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ECOVACS HOME debuts! With awesome connected features, our latest App allows you to control your DEEBOT anytime, anywhere, and takes your cleaning experience to a new level. By connecting to your DEEBOT, you can: • Start, pause, or stop cleaning • Set a regular cleaning schedule • Set voice report, suction power, and Do-Not-Disturb time* • Receive notifications from your Wi-Fi enabled robot* • Share DEEBOT with your friends through multiple accounts* • Receive software and firmware updates* • Access instruction manuals, video tutorials and FAQs, and contact customer service And you can do much more with your advanced mapping DEEBOT (powered by Smart Navi™ Technology): • Set up Virtual Boundary™ to create no-go zones* • Use Custom Cleaning to customize any cleaning area you want* • View real-time stats from the visual map of your home, areas cleaned, and cleaning time* • Adjust water flow level when DEEBOT is mopping (Robots with mopping function only)* *Features vary with models. Go to to see detailed features of your model. Plus, you can control your DEEBOT with simple commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Home**. **Smart Home commands are available only in some countries/regions. Requirements: Wi-Fi with 2.4 GHz or 2.4/5 GHz mixed band support only Mobile device with Apple iOS 9.0 or later Need help? Visit for more information or to contact our customer service team.
by saaaaddss on 2020/05/25 16:19
Sad didnt work
Suzy is the Queen.
by CHill0712 on 2020/05/25 13:47
I never knew how much I would a vacuum until I purchased Deebot. I swept multiple times per day, but now Suzy sweeps. I have a lot more free time. I don’t have to worry about chihuahua hair or dirt from when we are outside. She gets it all. She is worth the money and I will never go back to sweeping/vacuuming again. I recommend Deebot to all of my friends and you will too.
Hard to map
by ooossaaa on 2020/05/25 07:57
If you have one floor and the area is a perfect parallelogram, this app is amazing. However mapping a trapezoidal floor plan is extremely challenging and I had to start from different locations wasting days till one time it finally worked (didn’t cut off any corners). Mapping the second floor is absolutely impossible. I managed to do it once with another Ecovacs, however my new one either destroys the original map (see note below), or completes the cleaning cycle just fine but doesn’t save the second map (multi-map is on, advanced settings on, continuous cleaning on). One thing I learned is that before you start mapping the second floor, locate your vac in the app and make sure it doesn’t think it’s on the first floor. If it does, turn it off and on and check the app again. If you start the cleaning cycle on the second floor while Deebot thinks it’s in the first one, it will “update the map” which will become a complete mess. P.s. the support copies and pastes the same instructions you can find in the manual or suggests to reset map/robot.
App won’t connect to WiFi
by Saigonkidz on 2020/05/25 05:59
Fix it or returning it.
Love My Daisy!
by LesaAG on 2020/05/25 01:45
(I changed my Deebot’s name to Daisy.) I made comparisons between all these robotic vacuums and chose this one. I am not disappointed. What a value! This Deebot does everything my sister’s roomba can do, and for a lot less money.
Best gift I’ve gotten in a long time
by Ladodgerfitd on 2020/05/24 12:12
The DEEBOT vacuum is a little loud, but no louder than my manual Shark vacuum. I wanted it for the mop functionality which is nice, but the mop does not replace manual mopping for some stains. It did a good job of detecting carpet and not getting it wet. I’m still learning how to use it as I’ve only had it for two days. But so far, I’m loving having this.
Always so buggy and giving error to pair it.
by DjLuiyo on 2020/05/22 22:21
Every time you guys drop an update to the app you guys make a mess with it now my iPhone doesn’t want to pair with my deebot.
Great litte Bot
by Nyse465 on 2020/05/21 17:10
The robot works great for the most part it’s did miss a couple of unposed popcorn kernels but all in all it did a good job
Charge station
by DeathTrooper224 on 2020/05/21 01:43
So after the first day, the charging station decided to move to the other side of the house. So I had to try to help it learn to relocate it. I wish there was a part on the app to tel it where the charging station is so that it knows where to go when it’s done.
Need to tell us when mopping water is low
by jatt69you on 2020/05/19 19:10
Good but the app and Deebot should tell us when mopping water is low
by Seralepin on 2020/05/19 04:23
Es la mejor compra que pude hacer.
1st Day
by bobbyhill4x4 on 2020/05/19 04:08
What a great start!
Data timeouts
by gnomehole on 2020/05/18 03:00
App and deebot 900 are junk. 1. App warns me to use the 2017 app 2. 2017 app tells me my firmware requires this app. 3. I own two identical models, each has different firmware but each says they are updated. 4. Bots don’t connect to charger 5. Bots lose WiFi too easily 6. Data timeouts likely from underpowered Chinese servers. this is getting so bad I can’t pull up the map. 7. Maps constantly disappear Avoid. Even their support won’t answer you.
Error messages.
by dk nj on 2020/05/18 01:21
I keep getting error message that data submission timed out. It’s really frustrating.
Mauricio Arámbula
by ArambulaM on 2020/05/17 16:16
Robots cleans well however battery last is very short that it needs to recharge many times to finish clean completely. I did not try mopping yet.
by iwillnot buyagain on 2020/05/17 12:21
After 14 months, the product has stopped working. Even after numerous resets and time on the web and app, I feel helpless. I will hear “I am starting the clean” only to have the vacuum splint for one minute and state “I am returning to the charger”.
Cleans great, app stinks
by Truebiz on 2020/05/16 23:52
For some reason, many of the app settings aren’t working right. Can’t merge or separate rooms, get a “data acquisition” error when trying to turn down the beeping volume, changing the name of rooms doesn’t save. What a shame.
Great job
by sborner on 2020/05/16 21:32
Awesome stuff keep up the great coding!
I cannot set the app
by sharurox on 2020/05/16 21:31
I cannot connect the app to the robot for use.. I tried on WiFi with 2.4 ghz and it timed out.. it asked me to set up manually by selecting the robot’s WiFi and it still had the same issue.. tried with QR code as well.. I am disappointed at this basic set up ..tried all these options 15 times .. I have a deebot79w
Ok but not great
by nhhgdty on 2020/05/16 14:09
Very hard to reinitialize when I changed WiFi networks. Still working on it. It almost never returns to base when it needs to recharge. Cannot reinitialize network. Very Un-friendly wi-fi interface. Cannot get it to work at all. Requesting a warranty replacement. 😞
Not Intuitive
by mttrailguy on 2020/05/16 05:08
Somebody needs to provide some useful documentation for programming the Deebot devices. You sure won't get it from this app. Three stars is a generous rating. The cleaning capability of the vacuums skews the ratings. Otherwise, I would have rated the app alone at two stars.
Alexa doesn’t find the vaccun
by Fred_dr on 2020/05/15 13:02
I open Alexa app, go to skill and game, find for ECOVACS Enable app, link with my user and password, selected my vac that appear, press continue said vac es linked but never apper in the list or in the search devices. Please support. Model deebot 900 Still not working :( I bought it because said certified Alexa working, but it doesn’t!!!
Great app
by P'dolo on 2020/05/14 09:01
Love the deebot vacum cleans the
by JAW2017 on 2020/05/13 23:46
Doesn’t connect to WiFi despite weeks of trying.
by guisb1209 on 2020/05/13 14:14
The app is user friendly designed. I use with a deebot echovac N79 vaccum cleaner. It works very well with alexa.
Ap always craps out
by chris-23111 on 2020/05/11 01:30
i have to reinstall the ap every couple weeks, or else the deebot shows as off-line. very annoying
by Don Pire on 2020/05/09 21:58
It could have a lot of extra functions... but with the options it has its already full of bugs. Thismakes a $1000 robot as useful as a $300. For example it is supposed to create areas and let the robot clean only specific ones, but then it erases the areas and you have to program everything again or use it in auto mode.
Great app
by paejdhdurhrh on 2020/05/09 05:34
Better than never
Great concept! We wish more thought went into the battery 😡
by Mr. BoggieMan on 2020/05/08 14:34
While not a brand new design this robotic vacuum is a very great concept in theory. However, from the first time we charged it and set it free to clean the carpet in one room. it would return to base requiring recharge. After 2 hours to finish 1 bedroom it was obvious the battery was not capably of running any further. The bedroom is 12’ x 16’ with standard carpet. 😡😡😡
No way to get support
by armeniaforever on 2020/05/07 13:40
Useless app
Worst robot vac ever!
by rajivjax on 2020/05/04 16:09
It starts running in the middle of the night, every night. It will do this without fail, whatever settings you change. It is stubborn. It never finds the charging station. Make us feel ashamed in front of everyone when we demo this feature. I am about to throw it in the garbage!
by loveclenning on 2020/05/04 14:31
I love this robot.
by Dialvaga on 2020/05/03 03:03
This vacuum is the best
Problems with consistency of operation.
by Euro trip on 2020/04/30 23:43
Has problems with carpets, Wi-Fi connectivity, and mapping rooms.
