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merge plane - Best Idle Game
Come to play #1 addictive game on your phone! To build your own fleet, choose the smartest strategy! - New tournament mode. Play against with other players to win fantastic rewards! - Brand new scene design - More than 50+ kinds of plane "I quite my job just to play this game" - Biopticboss "Very addictive game!" - Jack90677 merge plane Feature •merge plane to upgrade and fly to earn money. •Variety of planes. There are more than 50 kinds of planes in the game. And some rare planes are waiting for you to collect. •Idle system. Your planes fly automatically. You can get money even when you are offline. Make your plane team become the biggest one in the world! Gold Membership offers a weekly subscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trail period, after this period you will be charged $7.99. After buying this subscription, you will unlock following features: 120% speed of all planes; 120% profit of all planes; add 2 extra space on the runway; 130% offline earnings; 20% off in plane shop. Subscription Notice: • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable Other things you need to know: Terms of use: Privacy Policy:
by Chad wild clay boy and fan on 2021/01/21 21:13
it is not letting me Watch no videos at all that will give it a five star reading if you fix it
Needs work
by Saga rash on 2021/01/21 16:54
It’s a good game, but it will not load the videos required to get some of the bonuses, which really slows down what you can do in the game. Fix that and I will update my review and rating.
by Imola19 on 2021/01/18 06:20
Um so The game is glitching out and I can’t use ads so please fix. It it’s not about my Internet connection
Lousy Support
by fitzlepop on 2021/01/18 05:39
Wanted to send in a ticket to fix the game on my phone because the ads weren’t working. Turns out that if you don’t have a Facebook, the creators of this game don’t care that you encounter a problem. They will let you keep that bug for the entirety of the time you play. This game would be so much better if you could reach out to the support team to fix bugs. Until then 2 stars it is.
by rcrxexexexezezexexex on 2021/01/18 05:35
Ima just say this game is to addicting like you can be smart in this game, but the thing is the might cunfose people is how its says 300,000k (300 million)
Broken ads
by Mortally_ on 2021/01/18 01:31
Everytime I try to watch a free ad it always says can’t play try again later, this has happened for the last month or so
It is cool
by anonmous(yo mama) yes on 2021/01/17 03:02
It is cool
Needs to be Fixed
by to g do uucjc cuvu i itsitsoys on 2021/01/17 03:02
There is a problem with the diamond shop pls fix it
by Nicole_B on 2021/01/16 16:45
Is there a way to unconvert coins? It converted all of my coins to the other currency and now they are stuck there since I’ve purchased all I can with the upgrades? My ranking hasn’t changed in weeks and the amount it says I have also hasn’t changed, which seems weird. Also, I’ve not seen the 48 hr challenges anymore. No ads for extras load anymore either. I’m I the only one playing anymore? I’ve played this for years, but feel like I’m stuck.
Not working - developer does respond
by The NY Sicilian on 2021/01/15 13:44
Can’t watch adds, fast speed up the game by watching videos or use the spin wheel. Developer doesn’t respond. 1 *
Amazing game! Just one question.
by AdrianP325 on 2021/01/11 16:57
I love this game and I have spent hours and hours playing it. I was just wondering one thing. I don’t how long this has been happening or what the reason for this is, but when I try to watch a video for a spin, 2x speed, or when I want to increase the earnings I made offline, it says “there are no videos available”. It’s not a big deal, but I was just wondering why this was and if this is intentional.
Wow so fun XD
by but cheek boys in the house on 2021/01/10 17:37
Great game overall! Game dev make more games ;)
I kinda like it
by no no cmon on 2021/01/10 14:47
I like the game but the only problem is ill play it and just turn of my phone at night, so when I open my phone when I wake up it resumes it, it gives me no offline money. This made me angry this morning. Also every time I try to click a video, it says, “ no video please try again later” so those are why my review are missing 2 stars.
I not a fan of this game
by cunthoeslut on 2021/01/09 05:28
When I open it first when it want me to get a plain it glitch and I had to leave the game and rejoin and when it’s want me to speed boost and that glitch two! I don’t like this game!
Ads don’t work
by DashWolf26 on 2021/01/07 12:16
Used to be a great game, but the ads don’t work as of a few days now. Kinda makes it not worth playing
by Fjychdthccx on 2021/01/06 08:17
I love the game and fun last time the only thing I don’t like about it is when I try to watch ad it tells me to try again later and it’s been like this for a couple of days
Great game!
by darthdud€$ on 2021/01/05 17:38
Fun game to play that doesn’t require an excessive amount of effort. One complaint is that I haven’t been able to watch any videos to claim the rewards for double offline winnings, the free 3 spins, or for the speed bonuses. Have tried deleting and re-downloading the app, but has not worked.
No videos are available?
by Salvador47 on 2021/01/05 10:18
I love this game ive had it for 2 years. I am currently 277 rank in the world. I wish the devs would bring the game back to get the bounuses and events those were the best
Really good game
by Wonderful😃 on 2021/01/05 00:52
THIS IS A AWESOME GAME one problem though: The ads never work For me (and maybe others) the ads do not work. It’s so annoying Plz fix this
by HMS1975 on 2021/01/04 22:33
I have played this game for a while l, don’t even mind having to start over again but it’s kind of useless if the video ads to help u get boosts and get ure boosts after being away never work.
Music ruins it
by SJaustin on 2021/01/03 18:00
That music tho
So good
by colezillaz07 on 2021/01/03 03:32
It is good cause you add and get better and cooler stuff
This is Noice
by /•_•) on 2021/01/03 00:18
This is one of my MOST Favorite Merge games in my opinion, this is a pretty fun game
by AQ-Luva on 2021/01/02 16:10
It’s a great game but the numbers are majorly off like how it goes from 999,000 to 1k
Fun Game
by Mèlissa on 2021/01/01 17:37
This game is fun but I no longer get the alien plans and I can watch any ads for the daily quests, is anyone else having the same problem?
by frizthewiz on 2020/12/31 20:49
My brother and I are having a competition to see who can get all the planes first. The only problem is neither of us can get the ads working to win stuff. We’re not sure how to fix this
Don’t waste your time-zero updates
by tryanothergame 1212 on 2020/12/31 01:25
They stopped updating game and still have ads that you can not watch to advance properly.
by 2atso on 2020/12/30 21:46
it’s an okay game, very relaxing and well made but the one thing that INFURIATES me as a plane lover is the names of the planes. i’m pretty sure it’s not like a copyright issue or anything but like man, please name them the right way! i literally sank down in my seat when i saw the names in the wrong places. other than that an okay game.
by Aaronstan on 2020/12/30 19:49
Did they discontinue Merge Plane?
Fun game when it works
by Munkii on 2020/12/30 08:04
I’ve been playing this game for month and now I can double my points by watching videos or get my three free spins by watching videos. The videos aren’t available anymore. Please fix this. Update.... there is no update. Still haven’t been able to get the free spins or double the points by watching the videos. Would someone please contact me? I’m ready to throw the game in the trash but I did enjoy playing once upon a time and I have so much time invested in playing and points.
Fun game, no longer supported
by ejgamer22 on 2020/12/30 03:00
The game is fun as can be but it’s lost developer support which is really unfortunate, the services that require ads can no longer be used as there are no ads, there are no more events either.
Ads don’t work anymore
by kyyyykyyyy1 on 2020/12/28 22:54
i used to love this game so much but now the watch an add for free things doesn’t work anymore and it’s no longer fun. please update!
Appears to be no longer supported.
by Mindgame100 on 2020/12/26 22:39
No updates, or ability to get bonuses.
