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MVBit-Video Editor&Video Maker
MVBit is a supreme short video editing tool. Everyone could make the amazing lit videos beyond imagination. Check it! l Personalized Camera Tools l Various Graffiti Helping you to express better meaning of your emotion to videos l Text Effect Add personalized text and empower the text with lively special effect l Import Video Import multi videos to edit from local album Oops, forget to tell you our new awesome function. We are exciting to see so many amazing videos from biu creators so we think all of you deserved to let more people see your hyper videos! Big Move! l More people will watch your videos from home page. l Better post way and auto save your videos to your phone album. l Like and comment will enlarge your Biu world. One more time, Biustars will be closer to you, download it and start to make it happen! Should you encounter any technical problem during using Biu app, please email us at If you are interested in joining Biu community or want to share your funny videos, please search “Biuspace-Hyper Music Video Community” in Facebook. Let’s make some MVBit! MVBit MEMBERSHIP ON MOBILE MEMBERSHIP PRICING AND TERMS Introduction of MvBit VIP Auto-subscription Service Subscription payment method 1: MVBit membership costs $8.99 USD per week. This fee may be adjusted based on your country or region, we reserve the right of any fee adjustment. You can start the MVBit membership with a free 3-day trial. After the trial ends, you will be charged $ 8.99 USD per week. If the subscription is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, it will automatically renew. If you want to cancel your subscription, please go to iOS "Settings">  iTunes & App Store"> "Apple ID"> "Subscriptions" to manage your membership and turn off the auto-renewal. Once your membership purchase is confirmed, your iTunes account will be charged. How to subscribe: after launching the app, tap the subscription tab at the bottom. Subscription payment method 2: MVBit membership costs $98.99 USD per year. This fee may be adjusted based on your country or region, we reserve the right of any fee adjustment. Once the subscription is activated, it can not be refunded. $98.99 USD per year will be charged for subscribing the membership. If the subscription is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, it will automatically renew. If you want to cancel your subscription, please go to iOS "Settings"> "iTunes & App Store"> "Apple ID"> "Subscriptions" to manage your membership and turn off the auto-renewal. Once your membership purchase is confirmed, your iTunes account will be charged. How to subscribe: you can subscribe when purchasing a PRO template or after starting the APP.If you choose not to purchase the VIP membership of MVBit , you can continue to use MVBit for free. Read more about our terms and conditions here About PrivacyPolicy: About Auto-Renew User Agreement:
Love it💗
by Elliana✨ on 2021/02/09 19:47
I really think you should get this app. It is a fun video editor. You can make it in any type of mood you are in. These are the five reasons you should get it it’s FUN it is appropriate and I think you will really like it if you like editing this will be fun for you it’s different in a good way and you can do background stuff and a whole bunch of cool stuff. 🥰
by heeeeeeetttddddy on 2020/09/08 11:00
I like how you ruined the app.
It doesn’t work
by ki.slays on 2020/08/22 18:21
You have to pay to get most oh the editing and it loads really slow and most of it is premium furthermore I can’t make an edit it will crash before I can make an edit absolute trash
What the f bro
by idk some tiktok dude on 2020/06/19 03:45
So you went from noizz- free then biu- free NOE THIS WHICH IS I THINK 100$? What
by Maia Brown on 2020/05/31 17:05
I use to like it before they updated it. Now it’s trash and expensive
Feelings hurt
by Joiberry on 2020/05/16 03:36
This app used to be my favorite about until it got updated into what it is now.
by bxhdb bxksj on 2020/05/10 07:07
This app is great but I am having a hard time with putting my own videos in it like before... if you see this can you please fix this please
Super Offer.
by Kjs1139 on 2020/04/30 11:54
F**k all your offers!!
zero stars
by hmdgk on 2020/04/29 06:44
they ruined an amazing app, even if you pay for premium its just not the same, literally garbage now and what a shame.
Fake reviews being spammed check their dates
by Opology on 2020/04/23 20:19
These guys ruined this app. It used to be the best video editor and now they turned it into a whole another app and it’s so bad and you can’t do anything like how it used to be. All the recent reviews are fake, all from spam accounts in the same date lol April 9.
To Expensive
by i love this game play it on 2020/04/11 04:33
This game is to expensive plus I can’t figure out how to make my thing
Music won’t work
by Najhea Armani on 2020/04/10 17:51
Seems like a really cool app that I am trying! But I cannot get the music to work, it says It loading but it loads for a long time😕 any suggestions?
It’s not free anymore, now I need to pay 100$ to use
by powerpower14199 on 2020/04/09 20:46
I use this app frequently to make my edits and I based my whole career off this app, now they changed it to the point where I need to pay 100 for an app who’s effects are not even worth that much, I just made the most out of it and became so good with the effects, but now I don’t have the normal version and I don’t what to do, PLEASE RESPOND BACK SO I KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING, BECAUSE THIS IS MOT THE NOIZZ I WANTED, I LIKE THE ORIGINAL WHERE I CAN ADD MY OWN EFFECTS IN....
