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Lime - Your Ride Anytime
Unlock your ride and your city with Lime, the #1 electric scooter and bike sharing app. Our micro-mobility solutions including dock free rental bikes, e-assist bikes, and electric scooters are available anytime to get you across town or across campus. Simply tap to find a ride near you, scan the code to unlock it and go! With Lime, you’ll never have to worry about traffic or finding a parking station, and you can leave your ride safely at your destination for a fraction of the cost of a taxi or a ride share. Have fun, connect with your community and get where you’re going in style. Lime is your ride anytime! Download the app and get started today! How Lime works: - Open the app to find a nearby Lime-S (electric scooter), Lime-E (e-assist bike), LimeBike on the map - Unlock your ride by scanning the QR code or entering the ID - Take a fun, healthy and affordable ride to your destination - Once you’ve arrived, park and lock your ride safely out of the way of foot traffic Use Lime for: - Your morning/evening commute - Rides with friends - Rides to/from public transit stations - Rides to/from class - Taking an urban adventure - Travel and tourist groups - Date nights - When you want to explore your city - When your car or your bicycle is in the shop - Anytime you want a fun, quick, convenient ride across town! Want Lime in your city? Let us know by voting on our website!
Left our area
by John 542 on 2019/12/12 18:37
Lime started in our area with bikes and then phased them out with scooters. I used the scooters, saw many ridden, and they were scattered everywhere. Then it got harder to find them locally. Now there are none within 5 miles. Since this is a prepaid service, Lime already has my money. Whatever you do, minimize the amount of money you put into your account.
Low battery still charges me
by taowine2025 on 2019/12/12 12:55
Charges me even if I didn’t go anywhere. Please fix.
I’m using Byrd next time.
by THE TIMIN8OR on 2019/12/12 05:26
The app somehow let me purchase a ride that had a low battery. It would have been faster to walk honestly with how long it takes to set up and scan in the scooters. :( big thumbs down, the app could easily tell you that the scooters are low battery. C’mon it’s almost 2020. We should have flying cars by now and an app can’t tell you how much battery is on a scooter. Really. Male 19
Login Broken / email recover broken
by Zuperman23 on 2019/12/11 14:50
So I try to get logged using facebook, login error at this time. When tried using email, recover password error again. You broke the app or what?
Application very worse
by wnakery on 2019/12/11 06:27
If you're in hurry forget rent this scooter. Application very problem. I was rent scooter to the classes. I try to park around green Street in SF. I saw a lot scooter parking same area.The application tell me to move to park some where else. Very terrible for me in a hurry time and I can not end riding and lock the scooter either. The system on the app wasn't finished process. Very noisy for me. The Time keep spending take money from you wallet. It was happening twice for me. You can not predict when it will happen for you again. Now I think I stop using it. Best way. Using another scooter.
Great ridr
by Nonomichima on 2019/12/11 00:20
by Mr bzzz on 2019/12/10 01:24
Trop cher!
by Sauveurchemouni on 2019/12/09 10:00
2 € pour 400m
Love lime!!!
by j-d_ on 2019/12/08 16:41
Washiest scooter app to use!!!
Push to start was ruff
by JulieBlack411 on 2019/12/08 03:37
Over al cool ride
by bläncš on 2019/12/07 23:58
Really fun!!!
by KoolKatt777 on 2019/12/07 22:26
Customer service is terrible!!!!!
So fun
by KirrrrrLC7 on 2019/12/07 21:18
So fun
Fast when you can’t walk
by lewisj2010 on 2019/12/07 10:19
Awesome because easy to direct
Great app
by momoney47 on 2019/12/07 08:43
Love it, so convenient and affordable!
Need charge
by Jaibeautyy on 2019/12/07 04:13
It was
Way Cooler than I had ever really imagined!!!
by Matt.Ped on 2019/12/05 10:25
Title Says it All!
I love LIME
by I_saidyes on 2019/12/04 20:12
This shooter helps with my mobility issues especially getting around campus and other areas!!! This shooter is a godsend.
Needs to be improved
by DiCamCam on 2019/12/04 16:57
Please allow to rent more than one bike at the time. Example: last time I used it, I wanted to rent two bikes since the person riding the other bike didn’t have a phone nor an account with Lime. It would have been ideal to be able to rent two bikes, but once I rented the first one, it wouldn’t let me rent the next one. So we ended up cancelling the ride all together.
Bikes In London are in bad condition
by Greeaatt apppp on 2019/12/02 19:56
I loved using lime with the scooters in Paris for example, very practical! However in London given that scooters are banned there are only bikes. At first the bikes were quite good, however now most of them are in TERRIBLE condition ( breaks extremely weak, sluggish and unpowerfull engine..) which is dangerous. Other bikes like jump are very well maintained and on top of that motor is really powerful.
Lime is trash. Use bird or Uber
by firas imam on 2019/12/02 00:55
Got charged 25 dollars for parking in a no park zone. Why in the world would the app let me park in a no park zone instead of tell me to move it. A 2 dollar ride costed me an extra 25 dollars. Never using this company again. You should use bird or Uber.
Enjoyable experience
by Kasman27 on 2019/12/01 19:23
As a tourist from Kansas, this was a fun way to get around San Antonio. The app was easy to use.
Very fun
by Kelleyb77 on 2019/11/30 23:22
Vacationing in Santa Monica with friends
Waste of time and money.
by Stampylongnose Sam on 2019/11/30 01:42
I tried to use Lime for the first time today. It was a big mistake. The first 30s was good until it just stoped accelerating; then I had to push the heavy thing 5 blocks to my destination. When I tried locking the scooter it simply refused and I wasted a good 5 minutes worth of my money doing nothing. In conclusion I spent almost $8 for 30s of riding.
by drobb87 on 2019/11/29 19:54
Mustache ride
I didn’t get that far
by pewkah on 2019/11/29 09:37
It was going to slow for me. It felt like I was not going anywhere with the scooter
Phone holders
by korn!!! on 2019/11/28 20:01
Phone holders should be added to the scooters. a lot of people use their gps while scootering. Yeeeeeet
Battery issue
by handlerspice on 2019/11/27 22:37
Assistance from electric motor not working properly even though battery was said to be full. High resistance
Stuck and frustrated
by MaVince on 2019/11/27 17:48
Thought I could quickly ride to my destination, shave off a few minutes. Had trouble unlocking a scooter so went to the troubleshooting section. It said to sign out, so I did. But can't sign back in now and the clock is still running. Verification code isn't being sent to my phone, not getting an email to reset my password. Nothing. I don't know what to do and don't want to get charged for a ride I never did...
Lime Scooter
by Jeff Bain on 2019/11/27 17:04
Smooth ride and fast.
by AnasSh666 on 2019/11/27 14:54
I use it for business, i go to my work with it. It make me have a good and relif the stress. Strongly recommend it.
She’s great
by TCrem on 2019/11/27 03:49
Best woman ever
Super Convenient
by droopy91706 on 2019/11/26 18:30
Just wrote to 7 eleven made my trip so much fun
Battery life unrealistic
by FD0987 on 2019/11/26 03:00
Had battery show 40% and 10+ miles left but only got half that at best
Need new bikes!
by ThisIsMadnessR2 on 2019/11/25 06:15
Scooter works well enough, but you definitely need new bikes!
by ADuVall82 on 2019/11/24 23:42
Will be coming back to Denver from East Texas JUST to ride Lime and shop again soon! Thanks! SO FUN!
Super fun
by CrystalNita on 2019/11/23 23:33
It was so much fun. Hard on my back but fun.
by braxtheman on 2019/11/23 21:20
Awesome ride
I felt like a Kid gain
by Pimpin Chirp on 2019/11/23 05:18
Amazing thank you.
