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► Ringtones 2021 Tuunes TUUNES is the prime official superstore for ringtones, text tones — music and more. Browse the potentially largest legal Ringtones & Tones Catalogs from professional labels and producers in one app. The all-new Superstore for Ringtones in 50+ countries in your pocket : Set a beautiful ring & messaging tone for your iPhone, easily! Discover your personal favorite Tuune, set it instantly (In-App) and enjoy playing & recommending ringtones to friends on all devices. Why TUUNES? TUUNES is the most beautiful and advanced official Ringtones Store offering licensed instant ringtones and messaging tones for iPhone & others. We provide the biggest daily growing ringtone catalog created by top artists and ringtone producers worldwide. Get involved. It's popular. Legal. Easy to install for you & your friends. Main feature: • INSTANTLY set top label's ringtones & sounds on your iPhone - without desktop or cables, for a low price per tone, no unwanted ads, no subscription More features: • FOLLOW live stats and see what's trending • BROWSE beautiful cover artworks for the latest & hottest music ringtones, marimba remixes, favorite snippets from Youtube, sound effects, alarm clocks and many more genres • HEAR who is calling/texting and assign unique tones to contacts • SHARE links, laugh & dance with friends from all devices • SEARCH by title, artist, category & ringtone tag • FAST audio previews • NO subscription fees, no unwanted ads, just a one time low price for your favorite ringtone Legal feature: • LICENSED tones keep you on the good side of copyright protection ...and there is one MORE thing. Keep on playing Tuunes and you'll find out. Enjoy ;) Free Trial & Subscriptions (optional): • You can now subscribe for new daily updates and credits per week • Subscriptions are priced and provide features as offered in the app • Payment will be charged to the iTunes Account • You will be able to access the content for the duration of the subscription • The subscription automatically renews for the same price and duration period as the original, e.g. “one week“ package unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period • The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the cost of the chosen package • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s iTunes Account Settings after purchase • No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period • You may cancel a subscription during its free trial period via the subscription setting through your iTunes account • This must be done 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Please visit for more information. • Any unused portion of a free-trial period, will be forfeited when the user purchases a Tuunes subscription Privacy Policy: Terms of use : Would you support TUUNES? Please leave a great review on the App Store or write complaints to We are here to help. We also invite you and your friends from other smartphones to visit TUUNES on the web.
by Lila 😁 on 2021/02/23 03:41
I hate that you need coins to get ringtones, I just want an app that will give me free easy ringtones. Don't recommend
by erikamariselatorresteehee on 2021/02/20 05:41
Good songs
by alexkure on 2021/02/19 17:32
Good songs for tunes when someone’s calling you and free to you
by I love the game it's a good🥰 on 2021/02/18 15:44
ليش الاغاني كلها بفلوس ماعجبني التطبيق
by Jake from staefarm on 2021/02/08 23:19
The reason that I don’t like this app is because you have to collect coins to get the ringtone that you want and that’s why I don’t like it it’s really stupid
by jordan wiser on 2021/02/07 18:25
by qqquiueoe on 2021/02/06 04:50
Yes, this app has great tunes. However, I had finally saved up to 1000 coins to purchase a tune, but I don’t have it now. All the time I spent went to waste.
by bribri9101112 on 2021/02/05 01:38
I cannot get any BTS songs for free and that is unfair
by TSM_RENEGADE-NINJA on 2021/02/04 11:33
What a scam
by dawehet on 2021/01/28 18:32
So you have to buy a weekly or yearly subscription and then the ringtones cost a dollar or 2, WHAT!!!! Canceled free trial. What a SCAM!!!
I love this it actually works
by why whwy whhyyy on 2021/01/25 02:55
I love this app
by yoboylilro21 on 2021/01/25 02:39
Why do u need coins for a ringtone that’s trash and u start with 75 and u could on get coins from the video witch U can’t watch after a time period
This is app is great but......
by kpoplover5612 on 2021/01/24 11:11
Hai umm I love how it is so easy to find such good songs on the app and even the the marimba versions are great😂. But one thing I really dislike about this app is that it is so hard to get the ringtones you want like I am trying to download the Bts Dynamite marimba version and it is for 1000 coins but I don’t want to spend my money so I try to do the daily quiz but then I failed it but now I have to keep clicking the 15 coins for watching an add multiple times to try to get to 1000 coins. So I hope you can reply and try to fix this problem thank you have a good day or night 😊🙏🏽 I hope god blesses you.
If you’re looking for free ringtones, keep looking.
by #iamchicken on 2021/01/22 18:16
I found a couple of clips on YouTube that seemed cool, and turns out you have to pay for most of them. Moreover, you can just search them up on iTunes and the app is just a gateway there. I have no interest in paying a free trial or 2 bucks for a 30s clip I could probably just download someplace else, so to keep this short and sweet, don’t download unless you have money you really don’t want.
