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Unfold — Create Stories
· Create your story with 150+ templates from collections like Film Frames and Ripped Paper · Use advanced text tools with curated fonts and add unique stickers · Capture your content with the Unfold Camera and edit with 10 filters and effects · Export your stories in high resolution for seamless sharing to other platforms — About Unfold+ A membership to help you reach your creative potential. Become a member and unlock the full experience. · Access to all templates and fonts · Early access to new collections · Exclusive releases and designs · Cancel anytime Join Unfold+ to enable access to all app features. After the 7 day free trial, this subscription will automatically auto-renew each year. Or if you choose a monthly subscription, your billing will start immediately and auto-renew each month. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled within 24 hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. If you subscribe before a free trial ends, the remainder of the trial period will be forfeited. You can manage and cancel your subscription by going to your account settings in the App Store – but seriously, you won’t want to. Privacy Policy — Terms of Use — Thanks for creating with Unfold! We love hearing your ideas and feedback. Email us at or DM us on Instagram at @unfold.
Not a fan of sell out companies
by oneneonaeon on 2019/12/05 17:09
That spring a new pay model on existing users. 👎👎👎 Ulysses did the same trash.
So bad
by Irma Hq on 2019/12/01 15:21
I bought one pack(JN1) and 2$ collapsed from my card but i still cant use pack, so i lost money for nothing. duh
The best app ever!
by Michaela Sz. on 2019/11/30 22:44
I loooove this app. I am not that creative person but with this app it is much easier!
by دوبا on 2019/11/30 22:42
شششكرا ياخي ♥️♥️♥️
More templates
by Albertdjs10 on 2019/11/28 18:22
Wish I could’ve had more options to use
GET IT!!!!!!
by Amazing Hater on 2019/11/27 16:38
Get it to make your Instagram page popping, really easy and aesthetic ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by pps_lotfollahi on 2019/11/27 08:35
App is glitchy not worth money
by kmstenson on 2019/11/26 22:04
App doesn’t let you edit it like other apps do such as it doesn’t let you go back and edit text easily even when pushing edit text or double tapping it automatically puts me to the last slide. also doesn’t let you switch order of slides- I had it in the beginning then it stopped
Unfold Plus Doesn’t Work for Me
by Sweetpea152998 on 2019/11/26 16:16
I love this app and I decided that I enjoyed using it enough that I would go ahead and purchase the Unfold Plus. The advertising made it seem like I would have access to all these new fonts and stickers and etc. Well I have yet to see proof of that. I’m not sure what the deal is or if there is a way to fix the issue, but I hate paying for something and not receiving the product that was promised.
by IAmtheKEE on 2019/11/23 19:34
Spent hours creating educational ONLY for it not to upload to my instagram business page. Not at all download how it shows in the app. I was actually excited about revealing new content in a new way. Very disappointing!!!
Hard to Use
by spacegirl28 on 2019/11/23 16:16
I may just be not getting it but all i can do on the app is put filters on my pictures. I want to make collages for my instagram story but can’t figure it out.
Unfold +
by tgraceeecamp on 2019/11/23 15:19
I paid the 19.99 for a year of unfold+ on my Android. 2 days later I get a new IPhone, but I can’t transfer that account. Wasted my money completely.
by Aintnohollabackboiiiii on 2019/11/22 21:07
best story app
by yuksd on 2019/11/22 00:56
This is very cool, i love it much
Nice app
by S. Yazmeen on 2019/11/22 00:38
Crashes sometimes and not very great if you need to give long descriptions on your story’s. But has pretty templates. Wish there was more creative freedom
Used to love—too many glitches
by aliciapee9 on 2019/11/21 17:37
I used to love this app, but every time I go edit in the app anymore, it doesn’t even let me finish. It closes out, it doesn’t let me edit my text. There’s so many glitches and I run a social media business so the last thing I need is an app that doesn’t let me make content when I need it.
No more free
by lu_my123 on 2019/11/20 15:48
Unfold used to have many free samples, now you have to buy most of them. I bought few but when I got my new phone & re downloaded the app, I lost all the bought templates. Smh I am glad Insta stories app catched up.
by Raviiskingnow on 2019/11/19 18:24
by Missmendez87 on 2019/11/17 22:01
Such a great app to spice up your story game 😆🔥 I also love that you can create a whole story before posting on Instagram
additional features please???
by Shady Zax on 2019/11/16 11:44
i use this app to keep a personal journal of sorts.. you know when you’re putting a tonna effort into each entry, and you’re not posting them for people to see or otherwise, you’d definitely not wanna lose them. unfold, please make a cloud support happen 🤍 also neat would be a sticker that could time stamp the pages of your story, like in snapchat hehe ☺️ i wait like everyday for a new update and new features keep up the good work!!
Excelente herramienta de trabajo
by comandanteline on 2019/11/15 20:46
by #1 Gymanst Fan on 2019/11/14 21:33
This app is so amazing and cool . I love it in every way ! BUY IT PLEASE YOU WONT REGRET
Limited editing
by FabMissV on 2019/11/13 10:12
The aesthetics are great and clean but I think the app would work better if we could adjust image size and placement.
Makes my pictures darker!
by :Aj: on 2019/11/12 19:46
When I choose the quote template it makes my photo very dark and I can’t do anything to change this which is very annoying since I pay for this app and need it for work.
Export for higher resolutions
by LiamYoung23 on 2019/11/10 07:31
I really love the app and use it to create some new eye-catching photo arrangements. But I really hope it can export higher resolution images instead of 1920*1080 px. I’m using iPhone XS Max and the resolution of the screen is 2688*1242. So the output image looks a little bit vague.
Great app, but keeps crashing
by flyingthamok on 2019/11/09 23:17
I have using this app for sometime and quite enjoy it, it adds an elegant touch to stories and allows me to combine photos/vidéos to not have a story that runs on forever. However, it does not seem to be able to handle multiple videos at once, and keeps crashing upon export. Hopefully this issue can be resolved in future updates.
Fun & Easy to Use
by KWriter777 on 2019/11/09 12:43
Love the ability to make catalogs and folders for your different needs. Love how easy it is to maneuver pictures within the boxes. So fast and easy!