So fast
by Anesa____ on 2019/11/22 23:30
I have 8 scooter apps and like has the fastest scooters around
Horrible customer service
by js10131995 on 2019/11/22 22:49
My account was auto re loaded with money while riding and instead of using that money for payment they charged my card again. When I reached out they told me since my card was on the app this was the default payment. This makes no sense because how can you auto reload without your card on there???? Completely defeats the whole purpose of auto reload. Then they customer service rep stopped replying to me. I even emailed again and no response. Can’t believe an organization this big acts like this. HORRIBLE experience
by awdchyrdgjihfcb on 2019/11/22 20:44
by huge testies on 2019/11/22 19:47
Way to slow. 25mph would be good but they top out at 15
Lime scooter wouldn’t let me end my ride, overcharged me by 3x amount
by artsdistrictchic on 2019/11/22 16:50
I want a refund for my ride last night. When I tried to end my ride I was told there was a “network Error” . So I rode the scooter to a new area a few blocks away in hopes of better coverage. But I got the same error. Subsequently I was overcharged by 30 minutes and I traveled a quarter mile more than I wanted to. This network error IS NOT MY FAULT and lime has a duty to provide a way to end a ride that doesn’t depend on a Network. For example scooter could be attached to the user’phone via Bluetooth so that users can end without relying on a spotty network (mine is Sprint BTW). It is very suspicious that my phone had the same amount of network ‘bars’ when I was uploading my credit card information, and getting Lime to START charging seems to work perfectly with only 2 bars! It is UNETHICAL and ILLEGAL to trap a customer in a service that they are unable to end. It is frankly suspicious that Lime hasn’t implemented this very simple fix, please refund my money immediately AND fix this issue or I will report this to the City Attorney’s Office.
Stolen scooter
by 0011gus on 2019/11/21 21:14
Someone stole my scooter
Not fully charged
by Phog99 on 2019/11/20 17:58
How to end all right early
Dark patterns
by Varenc on 2019/11/20 07:23
Don't ask users to rate your app after they rate a ride 5 stars...
Lime is a scam!!!
by djeidjejdjwoekeejdkekrkrjtnrk on 2019/11/19 18:39
I used this app three times my first day. Although the app promised my transportation to cost around $4-5 per trip, this ripoff company charged me $60 to travel around 6 miles total for the three trips. Take a cab or ride share. It is safer, and far less expensive than this scam company! They will charge you $10 a mile and pretend it is affordable transportation.
Stolen bike 2371 NE 136 st Fl 33181
by juan carlos bb on 2019/11/19 17:56
here I see one of your bicycles all broken and the criminals live at the same address 2371 NE 136 st They are inside the house that was condemned Don’t let it be
Needs geofencing or other geo-aware mechanism
by ApplesReviewPlatformSucksToo on 2019/11/19 09:49
In my neighborhood, many scooters end up inside private buildings and complexes. Until there’s geofencing to stop the stupid and the inconsiderate, this service won’t work for me because I’m directed to inaccessible scooters. A secondary and worse solution would be to only show scooters that are inside private buildings and complexes to those in that secured location. Scooters are ok when the system works as promised, but that only happens half of the time. The rest of the time I’ve walked places—sometimes out of the way—for nothing.
Some bikes won’t work some will.
by dbnkbn79 on 2019/11/19 02:30
Double charge
by ElMichoacanoSal on 2019/11/19 01:37
Really fun
by gkonz7 on 2019/11/19 00:06
I ride them all the time with my friends for a reasonable price
Great ride
by Bill3433 on 2019/11/18 18:22
Fast scooter than Byrd
More expensive than Uber
by nvzibl on 2019/11/17 20:01
Used once to go about a mile. It was fun but it cost $5-$6. Deleting app and will just use Uber/lyft.
I got LIMED🍈🍈🍈🍈🍈
by goj927 on 2019/11/17 04:46
2nd time riding..cruising in the cool felt amazing. Thanks for tonight smile. Lime Gansta Squat, get into it👊👊
Awesome app and usage!
by Pompants on 2019/11/16 23:41
Love it!!
Great scoot
by SonOfABarbara on 2019/11/16 23:16
Scott dooooo
Great app and customer service! Scooters are sturdy and smooth!
by Rhodri Buxton on 2019/11/16 21:03
Pretty easy to use and scooters are nice and sturdy. Recommend!
Slow Scooters
by MathewSPOVAWA on 2019/11/16 06:23
I was the only one riding lime scooters while the rest of my family was riding Lyft scooters. Mine was choppy, kept stopping, and the brakes didn’t work on one of them. Theirs worked flawlessly. I’d like a refund please.
My 1st ride
by Rockrisco on 2019/11/15 00:54
Boy was that a thrill
No lock
by OhioU1998 on 2019/11/14 23:33
Fun ride, but my scooter did not come with a lock.
Check brakes before you start
by bkauwvkofnavwhw on 2019/11/14 16:55
I use lime primarily in Los Angeles area, and love the convenience. The only complaint I have is that a lot of the vehicles have terrible brakes. For your own safety always test out the brakes before you unlock them
$8 for 10 blocks?
by Sruhs1992 on 2019/11/14 01:19
Overcharging for slow scooters. When you charge by the minute I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Ill stick to bankrupted Uber
Unimpressed Juicer
by PDX Juicer on 2019/11/13 06:57
I’ve been juicing for the past five months. I’ve experienced some spectacular failures of the app as well as more recent clunkiness where if I switched views from drop offs to pick ups I still only saw Limehubs. In order to see pick ups I need to close the app and reopen it.
Electric Scooters at Kean University !!
by LimeJ9 on 2019/11/12 15:54
Very fun to ride!! Easy to ride, even first time. App explains everything. Rugged, stable, colorful lime green color. Everything shouts fun! Good mode of transportation across campus, to the train station, or off campus for food or shopping.
Lime Scooter
by reneajustine on 2019/11/12 13:41
A little dangerous (be careful). A quick way to get around downtown. Economical; Lime saves money on cab/Uber fares, parking fees, and gas.
App issues
by St0411 on 2019/11/11 18:00
I had to re download the app for this ride because it kept crashing from an update
Ride til I dieee lol
by Gorilla.Warrior. on 2019/11/10 23:29
Love the option to ride to work. Sso convince
by viejoloco214 on 2019/11/10 20:48
Amazing and fun time
Please fix some of the machines
by BelvedereJulian on 2019/11/10 15:13
I tried 3 different scooters and failed two times. The first scooter was completely damaged and didn’t have any brakes the 2nd didn’t want to run finally the 3rd worked perfectly.
Fxxkin awesome!
by Hanshincore1330 on 2019/11/10 08:06
Fxxkin Awesome!!
Awesome the best!!!
by Cammyyyyboiiiii on 2019/11/09 23:41
Best ever
Lime across TTU! Guns up!
by christyemac on 2019/11/09 22:31
So fun!
3 MPH Max Speed in Denver
by Lipmonger on 2019/11/09 19:11
New insane 3 MPH speed limits near downtown Denver. So bizarre and nonsensical. Faster to walk. Won’t be using again. Pedestrians were passing me. 🤦‍♂️
Nice Ride
by LeahJo50 on 2019/11/09 18:49
Fun and convenient way to get around.
Time saver
by Codythe1 on 2019/11/09 17:43
Los Angeles traffic is terrible the store was 1.5 miles away hour and ten minutes yesterday. Today twenty five minutes there and back thanks to lime. William A Story
by Ggggggoooolld on 2019/11/09 03:39
Didn’t go
by GWohar on 2019/11/09 01:45
Didn't go
by tcrew1 on 2019/11/09 01:43
This was the most amazing thing ever!!!! We’re in our 40’s and loved it!!!!
