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Reports+ for Instagram
Fastest and most accurate followers analytics​ tool for Instagram. Track your Instagram followers, find out who unfollowed you on Instagram, who is not following you back, detect blockers, view your fans, rank your best friends and much more ... Key Features - Account Analytics - Track Followers Gain/Loss - Track Post Performance - Track Engagement - Engage with your fans - Optimize and Schedule your Posts - Find out who your best Instagram friends are - Which of your friend did like your posts most - Which of your friends not following you although you follow them For additional insights upgrade to Reports+ Premium. Information about the auto-renewable nature of the Premium Subscription - Every time in a week you can reach your updated premium reports and if you want to continue getting premium reports, your subscription should be continued. - Subscription periods are 1 week / 1 month / 6 months and 12 months. Every 1 week / 1 month /6 months or 12 months your subscription renews. -1 week subscription price is $2.99. 1 month subscription price is $3.99. 6 Months Subscription price is $17.99. 1 year price is $23,99. - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. - You can cancel your subscription via this url: - Privacy policy: - Term of use: Do you have a question for us?
Used to be good not it’s flat out trash.
by fae_thegirl on 2019/12/06 07:07
Don’t purchase! .
Negative 10 stars
by theTRUTH HURTS on 2019/12/06 06:07
Negative 10 stars they steal your followers and have your account under review by ig for take down
by somthing else 🙂 on 2019/12/06 04:42
I tried to unfollow people , wouldn’t let me. Then someone got into my account and sent “nudes” to my bestfriend idk who the nudes were . No one has a my password but this app. And I had a bunch of 80 year olds I was “ following” .
What am I paying for?
by Gabe1111222 on 2019/12/05 18:43
The free features in the app are good. However, the premium features don’t measure up because they don’t process correctly, especially when trying to remove multiple followers. The statistics also take a long time to update and sometimes are not accurate. I would definitely not recommend paying for this.
Weak app
by joshuar12346789 on 2019/12/05 04:43
Bro this app be tweaking
Used to work. Now it’s trash
by Creat nick name on 2019/12/04 22:18
I used to use this app all the time. Now it just doesn’t load or doesn’t let me unfollow people and it’s useless. Pretty sad
This app
by santiagolopeztv on 2019/12/04 19:27
I purchased the full anual subscription and I regret it. The one feature I wanted to use isn’t working doesn’t load. Waste of my money.
Doesn’t. Work
by o_dottt on 2019/12/04 02:33
Paid the 4.99 to try it for a month.Takes forever to load can’t report a problem, can’t unfollow multiple people at once like it says u can, and never refreshes. So disappointing
IG blocked me for 7 days and the unfollow feature doesn’t work.
by Jordan E. Smith on 2019/12/03 20:20
The unfollow feature does not work even when the app is uninstalled/reinstalled. Instagram blocked me for seven days because of this app. Horrible!!!!!!
Does not work
by Soiwontgetfined on 2019/12/03 18:31
Has not been working for a couple weeks
by Mar Byers on 2019/12/02 18:44
I’ve had this app for a while and it use to work perfectly. Now it doesn’t let me unfollow anyone. Please fix this.
Poor Service and Customer Service
by GrindFace on 2019/12/02 06:54
After paying for a year of service to find out some features do not work. I reached out by email a few times a never got any assistance. I would not recommend paying for this app #grindface
by Agostini Alves on 2019/12/01 21:18
Once was great and worked. Then Facebook took off API accesses and it stopped working. Why? They need more money and control over you
Profile Viewers Tab?
by M.Owens on 2019/12/01 16:41
What happened to the stalker's tab, you use to be able to see who clicks on your page but now it's not there if you delete your app and reinstall it to your device.......
by 🐬Bella🐬 on 2019/12/01 16:25
This was THE BEST APP! I could use it to track, monitor who's following, unfollowing, blocking, watching my stories, net growth, and the best part, unfollow people who weren't following me back. doesn't even work and I have ads every 3 seconds(yes a timed experiment) It was good because it gave you everything without costing excessive amounts of money. Good for growth. It doesnt let me unfollow anyone:((((( Or let alone even see my analytics:(
Doesn’t let you unfollow people in app
by Sonia1113 on 2019/12/01 02:05
Used to work, now it doesn’t let you unfollow people in app. Hopefully the update fixes this.
24 hrs and it’s not working
by B1540 on 2019/11/30 22:52
It’s been 24 hrs and the app does not open. This is the second time already that the app completely shuts down and I can’t open it. It’s tough when you pay for an app and it doesn’t work.
by Jawigglexps on 2019/11/30 04:20
Paid for the update to log into 2 accounts. It kept asking me to login over and over. Finally after the third try, I quit. I went to my Instagram and it said someone was trying to login from California (I’m in South Carolina)...I immediately changed my password to avoid being hacked! Do not download!!
Not working
by MissTabitha702 on 2019/11/29 19:45
So I downloaded this app paid for 6mo and now it don’t even work at all !!!!! Can’t even work to report a problem ! So frustrated, Update : 11/29/19 I have 787 follower i follow and have been trying to unfollow ghost or followers that don’t follow me back which is 654 and about 500 need to be removed only when I take the time to select them your program which I paid for does nothing nor does it remove them ! I select and it thinks and does nothing but give option to cancel
by Diamante team on 2019/11/29 19:18
No deja dejar de seguir personas que no te siguen
No longer good as before!
by Paula@TX on 2019/11/29 16:26
No longer good as before! Now he does not do what he promises, does not allow to follow who left you, does not allow to do anything through the app, is not worth paying for it!
Scammed me out of hundreds. Don’t get this app
by ej1533 on 2019/11/29 03:32
Please don’t get this app it scammed me out of hundreds
Plz fix
by Ayuuuh on 2019/11/28 18:16
This app worked perfectly a few months ago, now I can unfollow a large amount of people like I used to.
Someone in my account
by Fuk mc5 on 2019/11/28 06:31
So i saw the reviews and most of them say that they’ve been hacked so I checked my emails and on one from instagram It says there is someone in my account from a device in La Palma CA and I don’t know anybody that lives there
Used to be good
by GRide2000 on 2019/11/28 04:40
This app used to be amazing! Now it doesn’t work! I paid for this app to have all the features. It hasn’t worked for almost 2 months. I emailed them to let them know it doesn’t work. They replied telling me to wait for the new update and it will be fixed. The released the new update 2 weeks ago and it still doesn’t work. Emailed them again, and this time no reply.