Game glitches
by Bzetsu on 2020/12/26 06:35
Often the app doesn’t let me play ads or buy diamonds I think I spent a decent amount of $$ with this app the least it can do is work correctly
The ads
by QueenA#1 on 2020/12/25 19:50
I would expect there to be a lot of ads but there’s none. The only problem with that is when I try to watch videos to get more diamonds the ads don’t work at all. It’s annoying because sometimes I need the diamonds for things and I can’t even get them because it says that there’s no video available. Please fix that like right now. I thought you guys were going to fix it in your last update and that’s why I didn’t say anything but now that I know that you’re not gonna fix it I need you to fix it now. Do you also think that you can have more events where are you do races to see how much money people can get. Like you guys used to do. Those are my only critiques please take them into consideration.
Great game
by hallieplayz on 2020/12/25 01:55
This is my fav game I play it every day no matter how hat it’s so much fun when u put two games together and make better planes and this is the best game. Thank you so much for making this game.
Bad game
by orozenthal on 2020/12/24 19:51
I stopped being able to use ads at some point and the game takes way too long to be good at.
by l1lybear on 2020/12/23 21:35
Bruh this is super fun it’s just that it’s boring for me just seriously 😐 and it was super boring the last time I played it not kidding it just happened to me 😅but it’s still doll and worth what I got other than fnaf and other stuff but it’s worth it 🥳🥳🥳🥳😱obviously. Bai
Ads don’t work
by call of duty 😃😃😃😃😃 on 2020/12/23 06:18
The game is very fun and the only complaint I have is the ads don’t work
by rlytn on 2020/12/23 01:34
Does anyone run this anymore? It seems like the games doesn’t respond to the accomplishments I do. No more videos to watch to get the free spends?
It's purty goooood
by 10110001110 on 2020/12/23 00:21
I like it and it causes my eyes to strain from all the blue light 👉👌👇
by Just gotta play on 2020/12/21 17:23
The ads don’t work
by Billybob323232 on 2020/12/21 13:47
The game can be addicting I like playing it just wish there was an update for it
No ads
by SugarOreo19 on 2020/12/21 01:40
I can’t get anything that includes a ad I can’t get double earnings, speed x2 and free plane. Thanks for something.
by Audi Murf on 2020/12/18 15:10
Loveling it keep the great work up
by Meagan627 on 2020/12/18 04:00
The game won’t let me watch ads to get free stuff
It’s really fun but I have a problem
by jetplace65 on 2020/12/17 21:29
So my problem is is that when I go to you know tap for free spin on the wheel for an ad no matter how good of internet I have it never works as if it’s rigged or something
Fix the game
by skydrew9999 on 2020/12/17 08:06
No longer able to watch any videos to continue game play. Has been an issue for months.
Such a stupid game!!
by queen😀😄😀😄😀😃😃😃 on 2020/12/15 18:08
So I got this game in hopes that it would be fun, little did I know that this game is terrible. When ever I unlocked a new plane I wouldn’t level up. Let’s say that I was unlocking 10’s when I discovered a new plane it would still make me unlock the same thing, it wouldn’t let me unlock 11’s
Read this
by god dam this thing is annoying on 2020/12/15 16:09
This game is so fun but it won’t let me watch an ad for a free spin on the wheel thing but it just say no ad available please try later and I try later and it still doesn’t let me watch the ad I try every day but it doesn’t let me watch an so I give this game a 3 out of 5. 3/5
Won’t connect to ads or anything
by Tijobe9 on 2020/12/14 20:20
I can’t get the ad multiplayer to work on any of the features of this game. They still work on my iPads.
would have 5
by Corrieroberts on 2020/12/13 19:41
this was at least a 4 star you were able to watch commercials for speed ups gems and spins. now it just buffers. all my other games work fine. in my opinion they took away the commercials to force u too spend $$$$$$$$$ for diamonds.
Good Game
by qqewghd on 2020/12/13 12:57
It’s an amazing game! But I have one problem. I can’t watch ads for bonus’s, it always says “no ads available please try again later”. Could you maybe fix this. Thanks, Will
Issues but fun...
by TheSinful1 on 2020/12/10 14:01
This is a really fun game and it’s very addicting. The issue I have is none of the ads work. Anytime I try to spin the wheel watch an ad for extra money nothing works. Disappointing :-(
Videos for awards
by CleoFree16 on 2020/12/07 14:50
The game is great. I love it but the videos for me to have extra money don’t work but they work on other apps and it’s little annoying. But I still enjoy the game.
No more events
by hitheremergeplane on 2020/12/07 00:31
I no longer can watch ads to get gems and there are no more events. I don’t know if this is some kind of bug but the game is pretty boring without the events.
I’m just trying a different type in my opinion that you have a good time
by hjjfud0/futzh on 2020/12/05 21:11
The first thing that was a good app is the app it needs a little bit better than it has to do with the iPad and iPad app and it has a lot of work to do with the iPad version and the iPad app to use it all over time to use the iPad version and it has a lot of work to do with the app to get it to the iPad version and it is a great app for the iPad version and the app is great and the app is very good and the app is great and the app is very good and the app is great and the app is very good and the app is great and the app is very good and the app is great and the app is very good and the app is great and the app is very good and the app is great and the app is very good and the app is great and the app is very good and the app is great and the graphics look amazing as it does the app it keeps it busy as
by everlasting225 on 2020/12/05 20:19
Nice game but it stoped letting me get my free videos and it doesn’t show the videos or the extra air ports so I’m about to delete the game
by mallah 15 on 2020/12/03 11:50
So much fun to play , but why there is no videos anymore ?
It’s been months since they’ve updated this app and ads won’t even work
by dogshietgame on 2020/12/02 05:05
The game always say no video try again i hate this pls fix it
by henykk on 2020/12/01 12:03
I don’t think this game is supported anymore
by Cardgameaddict on 2020/11/29 22:07
I’ve played this game on and of for awhile. I recently went in and noticed a huge difference. No ads, the bonus features don’t work, and the progress bar never advances. The fun of the game is gone. I don’t know why there isn’t an announcement on this page or on the game that it isn’t supported.
App really let’s you down.
by Illenibur on 2020/11/28 23:56
I am a monetized player but at some point they stop showing you ads which really helps progression. And now the app doesn’t even load. The devs are sleeping on this app. You’d think their NOC would notify them that they have an outage. I’m 6th in the world after 9 months and now it won’t load. Terrific.
Bad game
by Vegetarian 69 on 2020/11/24 21:03
Won’t let me see advertisements anymore. It says No video please try later.
by qqhsjxucjghfufufkfjdidoeke on 2020/11/24 17:49
This is the worst game I have ever played.😡
by Mississippi Pope on 2020/11/24 16:04
vip membership and I couldn’t even play the for five minutes.
by HeartlessYadi69 on 2020/11/24 02:47
This game is soo addictive but it doesn’t let me spend my money on it, idk why but it never works, it should really get patched up.
Good game but...
by Homebrews on 2020/11/22 23:42
This game s fun but after your super far in it gets kinda boring but other than that amazing
Watch Ads
by Starsweeper2020 on 2020/11/22 20:32
I tap to watch ads it says that there are no ads to watch and I have been using a lot of gems. I think there might be a bug thank you.
H e l l bad
by elijah anderson brett on 2020/11/21 15:43
This cannot be for kids it’s plane well one of them have a curse word it needs too be out of the App Store like now!!!!!
Needs to be updated
by Cgbiv23 on 2020/11/20 23:12
It’s addicting, but some functions no longer work which will slow your progress and frustrate you.
Good game
by Idle and awesome on 2020/11/20 18:36
This is a really good game and it is very good when you have nothing else to do and if you commit it’s easy to level up and get better planes. One thing about it when I was on my android phone I could access ads but now I’m on iPhone and ads are never available and those little flying ufo things don’t come on my screen at all. It’s a good game overall but I would have better stuff if I could access ads. I would like the creators to fix this. Overall I recommend you get this game.
needs serious update
by MicahMan0 on 2020/11/18 23:56
I havent stopped playing the game because its a great time passer. however, it wont give me the correct amount for offline earnings, it gives me MAYBE an hours worth and then stops and sometimes less. please fix this
Add boosts not working
by kgregz on 2020/11/18 11:28
Love this game play it all the time. But I’d be triple where jam now if the add boosts would work.. I tried closing the app, redownloading it nothings working. Is it just my phone?or is it a defect
Best game in the world!!!
by Thunder Man! on 2020/11/15 14:19
His game is so cool and I love it but when I click on watch a ad to get 2x speed it loads for 5 sec and then it says no video plz try again but I love this anyway it is so FUN!!!!!!