What’s with all the bots
by jakeblumenthal6 on 2020/04/09 15:49
It used to be good but then they ruined and made it hella expensive
by BbgSexyBifabu on 2020/04/09 09:24
I love it. You can put your own creativity into songs you love
by ikrckaya on 2020/04/09 09:17
What I like is the edits are awesome
by idvtyhWjc on 2020/04/09 09:12
They are really good and help and tel, you what you are doing they explain things very clearly and it’s really easy to make a video.
by zy ıe yıllvada on 2020/04/09 09:06
I just did the trial and it was coolio
This app is so good ❤️❤️❤️
by Gec çıkao,eneş hir on 2020/04/09 09:06
This app is very good I like how they put everything in
by Chin9uLyk027 on 2020/04/09 09:04
I love how I made my bestie edit
Please download it
by b3askR0o21 on 2020/04/09 09:04
This app is amazing so please download it it let you use sounds on a another video
I love it
by DJ_Wilie111l9 on 2020/04/08 22:46
I love the vibe and like it’s a great app
by LioeNkLgike on 2020/04/08 22:25
Am so happy this app helps u make edits with a lot of song that you may like
When bebe
by kr3a68hO on 2020/04/08 22:22
I really like this because u could actually make your pictures better and everything else
Best apl
by 20R51002B on 2020/04/08 22:22
I love this app when i got the free trial there were not water mark
Love this app! It’s so cool!
by Rdnaompe1son045r018 on 2020/04/08 22:18
This is such a good editing app I am getting A lot of fame!!
I love the app
by 大再?也 on 2020/04/08 22:03
But I need more opportunity’s to get more songs and music
by Js*.RicaRse on 2020/04/08 21:33
Uhhhhhhhhh it’s awesome
by 6 ardchin52773H4 on 2020/04/08 21:32
This is a really great app with amazing features, it can’t be beat. I love using this app for so many different things like, Valentine’s Day, couples pictures, using it with just pictures of me or of my friends and or family. It has the best sounds and transitions for your video and there is a lot of music in here that are really popular. I highly recommend this app as use for a 5 star video!!!!!
My view
by hblsndeGtoso on 2020/04/07 22:26
It’s very easy to just make a video and they have very happy music so I would recommend
by Bone0s1llyu7s2 on 2020/04/07 22:21
It’s a really good editing app I love it!!!
Best app ever
by naalindason2isu1r19 on 2020/04/07 22:16
They are very good I not yhe one to lie u get this app it’s amazing and u have to download to hear more actions speak louder than words.
The best app ever!
by ffffgjjkngtijK on 2020/04/07 22:12
It’s so much fun and it takes away your boredom!
Good app
by rarkB7Bk00a1021 on 2020/04/07 22:12
Although some you had to pay for
by Ri_non_ja1023 on 2020/04/07 22:12
This app will really help out my channel. I love the effects! I recommend you to download this app!!
by nriellAA]olz on 2020/04/07 22:04
I love this app so much!!It is sooo easy to do and make edits and has many ways to edit videoss love itttt
Really good app!!
by ja4k4u0H0w on 2020/04/07 22:03
I think this app is rlly good!and I would recommend getting if you have tik tok like I do it would be rlly helpful with making great videos with out having to do almost anything!!!
by kokaOdaPd on 2020/04/07 21:59
Really good quality app!
by 1oe___2j03 on 2020/04/07 21:57
Works very well , but I hate that ur not able to do certain one cause you have to pay and I’m just a kid so I can’t
Yep uhu
by a1mn9{44A on 2020/04/07 21:56
This is the best edit app I have ever seen u should definitely get this app I have told a lot of my friend about it and the love it soo much once you get it u will get addicted just watch
Best MVBit Ever ❤️
by an fedakalır ke on 2020/04/07 21:47
They are the best ever I love these they let me do any edits I want
I love it
by P2peere81012 on 2020/04/07 21:34
It’s really fun
by çastuü lü on 2020/04/07 21:28
I love it..I’m very satisfied
So good
by Mr_soome2211209 on 2020/04/07 21:28
The app the best
Why I love this app
by ökynzünüüügüc na on 2020/04/07 21:25
I love this app so much it is very easy to make my edits now I use this app on tictok and many other apps my fans love this app it is the best
5 stars
by o2k.col5e07kh on 2020/04/07 03:47
Amazing app
Love it
by LindaLH0312 on 2020/04/06 22:22
Yes recommend confusing at first but then it gets easier
Love it
by brennMn/aKE on 2020/04/06 22:17
I LOVE this app and that los on period
by raBoyli on 2020/04/06 22:14
This app helps out a lot with photo edits
I like it
by nie20cl32l on 2020/04/06 22:13
I like making my edits
MVBit is so cool app!
by PamCey6328 on 2020/04/06 22:05
This is amazing I love it
I love this app
by Lov3f5st920ei8 on 2020/04/06 22:04
This is a amazing app
The best
by AsS2D3a1d1231026 on 2020/04/06 22:02
I love this app
Awesome app
by eNwP,ol on 2020/04/06 22:00
I really like this app
by Jpotr1l104aa on 2020/04/06 21:56
Really great app continue to update though
I love this❤️❤️
by nhe-iTrdmaB0717 on 2020/04/06 21:52
The best editing app ever!!!! I definitely recommend this app to people, the best!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
by nafib1nk3a3 on 2020/04/06 21:51
I love this appp
Love it but...
by re,iddilğ ha on 2020/04/06 21:50
The app is amazing and performs greatly! But there is to many ads in the app. Besides that I think the app is amazing!
