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Amino: Communities and Chats
Explore your interests, tell your story and find your people on Amino. Start by exploring a new type of video with Amino Stories to share the best parts of your interests with millions. Then, chat and connect with fans like you in Communities around all your passions. Our latest update empowers you to create videos, Communities, posts, and quizzes to represent your interests to the world, the fandom, or just your favorite group of friends. Key Features: - Watch Stories, videos, and (read) blogs Kick back and enjoy videos and blogs covering all interests, from Art and Anime to K-Pop and Video Games, created by passionate fans like you. - EXPLORE Communities for whatever you’re into Amino Communities are safe spaces that bustle with thousands of friendly super fans. Join to discover in-depth Stories, long form posts, reviews, analysis, fan art, polls, quizzes, recommendations, photos, journeys, commentary, fan fiction, cosplay, and anything else you can imagine. - CHAT with people like you around the world Join global and community chats that are completely anonymous and full of new friends. Discuss Indie Games, DIY Projects, and Nightcore, or get even more involved by taking part in Roleplay skits and Singing Competitions! Use thousands of handmade stickers (like tofu dog) to show people exactly how you’re feeling, then make new friends with the Internet folk you click with (because who doesn’t like tofu dog?!). - CREATE your own Stories, blogs, polls, quizzes, and more Upload videos, gifs, and pictures into Scenes, then make them shine as a Story with our built in video editing features. Add text, background music, and even turn horizontal videos into vertical ones -- so they’re full screen! -- to craft a Story that’s uniquely you. - CUSTOMIZE your profile Check out our digital store featuring handcrafted stickers, saucy chat bubbles, and beautiful profile frames to stand out from the crowd in Communities and chats. Go on, try on a profile frame. That one looks great on you. - MAKE new friends We believe in you! If you choose to purchase an Amino+ subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your setting in the iTunes store after purchase. For more information, please visit our Terms of Service: and Privacy Policy:
Amino is amazing but...
by 🖤kendyl x jocleyn💜 on 2020/10/25 16:24
Amino is the best friend meeting app I’ve ever used but...I feel there should be a couple things in amino that should change maybe your able when you make a chat that you can enable tag chat where it makes it so nobody can say any bad words or bad things maybe allow it so you can choose three bad words to use but the rest are blocked? Or maybe in the community’s you can edit comments? These are just some suggestions but other then that amino is amazing keep up the good work!
by Leala1222 on 2020/10/25 13:05
I love this app! This is what I am looking for. Does everything I was hoping this app would do.
by Hellllookskskis on 2020/10/25 10:15
Ummm how do I use This and dose it give stuff free???🤗🤗
App heats up my phone
by Giup1981 on 2020/10/25 06:16
I love the app but since I have an iPhone it heats up my phone a lot and I was wondering if you guys could fix that or how do I fix it?
Internal Server Errors every 5 minutes
by Cheif Big Dick on 2020/10/25 05:32
dud come on
Good video
by ggggghffffkkkdddtttt. bbb on 2020/10/25 02:52
I love it so good and it love the video
by Sarahlynnhemmings on 2020/10/24 20:49
I love Amino! I’ve been using it since 2017 December. I have Amino+ and have made tons of friends on it. However, recently the quality has gone away. It used to be so good and I rarely had bugs. Now I can’t use it for more then 20 minutes before it crashes. It has trouble sending post. The keyboard glitches open and closed all the time. It doesn’t log me into my streak sometimes. Sometimes Screening rooms just don’t work. My phone overheats to piping hot when I use the app. It hurts to touch even though I have a case on it. There are child predators and scammers on it that constantly message me. There are bots that steal your account information and hack you. There are people who send you gore and threaten you on certain communities. There are underage kids (12 and below) that go around harassing and cussing people out. This is only half of the stuff that happens and takes place here. I just wish that they’d fix the numerous bugs I have reported time and time again and never got fixes on. I wish they fixed the same safety problems I addressed over and over again, unfortunately I know at this point they will most likely never be fixed. I will continue to ask and never get it fixed. I’m just disappointed because I love the people I’ve met and made connections with and there is no other place like this. Please developers, listen this time.
by Blueberry Sans on 2020/10/24 19:40
So I joined amino today and I made my own art on the piggy amino. All of a sudden, IT SAYS THAT THE WORK IS TOOKEN! Like I don’t know if the creator is an idiot or they don’t like my work! AND I TRY ALL THE TIME NOT TO MESS UP! So yeah, you might need to ban that person.
by sean_guyknee on 2020/10/24 15:25
It’s not letting me open any other communities besides one just kicks me back to my Home Screen on my phone
Another Flaw
by User368248 on 2020/10/24 08:59
Why in the hell. Are you muting someone for an image that someone already sent and didn’t get muted for. Hypocritical much?
by ZackaryDD on 2020/10/24 07:27
This app needs a huge update for the lag issues. Even just scrolling through communities or a community’s feed causes huge amount of lag; even on the latest version of the phone. It causes the experience to be unpleasant, please fix
by Niyeong on 2020/10/24 05:48
I love amino!! It's so nice to talk with others who like the same things I do!
by hatethisscreenrec on 2020/10/24 03:45
This is better then tiktok
Very buggy
by kendiyot on 2020/10/23 21:37
A few years ago, Amino had worked perfectly fine. Np but now on my iPhone 8 Plus it is terribly laggy. On my iPad Pro the keyboard keeps disappearing. I find that this really needs to be fixed. I am not the only one experiencing these difficulties.
by zhuleeani on 2020/10/23 16:09
I keep having to resend my messages , because they never go though. and it’s soooo glitchy. I have been a member for over 3 years, please fix this.
Needs Optimization
by Jinaito on 2020/10/22 21:44
Definitely needs better optimization. This is the only app on my phone that makes my phone scorching hot and drains my battery. I have an iPhone X and an app like this should not be causing so many problems. I can also only browse for a few minutes before the app gets too laggy to browse.
Wont Open
by BonnieBunnyFNAFPerson on 2020/10/22 18:39
I cant even use the app anymore. I dont know why, and its not my storage. Honestly frustrated.
Image quality
by Melodyblue11 on 2020/10/22 17:24
I like Amino, I’ve used it for 4 years. I love the community’s I’m in and I love sharing my art. However my biggest gripe about this app is the fact they butchered your image quality if your not paying for Amono+. I find that ridiculous that a SOCIAL MEDIA APP blocks a basic function, such as, sharing images (in their original quality) behind a paywall. That’s so sketchy. I’ve worked so hard to make sure my drawings look good, are detailed, and have clean line art, etc. But it’s gets butchered by them blurring the heck out of it. I don’t mind Amino+ when it comes to amino coins, stickers, gifs etc, but don’t have image quality be behind a paywall, thats just not fair.
great app overall, but the lag ...
by mollyjack32 on 2020/10/22 03:32
new user here. i love the idea of the app, and it's great overall, but the lag is MISERABLE. it takes away the keyboard while i'm typing, and it's slower than anything else i've experienced on iphone. if that can be fixed, then this will be a 5 star app
Log in
by Dragon977X on 2020/10/21 20:23
Question why when I try to log in it tells me “ Action has failed” please act
Good app!
by HermioneGranger5412 on 2020/10/21 15:07
Amino is a good app, I recommend it! I got it because i don’t have Pinterest/instagram I use it to share my art and it’s really fun. There are lots of artists on it and it’s cool to see other people’s drawings.
by NarutoWeeb670 on 2020/10/21 02:02
I love the app and all the features but their are some bugs. When I’m typing sometimes the keyboard would disappear and it would also lag typing. If I’m on the app allot then when I go to type something somewhere else my keyboard will lag allot
Love the app but.....
by HumanBeing051467839 on 2020/10/20 18:53
It's so laggy. I have to constantly close and reopen the app. I love being able to join communities and people I have things in common with but it gets annoying when the app stops working, preventing me from doing that. I am in the K-Pop amino and I downloaded the seperate app which I've had no problems with but the Amino app is a hassle to use. I really hope this is fixed.
by Emb3r Ambre on 2020/10/20 15:09
The app is good but is SO laggy! It will not even let me type because of the lag. Either loading or 500 Internal Server Error or it sends / posts a million times. I miss the old amino! Please fix this lag, I cannot even use the app anymore
by jjĸ.97 on 2020/10/20 04:34
when is amino going to fix the video uploads, because i’ve been waiting for months. it was working a second ago and then just poofed away.
good app but...
by Ilovegodandjesus on 2020/10/19 22:22
I love this app. It's great! the only problem is that glitches. I always go to one of my communities and once I click on it, it just completely exits me out and its getting annoying. I deleted the app and redownload it and its doing the same thing. I love the app.
by Itz_Toucher on 2020/10/19 21:51
Best app ever I mostly use it for creepypasta but it is freaking amazing!!
This is why I rated this
by UwU chicken nuggets on 2020/10/19 21:12
I guess it a good app tho I just wish it shows a vid to help out the people who just joined and some other stuff but other than that it’s a bit good
by Trilobite Boy on 2020/10/19 18:39
It is great appI have been making lots of friends and they have the same interests as me interests you can join communities and chats and live chats I have been using this app since 2019 and I already have hundreds of new friends you can create a character or yourself and you have stories in your profile so people can see you when your character for you is like you can also read other peoples boiYou can also make a poll and postYou can also get coins so you can update your chat box and change your profile your Frame it’s a really good app and I think you should down load it IT IS A GREAT APP. Figure out more by downloading the app
listen more
by piss baby👩🏻‍🦰〽️ on 2020/10/19 13:33
team amino needs to listen to the people more cuz sub amino was literally getting doxed and it took them a week to let them go private (they also said no at first and to block to doxers) and they won’t let us ban unacbtive people
So uh
by on 2020/10/19 13:18
Anyone else keep crashing when they try to open some aminos but not all
the laggy
by henrhfhx on 2020/10/19 13:11
it’s lags every time you get on and it get’s annoying. But overall its a great app but when you post a video it tends to not load at all.
Not getting any verification code for some reason
by diba13 on 2020/10/19 09:51
I’ve heard of this app for quite some time, so I decided to download it, but I’m having an issue right now. I just started my new account but for some reason it isn’t sending me a verification code, maybe a glitch or something? Idk but I’m kinda getting annoyed by it. I’m hoping I’m not the only one that’s having this issue because I need the code to be able to post something
Good intentions. Bad execution.
by dillardgurl on 2020/10/19 04:06
I hate to give this app a one star, however there is one main problem that I can’t debunk. Why is this app so laggy and slow? It wasn’t like this before, so why is it now? That’s the only issue I have.