Briskly on brick Sidewalk
by mudgin on 2019/11/08 23:16
It was Great to ride along The bricksidewalks and bridges and not be tired
Good pricing!!
by jaidhr shcf on 2019/11/08 18:26
The other scooter apps have terrible pricing, and are a terrible rip off. Lime is easily the best option out there.
So much fun!
by Rsfguysdgggu on 2019/11/08 13:31
Much better than Uber
Motivational Scoots!
by MataSuperiata on 2019/11/08 05:56
We had a blast! After walking across hot coals at The Tony Robbins conference, we really wanted to ride and give our toasted toes a break. We found our two worthy steeds and off we went to manifest our dreams!
Fun fun!!
by TraciJane on 2019/11/07 19:33
What a freaking great time 😊
Good ride - but parking a mess
by HeidiSinha on 2019/11/07 03:33
Pretty good but way too picky about drop off location
by shotgunner81 on 2019/11/06 22:23
For a fat girl who don’t like to walk
Great first ride!
by The Dignitary on 2019/11/06 18:17
The scooter felt solid
by tons of hemp on 2019/11/06 16:24
I love it
by garu403 on 2019/11/06 01:07
The best shared scooter around
Better service
by blueyes1852 on 2019/11/05 23:55
Now that I think NNow that I figure
by chayviga on 2019/11/05 14:58
by zykare30 on 2019/11/05 07:48
It was very fun and exciting experience
It ran out of charge in middle of the way !!!
by shawn.Persian Atheist on 2019/11/05 02:56
It ran out of charge in middle of road !!!
by DNA* on 2019/11/04 21:05
That was awesome! Took a little while to figure it all out, being rookies & all... but was a blast! Tried the other company & was epic fail. Thanks for being awesome✅
by Schmoke96 on 2019/11/04 19:19
This is great for me to get around campus when I’m running late to class. ITS LIT!!!!!
I lost my virginity using a lime scooter
by RedPilledAlpha on 2019/11/04 06:40
Thank you lime, I decided to use your scooters and while I was cruising down the sidewalk at a fast pace, these girls were checking me out at how alpha I was using a lime scooter. Ended up getting her number and the same day ended up taking her back to my place and having the best sex I’ve had. Thank you again lime.
I mean , it’s okay (pls read)
by faroig on 2019/11/04 04:43
So, you see whenever I ride the Lime S with my dad , it charges us so much in an e-mail. I love these scooters but beware the e-mail!
It won’t work
by Zay.N18 on 2019/11/04 02:58
When this app was introduced to me it worked perfectly fine now it won’t work at all doesn’t let me sign in just keeps sending me back to the home screen and then when I try to use my phone number it doesn’t send the code text I can’t even use this app anymore it’s pointless
You are the only reason you wouldn’t have fun on these!
by 2js4life on 2019/08/28 20:15
So I have literally used lime for business and personal appointments! The app some times doesn’t let me log in and I have to reset it plus I got denied to be a juicer which by far probably one of the cooolest jobs I have ever heard of but I am a true fan through and through! I can’t believe that this would even be acceptable to consider as a job but I would make it my career and travel city to city with the company repairing scooters and or just getting them charged and dropped off in the location needed! Completely love all of this! Not even getting into the riding them yet! I have rode scooters but not the bike unfortunately! I will seek one out soon! Just between employment right now makes it hard to get a o play on my only enjoyment since my divorce 7 years ago! I wish they were everywhere including Spokane valley because I spent some time out there couch surfing and that definitely sucked not having Lomé get me around! Lime is simple and it’s cheaper then a cab and if you put head phones in and mob you will be just fine! I don’t work for them even though I want to and would travel yet I still am happy to use their service and every town I go to has to have lime! Send me “20 chargers I will have them charged all day and night” promise
Additions needed
by L1meHead on 2018/10/29 13:57
If a juicer has “x” amount of limes to serve out, let’s say x=8, we should be able to reserve more than 1 location. For example. If X=24then Y= 3 Y= # of serving locations that can be reserved for the 30 minute Slot. When serving scooters in the 20s or 30s, its time consuming sometimes. Also, juicers with good history/pattern of serving 40+ limes on time, and charged correctly should be able to reserve for longer durations. Would also be good to force high volume juicers to recruit. Let’s say for every juicer a fellow juicer brings on, it that juicer performs well for 30 days, then the juicer who originally brought them on could get a small percentage of what the new juicer makes for the next few months. This gives us incentives to bring on more juicers, instead of trying to be selfish. Another idea is to notify juicers when a lime is tipped over or improper leans against walls. For every 10 limes a juicer fixes, a small payout is rewarded. This would only apply to limes that are fresh from a ride of someone who is not also a juicer...Preventing juicers from going around and knocking limes over...
Horrible!!! Walk instead
by BNofNV on 2019/08/23 04:06
DO NOT USE LIME SCOOTERS--THEY ARE A RIP OFF!!! The app is difficult to use. The scooters are untrustworthy. The company is criminal. Let me illustrate... I decided to try aLime scooter out as I needed to get somewhere faster than I could walk there. So after going through the rigamarole of signing up and unlocking a scooter, it kinda went and kinda didn't, so I decided I'd end the ride after only a few hundred feet. But when I went to do so, Lime threatened to fine me!! So, feeling obligated, I continued, only to have the piece-of-crap scooter die on me (it said it still had 2.4 miles of charge left) in the middle of a huge "no parking zone" --which I didn't know I was in because of the crappy app displaying so many stupid confusing windows it was almost impossible to see anything useful like the map on my phone screen. So when I tried to end the ride after it died, Lime wouldn't let me end the ride, again threatening a fine!! So I had to WALK the PIECE-OF-CRAP scooter out of the no parking zone I had unknowingly entered WHILE I WAS STILL BEING CHARGED FOR ITS USE!! And because dealing with the crappy scooter took so much time I missed my appointment!! What a crock. What a terrible "service"--it's more like an extortion scheme with all the threats and poor app function. I will most definitely NOT use Lime ever again, and I suggest you not even try it. Unless you like being scammed out of your money.
Yes and no but over all it’s a no.
by Gchrome@5 on 2019/07/07 08:38
I really love this idea of this product, but it is so insanely over priced, from personal experience you can ride for under 2 miles and pay more than you would to Uber 15 miles... so unless you are using lime for the experience then cost effectively there are cheaper ways to travel home without a dui or safely and efficiently without a car. (Also I would like to say on multiple occasions the app has given the impression that scooters were over half way charged, then once activated they wouldn’t work and I have yet to be refunded the amount regardless of me filing a complaint both times and them stating they would reimburse me the money the for the second time, either way I’m still waiting for my reimbursement from one occasion let alone the second that they stated they would. The app also states in the App Store that it costs $1 to activate a scooter which is a blatant lie because it was $1:50 when I first downloaded the app and has raised once again) over all I would say this is a money hungry business looking to take as much money from customers as possible until they are irrelevant and no one uses said product anymore, which is sad because it seems like such a great idea if lime could only manage to care about it customers as much as the money it makes. This company makes me wish there was a 0 stars review. :/
Bogus $25 parking fine = deleting app
by Virginia Shopper on 2018/10/06 07:23
I wish I could rate this 0 stars. What a let down after my initial joy riding LimeScooter for the first time in Austin this past week. I picked up my scooter in front of the JW Marriott and rode it half a mile to Moonshine Grill. There was a problem with the gas lever: I had to turn it like a dial instead of pressing down the lever for speed so that made for a tricky and somewhat dangerous ride. I only discovered this after I started my ride, but I got the hang of the broken lever. My real disappointment happened when I found another scooter (this scooter had a working gas lever) and returned to my hotel. When I initially tried to park and lock the scooter, I received a notification that I was in an illegal parking spot and I could receive a fine, so I moved to an area with other Lime scooters. I tried to park and lock again and got no notification when I proceeded to end the ride so I snapped my picture to complete the process. As soon as I completed the process, I was notified that I was charged a $25 fine! I have tried to reach Lime via the app support process, via their internet page, their phone number and text, but they have yet to respond. If I don’t get my $25 refund from Lime, I’ll consider it the cost for a lesson learned. I should have stayed with Bird Scooters. Their scooters were more likely to be in service than the Lime scooters... and NO BOGUS FINE!
