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fender tune - Guitar Tuner
fender tune is the 5-star rated, easy-to-use, super-accurate tuner app for guitar, bass & ukulele from Fender®. The updated Tune app comes with an all-in-one Player Pack practice kit, featuring chords, scales, built-in beats, advanced tuning capabilities and a metronome, all available for in-app purchase! PERFECT FOR ALL MUSICIANS, FROM BEGINNERS TO PROS The all-new version of fender tune features the same free, easy and accurate tuning for guitar, bass and ukulele, along with 26 alternate tunings. The Pro Tuner option adds greater precision and flexibility with adjustable A=440 Hz reference. FREE fender tune App Features: • Easy-to-use, ad-free interface • Auto-tune, manual, chromatic and custom tuning modes • Instrument specific tunings for electric, acoustic, bass and ukulele Auto-Tune Mode • The app hears the note and guides you to a perfect pitch • A string-by-string diagram guides the selected tuning Manual Tune Mode • Select acoustic, bass and electric guitar • Tap a string on the interactive Fender headstock and tune your guitar Chromatic Mode • Tune to any note on the scale • Chromatic Mode recognizes each of the 12 chromatic (semitone) steps of the equal-tempered scale Pre-Set Tunings 26 tunings available, including: • Standard (EADGBE) • DADGAD • Open G • Drop C • Full-step • Half-step • and 20 more Custom Tunings • Create your own custom tunings and save to your Fender Connect personal profile for easy access PRO-Tuner Available with In-App Purchase • Real-time visual feedback • Additional tuning styles featuring exact cents and hertz reference • 40 different non-standard tuning references (A=420Hz to A=460Hz) PLAYER PACK ALL-IN-ONE PRACTICE TOOLKIT WITH IN-APP PURCHASE Get more out of your practice with the Player Pack all-in-one toolkit, which includes chords, scales, built-in beats, advanced tuning capabilities and a metronome, or purchase each tool separately. CHORDS Discover new harmonic horizons with more than 5000 shapes in Fender's new dynamic chord library. • New proprietary technology dynamically creates any chord pattern, with multiple shape variations, anywhere on the neck • Get chord diagrams and finger placement for any chord • Look up every chord variation in any position • Find a chord by note • Browse through curated chord collections • Includes chords for six-string guitar only SCALES Explore new melodies and improve your lead playing with a new dynamic scale library based on the same proprietary technology as Fender's new chord library. • Find scale diagrams and patterns for any variation, flavor and key • Find patterns in any key anywhere on the fretboard • Quickly learn complex scales with easy-to-understand visuals • Includes scales for six-string guitar only RHYTHM Improve your playing and have more fun practicing with a simple but flexible drum kit. • Choose from 65 different drum rhythms across 6 different genres (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Funk/R&B and World) • Features 65 one-touch, pre-programmed beats: West Coast Blues, Kingston Groove and many more • All drum sounds are based on an authentic acoustic drum kit, specially created just for Fender • Select your tempo and customize your time signature to practice with any rhythm • Also features standard metronome mode PRO TUNER Tune your guitar, bass or ukulele with greater visual precision and even more flexibility • Get real-time visual feedback to find the exact tuning you're looking for • Explore more tuning styles with exact cents and hertz reference • Choose from 40 different non-standard tuning references, from A=420Hz to A=460Hz -- Since 1946, Fender® has set the standard for expertly crafted, high-performance instruments and audio equipment. fender digital, a new digital products division, is extending the vision with a precise and easy-to-use guitar, bass and ukulele tuner iPhone app.
The metronome is kind of buggy
by kooooooooch on 2019/08/22 23:29
Please fix this. It sometimes becomes double tempo or change sound
by ds2324 on 2019/08/22 10:58
So easy to tune
Snapped my guitar string
by Hack4life07 on 2019/08/20 21:08
I was tuning my guitar , and The string pitch on the app was too high , and eventually I tuned my guitar and the string snapped ! At least I correctly tuned some of the other strings . But please do something about it ! I beg you! This is a 700$ Martin D-45 classical guitar ! Make a section for Martin D-45 guitars .
The tuner doesn’t work to save your life
by this jawnt good on 2019/08/19 17:33
It’s actual garbage
Doesn’t work, despite buying the so called pro tuner. I’m using a PRS electric guitar
by nyxaquar on 2019/08/18 23:59
Doesn’t work, despite buying the so called pro tuner. I’m using a PRS electric guitar
Great and simple
by PeteyPeeps on 2019/08/18 21:13
Use Auto and don’t have to think or use Manual to test your ear. Either way you’re in tune in no time.
Expected better...
by Throwawayaccount27272 on 2019/08/16 20:27
i got this app because it was highly recommended to me, and as a beginner i thought it would a better alternative to youtube videos. it worked for the E and A string, but it was when it started to think they D string was both a G and an A string, and it just flat out didn't work for the other strings, i would expect better quality, especially because it's Fender, and i was using a Fender squier stratocaster. 2/5
Pay for different tuning?
by Neonbelly1 on 2019/08/12 00:31
Cmon fender
by cocosolo on 2019/08/10 18:50
Great App !!!
Not great
by Ava bassist on 2019/08/10 18:01
If you are looking to tune a bass quickly with the auto setting than your better off buying a real tuner because it’s terrible. It will go back and forth on every string when I pluck the E string it reads as a D, it goes from to high to to low without me even touching the tuning knobs it’s one the most annoying and frustrating apps ever!