Live mode issue on IPhone XR
by Pizza Man108 on 2020/10/19 02:58
I love this app. But when going on live mode my phone screen suddenly flickers on and off and I can’t turn off my phone or really do anything until it comes back on and then exit out of live mode. This bug is really serious so..yeah
Jesus save me
by 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚊𝚜𝚙𝚎𝚗 on 2020/10/19 02:31
Okay, so, amino used to not be that bad honestly but ever since they started updating it it’s went down hill, and I mean that as in it’s been getting laggy and slow. (Speaking from personally experience) I have about 10 aminos for role playing and they all have my wikis and all that but I leave for about a week and come back to most of my wikis missing and my animals gone, then when I contact the owners of the aminos they said they didn’t remove me, so I’d really appreciate it if amino gets their crap together so they can keep people coming and not leave.
Good with flaws
by Anime guy69 on 2020/10/18 22:43
No app is with out flaws most of the time it’s fine there’s a lot of 13 year olds with raging hormones but you have to look past that and look at the communities it’s a good place but it does use a lot of battery fast and some times makes my phone hot so I would recommend some breaks in between for your phones sake but it’s a fun place to meet some people
by 😇Nat🤣 on 2020/10/18 10:53
really good app i love it 10/10
Copy glitch
by Itsking23 on 2020/10/18 09:48
Whenever I am in the comments trying to hold down on comments in order to copy and paste, it glitches and it doesn’t let me do it.
by ANNNETEE on 2020/10/18 07:36
— okay so first of all, amino is honestly rlly great for stuff like,, shifting,witchcraft,manifesting & korean amino roleplays but often my amino lags really bad, and my keyboard disappears half way while i’m trying to type ++ my phone heats up whenever i’m on the app. so currently i’m rlly mad abt that bc i cannot get on the app without it lagging so bad, & the act that y’all deleted the views is so embarassing fr. it’s so weird without it, so i’d rather put it back pls <3 anyways 3 stars for y’all bc of the lagging and THE VIEWS. — honestly overall i wouldn’t download this app, bc it can be so toxic to you and wouldn’t be good for your mental health ♡
Great app but it’s needs work
by Thehalfmaskiller64 on 2020/10/18 05:01
I love amino I really do but there are so many problems with this app that needs to be fixed. 1. The app gets extremely laggy when doing vc yes I understand if someone has bad internet but it gets way worse than that there are some points where when you are trying to type it flickers to a black screen and it’s really annoying plus when you are trying to play a game with friends amino crashes your game. 2. When sending multiple photos it sends them out of order which is also super annoying. 3. When trying to change your profile picture/ name it takes forever for it to change fully sometimes you can’t even change it at all. 3. I have huge problem with Amino plus I used my real money on it but I’m not able to use my coins either? I find that really stupid.
It’s just getting worse
by mist wolf 34 on 2020/10/18 02:26
I don’t know where to start. It takes about 7 tries to post something because i constantly get error messages. And if you try to post too fast, it’ll post 3 duplicates. That is a newish issue and I really hope it gets fixed. Videos always break when posted the first time, you have to edit the post. You can’t even send videos in chats because they will break and there is no way to fix it. Amino has recently, I believe, locked decent image quality behind Amino +, which is awful. You can’t just lock a basic feature behind money. Every image looks like it’s been through 7 repost accounts, grainy and pixelated. Amino + itself is needlessly expensive anyways, having to constantly renew it. Especially when it’s hard to build up a decent amount of coins unless you want to spend actual money on it. It’s like they realized that amino + isn’t worth it so they put a basic feature behind it to force people to buy it. PLEASE take image quality out of amino +.
Bugs. Need to be fixed
by chciken11222 on 2020/10/18 01:15
It won’t let me upload more than 2 images.
a weird bug?
by Chimchimiscool on 2020/10/17 21:46
For some odd reason whenever I open up the app and go into any community (Kpop, roleplay, music) I keep receiving a message telling me that I have “bad connection; request time out” which is odd because my phone is on the WiFi and even when I take it off the WiFi every other app on my phone works perfectly fine. I even sent several emails to one of the operators or works, but they couldn’t solve the problem. I don’t know what to do because it won’t send any notifications to my phone or load chats which is very frustrating. Maybe with this review someone might know the problem and can help fix it.
Pretty good but I have a few issues
by incognito child on 2020/10/17 19:24
This is a pretty good app! I have made many friends here that I wouldn’t have elsewhere. Where this app false short is it’s bugginess and stuff. Idk if it’s my phone or if this is an actual glitch, but it took me around a year to actually use this app properly since my attempt to buy coins failed (and forever gave me a notif about it whenever I open the app) and the result was the app freezing. The issue fixed itself after a while but now it’s frozen again after bugging out from a wiki getting duplicated. Sometimes I’m able to get back on the app but only for a few seconds before freezing again. I’m planning on deleting and reinstalling the app but I don’t want to risk making everything worse. My other issue is the fact that the app BUTCHERS photo quality. For a social media website with majorly artists, it’s photo quality is horrible. The Amino+ HD image option isn’t that great either and only works for chats?? How about you get rid of the HD option and just let users send and post images the way they originally had them without making the quality horrible with extra pixels. Other than that, I don’t have much to complain about. Any other issue (like toxicity) is really out of TA’s control so I can’t bug you all about that. Just please, fix photo quality and check your code for any errors that can cause glitches. Please- I beg.
Good app, but way too glitchy.
by KittenLover1037 on 2020/10/17 18:17
Amino is one of my favorite apps, most definitely. I’ve been using it daily for almost a year. However, I must note how inconvenient the glitches made it. Everything is very delayed, and sometimes it will just freeze, or even crash. I have to empty my cache after using it because it’ll slow down my device if I don’t. I’ve tried every solution in the books, trust me. I’ve been having this same problem for months on end, and none of the updates have fixed it. It’s honestly really upsetting that an app I enjoy so much is lagging to a point where it’s genuinely difficult for me to use. When the app actually runs smoothly, which is rare, it feels like a miracle. That’s not a good thing. It should run like that by default.
It’s good but..
by jicknamesn991 on 2020/10/17 16:15
It’s not letting me log back into my account, it’s been fine until today. I really don’t want to loose my account so if there’s anything I can do to get back in please tell me.
Abuse of power
by Kgk2000 on 2020/10/17 14:53
Team amino needs to stop abusing their power, they have killed over 20 communities that I’ve been in, all out of biased, and intolerance. If a community is something you don’t like maybe look to see if it’s invite only or code access only, those things are done to increase the privacy and safety of communities. Amino used to be amazing but it has down hill.
Full of glitches
by AB2324 on 2020/10/17 04:09
It’s always glitchy and takes me out of the app when I’m in the middle of typing. Overall it’s cool because of the communication and communities in amino. But I wouldn’t say get the app, unless you want buggy apps
Amino+ is a Scam.
by Nico 🖤 on 2020/10/16 23:48
I bought Amino+ just so I could be able to get better chat bubbles and it didn’t even go through. I was charged for Amino+ but it was never applied to my account. I emailed Amino and submitted a request and no one has ever gotten back to me. Terrible costumer service. Do not buy Amino+, and do not use this horrible app. If I could give 0 stars I would.
what the hell
by Artsy.Jenn on 2020/10/16 17:23
please fix your app it’s so slow my god i’m gonna combust into flames
by Wick..... on 2020/10/16 16:04
I can’t even use this app for 2 seconds without my phone overheating or the app getting laggy. I also saw several questionable communities that I don’t think anyone should be a part of.
by pog is the bog on 2020/10/16 13:22
Very poggerrs
But a tad issue
by 💎Krissy💎 on 2020/10/16 04:38
I absolutely love this app, it has made me become more social than I’ve ever been and I’ve met the majority of my friends on here but the only problem I have with it is that it always lags and it makes my phone run slow when on the app, it’s kinda irritating ngl It keeps going on and sometimes it would say something about the network connection not working, I just want this fixed please
by 🥺👋🏻 on 2020/10/16 04:28
I love seeing other peoples artwork on amino and it also gives me inspiration to draw!
by GET DA DARN APP >:3 on 2020/10/16 02:03
UnU all i can say is get da darn app UwU
by Vodka& aBl*nt on 2020/10/16 02:02
constant crashing & extreme lag, im on one of the newer iphones & it still fxcks up ALL THE FXCKING TIME
Slow as hell
by Brianna Ferrer on 2020/10/15 20:58
Can you please make this app function and not lag so much, make it work smoothly. Other than that it’s great and I think if this problem was fixed, a lot more people would be willing to use it. PLEASE, make this app run smooth. Also a suggestion: Could you somehow allow us to stream from Netflix and Disney+ Thanks
I hate this
by Gulianna Gonzalez 🌸 on 2020/10/15 20:56
Idiotic settings
by L337_Furry on 2020/10/15 17:35
The settings are so idiotic, Like it says to change password it says to put in the old one when clearly i cant remember it, it even worth when you have a broken email, like iam stuck in a loop of trying to change it, I have tried contacting the support but all I get is a automated bot made messsags, what type of stuff is this?
by Soviet1025 on 2020/10/15 05:15
I've used it on and off for year's and it's all good fun, however I believe there is something wrong with the ad system as mid chat I saw a VERY inappropriate ad ( I do have a screenshot for proof should it be needed) but think it def needs to be looked at considering so many children use this app.
I like the reply and @you
by DerroCio on 2020/10/15 04:35
Could you make it to where it’s like geeking or similar to where if someone replies to you or @‘s you it appears in your in-app notifications?