Test your software before dumping scooters in cities. Work with local communities to make it happen
by Danielle Blount on 2018/10/17 01:58
This is an untested, unthought through app. There is no way for one user to activate another’s scooter. What if I kids or I want to pay for someone else’s ride? This problem is identified on the FAQ but WHY WASNT THIS THOUGHT THROUGH INITIALLY????? When the product was RELEASE?! The scooters have been here for months. why hasn’t it been solved? what happens when someone’s phone dies? why would you keep charging someone or worse, risk a scooter being stolen by another person because YOU DIDNT THINK THROUGH THAT SCENARIO. Also, why weren’t city and local governments included in your decision to litter our city with scooters?! Very unfortunate and frustrating experience. Also, my scooter clocked 20 mph. Not the 15 that was promisedr. I really hope there is more thought put into something that effects so many people. It’s frustrating that factors like other pedestrians, motorists, stoplights, the inability to monitor and regulate drivers as they barrel down sidewalks and risk the lives of others, drunk or incompetent drivers, etc, are not consider. This puts people at risk and you’re really just asking for a law suit. All things that weren’t thought through and if they were, weren't given the proper attention they deserve. I hope more consideration is given the future.
Charlotte Nc. Horrible experience after horrible experience
by Brooklyncool on 2019/04/25 07:41
Hello all I’ve been a juicer with this company for a few months now and it’s been an absolutely nightmare to say the least. As a juicer (Charger) you go out every night to pickup lime scooters and charge them by or before seven in the morning the next day. Well the games this company play is for instance they drop the pay rates right as you pickup these scooters, customer service is pretty terrible they read off a list so every problem is treated the same weather or not it actually is. Hubs which are drop off location disappeared to the point that no hubs are available any longer leaving you to manually drop each scooter which causes the pay cycle to get completely screwed up and it leaves room for them not to pay you. They will also leave you waiting hours and or days on end for responses to problems that should be fixed immediately. They also send out their operation team to shut down and pick up scooters while the juicers are out, so while looking at the map to harvest ,all you see is big white van and large numbers of available scooters depleting due to operation removing available scooters to harvest. App glitching constantly causing wasted time and wasted money wear and tear on your vehicle. All around a really lousy company to work for.
by かめきんぞく on 2019/04/17 07:35
I tried to use lime for the first time on a trip with some friends in San Diego first off the app is trash I had good reception but the app wouldn’t allow me to register a scooter for the longest time. I decided to get the $20 option and Once I finally got one I rode it for about 20min, about 8 miles of riding then got off at bar parked and snapped a pic. As i returned for some reason I couldn’t use the same scooter when there was plenty of battery left so I tried to use another one and it didn’t work so I used bird which is way BETTER THAN LIME. After a very pleasant experience with bird I notice I had a notification that said lime had take $40 dollars from my account plus another small $5 fee I check the app and there is no remaining funds in my wallet. The ride I originally took with them was no more that $8 dollars SO WHAT HAPPEN TO THE REST OF MY MONEY ? Customer service is trash after emailing them and waiting for about two weeks they didn’t answer any of my questions and just told me I would be refunded $1.40. I didn’t understand why that amount Would be refunded and they never said anything about why there was no remaining balance in my wallet for the app. So to conclude THIS SERVICE IS PATHETIC AND I WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS IF I COULD PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS USE THE BIRD SERVICE INSTEAD IT IS WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Parking nightmare solved!
by Bowwow25 on 2018/09/02 01:46
Heading to the MN State Fair, a friend suggested we use the Lime app and save ourselves $40 in parking by parking our car about a mile away and finding some Lime bikes to ride to the entrance to the fair. We were a little skeptical, but downloaded the app anyway. Parking at the fair is usually stressful and costly, and our day today included neither of those words. The app was easy to install and set up a profile/payment option, and the bikes worked great! The best part was we didnt have to find a docking station, we just dropped them right next to the sidewalk and walked across the street to the entrance.(I think everyone else was jealous). Upon leaving the fair, we found a bike and a scooter to ride back to our car a mile away. The scooter was really fun! We will definitely be recommending this app to friends looking to save money on parking and to those just looking to have a fun activity to do!
Does not deserve 4.9
by PatrickO'Sullivan on 2018/06/12 05:07
This App and service is absolute garbage. I will be calling their customer service first thing tomorrow morning for a refund. I downloaded the App on a walk when my partner needed to use the restroom and could not wait the length it would take to walk to the nearest public bathroom. So I DL the App and check the map and we head to the nearest two bikes. First problem, you can’t actually rent two bikes from one account! What kind of business only sells one item per customer?! That is ridiculous. Ok so I figure I’ll just get the one so she can get going but no, the E-bike was unavailable. Quick check of the map says there’s another one .5 miles away in the wrong direction bit we decide to make the quick walk and try again. We get there and guess what, this bike is unavailable too. 2 strikes and wasted time all the while my poor partner is on the verge of ruining their pants. We decide screw this company I guess we’re walking. Then on the walk we came across one more bike not even a E-bike and gave it a try. To no surprise it was unavailable as well. Three times I tried to use their products and three times they wasted my time. If a bike is unavailable it shouldn’t be on the map. How is that something you didn’t think of? I will never forget this.
Absolutely horrible product and service.
by CMaxx21 on 2018/09/15 00:43
Lime just hit Nashville and as excited as I was to try it my first experience has been terrible. First it took me walking blocks and blocks trying to track down one. (I was walking for more than 30 min) None were where the app said they were and I reported 4-5 missing before even finding one. It’s battery was almost dead but it got me across the pedestrian bridge where I found another that said it had 15.8 miles. When I got on it my app now said 13.4 miles range. I was going 2.7 miles. About half way through the trip I hit a hill and the thing started struggling (btw I weight 135lbs) and the range now said 7.1. Got to my house and the range said 0. So I put it by the bus stop on my road and took a picture for the app to know it was there. Couple days later I get an email not asking me but actually accusing me of taking the scooter. And demanding that I immediately return it to the public. First of all, an accusation like that better have some strong evidence since I know for a fact I don’t have the scooter. Second the tracking tech has to be able to locate it. Or this entire business model is doomed. Will never use this service again nor can I recommend it in good conscience.
by Staceysalsa on 2018/06/29 01:29
First ride in Dallas. Our bikes worked, the map worked, my bell worked, there’s a nice place to store your phone... And the sounds are cool. No complaints! There are plenty along Katy trail. I did however accidentally push the green button on the card payment twice on accident and it charged me $20 onto my “wallet” so now i feel like i HAVE to use it, and didn’t get my “first ride free”. It will automatically charge you $10 to put in your “bank” on the app. (Sneaky) ....There wasn’t a way to undo my double tap. (I was new and barely learning the app, so I was a little annoyed there wasn’t a warning.) And another downfall is that I’m from Fort Worth. It would be cool if if they had these on Trinity trail! We have bikes along it, but the red ones that get locked up and need to be paid for at the certain locations & returned. (I have my own bike as well but it’s nice to drop them off wherever without the hassle of loading) . Additionally , I see the company carries scooters, having more scooters around would be fun. I don’t see any near DFW
Won’t refund your money, won’t unlock, brakes don’t work on some
by Emily Jarrard on 2018/04/19 17:41
The first time I used Limebike, I requested to add $10 to my account and next thing I know there’s $40 on there. I went ahead and attempted to unlock a bike and figured I would handle the $40 later. Well, the bike I attempted to unlock wouldn’t do so, even though the app said it was unlocked. So I left that bike and went to use another. But couldn’t unlock another because it said I was already on a ride. 4 hours later I went back home and passed the original bike on the way, still not unlocked, but I was still charged $9 for the ride I never took. So once I got home I called Limebike and talked to a representative who “refunded my $40”. That would be all fine and dandy if I actually got my money back. Unfortunately, it’s 5 phone calls and 4 weeks later and I still don’t have my money back. On a side note, these bikes are cluttered around the city and most of them have crappy brakes or rusted bike frames. Slightly dangerous if you ask me. Check your bike before you unlock it!! it will charge you for the 2 minutes it takes to realize the brakes don’t work.