Love this app
by rforephoto on 2019/11/08 19:10
I love making professional looking stories with the unfold app. So easy to learn and use.
best app for entrepreneurs and marketing
by mimitohme on 2019/11/08 07:02
my favorite app to get my deck done for my business and i also made a line sheet for @mybffswim - fantastic i love
by zoeanaise on 2019/11/07 17:38
I had downloaded this app a while ago and then deleted it for some reason and when I re downloaded it it got rid of the frame packs that I had bought and is making me repurchase them? Don’t know if anyone else has experienced this but it’s super frustrating and I don’t want to have to re purchase something I already paid for.
Almost there
by leavd me alonneeee on 2019/11/05 16:57
Really good app love the templates but if your only gonna let the art template be free add more effects; filters
by @BobbieRiot on 2019/11/03 17:01
I love this app in particular because you can adjust the pictures in the frame, a lot of apps you can’t plus I’m loving that unfold has expanded to new templates
Glitch—keeps crashing
by Ttjan on 2019/11/03 06:19
And please, this is 2019, almost 2020–if I share some app that puts lipstick on a photo between devices, I would surely hope an app that received some prestigious award could be shared between devices via the cloud otherwise it is kind of a lot of hype and maybe all of that publicity was paid for. I just don’t see how this key features is missing. (And the constant glitches). I’m giving it one more try, then adios even though I’ve purchased the templates etc.
Unfold ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by Jess.hulse on 2019/11/03 02:33
I love the minimalistic look that Unfold offers for creating clean, crisp, classy, sharp, sleek (you name it!) FABULOUS looking stories!
my disagreement
by Isadimaggio on 2019/11/02 16:33
I don’t like that I’ve to pay for the coolest filters and stuff
The best app!
by Loliviasan on 2019/11/02 00:21
This app is so awesome! I love it to post my pictures on instagram and make them look fun!
Latest update ?
by tanghochan on 2019/11/01 08:01
This is a phenomenal app for creatives if you want quality templates for IG stories, etc . Latest update tho keeps crashing. Can’t use it :(((((
It’s ok
by ARios07 on 2019/10/31 22:10
You can’t really use any of the templates with out a subscription. I even bought some templates, which are $1.99 each. When I finally decided to use the font feature they only give 3-4 options and the rest are only included with subscription.
Aspect ratio
by Waterhumor on 2019/10/31 04:08
Any chance their will be horizontals options for use on IG or for FB banners?
by _ispeakprada on 2019/10/29 14:57
This is a lovely app. As an influencer and blogger I live through this app, something I believe will be very helpful is a feature that allows you to move story slides from one story to the next. For example taking a story slide from yesterday and adding it to the stories you prepared for today.
Love this app
by Mari398 on 2019/10/28 21:29
Love this app, premium is definitely worth it!
Not working!
by hagahhajana on 2019/10/28 17:48
Paid and downloaded CS1 Classico Series even restored my purchases thinking it might show up on my feed but didn’t. Emailed them couple of days ago to help fixed it no reply. Sooo disappointed! I got ripped off!
Absolutely amazing
by kiannaxo:) on 2019/10/28 07:36
Please get this app and
You don’t have it yet!?!?!?
by J.R. Mahon on 2019/10/23 17:46
Brand changer!
Fácil y práctica
by on 2019/10/22 17:40
Es muy fácil y práctica para utilizar... los story’s se ven más profesionales
Me encanta!
by anguinand on 2019/10/21 23:42
En mi opinión es el mejor App que hay para crear historias originales. Me gusta que puedes comprar los themes sin subscribirte y la edición de texto es muy amigable.
Classy & easy to use
by A Face Project on 2019/10/21 20:48
Love this app! As a photographer it’s totally changed the way I show up on Instagram and online. Love it!
Love this app, would give it a 5 star if there was more free templates
by kouahleedevin on 2019/10/21 05:35
Love this app, would give it a 5 star if there was more free templates
New update
by Joliejoliesara on 2019/10/20 13:39
Auto correct no longer works ☹️
Best way to create amazing stories for Instagram
by Revanth0212 on 2019/10/20 03:09
Super easy to use and the best in business. You can directly export to Instagram. No need to download and upload manually.
Unfold Review
by kyliemag on 2019/10/19 06:40
I love how it makes my insta stories bright and fresh and most of all character
by ryan44215 on 2019/10/15 09:53
this is the best app i wish it was free though
Are the upgrades worth paying a monthly fee?
by Tots5678 on 2019/10/14 03:29
Needs more freedom of options especially when paying a fee to use this service. I should be able to have better selection of font colors, the ability to move grids around, more options for backgrounds, more options for stickers/stamps and the ability to add borders would be great. Overall, decent but the upgrades offered are not worth a monthly fee.
by JayonnaCelat(: on 2019/10/13 22:35
Great for small business owner with marketing in a next level way!
Super easy to use
by mrsBeckyParker on 2019/10/13 21:40
Love this app! Makes stories so pretty and super user friendly
Love love this app but...
by amburr1994 on 2019/10/12 14:56
I had this app on my galaxy and had purchased many of the the different templates within the app and had used this for editing all of the Instagram stories. I love this app so much, it’s beautiful and easy to navigate but.... my galaxy was due for update to I decided to get the new iPhone only to realize now all my purchases are useless and I can’t restore them. How freakin ridiculous is that. I refuse to have to pay again. They need to make it where you can have an account for the email that you used so that you can easily use on any device that supports the app not just on the device it was purchased on.
Good app!
by izucantc on 2019/10/12 06:31
Love this app! Just wish the photos weren't cropped when trying to upload to your instagram feed instead of your story. That would be awesome!
Frustrated. Hard to make changes.
by ALVAM on 2019/10/12 04:26
I expected much more from this app. Purchased it but not likely to renew the subscription. I wish it had much more flexibility in term of changing themes, and posting in social media sites. No clear guideline/tutorial on the app to walk new users of what can be done.
Instagram Use
by rane14180 on 2019/10/11 20:09
This is one of the easiest apps to use. I love how it streamlines your Instagram stories making them look nice and clean.
A great app!
by abinarstr on 2019/10/11 16:32
Best app for basic graphic design!
Lost all my purchases....
by paynelyall on 2019/10/10 22:00
I love this app a lot for creating Instagram stories and even posts, but since I upgraded to a new phone I have lost all of my purchases within the app, and am confined to the basic templates. When I click purchase when attempting to use the other templates, it doesn’t even say “restore purchases” it’s as if they wiped my purchases. Not happy!