Great but needs to be fixed!
by Rockstar1518 on 2020/10/15 02:58
I’ve had this app since 2018 and it’s been a total blast!! But the thing is...It lags so much! When I try and use it on my phone it lags like my phone is going to die or it doesn’t fully load texts/post. I really hope this issue gets resolved soon because it’s a great fun app that many people should be able to enjoy to the fullest.
annoyed and ignored
by Comdex F'78 on 2020/10/15 02:18
i get notified to change settings all the time. i don’t want to change those settings. but there is no way to dismiss the notifications. they want to push me to set notifications on. i get notified to upgrade to the latest version when the version i’m using is the latest. stop that. it’s annoying. especially when associated with “we cannot display your message...please upgrade.” so whats your real reason for not displaying the message? i make suggestions to improve the product. years pass. nothing. not thanks for the input, not implementation. and my proposed improvements pertain to readability. my workaround is not fully compatible with everyone, and i’m losing communities - thanks, team amino for the ostracization inconsistency in it simple lack of handling the needs of communities and leadership issues. including at times lack of leadership, stolen agent roles etc. their answer? start another community... here’s why that’s the wrong answer: one: you can’t advertise your new community if the new power will strike or ban you for it. you can’t effectively advertise it if there are no leaders and no curators and your feed is being spammed or worse filled with submissions in violation of The developers GUIDELINES. starting a new community isn’t the answer, it’s getting control of the existing community. because the existing community must be controlled or stricken from existence to eliminate the playground for the few rule breakers. the question is which is better, to punish those who care, but have not been promoted and therefore are not in a position to act and control? how does a community with leaders but no agent hire? or even get to a no agent status? probably by the agent deleting their account... but what of a community with only a curator? no discipline is possible from that role. cleanup, sure, but there is no teeth. these are things that the developer of these communities is very very weak at resolving. it’s not that hard to resolve. but it takes a bit of effort and a filtering of a log file. one solution would be to feature a poll naming all the curators & leaders of the past year or two. perhaps ask who else is interested. it’s not perfect but better than no leader at the helm. or if the existing leadership team can name a successor from their ranks, go for it. those would take less energy than bringing staff in to lead the community for a time. ignoring recommendations and communities in distress is just not the way to run the show, and to let the few ruin it for the many while responding start anew... is just wrong.
Team Amino’s been Slacking Off!
by DwarvenCharzard on 2020/10/15 00:12
Hello! First, I’d like to say that giving this app a one-star review hurts me, and I’d like you to hear me out. I really do love this app, however, it feels like Team Amino doesn’t care as much as they used to. Amino has always been a bit of a buggy application, but in all honesty, it never bothered me too much. And, for a while, new updates and features were coming out all the time! I’d call that the golden age of amino. My community had higher amounts of active members then than ever before, and ever since. New sticker packs, chat bubbles, and other Amino+ treats were being released on a constant, along with fun community events, such as the “Build a Boat” event. Sending videos (up to 15 seconds) was also finally added to Amino, and that was amazing. Previously, videos were not able to send. At the time this was released as well, it worked flawlessly. I, for the life of me, don’t understand what’s happened. Screening rooms, which used to flow perfectly, are now delayed, buggy, and just not as fun anymore. I used to do community screening rooms as events, but due to the drop in quality, that’s no longer as enjoyable of an option. Videos no longer work as well, at least not as intended. Even though they worked perfectly when the function was released, if you send a video in a chat or use one in a post now (apart from YouTube videos in posts, which work fine,) it doesn’t work. You get unable to load errors. You used to be able to click on it multiple times, or close the app and come back, and it would work when this first became a problem. Now, it’s sunken so low that I can very, very, VERY rarely get any videos sent in chats, or videos from the video library in posts, to work. I’ve had to take to Discord to send videos to friends. Lately, a bug that’s been causing issues is that now any messages are having trouble sending. Pictures, text, videos- they get red exclamation marks that say that the message didn’t send, and you often have to attempt to resend it multiple times, I’ve had up to around twenty retries, for them to send. This sometimes leads to responses out of order. Sometimes I’ll send a message and exit out to look at posts, only to open my chat and see that my earlier message never sent. I used to love amino for it’s chat functions, but this is getting more and more ridiculous to stand. No new chat bubbles, profile frames, or anything of the sort have been added for a long time. No community events have taken place in a long time. Bugs are becoming more and more prevalent, and frankly, I’m disappointed in Team Amino. It seemed so much like they cared in the ‘golden age,’ but now it just doesn’t. Now, this isn’t to say that things aren’t still being added. During the summer, the ability to custom color titles was added, which is a wonderful addition. Same goes with more customizable colors for community themes. These customization options don’t matter, though, when the app is this bugged and broken. If anyone at Team Amino reads this, I ask you to PLEASE consider addressing these issues, and other issues brought to you by community members. Bugs like this are making it harder and harder for me, my friends, and my community members go enjoy their time on the platform. I know the videos can work, they worked when you first integrated them. I know screening rooms can run smoothly, as they used to before something happened. I know messages can SEND, because this bug has only been taking place recently. Please fix your platform, Amino. Your community members, users, and fans are counting on you.
Very good but one thing
by cccccccccxz18 on 2020/10/14 19:07
I love this app so much, I been using it for a couple of years now but there is just one thing. Amino should really update the chat bubbles and change them up a little bit. The chat bubbles that amino have now look like kids designed them. Please update the chat bubbles so that everyone don’t use the same one, everyone have different themes and want to use a chat bubble that matches with their theme.
the best app i’ve ever been in
by leia christian on 2020/10/14 19:04
its really fun to explore in and you can go to a group that you really like! i have never seen a app like this
gifs not working
by jejejskkskks on 2020/10/14 11:51
hello me and lot of people have this problem for like two days and it’s not fixed, gifs aren’t showing, ppl can’t see them of when we send them it’s not available for them in the blogs is not shows like we can only see pictures pls fix this thank u
by Ash jrjr on 2020/10/14 07:12
I been using the app since 2018 and I love it would be wonderful if the actualization that you can see who sees your account come back and maybe if we could buy the A+ would be so cool.
It’s broken
by Garcia1223 on 2020/10/14 04:21
I haven’t been on amino in months but the app still updates itself. I hopped back on today only to have the app lag on me. Amino either freezes on me, is really slow or crashes. Idk if it’s just me or ?
Absolutely Lazy for the Past Month
by Trap-Chan on 2020/10/14 04:03
It’s been about a month since the last update; me and a lot of other amino leaders are in agreement that this app has been decaying over that time. The many bugs include but not limited to: error errors that don’t allow you to make a post without clicking the submit button at least 7 times, to Moderation History becoming slowly unusable with internal errors every other minute, to even images not being able to be sent without multiple attempts. As someone who has used this app since 2017 this absolutely unacceptable
Bad lag???
by The Demon Under Your Bed. on 2020/10/14 03:02
Everything was working fine but after the last update it started lagging real bad despite having good internet, even connected to good WiFi? It’d close me out randomly, images won’t load, have to click the x to leave a convo a couple of times, and having hell updating my profile. it also seems to drain my battery way a hella lot faster than it used to, and this is a new battery that I’d installed a bit ago, never had any problems until the update.
Eww... 🤯🤢🤮
by wildstylewolf on 2020/10/13 19:15
I came on this app to make friends but instead I got weird pickup lines from older people... 🤮🤮🤮 (I was 15)
by Itsu117 on 2020/10/13 18:10
I love this app, I’ve been on it for numerous years since around 2016. It’s always been great, sure some changes were irritating but it all around has been a wonderful app.
It’s the best but I need some help
by naenae baby122 on 2020/10/13 15:42
First I need to know why my upload can’t fix but that’s OK I love it
I love this app but...
by shkxjhxhtzjgxkyxky on 2020/10/13 12:51
I have been on this app since 2017, and I’ve seen my fair share of glitches and new bugs, but I’ve never stopped using the app, I’ve made so many close friends, and honestly I don’t know where I would be without them. Recently a new glitch has come up, where are all of the screens turn out white and it’s hard to see the picture being sent or posted. it has been affecting the game for me and a couple of my friends, I would really appreciate it, if it could be resolved so none of us would have to be on this app with this new error in the gameplay. But overall I absolutely love amino, and all of its creators, they are all truly talented, and of course amino has also helped me with these tough times we are having in the world today! overall it’s a great game and I would never want to see a glitch that ruins the game play for everyone. Edit: I don’t know what’s going on, but the glitch has stopped, I don’t know if it’s only for me but it’s back, and I’m not really sure what’s going on with the story feature either, it’s not letting me watch any videos I’ve made or watch any others. if the creators could look at this issue, I would greatly appreciate it!!💗 Overall it’s a great game and I truly love it, it’s by far the best game I’ve ever had💕
Amazing App
by Chiewan_Boii 😌 on 2020/10/13 12:25
This app is great! There is only one thing that I would add, In the comments area there is just one long string of comments. What would be amazing would be if you could change it so that it is optional to add a divider to the comments so you can swipe sideways for the different comments categories of your choice. This would make my life so much easier! This is because in a lot of the adopt aminos people add areas for bidding, offering and whatnot but the comments section just gets so clogged without a categorising device. This app is amazing so I don't know what else I would change other than that. Thank you for reading my long winded explanation, and I hope you can consider it :) Keep up the good work Amino Team!
like it but phone heats up
by JJTHEWEIRDONE on 2020/10/13 07:39
i’ve been on amino for a while now and i’ve always loved it since i can directly interact with people that are within the same interest as me. however, if i spend a long time on the app my phone begins to heat up and the app starts the slow down. this only ever happens when i’m on amino, so maybe work on that
by paige grace on 2020/10/13 06:56
Every time I try to post pictures, an error message that says 500 err pops up when I tap submit . I have to tape submit 2, or 3 times till it let’s me post it. Then it gets posted 2 times on my account, so I have to go check if it was posted 2 times, so I can delete the 2nd one
what is up with these bugs?
by Tempe5AJ on 2020/10/13 02:05
i’ve been using amino since 2018 and it’s always been a good experience but these days it just. bugs and only bugs. you can’t load videos anymore, before you just click it and it’d play and now for a while you’d have to reload it a few times and it’ll work but now you just cant watch them at all. there’s also a 500 internal server error every time i try to send a picture, change my profile, or upload stickers. it also asks me to verify myself sometimes over and over. it’s just annoying and i’m considering just leaving amino for a different platform
Good app
by coc games of gems on 2020/10/13 00:27
Good app just update it needs one
by fifi fo on 2020/10/12 20:13
It’s pretty good but a little confusing when it comes to the chats but other then that I realy like it:))
by Atsproductins on 2020/10/12 05:42
The app it’s self is deleting old messages in people’s chats and it’s all of them until some else is types something knew
I like the concept
by edwardedwardd22 on 2020/10/12 03:16
As soon as I joined one group I was getting spam messages like crazy and just being in a chat with people talking and sending messages made my phone heat up super fast and when I tried to go to a different group it was just so much spam messaging to the point where my data started going slow! I wouldn’t use this app again..
text notifications
by 𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚎 on 2020/10/12 01:50
amino bb 😔 WHY WONT YOU SEND ME NOTIFICATIONS WHEN SOMEONE TEXTS ME. its not fair. it sends me notifications for community updates and such, but not texts. i tried everything: deleting the app, turning notifications on and off and STILL NOTHING. fix it please. 🙄‼️
by WhyIsFronkTaken? on 2020/10/12 01:43
Chewing Gum
by Arw all nocknames taken on 2020/10/11 23:33
Claire Embleton Chewed Chewing Gum So Much She Had To Have Her Jaw Joints Replaced With Metal Plates
lags are annoying
by MEM0TRE on 2020/10/11 08:00
it’s really laggy after using it for 2 minutes and heats up my phone ...
by aleah0987 on 2020/10/11 04:42
Ive has amino for years and never had anything like this happen before. Any time I try to do ANYTHING like send a message, comment, post, ANYTHING it says 505 internal error and keeps doing it till i give up or works 80000 try’s later. Wth??