by chapres11 on 2019/08/25 23:27
While visiting Seattle, my friend and I wanted to use the lime pods instead of renting a car for the weekend. After applying to use the pod, reading the requirements, I agreed to use the 15 dollar deposit fee knowing that I had nothing to worry about. After agreeing, my drivers license was declined and I was told I would receive an email explaining why. Never got an email... so then I called the next day complaining because I had been declined and told no reason why and was told the problem was because my issue date of my current license was less than a year (even though I’ve legally been driving more than a decade and that was not explained in the requirements) and that the only way to be cleared was to scan my old license that says VOID on it. I don’t know why anyone would carry an old, unusable license around. Upset with this issue and explaining I wanted to speak to a manager about this problem since this was a glitch in their system I was instead hung up on and they have successfully taken 15 dollars from me that I can’t even use in the state I live in. TERRIBLE company, don’t support them, you’ll just be disappointed.
Not quite the adventure I was looking for
by LJ2300 on 2019/08/25 04:57
I was enjoying the beautiful weather in Dallas with my daughter today on a lovely lime scooter. As I was nearing a turn, I noticed the steering wheel seemed a little tight. I turned it a little and it seemed to loosen up. I then jetted of again. The feeling of the wind in my face and the my hair blowing in the breeze made me feel like a teenager again. Then, all of the sudden, baaammm. The entire top end of the scooter falls completely off sending me on a 14 mph dive onto the concrete. I may be going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing these aren’t serviced often. After my daughter determined I was in fact alive and there were no holes in my head, I stood up and hobbled about 1/2 mile to my destination. I then decided to give Lime a little call and tell them about my “travels.” Customer service was kind (she seriously was very nice) and sent me a multiple page incident report that must be completed in order to be considered for a refund. Should you feel adventurous, especially if you are over 40, might I suggest 5mph and bubble wrap. I, however, will be avoiding green scooters like the plague for likely the remainder of my years.
Love the idea, but a few flaws...
by jessielucille on 2018/07/22 21:58
I’m brand new to bike sharing. My husband and I used them while in St. Louis this weekend. For the most part- it was FUN! Here’s my feedback that could make it better for those like us. We do not live in a city, so this is only something we will use on vacations, for that you should be able to pay as you go and not be required to put $10 credit first. Second, we should be able to scan two bikes with the same app to allow family members without a phone (our son, for instance) to ride also. Finally, I wish we could have reserved our bikes while we were at the zoo. I would have gladly continued to pay, but they needed to be locked, so it ended our session. When we returned an hour later, they were gone, and we had to find alternate transportation. This could’ve been an issue if there was not other forms! All of this may be a part of the service already, but it want clear if so from the initial use of the app.
Great tech support and app for Juicers
by xoch.itl on 2019/02/21 14:21
I’ve had mostly positive experience since I started charging in January. They helped me understand and answered specific questions I had about charging. I haven’t had any issues serving charged scooters except last week and they promptly replied. I learned to take screen shots so I can get a manual payout. Last night was my first night being able to pick up drop offs scooters and I could not serve them. I emailed them and within a few minutes I received a reply and advice. I still can’t serve drop offs but I submitted screenshots and was paid :) Sometimes I can’t harvest a scooter but hey it’s rare. This has become my full time job and I appreciate the opportunity to make a living and be able to provide as a single mom to my small children. And I appreciate the bonus we were just given on February.
Pluses and minuses
by scoobysgal on 2018/10/02 08:18
I like the scooters overall and the value is good. It was great when I thought I would be about 5 minutes late walking to work, but found one on the way, and ended up 10 minutes early. But I've come across some serious downsides. 1: you can't use them for errands, because they don't have a basket. And you can't use GPS, because there isn't a phone holder. (And a GPS app that shows you bike routes would be VERY useful with these things) 2: a lot of the ones I've looked for were located inside private buildings, so you couldn't get to them. I reported them, but who knows if they can get banned. They were at the local rich college kid apartments, so they will probably just use another card and keep doing it. There's no real way to stop it. 3: Since the chargers only do so at night, there are very few scooters available during the hours I need to get around. 4: you can't rent more than one scooter at a time, so no sharing with friends or family that don't have smart phones.
Greedy scooters
by Fire Panda42 on 2019/05/03 17:30
So I was riding my scooter in Austin then the scooter just died. I went down a curb so I thought I may have knocked something loose. So I thought I should end ride then start again so it would re register or what ever. But didn’t work but after troubleshooting i learned it was dead. The app warned me that I was parked in a illegal spot or out of the area and thought it’s fine because I’m not leaving it here. I move the scooter to a correct spot then got another one. Later that night I got a text saying I would receive was a 25 dollar fine. I thought again it’s fine because I move the scooter and took the picture and everything. I check my bank account and they took the money out almost immediately after I parked the scooter. I tried calling the number but I can’t ever talk to a human and reading other reviews on here I feel like I’ll never get it back. They are too expensive and quick to charge. 1 filler every time you get on a scooter and 15 cents a minute adds up quick. Though that is not to bad with the good experience of riding the scooter but be carful they will be quick to fine you.
by EmilyNicholeCrone on 2018/10/02 05:27
I love LimeBike they're easy to use and fun. But they use to charge me small amounts when I barely used any time. They used to charge me like .20 when I used 5-10 minutes. Now they changed the prices to be cheaper for a half hour, but I'm getting charged .50 for 3 minutes. Update: one year later, it’s now $.50 to just check it out and then $.05 for every minute, which if you calculate it is now $1.50 per half hour, so a total of $2 per 30 minutes. Which.. sure? I get you’re trying to make money— but it’s cheaper for me to take a bus now to the store instead of using a bike. And I think I saw something that said you’re changing it to $1 to check out, which is ridiculous. I used to see everyone on limebikes! They were all over our university now (this year) I had to go off campus to find one regular bike. It’s sad to see a great idea be more focused on who will pay more for this item, instead of being a cheap reliable bike. Go back to last years prices! I would love to see more people using it if you brought down the price!
Lime scooter wouldn’t let me end my ride, overcharged me by 3x amount
by artsdistrictchic on 2019/11/22 16:50
I want a refund for my ride last night. When I tried to end my ride I was told there was a “network Error” . So I rode the scooter to a new area a few blocks away in hopes of better coverage. But I got the same error. Subsequently I was overcharged by 30 minutes and I traveled a quarter mile more than I wanted to. This network error IS NOT MY FAULT and lime has a duty to provide a way to end a ride that doesn’t depend on a Network. For example scooter could be attached to the user’phone via Bluetooth so that users can end without relying on a spotty network (mine is Sprint BTW). It is very suspicious that my phone had the same amount of network ‘bars’ when I was uploading my credit card information, and getting Lime to START charging seems to work perfectly with only 2 bars! It is UNETHICAL and ILLEGAL to trap a customer in a service that they are unable to end. It is frankly suspicious that Lime hasn’t implemented this very simple fix, please refund my money immediately AND fix this issue or I will report this to the City Attorney’s Office.