Need to fix some things
by hi cera on 2019/08/10 05:00
I was tuning my bass and I was on the second string down and I was tuning it but the app said it needs to be turned more so I kept on tuning is slowly but it broke. Maybe there should be a policy of if you string broke you get a free pack for free because strings aren’t cheep especially if you just started but maybe either fix the app or people will start to complain more and more.
It works
by Will N. on 2019/08/08 02:29
I anticipated something of mediocre quality since I figured something like this might be of little value to Fender. But it’s perfect; I wouldn’t change a thing. I enjoy using it.
worst tuner ever
by forrest1799 on 2019/08/05 04:43
if i could leave a no star review i would
by AustinAtoms182 on 2019/08/04 22:15
If you’re not willing to pay, this app is total garbage. Especially if you aren’t playing in standard
No way to tune 5 string bass
by gsredhawks on 2019/08/04 01:29
Fender makes 5 string jazz and precision bass and there is no option to tune low b string.
by Cxhcy on 2019/08/03 05:41
F*cking great app
Great but...
by HitManDucky on 2019/08/02 22:23
Ok so I just got my first guitar and this app works great but when I go to tune g the app thinks I’m trying to tune d
Not Picking Up Last Three Strings
by aafuhcjbs on 2019/07/30 15:24
The app worked on E A and D. It’s not recognizing the last 3 strings. G B and E. Whenever I play the last three, the app thinks I’m still playing D.
Very bad tuner
by b0hemian rhapsody on 2019/07/29 20:49
Doesn’t t work it glitches like crazy wrong strings
Fender is a brand I trust
by Cgoofies on 2019/07/29 00:36
I may not alway play a Fender, but it’s a brand I trust. I like using their online tuner for me needs.
Can’t even tune my guitar
by Hermes228. on 2019/07/23 14:36
It is so hard to work with when I’m trying to tune my guitar I just like my regular tuner better.
Not A Fan
by Awesomedude7654 on 2019/07/22 22:07
This tuner gave me the option of different tuning but couldn’t tell what string I was playing. I would be drop C# and play the E string and it would say I’m playing G. I say this app needs a major upgrade on the sound quality.
I do not recommend this tuner.
by Sam Douglasson on 2019/07/19 22:02
The tuner regularly malfunctions. I’ll repeatedly play an open string and it displays an entirely different string and I cannot tune using it. Deleting this app for good.
Best running app I ever used
by septicsoldier21 on 2019/07/15 14:55
Great timing and no paying for different tunings and tunings for other instruments
It Doesn’t Listen
by guitarmateo6 on 2019/07/15 13:21
There are two major problems I have with this. It tunes the strings flat (even though it’s at 440 Hz) and not all the strings are tuned the same, so you can’t even have a nice sounding flat chord. Also the thing it does with the loading circle and then the click to tell you it’s staying in tune is not real. I have both stoped playing the string, and continued the tune the string before, and it still does the loading thing then the click. I cannot rely on this app to tune my guitar.
It keeps mistaking my G string for my d
by Comrad Kali on 2019/07/14 01:07
Can’t tune properly
Pretty good
by Lovely game.just peachy on 2019/07/12 16:52
This is pretty cool. I don’t own a tuner of my own, but this does the job. It takes a while to tune. It just can’t make up its mind on if I should tune up or tune down.
awesome !
by AwesomeSaraIsKool on 2019/07/11 23:16
so easy to understand got my guitar tuned in 5 minutes
Outstandingly accurate
by Jaredsw01 on 2019/07/11 21:46
This app is incredible. I have two acoustic guitars and one has a built in tuner, but the other does not and I still have not purchased a tuner for it so I have been unable to play it. Well, thanks to this app, I was able to tune it nicely using the auto tune feature. I was quite surprised at how accurate the tune detection is and how it can recognize the difference between you plucking a string and any background noise around you (I was actively talking while tuning and even double checked that it tuned correctly and it did). This definitely deserves 5 stars. Of course it won’t be as accurate as a normal tuner, but it can definitely get pretty close!
Doesn’t work with my bass
by dungusblungus226 on 2019/07/11 13:40
This shouldn’t be categorized as a guitar and bass tuner if it can’t tune bass
It’s a decent app
by kiaxxx1 on 2019/07/08 19:39
Its a pretty good app my only probably with it though is that while I tuning my E on my acoustic guitar it told me to keep tuning it up and up. Eventually my other E string had broke. I was very disappointed because that was my last string I had to tune.
by Kazuhira__ on 2019/07/06 21:46
Whenever I try and tune my guitar, it does not work. This app can’t seem to tell the difference between any string, and halfway through tuning one string it’ll think it’s another one. It’s fundamentally broken and needs work, I can’t even tell if my guitar is tuned because every time I tune my string and it says it’s right, it’ll say it’s wrong after it hears it again.
by shaghayegh2018 on 2019/07/05 09:38
Why make a mistake some time????😭😭
Fender Guitar Tuner
by Tom Bomb Simpson on 2019/07/03 01:16
A lot of people use Guitar Tuner’s to Tune there guitarI used to do it by ear Since I suffered a hearing loss as a child I’ve been sugected to a lot of ear piercing Noises working in mills and playing An electric guitar as well for the past 20 Years I have an acoustic guitar now Thumbs up guys great tuner
I love this app!
by divalife77 on 2019/06/30 07:01
It rly helped my tune my guitar, now I can finally rock out!
