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Flora - Green Focus
Flora is a new way to stay off your phone, clear to-do lists, and build positive, life-changing habits. Whenever you want to make progress towards your goals, plant a seed in Flora. As you work hard, the seed will grow into a healthy tree. Let the tree be your coach and grow yourself with it. You will be amazed by how great you can be. FOCUS TREES Have trouble putting down the phone? Flora blocks distracting apps in a pleasant way to help you focus on what’s more important in real life. If you cannot resist the temptation of using your phone and leave the app while growing a tree, the tree will be killed! But if succeeding, you'll unlock new trees. DOUBLE EFFICIENCY WITH FRIENDS Things get even more interesting when you challenge your friends to plant trees together—you will see who kills a tree (ouch). However, if you successfully stay away from your phones together, each of you will win an additional tree from a random friend. You can also chat and share your progress to motivate each other and keep everyone on track.* * Flora is the original app for multi-user tree planting and delivers the best features that help you and your friends be productive. TO-DO LIST & WIDGET Flora is a to-do list, and more. Simply create a to-do item and set a reminder, then you will never forget a thing. Even better, you can tag your trees with a to-do item to easily track the progress towards each of your life goals. No matter if your goal is daily, weekly, or monthly, Flora will help you follow it through and achieve it. HABIT TRACKER Enjoy a rewarding daily habit routine. If you grow trees regularly, you will earn yourself a beautiful, vibrant garden. Take a look at it and feel proud of yourself! Each tree records your perseverance and a step towards a healthy life. You can also view the daily, weekly, or monthly statistics of your activities in Flora to find opportunities to improve your time-management and planning skills. REAL TREES, REAL IMPACT Why not plant REAL trees while improving yourself? Flora proudly offers the opt-in Price and Care services that let you plant real trees on the earth if you kill or successfully grow a tree in the app. We partner with tree-planting organizations in Africa and East Asia, such as the, to plant fast-growing soil rebuilding trees, fruit trees that diversify incomes and nutrition, and trees that can provide forage and fuel-wood. All these trees help make the earth greener and provide long-term financial aid to families who need it most. Sounds good? Download Flora and join our 2,000,000+ productive users now!
Todo widget not working
by rannickname on 2021/01/25 06:36
I have items on my todo list, but my widget is completely empty. No placeholder text or anything
Easy and helpful
by potatoecreampie on 2021/01/24 22:03
Flora is a fun and easy way to keep me focused
by Gwen_12347 on 2021/01/24 14:15
i just downloaded the app, haven’t even used it yet but on the app you can pledge money so if you kill your tree that’s how much gets taken from your account. i just thought that was so smart cause knowing me i’m not gonna lose $5,$10 etc.
Focusing 💖
by Manar.khaled on 2021/01/24 13:25
Great app
This is great
by StephSasso on 2021/01/24 01:43
Never have I ever experienced such efficiency in my daily life
Simple focus app with nice imagery!
by *smiles* :) :) :) on 2021/01/23 20:46
This app is very simple in nature but I like the imagery of growing plants and the fact that you get to grow new plants each time :)
by Macncheese200; on 2021/01/23 19:37
This app is super helpful in getting me to focus on just homework. I love plants so this works just perfectly.
Cute and effective app!
by meluhkneez on 2021/01/23 18:04
I love the timer function and how you can link tasks to each time set. Helps me keep on track of my Pomodoro study method. Really cute plant animations too. I would suggest an alarm function to help signify that time is up for the timed session .
No way to purchase flora care on the app?!
by Zahmahkibo on 2021/01/23 17:04
Flora care was advertised heavily when I first started but now, a month later, when I actually want to purchase it, it’s nowhere to be found in the app? I've literally clicked on every button on every page and nothing?
by jazzy1540 on 2021/01/23 16:37
I love this appp it help me have good study habits
by daisy1347 on 2021/01/23 04:03
I’d like the thank the creators of Flora for creating this app. I’ve been incredibly productive since I’ve started using it. To literally see the fruits of your labor after studying is so satisfying, rewarding, and motivating. Also, the fact that you can’t use your phone or else you’ll kill a tree is fantastic. To see my name followed by “killed a tree” makes me so sad, and that guilt trip is enough to make me continue studying. I’ve recommended it to so many of my friends. Truly amazing.
Helps me stay focused
by Sfgmenfan on 2021/01/22 18:32
Flora has helped me motivate myself and practice focusing on one task at a time.
Excellent Focus Tool
by dagny71 on 2021/01/22 18:10
I’m in nursing school and this app helps me stay focus.
by EveV21 on 2021/01/22 17:32
This app is superb! Essential!
Widget not updating
by Danilovespoems on 2021/01/22 12:47
I absolutely love this app and the widget created for iOS 14! However, my widget has stopped updating. I recently changed my canvas background and I’m not sure if that messed with it? I’ve tried force closing the app and reopening it but the widget is still not updating. Please fix this!! It’s the only reason I’m not leaving five stars. :)
great for students with attention issues
by FIX IT BREAKTIME STUDIOS on 2021/01/22 09:30
the past few years i’ve had a HORRIBLE attention span and often feel the need to fidget or check my phone even if i don’t get a notification while i’m in the middle of something important. unlocking my phone to see a peaceful little plant has helped to ease my nerves and keep me focused while studying :)
so helpful
by helloyoudontknowmeokok on 2021/01/22 05:43
Staying focused + planting trees. If this isn’t the perfect combination then i don’t know what is
love it!
by ashpoyo on 2021/01/22 00:26
helps me have some accountability to focus more. would love an apple watch app (one of the main differences between this and forest)
by goldenastroid on 2021/01/21 22:48
it’s a very useful app and it’s really helps boost productivity and focus
Would Be Perfect
by Irishheiler on 2021/01/21 20:03
This app would be a perfect 5 stars if the widgets worked and had the ability to refresh. Plus it would be nice for it to be easier to rearrange the to do list.
by RB2k17 on 2021/01/21 16:21
love this app
Nice app
by Yangziyang on 2021/01/21 15:41
Very beautiful app
do a good deed while you focus
by kedgre on 2021/01/21 03:36
plant trees while focusing on my daily tasks? yes please!
by htenny1 on 2021/01/20 23:27
i have adhd and this app helps me to focus while taking my college courses.
Love it. Just obsessed 😍
by liv'n the life 🎡🎢🎠 on 2021/01/20 21:23
It almost forces me to get off my phone and do whatever I need to get done. I have killed one tree, cuz I needed to text my mom or something, idk, and it didn’t let me pause (which is my only complaint), so I had to kill the tree :( I felt so ashamed no joke I felt so guilty 😂 Nonetheless, this app is worth downloading. I spent 2 hours cleaning my closet thanks to this app. It’s so organized now thank G-d. Thanks 4 the BEST APP EVA!
Love it.❤️
by DOLLAHEEZY on 2021/01/20 19:48
I really love the UI, as it is fairly simple to use and actually has an unlimited amount of trees you can plant, with the payment. Definitely enjoy this app.
So helpful!!
by Shishter Addy on 2021/01/20 17:01
Doing online school can be hard since there are so many distractions! A distraction that’s hard for many of us are our phones!! Flora has helped me get so much work done and not get distracted!!
