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PREQUEL: 3D Photo & D3D Camera
OUTSTANDING VISUAL EFFECTS • The hottest effects – VHS, Glitch, Grain, Lomo, D3D, Cinema, Snapshot and many more • Amazing live video filters • Stylish intro & outro visual effects • Lots of photo filters • Video trimming • Video speed adjuster ENHANCE YOUR LOOK • Our selfie camera is just awesome • Lots of beauty tools (real-time & post-processing) • Whiten your teeth • Smooth out your skin • Enhance your facial features BE CREATIVE WITH MUSIC & SOUND • Choose a unique soundtrack • Add and place funny sound effects PREQUEL GOLD SUBSCRIPTION: • Subscribe to get unlimited access to ALL of Prequel's features and tools • Prequel Gold is available as a subscription with 3 options: weekly for $4.99 after a 3 day free trial, monthly for $7.99 after a 3 day free trial, annual $49.99 after a 3 day free trial. Prices may vary depending on your country of residence and may be converted to your local currency. • Payment for your Prequel Gold subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account after purchase confirmation. Your subscription will automatically renew and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time in your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of a subscription period. If you purchase your subscription during the free trial period, any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited. • Read our Terms of Use here: • Read our Privacy Policy here:
Good asf🤩
by carolayn😙 on 2020/04/08 18:45
Great App! Stunning Photo’s
by Ellisonak on 2020/04/08 15:31
One of the best photo apps I have used! Stunning photos. Easy editing options! Keep up the good work!
tiktok made me do it
by Celina near on 2020/04/08 14:47
I’ve seen this app multiple times on TikTok and I decided to get in and I love it!!
by min yoongis on 2020/04/08 09:28
It your a edit maker this is a great app to use
Charged me
by rachelnicolek on 2020/04/08 07:52
Charged me the regular weekly renew even though I cancelled it days before it expired. I want my money back! Very shady!
by nesssss01 on 2020/04/08 06:44
by Ausimose on 2020/04/08 06:41
keeps crashing when i try to upload a photo
by lilraqqq on 2020/04/08 02:21
Super great luv it
by elijha_5 on 2020/04/08 01:06
Great app to use
You better get this!
by Roblox name mimi030702 on 2020/04/07 23:04
I love this app so much you can do whatever you want on it!
by Im theloser on 2020/04/07 22:30
Normally I have to pay not gonna lie there is a golden pass thing I pay for but without it I made super cute videos totally worth it
App opinions
by app notesssss on 2020/04/07 21:30
This app is so cuteeee it makes my pictures amazing and videos I’m in love with this app bro🥺🥺🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
by DILLY PICKLE07 on 2020/04/07 19:51
I love it
by Thotsuki Bakuhoe on 2020/04/07 19:15
It’s really good for editing
by wailey.bailey on 2020/04/07 18:29
It’s so amazing for tik tok and to edit pictures
by margaux lehnert on 2020/04/07 18:11
I love this app!!!! There are so many editing options and it makes pictures and videos so beautiful!
by Purple monkey12345 on 2020/04/07 16:32
I am a regular teenage girl who uses an occasional filter on a picture for my instagram. I LOVE this app. super nostalgic vibes!!
Amazing app
by MinaTheOne on 2020/04/07 10:06
A wide range for creative content
by jdf8fkck on 2020/04/07 08:37
Please add 16:9 & 4:3 & custom aspect ratio support ! Great tool
by Alexzandra🧸 on 2020/04/07 07:25
I just want to say this app is very good and I love this app so much it makes my edits so much better thank you🥰💘.
Best app
by elizabethcenteno031267412 on 2020/04/07 05:34
This is the best app ever it’s easy to use and the affects are amazing.
it keeps crashing
by 🦋🤍🌙❤️ on 2020/04/07 04:29
i downloaded the app, it’s updated. my phone is updated. and i redownloaded it many times. but everytime i click on it, it shows the prequel sign and then crashes..
by shan2737829192 on 2020/04/07 03:30
Hi! The app keeps crashing. I’ve tried deleting it and re-downloading the app. Still crashes on me
Wont work anyways
by Somethingrotten66 on 2020/04/07 02:20
This was my favorite app but the new update made it unusable :( when i open photos its an endless loading that never ends
by andreaooo on 2020/04/07 01:04
It’s not letting me delete it!
D3d effect
by gabi hates like on 2020/04/07 00:30
Hello, I LOVE the prequel app and use it ALL the time I was so exited when I found out that they were getting a d3d effect however I can not seem to figure out how to find/use it. Can you please help me?
