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poker face: Texas Holdem Live
Join the Most Authentic and Popular Poker App in the world for free! Pokerface is a Group Video Chat Poker Game that will bring you and your friends together. Have a real poker night without leaving your house. Connect with your homeboys and Join millions of players to meet new poker players around the World. Download poker face Now, Invite your friends and feel the heat of the game! Get up to $1,000,000 welcome bonus. ◉ SOCIAL POKER EXPERIENCE: Distance does not matter anymore, emerge yourself into the pool of fun and excitement! Challenge your friends to poker games, and meet new friends online. Pokerface has the strongest community of any poker game around the world. ◉ PRIVATE TABLES: Play texas hold'em Poker any time, no matter where you are. Throw a poker house party for your bros or make new friends online. This game will enable you to have fun in real-time with your friends. Everything that you love poker for, is now at the tips of your fingers. ◉ WORLDWIDE: Meet new poker friends in poker table miles away from home and zoom yourself into the game!! Playing and conversing with real people was never more fun than now. MAIN FEATURES: Group Video Chat Poker Game Real-time video chat Poker with your friends live 24/7 for Free! Daily Missions We like to surprise our players with crazy missions and gifts every day! Lucky Bonus Spin the wheel, try your luck and win a bunch of chips! Look in your opponent’s eyes! Good at keeping a poker face? Show the world that the real poker pro is in the house. Keep calm and hit your biggest pot!! Bring your friends together, play, have fun, and get that real poker game feel. Fair Play Your luck and good strategies are all you need to win here! The cards in the game are shuffled randomly, leaving no room for cheating. Connect with us on social: Facebook: Twitter: @pokerface_game Instagram: @pokerface_game *Practice or success at a social poker casino gaming does not imply future success at 'real money' gambling. *This game is intended for an adult audience for amusement purposes only and does not offer 'real money' gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based gameplay.
Boot and show hand
by smalldogonporch on 2022/01/17 02:27
The table should have the power to vote someone off the table, requiring 4 votes for being rude etc. Also the player should have the right to show his/her hand if no one call him/her.
#1 poker app alive!
by Boogzie1977. on 2022/01/16 05:53
I wish I could watch adds for free chips. I usually don’t like the adds for chips but this poker app in the goat! .
by True Lu on 2022/01/15 19:55
Happy always
by joeymarmelo on 2022/01/15 01:53
Great game !!
Great app
by nuckb1997 on 2022/01/14 14:34
Can’t complain
Got a new game!!!!
by viprincess82 on 2022/01/14 08:22
This game is fun and someone is always there to play.
by sloe2112 on 2022/01/14 07:27
Super awesome
by Antlolalol on 2022/01/14 06:41
Good game
by cmsles on 2022/01/14 06:25
Sat very good
by ripxripxXXxX on 2022/01/14 03:01
Fun game
by Darrion porter on 2022/01/13 23:59
Super fun nice to have FaceTime and voice w the poker
Great game!!!
by Guythingmandude on 2022/01/13 18:57
Fun to play
Love this game
by alexy demy on 2022/01/13 18:21
Best live gameever
by gettygamer2010 on 2022/01/13 17:43
Nice game
by macaframalMma on 2022/01/13 15:13
Sick game
by chaos 7272 on 2022/01/13 14:48
I wish it was another way to get chips
Worst poker app ever
by tired of crappy poker apps on 2022/01/13 02:09
Hit the nuts on the flop and someone will beat you with nothing by the river. To many bots app should just be deleted!!!
Very interesting
by Twinlo112288 on 2022/01/12 22:50
Good game
Good game
by beanzgoonin on 2022/01/11 12:05
Good game
by ty bri on 2022/01/11 02:30
awesome game and fun!
Decent game but bugs will make you lose chips. So don’t buy any.
by Nob'l on 2022/01/11 01:44
Its a decent game to play. Biggest gripe I have is that if you lose Internet connection instead of booting you from the table it keeps you there and you lose your chips for every hand that is played while it’s trying to reconnect. Happened to me more times than I can count and the connection drops frequently whereas I don’t have that problem with any other apps. I went into a table that was 50k/100k didn’t even get to do the first check and the connection failed. When I went back to the lobby 2M was gone. BIG ripoff! SN: Never ever will you see so many 4 of a kinds, straights, and flushes though lol
Love it
by Awesome world on 2022/01/10 21:16
How do people have more than others not by winning they say they know people that gives them free chips
by lorapennachio on 2022/01/10 20:14
Where the spin wheel that is advertised with 8million 25 million 5 million like to know
by jimmymohan on 2022/01/10 16:18
by sarahjeter on 2022/01/10 01:42
Is a great game to play when you can’t sleep or may not just have anything to do.
by jimenez jernandez j on 2022/01/09 06:06
by joyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on 2022/01/09 04:43
by Rosebud3 on 2022/01/08 22:58
This game is so much fun. Love it!!
Live poker
by impure8008 on 2022/01/08 21:37
Great live poker no bots
by 808_kidd on 2022/01/08 19:06
Recommend this app
love it
by Orianitaflopy on 2022/01/08 16:20
best poker
by teddybearpimp on 2022/01/08 12:51
I never see the end of a hand. Even if I win it just tries to sell me more chips. Sorry but that’s not sexy.
by Stephanieboutabag on 2022/01/08 12:29
by sharkpip on 2022/01/08 08:02
good game play for hours.
by will91567 on 2022/01/08 03:30
by pokerbully123 on 2022/01/08 02:08
Cool game
by Bobpyle on 2022/01/08 00:29
Cold gam
Fun idea for online poker!
by Bot122345556667 on 2022/01/07 20:32
I love how you can see your opponent face to face while you play.
by Dickin Machiken on 2022/01/07 17:19
Super fun to play with friends and also make new friends along the way!
Great game
by mikewcs on 2022/01/07 15:07
Best online poker game out there these days.
by kakahole20 on 2022/01/07 14:55
Never get good cards
by marawkma on 2022/01/07 07:04
Why do some people get more bonus opportunities than others?
