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InMusic is the best way to stream and organize music. Discover new music Readymade playlists with the latest songs from around the world. Organize Add unlimited songs into your own organized playlists. Find your favorites Simply search for any song. And more • AirPlay: share music to your Apple TV, favorite speakers, and popular smart TVs. • Shuffle: mix up what plays next. • Sleep timer. • Playback speed: alter the speed of any song. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:
Good….but could be even better!
by Human in the World😂 on 2022/01/21 00:25
Very good! But It would be nice if the screen wasn’t just built for a phone, if it could also fit on iPad. Plz fix! thanks!
by Xirou lin on 2022/01/17 19:26
It does not find the exact song I want to listen
Lame app
by bbbbbbfdtyhjj on 2022/01/16 23:59
As soon as I downloaded this app it didn’t have a major artist that’s coming up available and 20seconds later an add popped up thumbs down zero stars.
Needs scanner and mult select
by customer ej23 on 2022/01/14 21:40
Please install a scanning option to find audio files and automatically add them to “recently added” auto playlist. Also, you can’t select multi files to import (at least on iPhone 13). Please make this adjustment because one can only add one song at a time and has to go back into the menu all over again just to import the next one. Thanks.
by a̾l҉i̸👹❤️ on 2022/01/10 17:55
I was trying to listen to my favorite songs and when I searched them to add them to my playlist NONE of my favorite songs were there, AND the app keeps force closing on me and my songs don’t play! It is SOO FRUSTRATING 🤦‍♀️
Search bar, hard to find songs I like
by ChillCorgi on 2022/01/04 02:38
I write the name of the song and the writer of the song but it takes time to different songs
by :;()£@" on 2021/12/31 12:17
It's good for
Not what they claim
by Your Favorite Undertaker on 2021/12/27 05:50
Am just trying to find a player to play my MP3 songs and it won’t find the playlists or songs. Only wants to stream.
Not good
by Ari.Dajhit on 2021/12/25 22:47
Ummm I searched up some songs but it didn’t give me what I wanted- and the quality almost blew out my eardrums 😭
by tomjerr0@ on 2021/12/22 14:00
You are the best
Good but needs improvement
by fe@rLEesS on 2021/12/18 14:49
The app is pretty good but some of the songs won’t even play and it is very annoying, but overall the app is pretty good
Not good songs
by Ash_Is_GodLIKE on 2021/12/17 23:39
So I just got this app blah blah blah, and I searched up a song. It wasn’t there witch is sad but hey there’s other music right? Wrong! Every song I search up there wasn’t any of them so I just deleted. I will get it back if you add songs like Dear God, Toxic, etc.
by raho14 on 2021/12/17 02:06
I love your music it is amazing I just got it today and I already have a playlist I just want to tell you I love your app
Fake songs
by whwyshsy on 2021/12/16 14:01
It’s good but people make songs that don’t make any noise
by Roxanna Escobar on 2021/12/14 01:27
Dear music player This app is sooo good imusic u have to pay,in this app you don’t have to I really like it I can listen to these song when I’m doing my homework and be relaxed and when u turn ur phone of it still plays I love this app! Sincerely Roxanna.E
Can't Import Your Own Music
by DylanNH on 2021/12/09 06:03
Go with another app if you have your own local library.
Wish you would let me play the song l like
by trees treats on 2021/12/02 22:50
Giving 3/5 stars for reason
Adding songs doesn’t keep them in order. Constant ads.
by SirToddOp on 2021/11/24 03:00
What are useless app for people who want to listen to an album in order
by maddie-pup on 2021/11/23 23:10
I can’t dined what ima looking for
I can’t find my music
by Fredbear_goldie0 on 2021/11/16 18:57
Welll I couldn’t log into my spoitfy account and so I got this app but I CANT FIND ANY OF MY MUSIC ITS SO HARD TO LOOK THINGS UP PLEASE fix this and make it easier
It’s cool
by remixxones on 2021/11/03 16:54
I love this app I just have like issues importing songs from google drive on iPhone
This app is complete garbage I can’t ever find the right song
by kingauli2017 on 2021/10/28 00:02
Trash don’t purchase
by the wolf might on 2021/10/27 18:34
by Jessie1994💕 on 2021/10/21 16:38
Best ever
by RalpyMac on 2021/10/20 23:06
Worked once-
The app says you can play music offline
by 😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 on 2021/10/17 18:28
I wont play with no internet
Music app
by Bill Shep on 2021/10/08 23:06
This music app is well worth the download
Nice but a problem
by ruinofficial on 2021/10/04 21:48
This app is great only shows ads a couple of times but is pretty good only problem is that when you want to skip through a song it skips it and plays the next song entirely. Good app but please fix that
I hate this app
by 890028172 on 2021/10/04 21:47
Never got a chance to try it
by huuieedtukiefryi on 2021/09/26 23:57
This app was disappointing from tge get go, tried to import my music from dropbox and the app crashes everytime
It’s ok.