Shi she cool
by zoomjungwoo on 2020/10/10 22:04
Yeah she cool or whateva
Needs options recommend for new comers
by Cap. Ghosty on 2020/10/10 19:51
Great app if I do say so. I feel as though it’s just not very friendly to beginners of the app. Idk how to improve this but if they could make a better recommendation system then I believe it would be easier to get use to the app. All around great app 5 stars
by SylveonPlaysPokemon on 2020/10/10 18:35
I don’t exactly hate the app, I still go on it every once in a while, but literally the second I open the app it starts lagging terribly. This needs to be fixed.
by ?!?!?!!!!????!? on 2020/10/10 18:27
I like the app in all but there’s a problem that annoys me a LOT. I was watching YouTube and one of my favorite youtubers got sponsored by the app. I liked what I heard so I downloaded the app. It was great at first but then I got some notifications. I have like 34 followers right now but when I check it only says I have 18 and when I go to my actual profile it says I only have 1-14 followers and I’m following about 45 people but it says I’m only following one! Please fix this. And one mor thing the app is very slow I don’t know why and I guess it’s just my storage space on my phone. Thank you for reading!
Kinda good
by HoneyCake🌸 on 2020/10/10 17:46
Amazing app, lots of communities with a bunch of stuff that most people would enjoy, it’s fun making friends here. That is until for some reason, even when I’m on there for only a minute or a second it automatically kicks me out, which annoys me when I’m talking to people. And I know this is only happening on this app, I’m pretty sure it ain’t happening on any of my apps. Idk if this is a bug going on with only me but if not, please fix it But if it IS only me at least tell me how to fix or control it, until then I leave one star out but the app is good tho.
by jejqkdnna on 2020/10/10 16:31
i love amino, i’ve been using it since 2016. recent issues i’ve encountered is stuff like, chats not loading, app constantly crashing, and even it crashing my phone and other apps.
Great but...
by zekethe7th on 2020/10/10 14:32
It was good but now I’m having a ton of bugs, whenever I’m typing my keyboard disappears and sometimes when I’m typing it will stop typing and then type it in 1 second later, the typing delay is really annoying so please fix it, I enjoy the app
by Mindycourtney on 2020/10/10 04:46
When I’m sending an image, it says an error occurred and I have to attempt to send it again atleast 6 times. This so far seems to just be an iPad problem for me, even though, fix it. It’s challenging to send my friends images when they never load.
apple id??
by robloxgamer321 on 2020/10/10 00:00
I used apple id to create an account, it gave me a completely different email than my apple account and different password. how am i supposed to sign in on laptop/web version if it messed me up this badly? fix your apple-id system amino
i hate u amino
by c α s s α n d r α kain on 2020/10/09 22:18
stupid app doesn’t let u open videos u send 🔪👺
A Very Good App, However One Thing...
by Green_Knight6713 on 2020/08/09 16:01
I’ve been using Amino since 2019, and it’s by far the only other app, beside Snapchat, which I’ve become comfortable using to talk to friends I’ve made. I’ve even gotten into making my own Amino, with my own rules and where my friends can, as of relatively recently, can chat with me on there. I will say, the update with my Global Account, I have experienced one thing, on Global and on desperate Aminos, and that’s lag. Ever since the update regarding Global Accounts, I’ve noticed more and more that as I’m on Aminos and going through separate chats, it lags severely even though my internet is perfectly well. When I tap to get out of a chat, I have to click around three times, which results in me not only getting off the chat, but also the Animo itself. And when I click to go see a chat I’m in, it opens it multiple times, lagging worse as I try to “x” out of the extras. The only way it seems it goes back to normal is if I turn the app off and restart it, and even then it takes around twice or at least three restarts to work properly. This app is amazing in my honest opinion, and this is the only problem I’ve ever come across in my year, almost two years now, or having the app. It definitely deserves the five-stars, though the lagging, if other people are experiencing it too, may make people rethink giving it five stars. I hope in a future update that this lagging issue is resolved.
Amazing Communities and Socialization Privileges.
by Fxsterly on 2020/01/17 03:52
I’ve been using amino for a good three years now, and honestly? I’ve had more good experiences here than I’ve had bad. There are tons of sweet and outgoing spirits on amino, amazing writers, editors and artist, and some nice roleplayers too (if that’s your thing of course.) It’s not too hard to find yourself indulged in a conversation, finding a sweet interest with someone else in your chosen community. A few problems worth nothing, but not very serious problems are bugs, the people you may come in contact with and the people you get involved with. There aren’t too many bugs, and when they are, they aren’t constant and are usually fixed within’ a few hours to a few days. There (obviously) are a few terrible users on Amino, but that’s just like any socializing website or app, it cannot be fixed and the least you can do is report them or walk away, and some of the people you get involved with are not always the people you may think they are... please be careful and wise of who you decide to communicate with! Other than that, my experience with Amino has been absolutely blissful. I definitely recommend this app for anyone who is struggling through tough times and need some support on an outlit, anyone who want to express their love for a fandom or hobby, anyone who enjoys writing, drawing and editing, to everyone really!
I love Amino
by Kfjdbd on 2020/04/25 04:00
I’ve been on amino for years and I absolutely love it. There’s no limit to how many things you can join. If you love anime, drawing, k-pop, writing, singing, there’s pretty much an amino for everything. The amino communities, in my experience, are very welcoming. In my opinion it’s an overall positive environment. It’s a place where you can talk to people with the same interests as you. None of my friends love k-pop. They think it’s stupid and sometimes “tease” me about it (all in good fun) but it’s not like I can talk and fan girl to them about BTS or EXO because they wouldn’t care. Amino is a safe space where I can do that without being judged and even make some new acquaintances along the way. Not to mention, the app is fairly easy to navigate. If there was one thing I personally am not a fan of in amino, it’s where you can’t create your own amino page section thing. You’re the leader of the page, yes. And it can be fun. But it’s hard to get people to join the amino and be interested. And you can like invite a bunch of random strangers but I don’t know. That part just never goes well for me. I think there should be a thing that recommends other amino pages. Like if an account is following several black pink or BTS pages maybe they can get recommended other k-pop pages. This way other pages are able to get more mutuals and people can join if they’re interested.
Photo and video quality
by Ghostiles on 2020/05/01 03:30
Amino is very inspiring to all the communities and lots of other things and i have soooo many friends! and an amino girlfriend! Amino is great its just that....people are really getting mad at the photo and video quality like its so low and you cant see any good details in them it might take a while to fix it (if you do) but it would be great if you fixed that because it gets on my nerves and i wanna show the good details i put in my drawings so please fix that! thank you! And this is just a edit, so today I was on Amino and I could text just fine but when I tried to text again it didn’t want to send and then I got a notice saying that, Like I had to stop texting and it said because of the photos i send. And the photos I send are just cute little drawings of neko’s so I really didn’t understand why I cant text or say anything. I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else because it’s really annoying because its either a glitch or something I really dont know and it’s starting to scare me because I been on Amino for 1 in a half years and that never happened so please if its just a glitch and others are getting it please fix it because I was role playing and I dont want to leave my friend hanging from the glitch or something -Dazani W.
Newest Update
by PinkiePie29 on 2018/10/26 13:58
I have to say the newest amino update of October 2018, it’s not bad. I just don’t like the new format. I was just barely getting used to the one before it and I have to say I do have a complaint. Before the last two updates and versions, the voice calling, you could enter a chat and choose whether or not you wanted to listen to the call. But after the last update (Not October) you could not. You’d open a chat with a voice call and immediately be put in to listen to the call, and couldn’t actually just talk in the chat without having to listen to it. Now this is a big thing for me because I like to listen with headphones but if I’m out in public and there’s an incoming voice call, I can’t enter the chat to text because I don’t have anything to make the chat quiet with. I’d really like the old version back where the “my chats” was still in the top right corner instead of this bar that’s kind of slightly annoying on the bottom of my screen. It is slightly harder to navigate because instead of just swiping right on the side of my screen to pull up the menu to look at what I have notifications with, i have to click the bell then click out then go and click my chats on the bottom of the screen. Also the new feature where the exit of the comm button is right on the screen is highly annoying. Like if I accidentally click it while trying to navigate through the main part of the comm, I get exited out of the comm.