Best poker game
by the boss 3131 on 2022/01/07 03:59
by Slickers123 on 2022/01/07 03:14
Happy To Play With Real Company
Great game
by sharlamainthegod on 2022/01/07 02:27
Fun and enjoyable!!!
by ltskizee on 2022/01/07 02:12
have a blast
by Donte 215 on 2022/01/06 23:33
I love it
by Juicycuice on 2022/01/06 23:05
Good game
Don’t like the update video
by Former Amazon Music Lover on 2022/01/06 22:41
Used to like this program but I’m not giving access to my camera and thus will be delete the game. What were they thinking not making this an option.
Best app
by alfredmejia on 2022/01/06 22:29
Best app
by Michigan@1976 on 2022/01/06 20:26
Pretty cool playing live w others
by jetthedog on 2022/01/06 20:15
Okay good I love
by zach ghe man with the plan on 2022/01/06 18:25
I need chips
by dferdico on 2022/01/06 14:07
I’m hoping this will give me chips it’s a good game tho
by jdjdiiw on 2022/01/06 12:41
by aacxacxxaad BFF o on 2022/01/06 07:53
You know what would make this app more enjoyable than it is now?! If players are able to put on attachment s showing their status in rank and represent their accomplishments. If that happens I would rate it 10 stars
by tom012488 on 2022/01/06 01:34
This game every time I have a great hand and go all in I get beat on the river card, I swear to god this game is rigged. This happened more times then not since I have been playing. Example just now I had pocket aces and other guy had pocket kings and they kick him a king on the river. Deleting this game forever!!!!!
Rip off
by Koz LV on 2022/01/05 22:26
by pakinstan barber on 2022/01/05 03:29
Love it
Pokerface, Play and Love it !
by Douglas Lovain on 2022/01/03 03:09
Great game to play plus you can meet new people and make new friends.
by Derby1044 on 2022/01/02 18:58
Great game
How do I unsubscribe
by Mandyboo777 on 2022/01/02 10:46
I’m trying to unsubscribe and can’t find a link or something like that
Fun, but…:
by no more amazon for me on 2022/01/02 09:58
Would be cooler if there were tournaments and more than 7 day streak on wheel spin
Great game
by TiiPSLOC on 2022/01/02 08:16
Great app hands down
by jaridw13 on 2021/12/31 17:04
Once you buy coins they’ll milk you dry of your coins on close Hands
by trvvsg on 2021/12/31 07:02
by pellchett on 2021/12/31 03:04
This game is awesome. Very addictive
Such a great idea
by ttv-GodnightTV on 2021/12/31 02:42
And very fun
Great app
by DGCON1 on 2021/12/30 22:19
Great app
by cklacasa12 on 2021/12/30 14:20
I Loved porker game.
Live action
by bmorv on 2021/12/30 12:24
Great app real live fun and sometimes intense
Interesting chattering
by dmnice on 2021/12/30 10:10
Good gameplay
by saul ganicus on 2021/12/30 05:17
Esta súper
by Alcantar48 on 2021/12/30 03:42
Great app for poker
by magata1974 on 2021/12/29 23:12
This poker app is great plus u get to play and see your friends and family
Fun game
by Matthew patton on 2021/12/29 20:04
Game’s really fun 10/10 suggest it if you like poker
Cool game
by LiuHan0317 on 2021/12/29 20:03
I like it
Not bad
by skinnytimmy187 on 2021/12/29 19:01
It’s cool
Good times
by at1788 on 2021/12/29 16:06
I really enjoy playing live and I like the option to mute. I know it's the point of playing live that makes this game interesting but sometimes I'd like to be able to shut the camera off as well.
Poker Facr
by Faganchick on 2021/12/29 14:32
Great poker fun
Great game
by melissam0523 on 2021/12/29 11:07
Made a lot of new friends enjoy playing it I’d like some more money though or chips for I can keep playing
Best poker app
by islaaaaandboysrgay on 2021/12/29 08:40
This app is the most realest poker experience with real people, and real Luck. I tried other apps and there were many robots,or it was rigged. Any ways I’m glad I found this app
by ZayneD24 on 2021/12/29 02:24
All around great game
Fun game in general
by Muck-Nuts on 2021/12/29 00:51
10 out of 10
The best game
by boonkgangjr101 on 2021/12/28 23:19
Wilderson Jones
by maoxneiqbejc on 2021/12/28 23:01
by beebaaptee on 2021/12/28 22:31
Great app
by weed puy on 2021/12/28 21:53
This is a great app
by marcass01 on 2021/12/28 21:48
Fun and a blast with always having you on the edge of the bed
Fr ohh
by gtyjougvrexft on 2021/12/28 18:24
Rate 5 stars
by Neicy20 on 2021/12/28 17:47
I love this game
Rate game
by dam202119 on 2021/12/28 15:47
Great game
by ghnsbsuskeis on 2021/12/28 12:58
Great game
by firefighter416 on 2021/12/28 08:42
It’s different but I like it so far!
Very fun
by MEEPMEEP559 on 2021/12/28 08:00
Very fun to play anywhere
by hhhhbvvvvvvv on 2021/12/28 07:00
If I can give it zero I would
Donkey poker
by Lilith come on now on 2021/12/27 21:04
This is the worst poker app ever came up with nothing about this app is cards it’s like a bad dating site . I don’t care to see someone’s messy house and bad hair day because they haven’t showered and watch em play 2. 7 or 3 9 off preflop all in just close your eyes and click here no skill involved ..but if you like to laugh and know poker sit in and watch hands it’s a hoot and a half
by yitzyisbosss on 2021/12/27 06:53
This app is so awesome you can socialize it’s not real money but you play like it is real because this game is so addicting that you don’t want to lose all your chips bec you still want to play and you have to play it smart it’s a legit awsome app thanx guys!!!