by Anonymous😩 on 2021/09/26 23:44
I got this app and I was kinda expecting better. The app is quite slow working and sometimes the music doesn’t even play. I really don’t know what to think about this app and honestly probably my last option. 😬
by belllllllaaaaletart on 2021/09/25 15:40
I wish there was a Christian genre 😤
by lillllllioi on 2021/09/23 20:59
this app is terrible it barely has any good songs on it i don’t recommend
Can’t sign up
by Easy to use guide on 2021/09/23 11:23
Can’t sign up because of the stupid number and letter you are requesting . Keeps telling me they are wrong
its a good app but….
by H@vė Füñ on 2021/09/22 02:29
its missing a search for ARTISTS,alot that i prefer is made by smaller/older creators,while im seeing a flood of the newer artists but cannot find any that i like
Music player
by WarriorLion on 2021/09/21 19:20
Really good professional ui wish there was a way to remove ads though
Ok but no
by hfbhirefbirei on 2021/09/20 20:42
The app was good at first but it don’t let me play more music it lets me only play 1 song and then it takes for ever to load I’ve been waiting for 1 hour
by josheeeeeeeeeeerdddr on 2021/09/20 18:21
This is the best app ever
I love it
by ceclea on 2021/09/17 14:29
This is the best app ever and you don’t have to pay nothing so plz download
Not bad & not good
by am mhm on 2021/09/14 05:06
This app doesn’t have search section for offline musics.
by $kitt on 2021/09/09 16:36
It will not let me add the artist and songs I want
by ITS ME DAVID on 2021/09/08 03:04
it has no country music
by sierralbradley on 2021/09/06 05:11
It would be better if it had country music not all people in the world want to listen to rap
by heyjustfirfun on 2021/09/05 16:53
Don’t download its fake
Music media player
by Indiosmoke on 2021/09/03 05:59
Best app so far
by machox1977 on 2021/08/28 00:59
It’s alright
by ceer4li on 2021/08/27 21:51
I mean it’s ok but none of the songs I search up even appear like I mean by the CORRECT artist. And some of the songs are just beats.
No songs exist from common artists
by Wooden sd inc CEO on 2021/08/26 03:03
The following artists don’t exist: Biggie Smalls Tupac The Beatles The Outsiders The Rolling Stones Elvis America Anything pre-2000 basically doesn’t exist. There are pod casts about them in some cases on the app. Great for Gen Alpha I guess
I love love this app so much thank for creating this 10/555555555
by parris❤️❤️ on 2021/08/25 03:40
Thank you so much
So bad
by nolan timm on 2021/08/24 01:32
It’s so dumb i can’t search the songs that I want and when I do it doesn’t show the right artist and it shows a remix
More songs
by leoelekeke on 2021/08/22 05:59
Can’t find any songs that I want they just don’t exist
How do you start the music
by derek terry on 2021/08/21 23:02
The best music player
by LukeDays on 2021/08/18 13:27
Good but I think it should have online uploads into the app so anyone can upload their music and share it
Great but on problem
by !;$4$,)? on 2021/08/17 02:13
I love the app it’s amazing the only thing is that the search dosent work
Can’t find the music I want to
by ~GhostyFry~ on 2021/08/13 17:20
I searched up a song(sorry I forget what song a search) but when I search up that song I found a very few results and all of the songs that popped up were remixes I want the original not the remix please put an update on this app that shows more results and not any remixes thank you
Pitiful Effort
by Zoomie man on 2021/08/13 02:42
No original artists, skimpy selection. Probably the best thing going for this app is all the personal data they are harvesting from users. I’m outta here!
dropbox doesn’t work
by GiftedSpooky on 2021/08/11 02:39
i just downloaded the app like 10 minutes ago and when i try to import my dropbox it kicks me to my home screen every time.