So so
by paccmd on 2020/04/30 19:49
Does a good job with the vacuum but it never finds it way home before the battery dies
Poorly designed app - not useful
by Appstoreisbuggy on 2020/04/30 17:02
I have yet to use this app. Apparently the Deebot was ‘taken over by another user’ and I cannot control it. The Deebot manual page is down so that is also a low rating.
by Propofol4iej on 2020/04/30 13:37
While the vacuum (DC3G) itself is great and does a super job, the app is atrocious. It does not work. Can not connect to the vacuum at all. It either times out or gives an error message that it’s is offline (which is permanent in this case). It also requires to create and connect to its own wifi network (why?) - which is also unsecured - potentially allowing unwarranted access to a wifi system. Not sure why the device could not be controlled via Bluetooth instead - would be much simpler and a wifi connection would not be needed. Or connection through the your home wifi network.. I hate using unsecured wifi (because of hacking opportunities) yet forced to do so. Developers - please consider a wifi protocol change to use an “existing” secure home network!
Does not work with all wifi
by Z milan on 2020/04/30 01:16
Poor connection to wifi.
Excellent app
by Amtkhog on 2020/04/29 15:44
Love that the app allows a simple one touch while house cleaning or a custom area. Also, the app automatically detects rooms that allows for telling Deebot to clean a specific room. “Deebot” mop the kitchen is so easy and intuitive.
Very clunky
by Jasknucklehead on 2020/04/29 14:13
The app has been updated many times but the primary interface has remained and been plugged into a new frame work. It is not intuitive or particularly smooth.
Nice for the price
by Connelleyj on 2020/04/28 00:39
Have had it for about a year. Does seem to have a mind of its own and vacuums at midnight and the scheduled time. But does a good job.
by jeannellie on 2020/04/23 11:27
I wish zero stars was a option...worst app and vacuum ever! I truly regret this purchase!
Your login screen doesn’t allow paste.
by blacksausage on 2020/04/23 04:10
Every app what a crappy UI gets one star from me until it is fixed. In this case your login screen doesn’t not allow paste. That’s stupid. It’s also a security vulnerability. I use a password manager that creates hard to guess passwords and I rely on it to paste those crazy random strings for me. If paste is broken the I need to memorize a password or try to hand type 26;-@@1$! -:;@84,?’or something. Fix it.
So frustrating!
by Purcelljourney on 2020/04/18 06:09
I set up boundaries and it goes inside the boundaries. It resets the map, and then my boundaries move. It gets stuck on things constantly! Not pleased. Especially for how expensive it is. Customer service did nothing to solve the problems. NOT WORTH IT!!! So I just got the developer’s reply to email them with the issues. Like I haven’t already done that. I submit another request and they tell me they can’t do anything because I don’t have the receipt to prove that I bought it from a verified vendor. Who keeps all their receipts from a year ago? And it’s been giving us issues for a full year. Not even close to good enough.
by PitSoulja on 2020/04/18 01:09
The app works but where is this map and supposed boundaries you can set because there is none of that on this app
Stopped working
by aclark9 on 2020/04/16 20:14
We had the ECOVACSHOME for less than 2 months and it stopped charging and working all together.
Great value and performance.
by Sean the cop on 2020/04/15 17:22
I’ve had this about 6 months now. I had a 5 year old roomba before this. This is far better and a third of the price.
App stopped working
by LNNG2418 on 2020/04/15 03:31
I’ve had my Deebot for almost a year and now it won’t connect to the App. I have to manually start it every night. I called support for help and a lady answered like it was a personal call. She said let’s trouble shoot and put me on hold and never came back. Very disappointed.
Love the app and the product
by Claude99999 on 2020/04/14 21:55
I have had a few of these devices. They are very well made. For example I have one that lives in our garage. Today I accidentally ran it over with a Land Rover SUV and it not only survived but is just fine. Nothing wrong.
by HailAvi on 2020/04/14 12:52
This vacuum is horrible and the app is horrible.
Sooo confused
by sisi mas on 2020/04/14 08:29
My robot 920 is so confused when cleaning. And i had too return to charging dock. And again.....
by eann57 on 2020/04/14 05:05
I love the DEEBOT. It was so easy to set up and schedule cleaning times. The only problems I have had are getting stuck in edges, wrapped around cords and the battery not last the whole house. My floors look get!
Stupid bot
by Billynyethescienceguybitch on 2020/04/13 23:28
My vacuums simply doesn’t work well. It barely picks anything us but sometimes cat fur and my girlfriends hair, otherwise it just pushes dust or dirt around the room. Also malfunctions a every 10-5mins while cleaning. All you hear is the super annoying beeping from the robot and it’s just in the middle of the room not stuck on anything just beeping. I have no idea why it stops in the first place. Also doesn’t detect stairs well. Mine had gon down the stairs at least 3-4 times, one of the times also hitting my nephew on the stairs.
It will not connect to my Deebot 610.
by KeepItReal301 on 2020/04/13 17:11
I can not connect my Deebot 610 to this Ecovacs app. I have tried both the Apple and Android version. I am sitting right next to my 2.4hz router. Returning the item if I can not connect.
Great for now.
by tredttdx on 2020/04/12 21:43
App is great! Hope in future there will be more functional interface.
Can’t connect to WiFi 2.4 AT&T’s.......... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhbbbbb$&@“$)(;:::;,?)!
by Leo studio on 2020/04/12 17:37
Two months later still can’t connect
Deebot operation
by G cleaner on 2020/04/12 15:26
Using Deebot has been a challenge. There are no operating instructions or helpful hints to maximize cleaning. I often choose not to use it as it usually commits suicide under a chair or sofa.
by Macallum on 2020/04/12 14:28
Best Xmas present ever! Love this little vac
Deebot 930
by jjreye^123 on 2020/04/12 02:52
The worst mapping it took 6 times to actually map and even then it still left areas transparent that were unblocked u can’t name each room you can’t separate rooms that are on an open floor plan in a home so much can be done with an app but this one isn’t there yet. Also I wanted to share this robot with my spouse so he could be able to use it as well and it say no robot found? Truly baffling. Now we are unsure to even keep the robot it just always seems confused even after mapping out our 1st floor. Also plz add additions for 2 story homes!
Keep having to charge it.
by Adiapi on 2020/04/11 20:54
The battery does not even last for 15 minutes. Just bought it during Xmas.
by TheOriginalBigBadDad on 2020/04/11 14:24
Runs on wrong day of week
Good functionality, but no map editing
by Bubbatuba1979 on 2020/04/11 13:57
The vacuum works great, but I have another robotic vacuum on the first floor of my home that allows me to edit the room divisions of the map. It seems like this would make sense to add?
Great concept. Poor performance.
by B.A. Larsen on 2020/04/10 21:17
I think that Deebot and this app are an incredible improvement to the vacuuming user experience. However I am baffled at how long the app takes to connect to deebot. When deebot needs restarted after a “main brush malfunction” it may take one while minute to load. Not so bad EXCEPT I have to listen to that obnoxious beeping the whole time!! Option 2 is getting up every time (and it happens multiple times per session) isn’t too bad... I mean I don’t want to be too lazy. But the. I start to wonder. “Why don’t I just buy a nice vacuum for $200 and do the vacuuming myself. I’m doing all this physical work already, and I’d probably do a better job.” I really wish this problem would be fixed.
Cleans fantastic but WiFi issues
by Quinceyxc on 2020/04/10 17:31
Simple WiFi setup at first but if you change your router or WiFi password. It is awful.
Robot won’t move, app won’t help
by zdcdonna on 2020/04/09 13:41
There’s no reason the app should need to access my location in order for me to troubleshoot my broken robot. Used it twice, doesn’t work now, going in the trash
App issue
by Tiffdraper on 2020/04/09 13:39
My debot was connected time app and then all of a sudden it wasn’t anymore. I cannot get it to connect to my app again. It should not be this difficult
App. Not connecting
by Venkay$$$ on 2020/04/08 22:52
App not working
Can’t get it to spot beeping
by Big JohnnyBoy on 2020/04/08 21:19
I’ve have for awhile. It keeps beeping during the day. Can’t find any warnings why it’s beeping. Needs better FAQ help lines. Heard back from a invalid email address. So I still have the problem. Don’t waste your money on this.
5G compatible
by buyer-new on 2020/04/08 19:34
I only have 5 G wifi and this app can’t use with 5G!
