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Rock N' Cash Vegas Slot Casino
Celebrate your Big Wins with friends. • Join our SUPER - Exciting slot tournament cash race everyday! • 150+ Premium Slots! • 1,000,000 Welcome Bonus on first install! Play anytime anywhere, variety of bonus games and features - Become a Winner! Join the hippest slot game app, Rock N' Cash Casino. Experience the joy of WINNING huuuuge with amazing Vegas Slots. Play unique and authentic CASINO SLOT games for free, Experience TRENDING Vegas casino features with crazy PAYOUTS. Get FREE Chips daily, Attend a tournament and Stay social! Celebrate your Big Wins with friends. Never Be Alone! Indulge in the pleasure of playing the most Spin-tastic online slot machines, From Classic Vegas Casino games to trending video slots. Match 777, scatter symbols, Spin a high score and win a progressive jackpot. Win and collect huge prize winnings! - The Best online slot machines in the world! •Golden Egg Drop - These Golden Eggs never stop dropping! •Chili Fiesta - It's time to win the spiciest Jackpot in Town! •Wheel of Jackpot - Spin Wheels for biggest Jackpot of your life! •Lucky Coin - Test your Luck with the Luckiest Slots, Lucky Coins! •Super Ball Keno - Top Vegas Classic Slots you know and love! Free coins daily •Spin the Daily Wheel for daily Coin Bonuses •The Ever-stacking Piggy Bonus •Stamp you way to Day 7 for a huge Coin Bonus Everyday! Become a VIP and enjoy great rewards! •All Purchases are boosted by a multiplier •More Free coins from daily Bonuses •More value from friend gifts •Daily VIP Exclusive Coin gifts •Access the EXCLUSIVE VIP Lounge - Download Rock N' Cash Casino app today! It's never late to play the best casino game, JACKPOT & MEGA WIN every moment! You’ll discover an incredible world of Slots and casino games! - Join a community of Rock N' Cash Casino at our Fan Page. Facebook : Instagram : Youtube : Tell all your friends about what’s hot! You’ll be in the know when you play Rock N' Cash and be the envy of them all when you hit that winning JACKPOT! *ROCK N’ CASH CASINO is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only. *ROCK N’ CASH CASINO does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. *Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.
Great app
by JeroMtz on 2022/01/19 05:07
To much fun
Great casino
by NJ Pain on 2022/01/18 16:58
Great games having a lot of fun
Best slot machine games!
by Fbialf on 2022/01/12 21:27
I love playing these slots especially the keno.
Great app
by The Gambler789 on 2022/01/10 02:55
This is a great app. Payouts are frequent, games are fun. My biggest complaints are too many times having to delete the signs to join face book. Seems like that’s all I do when I win something and after all this time you would think the app would learn I’m not going to do it. Despite that I play daily.
by Sgtnads on 2022/01/05 08:22
Much fun
Good app
by nahas988 on 2021/12/30 22:12
Good app lots of prizes
by alejandrosgranma on 2021/12/29 19:46
The Best
by montanasugrplm on 2021/12/27 10:05
🎄I go away for a while, but this is the only slots I look for to come back…. I enjoy several of the games…Thanks for the fun☃️☃️☃️☃️
Rock an’ Cash
by Peachies45 on 2021/12/24 08:47
Fun game
Super Fun
by Frankenstein two on 2021/12/19 22:59
Highly addictive lol….
Fun game
by donrob83 on 2021/12/18 20:18
I love killing time on this game. DonRob83
Best slots
by jmsntinky72 on 2021/12/18 05:35
This is by far the best slots around. Graphics are phenomenal.
No customer support
by MJ5Star on 2021/12/17 03:09
I lost $19 with no response to my issue. Buyer’s beware!
Fun, fun and very entertaining
by Conchorniso on 2021/12/11 02:15
You are by far the best casino ever. Thanks for all the joy you always give me. Regards. 😛😛😛😅
by bagnerise on 2021/11/30 08:23
Good afternoon great good morning love love
Lost my games
by Wisdommy on 2021/11/28 21:35
I have money still in this and can’t even get back to the game!! Please do something!!!!!!
by SHIP-MFR on 2021/11/26 23:35
Pretty cool app keeps you playing
This site rocks!
by Game rocks it on 2021/11/19 00:48
I have several casino apps on my phone and laptop. This one is absolutely the best. There are quite a few games and the “money” that is awarded each day or week adds to the fun. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I have stayed out of my local casinos and this app helps fill in the blanks. Thank you for a great app!
by AJEEEEMN on 2021/11/14 19:57
Great game!
The next level of casino citement
by stsgbjlb on 2021/11/14 17:31
This is by far the best casino experience entertainment sitting at home. Hi praises to the team Deb work very hard in putting this enjoyment together. Thanks owner and team.
Lots of fun
by medinaxx77 on 2021/11/12 00:22
Enjoy playing the games very exciting
Do you like facebook?
by santaRon on 2021/11/10 13:16
If you don’t mind being a rest about Facebook this is for you!
It’s the worst game
by rock nslot on 2021/11/05 00:47
🤮I just spending $300 and it take the all money is like 20 minutes is the worst game I don’t recommend this game at all
best game ever
by fucjchc on 2021/10/31 19:55
love it!!
Love it! Always a winner
by LuvMyBlueHeeler on 2021/10/30 01:52
I love this app. It doesn’t take up a lot of unnecessary time with advertisements. Highly entertaining
Good games
by wvc2019 on 2021/10/28 06:08
Call slot machine really is beautiful the problem is if they don’t really give you the jackpot
Not generous
by Mouserjd on 2021/10/23 04:06
Been playing this app awhile. Not worth investing any money. Definitely doesn’t want you to acquire any large balance without paying. Cash Frenzy and Jackpot Crush much better.
Bad connection lost over 5 billion in coins
by Save your money stay away on 2021/10/22 01:58
2 weeks ago I had over 12 billion collected and purchased. Due to the bad connection to the server I had to turn the game off then back on. I found out that I lost 5 billions of my coins. I contacted them and nothing was done. I wish they have better customer service. The least you could have done is to give it back specially when your customer spending thousands in your app but they just don’t care.