Merge plane
by ange6965 on 2020/11/15 13:22
I have been playing this game for a long time and last night when I tried to play it goes to a black screen. Same thing today. What is wrong with the game? Thanks
No ads
by jrlsndo on 2020/11/14 14:14
Why did you abandon the game?
What happen?
by KyTnOh on 2020/11/12 07:29
The game was and technically still is very entertaining! However, the past few months I have seen no game activity. My meaning is that there has been no free spins or other in game levels that has shown up! Has the developers stop production for this game?
Pls help
by qazxdfdwdy on 2020/11/11 18:55
The ads don’t work
Hello? Anyone there?
by Betty Phalsteen on 2020/11/10 22:22
My kids love this game but there’s suddenly no ads to watch to gain power ups and when you click app support it says the Facebook page has been deleted. We are sad! I’d rate 5 stars if it was maintained and fixable
Sooo...what's going on with this game?
by Officialgilmore22 on 2020/11/07 16:46
I played this months ago and it was fun and kind of addictive. I know that ads are a big part of paint and months ago the ads stopped, making the game unplayable. I just downloaded it again thinking maybe that issue was resolved and after the annoying tutorial was over, I tried to watch an ad, and there were no video ads available AGAIN just like months ago.
Not as much fun as it used to be
by bhcordova on 2020/11/07 00:27
Was a lot more fun when it had the UFOs
Fun Game Adds Not Working 😿
by bobobear1010 on 2020/11/06 15:31
This game is really fun the only thing is when a press in a add to get extra money it says “there is no add available right now try again later”? Does anyone know how to fix this?
by tipsilips on 2020/11/06 12:51
NO ADS NO BONUS! PLEASE FIX THIS OR ELSE REMOVE IT FROM THE STORE. So exhausting to play without any free ads to watch and get bonuses.
by hoekageness on 2020/11/05 05:43
I made it to top 8 on the leaderboards after spending so much time and watching SO MANY ads to the point I’d press on a watch add for another 150 seconds of speed to add to my airplanes and it won’t, it says “no video please try again later”.... after trying multiple times for multiple days there was no later, the game literally would not allow me/show me any more free ads to add more speed to my airplanes. I had 3 maxed out planes (the planes don’t go any higher than level 60) and was really aiming for number 1. I’ve put so many hours into this game, I’ve had it for years. With the hopes of being number 1, I went on the app like normal and my ENTIRE game was just gone. Just a black/blank screen whenever I’d tap on the app. I thought that maybe the game is just down, but it has been several days now. To see if the game was just acting funny on my phone, I downloaded it on another phone and it works perfectly fine. I played the game a little on the other phone just to check the tournament board and my #8 spot is GONE. I just want my airplanes back, I just wanted to strive and reach for number 1.
i love this game!
by thats_tea_sis on 2020/11/04 19:55
this game is so fun and addicting! it’s really simple, but it’s awesome! i mean ads are annoying, but every game has them. my favorite game to play when i don’t have wifi or cell service! definitely recommend getting if you looking for a game that fun, but not to frustrating.
Broken offline bonus
by turtlepilot007 on 2020/11/04 03:40
So I was logging in one day and I thought to do the add bonus but it didn’t work and the game doesn’t give you the coins right as you log on instead you have to press the X or get a add bonus. Yet the game should put the coins into your stash before you press the X because if people close out of the game like I did you loose the offline bonus and it is frustrating. The game should have a feature to where it gives you the coins without the X and always have adds ready. And because of this I lost 40m coins.
by liberty12 on 2020/11/03 19:48
The game was fun. It seems to have been abandoned by the developer (no update for eight months). Find another idle game to play. I’m ready to delete Merge Planes.
Great idle game BUT!!!!!
by Trigonometry1 on 2020/11/02 19:09
Great game for idle time but ads do not load or are not available and purchases do not always appear. I fear developers have abandoned the game.
Was a fun game. No longer supported
by JakeWillis on 2020/10/31 14:11
I had downloaded and played this game a year ago. I tried it again. None of the videos work. No more ufos. No more free spins. It seems and if the game has been abandoned
Great game!
by dreizenblue on 2020/10/31 01:20
I like it because it has no glitches and its fun!
Updates Needed
by Rafa241989 on 2020/10/30 01:59
Needs update Mr. Developer.
Game bonuses
by 123Gingerbread on 2020/10/28 21:17
None of the in game bonuses work. Always say video unavailable so what’s the point if you can not get the bonus. They only want you to spend money
hard to level up
by Farrosgaming on 2020/10/28 11:22
you can’t buy or watch videos to get diamonds or coins, it makes it really boring
No videos
by roydesouza on 2020/10/27 22:12
The Ads
by walton bahilei snook on 2020/10/27 11:51
I love this game merge planes but every time I don’t have enough gems and I wanna get my free spins it won’t let me see the ad like it will say no ads available now and it does that every single time I open the app and I play almost everyday
Videos will not play
by maddog6889 on 2020/10/26 23:41
When to any video all I get no video that this time. I play on a Android phone with problems . But now that I am playing on a IPhone it will not let me watch videos
Great game
by Fjruasntciins on 2020/10/25 22:15
Can’t watch any more ads and I don’t get the option to watch them either
Too glitchy
by Floho112 on 2020/10/25 03:50
Developer isn’t keeping up with the game. Videos are glitching, planes are glitching, and there’s no support.
Such A Fun Game!!
by plgdalyne on 2019/02/06 02:48
Merge Plane is such a fun game! Can’t stop playing! It’s an amazing stress reliever after a long day at school or work. Minimal ads and loads of fun, you can get special power ups for choosing to watch ads and as you continue throughout the game your planes get more powerful! Just by watching a 30 second ad you can get golden boxes which give you higher level planes, you can also get 60 coins per lap for a certain amount of time and the more coins you have the better parts you can purchase! With better parts you get better planes. And as they gain speed from merging they also get more coins each time they make a lap. I’ve always loved leveled games like this, and this may be a new favorite! When I play I get lost in the game and it distracts me from any problems I’ve been having. This game is definitely worth the time to download and play. The storage it takes up won’t even matter once you start playing it’s just that mesmerizing. Great for younger kids too!! My siblings love it and it’s a great way to keep them entertained on long drives. At first I was skeptical about downloading it but my friends loved it so I gave it a shot. Turns out it’s an amazing game. Especially if you’re just trying to kill time. I highly recommend this game.