Really bad app
by veenakhas on 2020/04/07 19:22
The map is not stored. Every time it starts an auto cycle. Also you can not use it in 2 story house. It erases the downstairs map if you take it upstairs. Do you need to buy 2 robots for 2stories?
Great bot, slow app
by FM_M on 2020/04/07 17:29
First, my actual Ecovacs Deebot is awesome, and does a great job. It gets a little derpy around the black tile surround of my fireplace - sometimes thinks it’s a bottomless pit - but that’s ok, and all in all it’s a great bot. (I actually have two: one for downstairs and one for upstairs.) The app, though, is frustratingly slow. It takes forever to acquire connection with either bot, 5-10 seconds, which feels like forever in a phone app. The app curiously also has a very long launch time; that’s usually where a developer might hide some housekeeping tasks, so I’m at a loss as to what they’re doing during app launch, and then also during acquisition of the bots. I also wish that we could re-order the bot list, and that the bot tiles - really, just a button - were smaller and didn’t take up over half the screen each, so if you do have more than one bot, you can see more than one at a time. Also, this last update seems to have a bug where the app will always acquire the first bot in the list regardless of which one you tap on.
Constantly shuts off
by squirrelmasster on 2020/04/06 20:36
For the first few weeks it worked like a champ! After that it will just stop, beep and nothing. Or the “cleaning” brushes would stop spinning. The app would say the main brush is clogged however I’ve taken it apart several times and nothing is there. The “mopping” is more like a semi whet cloth dragging the floor. It takes 4 or 5 times “mopping” the even use the tank of liquid I put in it. So it’s more like semi dry cloth dragging the floor. Overall I would pay 100$ to 150$ max for this u it. Also the daily clean doesn’t work. The u it will not turn on to accomplish the schedule you programmed it to complete. Like I said the first few weeks it was working like a pro.
Great bot bad app
by Acuraguy on 2020/04/06 16:52
I really do enjoy my deebot 900 but every time a update comes out it stops working. Now it won’t finish full clean and goes back to charge saying “cleaning complete”. Also, it has started losing the map. It goes back to charge it resets to the good map and then when you start cleaning it cannot Locate and starts over a new map. I have been stuck in this limbo for a few days now and don’t want to lose my old map as it took to much time to perfect it.
Can’t figure out how to send the 500 it home
by miclaurel on 2020/04/05 20:04
Usually apps are pretty clear.. I can’t figure out how to send the 500 home
I can not get the app to sync to my DEEBOT
by Elexander The Great on 2020/04/05 15:16
The subject says it all!
Love it!
by DebbieNied on 2020/04/05 12:50
I have pets. This vacuum is great. I run it when I’m at work. Come home to clean rugs and floor. Love it!!!! I haven’t even used the remote yet. I always use the app. Really easy to use.
It’s like house training a pet
by Shasimr on 2020/04/04 15:12
Loved the convenience but it was never able to complete a cleaning without help. Kept ignoring my boundaries. I will be returning it and trying another brand.
Good vacuum bad GUI
by bob47654678 on 2020/04/04 06:50
The vacuum is amazing. But the GUI and map management for multiple floors is terrible.
Non Programmable
by Drew-Williams1963 on 2020/04/03 05:50
I try and set time for it to operate and it never follows directions.
Never works right
by Gabi0214 on 2020/04/02 18:56
Never work automatic following map.
More programming needed.
by Mantooth23 on 2020/04/02 02:00
Would like to be able to schedule area or custom area scheduled cleanings. This is a good app I just feel it has more potential.
Not as good as I expected
by rkrej on 2020/03/31 13:09
Heard mapping software was great so went with this brand. Vacuum frequently gets lost and will get stuck under areas marked off limit.
Your support is horrible
by MSM53 on 2020/03/30 23:15
Perfect for tile floors
by bboyne on 2020/03/30 16:45
I recently renovated my house after a flood and went with tile flooring throughout the house and furniture with legs to sit up off the floor. My Evacs robot can go just about anywhere on its own. And boy does it pick up a lot each time I run it. Even when the house looks pretty clean! If you have dust allergies or pets, this thing is a must.
Can’t Connect
by homgycdres on 2020/03/30 00:27
You get what you pay for. Thought I was getting a nice vac for a nice price. Ordered, received, opened, followed instructions, download app and than...... nothing. Not able to connect to 5gz WiFi. Not able to connect to the app. Have to turn on manually. Does not do random cleaning. Only does the perimeter. Trying to sell on e-bay. Useless
Couldn’t set up robot.
by JoJoNoPoPo on 2020/03/29 23:40
I couldn’t set up the robot to the app. My Deebot model wasn’t listed. So I couldn’t get the robot to display the local WiFi to do the setup. Recommend the app designers to include all the models in the app.
Happy with the product
by Happy Product Owner on 2020/03/27 20:31
Our Deebot 900 Series consistently vacuums our hardwood floors on schedule! 3 months and counting. Happy Product Owner
Keeps getting better!
by Ram99205 on 2020/03/27 17:46
This app to control my vacuum cleaners just keeps getting better and more useful.
User friendly
by Fun! fun FuN! on 2020/03/26 21:34
Easy to set up and easy to use app!
Low rating
by tony Kiepe on 2020/03/26 20:29
Tried to save money. This brand is a piece of junk. It bounces and leaves railroad tracks on the carpet. Rarely makes it back to base. I like that it starts every morning. I clean brush and empty after every run. My iRobot works great and is running now. This brand does much better job
by tmd1949 on 2020/03/26 16:29
I find it challenging
Dislike the vacuum
by Bobobkss on 2020/03/26 02:04
Terrible battery and life
Average performance
by wacanuck on 2020/03/25 21:52
The pattern seems to miss spaces and vacuum quickly becomes less efficient at picking up dirt and sit. The brushes sweeping the floor get bent and destroyed fast.
Is t working line when it was purchased less than a year ago.
by MamaG55 on 2020/03/25 21:29
It’s so difficult to get help through the phone. It isn’t picking up like it did when it was purchased. Not as happy as I was a few months ago.
by HummingbirdDesigns on 2020/03/25 19:59
I’d rate this app 5 starts if not for this 1 issue. It’s very difficult to section off specific areas when programming the floor map. This app needs to be more user friendly to program custom vacuum jobs.
Worth The Investment?
by Oncenter on 2020/03/25 19:55
I am very happy with my purchase of this vacuum. On hardwood floors, it does a fantastic job of picking up dust and crumbs. It is somewhat limited on the carpeted floors of the house compared to our regular vacuum, butI I find it still manages to fill the dust bin. In my opinion I feel that its an expensive extravagance for the average homeowner, but for those that can afford it; I think it is a worthwhile investment. It’s also fun to watch it at work.
Recent updates causing issues
by BethH2O on 2020/03/25 15:51
I’ve never had a problem connecting to my deebot until the recent update. Now my device does not connect, drops WiFi connection halfway through a cycle and can not troubleshoot.
by cassidyymarie on 2020/03/25 15:06
To start, my particular robot isn’t even on this app, I was able to find one like it and thankfully connect it but my specific robot isn’t available. The second is that it never connect properly. It always says “ offline” which is frustrating as well.
Worst app on the planet!
by Bluegoldwing on 2020/03/25 13:36
I just received th Deebot osmo robot vacuum and tried 5 times to connect it to my router with ZERO luck! Follow up: three days later and I’ve finally got the robot to connect! The problem was my routers security system. I was using MAC address authentication, which isn’t compatible with these robotic devices, because they don’t have MAC addresses! I had to change the router to WPA2 and it connected the first try! I’ll return after I get it to map our home. Update three months later. I’ve had more problems with this allegedly “intelligent” cleaning robot, than the law allows! Almost every time I turn it over to clean the main brush (using the procedure in the manual) it looses the map and has to recreate a new one. I had been scheduling one cleaning on Saturday and just recently added Wednesday. It is now bumping around like it’s never been here before! This robot is NOT consistent!