Please fix this
by Haruka Tsukiko on 2021/01/20 16:40
Hard to focus on my task when I need to constantly tap my screen to keep my device on from inactivity. Makes me very frustrated when my tree dies because I stay focused and forgot to tap the screen, or when I can’t stay focused because of my constant need to keep my device on.
v helpful
by kandiss bree on 2021/01/20 03:21
this app is the only thing that keeps me accountable—i feel so bad when i kill a tree that i force myself to be honest and work until the timer runs out. i also appreciate how anti-distracting the app is. there are apps that try to help you learn how to stay focused, but there is so much going on in them that you waste time on the app that was created to help you not do that. not to mention the cool feature that allows to you plant trees irl (*guys!! the app doesn’t auto-charge you for this, nor are there any automatically recurring fees! 🤩 alas! you don’t have to go broke to achieve your goals!!!)
Love it!
by Kekewawa11 on 2021/01/19 23:45
It’s rly does help me focus💕
Love it
by Jkim2000 on 2021/01/19 20:36
Super helpful for focusing in class and while doing other activities
by ButterMuffinPie!!!!! on 2021/01/19 19:50
Really gets you to focus and do what you planned to do
Seems cool
by zigsamjam on 2021/01/19 15:07
Helps me put my phone down.
by Hҽӏӏօ Ҽѵҽɾվօղҽ😎 on 2021/01/19 02:16
Pretty good app. It’s worked for me
by Kanto2021 on 2021/01/19 01:44
If it had iPad, Watch, and MacBook apps it would be 5 stars for me
love it!
by the ttttteeeeeeaaaa🍵🍵🍵 on 2021/01/18 20:10
flora is a great app that helps me stay focused. Every month, I have a 3 page paper to memorize and this helps me get it done!
Very helpful in several ways!
by Charliecharrr on 2021/01/18 19:10
The app is very creative, intuitive and pleasant to use. It really motivates me to focus on my tasks and not get distracted. My favorite part is that I can put it to use when I’m working and it contributes to a great cause by planting trees that can help families around the world. I just wish there was a way to add a bit more detail when a task is finished
Great study aide
by Buddy9195 on 2021/01/18 16:40
As someone who is easily distracted, this app has been extremely helpful. Locking my phone and making me pay if I mess with it makes sure that I finish the study block without distraction.
This is a good app
by 0,) 5.tsd on 2021/01/18 12:31
This app really helps me focus. If I lose focus and go off the the flora app my tree will die and it makes me feel so bad. You can also grow different types of trees and travel the world. The best part is that it’s free.
Awesome app!
by xulbbat on 2021/01/18 04:56
I’m excited about this app. I hate this age of phone addiction. I really do! And I hate that I’m sucked into it. I want to cut back on phone time, but sometimes I just don’t have the willpower. Somehow, knowing that I’m helping plant trees around the world and that if I exit the app prematurely I will kill my tree really helps me to focus on what I need to do instead of looking at my phone every few seconds or minutes.
Nursing student
by ortiona on 2021/01/18 02:00
It’s really great to help you set time in the day to focus on stuff.
Pretty cool.
by Kalbarracin on 2021/01/17 21:39
It helps keep me on track, but it does make me sad when I kill a tree by mistake (picking up a call).
love it
by youjoostlooked on 2021/01/17 17:36
helps me stay focused and be aware to stay off my phone during my set time period!
Great App
by Teagan.N. on 2021/01/16 18:44
I love this app so much! I really helps me focus on school work when needed.
Friendly Reminders
by scienceroolz on 2021/01/16 05:33
Honestly don't know how I would stay focused working from home without this app. The tiny reminder stopped me from phone browsing way more often than I thought. Will even get together over zoom with friends and study together, growing our gardens that much more!
Love it!
by Ariicy11 on 2021/01/16 01:14
Such a cool app! My niece told me about it as I love nature. Just beginning but love the concept and purpose.
A1 since Day 1
by zainab404 on 2021/01/15 23:35
Been using this app for a few years now, it’s straight quality. I’ve helped grow 3 real trees, helped me focus for almost 100 hours total. One feature I would like to see (not sure if it’s made yet), but a widget for my Lock Screen so that I can see my timer from there. Thanks for all the good you guys do
Amazing app
by 4tvybjmkhrs2tbu on 2021/01/15 22:24
I think flora is an amazing app. As a student I use it all the time to make sure I am on task. I definitely recommend it to people of all ages. Whether you are a student, teacher or just want to focus on something flora will always be there to help. So just download the app already.
Good app to help stay focused
by Ja-rah😘😍😉 on 2021/01/15 20:28
This app helps you stay focused and off your phone, all the whole planting trees
by aud on the quad on 2021/01/15 18:03
helps me focus and ya 😪😪😪
great app
by Ievekidhchbxksjsbhdhfhh on 2021/01/15 01:17
free version is great, but it’s only $1.99 to plant real trees totally worth it so far
by Fun girl 2123890 on 2021/01/14 23:25
i love this app!! it motivates me and keeps me focused!! plus, the plants are so cute:))
love it
by Gabbie JL on 2021/01/14 19:56
i love this app. helps a lot with online school.
by ashybash07 on 2021/01/14 19:49
great app
Love this app
by pencilpenstudent on 2021/01/14 17:19
My family time went up so much now I am closer with my family and my grads are straight A’s I love this app
A Dopamine Hit of Productivity — Supercharged! :)
by Body Soul Reboot on 2021/01/14 16:48
I love, love, LOVE everything about Flora — super intuitive to navigate, rewarding to use, aesthetically pleasing. I really appreciate the idea of leveraging Pomodoro Techniques with a playful and engaging garden to plant amongst a busy workday. The practical tracking features are great and I really enjoy the satisfying balance of watching colorful metaphorical seeds of my intentions and actions sprout, grow and blossom. Weirdly, it’s even helped me reconsider and reprioritize my to-dos — what’s essential, what’s just distracting busy work and what is truly important and valuable for me to invest my energy, attention and time? Such a pleasure to share it with my community and clients...they think it’s pretty amazing, too. My dopamine hits of Productivity just got an awesome upgrade — love it. I’m hooked! :)
super simple!
by sophieb55 on 2021/01/13 23:29
i love this app, it’s super easy to navigate and genuinely helps me focus and stay away from my phone.
by BZJSKKSKSKLWLS on 2021/01/13 21:08
this is honestly helping with my procrastination!!!
by Mayrina on 2021/01/13 19:10
This is such a great app🌿
Best Focus App I’ve found
by Angryconsumer1 on 2021/01/13 18:24
I’ve tried several different apps for focus and Flora is the best by far. Easy to use, pleasing to the eye, and customizable in many ways. I love designing a garden and exploring tours to uncover new plants. The only thing I would say is that I wish there were more tours. I know there are tons of plants out there. It was relatively easy for me to complete the few they have available.
Fun and useful
by ADotDuke on 2021/01/13 18:19
I like that the time is flexible and you can run podcasts in the background.
Best Study App
by PaulinaBarragan on 2021/01/13 09:43
I have tried a bunch of other apps like this to try to help me focus on studying/homework in intervals but none have worked as good as this one. It has an aesthetic look and feel and i genuinely love to use it. It’s also really motivating to grow more plants. 10/10 recommend.
by shirinkargozari on 2021/01/13 07:31
This app has literally saved my life !! My exams are coming and I wasn’t really motivated or focused to study so I decided to use this app , and I can’t be happier!! I’m so relieved now that I can study with high quality after a looo oo oong time !! +and also you can study with your friends and that’s really encouraging !
