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Hey you! You look like you need some hashtags for instagram! Well, you found the right place because we're gonna help you become a Hashtag Expert—that means getting more likes, comments, and followers. 1) You give us base instagram hashtags 2) We search our database of millions (literally millions) of instagram hashtags and find ones that are proven to do get people likes, comments, and followers 3) You copy them, paste them on your next Instagram post, and boom! Watch your followers, comments, and likes grow! In Hashtag Expert, you can browse Trending instagram hashtags in 35 different categories (like Memes, Sports, Tech, Beauty) and find instagram hashtags that other people are generating! Yes, real people! People with lots of followers, likes, and comments on Instagram. Our app isn't filled with preset hashtags–they are constantly being created by other hashtaggers just like you! People who are using followers trackers and trying to get more likes and comments on their posts. (Who doesn't want more followers, likes, and comments?) So whaddaya say. We don't make empty promises. We really believe our app can help you grow your Instagram account with more followers and likes. You may even become a Hashtag Expert. Hashtags get you free likes, comments, and followers. Don't waste your money buying followers or likes or comments—you can get them for FREE just by using a great, highly targeted group of smart hashtags! We all want followers—we all want to be instafamous—our hashtag generator can help you get there! So, unfollow those bad accounts, keep using that followers tracker, clean your Instagram, and start using our hashtags! Our hashtags also have stats and reports for you to see. We track how popular certain trending hashtags and have a hashtag report card for certain groups. ... it seems that you're still here. Ok, we get it, you're on the fence. You like us, the app seems promising, but you can't remember your password to download us or you don't feel like getting another app on your phone. You already have tons of followers trackers, Instagram likes/comments apps, a like-meter or comment-meter app, unfollowers and instafollow apps—listen, Hashtag Expert is different. We're trying to cut through the noise on Instagram and get your posts the likes and comments they deserve! We want you to get more followers and everything we do is to help you grow your account. You won't need to buy followers and likes anymore because we're going to try to help you get more organic reach on your posts. How to Get Featured on instagram hashtag Pages: - Use extremely specific hashtags for each image/video - You want some larger tags that have lots of posts and some smaller ones, ideally 30 total hashtags for each Instagram post - Post the hashtags in the caption or right when you post the photo/video on Instagram - Add a bunch of dashes so the hashtags look better on your Instagram post and don't crowd the caption - Check Instagram insights to see if you are getting impressions from hashtags - If so, then you did a good job optimizing your Instagram post for likes, comments, and followers - If your post makes it onto the Top Posts of the Hashtag page, you may get likes, comments, and followers for weeks to come PRIVACY POLICY TERMS OF USE SUBSCRIPTION POLICY Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase on a once a week basis. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by you and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to ‘Hashtags Pro’, where applicable.
by blazemak on 2019/12/15 17:40
This app may work and all, but what person is going to be pleased with paying $50 for an app? That’s so much money for the little results. Uninstalled about 10 minutes after I downloaded it. After reading all these reviews about the app stealing money, I’m praying it doesn’t somehow do the same to me. I have bills to pay. $50 is just ridiculous.
Good app
by Kellybdc on 2019/12/15 12:37
This is the best hashtag app i’ve used. i love the ability to hand pick hashtags.
Very helpful!
by iguessAlexandria on 2019/12/15 08:20
It’s helped me figure out my Instagram posts better and stick to an aesthetic.
Love this app!
by kryppy19 on 2019/12/15 03:56
Very effective, and easy and simple to use, I got results on my posts immediately would 10/10 recommend!! :)))
by unruly_mitri on 2019/12/15 01:46
This app is great it really increased my likes and comments within a couple minutes of using the app
They charged me
by Gddgdjjddjdjddidj on 2019/12/14 18:08
I got charged 47.99 from my bank account after I ended the free trial, is there any way I can get a refund
by Dhartin on 2019/12/14 04:34
Works great for me. Makes it easier to connect and share our feed. Great work.
Great hashtag app
by Ghurkaz on 2019/12/14 00:25
I’ve tried quite a few so called hashtag app. And so far this is the best.
No thank you
by JustASoul4Jesus on 2019/12/13 23:59
Not worth spending $50 on. They charged me after just 6 days and not 7. I need you to refund me my money. This has not helped me get more likes like it says. I have actually received less likes using your hashtags than when I was just thinking uo my own.
Spectacular App
by Charlotte Emry Howard on 2019/12/13 09:38
I absolutely love this app. It saves time, creates the perfect hashtags for my audience to reach me. It’s easy to use. I highly recommend!
by WastedTime87 on 2019/12/13 08:41
There is no free version!
So easy to use
by eceedoesit on 2019/12/13 01:06
This app makes it so easy to generate hashtags you never knew even existed. The amount of traffic your page will now see will definitely increase and all with a single tap of your finger. If you haven’t used it you are already behind. Get with it.
Simplifies my IG experience
by mynx_madness on 2019/12/13 00:50
I hated posting b/c hash tags are a chore. Thanks to the app I just put in a word and it does the rest. Thanks, Zach! I appreciate your help!
Great App!!!
by David "Damelio" Nicholas on 2019/12/13 00:30
This is a great and extremely helpful app and maybe one day it will be successful enough for its services to be mostly free :)
Great app!
by Julesartrose on 2019/12/12 18:59
I’ve only used this app once and already I have more followers than before. I’m in the middle of moving but once it’s all done I’ll use the app more and will update my review.
Accurate and such a time saver!
by MMRDESIGNANDPHOTOGRAPHY on 2019/12/12 18:54
So happy with this app! What a time saver. Look forward to using it for all future posts!
Will I be charged ?
by Aaliyah01 on 2019/12/12 16:18
I downloaded this app and it was listed as free. As soon as I tried to start using it, it start mentioning a trial. I didn’t agree to a trial and wasn’t able to do anything with out upgrading so I just deleted it. Now I’m seeing all these reviews of people who were forced into a subscript. Will I be charged ? Because I didn’t agree to this
Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.
by spooky.jackie on 2019/12/12 02:41
Really pleased with my results! Hashtag expert gives my posts a nice boost!
