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InMusic is the best way to stream and organize music. Discover new music Readymade playlists with the latest songs from around the world. Organize Add unlimited songs into your own organized playlists. Find your favorites Simply search for any song. And more • AirPlay: share music to your Apple TV, favorite speakers, and popular smart TVs. • Shuffle: mix up what plays next. • Sleep timer. • Playback speed: alter the speed of any song.
Don’t download
by honest preacher on 2021/01/26 06:27
This app is so bad. Literally the only music you can hear is based off of people who downloads the app uploads. Basically SoundCloud I tried to hear a rapper that is not known yet and he doesn’t pop up he has about 2 million views and it doesn’t even pop up it’s a scam and ads pop up as soon as you open the app
One Of My Top 3
by TikTok_honest.ggs0 on 2021/01/23 22:54
This app has done so good that its in my top 3 most used!
No Songs
by Peson who writes reviews on 2021/01/23 05:16
Has no songs i want
I love this app!!
by l love piano on 2021/01/20 02:40
This app is like a dream to me I love it s can listen to all my music while I am doing something else on the same device!! Amazing!!
Yes man.
by StarsmeAnimations on 2021/01/20 01:11
Ok so, this app.. bro is AMAZING. I love how you don’t automatically have to pay. It’s actually helpful. But you’re probably wondering.. “Then why is there 4 stars?” Well lemme tell ya, as I said, this app is great and I love it.. Buuuuttt... there is a minor issue. Whenever I try too.. search a song up, it says that there is an internet problem, but my internet is great. So I’m sorta confused? I hope you can fix this soon. But I still recommend this app. Nice job y’all
bad review:
by jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy‼️ on 2021/01/14 14:29
i can’t even download the songs i want to hear.
Add more songs please
by hdhdhcjf on 2021/01/12 16:42
The app is great but some of the songs I like are not there. So I hope you could add some more songs
Easy to use
by grassguyonline on 2021/01/12 04:34
I wanted to download audios unto my Iphone & use the loop on music player to play them over & over & it was easy to import my audios unto music player & accomplish this, thanks!!!
by i_miss_spotify on 2021/01/12 03:47
I like this app because you acan play any song you want you can play your favorites songs
by Erin cramer on 2021/01/09 19:56
This is a good app try it
by panda padora on 2021/01/02 03:51
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Bad experience
by dhe day i I F safhg on 2020/12/28 16:14
U guys not play my playlist after update it say YouTube music can’t be play every tym😕
Descent app
by Can I have peace on 2020/12/28 03:28
Good app just can’t make playlist. Was easy to add your music to app just wish you could make a playlist. It just goes to blank screen when you pull playlist up or try to add a song to playlist.
Great app
by zmwlifjsoqkeno09274@.'s on 2020/12/25 14:43
But sometimes it crashes or won’t let my songs load it’s like every other day but when it does work it’s awesome
by libdjjs on 2020/12/21 21:37
This app used to always work for me. Now when I search up some songs it will just show random ones that are not even close to the one I want. It used to be like I could find anything that was on yt and when I look up “my boo” on the app it won’t show the song anywhere
by 5673774343 on 2020/12/18 22:33
None of my favorite songs are on there
by Bugaloogq on 2020/12/18 21:23
You really made my day when downloading the app
I am surprised
by rainbowapple7 on 2020/12/15 23:42
I Really like this app and its free!!!
by Cora Crane on 2020/12/12 18:03
This app is AMAZING. I love it! But I have one thing to complain about. So yesterday I searched up a song and I saw a bunch of other songs that were named the same name as the song. And guess what? It wasn't the actual song. So basically, it doesn't have every song in the world (I sorta wish it did though) and sometimes it has fake songs. But aside from that THIS APP IS AMAZING!!! Thank you for your time.
by BOI!?!!? on 2020/12/12 06:27
Can’t even find the song I’m looking for even if I do it’s either a remix or 5x speed so garbage don’t get this app I actually think pandora is better
Not really offline
by kiki said do gou love me on 2020/12/11 19:18
You can’t really listen to it offline, but it’s okay
by juli the great on 2020/12/08 21:48
It’s a great app, but it doesn’t have a lot of songs that I listen too
Music player
by theonlyoneforu on 2020/12/05 22:07
Music player was a good app I mainly used it for YouTube but now it was copywrite from YouTube and now music player is diff and yea
i love this app
by 😌🤩 i love thus APP on 2020/12/03 18:27
this app is awesome i love it
I love it! But it could use a little work
by UwUchocolaterockzUwU on 2020/12/03 17:12
I love this app! I use every day. I have one complain though. I can’t look up my favorite songs like Skillet - Monster. I love the app other than that!!!! I will never stop using it❣️
Great app
by DylanFOREVER on 2020/12/01 13:50
This is an amazing app but I don’t know how to download the music. The reason why I got this app is because I didn’t want to have to buy it but I could listen to it offline. How do you download music?
