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The new PACYBITS FUT 19 is here! This year we combined our DRAFT and PACK OPENER into One Amazing App, by far the best we have ever released. Build unlimited drafts AND open unlimited packs! Find out about latest cards and build squads. Compete in new exciting online modes. Complete Draft and Squad Building Challenges to earn unique prizes. Grow your card collection and trade cards with other players. Become the best player and build the greatest club in the world! FEATURES • Play unlimited DRAFTS, simulate tournaments, and complete Draft Building Challenges (DBC). • Open unlimited PACKS. • Learn about all FUT cards and practice building squads. • Build squads with your cards and compete in the brand new VERSUS mode. Lead your club to Div 1 Title. • Trade cards with other players in the new and improved Trading mode. • Become the Online Draft Seasons champion, and compete in daily knockout tournaments. • Collect thousands of awesome FUT 19 cards. New cards are added every week. • Complete Squad Building Challenges to earn unique rewards, like special PacyBits SBC, Icon and All-Star cards. • Unlock exclusive Special Badges for your club by completing achievements. • Enjoy many more new and unique features, modes, and of course, packs and rewards! As always, we have so much more planned for you this year, so stay tuned for awesome new updates! This application’s sole purpose is to help its users learn how to build the best FUT drafts and squads, find out more about latest FUT players and updates, and grow the mobile FUT community. This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.
by kdjdux on 2019/11/20 21:21
Amazing game
by hugojr17 on 2019/11/19 01:56
Their to focused on PACYBITS 20 and wont change things on 19
by welo stevo on 2019/11/16 01:56
the lightning round takes alot of time to come back
by PepInYourShep on 2019/11/12 01:31
Good game play it
by juvemadrid on 2019/11/11 22:45
Good but needs improvement
by Denjiton on 2019/11/08 16:25
The game is very good but there s only one bad thing i keep losing my players without knowing how or why pls fix this and send my players back
You are very cool
by 'dansvhideiviunoef on 2019/11/02 13:08
You are very cool so cool
Even though
by MLB@25 on 2019/10/29 18:51
PACYBITS 20is trash this game is the bessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One thing is I rilly need 98 Neymar but no one will give him to me. If iny one wants to give him to me my name is I Really NEED. He is my favorite player and I really really really want him. Hope y’all have a very great year.
Read it
by Sólido star on 2019/10/26 14:59
You get the best packs
by weRBeastmode on 2019/10/26 13:03
This game is the best but I don’t get any 90 rated cards you guys need to add more
by Pacybits 19 is god on 2019/10/25 04:54
This game is so good trust me try it and I bet you won’t regret it it’s really fun you can trade,do drafts,open packs and everything else.
Amazing game
by Buttlet4506 on 2019/10/22 00:40
This is the best pack game I have ever played, and I’ve been through many. I love packing legendary players and all, but it’s just so disappointing that the game isn’t being regularly updated anymore. I’m talking about the packs. They used to come out everyday, but 2 days have gone by and I haven’t seen any new lightning rounds. I want to keep playing the game, but for me one of the main parts of this game has been left behind. It’s great to see PACYBITS 20 has taken off, but it’s almost impossible to progress in the legendary predecessor because of the new game. I really hope you developers haven’t abandoned the game. It’d be sad to see it go.
by b dog delish on 2019/10/20 23:49
Good and always fun to play and SO indicative
by i am butthole bobs mom on 2019/10/19 19:30
It was fun and addicting
by __.Tiphanie.____ on 2019/10/16 07:46
Your game is really good I just packed Ronald 95 and a 92 tots hope you make PacyBits 20 as good as this I love it so much.
PACYBITS 19 Goodbye
by Amasingdrift on 2019/10/12 23:20
This far PACYBITs is the best apppppppppp evvvvvvvvvvveeeeerrrr!
by خهت on 2019/10/10 13:54
by trisnid r on 2019/10/09 22:13
There are too much adds i’m bored
by The soccer boys on 2019/10/06 19:05
I is a good game and fun to play
Make it better
by EduardoOdio on 2019/10/06 18:37
Make it so the packs are free so it’s a pack opening and in pacibits 20 leave it normal and do the toty and the tots fast
by baltjcuabeisiab on 2019/10/06 11:54
Very good
Hey 👋
by uhjnkhu*7gj on 2019/10/05 20:00
The only thing is that when you leave the game it restarts the cards other then that it’s perfect 👌 💥
Good game
by emirb839 on 2019/10/05 17:22
I love your game so much
Awesome game
by Alfonsobbb on 2019/10/03 22:07
Extremely addictive and fun game. I really love to play it.
The best game ever!
by Li Ang737483 on 2019/10/02 22:14
I recommend this game for all the people that are reading this if you don’t get this game your a bot
by leoksnd on 2019/09/30 17:21
It’s so fun when you are bored
Missing one thing
by Mauricio✌️ on 2019/09/30 13:57
I give one star because even though the game is very good is just missing one thing. It should have an market where you put a player in sell and some body can buy it. Thanks
by potatotrash on 2019/09/29 04:15
amazing game i love the packs but can you and gameplay
El mejor juego
by muhso1405😂 on 2019/09/28 21:39
Esto es lo mejor
by Barcelona200621 on 2019/09/28 11:56
Please fix my game because when I do 2 drafts and I want to open a pack I can’t So PLEASE FIX MY GAME!!!!!!!!
by essdkr on 2019/09/27 19:42
The game
by hsveh s on 2019/09/27 08:41
The game is the best
El juego es el mejor
by jehqhns on 2019/09/26 18:38
El mejor juego de futdraft
Nice game supper fun!!!!
by BRANDOO96 on 2019/09/26 02:01
Can’t wait for PACYBITS 20!!