U are great
by usurirbdhxn on 2021/01/22 15:54
U are the beast could u get me some coins
by oioioiiiioioioiiiioioio on 2021/01/21 06:56
Do I really have to pay for everything and everything cost 1000 coins I do not get it
by ltfbigkk on 2021/01/20 01:57
Please can you give me more cioibs
The best
by mike that gih on 2021/01/18 15:33
This is the best I get to listening to mick 🍭🤑🤑
by Imppster on 2021/01/17 14:33
It’s kinda bad unless you don’t mind watching a ton of commercials u kinda have to if you don’t have the pass or something. 🤔
by hop on the m on 2021/01/16 13:21
It will be good if I had 1000 coins
by fgs shu on 2021/01/16 04:40
Make free ring tones pls
by kao_mike on 2021/01/15 17:48
Has no good ringtones just covers and remixes
by nasimraufi on 2021/01/14 06:49
Finally i found my favorite ringtone
by xhdndfj on 2021/01/14 02:16
It is great tones are amazing
Or at least give more coins
by Tiny Beast 🥴❤️🏈 on 2021/01/13 17:16
Better free ones please
Tokens cheep
by mood fan on 2021/01/13 15:23
The tokens are so cheep thanks
dumb payment
by dingle_dork follow on tik tok on 2021/01/12 20:52
i dont like the fact you have to pay to use the ringtones
by ckcfy if do gh on 2021/01/12 18:03
Ugh, just like all the other apps
by otomelon774 on 2021/01/12 12:30
I got excited about this one because it had Kpop and everything but when I got the app, I realized that it costs money of coarse. I like that there is a free option, but still I’m not ready to watch 50 ads to get a ringtone. Make more BTS ones and I might rethink my decision.
by bellbellbooboo on 2021/01/12 02:04
This is money they lie and every thing omg
by DOOO NOT BUY THIS APPP on 2021/01/11 02:25
this app makes you pay money for songs and i was not satisfied
Sounds are way to expensive
by beaxhsideqj specter novo can on 2021/01/10 19:30
Don’t waste your time
Amazing not a scam
by Taylor shyan on 2021/01/09 21:10
This is not a scam I love this app I was worried at first cause I really wanted this ringtone and when you go on the app it tells You how to set it as your ringtone
by firegridslayer on 2021/01/09 17:58
Very good
It ok
by bsjdj yes they on 2021/01/08 21:39
But I every song is a thousand coins and it only gives you 70 so that why I don’t like it and I didn’t have money to pay for some coins and also you can watch ads to get coins but it only gives you 15and that not enough so
by 🤡🤡🤡👎👎👎 on 2021/01/07 19:48
I still had to pay
No hate!😅
by chiken queen on 2021/01/05 23:25
I don’t like Hyatt you have o pay or have soo many coins just for one ringtone,suggestion:you should try to make things free for other people who don’t have enough or you will get bad views on your game No hate!😅 Just a suggestion😅
by Guest 99 something on 2021/01/05 22:34
I downloaded mood and I couldn’t figure out where to put it then it was gone and I ran out of my daily ads to get coins
Everything cost money and that is really dumb
by vguiuvyuviyyuiv on 2021/01/04 19:21
I hate that u make everything cost money
Not really worth it
by lexi101911 on 2021/01/04 18:44
You have to get premium or watch an add or do a quiz to get money
Free Stuff
by hdyei on 2021/01/04 16:35
There isn’t any free stuff
by riancolor on 2021/01/04 02:29
I love the app but I can’t use any of it bc it cost money and only 10
Plz don’t make us buy it
by theyoungdub on 2021/01/03 07:25
Make the app just coins not have us to pay for it it would much more enjoyable for kids
Don’t get it 🤮🤧🤢
by AustinDaBest27 on 2021/01/03 05:18
Bro I got the app thinking I was going to get some cool tunes but right when you think you’re going to get a new tune and spend it with your coins it kicks you straight to the tunes shop and then if you want the tune you have to pay for it with real money and it’s sooooooo rigged,so do not get the app guys.🤢🤢🤢🤢
by lllllllooolllll on 2021/01/03 04:41
Bad it has you watch adds to get stuff it should be free 😡😡😡😡😡🤬
Kind of a scam
by Flynn127 on 2021/01/03 03:37
When you download the app you have to pay for anything and everything
I don’t like it
by tatert tot on 2021/01/02 04:29
I downloaded this app to get fun little ringtones, I didn’t get this app to earn it.
Not good
by ilycybf on 2020/12/31 07:51
It was a waist of time I thought I would be able to download the app and play different songs as my ringtones but I have got to earn them do better
by Younoit1 on 2020/12/31 03:03
OMG annoying ya have the pay like why waist of time dude GOD
Money no money
by keithdillingham on 2020/12/29 23:11
Well some people don’t have any money so why do u have to be greedy and money does not improve your business or your app in order to improve it is to takeoff the money
by your awsome 😀 on 2020/12/27 00:44
I very much don’t like the music options and that you need coins. Unexpectable!