What the hell
by BADMASH LADKI on 2020/11/24 19:52
I downloaded this app bcz of the great feedback it had and literally I downloaded this to only to listen to Alec Benjamin songs but all I could find was only one song of Alec Benjamin and that was let me down slowly there was no other song of Alec Benjamin like eww
by edith18t on 2020/11/23 00:33
I love it music “BTS”
It needs to be fixed
by funimate os beatz on 2020/11/21 21:53
It doesn’t work when I search a song up it doesn’t work. My ratings at first was 5 now it’s just 3 Sorry music player can you fix it again.
So annoying but
by vbgbghhmh on 2020/11/21 20:59
So I was trying to do a lyric prank and I needed music to do it along time ago I use this app and it was so good it was good for everything but it’s gotten bad when you get off of the app the music stops when it’s supposed to keep going like it used to but it’s good if you just want to stay on the app and did I mention you cannot put your phone off like turn it off and the musical keep playing so annoying but I guess if you like the app good for you😅😂🥺🤬😂
This is a great app
by StealthSurfer on 2020/11/20 22:31
Best appppp
Hate this change
by geo.7.3.3 on 2020/11/20 07:35
When I first downloaded this it had literally anything and played when exited the app. It was amazing now it’s complete trash and I have to search for something else. BRING IT BACK 😥😫😫😫😫
is good
by zz amie sa on 2020/11/17 16:55
it’s easy application
Don’t work
by Desarine on 2020/11/12 01:30
Worst app ever
Bad review
by #1equality on 2020/11/11 00:05
Their is so much greed in this country then you say copyrights this and that you tube is straight garbage also yawl try to bully people because yawl can’t come to a agreement or something it was a good music app I don’t know what the hell it is now #1 equality
by sedat kemal on 2020/11/08 19:29
by squishmallow.. on 2020/11/05 04:44
If I could give this 0 stars,I would. I first downloaded the app about a year ago and it had ALL the music and music videos I wanted. But I finally find it again and it’s complete sh*t. They took away all of the music videos I liked and the exclusive songs. I absolutely hate this. Unless you can change it back to the old app, you definitely don’t have a good review from me.
What the heck??
by Hannah Tidwell on 2020/11/05 03:16
I used to use this app a lot. I remember playing a whole lot of music on it. However, I tried searching for that exact same music, which keep in mind, it ISN’T something bad, I literally only wanted to listen to Strength of Will. They weren’t there! And when I tried to use “Frisk Megalovania” as that would usually work too, it didn’t! It only showed some weird versions of it which I’m not even gonna get into.
by cookie 1237 on 2020/11/04 15:16
This app is terrible the people who made this are the worst people in the world because of that does not even let me search any songs I hate this app!!!! 😡 when I try to search a song it doesn’t even work!!
Stupid copyright
by vtrhurtf on 2020/11/02 05:19
Ever since they removed YouTube I can’t certain songs and my playlists are ruined so I have to make them over again why does copyright have to exist
Do me a favor and change this video policy back to old normal the way it was
by Domenick J Willams on 2020/11/02 00:41
And I wanted listen the the listen to the music so freakin badly so please change your YouTube policy the it was, I wanted Normal!!!
Put YouTube back
by Emmy Kim on 2020/11/01 18:50
There are some songs that YouTube has that this does not...I had this when it had YouTube and I would have given it five stars but now...It really dissatisfied me that you would take out something so easy to find the right song that you needed only to have it taken....So 😡
There are no sad songs.
by Micithbst on 2020/11/01 13:20
It started out fine but after I started having issues with the songs I like. Personally I like sad songs but this app doesn’t have them. But I’m sure the Developer’s are great people.
When I look up a song I like it doesn’t pop up
by queen gacha fox303 on 2020/10/30 17:18
When I try to look up something like in my head by Ariana it doesn’t come on and I try to put in why don’t We the arties and all I see is songs from the late 80s please make it to the old app
Can’t find my music anymore
by btsarny on 2020/10/29 02:44
I used to love this app, but I updated it and now I can never find my music. I can only find rap or songs that aren’t even what I’m looking for. Please fix this.
Love 😍😍😍
by youtmp on 2020/10/26 22:52
I love this app so much it always helps me when I’m going on a run in when I am always using the app inside the house I can use when I’m cleaning with my headphones on you don’t have to do any work to get in all you have to do is literally just search up a song you want and it will go to right away without any action questions so I can I can I recommend to use the song every single day because I love this app so much that I can’t even wait to be with I would give you guys five stars and I hope you guys give it to and I hope it’s easy for you guys to use that I recommend for you guys to use it every day and every night because it is the best app I’ve ever used so I hope you guys like it as much as I do
Used to be good
by itssjustbre on 2020/10/26 22:40
Now this app is garbage. I’d give it zero stars if I could. You use to be able to search up unlimited songs but now it barely has anything. And after a certain point and time it fails to playtime music in your playlist at all. I tried uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it again to see if that would fix the issue. And it did for the time being but it deleted my entire playlist. I had over 180 songs! This happened to me twice. And now idk if it’s a new update but any of the songs I previously had saved in my last playlist won’t come up anymore.
