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Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch*. No buttons to press. Even the Watch app is optional! Just sleep! About AutoSleep ----------------- Using Advanced Heuristics AutoSleep works out how long you've slept so you don't have to. If you DO wear your Watch to bed, you don't need to do a single thing. AutoSleep will track your sleep & quality and send you a notification in the morning. Even if you don't wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep can track your time in bed. It's extremely simple. If you DON'T wear your Watch to bed, then simply take your Watch off before you go to sleep. As soon as you touch your iPhone or put your Watch back on in the morning then AutoSleep will know that you have finished sleeping. As everyone is a little bit different. AutoSleep provides a simple setup wizard and an option to tweak if you are a very restless sleeper. If you wear your Apple Watch to bed*, AutoSleep will also analyse your sleep quality. By using time asleep, restlessness, time awake and heart rate it can score the quality of your sleep and provide you with a comprehensive nightly analysis. *Note. If you do not wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep simply captures the amount of time sleeping. AutoSleep also works with HeartWatch our premier heart & activity monitoring app and writes your Sleep information to Apple Health. *Requires Apple Watch running Watch OS 4 or higher. WatchOS 5 recommended.
by fitoroda on 2019/02/17 16:44
Keeping track of my sleep habits is helping me a lot!
A+ App
by Lske23 on 2019/02/17 15:39
I’m really enjoying this app. It gives me useful information that I would never have otherwise. I look forward to checking my sleep activity each day.
by DonHoos6 on 2019/02/17 15:17
Possibly more info than anyone needs makes this more app more confusing than necessary to use/understand.
It keeps getting better
by Mikes Window on 2019/02/17 14:40
The latest release is very intuitive. The more I use it the more I learn.
Jodie Ellis
by drjoellis on 2019/02/17 14:06
Excellent app! Love the new features. Easy to use. I’ve tried other sleep apps. AutoSleep is the BEST!
Hasn’t worked for me
by Pyk on 2019/02/17 10:15
First day: it recorded that I slept from 7pm until midnight. I didn’t get in bed until 1am and slept past 10. It recorded 5 hours of sleep. Second day: I was sleeping about the same: 1 to 10. It recorded 9 hours of being in bed with zero hours of sleep. I already own pillow premium but I just got an Apple Watch and read some reviews saying this was slightly better. I’m going to give Pillow a chance for a few nights and see if it works any better or if it’s an issue with my watch.
Can’t edit sleep properly
by WTFpeople! on 2019/02/17 07:16
I often take naps around 5pm to 8pm and stay up late... it never gets those naps right.. and I can’t edit properly. The app wants you to calibrate.
Like it
by oneputt1 on 2019/02/17 04:36
Good information and auto tracking for night and naps.
Great app
by Kingof the Keep on 2019/02/16 21:58
I was skeptical that this would be useful or accurate. But given the sensors it has available, body motion, heart rate, it provides a good picture of my sleep patterns. It has accurately recorded both good and bad nights. I’m a first responder so sometimes get paged in the middle of the night. This has captured those accurately. It’s been beneficial to be able to look at history to see if I’m getting worn down by lack of deep sleep. I’m liking the app.
Nice data presentation and help for me to track
by SillyRabbitTrix on 2019/02/16 18:02
I like the use of rings, I’m guessing inspired by the activity app. The divisions of sleep into length of sleep, depth, heart bpm and quality are interesting. I’m curious about studies indicating how to measure death and quality of sleep, what are good target ranges and their impact upon people’s health and well being.
Helped me get better quality sleep
by Xtrahappy on 2019/02/16 16:21
I was tired all the time and didn’t know why. Now I can see my sleep patterns a have made adjustments and am seeing improvement in how rested I feel.
Cool but hard to use and inaccurate
by chiversa on 2019/02/16 16:05
I want my money back. The app is cool to tell you when you are awake and asleep and heart rate throughout the night without turning on the app but it sometimes is an accurate and won’t late me change the inaccuracies which ruins my data averages.
Used to be great
by Korsonian on 2019/02/16 15:46
I’m not sure what happened to this app but it used to track my sleep pretty accurately. Now, no matter what adjustments I make it’s wrong at least 75% of the time. For example, last night I slept for 7 hours and it only tracked 1.5 hours. It used to be a four star app but now it’s completely useless.
by Rowdy Fish on 2019/02/16 15:43
Very helpful and interesting to see how you can improve sleep habits.
Great App, Very Helpful
by Jon 19742 on 2019/02/16 15:26
I used to have a Fitbit and then recently switched to Apple Watch. I liked the insight that Fitbit provided, which isn’t quite the same with the Apple Watch. Then I got this app! It provides very useful metrics and really gets you to start thinking about sleep and how it affects how you behave and how you feel.
Greta App
by afleonc on 2019/02/16 15:24
This is my first day and I’m already loving this app
Great App
by evrico6 on 2019/02/16 12:41
This app is a must. It is done so well you would think that Apple created it.
AutoSleep 6 is not an improvement
by Miaaf on 2019/02/16 12:24
Some improvements are great but the last 2 took an easy to edit function and made it horrible. I don’t always remember to put my watch back on just before sleeping and it automatically allowed that charge time to count as sleep. IF THAT WASN’T the case. IT WAS EASY to edit. The last 2 updates have made editing anything but straightforward. Hoping you change this with the next update. Remember it is normal for people to forget or to fall asleep before they put their watch back on.
Hmmm... ok, guess it better work now, then...
by Ceejay64 on 2019/02/16 08:07
Well, I have had this app on my phone a long time. I mean, looonngggg. Anyway, updated my Apple Watch and wanted to try using it again. I hadn’t been, so I figured why not? First day I wake up and it tells me there is an error. Naturally. Just my luck. I poke around the support section (which is pretty good), and find out how to check to see if I had collected data (I had), and what to try next. “Delete the program (save the data), restart phone and watch, reload program, you should be good to go” it said. What it neglected to tell me was that I would have to buy a program I had already owned for years. What? I know it’s only 3 bucks, but still... It better work now. I’ll let you know how it goes.
by Donnie1999 on 2019/02/16 05:36
Helping track my sleep that keeps me honest with the question, “how did you sleep last night.”
It’s fine except for this one thing.
by Okaycpu on 2019/02/15 18:24
The calendar under history shows no data at all. Just the dates with no info whatsoever. The main part with the clock works perfectly. I’d give this 5 stars if this was fixed. On iPhone X and watch series 4.
Tracks Sleep helps understands what impacts Rest
by Ben Davidson on 2019/02/15 17:13
After using this app for a few months I learned I could forecast how much deep sleep I get based on who’s much exercise I got in the day, what I ate and at what time, whether or not I drank alcohol or too much salt the evening before sleeping. If I want great sleep with several hours of deep sleep, do not eat after 7, minimize salt intake, and no alcohol. The heart rate tracker is also very useful. The lower the pulse at better the sleep. Sugar, salt, and alcohol keep the pulse 10-15 beats per minute higher than if those are eliminated. 2-3 hours of deep sleep make a much more enjoyable day. If this was linked to food tracking or had a note field I would give 6 stars.
Awful app
by mama morbid on 2019/02/15 15:47
Awful app. This is my third day / night trying. Absolutely nothing. Every monitor says error. No matter what I do or try. I can’t believe this is a paid app. What a shame.
Best Sleep App Out There
by Oldplay on 2019/02/15 14:31
I’ve tried numerous apps to track and analyze my sleep. This is by far the best. Its loaded with features and while it may feel cumbersome to use right off the bat, you’ll get to know it pretty quickly and appreciate all the detail that went into building it.
by Chill888 on 2019/02/15 10:38
Great app
Too complicated
by kentp on 2019/02/15 10:21
This app is supposedly simplified. Way too confusing in reality. Need a better video explaining how to use it. Otherwise, I’ve thrown away the cost of the app.
AutoSleep - LOVE It
by Jddoyle3 on 2019/02/15 03:08
This app works great with my Apple Watch (series 4). It helps motivate me to go to sleep instead of staying awake doing other crap. My mental wellness has improved and it’s a small investment that goes a very long way and could be one of the best investments I’ve made on myself.
