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Trending is the best way to listen to music, podcasts, and watch videos! * Search and stream any song without creating an account. * Create unlimited playlists, edit, reorder and manage your music. * Choose your own color theme. * Watch videos in portrait and horizontal mode. * Favorite songs you love for quick access later. * Set your sleep timer so you can fall asleep to your favorite sounds. * Wake up to your favorite music with your alarm clock. * Use the equalizer to change how your music sounds. Millions of people love this app, read their reviews. If you love Trending, rate us 5 stars!
Constantly stops playing
by Green Day Ninja on 2020/05/30 02:12
Everyone I hit play it stops not even 10 seconds after the song starts
Great app needs some bug fixes
by 🧐🤨 on 2020/05/30 02:00
Out of all of the free music apps I have tried, Trending is by far the best one. You can play songs without wifi by adding them to your favorites. You can make playlists and even edit the color of the page. However, there are a few issues I’ve encountered with this app. First off whenever I’m not playing a song I can here this slight buzzing. Also, there are lots of ads, and sometimes when a song is over there will be an ad before the next one plays and I will have to exit out of the ad. But overall a pretty good app.
Thank you for making this app
by mimiuwuwuuwuwu on 2020/05/29 19:50
This app is the BEST music app it’s really easy to use and I like it a lot thank you so much for making it 🥰
by Dayla G on 2020/05/29 18:45
My music isn’t loading!
I love this app
by Ggmony on 2020/05/29 15:05
This is the best app ever all you have to do it watch an add and then your listening to your favorite music DONT let this app flop it’s a really good app I really recommendation you can not only listen to your favorite music but you can also want videos on it it’s just like YouTube it’s has everything you need I mostly use it for music I can’t live without music GET THIS APP
Recent Problems
by aiden💙tdog💪🇺🇸420 on 2020/05/29 06:53
Hello I have been using this app for awhile now and just recently my music won’t play but some of it will I’m just wondering if it’s something on my end or something with the app.
great but too many ads and playlists aren’t available offline
by sleclair04 on 2020/05/29 05:39
i love this app and use it 24/7 and it’s great for whenever i don’t have service (which is a lot) but there’s a ton of ads and no paid options to turn them off and the playlists aren’t available offline sadly
by dlewis7513 on 2020/05/29 02:30
Too many ads
by heartless beast108 on 2020/05/28 13:06
No matter how many ads I watch my music won't play
by woyni on 2020/05/28 10:05
Favorite songs NO!
by Dabking24XD on 2020/05/27 15:57
For some reason it won’t let me heart songs that I like even though I heart it then when I go to check on it in favorites it’s not there even when I search it up in favorites it not there so you must fix it.
by chasem69 on 2020/05/27 10:51
Great app
by yvg homie on 2020/05/27 04:57
This is the best app but the ads get in the way but I still enjoy my day with this app
Love it. Just a few suggestions
by hahahhahahahahhahahahhhh on 2020/05/27 00:43
To be honest, I really love this app. Its just that there is an ad before I play the song “havannah” all the time. Like, DUDE! We know you need to make money SOME HOW, but now by annoying people with ads then you won’t get any money at all because I one will have this app, so just remove some ads and this game would be TOTALLY awesome ❤️ 😎
by bor bor 22 on 2020/05/26 18:08
Just be prepared to listen to more ads than music
Trending Review Of My Experience
by Karla C.S 😂 on 2020/05/26 17:50
The app was good at first but to much ads coming up like 5 mins or even 2 or 3 mins of the song. I logged out cuz I didn’t have enough space on my phone. When I reinstalled again and logged in, all of my songs that I worked hard getting and add to my play listed was all gone. All of my songs was erased. I recommend this app good a fist but if u don’t want all ur songs to get erased then install Musi. My brother recommended me this app and it’s so good. It doesn’t take as much space as this app. So go install Musi and u can see millions of people like that app, good reviews, and no WiFi needed, and no ads!! Ur new future begins now!! Thx me later!! 😂🥰😁👍🏻
janky as hell
by simonseagull14 on 2020/05/26 08:13
i’ll be listening to a song and 20 seconds in it will play an ad about a game you can win money off of. searching for music is honestly hard to do. type 3 letters and the search bar freezes and you have to restart the app. even after you find the song you want it lags for a couple seconds before it even plays. certain songs i put on my playlists don’t even work. only reason i didn’t rate this 1 star is because i somehow have the patience to go through the bugs to listen to my music.
by perlatm on 2020/05/26 01:40
To many ads it’s really annoying please fix
by david_dobrik on 2020/05/25 23:53
I love trending bc it has no adds and I can get unlimited skips but for other apps you have to pay to do that but with trending all of it is free you have one add when you get on to the app but only one I love it, it’s the best music app ever😌
Best app ever
by springboi77 on 2020/05/25 23:13
Great for gamers who love music 🎵 tiny glitches if your internet is bad though it has tons of amazing other apps don’t show!☺️☺️☺️☺️😃😃😃😀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏😺😺😺😺don’t be hating on this thing either it has other songs other apps don’t have such as shadow Bonnie remix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Long and annoying ads
by jjjaios on 2020/05/25 22:49
Too many ads to play a song and multiple ads are playing at the same time. So annoying
too many ads
by h o l l e y on 2020/05/25 19:40
i love this app because it lets me play my music offline but the only thing i don’t like about it is there are way too many ads. it gets annoying very quickly. please reduce the amount of ads!
One you turn on it you right right on the
by f. houog on 2020/05/25 17:32
You it was
If it’s stream to load then it’s really good
by lacremeyolo on 2020/05/25 14:13
by taco_Bribri_123bts on 2020/05/25 08:11
Amazing music difrent types of music to country k-pop j-pop pop rock christian jazz orchestral and much more 🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆5 stars indeed very relaxing I cry because I like sad music and its so clear you can even use it for alarm clocks on your i phone and android so awsome !!! And you can change colors of your music background you can mix or keep a solid cover I have so much to say I shared the app whit my friends they loved it -from a ten year old I hope you respond !!
by #56784368535791793646 on 2020/05/25 01:06
I love the app it is amazing!! I just wish that it didn’t have adds.