Great editing app
by eestsrAnguleNo on 2020/04/06 21:38
It’s s great app but it won’t let you pick your own music or how the way you want to edit your photos like Funimate do
by Kerwni#64120 on 2020/04/06 21:35
It make very good edits
by ga7ef-283f on 2020/04/06 21:24
I love it my edits come out so nice i love this app
by 1vutfcutfugvvj6cftydghi1g on 2020/04/06 21:17
This app is amazing the best app 5 stars
Omg love it
by 0aTMaishu-Nao12i8 on 2020/04/06 21:14
It’s clean it is nice you don’t have to edit you have to just pick out pictures and it does everything else
by 2mrd2uorowmma on 2020/04/05 22:16
I never knew how to make edits and this helped thank you
Really good app
by Tshh0k919 on 2020/04/05 22:07
It’s a really good ap. I love it so much. Now I could do edits for my friends.
by W0ndSira71a1n on 2020/04/05 22:05
Even tho you can’t take good picks,post it anyway
This app is amazing I love it
by Derotmdocn%sueev on 2020/04/05 22:02
This app is very good to use and that’s why I give it 5 stars
The good
by Smyrt:ascabra on 2020/04/05 21:59
The new version of this is what it says is the same thing you are doing and what it can to get to is what it can to do is what it can do to do what it can do to get the app and what it is is what you do to do what it can to get to what it can to do to do what it can to get you can
I love this app!❤️❤️
by itXne173 on 2020/04/05 21:48
This is the best app ever. It makes the edit for me which makes it ten times better so it doesn’t take you hours to do. I also like it because it makes me have a good laugh seeing my best friends funny faces just pop up!
Love it
by aPuniqinq on 2020/04/05 21:46
I love this app I recommend 100%
Great app, love it
by Unappreciagi0eInsattramer on 2020/04/05 21:39
Easy to use, TikTok music hits. Great for stories and to make your own promo video.
Love it!
by aMr8cmc3 on 2020/04/05 21:32
So my friend said I should download this app to make edits of Ariana Grande so I did and it’s so fast and easy I absolutely love it keep up the great work
How good MVBit is
by Whueevr4t7er0v07 on 2020/04/05 21:30
MVBit is so good when I started I was so happy
So cool,it's great!
by hloveyhunota<ahhaIhao on 2020/04/05 21:27
I love this app so freaking much!!!
Love it
by W1zfHidzledlzz03o6 on 2020/04/05 21:26
It’s an cool app I’m a very lazy person so this is very helpful sense I’m not to good with “editing”
Helpful and creative
by Tess3Finl0ye2a0 on 2020/04/05 21:26
I love this app so much it’s so cool and helps me make cool edits of me and my friends or family and then I can just post it on TikTok. I would definitely recommend getting this app
Amazing app!
by QcihkSlt|ou on 2020/04/05 21:24
This app is amazingly amazing! I really don’t have anything bad to say! Keep up the good work!
by kip1t931eo1 on 2020/04/05 21:17
They have good edits nd you don’t need video star
by XP1020a30sadn on 2020/04/05 00:20
I recommend this app because if you cant edit a video with transitions download this app now! There are diffrent songs with transitions with it and it shows you how it would look. All you have to do is pick your photos and with one simple click your edit is done. This app in my opinion is better than Video Star because you dont have to do alot of work. You are also able to see your edit when it’s done and you don’t even have to spend money to make it. So why are you still reading this go download the app!
I love this app
by _oqXfiGne on 2020/04/04 22:33
I love this app just make it so we have more space to put Gacha characters and stuff
by Ble2P94008u on 2020/04/04 22:23
I think the editing is so amazing! I love it and the way it can just input the photos so easily without you having to edit it that much like other apps. (I’m so extra haha)
Love it!
by ievtLttot!!! on 2020/04/04 22:19
Omg I love all of these options and even though some are locked unless you pay the ones open are so cool! It’s so easy to use and I just love it! Recommend it to everyone!
Best editing app
by IJmAusttisppaoinDe.d on 2020/04/04 22:19
It’s the best editing app I came across so far ! Even though u can’t make your own edits , they make them so great ! I recommend this
This app is amazing!
by l6d9�eluciak on 2020/04/04 22:18
I live this app! But i have a few suggestions.. maybe, we can make a custom music video, and add our own music. For free!
MVBit is Amazing
by yB3ounCrD062t on 2020/04/04 22:10
With one click you can create a master piece that you can share with everyone to see. And you can show off your creativity in your decisions with MVBit.
by 2reyteaFheG10r30611 on 2020/04/04 21:55
I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!! It’s amazing I use it to edit my vids for TikTok all the time I recommend it
Love the app
by mzam l aesene on 2020/04/04 21:55
Awesome appp❤️
Good job
by p0ussJepe610 on 2020/04/04 21:46
This editing app is so good!!!
