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Welcome to Gardenscapes! Rake your way through a storyline full of unexpected twists to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory! Embark on an adventurous journey: beat match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas in the garden, get to the bottom of the secrets it holds, and enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler! What are you waiting for? Build your dream garden! The game features: ● Unique gameplay: swap and match, restore and decorate the garden, and enjoy a novel storyline—all in one place! ● Hundreds of unique match-3 levels ● Dozens of in-game characters you can make friends with ● A lovely pet that is always there to cheer you up ● An in-game social network you can use to keep up on all the latest ● Different areas in the garden with unique structures: broken fountains, mysterious mazes, and many more ● A community that comes first—become neighbors with your Facebook friends! Gardenscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu. Enjoying Gardenscapes? Learn more about the game! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Questions? Contact our Tech Support at
Bonus Wheel (besides other faults)
by Breaker Breaker on 2019/02/16 06:57
I’ve put into this app a SERIOUS amount of $, and I would just like the bonus wheel to be fair. You can see/hear when the wheel is turning that it’ll almost ALWAYS land on a pre-game bonus (bombs or rainbow wheel). It’s like the game is RIGGED to not give you shovels, rakes or other. Game developers, please.., why?! I’ve given you so much money until now. No more. If this continues, I’m erasing this game and no more funds for your company.
Fun game
by JasonSasha on 2019/02/16 06:43
Not what they make it seem like in the ads, but it’s a fun game. Addicting with good goals.
Not enough content
by Duncanwatosn on 2019/02/16 04:13
Game is fun for a while, but not enough content is released throughout the week once you hit endgame. Collections were introduced and seem to have been forgotten by the devs. Good enough game but could use more updates.
Great game ..... wish we got more lives
by Wendy1839 on 2019/02/16 01:26
Its a must play!!!
Lvl 185???
by Maxcman01 on 2019/02/16 00:36
Really like this although there’s a few flaws with it such as the rewards system and the amount of starts you get for higher levels (not good enough!) but there’s one big problem for me and it’s that level 185 just doesn’t work. When I open it I can’t do anything it and the screen is unresponsive. I can navigate the game in the garden and such but as soon as I enter the level: nothing. If it’s not a phone thing then it needs to be fixed ASAP.
Level 75
by KAC1974 on 2019/02/16 00:03
I have been stuck on this stupid level for over a week. Almost to the point of deleting this app.
by Mlwbeth on 2019/02/15 20:20
I love playing this game
Great game but the levels can get hard
by Riley and Charley on 2019/02/15 20:18
I love this game and when I got it the levels we quite easy..... but then the levels got extremely hard.
by Mermaid15b on 2019/02/15 17:56
I mostly like the game. The levels can be frustrating if you don't pass them and it can take several days just to pass one level if you don't want to spend money. Other than that it is very interesting to play.
by TheOnlyJul on 2019/02/15 14:42
Love the game! My niece started me on it and now I’m totally addicted! Only complaint I have is the “claim your prize” spinner. I’ve watched it slow down and speed up to land on what the game wants to give you. It doesn’t matter when I stop it, it always slows or speeds up to give me the least desirable prize. It’s just so obvious it’s not a random spin. Why bother with the spin. Just give the crappy prize each day. Because of this, I hit stop as soon as it opens and then laugh at it slowing or speeding up to decide on the prize.
They want your Money!
by Linthor on 2019/02/15 14:22
They used to have a competition where you could earn money for the game weekly. They changed it so that if your stuck you have to pay real money for booster. This is wrong on many levels!
by GamerGal2888 on 2019/02/15 13:08
This game is so rigged! You can’t win unless you PAY $$$
Too expensive
by Tnaklote on 2019/02/15 12:36
This game costs me a lot of money to keep playing and I am really tired of it. It is fun but to only earn 1 star for challenges but after the first few tasks everything is 2-3 stars to due or renovate the garden. You can’t even choose which gardens you want to play in. The challenges as they get harder can’t be one in one try which is where the game costs you money. I like the game but I am done playing.
Fun game but....
by Ceciliajaylaandashley on 2019/02/15 10:48
It Can be costly and I think you should get at least two stars for completing a level. It’s a lot of time and work for 1 star. It’s new and fun right now. But I think I will get tired of the 1 star reward eventually and stop playing. Cool for now.
Challenging puzzles
by M&C'sMom on 2019/02/15 09:58
I love how challenging the puzzles can be, I personally don’t play for the story, so that can be annoying. But my kids love that part. Only improvement I would like would be the ability to save the infinite lives rewards for a later time. I cannot always use them at the time they are awarded, and they are really helpful on the hard levels.
Very fun and helps time fly
by JayJay9786 on 2019/02/15 07:32
I’ve been playing Gardenscapes for over a year now.. I’m around level 1000 and I still have fun with it.. I like that it has gotten harder and challenged me more but I can still defeat the levels once I figure out the trick pretty much.. I have gotten aggravated a few times when it takes so many stars to complete a chore on the checklist.. if I have any negative feedback it would be to make that a little more reasonable because sometimes you honestly don’t want to have to beat several levels, including hard and very hard just to do one little chore/decoration in the garden.. other than that, love the game!
Don’t download!!!!
by MoneRay on 2019/02/15 07:07
This game is not worth playing you have to keep buying to move on to the next level. And the games you play to get stars you only get one every time you play so you have to keep playing and playing until you finally get at least 3 then they all go to waist because you made and phone call to start a new job then you have to start over because you have no more stars to build or fix any gardens. Your playing more of a different game then you are in the garden. Your hardly in the garden. I deleted it right away it looks fun but it’s not do not download.
by Londonkygrl060 on 2019/02/15 05:32
Love the game it’s very relaxing however the cost of coins is absolutely ridiculous
Deez nuts
by KYREEOLITA on 2019/02/15 04:27
Can I get a life doe
Low on rewards love game
by bayntay on 2019/02/15 03:58
It doesn’t give u enough rewards to have steady...more stars for hard levels please and more coins regards or lower prices of helps
Fun game
by kbratz42 on 2019/02/15 01:34
This is a fun game but it does not give you enough and constantly wants you to buy more coins because they add up so slowly. I just made my last purchase because for 15.99 I got exactly 5 minutes of play, that is not right!
Rip off
by Tequilared5 on 2019/02/14 23:29
Are you rich yet or just greedy. Played for awhile, then couldn’t win without spending money or play level multiple many many times. Guess you were hoping for a hook-didn’t happen. Don’t earn enough coins to do anything. Always a con to get more money out of player. I will play a little while longer BUT you will get no money from me!
by gammie queen on 2019/02/14 22:01
I really live this game, its very addictive, just wis it was a way to earn more coins rather than having to purchase because some boards are very challenging. Austin is a hustler too!
PAWS for This Review!
by UN4DFT on 2019/02/14 21:58
This will be review #6 if I’m not mistake. Needless to say, I’m hooked on the game. It’s relaxing and even thought I could care less about conversations, decorating the gardens can be relaxing at times. With that I would like to say that nobody cares about the decor catalog and the money earned to go towards it. Quiet frankly, I think a lot of the the decor change choices are horrible and I personally am not interested. Besides... you don’t even look that particular scene most of the time!! Get rid of it! It’s a waste of time and resources! Instead, just double the coins earned! Because unfortunately...the downside for me continues in that the amount of coins earned with left over bombs and lightening is still just pitiful. We the players have to pay 1900 coins to buy 3 round bombs, but for every left over bomb, only 2 coins are earned!!! This has been an extremely irritating factor in ALL of my reviews. The level/board has to be defeated before anything for the power-ups remaining is earned so why not allow them to be kept?? Or at least pay out a larger portion of coins for them!! Obviously no one is going broke even if the coins were equivalent to what we pay for them! They are expended quickly!! I still have issues with special doggie training rounds. On multiple occasions... Ive had 3 or 4 moves remaining with only 1 or 2 paws needed in order to beat the board, and there are NO PAWS AVAILABLE to do so!! Seriously!?? It’s because of these ongoing issues and feeling ripped off that I am only giving 3 stars. Fix it!
Love this game!
by tisha.ann77 on 2019/02/14 20:01
It’s fun, and challenging! I love how it’s improved with time. Very entertaining!
Nana Cal
by nana cal on 2019/02/14 19:58
Don’t like the limited rewards and I will not join Facebook for rewards. I guess I will be deleting this game as well
Fave game ever
by ocnsiel on 2019/02/14 19:39
Also awesome contact support if something goes wrong 👍🏾
Good and bad
by jdi,skldkhg on 2019/02/14 19:34
I’ve been playing for quite a while ...... on level 1349. I’ve been willing to spend a few dollars to advance-since the graphics are great, and restoring each garden has been a lot of fun. However, the levels seem to have gotten ridiculously difficult. I don’t want to have to play every level for days on end, just to get one star-when doing anything in the garden now takes at least 3-4 stars. As so many other reviewers have noted-the cost is too high (both in time and money) for too little reward. I’m exactly the kind of player the developers should want-however even I have grown tired of the game. I’ll continue to play my five lives on occasion-but won’t spend another dime. UPDATE: I still play on occasion but the difficulty has gotten ridiculous! The developer claim that every game is winnable is nothing short of laughable. When the only way to destroy an obstacle is with a rocket that you have no control over......and the rocket goes everywhere except where it’s just have to shake your head. When boosters are dropped in the latest advantageous spot.... you again, just have to shake your head. This is not a strategic match 3 game..... it is more of a slot machine game. If the game allows you to win.... you might win.... but it it doesn’t then you won’t. It’s really a shame because I don’t mind spending money if I perceive a value for the dollars spent....and the graphics and story line are really fun! You can spend lots of money and time on this game.....but in all probability.....end up having very little to show for it!