Good app, but often it doesn’t work.
by Sarifust1234 on 2020/05/24 18:52
This will be a short review, but anyways, I really like the features that come with the app but sometimes, I listen to a song then switch in the middle of the song. After that, when I switch the song, it plays the previous song I was listening to. It says it’s on the new song, but it doesn’t play it. Overall I totally recommend this app
by Nasi1028 on 2020/05/24 16:23
Can’t play half my songs they just cut off way to many adds now and some open up the browser 😡😡 keeps crashing Playing ad’s in the background while song plays And today can’t even open the app it brings me to buy it
This app is amazing 😍😍😍
by listenrogarrettborns on 2020/05/24 06:42
I love this app and it works on my phone perfectly (iPhone 6s)! You can turn off the phone and still listen to your video or music!
by RareOldSpice on 2020/05/24 05:24
by jsjsjjsjdkkd on 2020/05/24 02:39
Best app ever
Muy bueno
by pochoo on 2020/05/23 19:13
Felicidades excelente
by !$?!? on 2020/05/23 10:50
It doesn’t work that good, it freezes too much and when playing music it stops every 2 minutes or less and it wasn’t like that. I keep using it because it the only app i know that is offline.
Me gusta la aplicación
by pedroplablo on 2020/05/23 10:22
by lololmeahlolol on 2020/05/23 06:43
trying to create a playlist is the hardest thing ever and it is frustrating. you click on the 3 dots and it doesn’t do anything so you have to close out the app. EVEN a couple more times. it’s frustrating and ridiculous, i’m spending an hour making 4 playlists
Not working
by Floram31 on 2020/05/23 06:09
It’s now says I have to buy it for some reason
It has all my favorite songs 😊
by Jahlia leilani soliven on 2020/05/23 03:02
by Tramyiah on 2020/05/22 23:53
Needs to be fixed
by TheB3AST187 on 2020/05/22 20:52
I updated the app today and now it will only play music with the app open and will not play your music when you put your phone into standby mode like it would before this update the app is good otherwise
When I turn off my phone the music stops
by bruh i dont have a nickname su on 2020/05/22 17:46
When I’m going to sleep I like to listen to music but this won’t let me, i can’t turn off my phone or go to other apps like some other people
Best app i’ve been using it for more than 10 year
by chicho h3 on 2020/05/22 11:22
Best app
by pee and poop and morm poop on 2020/05/20 22:58
Stupid 🤮
by Rwchjbcyjjk on 2020/05/20 14:43
Guys Musi is Wayyyy better if I could I wouldnt rate any star but since you have too i guess.
by babejaz2023 on 2020/05/20 12:07
I made an account after getting all my music and now all of my music is GONE!!!
by Suarez#9 on 2020/05/20 00:27
I love this app 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😙😙😙😙😙😙😘😘😘😘😘
This thing ghosted me
by nickdason33 nick the slick on 2020/05/19 21:00
One min I wanted to head music and is started doing things on its own first I was minding my own business and suddenly I hear weird noises from my head phones then the volume turns up and down for no reason and if wake up Siri I don’t know how though it was activated by my voice only but it did if by it self idk if this is the app or not but I would not download this if I were you.
by grumpy cat 227 on 2020/05/19 20:58
I love how they have hentai and sex videos
by JasmineLett!¡!¡💞 on 2020/05/19 17:05
You guys need to update this app to where we don’t have to REdownload all the songs that we already had cache every time we redownload the app. If you know what I mean ..
by boyscout1253 on 2020/05/19 16:52
Amazing no payment needed!!!👍
Too many ads
by Lava Clark on 2020/05/18 23:27
There too many ads
by YNRCasper on 2020/05/18 20:36
It has an ad that you can’t skip every time you open the app that prevents you from listening to music for 30 seconds and another 5 sendings to wait just to click the x on the ad but the music quality is good and the ads are my only complaint
by dhe1693 on 2020/05/18 12:33
Love this!! Discovering songs I haven’t heard from my fave band!! Slipknot
by Jawa 37890 on 2020/05/18 07:42
Some songs in my playlist just won’t play no matter what I do. It’s really annoying
Overall good app
by Five stars for 100 gold on 2020/05/18 04:42
No problem
by saagelife on 2020/05/18 04:02
I love this app but it got a lot of ads and I just want to listen to music without ads popping up and it acting a little slow
better to worse
by Sharquanitia on 2020/05/17 22:55
I am getting really upset at this app. I am having troubles with searching up the songs I want with the artist, and IT DOESN'T SHOW. that is what I am getting very angry at, whoever is the creator of this app NEEDS to FIX IT right this second because this is really getting out of hand. It’s RIDICULOUS like who makes a MUSIC APP with ads in it like what ? THATS JUST RIDICULOUS. especially when it’s in the middle of the song and your on another app but BOOM. Next you have to go back on to the music app and wait. But what I really found upsetting is that the ads take 10-20 SECONDS LIKE WHAT. im just really disappointed. as I said before whoever is the creator please FIX IT RIGHT NOW.
by lil joker loko on 2020/05/17 21:21
It’s getting there so far, can y’all just please fix the equalizer? Every time I put a equalizer on after one song plays it stops playing how I had it equalized. But apart from that I like where this app is heading.
I hate this
by ihatethiaapp on 2020/05/17 19:30
When ever I try to play a song it will play for half a second and then stop I even tried to restart my phone I hate this waste of time app
Trending Music App
by ace3955 on 2020/05/17 18:11
Great app! For some reason the new updates often give it bugs though. I just found that when the ringer is on before playing a song it makes some weird radio static sound unless you turn off the ringer or play something. Hopefully this is fixed but overall it is a great app for personal music favorites that I have used for years!
fix playlists bug
by Bunny TUFFS on 2020/05/17 17:35
Great app but there is a bug w the playlist it won’t let me make playlists
Review about trending music
by GTS.BIG_Rob on 2020/05/17 15:40
Trending is a good music app but there’s ads that come every once and while which will be annoying when you first start but you get use to after a while
by Geee-reg on 2020/05/17 08:44
It’s great user friendly great sound been using it about a month and have had no problems at all I recommend this app. Just try it and see for yourself’
by RHLM.JENNY on 2020/05/17 06:38
I give this app a 5 stars because you can listen to your favorite music on and offline and there’s barely any ads the best part is that you can even watch the music video and you can also watch other videos not only music. BEST MUSIC APP
by tyisdb on 2020/05/16 20:38
Good app❤️LOVE IT
Offline Playlists??
by Card wars on 2020/05/16 02:48
This app is so close to a five star and definitely the best music app I’ve downloaded. The only thing holding it back is not being able to play our playlist offline! I don’t want to just have one huge playlist for offline music because sometimes I’m not in the mood for some songs and just want one playlists.