Beware! Charged $100
by Newbie Suburb Investor on 2018/06/27 17:50
On May 9, I decided to give LimeBike a try. I rode an electric assisted bike from work to my apartment. First bike I tried to unlock didn’t work, but still charged me $1. I figured it was no big deal. Moved on to the bike next to it and it worked. Rode home (~6 miles) and parked the bike outside of the apartment complex. Locked it, was charged my final fee, and went inside. Came outside about 6 hours later and saw the bike was still sitting there. In the morning, I noticed the bike was gone. I assumed someone rented the bike and thought nothing of it. 1 month later, I see a $100 charge from LimeBike. I received an email stating they could not find the bike and I was the last person to use it. Now they are saying I’m responsible, which makes no sense. The entire business model is based on users renting bikes and leaving them wherever they want for convenience. This means that anyone could take a locked bike and the person who used it last would be charged. I will update if LimeBike does the right thing and refunds my money, as I have no control over what happens AFTER I rent a bike.
Great scooter ride
by linniekaye on 2019/08/03 14:44
My husband and I took a break from the kids on Friday night and went out on a date. We went to downtown St. Paul to the stone arch bridge and there we found Lime for the first time. We decided to ride together and rode 2.8 miles before the battery died it was the perfect amount of ride time for the site seeing we wanted to do. It was very easy to use and you are able to lock and pause the ride with ease. Unsure why other reviews state they couldn’t use their ride again, my guess is that they were not using their app correctly. For the 2.8 miles we were charged for just over $9, which is reasonable! Other reviews state that they feel that’s too much since you can get an Uber for under that price— here is the problem with that 1) Uber cannot bring you were Lime can- bike trails, common parks, site seeing.... Uber can drive you to the location but it takes something like lime to get you through said location so you don’t have to walk everywhere. 2) charging- think about how much work it is for the person who goes out to find these everyday at the end of the day to recharge the scooters and bikes. It is time consuming! 3) 10 mph cruising speed! The perfect speed! Definitely worth the price paid hands down!
Beware the new scooters!
by mmf2339 on 2018/09/17 17:03
I live in Austin, and I used to love this app. The scooters were convenient and usually within a reasonable distance from me, however, recently I’ve seen new scooters around (I guess a new model) and every time I’ve used one I’ve had a problem. One wouldn’t go above 10 mph, one was jerky (it would accelerate for a second then stop for a few then start again), one stopped working while I was in the middle of an intersection (and I almost got hit by a car because of it), and I just tried to take a ride home and I had to try two scooters (both would not start, so I am currently trying to be refunded) before I found one that worked (and it was the older model). They need to fix the new models or go back to the old ones before someone actually gets hurt. It’s unfortunate because it was very convenient for me, but now I feel like I’ve wasted too much money on scooters that didn’t work, and honestly, I feel unsafe using them. I may have to switch apps or find another way to get around.
This is getting old
by Patrickrom on 2018/10/10 03:57
1.5 miles from my house. Decide to go a little out of my way to get a scooter. Can’t find it even though I’m right on top of it. Start walking and spot another one .2 miles away slightly out of my way again. Same story. It’s not where it says it is and the bell accomplished nothing yet again (I’ve never seen it work). Continue walking and decide (stubbornly) to make one last effort to go for a slightly out of the way scooter. I find 2 next to each other and am told by the app I need to add at least $10 to my account. As I reluctantly do this one of the scooters is taken. I then realize upon refilling my account that “my” scooter won’t run because I happened to try to scan the one that had too low a battery. I’ve probably spent 30-50$ on life scooter rides and have probably shaved a net 2 minutes off of my walking commute because of instances like this. While they are fun to ride as a means of entertainment they continue to not be a viable option for transportation.
by CamiTname on 2019/10/11 18:57
I would give this company 0 stars if I could. The other day our lime car randomly locked with ALL of our stuff in it- backpacks, school books, computers, wallets, etc. and we could not get it open! No matter what we tried the car stayed locked. When we called customer service we were on hold for hours before we reached an agent who could help. Once we finally got through they were rude, told us the couldn’t send someone (even though it was on a weekday during normal business hours), and left us stranded! Anytime we asked a question we were met with the same answer of “I don’t know” or “No one can help”. We finally asked to speak with a supervisor and low and behold were on hold for even longer. We even called AAA and the police department for tips on how to get the car open. If this company wants to be taken seriously in a big city with a lot of customers, like Seattle, then they need to reconsider their product reliability and customer service. I would recommend avoiding their products at all costs.
Writing bad review on scooterless walk to work
by Practical driver on 2019/03/06 15:03
I rode lime scooters exclusively for months because they were safer and taller (better fit for me) than Byrd or Lyft. However, the app's never been great (lags when you need to lock and if you don't wait, you'll be charged for not locking). What's killing me today is I unlocked 3 scooters (in Nashville) on my way to work just to find each wasn't working. That's a dollar each for the 30 seconds it takes to realize that scooters not working. So is lime leaving broken scooters tipped over on the sidewalks to collect my donations for their repairs? The dollar to unlock needs to go away anyway. I ride 5 times a week, report every issue I find, but because my rides are short the dollar doubles the cost. Frequent riders need a discount on unlocking even when the scooters work.
What a great and amazing idea
by newengland on 2018/02/11 08:59
I heard Miami shores was having a meeting to terminate the use of these lime bikes all over the neighborhood Didn’t think much till I took the dogs walking threw FIU and there was about 6 of them just waiting for me , I pulled out my phone dl the app and scanned a bike it said 1st ride free .. ( cool ) thinking I’ll never use it again not knowing how much it is to ride .. we went for our walk returned the bike as another someone was looking to get in one I asked how much they charge he says $1 an hour I’m thinking I pay $10 in Hollywood hmm.. I have an Airbnb and what a concept if I can provide my guests a bike I don’t have to maintain for such little money or no money for me who would complain about $1 ? So now I’m going to look for a couple to leave in front for who ever is in the mood for a nice bike ride cheep
LimePod is Trash
by ReviewMinded on 2019/08/28 00:46
This is for LimePod usage. Firstly, I had trouble signing up. I got an error push notification from Lime saying they needed more information from me to process the application. I clicked it taken back to the app with no other information and no way to find more information. Your app needs more explicit error messaging. I happen to know what the error is because my girlfriend also went through this rigamarole, but if she hadn’t, I wouldn’t know what my next steps were. That’s a bottleneck where you could be losing customers. I also happen to know other problems she has (with pausing rides, seeing cars marked as “available” on the app and then getting to them and them not being available because of problems with gas or with the cars themselves, locking and unlocking and the capabilities that the support team is allowed to perform) which is why I’m giving two stars. The extra star is because once the cars are rented, they’re usable.
Hope you don’t have to contact customer service
by Glynnis Lee on 2018/04/26 06:11
The rides I’ve had of been OK. But There are a lot of providers with scooters here in the bay area. I emailed their customer service the other day when I had an issue and I don’t know if they outsource or just have poor direction and staffing but it took a week until they wrote me back at which time they sent me a macro. I pointed out that I had forgotten that I had even emailed them and that this was way too long for a reply. To which I got another macro that didn’t address my concern from either the first or the second email. Also the bells don’t work well. And honestly they are pretty important to not have to Yell at people when you’re behind them. Also the map can be very incorrect on the location causing you to have to search for the scooters. I just read through the other reviews and it looks like this is a consistent issue. I was going to rate this higher because the scooters are fun however it is dangerous to use the service that has poor customer service.
by uhhhhggg on 2018/02/25 08:59
Ok so the bikes and scooters are fun. But I purchased lime prime and No where did it specify, not even the terms and agreements that the E-bike and scooters where not covered by lime prime. So I got a scooter and I was still charged on my card. NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. So I called them and the lady was trying to refund me an incorrect amount but i said no. She refunded what I wanted but NOT back to my CARD but towards the credit!!!! I had to calll again🙄 ughhh. atleast she fixed it and that was all. Few days later I ride an E-bike and was still charged. I called and this lady tells me that those are not covered by lime prime. I was upset because the first time I called she didn’t tell me that. So I asked for a refund for my Limeprime $30 and she agrees and Tells me to wait 24-48 hours because someone else has to give me my money back...??¿ so lets hope I get my money back 🙃 Just be careful guys . LIMEPRIME IS ONLY FOR REGULAR BIKES.. WATCH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. You might be charged TWICE. and if you call the number.. Press 0 to speak with a representative to get to them faster instead of emailing them..