by jfufkurfkmg on 2021/08/09 06:37
K it started out bad I couldn’t figure out what to do to get my songs on the playlist. After I figure out that I put all my songs that I like and put them on the playlist they say they are only 6 songs on the playlist I put like 17 songs on there and it takes so much time to put all the songs on the playlist
Best Free Offline Music Player I’ve Ever Used
by Brainfulness on 2021/08/08 19:18
This is a great music player because: #1 You can listen to music OFFLINE!! Yes, you can listen to music offline FOR FREE without having to pay for a dumb, sometimes expensive subscription. You just have to go to the download section, go on youtube to find the music you want, copy the link and use a youtube video to mp3 website and when it finishes downloading the music you click import and you can rename your music before importing, click the file and there ya go, offline music for you. #2 You can also listen to music with your phone turned off for free without paying for a subscription unlike other popular music players where you most likely need a subscription. #3 There are few adds but the only consistent add you will see is a banner but its not too noticeable and they will go away if you are offline, and if you do get an add its not those adds where its a 30 second unskippable add but its an add where you can click close after 2 seconds of seeing the add. And also they will not appear when you are offline. #4 There is also a sleep timer if you like to use that. I never used that feature but i know someone will like the sleep timer feature. 4# I can’t really find anything to criticize on this music player. ( for me at-least.) Well that is all I have to say about Music Player and I would highly recommend this app if you looking for a legit offline music player. Bye! :D
Its good app
by armendo2608 on 2021/08/05 08:57
😍😍😍😍 good
by Rratsa on 2021/08/02 19:00
Hi I love the song it is so so so good!!!😇love🙄💓 From ava I am 10
by ferretGall on 2021/07/31 03:10
Used to have all songs it was like a YouTube. Now they don’t even have half the songs or any of the ones u want. Just weird Walmart versions
by juge 696969 on 2021/07/29 23:07
It’s really good app but it won’t let me play some songs that I like listening to, I would love if all songs were available thx
by 363786 on 2021/07/26 18:15
way better than i expected
by Brook the teddy bear lover on 2021/07/24 22:01
i don't usually care to write reviews, but i could never find a good app where you dont have to pay to listen with your phone off, listen ad free, or to play a specific song. this app is amazing and lets me do that. not to mention you can play songs on repeat, which lots of music apps dont allow. my only complaint is that there are lots of songs/artists im unable to find, but other than that i would give it more than 5 stars if i could!
Dosnt work :(
by Amelia25p on 2021/07/22 01:28
It dosnt work without WiFi, isn’t that the whole point?
by cutesloth2346 on 2021/07/20 22:35
it literally has no good, original songs by the original artist. not worth it, don’t download
No instructions on how to use it
by frascaimonino on 2021/07/20 14:35
Search what?
Not very good
by dcigfigzsyZitdufztixjf on 2021/07/19 19:49
I got this app the listen to music so o won’t have to listen to music on YouTube because I don’t always have connection so i on downloaded this app and I would not let me listen to the the music I wanted to listen to and they did not have all of the the music I wanted to listen but it did let me listen to some songs so it was ok.
by pokemon0179 on 2021/07/19 03:31
U need to fix the search Barr because when I try to look for a song it won’t pop up I have to put the creator of the song witch is kind of annoying so if. U can fix that I would appreciate it😁
by Mommy says no on 2021/07/14 20:52
by hihihihipoot on 2021/07/14 16:15
I love this app it is amazing and free! and the best part about this app is that the songs are free!! The Apple Music apps cost money when this one dosen’t! LOVE THIS APPP!
Good music
by Rizod64 on 2021/07/14 14:56
I love that
Little problem
by fyysvjfsy on 2021/07/09 20:28
I really like the app but all of a sudden, one day, some of the songs, when I looked them up, they didn’t play. And also whenever I went on my playlist it just showed me a black screen and the only way off of it was to exit the app. So I can’t play some songs and I can’t go on or play my playlists. Thank you.
too old
by lemalyn on 2021/07/08 12:39
you cant even find your fav songs its too old
So many
by its wrizzle on 2021/07/08 03:35
Ads come so often I’d rather not listen to musically
Difficult to download files
by BuffOrps on 2021/07/07 20:02
Not intuitive
I Just Love it so Much! 🥰
by Maureen Whitney 😊 on 2021/07/07 19:09
I love this so much can’t stop hope you all do to. But I have just one problem there is not all the songs that I want like: All the Aerosmith All Guns N’ Roses Bon Jovi Ya so I want all of the songs from those bands
It’s a rip off
by Best game of the world robot on 2021/07/07 03:43
The thing is playing my music not I’m trying to play it but I can’t get it to play because I can’t use YouTube to listen to One Direction as I’m playing Roblox so I downloaded this game and it’s not really playing my music and it doesn’t even play for songs like I just listen the best song ever was literally a trailer but that’s not the only problem my playlist really working and I only have three songs and I don’t even have that many apps on my iPad so just hurry up and fix this thing because I want to listen to Olivia Rodrigo
The best music app
by the best musice app on 2021/07/06 18:59
This app is so good you don’t need to pay for it and it has all the songs you want
I use for downloaded music files, works great!
by bartekwsh on 2021/07/02 00:25
I use for downloaded music files, works great!