Good app
by snduevdhenne on 2019/09/26 01:27
It’s a great app don’t get me wrong but I just want it to update to fifa 20 already
Is good
by official_prabesh_07 on 2019/09/26 00:14
Is good
by ldog2222222222222 on 2019/09/25 11:59
This game is awesome. All I would like is walkouts. You know in fifa when you get a walkout I would love that. Besides that this game has me playing for like an hour or two a day
by miguel111111111100000000099999 on 2019/09/24 14:28
This game is very good
Pacybits 20
by Johnhana8 on 2019/09/24 03:56
When is pacybits 20 coming out
Best game but ...
by andy 8178 on 2019/09/23 19:47
Good game but need a mode when u can play like fifa
Confidence Boost
by myfeet35 on 2019/09/22 17:15
This is a great game to p if you are looking for a confidence boost. Everyone who plays this game is a bot so it’s very easy to win.
by pheonixz X on 2019/09/22 16:45
When is PACYBITS 20 this I almost have every card in this hurry
by hajajkska on 2019/09/22 16:23
I need Toty messi and Ronaldo
by JoseEso on 2019/09/22 15:38
When is PACYBITS 20 coming out?
by sndhcuwnxir on 2019/09/22 02:24
This is very good game it is cool and fun
by ekksjeejkek on 2019/09/22 02:23
This is a great app
by Adan Dab on 2019/09/21 18:24
I love this game play it every day no stop have amazing players and I will be keep on playing this game every day
by tjigu on 2019/09/21 10:41
I am connected to Game center and it wont let me trade or claim my own rewards
The best
by BrysonPlayzzz on 2019/09/20 20:15
It is the best
by gertyf on 2019/09/20 16:28
Cool looking thing
by LegoTheLizard on 2019/09/20 12:16
Hey there’s a glitch going around where you can’t see players faces and body’s and I know me and some of my friends have had that glitch
PACYBITS is the best
by TAG4107 on 2019/09/20 11:37
I am addicted to this game it’s soooooo good
grest game ever
by Ene9 on 2019/09/20 00:12
this game changed my is the best game ever made
by Haroldinhofc on 2019/09/19 23:41
I hate this game
by fut 19 is trash on 2019/09/19 01:43
I was trading a my pele for a 99 messi we did the trade and it lagged me out and i lost my pele and didn’t get the messi devolopors plssss fix this
Images not showing up
by Thecarlos2 on 2019/09/18 06:42
I love this app. It really helps me not get bored when I’m not doing anything but the only problem I have is that it doesn’t show me the players images and it bothers me
by lilpro7 on 2019/09/18 04:55
I love is game
Good, but small problem with DBC’s
by Clutch xAlertx on 2019/09/17 13:44
The DBC’s are either really easy or ridiculously hard. There was a moment where I had to get a futties player and a prime moments icon player, but the prime moments players never pop up in drafts. Currently at the moment I’m also experiencing a hard DBC, in this one you need to have 7 non rare gold cards in your starting 11, but I’m lucky to even get 2 in the whole draft. This is ridiculous!! Either make the draft DBC’s easier or have the draft luck change a little depending on the DBC that is active for you.
Trade glitch
by Rxt-sverxz on 2019/09/15 18:05
I don’t like that whenever you go into trade or mostly me my game crashed and I lost my 99 toys Ronaldo duplicate and I went to check and he wasn’t there I’ve been playing since 17 and I’m really upset I hope I can get it back and mostly that the game gets fixed I’ve also notice that players actions or faces change it’s happened to most of my cards I really hope PACYBITS 19 can fix these issues.
Versus club
by Big girlo on 2019/09/15 15:40
The versus club game mode is very fun, however it causes my game to crash extremely frequently. It kinda ruins the experience if you begin losing because of something you can’t help. There are some other various small glitches in this game mode. Other than that, the game is great.
by gabdhwbdiwgejcnehd on 2019/09/15 13:08
Bad game
by jjuegeddd on 2019/09/14 04:51
by hassan elserafi on 2019/09/13 08:54
I love you
This is amazing game
by ryan⚽️⚽️⚽️ on 2019/09/11 13:14
This game is so good I play it all the time😀😀😀
It’s not bad
by Charlie age 12 on 2019/09/10 12:24
It’s a great game for when you are bored or just have free time in general. Only problem would be the trading were you need multiple of a card to trade it which is annoying
by ChickenNuggetThatLovesSoccer on 2019/09/10 00:34
I just love this game
by dkdnfhfif on 2019/09/08 17:38
People are hacking the game fix it please
This game is amazing but there are TOO MANY TOTW
by MEME LORDZ 6969 on 2019/09/08 13:51
In PACYBITS I have so much fun I played 17 like crazy forgot ab 18 cuz my phone is dumb but 19 caught my eye. This game has amazing SBC and the ltm’s are amazing. But, when I open packs or do the special swap 7/10 times I get a TOTW and it’s so annoying it makes me want to stop playing but I’m enjoying the time left until PACYBITS 20 and I feel like if all the PACYBITS are combined to make the best FUT draft game than PACYBITS will sky rocket
Good game
by jndhudjisokbdhisbdg on 2019/09/07 15:08
This is a good game it actually gives you good cards and coins and you don’t have to pay money for a pack
It’s really fun
by al jazea on 2019/09/07 01:19
Al jazea
Game kicks me out
by tree nuts on 2019/09/06 14:05
The game keeps kicking me out for some reason. other than that it’s incredible.