I am a believer!!!
by HouTravlet on 2019/02/15 03:03
I thought it would have some data that I would look at and think whatever then never to open the app again. After the first couple of days I was amazed and no find myself tracking my sleep habits to find ways to improve. Try it and you will see for yourself!!!😴
The key to my Apple Watch being useful
by rrhodez on 2019/02/14 16:21
My biggest Apple Watch disappoint was poor sleep tracking. This app alone makes the watch worth it for me with its awesome sleep tracking. Finally. Best sleep tracker and analytics I’ve seen yet.
by my meshell on 2019/02/14 15:51
This app was working great until last week the auto alarm that was set for every day failed to go off. I sent a message to their customer support and got no response aside from a “thanks for your feedback” message. Then again, today, the alarm set to go of daily did not go off. Really disappointed in the app and the customer service response. Hope it gets fixed as I paid for this app bundle. I would understand more if it were free.
by Nmr2930 on 2019/02/14 15:49
Very intuitive
Great App
by Jim Horty on 2019/02/14 15:05
Really analyzes your sleep patterns and issues.
Waste of money
by banana_mangos on 2019/02/14 15:05
My husband and I both purchased this app and you have to basically tell it how you slept. The auto sleep turns on when it’s dark. Which is a ridiculous way to calculate when someone goes to sleep. And it doesn’t even start it at that point. I’m not sure when it actually starts. And the other night I’m guessing the app glitched because both my husband and I apparently didn’t sleep. Party all night.
Great app
by delawareapple on 2019/02/14 14:48
This sleep app is 100 times better than the activity/sleep trackers of 3 to 5 years ago like the Jawbone UP band which also broke after a year. I have not noticed any problems with this app as far as the metrics I am concerned with; most importantly, ease of use and reliable data. I highly recommend this app even up to $10 if someone is serious about sleep tracking.
I like it
by BingeRecoveryAttempt on 2019/02/14 11:45
I'm really enjoying this app! After switching from a fitbit blaze to the Apple watch I really missed having the ability to track my sleep. This app is great!
Good but ...
by Rob12626181919916252525151 on 2019/02/14 08:51
Keep getting a “system error” message
Great App
by Mykalt45 on 2019/02/14 01:16
Have tried several apps, especially ones that has the Apple Watch. By far my favorites as it has great features and analytics.
Not a patch on Fitbit’s sleep tracking
by Pollyanna plays on 2019/02/13 20:20
I recently moved from a Fitbit Charge2 to an Apple Watch. This is the second sleep tracking app I’ve tried, but the first I’ve paid for. All I want to know is how long I slept for, how long and how often I was awake for and how much deep sleep I got - all at a quick glance in the morning. I don’t need circle graphs, I don’t want to have to try and work out which graph best represents my sleep ..... seriously! How would I know, that’s why I bought the app! Having to recalibrate it so the app can learn my sleep patterns is just way more work than I am prepared to invest, when I know how accurate my Fitbit’s sleep tracker was without me doing a thing other than sleeping. This app has been a total waste of money for me.
Great app!!!
by SL78 on 2019/02/13 18:54
I like this app because it gives detailed information on my sleep.
Technically amazing
by nlobsterson on 2019/02/13 18:34
Your design and it needs work but I love the powerful feature sets you provide
The best sleep/alarm app on the market
by samwooww on 2019/02/13 18:27
Takes a little bit to get used to, but you won’t find something better and you’ll learn quickly! The app is so cool and makes you want to get a better nights sleep. Nice work, developers!
A Godsend!
by the holkster on 2019/02/13 17:56
Great sleeper but often woke up tired and lethargic for no reason. Thought I had sleep apnea, but app pointed me towards other sources. Went for Sleep Study and App was correct— NO sleep apnea! Did some analysis of app data and altered go to bed time, became more consistent in time to bed, etc. Bottom-line? Much better sleep metrics from pattern changes, and no more being tired in the morning!!
by JWalt300 on 2019/02/13 16:38
You can use the"lights off", but why?! This app (when using it with your watch) tracks your sleep accurately. I fell asleep once in my chair for 15 min and it picked it up. The rings are ready to follow, and the app provides you like useful info. I LOVE this app!!!!!
Phenomenal App
by Christeven9958 on 2019/02/13 12:44
I have been a horrible sleeper for all my life. I also have chronic obstructive sleep apnea. I am more aware of my sleep patterns, and I am working harder to improve my sleep health because of your app. Thank you!
Does not track accurately
by DMN3462 on 2019/02/13 07:10
I’m sorry, but I was not “asleep” while driving to work this morning (that I’m aware of, hah). Nor was I “asleep” while working at my desk at 11 am. I also wasn’t “asleep” when I took my Apple Watch off for an hour after getting home. I have at last given up on trying to make random adjustments to get the app to track correctly (as an aside, how on earth am I supposed to know the “correct” amount of sleep I got if I was unconscious? Isn’t the point of a sleep tracker to *tell* me how I slept, rather than requiring *me* to tell *it*?) I just went back to using my old Fitbit to track sleep, because it does it without fuss, without configuration, and frankly, its results are far more trustworthy. This app, simply put, is not useful.
by Jeshurunroach on 2019/02/13 06:30
Best sleep tracking app on the market. Do I need to say more?
Health Awareness
by RT1942 on 2019/02/13 06:19
Is you want a more complete picture of what your moving health status is, then add this app, especially if you have an Apple Watch which you can wear when you sleep. A must have to pull more value out of your Apple watch investment. It can really help you meet long term health goals.
Great app
by Gesiglobulin on 2019/02/12 23:08
I like the fact that it detects sleep, so I don’t have to set it before bed. It has great features and a lot of detail. The heart monitoring during sleep is another great feature. I also like the fact that you can choose the kind of sleeper you are and you can practically adjust everything to suit you. I love it!
Great tool!
by Modahl on 2019/02/12 17:20
This app provides piece of mind and lots of data. Nice to have a tool to review tracking of sleep real time.
Good App
by puttacouple on 2019/02/12 16:36
It is just good to see what’s going on during the nite, using the breath option helps to keep the ready stars up, so I know how many times I have to get up, and how long it takes to get back to sleep. Now you can start working on you long term health👍👍👍
by TickedOffMan on 2019/02/12 16:21
Gives you lots of data, frames how your sleep went so that you have an idea how to proceed with your day. And accurate too even if my Apple Watch is locked it still captured my sleep patterns. My wife switched from the pillow app to this because the pillow app had data gaps during the night. Highly recommend.
Great App
by Jp48507 on 2019/02/12 16:03
Easy to read. Interesting to see what your nightly sleep is. Making me think about going to bed earlier and trying to make an environment to better sleep in. No it’s not perfect but it’s some info. Recommend it to anyone who’s curious about their sleep patterns.
Insights that help me sleep better
by MellorTime on 2019/02/12 14:08
App is super easy to use. So easy I’m not even sure how to explain it - just wear your watch to bed and violá your stats show up. I travel a lot and it helps me understand things that make me sleep more consistently. For example, I have been able to deduce certain foods/drinks that negatively impact sleep. I would LOVE to have benchmarking with my peer groups to see how my sleep compares. Even a moderated forum to hear ideas that others have discovered would be helpful.
by brinik805 on 2019/02/12 14:00
This App is Fantastic! This app was one of the main reasons we got the Apple Watch. We wanted to track our sleep patterns. I actually want to go to bed a descent time. I love seeing how much my heart dips, how much deep sleep I get and just my overall sleep. Each night I try and beat it. I’m very happy with the app. I love the layout. It would be nice it if recorded noises but other than that no complaints.
Great for tracking sleep patterns and heartrate
by Pinknails66767 on 2019/02/12 13:50
Great app! Highly recommend
by proverbialhaiku on 2019/02/12 13:38
This tracker is amazing and not very costly for the full version. Helps me see my sleep patterns in an understandable way and analyze how well I’m actually resting. Someone on the dev team is definitely a witch.
Used to love it
by OneHappyMeditator on 2019/02/12 08:13
After trying the updated version for a month, after a year and a half of really liking this app, I have decided to delete it. I find the negative information demoralizing rather than helpful. I never find my “readiness” rating to be accurate and the way HRV is calculated into that score is really random. I’ll be switching back to the app I used prior to this one. Pretty unfortunate.
Best app for sleep log
by Cris137 on 2019/02/12 07:10
Great app love it
Make the tutorial optional
by GuanGo7 on 2019/02/12 05:24
Just do it
Great so far!
by Aegpres on 2019/02/11 21:15
Love it so far. Like it better than my old Fitbit app.
Most thorough app out there
by EliHawkins on 2019/02/11 19:48
I have narcolepsy and this app tracks me almost as well as a sleep study. It also gives as much or as little information as you want. Absolutely great design and price.