Won’t let me play a song
by cody the god on 2021/06/29 19:03
Doesn’t work!
by SkLiEcAt on 2021/06/28 03:53
I was expecting to listen to music on my car trip but I thought wrong I got in the car and tried to listen to music but it didn’t work!
by catnoir123 on 2021/06/22 01:51
It doesn’t even work. For example when I wanted a song it didn’t even give me it
by Shaii5ah.. on 2021/06/19 07:11
Very bad 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
by siri chopo🤪 on 2021/06/15 04:40
First off when I downloaded this app I was trying to look up my songs I like and it would not let me look them up..when I did none of the songs I liked was even on there so no
It’s ok
by max hefner on 2021/06/04 18:30
I like that it is free but almost all the songs are remixes and if you don’t have a lot of songs downloaded and you don’t have WiFi or Service I wold not download the app
If u fix this it would a wonderful app
by Dgdxbtsviex hefnhsvvu on 2021/06/02 23:06
I can’t download music that I searched up
Not much Country Music
by baby obob on 2021/06/01 21:25
I love the convenience of this app. But there isn’t much country music. I found a few songs but not many. 😬
Bad music
by star music dj on 2021/05/30 06:17
Some songs don’t work and u don’t have all the songs that I like eg sorry by Justin Bieber
by mouch mouch on 2021/05/26 17:53
Problem with playing songs
by mreza firouzi on 2021/05/20 03:42
Hi , I thank the developers for this amazing app, I come across a problem when switching between Bluetooth devices while playing audio. For example when I’m in the car an listen via my car and after that I use airpods the app should restart to be able to play songs. I think this should be looked at
I agree .
by aming us in real life SUS SuS on 2021/05/15 12:09
This app is great you can search and most of it is free. But there is one problem, when I try to play my music it will not go. Pls fix. I love this app other wize. I hope y’all do too.☺️
More updates pls!
by Sally the creepy on 2021/05/13 23:02
Can you put more downloads on the popular songs and make more popular songs available on the app. This might just be me, but when I play a certain aka Heartbreak Anniversary. It doesn’t play. It may be a glitch tho. Well anyways, bai. Have a good day peeps.
by dgjtjghgfujgdgkgbndwrh8 on 2021/05/12 00:59
All of your 6ix9ine songs are remix’s and trash 🪣
No good music
by Beast2579 on 2021/05/10 22:06
If you want to play country music this app has nothing in that area but a few songs other than that nothing good
by attention$$$ on 2021/05/10 04:10
It was a really good app until all the music got copyrighted
Best Music
by Hi this is the best app get it on 2021/05/08 03:39
Good music but if it didn’t have any ads I would give it 5 stars
Stupid app full with ads
by Xoss Shuvo on 2021/05/06 23:15
Cant use because of so may ads
by Maenaiko on 2020/04/27 21:57
This app is really nice app. But there is some thing s that’s need to be changed or fixed. Like sometimes the app kicks me out or It don’t want to play my songs. At first I thought maybe it was my internet but I remembered that we have really strong internet. So please fix this app. But on the other hand this app is great! You get to listen to you songs. Most of the adds the are not really video adds. And you can put on many songs in your playlist. I like to use this app for when I listen to music in the car and my mom putting the radio too high. Also the sound quality it amazing and it really gives you kinda that cinematic experience. Thankyou for reviewing my view. It has kinda some set backs but over all it’s a great app! Well done !
Love 😍😍😍
by youtmp on 2020/10/26 22:52
I love this app so much it always helps me when I’m going on a run in when I am always using the app inside the house I can use when I’m cleaning with my headphones on you don’t have to do any work to get in all you have to do is literally just search up a song you want and it will go to right away without any action questions so I can I can I recommend to use the song every single day because I love this app so much that I can’t even wait to be with I would give you guys five stars and I hope you guys give it to and I hope it’s easy for you guys to use that I recommend for you guys to use it every day and every night because it is the best app I’ve ever used so I hope you guys like it as much as I do
Perfect app!
by Animal_Lover2728 on 2020/03/22 06:12
This was the perfect app for me a few months back, but then I had a problem. The music kept going but it was muted, and I think it was because of the advertisements, because I’ve read another review that said what was happening to me. I gave the app 1 star, since I couldn’t hear any music most of the time. The developers answered my review, and told me to update it, and it worked! This again was my favorite app!!! Although I had a problem, the developers helped me out, meaning that they will try to help you when you have a problem as well! I love this app, and hope you download it! If you do, you’ll have music for free, with very little advertisements. 5 stars! 🤩
Search Doesn’t Work
by Abby26373 on 2019/07/19 02:06
Started out great. I added a few songs using the “search” tool, but after I entered the name of the next song I wanted, the same exact list of songs kept reloading. I closed out of the app and tried again, but this time nothing even loaded. I entered the name of the song and was able to click a suggestion but the results never loaded. There wasn’t even a buffering signal, so I don’t really know what’s going on. I’ve tried several times to find a solution, but I’m still having the same problem. I’m certain the issue isn’t with my internet, as I’ve been able to use all my other apps just fine when this happens. Another addition that would be useful: adding a feature where, instead of having to add a song to each playlist individually, you can just check the boxes next to any playlist so you can add the song to several playlists at once.