DoubleU Slots
by Nonnie39154 on 2021/10/18 22:46
In my opinion DoubleU Casino is the best app. I play it almost exclusively. IIt pays the best and has the best machines.
by quiltnkatie on 2021/10/18 02:25
Great games!
Great slots
by Tiz59 on 2021/10/17 03:42
Best slots out there!
by AUweed on 2021/10/13 19:11
Spending money
by wisperngwind73 on 2021/10/10 21:41
I like the free spins and all the free ways to earn coins n keep playing it makes it really fun I have not won any cash prizes yet I assume I will have to spend money to win those n thanks to Covid I’m broke but the game is really fun n I like the name a lot the only thing that would make it better is a Little Rock music playing n the back ground
by whipcreamisturnt on 2021/10/09 03:05
Play risky!
by Brgndy on 2021/10/04 21:49
I haven’t been able to get on this game ALL DAY long!! NOT ONCE!! It keeps saying no internet connection whether I’m on WiFi or not! Funny, NONE of my other games are having this problem! Up until today, this was my FAVORITE game!! Now I can’t even play!! Please fix this issue now!! Signed Disappointed!!
Gave up
by Aparker994 on 2021/10/01 22:51
I freakin love this app and I forgot how much till I found it again So I deleted all the others I had that’s how much I love this app
Would not spend money
by sean45763737383 on 2021/09/25 02:38
3 times I spent 100$ on this app. It’s harder to win when you spent money. Goes quicker than the free play. Play for free it’s more fun
Win more
by JoAnne Stone on 2021/09/22 18:52
I’d like these slots but I wish I’d win more. Not the payouts I’m used to. Other slots I’m not wild about, I have 3 billion on
by chickenvioloa on 2021/09/21 22:39
I have spent a lot of money playing these games. The more I spend the worse my pots are. I can’t continue to play at this rate. I’ll be checking out other slots.
Love that
by Yasemin1958 on 2021/09/21 10:38
I wish it pays more because I wasn’t able to register my card now I have to wait for the bonus.
Don’t bother to download
by Greenie mama 65 on 2021/09/18 22:30
Since last update where bet was increased 10X original bet and payouts not increased proportionally, I do not enjoy playing here anymore. Save your time and money and stay away. Big Fish Casino is much fairer than here. I’ve been playing there since it was Self Aware Games, over 10 years, and have NEVER had to purchase chips!!
Too Tight to hit bonus jackpots.....
by sherry03874 on 2021/09/17 01:20
I started playing this game March 2020 & it was my favorite slot game...they have tightened up the bonus wins so much you could spend 1 week on the same game trying to get a chance to play a bonus it's ridiculous & not fun anymore so no sense in my time being used to be a fun game now all they care about is people buying coins because they aren't giving them out like they used too.....DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS ONE!
Love the slots but too much other distraction
by briscopup on 2021/09/16 13:32
The slots are lovely but there’s way too much extra distraction, I want to play the slots not deal with a lot of Other noise.
Do not buy coins This game will just take all your money
by upallnightintexas on 2021/09/15 02:44
Last 4 days game has a glitch. Cannot collect or send daily coins. Send messages to them and nothing fixed.
My Favorite Slots App
by Hibyrd on 2021/09/03 09:28
Absolutely my favorite Slots App. Great games ... Graphics are awesome ... Big Varieties and Types of games to play ... I enjoy using this App and recommend it to friends and family. NOTE #1 - In MY ROUGH ESTIMATIONS ....reels are tight 65% of the day ... As expected 25% of the day and Loose 10% of the day BUT it's not very hard to figure out when the 10% is. NOTE #2 - a) PURCHASE PRICES for COIN PACKAGES ARE In Line with most other Slot Machine Apps b) THERE ARE NOT MANY Coin Package Optiins available to choose from c) The AMOUNT of COINS YOU RECEIVE VERSES the PRICE OF THE PACKAGES OFFERED is UNBELIEVABLY LOW ... Which Is Not Only WRONG ...IT'S EXCEPTIONALITY FRUSTRATING and I FEEL IT INSULTS MY INTELLIGENCE
Great game
by Timmy gramzz on 2021/09/03 06:38
Great app
Fun for a sec
by SpacemanFriend on 2021/09/02 17:36
Fun for a second but you soon run out of money no matter what you do and then you have to buy their money packs so it’s just a game to get you hooked and then have you spend
Fun no more
by Grumpa Pa Pa on 2021/09/02 11:54
Cheeeeep!!! Used to be a fun site, but no more. No good payouts, even in the bonus startup spins. Leaving for greener pastures.
game play is boring
by cyberman4500 on 2021/08/30 15:11
ive been playing this game for yrs& ive spent big money on points bc it use to be fun butnow like other reviews ive read; you dont hardly win nothing& bonues dont come around or pay very low& as soon as you win something boom the game imediatly depletes ur points to zero out ur account; so im not making any more purchases on this site bc its pointless; iv spent alot here but no more; $100 should buy a few days of entertainment not monutes no matter the bet; so this is how you appreciate supporters of ur games; shame- mabe ill delete it too;
Great game
by alexis and shawn on 2021/08/28 16:33
I love this game just wish I’d when more money
From hourly bonuses to none in a month
by Roge soldier on 2021/08/22 08:01
I have seen other reviews where players say their ability to win has suddenly vanished like someone flipped a switch. I also have noticed this as well. Also they comment on the bonus pools in games all of a sudden refuse to pop. You fill them and fill them and nothing. I have some that havent given a bonus in weeks,(seriously)weeks. Where before they would hit not to long after they reach their largest icon (biggest pike of gold ect) now nothing its been months and i have all but given up. No point in playing when you spin and just lose. I certainly am not encouraged to buy coins, just to throw them away. These fools will never learn.
