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PREQUEL: Aesthetic Editor
Create aesthetic edits with Prequel and such iconic effects as DISCO, DIAMOND, BLING, TEAL, MIAMI, PRISM, VHS, D3D. There’s Prequel for every story – start telling it now. FREE FEATURES • 800+ EFFECTS and FILTERS to match any style. • TEMPLATES: create high-quality aesthetic videos in one tap. • D3D: create amazing 3D moving pictures without any hustle. Add any trendy effect you want. • TEXT: 30+ custom fonts. Say what you gotta say with style. • MUSIC: add any tracks to your videos for immaculate vibes. • STICKERS: add gifs, emojis, and stickers to your photos. Enjoy complete freedom of self expression. • GIPHY Text: exclusive feature to create animated unique text stickers. • ADJUSTS: various tools to tune your content and get the exact result you need. • INTRO: meticulously designed starting effects for your photos and videos. PREQUEL GOLD SUBSCRIPTION Get unlimited full access to all Prequel effects and filters. Enjoy an advanced editing toolkit with wide array of adjustments. No boundaries for your creativity. Prequel Gold is available as a subscription. Prices may vary depending on your country of residence and may be converted to your local currency. Payment for your Prequel Gold subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account after purchase confirmation. Your subscription will automatically renew and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time in your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of a subscription period. If you purchase your subscription during the free trial period, any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited. About subscription: Read our Terms of Use here: Read our Privacy Policy here:
The worst
by haii ;-; on 2021/05/17 14:37
Worst app bec it don’t allow iPad mini 4 my sissy what’s it bec she got her iPad back she’s crying bec she cant download it seriously it’s anoying let iPad mini 4 have it
It’s not letting me download the app
by 💘 E'lin 💘 on 2021/05/16 23:59
So I used to have prequel and I lived the app. But one day I had to delete it because I had no start age left. But then I wanted to download it again and it’s telling me I have to pay for the app🤠🤚🏻
Can you please let iPad play this edit game 🙂
by iydyghvgcb on 2021/05/16 00:48
Hi I’m on iPad beacase I like editing on there and I downloaded on my phone and I love this edit app
Storage problems
by Qxrenx123s on 2021/05/15 16:41
If I delete prequel I can’t download it again fix it please there is a virus.
by Lakykskakks on 2021/05/15 00:09
I can’t get prequel it still’s circling around for 7 days
by UptDoe on 2021/05/14 20:17
It’s won’t let me use the video
Love itttt but
by iramaisthalitone on 2021/05/13 17:11
Hey prequel the app is still a bit laggy but I can still edit it just kinda jumps when adjusting effects 💕🤕
by Ana Gaitan on 2021/05/13 13:19
If your a fanpage use this app
by Sexi Lexii. on 2021/05/13 01:16
The app itself is awesome with the filters and effects and everything. However, every time I try to layer music on a video, it closes out and I almost never get to the point where I have the music layered. Someone please fix this !
by KHoy93 on 2021/05/12 21:32
i pay for the yearly subscription but theres still filters/effects that say prequel on them. its kind of a bummer
Glitchy but great quality!
by kenzieeades26 on 2021/05/12 20:09
I downloaded prequel and it was awesome! But now my phone is starting to glitch. My phone is not very old but some effects and filters don’t work for videos for me.
I love the app
by robloxisagod on 2021/05/12 19:12
I love it I use it on a lot of my edits and I have recommended it to some of my friends and it makes everything a lot prettier than before
Allowed this app for iPad mini 4
by Alcidez7 on 2021/05/12 18:40
Can you allow this app for iPad please!!!!!!
amazing app
by not donald j trump on 2021/05/11 01:54
I love this app so much! Its helped me grow through social media and i in general love it! Great work!
by SolarDogX on 2021/05/10 01:55
The app crashes the moment I open it
by rodriguezalayna on 2021/05/09 21:49
it did not work when i tried editing a video. i was very disappointed it would make the video lag i do not recommend getting this app if your a editor.
Canvas (Crop) Bug
by Geo_Luver on 2021/05/07 15:26
There’s a bug/glitch with this feature. Please fix immediately.
i love this app
by ella172671 on 2021/05/06 20:41
this app so fun to use, and it’s basically all free! i use this app for pictures and videos all the time. my only complaint is that it takes up a lot of my storage. either way that doesn’t really bother me.
by andjdhdhshxsjsjdjxj on 2021/05/06 17:29
Hi! I love this app so so much and it’s great for editing videos for Tiktok or likee, I follow you guys on Tiktok, there’s so many choices to choose from on this prequel app and in all it’s just absolutely amazing in my opinion I would definitely recommend getting this app, especially if you love filming aesthetic videos for Tiktok or anything like that this is the perfect app!
by hazel🥲💕💕 on 2021/05/06 07:55
I honestly use this app for my snapchat streaks and make everything look so real!!
4 Stars
by funimate 😀 on 2021/05/05 20:45
Okay so I love this app but umm theres a problem, sometimes when I try to get in the app, it kicks me out straight away! Its anoyying so plz fix this! Ty!
Luv it fanpages rule this app
by hi😩✌️ on 2021/05/05 15:08
Not gonna lie but like fanpages rule this app tiktok fanpages because without them we wouldn’t have found this amazing app props to the fellow fanpages and me!!
by laflaca💋 on 2021/05/05 12:19
by ChannellT.K420 on 2021/05/05 09:36
I just downloaded the app yesterday, and it keeps glitching and shutting the app down while I am editing ughhh
I never write reviews .
by akandyyy on 2021/05/04 21:49
I use this app for work. I pay the INSANE RATE OF 4.99/month and have Here’s the catch . THE APP ALWAYS FREEZES IT NEVER WORKS. I believe they know we live a good vintage look but for $4/week i should never ever see a glitch. When i initially started it worked well for about 4 months. That’s $4/week for 4 months. Not it’s lags. Things don’t load . It takes FOREVER to show a filter on a PHOTO. Not a video(which they offer) but a PHOTO. It’s annoying and i kinda want my money back from the past maybe 6-8 months . DONT WASTE YOUR STORAGE or MONEY
Pretty good
by pmpeprpipcplpe28 on 2021/05/04 15:13
It’s really nice even if you did not get everything it’s just really cool.
by inripropriate_report on 2021/05/03 15:54
Honestly I LOVE prequel I just wish you could save colorings after you make them so you don’t have to repeat it, kinda like ultralight, you can save colorings :)
I think it charged me
by smokeya2002 on 2021/05/02 21:27
Hi did this app charge me for something? i tried installing it because my friend said it was free for coloring, if so PLEASE STOP IT i’m young and i cant be buying stuff please.
