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LÜM | Discover New Music
LÜM is a 100% ad-free music streaming and social media app where fans can discover new music and support independent artists through virtual gifting. LÜM’s fully integrated social media and music streaming platform, trusted by over 75,000 independent artists, allows artists to connect, identify and promote music to their super fans. LÜM provides independent artists social networking tools to collaborate with other creators and is one of the only music streaming and social media services to offer artists the ability to upload music, videos and photos for free to share with their fans. Fans can support artists through LÜM’s gamified virtual gifting system, earn rewards by discovering new music & supporting artists, compete to be their favorite artists' top supporters, create playlists, customize their music libraries, share music with friends and enjoy ad-free music streaming. What’s Inside: • 100% ad-free music streaming • Easily share music with friends • Create playlists, customizable profiles & music libraries • Notifications on new music & content releases • Earn free Notes (in-app currency) by claiming your welcome bonus, daily streaks & streaming LÜM for Artists: • Promote music, videos and more • Receive virtual gifts from supportive super fans • Easily cash out Notes to your bank account via Stripe • Identify and thank superfans for their support • Collaborate with other independent artists • Invite fans to support on LÜM through external link sharing • Participate in competitions for increased Notes & exposure LÜM for Fans: • Earn rewards & achievements for supporting new music • Compete to be a top supporter of independent artists • Purchase Notes to support artists • Enjoy personalized playlists based on genre preferences • Discover new music & artists through community-driven playlists • Connect with independent artists • Share music with friends Love LÜM? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:
by Choppa Diablo on 2021/05/11 22:43
It’s a consistent family based platform that when used right can take a artist yo the next level
by cagfsilh on 2021/05/10 20:14
by @ab5olootfaxtx on 2021/05/10 10:43
This site is awesome computer friendly and efficient
Very nice
by Engincyx on 2021/05/09 07:14
I lobe it
My favorite app
by therlovelytrend on 2021/05/08 15:16
This app is awesome and I really recommend it
Seems promising but
by Faithsters on 2021/05/06 17:50
Every time I try to make an account, I always get stuck on the page where it asks you to choose your favorite genres. It won’t let me scroll up or down so every time I click my options, I can’t hit next or what not and every time I open the app it brings me to that page again.
by qsrhb on 2021/05/06 00:43
Hella Glitchy Playback
by James Olin on 2021/05/05 19:53
It’s cool as a social media app - but good luck trying to use it as a consistent music player. It’s really glitchy and will stutter frequently.
I’m thankful for LÜM 🙏🏾!!!
by litty loudpack on 2021/05/05 12:11
I want to be on the topCharts some day hopefully. I’ve been on LÜMSince the beginning I feel like though I deserve my own spot for New Jersey on this app also more notes and gifts..
So far it’s given me confidence on my music
by Bigbadger88 on 2021/05/05 04:12
Yea it’s cool Ive been using it for about 1 month I’m going to give it Untill the end of the s summer Yoo see if more improvements take place and I’ll get back to you guys on if it’s useful or not. But I’ll say one thing you must be active with the LÜM community in order to rep the fruits.
Dope App
by OfficialMarkpain on 2021/05/04 17:14
Glad I Found It it
by lul maxxo on 2021/05/01 22:39
Literally no complaints. I love it here tbh.
by Demo kills on 2021/05/01 04:04
It won’t let me posts videos nor edit them
Lum is next!
by sesay101 on 2021/04/28 12:46
Lum is very user friendly and quick to upload your music on to be heard by thousand of music fans and artist like yourself. It’s nothing but love.
My one year experience
by ceomannynumbers on 2021/04/24 17:22
Awesome why this app can do for your music it has grown so much and so have I thank you LÜM for being my inspiration #earlyonlum
Creators Unite!!
by tjohn01 on 2021/04/20 00:29
The creator experience on this platform is priceless !!
Next Up
by Emperorkilla on 2021/04/18 06:57
I just started using the app and I feel like I’m next to blow. I’m straight out of Maryland and was raised in West Africa, so if your reading this all I need you to do is lend me your ears. @him.andhim on IG/ Yung Staph on FB etc.....
G.o.a.t greatest of all time
by Altariq heath @mr_ct_ on 2021/04/15 10:24
This app is just like Facebook but you can also incorporate your musical genius while posting your pics and letting your music be heard meeting new friends. the more you post the more you heard Who knows you might link up with some people can live on some new tricks check it out with me I gave it five stars because the way I move the app move with me check me out on LUM.COM @Altariq Heath
tyb rebel
by ybrebel on 2021/04/11 02:59
i really like this app imajes me feel ok wit da style i rap n sing
by tigerstripes1 on 2021/04/10 19:47
How do you delete your tracks.
