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Live Wallpaper 4K
Only in our app! A unique opportunity to bring your screen to life with fabulous Live Themes and Keyboards! Featuring: – Live wallpapers – Live themes with keyboards – ASMR live wallpapers – Lock screen designs – Huge wallpaper catalog – Trendy patterns and freshest designs – App shelves and icons – Thematic categories – Wallpapers with quotes and sayings – One-tap downloads – Full iOS 12 and iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max support With our app you can: – Browse through the extensive wallpaper catalog – Easily save wallpapers to Camera Roll – Check how your wallpaper fits Lock & Home Screen without leaving the app Download cool iPhone wallpapers collections: Ultra HD, Hot, Spot, Autos, Animation, Space, Abstract, Nature, Animals, Urban, Holiday Mood, Abstract & Patterns, Quotes, Nature, Shelves and lots more awesome wallpaper styles to fit your taste! We have tons of cute, funny and even trippy wallpapers, so hurry up and get them! If you love the app – please rate us on the App Store. This will help us deliver more cool content in the future! Information about the prices and auto-renewal of subscription: – Free trial period is provided – Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase – Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period – Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost depends on the selected plan – Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase – Any unused portion of the free trial will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription The following subscriptions are available: – 12 months subscription with 3 days trial version price starts at $51.99 USD/year – 1 month subscription price starts at $31.99 USD/month – 1 week subscription price starts at $7.99 USD/week The prices above are in US dollars. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Not really that great 😑
by 😹😿😻😼😽😺😸🙀🐱🍔🍟 on 2019/06/24 17:56
I just want to say that when I uploaded the “live background” for my wallpaper... It didn’t work... The images are really beautiful and well designed, but if you’re gonna call it “Live Wallpaper” please try to live up to that. By the way, yes I did click the send button and “Use as wallpaper”.
by 😃🤣😉 on 2019/06/24 03:00
I really like this app but the only thing i wish they had was where you can search anything you like as a wallpaper.
Is good but...
by amazed by this game hiiiii on 2019/06/24 02:32
Im going to make it quick. This app is very nice but the problem is that the movement doesn’t work on any phone worse than an iPhone 6 and then it doesn’t move on its own because you have to touch it with your finger for it to work. I have advice: when it asks for a trial just press the X on the top left corner then you can get it for free.
Great App
by Captain Shady on 2019/06/24 00:36
I love the app it has lots of great themes but the problem is that only the keyboard is working. I dont know if it’s me or the app
Bogus app.
by moonlight6822 on 2019/06/24 00:18
I downloaded and it doesn’t even have the glitter one that it advertised that’s the only reason I wanted it .... FALSE ADVERTISING
Kind of unfair......
by Julie3girlsmom on 2019/06/23 03:17
When I saw this app for the first time, I loved it!But when I tried to do the background,it didn’t work!!! Then I read the instructions and it said it only works on the iPhone 6 and all the other phones above it.(p.s I have a Ipod)So,I really want it to work on every electronic device!But,it still has cool backgrounds and I definitely recommend it! It
Doesn’t work
by carson 4999 on 2019/06/23 01:03
I tried to save to photos but it works and moves but when I set wallpaper it is motionless 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
by ih8donaldtrump on 2019/06/22 21:17
Unless you have money to just throw out the window, stay away from this app. $7.99 every week...give me a break. Not even worth it. You’ll thank me later.