by gamerboi07 on 2019/09/06 04:31
This is an awesome game and I play it everyday because I love the cards and I’m a soccer player, but I think the game would rise to a whole other level if you guys made it so that you didn’t have to trade only duplicates and all cards that you own can be traded. Again this is a great game and I love it
Quick sell
by TWEETYBIRD1267 on 2019/09/06 01:40
Add a feature where you can quicksell all the duplicates in a pack immediately after you open it.
by BADDG on 2019/09/05 18:42
I love it
by prime icones on 2019/09/04 21:09
The graphics are so good better than fifa packs really I got the game in May it is so fun
2 star
by jhangren on 2019/09/04 18:45
This game is fun I enjoy playing, it’s fun to build different drafts in relatively quick speeds but the main purpose of this game other than building drafts is to open packs and the pack luck is insanely bad. I had 3 million coins saved up to open packs and after I spent all my coins all I had to show for it was a couple of 86s,85s and lower rated players
by Noon althani on 2019/09/04 18:02
Good game but,....... some times the lightning round doesn’t load
by Send me a code on 2019/09/04 13:30
The game crashes a lot and when you trade sometimes you don’t get the players quite disappointing
I can’t stop playing
by luky duky33454 on 2019/09/04 02:49
i don’t rate this game
by FuriousAhmad on 2019/09/03 20:49
this game is stupid, I have so many 99 rated players that i can only use in friendlies because the conditions in season always have to be 90 rated. Then what’s the point in having high rated players ?
by deyhshshehgebe on 2019/09/03 02:35
Best game of its kind
by XxChowmeinxX on 2019/09/03 00:32
Pacybits fut draft 19 is the best fut draft simulator on the market not only is it free but it is so fun. It is suspenseful when you open the packs and people that love soccer all know the players and enjoy having the cool fifa ultimate team designs that look like the real game. It is a good time killer and takes very little battery. All in all I love this game and I would recommend to every fifa and soccer player around.
by wardandytresst on 2019/09/02 23:24
Give me good cards and I’ll rate your game 5 star and I’ll tell all my friends about your game.👌
I was lucky
by fdjfuhfg on 2019/09/02 19:01
When i was in opening a pack I got a 99 pele prinmethen i open a other pack i got tots messi 99
by ghjfhinczs h(( xdyi on 2019/09/02 18:21
5stars 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
by dont be average be savage on 2019/09/02 12:13
This game is the goat
by hello peeps how are you on 2019/09/02 11:57
This game is ⚽️LIT
Incredible game but some glitches
by GratefulHippieYogiGirl on 2019/09/01 18:09
I play this game every day and it’s so much fun but sometimes there’s some glitches sometimes they are bad and sometimes good all I’m saying is please try to fix this glitches I ❤️ PACYBITS great work keep this game great 👍🏻
by gehjndbciosndbhxkskbd on 2019/09/01 14:13
Would give this 6 stars. Great game and very fun.
Best game ever
by Chicken nuggest oh yeah yeah on 2019/09/01 03:31
There isn’t one thing that makes the game bad it’s perfect I would just suggest putting purchases so it could be easier to get stuff
Legit a fun game
by Xxdeeznutz on 2019/08/31 22:11
When I got this I played for like a month than quit i got it back and there’s so much stuff I missed when I first got the game the effort into this game is great
You game is amazing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
by PACYBITS Rolls! on 2019/08/31 14:26
Thank for all the good players and pack pls give more🙏🏻😀
Great game but it needs more
by me da boys on 2019/08/31 03:31
Good game
by Krixbrhdbejs en on 2019/08/31 00:46
This is the best game because it is awesome and it such a good game.
by Jzavvvvvv on 2019/08/30 23:54
زق زقيقه قيقا
by كل زقدلا ترسلون يا قيقا on 2019/08/30 18:37
Its the best game in the world
by dwiidp on 2019/08/30 16:59
Its the best game ever please play Kay
Game has problem
by not lying about my review💯 on 2019/08/30 03:49
I was in a LTM and every game they give the other player 94+ players and they would give me 90- players idk but this is very irritating because i lose for no reason and it makes me sometimes wanna uninstalling the game.
by Luke Rowoldt on 2019/08/29 12:35
PACYBITS is the best game ever I’ve played it every single day since October 2018 this should be the number one game out of them all. The only wish is that we could also use our money to buy things it could be more that way so we can always open packs. Thx PACYBITS 19.