Happy happy
by homepadrocks on 2021/08/19 15:33
I’ve won 4.5 million dollars in one spin. This is the funnest free slots I’ve ever played. Makes me feel great that I win so big! Wish it was real money tho!
by leothelion60 on 2021/08/10 05:32
So far great
Fun Game
by BeeWhyGee on 2021/07/27 04:39
Love Winning
Did not receive a Grand jackpot
by Chenlibunny on 2021/07/26 14:20
Hi guys and gals. I was playing Merlins Magic Box the other day and was in a bonus and I had all of the letters except for the “A” and then on one of the last free spins I got the letter “A” but it did not give me the jackpot. Am I missing something here or did the game glitch on me?
Best slots ever
by Tiredofgettingbeat on 2021/07/21 00:21
Love the slots and fancy slots
by TSchex66 on 2021/07/13 16:09
Fun game!!!
by Amirra5 on 2021/07/11 23:20
So much fun to play
Need help
by rackzzzzzzxxzx on 2021/07/09 17:04
How do you get the cash or cash out or this just a game
What are they thinking
by Far q uad on 2021/07/06 15:15
Freezes every 30 seconds, I have never seen an app so glitchy,
Awesome games
by PegRad on 2021/07/04 16:38
My favorite place to be. I play all the time. So many games to choose from. Staff always gets back to you if you have any problems. They are so kind and courteous. Oh, one more thing....generous also! PegRad
Game just for fun.
by roxy2548321! on 2021/07/03 02:40
You people are thieves. Really fun game until u spend money. After that u tend to lose because they want that money rolling in. So annoying.
Review the game
by 4MLfun on 2021/06/30 08:28
Different with the other game and more gift. I like it
Great game
by fgghkkufxgh on 2021/06/26 16:40
Fun, good selection of games abs lots of help when you run out of money!
Great graphics
by needwiderdoors on 2021/06/25 03:56
The slots are fun but this one has different side games to go with it. I am still playing it and will. I go to bed at night and play it for a. Couple of hours before I can get to sleep. Keep up the great work of keeping it fun guys.
I love it!!
by blkops on 2021/06/15 18:42
It’s real fun even tho sometimes it’s amazing when u up the bid it seems like U can’t win crap or maybe it’s the time of the day, like in Vegas!
Love the app
by bowhunter1962 on 2021/06/06 21:00
by Old time city on 2021/06/04 15:05
Great game , sure passes time quickly
by Baker's Girl on 2021/06/03 19:32
This could be a good app. It has great games, nice graphics, multiple daily bonuses and more. But the bonuses are not at all in line with the amount of coins required to win the games. You are constantly betting millions or billions to win only thousands. So you end up having to buy more and more coins to play. Or, as I did, you just delete the app.
by Spotum on 2021/06/01 12:02
Love the game but my class has been on 666 for months and I play every day.
by spoilmom on 2021/06/01 03:37
Like that I can play and start with there coins
Mad o memos
by kasperkuddy on 2021/05/27 22:09
It’s okay
Best casino app ever
by CarolDiMaggio on 2021/05/27 16:31
It’s tons of fun and so many ways to win prizes. It keeps you interested because there’s a lot of different types of games. It’s bound to have something you like 😊
Rocking Cash
by Hidykat on 2021/05/24 10:42
I have to laugh because it sounds like she is saying welcome to Drunken Cash Casino! I love this site the wins are awesome and I love the graphics! I love how we get free coins! Please don’t change for the worst like other sites do!
Graphics beautiful and games are not confusing.
by ljsmack on 2021/05/22 16:51
The longer term games are easier to play than on other sites. Makes it more fun.
Won’t open after maintenance
by sheliajc on 2021/05/20 23:49
I enjoy this game a lot and played daily. Each time you do maintenance, the app keeps telling to reopen but will not allow me in. This last anywhere from several hours to several days. This is the only way I have to contact you. Please fix. I would give 5 stars if it wasn’t for this always happening.
Royal Casino
by Help me get my noney on 2021/05/17 00:14
This is the second time I’ve played n I’m winning a lot of money just do t know how to cash out ????
by stevi19665150 on 2021/05/12 11:16
by handy dandy fon on 2021/05/11 22:42
I love this game. I have several games I play yours is the best ROCK N CASH❗️❗️❗️❗️
Okay, some annoying ad issues
by nantena on 2021/04/26 15:37
Ads sometimes get in the way, but devs seem to fix issues fairly quickly when they become aware of them.
Free coins
by riasss on 2021/04/25 11:36
I’m just leaving a review for the free coins....not sure if I like the app yet
Potential to be good
by Flowerpeddle on 2021/04/14 11:49
This game has the potential to be very good and addictive but the lack of bonuses or it taking to long really stinks
Can’t get the coins
by Bee-bay on 2021/04/13 17:35
Genie dose not work 7202931-iPhone, RNC Version : 1.41.2 and I paid $9.99 attendance deal for 20 million 250 thousand coins and did not get them. Just want the coins or my money back that’s it. I love the game hate the Genie and not getting the coins I paid for.
by clydeulryoo on 2021/04/05 02:49
Great game
Took point when not playing
by Trail-Hiker on 2021/03/28 20:59
I was near my high over 2 billion points and hours later when turned in only shows 98 million. Your Genie messenger and email doesn’t work.
Trying to play for real money
by fhdgjjdertthjjy on 2021/03/27 07:15
How do I win real money
Orchid Man
by non flip on 2021/03/23 23:46
Fun, Fun, Fun
by thelma humble on 2021/03/14 14:43
I like this app it fun I am in joying myself
App not opening
by Walkoapril on 2021/03/11 22:00
This is some kind of joke. App not loading after downloading
by Kay Soth on 2021/03/10 21:37
Fun slots! I wished you could win some on here.
by Mammy Yokum on 2021/03/10 05:01
It continues to be fun with the wide variety of games and good payouts! One of the best I’ve seen!