by Dookang16 on 2020/10/25 19:53
Its awsome the song
by Mahalia647474 on 2020/10/23 22:05
Needs more Music I can’t find Bad Bunny by Becky G or any song last by Kylie Cantrall or half of Beyoncé and Ariana Grandes songs
by waternight05 on 2020/10/22 20:49
I use to listen all my YouTube music here and now it gone am sad this is my favorite app music but not anymore
It’s ok
by sybraya on 2020/10/20 17:01
I love this music app but the new update I hate it bc it won’t let me play the songs I used to have on there and it doesn’t have the same songs anymore which made me a little mad so can u make where we can play any song again
by idk shark? on 2020/10/18 06:57
The app is great! But none of my favorite songs are on here like “Little Man” By atmosphere.But besides that is ok I guess
by Thebestgametever on 2020/10/17 17:05
Just perfect
It’s okay..
by ChunkyWaffle on 2020/10/15 17:50
I love this app! The music is amazing but at one point it stopped playing good music and I deleted the app. Now I tried to download it but it says I have to pay? I really hope this isn’t an update because if it is I’m not gonna use this.
This app doesn't downloads
by azadfada on 2020/10/14 20:35
Used to be awesome
by SandlotSlugger on 2020/10/13 22:58
It used to be a great app. Then they took out half the songs and now all the songs they got on there are for younger people. If you are 12 or above i don’t suggest this app at all. I would give this app a no star rating if i could.
Please fix some things
by Hanna born2argue on 2020/10/12 22:36
I love this app and it is a really good app and you can play so many songs but the one thing is lately you can no longer play a lot of songs due to copyright reasons and the thing is you CAN still play those songs just DONT show the video! Please fix these things Please I really like this app but now I can’t play any of my favorite songs
There is a bit of a problem...
by hi 乁( ◔ ౪◔)ㄏ on 2020/10/10 23:25
So whenever I look up a song it doesn’t give the song I want it just shows like Thomas the train or all that other stuff so I deleted it but it did again now the first time I got it though it was all fine and it said copyright for some reason idk why.And that when it happened idk if it’s the app or something idk just pls fix it or something it annoys me but it is a good app I just wanted to you let you know about this incident. Ty for understand. I hope you have a great day.
Used to be great :/
by zippy309 on 2020/10/10 15:20
This app was amazing but now I can’t find half of the songs I had on my playlist
Where are all the artists?
by FromThe558 on 2020/10/08 04:27
I got this app and there was literally no songs or artists all the songs had different beats just get Spotify or SoundCloud this is beyond terrible.
It won’t let me play any music other than on Home
by loner and lonly on 2020/10/07 22:27
I really love music player and I love how you guys check and improve anything not working or do updates but can you please fix or do something about the YouTube Unavailable please it won’t let me listen to anything in my playlist and this is the only app that doesnt make me pay a ton of money and charges so please fix it
by syskell on 2020/10/05 18:44
Null it’s what you get when you don’t pay.This is nothing more than smoke screens and mirrors.Once you get passed that it’s hacking and will miss up your devices.Be careful before downloading.🙃
by MS ANONYMOUSE on 2020/10/04 01:12
I appreciate the fact that there are little to NO ADS plus you can minimize it AND it’s completely free! This app is underrated and it’s better than yt music and Spotify bc no matter how long you have this app it never charges u! Thank you so much for using your own time to make such a masterpiece! Oh and I like that there are no ads and you can chose the slowness or fastness of the song u play 😀
Zero stars
by Ficsjre on 2020/10/03 01:15
This use to be my favorite app and now I can’t even play my music on here. I now have to find another app that I can put my music on so I can listen to it. Hopefully there is an update and I’m able to play music again on here
The App Is A Bit Ok, No Offense
by //_// on 2020/10/02 20:36
So, Whenever I try to search something up It Always Shows Something never related To Whatever I search, I tried deleting and reinstalling it And It was still the same, And It shows More Like Sad, and Depressing Songs That I never Have Searched for in my Life, And, It Also Shows Songs that Are Related but Not What I searched for- What I’m trying to say is Please make it So Whatever you Search, Something Related to what you Typed in :)
It suddenly erase all my songs and wont show the songs I’m searching
by Bettyme24 on 2020/10/02 19:28
this app needs improvements
by Jmora87 on 2020/09/30 19:44
Fix this app
by 🙌❤️💕😍The best on 2020/09/28 19:39
Fix the app please I use to search all my songs now I type them in I can’t find any songs that I want 🥺 please fix ASAP!!!!!
by Awesome K.C. on 2020/09/24 19:49
by wlm--- on 2020/09/19 18:10
Update is awful
by travis167 on 2020/09/18 00:59
This app removed all Songs and videos from YouTube because (copyright reasons) and I loved this app but now I can’t listen to any classical music.
by hdjgfhdh on 2020/09/17 15:04
The search bar doesn’t work
by Love music26 on 2020/09/17 08:42
Why am I not able to download anymore music ? Every time I type in an artist or the title of the song nothing pops from the artist or song .