Tree is always killed
by Dan.dl on 2021/01/13 01:06
I’ve had this app for a while and it worked fine for a bit, but now whenever i grow a tree it will say I killed it. I’ve even gotten the notification that my tree has grown up successfully, only to open the app and see that I’ve killed it
Great for studying
by delainy420 on 2021/01/12 23:29
Keeps my hands off the phone
by hahahsgshbevddnnr on 2021/01/12 15:50
Developers help me, it is not sending a code to my email and the e-mail is correct so it won’t even let me in the app helpp !!
Kills Plants when my phone goes to sleep
by gigig061 on 2021/01/12 02:06
Idk if I’m using the app wrong (please tell me if there is a way to fix it) but when I shut my phone off or let the screen automatically time out it kills my plants. I don’t want to have to leave my phone on just to keep my plants alive that defeats the purpose of having the app. Thanks
by bereserrata on 2021/01/11 21:58
Love this app, it’s difficult to focus especially with social media and texting. This app however makes that extremely easy and do-able. Love it!!
My opinion
by K#*b on 2021/01/11 20:53
For me personally I hate how it shows that you killed a plant Vic it just gives me anxiety and makes me feel bad.Other than that it is a very good app!
Good App
by Chipper the Badger on 2021/01/11 15:46
I’ve only just started using this app but it’s been really good so far!
Great for student!!
by cmlm10 on 2021/01/11 15:45
I love flora. It has helped me become much more productive and helped me loose the need to look at my phone while i am studying. I also love this app because you can set goals and reminders for yourself. Flora also has a great cause into planting real trees!!
Good productivity
by Tam!123456 on 2021/01/11 01:52
I like seeing all the plants
Very helpful!
by Nicole-Ann R. on 2021/01/11 00:26
This helps keep me focused when studying and not get tempted to go on my phone.
Already more productive
by ACMountainClimber on 2021/01/10 23:27
First day and I can say that it has improved my achievements in measurable ways.
by fujgtfsbnjy on 2021/01/10 19:35
amazing app 🪴💗
by luna 🪴 on 2021/01/10 15:59
i’m an 8th grader who’s been struggling in online school. i constantly go on my phone during class & can’t focus. this app helps me stay off my phone and pay attention in class! it’s a great app and when you kill your plant it really makes you feel guilty. 🙇🏻‍♀️
Unlimited trees to be planted!
by eagleeyekat on 2021/01/10 14:38
I wanted something to keep me accountable while studying that would also give back in return for my study hours. I love Flora’s unlimited cap on the number of trees I can plant!! I regularly label study logs from my To-Do tab so I can stay on top of my various study goals. Super helpful, definitely recommend.
Please give us more tours
by Hugebear on 2021/01/10 11:16
Love the app, great for making it fun to stay focused. Once completing all the tours though it’s not nearly as interesting, and since the tours don’t even “reset” you don’t get the satisfaction of completing them again. Is this app continuing to be updated?
It’s Awesome!
by D_MRG on 2021/01/10 03:53
I personally love this app because staying off my phone is something I’m really trying to start doing right now and this app is great for that. I just started using it today and I already love it. I thought this app was a very unique and creative way to stay off your phone because you can learn about plants and just overall I thought growing trees was just very unique. I can’t think of anything negative about this app.
I love Sequoias as much as the next guy...
by Tacos427 on 2021/01/09 03:07
But I would really like to be able to grow a different plant! My sister and I like to use flora together and she started growing nothing but sequoias. I thought it was funny that she was growing a Forrest instead of a garden, but now it’s happening to me too and I’m having to eat my own words. I miss getting to see all of the different plants in my garden now that it has been overtaken by these trees, please fix this bug fast!
Game changer!
by Bryn 😍 on 2021/01/09 00:46
I have ADHD and have always struggled with focusing like most of us do in general. I’ve tried so many techniques to focus but nothing ever seems that effective. I’ve tried to delete apps but I’ll just redownload them or get distracted on the lamest apps just to avoid my work. This app has helped me be conscious about picking up my phone when I should be working and it helps me keep track of time. The best part is helping the planet! I always want to do more and be a humanitarian or some kind but that can be difficult as a college student with a job. I paid the $10 so I can do as much good for the earth while doing the same for myself. I also like this app personally more than forest or other apps because you have the ability to grow more irl trees. I just started this app this week and it’s already helped a lot!! Thank you!
Great study aid, but could be better!
by FabCricket on 2021/01/08 19:49
The interface is lovely, which is always key for me. The 25 minutes of focus and 5 minute break cycle works well with my ADD and the research for that method is solid. I would love to be able to set up a continuous flow plan. As in 25 on task A, 5 break, 25 on task B, etc so I can be more intentional about larger chunks of time. I need this because my time management is not awesome, so having to rely on it after every focus period is a losing battle. I like the task tabs and scheduled alerts as they allow me to set intentions for my focus period and track my to do list for the day and week. Sadly, if I start the task early the alerts pop up anyway, this time WITH the audio alert, interrupting my flow. I love the subscription idea that allows us to “do good” while doing the right thing, although I haven’t tried it.
Pretty good
by Tsukishima Kei on 2021/01/08 17:04
The app is pretty good
Life saving
by sjdjxjisks on 2021/01/08 05:00
As said in title
Best app for easily distracted minds like me!
by Whejreheh on 2021/01/07 19:26
I’m a busy mom balancing nursing school, work, home life and social life so distractions are naturally always around me. I have a terrible time leaving my phone down while studying. After I found this app all of that changed! Growing my own forest by putting my phone aside for the study time I choose gives me more motivation to stay focused and get s#it done! Love this app.
by Alirezara on 2021/01/07 18:12
It bring me discipline and overthrew me
Doesn’t Work When Screen Locks
by ARMCHA1RGENERAL on 2021/01/07 15:51
As soon as my screen turns off, I get a notification that I need to return to the tree. If I don’t , it does. I would have to constantly keep my screen on to use this app.
Actually helps
by sfoxyy on 2021/01/07 12:03
I’m in school, and my phone is the worst distraction. Using this app helps a lot to keep me off my phone!
Best focus helper app ever!
by absolute zero. on 2021/01/07 04:02
It is great! I love how it incorporates team work and competition to keep me motivated!
Amazing app
by vu10 on 2021/01/07 01:03
I love Flora. If you are looking for an app that lets you be more productive this is the app for you. If you know that you procrastinate things and go on your phone instead of doing them Flora is perfect for you. Flora is an app that you make a to do list then you put a specific time to do it and abracadabra it shoes u a seed that as time passes starts becoming a 🌲 tree. Once your time is done you will have your tree added to your collection. You can even add friends and be in the same “world” together. Overall Flora is an AMAZING 🤩 app and I would 20/10 recommend.
by bsbshshvaba on 2021/01/06 23:48
Very helpful
by Not your mother 696969 on 2021/01/06 22:35
It’s so sad to see the dead little plant stumps. I wouldn’t dare touch my phone.