Great app!!!
by spiritunknown on 2019/06/27 20:46
I was stuck between a ton of apps and YouTube videos that did nothing for me when I found this one. It’s great if you don’t have a tuner and are looking to tune your guitar.
App can’t figure out which string I’m on
by Justinr9999 on 2019/06/27 01:55
App is a pile. It can’t figure out what string I’m on, gives me no method to manually select a string, and when it does get the string right it says it’s only in tune after having played the string open for several seconds...
by JoshuaFuckinM on 2019/06/26 19:08
Literally been trying to tune my top e to c# for the past 10 minutes and it still, STILL believes i’m playing an f# even though my actual tuner can see that it is NO WHERE EVEN CLOSE TO AN f#. This app is stupid and will make you stupid the longer you keep it on your phone.
Love it!
by Avidphototaker on 2019/06/26 15:37
Versatile, easy, and accurate.
10 out of 10
by supet good app on 2019/06/24 20:58
Such a good app I love that you can switch between different instruments 10 out of 10
Best tuning app
by purplesqrl on 2019/06/24 17:24
Great for beginners, it can tune all guitars and ukuleles, and it works perfectly!
Won’t recognize E On bass
by sustalvi4 on 2019/06/24 17:05
Can’t get the app to tune the E string in auto mode. Hears it as a G. Other strings tune great. Frustrating.
Great app
by we wah on 2019/06/22 18:59
It’s a great tuner
Great Guitar Tuner
by Budwynn on 2019/06/21 21:06
Brand new to playing guitar and this app works great to get me started.
Custom tuning problems
by marywateroly on 2019/06/20 23:19
I wanted to use this for the custom tuning option but after I saved 2 custom tunings, and used them for a few days they just randomly disappeared which really messed me up for a performance! Not a fan!
Outdated interface wants your money
by KswDpi on 2019/06/19 02:40
This a vertical format only app. The goal is to get you to pay for the four basic features and even more for the Play feature with lessons. I recommend a free tuner app if that’s what you need and Justin Guitar if learning to play is what you’re after.
Doesn’t work
by Housedesktop on 2019/06/18 01:14
This app does not work in the slightest.
Great app!
by Alyialeeroy on 2019/06/16 21:12
I’m an absolute beginner with a hand me down guitar! This app has helped me EASILY tune up my old guitar! Super awesome app and I highly recommend it :)
by philthis2272 on 2019/06/15 00:51
Works good really keeps and gets me in tune fast and easy
I hate this app
by 1209384756593 on 2019/06/11 15:47
I’d play a G and it would constantly tell me it’s too high for a B. Extremely annoying
Not Bad
by ST33LENUTZ on 2019/06/11 02:42
Has a little lag figuring out which string you are playing but overall takes about 1 min or so to get through tuning all the strings. Pretty darn good app and good enough for the novice and intermediate player to tune with.
by big bear billl on 2019/06/06 19:42
Great on all my instruments
by Samabook on 2019/06/06 19:28
The best
Tune a guitar
by dobercrain on 2019/06/02 22:23
Works as good or better than a snark
You need to tune your app
by Downloader of said app on 2019/06/02 18:58
Every time it said you guitar was tuned it said after it wasn’t tuned it said it for every string I don’t understand
Works like a charm!
by Big Tone 64 on 2019/06/02 03:52
I love it!
This is great
by 1Juda on 2019/06/01 13:04
Excellent Very easy visual tuning method Great for beginners and professionals alike
Guitar Tuner
by wlknson23 on 2019/05/31 18:31
I’m a beginner and I can honestly say this tuner helps so much before you even start to play.
Fantastic so easy to use....
by gl2335 on 2019/05/29 03:06
I love how as soon as I downloaded the app ! Bang! I was ready to go, thank you.
Yeah, thanks.
by biggiecheesiewheezie on 2019/05/27 20:28
Broke my G string trying to tune it because the app couldn’t figure out if it was B or G. Let me lock into a string I’m trying to tune. “Too sharp!” “Too flat!”. Back and forth.
The best app
by jobany guerrero nicolas on 2019/05/26 00:27
Is the best app I love it
Awful I’m so mad at who made this this app
by 👻buppy on 2019/05/22 00:47
This is worst guitar tuner ever it told me wrong and totally messed up my tuning and caused me to break one of the strings when it said that my tuning was of
by chalkzhone on 2019/05/20 22:25
tunes my bass perfectly well but today i pulled out a guitar and it will not recognize my strings properly.
Doesn’t really work
by LCD6691 on 2019/05/18 15:19
It doesn’t pick up the sounds of my bass when I try to tune and whenever I pluck a string it always thinks I’m playing G. I’ve tried palm muting the other strings in case I was accidentally hitting them but it still didn’t work. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong?
Best Tuner! Easy as 1,2,3
by Bray D'Wade on 2019/05/10 18:03
Love this tuner, accurate & Easy!
by Cclarkdal on 2019/05/05 15:10
No need to buy a tuner that will eventually stop working when this one is free and is more accurate. Love it. You will never forget your tuner because it is on your phone.
Fender tuner
by Kyoshi60 on 2019/05/03 20:41
Easy to use reliable and fast!