Music turns off when you turn off phone
by ☽E͢͢͢mØ☾ on 2020/05/16 02:10
When I listen to my favorite songs it doesn’t stop when I turn off my phone but just yesterday I realized that I can’t hear my music when I am offline from the app
One problem
by Coolest car on 2020/05/16 01:56
The problem is I sometimes can’t get the video to play and it never does please fix this
Works good and is great
by misic love 16 on 2020/05/15 21:47
Works good and is great
by Renoldo222 on 2020/05/15 20:16
Some music won’t let me play it
Annoying ads
by brooke.yea😎 on 2020/05/15 16:10
I love this app, but I'm not a fan of the ads, I know that the way you get your money by advertising ads, but its gets annoying after every single song i listen to i have to hear an add.
by convenient reader on 2020/05/15 14:21
It it has the best songs ever in my lie and you can search for a lot of songaps
Tsend bat
by tsend bat on 2020/05/15 10:02
3 Star Review, Here’s Why-
by Khristiana Vagus on 2020/05/15 05:00
It’s Not Perfect. When I first got the app like everything was fine it was cool. But then i has it over a year and. Now it’s kinda bugging me, like the way the adds will go on the places where it shouldn’t be at. And the search Bar Will Be on the home screen of the app and Before going to tell about this I checked to see like oh, it’s probably an update, which I did but it wasn’t so then I searched up a song of “ (Whatever song I Don’t Know) “ and then it did search, but then on where you pick whatever music, They all said “ See Spotify Songs “ which was really bothering me, which this just happened just now, and I was asking if the Creator of this app would fix the bugs, I would really appreciate that, which I really do like this app I’m not trying to hate it, it’s really good, but it’s just the bugs so please don’t take this personal!! So I would download this app, it good but all you just read, there is some bugs, so be aware of that! Thank you!
Amazing music👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
by 20aashish13 on 2020/05/15 02:17
good app
by Tayj20! on 2020/05/14 20:47
It keep on logging me out
It’s a great app ✨
by Xitlali ✨ on 2020/05/14 19:07
It’s so good you don’t need wifi and you could listen to your songs offline!!✨you just have to let the song load and then add it to your favorites and you don’t need to be online!
by yaz_taz109 on 2020/05/14 17:50
This is the best music app I ever had but the thing I don’t like about is you have so many adds but every thing els is good
by marii.31 on 2020/05/14 17:27
it starts off good but then the music starts to play weird and they want u to pay and then i can’t go out of the app anymore so that the music won’t stop ..i dunno they better fix it
by £ATM£ on 2020/05/14 16:01
Would’ve been a 5 star but too many ads
Gotten much worse
by Bman4115 on 2020/05/14 06:30
It started out as a great thing with minimal bugs for years but now songs just are leaving playlists and not actually going into my favorites no matter how hard I try and how many I times I reboot the app. After battling with the app for 30 minutes straight that was the final straw and I had to say goodbye to this once good app.
A bit laggy
by jdnxvcjdbshxh on 2020/05/13 22:17
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by mnumovbu on 2020/05/13 20:58
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Turn off
by josegravy2010 on 2020/05/13 18:20
Turn off your phone and you can still hear the music on your phone
by 💚rsxhingrnovb on 2020/05/13 16:14
U can listen to your music off line and it’s just amazing
Gangsta talk by Nolove
by travo19 on 2020/05/13 06:24
The hottest gangsta rap song ever
by Tea.sis. on 2020/05/13 04:47
I have this app and have had for almost a year, it’s a pretty good app but it glitches a lot, like when I want to listen to the songs that are just great for chilling, I go on my music app aka trending. But when I first get into the app the screen is blank and then it just glitches out of the app, but when it finally does decide to work and get into the app, another problem occurs, like when I want to search a song while I’m typing the screen glitches and freezes and it gets annoying to the point where I don’t even wanna listen to the music anymore, like I’m not in the mood. And now I have a new problem which made say imma just write a review at this point, my new problem is that when I’m about to play the song it stops at like 4 seconds, so I start it over, and then it stops at the same spot over and over. The only reason why I have this app is because I can listen to it offline, but yeah ig
Offline problem
by Anjum Aj on 2020/05/13 04:34
I love this app . But have little problem,I was trying to play music without wifi but it’s not working. Only work with Wi-fi .Can you please help me and fix this problem .i love this app. Thanks .
This app is so good!!!
by aidreh6969 on 2020/05/13 01:33
It’s great rarely any adds, you leave the app and still have music going and you don’t hav to pay for it either!!! 👍
by JennaBrothers on 2020/05/12 21:07
Way to many ads popping up
Sleep Timer Problem
by Thomass.c on 2020/05/12 18:44
So I got this app because a friend recommended it to me and I saw there was a sleep timer witch I had been pretty happy about because I love to sleep with music playing and my only problem is the sleep timer wouldn’t start.
by player 3748)83) on 2020/05/12 17:41
It’s is a good app for music but for me I can only play 3 songs and no more will play and it glitches out sometimes when I type in a song
No many damm ads
by Cold bloood on 2020/05/12 15:29
Too many ads
Works very well
by Drewtastick on 2020/05/12 08:01
I would pay for some kind of no ads version
by me211111111epic on 2020/05/11 19:21
be buggy
by nithly on 2020/05/11 11:19
I love
Best app in the world
by skyrace123 on 2020/05/11 04:21
Why is it that when I open trending I hear my audio turn on to where it sounds like static going like this static....static..... static....static If you don’t believe me go up to your ear and open trending and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. I thought it could be a way they listen to you but what do I know idk what it is. Whatever it is I’m very skeptical because I’ve been a user of your app for 5 years.
It’s great but..
by nacole530 on 2020/05/11 02:31
way to many ads!!
Music keeps stopping
by Dessi Wessi on 2020/05/10 22:18
Every time I go back to my home screen it stop the music hell even when I’m playing it in the app the music just stop but it looks as if it’s still playing fix this.
playlists are stupid
by lucieeeeeeeeeeee on 2020/05/10 19:06
u literally can’t even delete accidental songs from ur playlist
From better to worse.
by TheMelanie on 2020/04/05 06:39
Trending was a great app for playing music if even plays your music offline! Well on mine at least, either way I had this app for a yeah and a half. I deleted the app because of me needing storage however re-downloaded it and I regret it. I searched up my songs and it was good until it didn’t even show up my songs anymore when i searched it up. All it did was leave it blank which I found strange since it didn’t do this before, it mostly find songs that are more common instead than songs that are not as well known which they don’t even show up if they are not well known. Also there is ads, it takes around from 10-20 seconds for one to play, kind of disturbs me but I guess you can get used to it yet there weren’t as many ads as before. Overall,It mad me mad because the songs I used to hear I can’t find them anymore because the search won’t even show the songs and if it’s something that’s very common it shows the same one and you can’t find the different version most of the time, for example if you want to hear a slowed version of a song it will show the original version more likely. Either way maybe I just need to sign out? Furthermore, I just hope this gets resolved as soon as possible. Still like the app just not the fact of how some of my music doesn’t show up anymore. Add ons’: this app was good before but it isn’t the same anymore. Please FIX THIS.