Study app
by MedSurgOR107203 on 2021/01/06 21:05
My boyfriend uses this app and then I became interested and I think it is helpful for me to focus on studying while keeping the entertainment apps on my phone, so Imm not distracted or tempted to use them.
by elise dune on 2021/01/06 19:09
I truly enjoy this app. It’s so motivating to get things done and what I like to do is I like to post but I finished and it makes me feel so accomplished. I truly love this app, and if you have trouble focusing this is the app for you!🤗
Love it <3
by Vpivaral on 2021/01/06 00:11
I like it! It helps me stay focused while studying:)
Effective and fun!
by jMAOO on 2021/01/05 22:08
I’ve used many different productivity timer type apps and even some that lock me out of my phone for the duration. I’ve stopped using all of those because it was either too restrictive or too lax. Flora is the perfect happy medium - no one wants to kill a tree even if it’s a cartoon one! That alone seems to motivate me enough to not switch to any other app on my phone during a timed session, unless I absolutely have to take a call or something. I like that I can be flexible in the work time I choose, so as to not stick to rigid time intervals such as pomodoro timers. And it’s just so pleasant to “travel” around the world and plant different things. I have also opted to pay for the “plant a real tree” option for a certain number of hours worked. That’s so creative and inspiring! Thanks for designing an awesome app. I wish there was a short pause function instead of all or nothing with killing the tree, but this is minor and not worth taking any stars off for.
by HallyRocks on 2021/01/05 16:05
This app really helps me focus and it makes me want to do my work knowing i&#39;ll be saving trees. It isn&#39;t hard to work the app and it makes my feel so accomplished and proud of myself to complete any work. Sometimes I struggle with motivation and this 100% helps. Thank you flora!
by Clariate1 on 2021/01/05 15:36
Used for one day so far, it’s helping me to put down my phone for a predetermined period of time. Now I can measure it! And you can also track your todos which you can schedule as habit reminders. Only confusing thing is, I’m not sure if the app sets goals for you or if it’s all set led
Helps keep me motivated
by AK in AZ on 2021/01/05 15:21
This app is really useful for making monotonous work a little more motivating. Being able accumulate new plants and see graphs of how much you’ve done is a little bit of encouragement when I work on long term tasks that’s don’t have immediate gratification.
Great Overall App
by eshermz on 2018/09/25 09:38
I started using Flora in the middle of August at the beginning of my senior year of college, and apparently, I’ve studied/stayed focused for over 100 hours! Which is great because I was recently diagnosed w/ severe ADHD. This app has been such a useful tool in helping me actually put my phone down and focus on my schoolwork. Not only that, but seeing exactly where my time goes when I do study via the convenient “tags” feature helps me to efficiently plan out my days so I know exactly how much time I need to spend on which subject. However, my only questions/concerns are a.) can you only have 6 tags? I’ve tried to make more, but I can’t find a way to create a new tag or even delete old ones. Even just adding a section about this to the FAQs would be really helpful; b.) sometimes I’ll set a timer, and since Flora has gotten me used to not checking my phone for 1+ hour(s) at a time, I’ll go back an hour or so later to check how much time I have left to find that the app reset, and all that progress I made was lost! This can be very frustrating especially when I’m specifically trying to study a certain amount of hours per day. Other than that, great app; thanks to the developers for helping me stay focused this year!!
Needs some fixes
by jpomarino on 2018/08/29 18:21
I love the concept behind this app, but I’ve experienced some problems with it in the past. For example, there are times when I spend 40-90 minutes studying and once the timer is up, I’m directed toward a “connection failure” menu even when I’m connected to the Internet. This screen will not disappear until I close and refresh the app, which prevents me from earning the time spent on my different goal trackers. At times, when I open the app after the timer goes off, there are messages saying that one of my tress was killed, even when my phone remained untouched the whole time. It would also be helpful if there was a “0 minutes” mark when planting a tree for when people want to focus for exactly one or two hours. Maybe you could also add minutes that are not just multiples of five for those that need to concentrate for a very specific amount of time. This last point is not a flaw but something I would like to see in the app. As a busy student, I like to keep track of multiple aspects of my life, and I would like this app to have more than just six goal trackers if it were possible. It would be truly beneficial as there are some aspects of my life I’d like to monitor too besides my six main ones. This app has helped me a lot in concentrating on my homework and studying during the summer and with some fixes, it could be even better.
EDIT: Thank you!
by Yums3286 on 2020/09/15 17:02
Thank you SO MUCH for adding other login options than facebook. I’ve been loving the app so far, and I’ve gotten so many things done today. It’s cool how you added the Sign-In With Apple option, too. Now I don’t have to download a paid app to get all the nice features that this app has. Thanks again! I’ve been waiting to use this app for almost a year now, since I’m only in middle school and can’t download the paid Forest app and don’t have a Facebook account to log in to this app. It’s kind of annoying that when I found this app I was like “FINALLY I’VE FOUND IT,” but then realized that I couldn’t even log in. Now it’s been 12 months and still you have not released another email option. Is it supposed to take this long? I know I’m being impatient, but you’re blocking out so many users because of the limit you put on them. You shouldn’t expect students to have Facebook, anyway. So many people are in need of this app, and I’ve signed up for the email notification and everything. Please, please release this option as soon as you can. I’m almost in high school, and this app will be so beneficial in helping me stay focused. Thanks!
by _cloudia_ on 2018/08/20 15:17
I really love this app; it’s helped me be so productive, haha. It’s simple but works really well. The Grand Tour feature is also really cool! Plus, I like how you can set goals and how many hours you want to focus on the goal, although it would be nice to be able to reset the goals like every week or something. Another idea is maybe to have an option where you can silence notifications from other apps while planting a tree, because I know those lock screen text notifications can be very tempting, haha. Also, it would be cool if a timer could be added to your phone’s lock screen while planting so you know how much time you have left. Or maybe a widget. Finally, I think there’s a glitch of what plants I planted? When I planted one orange, it somehow duplicated and replaced other existing plants so now I have three oranges instead of the just one orange that I planted. I don’t mind that much though, since it still looks very nice, haha. Overall, I love the concept of this app and how it lets me channel my inner focus!
If you struggle with procrastination GET THIS NOW.
by TACOS FOR ME!!!!!! on 2020/11/13 22:51
Stop reading download this app right now then come read this review. Done? Ok let’s start. I struggle with procrastination, lets be honest, we all do. As a high schooler , college student , and eldest immigrant daughter, it’s hard to motivate yourself. You have so much on your mind and you slowly sweep into this pool of emptiness. It’s hard to get back in track and keep pushing. This app really helped me with that. To push away pleasure from games and texting and just focus on work. We tend to avoid things when we are stressed, but then end up in regret right before a due date. This app rewards your studying (and good habits) and helps you get back on track. It’s refreshing to see your plant grow at the end of your progress. The Friends feature is motivating. You get to see your friends progress and their little garden. The feature where both you and your friend get a shared time and if one of you goes on an app for too long... the tree dies. It helps keep both of you in check and be responsible. Quite funny when they kill the plant on purpose just for sh**s and giggles HAHAHAHAH!!! Anyways, even if you aren’t a student and just want to just sit down read a book or work on a personal project, this is a great helper! It’s free download it and explore it yourself! For a new app, it is almost perfect. I’m quite excited to see what they have in store for us. I don’t have any problems with it yet! Enjoy~❤️
Couple bugs
by Effy_wolf on 2018/05/29 23:59
Pros: really does help me and my sister to focus on our work together and overall a really helpful app with lots of nice features. The all around the world feature is by far my favourite as well as the group planting aspect. Very helpful app overall if you just want to get off you phone. Cons: there are a couple bugs which I feel need to be addressed. One is that sometimes when logging in with Facebook it’ll say the login isn’t associated with a account but opening the page in safari seems to let you log in as normal. Another con is the fact that it’s Facebook only but I understand that the team is looking at adding more options soon so it’s not that big a deal. Just a small feature I would like is for me to see on my lock screen the time remaining as a notification so that I don’t have to unlock my phone but that’s just a nitpick. Overall: the app works great and gets the job done. Obviously there are downsides which many people see as having a big impact, but personally if you don’t mind using an old Facebook or making a throwaway one, it helps a lot and I would highly recommend.