Quick followers
by quwdjsdjske on 2021/04/09 04:36
I connecting with lots of people already
Great app
by bbfvni on 2021/04/08 01:24
Very interactive
How LÜM helps me!
by D'Antony Harmon on 2021/04/07 18:14
LÜM helps me stay consistent. The challenges, competitions, etc. made me create and post content I had never thought of. Now I understand it’s important to share introductions, behind the scenes, a cappellas, performance videos, etc. I noticed most LÜM users love videos like that and when I think about it.. I rather watch an interview or BTS than a music video because I actually get to know the artist. They also keep reminding everyone how important it is to collaborate (which I disliked before) and make sure you get paid as much as possible as a music artist (Sync, PROs, etc.). Then there’s different opportunities we’ve gotten like A&Rs, Studio sessions, Neyo competition, etc.
Appreciate lum
by jermon promise williams on 2021/04/02 09:53
Thank you for the new platform ❤️❤️❤️
Why is it so hard to upload music a waste of time
by gghhbghjnnvcdg on 2021/04/02 02:49
Fix your app it’s not convenient enough
Not much has changed...
by WhoJ3x on 2021/03/31 15:22
Honestly, this is Still one of the cooler apps I have on my phone and one of the better apps on the App Store as far as music goes. The app has its bugs and the owners are still working on their masterpiece so it’s far from perfect but I still enjoy this app even with it's pros and cons. The community is great. It's a Fan Friendly streaming service and it's absolutely free to use for an app that pays you in app currency that you earn daily by listening to music, daily log in streaks, and earning gifts through challenges. All in all, the app is well worth the Download.
Didnt find any of my fav artists
by Someone used it on 2021/03/27 17:56
Didnt find any of my fav artists
by onebloodafrica on 2021/03/25 05:39
This app has definitely reshaped the independent music scene, LÜM is a Must have. Download right Now and follow me @Rapstage for a chance to earn free streams instantly
Something NeW
by BangiTloudb on 2021/03/18 14:23
Keep a Open mind why not give this a Try
Growth friendly
by @joey (archimime) on 2021/03/18 01:37
Great algorithm for artist to grow with.
Millboi da Great
by millboi da great on 2021/03/17 05:50
Love lum 💪🏾🔥
This might work
by Rino.onedot on 2021/03/15 07:05
So far so good. The interaction seems very real. And that’s real all a striving artists should seek.
Cant upload
by Untamed creator on 2021/03/04 16:26
It won’t let me upload trough the mobile app
This app is a blessing 🙌🏾❤️
by Dreday3346 on 2021/02/28 23:54
This app help me to believe in myself again in music, and reaching an incredible amount of friends and fans that love good music thanks LUM.
Michael Mac Thomas
by MichaelMacThomas on 2021/02/27 06:46
Michael Mac Thomas
by fg the amazon lord fxrest on 2021/02/25 22:45
Cool af
by Inotech3d on 2021/02/24 02:35
LÜM is a great app and community. Working to bring creatives together and offer music artists ways to monetize their work, vocalists, DJs, Producers, Engineers etc can all benefit from this app!!
by Dyniamite on 2021/02/20 07:28
Great app I love what you guys are doing for the music community ✊🏾🙏🏽and stay safe through this pandemic much ❤️
by yayo73k on 2021/02/18 09:13
I can’t lie so far the app fire
So many new artists!
by durs. minez. on 2021/02/16 16:19
Can’t wait for the masses to join the community, because the music is bananas
Bishop Da Koldest
by Bishop Da Koldest on 2021/02/13 20:41
by let win 101 on 2021/02/12 19:41
I think y’all should have the fans listen to the music Instantly it should have a option
@Meshiha7 The King Of The Geechee
by Meshiha7 on 2021/02/12 06:39
Lum by far is authentic and amazing you prosper by helping others to this a Great platform for artist No dumbing down Original organic vibrations here
by Jouirnoe on 2021/02/08 17:12
The App Wont let you upload music always freezes during file upload. On computer and on the phone.
by 665taj on 2021/02/06 23:49
it showed me guidance to the sound
Upload problems
by ndudigjejjsf on 2021/02/05 18:44
I haven’t uploaded for almost a year because your guys upload system is complete trash.
Upload music from files from phone or laptop
by zeusdagod505 on 2021/02/04 15:02
Not to sure if they have this but I wish to upload music from my files on my phone or laptop, cannot find the option to or they just dont have it. Help?