I hate it
by gjdkdjcjdjd on 2020/12/26 20:16
Literally you have to pay for this app like who wants to do that get this app if you want to lose money
Song boi
by loving Jackson on 2020/12/25 17:51
Dude if you get this app you won’t regret it Guaranteed 👍😊it’s the best app ever in the world
by ehcuebakakg on 2020/12/24 17:40
I couldn’t open the ringtone in my settings
A few bugs I guess????
by hElLo_tHeRe. :) on 2020/12/23 18:40
So I saw an ad of this on tik tok I knew it was probably fake and you needed money so I went in the comments but it didn’t say anything about money. So I went and downloaded it .well it turns out you don’t have spend money you have daily free coins you can get so I saved mine up and bought a new ringtone. But when I bought it brought me to iTunes Store and said it still costs money even though I spend my coins on it so I went back to the Tuunes app and it said I haven’t bought it even though all my coins were gone (since I did buy it) :(
The songs are kinda good but they are all marimba remix
by Panflxiie gacha on 2020/12/22 16:59
The songs are kinda good but the thing that I don’t like is it is all marimba it kinda like they ruined the songs
It make you pay
by stewartTours on 2020/12/20 23:57
It make you pay for coins to get a ring tone
Best ringtone app EVER
by GoofySavannah on 2020/12/20 18:20
I don’t have a subscription but you still get awesome tunes and it’s just so so amazing
Phones in heaven
by baegiz on 2020/12/19 20:52
I tried to download but never did. 1000 coins I wasted! I did a year for 19.95.
by losewieght on 2020/12/18 15:25
And the best
by pokestrip on 2020/12/18 06:43
Stupid crap and want you to pay for it lol but not me not a dumb A.
This is the best app ever!!!!!!
by ndnxncnfnnf on 2020/12/17 20:34
I love this so much
Bad songs
by Weebboy70 on 2020/12/14 19:21
They don’t have any good songs the app layout is really bad and other stuff too it’s not that good
by snggsnbd on 2020/12/14 18:11
Great app
Why I like this app
by kate lyric on 2020/12/14 16:49
Well you start with coins so it’s ok
by łas on 2020/12/13 22:32
Thx for the Beats it is awesome love it bye
by njarrett❤️❤️ on 2020/12/13 21:52
I live this app
Pure scam
by ChunkySno on 2020/12/13 19:39
I spent 5 bucks , tried tu purchase one it said error , it took my coins and I never got the ringtone
by Farting Water Baby on 2020/12/12 01:20
it ruined my favorite songs. WHY. CHILE.
Not good enough songs
by Wildirishlilyrose on 2020/12/11 22:29
FRIST they have no single song I like and there’s a coin system why is there always a coin system it’s stupid SECOND the ads don’t give enough coins. Try some good bands like Hozier,Bastille, imagine Dragons,even DANCE MONKEY FOR CRIST SAKE there are no good songs except for some rap songs that’s it.
by nndkss on 2020/12/11 22:04
The only bad thing about this app is that you have to pay for a ringtone. Why would someone pay for a ringtone? That really annoyed me so this is a 1 star review
No search option
by 14 canvas on 2020/12/11 14:41
Free. Not. No search option to find a song!
by Berrygirl2 on 2020/12/10 14:53
My rating
by jazzyteddybear on 2020/12/09 23:50
This app is great for friends and family u can have a different sound for everyone this app I would for sure recommend
Horrible app
by buck415 on 2020/12/09 05:07
You buy the app and expect free ringtones. But they charge you for each ringtone. It’s a complete scam and rip off.
by Pasty. on 2020/12/07 16:11
I’m going to download a ringtone right now the remix is sooo good tho
It’s alright
by gabe leitem on 2020/12/05 02:09
I can’t get any ringtones because you have to buy them with coins. They give you 75 coins to start out with but they are all 100 coins or more. So basically you HAVE to spend money here
by hkeesee on 2020/12/04 19:23
It’s really fun and cool
by Danie_dance on 2020/12/03 12:29
This is da best I love and the coins are so cheap
Thought it was free,
by AWA65 on 2020/12/02 17:00
Don’t like it 👎🏾
Not all people
by did fh hi ghhg on 2020/11/29 22:44
Not everyone can get the coins to purchase songs bc they’re parents may not have the money or they may not wanna just pay for the coins😒
Waist of time
by Nukkie98 on 2020/11/29 05:18
All this app is is a bunch of remixes where it isn’t even the words . Don’t buy it
I love there tunes they’re literally on fire
by du Tx hdhxgxbc on 2020/11/28 20:44
I love there tunes they’re literally on fire
by hajiminah on 2020/11/28 07:47
tried to download on my computer and it didn’t work. And it had the option to buy the tone directly from itunes store AFTER i purchased. I really wanted the ringtone too ):
by فلطه on 2020/11/21 22:11
اجمل تطبيق
Merry merry baby
by blackflower01 on 2020/11/18 20:06
It not coming up on my phone
Bull crap
by brentbor on 2020/11/16 21:32
Need more coins why do you only have 10 videos with 15coins
by BTS4 on 2020/11/16 20:20
I love it
by fishyboygamer on 2020/11/16 05:00
I bought one of the ringtones and then after that I tried putting it on and it wouldn’t work explain before I get more people to give it a one star review and then your app is going to get band
Anime songs
by Briana peraza 😇 on 2020/11/16 04:32
I really love music but I would love it if you add Anime songs for example My Hero Academia or Naruto
Best app ever
by evin portergist on 2020/11/15 23:36
This app is amazing because it has my favorite songs for ringtones but I wish it didn’t have the instruments version
I don’t like this that much
by sad firl on 2020/11/11 02:04
It make you pay COINS for ringtones. Like what, I don’t have the money to pay for coins JUST for a ringtone. I don’t recommend this app to people that don’t have money. Have a great day!!
