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hush - Beauty for Everyone
hush is a fun way to shop online and discover new beauty products that fit your budget. Our app makes it easy for you to browse our wide range of brands and products-- from what's trending among top influencers to unique Korean skincare products. Get notified about our sales and events, and be the first to know when we're dropping new items. Free U.S. shipping on orders over $25, and all orders are shipped from our offices in Downtown Los Angeles! Like us on Instagram at @shophush_ and our Facebook page to stay updated! <3
i’m so upset
by MissMaddy0314 on 2019/11/16 12:01
i’ve heard amazing things about this app, and so i decided to give it a try. however, after having it downloaded for 2 weeks now i have not once been able to use it. the app never opens for me, and always gives me the same error message. “the was a problem loading the app. please try restarting the app.” this is honestly very disappointing to me because i was looking forward to seeing what all the hype of this app was about. now i’m way less excited. please fix this!
Stopped working
by crybby2.0 on 2019/11/15 16:54
I loved this app but it stopped opening for me. I’ve tried to delete and download once again but it still doesn’t open /:
by 4everBigSis97 on 2019/11/15 09:05
UPDATE: WHEN WILL THIS APP BE BACK?!?!😭😭😭💔💔💔💔 you guys have ABSOLUTELY NO idea how much I loved this app and how heartbroken I was when they shut it down!!! I am begging on my knees,! Bring it back!!!! Every time I reinstall the app it says the same thing..... which means it’s not back up yet! Guys please for people like me who very much enjoyed this app... BRING it back SOON!!😓😓😓😪😪😪 💜😭💜😭💜😭💜😭💜😭💜 thanks god that this app is up again!!! I have missed it like crazy and I have literally just found out that it was up!!!! This was my go to makeup app and therefore of course I couldn’t be happier😇😇😇😇
I love the fast shipping
by lupitacelaya on 2019/11/15 05:27
It is a great way to start learning about make up I love the fast shipping and the quality of the product, I recommend it to all my fiends and family
App not working!!!
by simply91 on 2019/11/15 01:43
Downloaded the app and it won’t load or open 🙄🤷‍♀️
Not opening.
by tsomppi on 2019/11/14 18:17
I love this app and I’ve bought from it several times. It stopped opening and I would just like it to be fixed. Thank you.
by whit233333 on 2019/11/13 17:34
Hi I really loved this app and haven’t been able to use it in forever because it always has a message that pops up saying “there was a problem loading the app. Please try restarting the app.” I’ve nearly tried everything from deleting it to re downloading. It’s been over a year since I had this issue just kept forgetting to say something.
Not working
by shshshsh111 on 2019/11/13 14:11
The app is not working ... Keeps on saying, *there was a problem loading the apps please try restarting the app.
by DaisyWechu on 2019/11/13 07:14
They went out of business!!!
Won’t open
by nicol3333 on 2019/11/13 04:19
Doesn’t work on my iPhone 11 Idk why
by Umbrella 12345 on 2019/11/13 03:57
i used to love this app and use it all the time but now i cant even open it. every time i try it says “there was a problem loading the app try again later” ive tried redownloading it. exiting out of it. resrarting my phone and nothing works...please help.
App will not open
by why is every mame taken on 2019/11/12 17:17
This is my 3rd time downloading the app and it says it can’t load. So annoying
by Mc. Nugget on 2019/11/12 13:57
It’s been months since the app is still crashing. I used to buy ALL of my makeup off of here and now I can’t :/. It was a really good app but I have to find other apps or websites because they won’t fix the app
not impressed
by Jai🌸 on 2019/11/12 07:02
the app keeps crashing so i'm unable to even begin shopping.
Poor connection
by Mai1102 on 2019/11/12 06:47
App is not responding, poor connection
Keeps telling me app can’t load try restarting still doesn’t work
by Stormiit15 on 2019/11/12 01:30
What can I do to fix this
Amazing app
by Thefreakycatlady on 2019/11/11 23:52
It’s a very good app, I’ve had it for months now and I love all he new things they’ve added since I first downloaded. However I wish they had a search bar, and even an ETA on my orders/items before I ship. It just isnt that great to get an order in two days and then the next one I wait two weeks. :/ *update* this app doesn’t work for me anymore? I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall and it’s not starting up for some reason. Are you guys out of business now?
Does not work
by Msidgafx2 on 2019/11/11 18:35
This app won’t load
Interesting situation.
by aikohachiko on 2019/11/11 00:24
I’ve used this app before, and I love it. I just never got the chance to re-download it ever since I got my new phone. But now that I’ve re-downloaded it and try to enter the app it says,”There was a problem loading this app. Please try restarting the app.” I’ve restarted the app, but as soon as I re-enter the app it takes a very long time to load. Is anybody else having this kind of trouble? 😬
App wont work for me at all.
by Montanna s. on 2019/11/10 21:12
I had your app for a solid year and used it frequently, i now have a newer iphone and your app will not work on it i even try and safari cant find it. I am very dissatisfied.
Won’t work
by Linekekei96 on 2019/11/09 19:24
I used this app long ago. Not sure why I quit using it. But I noticed they still had one of the palettes I loved. So I re downloaded. It will not open in my iPhone XR at all. It just shows me an error. Please fix !!
The app won’t even open
by ttwinxs on 2019/11/09 14:01
So I’ve heard about this app and I wanted to se wheat it was all about and the app won’t even load. It every time I click to go into the app it tells me to come back later. If I can’t even get into the app to see the products then it’s really honestly just useless.
Horrible loading problem
by Baebae10115 on 2019/11/09 04:55
It keeps saying there is a problem loading the app every time I try to reopen it
by Fbdjjdjnvj on 2019/11/09 02:34
I used to use and love this app! But when I got a new phone, I downloaded the app again and now it doesn’t work
Not loading
by KiwiGurl_xoxo on 2019/11/09 01:56
My app will not even let me open it. A message just kept popping up and I just can’t get it to work. I have tried deleting and re-downloading. It just isn’t working
by ERJS3535 on 2019/11/09 00:57
This app will not open on my phone
Black Screen
by BaeGorgeouz on 2019/11/08 19:25
I used to love this app and spend so much money on it but now it has crashed and I can’t even get my make up fix through them. If I could give them 0 stars I would have!!!!
App doesn’t work
by deberage on 2019/11/08 04:59
I downloaded the hush app and it doesn’t load, it gives me a error message stating the app is having problems loading to restart the app. I downloaded the app again and it’s still not working.....
Not working
by adammm2131 on 2019/11/08 04:55
It’s not working at all
Awesome but isn’t working
by Skyzone---- on 2019/11/07 17:05
I loved this app a lot! But it open anymore and it hasn’t for months. I’ve deleted and re downloaded it several times and it won’t open I’d love to continue to buy products off of this app but I can’t and it’s irritating
by Larsickle on 2019/11/07 06:11
I can’t even open it. I’ve tried clearing space on my phone thinking it was my phone that was the problem, but it doesn’t do that for any other app. Every time I open it a notification pops up saying to close and restart the app. And it’s been doing this for the past 3 days!
by bates360 on 2019/11/07 05:20
I’ve had this app before and loved it but then it stopped working wouldn’t let me in the app at all so I deleted it hoping when I redownloaded it, it would work properly but it’s still not fixed idk what to do bc I love the app
App not launching
by Ceceslife on 2019/11/07 04:38
The app isn't going to the home page. It will see "restart app" every time I open the app. I have deleted the app twice and this problem still appears.