Stopped Working Recently
by Schmidtym. on 2019/11/28 02:37
I tried logging in and out of my account, but the app doesn’t load past 5%. It pauses and I can’t see any new followers or unfollowers. I pay for a membership and can’t even use all the features now.
a lil weird
by -Anioop on 2019/11/27 03:49
everything is accurate but everytime i logged into this app i would look at my loggin activity on insta and sum samsung or android would log in
Don’t pay. Don’t keep
by Saintffjjggjj on 2019/11/27 02:56
FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD. paid to be pro i tried 6 months $17.99. Didn’t update. I thought i did something wrong went to check my subscriptions in settings wasn’t there. So i went back and tried again the 12 month for $23.99 seemed to make more sense. Same thing happened. Didn’t update. Didn’t trust it and changed my passcode. Thank God i did cause this is a business page can’t risk getting hacked. I hope it’s the end of this.
It doesn’t work.....
by Zanderriffficcc on 2019/11/26 23:41
Follow and unfollow counts are inaccurate - really frustrating since I’ve already signed up for the paid « pro » version.
by Nickikii on 2019/11/26 17:58
It just what your money! Plus I had to reset my passcode because this app is so dumb
Hate how slow it is
by Awhshelly on 2019/11/26 14:52
It’s a slow app and when you see your unfollowers it won’t let you unfollow them through the app so frustrating
Eh it’s okay
by Volleyball Star 77 on 2019/11/26 08:25
I liked this app a lot and always used it . But now it seems like there’s a lot of bugs and it crashes a lot . I wanted to do a big unfollow spree but for some reason it doesn’t let me .. This needs to be fixed asap !
by greenheartdee on 2019/11/26 05:09
my page got hacked and im still trying to get back in do not download this app at all
App doesnt work
by Emeraldcoastmarketing on 2019/11/25 22:34
Doesn’t work
by BIGMERVE on 2019/11/25 16:51
I signed up for the paid version about two weeks ago. I was unable to unfollow anyone in the app. I waited two weeks hoping for an update or maybe it was a glitch. NOPE. App still does not let me unfollow people.
Not working
by I8urcrayons on 2019/11/25 15:53
It doesn’t let me unfollow anymore people. I’ve tried reinstalling, changing my password, trying another account. It’s a good app overall, but it needs to be fixed.
Need to fix issue
by Ronkingaa on 2019/11/24 23:40
It won’t load all the way. Every time I refresh it would stop at a certain number. Won’t load all the way. It wasn’t like this before until recently
Do not download
by Allentown resident on 2019/11/24 20:57
Absolutely horrible. Crashed my Instagram had to change my password and it’s still crashed STAY AWAY!!!!
Unfollow button is not working!
by JaTalk on 2019/11/24 19:17
I loved the app for a while and now it does not allow you to unfollow from the app. You literally have to remember the name, go to IG on another platform and unfollow. That is cumbersome and making use of the tool inadequate for the consumer needs. If it used to be able to do the task, why isn’t it capable now? Is there a fix?
by BBS1124 on 2019/11/24 00:16
Two days after I downloaded I got a report from Instagram that someone signed into my account.
New versions are awful
by Micah T on 2019/11/23 22:44
Used to be a very useful app with lots of great analytics, info, and functionality. Now it’s an ad player with no functionality. Doesn’t work. It’s very bad.
Trash app don’t get it
by &":58:67?$, on 2019/11/23 22:17
Almost everything on the app doesn’t work
Never works
by Jeneanr on 2019/11/23 17:49
Tons of ads never works , this used to work last year !
Doesn’t work anymore
by HaleyyRenee on 2019/11/23 17:30
No longer loads unfollows even after watching the ads they’ve now put in place. Uninstalled.
Not working
by liki2111 on 2019/11/23 16:30
The app is not working, are you aware of that??
Straight Trash
by Good God 2316 on 2019/11/23 16:11
Couldn’t even get it to load my followers DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS IS A SCAM !
by rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghï on 2019/11/23 04:40
This is a piece of trash app that obviously has sinister motives. I would be willing to vouch that these positive reviews are either people that do not realize what is going on or people that have been paid to say these things. Do not download, this is a garbage app and will only leave you regretting your decision. Do not trust these people. In the long run, will you really care who looks at your Instagram account? It does not really matter, although the curiosity of the matter did have an affect on me, as it did everyone else. But believe me, this is a scam and this should not even be allowed on the App Store. If I could give 0 stars. What a pathetic joke.
by EliteLil on 2019/11/22 22:32
Is the Stalkers feature accurate?
Very disappointed!
by TerryMUA on 2019/11/22 22:16
I had high hopes for this app. As soon as I logged in and tried to use it Instagram temporarily blocked my account. According to Instagram I logged into an app that violates Instagram guidelines, I even had to change my password for my IG account.
Not working.....again
by dinggleberry13 on 2019/11/22 15:27
Doesn’t load information. Stops at 9%. Seems to be a reoccurring situation with this app 😒
by IG @bigwormjermm1 on 2019/11/22 04:08
I paid for the whole features and it won’t even allow me to unfollow people on the app this app is terrible don’t download it
Not loading
by kay1722 on 2019/11/22 02:42
Nothing like paying for this && it not working 😩
I want a refund please
by pizza rat 1521 on 2019/11/22 00:08
So I wanted to get the subscription for a month to access more to the app. Turns out it took all my money I had in my account ($12.30) when it said it was only $4.99. Also it said I could cancel at anytime and sounded like a free trial so I thought ok I’ll get the premium version. But it’s all fake and they just want your money. And all these other reviews are scaring me.
I got hacked :/
by No Courtney just court on 2019/11/22 00:07
I’m mad
Used to be great...what happened?
by sjeoap on 2019/11/21 14:16
I used to love and rely on this app to track my instagram followers but just recently stopped working as great as it used to and won’t un follow people... just loads and then when it’s done loading it doesn’t Unfollow anyone selected ... only works sometimes
by fineass_g on 2019/11/21 06:16
I wouldn’t recommend
by i am grffendor on 2019/11/21 01:53
I tested the blocked feature and it does not work I made a new account and blocked my original account it still said 0 this is a rip off.
Worst app ever
by Zaza713 on 2019/11/21 01:32
You have to pay to see stuff it was advertised for if we had to pay you should’ve put that in the ad secondly I watched a video to see my “profile stalker” 10 times and it didn’t reveal it I’d give it 0 stars if I could scam .
unfollowing is not working
by xifsasap on 2019/11/20 16:59
anytime i try to unfollow someone or a bigger group it doesn’t work at all FIX THIS ASAP
Great before, now it’s trash
by jamsinesmithh on 2019/11/20 16:56
I’ve had this app for about 3 years and it was working perfectly fine. Now it glitches and takes forever to load. I thought maybe I needed to update the app so I did and it still doesn’t work. PLEASE FIX
Good, but bad
by MannyTheFuego on 2019/11/20 14:34
Now reports + is a good app since it shows you who’s following , unfollowing or how many lost followers you lost for the past couple days but the problems I have against this app is that when I try to unfollow the people who unfollowed me on Instagram it glitches where to the point were I can’t unfollow no one and the only way to fix it is to restart the app again also if you want the full qualifications this app has, you’ll have to get premium which not to complain or anything but I’m not gonna waste money since it’s not worth it.
