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Repost: For Instagram
Completely free, no intrusive ads & minimal design. The #1 repost app to easily share photos and videos on your Instagram profile. - Repost and archive photos and videos from Instagram - Support for posts, stories, IGTV and posts with multiple media - Ability to repost media from private profiles after signing in with your account - Add an optional overlay with attribution (with custom position and color) - The caption is automatically copied to your clipboard for easy pasting in Instagram Repost an Instagram post in 3 simple steps: 1) Open Instagram and find the post you want to repost 2) Tap on the option button (•••) and select "Copy Link" 3) Open Repost and the post shows up automatically Disclaimer: This app is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Instagram, Inc. --- If you choose to purchase Repost Plus, a payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. The current price for Repost Plus is $1.99 USD per month or $9.99 USD per year, and may vary from country to country. For more information see our terms of service ( and privacy policy (
by p3isaiah on 2021/02/24 03:35
This is the best app for reposting memes and videos off Instagram, there’s no watermark, you can copy a link from a video with multiple slides and download them separately, I been having the best experience with this app, and hope for the best for this app.
by Fayyaz Zaman on 2021/02/23 10:22
Very nice and useful.
Doesn’t work consistently
by tccakes on 2021/02/22 00:05
I’ve been trying to repost something all day and it says it’s posting but it never does. Frustrating.
No longer able to repost
by JenkinsReese on 2021/02/21 10:07
For some reason I can no longer use the app to repost. It’s been months. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app...still fails. I’ve written you twice. Guess I’m just one...
Issues reposting videos
by Deedledum3 on 2021/02/20 15:50
Paid for the year subscription, but having issues with posting videos. It just shows it preparing... and never posts. No issues with non- videos???? Please fix this bug!
No credit
by JordiShordy on 2021/02/20 15:34
I like how you don’t have to put the credit of the page on the bottom great app
Won’t post videos? “Preparing...”
by Alutz3 on 2021/02/19 16:27
Photos go up just fine, quite easy, but videos just sit there, with Instagram saying, “Preparing”, with nothing becoming of it. iPhone 11 Pro. Been great otherwise.
Somethings changed
by sclapham on 2021/02/19 15:35
Worked really well, but now no option to save to camera roll? What happened? Also in export it spins infinitely. Please help
by Soma Kairavi on 2021/02/19 13:33
The Repost App makes it SUPER EASY to repost and copy and paste the text underneath. I use it all the time.
Love it
by Lapis-Da-Furry on 2021/02/19 04:58
Good app, gets the pont across but it won’t let me save videos directly into my camera roll anymore
From good to terrible 👎🏼
by 757GlamGirl on 2021/02/18 23:27
Use to work great and be my go to. Now nothing works on app.
by GadAboutFever on 2021/02/16 05:07
This app is absolutely junk as it will no longer work with my 5G phone. It worked great for a couple of months with my 11 but will not work with my iPhone
by leoyla333 on 2021/02/13 22:26
It sure why it brings up old posts pics first? Then able to post new post???
App use
by GoTravvy on 2021/02/13 18:52
Simplicity is the answer. It’s free, it recognizes the source for you, does what it says it will do with no hidden agenda, it’s awesome!
Easy repost app
by oceanvamp on 2021/02/11 19:24
Very easy to use
Get it!
by Indyproud on 2021/02/09 17:51
So easy to use!!!
by Manuel Feris on 2021/02/08 02:12
Bettter then the other one I bought
The best if repost app
by tiklehend on 2021/02/08 01:35
This app is by far the best ig repost, I've been using it for about 4 months t's was and fast to use. And I recommend to anyone who repost content from ig
my opinion on this app
by Anthonys_Memees on 2021/02/07 17:47
This app is amazing! Free reloads without ads🤯 thanks guys
Guy who try to enjoy life when living lol
by Jboiblu on 2021/02/07 02:38
Love this app. Would def recommend it. 🙌🏼
Best repost app
by undeaddemon99 on 2021/02/05 18:11
Awesome app
“Exporting” endlessly
by ea isnt better but f 2k on 2021/02/05 01:19
App was great for a while. Recently gets stuck exporting and asks to sign in to my IG through the app. Felt really sketchy about doing so..... I’m already signed into IG outside the app. Just work how you used to
by Puni1979 on 2021/02/03 15:53
Finally! A repost app that actually works and is simple and straightforward! Thank you!
by Ta Lu Wang on 2021/02/02 16:46
I like this app but it doesn’t download video consisting more than a minute. Please fix this problem
Best repost App!
by Lisa Pip on 2021/02/01 12:18
This is my favorite, and only, repost App! You’ve made it so easy to quickly repost or save to my camera roll for later. I especially like that I can repost from private accounts (like my own). Thank you!