Need more templates!!
by ol_gal on 2019/10/10 10:53
First of all I LOVE this app. There is really no better app for editing stories out there. Super easy to use and no gimmicks. Adore it so much I’ve actually subscribed which is not something I often do! BUT as a subscriber it would be great to see more frequent template updates. The most recent was not my favourite and a bit more range would be really wonderful Thanks and keep it up!
by Makeup Lovrrr on 2019/10/09 05:54
I do so much social media work and this app helps take my Stories to a whole new level. Stylish, modern and intelligent. I only have amazing things to say. Highly recommend!
by mmmbers on 2019/10/09 01:25
Love this app but wish autocorrect worked on it 😤
Lo máximo
by afuita on 2019/10/08 20:53
Esta app es la mejor para historias de instagram
by totallynotJoel'sMom on 2019/10/08 20:11
I love this app even have the Plus/annual subscription BUT the loop & bounce feature stopped working with the new update. Please fix it. Thanks!
Good potential, disappointing extras
by Jamie M-T on 2019/10/08 01:55
I’ve been using Unfold for over a year. Overall, I have had a positive experience and purchased the in-app purchase for different layouts. What irks me is the new(ish) subscription service. I have already spent money on each of the packs, but now I have to subscribe just to access anything new? I don’t see the value in that, as I have already paid for over half of the features. I hope they come out with the options to purchase these features individually.
Great App!
by Jacoby Marshall on 2019/10/07 04:08
This app is amazing! Love using it for different Instagram stories, but as I tell friends it’s becoming more and more popular so everyone is in on the secret!
Just eh
by Vivatic on 2019/10/06 22:45
I wanted to love this. But it is really ONLY a tool for your story. It would be great if there were an option to size for posting to Instagram. I paid for the ‘plus’ membership. I won’t renew.
Too little options to edit your stories
by yyeett.67 on 2019/10/05 22:04
Little options and features if you don’t buy them.
Fix all the bugs
by Carrie.Miranda on 2019/10/04 02:13
I’ve had this app for several months now, I’ve bought several of the presets for it. But lately it’s turning to crap. It’s updated and it seems the crash amount has drastically increased as well. Thats disappointing because I do quite a bit of social media using Unfold. So for the love of all that is good and holy, fix the bugs!
Amazing app
by Insta:@lu.cas1k on 2019/10/03 23:23
This app has so many great features. I am very happy I found this. 5 stars!!!!
So good
by JohnnFran on 2019/10/03 23:15
Man it just works. It’s clean, neat, and it’s an excellent product!
by Srdukehigh on 2019/10/03 20:19
Awesome sauce!
Bestt bestt besttt
by Sha koraz on 2019/10/03 08:43
Best best besttt
IG Stories
by HarvoQ on 2019/10/03 05:01
Spice up your IG Stories with fun and amazing templates that allow you to express yourself creatively. I love love love love this app. One of the best stumbles I ever got. Thank you Peter McKinnon for helping me be a cut above the rest by suggesting this app. As an avid photographer I love using this app to create content for my 100 followers lol. I’ve even subscribed to the Plus version of the app. Hoping to see some more exclusive Templates soon.
Better all the time, but...
by Alex_Berger on 2019/10/02 15:02
Incredible app, but why is it still so hard to find my albums? Please change so it’s easier to find recently made iPhone photo albums (SCRL does a great job with this). Many thanks and keep up the otherwise amazing work!
Nice app, but used to be better.
by Jaybot- on 2019/10/02 03:18
Not a fan of subscription applications, but they went ahead and have stuck with this model. What a way to alienate the ones that would pay for each set, or tool instead of subscribe? I used to buy all of the template releases, but won’t purchase them anymore. Your loss!
by TL99 on 2019/10/02 01:52
Love the app and with all the updates it’s getting even better. Definitely worth the price for all the extras!
by danimunozacevedo on 2019/09/30 01:42
Nice app for instagram stories
La mejor app
by Yoery on 2019/09/23 16:53
La mejor app
Easy to use!!
by SayraLizbeth on 2019/09/23 02:01
I love the simplicity and ease to create beautiful layouts.
Image sizing
by photo-mb on 2019/09/22 15:23
I like the layouts the app provides but I use it to post to my FEED, not my stories or highlights. If Unfold could accommodate both the Instagram feed and story that would be great. I say this because the images can be too big to fit into Instagram's own template and then get cropped, which almost defeats the purpose of using it as it ruins the presentation of the image.
Videos Are Another Story ... Pun Intended!
by BarbieLizRudd on 2019/09/21 22:53
I love this app for photos. The Instagram story simulation as a preview within the app is nice. However, I wish my videos were not cut if longer than 1 minute. The preview simulation plays the entire video. It would be nice to know in advance that my videos are cut if too long. Consequently ... 3 stars instead of 5 stars.
Love this app, but don’t love the automatic clip
by FOLKANDCO on 2019/09/20 00:42
This app is amazing, but I HATE that if I upload a video longer than one minute, you automatically clip it. I’d love to be able to use this for igtv as well, but I can’t when you cut my videos.
Plz help
by zinthesea on 2019/09/19 23:04
I got a question why is the app not letting me on. It just kicks me off when I tap to go on it. I got some good stories on the app and I don't want to lose them.
Pretty Efficient App
by aqwszxderfcvgtyhikm b on 2019/09/19 22:32
I’ve had this app for about 4 days and it’s really holding up. It saves me time when putting together presentations for anyone willing to look and listen to what I have to say
Excelente app
by KILLAH507@ on 2019/09/14 20:25
Pero tiene precios muy elevados
Great app, but they want you to be subscription based
by Austinlib on 2019/09/11 16:02
Unfold, are you high? I know the name of the game is to make money, but to make your new packs subscription based feels like a slimy used car salesman. I don’t mind paying a lil extra per pack, say $5, to support you, but I’m not going to subscribe to an app the makes my ig stories pretty. I have too many subscriptions as it is. The packs I bought (not a subscription) though are fire!
Favorite App
by Ummshaheed Clement on 2019/09/11 14:25
I absolutely love this app it gives your old videos a new look!!!! Highly recommended!!!!!
Easy to Use
by Apt dweller on 2019/09/06 05:25
Very criap pictures!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Good App - but having small issue
by rwyii on 2019/09/04 13:34
Love how this app lets you tell stories and share photos that look professional. Only issue I’m having is I can’t access all my photos. For business we have a shared folder and I can’t access those photos like I can on Instagram. Would love to know how to fix. My iPhone photos are set up to read/write.
Amazing Application
by Enrique San. on 2019/09/04 02:51
Works great and gives you so many options. Pay for the plus it’s 100% worth it!!
