Bruno0621 on 2021/06/22 21:04
Me gustaba la otra
Much improved
by debrassiere on 2021/06/22 20:42
Can login and see activity as well as current statement detail. From there payment is easy
by golfgaljo on 2021/06/22 20:08
by Billyaj on 2021/06/22 20:04
I really like this app it’s real easy to use thank you
Love the upgrades
by La Guera Taquera on 2021/06/22 18:10
Good job
Great App!
by Stinky Deluxe on 2021/06/22 18:02
Simple - Quick - Efficient!
by KandE43 on 2021/06/22 17:55
Really works good impressed
by Nonong121 on 2021/06/22 17:52
So far as I begin to use this app, it’s user friendly..
App works great
by crocca on 2021/06/22 17:38
Easy to use.
by giapdan74 on 2021/06/22 17:33
by MelMey on 2021/06/22 16:48
Great app!
Amazing 😻
by SAKS the only way to shop. on 2021/06/22 16:34
Great easy One two three your done.
by ava-d on 2021/06/22 16:28
Easy to navigate, never experienced down time, easy payment options
Get this card
by Alejuanvb on 2021/06/22 16:04
If you are thinking about getting this card, do it. It is the best way to do 6 or 12 payments without paying any interest.
Easy to use
by Serg.O on 2021/06/22 15:46
Thanks for making it easy to use the APP and make the payment on time.
Works ok but…
by Nibbler666 on 2021/06/22 15:31
Very basic, doesn’t allow for as many options or filtering as most banking or credit card apps - but still works. Sometimes takes a day or two to completely update and often it gets confusing deciding what are charges or credits and what they relate too as it’s no information other than “Amazon” - would be ideal for it to point to an order number reference and would make life much easier!
by Mo. Ed on 2021/06/22 14:57
Very good so far used it for only two purchases
by nonoy65 on 2021/06/22 13:56
Thanks very good App A++++
Easy 🤷🏼‍♂️
by A $1-2 grinder on 2021/06/22 13:28
Does what it’s supposed to. Easy to use and understand.
Very satisfied
by RottenEyes on 2021/06/22 13:01
Super easy to use
Fast and sleek interface but,
by Polio for sure on 2021/06/22 10:51
It’s kind of hard to see which payments have cleared and which purchases have posted. Especially if you’re like me and want to pay off the balance ASAP. I don’t have a huge credit amount. I want to take full advance of the 5%back. So I try and pay as I go. But I’m worried I might over spend. Great app for me otherwise.
by tjp dee evp on 2021/06/22 10:07
by Branoski on 2021/06/22 10:06
This app sets the example of how to navigate through your credit card account. Super easy!
Very good
by The obsesión girl on 2021/06/22 09:59
Very good service
I like it
by wavyzee213 on 2021/06/22 08:42
East simple to use
by jodywelden on 2021/06/22 08:37
I like the update
Improvements needed to the app
by mygirlsr4JC on 2021/06/22 07:36
App needs to disclose what the charge is example: ypu have total but can link in to see what items made up the total transaction. All it says is Amazon with total and I have to go into my account and determine what items it was. Can be time consuming especially when all items don’t ship same time.
by Wicked*Truth on 2021/06/22 05:04
Very easy to use. Love it!
by !Really! on 2021/06/22 05:00
Easy to navigate.
Great app
by gklutts on 2021/06/22 04:20
I like the way this app is set up.
Face ID Doesn’t work
by mz&z on 2021/06/22 03:55
Face ID is not working
Easy to use
by Alegsalles on 2021/06/22 03:42
Great app, easy to use!
Easy and fast
by Jrhk9 on 2021/06/22 03:42
This app is fast and easy to use. I don’t have to scroll through a bunch of ads or pages to get to my balance.
Love it
by priceless2882 on 2021/06/22 03:40
It’s a lot easier to read and I am loving it !
by alliegirl1971 on 2021/06/22 02:59
Making payment online is easy and convenient
Needs real interface
by B521017 on 2021/06/22 02:37
The credit card app is like a small Eastern Russian city, plain simple utilitarian with little to offer and on the verge of obsolescence. Wake up Amazon, have your vendor do something inspiring.