Good time
by Lowfries on 2019/02/14 17:35
Super fun and addicting
by clbps on 2019/02/14 17:08
After playing this game for awhile, any fun is killed by the slow accumulation of points/stars and the constant promotion/demotion of levels. Suggestion - limit reward hours to 30-60 min. Most people don’t have more time than that to play at one sitting and bonus time just gets wasted. Or give points for unused bonus time. It’s very difficult to play this game without spending $.
A review of the game
by FangTheSniper1223 on 2019/02/14 17:02
The games graphics, design, and gameplay are good. But, sometimes the rewards are not too good, and some hard levels are too frustrating. But besides the few flaws, I recommend the game.
Love it
by selling sue on 2019/02/14 15:40
I love this game and Homescapes. Play everyday both of them for over a ye
by Kokopely on 2019/02/14 15:05
Love the game, can be addicting at times. Wish rewards higher so I can have Austin do more tasks.
by kbears5 on 2019/02/14 14:22
This game is fun and better now that there are more rewards.
by yruscamin on 2019/02/14 06:42
Impossible to pass level 1414. Wasn’t an issue till now. Very dissatisfied. What a scam!!
Cool but frustrating
by KNiQue😘 on 2019/02/14 06:32
He need a lot done around the house for only one star is kinda hard and irritating more power ups or stars
Lots of Fun but!
by mine60002 on 2019/02/14 04:30
I really like playing this game, but do not like that it costs actual money to get the bank of money you earn! Also do not like that the game is set up to use every dime and then wants you to purchase more coins to be able to win at the games or spend sometimes days trying to get through one game to earn what is needed to plant, dig, sleep, etc.
Pretty good game
by CaraMeaghan on 2019/02/14 02:33
Able to play without paying for extras.. sometimes takes patience to beat a hard level though.
by preeprew on 2019/02/14 01:56
I really like the game but it keeps on pausing when I’m winning or during the free coins videos
Time killer
by Fi$hDi$h on 2019/02/14 01:19
Great time killer
by osmomarakikismo on 2019/02/14 01:17
Love the game but you should be able to use the bombs, dynamite, glove etc when you earn them on your last move Also you should be able to buy stars
I love puzzle games but the learning curve is far too low on this one
by TheCosplayVlogger on 2019/02/14 01:15
You can’t play a single level and take a look at your entire screen before the stupid game recommends you a pair INCESSANTLY. It will break for a very short period but it’s insanely distracting and I couldn’t find a setting to turn it off. Uninstalled after 8 levels.
by Meanjeanbean on 2019/02/13 23:00
How do I reject the safe. I win the challenges and my coins are locked in a safe which I did not want and can’t reject. How about putting a reject the safe button in the game. Your game is fun but I feel like you’re riggings the game with this safe.
by jolardelli on 2019/02/13 22:32
Good game
Bait and Switch- boring and frustrating
by SwissConnection on 2019/02/13 21:46
It’s almost like they don’t want you to play the get puny rewards for winning each level which don’t even cover the “chores” required to build the garden. Regardless of the fact that the fruit bingo game makes NO sense and has ZERO correlation to building the garden (the whole point of the game?) and the levels are such a challenge to pass. You get five lives then have to wait 30 minutes for ONE LIFE. It is actually a painfully boring game so rather than wait around for the life people will leave the app and forget about it. You have fun for maybe five minutes then nothing. Do you want people to play or just get frustrated and angry at themselves for spending any of their time on such a wasteful and pointless game. I only downloaded it to get extra points on another puzzle app I enjoy and thought maybe I had discovered a fun new pastime but alas, it is mind-numbingly inane game. Plus the nonsense with the Butler? Seriously? Such an unnecessary element of the “game”
by Smeidler on 2019/02/13 21:42
It’s a relatively fun game. Wish there were more opportunities to earn ways to beat levels FOR FREE
Have to Start Over?? REALLY!!????
by rocky5210 on 2019/02/13 21:15
Been playing for a LONG time (many months) and enjoy the game, then suddenly today the game reloads and dumps ALL my progress! What’s up with that?! Would have give four stars otherwise. NOT happy.
by 52BlastBEst on 2019/02/13 20:14
Good game and at times the obstacles are fixed making weapons virtually useless. Still you can buy your way through those levels.
I’m on level 1619
by girlllyyyy on 2019/02/13 19:30
This game is the best I’ve never committed so much to one game ! Very fun
Needs more polishing like homescapes
by Helmez88 on 2019/02/13 18:59
Its good and addictive but homescapes feels more polished
Level 3500 and counting
by RW Griswold on 2019/02/13 18:18
Excellent match-3 style game. It’s simple and fun. Easy to pick up for a few minutes or 20 or 160... They have tweaked the game mechanics over the years to the benefit of players, and any critics of their reward systems are unfounded. Yes, some levels are much more difficult than others, but every level can eventually be beaten without any bonuses if you’re willing to keep trying.
Good game
by Erminedale on 2019/02/13 17:18
I have been playing this game for awhile now, I have a suggestion at the end of each puzzle give us more coins. We have a bunch of bombs going off and all we get is 50 coins. I do like the game it makes a person think.
Best. Game. Ever.
by AelleK on 2019/02/13 16:03
Gardenscapes is addicting, fun, and awesome! I can literally sit and play for hours. The graphics are great, the story is fantastic, and the gameplay is wonderful! The further you get into the game, the harder it is to put it down! Download Gardenscapes! You won’t regret it!
Great Game If You Have Patience
by Cajunvic on 2019/02/13 15:05
I’ve spent a week or two on some levels, then speed through a whole bunch of them. I’ve learned to just keep trying. Eventually I’ll conquer a level without having to purchase anything.
Garden scapes
by Ganjoh on 2019/02/13 14:23
Started out to be fun. The farther you go It cheats. Does the opposite to what you wanted. Seems to do what it wants especially if your about to win. Homescapes is the same way. Too aggravating for me especially if you want to throw your phone it will be gone by end of day. Got to throw use a friggen bone more often.
by Tannalou1 on 2019/02/13 14:20
Fun game!
Don’t play unless you’re willing to spend money CONSTANTLY
by Help-me789 on 2019/02/13 14:19
What could be a great little game is marred in money grubbing. This game will nickel and dime you into tomorrow. You always need just one more move to solve the puzzle (miraculously) just one more move. So the Game FEELS rigged. It may not be, but it sure does fell that way, so you got to pay your way out of the corner or suffer starting over again. Very unfortunate this could be a great frame that I would not be opposed to spending “some” money on for enjoyment. However now it has become a source of frustration, ... Call Me GONE.
Can’t put it down
by Way better than tap fish 1 on 2019/02/13 14:12
I spend all my time playing I love this game
by Bluqqs on 2019/02/13 12:20
Fun but ...... How can you build a garden with all the ridiculous other things that are eating up your far and few coins you earn. Definitely set up for the game to make some coin though.
Level 2023
by Sue babe on 2019/02/13 07:54
Played many times, the game does not give credit for all of the rockets launched.
by CombatMarine99 on 2019/02/13 06:52
If you want to play a game that demands you to spend money on it then this game is perfect for you. I will save you a lot of time... don’t bother cause it’s a pure pay to play game. Get your debit card out and go ahead and cash in your Trust fund cause that’s what it takes to advance in this one...
Lots of fun
by teal blu on 2019/02/13 06:47
Lots of fun to play, but is a real money pit. I am currently having trouble with the butterflies. Puzzle goal says catch x number of butterflies, but then butterflies don’t appear. Have to waste coins to get them to appear. Don’t waste too many coins, because after the first extra 900, you can well bet they won’t show up. Also, silly tasks that seem pointless, like pet care with dogoh, and repeated phone calls to assorted game characters. I’m currently recovering from illness. If this wasn’t so, I wouldn’t be playing. It passes my time. It’s better than Matchington mansion. 🙄
Too slow in addition of new games
by Drakeho on 2019/02/13 06:04
The addition of new game is too slow. And, there is too many games with hard levels. It is time to stop this game.
Stuck for days
by 1armywifey on 2019/02/13 05:31
Little rewards, little lives, stuck for days trying to beat a level. Some levels do require money to get packs just to beat them.
Don’t do it!!!!
by Skinz32 on 2019/02/13 03:52
Don’t do it!!!!!!! You will end up spending real money because that’s the only way to do anything. Everything cost 900 coins and up and you only get 50-120 coins per level would be an awesome game if you could play more without putting out so much real money. And more stars per level or less for all the things you have to do.
Feedback from a longtime player...
by Granny & Lucky on 2019/02/13 02:49
This game is so much fun although it does try your patience at times. As you play you’ll start to learn the strategies of how things are going to fall so you can earn the different types of explosives which are key in gaining the most coins and completing the board. Sometimes, though, you will get one that convinces you there is no way to win it then, all of a sudden, you just get the right pieces that fall in the right places & you’ve won it with several points to spare which turn into various explosives that gain you more coins! In the meantime you are earning stars which you use to renovate your island. Your trusty butler, Austin, can be a pain sometimes but he mostly gets the jobs done - even if he has to call a friend to help & you will make many friends. You will also get a puppy which you get to name who has an occasional dog training side game. Play them to earn coins & boosters but a tip worth remembering is that every time you beat a level you are earning big time coins! I hardly ever make it past the 1st 3 levels (@ which point you are assigned 5 more) but monotonous though it may be that’s where the $$ is! As your island grows you accumulate many animals & friends which you can see interacting with each other. Sometimes, while I am taking a little break, I will just sit & watch the peacocks & the swans & the fish. There are rabbits & squirrels & birds & I just got a horse which I also got to name! Everyone develops their own style of playing. I like to sometimes save up 12 stars of so before I use them renovating the island. I also like to sandbag my boosters but I will select all three types to use when I get the exploding gas cylinders (the one thing I HATE) just so I can make that board go away. Check out some of the Facebook groups & join so you can make more friends and never run out of energy but also to learn helpful hints. That’s where I learned that if there’s a really tough board to beat - give it a rest for about an hour. Sometime when you come back everything fits & falls in all the right places!