I feel very happy.
by Aaliyah Swinden on 2019/10/16 12:22
The Deebot is very intelligent, it can recreated and save the household environment plan, it builds a map to save during its working at first time, it means that it will work according to the first household environment plan instead of building a new map every time. And the cleaning efficiency of Deebot is good. My children at home like to play, So I have to clean my house several times every day, and my waist cannot afford such burden. After having the Deebot, it cleans my room a few times each day, and I am not afraid of the dirty floor made by children. Furthermore, I find that it becomes more and more clever, and it even knows where need to clean, where is a stool. My children like to run after it, so I do not have to accompany with her all the time. I really like the function of mopping the floor, which can be adjusted with three levels. This design is very good, so I can adjust the water output according to the situation of the floor, without having the floor wet. What I like most is that it cleans the areas of bed bottom and sofa bottom. Before Deebot, I have to clean these places once for a month. Every time, there is much dust. Now I start the cleaning work order of Deebot through the APP in my mobile phone after going to work. The solutions to common problems in daily use are listed on the APP. Seeing my home is pretty clean every day, I feel very happy.
it is a really pleasant shopping experience!!....
by Trinicia Pranger on 2019/10/23 14:10
I bought it for my parents. My parents have got old and I want to lighten their housework burden. It took a while to evaluate. First, the appearance of the Deebot is beautiful, concise and thin. Deebot-cleaning is out of my expectation, because it is thin enough to come into the bottom of the bed and the couch. The function of it is also very complete. It can clean the dust and mop the floor. Besides, its cleaning route is excellent, and every corner of the home can be swept up. I can say that it swept the floor cleaner than our manual cleaning. It will find a way to climb up the threshold with a little height, which is a humanization design. The product with high quality is different from the common product, the Deebot is very intelligent. In the beginning of using this robot, my parents were skeptical of this smart product. After using a while, we cannot leave with it! lol...When the Deebot is cleaning the floor, my cat always stand on it and looks it as her gift, and flowed by the's so cute! The Deebot also has an appointment function, which can clean up the floor before you arrived at home, and a tidy room will bring you pleasure!!It also alleviates my parents' housework burden. it is a really pleasant shopping experience!!....
This is quite considering the needs of users! Sincerely recommend to everyone!
by Dereka Crassweller on 2019/10/26 10:20
In this APP, I can create and save the floor plan of my home environment. Moreover,In the process of cleaning, I can also check the location and the cleaning path of Deebot, so that I can keep track of the sanitary conditions in my home anytime and anywhere. That’s really cool~ At the same time, the function of “multi-layer map” can be enabled now which give me an excellent experience! This advanced mode is very suitable for my home decoration features, so that there will no need to manually input cleaning map every time. It can perfectly generate a dynamic virtual map of my own! Another cool function of this APP is the ability to set Deebot's mopping water capacity. For different materials of the floor can be set to four modes: low, medium, high, ultra-high mode. For example, wooden floors which are afraid of blisters can be set to the lower mode, so as to protecting the special material; On the contrary, when some areas need deep cleaning, I can use the high mode even ultra-high mode to achieve my prospect effect. Choose different models according to different requirements, so as to achieve the desired cleaning effect. This is quite considering the needs of users! Sincerely recommend to everyone!
It is the best love of us, the housewives.
by Cerria Cockayne on 2019/11/04 15:02
The function of continue cleaning from where stopped last time is really very sweety. At the beginning, each time I uses the Deebot, I must reset it once, it made me very unhappy. For I think it is time wasting to set Deebot once and again. Once upon a time, my Deebot is out of electricity in the process of cleaning, and left some areas not cleaned. I came back home after buying vegetables, and found there are still some places not been cleaned in my house. I had to charge the Deebot and reset it. That really annoid me, and I want to change the situation immediately. My friend told me the APP could solve my problem. So I downloaded it and made a trial. First time, I could not use it well, then I checked information in the help center, and following the using steps to operate it. It is really easy. Now I could set a cleaning route for Deebot via the APP, and leave it to work alone. After a period, I would have a clean home. And I could also talk with the customer services about some problems on the APP. They are always there listening to me, and answer all questions of me. Really thanks to them. It makes me feel more comfortable to use Deebot. It is the best love of us, the housewives.
The discount reached 500 yuan. Hoping everyone can buy as soon as possible!!
by Verron Lovatt on 2019/11/09 12:38
Thanks to smart technology like Deebot, our daily life has become more enjoyable. Technology allows us to clean the house with the touch of a finger on a mobile phone app. In guide of the app, the picture description of using steps of Deebot is simple and easy to understand. If there are some special cases and unsolvable problems, you can contact online customer services through the APP, to solve the problems encountered in use. A more intelligent point is that people can customize the cleaning area and cleaning time according to the layout of the family room. It used to be unthinkable. With the Deebot, my wife's housework is much easier. Every day she prepared food at home and wait for me to get back from work, so we don't have to spend time cleaning the room. Instead, we can set aside more time to help our child with his homework. This is really a tangible benefit of technological progress. The whole family howled, what a wonderful treasure! Recommending everyone to buy this Deebot!! The price is affordable, I bought it just in time for National Day holiday. The discount reached 500 yuan. Hoping everyone can buy as soon as possible!!
My house is close to the expressway
by Yamiletz Hackelton on 2019/11/07 11:05
My house is close to the expressway. There is always a lot of dust in my house. Before I bought the floor cleaning robot, I had to clean every day. I was always tired with backache and soreness. After having the Deebot, I finally got rid of this housework, and finally had time to chat and watch TV with my husband and children in the evening. My husband said, “if I had known that it is so useful, I would have bought it back home long time before." The shape of the Deebot is very cute. Whenever it works, my baby always runs after it. Sometimes he even sits on it and plays. Fortunately, the quality of the Deebot is so high that it has never been broken. The APP interface of Deebot is very simple, and its main functions are within reach. Even people who don't know about electronic products can start at once. I like its virtual wall function best. Through APP, I isolated the kitchen, the bathroom and the children's room, so that I would never be afraid that it might get stuck in a corner of these places. Here I would like to pay special tribute to the online customer service in APP. No matter what questions can be answered patiently, and the attitude is very enthusiastic.
do not hesitate! just buy the Deebot.
by Alainah Bloxam on 2019/11/06 12:01
I have received the Deebot, and it's so easy to accomplish the installation. What a convenience! It's really deserve to own a Deebot! The cleaning voice is so low, even the ground under the furniture can be cleaned well. Besides, it has a good agility... The house floor is very tidy with cleaning once a day. It has saved the time of doing chores, and free ourselves. I have more time to watching TV series! lol I have a child, and i don't need to worry about the dust brought by my child, and the air has become more healthy. Last day, i had swept the floor by myself. While today, the Deebot has cleaned a lot dust and hairs. It has cleaned each angle, the cleaning degree is very thorough. It's very fast to clean each area and it has a great cruising power. I also tried to mop the floor, the tank is big enough, and there is still water after mopping the floor. The ability to overcome obstacles is also excellent. It makes its own route, and i think it will be better when it's familiar with surroundings. This is the first time that I use the Deebot, and it doesn't let me down. i hope that it can behave well all the time. The friends who want to buy floor mopping robot, do not hesitate! just buy the Deebot.
And will teach my family about how to use it themselves. More detailed comments will be given later.
by Lauraelizabeth Tine on 2019/11/06 10:11
I live with my wife and parents. My wife and I work during the day. My parents take care of our children and cook for us. I think they are tired every day. Because they are afraid of we face work pressure and too busy, the two old people also do the housework to clean the room. After work, after dinner every day, I saw parents try hard to clean up the room, my heart is really uncomfortable. So I searched for this sweeping robot Deebot on the Internet. After making comparison with other sweeping robot, and seeing the price is acceptable, I made the order immediately. When I got it back, I immediately studied how to operate it. In fact, it was very easy to operate. There were all the answers to questions and diagrams of every step on the app. Since then, I use the app to let Deebot clean the room every day, even when I am working in the office. Since then, every day after the dinner, my parents can rest for a while, and we could chat together, I was really happy. I am still trying to know more about Deebot, as well as the APP. And will teach my family about how to use it themselves. More detailed comments will be given later.
Update ruined app
by tiredsahm on 2019/01/01 16:01
***HOW TO RESTORE WIFI CONNECTION AFTER APP UPDATE TO 1.1.0 - If your DeeBot 900 app no longer connects to WiFi after the latest update, this is the thing that finally restored it (discovered independently after no successful response from Ecovacs Home). On the EcoVac Home app, swipe left on the DeeBot graphic and then click on the red “X”. You will be asked if you want to delete the current DeeBot. Yes. Once deleted, click “Add new robot”. Follow the set up instructions as you did when you first set up your DeeBot. This restored the WiFi connection and brought my DeeBot back online. It does erase all of the cleaning logs, schedules, and house map, but it works and these things can be restored.*** I purchased the DeeBot 900 to replace a Roomba. The machine works wonderfully and, at the time, so did the app. I was even recommending it to friends. I then made the mistake of updating the app in December when the WiFi connection went down. The best features of the machine are now useless, because the app is failing to connect to the WiFi still. I have called Customer Support, which was useless. I responded to the email they sent asking for more details and screen shots. I have yet to hear back and the DeeBot sits uselessly on the charger. What a huge disappointment. This rating went from what would have been a 5+ stars to a 1 all because of a poorly designed and tested app. If the problem isn’t corrected soon, I will return the vacuum.