The app doesn’t work
by nattie natasha on 2019/11/07 00:26
I download the app but it says that there’s a problem and try to restart the app. It still doesn’t work. Please fix the problem cause I love the app.
App not working
by hgaigbbh2298 on 2019/11/06 19:32
I like the app and everything. But for some reason I always get a pop up saying that the app can’t load. It’s been doing this for months. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded it and still the same thing.
Great app when working
by codi24 on 2019/11/05 15:11
This app was absolutely the best thing ever! It has been down for months now though 😢
by Deonna00 on 2019/11/04 16:51
Hasn’t been the same since they started charging for shipping...
Not loading
by Ninja907 on 2019/11/03 22:26
I use to use this app but for a while now it won’t load it says there is a problem loading the app and I’ve retired and reloaded the app many times but still can’t get in.
Out of business
by pirsissius on 2019/11/02 21:40
Shop hush went out of business
amazing but what happened to the app???
by AFmarie999 on 2019/11/02 17:52
i honestly love hush, such amazing products and fast delivery!! i love love love this app but for some reason the app itself has stopped working
by Emma1201514732904 on 2019/11/02 15:34
for everyone saying that the app keeps crashing it’s because Apple hasn’t taken the app off and the website has closed down so the won’t work either. hope this helps everyone
by moonchildyae on 2019/11/02 02:55
App will not start Love the app tho
Never starts
by Aliascloset on 2019/11/02 00:26
Downloaded the app twice and can never open....
Fix itttttt !!!
by Nellyyyx3 on 2019/11/01 21:14
Every time I open the app it’s says sorry problem loading this has been going on for months! I keep deleting and re downloading the app and still it’s not working. I can’t even open the app at all. This is very frustrating! I used to use this app all the time and now I can’t.
App is not working...
by yosoymon16 on 2019/11/01 19:20
I recently downloaded this app, but every time I try to open it, it says “There was a problem loading the app. Please try restarting the app.” I was hoping to be able to shop on here again...
The app keeps crashing!!!
by NouNouChristy on 2019/11/01 18:08
The app won’t load anymore. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or the actual app. I hope this can be fixed because I updated my phone but it still won’t load.
App has crashed
by Aa'ris 🐳💦 on 2019/11/01 18:04
I thought maybe it was my phone that was having an issue but, I realized it’s the app. I use to use this app frequently now it keeps saying an error occurred. This company must not be available anymore.
by Ajackie29 on 2019/11/01 02:51
Something is wrong with the app. Is loading and never let me in. 🙁
App won’t open
by Lee170950 on 2019/10/30 14:05
I have used the app before I got a new phone a while back but never down loaded the app until now and it won’t open I get a notification the app had trouble loading please close out and try again
by babydollfever on 2019/10/30 13:26
used to be a great app for me!! now every time i download it the homepage never pops up and continues saying i need to restart it
It won't load
by Java Ju on 2019/10/30 03:08
I really wanted to download this app and like it but it won't load when I click on it. It says to restart it but it just comes up to the Hush logo and pink screen and then says "please restart the app and try again". I'm really disappointed.
App doesn’t open
by bootyhead12334 on 2019/10/30 00:54
I been installing and uninstalling this app and it still doesn’t open for me it just loads please fix this problem 😭
by mallowdrop on 2019/10/29 19:56
Disappointed. Hush shut down without notice.
Won’t Open
by Ceri12 on 2019/10/29 00:05
I used to have this app months ago, and it worked great. So, I decided to get it again, but it won’t open. It just says “There was a problem loading the app. Please try restarting the app.”. I’ll come back in a couple weeks. I hope this is fixed. I was looking forward to using it.
App crash
by Leasy jackson on 2019/10/28 06:15
I had this app about 2 years now. When I first got it I loved it. I got a new phone about few months back. Now everytime I try to go on it , it crashes.
Doesn’t work
by Anna Leiah on 2019/10/28 03:17
I just got this app and it doesn’t open. I’ve restarted it multiple times with no change. Please fix this!
“There was a problem loading the app. Please try restarting.”
by rayjor803 on 2019/10/27 23:29
I had the app a while ago, but then I got a new phone and had to get all my apps again. But every time I go to open the app it says “There was a problem loading the app. Please try restarting.”. I keep force quitting the app and restarting my phone, and deleting the app and getting it back but it continues to say that. I really like this app and I got cute makeup brushes and a highlight palette from the app. I would like to use it again.
Not working
by des🙂 on 2019/10/27 15:35
It’s not showing up it just goes to a black screen
Please help!!
by paigeypoopoobrains on 2019/10/26 13:11
I used to use this app all the time and one day I tried to get on it and it tells me that an error has occurred and I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it over and over again and it says the same thing 🤷🏼‍♀️
Won’t load
by toriashay on 2019/10/26 11:31
I’ve deleted & re installed this app numerous times but it will never load & always says the app can’t load right now try restarting the app
Don’t Go
by Ellyssa.JC on 2019/10/25 02:15
I hear there’s a rumor your shutting down, or that you have shut down. Don’t go please, come back
by Yr babe on 2019/10/24 19:29
I’ve used Hush before and i liked the over idea of it. I’m disappointed because I’ve been trying to get the app to work and I’ve not been able too. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app and that doesn’t work either. Fix the problem please!!
does this app still work ?
by elizabeth v<33. on 2019/10/23 22:40
i’ve downloaded the app twice and every time i try going into in it says “ there was a problem with loading the app. please try restarting the app. “ i just recently downloaded it again to login into my old account. please reply soon ! <3
App Upload
by jwheib on 2019/10/23 21:39
I’ve been having trouble just for it to upload so I can get into the app. Please fix it. I love this app
by MrsEPresley24 on 2019/10/23 16:37
@EHEH❤️, not all of us follow Hush on Instagram so there is no way we would know that they are no longer in service. Thanks for the info but you don’t have to be so rude & call people ignorant.
by Monsteryoshii on 2019/10/23 00:28
I don’t know what else to do I’ve deleted and reinstalled but the app still is not working I’d like to buy some products but I can’t get on. I still love the app and will still use it when fixed, but as of right not when I click on it, it’s says it’s unavailable it’s been like that for months now for me, can you fix this bug? Or contact me?
It doesn’t open
by gurlso on 2019/10/22 21:04
I downloaded the app but it doesn’t open. It says I have to restart it but even then it doesn’t work
App error
by fhfhdkfkvf on 2019/10/22 07:34
The app never opens for me I’ve done restarted it uninstalled it and everything and it still won’t open
Wont open
by hotcheesePLEASE on 2019/10/21 21:06
Would love to try the app, but it wont load! Keeps saying “there was a problem loading the app. Please try restarting the app.” Which I have. MULTIPLE times. Even tried deleting it and downloading it a day later! Super disappointed.
So mad !!!
by allison Monreal on 2019/10/21 05:10
Hush app wont work on my iPhone XR......
Loved it....
by MJResults2013 on 2019/10/21 02:55
Is it ever going to load back up???
Never loads
by iamkarlyg_j on 2019/10/20 20:03
Ive been using this app for more than 2 years before I stopped shopping and uninstalled due to items taking too long to be stocked back up and I’ve recently come across it again, and everytime I download it, it never wants to load, it just keeps popping up as “error loading app” and I’d really would love to use it again. I tried going on the website too, but it says the server page wasn’t found or doesn’t exist.
by Inferno_Queen on 2019/10/20 14:17
It doesn’t even let me open the app, I couldn’t even see anything yet. So I’m uninstalling.