Actually a great game!
by Spalmer0105 on 2018/10/13 19:02
Hi merge plane creators. Remember how I said it was ridiculous that the game needed so much space on my phone? Well I don’t even care about all that now! This game is soooooooooo awesome. The planes go soo fast and it looks amazing when you create a new plane. Like just now I created the dolphin which is the 11th plane and it goes sooooo sooooo fast! It looks so cool! I’m technically a noob since I only got this game yesterday but I’m really starting to love it and because I just made the 11th plane on the second day of playing this game I don’t feel like such a noob anymore! And do u know what’s surprising? You know how I said I just made the 11th plane in the second day of playing? Well it’s hard to even get to the 4th plane lol. So I think personally that I did very very well on this far😂😂. But that’s also a flaw. If it wasn’t so hard to make the planes I would probably be on plane 50 already! Part of the reason it’s so hard to even make a plane is because the amount of coins u need to even get a number 2 or 1 plane on the plane board is now the ridiculous part. 🤣🤣😂😂. Please make the prices lower for the planes to be on the plane board. Oh and thank you for reading merge plane creators and players. Until I write another review.😂😂😂.Byeeeeeeeeeee.
by marko te on 2019/04/13 06:41
Its a nice starting screen not like other apps still dont really know wether or not these reviewers really like it but personally, as an adult user i would play this game because i like the sense of advancement and this game could make you feel that a little i like to merge stuff like these planes and upgrade them then just watch them go as fast as light feels nice it may be slow upgrading after level 10 but you have ad boosts that can speed it up and if you be like me and in the mood you just fill the boost meter up then upgrade and watch them go fast and just relax. I also like that the planes look old fashioned in other apps they are modern usually and i do like modern but i guess its nice to see something different and not all the same, you can play this game anywhere you can play it when you go outside with nothing to do and no internet thats another nice thing here you can play the game without internet too so you can just play it anywhere. And you can just upgrade some planes let them run some coin close the app then come back again later you get 2x ad boost it saves you time' and even though you got to purchase a subscription to get 50% more speed its still playable free and with good boosters.
merge plane, Nice game but boring
by reygie17 on 2019/02/19 04:06
Honestly, this game, the merge plane game it is nice game. The graphic of game is fine and you can make faster and new plane as you progress. You can earn more coins when your plane is more faster and you should keep playing on this. I think the game will be addictive for kids around the age of 7-10 years old but I think of you are an adult player merge plane will be a boring game. The plane will just rotate and rotate on the runway and it is really boring sometimes. Eventhough you can get new plane if you keep merging same plane but the runway is always the same. To get more coins your plane should be faster and you can get some extra gift box if watch the ads, it is fine to me because their is not a lot of advertisement on the game. I notice also if you are first use of he game, the game loads a little slow and when you unlocked a new plane sometimes the app will close, I dont know if all people who download the app notice that. I rate this game Four star, because this applicatins the merge plane game need to have some improvement, but it is easy to play game and you don't need to be expert player to play the game even kids can play it.
Great game
by Pastel_cupcake on 2019/07/18 03:46
My younger sisters have this game since they were playing this game for kinda a long time. I very wanted to have the game, so I downloaded the game. Since I already know how to start playing the game. I secretly don't already played this game before. I already downloaded this game. So I was going through the tutorial. For me, I didn't like the tutorial for some reason. I wish there was a "skip" button for anybody who think they already know how to start with the game. But just sometime after I merged my 2 leveled 6th planes to level 7, I got some rank thing. Then the game tells me to click on the top right corner, I clicked it, and it didn't do anything. I clicked on it again, still didn't do anything. I clicked on it over and over again, still didn't do anything. I thought refreshing the page would work. As so I did it, and the thing was still making me click on the top right corner, again. I was clicking on it over and over again. I don't know if it was supposed to be like this, or anything. I wished it stilled continued, so I can continue on the game. Well, I'll just give this 4 stars. I think the game is very fun. It just inspires me to play and have fun playing with the game. So fun. Well good morning, after, or night.
Satisfying game
by renics24 on 2019/04/22 05:19
I’m more of a action game guy so this is a first time me playing it, at first it’s just a low pace game but when you get the hang of it it becomes fun and interactive and competitive because you want a different kind of place. I always love games that walk you through first and this game nailed it, The game is fluid on my first open even i have many apps open. The game is simple and direct merging planes to get a faster plane to earn faster it has power ups also when a UFO is visible on the screen tap it and it gives you an option whether spend diamonds or watch an ad to get showered by coins that you can spend for speed powerup to make the planes faster. It’s a strategy game whether to merge a plane to create a new kind of plane or keep it as it is but if you keep as it is your spots gets filled with boxes becauae the game gives you a freebie to merge. It keeps me entertained the whole time i was playing it when i wasn’t doing anything or just having a break from work if you want game that makes you relieve the stress out of you i recommend you download this game IS JUST WHAT I NEEDED BECAUSE IT DIDN’T GAVE ME ANY STRESS JUST A SATISFYING FEELING BECAUSE OF THE MECHANICS OF THE GAME 😊
Very fun game
by martin mer on 2019/06/26 12:08
It’s a very fun game to play I started it and there was a very nice smiley face at the launch screen You can easily merge planes and just let them run to earn some coins fast there is free video ads to speed up the earning speed you can watch some to fill the meter and let it run you can let it run while offline and once you come back there would be free double coin ad to watch which is awesome I just like playing this game I play everywhere because I get bored I and it’s okay because you can play it offline as well it is addicting very addicting that my battery runs out by the time I am done of the game and I if you like this type of stuff there’s a lot of plane types that I’m looking to unlock because I’m just curious how fast they could go I like to see them it would be very fun having the smiley captain along is nice I don’t get bored much watching him and yes they do have purchase packages but most of them do don’t forget the ads and all that is still free and it’s all easy to do and you wouldn’t really need to pay a penny to enjoy this game
by PrincessTracy125 on 2018/10/23 16:23
I had fully intended to give this app 5 stars. It is a great game and I love it. Well I LOVED it until recently. Now almost every time I try to click on a video to either gain a golden box or x5 coin from a UFO or a x2 speed the game crashes. It gives me a blank screen with a loading circle in the middle and an x in the corner, but the x won’t close the screen and you get no credit for watching the ad. I have to go out and close the app, then go back in. When this happens I lose the UFO and time. It forces me to use the purple gems to gain the above listed advantages, even if I don’t want to. What’s worse is that if I don’t have any gems to lose I am just out of luck. This happens 80% of the time. I have lost countless gems and it is extremely frustrating. Then I come in here and click on “App Support” and it tells me to log in to my Facebook page, which I do and it takes me to my personal Facebook page, not the Merge Plane link. Then I have to look up the Merge Plane link, but of course there are several different accounts and no way of knowing which one is correct. Please address this issue ASAP. I updated the game hoping that would fix the issue. I restarted my phone as well. Nothing works. I would hope that you can resolve this problem and credit my account for the amount of gems that I wasted because of the issues with your mistake.
Great addictive game
by Noah2.35 on 2019/07/18 02:36
The Game is a really fun game i can’t stop playing it it’s very addictive, it starts off really fun it’s very mindless and you advance pretty fast at the beginning of the game. It is also very easy and simple to figure out how to play and fun and easy to play for all ages. I really do enjoy how many types of planes there are, and also I can leave the game, then once I reopen it my progress stays saved and I get a lot of virtual money to spend within the game. The only thing that I don’t like as much are all the ads within the game. But I understand how some game developers give out their game for free but to make some money they have to have ads to make revenue, but some ads may seem interesting and you might want to download a game from one of the ads, like when you would buy a car and it lets you watch an add to upgrade it, or you can watch an add to boost the speed, Don’t quit the game because of ads the game is very enjoyable and so entertaining, it kind of reminds me of a game within messenger that has to do with fishes instead of plains.
Merging planes
by Tiedyeguyy on 2019/04/28 13:59
I was a little skeptical when first downloading this game because of a few of the reviews on top of the out look of the game, it wasn’t bad when I first started the game actually, the instructions are throughout and help make sure you know exactly what to do and how to progress through the game. I played the game for about a week before I started letting my son get on from time to time while he had a little bit of downtime, he understood how to play real quickly. And now he helps me progress through the game when I don’t even have time to play sometimes. Anyways this is a cool, time consuming game, with good tendencies, with probably many updates coming that will make this app even better through time. I have 2 words of advice for you. Download. Play. There are many other games similar to this style of game play but no others match, or even come close to merging planes. You can tell the developers have been working for a while on this game before they decided to release it. Thanks for reading my review.