Coins deducted for no reason
by nBozetta on 2021/03/07 02:06
Not very happy with this app, I had 79 million coins and without me playing they all of a sudden, deducted 50 million coins!!! Not a ver nice thing to do after I earned these coins after lots of playing time!
Daily bonuses
by Jandar52 on 2021/03/06 05:54
I loved this game and then they changed the daily bonuses to the music boxes! I hate them! Bring back the other daily bonuses, they made it fun because you had to complete the challenges to get the bonuses. The music boxes are crap! I am not having the same level of fun that I had before.
App is CRASHING !!!
by ac in slc on 2021/03/05 20:27
Every time I try to load the app to play, it starts loading and then shuts down. Please fix this
by golomoho on 2021/03/04 08:39
Funnest games EVER! 🤪🤩👍🍾
The coins
by How do I record on 2021/03/02 00:17
So you earn coins but what can I spend the coins on other than on slots !?! Can we turn coins chips into real cash or is this just a casino games to play for fun without earning money if u are broke of coins u can buy more with real money but you ain’t getting m or hung in return
Bad connection
by Merrisr1702 on 2021/02/28 06:38
Fun to play but I enjoy app loses connection and it gets annoying. It’s not my WiFi bc every device in our house on WiFi works fine but the app doesn’t.
Slots game
by Jackflashlighting on 2021/02/27 22:45
Vary fun to spend a Saturday relaxing.
It’s been fun!
by bigboy4006 on 2021/02/27 21:07
Stay away from this game it’s all about you spending your money!
Best casino app
by hoppitysalmon on 2018/10/30 06:16
Best free slots ive seen around here on the app store. Great variety of slots and decent bonus games to keep me playing for hours on end. Not sure if this applies to everybody but I just love laying in bed looking at the reels spin on and on. Makes me feel relaxed. Great fun and awesome selection of slots. Also love that people send me congratz whenever I have a big win, really makes me feel like i'm playing with others around me. This is my absolute favorite casino app out there and they give so many bonuses to keep me playing on and on and on. I personally wish there was a way for me to make an account to play without Facebook. With all the noise that's been going around, not sure if I can trust that site. Other than that though, the game is still the best casino app out there and there is no doubt about that. Can't wait to see what new slots they have in store for us! I'm sure it's going to be an awesome one!
Fun game, got jibbed though
by jankenterprises98 on 2019/02/13 07:41
So I’ve been playing for about 4 months now and I love this game and have put money into it. Overall it’s been a great quality game. BUT the other day, something wacky happened. I was playing Shining Diamonds Link and was in a Free Spin bonus. I’m also eating as I’m doing this so I have it next to me and I keep checking on it. So a few spins in I see I’m at 1.5M in the bonus so far. SWEET! Then I look down about 30 seconds later and I have 5 spins left, but my winnings went all the way down to 50k. I don’t know what the hell happened, but I was mad. But I message the page on Facebook because the “Ask Genie” feature wouldn’t let me send my message (which took 4 days to respond) and I continue to play. Well my father-in-law is also playing right next to me. Same slot and everything. He had a balance of 3.5M. He looks up at the TV, goes to click to spin again, and his balance drops to 1.8M. OUT OF NOWHERE. And when support messages me back on Facebook, they basically say there’s nothing to be done because they checked my player log and nothing was wrong or off but that they contacted the SDL developers. Idk about anyone else, but if I’m going to put money into a game via micro transactions and get ripped off with NO compensation, or even an offer, it makes me not want to continue playing. HIGHLY disappointed.
by ColleenReiss on 2021/02/02 06:35
I play these slots a lot, and have managed to accumulate billions of coins without spending any money. I’m a conservative player with higher bets. Generally I love this game, and the customer service has been excellent, until recently. I sent an email and asked about disconnecting my account from Facebook. I received several different responses, some saying they could do it, and then the last one said they couldn’t. Then, A WEEK AGO I won a Golden Reel jackpot in Golden Clover. Except it never paid out. It should have been the jackpot for hitting five golden reels, and then you get to select a jackpot by matching three jackpots, I.e., minor, mega, etc. I did screenshots of everything, including my player ID, and have emailed customer support FIVE TIMES in the past week, and have not received ONE SINGLE RESPONSE. Also, since I originally emailed them a week ago, I can’t win ANYTHING. I have lost a billion coins, while all my bonus coin buckets have sat full, refusing to hit. It’s like someone flipped a switch on my game, and turned off my ability to win... that’s how bad it is. I usually love RNC’s customer service, but something has gone terribly wrong. Just ridiculous!
Got too hard to keep playing for free.
by S@mmyT on 2020/05/25 19:50
I really liked RNC because it was fun. The slots were good not any wasted time with advertisements. They were really generous with free coins. There were also many options of games to choose from. What I didn’t like and eventually just decided to give up was that it got increasingly harder to win. I could blow 3 million in 15 min and then have to start over with lower bets. Even when I would buy coins which you don’t really need to do I would blow through them. It just left me frustrated and aggravated with the whole thing. There was a time gather over 100 million in winnings only to have the system revert it to zero. I could never get above 25 million again. It’s the best slot game I’ve played. Played it every day for at least 30 minutes a day for 7 months. Just got bored with losing I guess. Winning less than you bet is not winning just reduced losing. I recommend this game but just know that the house eventually wins.
Awesome casino design!!!! AAA+
by Texasman87 on 2019/04/29 11:10
I normally do not write reviews, I’ve probably downloaded 50+ casino games, but Rock N cash takes the cake. First, the interface of the game is well design, the graphics are amazing. I enjoy when a casino game doesn’t make you feel alone like most casino games do. Rock n cash makes it fun because you’re playing online with others and able to see there jackpots and hit that like button which you receive a a decent of coins. I like the fact, you can look at other players stats. The only thing this casino is lacking, is a social platform, a way to friend other players as well message them while you play, gift them etc. if y’all can do this, you could bring in more players as well as more money. I’m guilty, I’ve spent money on other games, but on this the payouts are fair, if you’re smart with you’re money. Thanks guys. Y’all make this casino game so much fun.