It shut down
by 태태❤️ on 2019/10/19 05:05
It shut down months ago. Please don’t be ignorant and go to their Instagram or somewhere where they said their goodbyes. I’ve been with Hush for 3 years and I was very sad to see it go but they had to since they went bankrupt. Stop complaining and find another company/app.
Doesn’t load
by killaclaire313 on 2019/10/19 01:00
Ever since an update, nine months ago, I’ve been unable to access the app. I’ve been on multiple phones. I used to love hush but every time I open it, I’m notified that there’s a ‘loading issue’. Really sad!
Needs work
by naomi2144 on 2019/10/19 00:53
I been trying use the app for months and it still doesn’t work it’s been shut down for the longest
by RebelChick26 on 2019/10/18 15:38
I guess it’s out of business??
Not working
by looez23 on 2019/10/18 12:04
Why is it not working? Fix it!!!
Won’t work for my iPhone 11 pro max
by lwright991 on 2019/10/18 05:31
I just got the pro max & I downloaded hush. & it’s telling me it was having trouble loading the app? I restarted the app & it’s still not working. Please fix, I’m using iOS 13.
App does not load
by Zylao21 on 2019/10/18 01:24
I have had the app for over a month and not once has it loaded. Really a disappointment! My friends is the same way. Please fix soon or I am going to move on!
I can open the app
by Da Spec on 2019/10/17 17:18
Everytime I try to open the app it says that I need to restart it. Please help
App won’t load or open!!
by jenaychampion91 on 2019/10/17 02:31
I keep getting a pop up saying that the app won’t load and to restart the app. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and it’s still not working. I haven’t been able to get on the app for months now.
Why is not working?
by fchelen on 2019/10/17 00:28
Why is it not working, the app is not opening
Not working for iPhone XR
by MinecraftPeLovr on 2019/10/16 22:59
How come when I download this and open the app up it says “restart” the app when I did so many times already. Please fix it.
Not working
by AntanishaNicole.8 on 2019/10/16 12:44
I’ve used this app before and I’ve loved it! But after I upgraded my phone it keeps telling me the app is unavailable at the moment. I’ve restarted the app, restarted my phone, deleted and re downloaded. I’m not sure what’s wrong
by praseepree on 2019/10/16 03:28
App keeps crashing. I redownloaded it thrice
App Not Opening
by wendysantacruz on 2019/10/16 02:50
I used to love hush so I redownloaded to take a look at everything new and it won’t let me open it, but it seems like I’m not the only one! so... help???
App malfunction
by corycor34 on 2019/10/15 15:36
Why did it stop working all of the sudden ?
Not opening
by Wallace#86 on 2019/10/15 07:18
Download the app but it's not opening
Please update the app to iOS 13.1.2
by todnksnn on 2019/10/15 05:36
It won’t let me download the app back!!!😕
Fix it please.
by fxck_nickname on 2019/10/15 03:21
I've downloaded & redownloaded this app & it won't start up. But a few years ago I used this app & I loved it.
Doesn’t load
by andrayac on 2019/10/15 00:48
When I go on the app it will just constantly being loading but every thing that need internet works but that and it said it has an error try restarting the app and I have and nothing works
Not opening
by alexashachar on 2019/10/14 13:18
I’ve been trying to go on to the app but it keeps telling me that I need to restart it and try again I’ve used it before but it recently stopped working and your website says server cannot be found
Won’t work
by Theradveggie on 2019/10/14 05:05
Seriously will not open this is crazy it’s been like this for a while
by vannahmariem on 2019/10/14 01:26
Love the app and products but it won’t load on my phone amymore🤷🏻‍♀️
It’s okay
by Pineapple_Nancy on 2019/10/13 21:56
I loved this app and I just downloaded it again but for some reason it’s saying that something is wrong and won’t open telling me to restart the app and I’ve don’t about 50 times.. I hope this bug gets fixed because this is a good app to get amazing makeup for good prices
Doesn’t work
by tell me more. on 2019/10/13 16:37
The app doesn’t even open, and says to try reopening app like okay I haven’t tried that or what?? Obviously i tried to reinstall it open it and everything. Nothing works. Thanks for the great ducking app
No more hush ?
by mamacita_xo on 2019/10/12 04:44
The app won’t ever open ?
Won’t load
by Ajames96! on 2019/10/12 03:38
I literally love love love this app I started my make up collection with tools and products from here but I am super super sad that lately the app is glitching and won’t even open 😩😩😩🥺🥺
Just placed my first order🤞🏽....
by LadyHusker8864 on 2017/12/23 05:56
Well, I debated, and i went to a couple of different sites that reviewed the app and the Sight. From the ones I viewed, they gave Hush no less than 4🌟’s. I felt I did my due diligence, so I decided to give it a try. The whole ordering process was relatively painless...well except for the fact that i spent way too much money for a first time visit. Some of the items I really wanted were sold out, but in the reviews i read they made mention of that fact so it’s not like i was unaware of the possibility. That being said, I still found enough items to fill the void. The site tells you that they ship out products Monday-Friday, and that the normal turnaround time is 8-10 business days. However, with it being a MAJOR holiday, there may be delays. They ship out of L.A., and I’m on the East coast, so I’m expecting it to fall more around the “10-15 business days” side of the time frame. It’s only fair with it nearly Christmas and the New Year is right around the corner! Once my order comes, and I’ve had a chance to try out some of the products ordered, I will be back with a updated review, but for now I’m content with giving them four stars.
My new addiction! 😌 Awesomest dupes ever🤩
by EricaGVC on 2019/01/17 14:31
I found this app looking for easy access to buying makeup. It has AWESOME Quality on makeup, I found a few brands I love on the app too, it is always free shipping and no taxes! I have been using it for a few months now and this is my new place to go now for buying my makeup. Oh also, I live in the Caribbean, in Puerto Rico, and I am getting my packages in 4 to 5 days only 😍🤩 normally I wait 1.5 to 3 was for packages like this. They also have an area like fab with community and news feed for makeup. Simply amazing. Obviously you wait a day or two for CS but it is great. One time I hit place order, but then I saw another thing I wanted, so I bought it separately, but since it was on the same day they merged my orders 😊 so I was happy that I got all I wanted on the same day. They have the cutest packages! They are pink says hush on the sides on white and has nice thick bubble wrap. They also have this rewards system for logging in daily and clicking claim, when you buy the give you 1point for each $1 spent, that is 1¢ per point. So again amazing people 2019: the prices are going up, the rewards are going down and now we do pay shipping. I don’t get it, they are doing better on sales but taking away rewards. I know I am buying way less now.
Good So Far...
by Nina<3Andy on 2018/06/19 14:16
I did extensive research on this app before even considering downloading it (I’m stingy) because I didn’t want to end up with another notoriously painful online shopping experience— AKA shipping takes ten years, everything gets lost in the mail, if it actually arrives, nothing fits, and customer service is everything but pleasant. However, I found that the overwhelming majority of its reviews were positive, so I went ahead and tried the app. I had set myself a $10 limit, just to test things out before I go crazy with it. For $7.50 dollars, I purchased a City Color eyeshadow pallet (which is selling for 20-something bucks everywhere else) and a FREE set of plumping lip glosses, just for setting up an account. There are always sales going on, and even when the ‘Sale’ tab isn’t peaking your interest, everything else on the site is SUPER affordable, and I had to restrain myself from going over my cute lil budget. UPDATE: My items arrived about a week ago and I’ve been using them every day since. The eyeshadow is so smooth and pigmented and clearly worth more than I paid for it. And even better yet, they showed up only four days after I purchased them. I will definitely be coming to this site from now on— my wallet will appreciate it.