Used to be Great
by Davey Hooligan on 2021/01/31 13:35
Repost used to be great, but now it’s very difficult to save videos
App is working
by Big-Bad-Dawg on 2021/01/31 10:27
App is working 🙌
great app
by Eparikh on 2021/01/31 00:14
great app
Better Than The Rest
by Bearealman1959 on 2021/01/30 23:39
I used three other repost-apps before finding this. This one is the best. Grateful that it’s easy to use and consistent. I especially like the ability to choose where to place the “Attribution Mark”: the small box that credits the account of the post which one is reposting. It also enables you to choose “none”, which is handy for sharing a full post to oneself (to one’s photos). It shouldn’t need to be said, but the app always works. Other repost apps would stop working when Instagram updated.
Love this app
by NBB G on 2021/01/30 20:00
I have been using for years! As an artist it’s a great way to share my work and make sure my professional peers & clients get the credit for their work as well
by HiloGirl808 on 2021/01/29 05:35
Alway a Error Message try again later. So frustrating. Yes my iPhone is updated. The app has been updated on my end. And still “something went wrong please try again later”. Ugh.
Comes in handy
by JosieB444 on 2021/01/28 16:45
Very helpful ap
Good App
by Aries041970 on 2021/01/27 21:00
Please don’t change the app. It really works for me. So far no complaints.
by getn_fit4life on 2021/01/27 07:23
I love this app
Love this app
by hustlethenewway on 2021/01/26 14:03
Great app
I’ve gotten this to work twice
by Nikele81 on 2021/01/25 21:44
What’s the point?
Can’t save locally
by Tracydexterphotography on 2021/01/25 16:49
It used to be a good app when you could save the media into your Photos Now you don’t have an option to do that.
Very good app
by Apple157294 on 2021/01/25 15:58
I lobe it ❤️
error ?
by ehnothanks on 2021/01/24 19:56
it wont repost anything it keeps saying error
La mejor
by Elvis jimenez el posito on 2021/01/24 00:25
La recomiendo
by CaraDePerro0 on 2021/01/21 21:43
thank you so much for my memes❤️
by Living with Purpose 007 on 2021/01/21 20:31
I understand that one way to increase revenue is to make the ads pop up, with sound, when using the adds. So to get rid of the bothersome ads one is forced to purchase the premium service. However, it’s also an excellent way of pissing off long time users. Even though I don’t use it for much I really like your app and because of the low usage I didn’t feel justified in buying the premium service, but I may go with another paid app just because of this tactic.
Little issue
by insert name in here ______ on 2021/01/21 03:43
So recently I my account on Instagram was disabled. And it was that account that was signed in on this app. Now when I try to repost anything on my new account it says there is an error. I’ve tried deleting it and redownloading it. But it won’t work. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to sign out and sign in on my new account. This is the only problem I’ve had with this app. Other than that it’s amazing. But now I’m not even able to use it ):
It doesn’t work
by Lolennu on 2021/01/20 04:17
It’s been exporting for 30 mins.
by Lil kev. ;) on 2021/01/20 01:10
I’ve finally made it to my 200 follower milestone
by Big'ems on 2021/01/18 23:30
The app is no longer allowing me to save videos to my camera roll. Why?
Not working respond from service (500)
by alextg99 on 2021/01/18 14:15
I am just getting this error unexpected response for service (500)
Great service
by 125268848 on 2021/01/16 13:57
I’m so glad I found this! It’s easy to use, and doesn’t take a lot of time.
My Review
by 1percentbasketball on 2021/01/14 22:49
doesnt work
by nicndhs on 2021/01/14 02:17
i reinstalled this app several times but every time i try and repost something it just says “Received unexpected response from service (500).”
Glitches and unstable.
by LA Vibe on 2021/01/14 02:12
The app isn’t working properly. It was previously working great and started being unstable. Can you please help?
My one and only 👌🏿
by #UgoTheAgent on 2021/01/13 22:42
Only repost app I use
by KITIIN LOVE on 2021/01/12 16:10
Doesn’t work anymore
by rainbowmarina on 2021/01/12 06:19
Loved this app for years, but suddenly it isn’t working any more. Pulls up the post, but doesn’t share it once copied. Have reinstalled it several times. Very frustrating.
Used to Work
by Nice C. on 2021/01/10 21:17
This used to work perfectly, I could download videos without watermarks, from photos to IGTV. I could download multiple videos at once too. Now whenever I go to copy link, it says Error 500, and then it doesn’t load. It’s a shame really
by leahcar on 2021/01/10 11:24
i used to be able to grab stories but now i can’t anymore!