Pretty Dope
by Skysthalimit on 2019/12/11 21:24
This is a great app. It comes up with awesome suggestions. I always have trouble coming up with meaningful hashtags and this helps a lot.
Loving the app
by thelouie214 on 2019/12/11 13:35
Very accurate hashtags !
Thank you
by Boobin on 2019/12/11 13:31
So far so great . I used to rack my brain on what hashtags to use for my post and now I don’t need to do much to receive greatness . I appreciate this app and my business does as well
Works great
by xthedemigodx on 2019/12/11 02:05
I’ve been using this app for a bit and I’ve been getting steady growth from all over the world, it really pulls in the people that would like your post.
Pretty good
by Debbie's Man on 2019/12/10 22:58
Worked well for me, got more visits. We’ll see if it works better
Very helpful
by AGD1029 on 2019/12/10 22:20
When you can’t think of great captions or hashtags this gives some great ideas.
Use it every time I post
by TigerEdgar on 2019/12/10 18:54
This app has been definitely my go to app when posting new content. So much so that I bought the in app purchase of a year, which I usually never do for any app
Needed this For Forever
by emmanatay on 2019/12/10 17:38
I am new to the app but I love it so far! It has personalized hashtags for my posts and allows me to think outside of the box when posting different pictures! This app was beyond helpful I say the least!
So far so good
by Classic Wifu on 2019/12/10 09:16
i like it so far
Great app
by jakfbdikwndbdjznxxvf on 2019/12/10 08:05
The apps fire good hashtags little pricey but they give you a free trial so if you don’t like it don’t pay walk away still good for what it’s made for!
Free Trial
by chloeeramsey on 2019/12/10 05:51
How do I say no to the free trial?
This! App is a crazy think
by fsuema on 2019/12/10 00:57
I am not sure in the days to come. But I made a new post and in about 30 minutes I have more likes on that single post thyme any other in a few hours. Is this crazy, just luck or this app really works? Wow I can tel that the app made me a bit better on instagram. Looking forward to the days to come and will post more updates.
Forced Membership
by 46733672 on 2019/12/10 00:04
Was helpful as first but then I couldn’t do anything without them trying to force a membership on me
Saves a lot of time
by realHuman1357 on 2019/12/09 18:51
So far the app has great features AND it’s a lot more affordable than I was thinking it would be. I’ve seen lots of ads for it but figured it was some sort of gimmick for get a few bucks from me without adding value. I’ve recently been trying to add more hashtags to my posts, but it’s not always easy finding relevant tags that have a significant amount of posts and activity associated with them. Using this app I can do in seconds what would have taken a lot longer to do just by searching for relevant tags myself. I’m using the 1 month subscription to see how many additional likes/followers I get before deciding on a year subscription.
So far so good
by wemakeyoubloom on 2019/12/09 18:30
I only have one day using the app and so far awesome!!!
Good hashtag
by willllll96 on 2019/12/09 18:17
Pretty cool app Generates great hashtags
Best hashtag app
by mariolawates12 on 2019/12/09 16:37
This is probably one of the best hashtag app out there. They have such a great fanbase so if you use this app you will get followers and likes easily. I have tried different apps before but this is so far the best one. I highly recommend to anyone who use hashtag in their Instagram post to use this app. I will give this app 6stars if I can.
Love it!
by Evernaza on 2019/12/09 12:44
It is really easy to use and it makes it easier for me to find the hashtags I want/need!
by SavageSaint504 on 2019/12/09 10:17
Thanks for this wonderful app I love it it’s really addictive it makes it fun and easy to use when trying to rack up some likes and follows almost instantly it works try it yourself and you will not be disappointed
Really easy to use!
by kikishouse on 2019/12/08 23:22
Thanks Zach! I’m hoping by using this app, that I can grow my following and begin my blog and selling home goods from my site.
I love it
by ghess99 on 2019/12/08 23:07
I got a little pop up written by Zach the founder asking to leave a review and it really touched me. I really do enjoy this app. Nearly every post I have on Instagram since I downloaded this app has hashtags generated by this app. It’s helps me get likes and it shows me how many times that specific category of hash tag has been used. It’s really helpful and it saves me some time. Don’t expect it to dramatically increase your follows that’s just unrealistic. But it does what it’s supposed to do.
by __Jupiter__ on 2019/12/08 15:24
I can’t even do anything without it telling me I need to pay a waste of time me it disappoints me 😔
Love this tool!
by Kimberly D. Design on 2019/12/08 07:19
Great resource to generate hashtags for specific categories! As a social media manager, I manage multiple accounts and this app makes finding hashtags a breeze! Highly recommend!
Just one problem but it’s still great!
by Iguess ughh on 2019/12/08 03:28
This app is great for small buisness’s trying to get there brand out. the only thing is that this app should have an option to pay weekly instead of a yearly fee. i love it but that’s the only thing that needs to be fixed ! Subscribers should have an option of paying weekly or yearly! but it’s 5 stars other than that
by NuckinFutz3571 on 2019/12/08 00:14
So far this app does everything it says. After using it for one photo, I've already had 20 likes in the past few minutes alone.
by juanc95 on 2019/12/07 14:23
I download the app start the free trial i and i saw the app was not good as it seem so i decide to cancel the suscription and they charge me 48 dollars for a year thats unfair,,,, i need my money back u steal my money please dont download this app is scam they will charge u for not using the app
Been great!
by Jeri Johnson on 2019/12/07 09:54
I get more likes than I normally do without the generated hashtags and it helps me grow my Insta. I have no complaints and recommend this app to everyone!