Garden lover
by Mjdevi on 2019/02/13 02:37
Love the game but have been unable to collect stars without buying coins.
by Ell H on 2019/02/12 23:22
Came here with the intention of writing a five star review, because this used to be a five star game. However, recently- the app has been force closing immediately after I beat levels and does not save the progress. Yes I have the most current version of the app
Trash game
by 偶很神气滴 on 2019/02/12 22:00
All the devs want is money, trash team made this trash game
by All mine are gone :) on 2019/02/12 21:49
I play this game often and the one thing I hate about it is that sometimes when you get a reward in game it disappears. This drives me crazy as I don’t get them often!
Time killer!
by meador2018 on 2019/02/12 19:42
I love it!! But spend to much time on it! 😂
Love gardenscapes
by Collbunny on 2019/02/12 19:05
Great fun! I have to agree, sometimes frustrating, but on slow days, I play other games for awhile. I always come back, great interactive art, it's worth it!
Listening in on conversations
by Khajidah the Sneak Thief on 2019/02/12 17:48
I just downloaded this game and got to the part where you pick which benches you want. I picked the blue ones because they matched the fountain. Right after that, Austin said that the benches matched the fountain perfectly, and “that’s why you picked them, right?” I don’t know if this was his programmed response, and if so I’m totally overreacting, but it kind of creeped me out. Especially since while I was playing Homescapes and talking about oatmeal, Austin immediately said something about oatmeal. It was very fun until that point, and, sorry, makers of Gardenscapes and Homescapes, but I’m deleting the games. Because I’m a bit concerned your app listens in on conversations.
Could’ve been fun
by Sicko & Son Guitars on 2019/02/12 16:40
Fun for about 80 levels then the old bait and switch. Just make it a pay for game and maybe I wouldn’t have had to just delete it and give it a 1 star rating. You should fire your team and start over.
by Sears gamer 75 on 2019/02/12 16:31
Game is fun but they need to give more coins.
Getting Harder to get any good rewards !
by Spakem on 2019/02/12 16:25
I have played this game for years. Haven’t ever gotten the dang Jackpot on the wheel! I have spent way too much money on this game to be so low on rewards. Go back to getting some free time and some kind of extra reward when you do the tree. There is all kinds of things you could do. If I could down load pics to prove how fixed this game is I would. There is No getting the jackpot No matter what you do. I will play the game. But I will not be spending anymore money on it No more.
Best puzzle game with one hitch
by Moshaw89 on 2019/02/12 16:03
I love this game it is one of my favorites I’m on 3000 something level though it would be so much better if you let us choose when to use the power ups during the level instead of right at the beginning I hate that.
Great game
by Octane junky on 2019/02/12 15:59
I’ve had this game for years and have never spent any money with it.
Fun and fun to watch
by GrandmaLd on 2019/02/12 15:24
I have been playing Gardenscapes for over a year. It is the best match three game I have played. There are visual rewards along with coins. As you learn more “tricks” you can progress faster. There are some very frustrating levels but if it were to easy there would be no challenge. Enjoy!
Entertaining, Relaxing, Fun
by Am Tram on 2019/02/12 14:45
I love games with a story line. They’re entertaining, and plus u have all the contests! It’s also relaxing, just play a few minutes and u get so into it. It’s a very fun game, constantly winning coins, and power ups. Try and be changed for life!
by Mom_of_Eight on 2019/02/12 12:54
I really enjoy this game except when I get the Infinity award for three hours but have to leave for work! I wish you would make that award able to be paused.
pretty good
by justjael on 2019/02/12 08:37
I’ve been playing this godforsaken game far longer than I’d care to admit but I’ve got to say that it serves its purpose of entertaining and distracting me when I need it to. Waiting for class to start, while I’m eating lunch or on break, to fall asleep faster, tuning out my parents fighting in the background, tuning out the sound of a pan hitting my dad over the head, forgetting college costs and responsibilities and etc. You already know the drill. My only thing is Austin kinda creeps me out. He doesn’t help at all with prettying up that dang garden but parades around it all the time like it’s his! Where was his balding chrome-dome walking twig self when I was stuck on levels for weeks at a time?? Grooming his weird mustache!? Is that where all his hair went??! Anyways that and I don’t like the in app purchases, I’d rather work towards coins so it’d be real nice if that was made a bit easier to do. I just wanna smack some lilies on a nice fountain and forget my depression for a good while. Thanks.
by thepizza1112 on 2019/02/12 07:30
Love the game Love the picture But difficult to pass the level I have to spend a lot of time to pass the level even i got infinity heart but still very hard to play
by Lills12 on 2019/02/12 06:25
Not enough rewards to help achieve levels
Starts off well. But drags after a while
by RQ garden on 2019/02/12 04:17
Game shows much promise at the beginning. You are able to get decent rewards and pass levels. But as you get more into it levels become harder. You go through lives in matter of second. Extra 5 chances costs lots of coins while getting barely any rewards/coins for passing levels. And getting more coins and upgrades got really old really quick.
by Cmesd on 2019/02/11 23:48
Great game! Has variety. The only thing is sometimes the levels are really hard. I’d like to have levels easily achievable.
Love the challenges
by Danny's Dani on 2019/02/11 23:27
Love the challenges but very little rewards. Power up cost a lot. Would like it if could select and use a power up during the game not just at the beginning.
No so much fun
by Josee love on 2019/02/11 23:03
When you’re enjoying in the games and have an ♾ then you cannot proceeds. Leaving 2 hours games crash😜😜😜😜
by Ronsjar on 2019/02/11 19:59
Great graphics. Expensive,and addictive. It would be nice if you could choose when to use your free life time. Really hate the colored bombs. Your life is over and still have 14 moves. That’s crazy! I’m addicted.
by A Busy Mimi on 2019/02/11 19:21
I took one look at this level and decided it was definitely unattainable. I cannot understand why you feel you need to develop levels like this. The game needs to be challenging but not ridiculous.
I like it
by Sam龍 on 2019/02/11 14:46
I like it very much, but sometime the hard stage is very hard to clear...
Freaking App stole all my money
by myappkeepscrashing on 2019/02/11 14:14
Impossibly difficult. The “special events” make it a little bit easier, but not by much. I will lose HOURS on this app because of how addicting it is. I’ll always end up with ONE MOVE left to go, and being prompted by the app, spent sooooo much $$$ buying extra moves, when really, there is no skill involved because it’s all random. The story is adorable and cute, and I’m impressed with how much detail that’s put into the design of the garden and game - even down to the social media portion. I absolutely detest the music and sounds - for some reason it gives me extreme anxiety.
by Dookey11111111 on 2019/02/11 12:53
Playing one level for days is not fun. I deleted this game for that reason.
by sop gop on 2019/02/11 12:33
I got this game because of an add I saw.But when I got the game it was nothing like the add I was so confused. It was pretty fun but I was wishing it was more like the add so I am going to delete the app because I don’t have any interest in it.
by Rafthdgyyim3368380 on 2019/02/11 12:01
The game is fun however it does not reward enough for completing levels. Some are very very difficult and I use up lives. There are not enough stars received to buy the help tools you need to pass levels
Fun game
by JoDee Ann on 2019/02/11 05:41
Fun game but if you can't or do not have the time to play everyday, you are penalized....and demoted...not fun if that happens. I mean who likes to be penalized for having a real life? Lol. Not a fun game anymore for me.
Been playing for over a year
by phredgirlie on 2019/02/11 05:00
On level 2002, have spent a total of maybe $5 on the game in that time and it was cause I didn’t want to wait for more lives. I live that the levels are accomplishable, it might take a while on certain levels- but then I fly through 15 levels in a day. It works out.
by Darscoot on 2019/02/11 04:45
Fun, but the bombs are a real pain and also almost every time you spin the wheel you get a bomb or a rainbow disc EVERYTIME!!
by nickname787878 on 2019/02/11 04:45
Literally got to the new area and couldn’t even get past the first level after the tutorial?! Like duck off qunt what a waste of time!
Smoked Joe
by One tire mama on 2017/10/14 03:15
Love the game, but the Rewards are very low and there is no appreciation. I hate that you can't earn enough coins to do anything. Are you for real, only 1 star for completing a level? And why do you charge for calling someone? That's totally ridiculous. It's quite obvious that Austin is the laziest butler on earth. In real life he would be fired. Solving the puzzles are ridiculous, the puzzles are rigged to lose, requiring you to buy coins. You earn so little you can't go on. You can't earn enough coins to buy boosters. So little reward for continuing. I have just about reached my limit, I'm sure this has been a very rewarding game for you, so I wish you the best, because I'm though with paying astronomical prices to lose. I played for a short time, longer than I intended, but now I'm through paying for constantly losing and then not being able to earn coins or rewards, without having to buy with cash the things you want. If you haven't obtained your pay for this game, it's because you have ran your players off. I come back daily to try for coins via watching apps I have no intention obtaining. As for playing the game that's out. I no longer enjoy the lazy butler. You have to earn stars just to greet the guests? Get real. You can't rehab the gardens due to having to buy ridiculous chores. You should not have to use stars to get the mail, answer the gate, train the dog, clean the pavements. I would like to build the gardens, isn't that what this game is about?