Great app but one change I didn’t like
by Jemay ward on 2019/09/04 01:35
I’ve been using this on my Instagram for quite some time now. Really brings my stories to life and gives it a professional look BUT I’m not a fan of the yearly subscription model they have implemented personally I like paying for each template pack separately. Still great templates and easy to use!
Isn’t fair
by Mamamaggs on 2019/09/03 19:58
I love this app. I use it all the time. However like the RP2, it shouldn’t be for unfold+ it’s not fair. I would like to use it but I don’t have the money for unfold+
Amazing! But...
by BMW.jpeg on 2019/09/01 17:36
This app is awesome! I didn’t want to subscribe so I bought all of the different packs I could, it started acting funny after a recent update so I deleted it and re downloaded it, only to find out that all of the ones I purchased are no longer available until I purchase them again! I’ve contacted support and haven’t heard from them yet. I hope the developers see this and contact me to get this sorted out.
Pop ups
by gamesrule5089 on 2019/08/30 14:39
Too much I can’t even type words
Good app - close to great!
by TSanMateo on 2019/08/24 00:45
This app definitely helps you change the game for IG stories. It’s so much easier to build your narrative and also automatically helps show your photos in a polished way. There are a few tweaks that I would love help on from the developer: 1. It would be great to share or transport pages between different stories within the app instead of having to rebuild it. 2. It would also be good to see your full story in a grid or tiled format so you can see your layouts holistically or rearrange your pages. Right now, if you’ve built a long story, you have to shift the order slide by slide so it’s really laborious. 3. App access through different devices. I have all my app content on one device. I can not access this on my mini IPad or my second phone. Most apps you can access from multiple devices. 4. The ability to export into keynote versus just a pdf is a pipe dream. Hoping this is in the future scope. It will change the game for on the go recaps. Hope to get a developer response on this!
Brush stroke stramp
by louie113 on 2019/08/23 19:18
I love using Unfold! It has made my stories much more appealing however my only issue would be able to place text over the graphic stamp. Every time I place a text over it it goes right behind.
Amazing Story App. The others pale in comparison! THIS is the app for stories.
by Jhub1987 on 2018/05/01 04:44
New review: Within just a couple weeks from my initial review the developer fixed every issue I had with this app. Including raising the resolution over double what it was! The developer is highly motivated to this app with lots of improvements. Old 3 star review: I want you to take my money!! But..... The output is smaller than it needs to be, and the pictures aren't as clear as they could be. Other than that THIS is the app for stories. Everywhere I read that the file size should be 1080x1920, But my pictures were getting the tops and bottoms cropped off. This is the ONLY app I could find that figured out it had to be a different ratio and the pictures centered to not be cropped!!! I'll gladly buy the new pages and templates and raise my review to the 4 stars it should be. I can't wait to see where this app goes, but the low resolution has to be dealt with first.
Beautiful templates
by Cool jey on 2018/07/01 02:21
Love this app and design of templates. I get super excited seeing my photos in a new way when creating pages. It really makes them standout. I do wish you could save the pages as a story set that you could share with someone where they could flip through the pages the same way you can in the app. I realize this would be difficult to achieve when sharing with people who don’t have the app (but I would be willing to ask friends to download the app to view) but maybe could be shared via a link and opened in a browser or something. I don’t know but I really love the way it all looks together when viewing the story. Saving as a set of photos doesn’t have the same effect but still beautiful. I also don’t know what the resolution is when creating and saving a page as an image but I am hoping it is not degraded too much as I will use these to create a small photo book using high quality pics from my dslr camera. Also using it for my artwork- taking photos of my paintings and then making a story here -makes them look way more impressive than they are;). Anyway I think it’s great and would invest in these kind of things before adding any additional templates or ‘create’ features. There are a perfect amount of fonts, layouts and features where no matter who is creating, it will come out good. Too much of these, apps tend to lose themselves and become overwhelming. Thanks for creating this app!
Easy to use, flexible, but poor output resolution
by Techno-nut on 2018/08/11 17:04
Update: I stand corrected, I didn’t notice it last night, but the app automatically saves low resolution (2.2mp) images of each page. For social media, e-mai, etc., that may be fine, for printing anything bigger than 5x7 it just won’t be sufficient. There is no reason why it can’t save at a higher resolution. There are plenty of apps that will combine infidelity images into a single PDF, but if the original resolution is bd, the PDF will be no better, and in most cases even worse. The Dev needs to work this issue out, and take the app Universal, and then he/she will have a winner. Original Post: While the app is very easy to use, and offers a lot of predesigned templates to make “story telling” simple, the lack of any output option is a real disappointment, making the end product functionally useless. A simple “save as PDF’ option would go a long way to making this app truly functional. Even being able to print the pages would be helpful, at the moment their is nothing. Let’s hope the developer can make this work. The app also needs to be taken Universal. This type of app screams to be run on an iPad; I edit my 24mp DSLR images on my iPad Pro, and building a story book with an app like this that can be saved as a PDF would be marvelous.
Nice but needs additional features
by luxetnox13 on 2019/04/04 19:43
Good app. Not totally intuitive but once you figure it out it’s solid. Crashes trying to export sometimes but it’s a minor inconvenience. However a few major additions are needed: 1. The ability to see and edit your entire story in grid format instead of only being able to see it page by page - if you’re creating a long story it’s really hard to remember what was 20 pages before! I want to be able to drag and drop just like reordering images in a desktop image viewer. Also if you could see your story in grid format, it would be much easier to tell if you have used the same layout too many times or accidentally used an image more than once. 2. The ability to duplicate the page - for example if you want to try the same layout which has multiple images but only swap out one image, it is annoying to re-create the entire page instead of just being able to duplicate, dame goes for a text page with which you want to try different wording. 3. Full screen (borderless) image layout
Amazing app to help boost up creativity
by Palm_Supanut on 2018/09/22 03:28
I really love and enjoy creating posts for my Instagram stories via this application, the templates are really perfect and after only spending a few minutes on the app I decided I had to buy all the template packages available. I think it is really amazing as it is, however I do wish it could do more and here are some suggestions I think would be great if they could come with the next updates. For instance, it’d be great if one can simply move the order of the posts within an album from a further point of view instead of having to click on the left or right button until the post reaches where it needs to be. And if the posts could be moved from an album to another, too. Plus, the font and background colors are really limited, it’d be really nice if there are more selections and tones to them, etc. Anyways, thank you so much for creating this application for us to use, now that I have it I can’t imagine doing Instagram stories without Unfold anymore. 😅♥️
So Close to Perfection
by Stephaniemontesdeoca on 2018/12/02 22:31
The charm of Unfold is that it is such a simple shortcut to the tedious photoshop work that photographers did to post on Instagram stories. And the team has done a stellar job in expanding the app’s capabilities. But there are a few things that they are yet to include or did poorly. 1: The export picture ratio is set for older phones like the iPhone 7, but with new screen sizes and shapes, Unfold should launch an update that supports screen sizes like the iPhone XS 2: The first 3 sets were kind of repetitive, people paid for new templates that simply moves a photo a bit higher or more to the right. Granted some of the template were fresh and new, but lots were too similar. 3: One thing that could really enhance the user experience would be to add in a creative mode where you could alter a certain template by moving your photograph anywhere on the page, not just the grey box with the + icon. Or even a creative mode where users could mix and match certain aspects of different templates they’ve bought. These three things would set apart Unfold from other apps like Adobe Spark or Photoshop. And it would become the most sold choice for quick wallpapers, IG story posts, or photo stories.