Omg relax guys
by drakejoshs12 on 2018/10/23 08:55
To be fair to the developers, this game is on point for what they claim to be. They provide CASINO SLOTS for FREE. FREE guys, FREE! You're not required to spend a single penny on this game unless YOU choose to! Also in all honesty, these slot games are pretty well designed and the payouts are pretty much the same as every other casino out there. But if there IS a difference, they have SO many slot games that don't require you to be a VIP or level up (using even more coins that you probably have to buy if you want to level up quicker). They give you the freedom of choice of a ton of slots FOR FREE. ABSOLUTELY FREE! And it's not like they don't give you bonuses either, they have a whole bonus center dedicated to that. Just be patiend, stack up some coins, bet responsibly and trust me; you will be having the time of your life! Stop whining and enjoy the game for once!
Good game!
by Hallnine on 2019/04/10 05:21
Like to rate it a five star, but I find a few problems with the overall set up. The individual games start out at the most expense slots or most expensive one possible. You have to be on your toes or you'll be down 2,000,000 in 3 spins before you realize it. Would at least like to see the game do the opposite as I was introduced to it because I am disable and can't sleep. So I find this happening and have to play other games while I wait to recoup funds lost. Don't mind losing money if I'm the one placing beats. Second it silly but game designers show winnings on left side as all 2 this amount, all 3, this amount, till All 9 or how ever many squares this amount. As a relative of a game designer, showed him/her and thought it should read differently, like a bonus for filling the board on those slots. Be aware that when collecting from the pig the score will sometimes not give you the total amt won as it may stick on the last $1000. Example. If you have $74,453,579 and hit the pig at $1,229 you may get, $74,453,359. A lose of that money. This occurred with new update as did reconnect, when all other apps work and wifi is work at top speed. Otherwise just be sure of your bet. Great game to pass the time. Can't wait to see new update. With a few changes I could see myself playing more and buying chips! Thanks for the fun, when I'm fully awake!
The more you bet, the less you get
by ChiralCarbon on 2018/08/14 09:10
Major rigging here. The slots are reasonably fun, but really, the higher you bet... the less you get. If you increase your bet, I GUARANTEE you will see less bonus rounds, less free spins, less multipliers, and less big wins. You will consistently dump a ton of coins just to finally get a bonus round, only to win what you could have at the lowest bet. I’ve also noticed that the multipliers get capped at a low value the higher you bet. Furthermore, unlike a real casino, the slots appear to be linked. Meaning, if you are losing on one, you will absolutely get the same % of bonuses, wins, etc. on any other slot you decide to play. You can’t just leave a machine and find one that you seem to be more “lucky” at. No. If you’re losing on one, you will lose on all. If you decide not to heed my warning, at least take my advice... set the bet to the lowest you can to at least activate progressives and DO NOT increase the bet for any reason, no matter how lucky you seem to be getting.
by blackgrapefruit on 2018/11/06 10:08
This is the perfect app!!! I've spent such a long time going around looking for a decent casino game and found a few along the way, but this one is leagues above the rest. Not all casinos do this well but the variety of their slots are HUGE. I've seen apps with the same old slot games with different pictures and same exact game play but rocking cash does this to perfection. How different could slot games be right? Well, this game does it to the point where each slots feel like a brand new game! Art styles, visual effects, EVERYTHING is new all the time! Leaves me on the edge of my seat! Best casino app out there, simply perfect. If you're still wandering from app to app not sure of what you want to play, your answer isn't that far away. I recommend this to ALL people, casino lover or not. Definitely worth your time.
Best payout in a gambling app!
by iPod sinner on 2020/02/11 02:38
This is really fun you can actually make progress and grow your money if you bet wisely and the best payouts happen when you first go into the slot for the first time then it slows down but then picks back up just stop if the payouts slow down and come back later then it should be back up. The game is surprisingly good enough that you can play without ever needing to spend real money for the in app purchases which is rare these days so good job in that department. Hands down best gambling app I have seen so far! Definitely giving this app the ok for everyone who reads reviews before downloading 👍
Better than most others
by Jesson1775 on 2018/12/31 05:09
Most other slot apps I have played may start out play decently when you can easily get boosted by bonuses from quickly earned levels but before long you loose that advantage and it seems like you have to collect every bonus you can for a couple day just to be able to place for more than two minutes even at a minimum bet. I have found myself doing the same things occasionally on this app however those times end up being the exceptions rather than the rule. It is not uncommon to get great wins and I have even won a couple of those insane jackpots they list over the top of the machine or tab for a particular progressive jackpot machine. You know the ones I am talking about, the ones you see and think yeah right nobody ever wins those. That’s what other apps are like but not this one
by Gabalicious390 on 2021/02/15 13:08
This app is such a disappointment! They have some of the most fun games to play but never give you any coins to play them! Their bonuses are pathetic! .21 as a bonus? Yea, let’s win some money with that! Other casino apps give you a ton of coins through their bonuses to play with cause they know this is how to keep their players! This developer only cares about the real money they want their players to spend to try and get some play time! They do have a good customer service team who does really good at pretending they care about any issues and throw you some free coins which is nice but doesn’t solve the fact they need to do better with their ways to earn free coins and make it worth it! Please take some pointers from the other slot games who care more about the entertainment of their players and less about how much real money they can get them to spend to continue playing!