Good website/app but
by TIMMIE 6382 on 2018/11/27 06:09
I love love loved this app at first! I thought it was great! Great prices, great products, etc.. But then I went trough the reviews and saw that someone said they got a free gift when becoming a new member and making their first purchase... then I thought about the purchase I had literally just made, and i did not get anything saying that I could get a free gift. I was very confused and disappointed because who doesn’t love a free gift? Especially if I earned by making a purchase. Then I thought well maybe you had to spend a certain amount to get the gift, and I looked at the app and saw an advertisement for a free gift with your first purchase. At this point I was ver confused because I had already made my first purchase. Then I saw it said that you had to spend at least 35 dollars to get this gift. But I spent almost 45 dollars and got nothing saying I get a free gift. I’m very upset I didn’t get a free gift even though I obviously made all of the requirements to get a free gift. Like I said in the beginning I love this app and the products and prices and if it weren’t for the free gift mishap then I definitely would have given the app 5 STARS ⭐️. But I did not get my free gift and I’m very confused why I didn’t... if customer service could help me with my problem that would be great. I have my email that has all the info and proof that I spent 45 dollars. Customer service please help sort this out. Thank you.
Never stocked, doesn’t load
by Kyla Cheree Edwards on 2019/04/10 00:46
I have been using this app for almost 2 years. Last year I stopped checking regularly for new products because of how it takes much too long to stock anything I need. I can never find the right color for me. In foundation or lip color. Last couple months every time I even try to open the app, it kicks me off immediately, none of the products have even been loading. I used to love this app because of the prices and deals, but it’s honestly just not worth. For how long I have to wait for anything and how none of the products that I need are ever in stock. It’s incredibly frustrating. I do not like shopping for makeup in person. I find it awkward. I am extremely self conscious and this app makes me feel like they don’t want to provide things I want. I used to buy products from this app but never again. The free shipping is great and the time it takes to get to my house is good but it’s not worth it if I can’t even get things I need. How about if you claim to have makeup for anyone and everyone, then you should be stocking it regularly. And be more attentive at fixing your apps glitches. This app makes me not want to shop for makeup at all. I put a lot of time and trust into this app, waiting for things that I want to become available, but it was honestly all for nothing. Thank you so much for wasting my time. I hope someone else reads this and takes my advice before using this app and being extremely disappointed.
First-time Purchase: a VERY broke college mom’s review...
by Miss Mack Makeup on 2019/01/27 04:38
This was my first purchase and I can’t say enough good things. The app is easy to navigate and has a rewards system. Also, can we take a minute to appreciate the free shipping on ONLY 25$ of products (not the usual “spend 50, free shipping!” or “free shipping when you spend 75$ or more!”) If you go on the actual site there’s usually a discount too. The products offered were also some of my favorite brands so naturally there was no end to the amount of items I wanted on this app, but since I am a very broke college student/mom I had to budget myself. I was curious as to the quality but low and behold one of my favorite money-smart YouTubers (#Zabrena) reviewed the Athena palette as a near exact dupe for the out-of-financial-reach Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette (I don’t care who you are, how beautiful, or how good the quality of ingredients or of the actual palette—no eyeshadow is worth 65$!) I was amazed at the payoff! Ended up going for this palette and I’m practically jumping up and down. Can’t wait to work with this on me, friends, and potential clients (I do per diem makeup for special occasions as a side hustle). I just know we’re all going to love this beautiful palette! And for the price you really can’t beat it!
I don’t know yet...first timer.
by SalaJade on 2018/01/13 19:36
I only put 3 stars for now because I’ve just made my first purchase of $26. Lol I put that out there ‘cause I was initially introduced to Hush. from Ads being played on videos of my fave youtubers and I of course love makeup! I’ve just restocked as of a week ago lol. Anyway, Hush had enticed me. I went ahead and downloaded the application lol. Free gift with Facebook cool 👍🏽 okay starting off nice, sign up was a breeze. And boom the jackpot lol soooooo much stuff in different varieties, I didn’t expect all the things I’ve seen on there. I was going to say I’ll give myself a $35 budget for a test run, you know? I’m a new customer, I’m testing out Hush services and such. So going back and forth with browsing and adding/deleting things from my cart trying to make a solid decision of what I want (🙄😓😆) I noticed I’d keep seeing zero dollars on the shipping 🤔 I thought maybe it’ll add on after I’m done and ready to checkout. Somehow I ended up on the website lol don’t remember how I got there but there was a bright pretty banner that said FREE U.S SHIPPING ON ORDERS $25 & UP 🤭🤭😱 that was after I already came to the conclusion to settle on four things for $26 things instead. A free setting spray, two beautiful looking pallets, & a blackhead peel mask. I’ll come back with an updated review after I receive all my things.. if I receive all my things.
by Cllivings on 2018/07/02 12:34
I am obsessed with this app. I completely restocked on makeup (and brushes, scrubs, cleansers, masks, etc.) about 4 days ago, an the order came today. I didn’t purchase anything but at target I did the same thing (filled the cart with everything I wanted) but it was so much more than at hush, so obviously I purchased it from hush. I was introduced to so many more amazing brands, deals, prices, and more. The app features a way to search for exactly what you need by brand, product, category, and pretty much any word. The shipping is free and it comes in only about 3-5 days, and nothing is damaged in the process. There is a way to save items you want, without getting them mixed up in the cart for if you see something but aren’t in any rush to get, see something else, or are running short on money. The app is super affordable, allowing people to purchase more at one time than other apps. The app also features a way to communicate with others, sort of like a mini social media. There are cleansers, makeup, brushes, and so much more. I am in love with everything about this app, and I definitely recommend it. P.S. sorry about the length of this review 🙃
Incredible Products That Don’t Break The Bank! 💕
by chispa-1215 on 2018/02/04 05:09
So, this is a review after having received two different orders of products. The first order only contained the Rosé Highlight (which I absolutely LOVE even more than some of my Anastasia Glow Kits, highly recommend) and two different eyeshadow palettes which I also LOVE. Everything went well and I received my package with 3 days. Perfect, right? Well it was! Packaging was so adorable in it’s cute little pink box, and the products were well protected with all the bubble wrap. Not a single item was damaged in the process!! I absolutely loved every single thing and use most of it daily. The eyeshadows are surprisingly pigmented and the highlight los I’ve bought this far are my favorites by far. First order was a huge hit with me! Placed a second order of facemasks and skin care products. Again, same thing, received all my items within a few days and everything was perfect. Just placed my third order of stuff with Hush and let me tell all you beautiful ladies out there, I will never ever by my makeup from anywhere else. Besides my ABH dipbrow of course although I’m sure Hush has an awesome dupe for it 😉❤️ I love you Hush!!!
Good start
by 15RuthCR on 2018/07/07 02:04
Well I checked out reviews before buying anything. It all looked nice, good prices, I had already heard about some of the products here so I went for it. I’ve just purchased so of course I’m waiting for my products, but something that seemed funny and got my attention is the spin wheel, which I took a look at right after when I got the app and I kept on playing with it to see if I would land on the prize I liked the most and most of the time I was pretty close. So I made sure I spent enough so I could spin the wheel and yes, I did it exactly the way I had done it before not too hard just enough to get close to my prize but this time it never stopped not even a little close, it just kept going on until I was already at the beginning again and got the lowest prize. So of course there’s something going on there i don’t know if it’s this same way for everyone but that’s something to think about. Also I had to spend more than $35 to get the spin when I had already spent $36 the app was saying I needed $2 more to get the spin so... weird... yes! Suspicious? Of course! But I’m hoping the products will be worth it.