Almost Perfect
by Vivaladiamond on 2019/03/07 23:28
In the last update you can’t purchase the new template pack. There’s an error. Also, the Unfold parts in the pack should be optional if they’re not. You don’t want to have a branded template pack you paid for. You should be able to customize the window text. Speaking of text the way you’re able to move text bubbles is still glitchy. Like Instagram stories it should be easier to move them around wherever you want. A color picker to match the text and template color to whatever you like would be great too. That would up how the templates come together a lot more then just the options given. Love the app though! It keeps getting better. There are lines through the fonts when the story is downloaded and the highlighted blocks aren’t center. There’s also a centering bug when using all the fonts. These issues have existed for a while now. A bug fix would be great to use the app to its full capability.
Gorgeous, Unique and Different. Great for Creatives!
by shiloesky on 2018/06/03 00:19
I’m in love with this app! I had been seeing people on Instagram use it for months, and just recently found out which app it was. This app has taken my Instagram stories to the next level. It is so fun to create unique and different pages! I am a creative, and love that I can customize my stories using Unfold. It’s a gorgeous app, simple to use, and I love that the layout is clean and to the point. I haven’t posted to my story without using Unfold since I downloaded it! I’ve been telling all of my friends about it. I purchased all of the templates, and am so glad that I did. The value is also great, which I appreciate! Thanks for creating such a cool app for those of us who want something different.
Love it, but major photo quality issues
by jlin2044 on 2018/11/19 02:38
I love the entire concept and what the app has to offer! I even purchased one of the film packs because I love it so much, and normally I dont even bother spending money on photo apps. The designs are great and its easy to use. However, I really care about the photo quality of my pictures after I process them with an app. That leads me to the only issue I have with this app. I upload a great quality picture to one of the presets, only to save it with really mediocre quality. As a photo app, I believe you guys should focus more on improving the quality of the pictures! Compressing the pictures to lower quality really makes the app less enjoyable as a lot of the details in the original picture are no longer sharp or as visible. I hope you guys can work on improving the quality of pictures after we save them to our camera roll!
Amazing but has glitches and no customization
by Cowlesk on 2019/03/03 17:04
I really love using Unfold for planning Instagram stories. It’s super useful for organizing long stories because it can get confusing knowing what comes next. I’m giving it 4 stars because there are a lot of issues that I was surprised to find, as well as embarrassed because I discovered the issues after I had posted for a client. If the videos aren’t 15 seconds long then they replay over and over instead of skipping to the next story. I posted a 3 second video which plays 5 times in a row... There’s not much room for customization. For example, you can’t use your own custom colors and you can’t move the text diagonal. The templates are what they are and even though I have purchased every pack it is a struggle to not reuse the same templates over and over. You don’t have the option to adjust the size of the squares so it would be nice if they offered variations of each template. It’s time consuming changing the text for every slide! I wasted so much time going setting the same font,color, size, spacing, etc. for every single slide. There should be the ability to set a default text style for a story. I recommend Unfold and think it’s a great app but until they fix the items listed above I’ll be looking for an alternative.
Frustrated with the limited features
by TheCapta1n on 2018/10/13 07:45
I loveee the templates on this app, but am very frustrated with the limited fonts, and the flexibility with using them. I don’t like how the font can only be in one direction. I can’t rotate it, change it to a different colour other than black or white, and I can’t apply italicize, bold, etc, to just one part of my sentence. As of the latest update, my app also stopped uploading “unsplash” images to its templates, and that’s frustrating to say the least considering it was working fine a few days ago. (I’ve already submitted my information to unfold) The app definitely has the potential to be great, especially for those of us who enjoy a minimal look, but it’s got a ways to go before I start recommending it to other people considering I still use various apps for the fonts and styles. I mainly use this one for the layout.
Beautiful app! Has great potential
by Dina594 on 2018/03/17 16:11
I've been using this for about a week now for my Instagram stories. My views and feedback have definitely increased since I started using this. My only real suggestions would be having the ability to choose different colors for text and background. And the ability to customize layouts like being able to move things around,add/remove pictures from a template (when a template has 4 pics but you only need two, having the ability to remove the additional picture) and add/remove text from layouts. Other than that this app is an amazing tool to have! Would highly recommend to every one who wants to up their social media game 😊💪
Unfold; Missing it’s Potential
by Remaxastar on 2019/06/26 12:28
Charging fo a great app is fine, but in this case they charge a lot for very little, often close to 3 dollars for a few story blanks that are soon recognized making stories predictable. I paid for one such add on because I wanted to keep things fresh, but what I received was only a few more templates, within a few weeks I left this app and went to an annual plan on another and for much less than buying one theme, I received all of the themes and have had over 7 themes added without additional cost, including themes with motion/automation. That App, “StoryArt” is amazing and they constantly improve their app. Go ahead and buy one of what Unfold offers and you too will be switching soon. I wish I could get my 3 dollars back, it was a poor investment. Unfold is easy to use and has great potential but very little creativity is offered and what is offered is very limited.