It’s Aight
by TitaniaFaerieQueen on 2021/01/09 23:13
3 out of 5 stars cause that’s about how often it lets you repost.
by @ThaRealBrayDay on 2021/01/09 17:10
Great and easy to use
by saycollins on 2021/01/09 06:17
It has enhanced my career
This app is great!!
by hkfield on 2021/01/09 01:57
It’s really the only one that works and it’s free, I really appreciate it!!
by Real Talk Really on 2021/01/07 22:49
Does not work
One Of The Best!
by SweetLikeHoney✨ on 2021/01/07 02:03
I’ve been reposting videos and pictures for awhile and this is probably the best app to get the job done. Linking your account is easy and the process of reposting with the original users tag, depending on your preference, is speedy!
Won’t allow me to repost
by DRF31 on 2021/01/07 01:08
Doesn’t actually work
by Gelfychi on 2021/01/06 17:15
Can’t really post anything.
It’s cool
by E.Cognac on 2021/01/06 04:38
I like it.
best app
by reviewer🤧 on 2020/12/31 21:19
i hate those other ones that make you pay when this app does the job to download videos and pictures from instagram
The only one that really works
by classictocurrentchevys on 2020/12/31 01:50
The only one that really works and doesn’t try to charge you 😀
error message
by shoppyblu on 2020/12/29 04:04
keeps showing “error” message prior to reposting. consequently not permitting to be used for its intent or anything, for that matter.
Great App
by videoman777 on 2020/12/26 17:57
This app works great! Perfect for those contest repost scenarios. As a point of feature request, it would be nice to have the credit boxes be semi-transparent and or more color options.
Great design, easy to use, nice interface!
by MarkyLee127 on 2020/12/25 22:37
Works seamlessly!
by Bone Speaks on 2020/12/25 10:20
You said the app has no intrusive ads. This is simply not true. I opened the app and could not even use it because the ads were too overwhelming.
Fast for small businesses
by Naestopaz on 2020/12/24 16:32
Easy & Simple to use to get posts out quick! Thank you for making an app a small business can utilize.
Stuck on exporting
by |Deez| on 2020/12/24 16:18
Couldn’t get it to export a newly copied post, kept reverting to the previous one. Tried to close and reopen the app, reset my phone and deleted and reinstalled the app. Now it won’t export the post and just sits there while it forever exports. Trash app
Works great!
by DavidRavenMoon on 2020/12/24 15:49
This app does exactly what you’d expect. I mostly use it just to save images.
Works well
by brujaroja22 on 2020/12/24 13:53
Reliable and fast!
by soundman57 on 2020/12/23 18:38
Don’t know what else to say except this app is easy to use and absolutely fantastic...!! Keep up the great work...!!!
Works great!
by KMM1508 on 2020/12/23 14:45
Spent 20 minutes trying to get other repost apps to work with no success - and then downloaded this one and was super user friendly and worked like a charm! Highly recommend
Amazing :)
by KrazyKaylie on 2020/12/22 22:32
I love this app sm. You can copy the caption if you want, save the video, save the audio, or even save just one video or multiple. 10/10. There’s not even a watermark.
by Nick85* on 2020/12/22 22:23
Excellent app! Works well and functions better than the competition. Must-have app!
by ReggieL. on 2020/12/22 19:06
Save your time, pick a different app
They broke it
by The real cujo on 2020/12/22 18:55
The creators broke it to sell premium. So this is getting deleted greed I guess wins against the people.
Love it!
by _Peña_ on 2020/12/22 16:11
Easy to use.
Not a fan of the updates
by middlenamexavier on 2020/12/22 04:55
I used to be able to repost easier or save the photos into my cameras and now I can’t. The app was perfect up until this last update bc it makes everything more complicated
No Save to Camera Roll Now
by UpRocka on 2020/12/22 02:36
What happened to the share icon in the top right that allowed you to save to your camera roll alternatively??? Now, if you tap SHARE and the attempt to select Save Image it doesn’t work and nothing happens. Please put the share icon back!
by Lmaooooplkhch on 2020/12/21 05:35
Nahh y’all tripping this one actually works smh, youn gotta link nun to it just go straight to Instagram and get watchu want😌
Just one issue
by thatjames1130 on 2020/12/19 23:19
It’s a great app, I just wish they had a hashtags section.
by ash<33 on 2020/12/19 22:10
i love this app, it’s amazing really, but every time i copy a video and put on repost it’s the same message “received unexpected response from service(500.)” i tried deleting the app and downloading it again, i tried turning off my phone and turning it on again and nothing work i love the app it’s amazing and i understand that each app is gonna have some bugs because not everything is perfect.
This app is so worth it!!!
by Ryan Lunsford on 2020/12/18 23:36
I love this app so much I can just post my videos from Instagram so easy now!!! This app does not cost any money and it is very easy to use get this app!!
This app is terrible
by CEW2020 on 2020/12/17 19:33
I tried to share reposts to my feed with this app and it just says exporting and never posts. I deleted the app and re-downloaded. Same thing. App is terrible.