Fun, challenging, interactive & addictive
by SoSass76 on 2017/10/07 01:25
I started playing Garden Escapes a few months ago! There are many challenging levels along the way. Once you learn the various tricks and techniques of using the boosters and how to combine them to get more Banff for your buck, then the levels are a bit easier to best. I've between stuck on some levels for days on end, which seem impossible to beat. Those particular difficult levels, I find that without using extra boosters they would be nearly impossible to beat. The amount of moves in any given level are few, and so is best to use each move wisely and not waste moves unnecessarily. I have purchased extra coins on occasion in order to help me "continue" a game for 900 coins. It's only because the average coins earned per game seems to fall in the 55-65 coin range. So... It takes a long time to earn enough coins to help make progress in the game. My one huge criticism about the game is that when you make a move on your very last turn, it will not allow you to make moves (I.e., blow up bombs, etc...) like you can when you are playing with other turns in the game- that you can make extra moves before all the blocks settle into place. That is a big annoyance that you cannot do that on the very last move- it could make a difference of winning that level. So 4.5 stars! BTW, Home Escapes, by Playrix is just as fun, and maybe even a slightly better game!
Fun, but annoying at times
by Im14speed on 2017/09/15 02:47
Ok, where to start. When I started playing this I really didn't know what to expect. The levels started fun/easy, then the challenge began. Some of the levels took me a day or two to beat, but with any game that is to be expect. I do love playing the fireworks challenge and building the flower. I just wish, like others have stated, when you reach the unlimited lives stage, for 2, 4, or 6 hours, the time would be on our time not the clocks. So I will give you a heads up on that. Don't start playing for unlimited lives unless you have the "time" to play your time. It does sound confusing, but it is what it is. I absolutely love the graphics on this game. Building different gardens with plants, water features, stone pavers, etc makes it seem like you accomplish something. I also like the fact the ads, your choice to watch, gives you extra stars. However, I have run into a problem with that. I can watch the ads, but I can't close it to get my "credits". Hopefully the tech people will get that fixed soon. Anyway, if you enjoy building things (in this case gardens) you should enjoy this game. If I had one gripe, it would be I can't get enough bombs to blow things up. The more bombs I have the happier I am. And no I'm not crazy. When you start playing you will see what I'm talking about yourself. Happy gardening!!!
If you're spending a lot of money you're playing way too much
by Ash sidedness on 2017/09/14 04:37
I'd actually give 4 1/2 but whatever.. so let me start by saying the game is great. At least to me it is and I never really liked these kind of matching things in a row type games. It's challenging, fun and visually quite nice. I agree with some of the reviews that state you gotta do a lot for a little in return. Sometimes there will be a task that requires you to hire some help and one task will be to find someone to call for help and the next task will be to actually make the phone call. That's a little annoying to look forward to if you want to continue playing. A lot of people complain about it being expensive but these must be people that A. Have no self control. B. Probably are playing way more than they should be. Okay, I get that games can be addicting and I myself have sat for hours playing games I've thoroughly enjoyed but if you find yourself spending money on this daily or to a point that you're complaining about it, you probably don't have the financial comfort to be spending money on phone games and I suggest taking a break and going for a walk. Or download another game to play while you wait for more lives. Overall fun game and my only suggestion is to give out some goodies(bombs, shovel, rainbow thing) a tiny bit more often or at least make that daily wheel spin thing have better prizes.
One of the best match three games out there
by Hodgepodge Brain on 2017/11/01 13:49
Match three games have become notorious for being boring, same-y, and uninspired. I cannot say the same for this game. The original premise intrigued me, I hadn’t seen many other in the genre have an objective outside the levels that was purely based on customizing an in game area. So I tried it and that was over a year ago. Each level presents new challenges and I love how you need strategy to win some levels, even with the power ups. Additionally there are some levels that just need luck, or the biggest explosion you can make. The levels all together feel balanced. It’s not too hard but it’s challenging enough to keep me playing. And I love the garden. I love gardening in real life, so the idea that I have this massive mansion with extensive grounds just makes me so happy. Finally my final praise for the game comes from one key aspect. The fact that performance on each level doesn’t determine how many stars you get. If I complete a level I get one or sometimes two stars. There’s no experience bar that I have to fill, and I am so glad there isn’t. If my performance in level determined the number of stars I’d receive, I would have gotten too frustrated by the game a long time ago and wouldn’t still be playing. So this right here is a match three game done right.
Addicting, But Frustrating
by GoldenTree12 on 2017/11/13 00:48
First of all, I want to say that I love absolutely love this game! It is very well advertised, and it is such good quality. I really enjoy the storyline and the beautiful garden. However, I do have a couple of problems with this game. During the first couple of days I easily went through and played the levels. However, when I hit the 60’s it got hard. Now, I’m not complaining about the difficulty level, but there is a frustrating cycle when you just can’t complete a level. If you don’t have enough coins to buy more moves, then you don’t have enough coins to buy a power up. You can spin the wheel every day to win prizes, but you rarely get something you can use to win that level. Also, if you can’t when the levels and you don’t get any stars, and if you don’t get any stores and you can’t complete any of the challenges and win coins! You see where I’m going with this?It’s almost like the game is forcing you to purchase coins if you need an extra boost I a level.😕 Even after all this, I still love this game and gave it four stars for its originality and fun! I do ask that there be an easier way to get coins, though, like on Homescapes when you check in consecutively, you get coin rewards. I think that would be a great addition to Gardenscapes! Thank you to all the creators of this game, you guys are awesome!
Level 3075
by jennfid5150 on 2019/01/09 00:20
I am going to start off by saying I love this game. I am on level 3075 and still addicted to the game as if I just started playing the game. To everyone that is complaining about how hard the levels are with very little awards here is what I have to say to that. If every level was super easy we would have to always wait for a update and on top of that it would get very boring. I love the challenge yea I get mad at times because of not being able to beat a level after a few days but I end up beating it just have to find the pattern for it. For someone that is just starting out on the game save your boosters for when you really need them you don’t have to use them right away they are not going to go anywhere. 2 I agree when you win free life make sure you have the time for it. I think that is my only downfall with the game since I am a working mother of 4 and kids sports i do lose out on a lot of the free life I get. However, still really loving the game kept out the great work and looking forward for this game to be around for a long time with many more new characters and levels. If the developers could respond back to me and answer just one question I would be very happy (haha) I just want to know how many levels they have at this time again since I am at 3075.
Fun and Productive
by Oogie 81 on 2018/09/21 16:06
This is by far my favorite game and has been for a very long time (I’m legit addicted). It is exciting to build such amazing gardens when in real life I am unwittingly the grim reaper of foliage, unable to keep a simple house plant alive despite my best efforts. I also have a proclivity towards cleanliness and being in control (plants aren’t the only things running away from me screaming). Cleaning up the garden and decorating it the way I want helps quell my OCD (free and sometimes $9.99 therapy) and makes me feel productive while I am escaping life (being super lazy) for a bit (usually hours) to play this game. I think the levels are a good mix of difficulty (except when I can’t beat one and am yelling at my IPad) and the game makers appear to listen (not to me yelling at my IPad) and make positive changes when something is not favorable. The daily prize wheel is nice, but for as much as I play I have only hit the jackpot two times and I find these odds a little suspect (omg I need to get a life). The only other complaint I have are the number of stars sometimes needed to complete a task (if only I ran the world...). But let’s be real, these are silly frustrations in the grand scheme of life. This game will continue to be my guilty pleasure (relaxing anti-social personality skill strengthening module) for a long time.
Fun, but the game cheats to try to get your money
by living.lucid on 2018/06/04 13:52
I’ve been playing this for many months now, and while I enjoy the premise and the gameplay, I found that the game purposely tries to prevent me leveling up. I currently have 23 extra lives (probably the 5th or 6th time I’ve accumulated this amount) that I got from the daily spin. I purposely press the stop button on different parts of the wheel, and yet I STILL get extra lives every time. It’s totally fixed. I’ve found myself stuck on levels for weeks because what I really need is a power up to give me the edge to pass the level, but I’m buried alive in extra lives instead. Additionally, I’ve found that if I start blowing through levels too quickly, the game will purposely make my lose a level by refusing to drop the needed shape. I’ve had more than twelve moves left to me after gathering all the gnomes or the lemonade but one, and despite making matches right beneath where I need things to be rearranged, the game will just keep dropping useless shapes for all of my 12 moves and purposely prevent me from winning. I’ve noticed that the only way to combat this programmed cheating is to just stop playing. I won’t open the app for days and then suddenly the game provides everything I need to pass a level I’d been stuck on for 9 days. It’s very frustrating, and there have been several times I’ve considered just deleting it.
Fun with a cute story
by CyndyML on 2018/05/24 22:49
I really like these games, and this one has the perfect level of difficulty for me. You absolutely do not have to spend money on this game, but I did after I played it quite a bit. I just felt that they had given me so much enjoyment that I morally owed them for the game. Some people have complained about the story line. I find it fun. I tend to save up my stars, and then play a bunch of them at one time, but I don’t start a new day until I want to refill my lives. Edit: it’s months later, and I still love this game. I buy coins a couple times a year when they are on a super sale, but only because I want to support the game designers because it’s a terrific game. (I have over 70,000 coins, so it really is just because I feel they should get paid for their effort!) The only two things I’d change: (1) lower the chances of getting a life on the wheel - I have over a hundred in my mailbox, and bombs, etc. are so much more useful. (2) toss some timed games into the higher games because they’re more fun than muddy fruit or purple vines. Also, I really appreciate that if I have the game sound off, there aren’t noisy pop-up ads. I end up playing at night if I have insomnia, and this is one of the games I can play without fear of waking my husband! Love this game!
Awesome game
by Lilpeach29 on 2018/04/19 11:48
I’ve been playing this game for over a year, maybe even two, and i love it. I wanted to write a review to be clear that the game is not impossible without spending money, not even close. I’m on level 1300 or so and have never spent a dime. You do have to be prepared to be patient and play some levels many times until you win. I guess if you’re looking for it to be really easy and to just soar through the levels, this game might not be for you, but i love that it’s realistically challenging. Most importantly, in my opinion, is this is a free game WITHOUT ads!! I’m not sure how they manage to put out a game this engaging and fun without ads, but maybe they could teach other companies... You do need power ups once in a while, BUT, you can easily get them for free by playing the optional challenges they give you, and by logging in each day to collect your free daily prize. My suggestion to developers, if you read this, is to fix up the rockets. They explode things that make no sense, like pieces that have already disappeared, or prioritizing dropping lemonade glasses rather than things that make way more sense. Also, if someone uses a power up on a level, it would be nice if it didn’t enter by interfering with other matches that are pre-setup for that round.