Easy to use
by andetherunner on 2021/06/22 02:26
Super app. User friendly.
Good app
by MrsAliKee on 2021/06/22 02:26
I get the update on my account. I’m able to keep track of things going on. Thank you
Good but
by klmann69 on 2021/06/22 01:39
It would be good to have access to my statements on the app.
by vanoep on 2021/06/22 01:39
by copiousthoughtvomit on 2021/06/22 01:26
Awesome app that helps with navigation with Amazon store card. Easy payments made, just be sure to wait a few days after submitting the payment, otherwise you could easily make a payment twice on accident the initial payment doesn’t reflect on the account right away.
Super easy
by SADIE NMOE on 2021/06/22 01:08
Awesome so easy it’s fantastic thank you !!!!!
Nice app .
by Yobany25 on 2021/06/22 00:45
Easy to use .
by kimberklyonekim on 2021/06/22 00:39
Love it
by Pelon1322 on 2021/06/22 00:35
Cómoda y segura.
Great App
by jkduuubt on 2021/06/22 00:14
Everything you need to manage your account
Amazon Store App
by Daveb769 on 2021/06/21 23:47
Enjoying very much , Simple and Easy.!
Card happy
by good girl 631 on 2021/06/21 23:25
Love it so happy
Good except missing features
by Rfireguy on 2021/06/21 22:33
Needs to add more features such as statements.
Love it
by jules31707 on 2021/06/21 22:02
The new app is a breeze to open and navigate
by Jtstrapper on 2021/06/21 21:53
Love it!!
Adjustments in app
by Back Healthy on 2021/06/21 21:47
There is a lot to follow when purchasing and applying gift card credits and reward bssnce credits. Very confusing.
by eclipse👽 on 2021/06/21 21:37
by Flunna on 2021/06/21 21:33
I’m enjoying being involved in the online process & help restoring credit. Not sure what is best way to pay? All at once or spread it out? Any feedback? It would be appreciated to avoid any late charges. Need to know what date due, etc. again ty
So easy
by Superstorm16 on 2021/06/21 19:31
I like it. So easy to use.
Easy Bill Pay
by Yvettele on 2021/06/21 19:14
I love this app. It makes it so very easy to pay your bills.
This app has crashed
by sweeet sound on 2021/06/21 19:11
This has been a good app, but today crashes, page is white, deleted and reinstalled
So convenient
by kashmere2424 on 2021/06/21 18:58
Really glad making a payment is so easy using this to make a purchase is so easy
by nickname 136 on 2021/06/21 18:42
Not a bad site.
by Kjodrey1968 on 2021/06/21 18:20
Easy assessment love it
by SJTMOY on 2021/06/21 18:01
Great app easy to use
It gives you basic info
by RR151 on 2021/06/21 17:48
It works but don’t have other key features
by Will Taylor76 on 2021/06/21 17:44
Everything right at your fingertips. So easy to use!
Amazon App
by prissua on 2021/06/21 17:29
Easy to use. Up-to-date balance available to pay if convenient to avoid late charge!
It easy to use
by Spikedbrandi on 2021/06/21 17:27
The App seems to be easy to use. I am concern how long it takes to credit the account and remove the funds from the paying account.
Good app
by Justrm02 on 2021/06/21 17:26
It’s awesome to have an app that approves everything you can do to get things for your loved ones and pay later
Easy to use app
by dmarv2018 on 2021/06/21 17:23
I like the new app. It’s easy to sign on and use. The only thing is that I cannot access more than one moth of my activities. I d like to see past history as well. Thank you
Just Easy
by Cjkingc on 2021/06/21 17:16
The app is very easy not challenging.
by update notification on 2021/06/21 17:07
Easy access to accounts. Thanks
by teresaAndjeff on 2021/06/21 16:09
Easy access to account.
by Joe D Sleeze on 2021/06/21 15:46
User Friendly
by lbsewerrat on 2021/06/21 15:35
I enjoy the convenience of the app in making payments and seeing my balance..