Not realistic at all
by z7uVn200 on 2021/12/26 00:40
Two pair on the board almost every hand or four of the same suit on the board or a four card straight on the board I mean not at all like real poker. This is not teaching anyone anything about real poker this is just like every other online poker holdem game I’ve played in the past. People know this so they stay in hands knowing full well they are going to catch the card they need to make their hand the best hand at the end of the hand even if they do not have anything after the flop. I have gotten beat on a Queen high flush and king high flush with the person having two of the same suit needed that I had to make a flush only they had the ace and whatever else they had in their hand in the same suit. Not realistic at all in my opinion
Better than all the rest
by SunAZGrrl on 2020/10/22 23:34
When it comes to phone or tablet poker games this one is def better than the rest. You don’t have to spend real money to buy chips unless you run out and don’t want to wait to spin the wheel. BIG PLUS is that you get to play poker via video is awesome because I feel that is an important part of playing poker is watching for tells of other players. Not everyone shows their face all the time but enough people do. Maybe the developers will eventually make it so you have to at least show your face every so often or get booted. ANOTHER PLUS is that we you get to socialize during this pandemic and not have to worry about being too close or having a face mask on. The only time the connection gets weird is if I’m playing on my phone and I have a call coming in that is on me and the way I am connected to Internet. I am going to try to connect to my home WiFi and then go into setting and change it so I don’t use WiFi to get calls (Apple to Apple) and that the game doesn’t use cellular internet and see if that changes that issue. All in all if you are unsure about getting this game, just go ahead... you won’t be disappointed.
Good idea, needs work
by Chooseymcdeuce on 2020/04/19 05:03
I do like this idea very much. The concept is brilliant. Now you need to fix the audio issues and connectivity issues. Also, ease up urging users to invest real money into the game for play chips. I know this profit-generating model is common for a lot of poker apps, but this isn’t like other poker apps. Until real money play is legal everywhere, people should be incentivized to join in and play and have fun for no money at all ever. Later on the option to play with real money should be available like we had back in the heyday of online poker. The ability to get a live read on someone playing poker anywhere from anywhere else is a wonderful powerful gift that all of the scientists, developers, engineers, etc. who also love to play poker would agree should not be taken for granted. Polish this and I will spend money just to be able to play on this app. Go ahead and make it better and it could be a 5 star. Also scrap the Facebook integration. Build an easier way to connect with your friends without requiring access to Contacts. Allow users to test their audio feed connection so they can modify the sound levels of their tv or music so they can be heard. All I could hear were garbled echoes of my own voice and even turning off game sound fx didn’t help. Thanks for reading.
by Xslendirna on 2020/04/05 18:34
Howdy all, hope all y’all keeping it safe and chill in your quarantino’s. I wanted to write about this game out of shear boredom and so let’s make it short. This game is filled with all the fun of playing poker at an actual casino without the thrill of winning actual money. The dealer constantly gives out flushes and straights (deck is never shuffled). Besides this the game is cool, except for the free spins wheel. Have you ever dreamed of winning it big at a slot machine? Well you better keep dreaming because the 3,000,000 grand prize is impossible to get. You know they put it in the game to look cool but never to actually obtain in-game. I’ve gotten the amounts on either side of 3,000,000 chips around 15 times now and I’ve been playing since March 3rd. On the topic of receiving a 2x spin from the wheel, the user will only get the 2 lowest amounts rendering your 2x spin very ineffective. Last thing, before I end this “great” game’s review, although I like this app and its interface, whether it be playing with friends or getting mad about joining a 10mil buy in game (which by the way you can’t choose the online game type bc it chooses based on your amount of chips). Can’t lie this game is fun but it has a lot of corrections to go through before I give up my hobby of watching pigeons get it through my window. Great job developers!
Amazing live game but needs a little work
by SEAN D B P on 2021/01/12 08:56
I’m a long-standing poker player myself I have tried many different apps including apps where you have to pay for it. But honestly this free poker face app blew my mind away, One of my favorite things is you’re able to host a table and invite your friends which could be across the nation across the world you need it and you’ll get to physically see their face And talk to everyone. Also it allows you to play random tables which the app chooses for you and you can play with random people out there meet some great people talk to great people while playing one of my favorite games, and for whatever reason if you do not want to be heard while playing with these random people do you have the ability to mute yourself or you have the ability to mute selected people that or may be talking too much all in all this is an amazing app but like I said it needs a little work it randomly will get glitchy but for the most part it’s AMAZING FREE APP!!!
Good but needs work
by The Massive Leg Bastard on 2020/04/06 22:29
Personally I absolutely love the idea and concept of this game. However I feel there are a lot of things that need to be improved on before it could be a 4 or even 5 star rated. First off connecting and finding friends. They is no easy way to connect and play with facebook friend or friends from other platforms. Next once you are several of your friend are online there is not an easy way to collect everybody unless you wait in the lobby instead of joining up at a table. And if you do join a table the game starts running automatically weather your ready to play or not. The final and biggest option I feel is missing is the option to sit out a hand while at a table. Every other poker game or app I have ever played gave you the option to stay at the table but gave you the option to opt out of hands. It seems this is a basic option with any poker game so why not here? Overall though I enjoy the concept and the game and ability to connect and chat with others, just wish some improvement can be made and will truly make it a top tier game! pS also have found to have major issues with connectivity if you don’t hAve a strong enough internet signal or service
Good for awhile, then it gets real boring
by iSam13 on 2020/05/04 21:40
The Good: At first this game is fantastic. Extremely fun and addicting. The face cam is great and the ability to talk to random people is truly amazing and brings some great moments into the game. The wheel is good for beginner players, it’s better than having nothing. The Bad: The more you play this game, the more you realize how flawed the game is in terms of the hands the dealer produces. Straights and flushes are waaayy to common. There is something about the algorithm of the game, you’ll have 3-5 very good hands and you could win millions. But then you’ll definitely have a down wave where you’ll get 10 hands of absolute garbage cards. When you go to a new lobby, this weird algorithm resets from my experience. The wheel is obviously and completely rigged. You literally never get the 3 million. I’ve gotten it once from maybe spinning the wheel 100+ times. The 2x is completely flawed, whenever I get it, I always get the two lowest amounts on the wheel afterwards, which renders it completely useless. After playing the game for about a month, I cannot play anymore just because it’s sooooo flawed.