The Nicest Game Ever
by Kellyfireangel on 2017/10/16 06:09
This is, seriously, the "nicest" game on the internet. Austin is like your super-supportive friend, who's so positive it's almost creepy, but you gotta love him, because he's just so nice. I started playing this game as part of an offer to earn gold in another game I play, and I've been a daily player ever since. The match-3 levels are pretty addictive and challenging, and they're always changing and adding new features, so it stays fresh and interesting. At the same time, you're fixing up the gardens and having adventures with Austin. All the neighbors you meet are fun characters, with interesting backstories. It's all gorgeously rendered, and totally bug-free. You can play offline. Fun little events happen pretty frequently. Best of all, there's practically ZERO ad-presence... you have the option of watching videos for coins from time to time, but ads are never shoved in your face. I think this game is designed to appeal to older adults-- hence, the 80's-supermarket-style music, but I really think anyone can have fun with it. I am seriously just impressed with the quality of it. The only things I'd potentially change about this one: faster recharge on lives, different music options, and more customization options for the garden decor. But it's serously pretty great as it is.
Right on Smoked Joe
by gggggg's on 2018/10/11 17:56
I’ve been playing this game for about a year. I have made the same remarks that you noticed. I have my own garden. I work my but off in it. The game maker does not listen to our comments. Sad because this game could be lots of fun. Like you I’m tired of losing. I did not come on this site or to play this game to spend my cash money. Like you I agreed that their rewards are way,way to low. And getting stars are to difficult then they want to take them away to feed the dog answer the Mail. People that make this game you really do need to restructure and give your played better rewards. Your other game in the house with Austin is just as bad for all the same reasons. Looks to me that you could learn from your players. Those that love it and rate it high have not spent money on losing. That not why we play your game. Challenging is good but impossible is bad, very bad. The higher the level the more impossibly the games become. It is evident that you want to hook your players in to spending many, many real time bulks cash money to play your game. I’ll look in from time to time but after my third review and you still have not made changes for the better, I see no reason to continue. The whole purpose for a review is to upgrade and work out the problems. Your game makers need to realize that we like your game but you need to make changes for the better.
I love it and it’s fun to play but....
by Mimibfly6622 on 2018/02/09 05:48
First off, I just want to say that I absolutely love this game. I love the aspect of decorating the home, the plot, all of that. The only thing that gripes me about it is that, the game is so transparent in the fact that they make like 2 or 3 levels in a row super easy like passing it in 1 or 2 lives and then they’ll give you a level that you can’t pass for a week, like making it impossible, and you can only pass if you use the power ups or use the coins for more turns. After about a week and the game notices that you don’t use any of it, they make the level on probably the 9th day SUPER easy to pass and you’ll move on. I’ve noticed this about 6 or 7 times in the game and I’m upper 100 levels. Now to be fair, A LOT of puzzle games are like this. Homescapes is just visually appealing enough to make it bearable. The reason why I don’t mind it so much is because I play it a lot on my free time or when I’m bored so playing it, knowing I’m going to lose a level because they’ll make me wait to see if I use the power ups, is killing time for me until I actually pass it. Besides all of that, if you don’t like games that have that same interface and strategy with its players then this game is probably not for you, but it is a very well looking game with load of fun puzzles to play from!
No need to spend money
by Lanu on 2018/12/14 22:30
I’ve reached stage 2852 and I have not spent a single dime. I really like the upgrade to get the Halloween theme decorations for the mansion and part of the garden and now working on the Xmas theme decorations. If you really want to achieve that, you have to play daily and a few times a day but I really like the challenges to get power ups or unlimited lives and even gifts to help with the stages, theres a lot of help offered to help you get through the hard stages and boy some of them take time. If you want to pass a stage ASAP or restore a garden or complete the game immediately, than you might be tempted to spend money for those instant results but if you don’t want to spend money but continue to play, YOU CAN! You JUST NEED to be patient and not be in a rush to get to the end! enjoy the journey of the game :D..but I love the game design, storyline, it’s beautiful and creative. Best version ever. It’s just very time consuming in order to restore the different garden themes because you earn 1 star per stage and it takes 2,3,4 even 10-20stars to complete some tasks. They use to give 2 stars if you passed a hard stage but they discontinued it...So if you want to enjoy playing this game without spending a dime, you need time and got to play it daily but not all day.
by Temilfist on 2018/09/17 16:36
Only on lvl 40 or so but this game is addictive .. reading the other reviews has me holding back on using boosters but (so far) trial and error have gotten me past levels .. neat storyline, "decorating" is a snap unlike other games, and some of the levels are quite hard .. now on level 420 and still wildly addictive .. can't put this one down .. level 640 and still my favorite game .. level 888 and still loving it .. level 1040 and still addicted, though it sometimes takes me days to figure a board out .. just got to level 1200 and, yes, still my favorite game .. level 1400 and still playing all day .. level 1460 and “super hard” levels were recently introduced with twice the stars as a reward .. level 1500 and things are starting to get kinda hard but, yes, still addicted .. level 1580, loved the Halloween and now the Christmas additions .. level 1660 and the fun gameplay and interesting storyline haven’t waned .. on level 1860, worried the storyline will end soon but enjoying the “magic hat” addition .. level 2117 and hard to stop playing .. level 2500 and things are pretty hard now, though that hasn’t decreased the fun factor .. level 2803, was worried storyline would have dropped off by now but nope, still going strong and funny ..
Game can quickly become a money pit
by appcritic512 on 2018/01/27 08:38
Only gets 2 stars because this game is deliberately designed to quickly become a money pit. Decorating the garden should be fun, but this game is designed to frustrate the hell out of any player unwilling to spend real cash to buy coins which are required for everything from Austin’s (lazy butler) chores to answering the stupid phone and feeding the dog. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME! If you purchase coins, they won’t go far because the stupid match puzzle crap you’re required to play and beat will consume your coins in no time. Each puzzle level is designed to require more moves than a player is given to eliminate obstacles to: find gnomes (there are always too many), get rid of acorns, collect specified items (fruit, water drops, etc). Each level increases in difficulty, but the rewards DO NOT increase, nor do the boosters, etc. needed to play the higher, more difficult levels. If you have a physical or learning disability, this game is literally impossible to play and advance in because the stupid puzzles are too difficult to manage. Pity the developers didn’t make this game more user friendly for individuals with physical or learning challenges by providing advancement options to complete other than the stupidly difficult and unrewarding puzzles. ☹️ DELETING GAME...won’t waste money on it and refuse to waste time on stupid online forums plowing thru drivel looking for shortcuts and hints.
Too hard or ?
by e-mAn2799 on 2018/12/16 14:38
I enjoy this game immensely. I really do. I have to agree with some of the other reviewers about the difficulty in some of the levels and how it can take a very long time to pass a level. However, I think it’s somewhat okay. I look forward to the challenge of trying something different the next time I get a chance to play that level. I do not pay anything for the extra stuff. I did it once and felt like a heel. That’s part of the challenge. The only thing that bugs me more than levels being a bit too challenging at times is having to add crap to areas. It sounds so nitpicky as I type this out, but here goes. So we finish the fountain in the garden and then change the basin to a statue that takes like 9 stars to finish? It really takes a long time to finish any area in the garden when we have to do that stuff. I’m all for the challenging levels, but how many stars it takes to do the changes is a bit much. How about giving us the choice of a decoration: maybe the butler really wants the peacock for the basin in he fountain and it costs 3 stars. You like the angel for the basin and it costs 2 stars, maybe the original basin costs 1 Star. Just an idea. I think it would be more fun to have a choice that way.
Too little of a return on the rewards
by Maychaom on 2017/10/14 13:55
Too expensive!!!! The coin returns plus rewards are laughable. It's a scam to ensure the player has to spend money to just beat a level. The boosters, when implemented never seems to be at a place where it can actually help so it's almost useless. Before you know it, you have to buy more boosters and/or time (literally). And the butler is irritating! I quit! After writing the above review I decided to go back and give it another chance. I tried to play the game without spending any money and it was impossible not to. Having said that, not much about the game has been "fixed" or improved upon since my last review. What is the point of reviews if you don't care what your players say? I play other games and never have I had to spend this kind of money playing a game. It is impossible to earn coins from the game because you have to use what you earn (it is a ridiculously small amount) it to buy power ups so it's impossible to build on what you earn. I am almost always at zero. Very disappointing. And the fact that you have to wait another 30 minutes to play again after the five measly chances you are given is stupid. I enjoy the game and unraveling the garden however until you fix the issues people are writing about, it is not worth it! I guess you guys don't care much about creating a more balanced game and having players who will invest in the game long term!!! Not spending another dime!
Letting players know
by Dr.Dremur on 2018/02/01 17:46
I'm letting all of you know that think you have to pay to beat a level is not true. Yes you can pay for the coins and stuff if you want. But it's just a matter of trial and error. I'm on level 559 and have not spent a dime of real money. I only use the coins I earn and the prizes I win with the wheel and events, sometimes it doesn't work out and I don't beat it but it doesn't mean I have to pay to win, I spent weeks on a level before keep trying don't give up and when you finally get a good set up the satisfaction is greater when you win. I love this game with the storyline it brings. I love trying to guess the new area when the other is complete. Same thing goes for Homescapes both are amazing. (I'm on level 289 and spent no real money on it) Both games for all levels trial and error. Don't give up don't get frustrated. Support the developers by keeping the games. You can buy the sales offer. But just because you can't beat a level in a certain amount of days or weeks doesn't mean it's set up to where you have to pay to win. All levels in all games are made to be beaten without pay or upgrades. Paying to help doesn't mean you'll beat the level then. So don't get mad at the developers.