New format, new glitches
by IDCAbouMyNicknameJustPost on 2019/12/05 03:09
I’m a long time user, been here since Pokemon amino was originally launched. So there’s some new issues with this Late November/early December 2019 update that I would like fixed. You see, I believe Amino would be better effective and more manageable, at least on my end, if the format wasn’t changed every bloody six months and I had to get you to new buttons and all that excellent stuff that I should only have to do once or twice on an app. Secondly, the constant server shutdowns and seizures the app has makes it aggravating and the app is crashing too frequently for my liking. An app is going to crash every now and then but amino is the only app I have that crashes at least once every day. On top of that, there’s several glitches when it comes to making wikis. I am a role player, and amino is an excellent role play platform due to its number of communities. However, the aggravation that comes with making wikis, or Original Characters(OCs) is rather exhausting. First, every time I try to copy something the highlight will pop up, but when I let go instead of prompting to copy the keyboard closes and it disappears. Second, when I tap to type a weird cursor will pop up and the entire thing will glitch, won’t respond to my taps, and I have to save the post in my drafts before I continue. Before the new format change comes, I would like the glitches and bugs to be handled first please and thank you.
by Kuma Blink on 2019/03/18 14:35
One of the apps that I actually enjoy exploring and getting involved in different kinds of communities and meeting new people! I have met really kind people in this app, and overall I had an amazing experience, and hope that everyone does too! Overall it’s my favorite app, and recommend others to download and try it too! However, even though I think it’s an awesome app, and everything, it has its own flaws, or let me rephrase myself, weird people that make this app a little dangerous for kids that are not aware of the internet predators and perils. I have come across one amino community that I have joined and one of the official authorities had given me an introduction, like they do for all other aminos, however this one was totally different. And that is because it stated something about that majority of the users are girls, and they wanted me to send them a picture of myself just wearing my bra. That offended me so much that I was ready to write a complaint but decided otherwise! That audacity of them even thinking that I was going to do such thing that might endanger my privacy is unacceptable and those people should be banned from an app that mostly young teenagers and kids occupy. That could be prevented of course, if the kids are aware of such ugly people, and I would highly encourage people using this app and being careful on who chatting with.
Bug Issues/ Poor communication
by on 2019/04/26 13:45
Overall this app is awesome when it comes to being able to communicate with other people about your specific interests including being able to make and design your own community around your interests as well. However, i was apart of this community for about a year and a half, and I did not choose to leave. First of all, i recieved a strike and wasnt able to communicate for a whole day. Within aminos rules you have to be given a warning before a strike, as well as an explanation. The app did no such thing. A couple days later I received a Ban throughout the whole app; meaning they wouldn't let me even sign in without it saying “You have been banned”. I posted no inappropriate content, i did not talk inappropriately to other members, and i did not send any unfavorable pictures and messages on my page. I did as the rules followed and i gained a pretty good following and reputation. I helped out the community by providing my experience and tried to help the younger generation on their art and craft. After I was banned i sent many emails on how i was banned with no explanation. Its been 3 months still with no response from the Amino team. I also emailed them with a long response telling them what had happened, and how i was disappointed with their business and app. Their “support” email is just a facade and emailing them will never get you a response. Just a warning.
The best way to make new friends with the same interests
by Xushi1117 on 2018/04/03 02:44
I first got on Amino due to my liking of kpop and not many other people I knew liked it. So I joined kpop Amino. Then I started to find other Animos on the Amino platform for groups, then I joined for biases and when it asked me if I wanted to join another Amino, say Overwatch Amino I joined because I also love Overwatch and didn’t even know there was an Amino for it. I then joined NCT Amino which really made me happy because none of my friends liked NCT like I did and then I made friends on all the platforms and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I heard of the app from a friend thinking it was just another one of their games about some crap they had on their phone but then tried it out and had some of the best experiences of my life. I really think people should use this platform and be happy with the outcome because you can definitely find more than one person on Amino who likes the same things as you or just needs a friend to talk to. It really just helped me meet people from different and interesting places and connect with others in a way I could never before. It could even help you leave your mark on the world if you try and work hard enough. But don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself.
by xxmelx on 2018/10/07 19:22
It is overall a really good app when it comes to communicating and meeting new people whom share similar interests as you however there are a few things that I am not too big of a fan of when it comes to this app. It crashes kind of often lately and the team never really takes in our suggestions to fix some of the issues. Instead we get an automatic reply and then after a few days another one from a staff member basically saying the same thing or suggesting something that isn’t even helpful. The app really downgrades picture quality and the HD version you get within Amino + doesn’t really make a lot of a difference. You can’t upload “big” files but the app only tells you that once you’ve uploaded it all and hit post. It’s be extremely helpful to bring back the option to not be able to insert a picture or gif if it exceeds the limit. False reports are another thing. Sometimes people falsely report other members and Amino does not really even review it thoroughly and I know this through an experiment I did with a fake account. I believe that Amino is still a great app but they forget about the little details as they are overwhelmed by the big and that’s what is dragging the app down slowly. There are a few more things I would like to address regarding this app but those are just some I think concerns me and my experience along with my friends the most.
Good app, ignore the bullies
by SmokeyRabbits on 2019/09/07 03:18
Most of The rules are great and there are some great people who monitor everything, if you don’t listen to a rule on purpose then you’re kicked out or if you accidentally do it they let you get a chance to fix it depending on what you did. Great app! Super easy! Super fun!!! In the beginning I made a post though and I was accused of lying and being a cheater, I was starting to get bullied a little bit so I just left that amino and never came back! But it did really hurt my feelings that people can be so mean but I’ve recovered from that incident. Besides that amino, they are all super friendly and I’ve kind of made some friends along with making a couple of my own Aminos called “Rabbit And Bunny Lovers Amino”, And “ Horse Lovers Amino” 😊❤️ I personally like the new update a lot but the ads get a little annoying. I’ve been in a lot of different communities and most of them are extremely friendly and nice. I have a decent follower count on all the communities that I’m in and has had a lot of fun making posts! I’m known as ~IVY~ on the Dog Amino which is probably one of my favorite communities that I’m in. I have learned so much from the communities that I’m in and would like to someday be a profession animal photographer! ~Animal Fanatic💕
Can be used for good.
by Concered User. on 2019/07/08 19:42
I’ve had amino for almost 4 years. When I first found it, it was amazing I found so many amazing people. After using for a long time, I noticed quite a bit of toxicity and problems with this App. For Example, many younger kids use it and there are many older adults, this causes disrespect, also too much exposure to older content for the younger kids. Many people would talk about inappropriate topics even if kids were there. This causes many kids to be saying things that harm their future and innocence. I am aware that many people will say that kids probably already know that content, but I’m saying this as a 13 year old girl that has used this for 4 years. I have said so many things that I wish to take back, so many topics that I wish to never see again. I worry so much that 7 year olds will use this app and get sexually harassed and hurt because of the things they say and the things they post. I’ve seen many people kill themselves because of the harmful comments. This overexposure and lack of security can lead to many harmful things. Honestly, it was tough choosing what I should rate this, but I do admit that I have made so many good, wonderful friends, but the way I was speaking made me get in horrible trouble. Anyways, this app could be a little better on security for the younger users. This is a great app, but needs a bit of work. From, A Concerned Member from the Amino Community.
A remarkable app!
by TheodyBunghanoy on 2019/05/02 16:11
Amino is truly a wonderful app! At first, I wasn’t that much interested in this, but after a while, I was addicted. You can check in daily and get coins, play quizzes and chat. You can post your art, make Wikipedia’s and write stories. It is really outstanding. You can find other people who have the same interests, and find all of the things you enjoy in one app. Amino gets you connected with all of the people who like what you do instantly, by simply downloading this. I would highly suggest getting this if you are looking for a way to get in touch with your fandom or community. (I’ve found more people through this, some accounts having YT channels, and I can see their content.) There is so much you can discover on this, without hesitation I would advise you to get this! There are so many communities, and it wouldn’t be that hard to find yours. You can see your favorites artist’s posts, or a writer’s stories. Some users have amazing ideas, that I never knew had existed until I had joined this app. Remarkable is almost an understatement. I can follow along with my community. Download Amino, and try it out! Thanks to all the creators of this, this is absolutely amazing, I’m blown away!
To Team Amino
by Nahnaaaaa on 2018/05/03 20:58
Hello Amino! I am known as Rachelle in Amino but also Hani in Kpop communities. I really do love this app and it’d be great if you took my advice! I’m a big fan of role playing on Amino. So...some advice I have here is please please please moderate the sexual activity and bullying happening in communities. It makes the communities less fun as well as ruin experiences for others and force others to leave due to bullying. Also I want to bring up something else, please read our reviews when members flag certain things such as communities. I flagged Camp Crystal Lake 2.0 for a reason yet the leaders keep remaking it! Here’s my reason, the leaders were abusing their power and banning members!!!! Please do something about this such as removing those leaders from the community and bringing better moderators. That is just bullying!!! I was banned for just wanting to switch camps in that community! *note* Please don’t join but report camp crystal lake 2.0. Also another convenient thing is being able to hide your posts from certain members including certain leaders. I blocked the leader who banned me and fought for my justice by posting screenshots of the bullying and she was still able to see it and banned me before I could defend myself. Thank you and keep up the good work. ~Rachelle💓
A Clever Communicator
by Steve Eyo on 2019/05/05 15:03
One of the most appealing things about this app from the get-go is its engagement method. From whatever of the countless communities of personal interest you choose to get involved with, you are immediately provided connection with other members to follow and subsequently be followed by. A daily reward of in-app currency for customizing your experience encourages regular check-ins, as well as grants the ability to gift others for especially intriguing posts. Communities are simple and easy to join, creating your own community is by all means comprehensive, and the moderation of community content and guidelines is done by other users and creators of the communities themselves. Overall, an excellent resource for meeting like-minded strangers and uniquely expressing yourself. The only gripe I have that prevents me from giving the app a perfect 5-star rating is the user-interface. It suffers from the unpopular limitation of screen rotation, so operating on a tablet or large mobile device is awkward. This issue is magnified since some major icons and menu swipes are either smaller than anything else on the screen or located in regions that can feel unnatural, so navigation can be finicky. Other than that, among social media tools there’s really nothing else quite like it.
There’s some bugs
by Kalib.png on 2020/08/06 06:53
Hello, would like to start out by saying that I really love amino and have made many wonderful friends. However as a chat mod on one of my communities I have come across some bugs and even some suggestions that can help make amino much better. First off, me and the staff on a community have found that members we have permanently kicked from a chatroom are able to join back after about a month. This is not a permanent kick in this case and should be fixed immediately. Secondly, we have recently encountered a member who continued to make nearly 30 alternative accounts just to spam and harass the staff. I believe ip banning would be much better than just banning a member to prevent the same person to make different accounts just to troll. Asides from those two I also have suggestions for future features. Rather than having pinned chatrooms I think it would be a good idea to add a private chatrooms section and a public chatrooms section so that our chats can be organized better. I also think that it would be a really cool feature to add music to the background of our posts that members can turn on to listen to or have the option to turn it off. I believe that’s it for my bugs report and ideas. I hope you take my ideas and suggestions into consideration. Thank you for reading.