Laggy and always loading
by hhninijo on 2021/05/02 20:30
It's laggy
I can’t go in the app
by ..yara on 2021/05/02 19:16
Ok so I loved this app but one problem. When ever I try to go in it, it takes me out of it right away. I’ve tried to delete it or swipe my apps and still doesn’t work. so please tell me you can fix this problem bye!
by on 2021/05/02 19:12
It’s amazing
by Ajax_evol on 2021/05/02 15:14
The free version still works well
i liked the original version better
by geni_barrera_gonzalezzz.123 on 2021/05/02 05:38
i liked the original version of prequel, now it’s just full of disgusting new updates. they should’ve kept it how it was now that they are more popular they updated it. in conclusión i liked the old version.
Do NOT Install this app
by chhiuddb on 2021/05/02 04:00
They stole my money and I can’t even use the stupid app!! Tells me there’s an error every time I open app! SCAM
by beianna snaksbjansja on 2021/05/02 01:38
by mikiiji on 2021/05/02 01:27
I had it in my old tablet android and it don’t work any more my phone has a jail break and it kick me out every time
by Jsbdhjsbrjdj on 2021/05/02 00:29
hello prequel! I need help because I can’t get the app for some reason, and I would like to ask you if you know why? but I really want the app so if you could tell me why that would be great! Thank you
Bad app
by timecandymonster on 2021/05/01 21:16
Hate it
by Kiwi313 on 2021/05/01 06:21
Ive hated this app since that last update where the scroll was changed. Its so much worse to move around and half the time you cant find the effects you want. Now when I want to redownload for some edit im making it wont even let me. Awful app, would rate 0 stars if I could
Crashes every time I open it
by ipanima on 2021/05/01 05:13
Updated. Closed and re-opened. Refund please.
I love it
by Tortiya Jaxn on 2021/05/01 02:10
I love it I love i
Love this game 😒 but Not I love this game
by wcafvqrcqwgv on 2021/05/01 01:17
False payments
by wavvyjayy96 on 2021/04/30 20:36
Yall keep taking my money i quit my free trial a long time ago stop taking my money and send it back to my cash app $wavvyjayy94 $39 please and thank you.
by colieiios on 2021/04/30 17:47
your app is very glitchy it exits out when I try to do my coloring. please FIX IT
by gurlllll175272 on 2021/04/29 19:41
I can’t save the vid no matter what I click export it doesn’t save:(
Why are video audio not synced up
by 🦄II on 2021/04/29 15:15
Hi so I recently got prequel a few days ago and I enjoy the app a lot but a recurring problem I keep seeing is when I want to record a video and I look back at it my voice is so behind that what I’m doing or speaking is there a way to fix this or is this just a problem that’s going to keep happening
by mbijhg23 on 2021/04/28 21:06
Hi I’m using a iPhone 7+, I just just downloaded but it doesn’t opens on my phone. Please what’s wrong ?
The best app
by Hailey 11 on 2021/04/27 23:43
It’s the best app EVER
How it is
by addichik on 2021/04/27 22:37
I really like this app but the thing is it said "You can now use as live wallpaper" so I went to try and it turned into and picture.
Love this
by Lolxanaa on 2021/04/27 20:26
Literally editing app I’ve ever used even the free version beats any other free app I’ve used.
by cashymelioo on 2021/04/27 17:54
I used to use prequel on my iPhone but it broke so I have a tablet aka iPad and I can’t use so probably make a update so everyone can use it.
Awesome app
by GioZ. on 2021/04/26 03:42
I’ve used a lot of different editing apps and this one has soo many options ! 10/10
Seriously my favorite
by shawkneexo on 2021/04/25 12:01
I love it
False advertising
by Thatkid😎 on 2021/04/24 20:47
No-stars, I hate when apps get you to download then do a free trial. This should be categorized as a paid app. Especially because you can’t get past signing up before your “trial”. Tell it like it is, $4.99 app not free
by Claudia Hartman on 2021/04/24 16:51
It’s AMAZING sooooooo much better than other apps 10/10 recommend😌
Love it
by Dijahnobe on 2021/04/24 15:12
Love this app but could you make it into a Snapchat like app...
𝕀 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕒𝕡𝕡
by Jenn on 2021/04/23 23:22
ℍ𝕚 𝕀 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕦𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕒𝕡𝕡 𝕤𝕠 𝕞𝕦𝕔𝕙 𝕓𝕪𝕖🥰
Best app Eve
by gerbfdyfveS gvg on 2021/04/23 17:18
This app made me famous on tiktok and it's so fun
App literally crashes every time I try to open it
by dvstinjames on 2021/04/23 12:30
I’m on an iPhone 12 Pro, and it always crashes. Tried downloading it twice, and I’ve never been able to get it to open. Hard 1-star on this.
Great app
by Joel Isaac on 2021/04/23 06:16
Really great app !!!
I love this app!!!
by buttt lockssv on 2021/04/23 05:49
Omg I love this app so aesthetic I made some really cool editing on here I recommend this app 100%
Okay but not the best
by xmohlgkgbjvoh on 2021/04/22 21:11
Okay so prequel is one of the best coloring editing apps out there but I have a few complaints. 1. Not the best quality for some of my own videos. 2. Whenever I try to press or export something it kicks my out of the app...
by 12TieShoe34ShutDoor on 2021/04/22 05:38
Crashes every time I open the app. I’m on iPhone XR
It needs fixing.
by Heyehehdhdhdhhakjd on 2021/04/21 12:45
I’ve had the app for about 1 year and it’s been alright but there are some issues, the prequel app will be stuck on the on loading screen for ages and it’s annoying. Also it takes a long time to load a video out on the app.
Aesthetic pls
by lilmilliefan on 2021/04/21 04:30
Can they make and aesthetic filter 🤍🌿
by frankiesimmer11 on 2021/04/20 15:00
sadly doesn't work on macbooks but I love your guys app!
by bsbnsjajqscges on 2021/04/20 07:00
It’s not working
by Cokeacola07 on 2021/04/19 21:58
I love the filters and stuff but yal made me without even letting me know purchase some random membership
by 😂🥴🤍 on 2021/04/19 20:31
I love it
Really like it but....
by keykey da baddest😜 on 2021/04/19 04:54
I really love this app I just wish it wasn’t so slow like when I’m editing my screen will turn black out of no where and when I’m saving it takes forever
App is fine but...
by on 2021/04/18 10:50
The app itself works fine for me however... the customer service is by far the worst I’ve ever encountered lol. They sent me the same email over and over asking for the same proof I’d already sent three times prior, over the span of /two/ months and they still haven’t fixed my issue so be prepared to wait an exorbitant amount of time if you need to talk to a customer service representative.
by rollsbud on 2021/04/18 05:00
by https.dobie on 2021/04/18 03:18
Great, but sometimes it doesn’t save which gets annoying. But overall, a great app
App keeps crashing
by yuckiana on 2021/04/17 23:08
I love this app. Like a lot. I use it for editing some fancams all the time. But recently it just keeps crashing. I put on an effect, it crashes, a filter, it crashes, I crop it, it crashes. Every little thing makes this app crash and it’s making it unusable
Cant save
by monkey bunanas on 2021/04/17 23:07
Well the app is amazing I love all the filters and all of the...everything really but there’s one thing that’s not working for me so when I try to save my video/picture it won’t let me it just keeps loading and loading and then when I check my camera roll kill the app kill all of my apps it’s not there so I don’t really know how to fix it...