It is clickbait
by I play fortnite and cd on 2019/06/22 15:02
I downloaded this game but it is not all that good on the app it shows you what it will look like when it is moving but when you put it as your wallpaper it doesn’t work it dose not move so if you just tell us how it works
by round the bases on 2019/06/22 04:17
I am not very satisfied with this app. Whenever I save the “Live” wallpaper and set it as my background it does not work. This is not an app that I would recommend. The ASMR does not work one bit.
by Julia i am 9 on 2019/06/22 02:46
I can’t figure out how to do this. I got it for my wallpaper but it’s not live or moving
I recommend you don’t buy the app
by Pthfndrx on 2019/06/20 22:38
I honestly hate the app now don’t get me wrong I think this app is fine but I have a little pet peeve I’ve searched through every live wallpaper app and all I find is you need to get a membership or I need your email and adress to send you stuff butt I don’t wanna give a stranger that info so I was like this is the last app on the list so i clicked on it And it SAID IT NEEDED A MEMBERSHIP what the heck so now here I am writing this....... moral of the story don’t buy the app it’s bad. My thumbs are tired
It is ok
by thescoopis true on 2019/06/20 20:50
The only thing about this app is that I have a iPod touch and the pictures would work on the app but it would not when I tried it. Another thing is that when I tried to put the theme on my keyboard and that did not work either!😢 I hope you follow what I said about this app. You might have a different perspective and/or electronic so it may work for you! But in my opinion it did not work sadly I will be deleting this app once again please let me know if you fix this app and make the bugs go away or make it so any other iPod touch or other Devices work with this app. Thank you for your time!🙃🙂😊
Ads lied to me!
by GlitterMonikax on 2019/06/20 00:48
So I saw an ad for this app and wanted the wallpaper that you can move and stuff so I downloaded the app, and I was expecting everything to be free because it got some good reviews. I WAS WRONG! Apparently, You have to buy premium which is sooooo expensive! 8-9 dollars a WEEK?! It may not seem much, but that’s expensive! I suggest you should not download this, unless they make the payment at least 5 dollars a month. That seem reasonable.
by illa77 on 2019/06/19 21:07
Hello this is a total scam you know it doesn’t move like I thought you could move it but it’s just a scam and then it moves by itself so I don’t like this app they’re just like scammers because they tell you you can move it and stuff but you can’t and so you should never get this app I mean they do you have cute stuff but I don’t know they scam you they have cute stuff and lots of stuff and I know I know but it just doesn’t work and it makes you pay money like do not subscribe to them yeah so bye I hate you guys bye
Ad was fake
by TheGoodEditor on 2019/06/19 19:03
It showed pics of movable screens that you could change but that was a lie
Not many ASMR
by Blisslane on 2019/06/19 16:49
Couldn’t find most images they show us in the ads or with the listing. Some things are nice but it’s misleading and no way to search. The ASMR section is 7-8 selections. It’s nothing at all like they show.
Worst game ever
by mfnchito add me on ps4 on 2019/06/19 14:10
It didn’t even work for me
From aiza Misbah
by unicorn aiza misbah on 2019/06/19 04:13
You guys are amazing and you have been a great wallpaper app and you have made wallpapers so much more fun to me
In it for the money
by kirambix on 2019/06/19 02:58
$32 a month to customize appearances? Are you serious? Wonder how many bots you’ve got making those good reviews.
by Nurse chic on 2019/06/19 00:44
I love it
It’s amazing I love it
by Alileahang on 2019/06/19 00:10
It’s fun satisfying and just amazing I mess with it every day and night it’s just so hard to not play with it and that’s what I have to say about this app keep up the good work and in the meantime stay positive and keep goin in life.
by TonkaMowgli on 2019/06/18 23:58
Lies all lies
by my acauont on 2019/06/18 19:50
It is false that the wallpapers are live they don’t move at all stupid
Get it!!!
by abbycollins. on 2019/06/18 17:57
This app is great I’ve bet looking for a app like this because you don’t have to pay!! I love this app so much I changed my background like every week
by cammie love 32490 on 2019/06/18 15:38
All the animals are sooooo cute😁😆
This app does not work
by Kree$e's on 2019/06/18 14:34
You guys said live wallpapers, not regular wallpapers. Another thing I don’t like is you guys are so greedy having your app shared and promoted. I just installed the app and you guys are forcing me to share and have a subscription before downloading the wallpapers. DON’T PROMOTE YOUR APP AS LIVE WALLPAPERS IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DO IT, ITS A WASTE OF TIME FOR OTHER PEOPLE.