Great App!!
by Natasha Criden on 2019/12/07 03:11
First day of using the hashtag app for IG and I’m seriously blown away!! This app is AMAZING and seriously a GAME CHANGER!! Makes my life so much easier as I don’t have to waste so much time searching for hashtags. All the hashtags are super relevant and on point ! LOVE this app and highly recommend !!!
by GemmieEdisob on 2019/12/07 02:23
Don’t download this if you don't want to pay. 🤷🏽‍♀️
by Gabbydtreehouse on 2019/12/07 00:38
Perfect for a network marketing position on social media. It’s time efficient so you don’t have to it it all. Sometimes the hash tags don’t go with what u want and it’s an easy fix you highlight and delete. I would recommend it!!
by Noneeeee450 on 2019/12/07 00:00
I saw a significant change in likes and followers on the first day of using....within the first hour. I love this app
So far so good
by ndmackey2013 on 2019/12/06 14:04
Enjoying the app!
by ZuesTheLycan on 2019/12/05 23:44
I’ve been using this app for 24 minutes and my likes and views have sky rocketed!! I am very happy with the service!
Can’t use anything without payment!!!
by Danieladamsss12 on 2019/12/05 17:52
I just downloaded the app 1 hour ago and it asks me to buy right now. There is no button to go back, the app stuck in this payment page. The page says “Start your trial to continue. Here’s why”. If I used the app for a few hours I might buy, but right now it is just too sneaky to force people to buy.
Best decision
by flawless studio on 2019/12/05 16:49
I been thinking about what to say about this app and all I can come with is I made the right decision for me. Being a salon owner I don’t have time to think of hashtags. It’s so easy to just copy and paste. I have so much time.
by crwnesiah on 2019/12/05 14:56
Great App Cost is High Thank you, for the trial.
by KeionnaCurrie_Vlog on 2019/12/05 08:43
I just downloaded this app back , I believe I had this app before . But anyways , this app is great for starting a new brand and getting your self out into the world ! I highly suggest you use this app 💞
Hashtag expert
by bbbvvvccf on 2019/12/05 01:38
While using the app I felt that was helpful with hashtags ideas and helped gain views on some post
by Henry Mendez on 2019/12/04 23:01
This app has really helped me out as a beginner Instagram influenced. Thanks.
Seems pretty cool
by geo654478 on 2019/12/04 22:13
I just downloaded the app and I’m already finding the hashtags I need it’s not complicated at all. I plan to keep my subscription.
I love hashtag expert the best app I’ve downloaded
by Lash Drizzy on 2019/12/04 16:38
I throw a hashtag out there and they send me several back based off the word I came up with great app
Hashtag expert
by briyennax on 2019/12/04 15:23
I came across this app in hopes of helping out how to reach out to like minded people across the globe. So far this app has been helping me create the type of audience I would love to influence along within the spiritual community. I open all of you enjoy this app as much as I do!
Hash tags is a must have-app for instagram users
by YoyoWhatUp on 2019/12/04 14:58
I absolutely love this app, it has made a huge difference for @jacquezart because it allows us to expand our reach with the right Hashtags we would otherwise not include! 🙏
Great App
by kapotedaartist on 2019/12/04 13:58
I recently started using this app and his has motivated me to keep up with my post. I’ve never been #hashtag savvy but this app has helped me to find creative, powerful and trendy Hashtags to help my followers understand who I am and what I stand for! I love it so far
Best hashtag app as far as I can tell
by itsmurasaki on 2019/12/04 13:34
Very intuitive and easy to use, not sure why there are so many bad reviews...
by Tonya Likes it on 2019/12/04 12:53
I really like this app
Go to hashtag app
by Yassssssses on 2019/12/04 07:18
I love this app. It saves me time and I can always find what I’m looking for. I get the likes I want and the followers just from using the app. I’ve been using it for over a year and I haven’t had to write every single hashtag every time. This app is awesome
Muy buena
by zaidimarr on 2019/12/04 03:44
Mejorar a que las fotos llegue a más partes
Pretty Pleased
by StyckTheScribe on 2019/12/04 03:28
Started using the app and immediately got some results. I guess I’ll see how it goes over time. So far, nothing to complain about if you’re willing to pay for the subscription
Great App
by Brie2016 on 2019/12/04 02:56
I started using this for the rebrand of my blog on instagram (@thehearthaven_ if you wanna check it out and support a twenty-something in her writing dreams) and I love it! Provides high quality and relevant work. The app is designed well and easy to use, too.
by Scott Universe on 2019/12/04 00:00
The annual cost is $47 to generate hashtags? That’s a little exorbitant. If the app was $2.99 one time fee. I feel that would be reasonable Also, the 7 day trial requires you to connect it to your  ID for purchasing BEFORE you get to try the app.
by Big Nik321 on 2019/12/03 23:59
Hashtag expert is a great app that actually helps me to get likes but I don’t see followers 🥺 but that’s okay lol
Dependable and quick
by addicted johnny on 2019/12/03 21:53
I have used this app for my page and it has been nothing but beneficial and quick. Would definitely recommend it to others
Great app!
by Liattttttty on 2019/12/03 20:25
Hey this is a great app! Thanks for creating this! It’s wonderful and takes away the problem of knowing which hashtags are most effective in getting people over!! So keep it up! Awesome
Doesn’t give that many likes.
by food4thoughtwJo on 2019/12/03 19:42
It give you awesome hashtag but not likes remember that
Not cool
by James Geiger Photography on 2019/12/03 16:28
No free version
easy to use
by shuknee on 2019/12/03 07:37
easy to use. straight forward. organized!
by The Robles Foundation on 2019/12/03 04:24
Truly amazing app that can help anybody with hashtags and get noticed on the noice web.
Outstanding app
by Jay$jay$ on 2019/12/02 23:33
I’ve been using this app for about a week now, and when ever I post on Instagram in seconds I can find several hashtags to help get my likes, views, and follows up. This app was made for success, actually, it is a success!!!!