Fun games not enough incentives
by NoyzRulz on 2019/11/13 11:47
Modifying my review and upping my stars for the fun games but not 5 stars because of the small amount of chips. They have some of the best slot games I’ve played. Tons of 7 style games, and the themed games, like Monster Parade, are great. So, I came back, and donated money again. The problem is there aren’t enough daily chips, nor do they give you enough chips to make buying them worthwhile. I get 290k for 100 bucks but Hit It Rich Slots offers up to 4 billion! Daily chips can be 500k if your lucky but Hit It Rich can be 50 million a day. I like to play higher but can’t do it here until they offer more chips to play. Keep your bets really low on this game or you’ll be out of chips in no time. Devs, make my 100 bucks worth a TON more than your offering and I’ll donate again.
by KyleBuschandFrozenFan18 on 2019/08/13 14:35
I’ve only been playing for about 2weeks but what I like about this app is it has that excitement factor to it!! Liking/congratulating others on their W’s..If I was one that purchased coins this would probably be the app I would drop some $$ on but unfortunately Im in no position to that..shame cause I really am enjoying 1 game in particular..Ohh well, good luck and happy spinning 🤗 Five stars for the sounds, graphics and again that WOW-Excitement factor. ***Addition to initial review*** I really enjoy this game BUT what the heck is up with the constant “Unstable connection”?? I play 2 other slot games and NEVER have trouble with my connection..This happens everyday so I just stopped playing!! And, it happens when I win something..Maybe an update is in order here?? Its getting super frustrating!!! I can’t collect bonus either at times! Please address this
Get it!
by zoidtron on 2020/10/30 02:34
After going through many casino apps I landed on this one and have been playing for quite some time. I’ve never had to spend money to play and, at one time, had a balance of 2.5 billion. Of course I gambled it away but it’s a blast. Daily bonuses and the constant addition of more machines to play make this a must have for slot machine fans. If I had one complaint it would be that it would take a very long time to obtain a class ranking above platinum without spending money. I am happy with my platinum class and will be amazed if I ever class up to diamond. Love this game. Download and good luck!
The best game ever!!!
by Lynell54 on 2018/06/17 05:22
I have a lot of games on my phone, but since I started playing Rock N’ Cash I don’t even play the others. I play this game all day and all night. I really enjoy playing. I just wish that all the games on the computer were available on the phone. The only thing I wish you would change would be when the bonus rounds comes up that you show where the grand and mega are after you finish because it seems like they are not on the board at all.
Terrible - ripped off $100 purchase no way to contact
by on 2018/11/12 05:40
Wonderful game until I did not receive the coins that I purchased for $99. I attempted to go through their very slow server email connection to contact them and it was impossible to do. It would not allow me to fill in a required * field using even different browsers. This left me NOT being able to send my question or technical issue. Too bad for them as I had been a very good paying customer until this glitch in their contact forum as they stole $100 of my money. I will be placing a chargeback via my credit card company and they have just lost multiples of that amount as I will never play this game again.
Fantastic Game
by Ali$onB on 2020/11/12 22:33
This is by far the best casino game I’ve played. However, there are a couple tiny, yet aggravating, things about it: in the Classic slot section, when you get three jackpot symbols, you get a chance at a mini, mega, or grand jackpot. I’ve been playing this game every day for about three years and have gotten the mega jackpot only TWICE! I have NEVER gotten the Grand jackpot in ANY game. However (surprise, surprise), I HAVE won three jackpots at the real casino in my state which I’d expect to be harder. Yes, I’m lucky. For a game to be fun, players need to win! But I do love Rock’n Cash; I’ve tried and deleted many others. I’d really like it to be a wee bit looser though.
by Momof3inNC001 on 2020/04/08 00:15
I absolutely love this game but I take my money to play something then there’s a problem I sit and type out the problem of a probably bug in a game and it won’t let me submit the question or problem to “contact Jeanie”. I was playing the newest game and got to almost 1,000,000,000 at one time. But this point I started at 600,000,000 and lost down to under 100,000,000 without winning at all! I don’t mind putting some of my own money in but not if you’re going to program your games to play good and then not hit at all. And when you try to ask the programmers like you should it won’t let you. This is the second time for that problem with trying to ask a question. About time to find a new game
Too greedy for me.
by Lh888 on 2019/08/29 17:58
One thing about me is that I will spend real money on a game if I like it enough but I also like to bet a little more risky and I can understand running out of corns every once in a while but I was constantly buying the $99 package and still running out of coins. It’s time for me to delete this game which is sad because I really enjoy the games, they do pay off Jackpots but unless you hit the Grand Jackpot(which I never did) it is not enough to sustain the betting level I like to play at. The slot that ultimately gets the most of my money is the one that gives me enough winnings that I don’t have to purchase any of the coin packages but then I will in turn spend money on other events etc...
From hourly bonuses to none in a month
by Roge soldier on 2021/08/22 08:01
I have seen other reviews where players say their ability to win has suddenly vanished like someone flipped a switch. I also have noticed this as well. Also they comment on the bonus pools in games all of a sudden refuse to pop. You fill them and fill them and nothing. I have some that havent given a bonus in weeks,(seriously)weeks. Where before they would hit not to long after they reach their largest icon (biggest pike of gold ect) now nothing its been months and i have all but given up. No point in playing when you spin and just lose. I certainly am not encouraged to buy coins, just to throw them away. These fools will never learn.
Payouts way too low
by Nanatimes9 on 2019/06/27 11:44
This is a great app. I actually love it. However, I’m thinking about deleting it altogether. The daily payouts and regular payouts while playing are so low that you only get to play for about 30 minutes. There are so many apps I’ve downloaded that I can play for hours if I want. They actually let you enjoy your time on the app. I’m so disappointed in your app. You’ve done a fantastic job with the graphics and games. Why can’t you let your fans play a while? I’ve event paid for packages that you offer because it is my favorite casino app. But no more. I will not spend another penny on your app when there are so many that I’ve downloaded and can enjoy for hours. Hope you listen to your customers. Janet
Save your money! Don’t try this rip off!
by RickinLA on 2019/10/27 23:33
Ever since the last “upgrade” maintenance was ran the payoffs have been terrible!! This was obviously done to force players to purchase coins from the developers! Before the maintenance “upgrade” you could easily run your balance up into the billions. Now the payoffs are in the thousands, hardly ever outside of the hundred thousand range. It was a fun game. Now it’s just another ripoff designed to enrich the creators. Save your money! Trust me, if you want to play more than five minutes you’ll have to purchase coins at an exorbitant price!! It’s not worth it!!!