Amazing game for soccer/Football lovers!
by Daonlyadam on 2019/04/12 09:10
This game take EA’s FIFA and puts it in your pocket, I started playing the Fut 18 last in 2018 and loved it so I was extremely excited when this game came out. From the LTMs to the Drafts and just the excitement of seeing an amazing player you just packed the game is full of fun. They also add the SBCs and Cards around a day or two after EA releases them on FIFA. I used to play FIFA Mobile on my phone but ever since I found this I’m hooked. The only two things I would love to see be added are a market place and a game mode where you can use your team on the pitch. If not the playable option I understand but the market play I see no reason not to add. I myself need to finish my TOTY collection and at the time of writing this I need De Gea and Sergio Ramos, I can never find someone with these players and even if I find someone they never want coins. In my opinion you should remove the coin option from trading and add a market place. Apart from those things again, this game is great and it gets even better if your friends play it. All in all well done PACYBITS for making this game and not taking in the fact that you can get more money if you add in game purchases. Your development team is amazing, your game is amazing , and I thank you for putting your time and effort into this game.
Dont listen to the disappointed guy^^^
by I LOVE PACYBITS123 on 2018/10/13 19:30
Its simply amazing i love the new animations and graphics its very well made and i love every bit of it, the pros are- new icons •this is definitely good because of the new VS mode •adds variety to packs •adds value to the market of cards Animations •very well made and amazing •i hope you can find a sponsor to help you produce it better and with the best software •i like the idea of coping the fifa19 packs but id also like an entirely new atmosphere to it VS and draft battles/ seasons •an amazing way to earn players packs and coins •stunning interface and friendly to use •id like there to be a manager slot added aswell though Packs •love the new season and trade battle packs •love the pack luck •i would like even better packs into the lighting rounds or per say a chance wheel or lottery Everything is free •its not a buy to win system •level playing field ______________________________________ Cons Trading •people cheat people out of alot and i know its the persons job to make sure their trade is correct but there should be a report button for people who scam or change players and coins in the trade to trick other players into a fair trade
Good but.... IG Khalid_the_pack_king
by Kkmsks on 2019/04/07 18:49
Ok look. I have been playing this game ever since it has came out. I have played the 17, 18 and 19. I have gotten all of my friends addicted. Don’t get me wrong, this game is amazing. The online trading, versus, packs, drafts and everything about this game is amazing. There are just a few things I would suggest. 1, I would suggest changing special packs. I do so many sbcs and spend so many coins and tokens to open them, and I’m telling you, 95% of the packs are just low rated team of the week players. Every time. Just make the inform cards the same packing chance as the other specials, because it gets really annoying. 2. So, right now, the only way to get players are from trading, sbcs, and packs. Every time I need a player, I go to trade. what would make this game better is if there would be a transfer market to buy cards with coins, to complete your collection quicker.
Got scammed for millions by the game
by Burneagle7243 on 2019/07/02 16:27
I was trading with a random player and lost my best duplicates. I traded 99 TOTY Ronaldo, 99 Prime Pelé, 90 Icon Keane, and 10 million coins for a 99 TOTY Messi, 99 TOTY Modrić, and 98 Prime Icon Maradona. We did the trade, and when I looked in my duplicates (I had the three players already) they weren’t there. My Ronaldo and Pelé and Keane were gone as well, along with my 10 million coins. I looked in the My Cards, and they were there. Two of each card. There were 2 99 TOTY Messis, 2 Modrićs, and 2 Maradonas. I luckily took a screenshot of the trade and the two card glitch. The cards should go to the Duplicates, not the My Cards. I closed out of the game and reloaded it. They were all gone. My 10 million is gone, my 2 99s are gone, my Icon is gone, the two 99s and the 98 is gone as well. I need compensation for this. I attempted to contact Pacybits through email and Instagram multiple times, and he never responds. Other people have similar issues. The game is good, but there is NO customer support, and if there is a glitch that makes you lose everything, it ruins the game for you.
Huge issue
by i play ur game alot on 2019/07/01 21:45
I love the game and play it all the time but today I was in the trading center trying to trade my 99 pele and I did for a toty Ronaldo. I was exited because this would be a duplicate of Ronaldo and I could trade him. I went into my duplicates and he was not there. I was very confused and went into my non duplicate players and saw my duplicate of toty Ronaldo in there (also seeing my other toty Ronaldo) I was confused to see both of my toty Ronaldos in here so I assumed it was a visual glitch. I refreshed my app and went into my duplicates and my toty Ronaldo was not there. I went into the non duplicate section of my cards and he was not there either.(like he was before) I was very upset to see this because I had just lost my 99 toty Ronaldo to a glitch. I hope I can somehow receive my Ronaldo back because I love the game and will be upset to loose the card for no reason.
Honestly beautiful but...
by Farmsville FC on 2019/01/29 19:43
I’m not gonna say I’m not happy with the pack luck in this game, but special packs are very inconsistent and sometimes give way too many low rated TOTWs. Special packs are a main part of lighting rounds and SBC rewards, so when a player opens over 10-20 special packs and only getting maybe one special card you didn’t have, but a majority TOTWS you already have, what’s the point of looking forward to them? You can almost say the same with the special plus packs. The reason why people need special packs is cause they guarantee a special, unlike all star packs and holiday packs. Up the rates for better specials on the special packs and they’d be perfect, but overall the versus system, including the new LTM versus game mode are very impressive and make me want to play. Overall great game.