Do Not Reccomend
by Lolushallnootpass on 2019/05/01 03:14
This app broke my guitar when it said “Too flat, tune up.” And I snapped my new electric guitars string. Dissatisfied.
Im done with this
by Pig semen on 2019/04/27 03:09
It will not recognize a single note I ever play
Junk !
by  on 2019/04/24 17:09
What junk, fender is lucky please even still buy guitars. Then they try to charge you for lessons ! Jerks !
by jl7868 on 2019/04/21 02:19
Easy to use
Tuner is awesome
by Pico093 on 2019/04/20 02:56
Its so easy to use and perfect
by C_dawgyoyo on 2019/04/19 01:24
I love this app but the one massive thing it’s missing is 7 and 8 string custom tuning abilities because there are a lot of 7 stringers like me that want it badly. And want to tune on the go
by Raider!004 on 2019/04/18 17:12
Made me break my e string. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 I don’t have any money to replace the whole set of strings too. Thanks a lot!
Tuner is great
by taylor_man on 2019/04/14 18:16
My headstock tuner needs batteries and this app fills the gap for me just fine. Accurate and fast on my iPhone SE. Thanks Fender!
by I'm the unicorn! on 2019/04/14 17:47
At first I loved this app because I started to tune my electric guitar by using this app. Today I was tuning my electric guitar and it said tune it up or whatever it says and so I did what it told me to do over and over again and the STRING BROKE AND THIS ELECTRIC GUITAR WAS MY DADD AND MY DAD LET ME BORROW IT UNTIL I DONT WANT IT AND MY DAD IS GOING TO BE MAD AT ME THANKS TO THIS APP!!!!!!!😡
Works great and easy
by andyhalz on 2019/04/14 02:58
Sometimes trouble with unplugged electric low E, but amplified E works fine all others detectable and that may be my device microphone
Please add landscape mode
by BY2U on 2019/04/13 23:46
Great app but when used on iPad, on which lessons play nicely in landscape, stays sideways (and uses bad-for-iPad iPhone keyboard).
Amazing app
by MikaelMetalCore on 2019/04/11 21:55
This is a very helpful app, good bye to those tune gears
Decent app, a little buggy
by provolonewolf on 2019/04/11 15:18
For the most part the tuning part of the app works but more often than not it thinks the a chord is the b chord
Great for tuning!
by You see me later (NBA) on 2019/04/11 01:20
Definitely accurate on tuning. I suggest you get this if you do not know how to tune by ear. Many other features as well!!!
Great Job Fender!!!
by Al the Guitarist on 2019/04/10 22:10
This is a great app that works great for my guitar! This is awesome that a free app can be this good at tuning. I’ve never seen a better tuning app.
Come on...
by IdkTrvpBlaze on 2019/04/08 22:12
It would be nice if you could select which one you’re trying to tune. It keeps mistaking my G for a D and my B for a E.......
by UNITEDCRAP on 2019/04/06 13:10
The Top String Of E Will not tune it just moves all around different strings
Good tool to use
by TheSaltedNoodle on 2019/04/05 03:59
This really helped with my guitar, it’s super simple and easy to use. :)
literally enraging.
by C. ISRP YT on 2019/04/04 22:09
trying to get the app to recognize the right string is like trying to catch a pig slathered in oil. please add an option to tune a specific string, it took me 30 minutes to tune a step down because it kept getting the strings wrong.
The worst
by soaghetti boi 69 on 2019/04/04 00:57
Probably because I have an epiphone but it is super hard to use and can’t adjust
by Patronus Inermis on 2019/04/02 21:06
Love this app. Can tune up within a minute or two. Fender rocks as usual! 🤘🏼
It did not work out for me
by ummmmmmmmm m on 2019/04/01 04:30
It thought I was playing different stings then I was playing
Amazing App
by Ella🦔 on 2019/03/31 22:49
I absolutely love this app. It is so great!!! The only thing is you have to pay for some things. Otherwise 5 stars!!!
Wow just wow👎
by Carl Potanson on 2019/03/31 15:13
I got this app thinking it would be great but now I am very disappointed ☹️. I put the tuner on so it was tuning the acoustic guitar but every time I plucked the G string it said I was plucking the D string. I would NOT recommend this app to anyone 😐.
Battery killer
by IDCrisis0 on 2019/03/30 12:52
This app was responsible for 60% of my battery usage in the first hour and i only used it to tune my bass once and most of its battery use was while the app was in the background. It was a nice app to use along with fender play, to which I subscribe, but I’ll use a physical tuner to save my phone battery.
Best of the best
by kojja Biko on 2019/03/30 02:44
This is my best ever tuner. I like how it shows that I’m in tune! I recommend it for everyone
by odeskool on 2019/03/29 06:33
In tune locks in a unhelpful way
Love it
by DFactorGirl on 2019/03/26 14:45
This is a great app and I think everyone that plays any type of guitar should use it to tune there guitar I’m saying this and I am only 9 thank you fender tune
Needs work
by Acutic user on 2019/03/24 18:10
My acoustic guitar needed to be tuned so I downloaded this app, the app could not detect the right cords and made my guitar worse!I also broke a string during the process because of the app telling me the pitch was wrong!