I hope the manufacturer can listen to the user's opinions and improve it as soon as possible.
by Borge Holupi on 2019/11/08 14:43
It took me a while to evaluate it. The sweeping robot has a beautiful appearance and is not noisy at work. It will automatically plan routes to sweep the floor, such as sofas, desks, and beds. It is good at cleaning up the dust, food residues and other garbage, and after sweeping the floor, it can automatically mop the ground clean. With it, we can completely liberate. It is a must for pregnant women and lazy people. However, it also has many areas to be improved, such as its APP settings are not reasonable enough, after login, the main interface does not have a list of functions, you need to click on the robot pattern on the interface, function point signs and so on to view. It also drops off occasionally, and once offline, the functional interface on APP will no longer be displayed. Another is that its battery capacity is not large enough. It can only clean half of the room when it is full of electricity, especially when creating a plan, it often fails to save because of insufficient electricity. I think this is very inconvenient. I hope the manufacturer can listen to the user's opinions and improve it as soon as possible.
Hope more people can know and use this app!! Thumb up!!
by Maleik Ollin on 2019/10/19 14:36
My evaluation of this high-tech product can be summed up in one sentence, that is, "a home with the Deebot, just like owing a treasure". There are different guides for different models of Deebots on the mobile phone APP. Common problems are listed in the guide, which can help people solve most of the problems in daily use. The APP also has a feedback function, so that people can provide their questions and problems in using the Deebot. Any new creation is for people's convenience and service, so we also enjoy the benefits of high technology. I have a family of four, usually the cleaning task is my wife’ is responsible, but I always see the cleaning was very hard. On the day of our wedding anniversary, I bought a Deebot. My wife was very happy, and she learned how to use it on that day. This app is exquisitely-designed and can meet the needs of different customers. Through setting on the mobile app, people can carry out different cleaning activities, and people can also supervise the cleaning work of Deebot through the video monitoring function of the app. Hope more people can know and use this app!! Thumb up!!
Hoping more people can know and use this product.
by Fayann MacAindreis on 2019/10/26 11:12
First of all, thanks to the power of science and technology, we can enjoy the convenience of the new era. The appearance of Deebot greatly facilitates our daily life, especially for mothers and housewives, it is really a great blessing. With Deebot, my parents will no longer have to argue about who should clean the room. With Deebot, my wife and I will go out for more dates and have a more sweet relationship. Deebot is worth promoting. Simply download the app on your mobile phone and you can easily operate Deebot to clean up. There are relevant instructions in the app to guide you to better establish the cleaning module and set up the cleaning route, and Deebot will automatically remember these information. The power is enough to clean five to seven rooms on a full charge without disturbing people's rest or activities. The time saved by using Deebot to clean the room can be more chat with the elderly, play with the children for a while, and talk with friends. The relationship needs time to maintain, and the time is only free with the help of Deebot to clean the room. Very worthy of a shopping. Hoping more people can know and use this product.
make me feel much relax.
by Iiesha Ketteman on 2019/11/04 13:01
In the beginning, I bought this sweep robot with suspicion. And I told its customer service staff that if the trial of Deebot is not satisfied, I will apply for a refund. I used the Deebot at once after I received it. For several days' trial, it turned out to be a good product. For the hair and dust on the floor, my Deebot can cleaned up clearly. However, the effect of its mopping function is not as good as that of its sweeping function. What’s more, by connecting to the app in my phone, I can set up cleaning routes of Deebot and create virtual boundary and house maps. In this way, I can let it to clean any specific area as I like. However, sometimes Deebot will be offline, which needs the APP’s developer to improve. When the Deebot is working, it can automatically recognize curtains, fan seats, etc. In most cases, Deebot can get out of trouble itself. After running for a round, I emptied all things in the bottoms of the three bedrooms, and adjusted the position of the furniture that hindered the Deebot forward, and began to use it daily. After nearly two weeks, the cleaning work of the floor was basically given to the Deebot, and this make me feel much relax.
give me a lot of help in the daily life.
by Jamarrian Lackeye on 2019/10/21 10:32
My feelings after using it for few days: you can build picture that you need to fully master the new environment in about two days, and you can plan your own cleaning route. The cleaning sound can be adjusted according to the need. When the floor is dirty, the absorb noise is large. If the home is not dirty, the sound is much smaller, almost mute. The Deebot has planned work for 80 minutes for 150 square meters flat. The cleaning will automatically return to the charging seat. The specified cleaning area can be appointed, and it is easy to operate, and can clean the floor for multiple times. Both the effective of sweeping and mopping are good. It does bring a lot convenience to our life. The balcony of the house is slightly high because of the threshold, and usually it cannot go up. I would take it up, clean it up and then hold it back. But it finally remembered the route, and today it can climb over by itself. The app sometimes shows the Deebot has dropped off, and then the app's function interface no longer shows the hint information. In all, both Deebot and the APP is good, and give me a lot of help in the daily life.
I'll recommend it to my colleagues
by Talayjah Magee on 2019/11/11 13:26
I am a worker, and I am usually very busy. Therefore, I don’t have enough time to do cleaning. Fortunately, my good friend recommended Deebot to me, which greatly reduced my cleaning task. One of the nice things is that I can control Deebot through APP. APP is very useful!!!! With the APP, I can control the working hours and cleaning times of Deebot. This is amazing! After setting up Deebot, I can do other things! The APP of Deebot is designed very well and does not occupy much saving space of the phone. You can also set up the running route of Deebot through the APP. I like small animals very much. There is a little dog at home. After setting up the Deebot, it can successfully avoid the kennel for cleaning. What's more amazing is that I can use APP to set the cleaning time and number of times. I can set up Deebot by APP before I go out in the morning and when I come back home in the evening, I find the floor is cleaned. HAHAHA……. In addition, the after-sales service is also good! Their workers patiently answered the questions I encountered in the process of using. I'll recommend it to my colleagues.
Overall, good. I want to recommend this to my friends.
by Benisha Chataignier on 2019/11/09 12:41
Recently I got a super-useful floor-sweeping robot. It helped me clean the floor and now I have nothing to do! My mother used to criticize me for not cleaning. However, Mother would never say such things again since there is a Deebot in my home. The Deebot is controlled by APP. What’s more, The APP is very simple. If you really don't know how to manage it, you can look at the introduction picture. On one hand, we can set up cleaning areas for Deebot. If you ask it to clean the living room, it will never enter any other area. On the other hand, the path of Deebot can be designed. I can find the location of Deebot in the route picture. But there's a slight shortcoming to Deebot. I might not get a confirmation message when I reset my password……….. Deebot can record the cleaning data every time, which is quite a good function. I can check the working time, cleaning area and other information of Deebot in the APP. It has a feedback function. If we encountered problems, we can tell the customer services online. Besides, we can send our suggestion to them. Overall, good. I want to recommend this to my friends.
Generally speaking, this deebot is worth buying.
by Eda Ovise on 2019/10/28 13:42
Generally speaking, this deebot is worth buying. This is my first purchase of intelligent robots. First, the experience is relatively fresh. It's really convenient not to clean by myself. It's impossible for office workers to clean every day. With the deebot, they can keep the ground clean. In addition, girls have a lot of hair, it can handle it well under a strong mode. The usage is also very simple. Remote control of the APP is very avant-garde. Now many household appliances have joined the ranks of remote control. It is much faster than setting them one by one. In addition to getting the deebot fully charged, the rest of the work will be left to it. So i can save some time to watch my tv drama. It moved around the house, and my cat watched it curiously, chasing it all the time. It almost be a new toy for my cat. But Deebot is a robot after all, and it does not know to change the mode under different conditions. Except on the carpet, the strong mode will be open. Small stains on the ground at other times will not be treated very cleanly. Sometimes the dragged ground will leave some water marks, which still need to be improved.
I'm quite satisfied with Deebot.
by Zamera Laverty on 2019/10/25 14:25
I always considered about whether to buy a vacuum cleaner or a sweeping robot. Because I had a cat, there was always cat hair on the floor and carpet. I tangled for the problem for more than half a year, then I saw Deebot had a sales promotion, and the price was so affordable that I wanted to try to buy one for my home. After buying it, I regretted why I did not buy it early. Just because a lot of people said that a sweeping robot is only an auxiliary tools. If I wanted to keep the ground clean, I must clean the floor by myself. I didn't agree with what they said any longer. The APP has many functions, but one of my favorite functions is that it can automatically recognize carpets and even clean up some of the dirt on it. I tried the floor mopping mode yesterday and I felt it was good, There was not any water stains after it finished its work. Its cleaning line was in a mess in the first time. But the second time was much better, and it cleaned up the ground very well. But it can’t find the way to go back to the original point when the WIFI signal in the bedroom is weak, Overall, I'm quite satisfied with Deebot.