Best sleep tracker for Apple Watch
by AustinAg92 on 2019/02/11 17:33
I was surprised when I got my Apple Watch that it did not have a good sleep tracking program. I am so thankful that I found AutoSleep. The app has much of the functionality that I used to have on my FitBit watch. The only thing I wish this app had is a graphic showing the time spent in each sleep stage, like the FitBit. Still very happy with my purchase.
by Angelikatf on 2019/02/11 17:16
Don't trust it
by Razguul on 2019/02/11 16:37
Been using Auto sleep for 4 weeks and it sometimes notifies me in the morning that I had 0 hours of sleep the previous night.
Great info!
by Howlin4 on 2019/02/11 16:35
I’ve been unit using AutoSleep now for over a month. All the information is there it’s easy to see and it’s easy to track. Thanks for a great app!
Sleep apnea concern
by merwin13 on 2019/02/11 15:34
I probably have sleep apnea and this app has helped me tremendously in understanding my sleep patterns and in conjunction with the HeartWatch app it plays an important role in the information that I gather on a daily basis I also wear the Apple Watch series 4 - best money ever spent on apps and the watch
by mort43 on 2019/02/11 12:04
Needs about a week to learn your sleep habits and then it works like a champ
All of the information you will ever need
by Dfoot on 2019/02/11 02:46
This app is fantastic. It has every single bit of information you would ever need. From sleep cycle, heart rate analysis, to sleep efficiency, it has it all. Give you enough information to adjust and optimize your sleep habits. Pair it with Autowake to wake up during the correct part of your sleep cycle, in order to reduce that groggy feeling when you wake up in the morning. Great applications from this developer.
Dope app!
by optemoz on 2019/02/11 00:10
This thing is CRAZY accurate.
Great app!
by Jodi in halls on 2019/02/10 22:25
Love this app!
Really awesome app
by user943471 on 2019/02/10 20:59
I love this app. I do have one feature request. A lot of times I wake up before I get up. Sometimes I’ll wake up at 6 or 7 and. It get up until 8 or 8:30. I just lie there and relax or try to fall back asleep and can’t. I know I can manually change the amount of time slept but it’d be great if there was a way to tell the app when I’m actually awake, but just not getting out of bed yet. I know there is an option to tell the app I’m awake if I use my phone, but it doesn’t seem like that works consistently.
I liked the old color theme better!
by Kari Joan Salli on 2019/02/10 20:20
I wish I could toggle it back to the old color theme.
Very nice app
by Doughboy04 on 2019/02/10 19:45
Downloaded app in the morning and it picked my sleep up from the night before
Great sleep app
by Jesredneck98 on 2019/02/10 18:55
Really gets me thinking about how I’m sleeping and how to improve my sleep. Very accurate and reliable.
Not always in the know
by Quarters47 on 2019/02/10 18:18
This app, for the most part is good. However. It is not able to tell when I am awake in the morning. I often stay in bed and read a while before getting up (a perk of retirement), and even if on my phone, it thinks am sleeping. And sometimes it appears I am awake for long periods of time when I know I am not awake.
Best sleep app
by ghggggggggg on 2019/02/10 15:42
Detailed information. Most accurate sleep app yet. Love it!
Great app
by V bucks for days on 2019/02/10 15:23
This is a great app. I have been using it for about a month. I enjoy the easy to read results.
Very healthy helpful!
by dubwright on 2019/02/10 14:56
Had major sleep/waking challenges. With this so I was able to track my patterns including pre/sleep activities that were effecting my sleep. I became my own “guinea pig” as I experimented in changing and tweaking habits. Went from 4/6 hours interrupted sleep to 7 hours with only one awake time! Meanwhile my heart doctor over the same time looked at my heart rates . After two months doctors dropped over $200 a month in medications. Sleeping better, moving more and as over 75 years of age I don’t worry near as much about falling with new iPhone thingie that detects falls.
Best sleep app
by EdB's on 2019/02/10 14:54
Great app with very precise detailed information that it gives you feedback on. I wish it had snoring information included. Other than that, I love the app and look at the feedback every morning after I wake up.
Every update is better
by jpintobks on 2019/02/10 14:32
One of the best Apple Watch sleep monitor. Lots of relevant information.
Complications don’t work
by 72bleh33 on 2019/02/10 14:22
Would be a 5 star but the complication doesn’t update on the watch. It just shows default values for a day and then goes to 4 dashes ( null value I assume).
Perfect Sleep Analytics
by Doodle_Yankee on 2019/02/10 13:19
I have owned this app for years and this version is simply the best sleep analyzer! Once you adjust settings, it’s spot on. Your trend and current data are captured and displayed so many ways. Support is available and responds quickly. I like that this is not a subscription too.
AutoSleep Review
by MaryFKK on 2019/02/10 12:57
AutoSleep is an excellent tool in evaluating sleep efficiency. I check in with it every day.
Very good, with an Apple Watch (series 1, newer)
by jonf03 on 2019/02/10 01:46
I’ve been using this app at night by wearing my Apple Watch (series 1) when I go to sleep, and it does an amazing job at tracking my sleep. This app helps me know if I had deep sleeps during the night, too. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to someone else, and it is worth the price.
Loving this data
by PPietras on 2019/02/09 20:56
After initial adjustments and learning to read the data I have really appreciated this data. After using it for a month I’m reviewing patterns and have been able to make adjustments to certain lifestyle choices to get better sleep and am enjoying the benefits of being better rested.
Just what I wanted
by jojomike74 on 2019/02/09 17:10
When I got my Apple Watch 3, I really missed the sleep tracking I had on my Fitbit. I read about this app and decided to give it a try. I’ve had it for over a year now and still love it! The updates just make it better. It tracks everything I want and even lets me dive deeper into my data if I want to look beyond the rings. The rings are similar to the activity rings so pretty intuitive to read. I also got this developer’s HeartWatch app about 6 months ago and love’s a nice companion to the sleep app and gives you a little more heart rate data.
Great… when it works.
by DCBlue5tar on 2019/02/09 15:46
I was really excited to try this out. I am not a great sleeper, and I’ve been doing things to try to improve that. When this thing works. It’s the best. Unfortunately, all I get anymore - especially when checking my sleep history - is “System Error.” Not great for an app I had to pay money for.
Love my Auto Sleep App ! !
by Wanting a good pray app on 2019/02/09 15:22
I really like being able to track my sleep. I see how when I get a good amount of quality sleep and some deep sleep I have more energy and feel better. The app has made me more aware of my sleep habits and has help me correct some bad habits. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 Star was because if your watch is a little loose (I have a skinny wrist) the sensors don’t seem to pick up your heart rate and sleep correctly.
by Me and the iPhone I use on 2019/02/09 13:54
I love this app because it measures my naps. I work two jobs so I sleep before my pt job (usually 6:30 pm until about 9:30 pm) work the pt job from 10 pm to 2 am, then sleep from the time i get off until i have to be in my ft job at 7 am. It measures both sleep times and setting the AutoWake allows me to wake up “naturally” allowing me to feel more refreshed when getting up in the morning.
Best sleep tracker I’ve tried!
by Djsjshhxj on 2019/02/09 13:17
Great app especially if your interested in keeping up with heart stats.
by Huskertex on 2019/02/09 11:28
Love this sleep tracker. It gives a lot of info and is very accurate and I don’t have to tweak it. It just works. It’s helped me be conscious of how much sleep, the quality of sleep I’m getting. It has definitely helped me improve my sleep just using it. Been using it about a year an can’t imagine not having it.
Every morning, one of the first apps to use.
by 1/3rdRotWilr on 2019/02/09 11:09
AutoSleep helps me to make correlations between energy levels in the day and quality/amount of sleep from previous nights. Developer is constantly improving the app by adding features and tweaking the user interface.
Lights out
by Hatahwjtikfk on 2019/02/09 05:39
The app is great and I am able to get info on my sleep habits but when trying to set up the lights out feature Siri fails miserably trying to understand me. Either the app tells me “sorry Siri didn’t get that” or it give me some stupid work like “what” “are” “why”. I tried setting the phrase to “lights out” because I don’t have any smart home items. I can understand certain words interfering with other settings but a list should be provided and the “lights out” feature needs better Siri integration because if I close the app Siri gets what I say right 95% of the time.
Very Eye Opening
by Mooseinaround on 2019/02/08 18:04
This app is amazing in detail. I wear my watch to bed and the readings it gives a On deep vs light vs RPM and heart rates are very informative.
Great app!
by justinb1972 on 2019/02/08 17:56
So easy to track my sleep. I just wear my watch and then look at how my sleep was when I wake up. I love the update too, everything is laid out much better. Good job!