I can’t find out how do do the d3d stereo
by cailou cancer on 2020/04/07 00:29
I mean it’s cool and all but i don’t know how to do the d3d stereo which is the only reason I bought the app
love this app
by sarah.fnfkdnd on 2020/04/07 00:03
i love this app sm i just downloaded it and it’s honestly worth it. love it !
by merraaaa😍🥰 on 2020/04/06 21:36
This app is ThThis app is
The subscription
by Egypt Sparkles on 2020/04/06 18:27
This app is a very well made app that includes filters that are unique and different. But I will say that I get you have to find a way to get money but I just feel like it’s too much for an app that has filters that any social media app can have for free!
by bluebaddie on 2020/04/06 17:21
I love this app and it’s amazing filters but I can’t find the D3D filter and I’m not sure if it’s a premium filter but I just want to ask because I really i want to use that filter
I would love to use your app
by sehfdyfgdrtcft on 2020/04/06 17:11
I would love to use your app but when I downloaded it it won’t let me get into it
Not opening
by H2ofhjcfuhstidtjgx on 2020/04/06 15:22
I just bought the app and it not opening . It just gets stuck after you press next. Highly upset
by deshana 🖤🖤 on 2020/04/06 14:04
mhmm yes ii love this app so much .. it's PERFECT !!
by cicend on 2020/04/06 13:09
You have to buy so many of the good effects and it’s annoying
by AWalkinTypo on 2020/04/06 12:39
The app is great, I’m still getting used to it but I’m glad I found it. It helps with editing videos and pictures. I wish I found the app earlier though
love it !!
by alxjxndrx15 on 2020/04/06 10:54
It is the perfect app to edit pictures!
Please update
by Tumblr girl_xox on 2020/04/06 08:35
I have a video on this app and it’s taking like an hour to go on the app and I love it and want to go on it but it’s not letting me on it and I did everything and nothing happened And it only let me go on it one time so can you make an update please
Love this app🤩🤩
by mimi124444 on 2020/04/06 05:39
It soo cool it is so good at editing my vintage photos
by zrb123 on 2020/04/06 05:39
Don’t offer a “free” app and then require someone to subscribe to even try it!!!
by MagicKingdomSucks on 2020/04/06 02:30
wont load photos
by ryleighlynn on 2020/04/06 01:43
I downloaded and was really excited to use this app! However, it wont load any of my pictures. It has access to my camera roll but wont load anything from it. It shows the photos for half a second and then turns grey. Tried logging out of the app, deleting and redownloading, re-eatablishing access- nothing works
Best editing app
by ann3572 on 2020/04/06 01:21
the best editing app and it’s free for quality filters
by Es buena esta app!!! on 2020/04/06 00:00
Best so far
by Nevae311 on 2020/04/05 23:57
This app is amazing even with the “high priced subscription” some people may not like how high priced it is and that’s fine just find another app.but I’m telling you it’s worth it. it really gives you that 80’s vibe and that what I wanted, if you want an Aesthetic vibe this is the app it gives you so many options when editing your video or picture, i love this app so much I definitely recommend it!
best app ever
by poopyhead elle on 2020/04/05 23:35
this app is PERFECT for edits download this app NOW its the best thinh ever!!
Great !!
by A_J5 on 2020/04/05 23:23
Really nice app I’m glad it doesn’t charge you for using your camera roll to design stuff
by Anna O'Malley on 2020/04/05 22:38
This app is the best, most of the filters, especially popular ones, are free. There’s no ads, and when you save it there is no water mark.
I can’t go on the app..
by trash666666 on 2020/04/05 22:00
After I finished downloading the app, when I firstly open, it works. After, I click next, click on the « x » at the end of the « tutorial » and I click allow to see my pictures and edit them, nothing is happening, I only see a black screen. I tried reopening the app, deleting it and reinstall the app but nothing works. I am kinda sad because I wanted to try this app since it looked great.
by Diamondvettech on 2020/04/05 18:22
I will definitely give this app a try, if you tell me the name of the song you use on your one advertisement that goes “I don’t party alone Ooh ooh ooh oh” THANKS!
Better Picture for me
by Saiyuri Morris on 2020/04/05 17:48
Its making my pictures better than ever and my pictures look great and beautiful now. I love all the effects and glitches and all that stuff. I LOVE IT!!!🤍💖💜
by fndbx on 2020/04/05 17:47
This is so good like OMG it’s perfect thanks
by LoverMariah Mastee on 2020/04/05 15:46
So I put in my password to download it and it said nothing about money. Now I can’t open it and it said purchased I NEVER AGREED TO PURCHASING ANYTHING
In app purchases
by James the gay person on 2020/04/05 13:40
Overall the app is awesome and makes my videos and phots 10 times better. I would like to try some other effects but they have to be purchased and I don’t want to spend money in them. I would definitely recommend getting it though it makes vids and photos look awesome!!
by Smooth917 on 2020/04/05 12:05
I love it no cap 🧢💯
I can have nice pictures now😌🤚
by ❥𝓳𝓾𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓱𝓪 on 2020/04/05 11:59
I can have nice pictures now😌🤚
Doesn’t work
by gracek25 on 2020/04/05 07:53
Had to delete the app after not even having it for an hour. Whenever I click the x to not buy one of the trials, the app totally freezes and I can’t get past the loading page. Doesn’t even work if you want it free.