This is the best app ever! ❤️❤️
by Krenigtoe on 2019/10/08 02:22
This is app is amazing! Its so fun to play and helps me with my stress. I love playing this game when I am on the bus because it keeps me entertained and not be bored. It makes my rides on the bus feel much shorter than it is. Seriously get this app I highly recommend it! All you have to do is just put up with the ads. The app is definitely worth it and you should give it a try right now! I give this a 5/5 stars and wish I could give it more. I don’t like the ads and sometimes the ads are too much but I understand you need them to make a profit and keep the game running. This app has helped through some hard times and take my mind off of things. I love the selection they have for this game and I think no would feel disappointed in this app. I would love the app to get more features in the future so more people could enjoy it. This app is clearly worth it because it has many reviews and many 5 star reviews on it so you know it does not disappoint.
Not s’okay
by T-Wolf73 on 2018/11/04 06:07
Last Update:: I give up. The last straw for a generally boring game was this last Space Trek contest. Saying that hundreds of people managed to get to 1000s of billions of points in a day is ludicrous. Either they’re fake accounts or this is a very lucky game to get many people paying $100 or more just to win a game that means nothing. Either situation is equally sad. Anyway, on to games that actually require skill and thought for me. Update:: They got additional levels for both the planes and yourself. The problem I’m having now is the lucky spin wheel. Not exaggerating, but the 2x speed rocket (which we can get on our own for less gems) comes up way too often. I just spun three times and all three were that prize. And I never get the 20 gems anymore. It would be nice if they took the 2x speed off since we can get that so easily other ways. Original:: I’m not sure why my last review got deleted.. so trying again. It’s a fun enough game, but very limited. It appears you are limited to level 30s (both your level and that of the planes). I’ve only played for a week or so and I’m at maxed out level 30 and have three level 30 planes. Wouldn’t be more than another week or so to have a full runway of level 30s and then I guess I’m done(?).
Was great until...
by Zach7788 on 2018/12/08 02:57
I was really loving this app. I even subscribed to the (expensive 4.99/week after the trial) paid membership option to get a boost which worked for a couple days then after charging me it disappeared suddenly taking away the extra spaces and the max level ships that were on them and they take a long time to obtain. I let it go but cancelled the subscription cuz I’m not going to keep paying and not get the benefit. But it miraculously reappeared and I had a few days left in the cycle. Then today I open it and instead of being rank 6 and climbing I’m 232! Somehow everyone else had crazy amounts of earning scores and even the lowest ranks just above mine had 8 times what mine are! So screw this broken app. I’m done. Don’t waste your time or money on it. 4.99 a week is a ridiculous amount to charge and it costs an even more exorbitant amount for the in game gem currency that you can earn and use here and there but not at all practical. Avoid this worthless app. An older review I read even point to fake accounts used in the events that you can earn large amounts of gems from but even after only a few minutes the top ranked profiles have nearly a million which is ridiculous and dishonest.
Nice game! Just a few things...
by JAMinations on 2019/06/08 00:45
This game is a very nice game and if I could compare it to other games like this, it’s would most likely be in my top 3. I noticed 2 glitches. The first doesn’t happen to me anymore right now, but it could come back to me. Basically, right before some of the planes crossed the finish line and gave me money they would quickly cross over to the start and not earn me anything. Though, the reason why it stopped could be because they patched it. So if they did, then sorry. But this one still happens to me right when I’m writing this. So basically, on the main screen, we’re all the planes are going around in circles, it says there the I have som thing around 5,000 billion coins. But when I either look on my account , or on the leaderboard, it says that I have about 13,000 billion coins. And the annoying thing is the it still counts as me having 5,000b. But overall this a great game and would really recommend it. And it’s good to say that I think that those are the only bugs I found. 😀😃😄😁😆
They want $5 A WEEK to not play a game
by davideff on 2019/12/04 14:18
So just to be clear this game is a really polished game. It doesn’t crash it, makes sense and it is just as addicting as any other idle game out there. But that’s all it is, by design, an idle game. A game where you don’t play and level up. And they want $5 A WEEK to get things like no ads and more plane parking. Are you kidding me. $5 a week to NOT Play. It’s an idle game. The leaderboards are just there. The ‘tournament’ doesn’t really do anything and isn’t interactive. And they want $5 a week??? Think about that. That’s literally $20 a month and $240 a year!!!!!! lol you can buy triple A games for $40 one time fee that has wayyy more to do. I would consider a month....maybe if their were more things like worlds or battle friends or something. But a week??? What. This shows how much the developer doesn’t value their customer (not their game). That plan is literally the only thing you can buy other than gems. No option for removing just ads etc. They don’t value us they just want us to pay $5 a week to not play a game lol To be fair, you can certainly play without it but god, just like every other game the ads are so annoying. Micro transactions have ruined the gaming industry.
Love the game
by TrexBitch on 2018/08/30 02:35
$4.99/week yeah I don’t think so. No way in hell! With that being said I don’t seem to experience any technical issues with the app. Although I can’t seem to contact the developer for a possible problem. I’ve been stuck with the same runway for quite sometime now. According to the option when you go into the “other” tab to upgrade it says Runway lv5 13,000k of the gold coins. I have done my exchange and I have over 647,000k so why can’t I upgrade my runway. My planes are now at lvl 22 and I keep thinking that I have to go higher and higher but it’s been like that since... well early in the game. Please hello or explain or put a support option inside the game please. Update: I wrote my review about 2 hours ago. Now, since my trial period ended and I set it up not to continue, I’ve had nothing but problems. I’ve had to restart about 3 times and the last time not only did I lose a parking spot but I lost my lvl 22 plane. In fact the highest lvl plane I have is now a 19. I’m pretty upset.
Let’s be real
by alonzomj204 on 2019/01/22 21:45
I know that this game is literally made to make us think we’re accomplishing something while we watch ads😂. I know that and I’m ok with that and I’m perfectly ok with doing it because it’s something to do. It’s a fun game it scratches an itch and I’ve been playing it for weeks now. My one complaint is that the wheels are completely not random. It’s so weighted to give you a minute or two of boost and has never given me a x4h or x1day. I mean I know you want us to buy diamonds and to spend actual money but more people are willing to spend 40 seconds watching an ad than will ever actually spend real money on the game. So why not make the wheel game more fair. I mean a days worth of money is not gonna decrease my play time and when you consider that it takes a week sometimes to get a new plane at higher levels when you play casually, something that shortens that time would be nice. But great game please make the wheels more fair thank you!
by Scipio243 on 2018/10/18 18:06
The game is actually really fun at first, fast paced, lots of improvement to be had, all that. But it soon becomes a big grind, really brings the gameplay to a boring level where it feels it doesn’t go anywhere. Prices to buy new planes increase at basically the same rate you gain more money at, so it never feels like you’re really improving. That aside, the biggest problem with the game is ADS. Holy cow, I get that developers need to make money and ads is a good way to do that. Cool. But the game punishes you for looking through the menus by giving you ads when you close them. Want to speed up your progress (VERY slightly)? 30 second ads are available at every nook and cranny. They’re so jam packed in it’s unavoidable. If your idea of a game is spending half the time playing it watching ads, this is the game for you. Also: probably about 20% of the time I have watched ads to gain an edge, the screen turns completely white after the ad plays and the game cannot recover. After force closing it and reopening, you’ll have to watch an ad again if you really wanted that reward. Majorly frustrating time waste.
Simple and addicting...
by Simple and addicting... on 2019/07/01 02:32
The game starts off really fun, it’s very mindless and you make quick progress in the beginning. It is also simple to figure out and fun to play for all ages. I really enjoy the many different types of planes. And I can leave the game, then come back with a lot of virtual money to spend. The only thing to complain is the frequent and intrusive ads. But now I realize developers of free games will implement ads in order to make revenue from this type of free game, which I have no problem with if I’m choosing when to view the ads (for a boost, etc.) Also you can TURN OFF your internet connection to play without ads. But you will also miss the benefits by watching ads, like when you buy cars and it lets you watch an ad to upgrade it, or when you can watch an ad to boost speed, but if you don’t like ads, then turn off your internet connection. Don’t quit the game because of ads. It’s fun and enjoyable.