Super helpful !
by Lucialta on 2019/03/23 23:52
This app is so helpful and amazing. It makes it so easy to tune your instrument and really fast too!
by milk--milk on 2019/03/23 22:08
A free way to tune your guitar! Instead of having to buy a tuner, I can tune and get 30 days of lessons for free! Very helpful, recomended for guitar lovers!
Great little app
by johnnyb_618202 on 2019/03/22 10:50
After 15 years of not playing I finally got a new bass guitar the other day, and this was the perfect little companion app. Helped me get tuned up, and then provided a drummer to jam with! Perfect little tool!
Thank you so much!!!
by everyday honest 21 on 2018/06/12 16:09
I bought my ukulele in Hawaii. Good place to buy one, I thought. My Uke was COMPLETELY in tune, and then I had to make all of the chords as low pitched as possible so they wouldn't snap on the plane. When I got back, I tried my new tuner I got. Turns out it doesn't work. So I got this app. My Uke was so out of tune this app couldn't do it, but I tried just listening to the sounds of he chords and it did it! I also got the pro tuner which works slick to. Developers you do not rip people off! Your app is so great! I am honored to write this five star review. Congrats!!! I also love this app because it's free, but sadly all of the stuff like the pro tuner and learn how to play instruments and songs are not. Free app, not free stuff in the app. I am not the slightest bit disappointed with the app. Recommended for beginners like me. surprisingly I am not one of those people who strum with there thumb. It's so cringe. Strum with all of your fingers please! If you found this helpful then please say so! All tuner apps are like servants and this app is king! It does ask you for a lot of money for everything though and I won't buy anything but I think you guys should make it all free because the videos of people I can see in real life to go get lessons. #If anyone agrees with me say it on another 4-5 star review!
Quick and clean tune each time works for me!
by MercyB4Sacrifice on 2017/08/21 01:55
Out of tune never works. I've never developed an ear for tuning just right. I have an old dreadnaught with medium gauge "oh-maybe-nylon wrapped with metal" strings or something -- I threw the package away -- all from before the dawn of time. I get an excellent tune in about 2 minutes with Fender-tune. I've little experience with the broad range of options out there. I'm too busy playing my guitar to look far right now. I'm so ashamed -- but not really -- this product works very well for now. What I mostly need is perhaps the ability to quickly tune to a better frequency -- but later -- for now I play for pleasure, and this product gives me more pleasure than any electronic tuner I've used. When well tuned, my guitar nearly plays itself.
Outstandingly accurate
by Jaredsw01 on 2019/07/11 21:46
This app is incredible. I have two acoustic guitars and one has a built in tuner, but the other does not and I still have not purchased a tuner for it so I have been unable to play it. Well, thanks to this app, I was able to tune it nicely using the auto tune feature. I was quite surprised at how accurate the tune detection is and how it can recognize the difference between you plucking a string and any background noise around you (I was actively talking while tuning and even double checked that it tuned correctly and it did). This definitely deserves 5 stars. Of course it won’t be as accurate as a normal tuner, but it can definitely get pretty close!
Good But Please Fix This For Safety Of All Guitars
by Dylan Christ Mark on 2019/01/07 00:52
This is a great app. When tuning, you get it right every time with this app. However, I believe this one thing needs to be addressed because I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else. I recently just got a Jackson Bass Guitar, and as of writing this post I had it for not even 3 hours. I used the app and the Rumble 25 amp that Fender also built to tune it. I was tuning my G string and it was saying it was still -49cts when out of no where, the guitar string just broke. Now I have to drive back 20 miles to get my brand new guitar restringed, and add to the near $800 bucks I’ve spent on it alone. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but I do think that this needs to be addressed. Something needs to be done so Bass Guitars are easier to tune. Other than that, this app really is great.
Thank You Fender !
by Rayme38 on 2018/04/08 16:35
It’s so nice to have a guitar tuner with me at all times. Seems to work just fine, i have found myself needing one every once in a while, when at camp, and when playing on other people’s instruments or any other instances. I always seem to have my phone with me so kudos to fender for keeping everyone in tune. No problems with pitch, and I like to tune 1/2 step down, and no problems setting it to do just that. When I open the app, I don’t have to reset the pitch every time I use it. VERY NICE TO HAVE FOR FREE! Thank You Fender
App review
by GatorNation2019 on 2019/03/19 02:59
I downloaded the Fender App and I was satisfied at first When I downloaded the app so I could tune my guitar but later I had to retune it because I had put a new strings when I went to re-tune using this app the app could not tell me the difference between any of the cords or tunings following that it couldn’t tell me the correct cord for Each string. Being this app is from The fender music company I am very displeased at the apps performance I had no issues the first time the second time I had multiple issues I am not a pro Tuner-subscriber and I did not pay for that The microphone on my iPhone was on and it was close enough to the amplifier where it could pick up the sound and still no results again I am very displeased with this performance I will be sure to spread the word and heat warning of this app I will never utilize this app or download it again.
0 stars
by instaviewF*@kYou on 2018/09/15 20:23
From a company as well known as Fender I would really expect their software/firmware be at the highest standard possible. I’ve tested this tuning app about 22 times now with other professional grade tuners at its side and have broken countless strings while conducting these experiments because the application would say I haven’t yet reached the desired note when other tuners have said I was way over. I have tested with numerous guitars that have come into the shop after getting complaint after complaint about the customers who use the app to tune their instruments. The app just cannot pick up the sound fast enough or at all sometimes. From a professional guitar tech in the field for 17 years I DO NOT recommend anyone download this app. Unless you like driving back and forth to the music shop to buy more strings.