🍂Sudden changes🍂
by Marie Lunar on 2020/09/16 20:58
This update saddens me very much because I wanted to listen to one of my playlists but I seen that it said it won’t allow YouTube so I don’t know how to feel about the app because before it was perfect, Please change it back to normal, please?
Was the best.......
by player423567890 on 2020/09/16 19:43
Ok so I downloaded this app and I loved it so much until this thing happened and when I searched something I would see songs that I didn’t know and the trending songs were songs I didn’t even know so I might delete it
by dezjnsn😃 on 2020/09/15 00:13
no attic monkeys do you wanna know 😤
not a good song option
by finnaceivy on 2020/09/14 23:02
i can’t find any christian songs like that’s why i got this app to have christian songs and i can’t find any!!!
by lala bro ree kid on 2020/09/14 14:15
Wildly inappropriate crap on here. Fortnite porn. Ridiculous.
by kitty cokkie on 2020/09/14 02:52
it very confusing and it won’t let me search up the music i wanna listen to
by defalt23 on 2020/09/13 07:18
It has almost no music from people who are know
by noco23 on 2020/09/11 23:33
Listen hear you little **** you better change it back or you won’t make any money this is a downgrade you just ruined your own career and how change it back to the way it was so the app can be good again!
by puppy lover 123456789987654321 on 2020/09/11 20:41
I was trying to listen to my song but the song did not come up I kept trying different things and it still did not come up.
It went downhill fast
by _-unknown_-_user-_ on 2020/09/10 17:16
On this app I used to be able to listen to any song I wanted with zero problems, but now I can hardly find any of my old favorites. Hugely dissapointed
new update
by random293739 on 2020/09/09 17:23
kinda wish i didn't update bc now there's ads and my music doesn't play
Problem I would give a 5
by Mr bocce on 2020/09/09 15:19
But issue is it shuts off when I put in my pocket not my phone Competition does not due that If I keep app on but take off home screen Shuts off If I leave on it changes goes of in my pocket Only way to listen without any issues is to hold it or leave it stationary
by thebest123456789990 on 2020/09/08 18:15
Your app is terrible I’ve tried to look up a bunch of songs and it gave me none of the songs I wanted it was not OK I hated it.
New changes are awful
by Love Veronika on 2020/09/08 12:13
I regret updating this cuz I’m not able to play because of “copyright reasons” I can’t play any of my songs and I hope you change this back
by thid girl on 2020/09/07 11:35
I hate the update because I can’t find good music
by the gaming pug on 2020/09/07 07:41
Well then, I regret updating it, I know you had to do this to the app but dang-
Disappointed In Changes
by _Mangle_ on 2020/09/07 02:46
I’m kinda disappointed that they removed YouTube from this app. Now I cant listen to some songs that I enjoyed, plus, they don’t even have good songs available.
It’s getting worst
by Bikinglord gamer1221 on 2020/09/07 00:33
Okay, it won’t play as much music as before, care to explain?
by youngandrestlesd on 2020/09/06 17:50
Was a good app, just recently all my music downloads gone and can’t find any of my artists!! Very disappointing!!!!
by Queen💜💜💜 on 2020/09/06 02:43
This was my go-to app but now i cant even look at it... so since they clearly not going to find another way around this update or bring it back to the way it was do anybody got suggestions on other apps i can use ??? please,dont be shy.
Gianna Marie
by hehejejeksjjssjjwjwnejeje on 2020/09/05 23:19
Why not I wanted to play my music and now I can’t
by SUPER Cool man9475 on 2020/09/05 21:13
I miss the old music player but YouTube copystriked it....
by gixkyddkdykd on 2020/09/05 03:28
Why did you change it? Why aren’t the videos coming from YouTube anymore? I can’t find the songs I want.😖😭
App trash now
by ykgkc on 2020/09/04 17:14
Is trash now don’t download
The upgrade
by BTS 4ever love this app on 2020/09/04 05:47
I don’t like the new update that they did
by drewzicle on 2020/09/04 03:18
Trash after whatever update they did to it. I can’t even find what im looking for random videos pop up not even one star rating
by Maenaiko on 2020/04/27 21:57
This app is really nice app. But there is some thing s that’s need to be changed or fixed. Like sometimes the app kicks me out or It don’t want to play my songs. At first I thought maybe it was my internet but I remembered that we have really strong internet. So please fix this app. But on the other hand this app is great! You get to listen to you songs. Most of the adds the are not really video adds. And you can put on many songs in your playlist. I like to use this app for when I listen to music in the car and my mom putting the radio too high. Also the sound quality it amazing and it really gives you kinda that cinematic experience. Thankyou for reviewing my view. It has kinda some set backs but over all it’s a great app! Well done !