Going Down In History as one of the best The Quarantine App
by KoolinJay on 2020/04/06 04:40
During this tragic and horrific time of 2020 its the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. All businesses are closed except for Essential Businesses and Workers. Major countries and cities are on lockdown due to this deadly virus. At this time everyone is obligated to “STAY HOME” to help to get rid of this virus quickly. My time at home i spend hours in on playing pokerface. I am a beginner when it comes to poker but playing this game on this app, helping me to become a professional in my owe way. It really giving me the fundamentals and better understanding how to play poker. Also, its the best idea to have live players so we can interact with one another on live feeds while playing poker. Just wanna say this is an awesome app and i’m glad I downloaded it. It’s really getting me through these rough time thats going on in the world today. Everyone stay safe, and Healthy, tough times doesn’t last.
Okay app with potential to be great
by chrisc3456 on 2020/03/22 21:51
With social distancing my friends and I were looking for an interactive poker app so we can still play “face to face” and see each other while playing. That is definitely the best part of this app. It is awesome to see your friends when you cannot be at the same actual table. There were three major flaws we found when we were playing a game at our own private table. 1) We did not see a way to pause the game. If you need to take a bathroom break or step away from the table for any reason, play continues and you ultimately fold and hands you miss. This seems like an easy fix. 2) There was no way to raise the blinds besides just having an agreement between players that you have to put in a certain amount to play, which is not ideal as sometimes people forget and if someone raises preflop. It would be nice to have to option to raise the blinds either based on time or number of hands. 3) Biggest flaw - in our tournament everyone started with $1,000,000 but if you got logged out or disconnected for any reason you went back to $1,000,000 when logging back in. This happened twice when we were playing with one person gaining several hundred thousand chips and another losing several hundred thousand. This was incredibly frustrating. There are other minor issues like the speed with which it shows the hands at the end but overall it is a fun app with the camera feature being great. If those three flaws were fixed it would be five stars.
Customer unappreciated App
by Mack daddy Alex on 2021/04/20 23:11
This game has no love for their customers when I downloaded this have back in October of 2020 it was all fun and enjoyment. I made it to become a billionaire but then it turn for the worst as it seem to have put me on a losing streak and kept giving me losses. I’ve been trying to get back up since. I even paid for chips to get back up but the more I bought the more they made me loose. You would think they could cut you a break one a while to get you up but no! They are heartless and only want to make money and not give anything in return but a set up to fail. Today 5 months later I’ve spent almost a grand and finally caught a break and they want to claim glitch? They don’t care how I came up but thought best was to take all the chips I had played for and paid for and put us back to this morning when I put in hours of play time and was even given chips by another player which I told the individual I would give back. I took screen shots and hoping they have a heart to put me back to the billion dollar club. Sadly -Alex
Love for the game
by Drop_aries10 on 2021/02/02 06:00
This game is the best for people who know poker and play for the joy of the game. This isn’t a serious game. Nothings better than a blind bet to start of the day for 4.4 billion holding your little brother next to you and feeling the power of the cards unfold. My brother hasn’t been feeling good the past few days and just got out of the hospital. Say god was with us say the devil was with us. But I say we together stand stronger than anyone ever could. It’s a strong power bond between you and your family. Stronger than luck, skill, and wits. So overall thank you poker face. We came, we saw, we cried, we laughed, we talked, we walked, we slept, we ate, we worked, we bled, we came out on top. That’s all you’ll face while playing this game and once it’s your day. GO ALL IN! We won with an Ace and Two of hearts. Best feeling ever hands down! No amount of dollars signs can amount to that. (:
At first.. but now..
by AguyfromNYC on 2020/04/25 05:38
I honestly don’t like games that connect to social media accounts. At first when I heard about Pokerface, I was not even interested in downloading it. After I saw my cousins playing I couldn’t help notice how exciting, fast, and fair the game was. I asked them what the name of the app was and was shocked when I was told Pokerface. I have downloaded the game since, playing for a couple of days. But now it’s definitely my go to game during this Covid19 quarantine. I like how they offer a free “Lucky Bonus” spin every few hours to earn coins which help get back in the game it down. The people you meet during games are respectful and there to have a great time. Download Pokerface today and I ‘bet’ you’ll enjoy ;) - small bug where I can’t see friends list. Deleted app and reinstalled. Worked great until I reopened up. Please fix
Grilled cheese with a side of chips
by Matty T Lv on 2020/05/11 07:37
Two things I enjoy doing while with my girlfriend but I’m here to talk about grilled cheese with chips! It’s true, I love stacking chips with my grilled cheese. Ask Jimmy, he’s cool. He’s my neighbor. But when my girl is gone and Jimmy is high we play poker face. It’s pretty rad. #grilledcheeseandpokerchips #jimmyisrad #pokerface try it, both Jimmy and I give it like 5 stars.. technically that’s like 10 total. Jimmy has 9 fingers. That’s random but he also goes by Jimbo. He says it puts him in a war like poker mood and he ties his SpongeBob SquarePants bandanna around his head and yells “Yo Adrian” ok, well I got to go. Play this game, it’s fun and free and hot chicks plat too. But don’t be a creeper dude, just play. And don’t request everyone as a friend, nobody wants to be your friend. And if you do, you’re just stalking hot chicks. Jimbo does that, DONT BE LIKE JIMBO.
Best poker game created
by BrandonPaulette on 2020/06/01 18:18
This games style of poker is really unique and it’s fun to speak and see other players and have a quick laugh while having an intense game to steal others earnings. I love the way the spin the wheel feature works as it gives you it multiple times a day for beginners who lose their chips a lot during the day to redeem themself. This game is much better then WSOP (World series of poker) because you get to interact with other players unless they choose to mute themself. This game is free to play surprisingly and all I do is play it all day and make great friends to hang out and hit the tables with. I’ve invited all my friends and family so we can go on our own table like a family card game of UNO. This is the greatest poker game alive and I really recommend you to consider downloading it.
by lumbros on 2020/04/13 23:54
“I Re-Raise you the chance to experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!!! Oh yes, play the game that has made people a lot of $money, $money,MONEY$!!! You now can play HOLD’EM LIVE with people anywhere in the world!! Feeling like hosting a entertaining evening??? Here is the greatest Texas Hold’em App you will ever experience. Create your private table and host a game with friends, ohh btw, you get an extra $250k for every friend that joins POKERFACE!!! Be the first to take part of this new app that adds the real life touch so you can read the players expressions & tells, where else can you find that kind of advantage? Only Here, Only NOW!!! With the touch of a button connect to the world of Texas HOLD’EM in a new experience that will Keep you on the edge of your seat! Trust me, you won’t want to get up from this adventure!!!! Download Now!!!!!