Bull crap
by Victoria Camp on 2019/06/18 08:06
I thought this app would be super cool and when I tried to use a wallpaper it doesn’t move its like original wallpaper I followed all the steps and it still doesn’t work I wish there was a zero star rating because I would use it especially for this app it’s retarded and I completely regret downloading this app it’s a waste of time and I recommend not downloading it at all the developer should fix it if people want to enjoy that way so I would rate this app 0 stars 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
by Lubimangie on 2019/06/17 23:21
You won’t find there a crunchy slime-like wallpaper from their add from Instagram (the one you can move with your finger and it’s making a funny sounds ) , It’s just bunch of basic beach and kittens wallpapers . P.S. jeeeezzzzz i didn’t mean the adds that’s popping up while using inside of the app. 🤦🏻‍♀️
by from a random 8 years old on 2019/06/17 18:06
Look I downloaded this game because I saw in Aquarian.ioso then I downloaded it and i saw a lot wall papers so I got some I went to Photos and tried it out then I pressed it and NOTHING HAPPENED SO THIS IS MY COMPLAIN IM DELETEING IT ITS SO BaD
Didn’t work
by Home is where the Hat is on 2019/06/17 03:56
I followed the instructions and downloaded the photo. So when I applied the photo to my home screen and held the screen down, nothing happened, pretty neat photos though.
This might be good
by Create nickname pain on 2019/06/16 10:35
Wow I am downloading it will it be good?
by DD 6 on 2019/06/16 01:10
I don’t need it and it is stupid
$416 a year!
by Grand-Poohba on 2019/06/15 22:57
Total crap. 7.99 a week for this app. Apple should be doing something about these types of apps. I’ll be righting to Apple.
Make it better!
by abster girl on 2019/06/15 22:40
You should have most of the wallpapers free so more people won’t delete it. I wish I could have some different wallpapers. I bet not a lot of people keep this app on their phones because they can’t use a lot of wallpaper. Also people don’t want to spend money on wallpapers. Trust me, it would be a lot better. And when you change it I will retake you for a five! By the way I’m only 12. SO YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY CHANGE IT AND MAKE IT SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!
Ok good
by 🦈🐆🐪🐪🦘🐏🐄🐂🐖🦙🐐 on 2019/06/15 21:57
Is says that it’s for wallpaper for all ,but if it says that,it’s acycally for i phone xs,xs+ or any i phone x so yea
I didn’t know
by sofiaaaas on 2019/06/15 19:17
I don’t get how to do it
by Fort vale on 2019/06/15 15:27
It’s free but you need to pay in order to used it
Read This
by Fr123736 on 2019/06/15 12:50
So I downloaded this app because on the ad for it, It showed a person actually moving their finger and the wallpaper moving with their finger. Nope. You have to hold the wallpaper to make it move. And the animations only last about two or three seconds. More importantly, you have to pay money for the full version. I have a green snake wallpaper right now that doesn’t even move at all, and I would pick it over any of these wallpapers. I mean, they do have some cool ones that I might use, but, I’m really disappointed on this one. So if you want to interact with your wallpaper, don’t get this app.
by 𝙰𝚍𝚍𝚒OK on 2019/06/15 07:37
Ok, so this app is cool ngl. But it doesn’t work.
Great! But only one thing
by kleptocat/pusheen on 2019/06/15 02:19
Live wallpaper is a amazing game! But one problem sometimes when i get one of the new wallpaper don’t really move like their supposed to but everything else is great!!!
by jvhsgjvdjcghdjhvgjhdgffjgud on 2019/06/14 23:04
I love this it is great
Sounds cool, but basically a big commercial
by on 2019/06/14 01:29
Ad after ad after ad. Never did get to try one. While trying to install one, I had 4 pop up commercials and ads.