Horrible app
by King Bishop on 2019/11/20 12:37
This stupid app doesn’t work, I can’t unfollow people, I can’t report the issue. They have a tab for reporting issues, big surprise that tab doesn’t work. This app is basically stealing money from people. I can’t even get in contact with these people. DONT BUY ANYTHING ON THIS APP!!!
No funciona
by Ati Castro on 2019/11/20 04:15
Quisiera reintegro de compra
Violated user guidelines by using this app
by Twenty one ducks on 2019/11/20 01:54
Instagram made me change my password even though I only wanted to use the app to unfollow people.
Hijacked my phone
by Max Murph on 2019/11/19 23:00
I can’t see who i follow or who anybody else follows anymore this app is garbage and they haven’t responded to my email asking for support
Doesn’t work, beware of scam
by e45008 on 2019/11/19 09:07
Im 99.9% sure its a hacking scam app because it just keeps loading at 5% and I read reviews about how this app tried to hack them.
by https._.editss on 2019/11/18 22:22
i the app works fine but i got a message notification to my email saying there has been a request to change my password . i logged the account out but didn’t change my pass . i went in the app and i was logged out . this happened about 4 times and it was only when i logged into this app.
by Kevieekev on 2019/11/18 14:08
The app won’t allow me to unfollow anyone at all 😒 this has been a problem for over 2 mounts
Don’t pay for this app!!!!
by nhggguilkfdsshii on 2019/11/18 13:17
It’s a scam, I paid $5 for the month and the information is totally inaccurate. I watch my followers on Instagram go up but my followers gained on the app reminded the same as well as followers lost. Waste of money and basically a scam. My Hulu got hacked after I put my information in the app so beware.
by AlaRaine on 2019/11/18 10:25
A few days after downloading, I got suspicious activity from my Instagram account, and they were logging in on an Android from Lebanon. This app is NOT SAFE! I never enter my info anywhere other than Instagram, and this was the only time I did otherwise.
by roachh head on 2019/11/18 01:03
I’ve never come across a app so bad I had to leave a report you are making me pay just to see who the hell blocked me????huh and that price is wayyy you high just to get information you could get for free it’s crazy how people want money more than just to help people for free.
Was one of my favorite apps to use
by Big shmoody on 2019/11/17 16:58
This app was really helpful at a point & time but now it just doesn’t seem to work at all granted before it had its issues but it’s was a temporary thing once you log out came back it would work again now it’s just like nothing works I’m also stuck with over 1400 followers who don’t follow me back & I cant unfollow them would be great if we could get this app fixed ....
by omg enough on 2019/11/17 16:29
This hacks your IG
Secret admirer
by kts152 on 2019/11/17 15:30
I will delete this app if you don’t bring back secret admirer. What happened to it? It was very accurate
Unfollowing doesn’t work
by kagome uwu on 2019/11/17 08:19
It’s not letting me unfollow people through the app and I payed thinking that would help but it didn’t :/
Not working properly
by Bbessqn on 2019/11/16 22:10
I’ve had this app for a few months now and it works fine I guess but recently whenever I try to go on it, it would go to a white screen and not work at all
Don’t get this
by hungrytreebee on 2019/11/16 16:35
You can’t see anything at all without signing up for a subscription which is a scam and stupid. Don’t get this app.
by C 🐕 on 2019/11/16 05:06
payed for this ish and it didn’t work. my friend and i tested it, i had her stalk my prof and it never showed that she stalked it. super bummed :(
Sketchy app
by Chxrryyylove on 2019/11/15 22:12
Isn’t the best app... it ended up making me change my password on it and said my instagram was compromised. Kind of sketchy.
by !!!!!?!!!!!??!! on 2019/11/15 07:34
I was suspicious at the people it was saying checked my page, but then it literally told me my dead mom checked my page so it’s pretty much completely false advertising lol. It just makes stuff up
by Bball_man12345 on 2019/11/15 03:46
I downloaded the app almost 5 years ago. Now this app has had its up and downs but I’ve stuck with it and have been paying the monthly fee ever since. But for the past 1 or 2 months I haven’t been able to unfollow anyone. Now all the features are cool but who cares if you can’t do what that app was initially created for. I would like a refund or an explanation immediately.
Fix it
by silenad on 2019/11/14 22:16
Extremely slow
Unfollow not working
by Fahad Sikder on 2019/11/13 11:17
I had to manually select so many users and click unfollow, it kept loading but didn’t unfollow a single one from the list. Plus it doesn’t have many options like the other apps. Waste of money. I want my refund !
by A Blue Reviewer on 2019/11/12 15:36
This used to be a neat app, but as of a few months ago an insane amount of ads were added. The app already has in app purchases. Do they really need a full screen video ad every 30 seconds?
I'm so angry
by arshamfelice on 2019/11/12 10:54
I payed 23.99 $ for 12 months ! You got it , but didn't active pro version 😡😡😡😡😡😡 get back my money 😡😡😡😡
by itz_sireena on 2019/11/12 07:38
I’m glad that I’ve seen other people have this problem too... I used to love this app until I checked who was logged into my account and it always said some random devices that I never own. I kept on changing my password so many times and I was so confused like who could guess my password so easily or even want to log in? Then after a while nobody hacked me anymore and then I checked this app and I wasn’t logged in so I did to check my reports. Then I was like what if it’s this app that was causing it? So I went and checked who was logged into my account and yup there was an iPhone that I don’t even have logged in🤦🏻‍♀️ i don’t think the hacker did anything but that’s really weird honesty I don’t think I’m gonna use this app anymore
Very stupid app
by Almousli on 2019/11/12 06:02
They are just lying to people . I download this app to see who is currently stalking me and I can’t find the feature that always me to see that .
A scam
by ShaunMn2996 on 2019/11/12 03:26
Soon as I downloaded this app i couldn’t view anyone’s Instagram page. They hack peoples pages
by limatime27 on 2019/11/11 23:15
Not able to unfollow an account Don’t know why
App has too many glitches
by D-Eaze on 2019/11/11 15:25
App was great to use for the first year, not sure what happened coming into 2019, the app loads too slow, I used to be able to unfollow about 200 people at once and now it doesn’t let me unfollow anybody. I have to manually do it on IG. When I paid for the extra package it gave me insights on ghost followers and who’s blocking me but I take a look and all of a sudden there’s a new random bot blocking me. There’s never “real” users blocking me. The app was very efficient at first but now it’s useless.