App review
by Scratchitgood on 2021/06/21 15:03
Easy to navigate, user friendly.
App works great
by assender on 2021/06/21 14:40
Love it
Love Amazon
by mobile456 on 2021/06/21 14:16
He’s of shopping the ease of shipping no wait and a hassle is amazing
by Junnbugg1312 on 2021/06/21 13:49
The app works well.
No option to click payments
by esrod0705 on 2021/06/21 13:32
No option to click payments or do auto payments
Great app
by Nikkimond1186 on 2021/06/21 12:54
It’s convenient that they have so many things you can check on this app.
Make shopping a snap
by Sue + Sally on 2021/06/21 12:49
I shop with Amazon every day and it is very convenient and easy to keep track of my purchases with the Amazon Store Card. Excellent customer service! Thanks
Awesome app!
by LolaLu72 on 2021/06/21 11:25
I love that I can do what I need so easily on this app!
Amazon Store Card
by Radanel on 2021/06/21 11:16
Great card no issues. Easy to use .
Shipping addresses
by Rhutch418 on 2021/06/21 07:50
You really need to have a “Ship to” option to add “ship to,” addresses to the account I am not seeing an option that works to add a shipping address of someone other than myself. Such as, family members that I send gifts to. Respectfully, Rodger Hutchison
by tlbmeehan on 2021/06/21 06:16
Easy to use
Easy to use
by tikuteran on 2021/06/21 04:40
Easy to use. User friendly
Awesome Easy
by 1234567yvonne on 2021/06/21 04:09
Love it!
Good App
by Doggy6479026 on 2021/06/21 03:13
only thing i don’t like is it takes some time to update after making a payment. i have overpaid because of this. it’s not a huge deal because they just give you a credit on your account. just a small inconvenience. overall the app runs smoothly.
Good app
by shaylolilovenit on 2021/06/21 03:12
Good app
Convenient but not perfect
by Alex4820 on 2020/11/25 20:51
This app is very responsive. One improvement that I would like to see added is what other credit card apps can do, such as American Express and CapitalONE when you make a payment, your available spending credit gets adjusted instantly! This is really helpful when you want to buy something in the moment which exceeds your available balance, so you can pay the difference and order the item without waiting a couple days, in which time you may even lose the item (out of stock for example). If you add this capability to this app, then this app will be worth 10 STARS!!!
Works Great but isn’t perfect
by ThugMuffin90 on 2021/04/19 08:24
It’s definitely not as nuanced as a bank credit card app, but as far as an app where you pay your bills is concerned it works just fine. MILES easier than the website used to be. Makes it easy to pay on time (or in my case way before time) with a click of a button. Even allows you to link between your bank’s app (probably depends on which bank you’re affiliated with actually) and this one so you can even pay through your bank instead of with this. This lets you set up recurring/automatic payments and that’s really nice. I won’t dock it a star because it may be user error and it’s not worth the deduction anyway but I wish the app would let me make a payment sooner than it does. It recognizes that I have activity and yet the make a payment button is greyed out. It’s usually only for a day or two but that’s a long enough time to forget.
The whole operation is bogus
by Knownada on 2020/10/12 02:29
I don't think I've ever had a worse banking experience. I tried several times to make a payment, but for one reason or another it wouldn't go through. I don't know if the problem arose from Synchrony, my bank, or me myself, but the real frustration began and continued when I tried to get support. There seems to be no way in the app to contact support except by phone, and we all know what that means. Sometimes the person on the other end was very difficult to understand (combination of British pronunciation on top of an Asian accent), or they were of no help. Most frustrating was that there was no way for them to communicate whether or not a payment had gone through before a notice was sent of late fees charged. Also there seems to be no way to close the account after I sent a check by mail and requested it to be closed. So I will forever be receiving notices of my $0.31 credit which is apparently not available. I just hope no one is able to hack into my account and create more problems.