Love the app! 🥺💖 date: 4/5/2020
by erick_tha_master on 2020/04/05 05:13
I it’s really an amazing app
Can you bring Mia back
by bdkdjensjdbdjdn on 2020/04/05 03:50
Hi so you may not be able too but I’m just requesting if you could bring the Mia filter back just asking if you could and if you can’t then that’s okay
by cola_dt on 2020/04/05 03:37
This is now my most favorite editing app ever 💞🥰❤️
Keeps crashing
by eliz.simps on 2020/04/05 03:00
I love this app because it the effects you can put on videos and pictures are so cool. However, the amount of times this app crashes is ridiculous. I would edit a couple videos and then it wouldn’t load the videos I wanted. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded it which seems to work... but I’ve have to do that 10 times already.
by Heulwen_1016 on 2020/04/05 01:54
by TofiaShhh on 2020/04/05 01:02
I love this app a lot it helps me with photo shoots but the app keeps glitching which is not helpful at all
extremely glitchy when i try to open the app it closes itself
by 42069ha on 2020/04/05 01:00
not a fan
by Katess ;) on 2020/04/04 23:41
I wish we didn’t just have Apple Music. I’d prefer us to have different options or maybe even add sound from our gallery, this would be better for me especially because I don’t use Apple Music.
by IzzabellaGrrrace on 2020/04/04 23:26
I downloaded the app, and clicked on it, iff tc crashed again and again till I deleted it. Not happy :(
by yo its me rosa on 2020/04/04 23:12
I love this app I am obsessed with everything on this app I recommend you getting this app
by gushhhhhhh on 2020/04/04 23:04
Love it
by kyraaaa4345 on 2020/04/04 22:59
Awsome and worth the download
by kr20072k20 on 2020/04/04 22:33
No complaints and it’s an awesome app. Perfect for editing!
by King Toryy👑 on 2020/04/04 22:23
fyreeee ✨
by tony263858 on 2020/04/04 21:42
For what’s free on here it’s as good as advertised 🤷👌👌
Very good app!
by Jazaiyah on 2020/04/04 21:36
keep the good work up! periodt .
by nathalia hernnadez on 2020/04/04 20:53
why do you have to make all the good filters pricey smh
Amazing effects
by dinnaaa oahh on 2020/04/04 20:41
The effects that I want their free and I’m so happy because u can save whatever 🥰😃 but u still have to buy some others but whatava
so amazing
by Poop Girl lol on 2020/04/04 20:25
it’s a great editing app and i love it so much
by Bsuanjd on 2020/04/04 18:58
I downloaded the app and it won’t open up at all it just stays on the load page ):
by 72$) on 2020/04/04 17:53
This is a super good app
A Great App!
by Shortyyy_. on 2020/04/04 15:15
I lowkey don’t know what to say but this app isss what I needed! Now I could to my edits, thankk youu for this app. We give all credits to the creator of this app🥳.
Love this App
by TheBestfilters on 2020/04/04 08:58
I love this app I use it to edit my pictures and videos and it’s so good. You can make your edit look good without paying
Amazing .
by jgomeez. on 2020/04/04 07:10
honestly its an amazing app , and its easy to use .
by 🦋amani🦋 on 2020/04/04 06:35
I love it
by angelitagrojas on 2020/04/04 06:01
It’s awesooooomeeee
Love this app!😍
by nayaquey on 2020/04/04 05:11
The best!!
by SuaveLikeDante on 2020/04/04 04:58
I love this app!
No complaints
by planets_moon on 2020/04/04 04:37
Very happy with this app
by wianiy on 2020/04/04 04:11
incredible filters
by Em•gem💎 on 2020/04/04 02:37
this app has the best free filters!! i didn’t pay for any but i use the free ones for all my photos.
I love it
by woooooooooooooooooooooaaaahhhh on 2020/04/04 01:47
Is the best app!!
I like it
by loveheartdaniah on 2020/04/04 00:18
I like it
App not working
by graciewantsclout on 2020/04/03 23:47
I’ve been trying this app many times and it won’t load. It just sits on the apps loading screen and will just close. Please fix this!!
by yayou2312 on 2020/04/03 21:54
I feel like I’m not the only one but the app takes forever and a half to load and it opens whenever it wants
by Its_me_Coco_D on 2020/04/03 21:44
this was amazing. it made my pictures have a retro or bling look and i would definitely recommend.
by diaaannnaaaaa on 2020/04/03 19:54
I love this app! It makes my videos super cute and aesthetic. I love all the filters it’s super great!! 🤩Also, I like that most of the stuff is free :)
me gusta
by Aa7362 on 2020/04/03 19:26
me encanta la aplicación
Best editing app ever
by roseGold jocie on 2020/04/03 19:00
IFit has so many good filters and very good quality i rat this app a 10/10
by willowweadock on 2020/04/03 18:31
Love it
by thisappisverygreat on 2020/04/03 18:09
This app is amazing I love it 🤩
I Love It!
by iejeggfgrhherh on 2020/04/03 16:24
I just downloaded it and i’m in love! They have great filters! I recommend!