The best poker app by far, hands down!
by lolwut43 on 2019/12/16 01:47
At first, I thought video chat poker wouldn't be any different than any other poker app. I thought that the addition of the faces wouldn't change the feel of a normal online experience. I am happy to say that I could not have been more wrong! A completely different skill curve exists when you can see and hear your opponents and they can see and hear you. It adds another layer of difficulty and fun! Chatter play can definitely change up an otherwise completely normal hand. The interface is pretty clean for the most part. It shows your face before you're even in a table so you can make sure you look how you want to look! While the ability to play this game holding your phone upright might not sound like a big deal, many poker apps force you to turn your phone horizontally, and this is a nice change. It feels secure. I have never felt like my safety was compromised because of the face cams. I only have two minor improvement suggestions: the ability to view your stack and the pot in terms of big blinds, and the ability to have a four-colored deck. These would make this app even better, but it's hard to improve the already beat app for this game that exists!
Getting kicked out of hands and loosing chips
by Tiffy900 on 2020/03/19 17:40
This game keeps kicking me out I have iPhone 10 to spend money to loose chips from getting kicked out and when you do complain they only give you a little chips only after you lost over 100 millions and even billions for them to give a little while they still investigating after explaining what hand you lost and got kicked out and after explaining the time exactly you don’t get all your chips back they only give you a little and cross examine you complaint. It was so much better when the game first came out with no kick outs every time they upgrade/upgrade the app and fix it it is still the same problem a lot of people complain about getting kicked out this game is less enjoyable especially getting kicked out a lot in middle of hands and loosing chips scared to even put a bet out there just to loose this why i don’t play the game to much they need to fix this problem immediately or go back to original settings !
Fun game
by Steve-0?!?!?!? on 2020/03/22 18:43
We had a lot of fun and laughter with this game! But there are a few things that would make this game so much better. 1. Allow 6-8 player instead of 5 2. Fix the issue when you are kicked out of a game and you lose your chips!! Chip should go into your account if you lose connection or randomly get kicked off the table. Seem like this company does it on purpose so they can try to get people to buy chip. Shady! Smh 3. For private table create a customizable setting for the host to adjust certain things like: -if a person loses connection, he or she is able to adjust the there chip count to what they had before losing connection or even have a way to save there spot with the same chip count -be able seat out hands - be able to seat in on private table without playing a hand so we can interact with each other still. -be able to allow person to have an option to show hand if they choose too -be able to adjust timer and maybe have an option to request more time. -be able to pause the game especially when waiting for everyone to enter the game. That way we can have the same chip count Those were the few thing our friends encountered but overall a great game during the pandemic!
So much potential
by Dab84 on 2020/03/29 05:42
As strictly a poker playing app, this is not a good app at all, as detailed in many other reviews. There are disconnection issues, inability to change chip counts on the fly during private games, no flexibility in taking longer to make decisions, etc. For anyone who really wants to play and learn poker, this ain’t it. The only reason this app is good is because of the interface and seeing the people/friends you’re playing with. I cant find any other app that does that. From a practical poker perspective, it’s not good at all though. My friends and I decided that we would use a different app for the poker side on our tablets and just use zoom / Houseparty / google hangouts to interact during it. Hopefully this app stops being so money hungry (I.e manipulates situations so that people have to buy more chips, no flexibility) and makes it more practical and then I will be back.
Just One Suggestion
by Blk Swn on 2021/01/08 19:55
Poker Face is the best poker app I’ve played in years. It gives you the option to chat with the people at your table and mute yourself or others if you like. You also have the option of turning your camera off if you don’t want to be seen and still chat with people at your table, add new friends you meet, friends on Facebook or contacts in your phone. You get a free spin every 4 hours so you’ll never really run out of money to play with. The only thing I suggest is to be able to search for people you may have missed the chance to add or accidentally deleted 👈🏾🤦🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️guiltyyy... Only because the odds of ending up at the same table at the same time again to add them are pretty slim.
You will develop bad habits
by dapopularloner on 2020/12/03 00:13
CAUTION: Due to the high volume of action and the app’s pay to play scheme. I would advise against this app for anyone who is addicted to gambling or any other substance. I only suggest this game as social media app first, poker second. I echo some of the other replies here that based off statistical math you see entirely too many flushes, straights, successful set mines, two or more player with pairs pre flop etc etc. that’s why I say you will develop bad habits. The great thing about no limit hold em is that position, bet sizing, image, starting hand, all matter, but Pokerface’s algorithm really lacks the fundamental math to cement these basic concepts. They’ve effectively made a limit game, because every flop is an action flop even while playing five handed. I suggest downloading if you have no plans on playing for real money in the future, are a pro or seasoned player that wants something causal, or you’re looking for a FaceTime app with a poker add on.
Bait and switch poker
by Lolagard on 2020/11/14 02:23
I used to play this game a lot in the beginning. At first you gladly welcome all the flush chasers, straight chasers, and river rats because the game doesn’t appear to cater to them. So you win some really great pots and then BAM! You suddenly begin losing to the worst players ever created. And you lose over and over again to hands with almost no outs to win, to flush chasers that go all in pre-flop, flush and straight river rats until your broke. Then in comes the sales pitch... buy our chips! And those chips are expensive. So you buy a few and then you win a few hands, then you lose it all again... over and over. And then you realize that the creators don’t let up on the nonsense. Within the last few months, I get on just to get a free spin then close the game. I don’t even buy the chips when they are 40% off. I have about 40 million right now but to me, it’s just not fun. The spins are more exciting.