Super fun!!!
by King Ayham on 2019/05/22 02:27
Words can't even express how much I like this game. Merge Plane is so enjoyable, when it has come to the fact that I can't even explain the feeling. I always spend hours and hours just sitting there, enjoying merge plane on my phone. I even didn't recognize the time. It's so addictive. Merge two planes to get a higher level plane. Make it run on the track to earn coins to buy more planes. The fact that you can just play an amazing game without even having to pay just makes it better. I often get free items and bonus treasure box by simply watching ads. In fact, you don't even need to watch ADS, unless you want to unlock something faster. I even invited most of my friends to start playing the game. Ok, so these words 👆don't even express how fun this game is, but there is so much to write that this review could take hours to write!! So in my opinion, i really suggest downloading this game since you will really enjoy it.
Nice game
by cherreygalve on 2019/02/20 00:14
Wow what a nice game i give 5 stars for this awesome game. The merge plane is really cool to play and I really enjoy it. So far so good. I feel no regret downloading this game. Captain on duty hurry!!! I feel so bored and nothing to do and the good thing is I discover this game. I use to play during my free time and it really makes sense for me. I feel so happy every time i reach my goal. I also allowed my kids to play this game this is my reward for them after finishing their homework and they enjoy it too. A great game for the whole family. A good way of bonding while at home and now my kids are more faster than me they can upgrade and make the planes powerful. Lol! This is now our favorite game. We all enjoy it. It releases my stress and makes me happy especially when my planes power up so fast. It worth to spend my time for this because it makes me happy and at the same it makes my brain works and analyze things. Try it you will surely enjoy. Thank you!
Time well spent!
by Ä̤l̤̈l̤̈ï̤ë̤ on 2019/07/17 16:16
I don’t play many lengthy games, but I like having a few to pass the time while I am waiting to pick someone up or ignoring TV commercials. This game fits that bill perfectly. You may need to spend some time to get the knacks of the game in the beginning. But after that, the game is all in your hands. It usually takes me no more than half a min to complete a level. It is also a great way of stimulating and keeping one’s brain up to par! And that's all I need. My son also likes the game, but it is not that easy for him to pass each level. And then I help him. It somehow teaches him the way of solving problems. The only thing to complain is the in-app commercials, but now I've found a way out to remove the ads so it's not a problem any more. Except for that, it is a great game. And I highly recommend it if you are looking for something to pass the time while having something to keep your mind sharp.
I've played the game for a year!
by marter.b23 on 2019/07/03 06:54
I really love this plane merging game. It's easy to play and relaxing. You don't need to rack your brain and spend too much time on it everyday. But when you are boring or stressed in study or work, it's a good choice. The game is well designed with nice graphics. I like watching multiple premium planes running on the track and coins flying. It makes me feel relaxed. If you want to get a good ranking and no ads at all, then you probably should pay for the membership. If you don't care about ranking, just spend some time daily, it's totally free. It's also great that you can always get speed or coins boost by simply watching ads. So it's not a must to spend real money in this game like the other reviews say. It is the only small game that I've been playing for over a year. I can't even believe it. Thank you for the great game. Keep improving and I will definitely recommend it to everyone!
So addictive and fun!!!
by greatgame277 on 2020/03/21 20:20
I LOVE this app because 1) there are NO unwanted adds! 2) it’s absolutely SO addicting! I honestly spend WAY too much on it. 3)it’s a really easy-to-catch-on kind of game meaning there isn’t too many things you have to do to play the game and it’s SUPER easy and not really confusing to play. 4) it keeps you’re progress even when you’re not in the game so you get like a week of earnings even though you haven’t even been on the app until many days!! And finally 5) it’s a FREE app! There are some in app purchases that you can make but unless you don’t buy that it’s an ALL-FREE app!! This app is a very great app that you should definitely consider buying it! I love these games and I think there SO fun because you can basically play them for as long as you want meaning it’s not limited and it doesn’t end the game at a certain level or points! I have ALWAYS enjoyed this app!
Slow and honestly kind of boring
by V.143 on 2018/10/25 14:28
I finally got around to trying this game and the hype was real, but this game didn’t meet my expectations. At all. At first, it started out as a half decent time waster with a not very unique premise and interesting theme. I liked the colors, the graphics and the adds weren’t that bad, but my main issue was the fact that it went so slow. There were sessions where I would only merge two sets of planes and then have to close out and do something else because there was nothing else to do in the game. My expectation for idle games is that they can keep you entertained consistently for a short or long amount of time, regardless of what level you’re on. Anyone familiar with these kinds of games will get what I’m saying. It seems as though in order to get the actual full “idle” feel of this game, you have to pay for the ridiculous subscription. So basically this is a fermium app. I deleted this from my phone and no longer play. The storage amount is insane for the content. Don’t waste your time with this one. It’s not worth it.
Great game!!!
by Amy_Horan on 2019/05/13 02:12
This is very fun and addicting! I catch myself in class playing it sometimes when I’m in class supposed to be doing work. When I first downloaded it I though it would be very boring but then found myself playing for hours and hours without even realizing it. I never thought an idle game could be so fun until now, I enjoy unlocking each plane, and it’s so fun and easy to understand. When you get this you won’t be able to put it down, it is literally so addicting, your so close to unlocking the next plane so you figure a few more minutes but this goes on for hours unlocking new planes over and over again 10/10 would recommend for you if your stressed or just need a good relaxing game, I sometimes play this to help me fall asleep at night. I’ll be laying down marching up the planes one second then I’m off to dreamland the next, great for people with insomnia.
Best plane game
by maicodm on 2019/02/20 02:20
Merge plane is such a simple yet best plane game compared to other plane games i had ever played before. I love the idea of simply merging two planes to upgrade its speed and also the earnings it can produce. In merge plane, as you level up your plane the greater earnings you get. You will also unlock the rankings wherein you will be ranked according to the total earnings you earned. You may also get rewarded with diamonds that you can use to purchase more advanced planes. And for me to earn more i use these diamonds to double up my speed. Aside from diamonds, you can also double up your speed by just watching a very short advertisement. For me this game is so cool and very great game not just for me but for all ages. Even my kids loves playing this. Plus the backround music also adds up to the relaxation and the fun you will feel as you play it. Overall perfect game for me.
by hoekageness on 2020/11/05 05:43
I made it to top 8 on the leaderboards after spending so much time and watching SO MANY ads to the point I’d press on a watch add for another 150 seconds of speed to add to my airplanes and it won’t, it says “no video please try again later”.... after trying multiple times for multiple days there was no later, the game literally would not allow me/show me any more free ads to add more speed to my airplanes. I had 3 maxed out planes (the planes don’t go any higher than level 60) and was really aiming for number 1. I’ve put so many hours into this game, I’ve had it for years. With the hopes of being number 1, I went on the app like normal and my ENTIRE game was just gone. Just a black/blank screen whenever I’d tap on the app. I thought that maybe the game is just down, but it has been several days now. To see if the game was just acting funny on my phone, I downloaded it on another phone and it works perfectly fine. I played the game a little on the other phone just to check the tournament board and my #8 spot is GONE. I just want my airplanes back, I just wanted to strive and reach for number 1.
Won’t work online
by johndoe0793 on 2018/09/23 06:24
For some reason I cannot connect my Facebook it just takes me to the app and nothing comes up no matter how long I wait and neither can I connect to the internet in the app so I can’t watch adds to get 2x speed or even look at the tournaments it just says I need to connect to the internet and obviously I am because If i wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to write this review and yes I’ve tried restarting my phone and turning on and off my wifi and tried using a vpn and nothing is helping and since I can’t connect to the wifi I can’t connect to my Game Center account so if I delete and re download the app all my dada will be lost and it took me weeks to get to level 21 so either I just can’t ever use anything that involves using wifi or I have to restart all my data. But besides this really annoying bug the games a ton of fun and addictive, looking forward to new updates if I’m even able to update the app...