Used to be my favorite app then they got greedy EDIT
by Hollythebird on 2019/09/01 04:16
Edit September 1st 2019: the developers responded with a super lame canned response justifying their 8+ subscription options. I cancelled mine last week. Over this app and on to another- note: don’t download this app friends they’re a greedy bunch who just had to mess with something they had that was good. 1 subscription tier was enough but to add more so you have to pay the highest amount to get everything is just downright rude. DEVELOPERS I SUGGEST YOU START GIVING REAL RESPONSES AND ACTUALLY READING REVIEWS INSTEAD OF SOME COPY AND PASTE BS. You lost me as a customer and I’m sure many more. I take my rating down to 1 star. AND DON’T respond with “try our free version etc blah blah” the free version is horrid and you’ve made it that way so people have to pay. Disappointed in your company. Don’t fix what’s broke, but you just had to have more $$$. They used to have a FEW subscription options for premium. Now they have a TON so that you have to pay even MORE than you were for even more filters. Won’t be paying anymore. So sad because this used to be my go-to app. But they decided to get greedy because premium payment wasn’t enough already. If I pay $5 a week I shouldn’t have to pay more for more filters. $20/ month?!
App refusing to work
by Lukehemmings.girl_56 on 2020/03/19 21:29
Just recently, maybe a month or two ago, I started noticing that the app wasn’t working. First, it was whenever I wanted to export my video. Once I had finished finding a filter or an effect, it would load as if it’s getting ready to export and then it doesn't export at all. And no matter how many times I would try to export it, or go back into the app, or shut my phone off, it just would take days to export. And now, as I’m trying to use the app, I can’t even get passed from cropping the video. It’s doing the same thing, after I’ve picked a video I want to edit, and cropped it to the size I want, it loads like it’s going to let me continue, and then it doesn’t. And I’ve exited out of the app and tried again, and I’ve shut down my phone multiple times thinking it needs a refresh, but I can’t get passed from cropping the video. I’m not sure why it’s doing that and it’s getting really annoying. The app is really cool and I really enjoy it since I’m a video editor, but I’m thinking about just deleting it and finding a different app because I don’t want to keep wasting my time on a incorporative app. Please fix this issue!
i wish you would get rid of this
by pristidle on 2019/07/13 20:19
everything about this app is AMAZING and i’m so happy that you offer users who want to use the limited version so many filters and effects for free, but the only thing that ruins it is the fact that you have to deal with a big watermark on your photo/video when you want to share it. the only way that i can get rid of the watermark is if i pay $5/WEEK and that’s to use everything in the app, there’s no option to just get rid of the watermark. i really wish that for the free version that you could get rid of the watermark because users are so excited once they’re done editing their photo/video and then a big watermark appears that you can’t get rid of. i’m completely fine with the fact that you don’t have access to all do the effects and filters unless you pay, but for me the watermark in the limited version makes this app so useless and not fun to use. i don’t have to money to be spending $5/week on an app i won’t use every single day. please understand and take the forced watermark away..
Great Application, Worst subscription system
by adamgntr on 2019/10/03 17:24
UPDATE: The watermark has been removed for free users!!!!!! Amazinnnng!!! Thank you Developers. I don’t write that many reviews and much less bad reviews, although this app has some amazing and unique effects you may not find anywhere else, i have to point out to a really turn down fact which is your subscription system, paying weekly with as high price point is probably the worst I’ve came across yet, even if it’s something still affordable but it is absurd to pay such amount weekly for an app that you use once a week. We want to have the feeling of paying for something and not thinking about it much like one time purchases or at least make it monthly and reduce the price point. Anyway if you don’t mind the big water mark than you're fine with the free versions
My favorite app of all time?
by MsliceIsNice on 2019/06/29 22:30
I’ve been using this app and loving every minute of it. So much capability. User friendly. Spectacular outcomes. Super fun to use. Even the free version gives you a lot of innovative and fresh filters, music and so much more for video and stills. I love the simplicity and elegance. With the integration of music too! My own library and the app has a library too. You have the option of dragging to select the few seconds of music of your choice. I don’t have any music capability on IG I do. The power to produce content like PREQUEL affords is priceless in this “look at me” marketplace. If you’re an original content creator and/or you’re curating, repurposing, re-anything? Your now have an addictively classy tool to monetize you. Or make impressive memories for your clients, friends and family. It’s my favorite app. Ever.
$5 a week to get rid of watermark
by Jess8Hess on 2019/06/26 17:42
Ok, I’ve paid for editing apps before, and I would probably have paid a couple of dollars to get the whole package from this app. But $5/week is just ridiculous. The free version looked pretty cool, until I saved the photo I had edited and they placed a big, ugly logo on the front and told me I couldn’t get rid of it without paying for the full app. For $5/week. That’s just lunacy. This isn’t worth it. There are lots of fun editing apps out there, don’t waste your time with this one. This one will run you $20/month, ~$240/year, that’s honestly ridiculous for an app. Maybe if this was actually a full version of photoshop. But photoshop has an app that’s better than this one, and it doesn’t charge you $5/week. The video effects are cool, but nothing is worth anything with the big ugly watermark on every pic or vid you save. If they got rid of that, I would use the free version, but there’s very little that could persuade me to spend $5/week on an editing app. What are the developers thinking?!