The app is good, but..
by Figure Skating Human Being on 2019/11/22 21:17
I got Amino for my love of Steven Universe, and I’ve had the app since September 27th of this year. I can fairly say the app is fun and great for meeting new people! My problems surfaced a few days into the app, when I noticed how slow and laggy it was. I got over it, until it started crashing and bringing my phone down with it. I have an IPhone 5, and I know the phone isn’t the problem because I have had this phone for over a year now, and it never does me wrong. Now, suddenly, my Amino crashes, and my phone won’t turn on, nor even work enough for me to restart it myself. I have to wait 10-20 minutes for the phone to have so much problems, it has to restart by itself. It’s something that has really ticked me off - and when I tried to use my laptop for the app instead, you hardly get any of the abilities on a laptop then you got on the phone. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, as well as deleting literally EVERYTHING from my phone, (Texts, Apps, Photos, etc.) and it still doesn’t work! The app is just really glitchy and will crash on you, so I don’t really recommend it.
Just a little changes
by JadenJoy7 on 2019/07/24 21:59
So first off, this is a real good app where u can express yourself and just watch what u wanna watch and, like follow people, post stuff for entertainment and stuff but, there’s some stuff I regret just looking at, so I closed the app for a little while and then I opened it and it said choose three topics your in to, or you like I really didn’t want to!!! So I pressed next, it didn’t let me go... I was mad.. just because what if I pick these topics and I’ll just stick to those topics forever and be bored! :( >:c but I chose them anyway, because I thought no big deal right? So then I chose, gaming, art, and I think idk maybe roplay, and I regret what I saw.. it was literally so scary, and it was a scary photo or someone just did there makeup like that! But I regret just seeing that because I HATED IT AND I WAS SCARED! :((( >:ccc, I’m not a scardy cat or anything but HONESTLY it was scary, and then I thought oh wow someone probably drew something like that, but like LITERALLY I never said scary ART DID I? and there was also something else scary but I don’t wanna look back at it, I just wish I never would have to choose any topics, and I regret seeing that, so plz just fix it I’m very terrified by that.. but I’m still keeping the app anyway, I hope all of you are alert about this because u might see stuff u regret seeing...
by istg-cant find a name on 2019/06/30 19:42
so idk honestly. i’m eating this 2 stars due to the fact that amino is good and all but banning and striking have become ridiculous. if you didn’t already know, amino will give you 3 warnings then ban you for any “sexual content” posted or shared in pms. you are supposedly able to appeal your ban, strike, or warning, by contacting team amino in the app or by contacting them through their website. i have had my account banned before, for no reason, and tried to figure it out. i emailed and emailed and honestly it took weeks for them to respond. if you use their options they give you on their website, you will get an automatic response and i’m pretty sure they ban your IP address, when banning your account. anyways, i have tried and tried to contact team amino due to this issue which results in them telling me once your account has been banned it’s permanent and that there is nothing you can do about it. team amino is also, i think, very vague and rude in some of their emails. they’re kinda aggressive at times as well. they don’t listen if there’s an issue and again, take forever to respond. i honestly don’t know what happened to the original amino team but the one there is now is horrible. i’ve used amino and other similar apps to this for a long time. and honestly, amino is actually really good. what needs to be fixed is team amino.
The purchasing with amino coins
by TrinstY0 on 2019/08/31 08:25
Yes I have to agree, Amino is such a great and amazing app where you can find a subject that you like and express yourself in anyway you like but the one thing that really hinders that large expression of ones self is the speech bubbles, the frames, ect… We find it an issue that this amazing app still has the same problem it has for a while now. Why do we have to use all the time we had to collect all those amino coins and then to have purchased a accessory for Your please on the app and then to only have it for a month or a couple of days, it makes no sense to have all that time and patience to save up then to basically say back in there face that it doesn’t even matter. A lot of us old time amino users would love this change from temporary purchase to being able to just buy it the. We keep it because we’ve earned the right to have that we had the patience and the time to wait on our thing we want, we would love it. I understand this is measly another review on this app and will most likely be pushed back with more reviews but I wish that you at least took the time to read and understand the message I’m trying to give, thank you for you’re time.
I love amino, but things need to be fixed
by Maxxtrickz on 2018/10/27 02:07
I love this app man. I really do. But some of these updates really take me off my old love for it. If theres anything I can say are the worst is the newest update where rather than have the chat as a button on the top bar as it use to be, it was replaced by a store button which is completely unnecessary. If I wanted full access to the store I could have went to it straight from the home page but no, the feature I and many used the most was taken and now Im forced to tap on the amino button and THEN click the chats and then enter the chats. Its really annoying, especially because now the button to leave specific communities is right NEXT to the button I need to tap to do this, and I keep exiting on accident. The only thing more annoying than this is the fact I cant go into chats hosting a call without being forced to be added to the listeners when all I want to do is chat, not hear my friends talking. I had to make a new chat with them specifically so I didn't have to be forced into listening when I really couldn't in the situation. I love you amino, but these updates are really throwing me and my friends off. we know you are trying to improve but to us it seems like youre only ever downgrading nowadays.
What they don’t tell you about Amino
by Sayer of Truths on 2020/08/19 18:08
For starters I love the Amino app it’s a great way to connect to others! However there are a ton of scammers and people the promote pornography etc. now I know the app is only for older kids/teens but we all know younger kids can get on the app and that’s risky and here’s why. There are people messaging and sending links of pornography and scamming oblivious children. They prey on those that don’t know any better, you can block and do whatever you like except stop people from following you. I myself am having this issue I have had to turn off comments but there is no way to stop these pornography promoters from following you and they don’t even bother to hide what they are promoting the pictures are disgusting and children don’t need to see that! So far other then that Amino’s great and they do a pretty good job keeping it safe but prepare yourself for not being able to avoid those types of people they are persistent and continually bother you. I suggest that amino adds it in so you can turn off the ability for people to follow you then you can have confidence that they can’t continue to bother you by following messaging or commenting on your profile.
Was fine until last year
by Super delta dragon on 2019/02/02 17:22
The app was a great place to be, save a few people and places, but that in 2017 and early 2018. After the introduction of Voice Chats and screening rooms, the chat UI has looked awful. And then later the GUI of the main screens changed and looked even worse. Add to that all the glitches and bugs and other things that ruin the experience for users. Plus the bots invade privacy by checking through people’s PMs without any notification and striking them if they sent certain kinds of images even if the other person consented to it and was 18+. Also in an Amino I am in, there was an Ecchi chat that was made and then the Amino as a whole was put on probation for one person’s deeds and the person who made the chat had nothing done to them besides eventually getting banned from that Amino by the leader and eventually being banned from most Aminos that related to the first Amino. You seem to target people who have only done minor things once or twice, but when someone does a major thing like that, you threaten the whole Amino and don’t do anything to the person who did it. You really need to get your act together and start fixing your stuff before the app just becomes a dumpster fire and all that’s left is pedophiles and people who can’t go anywhere else because they have been banned from everywhere else they want to go.
such a welcoming community!! +make friendships +multiple amino groups
by Uhhidkwhatsthisis on 2018/07/07 08:59
i had this app before but due to some complications that had to do with my previous phone, i lost all the data i had on my former amino account. i tried logging into my old account but, i just gave up and decided to make a new account. i seriously forgot how welcoming amino was, so my mood changed drastically with all the comforting and welcoming messages that were sent. amino is also a wonderful app where you could make new friends and become introduced to other topics without feeling lost or left out (i’ve been there, trust me). thankfully, amino has many diverse topics so it’s not much of a hassle to get more into one fandom. i cannot fully express my whole gratitude towards this app but hell, if this app wasnt made, i probably wouldn’t have met many amazing people who changed me in many ways, for the better or worse. now, i must admit that im only making this for stickers but i cant help but feel a little sefish for not giving a genuine feedback. BUT all in all, i love your app, SO PLEASE CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING COS ITS AMAZING. i purple you’!! 💜💜 [an army if you cant tell]
Great app to interact with people who are interested in the same things you are
by LoveyDoveySky on 2019/01/02 08:45
I honestly really love this app, your able to literally find anything your interested in, in an amino. And it’s such a great way to connect with other people who have the same interests as you. A great way to make new friends! Once you’ve found an amino your interested in your able to join chats, post blogs or pictures, play quizzes, and watch videos all about that specific amino. Your able to joins as many aminos as like like within this app! You also build up your level in each amino your in. Plus you get to personalize your profile in each amino your and and your free to change it as many times as you like. I’ve had this app for about 6 months now and I’ve only had one major problem but everyone on had experience the same thing the app was going super slow and wasn’t letting you see your chat and stuff, but other than that one time the app has been just fine and you shouldn’t have any problems as long as your connected to WiFi or have data on your phone
The app isn’t the worst, but it also isn’t the best
by allthepandasintheworld on 2019/06/16 06:42
For starters, using Amino coins to buy Amino+ is still broken on iOS despite the devs saying they’d fix it back in something like October 2018. In addition, the desktop site isn’t even remotely caught up to the number of features on the mobile app. You can’t post wikis, you can’t make polls, you can’t even edit your own blog posts if you click on them (apparently, you can only edit it when you’re seeing it from your profile, which is absurd). Mobile and desktop should not have such a significant quality difference. Plus, you can’t repost your own posts, which I think is totally silly especially for content creators who want to promote their commission post or trades etc. They have to make a new post that either restates the info or links to it. Regardless, the biggest issue holding Amino back is the fact that the cross platform versions are completely inconsistent. I rate 2 stars because this platform has great potential and I enjoy using it, but need the devs to understand that debugging new features before releasing them would help their app so much more than the current system (bug fixes? Which ones? I haven’t seen any performance improvement at all, and the devs aren’t transparent with which bugs they’re fixing).
Such an entertaining app!
by Visual(usual) on 2019/09/13 03:46
I love this app, so many things to do, watch, and just pass the time by with! I’ve used this app for years and I’ve been thinking how can it get any better? Then I suddenly thought of something that would make the app even more unique and it has to do with profile pictures! A lot of people who use the app join communities that do role play and I am definitely one of them! While writing a response to one of my role play chats, I soon realized that I disliked the fact that my profile picture did not fit the character I was portraying. I have many characters that I portray in a community and each character has their own distinctive look but that couldn’t be seen because I’m stuck with having only one profile picture.. :( So! I thought of something that would be amazing that Amino could add, the ability to set a profile picture in chats separate to the profile picture on your page! I honestly think this would make me extremely happy and be in character when I’m doing a role play in multiple chat rooms! Please think about making this possible? It would be an amazing feature that I think everyone will love and enjoy!