Wonderful App!!! but needs a few upgrades...
by Fun lovers on 2018/07/08 21:45
It’s easy to function and you can customize your background! The music works offline as well so that is very beneficial!! I especially love that you can even choose to watch the videos you saved if you wanted to! While this app has many wonderful things to compliment on I did have a few problems I encountered. While using the app it sometimes closes the app entirely while I’m on the search tab. Another problem I faced is the fact that when I’m trying to find a specific youtuber then it doesn’t have a separate area for their channel. While there are playlist and a video list there’s a difficult way of knowing if those videos are all from that youtuber. If possible that you are reading this then please add a channel option to click on as well. If I may add another suggestion then maybe in setting you can add the option of customizing the button colors as well besides the back ground. For example let’s say I pick a black background my buttons are also a dark color making it harder to notice if we had an option to choose the color of our buttons as well then that would be phenomenal!!
A good app WHEN it works
by WolfMarcel on 2019/01/23 02:00
By far, this would be the best music app I’ve downloaded! It’s free and I get to listen to music with WiFi or even without it! BUT it’s advertisement central with this. For example, I can pause to music and come back to it in a couple seconds later, I would have to go through 30 second advertisements! Sometimes even two three 30 second all at once! Most annoyingly when I have this app Bluetooth to my car, whenever a song ends and my phone is locked, it’ll play an advertisement over a playing song. When I open my phone to the app, I’ll see the advertisement is playing in the background so I have no choice but to listen, pause my music and wait for another 30 second to go by. If it’s not the advertisements, then it’s the start of the app when I open the app and play my first song. The loading process is either on point and right away or it’ll seriously take forever just for my first song to start! There have been times where I’ll be midway listening to a song and it’ll freeze and shut down! Making me start all over if it even lets me play my music right! Some serious bugs with this app but when it’s working, I can tolerate this app!
A minor problem regarding to replaying all songs automatically (before all of these random updates)
by AlexisH03 on 2019/07/27 20:53
The last time I used Trending was a few years ago. At that time all of my 10 or so songs would all play and when every song was played, it would automatically replay all of the songs without going to the music player screen. Now that I have been using it for the past few weeks it doesn’t do that anymore. I can only shuffle the songs or replay only one song. I’m not sure what the developers did to this feature but it is starting to bother me whenever I’m passing time and have to constantly replay all of my songs. Also, when this happens I can’t simply skip, play, go back, etc. to continue the music. I have to exit out of the app, clear it from my history and open it back up. I know this might seem like a minor issue with the app, but it gets pretty annoying if I’m on the road listening to music, painting my nails, or drawing to stop with whatever I’m doing and start my 25 second process to just simply listen to music. Alexis H.
Trending: Review
by haileigh_jetton on 2018/07/01 20:38
Trending is all around one of the best song apps I have ever used. Not only is it free to listen to music offline; but, I can even watch the videos with the song if I choose to. Every other song app I’ve ever downloaded just needed WiFi or a data connection and wouldn’t work properly, no matter how much I tried to work with the app. Trending was the best gift I have ever been given by the App Store because music is my life and this most definitely is the best music app around to me. I definitely recommend it to people who want to listen to music offline and free. Although, people should be warned that the app does sometimes mess up with me. It won’t load my whole list of songs; so, I get taken away from my music for a while. To fix that I get connected to WiFi or my data and refresh it and it fixes it right up. I don’t know what I’d do without either connection around so it would be nice if that was fixed. Nonetheless, it’s still an amazing app and I definitely recommend it.
by Katie5006 on 2019/05/17 11:12
This app is horrible lol. I wanna throw my phone it’s so frustrating. I’ve had this app for months and It has annoyed me so much this is the first time I’m reviewing an app. To put it simply, it doesn’t work right. To be more specific here’s what’s wrong; nearly every time I open the app it’s just a blank screen and I have to swipe out of it and try again a few times to get it to actually work, once I put a song on to play it doesn’t go on to the next song in my library unless I manually open the app and do it which is so annoying, it randomly skips songs, when I skip a song and find a different song it sometimes just keeps skipping songs and then stops working altogether. Also sometimes when I heart a song to save it and listen offline, it doesn’t save. When I use the app online there’s so many ads!!! I use this app everyday because I can listen to saved music offline & I don’t have service in school but please fix it before I lose my mind please. There’s more issues I’m sure and the only good thing is you can listen to music offline if you have the patience.
by Steriosystem15 on 2017/11/18 01:09
This app was doing really good but recently there was an IOS update that completely broke the app. I can no longer listen to HD anymore due to a tone of glitches. Every time I try to load the HD function, the app completely breaks. (Infinite black loading screen, crash, etc) I’ve been searching through the comments and saw that you replied to a lot of comments and you always keep recommending downloading the latest update or download or even restarting the app. I tried all three of these methods and nothing worked. Another thing to is I can’t get back into my account. Since I forgot my password, I would do the obvious; reset it of chores but where’s the email? I’ve waited for a very long time and I still haven’t received an email with a password reset; so in other words, I can’t use this app at all. My goodness, what happened?! It was riding hard and now it decided to crap out on me. Please fix these bugs so I can get back on and enjoy this amazing app.
Functions very good... but 2 problems that strongly need to be fixed
by CritiqueandBeyond on 2018/07/28 02:44
This app is by far the best in being able to serve its purpose. The music is easy to find and quick to favorite and stream. Although, one major problem that I encountered was that when you hear the music with any internet connection it sounds crisp and clean, but when I want to hear my music offline, the quality of the sound goes extremely down. It sounds as if it’s coming out from an old radio. Another problem is that although the developers state that playlists don’t work offline, there should be someway of overcoming this because it’s very annoying when I want to hear a specific playlist in a specific environment, so I have to manually move the songs in the favorited songs section in order to listen in playlist form. Overall, I really like this app and the way it performs! Please make these changes! This app has bright future ahead!