Effective and fun!
by jMAOO on 2021/01/05 22:08
I’ve used many different productivity timer type apps and even some that lock me out of my phone for the duration. I’ve stopped using all of those because it was either too restrictive or too lax. Flora is the perfect happy medium - no one wants to kill a tree even if it’s a cartoon one! That alone seems to motivate me enough to not switch to any other app on my phone during a timed session, unless I absolutely have to take a call or something. I like that I can be flexible in the work time I choose, so as to not stick to rigid time intervals such as pomodoro timers. And it’s just so pleasant to “travel” around the world and plant different things. I have also opted to pay for the “plant a real tree” option for a certain number of hours worked. That’s so creative and inspiring! Thanks for designing an awesome app. I wish there was a short pause function instead of all or nothing with killing the tree, but this is minor and not worth taking any stars off for.
by Dawncermcd on 2019/11/23 20:49
After just two days of using this app, I can finally say I have found a tool that actually helps me focus. I love the incentive of planting trees, it is an incentive outside myself which is more motivating than a cup of coffee. I feel that with each plant added to my personal garden I am working to make a difference! The reason I didn’t give this app a 5 star rating is the lack of alarm when the goal has been met. It doesn’t seem to have one (or I just can’t find it). I like to break up my tasks in smaller increments which this app does wonderfully, but it doesn’t alert me to when I need to take a break or switch to a new task. Ultimately, I have found myself working for an hour instead of 25 minutes (who CJ is GREAT, don’t get me wrong), but it also doesn’t show a true reflection of my focus and doesn’t show me true progress toward my goal. I’d love to have the option for a notification. (If it’s there, please point me in the right direction!).
Love the idea
by etruhart on 2019/01/02 19:30
One of the first things I did with this app was set aside time to read a personal book. The timer is a really easy way to focus on one thing at a time and get an idea of how much time you need for certain activities. I love that they include Flora Care which is a charity you can donate to and in exchange a certain number of hours logged in the app translates to a real tree planted. However the only way you are able to use the app is if you have a Facebook account, I haven’t used my Facebook in months but was lucky enough to remember my login. Although after only a couple days of using the app I was told I needed to log back in to Facebook and was redirected to a Facebook security measure asking for a photo of my face -after this i was told i had to wait for the photo to be reviewed before i could log back in. It would be much easier to use an account that I use more readily such as gmail, or even the option to create a new Flora account not necessarily connected to another social media
The best tree timer app on the market
by Maxcnw on 2020/08/28 20:40
Great app to help me stay focused while doing my necessary reading. I’ve always had problems concentration, but that has been made worse since the COVID quarantine and my reliance on phones/computers. It had gotten to the point where I would sit down with a book or something and within minutes I would be back on my phone checking something or responding to someone without realizing that I was no longer reading or doing my task. Now, I automatically pick up my phone and I’m gently reminded that I’m working on something else. Plus, after paying a few bucks, there’s an added benefit of slowly working towards a tree donation. I think that helps me stay concentrated, the award of getting my little digital plant as well as working towards a real tree. It’s worth a download to try and it’s definitely better than the app charging money to do something similar.
Seems good but don’t have Facebook
by A Friedly User on 2019/05/06 02:02
Update:it’s May 5 of 2019 and you STILL DONT HAVE A EMAIL LOGIN OR ANY OTHER LOGIN ALTERNATIVE. You say you’ll add it as soon as possible but you updated the app last week and still NO EMAIL LOGIN. Just look at your negative reviews for 5 SECONDS and you’ll see that’s all we want. I have it as 4 stars in hopes that you will see this. You guys say that you’re “working on email login” but it’s been months. Why is it taking so long. Almost all your low star ratings are because it’s Facebook only. This isn’t good for your business because people won’t use the app because of Facebook login only. You might be working on it but make it a priority. I don’t want to use forest cause it cost $ and I just want to be productive. I understand it takes time to implement this but people have been asking since AT LEAST 2017, I didn’t scroll further cause it was long. Most apps that have sign ins have email function so why is it taking so long. At least give us an explanation
Facebook mandate
by AletheaAy on 2018/06/05 00:50
Flora is a great app and concept, I’m not sure if this or Forest: stay focused, came first but either way I appreciate the idea and the fact that this app is free makes it accessible. It truly does help my workflow. However the face that you HAVE to log in with a Facebook account is annoying and frankly a huge turn off to a lot of users, especially those in the 16-24 range I imagine. If the app wants folx to plant seeds together consider looking into airplay compatibility or simply generating share codes for long distance collaboration. Finally and this is a minor note, I used one other app similar to this and one of the touches I appreciated was as you racked up more time you unlocked different plants and could get an overview of your ‘garden.’ Perhaps integrating these features would veer to close to a copy right infringement. I’m not sure. But overall flora gets the job done it’s highly customisable in terms of time and relatively intuitive; though I will say returning to the planting screen after finishing a session isn’t the smoothest transition. 3/5 keep going !
Idk what’s happening.....
by Amylyn Brooks on 2020/12/07 19:51
So I got this app literally TODAY. My sister recommended it to me and said it is a great app. So I downloaded it. I got some work done with it and it really does help me. But then after I completed my second session of using the app, it wouldn’t load anything. Then after not doing anything, it randomly took me through the tutorial. I was so confused because I had already made an account and gone to through the tutorial already. Then when I go to check my account, it has no info. No name, no email. So I log out. Every time I go to log in it just stops at the same page. It says something about needing to put in my email again to verify. I put in my email and then I press verify. NOTHING HAPPENS. I go to press verify again and the same thing. I have tried going through the “Continue With Google “ and I have done the “Continue With Email” and both of them end up on the same thing. I have no idea how to fix it. It seems like a great app (I have read your reviews) but I can’t seem to be able to log in to use it.
Good, but a bit buggy
by MissJubilee on 2018/04/22 16:45
I love how this app encourages me to put down my phone and keep my hands off for a time. Also, a recent update lets me plant while offline. And of course it’s cool that o can plant a real tree with a donation. However, there are still a lot of bugs in the basic functions. If I plant offline and then turn the WiFi on, or vice versa, the finished plant doesn’t show up in my garden. And if I open the app while offline, it often gives me a login page that requires me to turn the WiFi on again and log in via Facebook - which I’m usually not willing to do at that point, since my goal was to get OFF the phone and internet. Strangely, when I come back to the app with the internet on, later, it doesn’t require me to log in again, but goes straight to the planting screen. I really don’t think an app about putting down your phone should require any login, internet, or other special steps to use unless the user requests to make it a social event for that particular time. (It also requires a social use to get past level 9.)
Game changer!
by Bryn 😍 on 2021/01/09 00:46
I have ADHD and have always struggled with focusing like most of us do in general. I’ve tried so many techniques to focus but nothing ever seems that effective. I’ve tried to delete apps but I’ll just redownload them or get distracted on the lamest apps just to avoid my work. This app has helped me be conscious about picking up my phone when I should be working and it helps me keep track of time. The best part is helping the planet! I always want to do more and be a humanitarian or some kind but that can be difficult as a college student with a job. I paid the $10 so I can do as much good for the earth while doing the same for myself. I also like this app personally more than forest or other apps because you have the ability to grow more irl trees. I just started this app this week and it’s already helped a lot!! Thank you!