Can’t post
by wergujm on 2020/12/16 13:40
Doesn’t work anymore What is up???
by 1star-rate on 2020/12/16 04:11
I love this app keep up the good work and I’m a real person not a bot if your wonder😂😂😂lmao
Best downloader
by Raven Reis on 2020/12/15 08:02
Hands down the best Instagram downloader. Thank you for making this app free, and free of pop up ads, fantastic work!
UH-Oh! This app stopped working for me.
by Eonprez on 2020/12/14 23:46
This app stopped working for me about a month ago. I keep getting the UH-Oh error message and the the copied link doesn’t paste and preview. Really liked the app and I hope the problem gets worked out soon.
by CNC MECH on 2020/12/12 20:35
The app was working well then out of no where it gives me an error message and will not repost as it was. I paid for the yearly sub but may need to cancel :(
Crashes often
by Poor service/never again on 2020/12/12 20:24
Lately I will send a video to repost, and it won’t show up. It will state that it has been reposted.... but nope. I have a iPhone 11 not sure if that helps but.....
Stops after 2 every time
by olympicboxer2020 on 2020/12/12 18:12
Always have to delete and download app to get it to work. Copy link and just acts like it’s loading. Deleted and trying something else. Liked it when it did work tho
Stuck on Exporting
by Gemma_MacW on 2020/12/11 17:20
I updated the app but it’s stuck on exporting and doesn’t do anything but wear down my battery.
Works seamless
by stellablue14 on 2020/12/11 00:46
As easy as an app can get...AND you don’t have pay out the a** like those d***s at Sprout
Great, easy to use and helpful!
by studiolejeune on 2020/12/10 16:32
This app makes reposting so much easier. I really appreciate the time that was put into it. Try this app!
by yesssahblesssahh on 2019/06/20 11:24
You guys should get this app! You can save a video either for the audio or just the video itself. It’s so amazing &amp; so much better than the other apps that I used in the past. Recently, I had this other app, it had so many advertisements every time I click something and I had to delete it, because it stopped working on me. I’m very glad I went to this person review about this app and just went for it 😂. I also love how there is a attribution mark too and when I click any kind just to check if there was advertisements popping up, there wasn’t any!! 😱 I rate this 5 stars, whoever made this you’re an amazing person 🤙🏽 p.s. This is my first review that I actually spend my time on just to write all that lol
My favorite repost app
by TheHauntedSilverStone on 2020/07/28 13:21
A few things! 1. I love how you can repost more than one video or picture media when you go to repost 2. I LOVE how it gives you the option to “repost all media” or “only current picture/video”! I haven’t seen any of the other repost apps do that! 3. Sharing from private accounts and having the ability to share IGTV videos is AMAZING!!! Sometimes I see videos from private instagrams I’d love to share, but I can’t do that because other repost apps don’t allow you to do that. This is such a great app and I really recommend this to anyone trying to find a really good repost app that is quick and easy to use! Please never change your algorithm and the way you made it. This app (to me) is perfect!
Love this app!
by #love this up on 2019/10/05 13:11
If you own a spam or a very funny content page on Instagram and you’re always screen recording to get that perfect video. Stop what you’re doing and get this app. This app is the best repost app there is. The others always want you to pay coins for the video and they only give you THREE coins to begin with now you have to spend actual money for a fake coins or watch dozens of videos to get those coins to repost. I’m telling you this app is it. No you can’t repost from private pages but, that’s still okay because there’s more public than private pages. GET THIS APP! You won’t regret it I promise you.
by Lemon Denim on 2020/01/04 21:15
I have been using this app for about a year and overall, it’s really good. There’s no in app purchases and it does everything to make all the videos I download to my liking. That being said recently I’ve been experiencing some issues. There’s a bug where it when u copy the link off of a post it just doesn’t show up on the screen, and has two posts that infinitely load without showing what they are. I don’t know if this is part of a recent update but this bug really prevents me from doing anything on the app, and I hope to get a developer response soon because I really like this app, and it’s the best one and only one I’ve had so far, so it would be a shame and a hassle for me to look for another one just as good.
Easiest Repost App for Video & Photo
by randibarry on 2019/04/06 11:51
I tried the top 4 repost apps in the App Store and this one is the best and easiest to use. You can show where to have the credit to the original post or for a small fee you can remove the attributes all together. I hardly ever spend money on an app but I use this for my business and so I paid for the attribution to be removed and it helps make my life so much easier when sharing our community photos and videos. Thank you to the developer for your amazing app and keep up the great work! I know how hard it is as a developer to keep up with the new updates apple rolls out!
by s1ckud on 2020/04/14 17:55
Ive had this app for awhile now and for a minute it wasnt on the app store anymore and it worked perfectly fine. since about a week ago i havent been able to use the app as it keeps crashing when i open it after a few seconds. this is my favorite repost app because its so easy to use and the ability to share elsewhere other than instagram is a feature i cant find anywhere else. since the crashing has started ive been trying to find another app to replace it and others just dont compare. if there&#39;s any tips on how to fix this please let me know or is this a problem on your end?