Phone is bad
by brug shrug on 2021/04/17 22:37
Nothing is wrong with the app it’s my phone every time I try to download it it said “ waiting then it says “loading” but never loads
by kvnstrng on 2021/04/17 22:10
I love this app so much!! Why does it crash ALL the time?!
by sweetikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk on 2021/04/17 17:39
This app is amazing it’s the best thing that ever happen to me it’s totally worth it 💯
by Princessforehead on 2021/04/17 14:36
$5 per week for what? 25 filters? It’s almost funny. I tried the week paid subscription and I cannot believe you all have the audacity to charge anything for this app.
by justletitsend on 2021/04/17 05:47
very good quality with great filters.
I really like this app but...
by alexis-playz on 2021/04/16 21:45
This app is really good for editing videos(which I did) and it turned out great! but.. The price is really high, like buying a computer but just a little bit lower. Also, this app is really laggy, it once took me an hour just to edit one of my videos, you really need to work on this app and put new updates for the lagginess, it was so laggy my phone restarted and glitched, I deleted this app but I’m just writing a review now. And before you say, do this or do that, trust me I’ve downloaded it and then I deleted it over and over I even cleaned my storage and updated my phone. The lagginess was the most annoying part for me, it also made the videos really laggy not just making my phone laggy, and the price is really just crap, you have such a bug price for such a lagginess app? Please, update this.
Best app every
by bigdi**boi on 2021/04/15 16:33
It was everything I wanted and more plus these people are fair thank god
Great app!
by ajohnnson1978 on 2021/04/14 03:49
I’ve had this app for a while and I’m IN LOVE with the new filters I use it daily but the only thing that isn’t the best is sometimes it is very glitchy and won’t save but otherwise it’s amazing!
by Meciga on 2021/04/13 18:25
The app seems amazing...but I can’t access the “face adjustment” option. I thought it was due to the subscription I had, which further baffled me because it’s marketed as “unlimited access”. The subscription process is extremely confusing in general, and it doesn’t explain what the different package deals/subscriptions are or what they include. Prequel should look into including FAQ in their settings or possibly a user guide...
Love love love
by pr3ttiestt on 2021/04/13 00:44
Whoever made this app ! Chief kisses
by LLAMADRAMASBROTHER on 2021/04/12 18:35
I am fp... I love it!
by xoxoxosaav on 2021/04/12 14:16
So um I originally downloaded prequel just because I am a fp. I use this always! It’s so helpful and the amount of filters and effects are crazy! It’s just that the subscription or whatever is useless and really a waste. I don’t really recommend it. But I love this app!
Demasiado buena
by Super Buenaaa 😍 on 2021/04/12 10:14
Amo esta app, tiene súper buenos filtros y efectos para aplicar a todas mis fotos, no se compara
Nice App!
by ••••PC03•••• on 2021/04/12 02:29
Wish they had a 4.5 because I would give it more stars but, whenever I try to put music on the pic it says I have to buy the song in my own library! I already own it but for some reason it does that??? Anyways great app other than that! LOVE IT!!
by Sissy summer on 2021/04/11 19:06
This is a really good app but for me i need to go to my iCloud thing but Tharsb nothing and I need it for tik Tok and it won’t load
No better than Instagram filters and huge secretive price tag
by A Creative Human on 2021/04/11 14:52
The most disgusting thing is the App offers a 3 day free trial and then 4.99 a week and yet it immediately charged me for a whole $32.65 within minutes of downloading, even with insuring the trial period was clicked which most would ignore in the set up process. I’d I didn’t get iTunes/iCloud payment receipts I would have been none the wiser. Feels almost scammy and the price doesn’t match the quality of the filters of editing offered (I also pay for Creative Cloud which on the other hand does). Please have better business practices. I won’t be back otherwise & will be fighting for a full refund.
by MEAmo1977 on 2021/04/11 13:54
I think you should make this app available on older iPads but I use it on friends and parents phone and I like it!
TikTok edit
by Kevin78/11 on 2021/04/11 05:42
It’s so good for editing my TikToks and it helps me get followers thank you for creating this app
randomly closing :(
by muffy puffy fluffy on 2021/04/11 02:43
the app is amazing !! but it keeps closing randomly and its annoying. pls fix this x update: i deleted then redownloaded the app and the skin tone option is gone 😭 FIX THIS!
Not fair
by 🄰🄼🄰🅉🄸🄽 on 2021/04/11 00:43
I have seen others use this on tiktok like fan pages basically but when I am on my iPhone and I try to download it it doesn’t let because of my device this isn’t fair please put it for every device I am always so disappointed and sad because of this it’s not fair that other people with other devices get to do it but others don’t please put it’s been always my dream I have always wanted to try prequel please make my dream come true :( Please work on putting it for iPhone 5
Its an amazing app
by fkufbuyfju on 2021/04/10 18:40
Love it
Horrible service
by anon💀 on 2021/04/10 03:06
I was trying to edit a video and I edited it but I tried saving it and it would kick me out only on that video I did it like about 20 times and it would let me save it then I tried a different vidoe it saved and worked fine so I thought if it works now well I tried it again and it still doesn't work.
by @murphysowner on 2021/04/09 17:39
This app works but it doesn’t on my phone I have to open it like 5 times for it to turn on and it doesn’t even play the video while I’m editing it.
Best app ever!
by youneedtodobeter on 2021/04/09 15:40
I found out about this app on febuary and it’s amazing for aesthetic it helps me get good at my fan page coloring
Insane Price Point
by Awesome app 554472 on 2020/04/22 18:01
I installed and deleted it immediately... I’ve paid for my favourite mobile editing app (MuseCam) in the past, and enjoy the purchase. I also have paid $40-50 on the Mac App Store for Affinity Photo, my full featured editing suite. For $5/WEEK you can edit with their presets, or for their self claimed 85% discounted yearly subscription of $35/Year, you can have the presets under that price format. Something’s gotta change here Edit: I knew something had to be wrong with my initial notion. I reinstalled the app, and sure enough, I missed a sneaky little greyed out ‘X’ in the top left corner. After clicking it, you can proceed to the free version of the app, which I have to say is quite nice. You seem to get two presets from each of the collections they give you, and I am impressed with their image processing algorithms, they are nice. I still don’t take back my words about the insanely high subscription model price point, but I’ll leave 5 stars for the actual app. It clearly has been well thought out.