Awesome app!!!!
by Jonah2019 on 2019/12/02 20:20
I absolutely love this app!!! It is incredible!!! Generates the perfect hashtags feasible for my specific posts! Try it ! You’ll love it as well 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
It’s pretty good
by ashley5rss on 2019/12/02 19:53
This app has a lot of great hashtags and it really does help to get likes and grow you page. Really good investment
by boujeebuddha on 2019/12/02 16:12
Good app! Effective
Seems pretty easy!
by perfection16 on 2019/12/02 14:24
I use it seems pretty easy! Just waiting to see my follower and likes grow. But I like the app! Nice!
by kolphil on 2019/12/02 11:19
Absolutely terrible app. Don’t sign up for the free trial. Cause they’ll start taking your money before the trial is over and then it’s very difficult to cancel. You get an email from creator of the app and it’s a joke. Horrible app
Works great for me!
by KarMitND on 2019/12/02 03:42
This app results in instant likes with every hashtag, my hashtags have always been relevant and effective. Love the app!
by Laurenshiann on 2019/12/02 03:41
Took a minute to get use too but once I played around a bit I figured everything out. Easy to use and actually super helpful!
I don’t post any insta pics without it using this app (:
by dakota(: on 2019/12/02 03:07
follow me on insta @dakotamaryjane
Helps get yourself publicity
by Pugentdust6 on 2019/12/02 02:24
by marcsnyderman on 2019/12/02 01:54
Definitely useful app to build out social following and find relevant hashtags to include. Just started using and looking forward to making this part of my social media strategy.
Awesome app
by king09301993 on 2019/12/02 00:54
This app is pretty cool and amazing Most definitely saves me time on my hashtags when In the gym! Thanks Guys
Great app so far.
by jaseyanna on 2019/12/01 20:53
This app is great so far. I just downloaded it and already got some likes on my business page. So that’s excited. I hope to see more traction in the future :)
Thank You
by Th3Wave on 2019/12/01 20:20
I’m a photographer using the app and it is really saving me time
Over priced
by No no loud on 2019/12/01 19:38
I like the app but think it’s WAYYYYY over priced!
Great App
by KingLyon24 on 2019/12/01 19:21
Great fun app to use I recommend everyone downloads it
Forces you to upgrade for better results
by ISEVERYNAMETAKEN!?!? on 2019/12/01 10:14
I tried using this app to see if it would ACTUALLY work so I got the app and stuff, signed into my Instagram; and then a trial add popped up and the stupid part about this add was there was no way to exit it out of it. I tried closing & opening the app and the add appeared again, this app basically forces you to upgrade.
Love this App!
by Jbambam886 on 2019/12/01 05:10
Makes posting so much easier! Ive noticed a great increase in my engagement and likes
by J.L.Rhodes on 2019/12/01 03:33
Only get this app if you have ZERO creativity and want to be charged a small fortune! The hashtags it created were not even relative to my content. It was way MORE work picking and choosing through their hashtags than simply being authentic and creative on my own. THIS app is a huge reason for “miss hashtaged” content. And NO I have not gotten more traffic since I started using it. ALSO, take note that after a week (7 days) you will be charged some $50 odd dollars because they have it set to be “yearly” subscription OR they want you to pay “weekly” SLIMEY business. Cheating people for a not so quality product.
My New Favorite App!
by Tina's video ipod on 2019/12/01 01:07
I use this app almost every day because it gives me creative ideas. I love it!
This app is lit nothing less 🔥
by Juan23lol on 2019/11/30 23:53
There’s All the “#” you need
Seems legit
by Dannysmith618 on 2019/11/30 23:08
First day of using this for my IG (over 30k followers) and I’ve noticed the pre-made lists and generated lists are pretty accurate to what I’ve already been using in different categories. That leads me to believe that this app will be effective. My suggestion to anyone using this app to grow your IG is to switch up the lists you use from this app and post often! Personally, I feel this app is worth what they’re charging for it. If you take your content creation seriously, this will save you time. However, I think this app would be top tier if it also educated users how to grow their followers. Hashtags are only 1/4 of what’s needed for real content growth. I understand that would require constant updating, but if you guys want to be known as IG account growing professionals, that would be how to do it.
It Actually works!
by C.Swing on 2019/11/30 22:49
I thought it wasn’t gonna actually do what it says it would but my goodness I was wrong. Works wonders.
Seems legit
by Dannysmith618 on 2019/11/30 23:08
First day of using this for my IG (over 30k followers) and I’ve noticed the pre-made lists and generated lists are pretty accurate to what I’ve already been using in different categories. That leads me to believe that this app will be effective. My suggestion to anyone using this app to grow your IG is to switch up the lists you use from this app and post often! Personally, I feel this app is worth what they’re charging for it. If you take your content creation seriously, this will save you time. However, I think this app would be top tier if it also educated users how to grow their followers. Hashtags are only 1/4 of what’s needed for real content growth. I understand that would require constant updating, but if you guys want to be known as IG account growing professionals, that would be how to do it.
Pretty good app. Massively expensive.
by Beck0955 on 2019/11/22 17:05
I got an in app message only 15 minutes into using the app for the first time. It was asking me to leave a review. I don’t know if it generates followers and like because I’ve only been for under an hour. I choose to get the 7 day free trial. For what it is when you brake down the price it’s not all that high. But asking someone to drop almost $50 dollars for the entire year instead of offering a monthly rate option kind of excludes people that can’t afford it. I’m sure that wealthy and established people don’t really need this app as much as the young poor artist, or artist that are trying to gain influence. The in app message asked for people to go easy on him because he is only 23 and mostly does all the work himself. Maybe he should realize that many of his customers are just like him. They are doing all this work by themselves at an age where you’re still trying to figure out how to juggle financial responsibilities, independent and personal relationships. I feel that this 23 year old understands this financial issue and try’s to brake it down in a way that makes people feel “cheap” for not purchasing the full app. $0.92 is less than I spend on coffee in a week, but I don’t buy all my coffee for the year all at once. I’d be happy to $1 dollar per week/monthly than $0.92 a week/yearly.