My favorite phone game
by Sieraye21 on 2017/09/26 02:47
I've been playing this game now for definitely over a year and it has come such a long way. It used to be SUCH a pay-to-play and the levels were impossibly hard so you felt hopeless. But it was the beautiful visuals and the cute storyline that kept me playing. As I got to later levels and the developers fixed all the little kinks in it, it's now arguably perfect. They have provided easier ways to get coins than just by winning levels, like a daily wheel spin, the introduction of "hard levels" (give you double the coins but really aren't often any harder than regular levels), frequent mini events that provide additional coins, power-ups, or even infinite lives for a period of time. Love it love it. My only complaint is that I wish I could put that time limit for infinite lives on hold in some way. I can't tell you how many times I've just thought to maybe play a couple games during a break at work or right before bed.. and then those are the times I hit jackpot 😰 One time during an event I went all the way to the top and got 8 hours total of infinite lives right before bed and ended up staying up all night because I didn't want to waste it. I was dead at work the next day.
Not my favorite .(I say Home scapes is better )
by God is with you on 2018/10/26 01:43
Don’t get me wrong I like the game invite but every time it won’t give me the right moves to play or you know how it is and then the stuff cost way too much on the game way way too much . I like the game to staff and I can , you can do the Guardian and all that kind of stuff but the game itself is really boring it’s like kind of want to those games where you have to do something but it what are you do it until it want you I like the game to staff and I can you can do the Guardian and all that kind of stuff but the game itself is really boring it’s like kind of want to those games where you have to do something but it won’t let you and that gets on my nerves a lot that I’m not trying to put everything down on this game I’m just trying to say that I am only play it when I have to this is my writing I gave it to because it was really that good to me I’ll be with him I did I don’t wanna but you down or then I like all your things that I get that but for me the game is just not what I expected to get one I saw the ad I was like oh this is going to be fine but guess what it’s not how do you like my interview and didn’t feel you know all about Lala blah that about it is I really like game is yes it has some things in it that I wish I could change I just want to tell people who made this thing that I need some changes or some updates.
Lacking support
by Sleepinglz on 2018/06/15 19:57
I hate to even admit that I’ve spent money on a game, but on Gardenscapes, I have. Now I have a problem. One day I go on to see that everything is gone. I’ve been pushed back levels that I’ve already beaten. One being a “super hard level” and one of the reasons I spent money on this game. (Although I have also purchased coins on many other occasions, it took me 2 days of failing this level before I gave in to buying some help). Aside from being pushed back, everything is gone. No more toy chests, no more dog levels, tasks I’ve done, and stars that I had accrued. (I like to save them up and do a lump of tasks at once.) I contacted support through the in-app feature. While waiting on their response, I resumed playing to beat the same levels once again. Once support got back to me, I was advised to delete the app, restart my phone and download the app again. Although I had already tried that, I did it again. This time...THE SAME THING HAPPENS! All of the games features are still missing, but once again I am pushed back to the same level as before and the stars I had gained while waiting for support to get back to me are gone. I tell this to support and I am still waiting on a response. I’d be more than happy to send screenshots showing that all features are missing. Had I not spent money on this game, I would not be complaining, but this is unfair. Either my game needs to be fixed or I need to be refunded.
Kinda over it
by becky743 on 2017/10/22 17:54
I was obsessed with this game when I first started, I played everyday! It took up all my free time. But the more and more I played, I kept getting discouraged because it feels like they want you to lose? Is this a tactic to get you to pay actual dollars to buy coins? Because it doesn’t work. I’ve been stuck on a level for almost a week and I have no idea how I would be able to beat it. And I’m not about to spend my hard earned money on a game that is triggered to make you lose. They give you only a few playable pieces to begin with, more obstacles than you can clear, and only like 30 moves? At the MOST? IMPOSSIBLE. And whenever I used one of the few boosters I won to help, they gave me NO other option but to use them as soon as the game started. And they put them right where they would have no effect whatsoever. I wouldn’t even be able to move them lower to where the obstacles were! And when you won coins to actually do something with the garden, it was for stupid things like merely calling someone or setting up a tea meeting? I want to decorate a GARDEN, not entertain guests? I wasted SO much time on this game for nothing. I thought it’d be a fun easy game to play on my free time to relieve some stress, but honestly, it gave me more stress than I already had! I will be deleting! If you’re thinking about downloading this game, have fun being stuck on a level for 500 years and then getting no reward anyway!
Overall fun game but one part is pretty racist
by little phoenix on 2018/09/14 14:02
i’ve been playing GardenScapes for over a year and have mostly enjoyed it. There are not many games I have played consistently for this long. Sometimes I get stuck on a level but that makes victory that much sweeter when I finally get past it. But there are some improvements that could be made: 1. The portrayal of Master Akira is racist. Yes I know you try to show admiration and respect for Asian cultures but the way Master Akira talks is grammatically ridiculous. Asian people don’t mix up their words that much. The object of the sentence before the rest of it is fine, but words are randomly placed throughout the sentence making it difficult to even understand what he’s saying. Please fix this! It’s not funny, it’s not culturally accurate, it’s just really annoying. 2. When there’s a challenge to get the most bombs/fireworks, give us unlimited fireworks for 30 minutes, not unlimited lives! You give us unlimited rainbow blasts for that particular challenge but don’t do the same for the fireworks challenge. 3. Austin’s magic hat bonuses max out at 1x1x1, while the dog’s treasure chests give you many more bonuses if you consecutively win. I don’t understand this discrepancy and wish you’d add more bonuses to the magic hat.
Would be 5 but too hard
by Socalsurfy on 2017/11/11 05:53
The graphics are so cute and I like everything about this game but it's too freaking hard! It takes me a week of playing to maybe finish one level. And I didn't even get the daily spins until level 24! And you don't get anything for not passing. It's incredibly frustrating and I wish we could at least friend people in the game without Facebook. Just other neighbors so I can get lives. This is ridiculously hard and normally I don't mind purchasing in-game as a thank you but when they rig it like this it just makes me go the opposite way. You have 2 layers plus items chained up? It makes it impossible. If you're going to make it so hard, at least don't limit the number of turns then. Update: I’ve been stuck on level 179 or something for a couple of months and I’ve used all the boosts and paid coins to keep going but the lemonade kept getting stuck in the side thing that moves along the border and I wasted like 5600 coins and 7 shovels and all three boosts on that attempt. I’m so close to quitting forever. I have paid probably $40 after playing for over 6 months and refuse to spend another penny on this greedy developer’s game. Also I have like 48 lives just sitting in the envelope from the daily spin, why is that even a prize??? I don’t give a crap about free lives when the levels are this hard.
I'm deleting it
by sanitymkr on 2017/09/10 14:16
This is a cute game and addictive, unfortunately, it gets difficult too quickly and you need boosters to get thru the levels. You earn a few in game but otherwise you have to pay for them or pay for coins to get you extra time to finish the level. You also have to play levels to earn stars to make changes to the areas of the garden, which is fine except when you can't get past a level and some tasks take 2 or 3 stars to complete (ie 2 or 3 levels passed to earn those stars). Would be easy to spend a bunch of money on this game. I would rather pay $5, $10 or even $20 on a game and not have in-game purchases. I would continue to play this game but I'm only at level 65 and working on the 3rd area of the game and can't get past it. I had unlimited lives but out of boosters and had to have played that level at least 100 times. If it's this hard now, how much worse does it get? I'm not going to keep throwing money at this game - it reminds me of the carnival games where you try to win the big stuffed animal, but you have to keep buying tickets to play. By the time you are done and walk away with a dinky stuffed bear, you could have bought 20 of the big ones. So, if you are still reading, I am deleting the game to eliminate the frustration. I would recommend avoiding the frustration altogether...
Fun but could be better
by Notouchyme on 2017/10/27 17:11
The game is great fun, but I feel it could be improved with the tasks not being broken down so many times. Also why not add some fun mini games to let us help in the task as opposed to breaking it down into three, two star collecting ventures. For example, recently I had to look for the maze map, then when we found it, it was in pieces, now I have to use 12 stars just to build the shrubs for the maze, but instead You could have had a mini puzzler so I could put the map together and not need any stars. Match three can still be your main puzzles, but an easy search and find, or logic puzzle would help break up the monotony a bit, especially when your on level 585 and all the levels seem to take 8 lives to pass. Lastly a half an hour is a long time to wait for a life, especially when the level takes only a few minutes to fail. It could be closer to every 10 or 15 minutes you get a new life. Well thank you for the fun game, for now I am still playing and find it just as addicting as it was on day one, just sort of annoying with the task break ups and the waiting on lives. Hope this helps...
My favorite game!!
by AJAYBOMBS on 2018/07/15 16:01
I e always been interested in the puzzle games like Candy Crush & Bejeweled, and I honestly thought this would be the same basic thing but I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. This game is so addicting and fun, and creative! I love that you get to restore parts of your garden, learn new things about gardening, choosing and designing different things, all the events are well thought out and exciting to do, I love that you get to meet people and animals (mostly the animals!) that you get to let live in your garden. It gives you a sense of pride to look back at all your progress and see how great everything looks together. THE ONE BIT OF FEEDBACK I HAVE, is please find more than just one way to earn stars. If you can buy coins I feel like buying stars should be an option, or to win them in events or at hard levels. Other than that I have been playing for months and have nothing but good things to say about it (except the stars lol). I love showing my friends and family my garden, asking their opinions on design choices, and bonding with them over the game. 9/10 would recommend- please add another way to get stars. Thank you!