Better Than The Rest
by Bearealman1959 on 2021/01/30 23:39
I used three other repost-apps before finding this. This one is the best. Grateful that it’s easy to use and consistent. I especially like the ability to choose where to place the “Attribution Mark”: the small box that credits the account of the post which one is reposting. It also enables you to choose “none”, which is handy for sharing a full post to oneself (to one’s photos). It shouldn’t need to be said, but the app always works. Other repost apps would stop working when Instagram updated.
Love app
by Bernadette J H on 2019/04/10 23:47
I personally love the app I use it so often like probably a good once a day or once a week sometimes more. I recommend it to all to get. It&#39;s perfect for spam accounts, meme accounts, fan accounts etc. But the one thing I don&#39;t like is the fact you can&#39;t use private accounts Videos even though you follow them like what. So if many more agree and send you this please change that and let us post and use private accounts stuff but if not and it&#39;s just me then okay. So yeah that&#39;s the only thing that&#39;s holding it back from five starts and still recommend it to all of you iPhone and Instagram users.
Great App Lukas!!
by flowwithcisco on 2019/02/14 03:48
I’m really happy with what you’ve brought to fruition whether it’s on your own or with a a team!! The app is very user friendly and doesn’t lag/crash like other apps. I love that you can easily give credit to the original content creator/s. I do have a suggestion though... sometimes when attempting to repost a post with multiple videos onto my feed, it will post as a picture of the videos, not the 2 or 3 consecutive videos. Fixing this bug would help forsure. Apart from that thanks again for making reposting so simple!!
Bugging out :(
by sadvibeedits on 2020/06/05 08:59
This app is awesome and all, but recently it’s been bugging out for me. I don’t know if this is happening to everyone else but It either crashes or it doesn’t show the post I want to repost. Instead, 2 blank boxes just pop up. At first it seems like the post is loading but after a few minutes it stays the same. 2 grey boxes infinitely loading. Please fix this issue. :( I’ll give you four stars because you’re app is awesome for reposting Instagram posts, but atm it’s not working. If you do fix this bug then you’ll get 5 stars but for now it’ll be 4.
Ended up on Instagram Punishment Repeatedly
by casscragg on 2020/07/15 20:13
I do love this app but for some reason when I got it IG kept saying I had an app on my phone that was allowing me to get followers. I ended up blocked from doing anything on IG for a week twice. Has this happened to anyone else? App does what it says. I paid for no ads as well. So I don’t want to delete it. It allows you to save all the videos if there are ten of them. I changed my password but not on the a and it still saved videos. I do like it but don’t like the punishment.
by awesome frog person on 2020/05/03 21:34
I’ve been holding on to the idea of making an instagram meme page for a while now, but always wondered how to repost videos from accounts without watermarks, or subscriptions to the apps. This app is the perfect solution! Easily allows you to copy the links of posts, regardless of whether the account is public or private, and post it to your very own account. Makes meme account management much easier, and allows for more diversity of memes. (Don’t worry, I won’t self promote my account.)
Worthy Free App fo Instagram Reposts
by ATCTiger on 2019/03/13 03:34
This app has made it very easy to repost IG posts of other pages and ensure I give the credit in the post. If there is time to add upgrades, it would be great to repost with the original links, for example, repost for giveaways which have specific instructions or links in bio. Also as an improvement, at times, my copied post will not be found on the clipboard even after a few tries. It’s sporadic so I don’t know if there a pattern as to why. For a free app, this is spot-on for what it is designed to do. 👍
Worked great at one point, but not now
by Whatever it's terrible on 2020/11/16 05:53
I am under the impression when my iPhone updated to iOS 14, my Repost app stopped working while I was on Instagram. In order to keep up with technology, the Repost app needed to update to support iOS 14 as well. Maybe I won’t get an error message each time I try to repost an Instagram post saying “something went wrong...try again later.” I have waited and tried later even days later without trying to re-post and it still was not working. My rating will change once Repost works again. Prior to my iOS 14 update this app to re-post on Instagram was working great!
