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Sideline Champion
Sideline Champion is a new, unique and effective football (American) play charting app for iPad which provides the opportunity and ability for coaches to create a playbook, chart plays called during a game, analysis of the called plays, and allow for real time sideline video to be taken and shared between the press box and the coaches on the field. Effectively analyzing game performance is essential for the success of any football club/team. Sideline Champion makes this process simple and easy by allowing you to create a playbook, live chart play call, analysis the called plays and take a real-time sideline video, which can then be either watched instantly during game or share to the coaching crew. Every professional coach who wants to work successfully needs to make use of the best technology available to analyze a game. Sideline Champion app is such a tool because it is easy to handle and it delivers immediate feedback to the other coaching crew during the live match- other coaches can therefore join heads together to make a fast, positive decision. Sideline Champion app allows you to get all the data you want at the game. Get it done live at the game, then sync it with your video and share it instantly to other coaches. Sideline Champion app will enable you to adjust your play calling from series to series, half to half to take advantage of what the other team is giving or fix problems they are exposing. So whether you are a beginner trying to learn the basics of football coaching or you are a professional football coach, manager, or scout, looking to optimize performance techniques during a game for positive result, Sideline Champion app is the best app for you! It would give you an easy way to chart (or write down) what your team is doing on either offense or defense, then you can analyze the game instantly and share with your coaching staff. Typically another coach may hand-write this information, but it can be time consuming, inaccurate and tedious for someone who's never done it before. Top Features - Live play charting: Easily chart (or write down) what the opposing team is doing on either offense or defense without wasting your time with pen and paper. - Live Analysis: Analysis of a live football has never been so easy. Sideline Champion app will make you become a pro!! - Instant sideline video: Simply take and view instant video on the sideline within seconds using Sideline champion app. - Share instant Video: Ready to share your real time sideline video to the press box and the coaches on the field. It is very easy to send and watch your videos everywhere and anywhere and on a variety of devices. - Extremely lightweight and addictive app that will not take much space in your device. - Well designed, easy Navigation Interface - Many more features. Sideline Champion offers real time tracking software for an annual fee of $74.99 with a 30 day trial. The length of the subscription is 12 months and can be renewed again the following year. For more information regarding our terms of service and privacy policy please see the following links. Terms of Service - Privacy Policy - This is a must try out football play charting app for all great coaches. You have to professionally play chart the game and derive wining strategies instantly to prove the world that you are a genius in the game of soccer!! Download Sideline Champion now! Entertaining game charting with unlimited success guaranteed!!