Please fix how often the app crashes.
by Captain Odd on 2020/02/22 10:07
It has super cute filters and effects and everything but I find myself using it less and less because it usually crashes like 11 times before it actually wants to work. Doesn’t even make it past the start-up/loading screen because it doesn’t want to start loading; there’d be a frozen grey screen with the app logo for like a minute before it crashes. I would give this more stars for the filters alone but at this point I don’t even think the filters are worth dealing with trying to get the app to work in the first place. I’ve never dealt with an app that crashes more than this one, or even came close lol I really like the filters so I used to stick it out and would try to reopen it every time it crashed until it finally worked but I’m getting sick of it. I kept the app in my phone for almost a year already waiting for an update to fix the crashes (I get my hopes up when I read “minor bug fixes”) but it never came so I think I’m gonna delete the app. Please fix the issue. The app feels like it only works well when it wants to. None of the other apps in my phone crash either so I know my phone is not the problem. So Performance when the app wants to work: 5/5 Performance the rest of the time: 0/5 Would have given a 1/5 but the filters salvaged it a little.
Doesn’t open anymore?
by JayDevs on 2020/03/24 17:39
I remember when this app used to have 5+ subscriptions in order to have a quality app experience but this was essentially based off trial and error due to the company wanting to learn what users enjoy. So with that being said I’m not gonna sit here and complain about it being pay to play cause it’s still in development last I saw. However I have other worries about this app and it’s growth. Now I have iOS device. It’s the iPhone 6s and I’ve been editing for a while now wether it be transitions, effects, or even motion tracking. So off the top of my head I figured this app would work pretty good it’s only been a year since I last tried it and my phone is perfectly fine as far as running apps etc. I downloaded it this morning to give it another go and was greeted by a logo that doesn’t go away. The app opens perfectly fine but once the logo appears, that’s it. Tried restarting the app, nothing. Tried restarting my phone, nothing. Tried using a different device, nothing. So essentially the app is looking at the company’s logo now. I don’t see this being fixed anytime soon either due to developers only responding to suggestive ideas so with that being said I encourage you to not download this until it’s next update. Currently this app is broken.
This is pretty dope ngl
by delanie.middlenamething on 2020/04/01 05:38
So far my usage of the app has been going pretty well! For the free version, it actually gives quite of bit of nice features therefore you don’t absolutely have to pay for the subscription. At times however it won’t load which quite honestly could just be my WiFi or just my phone being weird but it’s been happening quite a bit, other than that good app and pretty cOol! However I’m having a bit of difficulty in terms of editing photos that have already been taken, it won’t load and just closes out of the loading process after cropping the photo and doesn’t allow me to further it to the actual editing.
One of my favorite editing apps..but it’s not working
by TheStoryAboutYou on 2019/11/17 17:36
I use prequel to edit a lot of my pictures and it’s amazing! i love using the disco filters but there is one thing. just last night i went into prequel to edit a picture, and for some reason it did not load. it just stayed on a picture of the logo. i tried everything, i went to the app store and opened it, then deleted it and got it again but nothing worked. so then i just gave up and now this morning i’m trying to open prequel and it’s STILL NOT LETTING ME USE THE APP. it’s really annoying me and i really hope it gets fixed soon. because i know it’s not just me because i had a friend who also has prequel and they couldn’t get into the app as well. please fix this!
They don't let you listen to music while you edit photos 😶
by loveyourself92 on 2019/03/07 15:46
I love the app but the fact I have to sit in silence while I edit photos on it is really making it less fun 😶,, please patch it so in the settings or something we can allow our own music to play while we're within the app. Also I don't like that I can't mute my phone while I edit a video clip. It pauses the clip and won't play until I turn it back up again.. You start to go crazy and start hating the clip you're editing when you have to listen to the same loop over and over a million times 💀 Please let me listen to my own music while within the app and let me mute my phone while I edit a video clip! 👍
This needs to be removed
by Pritika_the_unicorn on 2019/08/27 21:01
Normally, i would rate an app like this 5 stars, however, i can’t believe the fact that after taking the time to edit my photos and videos, the result is completely ruined with this massive watermark. i understand that the watermark is a form of advertisement to help the app developers persuade more people into buying the weekly subscription, but i hope they know that not a single soul is willing to pay 5 DOLLARS A WEEK for a photo editing app. this is more expensive than my television subscriptions and i use those way more than this app. I’m not asking for the app to be completely free or to not put the watermark, but at least let us choose where to put it and make it smaller.
Unless you want to pay to use , don’t even bother downloading
by on 2019/09/20 16:30
In the app, it reads “try prequel gold”, implying that you can buy and use it optionally, which isn’t the case. You can’t get yo try any effects or anything without actually purchasing the gold . Sure it offers a free 3 day trial at first but I just wanted to use the free version, which clearly there isn’t any. If I was more a terrible person , I could try to sue for false info, at the fact that they have the word “try” for the gold, not that you have to pay to use. If there was an option for no starts I would have left none. Don’t waste your time unless you don’t mind paying, but there plenty of other apps out there that are actually free that offer the same effects as this one.
New changes to music
by Mad*Hatter on 2019/11/17 19:40
Let me preface with that I’ve been subscribed and paid weekly for this app for over half of a year now, and they really SCREWED their subscribers over by taking away the music. Sure, the music is still there, but now you have to pay EXTRA from the iTunes Store for each song. I’ve been loyal to this app because I loved it and I have referred lots of friends to it... but this new change... I feel like I’ve been slighted BIG time after paying the ridiculous amount that I do every week. Considering cancelling my subscription and deleting because this feels like a scam now. I used it to edit videos and put the songs to it, and now you expect me to pay out the nose for it????? No thank you! Saddening, really... I can’t believe they screwed over their subscribers like this.