It’s good but one some problem
by T8ssS2oThoes0ew5 on 2020/04/04 21:44
So I was making a edit of me and when I post it, it shows me up close and goes to normal, it kept on doing it which was kinda annoying but otherwise good app!
by Wizlbehthppayloy on 2020/04/04 21:28
I love this app so much makes amazing edits and works well
This is such a good app
by Cheles1aJa404 on 2020/04/04 21:28
I’ve been using this for the past 3 days and I’m absolutely in love with this app, I’ve showed it to all my friends and they’ve all fallen in love too. I hope I can get a reply so I can help you with a few changes, have a good day
I like it
by BuigeaMrnra871520 on 2020/04/04 21:22
Like it but y’all need more songs
Dis apps is aight
by M}T-iaomhmi on 2020/04/03 22:38
It’s a good app but it’s a little glitchy and add a little bit more pics into the edit so it’s not repeating plz
by 2rAlberF04t7 on 2020/04/03 22:35
I really love this app the app is so good it’s for people I can’t get video star videos so good they’re so good and it just so you can get other things on there at two not three were available to you it’s so easy to use it has really good quality really good sounds than the other apps don’t pay a lot of money if you don’t have the skills just to get the things that you want on there and the best thing is you can import it so you can do if any more things do you music intro on your very own YouTube videos so I really like that a lot I do have a minute five stars of coarse going to need to use this app throughout the I really love this app the app is so good it’s for people I can’t get video star videos so good they’re so good and it just so you can get other things on there at two not three
The Best
by POSN9Z 9A on 2020/04/03 22:21
This app is so amazing i love it so much I can edit the videos it is so cool I love this really recommended pls use it the best app ever
It’s all good.
by Wa14on038d72N7 on 2020/04/03 22:19
Just the things to pay, like membership or premium things. But the types of edits work with whatever and are not something you could easily make on your own, it does make the editing easier.
❤️I love it!
by meneelnjbart0503 on 2020/04/03 22:17
Great app I never thought u would discover this app it’s great my friends love me that much more
by LazebthraLi0304 on 2020/04/03 22:13
I would totally recommend this app to all of my friends and family...luck enough,all of my friends-Fam have this app bc of me!We all love it bc unlike Funimate.... You guys make edits soooo much easier...Funimate waist way more time than MVBit.For this app all you have to do it choose an edit/Filter and choose your pics and then it will automatically be made for you...
by B4e8rki0818 on 2020/04/03 22:06
Perfect app when ur to lazy to edit your own edits you can just select pictures and it’s done in secondes highly recommended
Love the App!
by TorresIIKenneth on 2018/09/21 09:16
Its Truly enjoyable. I anticipate future upgrades. Why I’m here right now is because of the watermark, as an artist a ‘tool’/option like this is very encouraging yet not having the option to remove the watermark makes it less appealing. Granted it’s understandable from a marketing stand point to have it there, especially that it is a free app with many unique integrations, it’s about creating art at this point. It feels unique enough with just the effects that every other option is something else to almost consider; that’s just my taste, I intend on play around a bit more: a whole section of logo variations is a little much lol. I get even the spiritual context as everything is a its own window to create a message. Simply, idyjust love to be able to not have a watermark, give a shout-out instead of having to work around it - post/pre render. I understand if it doesn’t change, I’m just glad I got to talk about it with hopes it could potentially be adjusted in some way, maybe smaller, more of an actual watermark with a lower opacity, at the end or beginning of any clip, just a little less pronounced would be ideal. Looking forward to more effect variations (color, shape, lighting, form, masking, enhancements), the potential for a higher resolution output, more independent musicians/artists. I’ve yet to upload any sounds myself (would be useful if the upload address link was active) output. It’s artfulness is what makes it unique. Thankful Compromises. Thank you.
Top 2 fav editing app
by Looney Loba on 2019/01/08 11:30
Love, love, love this app. It’s definitely one of the top best apps for video effects, HOWEVER, I don’t remember there being a huge watermark on any of the videos I created on the app before. Now not only is there a watermark but it’s GIANT. Watermarks and the inability to remove them (or if the price for removing a watermark is unreasonable)- I usually immediately delete the app because I can’t stand watermarks. It takes away from the video and, in my personal opinion, I’ve always thought watermarks make the video look ghetto, like it was edited on a cheap busted app lol like those old ugly MySpace layouts that looked busted af with that billboard looking “HotLayouts” advertisement on the corner😂😂 anyways I’ve held onto this app just because I remember a time where the videos DIDNT have the watermark, and I’m PRAYING it’s not a permanent adjustment for the app. Since I don’t use apps with watermarks (if the watermark remains) I will unfortunately have to delete the app because it serves no use to me any longer. Other than that, top of the line effects!! Just wish they weren’t trashed out by the watermark🙄
Can’t upload my videos on Snapchat
by LilBrok3Boi on 2018/06/05 02:58
This app is seriously so cool! I downloaded it simply to edit my long-boarding videos.. but I only use Snapchat to socialize and it won’t let me post my video on my Snapchat story :( I would give this app a huge 5 stars if it wasn’t for that but that literally killed my vibe. If I was able to upload my videos onto my Snapchat i would come back a re-rate you with five stars immediately. It’s all I want. Otherwise I have no other use for this app :(( if I can’t show my cool videos on the only app that I use to socialize then what’s the point? My friends would literally find this so cool and every body that I ride with would use your app every single day! 100% Please make this happen and your app would literally blow up here in my area. Boarding is really big here and this app would take off so fast but Snapchat is also the main source of socializing here too, so they need to be compatible in order to blow up. Snapchat stories can only be so long so the short video editing system that you guys have going on would be so perfect for Snapchat users to edit there videos. Between partying, boarding, vacation, it’s all posted onto Snapchat everyday and this app would make it ten times more fun. You guys allowed me to make simple video of me cursing on my board look like I was completely living life and having the most fun in the world! PLEASE FIX THIS and you will see my five stars right away along with everyone I know! Thank you!!