Love 😍😍😍
by youtmp on 2020/10/26 22:52
I love this app so much it always helps me when I’m going on a run in when I am always using the app inside the house I can use when I’m cleaning with my headphones on you don’t have to do any work to get in all you have to do is literally just search up a song you want and it will go to right away without any action questions so I can I can I recommend to use the song every single day because I love this app so much that I can’t even wait to be with I would give you guys five stars and I hope you guys give it to and I hope it’s easy for you guys to use that I recommend for you guys to use it every day and every night because it is the best app I’ve ever used so I hope you guys like it as much as I do
Perfect app!
by Animal_Lover2728 on 2020/03/22 06:12
This was the perfect app for me a few months back, but then I had a problem. The music kept going but it was muted, and I think it was because of the advertisements, because I’ve read another review that said what was happening to me. I gave the app 1 star, since I couldn’t hear any music most of the time. The developers answered my review, and told me to update it, and it worked! This again was my favorite app!!! Although I had a problem, the developers helped me out, meaning that they will try to help you when you have a problem as well! I love this app, and hope you download it! If you do, you’ll have music for free, with very little advertisements. 5 stars! 🤩
Search Doesn’t Work
by Abby26373 on 2019/07/19 02:06
Started out great. I added a few songs using the “search” tool, but after I entered the name of the next song I wanted, the same exact list of songs kept reloading. I closed out of the app and tried again, but this time nothing even loaded. I entered the name of the song and was able to click a suggestion but the results never loaded. There wasn’t even a buffering signal, so I don’t really know what’s going on. I’ve tried several times to find a solution, but I’m still having the same problem. I’m certain the issue isn’t with my internet, as I’ve been able to use all my other apps just fine when this happens. Another addition that would be useful: adding a feature where, instead of having to add a song to each playlist individually, you can just check the boxes next to any playlist so you can add the song to several playlists at once.
Sleep timer
by ᗪᕼ on 2019/08/14 20:03
Overall I think it is a really fun app. For most other music apps I have there are really long adds and I miss most of the song every time I go to look at something else. In this app the adds are short, tho when you do get one the music keeps going even tho u can’t hear it. I think you should make it so you can see the add, to get money, but the music stops and restarts when the add is over. This will make it a lot easier so you don’t have to go back in the song or anything like that. I think it is really easy to search songs, and to listen to them. There are hardly any glitches. You should also add a sleep timer so people can listen to it while they go to sleep.. I don’t think there is one, or I just missed it. Anyway, Thx for the app!
Exceptional !!
by David C "Georgie" on 2020/04/24 19:06
This is the ONLY site where I’ve been able to find AND retrieve songs & artists that I’ve been unable to do with other sites — both in English AND Latino/Hispanic music! In one case, I’d been looking for a particular rendition of a song, by a particular artist for THIRTY YEARS !! I had even called the radio station from which I had recorded the song from in 1989 (via cassette/radio player — remember those ??!!??)!! They remembered it when I played it back to them over the phone, but couldn’t / wouldn’t help me any further. This was just one example of why I wanted to thank you for being available for us — the public! THANK YOU !!!!
I love this but I have a bit of a problem I hope you can check out!
by ThatOneFlutePlayer on 2019/12/22 06:07
So this app is all I could dream about! It has all the songs I want to listen to for free and loads quickly with no adds. Truly amazing and 5 stars! Problem: When I really like a song, I listen to it on loop because I love it. So recently I got into Pas De Deux by Dodie Clark the lyric version is what I use. So when I click on it to listen, the app crashes. But when I play different songs it’s fine. Is it just my app? Or is it because I played it too many times? Sorry for bothering, but please help me!!! -troubled person
by Oops-Anxiety-Attack on 2019/12/15 00:35
i really like it, it helps me a lot. I only have a few suggestions. I think people should be able to edit the cover of their playlist and import a photo instead of all the combined songs in a grid. I also think there should be an option of how you want your playlists/songs ordered. Like, A-Z, Name, stuff like that. Other than that, this app is pretty good! You can get any song you’d like as long as you search it right, and make your own playlist without annoying ads screaming at you while you’re trying to listen to your bop.
Very Nice!
by Hello, it's me🙃 on 2019/11/27 08:17
I see virtually nothing wrong with this app. It plays music offline which is something I’ve wanted! I just had some small suggestions. Could we get maybe like a library feature or have our playlist sectioned off alphabetically with the alphabet on the side of the screen for us to scroll faster with? also, would there be anyway for us to have an equalizer feature where we can play with the different components of a song? That’s be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)
It’s good!
by nostalgic on the rox on 2020/07/15 20:39
I like this app a lot, and I use it a lot to listen to things you just can’t find anywhere other than a certain site while I’m working or exercising. The ads are very unobtrusive, a definite plus for an app like this, and it’s very easy to use. I would say the only thing that needs major improvement is the search function. It’s always been pretty limited; unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, you might not find it. Also, lately it’s been turning up blank pages of results. I do hope these concerns I have can be addressed in the near future. Thanks for reading!
It’s great!! But...
by dejawaire on 2019/09/08 13:47
It’s a really good app! It has almost every single song you look up. My only problem with it is that it doesn’t have the option to shuffle your playlists and as right now for some reason when a song is over I have to go all the way back on the app for the next song to play. I also cannot pause or play it through my headphones but that might not be the app and the song doesn’t show up on my lock screen while the song is play nor does it show up in the control center. There’s a few gaps in the app but other than that it’s really good.