Honest review
by T Dre on 2019/10/14 23:30
I downloaded the app. Immediately was offered a package to buy. It was over 50$ for a years subscription. I didn't want it. It said I was already on the 7 day free trial. Deleted the app the day of downloading it bc I honestly wasn’t pleased with what it was and didn’t want to be charged at the end of the free trial. Somehow still got charged the 50$+. I asked for a refund through iTunes and immediately was declined. There was definitely no time for someone to actually hear my situation out to even consider refunding me so thats messed up as it is. So then, I filled the dispute with my bank and after some time now they just declined my dispute. Absolutely BS. I didn't even use the app for 24 hours while on the 7 day free trial because not only did I realize I didn’t need the app, I definitely didn’t want to pay over 50$ for a subscription to it! And yet I still got billed and they wont refund it. Hopefully someone that works for the app see’s this and gladly refunds my money bc this is an absolute joke. I didn't want to leave a bad review bc I do understand the app, it does what its purpose is, but I didn’t have a need for it so much that I was willing to pay for it. So just a heads up to everyone, yes you have to pay for a subscription and no they will no refund you.
I’ve yet to find the “perfect” one, but it works...🤷🏻‍♀️
by Brodie05 on 2019/08/01 18:54
I’m not one to write app reviews, so advanced apologies for my inability to properly detail this app. I use this app pretty frequently in all honesty. I’ve tried other “hashtag generator” apps and just didn’t like them for a variety of reasons so I delete them. I’m also not one to pay for those “advanced features”. I don’t for this one either. So this is a lengthy means to share that this isn’t the “perfect” app, but what it does, what I use it for, it works well! I mean, I’ve kept it on my phone for maybe 6 +/- months, that’s saying a lot! There’s room for improvement of course! I’d rather not have that card thingy pop up offering a trail or “pro features”, but it’s a minimal annoyance really. Anyhow... solid app if you run a business and are looking for a tool to expand your exposure, or just like utilizing hashtags in your posts.
Hashtag expert app is great
by YGM Forever on 2019/11/01 02:40
Well one reason I love hashtag expert app is because it’s a matter of seconds to finds hashtags and captions without spending minutes typing on your cell phone hashtags and captions plus if you aren’t good at them they have great ones for you and you can search related ones to what are best for your posts. I’m a upcoming rapper and trying to make it to the top and instagram is a basic go to when someone wants to know who you are and with viewers and likes and fans seeing your stuff you spend hours just typing on a post when this app does it in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the one and only creator of this app. He is bringing people what they need to get likes and everything else.
They charged my card twice
by WowTheySuck on 2019/11/01 23:23
They charged it when I purchase the pro features to get more . (The day of) then charged me again out the blue November 1... then the app in the subscriptions said it was valid until the 13th. Andddd it said resubscribed which means I want subscribed . Guess what I got charged anyway.. I tried to get Apple to refund me my money I showed them screenshots and everything they didn’t . But since they stealing and got apple helping them out that probably part of the reason when you do try to request a refund online it will automatically tell you your reason doesn’t qualify !! Lastly since they wanty steal MY money . I took off my card information any payments will be made by me personally with any app . And I get to dispute the transaction . So yup Apple u don’t have approve the request because It’s MY money not y’all ... plus it many more people talking about the exact same thing I’m talking about please take heave and don’t use this app
Cuts time on making hashtags
by Blackandbritish on 2019/10/20 18:08
I’m a busy technologist. Posting often isn’t enough. Adding hashtags to Your posts widens your audience dramatically! I’ve done my research enough to know. The more hashtags are used, the more new followers I get. When I first open the app, it asked me to consider paying $.38 per month to use the app. That’s definitely not a big expense, however, I still wasn’t all the way clear as to what this app does or how it can benefit me. But! That’s the point of the free three day trial. If you are a busy influencer or entrepreneur, I believe that this app is worth at least trying the trial so you can see how it works and it’s totally worth the investment since it does help save you on time.
Zach asked me to write this review...
by Rashid923 on 2019/11/17 14:26
So here we go. Apparently Zach is the developer who is behind this app. Great job Zach. I was a bit surprised after posting top trending #s that I got 13 likes in few min. Great idea. It works. Now why did I unsubscribed immediately? Well, $20 A YEAR!?!? Sorry, I know you need to pay bills and goal is to get retired before 40 but I gotta pay bills too. Instagram likes aren’t gonna pay my bills. I know it may pay someone’s bills but I’m not THAT dedicated to Instagram. So one star off for price tag. Second star off cause I HAVE TO provide my email and HAVE to subscribe immediately without even get a look of the app. Trial is only 3 days!!! Dude! Sorry. Love the app but your BUSINESS model not gonna let me retire anytime soon. Thank you for 3 days. If you decide to drop price to $5 a year you got my money.
So far, loving it.
by AWillows on 2019/11/27 18:06
I’m a professional artist who is trying to get a handle on his social media, and this app makes my life a billion times easier. I run three Instagram accounts, and scheduling posts can sometimes take up hours. This app has helped me cut down on hashtag research. I do admit, the $50 price for the full year seems like a lot upfront, and I do wish there had been a monthly option but if you’re trying to take your Instagram or social media accounts more seriously, I’d say it’s worth pulling the trigger. Don’t know your story, but you’re killin it Zach. 23 and an app this large? Keep on growing, and listening to your user base. 💪
Great App, One issue
by Dan Mateus on 2017/10/06 00:32
User of the app since it’s release. I like how you can favorite tags and copy the ones already posted. I also like the percentage of popularity used with the new update. My only issue it that it has now removed the number of posts a hashtag has been used, along with sorting them via posts, which has been incredibly helpful since I don’t want to use something with over a million posts and my post gets buried in the sea of other photos. I would LOVE if this feature can return. The percentage shown under the advanced settings should be if the tag has been trending in the last 12 hours or so. That way you can really nitpick and chose accordingly to be as successful as possible with your Instagram post.
by Haircuts_by_harper on 2019/10/22 14:15
At first I wasnt sure about this app. I’ve never really been big into social media posting, but ever since I started my business page I figured it was time to try something different. Once i started using this app I can see a huge difference in the amount of people my posts are reaching, ultimately helping me gain more followers and more positive feedback on my work. If you’re trying to get big on social media or if you’re a barber, like me, this app will help you get your name out there and reach more people who are interested in your content or even in the same business as you. I highly recommend it!
self promoting tattoo artist
by Mptattz on 2019/10/09 05:17
I love this app. not only do i use this for instagram but I also use this for my other business pages on facebook. it cuts my time in half. my time is valuable so when i post my Art work on any social media outlet hash tags are a important part of my targeting. So i usually spend like a good 10 or 15 min making hastags. with this app i just suggest my main tags and let them come up with the rest. Simple I copy and paste. So i cut my time to like a minute. believe me i’m always trying to make things more easy. cause thinking of tags all day can take time and energy from other things i could be doing.