New User
by MasterManifestor888$ on 2021/02/01 18:55
Im new to this app but it seems amazing from the start has a ton on options for an independent artist like myself trying to get some sort of recognition thanks
I like this app a lot
by chitowitdaplays on 2021/01/22 23:23
I love this app already hopefully I can grow in this music game
Great app to download to support others dreams
by Swervo (Antonio Boston) on 2021/01/20 05:43
I’d recommend this App to any of my Family members, Friends or co workers
by Thinkin bout Money on 2021/01/18 00:38
Really easy to use. Great for collaborating with other artists and getting your music heard by artists and producers. All around great app
Love 🥴❤️💯
by Apla.David on 2021/01/08 13:28
I hope this becomes the number 1 music streaming platform it’s so easy no wait it’s wonderful
Changing Photos in Profile
by Creep5000 on 2020/12/28 12:24
Cannot choose other photos in gallery.
by husHNHaze on 2020/12/22 20:34
Beats em all
A great place to meet and interact
by flibertyjib on 2020/12/21 18:09
LÜM is the newest-community for artist/fan interaction, come on in and talk to your favorite musicians
by Facctz on 2020/12/20 06:24
Finding this site relieved a lot thanks LÜM
Great for trash rappers
by tcw tre on 2020/12/18 21:18
I stg I see these people with bout 10k followers and there music is so bad
Love it
by figboog on 2020/12/16 02:29
Just love no words really
LÜM app
by maxxx jack on 2020/12/12 19:49
It’s a great app to use to get your music out there and it’s very helpful for new artists
by HMURAUL on 2020/12/09 19:46
I joined up and gained 5+ followers instantly.
Like it
by saintnicktsg on 2020/12/08 18:59
Still new to the app but so far I’m loving it !
by Lok3doe on 2020/12/06 05:55
The best thing since Instagram, for artist, producers, musicians, and just being a fan of music itself to express and only be musically inclined. It's like Instagram meets SoundCloud 💯💯💪🏾👀🔥🎼❤️🎼❤️💪🏾♨️
by STACKKSENT on 2020/12/01 19:29
Love it
Confusing and non beneficial to artist
by Theinfamazz on 2020/11/30 19:18
Doesn’t actually help the artist and no one will donate money to artists. They are also offering to sell notes outside of App Store which violates Apple developer rules
It’s Alr so far
by vvsced on 2020/11/26 14:14
First hour of using it it’s a coo way to see underground artist
Way better then the main stream
by Maximilian_schnobrich on 2020/11/21 07:01
This app give anyone seeking expiry what they need
Jump on this
by Everybodyfreeze on 2020/11/20 22:15
I’m a musician but I am digging this even more from an audience perspective. It’s fun and many of the artists on here have stellar music. Plus, you can send them money and message them directly. It’s beautiful.
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 fire
by jg17761776 on 2020/11/20 09:33
by tillsxl on 2020/11/18 18:53
It’s cool
Love LÜM
by BrandiRenee17 on 2020/11/11 15:59
LÜM is an amazing platform for not only artist but true music lovers.
Great app for artists!
by Timeflex on 2020/11/11 03:10
This is only my first day using this app and so far I love the concept behind it. It makes you wanna support more artists. It also helps you be conscious of how much time you spend looking for new music by indie artists!
by oofdosow on 2020/11/08 06:27
Hi! I’m an Indie Musician and LÜM is good for 5 reasons! 1. You WILL be heard no matter what! 2. It’s like Apple Music and Spotify but you can post and follow people! 3. Uploading music is simple. 4. It’s very easy to use! 5. It is FUN!!!
by LongLiveJohnLennon on 2020/11/07 16:10
Within the short time I’ve been on this app, I’ve gained over 1500 fans, and 24K. plays! Connecting and working with other artists has never been easier then it is now with LUM! You can get in direct contact with any artist or fan you support or want to thank for supporting you! Honestly I love this app, and it’s changing things for the music world!! Thanks so much for creating this masterpiece ! - @therealap3x
Not downloading
by $HyP3$ on 2020/11/05 11:35
I’m trying to upload my newest track and it gets halfway and stops. It’s only 61 mb Plz fix I use LÜM daily
Tap in!
by Magnormous on 2020/11/01 13:38
App is awesome
by FG ThrillA on 2020/10/26 22:30
This platform is amazing for new upcoming artist
The future music platform
by DirtyThirsty on 2020/10/17 20:27
Can we say the future with no eExaggeration
LÜM Is Where The Party Is At!!!
by DamonHallCEO on 2020/10/14 16:31
Big Blessings!