Ok but overly simplified app
by wiggitty wack on 2021/05/26 04:25
Makes spending super easy- but the ability to track transactions, verify purchase details, view history and see statements, almost non existent. 🤷‍♂️ Using this card and app for differed, no interest payments is pretty impossible and self defeating, because if you mix those transactions with regular transactions, there’s no easy way to be sure you are paying off those deferred amounts separately. Feels purposeful to ensure you end up paying interest, so I’ve ceased to use this card and those offers at a result, which was the whole purpose for using this card. This big plus is that the rewards add up pretty quick, so as long you keep paying off the balance consistently, you can definitely benefit from that. Just avoid the 0% trap on this card. There are plenty of other cards out there that make the 0% transactions more transparent for paying them off.
It’s ok
by Eashellmom on 2020/06/10 13:13
I think it is easier to manage then the previous website- however, on both my apps for my discover card, and my bank card- I get to see the flow of adding up my total on the side- so I can see when I make a payment it deducts from the running total or if I purchase something it adds it- I like it because it is like balancing a check book and I get to see the flow of my money. As I do most of my shopping online I manage my accounts this way- with the synchrony app- you guys just post the total of my one purchase and do not give me a running total. This makes me feel like I way overpay- or because of the lag I end up paying until I credit my account as I double pay. It’s just really difficult and confusing and I would very much so prefers a running total like all my other banking websites have. Thanks Elizabeth
Shopping and Account Management in one app
by Resonfex on 2020/09/17 00:16
This app has eased my shopping experience and my account management all in one place. Easy user interface with a wish list, shopping history, order tracking and notifications, and now account access without having to leave the app. Also the option of a personal and family sharing and access to a business account. Well thought out.
Doesn’t keep up to date, difficult to redeem rewards.
by Angry customer 😡😡😡 on 2020/09/13 11:53
After submitting a payment, the next day it will show payment still due and you have to hunt around a bit to see your last payment. If you try to submit a payment again for the amount due, it will let you. It doesn’t have a pop up saying that you’ve already submitted a payment in process for the amount due. Also, it should automatically apply rewards to subscribe and save, but it won’t. Preferably, it would give to option to refund the rewards to your bank account, but it definitely won’t do that. So two things to improve: don’t allow payments if the already scheduled ones give a zero balance, and automatically use rewards to pay for subscribe and save before charging card. Thanks.
Getting better-needs work
by Natey18 on 2020/06/09 18:32
The new update is a much better UI. It still needs some updated “at a glance” features. Things like total credit balance. Not just “available”. Current interest rate would be nice. Lifetime savings would probably help them encourage spending. Activity should ALWAYS show last activity rather than “no recent activity”. I’m looking to see what happened last. Not if something happened this week. All in all though, this update made it simpler to use and visibly less cluttered. Other additions should include a notification option for when the card is used, or when a payment clears. As well as a button under settings for increasing balance.
Don’t understand the purpose of this app
by creynol5 on 2020/11/18 14:39
The app does not do much of only allows you to see the last ten or so transactions, and cannot be changed. There’s no way to auto pay ongoing or recurring charges. For some stupid reason, Synchrony forces you to use this app instead of allowing ebills on online bill pay accounts. Fine, but at least offer an online alternative (it should be a feature of this app)... What is the point of “viewing” your digital card? There’s no information that you wouldn’t get from just looking at the actual card. And like most iPhone-only apps, this app is pure crap on an iPad. There’s a lot more information that could be made available with such an app...
by dottilou on 2020/07/17 13:30
Card is convenient but would like to see all my activity as soon as I pull up account. Would also like to be able to use my award money as a credit on my bill, this May be possible but if it is I don’t know how? I ordered some Ortho ground clear in June and got a notice that it was undeliverable, but to date have never been credited for it, don’t like that at all, because if I didn’t check I might never be credited, not good!! I have only used this card for a short period , so I’ll try it a little longer but think I may go back to a regular card which is easier to check on items. Is there even a statement , if there is I haven’t found one. A little confusing.