Bugs/issues should be priority; NOT PROFIT!
by Bound_2this on 2019/04/28 08:37
This app is starting to really tick me off now. In your previous update, there was a persistent issue where I could not access my likes, comments, or my followers. The only way for me to access them is through my phone notifications. Even after I am taken to the page through my notifications, when I click out, it takes me immediately to the home screen. There is LITERALLY no way for me to access them in the app. This recent update did not address that issue at all. Instead you opted for pushing out a membership feature that cost $4 a month. While I don’t have a problem with that feature itself, I do have a problem with you putting new features into your app without addressing the issues at hand. I’m very active on this application. I have almost 5000 followers and would love to support the app further by purchasing this membership and make better content, but this app still has major issues that need to be addressed and I do not think that I will be giving you any of my money until those problems are fixed. If there is no improvement at all, then I will most likely delete the app altogether and take my content elsewhere. :(
Not worth 5 ⭐️
by BLACK WIDOW GIRL 147 on 2018/07/31 20:44
This is actually a really good app. Nice effects, it’s free, you can post your work, it’s really easy to use and it even lets you add music and extract music! But the thing is that the music collection isn’t very diverse. They have a section where it’s Noizz music made by the app creators and a section were pop music, rock music and etc. can be found! But they don’t have all the songs and the way the searching tool works really needs to be fixed! You can search up a song and not find it but if you search the artist of the song it shows? That doesn’t make sense at all. And you can only get a 13 second clip. When I make noizz videos I add them all together but it’s weird when you keep having to restart the song because they don’t have the full audio. And I wish they would have like complimentary videos so you could practice on for new beginners or even remix! Overall it’s ok but it definitely has potential that’s not being fully met at all and needs to be improved.
Great app but room for improvement
by bhbjuicy on 2018/08/12 01:39
Was looking for something similar to after effects for iOS and was very impressed. A few suggestions, you should make it possible to edit videos longer than 15 seconds, I made a minute and a half long video and was unable to synch the music with the effects since I had to edit each clip individually. I did really enjoy the effects and would love to see more of them. As well as maybe an editable version of that swag effect. Or at least other variations of it. But definitely the biggest inconvenience is the 15 second limit. Without that limitation and as long as you keep pushing out more effects it will definitely be a 5 star from me.
New update is really good but needs some new effects
by KYLAN DEWAYNE THOMAS on 2018/07/19 15:59
I love this new update with all these new effects y’all have added to y’all app all this app needs is to be able to add transitions effects and be able to make videos longer and be able to add photos to videos and more flash effects and dope bass effects and dope blur effects and shake effects This already has so much potential but it will have way more potential if y’all add all the effects I just suggested and some more text effects and graffiti effects and some really cool animation effects this app basically like ur using Sony Vegas pro on ur computer if y’all keep up with what y’all are doing with this app it’s going to be awesome this is a five star rating app for me can’t wait to see what y’all going to add next
Not a fan of the update
by Muehlbowser on 2019/01/10 19:12
I don’t often take/edit videos, so I haven’t used this app in a while. This update might not be new to the app, but it’s new to me. The last time I used it, it was just for editing videos. Now it’s kind of like vine, where you post the videos you edit within the app. For me it’s kind of useless, and more annoying than anything that that’s the first thing I see when I open the app. Also, there’s now a massive watermark that’s saved on your videos. I don’t remember that being there in the past, but I’ll usually pay the 0.99¢ to have it removed. I just can’t seem to find that as option here. The effects on this are great, and I think it’s hard to come by an app that let’s you edit a video as in depth as this does, but I’ll probably delete it since I can’t get rid of the watermark.
Sexual things.
by Mia59393958294939573 on 2019/01/02 01:07
This app is giving me an appropriate notifications and I don&#39;t like it I just want to go into detail I don&#39;t like how I&#39;m getting like sexual notifications and it&#39;s not cool I&#39;m only 10 and don&#39;t say I don&#39;t need to have this app I want to edit my videos please don&#39;t put an appropriate notifications because some kids have this app and they get no inappropriate notifications and then their parents check their device and see that it&#39;s him kids want this app in and I don&#39;t like it how I&#39;m getting inappropriate and vacations like hey you wanna go out with me and and then says at the top sexy body sexy face whatever. It&#39;s I feel uncomfortable it&#39;s very like I don&#39;t know uncomfortable for other people to see this and then other people harassing poor little kids calling them to sexy whatever I don&#39;t now. Please fix this or I uninstall the app please I want this app if I get an inappropriate notifications I&#39;m on installing this app for good.
Very Cool But...
by allekdoepqpqkd on 2018/09/26 15:06
I downloaded this app so I can make a type of videos call AMVs (Anime Music Videos), don’t get me wrong it works, but, Noizz isn’t picking Up my full photo gallery so when I try to make a slideshow with it it doesn’t show all the photos I’m trying to put in it, I’ve tried deleting and recovering the pics, I restarted my phone, I even deleted some of my photos just for it but nothing worked, another thing is Music, a lot of the music I want to put isn’t here ;(, but compared to the photo problem I don’t really care about the music problem, so try to see if you can research what is going on with the photo gallery bug.