I would not gey the app
by robostuds12 on 2020/11/10 23:48
You have to use coins to get ring tones😂😂
by allie/bob/yo/dude✌🏻 on 2020/11/10 01:07
I don’t like the paying part
by Kity846 on 2020/11/09 13:59
DON'T GET THIS GAME In this all you have to buy it with coins over there and then you have to buy it in Itunes, and thats just wrong. You shouldn't have to buy something TWICE to use the sound. Thats just wrong. Thats stupid. So I would recommend not getting the app.
Horrible app
by KaiyaAmin on 2020/11/08 18:10
I thought this app was going to good by the reviews but I spent 2 weeks on this app and it was a awful experience but it was not expensive but kept glitching, It would definitely need tones of work, and the app would have lots of adds and the music would take forever to buy because of the amount of coins you receive in a day, and there should not be 1 quiz a day I think the quiz should be the same amount as adds, this was one of my 10 least favorite apps, this app at least deserves 0 stars.
It’s ok
by savannah!12 on 2020/11/08 16:28
I like it but I don’t like how everything cost money it is annoying
thanks bestie 😄
by horforlis on 2020/11/07 02:27
thank you for including so many different songs!
by kpopsnack on 2020/11/06 22:13
I like that there are Koop ringtones 😊
It’s alright
by Aider8/8 on 2019/06/13 21:01
I enjoy the songs, most of them are marimba covered. (Or are all of them?) Its a nice app and lucky for me I have a lot of iTunes money, the prices on these songs aren’t too bad, the only thing that keeps going through my head and is worrying me as I type is am I going to be made fun of if I forgot to turn my ringer off in class and everybody hears “Marimba Opening (Swag Remix)”😂😂😂. I don’t highly recommend getting this app but I do recommend it. It’s always annoying and too good to be true for an app to be cool and free and to not have to buy anything within the app these days anyway so just give it a shot I guess.
It’s the best! Period.
by kappadinks on 2019/09/15 18:07
I am into ringtones and I simply fell in love 😍 with this app. Finally I found an app that makes me smile because it works the way I want 😊 It has beautiful and very classy ringtones I did not find anywhere else. Popular Music, Remixes, Sound Effects, Alarms all the good stuff. One of my most favorite features is the Set-Tuune-Button. I just wonder how easy it is to set the tone I want. I could directly assign it as my new default ringtone, text tone or set it only for a certain friend/group of contacts. I just don’t need a desktop anymore. Yeah, I am just hitting the button and have it on my iPhone. So much cooler. Before I always had to sync with my mac which I couldn’t do on the go and required so many steps. Here is one thing, the app also has free tones which cannot be directly set, please change this in the future. It would be better to get them as easy as the paid ones. I also find myself coming back to check the Hot Today section and save good ones to my favorites. I also feel legally safe about the tunes I get here, I checked their website and it’s an official store. After this update I can really recommend the app and say that it’s probably the most complete ringtone app on the store. But hey, you better find out for yourself 😉 Guys, y’all have a great day! Keep up the good work. I love what you’re doing. Thanks.
It is and give you free music
by reem sayegh go go go on 2019/03/15 03:30
This app didn’t have anything music for you if you want to pay a dollar which could just go ahead and pay from your normal music store on your app phone I would never doubt that would be the same price as we have to be free here in a give you right to the right to the app that has it suit like it should be free music because I can’t I don’t want to pay 299 for a ringtone I can just ask someone to like make and I was thinking maybe for this app every music we should be like putting comment and maybe the person who made this Apple have it free music I want to read music and then if that doesn’t happen I will delete this app I give it three stars because it looks it’s a good app it’s organized by holiday dance music R&B music on top of that like that jazz hip-hop on lots of that and there is third star is has why is she do you like free music and he gives you when you first like it the app you have to sign into anything all you have to do is like a give you something to listen to like what you like in everything I did actually give me free music
Love this app!
by Badgirl6 on 2018/11/05 00:52
I love the ringtone options under the marimba section LOL because what it does is for about two seconds it plays the boring pre-set iPhone ringtone provided, and then drops into this remix of (a song u choose). It’s funny and unexpected, ur phones ringing that average ring..then bam the beat drops and people are like whhhat? 😊😄😄😄 love it, very fun! Also, when u press set tuune after u find a song u want to set it’s very simple cause after the download, don’t make the same mistake as me and look for the tone on iTunes, your computer, etc. LOL this is how u set ringtones on more complex apps. Idk🤷🏻‍♀️ but I made it difficult and couldn’t figure it out, and I went in my settings frustrated and found that this app already had it set up!! Hahahaha🤷🏻‍♀️✌🏻 my bad.