by Tea.sis. on 2020/05/13 04:47
I have this app and have had for almost a year, it’s a pretty good app but it glitches a lot, like when I want to listen to the songs that are just great for chilling, I go on my music app aka trending. But when I first get into the app the screen is blank and then it just glitches out of the app, but when it finally does decide to work and get into the app, another problem occurs, like when I want to search a song while I’m typing the screen glitches and freezes and it gets annoying to the point where I don’t even wanna listen to the music anymore, like I’m not in the mood. And now I have a new problem which made say imma just write a review at this point, my new problem is that when I’m about to play the song it stops at like 4 seconds, so I start it over, and then it stops at the same spot over and over. The only reason why I have this app is because I can listen to it offline, but yeah ig
The Recent Update Needs to be Fixed
by Owner of the Knights on 2018/07/27 02:57
I love the app however the recent update is a bit messy. Whenever I open the app, seconds later random music starts playing in the background without me selecting it. Then, when I do select music, the random music doesn’t stop playing in the background. It sounds like the theme to some castle-related mobile game but it’s not an ad. This only occurs when I’m online—offline doesn’t have this issue however the quality of the music could be a bit better. Also, the update removed all of my downloaded songs, making me have to download them again despite them already being saved to offline. Another issue related to being offline is which songs are actually playable. There have been times when the song title is white so I think it’s available, but when I tap on it nothing happens. The song itself doesn’t work even though it says it does. Please fix these issues so the app can function well again.
Great but two problems
by Toukaru on 2019/12/06 04:58
So I’ve been using Trending for about 3 years but I had to change to a different music app since it got taken off the App Store 2 years ago but came back a few months later. So the app works great, you can listen to song remixes, original songs, songs slowed down, etc. But my only issue is space/storage. Basically the more songs you have the more space trending will take up. I listen to a lot of music and I have about 600 songs on it but trending takes up like 7GB in my iPhone. Also recently when I play a song it randomly pauses and when it plays over to the next song. I end up having to open the app and pause and I pause the music so it starts playing again. It might just be a bug idk. Other than that this app is absolutely perfect!
Trying to Delete One Song 😓
by Somebody 5555777790234 on 2018/10/14 12:40
So I’ve been using this app for two years and recommended it to my friends as well and it hasn’t done me anything wrong- until now. There’s apparently a song called (null) I accidentally downloaded it and I found it a little later, but here’s the problem, when I go to the “❤️’s” list it has no photo to pair with the song, no title, and no author. Just blackness in that one column and only the three dots on the side, it won’t load the song and will not play the song. The only way I found the title of this is by trying to delete the thing. That wouldn’t bother me honestly if I had to delete the song (even re-downloaded the app) but every time I try to it crashes the app! My friends often use my phone, I hate knowing that they’ll use it and try to delete a broken song that’ll kick them out of the app.
Need an offline music app I recommend Trending!!
by "Trending", My experience on 2020/05/02 18:56
I’ve had this app since 2017! And it was amazing, I loved how you could change the color of you background were the music plays, I loved all my playlists, but I could not get to the playlists offline, but I could get to my library offline. I just recently had to download a new music app cause for some reason this app was no longer letting me play my music. But when this app did work for me, it worked great, most music apps don’t have some songs in the library that I want, but this app did!! So in the time that I had this app it worked great for the bus ride to and from school! If you do not have an activated iPhone, and you have to go to school or work, and you are looking for an offline music app I recommend Trending!
by ρυяρℓєωσℓf on 2017/12/02 18:59
There was a new one with a black background that's the same thing but it works better. it has the exact same features and everything. it's also free but it seemed to work better offline even though it was by the same people had the same name did the same stuff and your account links if you log in but now it's back to this in the App Store and I don't understand why on my other device it's still black and still works better. it's also a newer version. But do not think its a waste I think it's very good. sometimes the songs are damaged but then you just search and pick a different one but it's the same thing. I think it's worth it but if the black background and this pops up download the one with a black background.
I still love it, still have some problems
by Natsu Jeager on 2019/03/08 03:58
I will say it is hard to find a good free music app these days. I’ve written reviews for this app before and my issues were always resolved in the next update. This time around, (still very happy with the app don’t get me wrong) I can’t seem to download new songs. I’m also loosing some songs that I have on download, and when I go to redownload them through the simple process of deleting it and just adding it back to my favorites, it doesn’t redownload. I can keep the songs on my favorites list but it won’t play unless I’m connected to internet. Now the downloading new songs is a story in itself, I go to look up a new song and it doesn’t even acknowledge the search. The songs I have on download still play well and I have lost more than three songs, keep up the good work!
Deleted all of playlists
by _.Eena on 2019/08/16 19:21
I was using Trending for while. So I got off of it and went back on the app, just to find out that it deleted ALL of my playlists. I then tried closing and reopening the app but they were gone. I had about 7 playlists that took way to long to make!! And now I have to make them over AGAIN!!!! I do not recommend using this app a lot because it will erase all of your data! This needs to be fix Immediately! I spent WAY TO LONG making these playlists just for them to get DELETED!! This is absolutely unacceptable and needs to fix now. I bought this app to relax and listen to music, not to be stressed out about my music. Trending has A LOT of bugs that needs to be fixed, but this one is just unacceptable! This app is so glitchy but I didn’t have a problem with it but now it just deletes my data?! I am very upset that this app doesn’t care about your progress! This MAJOR issue needs to be fixed immediately!
Why???? (Edit) (New Edit)
by Crescentfire21 on 2019/01/08 00:00
I’ve been using this app for over a year and a half, and just two days ago (after the update) it started crashing any time I tried to open it offline. And any time I use Wi-fi or data, it shows all my songs are un-favorite-ed but the list is still there. And even though I add them back, it still shows as if I haven’t. Edit: The app’s working without Wi-fi now, had to re-favorite a lot of songs. Problem is, now I only have a small amount of songs I can have favorited at any given moment. This amount isn’t even 1/4 of all the total songs I had before the update, but hopefully you’ll fix this soon New Edit: App’s working fully again, got all my music back
Please fix this app! I loved it so much!
by unbeknowngiant on 2019/06/13 17:51
I have been using this app for 2 years now and I have seen updates come and go. When I first started using this app it was slow but flawless. I really couldn’t complain about it. Then about 6-7 months ago updates were rapid firing and I was surprised by the amount that they came in. When that happened, problems occurred such as when I closed my phone the menu wouldn’t appear on the lock screen, I got signed out of a couple accounts and lost those accounts, also when I hit the replay button, the song would just stop when it should replay. That caused me to find a work around and I made a playlist for the song alone so it would replay. And you guessed it, that stopped working too. I really loved this app, but that is in the past. This app had all I needed as I wanted a replay feature, play when app is closed, and it being free. Well I’m gonna have to move on now.