Stalls and Glitches
by Supershine9 on 2020/05/08 21:39
This will be my second time within a year that I downloaded this app. This time it seems to be working perfectly but I believe like anything else it has to be updating frequently due to mass usage. It will sometimes stall the link upload and it glitches out to where my save is not available. But not often!! So I still think it’s performance is a 5 start because absolutely nothing technical is perfect and that’s imperfectly perfect to me
Repost app
by Seffimay on 2019/04/14 16:23
It’s a good app, and is pretty easy to use. Although, I’m sure if it was an update or a completely new app, the old Repost app in my opinion just had a better layout. But really still a good app. I feel like on the old app I could repost anything. I’m sure it has to do with Instagram too, but it’s like all the post I want to repost I can’t, because it says they’re private. I guess that’s not Reposts fault but if I can’t repost something then it kind of is pointless to have.
Little issue
by insert name in here ______ on 2021/01/21 03:43
So recently I my account on Instagram was disabled. And it was that account that was signed in on this app. Now when I try to repost anything on my new account it says there is an error. I’ve tried deleting it and redownloading it. But it won’t work. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to sign out and sign in on my new account. This is the only problem I’ve had with this app. Other than that it’s amazing. But now I’m not even able to use it ):
Amazing !
by on 2019/03/18 01:27
I love love love this app . It allows me to easily &amp;’ quickly repost my favorite videos &amp;’ photos to insta . It’s also the only app I know that allows me to repost without that annoying attribution mark ! I’m so grateful I found this app . However , one critic . Sometimes the photos &amp;’ videos are unable to load . No matter how long I wait , they won’t pop up . This glitch may last anywhere from a hour to a few days . Other than that , amazing ! Thank you so much for this app .
Blocks Black Lives Matter Content
by INeedANicknameNow90 on 2020/06/05 12:53
For the past week, I’ve been trying to repost videos related to the Black Lives Matter cause. Every time I copy the link successfully from IG, when I go to the repost app, it tells me it is an invalid IG link. This has happened after copying links from 2 different accounts that I follow. Just to test the app to make sure I didn’t need to re-download due to some technically issue, I found a video without Black Lives Matter content from one the same accounts I’ve been trying to repost and that video was successfully downloaded to the app. IF YOU ARE SCREENING BLM CONENT AND BLOCKING IT FROM BEING REPOSTED, I AM HIGHLY AND EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED AND FURIOUS! IF THIS IS NOT THE CASE, THEN YOUR DEVELOPERS NEED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY.
Does what it says
by Preview Works Better on 2020/08/29 16:55
Does what it says. The ads are annoying so I upgraded to the non-ad version. This app is a step above others I’ve tried as it allows you to download all the images associated with a post, not just the first one in a series. The app also allows you to pull photos from private Instagram accounts you’re following, provided you sign into your account through the app which is AMAZING for saving photos my family posts. Well done.
Repost videos & pictures
by KKarvouni on 2019/03/13 03:50
It took a little while to load but once it did it was exactly what I needed. You can repost videos and pictures with ease. Update: I’ve only been able to use this once because my pictures and videos will not load. I’ve tried waiting for up to an hour and disconnecting from all platforms and WiFi (just using cellular data) nothing helps this to load. It’s quite disappointing.
by @itsdannyfosho on 2020/10/23 00:53
“Shout out ATL Glocky in this bih” - Flight Glocky didn’t get me hip to this but ik he use this jawn tho, this the only app ik that doesn’t have a dumb tags on the corners you feel me. I think it has a limit when you can’t same videos... all you gotta do is delete it and re-install it, it happen to me twice already that I had to do that but yeahh this jawn the best. Any videos, privtures you want that doesn’t have a private account you can save it. Have a good day. Prince Slatty Slatty.
by pinkpant76 on 2019/02/26 13:52
Really nice repost app. Extremely clear when reposting videos. The only issues that I’ve found is that videos cannot be cropped down to fully show the repost source and some videos cannot be reposted by this app, so another one has to be used in some cases, strange but other than that, absolutely fantastic! *I also wish multiple videos could be reposted or one full say, 2 minute vid. This app gives that impression; however, when the video is posted to Instagram, it’s a 58 minute video of one slide.
Great App, weird issues.
by theoneandonlybro on 2019/04/18 08:02
I’ve been using this app the past couple weeks, I love the customizable options and no ads, props for no paid subscription to repost and remove watermarks. However the past few days whenever I try to copy a link and repost a post, the app crashes. I’m on iPhone X most recent iOS, the issue seems recent. In the past it’s been flawless, would love to see this issue fixed.
Amazing App - no support
by Keith Hardisty on 2018/02/06 18:32
Lucas, I&#39;m on IG half my day for work and this app is the best repost I&#39;ve been able to find. Currently, when I try to repost and open in IG, there are 2 options. 1 is story and 2 is feed. Story works great but feed is not working currently. When I select feed it opens up the camera roll but the photo has not been imported to the camera roll. Please advise. UPDATE: App is back to functioning properly. 5 star! Seems to have been OS issue?