Exceptional !!
by David C "Georgie" on 2020/04/24 19:06
This is the ONLY site where I’ve been able to find AND retrieve songs & artists that I’ve been unable to do with other sites — both in English AND Latino/Hispanic music! In one case, I’d been looking for a particular rendition of a song, by a particular artist for THIRTY YEARS !! I had even called the radio station from which I had recorded the song from in 1989 (via cassette/radio player — remember those ??!!??)!! They remembered it when I played it back to them over the phone, but couldn’t / wouldn’t help me any further. This was just one example of why I wanted to thank you for being available for us — the public! THANK YOU !!!!
Sleep timer
by ᗪᕼ on 2019/08/14 20:03
Overall I think it is a really fun app. For most other music apps I have there are really long adds and I miss most of the song every time I go to look at something else. In this app the adds are short, tho when you do get one the music keeps going even tho u can’t hear it. I think you should make it so you can see the add, to get money, but the music stops and restarts when the add is over. This will make it a lot easier so you don’t have to go back in the song or anything like that. I think it is really easy to search songs, and to listen to them. There are hardly any glitches. You should also add a sleep timer so people can listen to it while they go to sleep.. I don’t think there is one, or I just missed it. Anyway, Thx for the app!
Literally perfect!
by jjshell22 on 2021/04/21 05:21
I was so excited to finally find a music app that was completely free. All of those other music apps are fine, but you usually have to pay monthly fees to have all the music you like. I was so happy when I found this app. There are so many different genres to choose from. Not only is is free, it seems to be a nice quality app. There is hardly any loading, and the my music streams through my headphones without any static. So I advise to any people out there looking for a good music app you can listen to any time, and won’t take a chunk out of your wallet. Go with this one. You’ll thank me later :)
I love this but I have a bit of a problem I hope you can check out!
by ThatOneFlutePlayer on 2019/12/22 06:07
So this app is all I could dream about! It has all the songs I want to listen to for free and loads quickly with no adds. Truly amazing and 5 stars! Problem: When I really like a song, I listen to it on loop because I love it. So recently I got into Pas De Deux by Dodie Clark the lyric version is what I use. So when I click on it to listen, the app crashes. But when I play different songs it’s fine. Is it just my app? Or is it because I played it too many times? Sorry for bothering, but please help me!!! -troubled person
It’s good!
by nostalgic on the rox on 2020/07/15 20:39
I like this app a lot, and I use it a lot to listen to things you just can’t find anywhere other than a certain site while I’m working or exercising. The ads are very unobtrusive, a definite plus for an app like this, and it’s very easy to use. I would say the only thing that needs major improvement is the search function. It’s always been pretty limited; unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, you might not find it. Also, lately it’s been turning up blank pages of results. I do hope these concerns I have can be addressed in the near future. Thanks for reading!
by Oops-Anxiety-Attack on 2019/12/15 00:35
i really like it, it helps me a lot. I only have a few suggestions. I think people should be able to edit the cover of their playlist and import a photo instead of all the combined songs in a grid. I also think there should be an option of how you want your playlists/songs ordered. Like, A-Z, Name, stuff like that. Other than that, this app is pretty good! You can get any song you’d like as long as you search it right, and make your own playlist without annoying ads screaming at you while you’re trying to listen to your bop.
Best option for iPhone if you don’t use iTunes
by eortiz7878 on 2021/05/01 23:05
I don’t own a desktop or a laptop so music that I download cannot be transferred over to iTunes so I can listen to them. So far this is the only app where I can easily on my iPhone transfer my downloads and create a playlist. I used VOX before and that was okay however I could not create a playlist. This is one of the downsides to Apple of course. I intend to get a computer soon so I don’t have to go through a 3rd party.
It’s great!! But...
by dejawaire on 2019/09/08 13:47
It’s a really good app! It has almost every single song you look up. My only problem with it is that it doesn’t have the option to shuffle your playlists and as right now for some reason when a song is over I have to go all the way back on the app for the next song to play. I also cannot pause or play it through my headphones but that might not be the app and the song doesn’t show up on my lock screen while the song is play nor does it show up in the control center. There’s a few gaps in the app but other than that it’s really good.