This app is a SCAM!!!
by AmandaRobbins9 on 2019/09/17 16:05
I signed up for the trial period to try it out. I did enjoy the features the first few days I tried it but they are NOT worth paying $5 a week!!! Not by a long shot. And when you sign up, they do not tell you they have many other options besides the weekly subscription which ends up adding up to $20 a month! That’s insane! Anyways, once the trial period was over, I could no longer use any of the premium features. So I assumed the subscription cancelled automatically. Then I get a receipt from Apple showing they charged me for TWO WEEKS, and even still the premium features are not available to me. I requested a refund thru Apple & they said I do not qualify for a refund. So basically they took $10 from me for absolutely nothing. And I don’t make enough money to be spending like that because I am disabled! Scam scam scam!!! Update in response to developers response: I don’t need info to cancel the subscription, I’ve already done it now. What I want is my $10 back for two weeks I didn’t want, NOR were the premium features available!!!! Anything less than my money back is insufficient!!
I don’t ever write reviews...
by vickross29 on 2019/03/06 03:11
I don’t EVER write reviews but I felt compelled to write this one after using this app. I had been looking for an app that I could make videos with good music with for WEEKS and couldn’t find anything. Then I found this. This app is amazing as far as I’m concerned. It has every song I search for- even the most rare. It has really cool effects and I didn’t buy the extra version just the free one. I’ve only been using this for a couple of days and I’m honestly in love! Good job!! Definitely recommend!!
Great App
by Njr1313 on 2020/03/21 08:11
I read some other reviews before downloading, mostly negative. I disagree with them. What a fantastic selection of filters and effects that i haven't found anywhere else for free. Honestly blown away by the quality of the content available. Its clear that time and effort has been put into development and interface, so I understand some features being locked behind a paywall. Looking forward to many posts and projects using this app, would recommend.
Highly recommend
by BabyLo6 on 2019/12/19 19:37
I used to never edit my photos, mainly because I could never find any ‘aesthetically pleasing’ filters. Instagram filters are awful and most apps make you pay for the really good ones. Prequel has great filters and affects in different variants so you can still have the cool ones without paying. The also removed the watermark for non paying users which is absolutely amazing. I honestly would pay for the ‘gold’ to see and use all the other filters.
by pitayabowl on 2018/08/27 05:37
I love this app. I saw it as in ad on Instagram and IMMEDIATELY decided to download it, however I don’t like the idea of paying $2.99 a week just to get rid of a watermark and to get some special features. An app called InShot gives you the option to pay $2.99 a month or more to become a monthly subscriber or you can buy filters. I have plenty of apps that give the options of having the VHS effect but they won’t let you stack them up like Prequel does, I constantly have to go into different apps (max is 2) to create the effects that I want. I’d love to see a change in the $2.99 a week....other than that I love this app!
Not worth paying every week
by Photogenickayy on 2019/07/16 07:59
I love what this app has to offer, & I understand you given us a free version with the watermark on the video/picture and limited filters but paying $5/week for the full version!? That’s highly unreasonable. I really believe if your going to charge individuals to get the full version of the app, you should have it to where we pay once and won’t have to pay again. Versus paying $5 a week for something that we won’t use everyday.
App is great BUT
by @riggztwonice on 2019/11/28 14:40
Hey Y’all, the app is great! But unfortunately, there is a little lag that occurs when exporting high quality videos from the app to the camera roll, or any socia media app. This is a huge concern considering a lot of people are using this app as a final stop. So if the audio has fallen behind the video due to the app’s lag time, it throws all the editing off. This is torture for musicians, adventure bloggers, athletic highlights, and more. If you could include a way to adjust the audio to make up for the lag time, this is easily the best video effect app on the App Store.
No watermarks
by crimosaa on 2019/10/03 17:18
Amazing that you guys removed the watermark for free users especially with so many cool effects and useful filters (currently loving the aspen set for making my photos with green trees look way more autumnal). People are clever and always can figure out ways to get around or hide the watermarks without paying (especially with alternative apps out there). Hopefully this will pay off in word of mouth recommendations so this works out for both consumers and developers
$5 a week
by AmandaValentine978 on 2019/09/15 20:16
As a professional art photographer - I’m always excited to try out new photo apps on my phone. But lately the prices have gotten ridiculous. Adobe’s Creative Suite is cheaper than this - professional editing and creation software - cheaper. You can’t use more than half of the features without subscribing. And $20-25 a month seems pretty wild. From what I found playing around with the app - it’s cute and all but definitely not worth that price. There are better apps out there that offer just one time costs to unlock features. Normally just around $2. I’d would recc’d people stick to those. Most are better anyways.
I love this app but...
by Lilprincepjm on 2019/06/18 00:03
I actually really love this app and it’s great for creating that vintage/retro look on your photos/videos, but it’s just way too expensive in my opinion. Paying $4.99 a week/ $20 a month just for some additional effects/filters and to remove the watermark ?? I would be more willing to pay if it was even just $4.99 a month or paying for the app and then that’s it. Also I believe the price went up because I remember it being $2.99 a week?? Idk, but the least y’all could do is remove the watermark for free because $4.99 a week is pretty ridiculous.