Not POC (people of color)friendly
by Scrappy1738 on 2018/07/19 17:48
They have have fast shipping and the eyeshadows and highlighters are pigmented and pretty but as WOC, it’s hard to find lipsticks, blush and practically everything that could be problematic for my skin tone because they typically only swatch on light women. Why don’t you guys provide foundation and things of that nature for darker skin women? For instance, on the app, I see the Maybelline Fit Me matte foundation and the darkest shade that is offered is 340 and my shade (360) isn’t on the app but it is offered a lot of other places. Why only vend a certain category of the shades instead of the whole line knowing that there are people who are darker than Gabrielle Union on your app? The LA Colors Matte Foundation has 14 shades but only 2 are good for POC and the shade mahogany has been sold out for months. Considering the fact that not only lighter skin people use this website and there are only two good foundation shades for POC it would be nice if you guys kept it in-stock. It’s not only about the darker skin people on your app but also the lighter people as well. I wrote a post on the hush feed and there are a lot of paler women who have then same issue. Please expand your shade ranges for not only me but the other people who may feel left out.
Kinda love the app
by fizzyizzy31 on 2019/03/17 23:54
Originally I LOVED this app. I was a bit disappointed seeing all the comments about receiving a free first gift with ur first purchase... I never did🤷‍♀️ I loved this app for the longest time, everything was super cheap shipping was FREE, and you never had to wait too long for the items. But. Now it’s become almost a waste of my time having it. Shipping is no longer free which was a huge reason I had the app in the first place, also sometimes you can’t always click on items when you search for them and it lets you go to the item. I thought maybe because the items might be sold out but even on sold out items you can get the info and everything. It’s just frustrating when you’re trying to find something. I really was excited for this app the first few months but now not so much. I suggest using it only for little things and even then expecting some difficulty. I’m still gonna keep it for eyeshadow palettes and eyelashes but I doubt anything else. It hasn’t lived up to it’s good reviews for me.
No word on the shut down.
by jehfhfbfjedkjfjdhsjfhdhbdeb on 2019/06/19 07:55
So apparently hush has shut down, hence why they had such a ridiculous clearance sale a month or two back. Yet there has been ZERO word from Hush to consumers on what the hell is going on. The app itself in the months before this all happened was barely functional, never loaded anything properly, and things were ALWAYS out of stock no matter if you checked the app all day, everyday. Clearly this company was run by people who have no real experience in running an online business, especially one that’s tailored towards makeup and beauty. They really didn’t think this app would blow up? They used to offer free two day shipping on all orders, then that changed. Then things were constantly out of stock and were never restocked. Then things stopped loading properly. Obviously if you’re going to offer an app that sells dupes of high end makeup and skincare at an affordable price people are going to flock to it and they quite obviously couldn’t keep up and now it seems they’ve shut down completely. I’m beyond disappointed, mostly at the fact that they haven’t informed the consumers about whether this app will be back up and running again, or if it’s now just a waste of space on your home screen.
Customer Service Needs Improvement
by DeezG1 on 2018/03/05 18:01
Whenever you have a question or concern you must send an email which the reply to that will be 24-72 hours. There was an issue with my order and the only reason I knew that was from the app. I sent an email customer service regarding my order but never received a reply. If you send another email your original email goes to the bottom of the list. However after a whole week with no response I still sent in another email. I know my original email was received because I received a confirmation from them. My very first order from hush said delivered but I never received it. They will not resend the products to you that you did not received like most companies. If you use the app and used your hush points towards your order and something goes wrong, you will not receive your point credit back to you. The products that I ordered and did receive where pretty good. They’re has to be better communication with customer care/service and Hush so should do better with solving customer issues. I was looking to much a big purchase but since this last incident with my small purchase, I not sure that will happen.
Need improve but this app is great!
by Gladiola the best on 2017/11/29 13:37
First, when you are ready to check out and click the bottom for see your items and you do not confirm the transaction yet you can't go back in case that you want to add more or delete items in case you want it, if you do not confirm the transaction the app still confirm the transaction for you and charges you with out your consent. When you receive your purchase in the e mail, I can't see the transaction number and does not appear exactly how much they charge you! the only way that you see your total amount is going again to the app and log in and check it... Also I'll love add PayPal to the app. So far I don't like the payment method and the not clear email transaction. Please add a cancel button. Today I receive my package with my items, surprised me they add my purchases from different days together! the quality of bad habit is stunning! I definitively found my favorite app, the shipping was fast! free shipping and no tax, good quality!!, wow!!!
Love but issues
by Peeta Panda on 2018/06/28 06:46
So I started purchasing from Hush a couple months ago and I have to say that I love it. It ranges from skincare to body products to facial makeup. The pricing can be extremely cheap to a little pricey and the packaging is almost always cute! And there is always some type of sale or deal going on. I do like the coins for checking in which equal currency and can take money off of your total. The social media aspect of the app is very friendly and allows for you to gain support/courage on your makeup journey, especially if you’re just starting. However, it’s not perfect. I have had to put in my card info more than once as the app informed me that the charge failed even though I imputed the exact same info not even 20 minutes earlier. On one of my orders, I received some cheap mascara which was completely dried out. Another order had switched the eyeliner I was trying to buy and sometimes it glitches me out. But other than a few choke ups, this app is really good and I would recommend.
Amazing Products & Community!
by scintillating_ on 2018/04/02 21:26
First of all, I love the products and the variety. Such a great variety at an affordable price. The quality and pigmentation for my eyeshadows have been fantastic. Secondly, the customer service is great. I accidentally ordered and emailed them right away and my order was promptly cancelled. Lastly, the community is awesome. I love how all the other HUSH users are so uplifting and encouraging on each other’s posts. My only complaints are that you can’t click on the other users who liked your posts unless they commented. I want to see fellow users accounts too! Second, it is very easy to accidentally order since it has such a big button. It should be moved to the bottom of the screen after scrolling through your cart. Third, finding a specific category can be a hassle. The categories should be in a tab so that way users can click on the tab and click on whatever one they want to go to. Rather, clicking left or right a few times to find their desired category.
Yes !
by _lotuz on 2017/10/12 11:11
At first I was skeptical about shophush but after seeing vids of others buying and reviewing I was confident to buy so I did. I ordered past Monday and I received Thursday. Still yet to open my goodies but I can't believe how fast it came. So surprised. Maybe I'll try another website later on but I'm the meantime hush is where I'm constantly looking for affordable and awesome products. 💕💕💕 keep adding new stuff please! Might even buy the high end makeup later on if it ever restocked lol. -edit- I wish we were allowed to just tap a button to cancel order. I already checked out 2 carts accidentally. The 1st time I didn't mind cause all the products were what I wanted but I was waiting for the release on something to purchase everything altogether. Just now I accidentally checked out. 1 of the items I did not want. I wish I could cancel the order right away but best that can do now is to just send an email and wait. It's kinda bittersweet to be able to check out so easily.