Very Nice!
by Hello, it's me🙃 on 2019/11/27 08:17
I see virtually nothing wrong with this app. It plays music offline which is something I’ve wanted! I just had some small suggestions. Could we get maybe like a library feature or have our playlist sectioned off alphabetically with the alphabet on the side of the screen for us to scroll faster with? also, would there be anyway for us to have an equalizer feature where we can play with the different components of a song? That’s be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)
Wifi problem/ search problem
by SWAGGY_P_27 on 2020/07/09 22:45
I have had this app for a few months and it was amazing. It’s a really good app up until recently. For some reason it’s not compatible with my Wifi no more and I know it’s not the wifi because it’s running just fine on my other apps, but for some reason not on this app. Also when I search up some certain things, it doesn’t show up. It’ll just be blank and you can’t search nothing really up. Overall it’s a good app unless you run into my problems
by MAPLE SYRUP🍯😊 on 2020/03/18 19:41
This is really good app you can listen to you can listen to any type of music and it work really well on apple devices 😉 unlike iHeartRadio where you had to subscribe to get everything you don’t on this app or example on this app you can listen listen to calming music with out any problems but on iHeartRadio when I was trying to listen to sleeping music it didn’t work!☹️ now stop reading this review and get it already! Do you not download iHeartRadio!☹️
Its good but there’s a problem
by Miss Stargaze on 2021/04/25 17:39
I downloaded this app thinking that it would have the songs I wanted. I was wrong. When I searched for the songs, it only came up with a few search results and not even pages of search results just one with like 10 songs with the words I had searched. Like Cloud 9 by Beach Bunny. It came up with songs called “Cloud” but not the song actually called “Cloud 9”. As soon as you fix that bug I will leave a five star review but until then, it’s gonna stay at four.
Please fix
by StarlightWithers on 2019/10/14 19:59
It’s great really, I just wish it would have like a little check mark for the ones you already have. Also I keep trying to play my songs and all of a sudden it keeps skipping through the songs without stopping, not even playing the songs, and sometimes it would kinda freeze up and only plays a slither or the beginning of the song but repeats it over and over agin, not even the whole song just a second of it. Other then that I love everything about it, I just hope that the bug gets fixed soon.
Search bar isn’t working😕
by jhusky_arts on 2019/07/21 05:25
Since musi has been deleted I needed a new app. When I found this app I was beyond happy. I added a good amount of songs but I didn’t like one so I deleted it so I could switch it out with another. I went to search it up and there was nothing. It was just blank. I tried reloading several times, I even put my phone on the sleep mode thinking it might be my phone. Yet still it wasn’t working, other than that it’s an amazing app ! Hope this gets fixed soon
I love it!!
by Relina Zilla on 2019/06/12 01:41
I’ve been struggling with other apps for a free background music player. The first one I used for maybe a year got updated and it now costs $30 for what I had before! The last one I had was TERRIBLE connecting to the internet. I would have to wait at least 5 minutes for one song even with a bar or two of LTE. Now, I got this app today, so I don’t know how it’ll do when there’s bad reception. Tomorrow I’ll find out. But so far it’s way better than that last one I had.
It’s starting to get worse and worse
by NonaWolfieYT on 2020/09/02 00:29
I would give you a five but now I can’t listen to my music because of ‘copyright purposes’! And so you just now caring?! Like that’s pretty sucky and not to be mean or anything I’m just pointing it out that this effect just happened and I tried to listen to my music right now, and well, I’m deleting the app because I can’t listen to Fnaf or any of my songs! This is so stupid! At least change it back because I can’t flipping use Pandora for this and this app was better than pandora and now it’s worse! This is dumb you didn’t care before you shouldn’t care now
Does what it’s supposed to
by Bunnehpowerz on 2019/12/02 09:40
I’ve been looking for a replacement music streamer since my last one started going downhill and it pretty much works exactly how I want it to! I liked being able to make playlists but also have a sort of central favorites system where all my songs would be. I also like how there are recommended songs in the main menu. The reason this doesn’t get five stars is that I’d recommend a queue system where I can just choose which songs to load up from my playlists or favorites.
Great app
by MagañaCarolyn07 on 2020/03/01 03:22
I love this music app because it shows the most popular songs and I can use it when I’m in the car with my family on the bus and whenever I’m doing my arts and crafts. I introduced this so to my little sister and now she uses it. She loves it! I can use this app on the go and even when I get bored! I also love this app because it lets me pick my type of internet this is best used for, for me!
Just okay is well...okay
by Jay-Ridge on 2020/04/05 14:51
I have been enjoying this app however there have been times when the sound cuts out but the song continues to play. (Perhaps it is the effect of high volume internet use.) One handy feature that's missing is the ability to move songs within your established playlist. Also, I am not sure how it searches selections but depending on the song it sometimes feels that fewer results appear than you would think are out there. It becomes a game of how searches are phrased. Nonetheless, it works okay.
Used to love it, however...
by kokolini on 2020/03/31 18:24
Okay. I understand the meaning of the app, and it’s great. There’s a lot of bugs, though. 1) Sometimes when I leave the app, I have music playing, but it stops. And it keeps doing that, until I have to refresh the app. 2) When I’m in the app, I don’t know if it’s just my phone, but the audio stops. Let me rephrase: the video keeps playing, but the actual audio of the video stops. 3) I might click on a video, but it would just take me out of the app. This app used to me a great way to multitask, but at the moment, for me, at least, it’s going through some rough times.