Best game ever
by Danny bamdad on 2021/05/11 18:27
Having played different poker apps on different platforms this is by far an amazing breakthrough it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles and it the number 1 poker app game this is most different then most poker apps you can see and talk to people as you play then you add them as friends this is by far one of the best poker apps I ever played on and will continue to play on from now on keep up the great work................. I play your poker game religiously all day and night please send me some free chips so I can play I am out of chips and love your game so much I hate not playing itand wanted to know how far away I am from vip status I buy chips I am at level 278 I play all day and night
Great layout but could use some tweaking
by B-Dubya91 on 2020/03/31 13:59
Some friends and I played a few nights ago for at least 4 hours and had a blast! I’d recommend it for those who aren’t playing “serious” games of poker with friends. Here are a few issues we found that I hope can be fixed: 1) There needs to be a buy in amount that you can select. Everyone comes in with random amounts of chips, but you should be able to type in before the game starts what amount you want everyone to start out playing with. We had people within +/- 40,000 chips of each other by everyone losing a certain amount to give to one “winning” player so we could even the board the best we could. 2) There needs to be a pause button for when you’re playing in a private game with friends. Often times, one would have to relieve themselves once the beers started flowing. 3) There needs to be an Antee Up option. 4) There was a glitch a few times during our game where a player would get disconnected, then rejoin and have a completely different amount of chips than they did before they got disconnected. Again, it’s a great game for non-serious playing, but with these 4 things fixed, it’d be incredible!
An excellent game with a lot of potential
by StevinUNIQUE on 2019/09/17 01:38
This is a game that allows players to play poker the old fashioned way, face to face, but in a modern way using modern group video chat technology. Though the game is still fairly new to the market, it has the potential, with the right team and the right changes/updates, to truly be out there with the best of them, and I would say, even outshine big online poker players like Zynga. As of right now, the game still needs many changes/updates, especially to its chip store. As of writing this, the rates to buy chips are just ridiculous. I’ve spoken with the developers and they are working on introducing a friends list, adding the ability to invite in-game friends to tables, fixing the bonus wheel, changing the current chip rates, etc. We will see what they have to offer, but as of right now, this is a wonderful game with so much potential. I look forward to returning after the future updates and changing my rating to 4 or even 5 stars. I’ll tell you what, I don’t even bother playing any other poker app anymore, because nothing beats being able to not only see but hear the other players at the table whom you are up against. It is as close to playing at the real tables as you can get, but without the risk of losing your hard-earned money.
Money grab
by Bhgtugf on 2020/04/09 17:04
This app is just a money grab claiming to be a “free game”. The first spin usually awards at least 1.5 million to get you started (minimum amount to join a table) but every 4 hours you get a free spin. The first table I played at I won all the money, somewhere around 2.9 million. The next table I played I lost as the other player started with 600 million and on the flop, he bet so I had to go all in with pocket aces. I lost to a straight which was fine but then I had to wait 4 hours to spin or pay $$. The highest possible win for the free spin is only 750K. So if you want to play on more than 1 table a day, expect to pay at least $5. Would be better if the free spins actually had prize money over 1.5 million so you can at least join a table every 4 hours. With most free games with in app purchases they still allow you to play, albeit at a much slower rate, but this “free game” lets you play at a frozen molasses rate. 5 thumbs way down.
Best of poker games on the market
by shawn b 502 on 2020/01/01 22:05
I love this game other poker sites feel like your playing with bots and to know your actually looking and talking to your opponents makes it so much better. This app is great but what would make it better would be if it had a friends list where you can add people you meet on the app and also on your profile I wish it kept track by #s of how many people you sent to the wheel but other then that this game is awesome and addictive sometimes I get on and stay stuck for 6-10 hours at a time. Thank you to the creators you all are awesome keep up the good work and think about adding a friends list where we don’t have to add friends to our personal Facebook thanks happy New Years
Best poker game ever
by Mr fullhouse on 2021/04/07 00:45
I know a lot of people are used to playing regular poker games you know with the little picture of some person that isn’t you at the table but when I tell you that this game is one of the best excuse me is the best poker game ever because you get to talk to people from all walks of life you make great connections with people mind you you have your bad apples here and there but for the most part you can make genuine friends I want to thank you for giving me given all of us a chance to play this game it’s truly the best poker game out I want to thank you guys for thinking of this it has kept me entertained all my most boring days thank you
Most beautiful game I’ve ever played
by Rosefire/diamondshadow on 2020/05/22 23:38
When I was only 16 years old I was drafted into the Vietnam war. I grew up to become an esteemed general, greatly respected by my comrades. But one day, I took an arrow to the knee and was honorably discharged. From that day forward nothing has been the same for me. At first people still invited me to go out with them, but I could no longer walk. Eventually, I reached the lowest point in my life and had no friends. Then the Pokerface app was released and it changed everything for me. I can now play poker with friends again due to not having to walk in order to play it. This app saved my life. Thank you, Pokerface.
Worst customer support ever...
by Ducewyld on 2020/05/20 03:32
The app itself in concept is great. Only a week before finding this app myself and more then a dozen of my family and friends were talking about finding someone to play a poker game from different states. I thought this was a good fit and the video features were a real plus, so I purchased chips and encouraged a few of my family members to do so as well. Kinda a beta test for a family tournament we wanted to do. I soon discovered that this app is full of glitches. App freezes during gameplay forcing you to lose. Even with the best hand.( four Queens)After the issues continued to mount up I sent an email to customer service with screenshots and details of the issue frequently. And there response was to act as if they didn’t have enough information to make any improvements, and wouldn’t even issue credits ...
Fun game, but winning hands are different than normal THE poker
by Mralston21 on 2020/04/02 23:35
As a lot of other reviews state, this is a super fun game. Video chat interface works well, allows me to play with my friends from back home virtually + allows us all to catch up via the video chat. One gripe I have with the game are how the winning hands work. Just now I had a hand where I had a straight, and another player had a flush. They should have won the whole pot, but instead the pot was partially split? It should have ALL gone to them, as they had the better hand. I’ve seen these types of split scenarios happen multiple times, but it’s hard to diagnose what’s happening since the hands reset so quickly after the winner is decided.