Bill payment struggles fixed!
by DWLaurie on 2020/11/01 21:53
I have struggled for months to try and be able to pay my bill from the app. It would constantly tell me that I had and an authorized account loaded. I would delete the account, I would add the account, Verify the account, and then it would tell me it’s on authorized. Very frustrating! Currently, everything seems to be fine, but I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. ****Updated!!!**** FINALLY! I am able to send payments in using the app! I’ve sent in a couple of payments now and everything it working great there! Many things to the developers!!
Serves One Purpose
by Shante Renee. on 2021/03/13 03:14
I only downloaded this app because using their website or automated phone system to pay the bill has proved an extremely futile process. I shouldn’t have to download an app for this one thing, but Synchrony Bank seems to be excited about the ~brand new, hip~ world of apps and is neglecting the tried and true avenues for bill payment. I was using this card to automate all of my subscribe and save into one payment but I don’t want to if it means I have to keep this waste of space app to pay the bill each month after saying fifty Hail Marys to bring down my blood pressure thinking about how asinine the entire process is.
No notifications
by Davecoffin on 2021/04/03 11:15
The app is ok, but I do not receive any notifications. I have them all toggled on, double checked in settings, but I do not receive a push notification or an email when a payment is due, past due, or anything. I have to remember to open the app and check. I went to ask a question about this, and the only support option is to call a number with questions about the credit card. Having had experience with talking with credit card customer support, I have 0% faith they would effectively troubleshoot this issue. If the developer of the app reads this, if you can help me address this issue I’ll gladly change my rating to 5 stars.
No where to view statements?!?
by Tom Won on 2021/04/20 08:34
Most of the apps for bank/credit cards has the menu/option to view monthly statement but this one doesn’t have it. I was expecting more features in new version but still missing this most important one. Also, the only way to contact support is over the phone... should have option to at least email and then if possible chat, etc... The reason I rated as 3 Stars is for giving developers some credits since they have tried to improve but again still need at least the standard for most of bank/credit card features...
The app has lower limits than the card
by 8601 0983 65 on 2021/04/25 04:32
It functions well as required, but very limited in overall features and usefulness. For instance - I received a message regarding my account. I cannot view this message in the app itself which is a pestering flaw considering the potential of the app. It acts great as a companion app to logging in on a desktop computer for more serious issues with account as needed. However, I know there are uses who do not own a desktop, any many more still who prefer using apps on their personal smartphone as opposed to logging in on a shared desktop in their residence.
Not working
by pfurlong20 on 2020/09/22 13:48
I’ve been having an issue with the app for a couple weeks now. When I open the app it continues to give me an error message for logging in. I have not entered anything. It does it as soon as I open it. I’ve cleared out and reopened and does the same thing. I decided to delete the app and redownload. Went to download it again and it won’t download. Tried to login just using safari on my phone. Wouldn’t let me. Reached out to customer service. She told me to do with Google Chrome. That worked. She was going to transfer me to tech support but didn’t. I went back to try and download the app again. It downloaded. Still will not let me login. Gives me error message still.
App improvement needed
by 😊😊LILBugger! on 2021/06/09 11:23
The functionality and use of the app is a 5 star however all the activities are shown either completed or pending except if you make a payment. Example if you made a payment today, tomorrow you wouldn’t see the payment anywhere because it doesn’t reflect in your available balance of course because it’s processing then it doesn’t show as an activity because it’s processing. There needs to be a clear picture of payments made and when they were made even if they are processing.
A little Too Clean and Simple
by awersen on 2021/01/06 15:31
I appreciate how simple it is to work through this app. I often find apps try to offer way more actions than you really need, which clutters up figuring out how to do what you want. That said, I would like to be able to more easily find info on transactions, rewards, etc. Also, payment posts don’t even show as pending until they’ve cleared. An admittedly small issue, but it did lead me to pay twice this cycle, thinking I imagined my previous payment. Overall, this app is really only good for paying your bill.