Good Game, but I have a suggestion
by Haefs32 on 2019/04/01 07:01
I have been playing this game since the 2016 version and it has been one of my favorite games since, but I have a suggestion that would make the game even better, something I would love to be added into the game is a transfer market where you could just buy the players that other people list up. This would save so much time while doing SBCs or just building out your club because you wouldn’t have to enter a trade and hope the other player has what you are looking for. While I don’t think my review will be read by the creators of the game, if it happens to be and they add this feature into the next game that’s comes out I will be very happy. Thanks
PACYBITS 19 review
by SolP-Santos on 2019/06/11 18:46
This is a fantastic game which for me personally is better than and soccer/football game. There are three things that I wish could be added or fixed. 1. Transfer Market, there should be a transfer market so getting players is easier and put a cap of 50mil because now a days everyone has at least 30 mil in there account. 2. Trading, you should be able to trade not only duplicates but cards that aren’t duplicates, this makes it more fun and a lot more risk taking. But the cap should still be 10 mil. 3. This happens very few times but once u start playing this game for an hour it crashes so plz try to fix that. Other than that this is my favorite game and I absolutely love it.
Pack battles
by G.OC on 2019/07/02 11:04
This is probably my favorite game right now, the only thing is their is one problem with one of the game modes? That would be Pack battles, a limited time game mode that’s pretty fun. The problem in this game mode, is that in the start of the game when ur collecting cards, you have little quests like Arsenal 87+ or something like that, and what I realized is that when I do one of these quests I don’t get any points to upgrade my Ltm players, but when the other player does I do, which makes me have mixed feeling whether or not I want the other person to do all their quests or not. This may just be a false alarm and that’s how the game is supposed to be, I don’t know? Well if anyone does read this Hi.
Good game, but there’s one thing that pissis me off
by chitofc on 2019/07/10 18:15
In the pack battles, the way you win is by how many challenges you completed, your best player, team rating, team chemistry, and how many leagues you used. You either get 1,2, or 3 tokens each challenge/ objective. So let’s say you get 99 TOTY Messi and his best player is the 96 ST Messi, you’ll get 3 tokens and he’ll get like one. It works the same with chemistry, team rating etc. But what gets me mad is let’s say you are winning 9 tokens to 7. And the game is decided on how many leagues you used. Let’s say the other guy uses 8 leagues and you use 3. THEY GET THE THREE TOKENS AND BEAT YOU 9-10. THAT IS A PROBLEM THEY NEED TO FIX BECAUSE HOW ARE YOU GONNA LOSE BY THE AMOUNT OF LEAGUES YOU USE THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE
Amazing game
by Buttlet4506 on 2019/10/22 00:40
This is the best pack game I have ever played, and I’ve been through many. I love packing legendary players and all, but it’s just so disappointing that the game isn’t being regularly updated anymore. I’m talking about the packs. They used to come out everyday, but 2 days have gone by and I haven’t seen any new lightning rounds. I want to keep playing the game, but for me one of the main parts of this game has been left behind. It’s great to see PACYBITS 20 has taken off, but it’s almost impossible to progress in the legendary predecessor because of the new game. I really hope you developers haven’t abandoned the game. It’d be sad to see it go.
Love the game but a few minor adjustments would make it better
by squarerllama on 2019/04/24 22:22
First can you change the pack luck on the special packs because you can open a bunch of them but most of the time you get TOTW s which aren’t even walkout also can you bring back bingo soon it has been the best game mode that me and my friends and people in the PACYBITS community have ever seen before. Also can you please add an option to trade PB tokens and in like the FIFA games made by EA how you have an option to use the tokens as a payment way for all packs and if that happens there has to be a quicker way to earn the tokens Thank you PACYBITS
Online matches
by MufcLogan on 2019/04/04 19:28
This game is absolutely fantastic. The pack system, the normal draft system. They’re all great. Although there is a little bit of a problem. Whenever I’m playing online draft with a friend and we’re connected, sometimes it’ll say that it’s my turn, when on my screen it’s his. This causes the game to bug and at times the bug can prevent players from winning. One time we were playing and he had 100 chemistry with 90 rating but when we finished it said he has 72 chemistry. This was really upsetting for him obviously. Otherwise I think this is one of my favorite iOS games.
This is my favorite game but you can improve in something
by KyleDaBoSS-Official/ on 2019/06/22 20:07
This is my favorite game and I have been playing this game from when it came out! I recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t have it especially if they are a soccer fan!⚽️ One thing I always love to do in this game is to trade and possibly make some profit from my cards/coins. It would mean the world for me if this game would have trading with non duplicate cards. What I mean by this is for example if I had one TOTY Marcelo and not a duplicate I would still be able to trade the card! If you read my review this far thank you!😁 This game is the best game ever btw!
Great game but change duplicates.
by Duder823 on 2019/04/30 11:00
First off, this game is amazing and extremely addicting. I love how there is so much to do besides making drafts. However, I despise the fact that you can only use duplicates to trade and to do SBC’s. Being able to trade without using duplicates would make trading so much more useful. Also, it would save a significant amount of time in doing SBC’s. Also, there should be a transfer market feature. Almost every review on this game is requesting it. A transfer market would add an additional way to spend coins and to finish your squads. Thank you, PACYBITS for this amazing game.