Good yet Frustrating
by Bo116 on 2018/04/12 15:46
I do like the incentive to put down the phone &amp; focus, BUT there are two main problems. First, it is dificult to navigate the &#34;grand tour&#34; because it MANDATES that you get a friend to play, and some of us don&#39;t like to prosyletize our apps (or &#34;play&#34; with friends in this way). Since I didn&#39;t invite a friend to play with me, it just stpped progressing, which was quite depressing. Second, sometimes the app stopped counting down when my iPhone went to black screen. So I&#39;d be focusing for 50 minutes, and over an hour later I&#39;d check my phone (why don&#39;t I have a tree yet?) and the countdown clock would be at 48:33. I found that I had to keep the screen live the whole time sometimes just to get it to actually countdown - which was beyond annoying and really undermined the entire purpose of the focus app which is, after all, to focus AWAY from the phone. That glitch seemed to be fixed when I restarted everything, but still, quite annoying.
Helps me stay away from my phone!
by asdfghjkl-/:;()$&@"" on 2019/02/25 05:43
I’m going to be real, I really enjoy this app. It makes me feel terrible to kill a tree, so I can focus more instead on getting assignments/studying done. I also like how you can categorize the time you spend not on your phone- I use it to keep track of how many hours I’ve worked/studied for each of my classes, and it helps me balance out the hours for each subject! There are a few bugs though, sometimes when I set a timer and turn off my phone, the app will stop, and refresh. Then the timer will be completed, even though it is not. It gives me free time on the app, but I didn’t actually earn those minutes. I think another feature that would add to the experience, could be a log of each week’s total hours. I know you can scroll through your feed to see it, but if you did a lot of sessions, scrolling can take a while to see these summed up. Overall, would recommend!
Working life changed!
by lifechanged 2020 😊 on 2020/12/10 00:09
I had been struggling for months feeling like I was wasting time at work, and therefore working more hours than I needed to be and beating myself up in the progress. I felt so guilty I literally started praying for an ability to focus. Enter the flora app. With this app, I can now focus on commas as it keeps me from my major distractors. I’ve also learned more about myself, like how much focused time I really have in me in a day and how long I can actually sustain focus on average. I cannot recommend this app enough. And in fact, I’ve been recommending to everyone I know. Additional Perks: I like that I can still have music playing in the background, since that can sometimes help me focus. And I also like that I can pause the countdown for quick things, like if I’ve forgotten to turn on said music. 😉
Best concentration app
by Dsilva1028 on 2020/11/10 02:01
This app really helped me be motivated to NOT grab my phone. The free way of using the app is by growing plants. You do this by starting a timer of your time choice. If you do not tough your phone in the time you selected the plant grows and adds to your garden. If you grab your phone and leave the app to do something else like social media the plant dies and none of your time is recorded for that session. You can get serious with the app and do it the “ putting money where your mouth is” way by betting a dollar amount of your choice that you will complete the time you selected. If you don’t complete the focus time the money you bet goes to many different great organization for developing countries and forestation organizations. Also, the app allows you to have friends to motivate each other. Love this app!
Like it more than I thought!
by Aquinomorets on 2020/11/14 17:45
I first got this app because while doing school online it’s easier to get distracted since there is no one to tell me to get off my phone. I love that every time you focus and reach your time you unlock a plant from that region of the the world. I love the fun facts that are presented and I often find myself trying to get more done just so that I can focus and unlock a new plant! There is also an option to pledge money if you kill a plant which is nice for those who find it extra hard to keep the phone away but I like it more that it is optional and you can keep things free if you want too. I’m pretty sure it asks you to put in a Credit card but you don’t get charged for anything unless you pledge money and end up killing the tree. Overall, love the app and it’s cause!
Flora and Fauna? Garden Wilting?
by rnariam on 2020/09/28 20:33
This is not in the name of the app and it may seem sadistic and extreme, but I think it would be highly motivating to be threatened with the sickness or death of a virtual animal. That would come with much higher stakes than plants and completely ensure I get my work done. There is no app like that on the market. Call it the fauna of flora! My less extreme suggestion is an option to have our garden wilt if there is no activity in the app for a whole day. It’s an incentive for constant productivity. I need help with not just adherence to productivity sessions, but initiation of those sessions in the first place. Because I’m very aesthetically motivated, further customization and personalization of our garden would be cool too. Maybe different illustrative styles. All of that being said, this app is very effective and I enjoy growing my plants.
I would give this app a million stars if I could!
by Rose19Cactus on 2019/07/15 16:27
I love flora! It’s just the most amazing focus timer app I have. I have trouble concentrating but I’m a very driven student and I constantly have to study. I love plants and I love “traveling the world and growing their native plants” in this app. It’s just the most rewarding experience in my opinion. I downloaded this app last week and I’ve already completed 22 hours! That’s a lot considering it’s summertime right now and I only have one online class. I also really like the fact that I can take a break. Things always come up when I study and I have babysit my brother when my moms at work so being able to pause to do my chores and etc is a wonderful feature. I highly recommend you get this app and actively use it to focus if you are a student!
I love this app!
by Briittz on 2020/09/19 20:19
Once I figured out how to switch the seeds (click on the seed and you can pick what you plant, swipe right for a new location you unlocked), I became a wee bit addicted to making a nice looking garden. I was eternally stuck with roses for a week before I looked up how to switch the seeds. I would recommend switching the tutorial. It’s not really user friendly and I didn’t learn how to use the app. (I just swiped right and didn’t pay attention to it after I realized it was just slides of images.) I learned more about it after the tutorial. I think an interactive tutorial would be better or even a small video. But it didn’t prevent me from enjoying the app. I still don’t know the purpose of the to do list. Is there anyway to make some items recurring?
Love this app, but I have a few suggestions!
by Grayshka on 2020/09/11 15:24
I’ve only been using this app for a short time, but I love it! It’s very useful for me with online school because I tend to get distracted and have to work until 5-6 in the evening when I could’ve been done by 3. My main suggestion is a way to add time. I always put in how much time I think my work will take, but I tend to undershoot it by anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. If there was an option to add time so you don’t have to stop working and make a new timer, it would be amazing. Also, the daily summary doesn’t work for me. Even on days where I use the app for 2 hours, it says I haven’t done anything that day. The time is counted in the app, but not in the summary notification. Other than those two things, I love this app, the graphics, and the simplicity of the interface!
by Pannyker on 2019/12/08 06:13
The reason why this app is awesome is because it actually helps you, scientifically if you understand why. The use of it is simple. When studying you can’t just sit for hours upon hours and retain the knowledge. Our brain naturally stops focusing around 25 minutes. If we take a step away from our work for as little as 5-10 ten minutes to tidy up, talk a walk, go on social media, or play games etc... and go back to study our brain is refreshed and ready at peak effectiveness. The incentive and the little Forrest you develop is really cute and gives you more reason to stay on the app while doing your work. Also the fact you can donate money by your hours of focus is also an incentive to work hard so you can give back to the world! Love it!
It’s good
by meloan on 2018/09/08 17:31
I like the idea, and it works well for what it is. It has helped me control my impulse to use my phone. One time I left the app without even thinking about it and then freaked out and reopened the app. Luckily because I hadn’t entered another app, my tree survived :) The reason I took off a star is the in-app purchases. I thought I would be able to plant real trees without paying, but I was wrong. That isn’t a big problem, but I wish I could help while still being a starving student. I also do not want to participate in the paying section that involves putting money on your ability to stay off your phone. Overall I use the free parts and like it. The tags are cool because I can see what I’ve worked on. I think I’ll be using the app in class too because I have a bad habit of checking my email instead of paying attention.