The search is over at last...
by Brazen31 on 2017/12/13 08:35
I believe everyone has a certain person, event, place, smell and/or sound that captivates their senses and pulls them into a past memory. I’ve been looking for a sound to remind me of my childhood with my father. It was a specific ringtone my father had, on his telephone. He was very picky, and couldn’t settle for the old ring-ring style. I scoured apps looking for this unique sound. It was the sound that defined time. Time with my father was over, for the day, because he had to work, or him calling to tell me he was on his way home, around dinner time. It’s difficult to describe. It’s one of those things you just have to hear to know. When I selected a random title in this app, by happenstance, it was the exact ringtone, I’d been looking for. My childhood memories came rushing back. It was a little nostalgic, yet I smiled. Kind of a mixed-bag of emotions. It was a reminder of my past-life and present syncing. Now, every time my phone rings, I smile! Find the sound that reminds you of someone or something great, and make it your own.
Free trial is a scam. I was charged $10. Very misleading.
by YouDoNotKnowDeWay on 2019/12/27 19:49
Summary: Misleading ads and ‘free trials’ that charge you, corporal, overpriced, and the support is extremely unhelpful. This app really just wants your money. Support took like 16 hours to reply and they replied with directions on how to cancel a subscription. Emailed them again with crystal clear descriptions, and they told me to contact apple (again, took forever). Want to hear what’s funny? APPLE CAN’T GIVE YOU A REFUND ON A DAY OLD PURCHASE. TERRIBLE app. Planning on reporting them for being misleading to Apple if they don’t personally give me a $10 itunes card soon. That’s what I told them in an email just now, but oh wait, I have to wait until 3-4 am tomorrow to get a reply. DON’T GET THIS APP! Also, the subscription is extremely overpriced and the advertisements are also very misleading. They advertise this as of it is free but without paying you’re not going to get anything that good unless your favorite songs are marimba covers for the most popular pop songs. Some of the instrumentals are good but you have to pay for them so whatever. Tuunes also has a very misleading snapchat ad campaign that advertises this app’s services as if they are free. ON TOP OF THIS, Pretty sure a lot of these reviews are fake.
Best ringtones!
by TOM_319 on 2019/12/11 09:49
This app has such a large selection of ringtones. I have finally found cool ringtones that I like. 😀 I discovered the Free Section. You get more and more ringtones for free if you listen to ringtones or save them as favorites. Thus I’ve got my favorite one Shape of You for free. Love it! 😍 At the moment the free ringtones are for example Old Town Road and Señorita. I'm excited if they will change the free tones soon. Will you, guys? There are also so many other types of tones: Animal Sounds, Funny & Business tones. If you need a short notification sound for messages, you will surely find a fitting one for you. It is also possible to set the tones directly as a ringtone on the iPhone. 📱 I used to know it in such a way that you always need a computer for it. Now no computer is needed anymore. Is the function new? It is so easy to use. 👍 I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking for unique ringtones and sounds. Check it out if you like it too. Bye guys 👋
Pretty good
by funnypanda01 on 2019/04/12 03:11
Let me start by saying this app is pretty nice. I like the ringtones, I just don’t like how you have to pay for most of them and can’t get the free ones without having to sync to your computer. If they had more free ones that had less step like booking up your computer and other things I would probably like it better. Hope no one takes this as on offense.😊
Wouldn’t recommend
by Sunset Vibes on 2019/07/14 00:00
To get started, all the good ringtones you have to pay money for. Don’t get me wrong I love the ringtones that you have to pay for, but I refuse to actually pay for it. What if you get tired of the ringtone? That would be money wasted. And everyone is saying that it should be free, I understand that not everything should be free, because then the seller would not be making a profit, but I feel that you should let some other ringtones be free, not just the 10 or 12 crappy ones they give you. I know I am wasting time writing this, because it’s not like anything is going change. But I hope this review helps someone not get this app.
It says it’s free but then it makes you pay money inside the app
by i dont like thus app on 2019/05/16 21:42
I am very frustrated with this app because I read many reviews and all of them said this is a great app and I was going to love it I only read one bad review so I downloaded it and I listened to all the ones that they were recommending to me soI pressed the button that it says that you were supposed to download the song for your ringtone and then once I pressed it, it took me to the iTunes Store saying that I had to pay $1.29 just to get that for my ringtone so, I’m very frustrated with this app because it says it’s free, you download the app free, and then it makes you pay at the iTunes Store for the ringtone inside the app.
The only thing
by caarriisss on 2018/07/30 14:33
I have just gotten this app and it’s great! I love all the sounds and mashups. When I first saw the add for this I honestly thought that all the sounds were free and it turns out it isn’t. Some sounds you have to pay for but the app lets you earn coins that you can use to get some sounds so it’s not all paying all the time. I honestly love the app and it has awesome sounds I would recommend trying it and if you don’t like it than that’s okay but at least you can say that you tried it.
Tunes APP
by Jstancil on 2017/11/28 15:17
I’m so very excited for this app because I have been looking for an app like this for ever. I don’t know why there’s not more apps that people can get and just download ringtones straight to their phones without the use of a computer. In today’s world the iPhones are all people have. Those people most likely don’t have a computer laying around, I know I sure don’t, so to find an app that I can find a ringtone or alert then instantly Set the tone to which ever I’d like to use it for, well to me it’s a dream come true!!!!!!
