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Kube - Test Your Eye
In this puzzle game, you simply need to find the different tile and TAP.This puzzle is a fun game. You can check if you have 'an eye for the detail'. Score high and compare results with your friends to see who does better. A great way to keep people engaged, and challenge them. But, it's not as simple as it sounds. You have 60 seconds to spot as more as possible cubes, while they become smaller, and harder to spot the difference between them. You should identify the difference if possible and whether the color of square/cube/kube is blurry or clear. You can also cover one eye at a time with your hand. Current game version is perfect for smartphones with high screen resolution, and the game it self, is perfect for training your brain coordination. There are five level : 1) Easy Level 2) Medium Level 3) Hard Level 4) Multipart (Two part) 5) Two Player PS - This app is made for fun, though you can check how precisely you can differentiate between shades of color; yet, this is not a medically certified test for your eye-sight/colorblindness. Enough heavy talking. Play, enjoy and share. Have fun and wait for more to come!