Just stop
by Knux Undead on 2017/10/15 03:55
I’m going to be honest, the first few updates/versions of this app was great. Everything had worked fine, I was able to listen to my music offline, my song wouldn’t turn off in the middle of nowhere, but no. Here you guys come in with these “New and Improved” update, which really is just making it worse for everyone. I now notice so many glitches when I updated, and now I wish I could go back. With how many times you’ve updated this app, you just need to fix it like it used to be, before you guys messed with it. It’s gone from a great app, to a horrible app, and once it started getting good again, you made it worse than it has EVER been. I am going to use another app until this is fixed. All I am saying is fix your app and be done with it. Start on a new project. People (including me) are starting to get very P.O’d about these new “updates”. Thanks -Knux
🤡🤡🤡 clownery and MAKE IT MAKE SENSE LUV
by IM POOR on 2019/11/23 04:20
the app started to get trashier since they added the "HD" thing WAYYYYYY back fnvjdjjd I had this app for like 3/4 years now and WHEW the ADs gotten worse, devs STILL DIDN'T ADD A SEARCH BAR ON YOUR FAVORITES which I requested long time ago but 🤷‍♀️ (which made me download the same songs bc too lazy to look for them/too much songs to go through which eats up phone storage when dl the same song) and now I started using playlists... WHEW when you look at playlists for full albums you can't see ANYTHING just the title of the playlist and NOTHING and when you try saving the playlist it crashes the app 🤡🤡 and the ADs sometimes play the song but when you close the AD the song starts all over again maybe it's bc you don't have to go pRO and pay like $8 for a month for just YT videos to play offline and how it's HD even when for offline Idk why I still have this app fnvjdjdjd but tbh make it make sense luv but get that coin I GUESS 🙄🙄
Awesome App BUT...
by Purple penguin 5294620 on 2018/07/13 23:45
This app for many months I was happy with, playing music Infinitely over and over in the background so I could play games or text friends while listening to the music. But recently this app something strange has been happening. I go into it and press a song to play and this weird like Harp music started to play randomly in the background for literally no apparent reason . I got so confused. Then h deleted it and Downloaded it again and as I went to log in this weird harp music played again in the background even tho it said nothing was playing. And this music would not stop unless I turned the app off. so sadly I was forced to delete it. Idk what music streamer app to use now. If u can please fix this! And HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE ? HEARING THE WIERD HARP MUSIC ??
Great app, is better than all my friend’s music apps
by DRACONISLORD on 2019/11/20 04:49
What I love about this app so much is that it becomes so easy to play my music even when I’m offline. The fact that you can download songs is it’s best feature because I don’t have to use my mobile data to listen to my music anymore. This is what sets this app apart from most other free music apps. The reason I gave it one star is that at the about 1/4 songs played have like a 30 second ad which becomes extremely annoying unless you turn data or WiFi off. However, the catch is you can’t browse through Reddit once you turn your internet off so it becomes hard to use Trending and another internet using app at the same time unless you are using two devices.
Jesus Christ it broke
by Freakin' Godlike on 2019/03/03 05:57
I would say that, yes, I do constantly use Trending. I listen to Trending any time I have to work or leave the house. Sadly, I can’t succeed in actually downloading any music any more. On Trending, I have had downloaded many songs successfully. However, recently, it’s been immediately filling the heart with red when I try to favorite it, and not actually downloading it for airplane mode. I have an iPod and don’t currently have the ability to access an iPhone. As for my attempts at remedying the situation, it hasn’t worked. I’ve offloaded the app and then “reinstalled” it from that state, but it didn’t work. I’ve deleted the app and then actually reinstalled it, but that didn’t work either. If the issue is remedied I would gladly give Trending 5 stars. As I said, I do use it constantly in my everyday life. Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.
Caged inside
by FarCry5Addict on 2018/07/28 04:02
Just for a little insight, I love this app. Free music? Offline? Yes pleaaase. But there are three main concerns, saving best for last of course. 1) I love a lot of different songs but sometimes it only shows some of them, or plays halfway through. Nope. 2) the fuzzy sounds when I play it in my speakers or in the car. And finally.... 3) when waiting for ads to load nearly every time I’m in a rush to get new music the ads make me wait, after waiting the extended length of the 30 seconds, I’m clawing my eyes out waiting for the ad to be over. I’m not patient. I know the ads are a given, and I can live with that, but at least add a “skip after 5 seconds”. Spare me the remaining 25 seconds of hearing an add ramble while I’m breaking my pencil led into my art pad. Thanks, Andy out.
by happypeach🌸 on 2018/07/17 16:49
I love this app. It lets you download as many songs as you want for free and they play offline! However, the playlist don’t play offline so you have to save everything to your favorites but your favorites will play offline! I think that they should add a setting where you can have your music sorted by the first letter of the song or by the author! That would be really nice. You can also choose the background color which I think is awesome. I think it would be even better if you added a option to when you can choose the color of your buttons for example: the play button, the shuffle button, the forward and back button, etc. It would be a nice little touch. I hope you take this into consideration! Thanks!
Plz read if u want to buy this app.
by taylorgirl_123 on 2017/09/10 21:03
Before I start off, this isn't just your regular negative comment, it's real and it's happened, multiple times. It's different for everyone but it's happened to a few other people. At first, it'll seem great. Then, it'll start just stopping in the middle of the song. So, you'll do what any other person does, and check the little circle player thing to see if it's still going, and it is, but you can't here anything. Then you'll be like," what is wrong with this thing?" You will check and see if anybody else has this problem and you'll find that they do. So you'll let the creators know,"hey my song stoped playing in the middle of it so can you please fix this or whatever." Well they won't and it'll get super annoying. So until this little glitch thing is gone, I recommend finding another app to play with your background music. Thanks have a wonderful day.
Freakin The Best Music App
by NikkiPlayStore on 2019/05/25 20:08
I love so much how you need NO WiFi at all for this all! The only thing you need WiFi for is to search music on, but I’m completely fine with that. If I ever wanna be in my room by myself or in the car with my headphones I can listen to my playlist and have my personal concert in my head 😂🤣. Summer will be the best! Thanks so freakin much for this app. I was always looking for a music app with no needed WiFi so. I also love how you can change how it sounds like with bass, dance, electric and etc. I can even watch make a whole playlist on youtubers I watch, so thank you so much! 🥰 No need to improve anything for my experience I don’t know about others, but for me it’s a 5/5!