As advertised and more
by vPurpleNINJA on 2019/02/08 15:12
So far so good, everything other reviews said is true. Took a bit to understand all of the components, but worth it
The more you know
by Kissoft on 2019/02/08 13:49
This application is very accurate when used in conjunction with the Apple Watch. It tracks virtually everything and their graphs are easy to read. With the data it supplies I have changed my sleeping routines
Great App
by FTM#9 on 2019/02/08 03:48
Very easy to use and understand. Get it!!!
Love it
by Cr1015 on 2019/02/07 23:45
This is a great app and I have found it to be very helpful in keeping me mindful of my needed rest.
This is almost wizardry
by Chris29302 on 2017/09/25 14:04
Great app, and almost certainly the best sleep tracker on the App Store. What I love most about it is that it uses multiple data sources—movement of your watch, movement of your phone, and your heart rate from your watch to make a pretty accurate reading of when you were asleep. Although several of its competitors support showing heart data, most don’t actually use your heart rate for sleep detection. It also doesn’t try pseudo-scientific REM sleep detection (my understanding is that you can’t do this accurately with a wrist tracker, even though some apps pretend to); it just tries to understand when you were in restless sleep and when you were in restful sleep. And it allows you to carefully tweak the analysis so it fits you exactly. It doesn’t offer an intelligent alarm or snoring recordings/detection. These would be my biggest requests. But you can use this in tandem with other apps that do that. Also, it would be nice if you could tweak the “phone movement” threshold. For example, it should be easy to tell when you’re in extremely disordered sleep because you’re pressing the snooze button on your phone. Right now you can either turn phone detection on or off, and if you turn it on, snooze button interaction with multiple alarms shows up as awake. Overall great app though—an easy five stars.
by Happy user#1 on 2017/05/28 01:20
THIS SHOULD BE ON THE APPLE WATCH OUT OF THE BOX!!! Both apps are $5 bucks total. NOTHING when you consider the cheapest apple band is $50!! And this offers soooo much versatility for your watch. I literally would have sold this Apple Watch if it were not for these apps! They NEVER CRASH AND NEVER HAVE AN ISSUE!! also the heart watch can ALERT YOU WHEN YOUR HEART RATE IS TOO HIGH OR TOO LOW WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE WATCH SHOULD DO!!! THE AUTO SLEEP TRACKING IS AS GOOD AND AS DETAILED AS FITBIT! For 2 bucks?!!? Come on that's a crazy deal, and the watch still has a full day battery even if you wear it to bed. I use it for voice to text alerts and emails all day at work and tracking a workout in morning with continuous heart rate tracking and still from putting it on at 10pm to track sleep , exercise at 6am, to work till 5 pm the watch still has about 20% left at 7-8pm. And if I charge it after waking from tracking sleep, for just 5 - 10 mins while I get ready in morning, brush and make coffee, it is back to 100%!! Again, Apple should be sooooo grateful that this company made these apps. I love that cardiogram is doing heart health studies with their apps and it's free, so we should all do it for the study, but THESE APPS, heart watch and auto sleep are waayy better cleaner and absolutely worth every cent. They are ESSENTIAL if you have an Apple Watch!
Rather outstanding
by KingFlash on 2018/10/18 18:51
I’ve had several activity trackers over the decade. They have had their strengths and weaknesses. Up until now, the Jawbone UP3 was the best for sleep tracking. My Garmin Vivoactive HR was great for activity, but terrible for monitoring sleep. I finally gave in to the Apple Watch series 4, and love it, but am still surprised that they don’t outright offer sleep tracking. I have a varied schedule and work nights, so knowing how behind or on track with sleep is very difficult. I skeptically bought the AutoSleep triad of apps and have been amazed at their accuracy. The auto sleep detect has been right on. And I am impressed with the ability to distinguish deep sleep. I can tell when that is accurate as well... I’ve felt tired after 7 hours of sleep and the app shows I got no deep sleep. Conversely, I’ll make up for it with 6 or 7 hours of sleep and have 3 hours of deep sleep and I feel great. So I know it’s accurate. The breakdown of my averages of sleep and heart rate are very useful as well. It’s not perfect. I’ve taken naps in the late afternoon that it has missed. But overall, the accuracy is stunning. This is money extremely well-spent. It adds so much value to my Apple Watch for me. I can’t believe Apple has ignored this aspect of its health applications. But AutoSleep is about as good as it gets.
I want to love this app
by eastxcoast on 2017/10/11 17:39
This app could be great, but I just feel that it needs some work. I’m not sure why the UI is set up the way it is since it is not user-friendly at all. I would consider myself pretty “tech-savvy” and I have a hard time figuring out this app. The main display is fine, but I still feel it could use an update too. Trying to figure out all of the tabs and what everything inside the app does + how to use it is frustrating when it should be designed to be simple. For whatever reason my data keeps recording that I fall asleep right around 12am every night. This is not always the case, and I don’t touch my phone after I’m in bed, so the only reason why this could be happening could be from a noise app that has a timed shut off. I’m not sure why this would be triggering a phone movement but that’s the only thing that seems to make sense. This would all be fine if I could just edit the time I actually fell asleep, but again, the UI is so frustratingly bad on the edit tab that it seems impossible to do. You can only hit “less” or “more” sleep, but it doesn’t let you control where this is adding or taking away from. So if I add more then it starts counting the time I started working at my desk in the morning (when I was not moving). I would love to see an updated UI including easier to use controls within the app. I really really want to love this app but there are some things that need updating.
Best sleep tracking app in existence, bar none.
by Margarotina on 2017/12/21 13:02
As someone with severe sleep problems, I rely heavily on this app to give me feedback regarding how much and how well I sleep at night and to tell me if I actually sleep whenever I try to take a nap during the day. This is bc in addition to monitoring your movements, it also monitors your heart rate, which makes it very accurate. Because I’m always looking for perfection, after getting this app, I purchased several other sleep trackers to better determine how accurate this app is. What I’ve found is that, so far, this is the most accurate and comprehensive sleep tracking app that the App Store has. However, it’s an app, not a PSG machine, and sometimes I have to make adjustments because no app can read your brain waves. Also, wearing your watch while you sleep is absolutely necessary in order to get the most out of this app. The app seems complicated and non user friendly at first. In fact, I didn’t love it right away bc it took me a little time to learn all the features and how to use them, but this is a very small investment compared to the invaluable information you get in return. Because of medical reasons I must track both the quantity and the quality of my sleep, and this app makes that possible.
Simply the best Sleep App I’ve used
by shicaca44811 on 2017/11/05 12:08
I’ve used quite a few sleep apps over the last year or two and this is by far the best. You have two options - use it with an Apple Watch or without. If you don’t have a watch, the app correlates the data from when you plug your phone in vs unplugging it, but it also takes into effect when your phones screen is on and subtracts it from your total sleep hours! This is the first app I’ve ever seen do this! When you use it with your watch, if you turn it into “Theater Mode”, it gets really detailed information about your sleep and tells you when you were in different sleep levels, but with Theater mode all night it uses a whopping 2% battery. It still correlates phone screen time into sleep totals, and subtracts that from your sleep, so you get a much more accurate picture of how long and well you’ve slept. The only bad thing is you have to remember to charge the watch before you get to the point of being in bed. Probably my only gripe is I think metrics for heart correlation could maybe be broken down a bit more (average HR in REM, average in Deep Sleep, etc), but it does give graphs of where your HR attended out over time so that’s nice.
Another great input into Apple Health
by Atavachron on 2018/03/29 02:52
Great app! I’ve been using this ever since I heard Federico Viticci talking about this on the Connected podcast. I’m using this along with a Bluetooth blood pressure cuff (Omron 10 series) and a Bluetooth scale to get a detailed baseline of basic health indicators, and track it to see if there are any subtle changes I should take action on. (I also track everything I eat and drink using LoseIt!). AutoSleep, along with the Apple bedtime reminder is doing a lot to keep me on track to getting more regular sleep. (I also try to manually correlate the foods I eat and my overall hydration with better sleep. I tend to get heartburn that bothers me when I lie down. Watching what, when and how much I eat helps with this. ). The Workout app on my Apple Watch also motivates me to get more exercise which also helps me sleep better. I heard that people who regularly get less than 6 hours of sleep are at significantly greater risk of heart attacks. So I eat better and exercise more to sleep better and hopefully it will all synergistically help me enjoy watching my daughter grow up at least through middle age.
by Fruge1927 on 2018/11/27 12:27
No app should be this difficult to use. It would either not record my sleep at all or record some of it and then disappear. I contacted customer service. Customer service is good. Spent 4-5 days trying to get this to work. I still have an iPhone 6s so there was a know glitch with it and the app. Because of what I assume is a time difference they only answered me emails at around 10pm each night. Finally we were able to get it to track and save my sleep. I used it for another week or so however what it records is inaccurate even with adjusting it. AutoSleep routinely tells me I am only sleeping 1-6 hours with 0-23 minutes deep sleep even when I know I have had deep sleep and have had dreams. AutoSleep also shows me awake when I know I was sleeping. I wear both my Apple Watch and my Withings. My Withings is more accurate consistently shows when in deep sleep, when I have awaken during the night. I bought the AutoSleep app because I thought tracking my heart rate and quality sleep would be beneficial. Just wearing my Apple Watch to bed does that for me. I really wanted to like this app and thought it would be the only app I would need to use. Unfortunately that has proven not to be the case.