I’ve tried a LOT of repost apps... this is the one!
by Shera555 on 2020/12/01 21:36
Please never stop making this app! Its the best of many I’ve used over the past 4 yrs or so. I especially appreciate that it allows you to repost any or all media from a stacked image post. Its also just really clean — I’ve been using it for about a year and haven’t had to clear the cache or delete and reinstall. This app rocks!
Horrible!! Horrible!!
by joyologistapproved on 2020/07/14 16:23
This app doesn’t work!!! I have tried multiple times to repost videos and keep getting the error message that says “Oops something went wrong”. I paid for the yearly subscription and it still barely works!! I reached out to the developers and haven’t received a response!! AND THE ADS ARE STILL SHOWING UP AFTER MY PURCHASE!!! Disappointed!! This is a scam!!! Every time I attempt to post a video from your app it say post a video shorter than 0 seconds. I paid for the yearly subscription and still get ads!! You never responded to my previous message. Would you please fix this issue or tell me who I should contact to fix it?!!!
Best repost app
by reviewAPPS1904 on 2019/04/14 04:18
Honestly I&#39;m so glad about the newest update it&#39;s exactly what I wanted to download multiple media from 1 post You don&#39;t need to go back into Instagram to download the post and gives you the best quality download ever 1 little thing the clear button is a little close to the Instagram button when I try to clear all I end up going to Instagram This app has a permanent place on my phone
It’s Spectacular!
by akiwil180 on 2018/11/15 23:22
I love this app so much! It’s great how you can choose to put a watermark, and how it saves videos until you delete them so you can easily find them. Plus, there aren’t a lot of annoying ads! The only thing I could say, is maybe add a way to just add them to your camera roll without needing to post the picture/video to Instagram. Otherwise I totally recommend this app for any type of reposter.
by Gax.insta on 2019/04/23 02:54
So basically it used to work so fine until one day i e tried reposting some videos and when i click the repost button it just instantly send me to my home screen after messing up and crashing. I don’t know what has happened to the app or why it does this but can you please fix it because this is the only good repost app out and I need it to work again.😔
by Goodddddddddd apppp on 2019/03/18 07:04
This is the only app that allows u to put ur own caption and it&#39;s so simple to use if I could I would rate this a 100 I love this app so much I do slime report on ig and ppl that do slime accounts use screen record but my iPhone doesn&#39;t come with that so I was looking for a app just like this and before I found this app I downloaded 2 apps and it would not let me put my own caption but this app lets u definitely a 5 star review❤️❤️❤️
Great app, streamlined
by chordcord on 2019/03/26 15:53
Super easy, gets the job done smoothly. Keeps a list of all copied links to post each when you want. Wish you could download the image/video for the purpose of re-uploading into other Instagram planning/post scheduling apps, but the list set up is still way more aesthetic and functional than all the other repost apps I’ve tried. Definitely recommend.
It Works Easily
by Mommygate on 2019/01/21 16:50
I’ve tried to use other repost apps, but this one is simple. So extremely easy, that is as along as the one you want to repost is sharing. If the user is not sharing than you are not suppose to repost anyway. Love this app because it works as claimed, even down to pasting the text and hastags from the original post. Just remember to paste into the comments part of the repost.
It works
by Eyauuk on 2019/12/22 00:39
I like the ability to save to files, especially when the post has multiple pictures which can all be saved to files in one click. Would be great to pick four pictures when saving to Twitter, which only allows 4 pictures. Also would be nice to save the text I add in case I want to delete the reposted pic to make corrections or additions. 😊
User friendly interface!
by Uncle_Elrond on 2019/02/02 13:06
When I first downloaded this app I was skeptical. Almost all I’ve ever used is full of advertising, redirectors and the usual high priced pay options for supposedly ridding the app of advertising. Most apps freeze or corrupt easily too. I’ve had this app and by far it’s the best I’ve ever used. No corruption so far, easy to use, no advertising has interrupted me. Thanks to the creators for such an awesome serving app!
Actually works!
by FilmBug on 2019/03/29 13:15
I tried about five different “repost to Instagram“ apps, and they were all incredibly frustrating. None of them worked. Either I couldn’t find the photo/post to repost after I had copied it or the file format didn’t work, it was awful. This app was a breeze. It worked the first time, I was able to add a hashtag, everything went smoothly. Thanks!
Resize pics when reposting?
by deegeo2 on 2019/05/13 10:54
Hello team, new iPhone user here!! Why does the app resize and show only the center of the picture when I repost pls? And when I repost multiple pics on my stories, it only shows the first one. Could you please let me know how to show the full picture when I repost and how do I get it to show multiple pics in my stories? It does ask if I want to show current pics or multiple pics, and I check off the multiples but it still only shows one pic. Pls help!!! Thank you so much.