Chasing Scooters
by Dontgetmestarted on 2018/08/12 02:26
I’ve only used your service 3 times, and have thus far truly enjoyed the experience. It is practical and fun. I however immediately knew what the one pitfall was - you can not reserve your scooter. I just experienced first hand how unfortunate this nonexistent feature is. I walked 2.5 miles to my destination, chasing 3 different scooters on the way. As I approached the third one, I watched someone 10’ in front of me take the scooter. When returning home, I had the exact same experience. I chased 2 scooters, and again, I watched someone take the second one 2 feet in front of me. I walked another 1.5 miles before finally getting a scooter that was almost dead. I had to kick it about half way home (1mile), as it didn’t have enough power to get up the hills. In total, I chased 6 scooter and walked 4 miles before getting a nearly dead one. You absolutely must offer a reservation option with a 10-20 minute window to take the scooter. My experience was somewhat extreme, and maybe an exception; but it was absolutely avoidable.
This is too good to be true
by Fydudufuhfucyxgxufyxuxicucycyx on 2018/02/04 22:51
I have been in Berkeley CA and seen the ford bikes and really wanted to ride one. I know that you have to have clipper card or something like that which I don't have. Also I have issues riding on the street. Luckily, recently in my town, lime bike appeared and I was shocked when I first saw it. The first thing I noticed was the no dock system and the brain of it was the app. I thought maybe the dock was still being built but I read more on it. It had no docks. I hooked up my card to it and now getting from school to home and from home to school is easier than ever thanks to LimeBike. I also like the feature where it tracks your calories burned so there's no need for an Apple Watch or any of that. I love going on rides and this makes it so much easier.
Bikes show up on app but are inoperable
by VisualGamer on 2019/08/05 22:17
Bikes in low traffic areas are often hidden from plain sight. Found one in an underground parking lot that cost me 20 minutes of failed unlock attempts and talking to tech support. Tech support was worse than useless. Told me to uninstall and reinstall the app and try again. I had just freshly installed the app 10 minutes earlier but he insisted. After waiting for 5 minutes to download the app on my mobile network from the underground parking garage it did the exact same thing, failed to unlock the bike. So the tech support said to go find another bike, because that bike needed maintenance. Total waste of time. After 15 minutes of walking and searching, found another bike upside down in a bush. Muddy handle bars, crappy ride quality, weak pedal assist, and still cost $6 to go 1 mile. Uber would definitely have been cheaper and a lot faster. Walking would have been faster overall and if it isn’t faster than walking, and isn’t cheaper than a cab, what good is it?
Fun but too expensive to ride compared to other options
by LauraMH on 2018/09/07 12:04
A cost of a single ride metro or bus ticket in Madrid is €1,5 unless changing zones. The cost of a Cercanias ticket is €1,70 between Atocha and Chamartín. Twice, I took a scooter the equivalent of two metro stops. The distance was not exact as I had to walk further as scooter was not as close as metro stop initially. The cost was €1,95 and €2,1. I like the scooter even if at times scary on Madrid sidewalks. It was fun to use and I liked the speed when I hit open stretches of sidewalk. I just don’t think I will probably use again after those two initial rides as there is no carbon savings contrary to what the app says. I would have walked or taken the metro otherwise. It is just not competitively priced compared to other transport options. If I am going to pay more than €2 for 2km and I don’t want to walk or use public transport, a taxi wouldn’t cost that much more. If they drop the price by half, then it becomes price competitive and useful.
Same cost as Lyft only much slower, colder and more frustrating
by CelticAces on 2018/12/04 05:49
I liked the idea at first but this is a train wreck (or maybe a scooter wreck) First off, why the hell does a 2 mile e bike ride cost the same amount as Lyft when it took 4x longer?! That means it’s really 4 times more expensive per minute to ride a dorky bike in the cold than to have someone else pick you up and drop you off while you relax or get things done. Parking the bike was confusing too. First the app said there was no Lime service and I couldn’t park there but didn’t tell me where I COULD park. Then that message went away for unknown reasons so I parked it on the sidewalk. Oh and get this... I tried to submit this message in the app to help them improve but ironically they designed the app so the iPhone keyboard is blocking the submit button and there’s no way to hide it. No wonder they do a mandatory $10 min charge, because I’m sure other people will get sick of them after the first ride too. Well enjoy my $10, it’s the last you’ll ever get from me.
great concept, clean design, but the bikes are poorly maintained
by Brody Ajemian on 2019/08/21 00:59
i use lime all the time. out here in rockaway, if you want to go from 13st to 90st, boom—just find a lime bike near you and you’re on your way. my friend uses it to bike down to a surfing beach when we surf, and there’s always one nearby. problem is, there are only E-bikes here. no regular bikes in sight, and i’ve never seem a lime scooter before. that’s only a concept to me. don’t get me wrong, the E-bikes are great, but they’re way more expensive. another issue is that i never know if a bike is in service, so it’s kinda a luck-of-the-draw situation. this is an issue described in multiple other reviews. additionally, sometimes i’ll get off the ferry and try to grab a lime bike so i can bike along the boardwalk instead of take the shuttle. i try to unlock the bike, and unlock it does... but only in the app. meanwhile, back in the real world, the red lever will still be down and stuck that way, making me waste a dollar as an unlock fee. i have also heard rumors that after this summer (2019), lime will be shutting down in rockaway. i don’t know how accurate these are, but if they are true, well... that’s depressing because the service is great. long story short, i think this is a great concept, but the bikes themselves are poorly maintained. please fix these issues ASAP.
Always fun, but it’s a hit or miss
by ae4639 on 2019/02/23 07:27
I live on a college campus, so access to lime scooters are amazing. Unfortunately, several of the scooters literally look like they’ve been hit by cars and are damaged. There are many that will have full charges, and you’ll unlock them thinking you’re good to go, but you get on and the scooter won’t accelerate. I’ve had more good experiences than bad, but it’s kinda ridiculous. Not to mention the fact I rode one tonight to my friends place, got ready to leave, tried to scan one to ride back to my place, and it said I had insufficient funds. So I go to add more, and somehow the app allowed my account to go -$3.70?? Don’t know how that’s possible, but i tried to add more funds, and it won’t let me. It keeps saying that the amount can’t be deposited from my account, when I know for a fact I have plenty money in my bank account. Kinda ridiculous and majorly inconvenient since i use lime almost every other day.
You’re like a friend I can depend on
by KarinJanet on 2018/07/17 01:14
You’re always there when I need ya! :) Every time I get on a lime bike I feel like I’m in a commercial... leaving my boyfriend’s house later than planned, have to get home to change and get to work... but how will I get there in time?! And then puff! A lime bike appears. Tonight I was walking home when it started thundering and lightening I started walking a bit quicker but I knew I couldn’t outwalk the rain that was about to pour down on me. Then puff! A lime bike appears! I hop on, get home, and as soon as I’m inside it starts down pouring. One regret is that I didn’t finish the payment option earlier because in my panic to get on the line bike to save myself from the storm, I added way more money to my account than I wished. Oh well.