It just straight up doesn’t work
by Niko or Niky on 2019/11/11 13:39
And there are so many adds
by karenkj8080 on 2019/11/11 09:36
its good but i cannot unfollow people
by especatular123 on 2019/11/11 03:56
i don’t have my option for stalkers, what happened?
Worst app ever, barely even works
by Trigger509 on 2019/11/11 03:53
It barely even works it’s pure bs it’s a crap app, it won’t lent you even do things most time most times it glitches out and makes you watch nothing but adds.......pure bs waist of time
by Adnjpy on 2019/11/11 00:40
I selected profiles to unfollow and didn’t work it , tried many times still the same my suggestion is that there are many better apps than this
Instagram don’t let you used this app anymore
by Kare ⛅️ on 2019/11/10 20:47
Instagram don’t let you used this app anymore .
Doesn’t work anymore
by Lisaball3 on 2019/11/10 20:08
And got me blocked.
Useful but Flawed
by Quentinbajnath on 2019/11/10 15:28
The app works as intended, everything for the most part functions properly without too much clunk. The issue is the very agressive ads if you choose to not purchase the premium version. When I say very agressive I mean VERY AGRESSIVE. Not only are they unskippable but tend to be 30-40 seconds and open every time an action is taken in the app. Typical predatory ads, this is unacceptable.
Fake app for hackers don’t download
by Nahh3 on 2019/11/10 05:24
It’s a fake app for hackers
Here’s the honest truth
by Ronnie Free. on 2018/06/10 16:57
I don’t believe this app actually tells you who’s “stalking” your IG. Sure it shows people in that list, but as many other have stated, I don’t believe it’s actually true. Aside from that - everything else functions fine. The block list, likes and unlikes, new followers, and who you’re following but isn’t following you - that all works fine. The stalker feature would be cool if it was legit. Maybe it is to some extent but then again we will never know. So save your money and just utilize the features that actually work. Overall it is a good app to have if you’re concerned about following people who isn’t following you back.
by iridescent01 on 2019/06/05 16:54
I’m the idiot who didn’t read the reviews before using this app but just yesterday my instagram got hacked and luckily I stopped it before they took over. The weirdest part was that when I went online to revoke any 3rd party access to my instagram account, nothing was listed. I never checked this before but this app should obviously be on that list if it’s downloaded. Hackers unfollowed everyone on my account and when I noticed it I started following peoppe back BUT as I was following people they would go and unfollow them. So I think I literally logged onto instagram and the exact time they were taking over my account. During this process I posted on my story that I was being hacked and apologized to my followers if anything strange was sent to them by me. After a few minutes of dealing with this a lot of different accounts with very few followers and little to no posts (red flag) were watching my story, liking my photos, etc. Other weird things I noticed since downloading the app was I would all of a sudden be following random weirdos on instagram that I don’t know. Anyways... just don’t risk downloading this app to keep up with your unfollowers because it’s clearly doing something shady. I believe that if you pay for it they end up sharing your information with people so I do not think this app is worth the risk.
No more stalker list, no response to any emails sent
by Jenny Blue on 2018/03/15 20:32
I got this app and actually paid for it. I was confused by what made a stalker a stalker and a secret admirer a secret admirer? I’ve emailed two different contacts because their really is no direct person to reach out to but I’ve heard nothing. Also the “people I like but don’t don’t follow” is totally inaccurate, I don’t even know who two of them are, not to mention that there are people I don’t follow and look at every day multiple times a day (don’t judge me you know you do it too!) who don’t show up at all. lastly the app kept spoiling since a recent update so I deleted it and reinstalled now the stalkers list is completely gone. So basically what I paid for is no longer a feature. You should also know that when stalkers was a feature it only showed you followers who stalked you (I’m private). I will say the blocked users function worked, a friend and I tested it out and also when people delete you or deactivate their account comes up right away. As for the rest: Unclear clarification, poor communication with their customers and the main feature is now gone. Think twice before you spend your money.
Upgrade low quality
by JMajanoR on 2018/03/29 10:24
I got this app and actually paid for it. I was confused by what made a stalker a stalker and a secret admirer a secret admirer? I've emailed two different contacts because their really is no direct person to reach out to but I've heard nothing. Also the "people I like but don't don't follow is totally inaccurate, I don't even know who two of them are, not to mention that there are people don't follow and look at every day multiple times a day (don't judge me you know you do it too!) who don't show up at a astly the app kept spoiling since a recent update so l deleted it and reinstalled now the stalkers list is completely gone. So basically what I paid for is no longer a feature. You should also know that when stalkers was a feature it only showed you followers who stalked you (I'm private). I will say the blocked users function worked, a friend and I tested it out and also when people delete you or deactivate their account comes up right away. As for the rest: Unclear clarification, poor communication with their customers and the main feature is now gone. Think twice before you spend your money.
Used to be great
by jco100 on 2019/03/11 20:07
I’ve had this app for almost one year. It always worked great aside from sometimes being a little clunky and loading slowly. It helped me clear out people who unfollowed me and I paid to get all the extra features (ghost followers, most popular media etc). All were 5 stars - until recently. Now every time I log into the app it glitches out and does things like say I had one person blocking me to 3000 blocking me in under 2 minutes. How is that even possible? So either it hasn’t been reporting all these bots blocking me or it caused 3000 people to block me in a matter of seconds. It also now causes my Instagram to not load for five-ten minutes after using this app. I thought there was a problem with Instagram but it turns out the app is causing the problem. Then I tried to unsubscribe because of the recent issues and that’s giving me a problem too. I really couldn’t recommend this app enough 6 months ago but now it’s becoming trashy.
im absolutely sure it works (proof)
by Thaddeus Antwan on 2017/08/14 02:41
i got this app about a year ago and wasnt really sure if it was actually working or just doing random people in the stalking list. there was this girl named camie who i was friends with awhile back but haven't talked in about 2 year. i kept getting her in my stalk list and didn't believe it. yesterday low and behold she liked one of my old pictures LOL how embarrassing! anyway, i wasnt 100% sold on if it actually worked, but i went to registration for my last year of high school and saw many people there, i came home to look at the app and the girl that was behind me in line started looking at my profile! hell even a week ago i started talking with someone i haven't talked to in ages and i have never seen her in my stalk list, but started to see her in my stalk list ever since, this is the only stalking app that works, 100%
Something fishy here. Stay away.
by Sofiyas_Ideas on 2018/04/03 16:42
Downloaded this and gave it access as an app. FYI, one of the things you authorize is for it to post on your behalf and for it to know your location. It’s analytics. Why does it need that? Ok, I did it bc I was curious. Stupid me. So it started loading my stats but just took forever and didn’t load anything. I decided to delete it but I went on my instagram first to revoke its 3rd party access. And guess what? The app wasn’t listed there! If it doesn’t work as a 3rd party then what does it do?? Who are you giving your password to? Started reading some of the other reviews about it liking things and blocking followers without your permission and I’m seriously weirded out. I think there’s something off going on here. Maybe they’re just mining accounts and using them for advertising? Maybe they sell your account to one of those paid plans that claims to give you “real followers.” Whatever shady thing they’re doing, I’ve changed my password and I’m staying away.