BS App
by Retoohs1 on 2018/06/19 22:52
Thought because it was Fender that it would be cool. It isn’t. I checked it out for a little bit and then deleted it. The cool parts of the app needs to be purchased. With an acoustic/electric that has a built in tuner and a snark for my electrics, I don’t need the free part of the app. If you really want an excellent app get Tabs. Also there are many sites that offer free rhythm beats so you don’t need this app for that. As for lessons, I’ve found it difficult to follow especially on a phone as opposed to a live guitar teacher. You’ll spend more time going back to see something again, and hoping you don’t go too far back, in order to watch it again. All in all, very disappointed that I wasted my time with this but felt compelled to voice my opinion.
Accurate & User Friendly
by mrrockandroll on 2018/10/21 04:31
Very accurate, user friendly, and lots of sweet features! The pro version is definitely worth the price and gives you lots of scales, different chord voicings for all the chords and a nice variety of usable drum rhythms. Keep in mind that if you place your mic/phone too close it might pick up the tones/vibrations of more than one string so placement is important (more of an issue with a 12-string than with a 6-string). The best features, imo, are the in app purchases, which are all great for the price.
Great little app for guitar players!
by Rush91 on 2017/08/12 21:59
Handy to just be able to take out your phone and tune up the axe. Has settings for electric guitar and bass, as well as acoustic guitar. Has all the tunings a player needs from standard to drop d, 1/2 step down and so on. Works well and I have found it to be very accurate. Fender put their name on it, so one would expect nothing but quality from one of the best names in guitar! If you're a beginner, casual player, or seasoned vet, this app will be worth having.
Great tuner
by NeilMichael on 2017/08/22 03:06
Works excellent as a tuner. I wish it had some other features like a metronome and a practice timer. That would be really cool as an all around basic bare bones practice app. I always tune up first, then kick off the metronome (in another app) and set the iPhone timer for five minutes and practice scales. Then I practice chords for five minutes. Then I practice sight reading and sheet music. I don't know maybe there's more people like me that would use those other two features daily as well. But, nonetheless I understand this app is a tuner and it does that well.
Great especially for a beginner
by weirder things on 2018/12/26 08:51
I got an electric guitar this Christmas and I had all the basics, the guitar, the amp, and a few pics, but I didn’t have one of those clip on tuners to help me tune my new guitar. So when I found out that there was a free app to help tune my guitar, I was so happy. It’s great considering it’s free, it’s not the best though, but at least I could instantly tune my guitar on the spot, and it does a pretty good job, again considering it’s free. If your not sure about this app, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.
Best ever
by that one randome chik on 2018/12/27 20:58
I know absolutely nothing about instruments let alone guitars, and I was able to tune my guitar in about 10 minutes. This app is easy to use and understand, but also fairly basic. All you have to to is pluck a string of your guitar, and it senses which string it is and if it’s in tune or how to make it tuned. My guitar came with a ‘tuner’ and I personally have no common sense and it was very hard for me to use, but this app is so simple and easy to understand. 😁
Remarkably easy to use
by Grazpop on 2017/08/19 18:42
I tried four or five other tuning apps; they were either focused on extreme accuracy (meaning they wavered and never allowed you to stop getting the guitar in tune), or they were dumbed down to the point that you didn't really know what you were doing. This one hits it out of the park by showing a clear visual representation of whether you are close enough to make the guitar sound good or not, with no extraneous information. Bravo!
Very handy tuner!
by Dopple-Depper on 2018/04/01 22:27
Most apps you’ll find of this functionality will constantly get in your face about buying a full version with lessons and what have you. This application simply meets you needs and permits plenty of room for learning how to properly tune stringed instruments you get a hold of. Ask me what this app needs to get better and my answer will remain; nothing.
Broken Strings
by Celeste_yma on 2019/01/04 03:18
I downloaded this app so I could finally tune my guitar that had been out of tune for a while. I saw this app and decided to give it a try even though I can tune with my ears. While I was tuning my G string on my acoustic guitar, it broke! It kept telling me to tune down and when I played it a couple seconds before it broke it said to tune down more. So I tuned it down again like it said and it just snapped! I was afraid it would happen to my other strings so I delete it immediately. You can get this app if you want but my experience with it was absolutely horrible!! Just please be careful if you do decide to get it. It’s not always right...
Useful at times, mostly frustrating.
by Ggebhahagfcirjcej on 2018/11/24 21:00
This tuner app is convenient when you don’t have a good tuner. My tuner only tunes to standard. This tuner can tune to anything you need, you can even add custom tuning. The accuracy, though, is something that needs to be worked on. It would also help a lot if I could select which string I’m tuning, because when I try to tune from standard to drop B, it always incorrectly guesses which string I’m picking, sometimes not even registering at all. But, despite it’s flaws, it’s better than nothing.
There are better tuners
by carterwahl on 2018/12/07 03:27
The way that this app displays the tuner is silly. It look nice and sleek like an apple commercial, but it’s not intuitive to how a person tunes their guitar. I have wasted a lot of time only to have this app tell me I’m perfectly in tune, when really I’m a couple cents sharp or flat. Sounds like a nit pick but for an app whose purpose is to tune my guitar, it should be more accurate. I can tune my guitar approximately by ear I don’t need an app for that. I do give them props for having the manual function allowing you to tune to a frequency, thought Download pano tuner it is a much better tuner.