Looking forward to a smarter and more comprehensive next generation! 
by Rhaheem Mersey on 2019/11/06 12:00
Since changing the wooden floor at home, two children in the family love to roll on the ground. The climate here is too dry, the dust in the air is very big, and the ground is full of dust after a day. Cleaning up the house every day is too tired, so I chose this sweeping robot! When I used it for the first time, I bumped and moved all the furniture I could. When used again, the sweeper can sweep accurately according to the stored map. My cleaning range is more than 120 square meters. The water tank can be used twice. It's easy to twist the brush when you clean the long hair. When the robot works, the sound is OK. If the attraction increases, the sound is still a little noisy. Most of all, it sweeps under the bed and the sofa. I used to clean these places once a month. Every time I did it, it was a layer of ash. Now let the robot go in every day and clean the house. Overall, I am very satisfied with the sweeping robot. The only thing I think is that the ability of obstacle surmounting needs to be strengthened. Looking forward to a smarter and more comprehensive next generation! 
Deebot is a good helper for my parents.
by Cailin Willowby on 2019/10/27 13:12
Deebot is a good helper for my parents. I live alone in another city and have no time to take care of my parents. But Deebot can help me to clean the house for my parents. A few days ago, mom and dad said to me that Deebot is very useful! It can be controlled by APP. Some of you may be worried about your parents' poor use of the APP. Don't worry! This APP is very simple and easy to use. The APP has a clear introduction to all the functions. And there is a demonstrate picture for the introduction. For the elder group, it is a considerate service! Parents can feed back problems online so that problems can be fixed at any time. In addition, we can also give suggestions when problems arise in the use process. Parents can also use APP to set the running route of Deebot and check the location of Deebot. This small machine greatly reduces parents' cleaning work. In addition, the APP can set the cleaning time. My mother likes this function very much, because after setting up Deebot, she can play mahjong. Ha ha ha! Now, it becomes a must for my parent’s life!
I have more time to rest since buying it.
by Joon Treppas on 2019/10/20 12:34
It has been...... several days since I received this deebot, yes and I installed the APP on my phone, according to the instructions. The deebot and this APP are pretty good to use, hahaha. Good. I can set the start time and times of automatic cleaning. When i am not at home, the deebot can clean up my room, too. When I have a problem, I just look at the FAQ. That is ok. But sometimes the deebot goes offline, and it's not in the FAQ. It was still very slow to find customer service. Too slow. When I was in a hurry to sweep the floor, the customer service did not return my message. So, I gave up cleaning because I was in a hurry to go out to buy something. And, sometimes the APP cannot be used normally, and there will be some prompts, such as "information acquisition timeout" and "data submission exception" and so on. I am upset to see that. What’s more, When the deebot is offline, the functional interface on the APP is no longer displayed. And I don’t know how to set a new password....... Except for all these, it really helps me a lot, and I have more time to rest since buying it.
Must give it five stars.
by Marita Teers on 2019/10/25 12:40
The delivery is so fast. It only took 5 days to my home. This is my first time to try a sweeping robot, and I really didn't expect it is so advanced now. Its appearance is also particularly beautiful. All my relatives and friends recommended me to buy sweeping robot of this brand, and I want to tell friends who are willing to but sweeping robots to try Deebot quickly, you will love it after using it. It really solve the clean problems in our daily life. After charging it, I make Deebot clean the whole house, and let it to be familiar with the clean route. Its voice is very low in the cleaning process, and its suction is strong. I’ve read the instructions, and surprisingly know that I can use the mobile app to control the work of Deebot even when I am sitting in the office. It is more convenient. I also asked about customer service on APP when I don’t know how to use it. The attitude of the customer service is very good. She answers every question and always remind me to see the model of the machine. Must give it five stars.
It is super-intelligent.
by Lilyan Sporgeon on 2019/11/08 11:29
I have received Deebot for several days, and I deliberately don't make a comment until after using it for a few days. I’m satisfied with it in two aspects. The first is that it looks handsome, the second is that its effects are almost same with what I expected. The sensitivity of this little machine is very high, and it almost will not be stuck. Besides, its noise is acceptable, and the voice when mopping is very low, and the floor can be mopped very clean. It is convenient. The main reason I bought Deebot is that there are two cats in my home, so there will always be a lot of cat fur on the ground. I don’t like to clean the floor, and my mother often says I am too lazy, so I can only spend money to buy a diligent machine to help me. Now I use Deebot to clean my room once a day and it can sweep out a lot of dust and fur. My cats also love it, and it became a new cat toy when it is working. The robot also has a supporting APP, APP has detailed instructions of all function, and I can operate Deebot on the mobile phone. It is super-intelligent.
we have no deebot and the app in the future.
by Asie Cufflin on 2019/10/17 12:31
We have no expectation before buying this deebot, and we just want to clean the ground instead ourselves, hahaha. But it was a surprise to the whole family. This deebot not only cleans the ground very cleanly, but also is very intelligent, equipped with the corresponding APP, which allows me to operate deebot freely on my mobile phone. We can see that different models of the deebot in the APP have help, common problems are listed in the help of the app, which can solve most of the problems in our daily use. Sometimes when our family members go out for a walk or job or other things, we set the cleaning area and time on the APP, it will work for us and finish the cleaning work efficiently and quickly. I love the deebot and this APP. In the future, I will also buy some deebots for my parents and parents’ in-laws and my cousins and teach them how to use mobile phones to operate it. This is really a good thing! Hahahah i can’t imagine what it will be like if we have no deebot and the app in the future.
i love this good deebot and its app.
by Panyia Lange on 2019/10/30 11:36
I used to only know about vacuum cleaners, but vacuum cleaners are too loud for us and will influence the rest time of my neibours. Under the introduction of a friend I suddenly know the deebot is very easy to use. And she recommended me to buy this deebot. My son is still young, I was afraid of the deebot because cleaning the room will frighten him, but i did not expect that he and the deebot can become good friends. My son always clap the deebot but it get never angry. And it is very safe for my little boy. The most amazing thing is the APP. The settings of different functions of deebot can be completed through the APP. Automatic cleaning start time and cleaning times can be set by it, too. When we are not at home, the deebot can also clean up the room for me. The most convenient is that through the APP, online customers can be contacted to solve problems encountered in use. This APP is so convenient and useful for me and my husband. He said that he has to stay with the deebot every day, uhhhh...... i love this good deebot and its app.
Love my machine
by Vickinkurtis on 2020/03/07 05:30
I had a roomba before and it got stuck everywhere and the virtual walls were expensive . With the deebot I can have as many virtual walls as I like and I can watch it clean on my phone . I can even start it if I’m not home and watch . I may be a dork but I loved being able to see where it was and what it was doing . It even mops some . You can’t use floor cleaner only water or it messes up the machine but still that’s more than the roomba could do . I don’t have pay virtual walls all over the place or buy them and I don’t have to close doors to keep it out . My roomba always got stuck under the couch and it was a major pain . I love being able to mark off those places and keep it out . The internet setup was my only difficulty but I called customer support and figured out I needed to be at least 20 feet away from the router and I finally got it . Well that and the app kept timing out which got frustrating. After I got it though it was easy and I love it .
All in all, it is not bad.
by Leveria Curry on 2019/11/04 10:21
Deebot has been working for more than a month, and it cleans well. Because I live in a duplex house, I am afraid that Deebot may fall down from the stairs at the beginning, and my worry is nonexistent after using it. Dibao is smart, and it can automatically recognize stairs. Deebot sweeps well and fast, it usually drag a floor with a box of water. I create and save the floor plan of my home through the Deebot APP, during the cleaning process, I can check the location and the cleaning path of Debot. But because of the big size of my home, it takes a long time for it to create a floor plan. When cleaning, Deebot cannot complete the cleaning task at one time due to insufficient power. Only after charring full power can it continue to work. Because there are pet cats in my house, the roller brush entangles a lot of cat hair, so I need to clean the roller brush in time, so as to avoid the deebot to work in the mode of strong suction. Besides, The Deebot APP cannot be used well sometimes, and there is a prompt of abnormal data submission. All in all, it is not bad.