Greatest live Pokerface game 👍🏾👍🏾
by Swamp Ray on 2020/11/11 17:58
Just need a lot of work with IPhone 📲 players because I be in the middle of games sometimes bet a lot of money 💴 and sometimes goes all in then the poker screen blank out on me when I have a winning hand 🖐🏽. I lost a lot of money in trying to email you when this happened but no response from you. Sometimes it’s making it hard to bet and you know you got a winner because about every 20 or 30 minutes my screen 📺 blanks out. I DO THINK YOU SHOULD FUND ME BACK MY MONEY 💵 💴 💰.... I LOVE 💕 PLAYING THIS GAME BUT DOES NOT LIKE IT WHEN IT GOES TO A BLANK SCREEN TAKIN MY MONEY. THEN I GOT TO WAIT TO GET FREE CHIPS To build up so I can play again. I NEEDED MY MONEY
Connectivity Issues & Automated Chip Loss
by Mahi Mostafavi on 2020/04/20 01:45
Connectivity isssues continue to be a problem , especially when the app crashes in the middle of a winning hand or skips your turn due to poor effort with connection (99.9% sure my internet is not the problem). Another issue with the app is that with every win, there is an automatic loss of chips in which your winnings don’t add up to your own chips. For every hand won, you only receive a fraction of your chips. This may be from the hand-strength meter but as a customer, you must provide the option to turn it off somehow. Zynga provides that option which almost makes it more ideal to play on there.
Don’t waste your time
by BigPapa75 on 2020/04/18 20:33
If you are thinking about down loading this game cause it sounds cool or fun DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!! I will say it’s a lot of fun if it was ligit but ur gonna buy chips to later find out the charge your card way more then they sell them for. Then your gonna be playing and it will for ever freeze up and just say connecting, not to mention u could have money and be in the middle of a hand and it says connecting next thing u know it’s directing you to the home page and all your money has disappeared. I think it’s a great idea just needed someone a lil more honest and a lil smarter. But if your good with those issues it’s the game for u. Just wanting to share my experience with this app after thinking eventually they will correct or update the app so put up with it for almost 2 years but no they don’t. It’s absolutely rediculous.
Fun n great game
by -mando 714- on 2020/05/04 10:12
Take this from a man from his middle 40s and plays this game a lot on his breaks and down time from work and even at home , I even love it more so since they actually listen to my opinion we’re I said be more fun if u. An add your friends in here not just random people u play with and so they did months later and that’s what brought me back and I live it since then especially cause this virus cov19 we can still play with are friends on here so kudus you’re u guys and I love this game and I recommend u download this game and get into this it’s way better than any other poker game and u can quote me on that.
Trash Talk, chickens and popcorn
by barbiedaul0414 on 2019/11/29 22:13
A friend of mine convinced me to try this poker face app, since I didn’t really know how to play poker I was hesitant. The first night I played I was on for hours. You can see and talk to the other players as you play I quickly learned the difference between a straight and a flush. I never know what to expect each time I play. From flirty men sending virtual teddy bears to flying chickens. You can buy a round of drinks for your fellow players. You don’t have to spend a dime if you are willing to log on a few times a day and spin a wheel. I have to say my poker game is on point. I would totally recommend this game and I do to all my friends.
Good and Bad
by Bear Claw 29 on 2020/03/31 00:32
Overall this is a lot of fun to play. It’s obvious the algorithm used is a little off and there are times where the game glitches and your bet is counted as a “check”. There have been several times where is two subsequent hands, I get the same 2 cards. Statistically that is super rare, but it’s fairly common when playing this game. Plus when you win, they siphon off a small percentage from the winnings, so I probably wouldn’t pay actual money to play, that’s just me. It’s good that you’re able to track your friends and play with them- privately or publicly. The game gives you a quick heads up if you have a good hand. Still worth playing; you will win some good hands and lose some as well.
Good but should be great.
by PackerMike76 on 2020/04/12 13:58
I hope I am just missing some controls or settings but here’s what I would like to see. When I create a room for my friends, the minute one person joins, the cards immediately deal out. Why can’t it wait until the room organizer starts the game. There should be a pause/ play option. Especially if someone wants to use the bathroom or needs to be interrupted for some reason. Public rooms I get it, but private we should have more control. And again for private rooms, how about the ability to adjust the buy ins, blinds, etc. With the inability for friends to get together in our current environment, this app has an opportunity to be a real god send and become quite popular if you make some simple changes. I’m not even complaining about glitches that can be attributed to the internet (videos freezing or missing, getting booted). That’s going to happen... of course that could be improved, but some of the other things can and should be implemented quickly and simply. Just my thoughts.
Fun app. Your kicker algorithm doesn’t work or is non existent
by Firekkus on 2021/04/27 16:13
Fun app. Great way to hang out with friends casually. I noticed that the game does not evaluate your kicker during showdowns so it splits the pot instead of checking the kicker for an actual winner. There also seems to be an error in splitting the pot. How can I tie and end up with less chips? These issues should be fixed. There is also no option to show cards at the end of a hand and the hand review doesn’t show my starting hand so less helpful. Finally, your contact is sends me to a page that doesn’t actually allow me to contact you. In other words, your FAQ does not allow us to give you feed back or to contact you in any way.
by DonKnoDoubt on 2021/09/13 01:14
This game is awesome. I’m a BIG poker fan but not in a position to play for a living. But this game gives me the feeling of playing with the big dogs. I’m at the point where I play every day for hours on end and I’ve even gotten my family and friends to join in on the fun. This game is a great way to meet people from all over and to pass time if that’s what you’re looking for. I wish I could give this game more stars. Also I couldn’t write this review fast enough because I’m headed to the tables right now. Hope to see you there. Hope you’re ready to lose lol. Thanks Pokerface.