Timer and alarm would improve this app
by Oxcamilaxo on 2020/09/19 21:10
A timer that shows up in the locked screen with how many minutes are left should definitely be a part of the app. Is annoying to have to unlock my phone and go to the app to check how long I have been focusing or have left. An alarm should also sound once you have completed the focus session. Is happened to me countless of times that I intend to focus for lets say 40 minutes and then end up studying for an hour or more because I wasnt alerted that my sessions had ended. While is important to focus, breaks are much needed so you dont overwork yourself. Plus we could had gotten more flora with the minutes that were unaccounted for. The reward of seeing what type of seed sprouted is the fun part of the app. So if it was more interactive or the rewards were more interesting then it will encourage users to do more sessions. The idea is fun, but small changes could greatly improve it as well.
Great App, just needs some major fine tuning
by Dawookoo on 2019/06/22 19:36
This is a great app, there are very affordable plans if you want your focus time to actually contribute to planting real trees in the world. The only issue is when you want to study with friends who have flora. The only issues I have with this app are: 1) The timer starts as soon as you send a request for your friends to join your study session. This means that time is wasted until they can all actually join rather than all of us starting at the same time. 2) Inviting friends is very old school and clunky. If you request for a friend to join your study session directly through the app, it’s a hit or a miss. Sometimes they’ll get the invitation and sometimes they won’ that’s more time wasted (keep in mind the timer has already started) 3) The only reliable way to make sure your friends get the notification to join the study session is to text them a password/key to join the session. Now they have to wait for the text, get the password/key, type it into the app (you can’t copy-and-paste), and you’re friends are finally joined...oh and the timer has already finished a few minutes...why can’t there just be a link that friends can click on and automatically join the study session?
Real tree planting and timing needs improvement
by Lily28s on 2019/10/16 12:47
Planting a tree if you kill the tree in app doesn’t make sense, because the more trees planted means more people killing their trees in-game. I think the flora care plan is better or more effective for planting real trees because you plant a real tree only if you succeed. It is a better incentive because you are rewarded for your focus and the more time you focus using the app the more trees are planted encouraging you to keep growing the tree in game. Also, the timings on the front page don’t make a lot of sense, 25 minutes should be half an hour 50 minutes should be one hour etc. Please allow us to set the time for focusing to a longer time, up to 24 hours because I like to run it while I’m at school since I can’t have my phone out at school and I have to reset it after three hours
Good stuff
by magikarp1234 on 2018/09/15 00:26
I really really like Flora as a way to set my phone aside and get stuff done! Aside from some crashing issues that have since been resolved, I haven’t had any problems. It’s simple - you plant a seed, adjust how much time it will take to “grow,” and then you’re obligated to stay within the app in order to keep your plantling alive! It’s a great idea, and sooner or later I’m going to get around to digging into the other options it has (I’m really in need of one that lets me set goals of different types, because I’m trying to keep up a couple different habits at once - will see if that’s an option here). Anyway, give it a try if you’re looking for a cute way to turn your phone (and all its distractions) into a brick for a while!
Facebook only??
by learningtocode on 2019/02/12 16:21
I thought the app had an interesting concept and a beautiful layout from the pictures so I was willing to try it to help with my focus and concentration. It’s really surprising to see there is only one login method: Facebook. I feel that in itself is a really poor design seeing how there are people such as myself who are not on Facebook and neither do I wish to even create a dummy account. You would think there would at least be a way to sign up using your email and a password at the least. That should even be the standard. But I’m pretty shocked and disappointed that this app is for Facebook users only. I don’t think I’ve ever run into this problem with any apps I’ve used throughout the years. They are apparently working to include other login options but I can’t say I’m just going to sit around and wait for that. Surely there’s another app that’ll provide what I’m looking for.
Mixed review for ADHD
by dermaldenticle on 2019/10/28 22:54
Flora certainly won’t solve all your concentration issues, but I find it a helpful tool to have on my phone. You can set a timer for concentration time and another one for when it’s time to get back to work. The app performs exactly as its meant to and is very attractive. My only issue is with the world tour. As you progress the time needed to unlock plants increases. What works best for my ADHD is 25 minutes of concentration and then a 5 minute break, but if I want to progress, I must set my timer for 50+ minutes. I could take a break after 25 minutes, but this seems a little silly to have to do each time, particularly given the purpose of Flora. Overall Flora does what it says and is charming, but is perhaps better suited to those looking to increase the length of their concentration periods.
If you want to concentrate YOU MUST GET THIS APP!
by KitKat6381 on 2020/10/27 02:18
This app is the best if you want to concentrate on homework, work, or you just want to get a break from your devise. With hard times right now like distance learning and working from home, it can be challenging to stay focused. But this app really helps. How it works is you plant a seed and set a timer for however long you want to focus. If you leave the app to do something else on your phone, your tree will start dying. So it forces you to stay in the app. If you don’t care about trees dying, this app is not for you. Also, you can pay so that whenever you want to focus on something and you set a timer on the app, it will plant a real tree! Now I think this app is the best! YOU MUST GET THIS APP!!!!!
Amazing cause and helps me get work done
by sweaty froggie on 2020/08/03 05:53
I have tried other apps before that try to get you to concentrate by putting on a timer for you, but none of them worked. However, because flora allows you to plant a tree by simply using the app and getting work done, I am able to genuinely put my phone aside and concentrate. Having the incentive of planting trees really motivates me because it is more than just an app. By using the app and concentrating on work, I’m able to make a difference and help flora plant some trees. You do have to pay a couple dollars though, but I only had to pay $2 (1 tree planted every 120 hours for a whole year). I love it so much. Would recommend 👍🏼
Love the app but lots of bugs
by eukoolyptus on 2020/11/09 08:29
Hello! I’ve used this app for over a year now and it’s really helped me get more motivated and productive. However, I’ve noticed that the app seems to bug a lot for me from plants disappearing to my friends disappearing to my stories not loading. There is even a bug I’ve experienced multiple times now where a tree will finish growing but I will never get it in my garden. Then for several consecutive attempts at growing more trees they will grow immediately and show up in my garden. I’ve noticed that most of these bugs occur at the beginning of a new week and usually fix themselves as the week continues and most of the effects are not permanent (like trees don’t disappear permanently for the most part) but they’re still extremely frustrating to deal with. I hope there will be fixes for them soon!
Definitely Useful! Buuut…
by sayakay on 2019/10/12 02:28
it would be great to see something like a Chrome extension or a version of the app for web browsers. There are definitely times when I need a little help staying off my phone, but much more often I find myself *clicking* off task when I need to be doing something on another site. There is another app (which, out of respect of Flora’s devs, will remain unnamed) which already has this feature and it does function but I would love to link my focus time on the computer with my time in Flora. I think this app is GREAT (hence the five stars) so don’t take this as a negative review. It’s just a request that I think will make this app better than it already is ☺️
I’ve been using it for a long time and it works very well!
by followundongoofedlena on 2020/11/11 15:46
I’ve been using this app since I was in 9th grade, i’m a junior now. I’ve worked very hard to collect different plants from different countries. I love the graphics and the Pomodoro method employed and used in this app. I only took one star off because I tried to log in today and it asked me to sign in again, which I did through my facebook, but it told me that my email was already being used. I logged in with my email just to investigate, and found out that it was an entirely new account, with all of my progress lost. Is there a way to fix this? This app has been a necessity for both my phone and school device and I’d hate to lose all of my three year progress. Please help.