Possible power consumption
by UsherMocha on 2019/03/16 11:56
Downloaded this last night to tune up my bass. Seems to work well enough though I’m only a beginner. Only thing is that I went to bed with 35% power and woke up to a dead phone and iOS telling me this app used 56% of my battery consumption in the last 24 hours. The vast majority of that was background activity. So while I like the app, I suggest making sure it’s shut down after you’re done tuning.
Helpful for a beginner
by 🐍🐲🐉TW on 2018/01/13 19:52
Just picked up a couple of guitars from a friend. I have never played and my kids and I thought we could take some online lessons. I would have no idea how to tune a guitar and do not have a ear for it. Thank you Fender for making our lessons sound better than they would have. Easy to tune and we all think it is fun to use. It is magical.
So much better that the clip on type!
by Kingnomad33 on 2018/04/14 16:20
So much better than the clip on one that came with the guitar. Makes playing so much more enjoyable. It tells you which way to bring strings in time and how far to go. When it’s right the app shows you a full circle of the sound from pluck until it’s done making the sound.
Need to fix some things
by hi cera on 2019/08/10 05:00
I was tuning my bass and I was on the second string down and I was tuning it but the app said it needs to be turned more so I kept on tuning is slowly but it broke. Maybe there should be a policy of if you string broke you get a free pack for free because strings aren’t cheep especially if you just started but maybe either fix the app or people will start to complain more and more.
Seems okay.
by Tomnc on 2018/06/08 15:19
For one reason or another, I have a hard time with getting Fender apps to function properly. I purchased this this morning, and the app doesn’t seem to realize I purchased it. I was under the impression the were song tabs and play alongs I can’t seem to access it, unless the songs are on Fender Play, which I own. I guess what I find misleading, there is no place for me to sign in, which gives me the idea the app does not realize I own it.
Best tuning app out there
by Coolkid2777 on 2018/04/11 18:36
I usually do not review apps, but this tuning app has been so helpful to me I just had to leave a review. I use it all the time, it’s the perfect tool. I especially love that it has multiple different tuning other than just standard, where in other apps you would have to pay for this option. Great app!!!
Nice for a beginner.
by echo4sierra on 2017/09/10 17:20
Started playing just a coupe months ago and this is easy to use and large! My bass came with a chrome cast tuner which is sometimes hard to see (especially the needle and in bright light) and needs batteries. This is always with me and easy to understand with a little happy sound when in tune! Thanks!
Awesome Tuner
by dont_download_4eva on 2018/06/10 15:36
I just got a brand new ukulele the other day, and I was so excited to use it. But then the issue of tuning it was a huge problem. The portable tuner that came with the ukulele sucked, and it said that my C string was the A. So I went to my music teacher and she tuned it, thank god, and she showed me the app that helped her. This app is a god send! I’m so happy that I can tune my ukulele anytime I want. Yay!
Literally 5 minutes or less to tune perfectly
by Gonzos#1fan on 2018/01/03 21:17
Fender tune is so freaking easy to use. It will occasionally pick up on the wrong string but you can easily fix that by tuning up or down a little. My friend didn't know how to tune his ukulele so I tuned it within 40 seconds with this. It's just too easy!!!
this app is bs
by PurpleHippo411 on 2018/11/23 21:50
i’ve only had my guitar for a few days and i decided to download this app to help with tuning. it worked okay the first time(it took a long time to get it to work) but the next time it told me that one of my strings wasn’t high enough. but even me being an amateur knew that it it was fine. so I kept tightening but it still told me it wasn’t high enough. i trusted it and kept turning it until it broke. now I have to go get it fixed. i don’t think this app is accurate at all and i don’t recommend wasting your time downloading it.
For a free app
by Slumerican steely on 2018/03/06 23:17
I have been back and forth on this app, if there is other instruments playing my device (i6s+) device has a hard time picking you out. The update made it a little better but for a free app I like the versatility from bass to guitar and drop d or c at couple clicks in set up. It’s and decent would recommend.
A good app but did something change?
by Seen in Chicago on 2018/04/28 20:15
With the new update I feel that the tuning ability has changed. Oh and I am not crazy about having to to choose from a menu now. However my real concern is that the app seems to be less intelligent for lack of a better word. It seems to get confused about which string is being tuned.
Love it!
by Bluesman5364 on 2017/12/08 02:54
The Fender mobile app tuner is something I use all the time rather than lugging a clip on since I always have my cell phone. I can go into a guitar center a music store no worrying about having to ask for a tuner as I can reach for myself phone instant be ready to thank. And it’s super accurate
Easy to see
by 4n44 on 2018/03/18 01:33
Main reason I like it is cause you can see it better than other tuning apps. When you place your phone down in front of you it’s hard to read the app as you’re trying to tune. This one has bigger graphics.
Fender tuner
by Just wood flooring on 2017/11/17 05:21
I had purchased a clip on tuner and the third time I used it it would not tune the 3 and 4 string. So I began to search for an app and found the Fender. Having just purchased a Stratocaster I thought it appropriate to try there app. And I could not be happier. Simple to use and guitar sounds great. I would recommend this to anyone.