They are swindling you
by BananaSilver on 2021/01/18 15:53
Too late did I realize by clicking the “trial” subscription that you would be charged weekly and NOT monthly the 5$ amount. In the beginning I believe it to be intentionally phrased to swindle the consumer. I doubt this company actually cares. I buy apps because I don’t mind an investment to purchase an app is no big deal to me. But I signed up for the subscription, which said a 1/week trial and then your subscription will begin within 7 days at 5 dollars. Now some re might come on here and blah blah but it is deliberately misleading. What they meant by 7days was that EVERY SEVEN days they’d charge you 5 dollars. It took me two months to realize because my other purchases were grouped in with it in notifications (another feature I’m sure they bank on because they probably make the most money on people who get it and then remove it after a few months.) I doubt they actually care and I know how iTunes works they won’t refund nor gonna bother trying. Overall this app is great if you like spending that much money. They do have a yearly option and some other stuff which I did want to purchase if after one month I enjoyed the app. However after spending 40$ on it (my bad but they definitely intend you not to notice.) I just can’t bring myself to spend another 28$ for the yearly.
Liked the app but my account didnt renew
by respektful customer on 2020/12/02 20:58
I love the app's interface and ease of access to edit photos and videos. But as a turn of events really turned me off from this app. Recently I had to delete apps to free up space. Originally i had the yearly subscription to prequel and didn't think anything of it, I paid for a yearly Subscription, I can surely get it back upon re-downloading. But when I rebooted the app a month later it wouldn't let me get past the apps deals for a 1 week subscription unless i clicked it. (I had a yearly subscription already why is it showing me deals as if im a new customer? I thought) i never switched iClouds and the subscription was still valid. But i wanted to edit something in a hurry so rebooted it again and the SAME THING HAPPENED. Why am I getting double charged for a weekly subscription when i was trying to bypass and get to my stuff. So I contacted the support and they told me the charges were by apple and they said click restore purchase. So I cancelled the weekly subscription and clicked restore purchase and it gave me the WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION. >;( I forward the emails for both receipts to both apple and prequel and since i clicked restore purchase it wont even let me cancel the weekly subscription. Highly upset at the hiccup and i just want a refund.
No exaggeration, the greatest app I’ve ever used
by Brett Grace on 2020/10/30 12:06
I almost don’t even wanna tell my friends about this app because I’ve been able to impress them so much by using it! The ease, detail, endless possibilities. It’s actually mind-blowing. There are a handful of aesthetic apps to give VHS effect or Super 8 or something like that, but Prequel is in a league of it’s own. If you have a brand or are a content creator, this is the secret to doing sleek, professional, high quality work. I would like to pay a bigger fee once instead of annually but they make it so worthwhile by constantly adding updates like they just did several for Halloween and I’d assume they’ll do similar for Christmas. The textures they use make fonts look like real lacquer pins or fabric patches. These guys have it all figured out!! More than a review, I just want to thank the developers — this app has made my year!
Used to be my favorite app then they got greedy EDIT
by Hollythebird on 2019/09/01 04:16
Edit September 1st 2019: the developers responded with a super lame canned response justifying their 8+ subscription options. I cancelled mine last week. Over this app and on to another- note: don’t download this app friends they’re a greedy bunch who just had to mess with something they had that was good. 1 subscription tier was enough but to add more so you have to pay the highest amount to get everything is just downright rude. DEVELOPERS I SUGGEST YOU START GIVING REAL RESPONSES AND ACTUALLY READING REVIEWS INSTEAD OF SOME COPY AND PASTE BS. You lost me as a customer and I’m sure many more. I take my rating down to 1 star. AND DON’T respond with “try our free version etc blah blah” the free version is horrid and you’ve made it that way so people have to pay. Disappointed in your company. Don’t fix what’s broke, but you just had to have more $$$. They used to have a FEW subscription options for premium. Now they have a TON so that you have to pay even MORE than you were for even more filters. Won’t be paying anymore. So sad because this used to be my go-to app. But they decided to get greedy because premium payment wasn’t enough already. If I pay $5 a week I shouldn’t have to pay more for more filters. $20/ month?!
The app is laggy...
by SFelony on 2020/07/02 18:35
I have been using Prequel for some time now because I love the effects it provides. I always use Prequel to make aesthetic edits of myself, my friends and just aesthetically pleasing things in general. But I’ve noticed that over time, Prequel has been slowing down and crashing pretty badly for me. I don’t know if its the same for other people but what happens is that I will import the video, crop it, and attempt to put an effect and boom. There it is. It is slow and ruins the vibe of the video. I just don’t know what’s wrong with the app. I don’t know if the app needs a new update or if I’m doing something wrong. Please fix this! I hope you take my complaint in consideration. (Edited) First of all, thank you for replying back. Second of all, the overall issue is the filter. Once I click on a filter like for example, disco, VHS, just any filter in particular, it will immediately slow down. The filters just sort of crash...but I hope you guys cab fix this soon. That way I can keep using the best editing app for aesthetic edits.😊
App refusing to work
by Lukehemmings.girl_56 on 2020/03/19 21:29
Just recently, maybe a month or two ago, I started noticing that the app wasn’t working. First, it was whenever I wanted to export my video. Once I had finished finding a filter or an effect, it would load as if it’s getting ready to export and then it doesn't export at all. And no matter how many times I would try to export it, or go back into the app, or shut my phone off, it just would take days to export. And now, as I’m trying to use the app, I can’t even get passed from cropping the video. It’s doing the same thing, after I’ve picked a video I want to edit, and cropped it to the size I want, it loads like it’s going to let me continue, and then it doesn’t. And I’ve exited out of the app and tried again, and I’ve shut down my phone multiple times thinking it needs a refresh, but I can’t get passed from cropping the video. I’m not sure why it’s doing that and it’s getting really annoying. The app is really cool and I really enjoy it since I’m a video editor, but I’m thinking about just deleting it and finding a different app because I don’t want to keep wasting my time on a incorporative app. Please fix this issue!
i wish you would get rid of this
by pristidle on 2019/07/13 20:19
everything about this app is AMAZING and i’m so happy that you offer users who want to use the limited version so many filters and effects for free, but the only thing that ruins it is the fact that you have to deal with a big watermark on your photo/video when you want to share it. the only way that i can get rid of the watermark is if i pay $5/WEEK and that’s to use everything in the app, there’s no option to just get rid of the watermark. i really wish that for the free version that you could get rid of the watermark because users are so excited once they’re done editing their photo/video and then a big watermark appears that you can’t get rid of. i’m completely fine with the fact that you don’t have access to all do the effects and filters unless you pay, but for me the watermark in the limited version makes this app so useless and not fun to use. i don’t have to money to be spending $5/week on an app i won’t use every single day. please understand and take the forced watermark away..
by alanaroyale_ on 2020/05/08 03:43
I really loved a lot of the free filters & effects & how you can customize each filter! I love everything about this app, however, I think that paying $5/week to unlock all the other filters & editing features are a bit too pricey, especially if you’re paying WEEKLY! Even though I really do like this app & I know that I will be using this app a lot, I don’t think it’s necessary to pay a weekly subscription for that kind of price for all those filters. Also, for some strange reason, everytime I go onto the app, after each minute my screen dims & gets darker & darker & it’s very hard to see how I’m editing my photos & videos! My brightness is turned up all the way & the app still causes my screen to dim & I have get out of the app & wait for the brightness to turn up again. Please add a monthly subscription for those who want use all of the features but don’t want to pay high price for them & please fix this bug!