Always Improving!!
by HotMommasCowboy on 2018/09/18 12:11
Before I received my CPAP, I would wake up as if I barely got any sleep...even after an 8hr night! AutoSleep always showed my sleep as being sporadic and crazy and I always thought it wasn’t working properly. I even contacted their customer service. They had me make some changes, but it still didn’t help. But, their customer service was constantly trying to help me. So they definitely have a top notch customer service!! After my sleep study, I found out I had a severe case of sleep apnea. After going on the CPAP, their program started showing favorable sleep patterns. So, it was working all along, it’s just my apnea was that severe that the app recorded as best it could. I was having an issue where it wouldn’t record short naps and it wasn’t recording when I truly got up in the morning, but they’ve got settings for that as well!! Now all my sleep is captured, even the quick 10-15 naps I have sometimes. This app is 100% worth the money. Don’t hesitate to give it a shot. And, if it’s as sporadic as mine was in the beginning, it’s possible you could have sleep apnea.
Best Sleep Tracking App Out There
by Evilkow on 2017/04/24 04:39
I have tried them all, and this app is the best *by far*. The best part about it is you only need to remember to wear your Apple Watch. A quick 15-20 minute recharge once or twice a day keeps me going all night. The app does the rest. No more hiding my phone under a pillow or forgetting to turn on the sleep tracking app (only for them to crash). This app doesn't run all night long. Instead it uses the brilliant approach of analyzing the data already collected on the iPhone and Apple Watch. It takes that data and draws logical conclusions about when you were asleep. I don't write reviews very often, and I don't write them unless I've been using the app for a while. I have been suing this one for about 10 months now, and it does a great job at determining my sleep time. To make matters even better, the deveeloper is constantly updating the app to make it better. I think there were two full version updates in 2016, and now there is another full version update with a cleaner interface. Super nice. If you want to track your sleep, this is the app for the job.
Essential Health Tool
by idgit on 2018/07/21 11:54
As humans our health is dependent upon many factors, but none more crucial than sleep. Deep sleep is the time your body uses to do deep repairs of cells it cannot do at other times. If you use this app with Apple Watch for a couple months you’ll see just how much sleep you’re really getting. Light, deep, restless or interrupted you can see it in data and take action. No data is ever 100% accurate, but more critical than accuracy for measurement is consistency. Autosleep has given me the data I needed to understand or confirm: a) I wasn’t going to bed early enough to ever get a solid 7 hours of sleep, b) cutting out afternoon/evening caffeine really DOES improve sleep, c) spending 15-30 minutes outdoors once or twice a day really DOES improve sleep & d) adjustment my split dose medication times to earlier in the day helps improve my sleep. Take care of you and monitor your sleep every night. If you actually look at the data, you’ll start begin learning the keys to your own body’s sleep needs. More importantly you will see, right there in YOUR data what helps YOU sleep better.
Fantastic App
by T-2018 on 2018/09/26 02:09
I’ve used this app continuously the last ten months with an Apple Series 3 watch and and have been very impressed by how well it works. It’s quite accurate in tracking sleep. Oftentimes it will even catch an afternoon nap. The charts are stellar too and provide a nice way to review the previous night’s sleep, and the calendar history is well laid out and allows one to quickly review sleep history over the previous month(s). Occasionally the app will think I’ve fallen asleep late at night if I’m watching TV and barely moving, but the editing capabilities for the previous night’s sleep is first rate and you can quickly make adjustments. It also has a sensitivity setting that you can adjust to take into account how much you naturally move at night so it will track sleep more accurately. Finally the watch and phone work in tandem and so, for example, if you move your phone, it can automatically register that as being awake. Overall, I think this app has been my favorite health app I’ve purchased for my watch and phone.
Works great when wearing watch.
by Netlawyer on 2017/06/10 14:59
Can only recommend when wearing your apple watch. There is another mode, but you still need to trigger sensors in your phone the right way for that to work and it doesn't fit the way I use my phone (i.e. I'll put it on charge early in the evening and not pick it up again until the next day) so I'll regularly get a report that I slept 14 hours or something if I sleep without my watch. So depending on how you use your phone, ymmv. Four stars for missing one basic feature - it appears you can't edit sleep or delete data more than a week earlier. I went on a trip, still had the phone tracking turned on, barely wore my watch and now I have 5 days in the middle of May with bad data which is throwing off my averages. I can't find any way to deleted data from three weeks ago. I don't look at the app every day or even every week so being able to access and edit data from all dates would make this 5 stars for the watch tracking mode. (Again the phone tracking mode doesn't work for me, but I don't count that against the app.)
All-encompassing and accurate!
by Sweetpea9016 on 2017/10/12 03:07
I was skeptical that a third party app would work well, and skeptical about sleep tracking in general. I bought my first smart watch (Apple), and gave this a try based on the reviews. Even the negative reviews were about trivial things not related to how this product performs. The sleep and wake times in this app are pretty spot on, and it has many metrics with lots of data (restlessness, deep sleep, awake, heart rate). There are even different profiles for different types of users (like athletes/normal people/standard high heart rate). My only complaint is that I’d like to know how it calculates some of this to be able to make changes to my sleep pattern to get the most benefit. For example, are “restless” moments any time I move my wrist, or true tossing and turning? What constitutes “deep sleep”? I almost returned my Apple Watch when I found out it didn’t have built in sleep monitoring, but this inexpensive app has saved the day for the Apple Watch. I’m impressed.
by SteveOFresno on 2017/09/12 03:11
To be honest, I had fairly low hopes that this app would work well for me. I'm a night shift worker with horrendous sleep habits and I just didn't expect that it would keep up with me. I too often go 24 hours without sleep, sleep for 12 hours at a time, or lie in bed for hours trying to fall asleep. This app hasn't missed the mark once. I ran the setup wizard on day one and set the app to interpret phone motion as me being awake. I wear my watch to bed and leave my phone charging on my night stand. This combination hasn't messed up once. Every sleep, every nap, every hour lying awake, all counted correctly. The data is presented in various interesting and useful ways. I knew my sleep habits were horrible, but there is just something about seeing them displayed graphically that makes me more inspired to actually fix them. As if that wasn't enough, I contacted support for what I thought was a glitch, and I received an email the same day that solved the problem on the first try. I had accidentally excluded one day's data from the history, so there was no problem with the app in the first place. My only concern with wearing my watch to bed was battery life, since I also want to wear it while awake. This hasn't been an issue. It charges so quickly that it has been enough to simply charge it here and there when I'm in the shower, eating, etc. Fantastic app and fantastic support.
This is amazing!!
by Dastew79 on 2019/01/19 02:47
I can’t believe such an amazing app is available at this price. I tried 2 other highly rated sleep apps but deleted them both after 2 days because they were so inaccurate in tracking your sleep. I had been about to give up on sleep tracking when I read the reviews on this app and thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did. It didn’t track my sleep correctly the first time either, but it has an awesome feature that recalculates your sleep, and when I did that it gave me a choice that was spot on. Additionally, the amount of information available is incredible. **** Update after using for 3 weeks. I’m even more amazed by this app. After adjusting my sleep amounts for the first week or two and turning on the feature to recognize that I’m awake if I move my phone, I never have to adjust my sleep times any more. It reads it perfectly. I’m totally amazed.
Use to be five star before last update
by bleedmaizenblue on 2018/12/28 17:14
The last update messed up things, use to be a 5 star app. I occasionally wear my watch to bed (about 2-4 times a week) and when I do it works but since the last update they changed the hours days when I don’t wear to. It use to be accurate and tell me I slept x hours when not wearing in on my notification now it says 0 hrs and my sleep deficit increases every day I don’t. Sometimes if you launch the app it syncs the right time I slept. Other times it doesn’t. It also says system error even though I try all of the suggested fixes with no avail. Also the app got much more complicated to see your data. Pillow and some of the others do better job at slowing the differences by hour and on a horizontal line graph instead of a horrible scrolling north to south one with random hours instead of everyone hour data points. I might try the others now until this gets fixed. I can’t wait until Apple does their own baked in version of sleep data. I’m sure it will work better and be easier to see the data.