This is app is great but......
by kpoplover5612 on 2021/01/24 11:11
Hai umm I love how it is so easy to find such good songs on the app and even the the marimba versions are great😂. But one thing I really dislike about this app is that it is so hard to get the ringtones you want like I am trying to download the Bts Dynamite marimba version and it is for 1000 coins but I don’t want to spend my money so I try to do the daily quiz but then I failed it but now I have to keep clicking the 15 coins for watching an add multiple times to try to get to 1000 coins. So I hope you can reply and try to fix this problem thank you have a good day or night 😊🙏🏽 I hope god blesses you.
by cupcakegdhdhhfg on 2019/09/15 20:53
I love having the app, it’s just really annoying when you have amazing songs that everyone loves and are in date but we’re not allowed to use them. Sorry if you didn’t know, but that is the reason everyone downloaded this app to use free amazing ringtones with no cost at all. I get you wanna make money and everything but you should at least advertise that you’re gonna have to pay for the ringtone of advertising that you’re gonna be able to use a bunch of nice coring transfer free I do not appreciate this and I that’s why I rated this app a 3.Please do better.
A very confusing and frustrating app you have here.
by Mariam star 20 on 2019/08/16 20:50
The app seems good but if your going to pay to get the cool things on their ,just make it cost money. You should really make it clear if we’re going to pay to get the ringtones songs . Most people are basically getting tricked if , if the app is free to download why isn’t the Ringtones free as well? Just make the app cost money , not everyone wants to spend time downloading the app for FREE just to realize you have to pay money for the ringtones or whatever it’s about . I saw an ad on Snapchat about this app , it didn’t make it clear that you need to buy the ringtones. Maybe instead of making the app free of download , you should just make it cost money . That’s all.
My review for Tuuns
by i loooove cheezits101 on 2019/09/28 20:23
The reason I gave tunes a 5 star review is because they provide you with 80s music and all the songs it also provide you with songs that are new and that you really like like señorita and I think it’s a really good opportunity to get that and yeah and it’s way better than just paying a dollar or two dollars on iTunes able to get this opportunity so thank you tunes for letting me have this opportunity to have great songs as my ring tone. :) — Mady
Didn't believe it
by AHDBSXjxhdjs on 2019/05/22 21:37
At first, I looked at the app and I was like, no way, it's going to say all free and it won't have any. So, before downloading it I obviously looked at the reviews, now I saw them and sort of thought they were bots. So I decided to double check, I downloaded it.... IT WAS.... AWESOME! They have like so many ring tones! Now there are some you do have to pay for, but you can also watch adds to unlock coins to buy other ones! This app seemed fake, but turned out it was amazing!!
Great! But...
by Elizabeth🥵 on 2019/08/09 16:43
I’m giving this a 3 star only because this app is not actually free. Once you get the app if you want to use a ringtone you have to my it on iTunes which I think is dumb because the app was supposed to be free. Of course there’s the pass thing but I just don’t think it’s worth it. But the songs are great. They sound very professional and sound great. Almost like if you were to put one as your ringtone you wouldn’t pick up the phone because you’re jamming out lol. But like I said, this app would be a lot better if you could actually put them as your ringtone for free
We have to talk.
by Dog lover 500000🐶 on 2019/02/23 15:10
So I read all of the reviews and this app sounded GREAT. So I opened up the app and flipped through the thing that says “let us show you around”. At the end of it it says for Premium please pay 8 bucks. Well I don’t want Premium, I want the regular version which I guess isn’t there or the regular version is 8 bucks. I’m not going to pay 8 bucks for a FREE app. That makes no sense. If there is a way to pass the Premium page please tell me cause this seems like a very good app. I will write great review if someone can tell me how to get past that. Thanks!! Bye.
1st impressions
by MAM8989 on 2018/06/03 17:40
It’s a good app though the music is just the melody like the regular ringtone for the iPhones, they are up to date songs. I like the fact that if I don’t want to buy the tones I can watch ads and earn points/coins for the ringtones and it’s kinda like a leveling up game as well. I just downloaded this app today and so far so good nothing to really to complain about as of right now. I will update my review in a week to give my final thoughts on the app.
Amazing But I Need Help..😕
by Ariena garnde on 2020/02/07 15:52
I got this app for my mom, She said Yes so I downloaded it. It asked me for a tutorial and I said no. I started using this app and I really like it. Then I thought: Why am I messing around with this app?? “ So I wanted to use a ringtone but I don’t know how to now, I should’ve used the tutorial. But now it won’t give me one so I might delete this app or please help me so I don’t delete it. (Love the ringtone “ everything I wanted “ lol
by Adri Camila on 2018/07/06 20:14
I have fallen in love with this app but I don't think that they should have us pay for the ringtone that we want I mean they at least could make like a discount or like have the ringtone that you want free for a day or hours but really that's the only thing because there work and the people's that made this app just gets me but in all of this I love this app it's just so freaking great ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Such a good app
by Tyraaaa p. on 2019/07/29 03:06
I love this app so much! It actually works and on the best songs it’s free! Some of them aren’t free but if you keep on using the app you can get really good songs for free! It actually works too at first I thought it wasn’t really going to work but I actually read how to set it as your ringtone and it is so cool! I have never experienced an app like this that doesn’t cost money and is this good!