Poor App for Juicers
by thePUNISH3R on 2018/08/29 13:44
If you’re a Juicer the app has bugs so beware!!! It can cost you money! When in the Juicer menu if you select an area of town there will be scooters that appear that need to be charged. Once you zoom in to navigate where exactly they are, they disappear. Another option that happens is you’ll arrive at the scooter and it’ll show that it needs to be charged but the moment you go to harvest it, the scooter disappears from the app but is sitting right in front of you and will say something along the lines of “unable to harvest.” You can step back a foot and it’ll show in the app in needs to be charged but disappears in the app again. I’ve wasted plenty of time and gas driving around town to pick up Limes that need to be charged to only have a problem with the app that doesn’t allow you to harvest the scooter and the scooter just disappears within the app. This is a major fault in the app because it will cost you money and gas and time, and it also costs you money from scooter that you can be charging. On top of this it doesn’t allow riders to get freshly charged scooters more frequently. It looks bad on the company! I’m sure theres a simple fix the engineers or programmers can make but it seems like support within the app doesn’t have any answers. So here’s the 1 star review until this gets fixed, the 5 star review will come back when the app is firing on all cylinders.
Experience so far terrible
by Roqks on 2018/04/28 01:20
My experience has been terrible so far. I live in the dmv and I’ve been trying to ride a scooter for a couple days. The app kinda shows you what area it’s in but not pin point it. The scooters that I have found gps has been ripped off, unwired or just plain don’t work or when I look at the app and check the mileage or battery there are low. It really need to be a docking station for these except for feeling like I’m playing Pokémon Go just to ride a scooter. It’s like I want to give you my money and have the experience riding around the city in something that I don’t have but then it’s like by my own or screw just drive in my car like normal. Love the idea and the product but why go threw so much.
Can’t Find Bikes that are Right in Front of Me
by Red McCallen on 2017/11/21 04:11
Not sure sure I am going to stay with LimeBike after first attempt to use. I created an account today and the app already annoys me by reminding me every time I open it that I have not allowed it send me alerts and notifications. If I don’t want that feature, I should not be reminded every single time that it would be a good idea to turn it that feature on. I am the consumer and it is my choice. There are enough competing bike companies here in DC that use, including my own, that I can choose the least annoying. But more so, I walked past six bikes between Second Avenue and Fenton Street along Colesville Road in Silver Spring and NONE showed up on the app!!!!!!! Having made plans to use my Capital Bike Share that accurately showed the docking stations capacity, I made the extra effort to get to the station and take one of those bikes. Sorry, LimeBike. I like your bikes, but you totally failed with six bikes in less than a third of mile not showing up.
Horrible app does not work
by Caesar 👑 on 2018/10/13 16:39
Couldn’t get past the license photo screen! Kept saying my license wasn’t working but obviously it is valid. When i called customer service (outsourced to some place like India with people who have no knowledge on the subject) they basically said it would take 24 hours to get someone out to help me. But while that was all happening, my partner had already gotten her scooter and was paying for us to stand around for 15 minutes trying to get it to work. we cut our losses and had to alternate riding one scooter, which forced us to run the timer longer. Then, at the end of our ride it informed us that out of the $3 we had redeemed to use for that ride, we could only use $1. And our scooter had a gold wire wrapped around it. All in all, we definitely will be getting our money back from this company. Ridiculous and hard to navigate app, especially when you’re downtown on the street and trying to trouble shoot. Don’t support this company.
I’m a Tahoe Local and I Love Lime
by wrkn4thegr8rgood on 2019/06/25 23:25
From the time Lime first hit South Tahoe with their Bicycles to the following year integrating the scooters and all of the issues, challenges, likes and dislikes from the masses who travel here to true locals who live here, Lime has met all of the challenges, made the needed changed and implemented them faster than just about any company I’ve ever seen to resolve issues across the board which is to be commended. This year has already provided proof Lime is ready to serve the masses, scooters are consistently charged, they are heavier, more stable and more dependable and they are everywhere which is a hugely positive endeavor which seems to have to come a long way from hunting down a scooter only to have the battery be almost dead and wobbly from too many overly aggressive and disrespectful folks I’m not easily impressed, but Lime has done what needed to be done so that everyone has the opportunity to cruise about town or down to the lake or just back to the casinos and home. I’m a Tahoe local and I love lime scooters, I’m pretty sure they are here to stay, and that’s a good thing Thanks lime. It continues to be a blast !
Rider beware of the risks!
by Lewarner on 2018/10/28 15:45
I have rented twice in Seattle. Both time electric assist bikes. First time bikes outside my hotel. I traveled on level surface only. It was a little hard to get used to. The bikes are heavy frame partly due to the battery pack. Overall I had fun but I did almost run into traffic because starting off can be too fast. Second time we took some hills. My bike could not handle steep up or down hills. I walked the bike up a hill. Very difficult! These are heavy bikes. Going down my bike didn’t stop or slow enough. I had to crash into a curbing to avoid cross traffic at the bottom of the hill. Mind you I had no helmet. I have one at home but not traveling. I was lucky to only be bruised and abraded. I walked down all the subsequent hills. So rider beware what you can handle and what the bike can handle. Otherwise I found the locking and unlocking inconsistent. And I won’t ride without a helmet again!
Will not allow me to add to my balance
by frustratedhuskyfan on 2018/08/21 01:29
I had been a frequent Limebike rider when they moved to the new wallet format where you prepay for points. However, the app continues to have a processing error and will not accept my card information (which of course works for the 20 other services it’s signed up for on my phone). No amount of app updates or resubmissions of card info has fixed it, and despite issuing multiple tickets to Limebike support, the customer service reps have done nothing to resolve the issue. The last message they sent was “have you made sure the card isn’t expired”, and I replied that yes I had. I have heard nothing since then. It’s now been over a month since I was able to last use Limebike. This is a pathetic exercise in customer service and I will make sure to let friends and colleagues know how unreliable this company is at every opportunity I get. It will probably get annoying how often I shoehorn it into conversations.
Not sure what happened
by The 4 Star on 2019/09/27 14:17
But their system stopped accepting my credit card. Their customer service can’t figure it out and they won’t get back to me on a timely manner to resolve the issue. I’m surprised frankly but am really angry they won’t solve it. I started using Bird in the meantime and the entire service is superior, especially customer service - they can’t think outside the scripts in front of them. I am amazed they can stay in business , especially when they won’t return a call of someone trying to use their service on a near daily basis. I have waited 3 days. They have lost my business, even after offering a 30 dollar credit when my card got restored. I called and asked for customer retention, got out on hold and was then told they don’t have one. I the. asked them to delete my account, she did and asked if there was anything else, not “what can we do so you don’t delete your account?’ Think about that.
Great concept
by roxanarg on 2018/01/05 14:07
Love how it changes your relationship with the bike. You have all the carefree aspects of riding a bike without the hassle of maintenance and securing it. We live in California and are visiting family and Key Biscayne staying in three different locations and the bikes enabled us to drop them off at the end of our rides wherever was convenient for us. Some bikes seemed to be first generation no gears with solar panel baskets for shopping convenience and lighting the head lights. The second generation ones had three gears and more sophisticated features (I.e. Cell phone mount on the handle bar). Even though we had access to our own private bikes, we really enjoyed the user experience of bike sharing. Highly recommended!
Best Scooters
by Vane D. on 2019/06/19 20:28
I’ve rode with almost every scooter Brickell has to offer. Bolt, Lyft, JUMP, and Bird. So far, Lime is the top one of them all. First, Lime allows you to still ride once you reach an area that’s not “central” Brickell. Unlike other scooters, once you reach another area of Brickell, it will automatically stop. Lime requires a picture of where the scooter has been parked but you can opt out. Other scooters like Bird won’t allow you to stop your ride if you’ve parked out of place or outside the riding area. In my opinion, Lime is the best option if you want to have fun and enjoy the ride. It might be six or seven cents more expensive than it’s competition, but I believe it’s an honest price for the flexibility and fun one has 🤗.
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