Very useful app! Gives you lots of information on your sleep patterns.
by grandmafish on 2017/05/10 15:23
Bought this app based on its good reviews here in the App Store. It's proved to be very helpful in identifying my sleep patterns and also pretty accurate. For example, yesterday morning I woke up feeling tired and pretty crappy even though I got my goal of 8 hours sleep. I dug deeper into the dashboard and it shows that I got virtually no deep sleep that night. I wake up multiple times a night, but on the night it does show me getting deep sleep, I remember waking up feeling particularly refreshed and not tired. So it's accurately verified sleep problems I knew I had. But the app won't fix it or tell me what's causing it, of course. For that I'm going to have to get the help of a sleep specialist. There's a lot of information on the dashboard if you know where to look and poke around a bit. It also coordinates with the developers heart app and Apple's health app.
Latest update puts style over substance
by Island Life on 2019/01/04 11:54
This is still a good app, but I can’t call it a great app anymore. The latest update brought design changes that look sleek, but which are uninformative. Humans aren’t meant to “read” circle graphs - I know Apple is all about “closing the rings”, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not a design that people can easily understand or interpret. Graphs that I used to look at are gone (or otherwise buried so deep in the new interface that may as well have been removed) and the color scheme is a mess of rainbows. Part of me can see that this is an earnest attempt to improve the app, but the other part of me is so disappointed in the way data is presented that I really can’t applaud it. Please consider putting the heart rate graph front and center like Sleep Cycle does and switching to bar graphs or another presentation method that is easier for humans to understand. —————— Previous Review: (5 Stars) I’ve probably used almost every other sleep tracking app out there for Apple Watch (and a few other fitness trackers as well), so I feel confident saying that AutoSleep is the absolute best of the bunch. Once it’s setup , everything is just like it says in the name - automatic. For accurate results, I wear my watch to bed. This works out nicely even with the limited battery life, since I charge the watch while I shower. Perfect integration with Apple Health and a fair one-time cost! This is the app you’re looking for. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
So far I luv it! One Day only
by Twinkly Toez on 2018/05/11 13:20
So-I just got my first Apple Watch and I really wanted to track health and quality-of-life on it. That being said I downloaded two other sleep apps for free. In an effort to track the quality and hours asleep at night. I couldn’t figure out how to access all the data and they were very confusing! so I put up the 2.99 to download this app and I am so happy I did! You basically don’t have to do anything-but go to bed- and the data and display are very easy to figure out very similar to what’s on your Apple Watch. Rings, that explain in a very understandable way your sleep data. I plan on wearing my watch to bed each night to get the most accurate data but you don’t have to do that- they can track it off your iPhone. it’s only been one day but so far I am absolutely thrilled with the data I got after one night sleep! Definitely worth $3.00
by EMG36 on 2018/07/04 13:48
This is one of my favorite apps. Prior to using it, there were days I’d wake up feeling lossy and I couldn’t figure out why. Well, now I know it was because I slept poorly! I may have slept for 8 hours, but was unknowingly restless and didn’t get any “deep sleep.” It’s given me perspective on the impact of booze, too. I don’t know if I’m uniquely sensitive to it, but if I have more than 2 or 3 drinks, my sleep stats really suffer. My heart rate jumps 20% to 40% above my no-booze norm and I don’t get any deep sleep. I had always known that alcohol can negatively impact sleep, but seeing is believing. I just don’t grab those extra drinks at night anymore ... because if I don’t get that deep sleep ... I just feel sad. If you’re into health stats and doing everything you can to always being at your best, you’re going to really dig this app. “Heart Health” is awesome too, so just get the bundle 👍
Only missing two things
by ORHobbes on 2018/02/26 06:47
This is the best sleep app out of the 8 I’ve tried so far. It tracks every night even if I forget to start a sleep session. It also offers a lot of comparisons over time. And lastly, it has the best editing options if there are any mistakes. There are just two things missing... 1) I love that they let you tag each day/night with certain events (emojis) to look for trends in how it affects your sleep quality. However, it would be even better if the app would analyze those tags for you over time to show you trends you might otherwise miss. (ie, your sleep quality on nights you are in a hotel bed averages 18% lower than other nights; your sleep quality on days you exercise in the evenings are 8% higher than other days, etc) 2) Record Audio clips using the iPhone version of the app while you sleep. Some other sleep apps use the Watch for motion detection while sleeping, and the iPhone version of the app to record short audio clips when it detects noise during sleep (for detecting snoring or possible sleep apnea). Then they sync together in the morning and combine the data for you to see and listen to for each night. This is a big help for determining whether snoring or sleep apnea might be affecting you sleep quality at certain points during the night. If AutoSleep could add these two features, it would be perfect!
Best Sleep Tracker
by YouEatPig on 2018/03/10 07:49
I’ve tried a couple sleep trackers on iOS and this is by far the best. The developer seems to really care and really care about feedback. If you’re on the fence about buying it, just go for it, especially if you have an Apple Watch. I was using a free sleep tracker that requires the user to start and stop tracking, but Autosleep doesn’t need this. You can tell it when you go to bed optionally and it will track how long it takes you to fall asleep based on movement and your heart rate. There are tons of options in it. Really it’s nearly a perfect app. The only thing I could ask for is more metrics and charts to see. The biggest one I’d want is a time to fall asleep metric in the monthly history section. It already shows a ton of stuff, but more could never hurt, and I’d like to see if there’s any correlation with other metrics and my time to fall asleep.
Doesn’t track accurately for me at all
by jipthomas on 2018/06/02 04:22
Like another reviewer mentioned below, I’m also coming from a Fitbit charge 2 which had phenomenal sleep tracking. Unlike the charge 2, this app doesn’t catch when I’m awake in the middle of the night. I’ve gone thru all the settings to calibrate my sleep, changed my heart rate type, and gone thru the setup multiple times. I shouldn’t have to tweak my sleep on a daily basis. I’m guessing it’s something with their algorithm, which shows I have a pretty high heart rate while I sleep and unlike the charge 2, which showed my heart rate dipping down into the 50s. Not sure what’s going on with this app but it’s inaccurate and not worth the money in my opinion. You don’t need to mess with any of the settings on a Fitbit and it tracks accurately, while with this one you do need to tinker around with it. It’s a pain and shouldn’t be a necessity on the daily. And another thing is the UI, it’s not simple and user friendly like the fitbit’s. If it wasn’t for me loving my watch and all it’s other capabilities, I would seriously consider going back to the charge 2.
Fantastic Sleep App
by Sagakun on 2019/01/04 21:35
So I just got my Apple Watch this holiday season. I’ve looked at them for a while, but one feature that made it hard for me to commit to switching from Fitbit was the sleep tracking feature. AutoSleep solves that: it pairs well to my Series 4, and presents the data in a clear, easy-to-read display that makes investigating my sleep patterns pretty easy. After two weeks of use, I can say it fairly accurately tracks my sleep (duration, depth, etc.,) and it learns quickly from mistakes. Occasionally it’ll log some restlessness as sleeplessness, or doesn’t catch when my sleep started quite right, but that’s easily edited in the app. I’m still getting used to the “Readiness” metric, and the app does seem to occasionally struggle to pull HRV data from the Apple Health App, but other than that, this app is fantastic, and worth the purchase!
Great App, Needs Some Updates
by chickwit07 on 2018/01/29 16:34
I just recently talked myself into finally buying this app, and I’m not disappointed. It gives a really detailed breakdown of your sleep and is super easy to use. Just go to sleep and everything is ready to go when you wake up. My only issue with it is that it’s not able to be modified for someone who doesn’t work a normal, daytime work schedule. As someone who works second shift, there are features that I can’t really use correctly, such as Night Hour and Quiet Time. Since I don’t get home from work until nearly 2am, neither of them allow for the hour to be changed far enough for me to really utilize these features. It’s a fantastic app for people who work a day shift, but those of us who work night hours aren’t able to get the full benefit from it. If those features become more modifiable in the future, I’d happily give all five stars.