Why is the help so useless??
by Andropolid on 2017/09/21 02:57
One would think that inheriting a manor would come with more responsibility than returning gardens to former glory. Or more competent help for that matter. The game is pleasing enough, quick easy levels mixed with frustratingly difficult ones, the usual for games of this ilk. But for some reason, the game forces you to interact with and do the bidding of the incompetent butler that let these gardens fall to a state of wilderness in the first place. Why should I care that the butler needs to help his father find and tune a guitar? Why should I have to spend my effort to solve puzzles so that he can laze about reading books and training a dog I was forced into getting in the first place? One would think that a rather sizable sum of money would accompany this new manor house and the seemingly endless gardens around it. Why can I not simple pay for the gardens to be returned to their former glory? Or better yet, sell the thrice damned house, butler, and rather useless dog to another rube for a deep discount? I would have kept my silence, but this game also asked me thrice in an hour to rate it, not sure why, it had never been this needy before. Hopefully this shuts up the random strangers that feel it is appropriate to come into my home and gardens whenever they feel like chatting with the help.
Love the new update!
by Tynytyg on 2018/03/08 04:17
I’ve been playing this game for a while, and I really enjoy it. Beyond just the basic function of the interactions with Austin and the day-to-day renovation of the garden, I enjoy the interesting hijinks the characters get up to and the ways the levels work. There’s endless variety in the requirements, power ups, and obstacles, which keeps the game interesting. On top of those, there’s special events almost constantly, allowing a player who has (with quite the struggle lol) stopped compulsively micropurchasing to obtain the power ups which help me get past levels that are more difficult. My advice; turn off your in-app purchase permissions before you get this app haha. That said, I really haven’t had any major problems with the app or the events. I’ve got no complaints- and believe me, that’s a high commendation. I appreciate the new update, because it’s streamlined functionality that I didn’t know was annoying me! It’s so nice, honestly, I feel like the developers are secretly reading my mind or smth. 10/10 would recommend. (BTW I play Homescapes and Township- both excellent games- and NONE of them are pay to play. It’s awesome.)
Great Game - Not Very Playable $$
by Little Baby Seamus on 2018/12/30 16:31
Super fun game. My only complaint is it isn’t very playable because the cost per game vs cost to continue a game / refill lives vs cost to watch a commercial, is way out of proportion. Example: Ave 65 points for winning a level (rarely won on 1st try), ave 30-40 points per commercial, of which you can do usually only 2x a day. 900 points for 5 extra moves, 900 to refill lives. Most of the time I simply just can’t play because you start with five lives and you can burn that in 10 minutes. I honestly wish there was an option to watch commercials for points. I would happily do that. I’m not going to pay six dollars every time I want to play a game for 30 minutes, no matter how awesome. What’s good... you get a free life you get to choose when to use it. Unlimited lives for an allotted time could be improved upon as others have stated. Don't get discouraged if you feel like you can't beat a level, you will eventually, and others later will be easier. This is better than its sister game Homescapes, which can be frustrating at times. This one is just more fun. I have played this longer than any other game I have. I just wish I had access to more free games.
by Emmlalah on 2018/08/19 05:44
So, I spend a lot of times hunting for and downloading games that look and seem interesting, only to have them either sit on my phone unopened, or played for only an hour or two before getting deleted. I’ve been playing Gardenscapes for a couple years now, and I absolutely love it. I’ve even tried to find other games like it, and have failed to do so. There are plenty of match/redecorate games out there, don’t get me wrong. They just aren’t this one. Even Homescapes by this same company doesn’t have quite the same magic. The areas are beautiful, the choices for decor are great, and I love the little storylines. Austin is adorable! I never spend money on games, but I regularly buy power ups and lives in this one. Let me say now that it is absolutely NOT necessary to spend money to enjoy this game. I simply choose to do so, because I feel it’s worth it. As for people saying the wheel spin is rigged: it’s not. I’ve hit Jackpot 4-5 times. Anyway, I definitely recommend this game as a good time waster, but beware: it’s highly addictive! I’m looking forward to any future games by this company, and I hope they can live up to Gardenscapes! <3
Like the game but hate the consent events
by Jam23504 on 2018/05/28 21:32
I really like the game a lot. It’s challenging and I really like how you can make a space. But I really hate the consent events that the game has been doing since they introduce them. Granted I do like doing the events but not constantly. I like playing games a lot and I do like doing the events once awhile but if it does nothing but events back to back I’m tempted on deleting the game. The reasons why is one I do get bored playing one game constantly, two I like taking breaks between events and play while I’m relaxing not to feel like I’m force to play to keep a certain standing, and finally I don’t have money to get the power ups or coins to keep playing in order to win a level so I can move on. I also been thinking about deleting the game just because of the consent events. The game is really well done and the puzzles can be very challenging but the consent events is the reason for the 3 stars and not a 4/5 star like I was going to do before. Sorry for the long review rant but I feel it was necessary to understand that not everyone like the consent events without a breaks. Breaks are necessary to level off the demands on players and for us to take our time on some levels without a certain demands.
Needs improvements
by firill on 2019/01/12 05:58
Absolutely agree with other reviewer 100%. The game is about building the garden. Ok, I get it that in order to get/do something you need to “call” somebody, open something etc. but at least increase rewards level. Boosters help, but I think it’s done on purpose to lower their power to make players buy for real money (thru in app purchase) booster/coin packages. I don’t mind ads in games, that’s how the makers of the game I guess earn their money and of course from people buying within the app. Of course there should be different levels of difficulty, otherwise it would be too easy and not challenging, but it’s ridiculous that sometimes “super hard level” takes you several days to complete, because you don’t have or don’t buy boosters. People who make this game need to make it more appealing, instead of annoying and frustrating. Some levels have just a few moves to complete it but the difficulty of it requires usage of gazillion boosters and additional moves that you have to get with coins earned through out the game. At the end of each level it gives you 50 or 100 coins, to get lowest booster you need 900coins.... I am thinking of deleting this game and will not recommend it to others, unless changes happen and it’s more enjoyable to play it.
Don't download new update-will lose all lives and friends!!
by Tawanna from boston on 2017/10/15 21:58
Update: oct 2017-app is back to normal and love again. Addicting and so fresh and fun. Love the new leagues and weekend battles are awesome. Recommendation to app: you should add a feature to battle other users live and we try to finish a board side by side view and whoever won would get a prize.. that would be amazing!!! App owners: please fix this issue!! This a warning to help you. They changed it to make you spend money by taking away all your lives if you accrued them after having friends give them to you. I had over 100 and they were gone and when I looked at friends to add they were gone. I only have like 10 when I had 500 people. I found out it's what's happening with everyone on Facebook. They are cheating us. I loved this game and got to level 460. I spent good money too for things but, this is ridiculous. I need to find. New game bc who wants to wait 5 hours to play when each round takes 50 tries to beat. They need to fix this bc it will lose a lot of gamers and will disappear like many of them. Please fix this!!! Thank you
Hate the new update...puzzle graphics quality went down
by museanpanman on 2018/08/19 06:12
I’m giving this game a very low star review. I never review games, but this one is my favorite. Before this review I personally rate it at 5 stars and I recommend it to everyone since I love playing it so much. However, the problem is...the new update for the anniversary of the game. I just updated this game and I HATE the puzzle level graphics. (The rest of the game graphics are fine, it’s just the puzzle levels quality that went WAY down). Before the update the graphics on the level was super detailed and the flowers, fruit, grass, looked realistic. Now the graphics look extremely cartoonish and look like blobs of color. If you’ve ever checked out Homescapes and seen the puzzle level graphics (and didn’t like it, like me)....better get used to it for the new update made the graphics look like Homescapes. I love this game honestly, I’m on level 2,009, never had to spend real life money, (and I’m SUPER proud of that), and I want to keep playing; however, since the graphics quality went down so bad...I’m stopping. The graphics on this game is the main reason why I started playing and I don’t want that to be the reason why I stop playing it as well. PLEASE go back to the old update puzzle level graphics, then I will change my star review to where it SHOULD be.
by swad88 on 2019/01/22 02:48
When I first started this game I loved it. But pretty quickly you realize you have to have the power ups to move in. Every few levels you will get a level that with all the power ups you won’t win unless you “continue” several times and sometimes that doesn’t work. I almost deleted this game. It was the first match game I had downloaded so I was reluctant. I didn’t play for 3 weeks but came back everyday to spin the wheel then leave. A lot of the boulder levels and fireflies are a real pain to win. But every once in a while I will finally beat that level with every power-up I have collected. Play about 5 more levels then get a unbeatable once again. I found another match game that after playing a hard level or any level over 15 times it’s made easier to beat. This game isn’t that way but I wish it were and I would be on here playing daily again and buying . But if I buy boosters use them all and still don’t win I get pretty upset with the makers. You could have a little mercy on us spending money but you don’t which is why if this wasn’t my first game I would delete. I won’t spend anymore money I’ll just wait 2-4 weeks to get past one round now.
One of the most expensive games I’ve played
by deafdeb on 2018/04/05 15:15
The rewards are sparse, gameplay reduces your coin stash in no time, and to beat the increasingly harder and harder levels, for renovating the garden areas and progressing through the storyline, you need more and more expensive boosters that cost at least 10 times the coins you earn by solving puzzles. There is no way to break even. Steer clear if you don’t have the money because this game will cost you a bundle of real money, not the inexpensive fun that I thought it would be unless you are extremely patient and willing to stop after renovating one or 2 areas and beating the first 300 levels. After that, you need expensive boosters for almost every level. But if you get this far, you’ll likely be too curious and addicted to stop because gardenscapes is fun and entertaining for fools like me. I just wish free gameplay wasn’t so agonizingly slow, and that I could more easily earn the billions of coins, tens of thousands of boosters and thousands of stars necessary to progress through the game. One star and 60 coins for each level you beat just doesn’t cut it. And special events that earn 100 coins and a few extra boosters aren’t much help either.