Flora 🌹🌳
by july28030 on 2020/11/09 03:18
It is a wonderful app that really works, i just recently downloaded it after a friend recommended it to me, and it has already helped so much. Weather you need to focus on something or you just need to take a break from using your phone this is the app for you , you can unlock different plants and each them grow as time goes by. If I was to change anything it would be more stages of plant growth, or maybe after you complete your first session a tree gets planted for free. but that’s it; and that’s after thinking for a while what could possibly be changed about this app. Overall this is an amazing app , and I would sooooo recommend it to friends.
Hands down to the best app ever!🤩🤩🤩🥳
by crystalxxxxx on 2018/11/08 03:29
Seriously though, I love this app so much! I just downloaded it because I thought it was the Forest app that I used previously. But i started using this app and I’m in love! I love the fact that you can use your own money as a “mortgage”, which really gives me pressure NOT to touch my phone !!! Well comparing to last time I used Forest, I didn’t care even if the plant died because it didn’t have much effect on me! So now with this app and my own money in danger(lol) I could actually force myself not to use my phone!!! GOOD JOB TO THE DEVELOPERS ILY XOXOXO HOPE YOU GET #1 IN PRODUCTIVITY LOLLL I HAVE FAITH (PS. Is there any other way to customize the name and pic and stuff? I don’t wanna use my FB profile pic it’s really ugly lol)
SO disappointed
by Biyxtren on 2018/04/27 22:29
I had been using this app faithfully and liked it more than the similar app that you have to pay for. Recently, I woke up to a dead tree and notifications that made no sense whatsoever. I had one notification from 3 hours prior saying my tree had grown successfully (no such tree ever showed on my feed). Then I had a notification from 2 hours and 40 minutes after that saying to go check on my tree. I never planted another tree. There was no tree to check on. But apparently I killed this make believe tree and that is all that shows on my feed for that day instead of the tree that I actually grew. I can&#39;t even delete the dead tree that I didn&#39;t kill. There is no customer service whatsoever so there&#39;s not even any point in &#34;leaving feedback&#34; in the app. They have only ever responded once despite multiple issues and have never done anything to fix any of said issues. Haven&#39;t used the app since.
Super helpful
by jnimj1 on 2020/12/02 04:19
This app is incredibly helpful. I love the appearance and the design of the plants and the screen while you’re growing the plants. It honestly helped me focus with my work and gave me a sense of accomplishment after every session. It hasn’t charged me with anything and I haven’t gotten any type of ads which is great. The only downside to this is that it does require the screen to be on while you’re in a sessions and it stops if you lock your phone. I turn down the screen light and put my phone on do not disturb so it’s fine. Like I mentioned before it’s cute and aesthetically pleasing to see the screen while you’re in a session and you watch the plant grow.
Adorable, Positive, and Effective
by Kori 🌱 on 2020/11/22 18:36
I’ve had a few apps like Flora, and it is a godsend for my ADHD. I’m in my 3rd year of college and a lot of the time, what I really need is a reason to get started on a project. Setting a time goal for focusing is amazing but Flora works better for me than just setting a timer since I have to stay in the app the whole time to keep the plant growing. I don’t feel like my phone is on lockdown or anything (which would stress me out) it’s just a cute little incentive to keep going until the time’s up. And, if it’s a really distracted day, you can set it to charge you for not finishing your focus time... so that’s quite motivating 😂. 10/10 would recommend.
Amazing :)
by Yap Dawg on 2018/11/13 01:18
I am so impressed with this app. Not only is it debatably cuter than Forest, but the publishers have provided us with such a beautiful and productive app for free. I like the idea of a “break” button but I don’t use it because for me it defeats the purpose of growing a tree. I use this to stay away from my social media while I’m trying to do work. I love that the app gives a couple seconds for you to return to your tree before it kills it. Sometimes I absentmindedly go to the home screen without thinking and the notification reminds me to save my tree! Also, the developer staff is awesome. I hit them with a suggestion and they responded within a few hours. I am very impressed.
Good app, with a couple concerns
by Rainbow 🌈 unicorn 🦄 on 2020/05/29 20:33
I got this app hoping it would provide some motivation during this crazy quarantine, and overall it works great! The only thing that I feel like isn’t working form me is the garden- I have so many plants that it’s not really rewarding to add one more to the scene. Adding a daily garden would fix this though! I totally get the joy of maintaining a garden over time, but it’s also really nice to be able to fully see your plants and start over every day (speaking from Forest experience- Flora has better art though:) The other thing I’m worried about is running out of stops. I got the rainforest but it would be amazing if there were more packs. Would love to see these things added in a future update!
Very little rational application
by Ijjish on 2019/10/19 23:54
I have used this app for over 100 hours, yet, with regard to the completion of my hours, I have only been granted 64. Many times have I accidentally hit the home button of my phone without knowledge and, much to my own chagrin, my hours have been delegitimized and rendered dissolute. I hate the fact of me putting in 2.5 hours and getting no credit for reasons of my tree dying by accidental occurrences. I think the app is half decent with regard to it&#39;s intent, however, I would not go so far as to say it is efficient in application or practical as a way to focus and track one&#39;s particular focus. Also, I feel that the reward system is flawed beyond reason... you get a badge for hours so far removed in likeness that it takes forever to reach some badges.
Requires group play but doesn’t help you find this group
by mollie748 on 2018/06/09 20:48
Its alright. I like that it helps to keep me focused and that it is visually beautiful appealing. Making it a game makes it easier for me to stay focus. However, it’s annoying that you have to do some study tasks in a room with other people, but the app offers no way of finding other people who use this app, or at least making rooms that we could join with other people to make it past some check points in the grand tour. I think if they added something that would allow us to have more interactions with other users this would be incredibly helpful. I would be interested in working in a study session with other people across the globe, who may not necessarily be studying the same thing as me
Amazing app but needs work
by universalspider12 on 2020/05/04 04:31
I would love to give this app five stars. It’s basically the only way I’ve been able to keep on track with my studies in the midst of a literal global pandemic. I love the world tour and that you can unlock new plants as you progress. (Great extra motivation to get to work!) However the app is pretty buggy. :( Frequently I have to restart because my plants disappear from the homepage. The daily (optional) notifications always say I didn’t focus that day even if I did. That being said, it always works where it counts and I haven’t lost a plant due to a bug or been able to use my phone without the plant dying. I’d love to see these improvements but definitely an excellent app overall.
Getting homework done and helping the plant!!
by Getting focused on 2020/09/30 13:54
I have a really hard time staying focus and this app is so good at keeping me off of my phone. The map keeps me curious and seeing a dead tree on my story makes me so dumbed! Once I payed the ONLY $2 to plant REAL trees it was a game changer! As a college student it is hard to find time or have the funds to make a difference like planting REAL trees and now just by focusing on my homework I am doing both! I home checking my progress and I can’t wait until I get to see the number of trees I have helped plant! I highly recommend this app if you struggle to focus and have a little environmentalist inside of you dying to help the world!!
by rcadx on 2019/09/17 07:10
When you build a productivity app that forces you to use Facebook, you know you’ve failed. I appreciate the disclaimer on why Facebook is the only supported log in method, but this reduces your user base. I downloaded this app to get away from social media and focus on my life, so please don’t make me give you my Facebook creds. Why can’t you support social app use via email? If two people have an account associated with their email address, they should be able to plant trees in the app together. Perhaps you’ve already spec’d out the user scenarios and decided that email login is either not possible or not worth it, but as a user, I don’t feel this design was thoughtful. I signed up to receive a notification when your app supports other log in methods, but I think I’ll just give up and stick with the Forest app instead.
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