Good app so far // Future?
by bry mcgee on 2018/06/30 22:11
I love this app in all honesty. Isn’t clunky like a lot of other filter and effects apps and makes things look smooooth. I cant wait till more things start to get added to this app I was also curious as to wether a paid version was going to come out later on? Not to knock on the app itself but I like making edits and if I could remove the watermark it would make my videos a lot better. I’m sure that many people like myself would be willing to pay for this type of service with maybe some more control over editing and adding effects. Still overall a good app!
Great App, but...
by jdndidndjdid on 2018/06/05 14:02
Love the app! The effects are great and easy to work with. The video quality is fantastic, and the finished product is certainly A+. A couple things though— To make Noizz even better I would suggest giving the option of editing an already existing video in your camera roll. On my phone it won’t let me search for songs, only letting me pick from the featured list. So that is somewhat annoying, Other than that, great app! Can’t wait to see what the developers do moving forward.
by XP1020a30sadn on 2020/04/05 00:20
I recommend this app because if you cant edit a video with transitions download this app now! There are diffrent songs with transitions with it and it shows you how it would look. All you have to do is pick your photos and with one simple click your edit is done. This app in my opinion is better than Video Star because you dont have to do alot of work. You are also able to see your edit when it’s done and you don’t even have to spend money to make it. So why are you still reading this go download the app!
by Timi M on 2018/06/25 01:16
The most beautiful app I&#39;ve ever used. I went in expecting nothing like most snooze-fest editing apps. Opened in a few seconds it told me to film. I went from 0 to Steven Spielberg in like 2 minutes. So crisp. Easy directions, step by step walk through, and the smoothest transitions between sections of the video ever. Built in filters, and effects. 11/10 would recommend, and would use again. The guys/gals who made this need a pay raise. Cherry on top; when I was done it was FREE... FREE!?!? It downloaded straight to my phone. May eternal joy rain down on the devs. PREMIUM PRODUCT!
Love it but wish vids could be longer
by V3RTRIX on 2018/06/05 17:53
Absolutely love the app and how accurate a lot of the editing is for videos without having to have a tracking point. Only thing I’d suggest for an update in the future would be to allow for longer videos and maybe a ton more effects. Maybe even having a premium paid option for longer videos without a water mark etc. I know I’d pay a couple bucks just for those features, thanks for the dope app!
Very good with one vital flaw
by Ike diesel1 on 2018/05/28 16:27
I would have rated it a 5 star but the fact that you can only do 15 second clips and not up to a full minute is why I can’t give this 5 stars I don’t know why they would limit the length but that is the only thing holding this app back from being the best visual effects editor in the App Store literally!!!!! Please fix this soon before another app steals your thunder and copies your success and takes it a step further by just simply removing the 15 second limit you have it’s such and easy fix I’m sure your development team could fix it in a day
One of the Best Editor Apps
by Plxshie on 2018/10/22 01:24
I love this app so much and it’s so cool how all these effects can be put into one video! Great job! My only problem with this app is that if u record a slowmo video from your iPhone it plays it without the slowmo part in the Noizz app. It changed it from a slowmo to a regular video. I wish that u can change this so that we can bring up cool slowmo videos to the app. It’s really cool. Please if u can add in slowmo support with the iPhone slowmo usage in camera. Once again awesome app guys!
Very cool app but....
by dirtychailatte on 2018/08/26 13:36
I really love all the different tools and effects on this app. Only thing is you can only make a video up to 15 seconds!? Also when you upload videos there’s no option to rearrange the order of clips which means if you want to change order you have to keep starting all over. Which makes making a 15 sec video way longer than it should..I hope developers can extend the duration in the next update and maybe make a few tweaks to the controls. Other than that, probably one of the best effects an editor can offer!
Amazing app 1 bug fix
by YTCxpitalSZN on 2019/07/24 03:56
Amazing app but there is 1 thing that I don’t like when i select my video Its in 1080p/HD quality but after when I process the video it goes into 240p or 360p quality can you do anything to fix this thanks. This app still deserves five stars great mechanics and edits to sum the overall app up I think it is amazing and would recommend because the watermark is gigantic and obnoxious for example Kinemaster or power director this app deserves a Definite five stars.
Amazing app 🔥
by Uhh,,Gayyy on 2018/05/26 23:26
This app is amazing, I would give it 5 stars if videos were much longer than 15 seconds! Also if a double affect was added just like the triple affect and also being able to overlap effects 🙌🏼 And users being able to edit the color being used on all the effects 🔥 and also if we were able to control the amount of the effect being used. Get back to me and let me know what you think(; I wouldn’t mind paying a dollar for these features
I love the app and the effects and as you have seen... there’s two things that need improvement
by Matthew Chorvat on 2019/03/25 20:27
I really love the ease of being able to pick really cool effects... great app... but the two vital problems are the fact that when I import my clips, the video gets very low quality... and of course... the watermark. Any chance for you to help out with this and have a way to pay a couple bucks to remove the watermark? Also with the video quality being lossless?