Searching music
by KaoDrew on 2019/01/16 01:43
I love this app, been using it for years! I recommended it to everyone I knew. I’ve never had an issue with this app, but recently I’ve been having problems with searching up music. When I’m at home, I search up music using WiFi with no problems but when I’m out somewhere with no WiFi and I try to search up music, it keeps telling me to “go online” or “play from my favorites.” I made sure my cellular data is turned on and everything and I retry it again, still nothing. My app is up to date and everything yet I’m still not able to search up music as I used to anymore. Please fix this problem! I’d totally give it a 5 stars, this one problem is what keeps it from it! Thanks
Worked fine?? Not anymore?
by Jasmine Sexton on 2018/07/27 02:40
I’ve had this app for a little over a year now, and up until today, I haven’t had ANY issues. However, today, I got an advertisement that had medieval music in the background, naturally I waited for it to have a little X to close, I clicked this and the music still played from the advertisement?? I uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times and even made a new account however, it still plays the advertisements medieval music. I am highly frustrated and want a way to fix this. The medieval music however, only plays with headphones plugged in, which makes me MORE mad, as I can’t just listen to music through a loud phone speaker in public? I want headphones! Someone find a way to fix this. Until then, I’m in need of a new music app.
by NyxIncarnate on 2019/05/24 07:10
I've been using this app on various devices for years now, and I love it. I really haven't had any issues with it until the new update. Whenever I try to keep the music playing in the background (a feature many people solely use the app for) and come back to choose a different song or even hit repeat, the whole app freezes and restarts. When the app is glitching like this and a song is over, it won't play even if it's on repeat. Furthermore, whatever song I'm playing in the background will sometimes turn off randomly, and when I go to check the problem, I find that the app has restarted itself YET AGAIN. Like I said earlier I love this app and have for years, but these bugs make the user experience more difficult.
I like it but one huge problem !!
by Sebja2005 on 2019/06/21 02:58
The app is great and easy to use. I have been looking for an free offline music player for a while now and found this one, and this is the best and easiest one I have found, However the problem is when you try to add a new song, it does not add the song at all! The song appears for a second then it disappears. This is extremely frustrating because this does not just happen once an awhile no, it happens every time you open the app again and add a new song. I mean it works eventually but idk what I do to make it work it just happens randomly. But that is the only problem with this app so it would help if this got fixed in the future.
by nay brazxy on 2020/04/12 15:58
Trending was a good app but one day most of my music/songs was gone but that’s not just it when you put your songs one your list sometimes it doesn’t saves all the way and you can’t listen to that song at all unless you redo it all over also most of the time you gotta be connected to WiFi to even type songs or it will be real glitchy and slow and when you try to exit it doesn’t let you or if it does that if you got a iPhone you can tap the home button twice that’s what I do also it’s skips when you play music or sometimes it’s says you can’t be on this app right now something like that or it’s says this song is unavailable.
Best music app ever. Period.
by B❤️🐰 on 2019/12/07 16:07
I don’t usually rate apps, but this one really deserves it. All music apps I’ve ever downloaded have disappointed but this one is the greatest ever. Look no further, Trending is THE BEST. I’ve never not been able to find a song I love, and I only have to watch one simple ad every time I open it. You can’t complain about that after all the great things this app has to offer. No interruptive ads while I’m listening, and I can play it in the background. I can also listen when my WiFi’s off, which I LOVE. Honestly the creators of this app deserve all the love, I cannot believe it’s free. Thank you guys so much. ♥️
by Gryffindorheadgrl on 2017/10/11 13:14
This was honestly the greatest app when I first got it. I was so freaking excited. I could listen to music at school when I didn’t have service, in the canyon with no service or on road trips... with no service. Point is, it was awesome. Some of the songs randomly started stopping. It was really annoying, but if you just unfavorited it and favorited it again, it would work just fine. Then one day, out of nowhere, none of the songs would load. It was like I’d just press on a song and it would just sit there like it was about to play but the video wouldn’t show or anything. I tried everything. Refreshing the app, re-downloading the app, turning off my phone and turning it back on again. Nothing. I’ve given up. This would be a great app if it worked but let me know when it does cuz I’m not wasting my time with another sucky music app.
It's okay
by Heidi jdkdjchskd on 2017/10/14 16:29
I love listening to music all the time. I have an iPod so I run out of internet connection depending on how far away I am from my house. I needed an app that didn't need wifi, and when I saw this I was so happy. It worked without wifi for months. I listened to it in the car and everything. But then one time I went to click on some music, it wouldn't play. I shut it down millions of times, still didn't work. Shut it off and on, didn't work. I did everything and I wouldn't work. In fact, it's not working right now. It's not even working at home, where I have wifi. So if you like listening to music 24/7 this isn't the app for you or me. This really bothers me!!!!!
Good but could always be better
by Raymond2019 on 2019/01/03 20:11
I get terrible service at my school so I like using trending to just put my phone on airplane mode and listen to music. A problems I have though is when I take my phone off airplane mode my likes songs stop playing. Or sometimes songs I like won’t play when I’m offline. Another problem with the app is certain songs just don’t play at all. For example only two of the songs from Tha Carter V album actually play for me while the rest don’t play at all. My last problem is the app drains a lot of my battery when in use. Other than that the app is pretty great to use and listen to music offline, it’s just those littles things that affect me enjoying it but right now it’s the best I have.
by ximmyy on 2019/11/28 00:36
okay , I really love this app , but , I HATE the fact that EVERY time that a new song comes on , instead of the song coming on , it just shuts off completely ( the song on my lock screen ) and it plays an ad , this happens every time a new song comes on , and it also happens every time I choose a song. I’ve had a ver good experience with this app , and this is the first time I’ve had a problem with it. I really hope you can fix this cause this is super annoying and frustrating , besides the ad problem .. this is a good app to listen to music with and without WiFi , despite the fact that ads pop up after every song 😐.
LOVE IT !! but one thing...
by potato da earthling on 2019/09/03 05:35
oh my I love this app so much it lets me add different types of music from other countries, barely any ads, watch the MV, and I love how u can put it on repeat so u don’t have to keep going into the app to play it again. this is like so great but one small things triggers me. when on ur lock screen and u want to pause ur music it makes ur whole phone vibrate when turned off. I didn’t like that bc if I’m in class or the library then I want to be able to slip my phone out and pause my music anytime needed without a kinda loudish vibration and sound. I hope u do change that one little flaw please ♥️
by yeeetmyfeeet on 2019/05/11 20:07
okay this app is great and all but everytime i heart something it USED to work, like when i FIRST got the app it did and now it just glitches out and it appears on the favorites and then just disappears after 1 second. I thought its cause i had too many songs so i deleted some and it STILL DIDNT WORK!!! Also i went back and kept hearting it again and again and it still DOESNT HECKING WORKKK ☹️ im going to delete and reinstall because maybe itll work that way cause i always share an earbud with my friend and class and listen to my downloaded songs, and i would like to do that with more songs i actually like.