Didn’t even work
by Unimpressed Customer 1 on 2018/11/23 00:25
When I was going through the reviews before getting the app I saw about 4 bad reviews and 1 good one. I read through them thoroughly and all the information contradicted each other, so I decided to check it out myself. First of all, I thought it was a good sign that when I was logging in with Instagram, I was actually using the Instagram login screen to get in and this usually means that it is not getting any of my information. Second, I tried about 5 times and each time I pressed login it would exit me out of app!! I got frustrated and tried it on a different device, I did manage to get in but it barely gives you any information without you having to pay money and the information it gives you is stuff you can figure out on your own. I wasn’t going to use my money on an app like this, I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone and honestly it was a complete waste of time.
Unfollowed people and liked photos
by HaileeAdelia on 2017/09/23 18:27
I was really liking the app at first, but then I also logged into my boyfriends account in it and we started to notice weird things happening on both accounts. We started noticing that people were getting unfollowed(that we didn't allow), photos were being liked by us of people we didn't know, and I noticed that my account all of a sudden was blocking 15+ people when I've only ever blocked 4 people. My boyfriend was the first to point it out because he thought I had been unfollowing people on his account on purpose, but I had never unfollowed anybody from his account. Then I started looking into it on my account and noticed all the photos were being liked by me of total strangers, it even unfollowed my moms Instagram which is so so weird! Anyways, I don't recommend this app because I don't know who had access to your account, but somebody does!
It’s fake.
by brushhhh on 2018/01/30 06:26
I started noticing my “Stalkers” list had names of random people I haven’t talked to in years, people I was never really friends with in high school in the first place, who would have no reason to be “stalking” my account. I now have a feeling it’s randomized by either people you follow or accounts you have already looked at. I decided to test my theory, so I used to moms Instagram to look at my account. And then my friends. Neither of them showed up in my “Stalkers” list. I even clicked through my photos while on their accounts just in case it was based on how much they interact with your profile while looking at it. Needless to say, don’t pay for this crappy app. I’m sure they buy their good reviews with the money they make scamming people. I originally downloaded this app to help me keep track of an art page I started. Sad that they trick people.
by okkurrrrr on 2019/04/02 01:32
Used this app for at least a couple years, but a couple months ago, I received an email from Instagram that said someone logged into my account from an unusual device. The device used to login was some sort of Samsung device. At the time, I got freaked out and changed all my social media passwords, and I realized that I had re-logged into this app the same day that I got that suspicious login notification... It wasn’t until I read more reviews that I become nearly sure that it was this app because others have had the same issue. It is very weird. I noticed that after they logged in, someone had deleted a conversation in my Instagram DM as well... It’s very scary actually and I would steer clear of this app! Always use caution when giving anyone your password - which you are doing by logging into your Instagram account in this app.
VERY DANGEROUS APP, don’t be fooled
by N.A.13 on 2019/06/05 22:56
I made the mistake of logging in to my insta with this app to see who unfollowed me. I had this app for over a year and thought it was ok. I fasted from Insta for a couple of months and only started to reuse it the past 2 weeks. Recently, 10 people have blocked me and I have had a crazy amount of unfollowers. I didn’t understand why so many people blocked me and thought I might have been hacked. So I looked at my log in activity and there was OVER 20 DIFFERENT LOGINS while I wasn’t using the app. Most of the logins were in Dallas TX., Idaho and Chicago, None of which are places I live or have visited. And there were unauthorized logins since the beginning I downloaded the app. I didn’t use Two Factor Authenticator for my account and that was a HUGE mistake. I’m still figuring out why exactly people are blocking me, but to say the least, DON’T DOWNLOAD THE APP AND BE SAFE.
Terrible customer service
by gvillo1 on 2019/01/30 03:21
This app is terrible. I had been paying for a minute, but decided to delete the app but failed to realize that I was on auto draft. I redownloaded the app to go in and deactivate the account, but the password wouldn’t let me in and I changed the password several times and even logged out and in of my Instagram to make sure my password was correct which it is. But still couldn't get in to this app. Sent an e-mail to customer support, only for that e-mail to bounce back to me saying that address no longer exists. I go to the help page on the app and it comes up blank. It is basically set up so that you can’t get out of payment. Do NOT download or spend one cent on it. they are just taking advantage of you, offer no help, and making it difficult to deactivate so that you get frustrated and don’t deactivate.
Do Not Download (Privacy Issue)
by Jaadnn on 2019/02/04 01:56
So the app does what it’s supposed to do, and it does it well. You can see who unfollows you, and who you don’t follow back, etc. However, some time after I got the app and put my Instagram info to log in, I got an email a few hours later that some random Samsung device in San Diego logged into my account and now has access to it. I decided to change my password, and try the app again. It gave me the same email a few hours later again. So it is definitely this app that somehow, someone has gained access to my account. Changed my password again and added two-factor authentication. Do not use this app, I don’t know what will happen if you don’t end up changing your password, but I’m pretty sure these developers have malicious intent.
Works really well!
by Dope track on 2017/11/02 00:47
This app is incredibly useful! I used it in the past, but it needed upgrades. And nooooow, they've done amazing with the new additions! Sending notifications and the new aesthetic is exquisite! They also don't spam you either! It hurts to see someone unfollow you, especially if you don't realize it until a bit later! When you're still supporting them and giving them motivation when you aren't receiving validation too. So now you can get revenge! MWHAHAHAHA! .. I mean now you can keep up with your followers and analytics and make them happy! Thanks!