Awesome products! Awesome Prices! Awesome Customer Service!
by Mrs Hasenbeck on 2018/09/01 17:29
I REALLY like this company! I have had nothing but good experiences with them. The prices are so good, and their selection is great! Totally love spinning the wheel- although the wheel could use an update- the reason I say that is after you spin it- it will spin again if you try- lol sorry but I wish once you spin it - that’s it you know exactly what you won - no confusion! Lol Aside from that suggestion, I can say they make shopping with them easy & affordable. Shipping came fast too. Oh! I did want to mention I bought nail paint in a stick that had little micro mini beads that you cover your nail bed with- SO much fun! And I bought the tray of gems and beads- omg I’m getting better with all of it lmbo thankfully, but I think the nail polish pen was $1 and the tray of gems maybe $5... I have had way more fun playing with those 2 products alone that it’s insane! Thank you Hush! You rock! Keep knocking it outta the park! ❤️💃🏻💋
Almost Perfect
by Tryken on 2017/11/28 22:38
I really love the design of the app and how simple it is to place an order. However, I wish you could simply tap the button to cancel your order but that part is grayed out. Even just giving it like a limited time to cancel would be fantastic. For example, if you haven’t cancelled your order within five minutes it’ll be processed. Just now I accidentally placed and order and now I’ll probably need to make two orders. This is just an idea, but I think a really amazing idea would be a comment section and maybe even a rating system. Most people like your stuff anyways and I think it would be reassuring. This could especially work on first time buyers. Last but not least, someone else mentioned possibly having a notification system on when an items back in stock. I think that would be brilliant. None of these are meant to be downgrading, but I think that it would make people want to buy from you even more. Love ya!!
I love this app!!
by KaitlynEsquer on 2018/01/07 19:12
I was very iffy about this app but I finally decided to try it after a makeup page I followed ordered from them and gave an honest review! The app was very easy to use and navigate through. Checking out was painless. I love that you can use your Apple Pay to make a purchase instead of having to insert your card every time you order. I do wish that you could write reviews on the product itself within the app so you could see what other users thought about the product and how well it worked for them. I always love to see reviews before I spend money on a product personally. I do agree with other users that notifications on when a certain product is restocked would be really nice. Those are the only reasons for my 4 star review. I haven’t received my order yet so I’ll update my review when I get mine!
My savior
by Somebody😄😃😀😝 on 2018/01/21 00:11
I can’t even explain how happy I am with how this turned out. At first, I was skeptical. $10 eyeshadow palettes? Really? But after doing some research, I decided to make my first purchase within the app (free shipping!!) It took about 9 days for my order to arrive, not too bad. Once it arrived, the packaging of the box was super cute! I opened it up, and was pleasantly surprised to see all my items bubble wrapped. Nothing was broken or damaged at all. I probably ordered way too much for a first time user, but I just couldn’t resist those low prices. I ordered a few palettes and brushes, nothing too fancy, and let me just say, THE BAD HABIT PALETTES ARE SO AMAZING!! The packaging is ultra cute, and the pigmentation!! It’s incredible, the quality of their palettes for $12. I was blown away. I plan to order more in the future, and ShopHush definitely made it easier for me to have a continuous supply of good quality makeup, whenever I wanted!
Viewing Items in Shopping Bag
by Nicca184 on 2019/02/17 21:46
This app for the most part is very user friendly. Most items are amazing. BUT I cannot STAND that once I add something to my cart I can’t see it again unless I search for it or find it under whatever category it was in. There’s so many items on the website that being able to easily go to a category and find something just isn’t the case. I’ve never been on a website or an app where I can’t click the item I have in my cart to view it from there. PLEASE fix this so that I don’t have to re-search everything I add to my bag. Also.. being able to sort the way we see the items would also be nice. Again, I’ve never really used an app or website that I can’t choose to view things in order of their price (lowest to highest or vice versa) or by highest rated items or most popular. Missing those two key things is extremely frustrating when trying to place a big order. I like to view things sorted by their price, fill up my cart and then go back to make sure I got everything I needed or if I added too much. But without being able to click items in my cart to bring me back to the products page I end up deleting them completely because again, there’s so many things to choose from I forget what everything does and what everything looks like. I really hope someone can do something about this because it does make your shopping experience so much easier and I’m sure other people would agree. Thank you for your time.
Actually 4.5 but rounded up
by SDangerFitz on 2018/01/29 12:36
I wanted to give this 4.5 stars but couldn’t. I rounded up because it’s actually just a couple of suggestions. First, I love this app so much. I was talking to my sister about it and turns out she was about to tell me about it because we both love it and share all of our tips with each other. The only thing I would like is if there were sections like other online stores like within each product you could have “users also bought” or a “related” section. And give the ability to leave reviews directly on the item. And even possibly click the brand and see other items they offer. I personally shop that was because it draws me in. But I love the categories and the way it is set up. I love this app so much either way. Super cheap and the rewards aren’t worth much but with cheap makeup, they build up quick
Best makeup “store”
by pbandjelly224 on 2018/05/28 19:45
Before I start my review, I would like to say that I AM NOT A SCAMER. I am 100% just a customer who has such great success and I bring this app up to my friends all the time. I am honestly super impressed. They have such a wide variety of makeup items. They have pretty high end makeup for those who want high end, but they also have inexpensive prices for those who don’t have the money for high end makeup. And the inexpensive makeup IS NOT CHEAP IN QUALITY AT ALL!!! I personally own 2 eyeshadow palettes and I don’t go anywhere without them. I use them about every day. For those who love makeup, yet don’t want to spend $14 on a lip pencil, this is the app for you. Actually this app is for everyone!!! Some might see this and believe it is too good to be true or that the shipping takes months. But those are both inaccurate. It is super easy to work with and the shipping is super fast.
by AvidGlamGal on 2018/03/26 15:37
I loved my first purchase from Hush! I’m an addict when it comes to make up, but quality is essential. I read a lot of good reviews about hush and after seeing some photos from customers of products they All looked appealing to me. So I decided to give it a shot, my first purchase ended up being a little under 50 bucks that I received nine different products for that amount of money. I got two eyeshadow palette‘s and the pigments are great and the shadow looks beautiful! I got a foundation that was a familiar your brand to me, Milani, but I normally spend about $40 on an Estée Lauder foundation. The one I have from Hush was nine dollars and I absolutely love it! All my products I really like so far and I’m definitely going to purchase from them again, make up gets expensiveReally quick so it’s great to have found this app that offers good product at a much cheaper price. Five stars!