LK’s Review
by LKALQAEDA on 2020/10/13 21:20
I don’t like the update because now I can’t upload my music straight from my phone and that’s really the reason I downloaded this app
by drewskezzy89 on 2020/10/12 06:06
This app gives Mississippi artists a chance to be heard.
It’s a fantastic and Amazing Music/Artist Application
by Booties Loco Reynoso on 2020/10/10 23:50
Thank You :)
Key To music 🎼
by Unknown🃏 on 2020/10/09 20:51
Best at getting music abroad plus connecting with new problem
Do not NOT Join ‼️
by @1itstinobaby on 2020/10/08 19:57
Add me on Spotify “Its Tino Baby” Take this from someone who was ACTIVE on this platform for 5 months strong.. The app developers try to play God on the app, they play favoritism to certain artist, do NOT pay for streams and you have to bring your own fans on the platform in or to be successful but if im a “Undiscovered Artist” i dont see how that’s possible. Then if you are able to bring your fans on the app that will support you with money they take 50% of the money before u even touch it and 30% if you want to support another artist with you own coins on the app ☹️. The welcome bonus was lowered to a point it does no good and there is no incentive to log in. The only good thing on this app is the networking opportunities that u can create with other dope artist. Other then that its NO point in joining. They dont support trap or hiphop and have there own watered down version of it they push from the lum artist they support and verified! You best bet is to gain a few supporters of this app (if possible) and head to another streaming platform and support each other there! @itstinobaby
What’s going on?
by DannJayNWM on 2020/10/04 04:27
What’s happening can’t view anything
Best Platform For Independent Artists
by Rikz R. on 2020/10/03 01:45
LÜM is the place to be if you are an independent artist and are looking for networking, collaborating and showcasing your music.
Naeem Reign
by Naeem Reign on 2020/09/28 12:25
Good app for independent artist
Great app no cap
by Brpzoe365 on 2020/09/26 05:37
Really Like It
by Ugochi the Singer on 2020/09/24 21:53
This app couples you with fans who enjoy your music just like you. I think it’s a great way to communicate with other music lovers.
Thank you
by garicrewcaterpilas504 on 2020/09/20 19:42
LÜM is the best app out there thank you so much .
Me gusta mucho solo deseo q pongan música reggae de Jamaica ,,gracias
by Él pive on 2020/09/14 18:46
Esta muy buena
Gave them help and got banned
by Elztowlo on 2020/09/11 19:10
I pointed out some security questions issues and instead of having them handle it like a business I got banned. For trying to help. 🙃
5 star site
by bjggjjjhg on 2020/09/05 00:13
Best music app!!
by Pauleen Hill on 2020/09/04 20:50
This is the best app for finding new up and coming artists. Exactly what i needed.
ALMOST perfect.....
by MWilly86 on 2020/09/03 16:44
I love the whole setup of LÜM. Only two things that will make it perfect is: 1) Open it up to where you can listen to music without having to signup. Ppl like to test drive things. Also, ppl don't like always signing up for things. I do understand though why that format is being used, but at the same time, just like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or whatever, if they want to use it to the full, then they sign up, but I think the main thing that should be easily accessible is the music. It kinda sucked that I did the recent NE-YO challenge, and posted a link to it from LÜM (since it was only allowed to be released in LÜM), only to realize that it forced you to either log in or sign up, which I'm sure turned off some potential additions to the community, which is what we want.... right??? 2) To fix the feed in the For You section. I would like to see only music under the genre I'm interested in. Nothing too crazy. Outside of those two things..... I love it!!
by TBTVision on 2020/09/02 12:58
My New Music
I’m GreatFul 🦍✨
by MOBB MAXX on 2020/08/31 02:20
I love the introduction to this New World 🌍, Must say I don’t React or Respond to much of anything the internet puts in front of me . As a up and coming Entertainer/Producer/Songwriter and lover of Sound and Vibration truly .... I say Today “I’m Greatful” for the Feeling of Freedom this App has Given me for the 1st time in a long time ... PS. MAXX
Need more genre types
by simplemusiclistener98765432 on 2020/08/26 14:47
I love the idea, but I think you should be able to choose more than 3 genre types when you create your profile to discover more music and artists
LÜM is great
by benniss oyg on 2020/08/26 00:24
Thanx for the new platform let’s grow together
Great music app
by normbreeze973 on 2020/08/25 22:09
Love this app. Amazing
My Newfound Love...! Lol
by Jai Robb on 2019/11/28 03:09
So, I seen the ads a few times scrolling through my timeline on Instagram and it caught my interest, however, my reluctance to research the app further caused me to delay using it. Until a few days ago and I seen the newest one with an artist that stated he gained thousands of plays, with no gimmicks, just networking and interacting, which we as artists need to do to gain a proper fan base, so this felt natural to experience. In just a few days, I’ve gained over 30 fans and plays, not a bad start seeing that I’m only part time self managing my promotions. But the connection I’ve made with fellow artists is way more valuable to me. I’m highly impressed with this platform and I recommend it to any indie artist that wants a genuine product...! Easy to use! JāiRobb A.k.A. Franklin Sinatra
How LÜM helps me!