One MAJOR Flaw
by No name nickname 123 on 2018/11/09 14:06
This app is so amazing with simple, beautiful layouts. I wanted a place to “journal” and preserve all the photos and videos on my phone (I have over 10,000!), and I’ve tried other apps and not loved them. So I created a beautiful “story” from our month with plans to start doing them each month to share with family..... share with family.... ooops! THERE IS NO WAY TO SHARE THE STORIES!!! Except on Instagram I guess... ? But my story is over 100 pages and my family isn’t on Instagram. I spent hours over the last month creating this with the intention to share, and now can’t share, even if I had everyone download the app (which I would be totally cool with!) Oh and when I “saved” it to my phone, it just threw all the pages into my photo library individually WHICH IS WHERE I WAS TRYING TO RETRIEVE THEM FROM TO BEGIN WITH. Once this is fixed I will absolutely give a 5star review because the app is amazing. I just need a way to save and share, like a slideshow or something.
A Beautiful Way To Tell Your Story
by mikee81 on 2018/09/01 19:55
As a designer and photographer, I can really appreciate the aesthetics of stories this app creates but also the overall UI. I wanted to write a review so I can provide feedback regarding how to make the experience even better: - More layouts (I’m assuming this is work in progress) - Include check for spelling, nothing worse then creating your story and seeing a spelling error once it’s live. - Have an undo button. I’ve accidentally deleted a page and have also accidentally deleted a long description. - As for editing text, make them in step increments so we can do the exact size and kearning of text for each page. I’m constantly having to make my best judgement with the sliders. - Make a Mac App! Please! While the mobile app is easy to use, I can see making these stories so much faster on a computer because it’s easy to organize/find/sort/edit images. Other than that, I’m so glad I stumbled on this app. It’s going to take my stories and highlights to another level. Thank you!
Good App BUT...
by Jimboy Robles on 2018/10/04 10:45
This is a pretty good app and it gives my Instagram Stories different styles. The only thing that I don’t want about this app is it reduces the photo/Story quality. I have had Instagram Stories (didn’t use Unfold app) and all my photos in Stories have really good quality that they are better than the ones uploaded on Instagram feed because Instagram compressed it (yep, Instagram does that, BUT NOT on Instagram Story; they upload it with high quality or as is). I tried to check the quality of my photos exported from Unfold, the saved ones on my Photos also have poor quality, so maybe Instagram has nothing to do with the exported Instagram Story since they already have poor quality right before they get uploaded on my Stories. I love this app and I’m looking forward to seeing some improvements. Thank you!
So close to being my go to!
by Gabby rigg on 2018/03/16 22:53
At its core this app is awesome. Really great design sense that is exactly the style I’ve been looking for. BUT they reallllyyy need to push out an update that allows this app to be more flexible for the user. You can’t change text colors or create any shapes yourself if you’d like to place dark text over a photo, can’t move the photos on a page or essentially alter their layouts in any way like add text to a layout that doesn’t have it, etc. I hope they release new features soon! As a business I can’t keep using the same layout for every story I post, as only 2-3 really work for my needs right now. Would love some more flexibility. Likely going to check back on this app in a month or two.
Fresh and Simple!
by Starrymegn on 2018/07/23 07:07
I love how this app is easy to use, it keeps things simple and straightforward. It has beautiful and classy fonts that are fun to create with and many amazing template options and unlike other apps, this one offers you many options for each package. As a writer who does their own illustration, I have fun using the templates that integrate areas for photography as well as text and it definitely has changed the way I’m presenting my poetry now. I’m in absolute in awe with this app and it’s the main app I use for creating material, now. Although it’s already amazing, I can’t wait to see how this app continues to grow! Awesome job
Recommend to any Creative Storyteller
by Brandt_A on 2018/09/09 03:31
I have been looking for a way to add some new, creative elements to my story as well as some accounts I help generate content for. This app has made it easier than ever to take the photos from and event or trip and put them together in a dynamic and visually pleasing template with minimal effort! The UX/ UI on this app is flawless and intuitive and it’s integration with the camera roll is one of the smoothest I have encountered. There are in app purchases that add some templates I really enjoy but the ones that come with the app right out the gate are phenomenal in their own right! I love this app and would highly recommend!
Loving it!
by aint mcdonals but im loving it on 2019/05/14 01:30
Story: I was always looking for fonts to put in my stories. Or when I was congratulating my friends and more stuff like this. Well now I know what app to use I recommend it so badly the fonts are just so aesthetic and there are nothing over the top and that is good because sometimes the simpler the better. Feedback: Well you could use more fonts and you could make it be no money. Like you can unlock but still besides that I absolutely love it [btw I know every app has to have some things that require money it was just a suggestion]
Good concept, annoying to use
by 0liverJ on 2019/08/12 22:33
The idea of Unfold is great, but having used it for a few weeks, I’m getting pretty annoyed by its interface. First is the keyboard. I often write in Japanese for my work, and the way that Unfold’s text boxes are formatted makes it impossible to write in Japanese. I have to copy and paste everything from my notes app into Unfold. Next, There’s also only a select few background colours to choose from. Don’t want black, white or a pastel colour for the background? Too bad. Organising slides is incredibly annoying. When you make a new slide it automatically goes to the end of your slideshow. Want it in the middle of your slideshow? Be prepared to press “left” 30-odd times to get it where you want it. I hate how I have to select my template BEFORE I select my photos to insert. Why can’t I move around my photos and easily experiment with different formats? I’m constantly creating a new slide just to view my photos, only to delete it and create it again in a different template. Not sure if I’m making sense. To summarise: I want to like Unfold and I was going to pay for their premium service, but their interface is just too finicky to use.
Why 3 Stars
by druwin12344321 on 2018/10/07 14:16
This app has the potential of being a 5 star app. What is lacking is the ability to save longer pages via video. The app is acting much like the cutter apps which breaks it down into 15seconds. Which means i actually have to use another app to get all the 15second pieces first from day a 4minute video and then go into Unfold. If the developers of this app where to take notice of the direction Instagram is heading with IGTV and up to 10minute videos you guys are onto an app that is easily worth 5$ in my opinion but if you keep it free and keep creating unique templates that it’s a win win either way. But unless you have the ability of updating this app rather quickly with up to 10minute video it’s a three star app. Kind regards.
Superb! However...
by Autocorduser on 2018/05/25 01:38
This is an amazing app with some amazing templates to create absolutely stunning Instagram stories... HOWEVER, It is currently extremely unstable and needs some bugs squashed. The main bug I've come across is after creating a story when I close and reopen the app all of my content is randomly placed and all over the place. If this is fixed so that there is persistence with my layouts then I would definitely start using again. For now, I no longer trust it to maintain my designs and am sticking to VSCO to create borders for my Instagram story... It's not nearly as cool, but at least it works consistently. Thanks for the hard work, Unfold! But please squash some bugs soon!