Over Charging
by Azrael.Alexandria on 2019/07/22 09:42
I love this app but I only use two filters. I went from $2.99 a week, which I could barley handle for the two filters but I was sucking it up, then all of a sudden I’m being charged $5.43 a week! For TWO filters. This is crazy. I’ll go back to having you watermark and covering it up with an emoji for FREE. And tell me why I go to change my subscription the $2.99 a week is still there? I’m scared to select it becuase for a couple weeks you were charging me for both subscriptions- what’s the difference? And why was I being charged both? Ugh
Some Bugs...
by Geo.exe on 2019/10/12 16:17
The app is amazing, runs extremely well and make my videos look flawless. But every time a video is done with cropping, and has the filter on it. The audio seems to be off with the video entirely... the audio would play, but the video would be close to 1 sec behind. I would love if the developers would fix this bug, so that I can enjoy this app even more than I already do.
Really good except one problem
by kayla liv on 2020/01/31 15:37
I absolutely love it & I never used to have problems with it except just recently whenever I use the vhs effect on my videos it glitches at the end by pausing the video for a few seconds & blinks black for a few seconds in the beginning of my video & I have tried it over & over again with different videos & ive also tried leaving the app & going back in but nothing has helped please fix that!!!
by 🤍🤍🦋🦋✌️✌️😌😌 on 2020/04/02 21:01
This is an amazing editing app!! Me and my friends were looking for an app to edit on and we found this and the filters are absolutely amazing!! And almost everything is unlocked which is one of the main reasons why I love of it most other edit apps make you pay for everything! I definitely recommend this its a really good app for editing pictures and videos :)
slight problems
by Kyliethepopular on 2019/11/23 14:41
So I love this app and it’s great for editing and its my go-to editing app. But lately it’s been acting weird. First time it stuck on the I guess we can call it the “beginning” part where it says prequel be creative and reveal yourself” then I deleted it then downloaded it back. It worked this time and didn’t stick on that one specific part. It went to where it says “ Welcome to Prequel! The most outstanding effects!” And it stuck on that! If you could get back to me VERY SOON so I can know what is going on.
Why pay every single week?
by Alexis Cooooperman on 2019/06/20 18:49
I absolutely love this app and the filters on it! The one thing that’s making me stick with 4 stars and not 5 is that you have you pay in order to remove the watermark. I understand if you have to pay in order to have some filters but you have to pay every single week, I think it’d be so much better and successful if we were to pay all in one and not have to every single week
by emmariajd on 2018/12/15 05:04
Been using and have been paying for a subscription to remove the watermark, and I LOVE IT! The only problem I’ve had is my app stopped saving my videos... it says that it’s exporting but it never saves into my camera roll or even brings up the option to save. Hopefully this bug can be fixed quickly because I hate not being able to edit content!
It won’t work
by Carcarbts on 2020/03/30 01:42
I downloaded this app to edit my photos and videos as what this app is for. But one I open the app and press next a few times and then there was and gold thing that costed money! I pressed the X and the left top corner and it said would you allow this app to assess your photos and I had pressed yes and the app stopped working!!! I exited out the app many times I decided to delete the app... then I re-downloaded the app and the same thing still happened! I delete the app again and re-downloaded it. But it didn’t work AGAIN!!! As for this might not work for me but this app can work for you.
The video length is too short
by trrriniii on 2019/04/04 12:45
I love the app, but the video length is way too short. If you want to make a minute long video for Instagram you have to do so much extra editing because you can only edit 15 seconds at a time. Plus the wait for it to finish takes so long, but editing only 15 seconds at a time makes it take even longer. I would rather just wait the full time the first time.
Annoying but good
by 불꽃 크리스마 민호 on 2019/02/10 21:17
Very nice filters. Takes way too long to crop videos and forced you to have it at a specific time not allowing you to make it longer. Also there’s a glitch where videos will just freeze and it then not start back up. Ugly watermark and overpriced to remove it. Ain’t nobody wanna pay weekly. Would recommend removing the watermark from the app, only charge for the filters you’re currently charging for and make money off putting ads on the app. If these things are fixed this app could easily be a 5 star.
100% Worth it
by itstheisabellaway on 2019/12/27 01:36
I never write reviews but I had to share this one. I have so many photos and videos from this that I run out of storage all the time and end up deleting Snapchat and instagram instead to keep this app. Most photo apps don’t let you use anything unless you pay for it but you can literally use everything on this app!
Amazing But Need Communication
by 90sKid4ever on 2019/02/24 01:57
The filters, effects and music options are amazing. Some of the ‘mood’ music clips won’t download no matter where I try WiFi or data, and I have tried to reach out to find out how to fix but haven’t heard back any support. Also I am not the only one who is trying to figure out what music clip is the one used in the ad for the app and have not received any app help feedback on this either.