Only two stars because of what it once was
by SydneyTiffa on 2018/06/11 11:20
I’ve had major hiccups with this app for months now. It used to be pretty accurate, but now it’s simply hit or miss. I was told to make sure my watch is up to date after updating my iPhone, which took care of the inaccuracy for about a couple of weeks, but then it just goes back to either guessing what’s going on or just saying it was charging overnight when it wasn’t. I’ve removed the phone from being next to me on the bed to being on my nightstand thinking that would help with the readings and it doesn’t. I’ve unpaired/paired my watch to my phone hoping that would help reset it. But something I’m not doing is resetting my phone to factory settings just to see if that helps the app that should be working without such drastic measures being taken. It shouldn’t be this aggravating, but that’s what it’s turned into. I just wanted an app that could track my sleep with a decent amount of accuracy. In my experience, this app is not that.
Best sleep tracker
by Speedy rooter on 2017/12/30 23:28
I have paid for few sleep tracking apps... this is by far the best. Not having to tell an app that I’m about to go to sleep should be a required function of sleep trackers.... took a minor amount of tweaking the settings... but this app is spot on. I wake up often throughout the night, and sometimes work more than 24hrs straight... this app gets it all seamlessly. NOTE: since these guys have done something amazing here, I wanted to make a suggestion that I’m sure they would be able to do... have an alarm function function that would wake you within 15 min of your set time at a point in your sleep cycle that would help you feel more rested.... say as your heart rate fluctuates, it rises as you wake up naturally... it could detect that and start the alarm before it plateaus and goes back down...
Mindless sleep tracking
by JMackBND on 2017/12/19 15:22
This is the best sleep tracking app for Apple Watch by far. I’ve been using it heavily since shortly after its release and it just keeps getting better. Most sleep tracking apps for the Watch have the user take action to start and stop tracking sleep. With AutoSleep, though, all you do is wear your watch to bed - you never have to think about it - and it tracks your sleep automatically. Very accurately. Version 5.0 that was just released is a big leap forward - allowing the Watch app to track sleep independently of the iPhone when necessary. It’s like this app adds an entire feature to the Apple Watch that it doesn’t ship with. Give it a try! Also check out the developer’s companion app, HeartWatch, which gives you a much deeper look at the heart-rate data your Watch collects.
Are Benefits Too High A Price?
by crooked6p on 2018/08/16 12:27
The heart package uses 3 pieces to track sleep, wake and daily activities. It can borrow known info or function independently. Since it was designed for Watch and OS 10 I will add that to some degree Apple is providing its own apps to track activities and sleep/wake. Having said this, the graphics in this package are much better for advising the user about their heart’s activity. Unfortunately the cost of providing this info is intense “me only” app functionality. At the same time it reduces battery life by an entire day at the very least. Removing Watch’s work time so we can charge more frequently defeats the purpose of tracking and restricts your own normal activity more frequently than you may like. While you can be informed of great advise and awareness, if you were to discover a problem you will loose time to study it. Is the need for 3 parts an inconvenient step toward trying to do too much?
Best sleep app?
by mlpsindie on 2018/06/24 13:01
I remember when I first started using this app and it has drastically improved since that version. When I looked for a decent sleep app a couple years ago, there really wasn’t anything that great but this app has improved to the point where I can see that it’s accurate when I have a sleepless night or I wake up at 3am and can’t fall back asleep. I don’t believe his is accurate down to the minute but I 100% believe it’s still valuable. You can go through a week and see which nights you slept terrible and which nights you slept well. The automation works really well. I highly recommend this app and I have never used a better sleep. I love that they continue to improve the app. The support is really obvious and the end product reflects the efforts of the developer.
Good feedback, helps me go forward
by Frito/Fargo on 2018/04/27 11:33
My interest in this app is based on my believe that good sleep is very important. And if I can understand how my sleep patterns are associated with my daily behavior, I can modify or at least try to modify my behavior so that I get better sleep. For me some of the modifications include The quantity and timing of my food intake, my exercising and drink to include water, coffee and alcohol. As a result of these efforts I believe my need for naps has gone down significantly. Now whether that is because I’m getting better sleep or more highly motivated to make the most of my time awake, I’m not sure. But I do believe this app has been one of the many multi faceted parts of my efforts to live a more healthy life, and productive life, for my personal benefit and in-service to my God and my country and others.
The best sleep tracker for an Apple Watch.
by ThespisTx on 2017/10/23 16:10
This is the best sleep tracker for an Apple Watch. Before my Apple Watch I used a different activity tracker. It tracked my sleep so well, so when I went to an Apple Watch I still wanted to track my sleep. I tried several apps, but most only tracked when I turned them on, and when I turned them off. This app tracks quality of sleep, heart rate, and restlessness. It’s very detailed and very accurate. I’m not sure it’s as accurate as my previous tracker, but it’s the best I’ve had on my Apple Watch. I was also presently surprised to find it won’t drain your batter any faster than average. I simply charge my Watch in the hour or two before bed and then wear it to sleep. The only feature this app lacks is an alarm clock. It be nice to have it wake me based on my sleep cycle.
Sleep Time Accuracy is Amazing!
by Karengj on 2018/12/30 15:59
V6 rating: Previously rated Autosleep 5-Star, for its simplicity and accuracy. However, since the latest V6 update, the simplicity and sleep accuracy is now gone! I really doubt that the quality of my sleep is now totally different, and changed overnight since the V6 update. Hate the V6 update, and am no longer willing to let Autosleep drain 20+ % of my Apple Watch 4 battery each night! Much too complex, now, for us simple folks! V5 rating: Auto Sleep automatically detects when I fall asleep and wake up, while wearing my Apple Watch 4. It is amazing that it automatically records when I doze off and wake up during a brief daytime nap, as well as nighttime sleep, without having to manually open/close any of the watch apps. Plus, the summary analyses and graphs are very easy to understand. By far, the best app I actually had to pay only a onetime couple of bucks to upgrade a free app (HeartWatch). Well worth the additional cost for the “automatic” features if you have the Apple Watch and HeartWatch app.
Great Until It was Worthless
by Bladernr67 on 2018/03/01 21:29
I’ve been using the app for several months and found the data it was providing extremely useful until I fell ill. While I was sick I wound up not wearing my Apple Watch for several days, so obviously no sleep data was being recorded at this time. When I was well enough and returned to regular use of my watch all of my apps picked up gathering data without any issues. All of them ... except this one. It appears that any break in the data is a barrier the app is incapable of dealing with. And, in the event that the developer actually reads this the answer is yes...I tried ALL of your recommended fixes and NONE of them worked. And no...I am not going to trash my current data and re-pair my watch as a new device just because a single app has decided to take a dump. Admittedly I really really enjoyed this app while it worked. If you’re looking to pick this app just don’t ever plan to remove your watch from your wrist longer than a few hours if you want it to keep working.
Well worth every penny!
by jpsulak on 2018/10/26 14:13
I was attracted to this application for its ability to track my sleep quality without me needing to do anything. I fall asleep extremely quickly, and often times I would fall asleep before I’m able to set any tracking. Then I found AutoSleep, and now I never have to set up anything at night! I prefer to leave my watch on my wrist while I sleep, but sometimes I’m so forgetful that I just leave it on the charger. Luckily, sleep tracker has accounted for this and will automatically track sleep while charging during the hours you specify during initial setup. This is one of the best apps I have downloaded, and it’s definitely worth every bit of what I payed for it (which I believe was somewhere around $3-$4). Definitely would recommend!
Iffy experience
by kentuckylaw93 on 2018/05/02 16:37
In the 6 weeks I’ve used this app, my experience has been iffy at best. When it works right, the information is great, and the display is easy to read. However, the key word is “when”. It seems as though there are issues at least once or twice a week where either no data is reflected or it shows only the total hours slept without other data. When I have contacted support, I have found that the tone of the emails tends to be rather snarky and condescending, and quite frankly, that is not cool. Although the tech specialists have tried to blame the issues on my watch not capturing the data, I find it a bit odd that, if I delete the app from my phone entirely and then reinstall it, the data magically appears (which would seem to suggest that the watch has captured something in spite of what I am being told). Overall, I am going to give the app another week or two before I find a new app to use.
Best sleep app I’ve ever used!
by ibbecca69 on 2017/12/30 16:47
Amazing how accurate this tracker seems to be. I watch a lot of tv before going to sleep so most apps will detect that lack of movement as sleep but not this app. It blows my mind how it can tell the difference between watching tv and sleeping. It also seems spot-on for detecting how often I get up to use the bathroom throughout the night. My favorite fun feature is the battery charged indicator. The other night I had insomnia and slept 2 hrs and it said my body’s battery only charged 34%. That was so accurate - by lunchtime I definitely felt my body’s battery was running on “low power” mode. LOL. Speaking of battery, I was worried it would drain the Watch battery and it does not. This is BY FAR my favorite Apple Watch app! It should be on everyone’s app list!!!!!!