Not that good
by OhSnapitzJazmine on 2019/05/01 04:02
This app is overall great! I had this app for a week because of the effects and transitions. They are really cool and fancy. After a while, if I try to edit a long video that is like 2 min, they put it to 60 sec. that is ok, but when you get to edit the video with effects there is a music delay. So the music begins at least 0.03 seconds before the actual video. I tried to shorten the video that is 2 min to 60 sec. I tried to edit it but it still did not work. I tried other clips that are at least 30 sec long. The audio and video work perfectly fine. I don’t know what is wrong
Love this app but lacks in certain places
by Cashout_Matt on 2019/02/23 08:52
I have used your app in various videos but not too long ago I was trying to add background music to a 30 second video and your app didn’t let me trim it all the way . I was kind of annoyed and I hope that you address this problem because there is nothing I can find that matches what I need in this app so please update so the music is for longer periods of time. Love the app and I hope you see this.
Kinda Disappointed
by maarigotfaanz on 2018/07/22 17:49
.well i really liked the “noizz” app when it was first released but i just went to try and make a vid and it was brought to my attention that the video duration has to be 15 sec long or less?? I dont like that choice because me and other individuals make at least 30 sec long videos and noizz is a GREAT way to put effects on the vids but its hard when it can only be 15sec.. please change that setting if its possible and i will surely use the app again when the duration of the videos are changed .
Install this app it’s a five star
by NXTudryaiAlaioAbnNXTM on 2020/04/03 21:41
Hi I wanted to write a review of this app and I just want to say that it is a really good app but the only thing is that you don’t get to choose your own edit but it goes with the beat that you choose of the song so anybody that’s new it comes with you step-by-step on what to do which is good some other apps that I’ve installed don’t have that and I’ll give us a five star so please you
60s Max
by JLJKLAY on 2019/06/26 22:34
This is a really good app for editing. I enjoy all of the effects and all of that good stuff, the only thing i don’t like is that your video can only be 60 seconds. i’m trying to get into editing music videos and not very many songs are only one minute. i’m not sure if i have to pay for more than one minute or i’m just missing a settings but it would be helpful to be able to edit longer videos.
by 6 ardchin52773H4 on 2020/04/08 21:32
This is a really great app with amazing features, it can’t be beat. I love using this app for so many different things like, Valentine’s Day, couples pictures, using it with just pictures of me or of my friends and or family. It has the best sounds and transitions for your video and there is a lot of music in here that are really popular. I highly recommend this app as use for a 5 star video!!!!!
The Effects😍🔥👍
by XxGaming Expert on 2018/05/23 00:28
I’m so glad I found this on Snapchat I’m a youtuber who makes editing videos and this app is perfect everything is free and the effects are bomb thank you so much for making this app possible and I hope to see more effects from this app since I’ll probably use it for most of my editing from now on Thank You 😊 Sincerely,Alexander
Very good and clean effects but..
by jerome__h on 2018/06/06 21:55
As mentioned above there is a huge variety of effects that are very sharp and look professional, however as someone who is used to a standard linear editing format, this is confusing. Additionally, the format for adding effects is horrible: swiping to add in effects for a certain time limit. Perhaps this is because this is a mobile app, but nevertheless is a serious oversight. No other video editing application does that for good reason. Would give 3.5 stars if I could.
It’s good but won’t have all my photos
by Pinkiepie Leanna on 2018/10/19 21:24
I really enjoy this app but the only issue is it won’t show me all of my photos and the photos it won’t show are the photos I really wanna use which did upset me. If that issue did not occur I would’ve gave it 5 stars but unfortunately it won’t save all my photos so please do an update on fixing that so I will enjoy the app even more. Thank you for reading and have a nice day/night
I literally use this app for all my dancing videos
by Comedian jake on 2019/02/10 22:25
This app is raw 🔥🔥🔥 there just needs to be more effects. For example I do a dance called “Hit them folks” and sometimes we don’t always have a camera man to shake the camera every time I hit the beat so can you add like a shake effect?? And please fix the resolution problem it’s making the quality of my videos drop dramatically
Great app but....
by 3tresthree on 2018/08/30 01:21
Hey I love this app it’s not confusing and everything is free as far as I know this is way better than video editor because I actually know what I’m doing but there is one problem or for me anyway that I don’t like I don’t really like how you can only edit a video that’s only 15 seconds long...I wish that you can edit a video for how ever long you want so maybe you could change that anyway that’s for the app :)
Pretty Sick but...
by StreeetBat on 2018/07/16 21:34
Look the effects and ease to which you can just do a quick edit are unrivaled by any other app, however there needs to be an option to do longer videos. Like many other users have said, I’d be okay if it was even behind a paywall, but 15 sec. is really just not enough time and limits the app as well as doesn’t allow for the entire potential of this software to be realized.
Read if you wanna
by iOS 7 is a no on 2018/06/03 23:04
I honestly thought this was just gonna be another one of those cash grab apps that gives you ads every 10 seconds but this app is actually pretty fun and cool. It takes a little time to learn but other than that it’s a pretty great app. The only thing I DONT like is how you can only edit 15 seconds of a video at a time. It’s really not that big of a deal but I hope it can be fixed in the future
Cant upload music for my videos :(
by yoyawe on 2019/07/25 17:51
I love this app and i recently upgraded it too! I was trying to make a video using my own music and it told me to go on the website and upload the music from there. I uploaded the song 2 times and even tried a different song too and i cant find my songs on the app .. dont really know what to do now and i just really want this problem resolved !
Best Effect App for videos!!!!
by DazzyFox on 2019/07/03 17:36
I had recently got this app for adding effects to my videos and this app was just it. This is the only app that promises great effects and at no cost! One thing I would recommend to fix is how when the video process so I can add effects, the video quality is low than my original video. Please fix this if it’s a bug. Amazing App!!!!