Great app! Horrible leaders
by Roman Wetland on 2018/07/05 08:45
Amino is one of my favorite apps. It's a great way to meet new people who share the same hobbies as you. I always have someone to talk to on this app! But dear lord, most of the Aminos are run by children who don't know what there doing and have no idea of the rules. Some have came in cursing up a storm when it's clearly against the rules on that specific Amino. One of the same leaders called out everyone in a public chatroom for spamming the chat when everyone was just simply putting in art request in a orderly manor, one at a time, and they new that. I swear the amount of times I've gotten post disabled for having 3 sentences instead of 4 while others get away with extremely sexual and inappropriate jokes in PUBLIC chatrooms is absolutely unacceptable. Also, recently I've seen a sharp increase in the amount of members who start large amounts of private chats with random members asking them to join there new Amino. I understand it's hard to grow your own niche Amino on this app, but there are specific Amino's to promote yours, don't do it where you can't! That is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how many times I've been screwed over by leaders/curators on actually big Aminos that should have intelligent leaders!
My new issue is...
by Puppycraz on 2019/11/30 15:25
So basically when I try and do something on amino it says the the service is unavailable yet I’m on good wifi and my battery’s good. What’s happening? Also I look at a wiki with multiple images and the images get mixed up, like so one picture is behind another that isn’t supposed to be there and it’s only when I’m scrolling through the images not when I’m looking at one individual picture, it’s also only on wikis. I will say I do not like the new chat update, the go live thing is fine but I want the little back button back. It’s difficult when your used to having that back button there. My solution is to move the go live button somewhere in the chat description and put back the back button. Also not to be rude sorry if I comes across as that but instead of adding new features can you guys fix the apps problems then add new features? Every new update brings new problems and they don’t ever get fixed. I’m talking on the behalf of multiple people on the amino I spend the most time on and we all agree you should fix the issues then maybe add new features. Thank you, Bubbles,Peachy,Nightfox,Rosé,Castra,Camila,and Leó.
Isn’t good or bad
by Fobbeo the happy on 2019/09/12 03:00
Now let me be the first to say, that this shouldn’t be age restricted to 12 year olds only, because first off, u also have a older and more mature audience. Like jfc, you can’t let the adults have fun, and seem to only to target kids so you can make a quick buck and try to build up a army that obeys to your every will without reason. It’s so sad because companies nowadays are just out for it for money, which means: Stricter rules, lesser freedom, more toxicity, outrageous pricing, fake advertising, and SJW logic. Now go ahead if you just wanna make money, that’s fine, but it’s the double standard that I’m complaining about. You seem to change the rules whenever you want to, and whenever we follow the rules, you just ban/disable people anyways. All because the bots tell you to, and your too lazy to make this platform FOR EVERYONE. Besides, Newsflash, you can’t control us forever. They’re still people here who disobey your guidelines and question the true motives behind them. I’m just one of the many other people who think this, and probably feel the same way about this platform, or maybe I’m just the first one to speak out. Be fair with everyone, we’re not all little kids! - Sincerely, Darç Contractor
Stop. Changing. The. Menus.
by TheIncompetent on 2020/06/25 22:36
I love this app (mostly) I really do, but I swear stop moving around buttons and changing the menus it’s not that important. The moment I get used to the menus and get muscle memory to the locations of buttons you change it every fricking time. Just stick to one and keep it like that. I don’t care about “Improving user experience” or any bull crap you can say as an excuse for constantly moving around stuff. Once or twice maybe but not every month it feels like. At least give an option for the old menus if your going to change it up, I never want to update this app because I know if I do the menus will change and this update I even looked in the logs for change and all it said was “Bug fixes” so I downloaded it and was frustrated when seeing everything different. Edit: Yet another update listed “bug fixes” and nothing more. I don’t use any of these extra buttons stop creating things nobody is going to use. I’m getting fortnite stories in my bar, if I wanted stories about fortnite I’d join that amino. Your not improving your app, your not enhancing experience, your just being frustrating. Why not fix other bugs like connection completely dropping or notifications not showing up or not going away. Spend your resources wisely.
Amino is good but it needs better monitoring.
by Okapi44 on 2018/06/06 02:38
I will make this short. I think amino is amazing and has a ton of potential, but they should really review what communities they allow to be created. Because of my poor experience with one amino community, I’m wary of using the app at all but made a new account and continue to do so anyways since I have made many great friends. The point of this review is basically, should amino better police what communities it allows? Most certainly. They allow you to flag communities but I feel that this shouldn’t be their only way of knowing whether or not a community is not following the rules. Specifically dating communities since people of any age can go on them and you see thirty year olds telling twelve year olds how hot they are. Now I’m not saying make amino completely inaccessible, no I’m saying maybe review amino communities before they are open to the general amino public. Amino fix your app. Listen to your users. Communities should be reviewed before being posted for anyone to join and maybe even send a staff member into a community every once in a while to make sure it’s not toxic. Team Amino, you made this app for the people. Now you’re starting to ruin it for the people. And more and more toxicity is running rampant on your app. PLEASE AMINO FIX YOUR APP.
I do still like the app
by Queen of I love it on 2020/09/10 03:07
When I first joined Amino it was to join the Voltron amino, and then I realized that there were so many other fandom’s that I was a part of, I joined the LGBT community and I have made a lot of friends over time, and I do enjoy it but being in the LGBT amino, means that there are people who should be banned for what they do and I have been invited to chat multiple times and come across people like that, they ask for your picture and it’s not right, and there are people who say they want to kill themselves and for things like that and I had a friend who was in a mental hospital because they almost killed them selves do to Amino. there are depressing and bad people out there and hackers and people like this don’t look at amino and see cosplayers nice people, they see people they can hack steal their identity it’s a very dangerous app and there are people out there who will do this, my best friend on amino was in the way sexually assaulted by someone I was very close friends with and it had been going on for months and I Didn’t now, she then told me and I was shocked then realized that there are people out there. bad people. but overall I’ve been on amino for a log Time now And I have Friends that I care about
The next Social Media Trend???
by Majestica Guild on 2017/11/29 20:46
Amino is a great platform that lets you connect in groups or private messages to other users to talk, poll, share art, gossip(?), and much more. There really aren’t any bugs that need to be addressed and if there are Amino works hard to fix them. There’s a system of groups that you can join and if you want to join a group, but there isn’t one for it, you can start one! After all, for every one of your interests, there’s at least a handful of people with that same interest! I think Amino is just as good as Instagram, Discord, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc for connecting with friends and making new ones! Like I said there aren’t really any bugs or problems with the platform. Since it’s a platform, you could also download it on different types of phones and maybe even access a website on computer! Jump right in to your favorite communities and get going! (Note: this review was not sponsored by Amino in any way shape or form. This is an honest review using my opinion. Don’t take my word for the app. Find out for yourself or continue reading reviews!😉)
by Official_ emo_11_11 on 2020/01/13 07:59
I really enjoy the amino app since I don’t have many friends who like kpop. I’m not really a fan of the new update that shows you how many people and who visited your profile I know you can turn it off,but then everyone makes a big deal of who “anonymous” is. but the only reason I have the update is because unlike many apps amino eventual stop supporting the older version of amino this is still a problem for me because not only do I not update often it takes up a lot of space for either no change or tiny changes that don’t make a difference. but if I don’t update my app after so many updates it starts to stop working slowly for example, when the first set of updates come and I don’t update my messages don’t show up when I open the comm only on the startup page of amino and same happens when starting new chats they don’t show up unless I’m on the startup page of amino. When the second set of updates come I just don’t get them at all. Until eventually the app won’t load at all or it will just crash until I update it
Ah my notifications
by Angie AW on 2018/07/12 15:50
Hello I’m Angelina, but my global account is ⭐️Starxie⭐️ and I just wanted to say I LOVE THIS APP! I've only had it for two years and I have TONS of aminos, it helped me make friends, it allowed me to help others with problems, it allowed me to have fun much longer than any of my games. My only complaint is just yesterday I would keep getting notifications from “Baldi’s basics amino”. I had joined a private chat with a few of my online friends and I’m still getting the notifications as I’m typing (says “_______ has sent you a message”) it will only give me the actual message if it’s in real time, but all these are from yesterday (July 11) at 11:29 pm I started getting very annoyed since I was trying to sleep and all I heard was “ding! *vibrate*” and I didn’t get very much sleep. I don’t know if it’s just me who has this problem. But even if I turned all the notifications of in that amino, they would still notify me. I hope you can fix this, otherwise I have no other problem. Keep up the good work ~⭐️Starxie⭐️
Great, but not great...
by CLOUD TOO MUCH on 2019/02/06 01:42
Honestly, there’s a lot to say about this app. To start, it’s got a wide variety of different community’s to join, whatever you like, they have an amino for it. The app runs pretty well, until you figure out all the bugs it has in store for you. There are a lot of ways to communicate, chat rooms, voice chat,and media sharing options. Seems like something you’d want to get into. But one thing in particular seems to ruin the experience for me, and thousands of unsatisfied users. You see, communities are assigned “couriers” people who are supposed to ban people who don’t follow there community guidelines. Seems reasonable considering the amount of people who come to ruin people’s experience. You’d think they’d want to help everyone out. But no, they ban tons of people for doing absolutely nothing, no evidence whatsoever. Your profile? gone, your friends? gone, you’re hard hard work, art, and commitment? never seen again. And yes, I have been banned from countless aminos, for doing borderline NOTHING. In conclusion the couriers are ruthless, break there own rules, and ban anyone they please. So if you guys are listening, please help. Please excuse my incorrect grammar, and consider trying to fix this problem, thank you for your time.