Great Application, Worst subscription system
by adamgntr on 2019/10/03 17:24
UPDATE: The watermark has been removed for free users!!!!!! Amazinnnng!!! Thank you Developers. I don’t write that many reviews and much less bad reviews, although this app has some amazing and unique effects you may not find anywhere else, i have to point out to a really turn down fact which is your subscription system, paying weekly with as high price point is probably the worst I’ve came across yet, even if it’s something still affordable but it is absurd to pay such amount weekly for an app that you use once a week. We want to have the feeling of paying for something and not thinking about it much like one time purchases or at least make it monthly and reduce the price point. Anyway if you don’t mind the big water mark than you're fine with the free versions
Pretty Good! Except...
by CatherineTulip on 2020/08/27 02:05
Overall, this is an AMAZING app for small videos that just need something extra to make them pop with many vibrant filters and very bling-ey effects! (I know bling-ey isn’t a word) My only problem with it is that you can only make videos up to 1:00 long! only one minute! I enjoy using this for mainly short tiktok edits but I thought I’d try YT! I filmed and eventually got to the part where I’d use PREQUEL to add something extra! (I use Miami to 80% And stardust to 20%) then realizing I can only edit one minute of it. So i gave up on that. That was a little annoying considering those effects would kind of carry the whole video then finding out I can’t use them. I know this app is mainly for shorter videos but I really feel that if they added the ability to edit a longer video, it’d be way more of a powerful and useful app! Please lmk if there are any updates though I’ve kept it installed! Thank you,
My favorite app of all time?
by MsliceIsNice on 2019/06/29 22:30
I’ve been using this app and loving every minute of it. So much capability. User friendly. Spectacular outcomes. Super fun to use. Even the free version gives you a lot of innovative and fresh filters, music and so much more for video and stills. I love the simplicity and elegance. With the integration of music too! My own library and the app has a library too. You have the option of dragging to select the few seconds of music of your choice. I don’t have any music capability on IG I do. The power to produce content like PREQUEL affords is priceless in this “look at me” marketplace. If you’re an original content creator and/or you’re curating, repurposing, re-anything? Your now have an addictively classy tool to monetize you. Or make impressive memories for your clients, friends and family. It’s my favorite app. Ever.
Laggy, good, needed to be addressed
by msky04 on 2020/12/26 19:38
I was looking for an app, that helps make me edits for pinterest. I came across this app, “ Prequel.” I started using this app for about a day and loved it. The next day I was going to make another edit and noticed that when I put the filter on, it got a bit glitchy. I figured it was an effect and it might be glitchy, so I deleted the app and re download it a few days later. When I re downloaded it and started using it for a few hours, I noticed... 1. It was still pretty glitchy. 2. It drained my battery, ( quite a lot just for an hour or two. ) Other than that I think this app has some pretty interesting features. Definitely worth getting, just be aware it’s a bit glitchy, ( but when saved to camera roll it is perfect quality. ) Thank you for reading my 100% honest review, stay safe & have an amazing day. :)
My experience
by Card games are awesome on 2020/06/03 16:51
I downloaded the Prequel app because several of my friends were super satisfied and recommended. I was a little skeptical of the app at first because it was free and it produced creative quality products. I didn’t know much about editing videos and photos until I got the app. It was literally the easiest editing app to use period! It took me like 25 minutes to get the hang of it. The best part was there no annoying ads after finalizing a video or photo like other editing apps. Overall my experience with this app was awesome and fun and would recommend to family and friends. The free 3 day trial was the best 3 days of my life!
$5 a week to get rid of watermark
by Jess8Hess on 2019/06/26 17:42
Ok, I’ve paid for editing apps before, and I would probably have paid a couple of dollars to get the whole package from this app. But $5/week is just ridiculous. The free version looked pretty cool, until I saved the photo I had edited and they placed a big, ugly logo on the front and told me I couldn’t get rid of it without paying for the full app. For $5/week. That’s just lunacy. This isn’t worth it. There are lots of fun editing apps out there, don’t waste your time with this one. This one will run you $20/month, ~$240/year, that’s honestly ridiculous for an app. Maybe if this was actually a full version of photoshop. But photoshop has an app that’s better than this one, and it doesn’t charge you $5/week. The video effects are cool, but nothing is worth anything with the big ugly watermark on every pic or vid you save. If they got rid of that, I would use the free version, but there’s very little that could persuade me to spend $5/week on an editing app. What are the developers thinking?!
Please fix how often the app crashes.
by Captain Odd on 2020/02/22 10:07
It has super cute filters and effects and everything but I find myself using it less and less because it usually crashes like 11 times before it actually wants to work. Doesn’t even make it past the start-up/loading screen because it doesn’t want to start loading; there’d be a frozen grey screen with the app logo for like a minute before it crashes. I would give this more stars for the filters alone but at this point I don’t even think the filters are worth dealing with trying to get the app to work in the first place. I’ve never dealt with an app that crashes more than this one, or even came close lol I really like the filters so I used to stick it out and would try to reopen it every time it crashed until it finally worked but I’m getting sick of it. I kept the app in my phone for almost a year already waiting for an update to fix the crashes (I get my hopes up when I read “minor bug fixes”) but it never came so I think I’m gonna delete the app. Please fix the issue. The app feels like it only works well when it wants to. None of the other apps in my phone crash either so I know my phone is not the problem. So Performance when the app wants to work: 5/5 Performance the rest of the time: 0/5 Would have given a 1/5 but the filters salvaged it a little.
It’s Okay But..
by SushiKat77 on 2020/08/04 07:11
It does not allow you to rotate videos. I shot a horizontal video, so it’s not vertical. I want to rotate it so you can turn your phone and watch it on the whole screen. I was able to do it on another app, and I tried add effects on Prequel. But prequel rotates it back, and does not allow you to rotate videos. I don’t like to zoom in, or have the background filled in. And after exporting it with the background filled in cause zooming in compromises the video—if I try to rotate it on another app back to the way I had it, it has the background Prequel filled in and doesn’t rotate right, if that makes sense, and so I can’t use this app. The effect is not as important as having the right orientation on a video. I just want to to rotate the darn video. Such a basic feature, you ought to give more control of that. Otherwise it’s a nice app.