Good app - close to great!
by TSanMateo on 2019/08/24 00:45
This app definitely helps you change the game for IG stories. It’s so much easier to build your narrative and also automatically helps show your photos in a polished way. There are a few tweaks that I would love help on from the developer: 1. It would be great to share or transport pages between different stories within the app instead of having to rebuild it. 2. It would also be good to see your full story in a grid or tiled format so you can see your layouts holistically or rearrange your pages. Right now, if you’ve built a long story, you have to shift the order slide by slide so it’s really laborious. 3. App access through different devices. I have all my app content on one device. I can not access this on my mini IPad or my second phone. Most apps you can access from multiple devices. 4. The ability to export into keynote versus just a pdf is a pipe dream. Hoping this is in the future scope. It will change the game for on the go recaps. Hope to get a developer response on this!
Amazing and very worth it
by The masks l on 2019/02/17 18:05
I absolutely love this app! Being a social media person for more than one organization, it is been a tremendous help when it comes to generating stories for both Instagram and Facebook. I love that it expands your options with different templates and numerous font styles. The only thing that I do not like about this app is that it only saves 15 second video clips. So if I have a video that’s a minute long, I have to hope and pray that I can cut it at the right spot to make a smooth Transition when I bring it over to the app. I would truly give this app a fifth star if we were able to save longer videos!
Needs UI adjustments
by _raesin on 2018/04/23 15:36
Firstly, the app itself is great and simple to use (mostly). However, there are a few UI adjustments that need to be made. Font size - Please make this bigger. Universally on the web and in mobile the font size should be a minimum of 17-22px per Apple/Google’s HCI guidelines. My eyes strain when trying to read action items especially with the dark background. Contrast - Again, for accessibility please make things with more contrast. Some of the grays don’t work (like choosing a collage template) it kinda blends in together and I have trouble discerning a few of these. Sizing - Make buttons least 44px width and height. Some of the tap areas require me to push constantly because the target area is too small. Overall, things need to be adjusted a bit. The design of the app itself is great in it's simplicity but things are too small all around. I hope that the creator of this app reads up on accessibility and some form of minimum design standards for mobile. If/when these things are adjusted the experience of using it would be better!
Great app when it works.
by Cmona44 on 2018/01/17 08:28
I love the app, when it works. When Im creating a multi page story with a lot of images the app slows down a lot. By three pages of images (two on each page at max) load times become a noticeable issue. If I add any more pages or pictures the app crashes before It can load them. It wont even allow me to download a story without crashing. Im currently on IOS 11.2.5 on an Iphone 7. Other that that issue the app is really good. The layouts are clean and minimal but also creative. Just wish you could “transform” the image boxes to shape them to the orientation of an image for a better crop.
My go-to story app!
by Luxotica13 on 2019/04/05 00:00
I usually just stick to the free stuff, but this app deserves every penny I’ve spent so far. I’m super pleased that there is no watermark, and the new template packages that they release are usually about $1-$2, and well worth the money. My main concern: Every time I fall in love with an app, the developers get greedy and toss in a watermark & monthly subscription to keep the watermarks off. I REALLY really hope that doesn’t happen with this app. I buy upgrades. Grandfather customers like me please, if you ever do decide to do that 🙏🏽
I love it!
by FreitD on 2018/12/11 02:19
This app is so tasteful, and allow you to keep memories and create stories in very simple and elegant way. As mentioned before by others, it a pity that there is no option to share the book/story as a proper book/story, online or in print. If the app would only partner with one of the photo book apps, shutterfly for instance, you would make so much from people like me, who spent 3 hours creating a story book with the best moments of my kids in the year, and now I don’t have a practical way of printing it in a proper album format. Overall, congratulations on the beautifully created app!
packages/crop ratio
by Nati Aramburo on 2019/06/03 02:43
I love this app so much !! It’s amazing to use for stories to create a consistent timeline of posts. The way the app is organized is quick to figure out and easy to post straight to social media. I just wish it had more template options released more frequently. Also, the ration for the pictures is perfect for stories, but not to post on regular social media apps. If it had a square option, a 5:7 portrait mode, and 5:3 landscape mode option I would be more than happy to use it as I post without having to find another app to rotate and crop, etc.
Just what I wanted!
by sha_gey on 2018/11/07 05:06
I had looked and looked for an app that would make a simple, classic collage for my Instagram stories. This app is EXACTLY what I was looking for! It gives a variety of templates that you can choose from whether you want one picture or multiple pictures. I also love that you can make an entire story before saving the images to your phone. Helps me keep track of what images I’ve already used and what order I want to post them in. Just awesome!
Great app but...
by ChristinaM1288 on 2018/12/19 22:18
Wish there was a way to swap out templates for another after selecting a picture when the first selected template isn’t a good fit with the picture once you see them together. Currently you have to delete the page and then select a new template then finally select the picture again. It would just be faster and more convenient if there was an option to continuously swap templates. ALSO! There should be a way to resize the white boxes on the templates. One size does not always work for every picture.
Love it, unique
by WaveSincere on 2018/09/12 16:08
I love it, this is such a unique app to me as you let us have a lot of choices in order to create. This is the only app that I’ve found that doesn’t have us pay for things that the app is for. I would say there’s nothing else like this. And the things we can pay for are only $1 or $2, and we get so much and things that should be worth more.(plz don’t make it more). This is how you make an app, and what your actually supposed to do. Thank You
Love love this app but...
by amburr1994 on 2019/10/12 14:56
I had this app on my galaxy and had purchased many of the the different templates within the app and had used this for editing all of the Instagram stories. I love this app so much, it’s beautiful and easy to navigate but.... my galaxy was due for update to I decided to get the new iPhone only to realize now all my purchases are useless and I can’t restore them. How freakin ridiculous is that. I refuse to have to pay again. They need to make it where you can have an account for the email that you used so that you can easily use on any device that supports the app not just on the device it was purchased on.
Minor concern
by summerleesan on 2018/10/27 00:02
I’ve been using this for two weeks and it’s perfect for minimalistic stories. UI and general functionality are great; however, after purchasing the CS2 pack, I noticed that although some template previews show rounded corner frames, the actual template did not have rounded corner frames. Slight disappointment but at least I did not spend a lot of money. On that note, I think in future versions you should consider making the frame dimensions and styles editable or at least ensure the template previews match the actual templates.