Please fix
by StarlightWithers on 2019/10/14 19:59
It’s great really, I just wish it would have like a little check mark for the ones you already have. Also I keep trying to play my songs and all of a sudden it keeps skipping through the songs without stopping, not even playing the songs, and sometimes it would kinda freeze up and only plays a slither or the beginning of the song but repeats it over and over agin, not even the whole song just a second of it. Other then that I love everything about it, I just hope that the bug gets fixed soon.
Search bar isn’t working😕
by jhusky_arts on 2019/07/21 05:25
Since musi has been deleted I needed a new app. When I found this app I was beyond happy. I added a good amount of songs but I didn’t like one so I deleted it so I could switch it out with another. I went to search it up and there was nothing. It was just blank. I tried reloading several times, I even put my phone on the sleep mode thinking it might be my phone. Yet still it wasn’t working, other than that it’s an amazing app ! Hope this gets fixed soon
I love it!!
by Relina Zilla on 2019/06/12 01:41
I’ve been struggling with other apps for a free background music player. The first one I used for maybe a year got updated and it now costs $30 for what I had before! The last one I had was TERRIBLE connecting to the internet. I would have to wait at least 5 minutes for one song even with a bar or two of LTE. Now, I got this app today, so I don’t know how it’ll do when there’s bad reception. Tomorrow I’ll find out. But so far it’s way better than that last one I had.
Does what it’s supposed to
by Bunnehpowerz on 2019/12/02 09:40
I’ve been looking for a replacement music streamer since my last one started going downhill and it pretty much works exactly how I want it to! I liked being able to make playlists but also have a sort of central favorites system where all my songs would be. I also like how there are recommended songs in the main menu. The reason this doesn’t get five stars is that I’d recommend a queue system where I can just choose which songs to load up from my playlists or favorites.
Wifi problem/ search problem
by SWAGGY_P_27 on 2020/07/09 22:45
I have had this app for a few months and it was amazing. It’s a really good app up until recently. For some reason it’s not compatible with my Wifi no more and I know it’s not the wifi because it’s running just fine on my other apps, but for some reason not on this app. Also when I search up some certain things, it doesn’t show up. It’ll just be blank and you can’t search nothing really up. Overall it’s a good app unless you run into my problems
by MAPLE SYRUP🍯😊 on 2020/03/18 19:41
This is really good app you can listen to you can listen to any type of music and it work really well on apple devices 😉 unlike iHeartRadio where you had to subscribe to get everything you don’t on this app or example on this app you can listen listen to calming music with out any problems but on iHeartRadio when I was trying to listen to sleeping music it didn’t work!☹️ now stop reading this review and get it already! Do you not download iHeartRadio!☹️
Such a high quality app!
by sunrise4735 on 2020/01/15 14:29
In the past, I had google music and I on it I had the free 3 month subscription, and it worked great but my email is messed up so I cancelled my subscription! But then I found this awesome app! I love it so much, it’s simple and you don’t need money or a email to use it. The only thing I would change about this app is that I could use Siri to turn my music on, but that’s it because this is such a great music app! :]
Great app
by ydforever on 2019/08/11 22:32
I was recommended this as an alternative to Musi, and its pretty solid so far. The developer is also very active and helpful, so that’s another plus. Only flaws with this are probably the repeat function in playlists. Maybe I just don’t know the interface that well, but is there an option to loop the playlist? The icons for loop currently just repeat the song. And the shuffle option only switches to the next song when you’re in the app. It doesn’t work outside of it. Hope an update comes soon!
Listening problem
by Idk what!?!??! on 2020/01/22 03:11
Ok so when I’m listening to music I want to be able to go through all the songs without entering the app and then playing the song Bc sometimes when I want to listen to my songs without having to enter the app and then leave again and like idk how it works Bc it is quite annoying when you’re listening to your playlist and your song ends and then it’s just quiet so you have to enter the app again just to play the next song. I need some help 😤
Good app but could do some work
by Oliver Fresh GAMING on 2019/11/08 21:03
Okay this app is pretty good for listening to music while going on a different app or turning off your device. I used a other app before, but then eventually you would have to pay to listen to music on a different app. And then I came across this, and it actually worked really well! But there could be some work put into it. You need to make it so on the iPad, it would fit the screen instead of making the ratio just small. I know this is for iPhone, but I use iPad. So you could fix that. Also there’s a problem where if you go on a playlist, it will play the songs randomly without going in order on the list. It’s kinda annoying because I wanna listen to the music I like the most first. That’s the only problems I have, but other than that, this app is really great for listening to music!