I hope the app can improve in the future...
by Shawntez Lennox on 2019/10/18 12:57
ummm....I received this deebot two days ago and used it to clean my house. AND I installed the APP on the mobile phone according to the installation steps. This APP is quite good. My mother's deebot is different from my deebot, but there is the same help and using method on the APP, which is very convenient. So i decided to buy another one for my friend. Yeah~ The app listed the common problems and when I encounter problems I just need to directly look at the common problems and do not need to find customer service to solve my problem. The design of the APP is very good. It is concise and clear, so it is very convenient for us to use. BUT when the deebot is offline, the functional interface on the APP is no longer displayed.... I don’t know why. After logging in the APP, there is no function list in the main interface... I can’t find it. I need to click the robot pattern and function point sign on the interface to check and try. This is a bit of a hassle. I hope the app can improve in the future...
Great Product
by KayySwagg on 2019/09/01 14:29
I have had the EcoVac DeeBot N79S for a little over two years. I absolutely love my vacuum. I still haven’t had to replace the parts, and when I will they are inexpensive. I bought my mother one for Mother’s Day because I loved it so much and I knew she would too. It truly does a FANTASTIC job keeping my floors clean. It does not replace your normal vacuum though. I run mine throughout the week and on the weekend pull out my Shark to vaccum. I have a two dogs that shed like crazy and it keeps my sanity. I have all floor types and have had it in a house with steps. It does well on my rugs as well. I’m not sure why there are so many reviews talking about the app, but I haven’t had an issue with the app either. I have contacted customer support and they were very helpful and fixed the problem quickly (power switch was turned off somehow and I didn’t think to check it). I highly recommend their product, I have no complaints! If you have kids or dogs, you NEED this!
I have more time to take exercise, read books, and chat with my friends.
by Salwa Ralph on 2019/11/02 10:21
I have used Deebot for a short time, the effect is good, but not that good as I expected. The robot can clean the floor well, but cannot mop the floor well, so it still needs someone to take the mop again. App is also good, but there are still some shortcomings. My home is a two-story house, but Deebot can’t build and save two maps in a time. First time, its electricity was consumed in the process of map creating, so I had to let it to rebuild again when fully charged. And when the rolling brush is entangled by hair, it may mistakenly start the strong suction mode at the non-carpet interface, so I have to clean the rolling brush in time. Besides, it doesn’t support 5Ghz. But it can really get to every corner, like under the bed, beneath the sofa, and behind the cabinet. I usually sweep these places once a year, but with Deebot, I can sweep them every day. Deebot really helps me a lot. I have more time to take exercise, read books, and chat with my friends.
I will continue using it.
by Threse Banbridge on 2019/10/16 12:26
Many functions of the APP is good and useful. I just think the function related to the side brush and rolling brush should be improved. There are several carpets in my home. Deebot may wind some carpet wool inside it during cleaning the carpet. So I have to pull the wool out of Deetbot myself after its cleaning. However, my boyfriend is a little male chauvinism, careless. If not I tell him to clean the wool in Deebot, he will never remember to do it. I let him use Deebot for serval times, and Deebot is not as good as before. When the wool has been accumulated to some extent in the Deebot, the Deebot could not work in the set route, but will spin on its own, and the cleaning work is worse and worse. Hope APP could add this function to remind me to clean the wool in it. If you do not clean, it should remind you all the time till you clean it. Then my careless boyfriend would know to clean the wool in the Deebot consciously each time after it finish the cleaning. Hope App could be better and better, I will continue using it.
. It is worth buying.
by Anola Yakovich on 2019/10/29 10:20
My children always playing on the floor. But there are many dusts on the floor as the weather in Beijing is dry and wind. So I buy a Deebot. It cleans the ground very well, and builds the house map quickly. When Deebot comes to dirty place, it sweeps one more time to make a clean floor. Deebot is flexible and can choose to locate in the cleaning area. When there is a lack of power during work, it could charge automatically. After finishing charging, it returns and continue to work. Deebot is very intelligent, could clean every corner of my house clearly. But sometimes, it may change its cleaning path when meet with some large obstacles. And the noise of it is a bit loud when working in the normal mode. I alway set it to the mute mode when I am sleeping and reading. It is easy to take apart and clean. After using the Deebot, I feel that science and technology improve my life. All I need to do is to open the Deebot APP on my phone, which I can remotely control when I am not at home. It is worth buying.
It has to charge for several before finishing the cleaning path of the whole house.
by Nasiya O\'Bradain on 2019/11/08 13:54
On the recommend of my best, I brought a Deebot, a sweeping robot, for my families. But after using it for a short time, my families told me it was not very good. They said, the Deebot is simple. And it can be controlled by an APP. But it also has shortcomings. en en en, how to say......when i reset my password, sometimes, i can't get confirmation message, which is not very convenient. Besides, it can't clean the carpet covered areas clearly. Maybe, the carpet is too soft....It is a trouble for me. Because there are many carpet covered area in my home. In addition, the after-sale workers are nice. When I meet problems, i can ask them online. This service is good. En... it still needs improvement...For example, technology issues. I think, maybe, they can input more advanced technology. Another problem is the charging problem. It has to charge for several before finishing the cleaning path of the whole house.
I have two ECOVACS. An inexpensive one, and a not so inexpensive one.
by chiefmuse on 2018/12/30 23:15
The inexpensive one does a great job picking up. It just didn’t work really well for the main floor of our house because of the size and a need to block off spaces. So I bought a 901. On my third time trying to map the house. At about 1800 sq. ft. it takes a few runs, but I’m a somewhat patient guy. No technology is perfect. However, after the one successful run where it where in for almost 24 hours, the map deleted or just didn’t “hold”. I could see it under the cleaning cycle part of the app, but it was not available in the main part of the app. So now I’m on my third try. The other problem is that it just stops and things. I contacted customer support and they said it was because my hardwood floor had different colors of wood and it thought it was at an edge. Well that’s just absurd. Even if it did think it was an edge why wouldn’t it just turn around? I’ll update later if the map ever completes. One more thing, it’s very disappointing the customer service isn’t responding to any of these reviews.
by Jenilikesart on 2018/08/16 14:41
I’ll start by saying that the Deebot 900 series vacuum works great and I am very pleased with how it functions. The rating I gave is purely for the app. With that being said.. I would give this app negative star if I could. The layout of the app is clean and simple.. it just doesn’t work. The most frustrating thing about this app is that after the 100th time following the simple instructions it finally connects to the Deebot for a split second and drops the signal. I was lucky, or patient, enough to connect the Deebot to the app which allowed me to run the initial layout of my house. I feel like if I hadn’t been able to get this far with the app the Deebot would be running into everything. I can run the vacuum manually by pressing the auto button and it runs great. If this app worked like it should I would recommend this product, but it doesn’t so I don’t. This was a very expensive purchase for me and to have part of the package that really makes this product special not work is just infuriating. I hope there are some updates for this app in the future to help with these issues. I remain optimistic!
Best Robot vacuum in the market with great app
by SahiSachin on 2019/12/13 04:01
I bought ECOVACS ozmo 920 and downloaded the app. The app is designed really well. The set up is really easy and quick. The most important feature is that it creates the map of the whole house during the first vacuum run. The map created by the robot is very accurate and you can see the robot moving on the map in real time while cleaning. You can see it from anywhere as long as you are connected to internet. One of the best feature is that you can divide the areas of a house as per your needs and schedule the vacuums for those areas. You can also draw the area which you want to vacuum. Its really impressive and last but the important is the vacuum suction is powerful at same time not too loud. This is the best use of technology! Thank you ECOVACS.
Worst app on the planet!
by Bluegoldwing on 2020/03/25 13:36
I just received th Deebot osmo robot vacuum and tried 5 times to connect it to my router with ZERO luck! Follow up: three days later and I’ve finally got the robot to connect! The problem was my routers security system. I was using MAC address authentication, which isn’t compatible with these robotic devices, because they don’t have MAC addresses! I had to change the router to WPA2 and it connected the first try! I’ll return after I get it to map our home. Update three months later. I’ve had more problems with this allegedly “intelligent” cleaning robot, than the law allows! Almost every time I turn it over to clean the main brush (using the procedure in the manual) it looses the map and has to recreate a new one. I had been scheduling one cleaning on Saturday and just recently added Wednesday. It is now bumping around like it’s never been here before! This robot is NOT consistent!
by eat2fuel on 2019/09/30 17:27
I’m torn. I like the idea of letting the vacuum handle a simple but sometimes time-consuming task. However, sometimes it’s more work than it should be. The vacuum gets stuck on a low entry mat - it doesn’t make sense. However, my biggest gripe is there can only be one user. So if you have more than one person that wants to schedule, run, etc the app, you need a central mobile to do that because multiple people cannot link the app to the vacuum. Essentially there either can only be one person that can use the vacuum or there has to be one device that everyone uses to access it. Second major con: the map is rotated 45 degrees. The reason this is an issue is that I’d like to tell it to skip the entry mat since it always gets stuck there, but unless I turn the mat 45 degrees, I have to have it skip a large portion of the room. Pros: Simple setup Usually works Sends notifications Can schedule cleanings Can clean or omit a specific area Once you have the area mapped, it’s usually pretty good Will return to charging base when battery is low Cons: Only one user per vacuum Map is rotated 45 degrees Map is sometimes lost Vacuum gets stuck and will día which causes you to lose the map Can be hard to get it to map the rooms I don’t think it resumes cleaning once recharged; mine never has
Love EcoVacs
by Erudo19 on 2019/12/07 13:43
Update: just tested and this feature has already been added!! As soon as the vac is placed back on the dock it restores the saved map! Original: We own two vacs and love them! Only feature I would like to see added in the future is the ability to backup and restore a map. There are times if you life the robot during operation that the map will clear and all your saves virtual boundaries disappear. Kids and grandparents sometimes pick up the vac during operation or if we need to pull something out that got sucked up like a cord. Other than this request this is the best vac and app out there on a budget that actually works!! Just make sure you get a model with Smart Navi, it’s a must.