Shop hush? Worth your money?Honest full review...
by Cutepandalove10 on 2017/12/07 07:10
When I first downloaded the app, I was kind of uncertain about it. Everything seemed too good to be true. The prices were INSANELY LOW!! I thought I was getting scammed out of my money... cough cough *"wish app"aka "cute"* anyways there's no shipping charge, no tax charge, amazing sales added every other day. All the products are equally placed and organized. What more can I say? I LOVE HUSH! Although to every enjoyment there are some BAD qualities. First off, you cannot cancel your order so BEWARE! Second off, there's no search button:( I would like to search my favorite brands and ONLY look at that brands items. 3rd of all the app is always SOLD OUT on the popular items :( it really bums me out, but as always HUSH will never disappoint me... and they always end up restocking ASAP! Highly suggest to all my money loving girls who want to save a $. 🛍💘😇✨
I used to really enjoy this app but now can’t even get it to open.
by Moonelia on 2019/06/09 04:40
I am a huge fan of the app, never been disappointed by a product I’ve purchased and am overall usually satisfied, enough to keep consistently buying. However, as of recently, I’ve run into a rather big problem. When launching the app an error message displays saying that there was a problem loading the app, and that it needs to be restarted. No biggie. Except that no restart is enough to fix the error it seems. It displays over and over again and when cleared the screen loads indefinitely, completing restricting me from even shopping. I don’t believe it’s something to do with my software as it ran perfectly fine before, I do hope whatever it is is cleared up soon so I can get back to shopping :(
Pretty Much Always A Smooth Experience
by Shalynn819 on 2018/07/26 23:51
I Love this App. Prices have gone up a little and they took away a few of the low priced items that I was looking for at one time..I’m sure making the low priced items an add on is because of free shipping they would be losing money. I have always had a pretty good experience. Everything has arrived in excellent condition, the first 2 times I ordered it shipped out the same exact day. When I miss spelled an address they took care of it right away and notified me. There were a few times months ago that I was not provided with a tracking number but I think it was a glitch and has been fixed? I just placed an order though so I will find out. This is a great app with quality products for Lower prices and I think everybody should know about it!! Hopefully the prices stay fabulous lol Thanks❤️
Very Good Products and Service!!
by DCatt on 2018/01/23 17:55
This seems to be the only place to leave reviews on Hush products and service. I’ve order twice in the last month. Eye shadow palettes by Bad Habit dupes for high end palettes. Compared with my coworker who bought the high end palettes we swatched the colors and were amazed at the buttery consistency and color payoff with the Bad Habit version and the colors matched exactly. I also bought Wild and Natural. Amazing! I’m so impressed with the packaging (very good packaging for shipping). Arrived in 7 business days! All palettes come with a mirror and a nice thick plastic cover over the shadows. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality. If you are not able to pay for the high end products I highly recommend trying Hush! This could very well be the next breakthrough to makeup. Especially eye shadow palettes.
Prettttty amazing
by Tonicterrapin07 on 2018/08/15 04:55
This app is awesome! There are a lot of products from familiar brands as well as some newer brands I had not heard about before hush! Shipping is free when you purchase from the app and my items have always been delivered in a timely fashion. Here is why my review is 4 stars instead of 5, many of the products sell out and there is a huge delay until they get restocked. I contacted hush to ask about this and they said they are always getting new shipments etc (their customer service is pretty awesome or seems to be!) but I’ve seen products, especially popular products be sold out for awhile. It’s probably because the demand is getting higher for certain things... but don’t wait until you are out of something if you need it... because it just might be sold out ;) otherwise, definitely worth it
A+ Makeup, C- Community
by ToshiakiOda on 2018/02/07 07:01
Most people know by now that the makeup from this site is absolutely phenomenal. The eyeshadow pallets, primarily the ones by the brand Bad Habits, are just as luxurious as their expensive counterparts. HOWEVER. There is a small 'community' portion to the app as well. It's rather simple though - all you can do it post, comment on, and like pictures, and nothing more. No way to follow or block other users, which is disappointing if you particularly like someone's posts, and devastating if anyone ever decides to be a bully or something of the sort. Also, it connects with I'm assuming your Facebook, and you have no way of changing anything about your account. For one it made an error in my name, and two, it connected my profile picture and I'm not happy about that. Please, add more.
Love it! One thing tho...
by i dint know my name on 2019/03/23 13:24
I love this app so much! I actually downloaded it in June 2018, and I’ve loved it since then. Then I got a new phone in December 2018, and I never downloaded hush. Just forgot. So when I remembered, January or February of this year, I downloaded it again. I still love it. But shipping is $5.00 now. I usually only like to spend 5-10 dollars at once but now I can’t do that because shippers my only is 5 dollars and barley anything good is only 5 dollars. I just wish shipping price was lowered a little. It would make me buy more often. I usually buy once or twice a month, but now I haven’t bought anything since February. I know that shipping was added so that you could get more money, since shipping money you get and if it’s above a certain amount of money shipping is free so you get all that money. But now less people are buying. None of my friends have bought since it updated to 5 followers shipping. I do love the app but I would really appreciate it if you lowered the shipping price.
This app is the real deal!
by Duckorii on 2018/06/10 16:09
I’ve had Hush for a few months now, always ordering one or more things when I can. Everything is super cheap and good quality. They also, always have things on sale, every day! ( I think ) Every time you purchase an item you’ll get coins which you can save up and buy things with them! You also get coins every day which is even better. As you collect coins your level will go up and depending on which level you are, you can get faster shipping. But don’t worry, even if you’re a starter, they usually ship really quick. I love the feed, everyone is supper supportive of each other. If there is something I would want them to add, it would be reviews on the products. Sometimes I’m wondering how good the item is and all that sort of stuff, but I’d have to look it up and not all the time I find an answer. I think it would’ve been much better if each item has its own review section! Overall this app is great. The staff also deserve some love, they’re really nice ! I’ll definitely recommend Hush to anyone who is looking for cheap but good quality makeup or any other thing. They have makeup and other sorts of things too!
So amazing!
by NickNasNeat on 2018/08/08 23:00
I’m pretty sure I will never buy a palette from anywhere else again! I just placed my first order so I haven’t received my items yet but I will update this review when I do! But the ordering process was so easy and i know youtubers that use a lot of their stuff and they claim their quality is amazing... I’m so excited to get all my stuff! I bought like 8 items and only cost me $56! Plus I got 2 free items!! At ulta or Sephora kits like the ones I got would be AT LEAST $50 each. I’m so happy I found this app! Shout out to youtuber Mia maples for getting me hooked! Update: just got my items which came in so fast!!! Literally came in only a week! And the products are amazing. I just can’t believe all that I got for such a good price!! I love hush!!
I love this app
by Ampcab213 on 2018/06/29 16:41
I honestly love this app so much I tell all my friends about it. I’ve ordered like 3 times and each time my order takes less than a week and my items always come carefully packed and intact. My only feedback would be that I think there should be like a rating system for each product because sometimes some brands aren’t as widely known and I’m scared to purchase something I may not like. With a rating system we could see how other people have liked their purchase and that could help pick out which product would work best for them kind of like how other makeup websites do it to help people with correct shade matching and skin preference, etc. Other than that this app is absolutely perfect!
Just okay
by HECK YES YESSSS on 2019/01/29 06:16
Well.. it was a cool app when I first got it. I was excited to make my first few purchases. However things have changed, there is no free shipping for orders under $25, and I only ever planned to order about one or two things at a time. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on makeup in the first place because of college so I thought this would be a cheaper alternative to find dupes of bigger name brands. When I want to buy a dupe palette I usually can only afford one at a time, even if it’s only 10$. I use that same palette until it’s gone because I just can’t afford to buy makeup like crazy. So a 10 dollar palette plus 5 dollar shipping is just not worth it, much less 2, 10 dollar palettes. 2, 10 dollar palettes wouldn’t even hit the 25 dollar mark, so you are still going to be paying a lot of money just to get 2 palettes. Sorry Hush, I just can’t do that. I’m broke. Lol. The point system is going to be gone soon, in which you could redeem points for credit. I only ever got one or two a day anyway, and I never remember to log in every day. So I have 44 point credit accumulated over 6 months, which doesn’t help at all with cutting the price of the 5 dollar shipping. I am better off going to walgreeens or wal-mart. Heck, even dollar tree! Oh well, it was fun Hush. Thank you.