Work out the kinks!
by DOADOC on 2020/03/14 23:48
I enjoy playing this game and the features that it offers! However, I have noticed and it’s becoming kind of a pattern that when I’m in a pretty sizable pot the app will freeze and “connecting” becomes an issue which results in being booted out of the room totally or hand freezing until I’ve lost millions in the hand and the next hand appears. I understand that happening when I’m out on a cellular network but it happens pretty frequently when I’m home and practically sitting under the wifi. Additionally, once a player has folded it would be nice if their cards disappeared from the table(but still visible to them) so the players left with a hand will know who has a hand.
Great app - Change timer option
by Thumbs up, but timer ;) on 2020/07/11 02:28
This app has worked phenomenally for me and my family. Smooth and easy to use platform! The only thing that would be great is to have an option to change the timer option per hand before you host a private table. The point of a private game is to make it adjustable to who you’re playing with, that should include the option to make the time shorter, longer, or even take it off since you might have people who are beginners. I’m a huge poker fan and can honestly say this app is great! :)
Fun game, all in button is to close to the bet button
by Buckeye916 on 2020/04/20 17:45
The game is fun, the all in button is in a terrible position. If you play many poker games you are used to having a bet button to place bets, if you accidentally hit all in as I have on several occasions you will lose chips you would have never placed bets with. This is a flaw in the game and needs to be corrected. I would also like to see the ability to turn the microphone off during game play so that my tv isn’t playing in the background for all the other players or I can have a conversation at home without broadcasting it to everyone. Overall this is a fun game.
Great Passtime
by Dame2251 on 2021/08/20 04:48
Poker face is great pass-time app. It’s a mixture of your favorite social media app and card game. My #1 go-to app. While it highly addictive and fun there are two things that would the experience better. One, giving players the option to turn off the camera! There are times when you want to play, but don’t want worry about your significant other walking into the background after a shower (while it has happened to me, I imagine other user have had very unpleasant experiences). Two, adding a personal private chat feature would fun as long as you could mute players you didn’t want to chat with.
Amazing way to hang out.
by Big Moskie on 2020/03/31 17:06
Great App for folks looking to play some poker with actual people you can see. I found the app online looking for a way for my cousins and I to get together and play poker since we can’t do that for the time being due to the Covid-19. We actually figured out a way to actually play the game with actual money by utilizing another app to pay each other at the end of the game. I would give it 5 stars but I do have one detail that could be fixed and that would be to allow players to have the ability to show their cards at the end of the hand. Other than, I still think this is a great app!
Not all bad
by ZeroFukz on 2021/04/16 14:43
Game is cool being that you play with real people. Most folks hide from the camera which defeats the purpose of playing video poker. The hands however are very different from other poker games where most cards are low numbers and it’s rare to catch a really good hand. Most people end up winning with a pair or two. You get free chips to let you keep playing for free. I have purchased several packages but realized after playing for a few months that it’s better just to stick to low betting tables and use the free chips. When playing high betting tables I’ll get beat by a hand rarely seen on this game like a higher full house or quad something...happened too many times forcing me to keep buying chip packages hence my move to lower tables where that doesn’t seem to happen. Feels like the game hands change as you play higher betting tables. Other than that, a fun game to play. Would be nice to be able to collect watches or trophies and play in tournament modes. Maybe in the future?
App keeps crashing
by v_lyon13 on 2020/05/17 07:40
I really like the game. It’s fun. I like that you get the free spins for more chips every 4 hours. My only problem is that my app keeps crashing and I keep loosing connection in the middle of hands. I like the variety of different amounts for the tables you can play on but I think it would be better to be able to choose what table you want to play on instead of just getting thrown in to random ones and having to back out to get the one you want. You also can’t sit out a hand without have to loose money. For the most part I really like the game. Great concept. Lots of fun. Just needs a little work
Fun, but also buggy money grab
by Squarebin on 2020/12/15 20:32
(Edited review and restored 2 stars based on dev feedback) Details: The basic game works, and lets us play poker safely during pandemic. That’s very good! Not so good: * They control the table limit and it was higher the 2nd time we played?! So friends who thought they had enough chips were surprised. * The rake (house take) is normal but since you are forced to play very quickly, you run through chips much faster than at a casino or other poker apps I’ve played • Connection problems. I kept getting thrown out of the table to the lobby for no reason. The last time this happened I was below the table minimum— I was asked to buy more chips just to get back into the game they threw me out of! * Heavy battery drain, even if you are plugged in. Suggestions: Always let me return to a table I was just in! Give friends an option to play casual games a little slower. Let me pick the emoji that displays when connection is slow. Give us settings to preserve battery. And make table limits predictable and reasonable.
Fun but could be better
by MrsWilliams0422 on 2021/05/30 19:50
Really fun game but you should give different ways to earn free chips more frequently when coming into the game you can have 100,000 chips and multiple people will have millions in chips at any table you sit down at, and there no way you can get chips, they just go all in or bet so high you have to go all in to call and literally in one hand they will wipe out all your chips and then you have to wait at least 4 HOURS to even a chance spin for more chips, and then the amount of chips you win is next to nothing!! Make the game easier to obtain more free chips, more frequently! People will enjoy the game more and be more likely to tell their friends about the game as well!
Rigged City
by 99problem$ on 2020/05/19 19:39
The card you desperately need comes up as soon as you fold… You have a great pocket hand and you go all-in and your opponent follows with nothing and then they hit an improbable backdoor straight… You have 5 super hot hands in a row and then your cards go dry until you buy chips and then you get hot again… What if these insanely maddening parts of poker were preprogrammed into the algorithms of a poker app so that it tilted and taunted players into coming back and paying more? NO ONE who has seriously played this game can disagree. Yes, it’s fun to play with friends, but if you actually try to keeping winning without buying money then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Of course the developers chalk it up to “coincidences” but there’s NO WAY it’s random Exhibit A: if everyone played every hand I promise you there’d be a straight, flush or boat at least 15% of the time. And Exhibit B: the board is paired probably 50% or more of the time. It’s just nuts— the game is super rigged but of course who’s gonna prove it because after all… it’s poker. It’s a fun game but it’s a shame, I feel especially bad for all the money it’s taking from people or for real gambling issues that it’s enabling.
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