Quit Smoke, Healthy Life! - Smoke Free Now.

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Quit Smoke, Healthy Life! - Smoke Free Now.
With this smoking cessation application you can get the following information: - Since you have not seen me smoking since, - In the number of cigarettes you do not drink, - How your health has improved, - The money you saved after you quit smoking, - You can check your progress and earn a badge, - You can share your success with your friends, - You can save your requests, - And you can do more ... ------------------------------------------------ Leave the cigarette for a healthy life! ------------------------------------------------ This practice will help you to quit smoking. With this application you can access any kind of information. You can hate smoking and you will never regain your health again. This practice includes techniques to help you quit smoking. It calculates according to the information you have entered and allows you to see how much money is left in your pocket. It shows how many cigarettes you do not smoke. To this day, how much you smoke, how much money you have and how many days you have lost your life. ------------------------------------------------ What have you been doing yet? Leave the cigarette to the health! ------------------------------------------------ Help us by entering your details. Because it's a scientific application. If you allow us, we would like to use the information you give to help more people stop smoking. As you know, leaving the cigarette is difficult from the beginning. Despite this, tens of thousands of people are doing it successfully every month. Here are the things we know until now. Nicotine is an addictive substance. It is clear that smoking cessation treatment helps people to quit smoking. ------------------------------------------------ A golden rule about quitting smoking, stability is everything. ------------------------------------------------ If you start smoking again, you will have to spend your user points. If your score is not enough, please purchase points. Are you ready to start a brand new life? I believe you can. Do not you think it's time to let go of your bad habits?