I really like this app but...
by alexis-playz on 2021/04/16 21:45
This app is really good for editing videos(which I did) and it turned out great! but.. The price is really high, like buying a computer but just a little bit lower. Also, this app is really laggy, it once took me an hour just to edit one of my videos, you really need to work on this app and put new updates for the lagginess, it was so laggy my phone restarted and glitched, I deleted this app but I’m just writing a review now. And before you say, do this or do that, trust me I’ve downloaded it and then I deleted it over and over I even cleaned my storage and updated my phone. The lagginess was the most annoying part for me, it also made the videos really laggy not just making my phone laggy, and the price is really just crap, you have such a bug price for such a lagginess app? Please, update this.
Doesn’t open anymore?
by JayDevs on 2020/03/24 17:39
I remember when this app used to have 5+ subscriptions in order to have a quality app experience but this was essentially based off trial and error due to the company wanting to learn what users enjoy. So with that being said I’m not gonna sit here and complain about it being pay to play cause it’s still in development last I saw. However I have other worries about this app and it’s growth. Now I have iOS device. It’s the iPhone 6s and I’ve been editing for a while now wether it be transitions, effects, or even motion tracking. So off the top of my head I figured this app would work pretty good it’s only been a year since I last tried it and my phone is perfectly fine as far as running apps etc. I downloaded it this morning to give it another go and was greeted by a logo that doesn’t go away. The app opens perfectly fine but once the logo appears, that’s it. Tried restarting the app, nothing. Tried restarting my phone, nothing. Tried using a different device, nothing. So essentially the app is looking at the company’s logo now. I don’t see this being fixed anytime soon either due to developers only responding to suggestive ideas so with that being said I encourage you to not download this until it’s next update. Currently this app is broken.
Love the app! Just a little bit of a idea
by lysssssssaaaaa:) on 2021/02/01 23:45
Hi! I love the app so much! It helps me with my fanpages/editing videos! It’s probably the app I use like everyday besides roblox and tik tok! YES EVERYDAY! I love editing and exploring everything on here! Now im making it seem really exciting but it is! You can change the filters make things sparkle! It’s over all a great app for people with fanpages or just like editing videos in general! Now I love this app as I said a MILLON times but maybe I have a idea! My friend loves going on prequel on my phone but she has a iPad and it won’t let her on prequel! Maybe you could give access to iPad users for prequel? Just a idea!
Depends on what you use it for
by king_dollophead on 2020/07/14 23:20
I used to use this app to put filters on video edits I made since the filters are pretty nice. However as I kept using the app I noticed it made the timing of the clips in my videos COMPLETELY out of sync with the music. This is a frustrating issue i sort of fixed by exporting to another app, but it seems Prequel messed the timing up by removing frames which makes the video look more choppy when fixing the timing, and it ultimately lowers the quality since I had to export and save so many times. In the end, using this app isn’t worth it for me, but I will happily go back to using it if this issue is fixed. If you don’t care about audio syncing up with the video or your video has no audio then this is a great app to use.
Love app but
by yadi bug on 2020/12/27 16:38
You should use this editing app 🤩🙌🙌🙌I love it 🥰 it’s so easy just tap then boom I love it 😻Love the new updates So good I had to tell my friends they love it too😀 first I didn’t want too tell them he he Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020 # prequel 😌😍🥰 please keep adding more ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ here’s a song for Christmas Come, they told me pa-rum pum pum pum Our newborn King to see, pa-rum pum pum pum Our finest gifts we bring pa-rum pum pum pum To lay before the King pa-rum pum pum pum Rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum So to honor Him pa-rum pum pum pum When we come Baby Jesus, pa-rum pum pum pum I am a poor boy too, pa-rum pum pum pum I have no gift to bring pa-rum pum pum pum That's fit to give our King pa- rum pum pum pum Rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum Shall I play for you, pa-rum pum pum pum On my drum? Mary nodded pa-rum pum pum pum The Ox and Lamb kept time pa-rum pum pum pum I played my drum for Him pa-rum pum pum pum I played my best for Him pa -rum pum pum pum Rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum Then He smiled at me pa-rum pum pum pum Me and my drum I Me and my drum BTW YALL MAKE COMMERCIALS : Things I want added kidcore Lo-fi Aden Gingham filter and more Yasss go Prequel .
Unable to restore purchase
by dicklover4400400 on 2020/07/13 22:57
I learned about the app from TikTok and was immediately intrigued by it since I love to edit videos. I wound up getting the yearly pass on my iPhone (mostly because I didn’t notice the free version being available at first lol) but I did enjoy having the ability to use all of features the app had to offer. My problem occurred when I got a new phone. I downloaded prequel using the same Apple ID I used to purchase it originally on my new phone but it wouldn’t restore my yearly pass which means I would have to pay $34 AGAIN. I’ve only had prequel for two months or so, so obviously that isn’t letting me make the most of my money. I’m super disappointed and unless I can figure out how to restore my purchase, I’m cancelling my subscription and have no plans on renewing it.
Dope app, ridiculous price point
by ….Leah on 2020/05/25 04:32
After being forced to sign up for a trial, with the full intent of canceling it after checking out the contents, I must say the filters are pretty dope. Very unique filters and effects that would definitely make your photos way more interesting. However, take off a star because of their pricing. There is no way on earth I’m spending 20 dollars a MONTH on this app. The developers should try their hand at comedy because they’re funny af for that absurd price. As much as I’d love to add a Polaroid frame with some text or a mirror effect to my pic, I’ll stick with the plethora of apps that are either free or a small fraction of the price than what these developers are asking for Prequel. Next!
This is pretty dope ngl
by delanie.middlenamething on 2020/04/01 05:38
So far my usage of the app has been going pretty well! For the free version, it actually gives quite of bit of nice features therefore you don’t absolutely have to pay for the subscription. At times however it won’t load which quite honestly could just be my WiFi or just my phone being weird but it’s been happening quite a bit, other than that good app and pretty cOol! However I’m having a bit of difficulty in terms of editing photos that have already been taken, it won’t load and just closes out of the loading process after cropping the photo and doesn’t allow me to further it to the actual editing.