The best app ever!!!!!
by its me a iser on 2018/08/14 14:44
I was scrolling threw my instagram and then this ad appeared I’m like what a lie but I decided to give it a try. This app is the best like really. At first when it said to pay I’m like here we go again but then I saw the skip option and then I knew this app would be perfect. To be honest I was right and the app is perfect. I would totally recommend this app to anyone who is looking for an app for ringtones.
Would rate more if you didn’t have to pay for every song.
by woogieboogieoogie on 2019/07/07 23:33
I downloaded this off of an ad. Was really interested so I downloaded it. I got to listen to songs that I like in the ringtone form. I wanted to download one but it sent me straight to iTunes and everything has a price there. So I have a request. Maybe you could automatically download the songs straight to your ringtones and alarms because there isn’t a point if you never get any money for this.
by Em_1305 on 2018/10/26 23:35
Can you add that when we want that music it takes us to a app to but the music can you change that and put that every music is free if this app for ringtones was meant for free then ALL of the music should be too! Instead you want people to get the app for free but your paying them to buy the ringtones! If your gonna make them buy the ringtones them don’t let the app be free like how the music I try to get ARE NOT free. I thought this was gonna be a very good app for me to find ringtones but the one I want it takes me to another app to BUY the ringtones, If you can change that please do. Thank you.
One problem..
by juliaferret on 2019/03/23 21:05
I loved the ringtones! This was a very great app, the only problem was that it never showed up on my settings and I could never use any as my ringtones no matter what I tried. I watched the little video on how to put the ringtone, but it wasn’t working for me. Also a lot of the good ringtones cost money, but that wasn’t too big of a deal. I’m still trying to figure out what my problem is on setting the ringtone, but other then that this app was pretty good!
Really could be better
by Jayleethewolf on 2019/05/25 15:32
There are only a limited amount of songs you can choose from that are free. So if the songs you like aren’t on the free list then you have to go and buy a ringtone that you do like. Sure it’s not expensive, but you have to use your computer to get the free tunes to set as a ringtone. Or just BUY songs off the tune store and not go though that. Because some people don’t have the time to hook their phone up to their computer and set it as their ringtone, or they just can’t. It’s pointless.
It’s a great app for me
by XxGhost_is_bestxX on 2018/07/05 05:03
it’s water you have had water in you lungs before, if you watched you could see that water vapor was in his mouth and how you know is because it came out instantly so no this is not harmful meaning it can’t kill you and even if it did get in your lungs it would not kill you because it was only a little bit of water vapor.
A few bugs I guess????
by hElLo_tHeRe. :) on 2020/12/23 18:40
So I saw an ad of this on tik tok I knew it was probably fake and you needed money so I went in the comments but it didn’t say anything about money. So I went and downloaded it .well it turns out you don’t have spend money you have daily free coins you can get so I saved mine up and bought a new ringtone. But when I bought it brought me to iTunes Store and said it still costs money even though I spend my coins on it so I went back to the Tuunes app and it said I haven’t bought it even though all my coins were gone (since I did buy it) :(
Amazing,good system,a little confusing
by AvaRose🌹🌜☘️🌺🐚 on 2019/08/04 16:34
Tbh the sounds on this are amazing and each one seems like there was a lot of effort put in also I love the system of listening to sounds in order to get new sounds for free but I do wish there were more free available. My least favorite part it is the fact that I cannot get this Tuunes to connect to my # as ringtones for the life of me!
I feel slightly cheated
by Rin-chan 1216 on 2019/03/18 10:26
If you want a beautiful custom ringtone, this app is great for that. The only thing is, don’t expect you’re favorite ones to be free. They do provide some free ringtones, but you need to sync your phone with your computer to be able to use them. I thought the idea of this app was to not hassle with the computer, but I guess free ones don’t count. Besides that, beautiful app, but should make it known you need a computer for the free ringtones.
Love the music, just not tech savvy
by JehovasThickness on 2019/03/17 12:49
I wish there was an easier way for us to play the ringtones on our phones. Some of us don’t have a capabilities to purchase every ringtone that we would like to add on tour. This might be an Apple issue or maybe just something simple that I can do, but for those that aren’t to text sorry I wish there was a little bit better excplanation on how we could possibly use this on our phones.
It’s good just one thing
by ChastitySings on 2018/06/21 06:03
Much love to this app. I love it. It’s just that it would be better if it had the actual song on there. Like, I typed in Rockstar by Post Malone, but it would only pull up ones that other ppl did or the marimba version of it. I think it should be able to pull the actual song of the actual artist singing it
Warning!!! subscription will take your $$
by severaltimesg on 2019/08/02 03:30
My son downloaded this app and when he was asked if he wanted to pay he clicked no. Then he deleted the app. ...Months later he loaded iTunes gift cards that he got for his birthday onto his phone and this app took the $$! There is no way to contact the developer with out agreeing to the terms and conditions which state fees are nonrefundable. He’s a kid who was looking forward to spending his birthday money on a game he loves and was waiting and saving up to use his gift for it. If the developers are reading this please refund his iTunes gift card $$.