by D'Antony Harmon on 2021/04/07 18:14
LÜM helps me stay consistent. The challenges, competitions, etc. made me create and post content I had never thought of. Now I understand it’s important to share introductions, behind the scenes, a cappellas, performance videos, etc. I noticed most LÜM users love videos like that and when I think about it.. I rather watch an interview or BTS than a music video because I actually get to know the artist. They also keep reminding everyone how important it is to collaborate (which I disliked before) and make sure you get paid as much as possible as a music artist (Sync, PROs, etc.). Then there’s different opportunities we’ve gotten like A&Rs, Studio sessions, Neyo competition, etc.
Music upload and stream quality
by TheRealPhilSwift on 2020/01/02 18:08
This app is awesome, I love the community and the overall idea of the platform, but you guys have got to fix how the normalization processing destroys the dynamics in the music that gets uploaded. This is especially a problem with tracks with fade-ins because the quiet beginning of the song is boosted to be way too loud, and the effect is almost reversed. Another quality issue that is present in almost all of the music I upload, is an overly compressed kick drum throughout the whole track that is not present on any other platforms I use. With a platform that revolves around music, the music should always come first. Please, If you are currently developing other parts of the app, put that on hold and PLEASE fix the music quality. It’s the most important part of the platform.
loudness normalization concerns addressed
by Evan Gregory on 2020/04/29 21:09
EDIT: In my initial review, I laid out some concerns about the loudness normalization that was altering the gain levels in certain songs and affecting the listening experience. The LÜM team reached out almost immediately and outlined their plan (which was already in the works) for reigning in the normalization until a long-term solution could be worked out. They sent me tests of my own songs that I’d uploaded to demonstrate how this would fix the specific issues I’d described. This was the only gripe I had with the app and it feels great to know that it has such a dedicated team behind the scenes. Shouts out to them for their quick and detailed response!
Not much has changed...
by WhoJ3x on 2021/03/31 15:22
Honestly, this is Still one of the cooler apps I have on my phone and one of the better apps on the App Store as far as music goes. The app has its bugs and the owners are still working on their masterpiece so it’s far from perfect but I still enjoy this app even with it's pros and cons. The community is great. It's a Fan Friendly streaming service and it's absolutely free to use for an app that pays you in app currency that you earn daily by listening to music, daily log in streaks, and earning gifts through challenges. All in all, the app is well worth the Download.
by NickV98 on 2019/08/06 16:22
I can truly say I appreciate the community and user experience in this APP! It’s been hard finding a GOOD app that solely allows for easy connections to the world of striving artists, like myself. A lot of times the songs you make on other apps get lost in the thousands of producers who, “make music” but here the output and quality of songs that these artists share are truly worthwhile. The layout of the app is great and allows for easy playbacks and updates from undiscovered artists. This is by far one of the BEST platforms that I have found for posting my music!
More than just another music app
by alliewarner on 2020/01/13 16:09
LUM is like no other music app on the app store. It reaches far beyond a simple streaming service to achieve a highly interactive platform for artists and fans to engage in truly meaningful exchanges. Their new update to includes direct fan to artist support which provides artists with monetary assistance to grow their base—which is boldly untarnished by the corporate middleman of the modern music industry. This is an inspirational app that cares less about profit and more about the people behind both the music and the streams.
by sunxhild on 2020/07/18 02:42
I don’t write reviews often but my god if your an artist or just love music in general and are looking for something different this is it. Im writing this review right now as I write this and listened to about like 10 great songs by people I have never heard of but should be on the radio! I’m an artist myself well not really lol but hopefully with this app I will be. I suffer from anxiety and I think this medium for music content is wonderful for people like me. I haven’t yet made a complete song yet but when I do ima upload here first!
Home Sweet Home
by Issahoodbeat on 2019/09/04 02:59
I can actually say for the 21 yrs developing my talent and figuring it out where I wanted to go with it was so hard...not only because of promotion,co-sign and a&r etc...I even spent countless hours tryna build my self a base where the platform wasn’t even for me but thanks to new age we have found the solution LÜM if you haven’t been so genuine with us all and allowing us to ice our emotions a stage to express it love you guys....and glad to be apart of the next big thing since Facebook....