Not a very smart app
by AlannaPajama on 2018/08/18 12:59
The app regularly reports that I slept soundly through the night even though I know that I woke up repeatedly, even when I have physically gotten up and walked down the hall and used the bathroom. Sometimes I will be laying in bed awake for nearly an hour but as far as this app is concerned, I slept soundly through the night with no disturbances. I’m not sure how the app determines these things but I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need an app to tell me when I am asleep vs. when I’m awake because I can clearly do that on my own. Don’t bother, just use your own self for that. Want to know if you slept badly? You’re gonna know when you’re tired all day. Want to know if you slept well? You’ll know that too because you feel refreshed after sleeping! Amazing!! How dependent are we on smart phones and watches that we need apps to tell us what we already know? Don’t make a fool of yourself like I did. Skip the app. I deleted mine.
Great App and Amazing Customer Service
by BruceGen on 2018/02/13 11:44
tl;dr - The app is magic. All you have to do is install and it does exactly what it is supposed to without using the setup wizard. Support team is super helpful. 10/10 would recommend. I've been using Autosleep for give or take a year. I've had only success tracking my sleep quality with this app. Recently, I was switched to working night shift at work and noticed in the setup wizard that there was no option to set bedtime when I usually went to sleep. Naturally, I sent an email to their support team. This is where I became more impressed. I received a response from David the same day before I went to work. He let me know that the app is able to determine when you sleep regardless if you set your actual bedtime. The auto detection figures it all out itself. Honestly, I'm very impressed with the ease of use with this app. You really only need to install it and it takes over completely without any user input. In regards to the customer service, top notch. David was very friendly and helpful. He gave me a link to user resources that I (apparently because I was too lazy) didn't look for myself. Great work and great customer service.
Really impressed!
by RVC-FR on 2018/07/31 12:32
I've used this app for a bit over a year wearing my Apple Watch to bed, which monitors my heart rate and my movements while I sleep. I'm impressed by how well the app measures the quality of my sleep. Using this data I noticed that I could make changes to improve my sleep. Once I forgot to take my medications in the evening and that night I noticed a spike in deep sleep. Now I take my medication in the afternoon instead of the evening and I sleep much better. Also, you'd be really surprised to see what a single glass of wine and a cigarette in the evening do to your sleep (it's scary)! I encourage anyone to try the app for a week and then make a few lifestyle changes and see if you can improve your deep sleep! Totally with the few bucks! Great job developers!
ITS THE BEST... Case closed!
by ekranwinkel on 2018/11/22 15:06
So I've been using AutoSleep, AutoWake and HeartWatch now for about two months... I've been really putting it through the ringer, especially since I bought the series 4 Apple Watch. So what do I absolutely love about this trio? Hmm , what don't I love... I've used pillow, sleep watch and others. But found myself always coming back to this app time and time again. There's nothing more precise, nor customizable than what you see here, period. And at this price, it's just hard to beat. Remember, this is not one of those "subscription" money grubbing developers. And support, I've written them 3 times, and have always received prompt, friendly, answers in my mailbox the next morning. Thank you... You guys are the best!
Average app. Not as accurate as a Fitbit.
by Zector45 on 2018/03/05 15:25
I just got an Apple Watch and needed a sleep tracking app. This app is decent but I am coming from a Fitbit Charge 2 and feel that my Fitbit tracking was way more accurate than this. Fitbit doesn’t require you to manually program and tweak your settings to be accurate either. This app is called AutoSleep but if I have to manually adjust my sleep every single day, it’s not really automatic is it? I hope it gets better with time, especially considering this is a paid app. It’s good enough for now I guess, but if I need to keep adjusting sleep detection and the amount of sleep I get, because the app isn’t detecting it properly, I will have to move onto something else. It also gives tons of extra data that’s utterly useless if its basic function, sleep detection, has to be manually programmed each day. Pretty disappointed so far honestly. Fitbit tracking is clearly superior.
Better than Fitbit
by customer235 on 2018/06/09 06:55
I recently got the series 1 Apple Watch since it’s on sale for $149 right now at Walmart. I have a Fitbit and one of the main reasons I have it is for sleep tracking since I struggle with insomnia on a regular basis. Well I found out about this app online and decided to get it for my Apple Watch and I love this app way more than my Fitbits sleep tracker. It gives so much more detail(actually much much more) than the Fitbit tracker. It tells you percentages of everything, shows graphs and patterns of sleep and HR monitoring. It is way worth the $2.99 for sleep tracking. I don’t in general like to spend money on apps, but this was so worth it as sleep tracking is the main focus for me with any activity tracker/smart watch. Great app! Thank you!
Buggy app
by ravannnnn on 2018/12/26 11:24
Update 12/25 - I took a star off cause atleast once a week theirs something wrong with the app. This time in particular it switched from automatic sleep detection to the “not wearing watch” tracking (or whatever they call it). The other time I had a problem was when it wouldn’t track my sleep. So I had to delete and reinstall for it to work. I wouldn’t have known to try that if I didn’t read someone else’s review about it not tracking sleep. Update 12/19 - thank you for changing the color scheme back kinda. The green had to go thank you. Works 100%. Tracks all my sleep and naps very very accurately. Only thing is I don’t like the color scheme they updated with today. Otherwise this app has helped me be more cautious of needing more sleep so it’s keepin me healthy every day.
So far. Great sleep tracker
by RayR1970 on 2018/10/10 18:31
I used to be a Fitbit owner then went to the Apple Watch. The one thing I loved that the Apple Watch did not have was sleep tracking which the Fitbit does. After a few weeks reading reviews on sleep tracking apps this one always seemed to be in the top 2. The app takes a bit getting used to but it’s great. I downloaded the app, answered a few questions and the next thing I knew it had given me my sleep tracking for the whole week. The layout is very Co loans you would think it was made by Apple as it fits with there health apps. The information is mostly spot on give or take a few min, and I must say it has more data then the Fitbit app. For my first app ever purchasing I am very pleased.
Old app: 5 stars. Latest update: 2.
by Mkstvnsn on 2019/01/13 18:02
Let’s be honest, this app is infamous for being the best sleep tracker but the UI has always been a bit of s problem. It’s just confusing. And I’m a UI designer by trade so I usually pick things up pretty quick. Anyway, the previous version was definitely good enough but the latest is just too cumbersome. It’s so confusing with the new color schemes, sleep debts, having to pick which ring you “think” is right. Come on, that’s the point of the app! The previous option of light, very light, deep, etc sleeper was WAY more intuitive. Please bring it back. My recommendations (I’m actually begging): 1. Make the default color scheme the same as the previous version 2. Bring back light/deep/very deep/etc to change the stats 3. What’s the deal with the readiness score? Last night I had 8 hours of sleep, exceeded my deep and quality sleep rings, and only got 2 stars readiness. What does that even mean? 4. Can we disable the sleep debt?? The app sometimes tells me to sleep 13+ hours to rid myself of a sleep debt. That’s terrible advice. That would likely throw off my circadian rhythm making following nights sleep worse. It’s better to chip away at it. So please stop adding things without fixing the old ones, and don’t fix what ain’t broken. You have an awesome app that I swear by.
Comparable to the quality of FitBit
by MsAntiguanRican on 2019/01/26 14:23
Auto Sleep App is well worth the price. Ok so I have an Apple Watch on my right arm & a Fitbit Flex 2 in a bracelet on my left. For so long I have been Fitbit dependant just to monitor my sleep. However why keep upgrading your Apple Watch at a premium. So after testing out all the best Apple Watch apps, Auto Sleep for the WIN! Hands down best app if you are trying to get away from the Fitbit. After all that was the only thing outside of price point it had over the Apple Watch until Auto Sleep improved their app. Also if you go Auto Sleep app definitely link in your heart rate. That is another feature over the Fitbit & definitely helped me get over my Fitbit sleep feature withdrawals.
Fantastic Tool
by bevsucceeds on 2018/01/03 15:04
I use the sleep app on my Apple Watch 3 and coordinate it with my phone. I did some research based on my first night’s sleep and it helped me learn a lot more about deep sleep and quality sleep. I had a question on the date because I thought the date should be the night that I went to sleep, so I emailed support and they got back to me with a very thorough answer that explained that most of your sleep(if you are a night sleeper) occurs after midnight (or the day after you go to sleep). Also since the clock is used, data is not available until you wake up the next day- makes perfect sense. I love the lights out feature that tells me how long it took me to fall asleep. Ism becoming addicted to this app😍
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