The best app for reuploads
by LBDOnTheReal on 2019/10/02 21:56
Repost is an amazing app. If you use instagram on the daily and have an active account and repost, or if you just like to save funny/interesting videos— this is perfect for you. It’s easy to use, has a simple look to it, and it’s completely FREE. I never write reviews for anything, but this app definitely deserves it. Thank you for making my life a million times easier 😌
I Usually don’t write these but...
by smile ;)) on 2019/08/05 03:08
If you’re someone who looks at ratings to figure out which app to get then this app is a great app I really don’t have any problem with it at all :) I just thought I’d share this! It’s completely free too which I really appreciate! This app is overall greatly designed and I recommend to all! It should really be 5.0 Ha if anyone thinks otherwise this is a real review ♥️♥️
Great app, simple to use
by tboismooth on 2019/03/16 11:42
I am starting an instagram model page and I’m trying to grow it and basically all I do is use other people’s content and repost it. Giving them credit obviously. This app literally is perfect for what I’m doing and I know a lot of people are also hopping on the “Growing an instagram page” wave. So if you are one of those people that are hopping on this wave, then this app is PERFECT for you.
Good but I have a problem
by JoiaQL on 2020/07/24 16:29
I have had this app for a pretty long time and it works really well for me. But lately whenever I copy link then go to the app it says a SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made. My WiFi is fine for all my other apps so I just don’t know what the problem is. Again this is a really great but it won’t work.
Best Repost App
by The-0v3rth1nk3r on 2020/04/25 12:38
I&#39;ve used like 7-8 of these apps. This one is the best. I&#39;ve been using it daily for over a year. I do have an iPhone X with 256gb of storage. People with earlier models may have a lessened experience. This app does exactly what I want and never fails. It doesn&#39;t crash. No bugs. And it&#39;s just smart. After I Repost, it sorts the posts automatically so I can easily clear posts I&#39;ve already used. I love the labeling feature and copy description option. The only thing I would change is a hashtag analyzer. So, if I Repost a post with hashtags, the app could recommend deleting unpopular ones and recommend using more popular ones related to the tags in that post. You know? Just a thought.
Repost for Instagram
by stwest1 on 2019/12/02 16:02
I love this App, it is really easy to use. My only complaint is sometimes the attribution mark does not come thru. I’ve changed the position from top to bottom, left to right. I see it when I open the app but it doesn’t always come thru on the repost and the I have to edit because I try to give people credit when I share.
Hands down, the best.
by Eyeflow on 2019/02/06 02:12
I’ve been using this rigorously for the past week. This is by far the best app for reposting that I’ve used so far. I was able to go back and post items I’ve saved from days ago whereas with other apps they would have already made them inaccessible. Also no crashes so far. I’ve recommended it to my friends and will continue to do so.
Great app
by Lolka123 on 2019/02/04 11:28
Fantastic app. Gives you an option to re-caption the source text which is brilliant. The only thing I miss - doesn’t give you an option to repost multiple images or videos in one go. I save the staff before, re-cap the text and add them later. A bit of a burden but I hope this will be amended soon. In this case this would be the most popular Repost for Insta Thanks
I love the app SOMETIMES
by Gashogaaa on 2019/06/08 05:18
When the app works, it&#39;s great, easy to use and real user friendly. I use this to run my business on Instagram. But lately when I hit repost, it lags, and glitches out of the app. Causing me to not be able to post content and get my business out there. I tried to delete the app and download it again, but that caused me to loose my ability to take off the attribution mark, and didn&#39;t work, I&#39;ve also tried restarting my phone and that didn&#39;t work.
Really convenient
by Queen (of Strawberries) on 2019/03/30 19:56
I have just started using this app &amp; it provides a really simple process to help anyone share what they find inspiring, funny, or creative on other pages- not to mention it gives credit where credit is due! If you see a post and really feel like sharing it with your online friends, this is the way to go.
What happened?
by rcbalive on 2019/07/20 03:22
I can no longer share my business instagram page with my business Facebook page. Up until two days ago I could do this. Now I can’t. Please fix! After using several other reposting apps, I totally fell in love with this one. The ease of use was definitely superior to others. And then it stopped reposting a lot of posts that I copied to share. First it was only a few. Now it’s almost all of them! When I click on repost the app shuts down and I am at my home screen. Please help! I want to give it a 5 star rating but until it’s fixed I can barely use it.
Good job for a spare time ran app
by Limelight_Elle on 2019/03/17 17:10
I like this app a lot! Coming from an entrepreneur, that needs done now, it really works. I plan on keeping this app even when a mass delete is needed to make space lol. Of course like anything there are minor fixes that could work like when things are saved to my clipboard but don’t appear in the app or soft freezes. All in all I’ll stick with the programming. It’s easy to use. Awesome job for a spare time ran app.
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