Love this game, with caveats
by fartbunny on 2017/12/29 00:18
I really enjoy this game; to me it’s way better than Homescapes. Love the graphics. I do get a bit bored when it takes many tries to beat a level, but I just wait until my lives recharge and try again. Using boosters rarely works for me since I can’t choose where to place them. But sooner or later I get lucky and move on. I agree with the other reviewer about the time bonuses. I’ve learned not to accept them until I have the time to sit for 2 or 6 hours. I also agree about only getting 1 star when you finish a level; there are some extra hard levels that earn 2X the stars, but it does take awhile to earn what’s needed to move on to another day. And I agree that it’s silly to have to spend a star just to call one of the other characters. Last complaint: I wish the special flowers grown for the Orangerie weren’t immediately thrown in the trash when finished. Why can’t we enjoy them for awhile? All that aside, this is still my favorite game; the one I’ve played the longest and haven’t totally gotten bored or frustrated with.
Too difficult for casual gaming
by Rthbrk on 2017/10/27 22:31
1) Too many of the levels are too difficult and take too long. This is casual gaming - not a highly strategic thinking game. As such it’s just frustrating. 2) The rewards are too low ... you can never earn enough coins. The developers were too greedy 3) I hate having to earn a star for something stupid. The garden graphics are wonderful and I want to decorate more of the garden. Don’t waste my stars doing something I couldn’t care less about 4) This is major snafu in the game ... I can use some of my earned boosters. But they come only at the very beginning of the game. Please ... please let us choose when we want to employ them. IN CLOSING ... Developers would do themselves a lot of good if they would take some cues from the Pearls Peril devs ... Pearls Peril is not too difficult and as a result it’s perfect for a little relaxation at the end of the day. As a result everyone finishes all the levels - and wants more. In contrast, Playrix games are too difficult for relaxing gaming. As a result way too many people give up prematurely. The Playrix devs seem like inexperienced gamers who had a great idea but didn’t understand the psychological elements of gaming. Homescapes plays much better ... but still has a few of the annoying problems. Dear developers ... please listen to your customer’s feedback.
Overall a fun game
by AgentF0x on 2017/09/11 18:13
This game is quite addicting really. I've spent several hours on this game. I like that you're working towards progression on your garden, so it feels like a reward for your work. Most levels do have a strategy to it. It just might take a little bit to figure out. Yes, you can spend real money on more coins, lives, and boosters, but at level 740, I haven’t had to do that. That doesn't mean that I haven't been tempted to do that, though. The only thing I'd really change is to either increase the amount of coins you get as reward, lower the number of stars required to perform the next task in your garden, or lower the time between lives recharging. It does get frustrating to have to try the same level many, many times over multiple days just to for instance, be able to call Colin to fix the pier just so that he can turn around and tell you, "No I have to fix the stairs, but that requires more stars for me to do that and then even more stars for me to do what you called me out here for to begin with." I digress though, as it is just a game, and a great time-waster. I'd just tweak the rewards system a little bit.
Fun, Challenging, and Entertaining
by Brighteyes272011 on 2018/04/12 03:35
My review falls into the same category of many of the reviews I read. I do love playing this game - the puzzles, reading comments, dialogue and action of the Gardner, dog, and friends. I too liked how the game eases you into to the game by beginner puzzles, but when you enter into the upper levels It may take a couple of days for me because I initially want to beat the puzzle without provided outside any extra help (explosives, disc, etc.) Needless to say, cleverly enough, you do have to use them to complete some levels or be patient as you wait for my Lives to generate. Also, I agree that when you do "win" the unlimited lives for a set number of hours, it would be nice to be able to use on your time. But I figured out a way to hold the activation of the clock...once the prize is revealed, Do NOT continue...just leave the Gardner clapping and leave the app (similar to a holding pattern). Then when you have the 2 hours to play, tap the continue link and play on. But it will on last as long as the special event (i.e. flower growth) lasts. Hope this made since.
Favorite Game...except for...
by RN38 on 2018/10/13 05:39
Should be 5 stars but it’s too expensive to play or even remain competitive. While this is my favorite game, by far, the coins that are allotted are no way enough to sustain continued play. I understand that a company has to make a profit, but this costs tooo much. The award for winning a game should be at least 450 coins, half of what it costs to continue a level, not a mere 100 coins. We’d have to beat at least 9 levels just to earn enough coins to continue a level or even buy 3 rainbow blasts!!!! The add-ons are waaaaay too expensive. The only “reasonable” cost is the coin vault option. But 3800 coins for 3 rakes? 1900 coins for 3 shovels? 1300 coins for only 3 bombs? If you want more users = more advertisers, more paying users, make it much less expensive to compete!!! The rewards, competitions are, for the most part, fun. Except for the dog training in which one has to start all over again for missing a level. But again, please make it easier on the pocketbook, more fun to compete by reducing the costs of playing, items, etc. to affordable & competitive amounts....PLEASE! Thank you for any & all considerations. Blessings...
by Gamefan2 on 2017/10/10 03:36
My review always stays the same. I am a regular player who has very often nearly deleted the game. It can be addicting and can be fun! costs way too many coins for what you win...spend 900 and win usually about 50. At most a hundred. The power ups look the same but can be less effective on some levels than others. I expect a keg of TNT to blow up a goodly portion of the board, not a single layer when a firecracker does the same, just not as widespread. And playing this far I will warn you, the levels where Austin wears red are not nearly as hard as some he is normal. I just beat a level that was not red, I spent nearly two weeks trying to beat this level and was very seriously going to delete the game from frustration. I asked on Facebook if anyone passed it. Fortunately for Gardenscapes the person was actually a real friend. But even at that I beat it on the day I was going to delete it all. Give it a try only if you are hard headed because it will indeed try your patience. And as a PS...don't wast real money because the few times I spent that, I seriously did NOT beat the levels I spent for.
Great game!
by bluebonnet98 on 2018/03/25 17:41
This game strikes a fantastic balance between strategy game and style game—you’re able to decorate the garden with a fair amount of leeway using your winnings from levels. I originally downloaded this for a reward in a different app, but here I am two months later still playing it! There’s a storyline and characters which may be a little shallow, but fun and lighthearted and definitely add to the game. The only issues I have are that coins are earned slowly and any use for them requires a lot. Meaning, you have to win ~18 levels before you can afford to get an extra five moves at the end of one, and a lot more than that to afford power ups. Or you can spend real money for coins if you’re willing to do that kind of thing (I’m not). I’m also an impatient person by nature so I don’t love the limit on lives, but when you win some events it gives you a certain timeframe of infinite lives! Likewise, some events will give you power ups, you just have to save them for the levels you really need them. Overall, any drawbacks are few and balanced out fairly well. I definitely recommend Gardenscapes :)
Love it, but has issues
by Lisa Andresen on 2017/11/16 17:25
I agree with what many other reviewers have said- that you get too few coins in return for beating levels. That alone is frustrating, but another frustrating element is that coins just randomly disappear sometimes. I had over 1,200 coins when I started training the dog this last round, after beating my first round of that, I only had 200!!!! I got back up to 1,700 coins, which I planned to use to buy power ups, watched the “Fishdom” video to get me to the 1,900 I would need, and then, all of a sudden, *after* the video ad, I had only 1,300 coins! Those two inexplicable losses together are the equivalent of over a dozen games won, *poof,* in two days. I’m so frustrated by this bug, I probably won’t be playing again for a while. If the coins were more generously rewarded after winning a level, this bug wouldn’t be so infuriating. But as it is, I’ve spent literally over 100 hours on this game, and I’m really feeling like I’m wasting my time, more than I’m having fun, anymore. Still gets four stars because it’s addictive enough that I did play for over 100 hours, but there ya go.
Meaningless tasks. Be prepared for in app purchases!
by Letiwheeler201" on 2019/01/23 02:25
Let me begin by saying that, I am not the kind of person who would spend my hard earned money on a game. With that being said, I can appreciate that you make money from morons who WOULD pour their money down the drain for a game. I can’t hate your hustle. BUT, it’s pretty ridiculous that you can’t seem to get ANYWHERE as far as the garden fixes go. You’re assigned meaningless tasks such as, getting a dog, calling the carpenter, making a dog house, etc. I mean, you literally do mostly everything else BUT fix the garden. The games at times feel rigged for failure, prompting you to buy coins or boosters. Also, when the level is beat, you are barely rewarded any coins. As a matter of fact, mostly everything you can spend coins are, are RIDICULOUSLY high in price. If I wanted to spend coins to get more turns... it’s 900 coins.... but yet when a level is beat.. you may get 50 or so coins. That’s crazy. But again, I see the object of the game. To fool suckers into spending money. This makes the game really terrible. It’s no longer fun when you can’t hardly get anywhere in the game WITHOUT spending a fortune of your OWN money. I’m sure my review will go on deaf ears. Either way, I am deleting this app.
Enjoy at your own leisure
by DebiKaye on 2018/06/03 13:43
I like playing this game because if you leave it for a day, a week or more, when you come back, it’s not like you’ve lost anything. You just pick up where you left off. So you can go to your real life and enjoy what’s going on in your friends and family circles and when you have some leisure time or need to waste time while you wait for an appointment, you can pick up where you left off! One thing I would change and suggest to the developers is to make the prizes in the roulette better. If you land on a bomb, then make it 3 or 4! If you land on coins, please...150 coins takes you nowhere!!! I understand that some of them must be better than others but even the grand prize which I’ve won a couple of times, is only one a piece. In relationship to what you have to use in your game, the prizes are lacking in quantity. Give us stars! You have to earn so many stars to do a task, but beating a game only gives you one. Doesn’t seem equitable to me when you have to play some of the games a gazillion times before you finally win it and then you get one star!
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