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Ultra Sonic mosquito repeller
Ultra Sonic mosquito repeller Repel mosquitos using ultra sonic frequencies on your iPhone or iPad. A simple 1 page app, install, open and press the "Play" button to start terrifying those blood thirsty mosquitos away! This app plays audio frequencies that replicate the same frequencies of a mosquitos worst enemy, the dragonfly. Most human beings can not hear the frequencies, but to a mosquito, this is a swarm of dragonflies wanting to attack and eat any mosquito nearby! The app uses 8 different frequencies between 20z and 80z playing repeatedly for around 2 seconds each in a loop. This app has been launched because it has shown good results in keeping mosquitos at bay here in Spain at night. There are no guarantees that it will work in your surroundings due to different devices, climates, types of mosquito and tons of other factors, but it is a small app and could help to keep mosquitos away from you.