4.99 add on does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
by BleachBlondeMermaid on 2018/06/10 15:30
I paid the $4.99 to see “who blocked me,” after finding out about an old friend who for sure did, I then wanted to see who else I didn’t realize had blocked me. After waiting a few days after purchase (I thought perhaps it needed time to collect data), it shows zero blockers. I know for a FACT I have atleast 2. Maybe it only shows who blocks you AFTER purchasing the add on, which is very misleading and frankly, stupid. I don’t care who blocks me from today until 28 days from now, I want to see WHO CURRENTLY HAS ME BLOCKED. Otherwise, the FREE version of this app does more than the paid. It does show who doesn’t follow back, which was initially why I got the app. That part is great, just don’t get scammed out of money by paying monthly for essentially nothing extra.
Do NOT download
by jaytrox020/ on 2019/06/18 13:46
I’ve used this app for different Instagram accounts for a long time now. Reviews were great... until recently. Since 2019 has begun I’ve seen awful reviews and the overall rating for the app has gone from 4.8 stars down to 3.8 and dropping. Something has happened with the developer of this app because since the year has begun, lots of people have had shady things happen to their Instagram accounts. Log ins from suspicious devices and locations and conversations being deleted. I personally have watched my account start to follow random people from India constantly. I only follow a specific 25 people on one of my accounts and countless times I have logged into the account and I am all of a sudden following 30 people. The app is shady. They have access to your accounts I promise... don’t download
Was great for a while but...
by on 2019/10/02 09:38
This app was great for a while, it allowed me to see who unfollowed me, who wasn’t following me back, etc. But then the app was updated and now things are glitchy, like I will have a different number of followers on the app than on my actual instagram app, it will say I lost followers but not show who, it won’t update when I make new posts or delete them, and worst of all, there is an ad every 2 seconds! Some of them you can’t even exit without closing the app. It’s ridiculous. You have to pay for every other feature aside from the basics and it’s a very high price for the services provided. You couldn’t even access some of the basic features without paying, such as deleted likes or users blocking me. I would not recommend this app anymore. It’s lost its quality.
I have proof this app is fake
by Little Guy 2004 on 2017/10/14 04:25
The "Stalkers" feature of this app is fake! Save your money! I was viewing my "stalkers" and proceeded to read a review her which said that this app went into your account and liked random photos/followed random people. So, I quickly deleted the app and changed my Instagram password. Two days later, I downloaded the app again to view my stalkers one more time because (not gonna lie) I was curious! I logged in with the exact same Instagram account as I had used before and my list of "stalkers" was COMPLETELY different! This feature of the app is a scam and completely randomized. Now I realize that it is absurd to think that a 3rd-party app like this one can disclose who is viewing your profile the most on Instagram. Instagram itself is not allowed to disclose that information; it's part of the privacy and security policy. The only way a 3rd party could reliably tell you who views your profile the most is if they hacked into the Instagram database. If that ever happened, however, the party would be shut down quickly. The moral of the story is: Do not trust these shady and sketchy apps! And don't worry, you can keep stalking your crush, they'll never figure it out ;)
Works as it should
by Black-Plum on 2019/05/08 06:39
Gives the perfect insights on your account. I was really shocked to see all the negative reviews on this app saying that they get an email saying someone logged into your Instagram account from another phone, guys! this app uses Instagram API, and it's common as all the 3rd party Instagram related apps use API's to fetch those data. You get an email when this app does that. I have been using this app for 2 years and I haven't encountered a single issue since then. I highly recommend this app to everyone as it is really safe and most reliable one in the app store.
Ambiguous terms/ difficult user interface
by Tonydollabills on 2018/11/28 19:57
I purchased the new app Reports+ after they changed it from the old one. In general, I have found this app to be useful for me to see what’s going behind the scenes in my social media- who has unfollowed or who has deactivated their account. I think they should be making it clear before you purchase the Pro that you will not be able to view who or if anyone has blocked you after the purchase— the purpose for which most people seem to buy this app. The process to cancel Subscription or “auto renew” is also in need of user friendly updating. It’s a “ hike, a skip and a turn to grandmother’s house” the way it is setup currently.
App glitches and acts up!
by skata0819 on 2018/11/20 13:25
I’ve had this app on my phone for over a year and nothing seemed to be wrong. Until the past few months. When I open the app it just closes by itself and go back to my home screen on my phone. So I deleted the app thinking my phone is the problem. Now I have a new phone and decided to download it again. When the same issue keeps on happening and even worse, when I sign into my account, it keeps saying that my password for both my account that I tried to login into is incorrect. When I downloaded another stalking app. It signed me in right away after I entered the same password. Idk what’s going on with this app but it glitches and something’s definitely up. And I can’t stand it no more. They need some fixing to do on this app!! Annoying af!
Doesn’t even let me login anymore
by Nicole Guiga on 2018/11/04 19:49
Hi, (I’ve been using this app for months now) So I have paid for your app, used it with three accounts and decided to change one of the accounts for another one, but instead it didn’t load. So I tried multiple things like clicking out of it and then going back in, but it didn’t work. Then I decided to restart my phone, didn’t work again. Then finally I decided to delete it and download it again. Now it doesn’t even let me login to any account whatsoever, it just glitches me back to my home screen. Please fix this for me, I’ve been paying for this and will greatly appreciate if you can see what you can do so I can use this app again. Thanks, Nicole
Don’t download if you don’t want your account blocked
by SonicMario1 on 2019/08/20 00:19
To think that this app was the one to help me grow to 10,600 followers only to be the same one that got me banned on Instagram. Outrageous. I had this app since last year and discovered it when I started getting big numbers, I had to monitor my follower count. I was astounded and disappointed to see this morning that my Instagram was shut down because of this app because it was third party and could be considered “spam”. On top of that, this app has gradually begun breaking down since the beginning of the year. I suggest any consumer considering this app, don’t get it. The fact that it took a year to grow to five digits it was slightly emotional for me because now I possibly lost my account and the numbers I can’t get back now.
Good data but categories are not explained and loads slowly
by Brrrit on 2019/01/26 03:21
I wish I knew what secret admires means cause under the user it says like “30 likes and comments” which I dont understand since if they are secret admirers they should be liking and commenting. I’m also wondering if they are people that followed with me then unfollowed so technically this system puts them into this category since they aren’t followers anymore? I’m not sure. Also my app loads REAAAAALLLY slowly. I wish it loaded as fast as it does in the video and I only have ~7k followers. I can’t image how slow it would be like if I had 100k. Ultimately, until I find an app that does it better, I’ll be using this one.
Login Issues
by Sei Charles on 2017/11/06 23:07
The app was working great until about a week ago. It logged me out and when I try to log back in with my IG profile credentials, it logs in then boots me right back out literally within a split second and asks me to log in again. I’ve emailed the developers and the put out an update to fix the bug and it worked for only a few hours. It’s back to doing the same thing where I can’t stay logged in because it boots me back out. I’m about to delete it since it doesn’t want to work for me anymore. Fix that issue so your app works like it was before and maybe I’ll download it again but there’s no point in me keeping it if it won’t work for me at all. Have a nice day and good luck.