I loved this app!
by Elijas07 on 2019/06/13 22:18
This is a great app, I really enjoy it and I suggest you should get the app!😊
Great but........
by kmw08312010 on 2019/06/13 18:55
I like this app but the thing is that it won’t do live wallpaper and that’s a problem
Please send another instruction of how to get a live wallpaper
by Ganked1 on 2019/06/13 18:32
Forgot how to do a live mode in wallpaper
Worst thing ever
by twinteam on 2019/06/13 17:31
This app is a waste of storage if you want to use a wallpaper it’s 16$ it’s a waste of money and storage never download this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by person8626363 on 2019/06/13 14:30
Are the backgrounds shown in the video preview in the app of live wallpaper or only for the ultra? I tried looking for the raspberry teal background and it did not show most of the ones shown in the preview. Where do I find them? Otherwise, app is great besides all of the ads.
by imalegitabOT on 2019/06/13 03:47
The fact that i have to spend money on this is a ripoff just to download one picture
The best wallpapers
by WOODSON$$23LEGEND on 2019/06/12 22:35
This is the most important thing ever
by person from inside your phone on 2019/06/12 18:10
I’m confused, I can’t figure out how to make this work...
by KittieKatBunnies on 2019/06/12 16:54
This game is terrible. It looks free and all but you have a three day free trial and you can only get a wallpaper if you accept. Not everyone wants to pay. And I gave up after one minute. Fix this!
by K!ch!ga! on 2019/06/12 11:33
by Minoguestr on 2019/06/12 11:32
Thank u for trying to take my interest but I didnt like it😤🙁
Not what it claims
by Caposkia on 2019/06/12 10:19
I deleted it as quickly as I downloaded it. $7.99/week? C’mon people.
Switch n bait! Not free app
by switch n bait on 2019/06/12 04:39
installed the app because it said free. Then when you open the app they ask you to pay for it!!!
by VIVIAN🤗🤗🤗🤗🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 on 2019/06/12 00:29
Sooo cool!
Thank you!😊
by #Alan Walker Lover😎📱 on 2019/06/11 21:21
Okay I finally got a deliver response and it helped me a lot.thank you for advising me😁😊😌😄😀
Absolutely HORRIBLE....
by Panda memer on 2019/06/11 18:32
If you wanted to use a wallpaper you had to buy the subscription for a wallpaper 😑😑
$416 EVERY year for a WALLPAPER app😂
by Hunter De La Hoya on 2019/06/11 17:33
This is probably the worst app ever. They really be taxing out here💀 It is $8. Not for a month. Not for a year. BUT for a WEEK. Yes, a mother flippin’ week😂😂😂😂 52 weeks a year. Do the math....Yes! $416 for a WALLPAPER app🤣 I’m soooo sent ps the wallpapers are trash lol I deleted the app immediately
Another predatory subscription scheme
by iAmTaylorMade on 2019/06/11 14:02
This is getting really old, it’s everywhere in the App Store now. 3 day free trial then $8 a week. It’s a wallpaper app for crying out loud. These schemes should not be allowed.
by heyYo😛 on 2019/06/11 02:25
Ok, so this is literally the best app you can get for free. I'm not kidding. I'd say Everything is free. Yes, it helps if you get a membership because there are no ads but really? This completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much! Sometimes you click on a wallpaper or keyboard skin you like and it says premiam content but all you have to do to unlock it is watch a short ad and tada! I must warn you though, and I ask the makers of this app to state this somewere in the description as it was completely unexpected to me. The live wall papers work only on iphone 7 and up. I have an iphone SE so it doesn't work for me. That was a huge disappointment but even as a still wallpaper this is an amazing app. So, basically, this app contains live wallpapers (also awesome as stills) keyboard skins and themes which are basically these collections of a lock screen, home screen and keyboard skin. (right now I have a peach one, so peaches on a wooden tray as my lock screen peaches on a dark wooden table as my home screen and peaches entwined in string as my keyboard skin, it's all very pretty.) Themes, wallpaper and skins feature a variety of pretty images for both males and females some of the being race cars and rockets to dogs and cats and flowers and tons more! Awesome app, All free, hardly buggy Ads and awesome content! ADDITION TO THE OLD REVIEW! Thanks so much and definitely get! I just recommend a few improvements: 1) please make an option for no keyboard clicks because I find them very bothersome. Thx! 2) Make a fiter for food. Because you can filter all content or animals and cars and other stuff but no food. And you do have quite allot of food backgrounds and stuff and those are my favorites. Better yet. Have a search pad for looking certain things up. 3) I also noticed that while the key boards have really nice skins you loose a lot of the convenient features that the normal keyboard has. A few examples are these, When you press and hold on the space key of your keyboard, you can move your line anywhere in the text. (Really nice for editing) in the keyboards from this app you can’t do this. And the auto correction is not so good. And overall I really recommend you guess take your focus to you keyboards and perfect them. B/c when I’m writing something long,( like this) then I find myself switching to the usual old keyboard. Thanks for reading! 🤪 Hope this helps!