Perfect for building your business
by tottsieroll on 2019/10/17 15:00
I am a self employed hair stylist as well as running accounts for myself, my salon, my cats (I know, I’m that person) & my fitness account, it can be daunting to have to first come up with relevant, trendy hashtags for more interactions, and then a second pain to type them all out. This app has been my lifesaver for well over a year now. I’ve had no issues with app crashes, or irrelevant hashtags. It has helped me build my branding & gain the likes & comment interactions on my posts. The app is so simple to use & quick so you can get a post up!! Love love love this app! Do yourself a favor & download it now.
by n3b98 on 2019/10/31 22:48
Honestly I haven’t found an easier app then this, you search up the genre of hashtags you’d like, and it instantly pulls up hundreds of groups of hashtags, you click one and it copies 30 (the maximum for Instagram) and then it INSTANTLY asks for Instagram or tiktok, you choose one, it opens the app and you can copy and paste your new hashtags directly to your post, no problems at all, cheap as hell. Even offers a 7 day free trial. Best app by far and I’ve been using it for about 30 minutes and already have 12 new followers 🤷‍♂️, but y’all do y’all, I’m gonna keep using this app, great job devs 👍
I love this app!!
by manehairitage on 2019/10/16 22:37
I am a small business owner and clearly my hashtag game so so wack .. I saw this app and figured why not give it a chance ... OMG !! From the first couple of post I been getting crazy likes and comments.. this is an amazing app especially for a busy person trying to get their business off the ground last thing you need is to sit down and think of apps. It’s so easy to use you just literally type the type of thing your posting and then bam all your hashtags ready to copy.. thank you hashtag gods for this app.. this is staying with me forever !!! I can’t thank you enough !!!
A must-have for small business Instagram users
by Lizzie Roehrs Photography on 2019/10/15 15:46
Let’s be honest: hashtags are hard to remember. Could I write them all down somewhere? Sure, but how can I know that I’m using the best hashtags for that photo? Is there a trend I’m missing out on? Did I make a spelling mistake that means no one will see it? As someone who generally lacks focus and lives in a creative, scatter-brained reality, this app is a lifesaver. I don’t spend money on a lot of apps because I generally find that they’re just not worth it. This is not the case here. If I could give the app more than five stars, I would.
Tried Free Trial, Now $50 Poorer
by motheroffids on 2019/05/06 16:49
I thought the app might get me more clicks on my photos with the hashtags, so I decided to try the free trial. While it helped me find a few new hashtags to try, I actually got less impressions and interactions on my photos than when I used the hashtags I was already using anyway. Well I forgot about the app (the trial is only like 7 days or something) and next thing you know, I get billed $47 from iTunes, which is a lot for an app you don’t even use or find helpful. They charge you for a whole year instead of the $2+ a month. I canceled the subscription but since it already charged I didn’t get my money back and I have the rest of the year left on the subscription. I tried to find a way to contact support, but couldn’t find one, so I’m writing this review instead.
Best hashtag app I’ve tested
by hmx75 on 2019/10/11 23:24
Indeed I’ve tried several other hashtags apps and they were either confusing or simply didn’t match with my needs. This app allows me to generate different hashtags depending on the type of photos I upload and share on social media. It also allows me to add my personal hashtags and mix them with the generated ones, I can even delete the ones I find not relevant with the subject or theme I need. Found some comments saying that users are being charged though I’ve found that the standard free version is fine for me.
Love This App!!!!
by Syracusesown on 2019/10/08 20:31
Great app, always comes in handy when dealing with these pesky hashtags lol. But seriously Hashtag is great for those who aren’t too sure what hashtags to use with their post, this thing comes in the nick of time and saves the day with great hashtags that really generate a lot of interactions and traffic to you posts. I use this app very often as I have two IG accounts I manage, so you can only imagine how frustrating it can be to find effective hashtags that get your audience engaging. All in all I appreciate this app for what it is and what it does. Need more like them. Thanks #Hashtag
Mega Time Saver!
by sjswans on 2019/11/23 03:06
I just downloaded the app about 30 minutes ago so I don’t have a ton of experience with it yet, but what I noticed right away is it’s going to save me a multitude of time! Now I don’t know about you, but I’m all about anything that saves me time because honestly, we don’t have a lot of it! I typed one hashtag in and almost instantly the app came back with a whole paragraph of related hashtags. Not all of them were perfect, but I believe you can remove any you don’t want to use. Download this app - you won’t regret it!
Easy, quick, gets results
by MollyCycles on 2019/08/01 15:59
If you’re growing your Instagram following organically and using nearly all your own content, this is a great tool for you! It is easy to find relevant and related hashtags to use on your posts to get more visibility. It is worth the money if you use it regularly or manage more than one account, because it truly saves so much time and energy that is often spent on switching your brain from one topic to another. This also prevents you from wasting time going down the rabbit hole of bad hashtags.