There’s a detail I would like to get fixed
by Score art on 2020/04/21 00:08
I love this platform and it’s community so much but it saddens me that I can’t add my phone number. I’m from Puerto Rico so I suppose you guys don’t have any connection over here or something, but it’s just not letting me add my phone number so I can’t pretty much redeem anything that guys are giving me for posting my band songs. I would love it if you guys fixed that. Everything else is just fine.
Great way to Network
by Its Hym on 2020/03/31 00:43
So far I love using this app called LÜM. Soundcloud is cool but LÜM is dope! I was an avid user of SoundCloud until one of my friends told me I should put my music on LÜM. First day I opened my account I seen interaction with people that liked my music I uploaded. Other artists began to send me a dm telling me how great a song of mine was. This site builds your music morale. Make you feel appreciated! That’s some of the reasons I am addicted to using LÜM.
Josh’s Thacker Review
by JT-Hacker on 2020/01/23 17:59
App experience has been great so far. I love how the pictures I upload look great and are easy to edit with profile and banner pic areas. Still working on uploading music from iPhone. Would be easier if I could do this via computer web browser. I think I could help with that wink wink! Great profile creation experience. Very simple and fast to get profile going on mobile device.
Suprised :)
by Thebobster72727272727 on 2020/04/06 15:04
These apps do not have the best reputation, and I must say was not expecting to enjoy this app as much as I did. LUM is a great place for small artist to start uploading their music with an ACTUAL chance at seeing results!! It teaches the algorithm of steaming platforms on a smaller scale that is actually something most people are able to navigate, and if you want to start putting music out I highly recommend this app:)
Future of music streaming
by TylerWalsh on 2020/01/06 01:37
Many features they will be rolling out in the future, such as notes, are a great way to support undiscovered independent artists financially who do not have a stable fan base yet. Their team has been extremely helpful whenever I have a question. In addition, the social network aspect of the app is awesome. Great app with a lot of potential. I have been using it daily and have loved it.
Sharing and supporting
by RondellGoCrazy on 2020/08/21 15:18
This app is amazing for artists big or small. It makes it so easy to share your music and support others almost like Twitch except there’s no live streams but the supporting system is similar in my opinion. It’s like it’s own community. I hope this app blows up one day and continues to grow. LÜM is fire and like no other app I’ve ever used before. 🔥
Amazing WoW!!
by Elo The Source on 2019/09/12 12:53
Some how they did it I have never found such a app where almost all the artist are very creative and unique and indie professionals as a composer / artist it is a breath of fresh air. In less then two weeks I have found new fans and connections from new places around the world the who is my tribe making there mark and being unique and hold in these saturated copycat times LUM is nothing like that Thank You.
key? - LÜM Review
by kkeeeyyyyy on 2020/08/15 04:59
LÜM a very innovative app that merges your every day social media posting with uploading music and streaming it! I have been on LÜM for a short time now and have already built a following for people who genuinely enjoy my music. I feel like this is a great opportunity for artists to build and perfect their craft while also building a fan base. Strongly recommend for artists ❌🧢
So my updated review, this should help everyone out
by Bobskie... on 2019/11/17 19:38
When uploading your music! Make sure that the album art work is very small in memory size, it will freeze everything if it’s too big of a file. So that being said I found that to be my solution to then being able to upload the rest of the tracks for the album and everything worked fine
Fantastic for music discovery
by YoItsNotFourLoko on 2019/06/30 16:15
This app is one of the best ways for new artists to jump into the music scene. The app's social media aspect really helps keep you motivated as users can comment, share, and create posts including your tracks, providing a great sense of community and support. The app does have it's occasional glitches and bugs, but as they constantly release updates, these issues become more and more insignificant.
Please let me in
by Zoeklod aka maitre_beton on 2020/05/14 18:50
My name is Claude Etienne my artist name on LÜM is Mrpozitif I work with my team every day to take our music to the next level, we wanna be recognized as a strong solid team, and we wish that when LÜM reach the top and become one of the major platforms to drop songs that we will be up there 👆 thanks 👍🏾Mrpositife #strictlybusiness Mrpositife #Bles$s#Bles$sMuzik#selfMade#JustAkidFromHaiti#MPoditife#Mami$Papi❤️#missyouNonoRunNyDrop#Bles$sMuzik ProductionsInC
By far the best music app out there for current artist and fan support!!
by Chicitybeats on 2020/01/09 14:40
You want to build a following of true fan no not this is it!!!!! Forget about Fakebook ,Instaspam this is your shot!! I’ve gain so many new fans and real interactions with artist like myself as well as fans who truly let you know what your music is doing!! Stop delaying download the app and get busyyy👽👽👽🚀🚀🚀🚀
Refreshing new streaming service!
by Henry Ohse on 2018/08/27 19:09
This app is such a great combination of social media and streaming that we haven’t ever seen! Showcases undiscovered talent in a way that hasn’t been done, and makes networking with artists easier than ever! The app isn’t perfect, but it seems like the bugs should be gone soon. Can’t wait to expand my library!