It’s very good
by UbermanNYC on 2019/06/11 00:22
I Love It It’s The Best Nothing Else It’s Fantastic
by А-РЯОDUCTIONS on 2019/06/10 23:31
I hate the u type somthing on their keyboards and go back what u typed and instead of deleting the letter it deletes the whole word im not sure if its retarted apple or the app
I don’t recommend.
by Reagan Kanauss on 2019/06/10 23:17
I saw a lot of adds for this app so I downloaded it to see what you can do on the app. When I first went into the app you have to buy something to use the live wallpapers and I never knew that until I got it. And guess what? You had to pay $9.99 to use the live wallpaper! And I don’t waste money on those type of things! So I deleted the app. If you don’t like spending your money on this type of stuff then don’t get the app. I don’t recommend. That is my response.
Doesn’t work
by Ljgfjcchfgdhxrgtgfuh on 2019/06/10 22:38
On my iPod touch 5 the wallpapers don’t move.
by Aleiakiana1 on 2019/06/10 19:34
It is awesome I hope you can enjoy it too
XR !! 0 stars
by rupyti on 2019/06/10 19:26
I was trying to do it and then I noticed a little note on the app that said XRs cannot do the wallpaper thing or whatever so it doesn’t even let XR’s do it
Heck no
by doglady367b on 2019/06/10 05:18
It dose not even move good for watching big no just a waste of time
by keirmsowis,eesd on 2019/06/09 22:21
It is so awesome you can get wallpaper it is just amazing
Has nobody noticed they’re stealing your money?
by SirEliCanfield on 2019/06/09 22:13
They’ve taken $7.99 out of my account twice now, for what? I haven’t even used the app since I downloaded it. There is no easy way to unsubscribe from their thievery, it’s an absolute scam. Do not support these greedy bottom-feeders.
Horrible, don’t recommend
by livandmaddieiscool on 2019/06/09 20:00
When I got this app I thought it would actually work for once, but guess what.... it didn’t. So when I looked at the reviews a few were good so I checked my app again and tried again. I tried the one with the car and I didn’t work so I tried some other ones and thought didn’t work. I even checked the settings on my iPad and the app itself. So when I realized I wasted 10 minutes of my life I deleted the app. So I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just the app.
Five stars
by tallarigo on 2019/06/09 19:09
This app is honestly great free wallpapers and there all great I wish all apps are like this By Luc
Don’t download this app
by LLG* on 2019/06/09 16:16
There’s a free 3 day trail, but you basically have to pay $8 weekly for the live backgrounds. Thumbs down for me. Deleting all!
by Avengers Spiderman on 2019/06/09 14:58
Don’t work at all
4K wallpapers
by Donnie344308 on 2019/06/09 13:45
How is this legal?