Didn’t authorize charge
by Ahi B on 2019/11/14 21:26
I also downloaded the free trial and immediately got charged 50$ I requested a refund and they said my request didn’t fit in their refund policy. I never used the app and never plan to use the app. I downloaded it one day as an experiment because it said I would get a free week and canceled the subscription right away yet I still got charged. I would like my money back and can’t get in touch with anyone. They make it impossible and give you the run around so much that you want to just give up. And count it as a lost. Such a shame. I hope to help others from experiencing the same thing. 50$ is a lot of money to spend on something that you do not intend on using ever. I think that is a valid reason for a refund.
by arlehman on 2019/10/16 21:15
A friend told me about this app when I started a separate instagram for my healthy and holistic lifestyle. I needed some hashtags to attract those that were using instagram for healthy alternatives and recipes and I have talked to some amazing people because of it. I also use this sometimes for my main instagram as well. It gets creative for me and does most of the work basically creates a template for me and I can delete or add whatever I feel I need or is missing but gives me the basics and has not disappointed me yet!!
Best app for hashtags
by @203local on 2019/10/11 20:03
I pay for this app & I’m on my second annual subscription because it’s the BEST one around. The cost is absolutely worth it for the amount of time it saves me on a daily basis. It allows me to focus on what’s important - the content of the post - instead of researching hashtags. It also allows me to use both big hashtags & small hashtags so I can capture everything that my potential local followers might want to see! That’s very important when I’m helping out local business owners with their accounts.
Love this app!
by greatminesthink on 2019/10/10 17:49
First off, this app is unbelievable. I’m currently controlling 2 business accounts as well as my own personal account. When I type in words to generate hashtags, it finds the exact hashtags I need and it reaches the most perfect audience for both my businesses accounts as well as my personal one. The trending hashtags are also great to use as they have so much to offer for each type of business account whether it’s a personal blog, service, record label, anything. I highly recommend this app!
I love it
by ghess99 on 2019/12/08 23:07
I got a little pop up written by Zach the founder asking to leave a review and it really touched me. I really do enjoy this app. Nearly every post I have on Instagram since I downloaded this app has hashtags generated by this app. It’s helps me get likes and it shows me how many times that specific category of hash tag has been used. It’s really helpful and it saves me some time. Don’t expect it to dramatically increase your follows that’s just unrealistic. But it does what it’s supposed to do.
Apple ID sign in issue cost me $48
by Jae123986 on 2019/07/06 19:30
****UPDATED*** After many tries with Apple, they refunded the $48. Make sure you cancel the subscription ASAP! The developer did respond that they would help to give me a refund but Apple made it very difficult until I emailed them directly. ______________________________________________I’m so upset. There is an issue with the app that it keeps demanding for you to sign into your Apple ID. I could not get in and now I got charged for the year subscription for an app I can’t use and I got old instructions from the developer support and Apple will not refund the purchase. This is a nightmare. I really just want my money back.
Most helpful app
by weonfleekalways on 2019/10/10 04:14
This app is amazing!!! It’s seriously so easy to use and grow my following on Instagram organically ! All I have to do is generate one single hashtag and then I just have to copy and paste the rest, so much easier than struggling to come up with my own hashtags that don’t even hold a high probability of attracting an audience on social media, whatever you’re doing on social media if you want to grow your followers for cheap and organically then hashtag expert is the app to get you on the right track!
Definitely Helpful!
by @sureline_finishes on 2019/10/26 13:32
As a small business owner I find this a great addition to promoting my work. Let your photos work for themselves. If you do good work you’ll be busy for life. But we all want to reach out to as many people as possible with the little free time we have. So for $20 for the year I can have all the most popular hashtags at my fingertips? No searching? Saves me time for little money. Definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for a little more IG publicity.
Longevity Across Platforms.
by Emily Crafty on 2019/08/03 12:44
I've been using this Ap to grow my following for Roughly 6 Months now. Not only does it save time by coming up with 30 relevant hashtags to give your post an extra boost, I noticed that since I started using Hashtag Expert, my posts continue to be found in relevant searches for months afterward. The excitement doesn't fizzle out, people are still finding me and following me through posts that I put up 6 months ago when I first started using Hashtag Expert.
BEST app for IG
by trainwithtim on 2019/10/11 23:39
I love this app. It has changed my IG completely. I was stuck at about 400 followers for the longest time until I started using Hastag Expert. Now I have 2,500 which isn’t a lot co pared to some, but a lot better than 400. If you want to take your game to the next level. Buy and download Hashtag Expert. Also, the creator and owner of the app even emailed me personally. I can tell you from experience that NEVER happens and probably won’t ever again. It’s a really great app and company. Check them out!
Creating Made Simple
by TheEduslaytor on 2019/10/09 02:11
Being a content creator can be taxing without the right tools. This app frees me of the time and hassle trying to create the “perfect” set of hashtags to ensure that my content is seen and that my audience actually engages with the content that I post. Sure, there’s no “perfect” set of hashtags that gets you a certain number of followers or likes, BUT it is simple to use, saves time, and helps me to discover hashtags I may not have even been privy to. I’ll continue to use this app!
Update has made it worse
by Frankie Profaci on 2019/10/18 18:01
Just to preface, i payed $50 for a year and don't ask me why I did that. The features aren't worth $50 over a span of a year. Before the event overhaul update the hashtags were doing alright and it helped some but now I barely get 40 views from hashtags. I have two business accounts one is a photography account and the other is vector designs. With hashtags on stories I get 300+ views but barely 40 on my vector account. It may just be the difference in niches but I wish I got more exposure with hashtags from this app. Hopefully there's better improvement on optimization and features for those idiots like me that payed $50 for a year.
Best for Newbie Instagrammers
by Ashwan-Kenobi on 2019/11/29 03:11
I love this app! I used to spend hours trying to research and find the best hashtags for my lettering posts. I tried to keep a specific “copy and paste” page in my notes so I could try to cut back on how long it takes to post new content. But then I found this app and now I can post my stuff in seconds with the perfect hashtags for my content! You don’t even need the Pro version to use this effectively - I don’t! This app is worth having.
Great app, even better with the subscription
by Hhsgbxvbch on 2019/10/15 15:20
I’ve been using this app for a year or so now to help with the engagement on my photography page, the ability to see what # are trending and create my own custom copy and paste list is amazing and super easy and takes the hassle out of my old routine of sitting my notes trying to think of relevant hashtags. The free version is amazing and the app with the subscription is 10x better. Highly recommend.