This app is amazing!
by jenny✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 on 2019/10/13 22:44
I use this all the time. When I first downloaded it I did not like it because it put there name of the app in the video and I did not like that. When you first use the app it tells you to pay for it. You can hit not now or something this that. (It’s on the top left). And all the free options are amazing!! I 10/10 recommend♡
Cool, BUT...
by Me lalalallal on 2019/10/03 08:32
Has pretty cool filters and effects but the subscription part ehhh. Idk. Also for some reason this app ALWAYS heats up my phone and my friend’s and my sister’s phone. (So it’s not just my actual device) Plus, I recently updated to the iPhone11 Pro and it still heats up my phone. That’s with usage of less that five minutes. What’s up with that? I’ve never had that happen with any other app. I hope there’s some way of resolving this because I paid for a subscription and can’t even use the app without my phone getting really hot 😒
Paid Subscription & NOT WORKING!
by Psurtwnvgdty on 2019/03/27 14:26
This app would be absolutely perfect if I could move the editing box to a different part of the clip. It only lets you filter and edit the first few seconds. It allows you to save that section to your phone but when you want to move on to the next part you can not slide the box!!!! It is so frustrating. The first time I used this app for editing a story for Instagram it worked beautifully. Now.... it’s throw you phone across the room frustrating. Please help or fix! I’ve emailed and tried to contact someone with no response. I would LOVE TO LOVE THIS AP AGAIN!
Fell off a bit....
by Nineaux on 2019/10/19 11:05
I used to love this app, but the watermark changed to a giant thing in an awkward place on the videos and pictures which is annoying because I’m not about to pay $5 for a subscription to remove it. Now I notice recently that even though you finally just removed the gaudy watermark, the quality of a finished picture or video is VERY poor. The app changes the entire color and clarity of the original upload. So much so that I haven’t even wanted to use the app AT ALL. Please fix that issue because this really was my favorite thing. Now it’s just eh 🥴
I enjoy it but..
by megalineeemooo on 2019/09/05 02:20
I really love this app, it’s so creative with all of the effects and filters and music! And I really liked how there was no watermark but it recently updated and now I have a watermark? And I have to pay just to take it off? And there was no watermark yesterday..I just think it’s unnecessary to have me pay for a watermark that I didn’t have to pay before. But I still enjoy it I just don’t think it’s fair.
by ScarVengence on 2019/07/22 18:26
Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve always wanted to play with a camcorder, but I was never allowed to until I was in my teens. However, the new camcorders didn’t look retro enough, so it wasn’t the same! Now that this app is around, I feel whole again! I don’t cry at night anymore, I’m not depressed anymore because of this app! No more waking up in cold sweats screaming “I JUST WANT A RETRO CAMERA!!! OH GOD WHY CAN’T I JUST HAVE A RETRO CAMCORDER!!!” Yeah... so thanks...
Freezes TOO much
by URBNY on 2020/01/29 03:44
I love this app and I love the filters and effects it has to offer. I wish there were more animated filters for photos. Some are toooooo drastic. One con: the app freezes when I choose a photo and decide to select another one (the back button in the case of choosing the wrong photo to edit). This becomes annoying because I always have to “kill” the app and then start it over again to do what I need to do. Just annoying.
It’s ok
by Muehlbowser on 2018/09/13 04:40
The effects are really cool, and I especially like that you can apply them to video. I feel like that’s kinda rare to find in an editing app - especially the variety. However, the overall quality isn’t very good when you go to save it, and quality of anything you post to social media is already going to be diminished. So unless you took your photo/video with something professional, the quality isn’t really there at the end of it all.
Too pricy
by StarsMars242820 on 2019/09/28 13:35
don’t get me wrong, the app is really good... but they are out of their minds for asking for a weekly subscription. instead of making it weekly or yearly, they should allow you to purchase everything at once. this is like the only editing app i know that has ridiculous prices. but I guess a catch to buying all the features on the app would be them making it like $30 or $50... which is still too much. JUST MAKE THE APP $5.99 TO PURCHASE ALL FEATURES👺
$5 to remove a watermark?
by Jay_Weeps on 2019/06/27 21:17
this app was really fun and I thought I had found a permanent editing app until today when I found out they started actually putting the watermark on the post because it wasnt always there before, I just feel like the $5 is a big rip off, I want to continue using the app but if that watermark is gonna stay there and yall think im gonna pay $5 to remove it? yall lost me.
omg this is actually amazing
by andrea1110lol on 2019/10/21 01:00
Ok so like i rarely write reviews on apps but I just had to with this one. It’s like actually a general good editing app that offers you so much even if you have the free version, and if you do get the membership, it’s so worth it. It can make all your pics soooo much better with little effort. 10/10, the bomb!! :D
Longer video length
by Alondrachapa47290 on 2019/04/22 18:07
Hello, for the past few months that i’ve been using the app i’ve really been enjoying everything about it except for the fact that we can only edit ten second videos.. i believe that if we are paying such large amounts for premium we should also be given the chance to at least edit 3 or 4 minutes worth. i will change my rating once you improve this. thank you.
This app is so freaking amazing!
by mibabh on 2020/02/25 21:41
I never write any reviews, but I had to do it for this baby. I’ve always liked to edit my pictures in a unique and beautiful way, but never knew how to do it without making it too.. heavy editing. Never downloading any other app than prequel. This app has the cutest filters. Amazing. Totally recommend.
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