I’m having trouble... by thebladeguy
by dirty diamonds on 2018/11/27 05:40
I’m having trouble actually logging into the reports app. As I attempt to log in, the app freezes my phone for a few seconds then exits out of the app. This have been very frustrating to just log in. I would appreciate if anyone could fix this app. I have used the app before, but accidentally deleted it. The app has great features, and I appreciate there being no adds once you click on something within the app. Using the app helps you unfollow people who don’t even unfollow you. To me this can be very rude, yet I have the app to fix this. Without this app it has been a little more difficult to remember who has unfollowed me and who’s still following me
Please refund my money
by macmacmaguire on 2018/12/05 06:21
I downloaded the app and purchased 6 months of the service. The app was working well for about a day and then started crashing every time I opened it. I was able to track followers gained and lost, and was enjoying the analytics packs showing followers who like and comments most often in my photos but since the app was crashing I can’t review those stats. Since it was crashing I decided to re-download the app. After the re-download the app still Crashes and I’ve lost all of my accumulated data. I was still two days out from being able to look at the graphics pack, now it looks like I will have to wait the full three days IF my purchase holds up and the app STOPS crashing. MobileX Yasilim please refund me my money.
Pretty good
by Phil_siegel on 2019/08/05 00:34
Been using this app for a while and have recommended it to several people. Never had any issues with being hacked. It can be a little slow and some of the features are useless but overall it's one of the only apps that shows ghost followers and let's you see what specific accounts have liked on your page. It would be nice if we could unfollow people that have never liked or commented from inside the app but idk how hard that is with the Instagram api.
Can’t log in anymore
by Frackouis on 2019/01/07 04:27
This app was amazing at first. I always used it. Unfortunately it became a terrible app and I’ll tell you why. I logged out of my main account and logged in another account to track my followers. Simple. But not really. When I tried logging back into my main account it wasn’t working. So I tried at least 6 times. Then I get an email a day later saying someone from New Jersey logged into my account. Which I live no where near New Jersey. I don’t understand what happened. It used to work fine. Now It’s just a piece of crap. I have to constantly change my password cause of this app. It’s a real shame to be honest. So believe me, don’t use this app, it’ll only waste your time now, not like before when it was actually good.
by itz_sireena on 2019/11/12 07:38
I’m glad that I’ve seen other people have this problem too... I used to love this app until I checked who was logged into my account and it always said some random devices that I never own. I kept on changing my password so many times and I was so confused like who could guess my password so easily or even want to log in? Then after a while nobody hacked me anymore and then I checked this app and I wasn’t logged in so I did to check my reports. Then I was like what if it’s this app that was causing it? So I went and checked who was logged into my account and yup there was an iPhone that I don’t even have logged in🤦🏻‍♀️ i don’t think the hacker did anything but that’s really weird honesty I don’t think I’m gonna use this app anymore
by MathematicDancer on 2018/03/11 20:37
I downloaded and paid for this app for two months. It was great at helping me clear out people I was following that had unfollowed me and seeing who is actually interested in my content BUT I had one major issue. The app (and it does say this in the fine print) is allowed to follow or unfollow people without asking your permission. I was not a fan of this and had to actually go back and follow people as well as unfollow quite a few followers I had zero interest in once the app was disconnected to my account and deleted. The help was nice, but the invasion onto my actual activity on the page was a little too mucus for me.
Out of their depth
by Gazza Sanderson on 2019/11/05 13:32
Previously I could select multiple Instagram accounts and unfollow, or select an individual and unfollow. Now it flashes a split second as though it is carrying out the command but immediately reverts back to the original status, and I am still following. I have emailed them numerous times, and granted, I do get a robo reply acknowledging my email. But surely I am not the only user experiencing this problem (which I have now tried on three phones unsuccessfully). I am having to sit through 20 second ads every time I want to attempt unfollowing somebody. I pointed this out to them about how inconvenient that was, and I got a lecture about ads. It's not the ads, it's the fact I can't unfollow somebody via this app!
Doubt if it works
by PlaysOnPercocet on 2018/02/15 16:10
So I got this to see my stalkers and I think it just takes educated guesses based on analytics. I used my wife’s account (while on a different IP) and I visited my account and her account didn’t show up on my stalkers list. I kept checking but it never has. And prior to my test it says she did go to my profile and I texted her saying “busted, you’re looking at my profile”, and she replied, “no I’m not and haven’t in two days”. So I’m doubting the legitimacy of the stalkers list feature. The other features work but I don’t care about those. Maybe you do? In that case download it. I just care about stalkers.
Beware! App doesn’t work, and they will not respond to problems!
by JM29510612 on 2019/10/07 14:17
I paid for the Pro version of this app to try and clear out people not following me for my business account. It will only allow me to unfollow 1 person before some kind of glitch happens and I can no longer unfollow anyone. I reported the issue and they quickly responded asking what version my phone was and asked for a video of the issue. I sent them everything they asked for immediately and have not heard anything sense. I have sent 2 more emails asking for some kind of resolution or refund and have not received a response. This is after about a week so there has been plenty of time to address the issue.
All of it was going well... until someone tried to hack my account
by MaxyLin on 2018/11/04 21:01
I used this app for several months and I found it very useful. Not that accurate sometimes, but it has been the best one that I have found so far. The problem is that even though they say that they don’t keep your passwords, they do. I changed my password for security reasons and when I tried to log in again in Reports, I got an email almost instantly saying that someone had access to my account in Washington. I’m very very far from there, so I think there’s no coincidence here. Don’t get yourselves trick by this kind of app! I almost lost my art account because of this. Never trust some app your password. That’s all I’d say.
by queen/999 on 2018/07/12 17:31
At first it worked amazing for me. I didn’t buy Into that extra stuff because it’s obviously not true. Well to me it’s not. Well anyways I loved seeing that when people unfollowed me, so I can of course unfollow them back. Well after a while it wouldn’t let me click unfollow. It wouldn’t unfollow them. I’m getting more and more frustrated with this app the more I see people I follow unfollow me, and again I try to unfollow them through this app it won’t let me unfollow them. So I have to go through my following list on Instagram to unfollow them. It’s too much time and it’s making me mad. I’ve already emailed you guys about it and no response.