Keyboard still appear after done editing
by Megabanjarsari on 2018/09/07 05:16
I'm using IPhone 5S. This app works wonder at first but After unfold updated this app which can changing colors and can add text everywhere, the app kept get stuck. It stuck when I wrote some texts, after I done edit that text, my keyboard still appear obviously making me hard to edit another page because almost all other buttons covered by the keyboard. Was it only happened to my phone?
Love this app!!!
by DivinePegasi on 2018/03/05 05:31
I just got this app a day ago and I am already in love! It works perfectly and allows me to document my travels in a more visually appealing way. However, I do have some suggestions for the app: - more fonts - the ability to only change one word’s font instead of the whole text box changing - ability to resize the photo frame (for example, if the layout is a square photo and I have a lot of space above/below it, I might want to extend it a bit more) - ability to maybe add more text-boxes? - make it easier to move pages around, for example, hold down on the page and slide it to where you want instead of repeatedly pressing the arrows That’s all I can think of for now, but I can’t wait for more updates to come out! Hopefully there will be more packs/layouts coming soon too!!
Great but Memberships ??
by Nickiminaj12 on 2019/07/08 01:42
I really love unfold & I know that alot of apps are starting to dedicate themselves to only giving the best features to those paying for memberships. I really hope you guys will still allow customers to pay for items individually when they want instead of forcing them to upgrade to a monthly membership in order to get new stuff. I would hate to have to find another app because I really love this one out them all.
Amazing App, Beautiful Design
by mobilephotographerdude on 2018/07/10 19:42
First off I love this app. It’s design is appealing and their templates are definitely well worth the money. Their tools are pretty easy to learn and are very efficient. My only complaint/request is to be able to see the parts of the photos that are outside the frame, as partially transparent or otherwise. It’s really helpful for matching up a photo across multiple frames on a page for more abstract framing. I hope that made sense but overall, nice app, well done.
Best Story App
by NaomiStrange on 2019/07/15 13:07
I downloaded a few story apps but I only use Unfold because it’s the best. It adds such an interesting layer to my stories and makes everything look compelling. I’ve had many friends ask me what I’m using to create my stories. My stories feel more like an intimate, curated blog, than just photos. I love how you can tell a story using Unfold. I love Unfold soooo much I was very happy when they offered the subscription service. I am definitely a happy subscriber!
the best
by KatieBugMarie on 2019/06/26 20:38
I’ve been using Unfold for months now. Recently, I downloaded a few other story building apps to give them a go. Unfold by far is the easiest to use. I have all of the templates and use each on a regular basis. However, I just got a new phone. When redownloading templates, I realized that the 2018 year in review collection was not reimported. Is it possible to get that back? There’s a couple templates from that collection I use regularly. Thank you!
Good app BUT
by Chinidoll on 2019/01/26 17:42
There is not a lot of customization! You have to pay for all of the options that you want...which I don’t necessarily mind BUT if I am going to have to pay I would like the option to choose the color scheme I want and have the option to custom the sizes of certain templates. With this app there are only 5 colors to choose from and if your brand colors is not one of those colors then you’re just out of luck. You can’t resize the actual templates...which is sad. Other than that the app is okay! If it had both of those options I’d rate the app a 5!
by RasRaven on 2019/01/27 19:24
I have an iPhone X running 12.1.2. For me, the story does not save as a story. It saves as a series of photos unrelated to each other. Was hoping to build it and then be able to post the whole thing at once. Hope this will be the direction. Now for the good parts! I have been totally immersed in the artistic features of this app since the download. So much fun, so stimulating. A great provoker of inspiration. Very artistic and beautiful. One of those apps you hope no one else discovers so you just look like a genius. 😎 Love it
Love it - just a few things to add though
by Babenco on 2018/08/04 14:21
I love this app very much, it’s simple and clean - just what I am all about. I wish we had though the option to modify some of the templates like adding a frame or removing a frame or adding a photo in the background when it’s not an option and use a slider to decide how transparent that photo would be . Today I wanted to have an horizontal frame simple with another photo background and I couldn’t find one .
Clean, Fast, + Simple Design
by missjessicanne124 on 2019/02/16 19:45
It was my first day creating a story on Unfold! I collected all of my images and added them into the clean UI! It is SO much fun to use! I love the available fonts and style options! You can highlight and edit your text to make it stand out. There is a great color selection to make your design match with your brand. Looking forward to diving deeper to see the other stylized options Unfold has available —clean, fast, + simple!
Love this app, solves my stories organizing
by JustBrowsing123 on 2018/09/14 06:18
Thank you so much for this app. It solves my problem of organizing my stories ahead of time for easy download and posting. I’m not a stories everyday person, so this is a Godsend. Plus all the templates are great!! If you could add a basic template with no border, that would be a request. That way I can drop in boomerangs and other videos that I want to fill the whole page — it would help to break up the story feed all in one app. Also, once you start a story sequence, can you switch around the pages order? If not, that would be a request. Finally, if you could expand the color palette for the backgrounds so that it functions like Instagram with a dropper tool and full color wheel, would be another requested feature. Thanks!!
Cool app - Would love to see advanced features
by travels2 on 2019/02/13 03:41
This is a cool app with beautiful design. I would love to see some advanced features and a higher resolution option than just 1080 if I’m paying for packs. I’ll probably buy a few more of the packs anyway but I’d like to see high res at some point. Would also like the option to just bundle all purchases for a better price. I’m curious to see where the creators take this app next.
Frustrated - Updated
by Annoyed x1000 on 2018/10/22 14:17
Everything was going great. I was using this app daily but suddenly three days ago, the app stopped uploading pics to templates. I’ve tried finding a way to contact app support and get help but it’s super difficult to find...if it’s even there at all, I still haven’t found it. A big bummer. :-( UPDATE: This issue has been resolved and I’m so happy to be able to once again be using Unfold daily.
Good but tedious
by Action Pants! on 2018/11/02 03:33
I started using this tonight to create prettier Instagram stories. It's pretty easy to use and I like having fun designing but here are some requests: - Duplicate previous creations. I don't like having to recreate the wheel each time for projects that will maintain a consistent template. - I noticed that when the copy gets a little lengthy it won't allow me to edit it. I can't get my cursor to the end of the sentence to delete characters. I have to first make the font much smaller then resize so it's time consuming.
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