Thank you.
by Overall app on 2019/10/14 00:27
I have been searching for so long for this exact app. I used to have a similar website 10 years ago but I haven’t found anything to compare since. If you want to find wonderful music by artists you’ve never heard before, this app is for you. Thank you to whoever made this.
Can’t redeem any points
by uhearme! on 2020/03/30 18:22
I made an account , used my phone number with it and the account got deleted . I made another account and used my phone number again to try and receive points and it says it’s already in use . I contacted customer support and they’re saying there’s nothing they can do . Seems like a simple fix , I’m not able to redeem any daily points or collect points from achievements I earned ,
Major issue
by tllsyounge on 2019/09/19 01:37
I like the app overall but why my numbers of plays keep going down when for a fact the have pass over 250 plays in on of my songs and y’all just put it down to 50 that not fair and today it reached 200 again and was down to 100 like I don’t get that 😡
Awesome App
by Mauricia Mone' on 2019/12/19 14:42
I absolutely loveeeee this app!! I have been receiving support from other music artists and it motivates me to keep going with my music. After signing up for LUM? I have received fans and music plays instantly. LUM is making a way for many underground musicians and it is a blessing to be apart of such an awesome music community that delivers different genres and styles!!
A must have for musicians and music fans!
by ProdByZVBO on 2019/07/01 23:41
This app is not only a social media app, but it’s also a networking tool! I was able to connect to hundreds, soon to be thousands of local and nearby musicians. In the short amount of time on the app, I’ve accumulated more listens than I did over a course of well over a year on SoundCloud. THE FUTURE IS LÜM!
So Far So Good
by Suave The Performer on 2019/07/12 07:27
I love the idea of the app. As an artist, I wish there was a way for me to just focus on one community of listeners, such as a forum for hip-hop discussions, but overall the app is holding up pretty well. I am having a few crashes every now and again, which is a little annoying, but other than that I have no qualms with it. It's free, ad-free, and so useful for artists like me who want to reach a wider audience.
The best support music artist app There is... MUST DL
by Sm2lo on 2020/05/26 03:48
If your a hard working music artist looking for the recognition you deserve. This is the app for it. I been on many other apps claiming they are the right ones for an underground artist but nothing holds true. This is the app you been looking for.. search no MORE. Congratulations you found it 🏝🎤🕶🙌🏽
Great so far
by nickamus on 2020/04/06 03:18
Just downloaded the app. Loving it so far. Don’t have too much to say about it so far other than loving discovering ACTUAL new and different music. Really would love to see a “dark mode” for the app. I frequently enjoy music on my porch at night and it’s nice to have the option. Keep up the great work guys.
Best music community I’ve found!
by ScareCrowJoe on 2019/12/15 09:21
Seriously the best place for people looking for good new place to share your music and to hear and connect with incredible fans and incredible artists. I’ve been on less than a month and I already have more fans on LÜM than my years old YT channel. ‘ScareCrow Joe’ approves this killer APP! LÜM for President 2020!!!
Poor upload quality...
by ironictree on 2019/10/24 21:06
As a SoundCloud artist, I’m pretty disappointed by how bad the upload quality is. I’ve even done several tests where I upload the same .wav AND .mp3 file to SoundCloud as I do to LÜM, but it always comes out sounding awful on this app. I rated this app 2 stars because I can see that it has potential at the very least, but unless they fix this sound quality issue, I literally can’t continue to use this app to share my music.
Nice App
by mrbilonel on 2020/04/06 12:57
This is a great app to find new music to listen to and support the artist you like. Few minor issues, one you should be able to love a song when your listening. Two needs to be a little easier to navigate around. All in all a wonderful app.