SBCs and trades need updating
by Jiggling john on 2019/01/20 18:10
I love everything about the game, except the squad builder challenges and the trading system. I don’t like how I can only use duplicates to trade and do squad builder challenges because it’s makes everything so much harder. The odds that I get the same extremely rare player (In form Messi for example) twice is next to impossible so making big trades is really hard. Also, for squad building challenges only being able to turn in duplicates is extremely frustrating because pretty much all of the challenges require higher rated players. Overall the game is good though, just wish I didn’t have to use duplicates for SBCs and trades.
Great Game
by Thomahawk03 on 2019/03/04 22:24
This is a great game I have spent countless hours on it. I love the fact it is not pay to win. Ltm game modes and the types of cards are amazing and I find the gameplay amazing. Only issues are I do find the pack luck quite inconsistant and percentages could be shown and also i don’t know if it is a glitch or an exploit but during an online drafts it has occurred to me that the other player chooses the same card as me and it gives them an unfair advantage. It might be a problem with my connection but I just think it removes the fun of drafts if people do exploit that.
Good, but here are some suggestions
by Nick, the fut draft user on 2019/01/15 23:21
First, please add more SBCs. Second, make the special packs more balanced. I have opened 25 of them and I have not gotten a walkout special card. However, I got a 95 Pele and Maradona from two 81+ players packs. Third, increase the number of special packs available in lightning rounds. I will find myself getting under 80 rated special cards in the two or 3 special packs I open. Plus, live sbcs are non existent. There used to be some for marquee matchups, but those disappeared. Also, there are no trade ins. I really need them right now, as nobody has what I need and it might be the only way to get it. Great game, but please, help me.
An amazing game. No doubt.
by PeenFlexerSixNine on 2019/07/16 14:46
Look, I’ve been playing the PACYBITS franchise since 2017, where the first app I played by them was the FUT 17 Pack Opener. Since then, I’ve played every single app that they’ve released after, and none of them have disappointed me even a bit. I could understand why people were annoyed by the pack luck, but that was because not all of the cards were released yet. The simple format, smooth animations, and fun game modes make this game that much more fun to play. Thank you, PACYBITS. Your the only reason that I still am interested in FIFA and FUT.
Duplicates, ads, and Ana opponent squad preview
by LetsTalkAboutSixBabyLFC on 2019/06/05 15:35
Firstly I’ve been playing your draft games since 17 love them to death but there’s always been a few things I wish it had. 1) I’ve always hated that we can only use duplicates for SBCs (for trading I don’t mind having to use dupes). 2) Please let me pay you to remove the ads. please. 3) I’ve always wanted a squad preview screen like the draft in fifa has, I think it would be a really cool addition since the game is always adding new cards and you could see the progression of teams throughout the year!
Update to fifa 20
by nico Oxenham on 2019/08/22 00:52
Guys I love this game, it’s like for my opinion better than fifa from EA. I think is now the time to update or crate the new game for the fifa 20 because fifa is right a month and a bit more for it’s release to public and also the youtubers have already played in Germany so you better be making that update/ new game because time is running out. Over all please designers of pacebits please read my review of the game and and acknowledge that time is running out and that the pacebits 2020 must be released as soon fifa release the game.
Awesome but trading needs work
by kdb140 on 2018/10/29 05:04
This app is great. It's basically flawless when it comes to packs and is very smooth with balanced content. I do wish that the trading system was better though. If I want to trade players then I have to save all of my duplicates so I can trade the good ones but have to keep the bad ones. If you could somehow single out the duplicates you want to trade and sell the others that would be great. It would also be cool if there was some kind of store where you could put cards up on the online market that would be great.
Great Game
by Joe1627383837379292 on 2019/01/19 18:42
This game is one of my favorite games on my phone right now. I like how they add new cards every week and make more and more things to do. There is only one thing that I could recommend and that is to add a way to lock players in your duplicates. When you want to sell players, you have to choose a certain rating that you want to sell. Sometimes I want to sell all of one rating except one and I cannot unless I sell them all manually. This is a great game nonetheless and I will be playing it for a while longer
Too many glitches
by ToastGhostRoast on 2019/02/13 15:34
The overall structure of the game is okay, but when it comes to versus and versus clubs, that all goes out the window. In verses, the fact that you can't just play the game is idiotic. You have to make a whole different team just to play in div 9 and above. With versus clubs, players are consistently matched up against other players with better teams. I have been on both ends of this, and I can tell you that it is not fun for the person with the worse team nor the better team. Also, the versus game modes are too easy to glitch. I constantly play against people who hack the game so that when they control with a player who has worse control than the player you chose, the game resets and gives the other player the point.
by Bigfoot1231 on 2018/09/27 21:32
FUT draft 18 is amazing and I play it almost every day and I was so excited when FUT draft 19 came out and I just downloaded it thinking that it might be so good I would have to delete the other one and then I did one draft and deleted it. FUT draft 18 looked so cool and modern and FUT draft 19 looked like you made it in an hour. If the looks are updated then you will win me back but until then I am not going to play this again. But p.s. I love that you added New icons that is all that is good about the game.