This app is EVERYTHING
by Glitterkillah on 2018/01/17 02:46
I absolutely adore this app. People talk about dupes....they have the BEST dupes for high end palettes I have ever seen. Like not even just dupes, the brand that makes the palettes have a great formula on their own! I couldn’t care less about the name when the Huda palette for example is 65$ at Sephora (where I do almost ALL my makeup/skincare shopping) and a “similar” palette on here is 12$...hmm I wonder which one I’m gonna go for. Love love love the app with free shipping! Never been disappointed yet. The only reason I took one star off (I wish it could be a half star) is that the shadows themselves have a little funky smell to them. I bought the LimeCrime Grunge 2 palette dupe and the ABH Subculture dupe. They both have an odd chemically smell to them. Otherwise I can’t complain about a thing. Thanks!
Reviewing while I wait.
by Voodoo Doll 9 on 2018/02/24 10:58
Placed my orders on Tuesday, it’s now Friday and my order is still saying it’s in “packaging.” Not complaining too loudly since it is free shipping no matter how much you spend. I really wish that there was a review system in there, though. It would be nice to see how other buyers did with a product. I see that sometimes people ask in the social tab how a product is, if it’s nice, if it works, and others do leave a review of sorts. Mostly I just see eye make up close ups, and while they look nice and make me excited for my palette, I would still like to see a place for reviews when you click on a product. It would help with the company and stocking, whether something is good and worth restocking. So it’s a 3, more of a 3.5 stars, for now until I get my order and see if the products are good.
Prices have skyrocketed.
by BaBySaMa on 2017/11/17 14:36
Hi! I remember when this app was a bit new there were 6 of you I believe, but looks like there’s only 2 now (from what the app shows). Now that I’ve downloaded the app again (saw the prices raising so I deleted the app) months later the prices have gone up drastically ! I used to spend so much $$ on this app because of how affordable the prices were. Also you guys used to send out emails and ask for feedback and give out coupons. That’s what brought customers back for more! I don’t mean any disrespect but it’s really sad how this app has turned out. I felt valued with every order you guys sent and the letters included Inside which told me I was one of the very few people to try the app out when it was beginning. Anyways I thought maybe this feedback could help. If not 🤷🏻‍♀️ haha but anyways thanks for all the name brand make up you guys used to sell for like $10 and under. It was great while it lasted.
Love this app!
by funkadelic.jess on 2018/11/01 00:00
I have been using this app for a little over a year now and I love how it’s free shipping and no taxes! The orders arrive in a timely manner and I have never had an issue with the products or payments. I recommend this to my friends and family! I love how you can collect points which can be used later to purchase items! People share there looks that they created with the products and also inform you what products have worked best for them! I think it’s very inventive and I adore this app!! I buy majority of my makeup off of Hush and I’m always pleased! I think the only complaint I have is when something is sold out it can take a while for it to get back in stock.
Wish I Could Give It 5 Stars But..
by Chribbity on 2018/02/19 18:37
I have bought from the hush app before, and I really enjoyed almost everything about it. It was easy to use, the interface is sleek and cute, and it is very geared towards customer interaction. I also had a wonderful time with customer service. However, I have strayed away from using this app. My biggest and only complaint is that I can never seem to use this app on wifi. I thought this was just a problem with my personal wifi, but I tried to use this app at a friend’s house along with places with free wifi. Still, it doesn’t work! I don’t really know what it is. I still highly recommend this app for those of you who don’t have this problem. It’s a great app that works well!
by Demi İrem on 2017/12/10 05:41
I never ever write reviews about apps, but with Hush I had to! I have so many good things to say. The app feels friendly, you can tell they don’t stock on products that are bad quality, it’s easy to use, organized, and they have extremely good prices and always things on promotions. Hush is good for your beauty routine as it is for your budget ❤️. Today I received my order, two days earlier, no tax or shipping too... The only thing I think it could be improved is that when you add a product to your cart, and you click on it as if you wanted to read the descripción box, it won’t redirect you to the product, so you have to look for the product again... THAT’S ALL! 100% recommended :D
Wow really easy
by Ms Yeager on 2018/05/31 04:45
First time using his app and they have so much variety, so easy to pay, not complicated or long process to set up as a member and I got a free gift right away. The prices are amazing. I ordered 2 pallets. Haven't tried any products yet but I'm excited to get them in the mail. Ohhhh and it was freeee shipping. This is dangerous I feel like it's so easy I'm gonna shop here a lot. The only thing I would have liked to see is maybe star reviews on each product to see how the products are rated by other customers, cause sometimes you buy products you have never tried and are not sure of the quality you will be getting. Other then that I like this app a lot.
Good but one HUGE problem.
by JetPack100315 on 2018/05/01 15:58
I love this app. I’ve gotten some great things from it. However! There is one HUGE flaw that is making me consider getting rid of it. First the good. You get points everyday that are actual money to use towards your purchases. Also there is a really big selection of products to shop and I like that a lot. Plus the app is easy to navigate. Now the bad part. It is so easy to accidentally buy something. And I mean that literally. I’ve done it twice. The purchase button is so large and it doesn’t have you confirm an order before it charges your card so if you accidentally click that button you get charged and that’s it. Plus you can’t cancel an order once it’s been placed. It is extremely annoying so beware and watch where you click.
Love Hush!!
by Lizzbethf on 2017/10/23 22:00
They have wonderful makeup dupes for more expensive products, the brands they sell in it such as Bad Habit are actually good quality and affordable! Plus they ship super fast so that's a plus! Along with this, they even sell products from real high end brands as well as drugstore makeup products such as Benefit, NYX, theBalm, Maybelline, Milani, etc. Besides makeup they also sell sheet masks for prices as low as $1, and other skin care products! The only thing I would complain about is the lack of a search engine, and you have to wait for some really good popular products to restock, but I don't mind it as I've gotten the hang of navigating the app. I definitely recommend downloading Hush and giving it a try!
Very satisfied :)
by ari grande 4229 on 2018/11/08 06:31
So I downloaded this app probably less than 2 weeks ago and I've been watching a lot of youtubers review their products, especially their eyeshadow palettes. I decided to give it a try, and I bought 4 eyeshadow palettes along with other skincare needs. Within only TWO days of placing my order, i got my package in the mail and might i add, it was packaged very nicely. The products are great and I love the fact that if you spend over $35 you get one free item! Heads up: the products themselves don't have any reviews on them, it just tells you how many people have viewed and bought the my advice would be to do your research on each individual product you want to buy before you buy it!
Amazing shopping app
by Leeahbee🐝 on 2018/01/09 01:42
I absolutely love hush’s app. The ordering process is so streamlined and simple, and the products are amazing and at often a few dollars cheaper than buying them directly from the manufacturers site or at the drugstore, I am sold on this company. The only downside is that some products sell out while they’re in your cart and you can’t get to them fast enough😂 but if you order items quickly soon after you add them, you won’t have the disappointment of seeing your products drop out of your cart one by one.😂😂😂 but they make up for this by restocking very quickly, sometimes the same day they sell out. Overall, I love this app❤️❤️❤️
Great so far
by Alec2465 on 2018/01/01 17:07
I just downloaded this app and so far I like it. I already see a lot of products I would like to buy. I've looked at their website before and was planning on buying things when I got the chance, but then I forgot about it. I saw a friend post on Facebook about their app and she said that she loves everything she has bought so far so I figured I would download the app and give it a try. I love the fact that they offer new members a free gift with their first purchase. I bought and eyebrow razor and chose a pair of lashes and glue for my free gift. I will leave an update when I receive my stuff but so far loving this app and I love that everything looks nice and is affordable!
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