by 👑:) on 2018/08/09 11:33
This app has so many different tunes you can use for you ringtone, and in any genre! ❤️ Tuunes is a fun app with thousands of ringtones you can use for your phone!💕 I personally love this app because of the many different remixes and sounds that I can have as my ringtone!🤗 If you are trying to find a cool ringtone for your phone this app is the best!🤩
by Theresa_mall_ on 2018/07/08 05:23
I really like the tunes but whenever I want to get it for my ringtone I have to go onto my computer and do a whole bunch of stuff and that’s what I hate becuz my computer is super old and it never connects to the internet anymore and I have to download the iTunes app on my computer to do that and it’s just like oof so if u can make an update where u don’t have to gon onto a computer to get a ringtone that’ll be super gr8 and I would maybe keep the app. Thank u :)
Kinda of good
by unicorn9we on 2019/08/30 08:03
It’s a really nice app if your looking for a ringtone for your friends or family but I don’t like that you have to literally pay for every song except 4-5 and those songs aren’t even good and the fact you don’t have many songs you can choose from just wish you could get at least 3 songs you like free something but I just kinda think it’s a wast of time....too much more for me to type but, yeah.
Nice App
by AStrangerYouDontKnow on 2018/06/21 04:43
It’s nice, but here’s why only 4 stars. I downloaded this app because I saw an ad with the Havana remix ringtone. I was very disappointed to see that I needed to pay for it which I was not willing to do. So I tried to level up the free ringtones to find a cool one. I level up for the first time and get one ringtone that’s completely lame. However if you are willing to pay for cool ringtones, this is your app.
Changes please
by Whip and na na on 2018/06/22 14:07
I don’t think this is a good app. I thought all the ringtones would be free(which they should be) you guys really need to make all the ringtones free if you want better ratings and more people to get the app. That’s all I’m saying I mean this app is good but bad at the same time because I feel like you guys need to have more popular songs unlocked and not have a “free” 7 day trial. So please take my advice and do the changes I’ve asked. Have a good day!
Rating the app
by badbunnu on 2019/05/02 02:10
I like the app idea but I don’t like that they are making us pay for the tune so we can put on our phones isn’t the premium good enough we should get the tunes for free games still make a lot of money when there free apps like tik tok it’s free and the make a lot of money so you guys need to change this soon or no one will want this app. Not everyone is a spoiled rich kid
Amazing Tunes 💯
by Amazing Tunes 💯🤩❤️ on 2019/06/18 18:10
They had such great tunes but how it really got to me was if one of the songs were bad they had another one that someone else made and it would be way better than the other one but one thing I hate is that they only let you take one ring tone for free.. 🤪 but I still love this app so very much thank you.
by Oopsy DAISY! on 2018/07/10 16:48
Add more songs! That’s really all I have to say! Anybody looking at this app, get it! It’s not one of those apps where you need coins to purchase everything you can easily earn coins for each day you own the app. Also, each song is only two coins and you get 30 for each time you watch an ad!
Honestly pretty impressed
by Therevi3w3r12789 on 2018/07/07 17:57
Compared to all the other ringtone apps out there, this one is definately the best one. Although you do have to have coins to "buy" the free ringtones, it gives you a lot of opportunities to get them. Also, most of the ringtones are just awesome, with this being said, I strongly suggest you to install this app.
Horrible app
by KaiyaAmin on 2020/11/08 18:10
I thought this app was going to good by the reviews but I spent 2 weeks on this app and it was a awful experience but it was not expensive but kept glitching, It would definitely need tones of work, and the app would have lots of adds and the music would take forever to buy because of the amount of coins you receive in a day, and there should not be 1 quiz a day I think the quiz should be the same amount as adds, this was one of my 10 least favorite apps, this app at least deserves 0 stars.
I don’t know
by hfjeidighsoaichhdhd on 2019/10/07 20:53
I like this app because i can use it to listen to free music, i dislike it because i can’t figure out how to connect my IPhone to my computer. You guys need to put a thing on here where it helps us to be able to connect just by going to settings and picking our song and then added it to our ringtone! Thanks!!
by Crystalmathh on 2018/10/19 02:08
Just so you know, you need a computer for this to work, unless you want to just buy the ringtones. In which case.. you know.. your phone comes with that app lol Personally I don’t have a computer so it’s useless to me, but if I had one it would be nice I suppose. To download the ringtone without being redirected to the store it’s the button on the top left. God bless
by Taylormade sparky on 2020/06/17 14:16
This app is amazing as long as you have garage band you have free ringtones and if willing to spend money it gets even better it even asks you if you want to watch adds there really nothing else I can say try it for yourself and you will see
It’s not as perfect as it sounds
by ianna_ brito1021💕✨🤣 on 2019/10/25 23:46
I downloaded the app thinking that it would help all my problems with my ringtone and it didn’t because it just takes u right along to the iTunes Store and says that u have to pay because I clicked on a ringtone and it took me to the iTunes Store and said that I had to pay $1.29 for the ringtone and I don’t recommend this app for this exact reason and they should fix this like ASAP because now I still have my problems and it’s ridiculous to imagine this
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