They don't let you listen to music while you edit photos 😶
by loveyourself92 on 2019/03/07 15:46
I love the app but the fact I have to sit in silence while I edit photos on it is really making it less fun 😶,, please patch it so in the settings or something we can allow our own music to play while we're within the app. Also I don't like that I can't mute my phone while I edit a video clip. It pauses the clip and won't play until I turn it back up again.. You start to go crazy and start hating the clip you're editing when you have to listen to the same loop over and over a million times 💀 Please let me listen to my own music while within the app and let me mute my phone while I edit a video clip! 👍
We need a new update!
by igomoo00 on 2021/01/19 05:50
Hello prequel today im getting tired of just having to edit my videos over and over i think you guys should add a save filter so then people dont have to keep editing always so this is how the save filter update should go maybe like a section where you first edit the vid then save and the filter will be there and if you dont wanna edit you can just tap the filter in the save filter section and boom i’ll turn into the filter you saved please try doing this update im getting tired of repeating doing filters plus i have a bad memory so i have to take pictures but if you add the update of saving filters it would be so much helpful to people who have memory loss like me please respond to this soon and tell me if you will make that update soon.
This app used to be good.
by KrystleLina on 2020/07/29 15:09
I’ve had this app for a long time. I preferred this app over all apps because the beauty editing tools were so good and so natural. I always hated snapchat filters and competitive apps that claimed to have beauty editing. Prequel made changes, and I have not been able to use the beauty editing filters in a long time. I reached out by email, and got a responses but no actual help. I can see the beauty tools are there, but they don’t work. When I slide the bar in either direction, nothing happens. The skin smoother doesn’t work, the teeth whitener doesn’t work. I literally bought the app just for those couple of features because I don’t like over edited filters.. I’m disappointed in the changes with the app. I’m not sure if anyone else has had this issue or if it’s just happening to me but it really bums me out.
New changes to music
by Mad*Hatter on 2019/11/17 19:40
Let me preface with that I’ve been subscribed and paid weekly for this app for over half of a year now, and they really SCREWED their subscribers over by taking away the music. Sure, the music is still there, but now you have to pay EXTRA from the iTunes Store for each song. I’ve been loyal to this app because I loved it and I have referred lots of friends to it... but this new change... I feel like I’ve been slighted BIG time after paying the ridiculous amount that I do every week. Considering cancelling my subscription and deleting because this feels like a scam now. I used it to edit videos and put the songs to it, and now you expect me to pay out the nose for it????? No thank you! Saddening, really... I can’t believe they screwed over their subscribers like this.
This needs to be removed
by Pritika_the_unicorn on 2019/08/27 21:01
Normally, i would rate an app like this 5 stars, however, i can’t believe the fact that after taking the time to edit my photos and videos, the result is completely ruined with this massive watermark. i understand that the watermark is a form of advertisement to help the app developers persuade more people into buying the weekly subscription, but i hope they know that not a single soul is willing to pay 5 DOLLARS A WEEK for a photo editing app. this is more expensive than my television subscriptions and i use those way more than this app. I’m not asking for the app to be completely free or to not put the watermark, but at least let us choose where to put it and make it smaller.
by soccer;) on 2021/02/10 19:01
Ok I REEEEEALLY love this app. Here’s why... 1. I run a fan page account where I make aesthetic videos of a idol and this really helps. I use this and other apps to color my videos but this by far is the best one I’ve seen. Every single filter that is free is just as good as the ones that cost money! (It’s a relief because people who don’t have the money to pay for the better version get really good stuff) 2. I love every single effect on here! From the stardust to the bling- all effects are cute and I can make so many combinations. But, that brings me to my first and only complaint; I’ve noticed that you can only use 1 filter per video [same with the effects] which limits a bit of stuff. Ofc you can just go save it, and put it in again but it takes longer. Not a big complaint- just something worth bringing up Other than that, THIS APP IS SO GOOD!! I will use this for a loooong time! Thank you for making such a wonderful app :) 🧸🤍
by EH- bye... on 2020/11/08 20:39
Guys, I decided to get this app because It seemed cool, yk? So I got it, I skipped through the beginning pictures when you first get an app (sometimes) so yeah. Then, It made me double tap the side of my phone (like the power button) and downloaded the subscription for $35 a year!! Now i’m in trouble, thanks to this stupid app who’s making people buy the subscription. Mind you, It literally said that right in the beginning. I thought it was some type of thing to unlock for the app, or like to login to this with an account or something. I sent a request to apple to get my moms money back. Don’t get this stupid frickin app, I don’t recommend it. Also, pay attention to the apps you get beforehand cause they’ll trick you and make you pay lots of frickin money which you didn’t purposely mean to. H
It’s alright, a few bugs.
by Elle_Shark on 2020/12/26 22:32
It’s a really good app, it has amazing filters, audio, stickers, ect. I personally love it, but I found that there is a bug or it’s on purpose I’m not really sure, but when you import a video to edit, none of the filters, sounds, stickers, ect. Don’t work, and you have to exit that video you imported and import it again. I also think that maybe there should be an opinion for stickers to move or not because there are a few that I’ve really wanted to use but they are a gif so they move and I can’t use them! Overall it’s a pretty good app but it has some bugs and flaws. 4/5 recommend!
Unless you want to pay to use , don’t even bother downloading
by on 2019/09/20 16:30
In the app, it reads “try prequel gold”, implying that you can buy and use it optionally, which isn’t the case. You can’t get yo try any effects or anything without actually purchasing the gold . Sure it offers a free 3 day trial at first but I just wanted to use the free version, which clearly there isn’t any. If I was more a terrible person , I could try to sue for false info, at the fact that they have the word “try” for the gold, not that you have to pay to use. If there was an option for no starts I would have left none. Don’t waste your time unless you don’t mind paying, but there plenty of other apps out there that are actually free that offer the same effects as this one.
There was a glitch ig 🤷🏾‍♀️
by Taviaఌ on 2021/04/05 08:39
I’ve used this app and it is overall really great!!! But for some reason the app was deleted off of my phone and when I tried to get it back it wouldn’t download and only shows a loading sign..... no it isn’t my data or WiFi because when I download other apps they’ve downloaded with ease. I don’t know what’s going on but I would love to use this app again one day....... Edit Ok so after about a week I was able to properly install the app again other than that no problems at all ❤️
How can I fix this?
by Едена on 2020/04/26 06:35
I wouldn’t say prequel is a bad app, I’ve heard many good things about this app and would love to be able to edit my videos on prequel. I downloaded prequel in January to try it out and when it finished downloading I went onto the app and it only got to the suggestion of prequel Gold and when I clicked the X it wouldn’t close so I refreshed the app and it wouldn’t even open up it showed the little intro thing at the beginning and the completely freezes again! I deleted the app and just downloaded it again and the same thing happened, I’m not sure if it’s because My iPhone isn’t updated or maybe it’s because It’s and iPhone 6 but please help me out I really would like to solve this problem.