Much improved!
by mtstill on 2020/06/11 19:16
New: much better now! Old: 9 times out of 10, when I try to open the app, it says ‘try again’ and fails to load. Then, when I try to access the site on my phone through Amazon’s website, it says that my device isn’t supported. Synchrony has nice card benefits (like this one), but they need to improve their card payment app interfaces (b/c the same goes for their PayPal MasterCard interface!)
Great app
by eortiz7878 on 2021/06/20 06:53
The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because it takes too long for the payments to post. I like to spend a few hundred bucks and then I like to pay it off in two payments and wait for it to completely post and show a zero balance before I start spending again. But it seems like it takes 3 business days to post and for me that is too long, because if I pay it off on a Wednesday, I have to wait until Monday for it to clear.
A bit confusing
by Cloud.9 on 2021/04/17 12:05
I wanted to be absolutely sure I never miss a payment. I have all my accounts set to automatically pay, and sometimes I’ll pay in advance. I’m not entirely sure how this app works, and I feel like I have to manually pay to avoid a charge every time. Then there’s the negative balance from returns - it would make more sense for that to be credited to my bank instead. Either way, I think the whole due date is a bit confusing. I’d rather see a consistent date than one given from a purchase date.
I do not like the layout of the new app
by KC Newhaven on 2021/01/04 11:52
It is incredibly inconvenient looking to check the status of orders having to go down through my own account and support the previous layout was much more convenient and much more like the standard layout for applications for retail sites It is incredibly inconvenient looking to check the status of orders having to go down through my own account and support the previous layout was much more convenient and much more like the standard layout for applications for retail sites
Easy to use
by TerraLovesCoco on 2021/04/17 15:17
I’m so excited for the store card app. It’s so easy to use and easy to navigate. I was having trouble making my payments on the bank site and now it is not a problem anymore. I like being able to see all my transactions on one site too. Also the place where you can see how much credit I have available at this time is very convenient for purchasing what I want next.
Much better than having to go online!
by bjstormsx on 2020/09/17 13:43
So happy they finally made an app for the store card! So much more convenient to just open an app and pay what you need. I often forget when my payment is due with having to go online to look and would be a day or two late on payments! This makes it much easier to keep track of and the app seams to work really well so far no bugs!
Did I schedule a payment
by fingertip shopping addict on 2020/12/31 18:32
Wish the new app would show if you have scheduled a payment. I went back into the app to make sure that I had scheduled a payment and it didn’t show I ended up scheduling a payment and ultimately paid, here we are a few months later and I’m in the same quandary. Did I make a payment or did I not🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ do I tie up $300 by making a second unnecessary payment? Please add this to your list of upgrades for your app.....every other credit card app has this feature. Thanks so much
Easy to Use but...
by Ajwolfe2011 on 2021/03/06 22:12
I like the app overall. Easy to use and pay your bill. Also, there’s a place to see how many rewards you have and a link to shop using them. The only drawback I have found is you can’t view your statements. Or at least I haven’t been able to find out where they are. If they’re on the app, it’s hidden or I’m blind. Still, the app overall is convenient to see your balance, credit available, and other things.
by jayBee Da Outlaw 702 on 2021/03/26 00:37
This app is easy to manage and it’s easy to move around ! I set this up for my mother that is 64 years old and she knows how to make payments because it’s so easy to use, she loves it, thank you AmazonStoreCard for making it easy for the elderly people! Oh and did I mention that my mother does not speak a lick of English and she knows how to maneuver this app with her eyes closed! Great job to who ever made this app this easy for a non English speaking USA permanent resident!
Easy to navigate
by Shame, Shame,Shame. on 2021/06/03 18:06
Very easy to navigate, user friendly and excellent rewards. I’m very happy with my new card, I don’t usually apply for extra credit cards but this one is worth it. The only issue (after a couple of weeks use) is that it takes too long for the app. to update. Update...Still takes a long time to update, it still displays last month’s payment details. Today I found a late payment in my latest statement that was hidden from view. I had paid most of the balance earlier than my due date, however they fail to show remaining balance and therefore they charged me interest. This is legally correct but not user friendly because I was not aware of the remaining balance, because my account balance said zero! The only way to check your balance is on their website. This App. Needs to update in real time.