The apps getting better
by Rikuxz on 2019/10/22 15:29
I think the app is getting to a more universal type of use. The 10 dollar subscription is a just a tad high. Before in order to get full use of the app you were forced to purchase the subscription but now you can get a good use out of it without buying it and if you want the extra statistics of hashtags you can buy the subscription. However it could still be fixed to reach a more universal use so that you aren’t forced to buy the subscription
High recommend
by Ryan Reynolds Garibay on 2019/10/11 17:51
This is by far The best hashtag app on the market! I have tried dozens of apps and they are not what I needed to grow my Instagram channel. I highly recommend trying it out. You won’t be disappointed. I get so much more work done with being able to select and copy in the advance search. I also like how you are able to rate tags by how many times it’s been used. Thank you I hope you keep this app around!
Not very happy..
by Durkel on 2019/10/29 04:07
I gave this app a try but only used it once and forgot about it, got charged just under $50 randomly and had no idea why because I knew I didn’t purchase anything. So I decided to look into it and found out that I was charged for a year subscription that I definitely didn’t want. So to anyone that gets this app, INSTANTLY unsubscribe so you don’t get screwed over. If I was randomly charged for the 1 month subscription that'd be one thing but to charge me for a whole year when I was only on the app for like 10 minutes, that’s messed up.. Not sure if I can get a refund or not from what I’ve read by others but if I could I’d GREATLY appreciate it..
Honest review
by ItsVying on 2019/10/26 22:52
I’m not one to write reviews but the app is really easy to use and it comes up with a lot of different hashtags. It has helped me gain more followers and likes due to the hashtags being popular ones. I’ve struggled coming up with hashtags at some point and this app came in and saved me. The founder of the app is also a really cool person and wouldn’t mind trying to help everyone out with the difficulties they’re having.
Awesome App
by Silva dolla on 2019/11/22 20:04
I downloaded the app and even with the free trial and gave me hashtags to use. The moment I pasted the hashtags with my post my views went from zero to 25. The cost is not bad if you have a marketing budget like I do. $50 for hashtags you can use on multiple platforms I hav who association to this app/company so ask me what you want and you will get nothing but the truth. This app gives you popular hashtags to give your post more visibility.
Great App for hashtags
by jhashtag on 2019/10/15 12:43
I have been using this app for quite sometime now and I’ve even paid for the upgraded version for a year. This is a great app for finding the neat hashtags and even finding some unique ones that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself! It’s so convenient to put 4 or 5 hashtags in and it brings up more great ones to use. The only issue I have is now it doesn’t give the number next to the hashtag in the advanced results. Other than that this is the best hashtag app!!
Super helpful!
by Kj.Artistry on 2019/08/01 02:09
Me not being the greatest at social media or honestly not enjoying that aspect of my business I need all the help I can get to making my post relevant. Thinking of hashtags is half the battle so this app has really helped my business page and now I’m not spending 30 mins alone on finding what hashtags I should be using. Totally recommend for boosting your instagram account whether business or personal.
This app helps me save so much time
by Bruwop on 2019/08/01 00:13
Honestly I was skeptical upon downloading it at first. But then I started looking into Targeted Marketing and realized the potential of actually using the right tags in my posts and saw IMMEDIATE results. I’ve never written a review for anything but considering how much I use this and will continue to do so. I recommend this to people who are just starting out or who have a portfolio of pages to manage as well.
Hashtag expert is a time saver!
by Critic on the moon on 2019/10/11 16:56
We’ve been using hashtag expert for quite some time. As an independent band and small business owner it’s time consuming trying to find the right hashtags while at the same growing our business and working in it. Hashtag expert has made our life way easier and helped us in creating and gaining more engagement as well as discovery of our posts. You won’t be disappointed! 💜✨
It’s a scam.
by Zell19 on 2019/10/23 05:35
Initially was given an option for a free week trial and then to be charged $2.49 a week. Since I run multiple social media pages/twitter/IG ect I planned on given the app 2 weeks worth of payments before I committed further. Come to find out that after the first week an unwarranted annual charge of $47 was charged when I never clicked that option or agreed to it. This app is as shady as it comes and who would of thought, the option they give you aren’t even that responsive and engaging. This app is a laugh in a half. Don’t waste your time or money on it. If the dev reads this I want a refund of the money taken from me without my permission.
Just one problem but it’s still great!
by Iguess ughh on 2019/12/08 03:28
This app is great for small buisness’s trying to get there brand out. the only thing is that this app should have an option to pay weekly instead of a yearly fee. i love it but that’s the only thing that needs to be fixed ! Subscribers should have an option of paying weekly or yearly! but it’s 5 stars other than that
by J.L.Rhodes on 2019/12/01 03:33
Only get this app if you have ZERO creativity and want to be charged a small fortune! The hashtags it created were not even relative to my content. It was way MORE work picking and choosing through their hashtags than simply being authentic and creative on my own. THIS app is a huge reason for “miss hashtaged” content. And NO I have not gotten more traffic since I started using it. ALSO, take note that after a week (7 days) you will be charged some $50 odd dollars because they have it set to be “yearly” subscription OR they want you to pay “weekly” SLIMEY business. Cheating people for a not so quality product.
Kudos toe Zach & Company
by Neutral Designz (E. Urquhart) on 2019/11/16 13:11
This app made my life so much easier in creating/enhancing the multiple media sites I manage at once. I didn’t know such an app exist until now and I have been telling my clients about it so this is def my go to for hashtag creations and it should be yours too. In a matter of seconds you have all the hashing tagging you need and can use over and over. Kudos again to the team!
5 stars!!
by sherlock holmes#1 on 2019/10/18 21:48
I was introduced to this app by my brother a few months ago, and I’ve used it ever since!! It’s super easy to use and the hashtags have created a lot more traffic on my page! The hashtags are very easy to copy and paste and I can go in and take some out or use different ones based on my post. I highly recommend if you’re looking to amp your social media page!!
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