Good, but needs some work
by Candy Catsune on 2018/11/16 15:45
Okay I’m going to be completely honest, I LOVE this app. All of the effects are super neat and come out great, but that’s only for photo edits. Videos, not so much. The effects when you apply them to videos, come out very rough and laggy, unlike the photos. Some of the effects work fine for videos like the filters, and the ord effects. The ones that aren’t as great are the trans effects, which are the ones that could use some work. Other than that, love this app.
It’s good but...
by SKULLKING A BIT on 2019/03/05 01:31
Overrall the app is really good I’m not that much of a fan of the new update but it is still one of my favorite apps to use while editing the only downside is the watermark and one question can you guys make a feature that i can upgrade to a pro version to remove the watermark? But I live the effects I love to edit my videos on it still i would give it a solid 4.5 Great Job!
Awesome App
by xd Ares15 on 2019/04/24 01:37
I am impressed with this new update and the overall app. It helps in every situation, even in my case with gaming clips. The only problem is that the effects have a downside with my game clips. The resolution turns to like 720p clips to 360p. It’s annoying and hard to decipher smaller details. It’s annoying but I’m sure you developers will fix this. Thanks for the app, it’s great!
A great app !
by yelkamel on 2018/06/19 11:22
I’m French mobile developer so I know how it’s difficult to do what you did ! Good job guys ! Just two thing, it will be great if we can upload video of 1min (not only 15sec) maybe it’s to difficult to manage And a feature where we can we remove noizz app logo in our video by paying something ? I know I can’t trim the bottom but it’s little bit hacky haha ;)
Super great fun!
by Ciderccino on 2018/05/14 11:20
I’ve been using this app for quite a while, and just couldn’t lift my hands off of it right now! It is such a great app that you can use all kinds of hi-tech effects and fancy lens to edit your clips. All the magical effects are just so amazing. I’ve been receiving tons of likes from people all over the world ever since I started posting videos onto this app. Great job Noizz!
Awesome app but only one thing I’m upset about
by Mikebb258 on 2018/07/19 15:48
This app is very cool and it has a good amount of edits for a FREE app but uuuhhh do you guys plan on making the duration of videos to 1 minute? I find 15 seconds is a little outdated being that Instagram allows up to one minute per video. I dj and this app would be perfect if the duration of ones video can be up to a minute, Ben if your not doing anything spectacular I still find 15 seconds is way too short.
Best app ever....except
by LOLLY_POP🍭🍭🍭 on 2018/07/22 20:53
Wow. Hands down best app for visual effects....only one problem. The 15 second duration is quite short, I would’ve given it five stars if it didn’t have such a short duration. Highly recommend this app still. This app gets past all the junk that other apps have, there is no ads, and the app doesn’t crash. Couldn’t have asked for better effects either!
It’s good just a few things...
by natal3i_ on 2019/07/24 04:11
The app is good but i believe that you should add a setting where you can make your account private or public and you should add more comedy and the new and updated music/ music with remixes. When recording you should be allowed to zoom. You should also be allowed to do a duet with someone’s video kinda similar to tik tok. Please take my review into consideration because I believe it could also bring more people to this app thank you.
Please help
by Respawn32chicago on 2019/06/20 21:17
I absolutely love this app it’s free and amazing there’s just on slight issue that has been happening for a long time now and I’ve been trying everything to get it to work but nothing seems to be fixing it the issue is when I try to edit the pictures into the video and when I try to add the effects into it it comes out really really choppy PLEASE HELP otherwise AMAZING APP I LOVE IT!!!
Nice app
by 6663738383 on 2018/07/07 07:39
I love the app . I love how you guys developed an app with so many features unlike other apps. I just wish there was a was to remove the water mark . Can you guys maybe make it were you can edit longer videos and etc . I appreciate the creativity you guys have . I love it .keep pushing it’s the key to success . Thank you for making the app !!
by Billie Eyelash yeet yeet on 2019/09/20 22:39
Hi! Noizz has been a teensy bit laggy and my sound works but when I go to Noizz my sound doesn’t work at all! Also when I’m editing it won’t cooperate with me like if I want to play the video it won’t play and when I’m adding the effect it only puts on for a little bit please fix it I have as much detail as possible!
by Blackhomie123 on 2018/08/01 06:55
I would give this app a 5 star but this app has pro and cons. Lets start with the CONS on this APP!!! 1. It doesn’t have a lot of variety of music to pick from 2. When comes to sharing a video the quality is not to Great, the best quality is 240p or even lower which is not very good NOW the PRO!!! 3. This app is really good for editing video. I edit videos very well and sometimes I can’t use my Mac so I use my phone to finish up touches, their are other apps that are good for editing such as this one, but the major problem with this app is the quality and I know for sure that If this app could fix the problems that me and the people are having, I’m sure this app would be up there with the other famous editing apps or even can become the best.
by Crazy Girl?! on 2018/12/22 04:36
It WAS great until today, whenever I tried to make a new video, it would freeze up and wouldn’t let the video play. It’s not my phone, or my internet since it’s only with this app and I even tried it on someone else’s phone at there house. Every time I try to watch the preview it stops after about 0.5 second has gone by. It’s super annoying because I can’t even do transition because of it! Hello!
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