An awesome app but it needs a little improvement
by Shiningstar7463 on 2019/05/05 01:50
I’ve had this app for a while now and it’s amazing. I can listen to music with or without internet for free. It recently updated for IOS users and it had an effect on the music. Before, you could exit the app or go to another app with the music still playing. Now every time you exit or go into another app, the song that is next never plays. I have to constantly go in the app and start the next song. Even though it has some glitches, it’s still worth five stars bc not ALL apps are perfect. If you could, can you fix this glitch?
Ruined, can’t play offline *I have a method on how to play the music offline*
by Mookassa on 2018/12/19 18:32
Can’t play music offline. Fix it ASAP. *HERES A WORK AROUND THAT I USE* 1. Connect your phone to the internet using WiFi or data. 2. Open up the app 3. Start the song from your list that you want and make sure it’s playing 4. Disconnect your phone from the internet by turning off the data or WiFi *DONT open up the app to switch a song, that’s how ads pop up. Swipe up on iPhone or lock your phone and press the arrows to change the song* 5. If the song stops, it wasn’t loaded all the way then. Easy fix is to change songs then go back. 6. Don’t close the app. If you do, gotta restart the process. Your songs will play offline but in order to switch songs, you have to do it a different way. DONT OPEN the app. iPhone, just swipe up. Or lock your phone Nd switch it from there if possible, for iPhone it is. Your whole list of songs is playable. If you want to listen to a song that’s further down the list, be sure to switch the songs slowly, not too fast. The songs might glitch and stop playing or switching. If that happens, you have to restart the whole process.
Trending Review Of My Experience
by Karla C.S 😂 on 2020/05/26 17:50
The app was good at first but to much ads coming up like 5 mins or even 2 or 3 mins of the song. I logged out cuz I didn’t have enough space on my phone. When I reinstalled again and logged in, all of my songs that I worked hard getting and add to my play listed was all gone. All of my songs was erased. I recommend this app good a fist but if u don’t want all ur songs to get erased then install Musi. My brother recommended me this app and it’s so good. It doesn’t take as much space as this app. So go install Musi and u can see millions of people like that app, good reviews, and no WiFi needed, and no ads!! Ur new future begins now!! Thx me later!! 😂🥰😁👍🏻
App breaking glitch
by yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed on 2018/09/09 00:19
I have no idea what has happened but what I can assume is that the latest update has a app breaking glitch where it wouldn’t allow me to play music both offline and online so I have tried to delete the music that wasn’t working, after I have gotten to frustrated with this glitch I deleted the app and it has fixed itself but now there’s a new problem, I am unable to favorite any music that I have deleted previously or favorite any other song, pls help me devs I was in love with this app for all of its neat features and the fact that it’s free makes this ads playing pretty forgivable but with these bugs it’s hard to appreciate your app at its fullest so pls fix this bug, Thank you for reading
by soph_. on 2019/04/08 00:46
My songs don’t even save . it’s sooo fustrating. after i press the heart button it would turn red but then it wouldn’t save and if u click on another song it “undownloads.” i’ve tried to delete all my songs that actually worked ( which are rare) and start over but that also didn’t work it just downloaded the songs that i downloaded before. i also deleted the whole app. in fact, trending won’t even let u make a account. are ppl even looking at the app and addressing problems. a lot of ppl i know are struggling w this. i’m tired of those songs and if the problem doesn’t get fixed soon i will change apps. i think everyone planning to download this app should, then if this happens just delete bc there’s no way to fix it!!!!!
Great App! but...
by Annalece_Cat on 2018/01/20 20:54
It's an amazing app! honestly i've been using it for a long time and i've loved it but an update that happened a while back messed things up for me. for some reason it made all the music i'd had downloaded totally jumble up and now it's not all downloaded in order from how i downloaded it and it totally throws me off! It won't work to hold down on a song and move to rearrange it. and secondly it won't show all of the music i have down loaded. i have to use wifi to refresh all my music at the top for it to show it all but I have to do that every time i get on it. I've waited on new updates to fix it but it doesn't work. i'm still using it but i just wish that would be fixed.
After a while
by ariana1934. on 2019/05/20 14:21
I have used trending for about 2 years. And in the time it has worked great for a while. And then one day I clicked on it and all of my favorite were gone. Which I had been working on them for a year prior. Which I was very upset about losing them. And all this time I was on my iPhone 5c. And now I have an iPhone XR. And I got trending again and had no problems with it for about 5 months. And now it won’t let me play them without internet. And it will only let me play one song and then freeze up. And then I will have to close out the app completely before I am able to play another song. I really wish you would fix this bc I have told my friends about this app and I would not want them to lose all their music. Thank you.
It was great but... PLEASE READ
by Penny84848 on 2018/05/21 22:46
I used to love this this app because you don’t need WiFi to play music and it was just easy to use. Like any other app I suspect some ads but not this many. It is so full of ads it’s not even enjoyable to use this app. Also, recently, i noticed that if I’m playing music and I get a message or something and I click the home button it stops. The best thing about this app was that you could go on Snapchat or something and have it continue playing. Now it stops when I do so. Please fix this because I’ve noticed this with other people (like all my friends who have this because it WAS such a great app) and they have now deleted it. To be honest I hope I didn’t waste my time providing this information and sharing this for nobody to look at it and have the company not do anything about it.
The reason it is making me angry
by Kasey Solus on 2019/04/18 04:06
I always go onto this app, and for some DUMB reason I’ll look up a song and then boom it’s not playing the next one. I think that you guys really need to fix that, because it really gets on my nerves! Just now I was trying to play a song, and then after it was over it said the other song was playing, but nothing was happening!!! My sister also had this problem. I normally just delete the app and download it again but it deletes all my songs, and like what if I forgot my password? Then I would have to redo my whole playlist. I love the app and I like listening to songs in good quality but I really get ticked when that happens. So please, fix your bugs!
Don’t need internet
by Thalia Quintero on 2018/02/10 03:47
I really like this app because you don’t need Internet for it like I mean when I’m at home I can like all the songs I want and I will be on my heart section or my son and I get to hear and even without Internet I really do like this app I really do appreciate it because I need some apps that I downloaded like don’t you don’t work they don’t Even work so that’s why I really like this ad because you don’t need Internet in that but some of my songs they do kind of stopped in the middle like a few of my songs but I mean overall it’s a perfect cause I can just get a new song.👍👍
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