Great app but it keeps crashing:(
by Lizsetgonzalezarreola on 2019/12/26 19:45
I love how you can create playlists and listen to music while going on other apps or turning your phone off. Recently it has been crashing and I don't know if its my service or wifi but I press the shuffle button and the video just loads and loads and doesn't play. If I press any video to watch without pressing the shuffle button, it does the same thing. I’m really bummed out because I thought I finally found an app that wont cause any problems:(
It’s starting to get worse and worse
by NonaWolfieYT on 2020/09/02 00:29
I would give you a five but now I can’t listen to my music because of ‘copyright purposes’! And so you just now caring?! Like that’s pretty sucky and not to be mean or anything I’m just pointing it out that this effect just happened and I tried to listen to my music right now, and well, I’m deleting the app because I can’t listen to Fnaf or any of my songs! This is so stupid! At least change it back because I can’t flipping use Pandora for this and this app was better than pandora and now it’s worse! This is dumb you didn’t care before you shouldn’t care now
It’s not bad
by DaveyDoozy3 on 2020/07/01 13:22
This is a really great app honestly... it’s just that lately I don’t know why but it won’t let me type in a song name or a link.. and if it does nothing pops up after I’m able to type in the name... it also boots me out of the app sometimes.. Overall it’s a great app but there are some things that need to be fixed. Like basically right now I can’t look anything up on it but I can play what I have saved... I thought maybe it needed to be updated but it doesn’t. Any feedback would be great thanks
Just okay is well...okay
by Jay-Ridge on 2020/04/05 14:51
I have been enjoying this app however there have been times when the sound cuts out but the song continues to play. (Perhaps it is the effect of high volume internet use.) One handy feature that's missing is the ability to move songs within your established playlist. Also, I am not sure how it searches selections but depending on the song it sometimes feels that fewer results appear than you would think are out there. It becomes a game of how searches are phrased. Nonetheless, it works okay.
Must get app!!!!
by Isley xoxo on 2020/02/29 12:42
At first I had very low expectations but the app totally surpassed my expectations!!!! I love how it’s free unlike Apple Music and is exactly like other music apps just completely free but if I’m playing my games during the music, when the song on my playlist ends I have to reopen the app and chose the next song on my play list! But, besides that you, should try this app today!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Used to love it, however...
by kokolini on 2020/03/31 18:24
Okay. I understand the meaning of the app, and it’s great. There’s a lot of bugs, though. 1) Sometimes when I leave the app, I have music playing, but it stops. And it keeps doing that, until I have to refresh the app. 2) When I’m in the app, I don’t know if it’s just my phone, but the audio stops. Let me rephrase: the video keeps playing, but the actual audio of the video stops. 3) I might click on a video, but it would just take me out of the app. This app used to me a great way to multitask, but at the moment, for me, at least, it’s going through some rough times.
by Cora Crane on 2020/12/12 18:03
This app is AMAZING. I love it! But I have one thing to complain about. So yesterday I searched up a song and I saw a bunch of other songs that were named the same name as the song. And guess what? It wasn't the actual song. So basically, it doesn't have every song in the world (I sorta wish it did though) and sometimes it has fake songs. But aside from that THIS APP IS AMAZING!!! Thank you for your time.
Only a few problems
by tyyyyttttttyyyyt on 2019/12/23 17:58
I love this app and it has almost every song that I want. The only problem is that most of the songs do not load. There are multiple choices for each song you can choose from, but typically only 1 of them work, so you have to click on every one of them to find the one that works and then add that one to your playlist. If this bug is worked out I think this is a 5 star app.
Pretty Good, but some issues
by Krenzartha on 2019/12/26 09:24
Downloaded 90 songs just for the music not to continue once a song ends when I’m outside the app EDIT: That aspect usually works now, but only if the video will load...More than half of my songs don’t load in or outside the app, even after restarting the app! The videos just have an endless, white spinning circle on the screen :( It is definitely not a connection error on my end, either. EDIT 2: Back to square one. Music does not continue if I’m outside the app
Great app
by MagañaCarolyn07 on 2020/03/01 03:22
I love this music app because it shows the most popular songs and I can use it when I’m in the car with my family on the bus and whenever I’m doing my arts and crafts. I introduced this so to my little sister and now she uses it. She loves it! I can use this app on the go and even when I get bored! I also love this app because it lets me pick my type of internet this is best used for, for me!
Used to be good
by itssjustbre on 2020/10/26 22:40
Now this app is garbage. I’d give it zero stars if I could. You use to be able to search up unlimited songs but now it barely has anything. And after a certain point and time it fails to playtime music in your playlist at all. I tried uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it again to see if that would fix the issue. And it did for the time being but it deleted my entire playlist. I had over 180 songs! This happened to me twice. And now idk if it’s a new update but any of the songs I previously had saved in my last playlist won’t come up anymore.
How it works
by rreeeess on 2020/08/19 14:17
It’s amazing I have tried so many music apps and they are always you have to pay but this app does not you can listen create a playlists and each videos and the music videos for free and also there’s not the much adds it probably be like 4,3,5 adds per day so not the much it’s so good 10/10 recommended for people who like free stuff
Was good and then this happened
by Christopher_7 on 2019/12/20 19:41
So I love this app so much because I have all my music and a play list and I can close the app and my music well keep playing but there is 2 issues I would like for y’all to fix. The first issues is that you can’t download songs. When I go on road trips I can’t listen to anything because there is no WiFi so I can’t listen. The second issue is that I am playing my music at home we’re there IS WiFi and my music keeps loading and dosnt play Please fix this issue
Can’t delete songs from recently played?
by Bubblehead515 on 2020/03/08 14:32
I’m really loving this app so far. My only complaint is there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete songs from your recently played list of songs which is kind of annoying when I’ll accidentally play songs I don’t want and then there’s no way to get them off the list. Is there any way you could please add a delete option? Other than that, really great app. Thank you.