Rip off
by fhekiebbr on 2020/08/27 14:27
I have spent so much money in this game. Every time they do an update the wins get smaller and smaller, no jackpot grand prizes ever, they update this last time to make the jackpots look bigger with less wins. It use to be a fun game but their ripping people off and monitor game play. I know this because they sent me a log of my game play. When the meters get filled it takes for ever to get the bonus game to appear. The competition is getting bigger guys and a lot of other casino games on the App Store is giving more coins for your money with greater wins. These people need to be reported for robbing us. Jackpot Mania is my new game. They give way more coins and bigger wins. You better rethink your game people.
I need some one help
by Patoka lake $ on 2018/12/30 14:31
On December 26 at 10 AM I was playing this game. I had 1 .5 billion points. I bought the $99 package every day I received 20.8 million points. I was also at level 95. When I turn my game back on around noon on the 26 to play rocking Cash has taken all my coins. I started my game over and give me a level one and give me 1 million points. I have tried to contact them over eight times. No one will help me out. They still owe me money back for my purchase, and 1.5 billion in point. Let this be a warning to everybody! It would be nice if the company would contact me back. Please be aware of this this so it doesn’t happen to you. They will not contact me back or help me. They’ve just taken my money with no explanation no help.
by 1Badat2d on 2018/12/24 12:10
I just started about an hour ago, but so far it’s been a lot of fun and have hit some big wins!! UPDATE.... been about a month now and actually still enjoying this place! I make it about 2-3 weeks on a slot site if I make it past the first day or two I play them and end up hating them so, think Rock N’ Roll Casino is a keeper and that’s saying a lot beings I've played over 50 different sites...... Hope to see lots of new things in the future....
by Zarabj on 2018/06/02 22:58
Don’t waste you time or money. While the slots are fun there is very little return. You buy coins and buy coins and you can only play for a little while. I have yet to purchase coins that last more than a few different games. I know I am just one person but I am now one less person that will be be buying cons for this game. What a waste. Update! Apparently when they respond to your review they send you emails asking if You would like to update your review. Well in an effort to stop the emails this is my update. While I understand this is a game of chance, it does not give you enough entertainment for the amount they charge for the coins to play. There, that’s my update.
Just wow
by Gatsbyoil on 2018/10/12 09:05
I've played my fair share of slots, but this game leaves me speechless. The pay backs are far higher than any I've ever seen, the graphics and effects of the slots are outstanding, and the vast variety of features present in the different slot game leaves you wanting more and more. I started playing with little to no expectations, but it turns out that I stumbled upon a treasure of an app. You've just earned a new loyal customer, great job.
Big Daddy
by lost again big surprise on 2018/12/28 00:19
Another fake casino site, not real games just a program designed to take your money. You’ll be very lucky when you start, then the program will take it all back. Then comes the adds, buy our chips to play this free game (lol), “FREE”. Then forget about support, after losing everything I wrote to ask why their program takes everything,,, no answer. Don’t waste your hard earned money, not only are the chips WAY over priced, their program will take it all right back. I’m sending a message to Facebook and apple to complain about this site, Facebook wants to clean up their site so they need to get rid of these rip off fake casinos. (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)
So far so good
by Razor backer on 2018/09/21 13:23
So far so good...time will tell how great this game is...hopefully it will continue. This game continues to be entertaining and fun to play! It is becoming my favorite casino slot game! Very good to play! Love it! I this game...very entertaining and fun to play This game has apparently got a major glitch. When I start the game it show a screen which says “update to the new version and receive 300k” but no update is available and it will not allow me to enter the games...keeps going back to the same update screen. Because of this I’m lowering my rating of these games. Sad! The ability to update the game finally came through and I was able to update the games....I’m raising my rating back to 5 stars....happy now’
App NOT right
by Robinroyamazing on 2020/11/21 18:27
Ok your having major issues, the spin wheel isn't spinning when it should of spun 10 times by now.... Your purple circle bonus is not moving. I've spent a billion worth thousands of spins with bigger bets and still on 1% and your buckets aren't popping in timely manner!!! We just lose lose lose lose!!!! I spend to try support you and just lose and bonuses are joke. Does the 5 faces EVER land??? I've played for so long and NEVER landed. Also I've gotten 4 and it don't pay what it shows 4 pays
by MauiBlue1957 on 2019/03/24 05:16
I played for maybe 10 minutes and then uninstalled it. What makes me mad is that every time you win a large amount of money it wants me to post it on Facebook. I hate games like that. I use my Facebook to log in and keep my status on the game. If it didn’t pop up the Facebook (look what I won) crap 6 times in 10 minutes I’d more than likely reinstall. There are plenty of other casino games out there that don’t do that annoying crap. I have tried everything to not allow the game to do that but there isn’t a way. Sorry Rock n Cash. I’m disappointed. Fix that and maybe more people will be willing to play.
Don’t buy “special offers” priced over $80
by K Ashpark on 2018/05/12 22:43
I have been playing this casino app for around a year. I really like the games, but for the 4th, and last, time I have had to contact Apple for a refund. When I purchase one of their $99 or $199 “special offers” they literally steal the credits. Each time it’s happened within 12-24 hours of purchase where I will spin and the game will lock endlessly into spin and the only way to get it to stop is to power off my IPad, when I go back into game the credits are gone. I have tried to email but they NEVER respond so I am forced to contact Apple. So if you don’t purchase coins it’s a good app but DONT PURCHASE CREDITS.
by Lost My Purchases! on 2019/05/03 06:42
The slot are fun and the themes are well done! HOWEVER, it’s a scam because nearly every win pays you LESS than your bet! That’s the catch, you think you are winning often, but rather than spins that don’t win, they pay you nearly every spin, BUT they are nearly always LOWER than what you bet, OR worst yet, only like 50 chips over what you bet, for example, bet 25,000 chips, you win 30,000, wow 5,000! Plus, the longer you play the less you win! If you start off as a new player you win a lot, but the higher level you become and the longer you play their settings change and you lose quicker and quicker. If you get suckered and buy, you lose even quicker too! You think they would reward purchases with higher payouts and longer plays, but once the programing detects you WILL buy more, it switches to “Take Mode” and you loose quicker. DO NOT PLAY THIS ONE! They will get you hooked and bleed you of your cash FAST!