A Few Problems but Not Many
by Redtail😺😺 on 2019/06/01 23:25
So... It’s been a few years since my last review so I would like to touch base with you. Lately, many communities have had children under the age of 13 in them. While sometimes, it wouldn’t pose as a problem, I’m fairly certain that with any type of social media you have to be at least 13 to join. Another thing, most of the updates have NOT been bug fixes as the update logs say, they have been changing the entire welcome page and the way the system works. Lately, it has been confusing for me to use as such after being on Amino for so long. When you added all the buttons on the bottom row, I have noticed that it has become much more harder to navigate through the Aminos I am in. I hope you can at least say what you have changed about the app instead of just listing them as “Bug fixes.” It would be able to prepare me for the drastic changes your team has been making lately and so most people don’t have to walk into the app not knowing what thing you guys have changed this time. Until at least a few of these things are changed, I will leave my review as a three-star rating. Thank you for your time.
Good app but....
by Cocoa7644 on 2018/05/31 14:32
I’m a long time user on this app and there are a few flaws that I have come about for the past 2 years. One of the issues I mainly encounter are false flaggers, before flagging was an issue trolls would use this app but that problem is no longer around. The false flaggers are making many users and myself lose motivation. Second issue are the leaders and curators, many of them don’t help out with the issues we have, Yea they’re very busy people, but I just wish they did more to help us out. Third, the featured page, many of the users that work hard to become featured are never given the chance because of the “7 day period” which is not stated. Those who are featured are always the same people, curators claim that after 7 days after asking, a blog cannot be featured. Before when a great blog that was long past 7 days used to be featured a lot and I really think that should also be brought back. I ranted, emailed, and tried to get in contact with those in charge but no answers like they used to, many of us believe the amino app is just corrupted. As an honest user I still enjoy the app, I just wish for some changes and to be heard for once
No saved posts, constant crashing
by Fairvius on 2020/08/19 10:57
This may seem like a small problem, but for many people who are in large communities that are actively updating, it’s a pretty big one. I save the posts I’m interested in reading later because I know if I don’t, it’ll be impossible to find it in the community again. But Amino doesn’t have an option to view these saved posts in one area, which can get very annoying when you’re in 4+ communities and have to scroll to each section individually, versus having a section that saves all of them together, like Reddit. It also crashes when I try to access my saved posts. So either way, I can’t see my saved posts. And speaking of crashing, the app doesn’t just crash when I (attempt to) access my saved posts, but all the time. So much so that I’d rather suffer through the mobile website than even open it any more. It also happens more so with one of my communities than the others, and that community just so happens to be the largest one I’m in. If the app can’t even handle someone being in 3+ communities at once, or a person being in a large active community, than what it the point of having an app?
Thank you!
by Dexterityy on 2020/08/09 03:58
I’ve made many great friends and memories. I’ve been on here for 2 years(900 days) and soon to be 3 years or something. Some of the friends I’ve made are what helped with many of my irl problems, they helped with school projects and I even consider them to be my family at times. My best friend Anthony, who’s like a little brother to me. He’s helped me with break-ups, school problems, online problems and many more. I had friends I no longer talk to, I have one of them added on Xbox and I want to Thank them for everything they’ve done for me, they said that they are always gonna be here for me but with terrible situations I was in I left amino for a while, with many of my friends on different social medias. I lost them as friends. This app changed my life for the better, I still suffer with things like Depression but I’m overcoming my problems because of this Amino. Me losing that group of friends, it hurt me a lot. I have a “friend group” now but it’s not the same. I want more friends that will always be there for me. Anyway. Thank you!
A few things to say
by Bev💗 on 2019/02/19 00:40
I only rated 5 stars just so this is on the front page. I deleted the app INSTANTLY because.. 1) theres a login or sign up. “I thought this would be cool, but man..” 2) not as good as discord. I like discord but this. Ehhhhh. 3) don’t wanna hear it. This app I would play but if there’s not a lot of 5 star or 4 star ratings. It just.. idk about dis app. Please be on the front page. 4) things I wanna say. The only reason I found this app was because in one of GD junipers videos (his video: playing recent levels 4) before the level started, he told us about it. So what he (about) said was: it’s a fun app to chat with friends.” And guess what? That’s the ONLY reason I got to this app. 5) more login and sign up. DO YOU MIND IF YOU TAKE THE SIGN UP AND LOGIN AWAY? I have barely ANY friends online. And I’d be happy to make new friends but if there’s a login and sign up, then I just can’t get on cause it triggered my parents when I ask them to sign up or login on games. Trust me.. it’s hard. 6) nothing else I hope this is on the front page. My ratings for the app: 2/10
This is A great app.
by SquishySqurriel on 2020/03/17 17:26
I’ve been using amino for years now and it’s honestly a great place. I am a literate to advanced role-player and this helps me connect with people who are the same style and can actually keep up with my type of role playing. They also share common interests and it’s easy to form stories and plots with them. I also love seeing the characters that many people take time to create. The only reason I don’t like the app at this point is because the amino plus option. There at one point was a way to get amino + with your coins but it seemed like they removed that option and I would like them to restore it. It’s much easier for someone with less money to get it and also experience their perks. Like I don’t have money i can spend on an app membership and the amino coins option really was something I enjoyed using. If they could restore that option I would be glad to give this app 5 stars but until then it will stay where I put it. I’m actually pleased with this app in General though. Except for the fonts on posts fact. I would like options in app to Make the fonts look better, even if they do cost amino coins or something.
by hblas272 on 2019/06/13 22:55
I have used Amino for quite a while, and have come to love the communities and content it helps to boost through platform. However, I consider it greedy and extremely unthoughtful of their users with the newer update which has allowed ads to pop up in chats and wikis. It takes away a lot of the aesthetic and artsy type of content that is being created every single day on the platform, and in my opinion makes it very unfavorable to me as a social media app. The fact the Amino team has included this update seemingly ‘behind the backs’ of its users by not including it anywhere in the update notes only furthers my disappointment in the app. I understand the team needs to make money, which they do by often asking users to switch to their paid premium option, but including intrusive ads in wikis and especially in private chats is not an idea being made with its users in mind— with exception of their money. In addition, the paid premium option does not get rid of the ads either. I doubt my love for this app will return to its former stance until the team does something to improve the appearance of the ads in their app to a more reasonable, user friendly placement or get rid of them altogether.
Great app, but I have a few suggestions
by on 2020/03/24 11:30
The app is definitely a suitable platform for different people to socialize and make new friends. I myself have met amazing people, and it awes me to witness the beauty of the diversity of the world. The rules are pretty reasonable, but there’s one rule that I kind of feel iffy about, and it’s the religion rule. I understand that people have different beliefs, and that not everyone is religious. But, in my opinion, I think that instead of suppressing religion, I think it best if the respect for each other’s personal beliefs is promoted. I just find it a tad bit unfair for religious people to not be able to express their own opinions, especially on a platform that aims to connect the world. Differences should be appreciated. Differences should be respected. Both religious and non-religious people are subject to each other’s discrimination, and both should equally be brought into consideration. Other than that, I have no problem with the app. To whom it may concern, thank you so much for your effort into making this app the best it can be.
I love this app but...
by Jerell 8 on 2019/10/18 14:23
This app is perfect. You can share art and make friends, Ive also made several online friends just because if this app. You also get to learn about their cultures and what they’re doing half the time. It’s a blast. You also get to create your own aminos and get your friends to join in whatever your interests are and show them by what aminos you join. This app also has you coming back everyday, due to its check in mechanic and you also earn coins everyday you check in. With the coins you could by stuff to make your profile picture look more outstanding. And even buy to enter in a fan club on certain aminos. Like in one amino, she has a fan club that’s 200 coins a month. And with the fan clubs you get access to more stuff like participating in contests. But Amino’s glitches are its main problem. It sometimes get slow and freezes and I always have to reload the entire app. Their may be glitches where it prevents you from texting your friends. Or the art just doesn’t load in time. I hope these problems get fixed in the future.
The public chat option needs to be fixed (or at least updated)
by A friend to America on 2018/12/06 22:07
First off, I’d like to say that I love Amino as an app. I tend to chat more than anything and join roleplays daily. It’s a good place to find like-minded people and it’s helped me talk more frequently with close friends. Now as I said, I’m a roleplayer. I use the public chat option frequently. The new update for it is dreadful. You see the most active chats instead of the most recently made ones. This is a problem. Many chats that are the most active have been on the longest and have already started off. It tends to be difficult to join a conversation or roleplay after it has already started, especially as an introvert. A simple solution would just be to change it to the way that it used to be with only the recent chats. Another solution I’ve thought of would be a mix between the two. There could be an option where you can switch between the most active chats and the most recent to view. This would allow recently made chats to be seen more, thus allowing them to become more popular.
It depends
by Reuben Herfindahl on 2019/10/27 12:35
Amino itself is a great app and all, before it rebranded, I mean it's not half bad now and I personally think it's better than most apps but be prepared for the kind of people on the app. Honestly most of them are eight year-olds with cringey OCs. This isn't always a problem but it can be. Amino has a lot of great people on it but with just any anonymous social apps, their are bad apples. I don't know why but I feel like Amino has more than other Social Platforms. I've had at least three experiences with creeps or mentally abusive people I've met on there. I used to use it for commissions for my art, and I still do. If you are considering getting the app, I suggest only one community, because a lot of times you can get too invested. Just like any app with lots of strangers, please do be careful. If you are under the age of thirt-teen, don't install the app, I can't stop you but it's against the rules of Amimo. As I said before, kids love to lie about their age on the internet, if you are a parent please monitor your child's use of the app, I don't want them getting hurt, or a stranger knowing their address. Take care! Be cautious, people can be toxic!
Terrible Experiences.
by HappEHN on 2020/04/17 09:13
I’ve had nothing but really bad experiences with this App. The support team does nothing but send back an automated email that’s basically telling you that no matter the situation, you’re at fault and you need to read the guidelines better. I’ve seen terrible Communities with disgusting topics. I’ve seen communities called “Sexual RP 13+” which is promoting children to sexually role play with people they don’t know and those haven’t been taken down. There are so many sexual/fetish communities out there and yet my Community that was a completely sfw community for people to make friends gets taken down. It’s annoying and I’m tired of working hard to make a community, only for it to get taken down for NO reason. I’ve read the guidelines 5 times, I know I am not breaking any rules. Our community had also 200 people in it and without any warning or notice, it got disabled. All of those people I will not be able to find or talk to again, all because Amino took down my community without a warning or an explanation. I know I may just seem like some angry person who has no idea what they’re talking about but I’m so annoying and tired of this. I’ve done all I can to follow guidelines and yet, This app doesn’t care.
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