Love? Hate?/Sub cancellation.
by Romy Poo on 2018/09/06 02:07
-Game: I actually hate this app, let me explain. It’s pretty addictive when you’re a low level. Constantly able to upgrade planes. They’re also so many ads, it’s absurd, if you want a “free” pass on certain items/planes you can watch a 15 or 30 second ad. Of course you do not have too, but it helps for a slight moment. Moving on. When you start getting further along, it takes much longer to combine planes for a much better plane, which comes with being a higher level, like all games. Now I’m finding myself getting on the apps one or two times a day to earn those offline coins. All upgrades for payment with coins is so ridiculous that I find it harder to stay and try to earn the necessary requirements for upgrades. Is it fun? Sure. Like all games, it has its pros and cons. -Sub: I am always finding people talking about how it’s difficult to cancel a subscription. >Go to iTunes app. >Scroll all the way to the bottom. >Click to view Apple ID >Click on Subscriptions >Scroll till you find the app you’re subscribed too. >Cancel. >BOOM. >Pass on this knowledgeable power. All apps here on the Apple Store go through Apple(obviously), they(the app/s) cannot do this single handily, unless you are using a 3rd party app store which is prohibited by Apple. Any app you get from the Apple Store HAVE to go through Apple for them to be on the the Apple Store. Thus, all subscriptions can be canceled from your Apple ID page.
Fun and addicting merging game!
by fazzy usa on 2019/08/26 07:45
I used to play many kinds of merging game. I think this game is one of the best. I really like the idea that you mix merging with racing. It inspires you to keep playing the game so that you can get higher level planes which will run faster. The developer is also very smart in regard to the commercials. Because you are not forced to watch an ad within the game. Instead you will be very willing to watch these ads to get awesome rewards in return. Which will boost your game progress to a large extent. I can spend hours and hours playing the game every day just to unlock a new plane if I want. It's not a complicated game that even kids know how to play. I also like the graphics. The game is frequently upgraded so you get more features to play than you firstly started the game. Such a good game and I recommend it..
Needs Prestige
by c_merlin on 2018/11/05 22:30
This is one of the funner clicker game premises I’ve seen, but there’s still some things I think it lacks. One is fairly simple: I think he 2x speed boost should have a much longer duration for watching an ad. I’ve played some where you can rack up a good couple hours of boost that you can let sit idle for a while and reap the benefits. I don’t like that I have to check in every 30 minutes to watch almost 10 of ads to keep my boosts continuous. The other thing is the bigger one. Now I’m not quite far enough in to say for sure that it doesn’t have this, but I don’t see the option anywhere currently. There should be a prestige option somewhere where you can reset to the starting point, but trade your progress for a boost of some kind. Especially in a game that looks like it basically caps out at plane lvl 50, the only way to promote infinite growth is to have some kind of prestige option.
this game is grea
by domenicofire on 2019/03/15 13:54
Honestly, this game is great. I love. Excellent in terms of graphics, it is excellent and is very addictive. It's good to spend time. A good reward does not have any information that will help you not waste the Nungun's time. I like the game a lot. I recommend it 100%. in a short time you can move quickly through the different levels do not stop downloading is very good game for children and adults entertained equally and its different updates has its players entertained so I give 5 stars to motivate them to continue to make very good games as this A good reward does not have any information that will help you not waste the Nungun's time. I like the game a lot. I recommend it 100%. in a short time you can move quickly through the different levels do not stop downloading is very good game for children and adults entertained equally
Fun to play, new update killed it
by Katie262819198474 on 2019/10/27 21:39
This game’s fine. You don’t really do much in it but it’s enjoable and satisfying to finish the next level of a plane over the course of a week or two. However; I recently updated the app and was dissapointed with the changes they made. 1: Not allowing the use of gems for triple the offline profit. This was my main incentive to get gems and watch ads because it’s a quality of life thing. The fact they took it away is going to make the next levels far harder. 2: they removed the free upgrade when you buy a plane and replaced it with a “buy one get 16 free”. All that does is give the same result with more labor. 3: the chances of getting the free upgrade when buying planes is signifigantly lower. I’m watching my 64th place go up and up because I can’t keep up with people who haven’t updated. It’s unfair and very dissapointing for a game I enjoy playing.
Super Fun
by john Sophia on 2019/11/12 03:22
Once you pick this up, it’s hard to it put down. Great time killer when you’re stuck waiting somewhere or on a long trip. This game delivers those rewards according to the time you put into it. Definitely satisfying. This is one game I didn’t have a problem throwing a little money at. That’s another point—I have seen games where you have to pay a lot for a “grab bag”, with no guarantees that it will help to satisfy a goal. In this game, you see what you get before you buy! But you don't really have to pay in this game, cause the rewards are unlimited if you are patient with the ads. I've had the game for a while now, but I still haven't reached the end. Sometimes I imagine what the last plane will look like and if I would go on with the game. But for now I'd thank you for making up my bored days.
Pretty good
by keithbrad80 on 2018/08/06 08:11
It was a great app when I first downloaded it. It seemed as tho there were no ads only when I wanted to watch them to get free stuff. But then as I leveled up (I’m at level 19) the ads got more frequent now it’s to the point where almost every time I merge a plane an ad appears. There is this weird glitch as well when sometimes you merge two planes a box will appear on time and chase you to lose the planes. I found that if you just shut down the ap completely and open it back up the new upgraded plane will be there. This has only happened twice to me so not so much of a big deal. The other negative thing about the app is the subscription service, it’s outrageous 4.99 a week which is crazy. Overall it’s a pretty good and addicting game which I will continue to play even with the adds.
by BHut on 2019/09/15 08:45
Periodically there are mini competition in the game that last 24 hours to a few days. Most recently was a short 24 hour competition. I noticed it right at the start and decided I’ve got a real chance of placing in this, here we go. For the next hour I incessantly watched ads and did nothing but play Merge Planes. I was in the number 2 spot neck and neck with another guy. Then inexplicably a random ID popped up in the number 1 spot and the number 2 spot in the rankings. Their scores were astronomically high and would be impossible to achieve in literally minutes, even if you were a rich oil baron from the Middle East and dropped major cash on diamonds in 2 minutes. I’ve noticed this before but was never quite sure and did not want to make any unfounded accusations. Now I am sure and I don’t understand why nothing is done to combat this. I can’t even place in the small competitions let alone ever reach any high score in the overall ranking. Clearly there is manipulation going on. Have the screenshots to prove it. Fly clear of this one.
by fatal_error1583 on 2018/08/16 12:08
I get ads. Want to use the speed boost? Be prepared to spend 21 minutes an hour watching ads to charge it up. You get 2 minutes of speed boost for watching a 30 second ad. So you actually only get 1:30 since your boost clock burns while your watching that ad. So, factoring in the time it takes to click out of the previous ad and into the next one, you have to spend 21 minutes per hour to get an hour speed boost. Don’t use the speed boost? They’ve built a ranking system into the game, so if you want to be competitive you have to use it. I suppose for the casual player none of this is a big deal, but if you are competitive, this system is straight up offensive. Not sure how else it can be interpreted. Sane in my opinion would an ad granting 6 minites of speed boost. That would equate to about 10 ads an hour at most as opposed to the 42~ ads per hour you currently have to do. I deleted this game after doing the math on this so congratulations Gaga Games, you’ll be getting no ad revenue from me rather than some.
by Pouyakh on 2019/09/23 06:42
I seriously love this game so so much and it's so so addictive and it's awesome. It's a simple game that is suitable for all ages. But if you want to get a good ranking, you'll probably need to spend more time and use some strategies on it. I play it everyday and if you get bored of the game, just keep playing cause there are always new surprises. They've got a Space Trek stage and maybe more. Not sure I haven't made all of it there yet. And by that I mean basically a space world except for the normal one, so many amazing space ships and different treasure boxes So yeah, I just want to say wow...It's a game that I would like to play every day. So I hope you read and like my review, easy to read haha. I recommend this game to literally anybody and if you get addicted then I know exactly how you feel. Anyway it's a super cool and Amazing game.