Fast easy convenient
by ❤️doodles on 2021/04/03 04:42
So far, no problems. Too bad for people when it doesn’t work, that can be frustrating. But I haven’t had a single issue and I have scheduled payments in advance, set reminders for payments due, and everything has worked just peachy. I kept forgetting with the old app and the unnecessary late payments were denting my credit score:( So I can high-five this one 🖐🏼
Convenient and quick
by trixilee on 2020/11/20 16:08
I’ve been having trouble loading the payment site onto my computer so this app is just what I needed. My most recent statement just came. Within ten seconds I launched the app and paid my card. It doesn’t get easier than that. Looking forward to seeing my rewards. Kind of surprised that’s not on there already. I’d also like to see detail on my balance, what purchases and credits are included in this billing cycle.
Allocation and satisfaction survey
by LoveMe12345 on 2021/05/08 14:05
1. It is hard to figure out what needs to be paid to avoid interest charges if you set up some charges on multiple special financing and every worse if you then make more charges. 2. When you call customer service they won’t hang up so you can do the satisfaction survey. Nice job of getting around dissatisfied customers. This has happened to m we several times. It is clearly an overseas customer service center than is outsmarting the whole process.
Sign on to pay
by ForSmiles on 2020/11/12 00:18
1. I’d entered the correct user ID. It didn’t acknowledge my entry. Then I did find my store card to enter to my ID. It was the same as my initial entry. 2. I don’t feel safe with request online to enter the end of my 4 digit social security card. 3. I’m going back paper statements so I won’t keep getting penalty fees because it’s too frustrating for me to pull up my account to pay. Thank you for getting my inputs.
Five Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by Sami Surafel on 2020/09/25 17:51
It has been almost four months now since I got my AmazonStoreCard, so far I’ve not experienced any problems using this app. It does what it’s supposed to do. It shows my current balance, the due dates, activities and my rewards too. I usually pay a week early, so I’ve never missed a payment or experience any delay. It’s a perfect app. Thanks for making it easy to use the app. 🙏
Making accessing and making payments to your card a snap.
by Mistymew on 2021/06/08 07:26
This App helps me track what I spend and it’s literally a tap of the finger to make payments. Face recognition makes signing in super easy and I don’t have to worry about total on card because it tells me what’s been spent! For the person on the go or traveling a lot like I do it makes transactions simple.
Decent app for seeing your account
by Dickerickson on 2021/03/06 13:22
I sometimes find it hard to find a return in the account and I think that’s a bit annoying. They issue the return by going back and putting a - next to the date it was purchased which makes it hard to find out if you’ve been issued the return. Other than that, it works well and I like that I can link it to my bank for a quick payment.
Fairly easily to use
by La}£¥10 on 2020/10/12 02:07
Cool app, straight forward for the most part. If I could fix anything, it would be when or after making a payment, app needs to show that you’ve made a payment. I made the mistake of doing a duplicate payment, which got adjusted, but it happened because app didn’t display payment nor did I get the email stating so. All in all, relatively good.
Need better Payment Options
by XayLog on 2020/10/04 18:44
I’m not thrilled about the payment options on this app. If you want to pay with a debit card, you have to call the automative line. It also doesn’t let you pay more than once in one day. The only payment options on the app is using your bank account number/routing number. Which would be ok if they accepted GreenDot Banks account/routing number but they do not. I’ve used GreenDot bank for 8 years. I even have my paycheck put on one. It’s very inconvenient for me. They definitely need a better system for payments online.
It’s better than other stores
by Dahvarna on 2020/11/30 17:18
I love how I don’t need to go through the hassle of going through too many browsers and app limitations to pay my bill and receive my rewards. The app has an the option automatically logging me in which is my favorite part (sometimes we forget our passwords) . It is easy to see statements and purchases. I’m satisfied!