Alternative tuning, no alternative tuner needed
by RikoHolz on 2017/09/09 03:07
It's a great and convenient app. Right on your handheld device. I've probably had 10 tuners over the years and have lost them all soon after buying them. This is free and let's me use alternative tuning for unique sound profiles. Pretty handy.
Perfect for tuning
by Livi5780 on 2017/10/21 16:03
I just bought my first acoustic guitar, but I didn't buy a tuner because my sister had one, but hers broke so I downloaded this app. Better than a tuner that any money could buy! So easy to use and it shows on screen if you need to tune up or down. Perfect for beginners
Best tuning app
by Ungus Timbits on 2018/04/20 20:12
Easily the best and least price gouging tuning app I’ve ever used. The tuning is usually pretty accurate, but on acoustic basses and guitars with Floyd Rose mechanisms you should use it in conjunction with a clip on tuner for better accuracy, but I suppose that goes for a lot of tuning apps. Overall it beats the hell out of the others I’ve tried and I’d totally recommend it.
Works great
by ZakariAyres on 2017/08/15 15:16
While other tuner apps try to make you pay for more than standard tuning, fender just gives it to you. Only app I can get to drop b accurately. May be a bit off sometimes but only by less than half a step on some notes.
Great Tuning App
by Dallin reviewer on 2017/07/29 04:16
Where other tuning apps have fell short, this one comes up on the top and owns it. Having so many different types of tuning (ex: half a step down on electric guitar) and for acoustic and bass, it's very versatile. It keeps my playing in tune and it's accurate so I can keep rocking. What's to lose?
Great tech tool!
by Annoula Byrd on 2018/07/22 20:05
Went to use my nice tuner but the battery was dead and I am out in a rural area miles from a store where I can get a battery. I thought, I have a metronome on my phone, maybe there is a tuner app! Amazing! I love this handy, accurate app! Thanks for making technology useful!
It Doesn’t Listen
by guitarmateo6 on 2019/07/15 13:21
There are two major problems I have with this. It tunes the strings flat (even though it’s at 440 Hz) and not all the strings are tuned the same, so you can’t even have a nice sounding flat chord. Also the thing it does with the loading circle and then the click to tell you it’s staying in tune is not real. I have both stoped playing the string, and continued the tune the string before, and it still does the loading thing then the click. I cannot rely on this app to tune my guitar.
by lol you can get it right away on 2017/08/04 01:30
The tuner I had needs a new battery but I haven't found the time to get a new one, I've recently picked up the guitar again and knew mine wouldn't be in tune, so as a quick and convenient fix I downloaded this app and I knew it'd be reliable due to the name, keep it up 😊
Works for me!
by Earth without art is just eh on 2018/06/29 20:12
Very easy to use on my IPhone. I’m new to the ukulele and had never heard of re-entrant tuning. This tuner got me in tune right away so I could start learning chords and playing songs. Plus since, I’m starting on a cheap uke, it’s easy to correct the tuning as often as I need.
The app
by why do you do this to me on 2018/10/29 01:28
The app is good over all but I think a few changes should be made like in pro tuner you should be able to click on the string you are adjusting so it’s easier to tune don’t let the app guess witch string your playing because half the time I have to tune my guitar down so it can guess correctly that’s really it besides all of that the app is a good help to me
Straight out beginner
by John Proudman on 2018/11/04 04:59
I have never picked a guitar up . Received a guitar for free with missing strings , I purchased new strings.... This Fender app is awesome ... had my guitar tuned in minutes ... I am excited to come across this app ... Wow easy , Fast , and can’t wait to learn ... Best app I have ever used ... Again Made things easy
by Jesrael on 2018/05/25 02:34
The tuner gets 5 stars but the fact that you can’t sample any of the new features without buying them kinda makes it feel like bloatware. Would it hurt to have a sample Rhythm, Scale, Chord chart, to see what you were considering buying? I know that’s the only reason I won’t buy them. Now the new menu makes it feel like Fender Play, a constantly overcomplicated mess. How such a neat perfect app could become so annoying is beyond me.
Best Tuner
by Hebardo on 2018/01/24 12:46
I have a number of electronic tuners for the acoustic guitars I keep at school, church and home. Some are good, but many are temperamental. This tuner- FREE- is so consistently easy to use, quick to make adjustments- I could have saved a lot of money had I discovered this sooner. I highly recommend it!
Apple Watch app?
by revenant ananias on 2019/01/30 01:16
I really do enjoy this app quite a bit. It tunes perfectly every single time and tunes in different keys when I need it. I would just ask that they please make an Apple Watch so that I don’t always have to take out my phone.
Please add Apple Watch capability!
by space ghost on 2018/01/14 15:08
This is a great tuning app, with both guitar and bass plus multiple alternative tunings. If it included an Apple Watch app (so it could be used without getting the phone in hand) it would be just about perfect! Oh, also, a dark black background instead of white would be better. Thanks Fender!
Pro Tuner is Awful
by Balookey on 2018/06/24 15:13
The pro tuner which costs $1.00 and is what most of you will need if you want to easily tune your guitar, is straight up garbage. For me it goes back and forth, all over the place, and makes it impossible to get the guitar in tune. I had the Guitar Tuna app, which offers the same functionality for free (only standard tuning though) and it worked 100x better than this app. I will definitely be switching back to Guitar Tuna, and hopefully I can get a refund for this garbage Pro Tuner.
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