I was stolen from.
by Hi123432165 on 2019/07/22 11:55
I love PACYBITS to death, and would’ve easily given it a 5 star review, if not for what happened to me. I went into a trade, and it wouldn’t connect me, so I clicked the cancel button. I went into another trade, and put my 94 Ronaldo down. The game proceeded to glitch me into a different trade, and my Ronaldo disappeared. I thought this was a mistake, so I went to my duplicates, but Ronaldo wasn’t there. If PACYBITS can help fix that for me and others in any way, that we be terrific. Other then that, spectacular game. Good job to PACYBITS. Super excited for PACYBITS 20! *edit* new update is super glitchy
by IG PACYLT on 2019/03/20 13:26
Really fun game, enjoy it a lot. Even though it’s a very good game, there are still things that could be better. For one, when you’re trading, you should be able to see what cards would be new to your trading partner. That would not only lead to better trades, but will lead to more people trading. Another thing to fix would be to make it easier to get coins m. To go along with that, there should be more, better packs to open with coins like special + packs.
Good, but small problem with DBC’s
by Clutch xAlertx on 2019/09/17 13:44
The DBC’s are either really easy or ridiculously hard. There was a moment where I had to get a futties player and a prime moments icon player, but the prime moments players never pop up in drafts. Currently at the moment I’m also experiencing a hard DBC, in this one you need to have 7 non rare gold cards in your starting 11, but I’m lucky to even get 2 in the whole draft. This is ridiculous!! Either make the draft DBC’s easier or have the draft luck change a little depending on the DBC that is active for you.
Too many ads and No Special Packs
by Nickmollica12 on 2018/09/28 00:24
I love this game every year, last year and the year before we’re great, but this year hasn’t been what I expected. I understand the point is to make money, but an ad after every draft?? This is very annoying since I get impossible draft challenges and have to reset 2 times to get a new one. Also, what is with the packs? Why cant we just have unlimited special packs for 100k? If this doesn’t work you can increase the price. I would rather open packs whenever I want instead of waiting for the new lightning rounds that have 2-3 packs. Other than that, the game is very smooth and I love seeing the new squad seasons.
I would give 5 stars...Buttttt
by Pacybitsj14 on 2019/02/12 04:12
I love this app and I love the trading, the pack opening, the draft is eh. But overall it’s great. The only downside is I have to give my phone number to someone if I want to trade specifically with them. It’s okay with IRL friends but if someone has some cards you want to meet online it’s not the best idea to just hand them your phone number. Who knows who they could give it to or do with it. Make the invite available through a link rather than a link only useable in IMessage. I think a lot of people would agree.
Great game, a few bugs:
by Derils on 2019/08/21 16:47
Love this game. The versus league mode is great and should be a permanent part of the game, even if there are occasional balance issues with teams. There is one major bug, though. In versus mode, sometimes you will try to defend with, say, a defender with 88 defense. Instead of choosing an attacker, your opponent chooses a defender with 90 defense and their 90 defense beats your 88 defense. I have also seen this bug where you defend and they use control to beat you instead of attack.
Amazing App
by JenZoneRay on 2019/07/19 17:13
Number 1 Great job on this app it has so many mode cards and a lot more it is really entertaining I been playing for a month but I know this game will have a great future Number 2 I love the 84+ packs it really Good all my friends love it it’s really a good edition to the game Number 3 The LTM cards are another great editions how you keep trying for rewards and when you do it there’s way more you can do just a great app thank you for putting this great game in my pocket
PACYBITS 19 Best Game Ever!!!!
by Gina filangi mona schnitzler on 2019/05/16 14:25
PACYBITS is the Best game I really feel like it’s a very amazing game and I am really really enjoying it and I hoping that this game continues on to the next fevers and I really hope that everyone is enjoying it with the community though what I want to say is that they do a really good job of patching bugs and glitches and exploits so that is all great and I just want to see a great great great you know like happy birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday too busy but 19 because it’s the best game ever bye-bye
This game has only minor problems
by KingRichy15 on 2018/12/21 23:56
First I want to clear up by saying the game is awesome I played the 18 version and it was almost as sick as this one. The only problem I find is how hard it is to get duplicates for trading or SBC’s. If you could use any card you have without needing a duplicate for and SBC or trade, the game would skyrocket. Also when you discard your duplicates then leave the app, I think it’s just a bug but please if you hear this, please regenerate my 3,317,000 coins.
What a great game
by review writer 06 on 2018/11/18 14:32
I have played the fifa 17 and 18 version of this game and this is the best one yet, I have just started so I can’t get too into the online stuff but trading will be great and the features I have seen that were added to the trading part of the game are super crazy and great. I think they have a good mix of FIFA cards as well as making there own for the game. This game is great and keep making new updates to improve the game please. Thank you
Amazing game
by mick.21.bres on 2019/03/23 08:02
Beautiful, amazing game But few tips duplicates for trading isn’t the best because it makes it so har to get to 99 TOTY Ronaldo twice where as if it was cards that you have you could trade 99 TOTY Ronaldo for 5 mil and if you don’t wanna do that deal than fine it’s just that it is a bit too hard Updates every 5 days or whatever it is it’s annoying because I’ve got to spend 10 mins on updating instead of playing and maybe getting better cards. Overall very very good and popular game
If you hate buying fifa points and getting garbage, get this game
by 🚦🚥⚠️🚧 on 2019/02/16 18:25
Absolutely great, I’ve played in non stop. Also my pack addiction that I had on fifa is being satisfied by the much higher odds of getting walkouts. Everything about this game is beautiful, highly recommend. All other fifa imitations are garbage, this one has everything and is surely the best you’ll find. Trading, great fun packs, amazing sbc’s, custom cards of real players, new icons. This game is insanely fun.