Rock n cash
by Enajc on 2020/03/18 22:58
So I have tried all day to log on to this game. It keeps saying check internet connection. I can play other games, and everything else online with no problem. I have deleted app and reloaded also turned phone off and back on. Could this because of the music added to app today?
Great app
by The Gambler789 on 2022/01/10 02:55
This is a great app. Payouts are frequent, games are fun. My biggest complaints are too many times having to delete the signs to join face book. Seems like that’s all I do when I win something and after all this time you would think the app would learn I’m not going to do it. Despite that I play daily.
by HAWKER88 on 2019/10/17 03:56
I have to say as fun as this app was at first, it gets old FAST! I’ve played all the different slots and games and no matter what you bet, if you hit the BONUS for the slot your playing you will only win the “minor” or “small” jackpots. ya they will vary depending on what your betting but you only win the smallest jackpot EVERY SINGLE TIME! some games will have the “match 3” bonus game where you randomly pick until you match 3 of a kind, ya no doubt it’s the smallest jackpot the slot offers ALWAYS! it’s became PAINFULLY obvious and SUPER predictable. If it weren’t for this i would rate it higher. 👎🏼
OMG.......I Love the Game(s)
by Kimasue on 2018/10/06 17:57
Talk about a 180 degree change in the format of games!!! I appreciate that my previous review amongst a few others were actually listened to its my new favorite, The money spent isn’t gone within a short bit and I appreciate that so very much considering you aren’t playing for real money and yet could be elsewhere. Well, do yourself a favor and Really give this a try.
Spending money
by wisperngwind73 on 2021/10/10 21:41
I like the free spins and all the free ways to earn coins n keep playing it makes it really fun I have not won any cash prizes yet I assume I will have to spend money to win those n thanks to Covid I’m broke but the game is really fun n I like the name a lot the only thing that would make it better is a Little Rock music playing n the back ground
by Spinyourmind on 2018/10/19 12:44
First time writing a review for an app, but this game deserves a 5 star rating. It runs perfectly on my iphone6 and I can just spend hours and hours watching the reels roll on and on. I love the constant jackpots I keep getting. Only problem for me is that I don't trust that Zuckerburg fellow so there ain't no way yall are going to get me to sign in to fakebook lol. Other than that, perfect 5/5
How to stop flashing rising levels announcements
by Swede216 on 2020/03/28 19:02
Great relaxing game if it were not for the constant game interruptions of next rising levels, omgggggg its so annoying each time you have to push OK twice and it keeps happening I don’t even wanna go on and play my favorite games because of it so my money just stays there because unless this gets fixed and try to contact somebody uh badddd and you can’t that in itself is stressful and that is the only thing that is wrong is that dang Constant interruptions of gameplaying.
Great game
by doggerdogdoge on 2018/10/24 10:18
I love me some slots and this casino is full of em and each and every one of them is awesome down to it's core! The slots really makes you feel like youre winning often, and more often than not, you actually are winning waaaaaaaay more than you would be at other casinos! Absolutely splendid game you got here, you gotta be a sucker not to try this one out. Pure awesomenss
by Slots VEGAS royale on 2020/07/13 18:49
I love these slots and played for a long time. Great selection and fun. However, once I started buying coins I started losing many times. Because I loved the games I would buy more. I couldn’t win a jackpot and kept losing. I decided today to delete and not play anymore. It just wasn’t fun and I became angry. Sorry to go. Came back to play because I missed the games. They are the BEST.
Fixed a little to tight
by Flbigfella on 2018/04/27 19:57
Fun game play it for about a month or so then when you hit a certain level the game will die out. Unless you willing to fork out money play it very lightly because it will dry up. Yes they will say it’s all fixed and yes we know gambling has fixed perimeters but they are set by developers. It’s not a bad game but it’s just like any other casino game when you start out the pats and bonuses are great play for to long and the pays get worse and so do the bonuses.
Would like to rate higher
by so are the other 25 I've tried on 2019/07/27 03:40
Really enjoy the games (and winnings) but hate the screens trying to get me on facebook. The next win when it pops up I am done with these games. If I wanted my name plastered all over Facebook I could do it. I don’t —and get tired of seeing “JOIN FACEBOOK” Please just ask once !!!!! Nickname????This is taken—so are the other 25 I’ve tried.
Same ol’ P2W b.s.!
by atreyuu2003 on 2019/06/21 03:02
The developers keep saying in their comments that their machines have better percentages for payout! That is a total lie! was winning at first, maybe for 1.5 days. Then? NOTHING! Spin after spin after spin etc. Nothing happened ... NOT A DARN THING! Very frustrated with the lies! Funny thing is that these clowns don’t realize that people will put money into a game they win on. Loser games get deleted. This one? Getting deleted n two days. unless I hear from a dev prior to doing so telling me he is going to alleviate the problem instead of lying about it!
Fun Casino
by Slots galore on 2018/08/05 22:54
I really enjoy the bonus games when you first open the game. I don't purchase coins on any of the sites that I play so many times I can't play for long, however, when I play at a real casino the machines pay pretty much the same. I do like the games and the "extra bonus" you get when you get low on credits.
This site rocks!
by Game rocks it on 2021/11/19 00:48
I have several casino apps on my phone and laptop. This one is absolutely the best. There are quite a few games and the “money” that is awarded each day or week adds to the fun. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I have stayed out of my local casinos and this app helps fill in the blanks. Thank you for a great app!
Rock N Cash
by Flash.Flash on 2020/04/19 03:51
I am William Flash I didn’t give out 5 stars but this app is all of that and more I have been telling people for years which app I believe are the best and when there not the best way to to see what I have seen in this game you will have to try it here at Apple app in 2 minutes you can tell me.
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