Great app
by ydforever on 2019/08/11 22:32
I was recommended this as an alternative to Musi, and its pretty solid so far. The developer is also very active and helpful, so that’s another plus. Only flaws with this are probably the repeat function in playlists. Maybe I just don’t know the interface that well, but is there an option to loop the playlist? The icons for loop currently just repeat the song. And the shuffle option only switches to the next song when you’re in the app. It doesn’t work outside of it. Hope an update comes soon!
It’s not bad
by DaveyDoozy3 on 2020/07/01 13:22
This is a really great app honestly... it’s just that lately I don’t know why but it won’t let me type in a song name or a link.. and if it does nothing pops up after I’m able to type in the name... it also boots me out of the app sometimes.. Overall it’s a great app but there are some things that need to be fixed. Like basically right now I can’t look anything up on it but I can play what I have saved... I thought maybe it needed to be updated but it doesn’t. Any feedback would be great thanks
Good app but could do some work
by Oliver Fresh GAMING on 2019/11/08 21:03
Okay this app is pretty good for listening to music while going on a different app or turning off your device. I used a other app before, but then eventually you would have to pay to listen to music on a different app. And then I came across this, and it actually worked really well! But there could be some work put into it. You need to make it so on the iPad, it would fit the screen instead of making the ratio just small. I know this is for iPhone, but I use iPad. So you could fix that. Also there’s a problem where if you go on a playlist, it will play the songs randomly without going in order on the list. It’s kinda annoying because I wanna listen to the music I like the most first. That’s the only problems I have, but other than that, this app is really great for listening to music!
Listening problem
by Idk what!?!??! on 2020/01/22 03:11
Ok so when I’m listening to music I want to be able to go through all the songs without entering the app and then playing the song Bc sometimes when I want to listen to my songs without having to enter the app and then leave again and like idk how it works Bc it is quite annoying when you’re listening to your playlist and your song ends and then it’s just quiet so you have to enter the app again just to play the next song. I need some help 😤
Great app but it keeps crashing:(
by Lizsetgonzalezarreola on 2019/12/26 19:45
I love how you can create playlists and listen to music while going on other apps or turning your phone off. Recently it has been crashing and I don't know if its my service or wifi but I press the shuffle button and the video just loads and loads and doesn't play. If I press any video to watch without pressing the shuffle button, it does the same thing. I’m really bummed out because I thought I finally found an app that wont cause any problems:(
by Cora Crane on 2020/12/12 18:03
This app is AMAZING. I love it! But I have one thing to complain about. So yesterday I searched up a song and I saw a bunch of other songs that were named the same name as the song. And guess what? It wasn't the actual song. So basically, it doesn't have every song in the world (I sorta wish it did though) and sometimes it has fake songs. But aside from that THIS APP IS AMAZING!!! Thank you for your time.
Such a high quality app!
by sunrise4735 on 2020/01/15 14:29
In the past, I had google music and I on it I had the free 3 month subscription, and it worked great but my email is messed up so I cancelled my subscription! But then I found this awesome app! I love it so much, it’s simple and you don’t need money or a email to use it. The only thing I would change about this app is that I could use Siri to turn my music on, but that’s it because this is such a great music app! :]
Used to be good
by itssjustbre on 2020/10/26 22:40
Now this app is garbage. I’d give it zero stars if I could. You use to be able to search up unlimited songs but now it barely has anything. And after a certain point and time it fails to playtime music in your playlist at all. I tried uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it again to see if that would fix the issue. And it did for the time being but it deleted my entire playlist. I had over 180 songs! This happened to me twice. And now idk if it’s a new update but any of the songs I previously had saved in my last playlist won’t come up anymore.
Can’t delete songs from recently played?
by Bubblehead515 on 2020/03/08 14:32
I’m really loving this app so far. My only complaint is there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete songs from your recently played list of songs which is kind of annoying when I’ll accidentally play songs I don’t want and then there’s no way to get them off the list. Is there any way you could please add a delete option? Other than that, really great app. Thank you.
How it works
by rreeeess on 2020/08/19 14:17
It’s amazing I have tried so many music apps and they are always you have to pay but this app does not you can listen create a playlists and each videos and the music videos for free and also there’s not the much adds it probably be like 4,3,5 adds per day so not the much it’s so good 10/10 recommended for people who like free stuff
Yes man.
by StarsmeAnimations on 2021/01/20 01:11
Ok so, this app.. bro is AMAZING. I love how you don’t automatically have to pay. It’s actually helpful. But you’re probably wondering.. “Then why is there 4 stars?” Well lemme tell ya, as I said, this app is great and I love it.. Buuuuttt... there is a minor issue. Whenever I try too.. search a song up, it says that there is an internet problem, but my internet is great. So I’m sorta confused? I hope you can fix this soon. But I still recommend this app. Nice job y’all
It’s good but..
by Sleepy Hollows on 2020/03/29 03:10
Hello! So I enjoyed very much to be honest. I was only having one small issue. When I try to tap the replay button on the side it would never work when I left the app to play a different game.I don’t know if this is just me or it’s just how it’s supposed to happen but it does that. That’s is the only issue I have but in total it really is good and I like it.