No. Just, no!
by harhardi on 2019/02/13 14:05
So I downloaded this game because the ads from my other games made this game look fun with all the mini games and stuff, but there ARE NO MINI GAMES! That’s called false advertising and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal. In addition to that, the my mom vs. my dad ads are sexist and the noob vs pro ads are racist. Why is the noob black!? Now onto the actual game. First off there are WAY too many ads. The ads will freeze your screen and you won’t get your rewards. Now this is probably the thing I’m the most angry about. Correction, this IS the thing I’m angriest about. I downloaded this game because I saw that there was a free trial so I thought “why not?”. It didn’t give me a free trial! It just subscribed me for the stupid gold membership!!! I deleted this game, but it still says in my subscriptions that it WILL be taking my money even though I don’t own this game. This game is a money pit that traps you in the membership and there’s no escape! Do NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU VALUE NOT WATCHING ADS ALL THE TIME AND BEING ALLOWED TO KEEP YOUR MONEY!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Surprising but in a good way!
by marysparks121993 on 2019/02/06 01:21
I normally don’t play games like this at all. Any other time I would have taken one look and scrolled on by 😂🤷‍♀️ I downloaded this game earlier today on the word of a friend that it was more addictive that anything they have ever played, and let me tell you, they were right! I can’t stop playing 😩😂😂 this game is SUPER easy to level up and reach your top potential earnings in the game. You can constantly upgrade your planes and runways making you not only earn more but unlock ranks and really cool levels. I would most definitely recommend this game to any and all of my friends and family members! You guys are awesome just like your game! I cannot wait to see what else these creators come up with next! Ps I also hate you for taking up all of my free time 😂😂 you guys rock ❤️
Great game small problem
by lilsters0729 on 2020/02/19 15:31
Personally I love this game and play it all the time. I love all the designs on the plane. I think it’s so cool when you get a new plane. I love all the different airports you can go into where you try to complete quests and get new planes. The UFOs are cool too because all you have to do is watch a short ad and you get a reward. I do have a problem with the spinner though. On the spinner there are six different prizes that you can get but so far I’ve only been able to collect 4 of them. I have been playing for several months and am at level 28. The spinner is rigged and I really dislike that because this is such a great game. I hope that this can be fixed so that I have a fair chance on the spinner. Otherwise love this it’s super addicting and super fun, would recommend.
Becomes boring after a week
by Potterhead 🧙🏻‍♀️ on 2020/05/16 18:26
I was immediately addicted to this game when I downloaded it. I’d seen the ads for over a year and I had finally decided to download. At first, it was awesome. I played it forever on end, merging planes and dragging them onto the track. Like all merge or idle games, it was incredibly stupid, yet addicting. What eventually got the better of me was the two-hour limit for going idle. If you leave the game, you will only gain money for two hours, then it will stop. Around the time I got #15 it just got really boring. It takes way longer to merge up longer planes and it just became boring. The last time I checked the game was multiple months ago. So if you want to pass time for a week or are fine with the limit I would recommend this game. If not, though, then there’s no point to downloading. Maybe if the developers removed the limit I would start playing again.
Great game! Perfect add to gameplay ratio
by Hititorquit2018 on 2018/10/13 05:59
This game is amazing considering it is an idle game! My only complaint is the $5 a week for the membership. I already plan on spending $20-$30 a month just on gems, I’m not inclined to spending $20 a month on a membership. If you guys were able to drop it to $2.99 a week I’d be game but other than that the game is great! And the complaints on the ads are beyond over exaggerated! Play “Voodoo” games and you will see that the gameplay-to-ads ratio is so much worse than this game. I get an ad about every few times I go into the shop. This game is honestly amazing and I enjoy playing it a lot compared to the rest of the idle games I have played. I enjoy this game to the point that I’m actually focusing on leader boards! Thank you for the great game, enjoy the five stars and enjoy my money 😂
Easy and Fun!!!
by BluesClues- on 2020/09/27 20:07
I am really addicted to this game, it was the first games me and my brother had on any of our old phones. This game is so easy and really fun, especially if you want to kill time or you are extremely bored. The thing I mostly love about this game is that there are barely any ads, the only ads I have seen are ones to get gems or the alien boxes that are gold. This game can be fun to anyone and it’s made for all ages. I know at lest 20 people or more who play this game and are entertained by it, and if you are reading this and wanting to download it, it’s basically where you can merge planes and make newer and better ones. You collect gems and coins for every time a plane goes around the circle. So plane mergers what are you waiting for? ( I HIGHLY recommend this game it’s SO fun ) Good luck <3
really fun
by WhattsappUser on 2019/08/06 02:28
I love planes and merging! And that's why I love this game so much. I like the idea about how you merge planes and put them on a racetrack. It is pretty fun, just buying and merging plane after plane, seeing them getting faster and more unique. The ads are annoying sometimes. But I'm okay with ads, especially when I don't have to pay for a game. And I do get treasure boxes and bonuses by watching ads to speed up the planes or double the coins earning. And my favorite part of the game is when the planes go 2x as fast and seeing all the colors, they are so satisfying. :) The game is simple and even kids can play. But you still need to use some strategy because you can get better planes with less coins if you do. Overall it is an entertaining game, simple and fun to kill time.
More planes
by Keepsakesc on 2019/05/25 02:09
The game is a good game and I’ve had no problems with it until recently. My husband and I started playing the same time. When I reached level 50 plane I was finished with everything. No more planes, no more bonus, there was nothing left to do but try to reach the number 1 spot in the tournament. My husband has planes up to level 60. He has more planes, bonus, and can reach the higher rankings faster. I don’t think it’s right some get extra planes while others do not. I reached 3rd in the tournament and still play trying to get that number one spot. The top three ranks just got ousted and bumped down one rank. How fast he reached that top rank makes me believe he also has those ten extra level planes. I have waited months for mine to catch up and has not. I have updated the app and still nothing but what I already have.
Love it !!
by rocknrollnbbn on 2019/04/22 03:00
Wasn’t sure if I’d like this game in the beginning because it was so confusing (to me). But I got the hang of it real quick and it became very fun to me. This is one of those games you’d play if you were bored, or waiting on something. Or just like to play games! It’s VERY entertaining to me. And it’s like a challenge for myself to see if I can get higher and higher with the airplane numbers and the leveling up is much fun too. I like any kind of game that has a level to it. It helps me feel like I’m accomplishing something. After I write this review, Imma go play some more! It can get addicting, so limit yourself! 😝 I’d definitely rate this game a 4.9/5 haha No game is perfect ;). But seriously, download this game if you’re bored or honestly just like playing games! It’s fun and entertaining!
Way too many ads
by Vincent D. B. on 2019/12/30 21:38
The idea is fine, get small planes, merge them into bigger and bigger planes which makes more money to merge again etc. the problem is you’re bombarded with ads from the moment you open the game. You can watch an ad to get bonus coins from offline progress, you can watch an ad to get bonus planes, you can watch a bunch of ads in a row to build up increased income time, you can watch ads to get gems, and so on and so forth. Even after all that, which is far too many ads to begin with, when you open the shop you’ll sometimes have an unprompted ad forced on you. Not an optional one you can skip, but a full on unskippable screen blocking ad. And this is all not mentioning the $4.99 weekly subscription they offer that seems to give very little value. This could be a simple fun game but it’s pretty ruthlessly torn apart to shove as many ads in as possible to squeeze money from unsuspecting kids and the like. 2/10 soulless cash grab
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