Online Modes
by Shahwan Aldhaheri on 2019/03/28 16:10
Game is fantastic! There is only one issue bothers me. I can’t access any online mode, for example when I click on play in any online mode it says “finding opponent” or “establishing connection” for endless time. I changed connect, tried with a different iPhone and same thing, I also tried the solution provided in FAQ and didn’t solve the issue. Asked a friend, and he also have the same thing. I guess the issue is with iOS. Please help fixing this issue.
Addition of rare bronze cards
by harf1919 on 2018/10/20 10:47
The game is overall amazing however one detail which is bothering me a lot is the fact that bronze cards have been added without bronze packs being available and the only way to obtain the bronze cards is through the free packs on main menu however it takes far too long and makes certain SBCs very hard to complete as well as finishing the bronze collection
by Soccerstar24051 on 2019/04/01 18:35
This game is amazing and I really enjoy playing it. It has improved so much since last year and it is by far my favorite game. It is the best game for fifa out there for your phone. It is always up to date with what is going on on my Xbox. I love the limited time modes as well, and the one out today is so unexpectedly fun! I have 99% collections and even now the game is still too much fun! Thank you pacybits for the best game ever!!!
Fix the new tournament
by ĆłãśhKïñg on 2018/12/26 21:00
It keeps making me pick the same position twice and every time it happened the player I got second was way worse. I was also in the final looking for an opponent but then I canceled and 5 seconds later it just started loading. It them stayed like that for a while so I forced closed the app and when I went to play the final I had to restart at the round of the 16.
Its so addicting
by pacybit freak95 on 2019/07/13 15:44
Hello this is a game I recommend if you like opening packs and playing online matches. There are pack battles, online drafts, and more! This is a game that I really like because I love soccer and games about it. I like the challenges and opening packs. There is one thing about the game, it lags you off sometimes. But it does not need internet and is fun and addicting. So I hope you get this game and enjoy. Bye.
by doppulent on 2018/11/30 04:38
This is overall a really good game but I feel the draft is the only game mode I play. You should add a skip to the packs because without it a pack takes 3 seconds to open. It’s just so tedious. After about 4 packs I just get bored Also where is bingo. You added all of the game modes from previous draft games but there is basically no pack game modes. Bingo was one of my favorite modes too.
Great game but...
by réeeeee on 2018/11/23 17:47
Love this game. Been playing since 17. Just 2 things... 1. I wish special packs were unlimited like in 17 so I could get them whenever and not have to wait for lightning rounds 2. I wish u could lock some duplicates. What I’m saying is when u go to trade in players for coins, if u lock that player, he won’t show up. I’ve traded in countless specials like that before I wish they would change that
Best game of its kind
by XxChowmeinxX on 2019/09/03 00:32
Pacybits fut draft 19 is the best fut draft simulator on the market not only is it free but it is so fun. It is suspenseful when you open the packs and people that love soccer all know the players and enjoy having the cool fifa ultimate team designs that look like the real game. It is a good time killer and takes very little battery. All in all I love this game and I would recommend to every fifa and soccer player around.
This game is amazing but there are TOO MANY TOTW
by MEME LORDZ 6969 on 2019/09/08 13:51
In PACYBITS I have so much fun I played 17 like crazy forgot ab 18 cuz my phone is dumb but 19 caught my eye. This game has amazing SBC and the ltm’s are amazing. But, when I open packs or do the special swap 7/10 times I get a TOTW and it’s so annoying it makes me want to stop playing but I’m enjoying the time left until PACYBITS 20 and I feel like if all the PACYBITS are combined to make the best FUT draft game than PACYBITS will sky rocket
It is good but there should be updates
by Lokij88uu on 2019/03/03 04:04
This game is really good for people who like soccer and like games that are like fifa. Although for trading you should be able to type want you need or what you don’t have. Packs also there should be better pack luck I know you guys just updated the game for better pack luck but some people can’t get millions of coins to grind. SBC should be easier as well, this is all in my opinion so yeah. Otherwise this is a great game
Great game just needs a little of fixing
by Lil bacon 103 on 2019/06/27 15:53
PACYBITS is a great and fun game with many unique features but there some stuff that should be fixed. I was about to trade 94 Ronaldo when the screen started to load again and it was gone and I lost that card and also i think in the trading feature people should be able to trade cards that they don’t have as a duplicate .
Ok game
by 1PaulPogba on 2019/05/27 00:12
So I started playing this game when PACYBITS 18 came out. I was immediately hooked to this game, and I still love this game and play it to this day. However, on my phone there are a LOT of bugs. First of all, at the time I am writing this, the Bundesliga TOTS came out five days ago and For me those cards still aren’t even in the game yet. However, for my brother and cousin, they have the Bundesliga TOTS. Next, I want to point out that it keeps on kicking me out of Game Center
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