The customer service staff also answered my feedback carefully.
by Darnella Sagerson on 2019/11/09 13:50
I haven't used Deebot since I was on a business trip. Recently, the APP is prone to prompt messages such as "information acquisition timeout" or "data submission exception”. Sometimes there will be abnormal data when I use it, which will disrupt my cleaning plan. Once when I went out to buy some vegetables, I set up the cleaning mode before going out, thinking that I would almost finish the cleaning when I came back. However, when I came back, I found that Deebot had not finished the cleaning yet. As a result, Deebot had "abnormal data" and stopped working. Later, I restarted several times, and this problem did not appear again. The customer service staff also answered my feedback carefully.
Great Product!
by jcm2361233 on 2019/09/04 00:59
Going into the purchase of a robotic vacuum skeptically, I wanted to own this unit for some time before I provide a review. Well, it’s been 10 months and I want to say the “jury’s in”... This machine has exceeded ALL of my expectations. Regarding price, it can’t be beat! I purchased the additional (wear) parts kit shortly after and the price still couldn’t be beat... I have the unit programmed to start every morning and by the time I get up, any mess from last night is gone with the unit back at it’s charging station. I take a few minutes to empty the bin that seems to be full every day (never knew my house was that dirty; however quite a lot of it is cat hair) and she’s ready to go again tomorrow. I give the bin and filters (except for the pleated one) a thorough cleaning (under water with dish soap) about once a week. The unit has not let me down, the stick vac I formerly used has not moved off of its wall charger since buying The Deebot. Since the original purchase, I’ve purchased three (3) more as gifts and have shown/recommended the unit to six(6) folks that have subsequently bought it. Keep up the great work!
Suddenly stopped operating
by Pledgemang on 2020/03/06 01:29
Deebot 920 - worked for about 2 months perfectly fine. Then a firmware update that was mandatory in order to use it again failed to install the first 20 times, deleted the app, restarted deebot, re-downloaded app, re-connected deebot- huzzah! Firmware successfully downloaded! Great update! It turned my expensive, perfectly working vacuum into a paper weight as now it doesn’t work at all. Error after error, says it’s online yet won’t connect, doesn’t move and keeps saying “I’ve detected a change in location...” yet hasn’t moved since initially being placed in its home location when I first bought it. Keep up the good work devs! Maybe my deebot got COVID-19 :D
ECOVACS Home app has setup bugs
by JulianDrk on 2018/08/10 01:52
I tried setting up new Ozmo 930 using this app and failed. It has 4 screens of simple setup instructions. Followed exactly as indicated and yes connected to 2.4GHz. 4th page instructed to go to settings..WiFi and choose ECOVACS-xxx then go back to app after it connects to finish setup. When I go back to app it just stays on 4th page where it instructed to go to settings..WiFi with no activity status. After a long time it comes back with a failure error. Customer Service was no help due to language barrier guy had a heavy Asian accent. Now I was able to set things up using what I assume was previous app version named just ECOVACS. I kept explaining that to the guy but he was not getting it. Haven’t even used the vac yet, wondering if I should return if Customer Service can’t fully understand their customer’s language they are to support and buggy app. Forgot to mention I have a iPhone 7 iOS 11.4.1 if that matters.
I hope it can be settled as soon as possible.
by Shandara Bloxholm on 2019/11/01 12:42
However, there are some problems as follow: 1. The function of moping floor needs to be improved. I feel the floor is even dirtier after its moping. 2. Electricity is insufficient. It can only be swept or moped once a time. And the Deebot is often unable to find a way to recharge. 3. The App of Deebot also has some problems. For example, its connection to Deebot is unstable. As long as the dust collector is removed and reinstalled, the network connection will fail. For the first time, it was solved by resetting the network links. Later, the reset didn't work. After about an hour or so, however, it connected itself again. I hope it can be settled as soon as possible.
Horrible customer service!!! DEEBOT 711
by Appyewatchreviwer on 2020/03/23 21:16
My son who is currently deployed overseas in the military sent this to me as a gift... there was NO REMOTE AND THE LEFT BRUSH WOULD GET STUCK AFTER ONLY A COUPLE OF SECONDS OF IT BEING TURNED ON. UPDATE::: After speaking with customer service and sending them the required information... Ecovacs decided to send me a new Deebot. I have not opened it to see how well it is but I will update. Great Customer service... they really do care about their customers and have stood by their product. They also asked me to keep the defective not and to use it for parts of needed. I will definitely recommend this company to friends and family. Thank you ECOVACS 😁
4/5 app, 5/5 robot
by tweak17emon on 2020/03/23 17:32
I have a Deebot907, and it is amazing. The app, on the other hand is lacking some near misses that makes a few things annoying. Like: -The 907 will map and zone your house/floor. Sweet! It can schedule full cleans. Sweet! It cannot schedule a zone to be cleaned. -The map and exclusion zones are fixed. So if you want a diagonal or triangle zone, Anything that isn’t 90 degree NSEW box, you can’t do it. Well you can, but you have to make 12 small boxes to do the same effect. I have to do this for my heavy pile living room rug that the 907 doesn’t like (I don’t blame it; not the robots fault, I can only use a heavy Dyson on it). -There is a battery indicator, but it doesn’t tell you what precent the battery is at.
I feel like I wasted money
by jeffthebean on 2019/09/11 00:04
I bought the N79S about a year ago and used the previous EcoVacs app to control it. I could be away from the house and still run the vacuum or change the scheduling. Suddenly, one day, the app quit working. It quit recognizing the robot, quit connecting-and when I went to see if there was a new version available? The app was gone-nowhere to be found on the App Store. So I discover that this app exists. I figure “Okay, this will surely be what solves my issue. They want me to use this app now. This will work.” What a pipe dream that was. It automatically recognized that this is indeed my robot-it’s name appears in the app. The robot is connected to WiFi, and so is the app/my phone. Then I discover that this version of the app may not work with certain routers...I mean, come on. I’m going to attempt a hard reset of both the robot and the router and delete and reinstall this app but I should not have to go to such lengths just to be able to stop the robot from cleaning on nights that I don’t want it cleaning. If that doesn’t work? I’m probably going to just save my money up and go get a Roomba where I know it’ll work like it’s advertised to work. If I could get my $200 back and make that choice from the beginning, I would.
Robot Revolt
by Omaha on 2020/03/24 18:25
I’m quite happy with the app. Been using it over a year with no real issues, except the following two items. 1) The vacuum recently decided to make up its own cleaning schedule. It would clean on days it wasn’t scheduled to, and wouldn’t clean on days it was scheduled to. I tried negotiating and offering snacks, but it seems committed to maintaining its independence. 2) The cleaning schedule is deleted from the app every time the vacuum’s battery dies while cleaning. It happens quite frequently, so I can suddenly find myself coming home to floors that haven’t been vacuumed for a week. I don’t understand why the app doesn’t just resend the cleaning schedule to the vacuum on a regular basis to avoid it being deleted every time its battery dies.
by Propofol4iej on 2020/04/30 13:37
While the vacuum (DC3G) itself is great and does a super job, the app is atrocious. It does not work. Can not connect to the vacuum at all. It either times out or gives an error message that it’s is offline (which is permanent in this case). It also requires to create and connect to its own wifi network (why?) - which is also unsecured - potentially allowing unwarranted access to a wifi system. Not sure why the device could not be controlled via Bluetooth instead - would be much simpler and a wifi connection would not be needed. Or connection through the your home wifi network.. I hate using unsecured wifi (because of hacking opportunities) yet forced to do so. Developers - please consider a wifi protocol change to use an “existing” secure home network!
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