It’s Great!
by amber2107 on 2019/09/01 17:11
I like this music app it connects even when i barely have any service, the only thing I dislike is that it does not have the songs in alphabetical order. Instead of me having to scroll past almost 2,000 songs and see where exactly did I add that song. Having them in alphabetical order would be so much helpful so I wouldn’t have to scroll a mile just for me to look for a song. Anyway I still enjoy the app, and I would recommend it to friends/family!
Yes man.
by StarsmeAnimations on 2021/01/20 01:11
Ok so, this app.. bro is AMAZING. I love how you don’t automatically have to pay. It’s actually helpful. But you’re probably wondering.. “Then why is there 4 stars?” Well lemme tell ya, as I said, this app is great and I love it.. Buuuuttt... there is a minor issue. Whenever I try too.. search a song up, it says that there is an internet problem, but my internet is great. So I’m sorta confused? I hope you can fix this soon. But I still recommend this app. Nice job y’all
It’s good but..
by Sleepy Hollows on 2020/03/29 03:10
Hello! So I enjoyed very much to be honest. I was only having one small issue. When I try to tap the replay button on the side it would never work when I left the app to play a different game.I don’t know if this is just me or it’s just how it’s supposed to happen but it does that. That’s is the only issue I have but in total it really is good and I like it.
Great app
by Elora pepa on 2020/03/22 17:37
I love this app so much I have a play list for exercises and even if your phone turns off it still plays the music and I normally don’t write reviews but this app is too good not to write a great review about it I think that if you are looking for an app that plays music this is the app for you it also does not cost any money at all so this app is amazing
This app is great!!
by Akabourek on 2019/08/05 03:31
I was a little concerned the only reason Is because Musi was taken down and there are not a lot of good music apps out there and this one is basically the same thing and a little bit better. I always pleaded with the Musi team to put top 100 in there home page and they didn’t this one updates as well this app is amazing.
Love this app
by Demonwraith12 on 2019/12/18 11:54
I would give it a 5 star but there is one issue, when I am listening to music it would always stop some of the songs from being played but the next day they would be fixed and two other songs would do the same thing. It might just be a bug in my phone but I just want to make sure that other people don’t have the same issue
I really like it but..
by Maxie.. on 2020/04/10 02:13
I really like it I spend most of my time on this app but I can’t seem to figure out how to do the sleep timer so if someone could help me with that it would be amazing. But other than that I absolutely recommend this to people to use. It’s a completely free app including the music so I hope you get this and enjoy it!
by FashionQueen.dp on 2019/07/21 21:09
Everything about this app so far is just great. It works similar to an app I had before and there are no big software problems but I’m looking all over this app and there is no shuffle feature. It’s nice to play music but it would be better if there was a way the music didn’t just play in the order the songs are saved into playlist. There is no shuffle feature on the favorites or on the playlist. please fix it, if you can.
Search bar
by vffffbh on 2019/07/19 05:34
Ight I downloaded this app because the musi app got deleted off the App Store for no reason so I needed a new app. When I got this app the search bar wasn’t working. When I would search a song the results wouldn’t come up. This app seems new so I’m giving it a break. I see great potential in this app. Please can you fix this. Thank you!
Amazing but a bug
by SRTEE on 2019/08/04 18:27
This app is amazing I’ve been looking for a free to play music with no internet and this so far is the only app that actually works but there is one problem when you off the app and your playing a playlist after the video is over it doesn’t play the next song please fix this
I may be the only one with this problem but it’s annoying
by aliebear20 on 2020/03/31 17:17
I love the app don’t get me wrong but when I play my favorites after each song I have to open my phone for the next song to play. Like a song will play then it’s silence... then I have to stop what I’m doing and open my phone THEN the next song will play. If it’s just my stupid phone than I’m sorry but if it’s the app maybe you could fix it? Still love the app though.
2 major issues
by ejekbsbs on 2019/12/09 09:15
First off unless I’m in the app itself my music does not continue on to the next song even if it is on shuffle. Second it would be so nice if I could close my phone and be able to access the music from the lock screen. I feel the first concern is the biggest out of the two that needs to be figured out. What is the purpose of closing the app if I need to stay in the app in order for my music to shuffle. That entire feature should just disappear then.
Best I’ve used in last 5 years
by wwgebius on 2020/03/31 10:47
Everything about this music player is top-notch. The audio volume & quality is leagues better than the other ones I’ve used. I have yet to see this one lose network speeds either. I don’t know if the other ones got net-neutraled, but this one doesn’t for Verizon. Keep it up!
It works!!
by mimitheadhater on 2019/08/08 00:24
So me and my mom were searching for a music player and then we found this I had played some music and it played music (even at the home screen) so 10 minutes later I write this review and there is one thing bad about this I’m on an iPad and the screen is to small but other then that it’s good. 👍
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