Great app
by Elora pepa on 2020/03/22 17:37
I love this app so much I have a play list for exercises and even if your phone turns off it still plays the music and I normally don’t write reviews but this app is too good not to write a great review about it I think that if you are looking for an app that plays music this is the app for you it also does not cost any money at all so this app is amazing
Only a few problems
by tyyyyttttttyyyyt on 2019/12/23 17:58
I love this app and it has almost every song that I want. The only problem is that most of the songs do not load. There are multiple choices for each song you can choose from, but typically only 1 of them work, so you have to click on every one of them to find the one that works and then add that one to your playlist. If this bug is worked out I think this is a 5 star app.
by Roxanna Escobar on 2021/12/14 01:27
Dear music player This app is sooo good imusic u have to pay,in this app you don’t have to I really like it I can listen to these song when I’m doing my homework and be relaxed and when u turn ur phone of it still plays I love this app! Sincerely Roxanna.E
Pretty Good, but some issues
by Krenzartha on 2019/12/26 09:24
Downloaded 90 songs just for the music not to continue once a song ends when I’m outside the app EDIT: That aspect usually works now, but only if the video will load...More than half of my songs don’t load in or outside the app, even after restarting the app! The videos just have an endless, white spinning circle on the screen :( It is definitely not a connection error on my end, either. EDIT 2: Back to square one. Music does not continue if I’m outside the app
Was good and then this happened
by Christopher_7 on 2019/12/20 19:41
So I love this app so much because I have all my music and a play list and I can close the app and my music well keep playing but there is 2 issues I would like for y’all to fix. The first issues is that you can’t download songs. When I go on road trips I can’t listen to anything because there is no WiFi so I can’t listen. The second issue is that I am playing my music at home we’re there IS WiFi and my music keeps loading and dosnt play Please fix this issue
I really like it but..
by Maxie.. on 2020/04/10 02:13
I really like it I spend most of my time on this app but I can’t seem to figure out how to do the sleep timer so if someone could help me with that it would be amazing. But other than that I absolutely recommend this to people to use. It’s a completely free app including the music so I hope you get this and enjoy it!
Best I’ve used in last 5 years
by wwgebius on 2020/03/31 10:47
Everything about this music player is top-notch. The audio volume & quality is leagues better than the other ones I’ve used. I have yet to see this one lose network speeds either. I don’t know if the other ones got net-neutraled, but this one doesn’t for Verizon. Keep it up!
It’s Great!
by amber2107 on 2019/09/01 17:11
I like this music app it connects even when i barely have any service, the only thing I dislike is that it does not have the songs in alphabetical order. Instead of me having to scroll past almost 2,000 songs and see where exactly did I add that song. Having them in alphabetical order would be so much helpful so I wouldn’t have to scroll a mile just for me to look for a song. Anyway I still enjoy the app, and I would recommend it to friends/family!
by #loveAnime on 2021/04/25 19:29
This app is ok, it's free to download and there are no in-app purchases. The music takes a while to load and once the music starts playing sometimes it'll be glitchy and stop for a few seconds or even minutes, please fix this!! Needs more classic rock And maybe some gospel songs too. Other than that it's pretty good! I've been using this app for weeks now and it's great.
Problem with playing songs
by mreza firouzi on 2021/05/20 03:42
Hi , I thank the developers for this amazing app, I come across a problem when switching between Bluetooth devices while playing audio. For example when I’m in the car an listen via my car and after that I use airpods the app should restart to be able to play songs. I think this should be looked at
I may be the only one with this problem but it’s annoying
by aliebear20 on 2020/03/31 17:17
I love the app don’t get me wrong but when I play my favorites after each song I have to open my phone for the next song to play. Like a song will play then it’s silence... then I have to stop what I’m doing and open my phone THEN the next song will play. If it’s just my stupid phone than I’m sorry but if it’s the app maybe you could fix it? Still love the app though.
This app!💜
by 367967968914689 on 2021/02/26 01:33
This app is amazing! You don’t need to pay for anything, you have no ads, and you can download songs and listen without WiFi! One thing I would change is for there to be more songs sometimes I can’t always find the songs I’m looking for but anyway this app is amazing! 5 star guaranteed
Please fix some things
by Hanna born2argue on 2020/10/12 22:36
I love this app and it is a really good app and you can play so many songs but the one thing is lately you can no longer play a lot of songs due to copyright reasons and the thing is you CAN still play those songs just DONT show the video! Please fix these things Please I really like this app but now I can’t play any of my favorite songs
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