Wow is this app stunning
by sydney20008 on 2020/04/14 01:26
I’ve been seeing TikTok videos with beautiful filters and sparkles all around. I couldn’t find those apps, I found something BETTER. This app has stunning filters and bling effects for 100% free no catch. You can get an extension if you would like to, I think you would be getting your moneys worth. I love this apps moving photo effect as well. The trendy Instagram photos were blown away when people started using this app to show off their best features. I trust and love the app and I would definitely recommend getting it!! 😌😊
makes my edits off beat
by cello jackson on 2020/05/29 22:41
overall, prequel is a really good app for filters. You can use most of the effects for free, which I really like. I also really like the fact that it doesn’t have a watermark. But the one thing I don’t like about prequel is that it makes my edits off beat. I make edits for my edit account on instagram and prequel is always my go to when I want a vhs filter, bling, or just to add an aesthetic to the edit, but when I put my edit into prequel, it makes it super off beat making me have to redo the edit and spend a lot more time than necessary on one post.
by AestheticHP on 2020/06/26 00:30
I fricken love this app, it’s simple and easy to understand. I love that you can mess with the filter sliders to get just what you want, it’s pretty useful! I make instagram edits and none of my programs have cool filters so I decided to try this out... and wow this app is so GOOD?! It has no watermark which I appreciate so much, and even though there is a subscription to get more filters, I can still make a bomb edit with the free filters. 10/10 Would very recommend, it’s just a life saver, makes my post looks more aesthetically pleasing. I really have no complaints.
Best Free Photo Editing App I’ve Found
by Gurra_🐝 on 2021/03/17 14:15
Before finding this app I exclusively used PicsArt for filters and photo editing, but holy cow am I glad I found this one. Amazing filters. And there’s SO MANY OF THEM. This app has pretty much any filter you could want and they’re all completely customizable which I didn’t notice at first but that’s what really sold me on this app. I’m just using the free version for now as there’s so many options already I don’t feel the need to buy the subscription, but I know I’ll be keeping this app for a long time.
Good until
by Cutiepie5🥧🐥 on 2021/01/19 14:33
I really liked this app but when it’s loading it just stayers at 50 or at 100 and never loads I really need this app for editing I’m really sad that it’s come to this also when I’m editing blur or highlights or anything really is never showed up until I put a filter or effect :/ I really liked it tho Editing otherwise Editing and filters and other stuff was fine until my issue it really like this app and I think it’s under rated but I really need that issue to go away!
by Aelaaa on 2020/12/20 21:59
I’ve been using prequel for a while now without any problem until recently. Now i’ve been experiencing so many bugs. First off, when i import a video to edit i try to make changes using the adjust tab except nothing is happening the edits i’m making aren’t applying to the video, so i have to x out of the video and than import it again to edit. Also, when i try to scroll down my camera roll to find and older video i want to edit it shoots me back up to the top of my camera roll and I cant find my older videos, I’ve tried to reinstall the app TWICE now and nothing has changed. My app is at the latest version and my phone works fine. PLEASE fix this problem
Love the app but not pleased with a recent update...
by hadleyaninchel on 2020/09/29 00:41
Never in my life have I ever written a review for an app prior to this one. I pay the subscription for premium $4.99 a week because I am SO in love with this app and the features it has. I am big into edits and creative work so I always add music to my photos + clips. Unfortunately now you’ve taken away that privilege for everyone. Now I have to purchase every song through the app store which limits my ability to create variety in my projects. Looks like I will have to find another way to add music and cancel my subscription to this app. I have a feeling other users will be frustrated with this as well - hoping this gets fixed in the future.
Non stop crashing
by dghjcjkjcds on 2020/09/03 02:30
I used this app for the first time a few days ago and it was lovely; so many cool free filters and effects, it was so much easier to use this app than try to figure out how a professional video editing program worked. However, I noticed that this app has updated within the past few hours and now the app won’t stay open for more than a few seconds when trying to edit a photo from my gallery. I’ve reinstalled the app, restarted my phone, reshot and re-recorded my videos to edit, and yet the app still crashes. I would appreciate some help from the developer w this issue because I love this app.
Newest update makes it harder to edit
by emamamamamamamama on 2020/09/07 11:41
After a while of trying it out, the new update just isn’t for me. The aesthetic change is fine, I can see what they were going for, but it takes so much longer, and the setup is so much less intuitive. It makes popping in to check what a photo would look like with a certain filter a much longer process. I find myself not wanting to use the app, which makes me sad because it used to be my favorite editor. It wasn’t broke before, not sure why they tried to fix it. If there’s a way to revert to the past layout added in a future update I’d definitely come back. I feel sorry for the people who pay $7 a week.
This app is a SCAM!!!
by AmandaRobbins9 on 2019/09/17 16:05
I signed up for the trial period to try it out. I did enjoy the features the first few days I tried it but they are NOT worth paying $5 a week!!! Not by a long shot. And when you sign up, they do not tell you they have many other options besides the weekly subscription which ends up adding up to $20 a month! That’s insane! Anyways, once the trial period was over, I could no longer use any of the premium features. So I assumed the subscription cancelled automatically. Then I get a receipt from Apple showing they charged me for TWO WEEKS, and even still the premium features are not available to me. I requested a refund thru Apple & they said I do not qualify for a refund. So basically they took $10 from me for absolutely nothing. And I don’t make enough money to be spending like that because I am disabled! Scam scam scam!!! Update in response to developers response: I don’t need info to cancel the subscription, I’ve already done it now. What I want is my $10 back for two weeks I didn’t want, NOR were the premium features available!!!! Anything less than my money back is insufficient!!
I don’t ever write reviews...
by vickross29 on 2019/03/06 03:11
I don’t EVER write reviews but I felt compelled to write this one after using this app. I had been looking for an app that I could make videos with good music with for WEEKS and couldn’t find anything. Then I found this. This app is amazing as far as I’m concerned. It has every song I search for- even the most rare. It has really cool effects and I didn’t buy the extra version just the free one. I’ve only been using this for a couple of days and I’m honestly in love! Good job!! Definitely recommend!!
I love the app but...
by 𝐵𝑒𝑒 on 2021/01/04 08:10
I've been using this app for 3 years now. It's lovely, no need for a subscription for all the nice filters or anything. Everything is perfect as it is but I noticed that you can't make videos into GIFs anymore. I don't know if it's a premium thing or not but if possible could you bring it back? it was so easy to work with. Also can I keep my video canvas size as it is without having to have it cropped? It's a little irritating when I still want the full picture.
Not gonna pay subscriptions!!!
by Alpa_SheeN0 on 2020/10/28 08:45
This app has also updated their terms and condition on sharing your personal information to 3rd party companies. As if it wasn't enough you also now have to pay an aggressive subscription for an app that I will probably use 3 or 4 times a month, not worth the insane subscription options. Although when I used the app before it was good it had cool filters and it was very promising. But all that goodness went out the window when they updated their terms and added very aggressive subscription options for casual users. I gave a 2 star rating because I used to like their content but beyond that its a fail on the rest.
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