Amazing Community
by LilScrappy💩 on 2019/07/01 21:56
The LÜM community is so strong! Everybody who is on lüm is so positive. Never once have I ever seen negative feedback. If you’re looking for new and good music? Its the place for you. People are posting new music daily. This IS the app for musicians AND fans who are looking to connect. It’s meant for musicians who are NOT famous but to bring ATTENTION to the musicians. MUSIC-IS-LOVE
by @visualnaps on 2019/09/21 15:38
Great place to share music and collab with other creators. The social streaming capabilities are awesome! I can see this really catching on in the next couple years. Much love to the LÜM team, their very active in the community and are very passionate about the PEOPLE using their app. Really cool to be a part of this 🖤 Thanks LÜM for creating something different!
Don’t miss out
by Edubs iphone on 2019/10/10 19:47
It’s still early. So many amazing aspects to this app that encourage and strengthen music industry. This app fills the space that’s lacking, connection and engagement with fans and peers. Great networking opportunities. You get back what you put in. So join our community and come link up with me, Dub Easy. Bless
Great way to share new, underground music with my friends
by jahbrr on 2018/08/17 13:28
Super impressed with how easy it’s been to find quality new music using this application. The fact that I get to easy share it with my friends and other followers makes it even better. Great job LÜM!
I guarantee someone gets famous from this app
by lenswicked on 2020/04/24 06:02
This app is basically MySpace if they fix the issues aka bugs lol then I think it could be the next Facebook or Instagram I genuinely like it better than both of those. There’s a lot more interaction on here
Lüm Ruining Audio?
by Adrian_jk my insta on 2020/02/23 12:40
I don’t know if it’s my mix or something but I posted a song using this app and it ruined my audio. I can’t really tell what they did but my best guess is they added a limiter or something. I listen back to the original wav file with them same headphones and it sounds fine and when I listen to it on lüm it sounds like there is a bass boost or a limiter. I’m not peeking on my DAW at all.
Looks cool, but a little more is needed...
by qwesty101 on 2020/03/26 23:02
Artists should be able to schedule the release of their singles or albums. Custom tags should be a thing. More than three hashtags should be available as well. Other than that, it’s looking pretty decent.
I’m GreatFul 🦍✨
by MOBB MAXX on 2020/08/31 02:20
I love the introduction to this New World 🌍, Must say I don’t React or Respond to much of anything the internet puts in front of me . As a up and coming Entertainer/Producer/Songwriter and lover of Sound and Vibration truly .... I say Today “I’m Greatful” for the Feeling of Freedom this App has Given me for the 1st time in a long time ... PS. MAXX
Help !
by BENFRANKOH on 2019/11/12 00:35
I posted a picture(with a caption) on LÜM but it was the wrong picture so I went to my “media” tab where all the pictures are and I couldn’t anyway to delete the post .so I clicked on my “ACTIVITY” tab & my post was there and I was able to delete it but when I go back to the “media” tab the picture is still there . How do I delete the picture?
Love this app, but...
by prodijex on 2020/03/14 14:17
This app is definitely a new Wave but can you guys not add compression to the audio files cause it’ll be loud in the intro then when the beat drops everything is compressed. I’m not clipping either I still have .1 dB of head room, so can you guys at LÜM please fix that. Thanks!
Dope app
by Hambone254738 on 2020/03/05 16:36
Producers and artists have needed an app like this for some time!! Not to fond of the game aspect with the badges and what not but, overall I think the app is awesome. It’s nice to talk to producers and artists without all of the sponsored Botox queens like IG!! Keep up the good work!! I wouldn’t be mad if you guys threw some notes my way😉😉😎
Based around artists
by Burnbaby burn on 2018/08/18 18:36
Unlike other major streaming platforms, LÜM is centrally focused around the artists and connecting them and building a fan base! I absolutely love lüm, it’s like SoundCloud meets Twitter meets instagram, I have found some of my new favorite artists on the app alone and listen to their tracks for FREE!
Great app for artists!
by Timeflex on 2020/11/11 03:10
This is only my first day using this app and so far I love the concept behind it. It makes you wanna support more artists. It also helps you be conscious of how much time you spend looking for new music by indie artists!
Different. in a good way
by Trefectaa on 2020/01/03 19:38
first time trying a social music app. but i’m not dissapointed thus far! i think it has potential to connect real people to artists and real artists to other artists.. let’s hope it doesn’t fall to some Bot crap
Find me at : AK
by AK FromNap on 2019/11/09 07:46
I’m excited to see what could come out of this app. I think it’s set up really user friendly, and already has a great community starting to show up. If you’re any kind of artist like me, you’d check it out. Its worth it.
by CriscoDogz on 2020/04/05 19:46
The app is amazing... I just downloaded it! However it’s missing LATIN MUSIC under GENRES; Moreover BACHATA Category is missing which is international Latin genre. When will we see it?! I just created an account for Bachata music and there is no place on the app for it. Regards Chris
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