Unexpectedly easy. Needs a separate section to track payments though.
by Young Davo on 2020/07/23 11:34
I’ve been relying on the website to pay and view my balance with my store card but since I’ve downloaded the app the process of making payments, viewing my balance, and looking over my transactions have been pretty seamless. The only thing I’d change is that I’d add a separate section to the app so that cardholders could track their payments. Nice app!
Avoid like the plague
by AKA_Jim on 2021/01/29 04:49
Avoid this card, and app, like the plague. Payments are NOT applied in a timely manner, and aren’t even listed as pending if you make them through the app. Additionally, the app doesn’t have the option to redeem your rewards. Worse, they will withdraw payments from your bank, but not actually apply it to your balance for 10 days (yes, withdraw, not hold). I noticed it on my 5th payment when their app showed -$88 available 8 days after Payment had been processed. When I called customer service they told me it was policy to randomly delay apply payments to balance for my security.
Easy to use
by Love teach on 2021/01/23 18:36
This app makes my payments so simple and effective. Now I never miss a payment since it sends me alerts a week before my payment is due. The payment process is quick just select if you want to make the minimum payment, the entire amount or other payments, hit send and you’re done!! Never miss a payment again!! 😍
It got worse!
by lovelaurynb on 2020/06/15 19:43
Every time I try to view activity for a time frame and I reach the end of the list, it automatically refreshes and says there are no pending posts or activity for viewing. This is very frustrating. The next thing is it’s super hard to select which time period I want. Once I release my finger to continue scrolling, it automatically loads the period I landed on accidentally. This is time consuming and basically defeats the purpose of using the Done button. Someone made a comment about the UI/UX being great. Ha it failed the first test, functionality. I wish it would also auto detect my face for login
It’s nice
by Justin Syder2u on 2021/01/29 23:40
I like the the new look. I like the activity window and the ability to review each purchase. I do not like having to wait for rewards balance. I want it to reflect earned rewards immediately and not have to wait. I do not like the digital card needing to rely on text message or phone call for verification. I want digital card to be able to use biometrics. Other major banking institutions use biometrics for authentication.
Easy to use
by JSmillie on 2021/03/26 11:41
This app keeps me up to date on how much my bill is and my payments go through pretty quick. Also really easy to make a payment with choices to pay minimum or a different amount and which account to make the payment from. I would forget or not know how much to pay without this app. Very helpful!
easy to use
by Cw peck on 2020/12/03 10:27
easy to use and don’t have to jump through a million hoops to use it which is nice. account apps have gotten so over kill on security strict and click on the pictures a dozen times to prove i am not a robot they are more hassle then help and if the password remember gets you locked out or any other verify locks you out because of a glitch in the app or internet? so far this app hasn’t given me any issues like the rest of credit card apps have. A++
Customer service
by Katwoman1216 on 2020/08/24 22:46
Just spoke to Devon regarding receiving my rewards balance credit on a returned item. He was very professional and explained in detail after I asked him to do some extensive research on how much I should expect to receive back . I just wanted to make sure I will receive that credit back so I do not lose the rewards on future purchases. Thanks much , Kathleen Ingrim
Running balance nerves shown
by running balance again on 2021/03/13 15:25
One thing that I’ve always disagree with is that online apps that take your money never show you a running balance just like a checkbook. I think it’s ridiculous and it causes you to go to two or three different screens to figure out how much money you owe them and how much money you sent them when in one whole ledger you could feel was a problem on
While quick and efficient...but,
by yaddie123 on 2020/12/11 12:29
The app is quick and efficient to process payments and charges. Really, the only issue I have is that when you pay off the card the activity of the payment disappears for a bit while its processing. That makes it difficult to know what you have paid off if you need to go back and verify what you amount you just paid.
Great App and easy payment options!
by MickeyMar! on 2020/08/02 12:26
Been using it regularly. Easy log in and I can see any pending changes ASAP and pay on them easy. At first I made a large Payment...yes, a payment and they held it for 7 days. Not good when you need to access your credit line but they said cuz account was new. So maybe make smaller payments a free times over a few days.
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