Logs Me Out of Instagram Account
by GOWyegcahjyeev on 2018/01/02 21:51
Recently whenever I access this app to track my account, I am always then logged out of the account and have to log back in. This never used to happen. Also side note: in the past I’ve noticed that I had a lot of random blocked accounts which I did not do. Some were even relatively close friends. I was always suspicious of this third party app doing this (also based on some other people’s reviews here). This does not seem to occur anymore though, but be sure to check your list of “blocked users” from time to time.
by The Public of on 2019/10/05 16:44
This app has always helped me see who has unfollowed me to keep my follower to following ratio down. I never paid for the premium version. Now, however, the app won’t let me unfollow the people that aren’t following me anymore. I click the button and it says unfollowed and then I check again in 10 seconds and I’m back to following them. Or I will click the button to unfollow and immediately after unfollowing it immediately follows me to them again. Very annoying. Wish they would fix this soon and then this app would be 5 stars.
The stalkers aren’t real
by Erinblair on 2018/01/12 16:41
Update: I started texting friends that this app said we’re stalking my account, just to check the validity. They weren’t at all. One friend hasn’t been on Instagram in weeks but the app says she is a new profile stalker since the last time I checked it, an hour before. Original review: I literally love this app. It’s easy and useful. The stalker section is awesome and I use it every day but sometimes it says accounts that I know aren’t possible, like old accounts that I abandoned 2 years ago or a dead cousin. For the most part, I know it’s accurate but not 100%. I still love it. The reason I only give 2 stars is bc it crashes every single time I open it. Every single time. I have to open it over and over, 15 times before I can get it to unfollow some people. I really want this app to work. I love it and there’re not many apps out there with the same abilities. I have faith that the next update will be the one that fixes it and I’ll update this review to 5 stars.
im absolutely sure it does not work (proof)
by ❓⁉️❓ on 2017/10/17 03:31
I paid for a year subscription unknowingly (!!! thought I was paying for a monthly subscription) which I shrugged off because it was just 24 dollars but it is not worth any money since the stats they give you are not accurate. I was getting some random people in the stalking feature so I decided to test it with my sister. She went on my profile multiple times throughout the day but never popped up in the list of names. Instead, two other very random people showed up. It is a scam. I would use it for free since their following/unfollowing works but it’s pathetic to think you pay money for a feature that doesn’t work. Shame!!
Won’t let me on to the app
by Peeper peeper 123456 on 2018/11/17 04:43
This app worked for me for awhile. (Although I never upgraded and paid to see all of the other features) For the information I could see, it was very accurate and helpful. It was my go to for a long time UNTIL I recently tried to log on to it with my Instagram and the app just kept quitting over and over again. It’s a very annoying bug and I hope it gets fixed so I can use it again. Also I’m pretty sure it stopped sending me notifications which is strange because it used to !
by AlexV_Lol on 2018/08/22 23:56
I have used this app for a year now but when there was this huge update a few months ago, I had to re-enter my login info and give it permission to do stuff that I honestly didn’t even read through because who ever does? Well, things started to get weird and I started noticing that some of the people I follow had been unfollowed or blocked, some of my posts had been deleted out of nowhere, and I wasn’t able to see people’s accounts on Insta after I had loaded this app to see who unfollowed me or what not, that scared the crap out of me. I deleted the app and changed my password. Like now I wonder who I could have given my password to? Idk but stay away from this app.
They make it hard to cancel subscription
by VIPbartenders on 2017/11/22 06:02
Did the 1 month as a trial & cant figure out how to easily cancel the auto-renewal. In settings>subscriptions it gives you some random link that you can’t even click on or copy to be able to cancel the automatic renewal. Some of the titles in here are misleading, such as “secret admirers” etc. They should explain what exactly these different titles mean. Only feature I like on here is who unfollows you but that’s on the free version. I had 1 blocker & wanted to see who it was. That’s why I paid for a month but the blocked was some random fake looking account that makes me wonder if it was staged.
by jayputyouonblast on 2019/05/08 21:14
I downloaded this app thinking it would be good to use so that way I know when people followed and unfollowed me but somebody keeps logging me in and out of the app!! Therefore I no longer trust this app and I will be going with another company I suggest nobody uses this app this company has access to your passwords and everything and they have been purposely logging me in and out and on some of the accounts where it said it unfollowed me the account said they were deactivated but when I clicked on them on Instagram they were not deactivated so the company also gives out false information about accounts!!! This app is fraud and should be taken off of the App Store!!
Don’t spend your money!
by Isaiah '09 on 2018/07/02 21:33
Parts of this app work, others do not at all. Recently went through a break up and know for a fact my ex blocked me but this app doesn’t show any people blocking me at all even though I paid for the service. I’ve reported the problem and still haven’t received any response. Today I got a notification saying I have “stalkers”. I slid the notification open and saw the list but have no clue what made the people qualify as “stalkers”....???? Once I viewed the list and backed out of it to check other things in the app I couldn’t figure out how to open up the “stalkers” list again. This app needs serious work!!!!! Don’t spend your money!
by TheseeeNuts on 2019/09/08 10:09
Okay so I’ve been using this app for over a year now and it worked perfectly with no problem. The free app gave me useful Information about my account and I’ve never noticed any ads. But someone recently blocked me on social media and I wanted to know who. The app has a pay wall to see who it is. So I paid the 5 dollar subscription to see who it was and it didn't work. I still can’t see who the person was and I’m missing 5 dollars. There’s no way to contact the company to resolve the problem either. I’ve also been getting ads on the app non stop. So they scammed me 5 dollars and now shoving constant ads in my face so they can make more money off me.
by fmxer92 on 2018/07/12 04:39
The only reason I gave it 1 star, is because I couldn’t give it anything less. It deserves negative stars.. it’s full of flaws, bugs, and is complete BS. If you actually even get it to load, it pulls info from your social media profiles, but then produces fake “stats” or info to show you. A couple years ago, this app actually worked, or at least the unfollow feature was accurate and in real time, but it has quickly gone down hill and brought it to the point it’s at now. Do yourself the favor and DO NOT download or attempt to use this app. The programmers behind this app are sketchy, at best, and deserve to get what they put into this app- nothing.
Ripped OFF!!!!
by Hfrhufryh on 2018/04/15 20:13
I’ve reached out to them about their failing app and they haven’t even dignified my complaints with a response. The worst part is that I paid for the app In full and after getting my money the developer hasn’t been responsible enough to upkeep the app with the updates. Since the latest update the stalker feature is gone. One of the reasons why I got the app. Since the update I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app many times to even access the app. It kept crashing, it would ask me to enter my user name and password & it would let me in for half a second & it would kick me out. I am now scaling my complaint to iTunes and will try and get $ remainder of my funds since the developer has neglected their responsibility to troubleshoot, update, upkeep and provide adequate customer service for their failing app. I have made a note of the developer! Anything under this developer I will never buy again. Folks make a note of these scam artists and don’t waste your hard earned $ and your time!
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