by linear_circle on 2019/06/09 06:18
This app is ridiculously priced. One of the most expensive apps on the App Store even though you can find live wallpapers with a free Google search. This app is a scam. And yes, there is a “free” version. But you are bombarded with ads and the apps subscription page. Yep. That’s right. It’s another subscription model scam app. So the app is designed to annoy you/make using it difficult so you pay them for it. This app doesn’t even deserve a 1 star. It deserves to be reported. If the developer cal explain why it’s acceptable for their monthly payments to cost more then my iPad payments, I’ll change this review.
by Lassu7783 on 2019/06/09 01:44
Ok it does have a cool effect but it does not actually work
It’s ok
by cencier on 2019/06/08 22:01
I put it on my home screen and it didn’t work so then I pressed it and it still didn’t work but it’s great but get the fixed or I will delete it off my phone
by i hate u wut on 2019/06/08 20:28
It dose not work on my iPad Pro! Ugh!
by milanarov :3 on 2019/06/08 15:39
I try to tap and it does not work! This is horrible and it’s such a ripoff and makes me stressed out
by acrawxoxo95 on 2019/06/08 10:34
Absolutely horrible. Ads constantly popping up every minute. Not worth my time or money
So chillaxing
by sophia09🤪 on 2019/06/08 05:03
So chillaxing 😊
by godgamer14 on 2019/06/08 02:51
Good app I love it❤️❤️❤️
by cyuhddh on 2019/06/07 22:13
You get in the app and write away they ask you for a subscription
This not a review
by dschisler on 2019/06/07 19:47
If you are reading this you are better than everyone I no you are smart pretty/handsome I hope nothing will bring you down if it does just remember everyone is here for you if you are sad I hope this will inspire you to help others (by a 9 year old)
by bananakiwi1314 on 2019/06/07 18:56
I couldn’t even get into the app without starting the 3-day trial. And then after that they charge $7.99/week. I don’t know who I’m their right mind would pay $32 a month for phone wallpapers. After browsing the app for 2 minutes I deleted it. The wallpapers weren’t even as advertised.
Super irritating.
by The_Clooney on 2019/06/07 15:56
I wish Apple with ban this practice of an obnoxious paywall with hard to cancel subscription models and itty bitty call to action to bypass the paywall. Then you get plastered ads all over the place. Then they ask you to rate the app before you’ve even used it for 10 seconds (which Apple has told developers to stop) I know because I’m a developer. Instant deletion of app. But thanks for badgering me into rating you! I wouldn’t have bothered to give it 2 stars but since you bugged me to do so, here ya go!
by Waffleday on 2019/06/06 00:02
Is is l impossible to make it your wallpaper. This app should be called “Non working wallpapers” and they are so greedy about their money I mean WHO CARES! And when I press to make the picture move it doesn’t do anything!How do you delete apps like this.And all wallpapers take “VIP”.In this game that means:Very Impossible Premium”.That is just depressing to me I hate this game why did they make it.ITS A RIP-OFF
by sofiadogcat on 2019/06/05 21:40
I love this game it’s soooooooooo cool
Over priced
by djghj on 2019/06/05 17:47
It is quite comedic that they would charge more than Netflix for a lock screen. And you pay 8 $ weekly that is the most absurd and stupid thing I’ve ever seen.
Dont click free trial!!
by 🌈🦄's b 🔥 on 2019/06/05 17:28
The app is great except for the fact that when I was offered a 3 day free trail it charged me for it sven payer i cancled it. Free trials are supposed to be FREE. The glitch causes my pqrents´ account to be chqrged which zone of us week happy about. The wallpapers are amazing and so is everything else but this bug needs to be fixed ASAP or it'll drive away customers.
by cats rule jk on 2019/06/05 13:39
When I first got this app I was like yay then I saw how much money it was ITS TRASH I’ve been waiting for a game like this and what do you know 👎👎👎so don’t get this people’s attention attention booo😡
Doesn’t animate
by lufthansa gal on 2019/06/05 05:46
How are you Called “live wallpaper” when your wallpapers are NOT live. Waste of my time.
Extremely upset
by Nisha ❤️ on 2019/06/05 05:19
Impossible to cancel the free trial subscription!!! Complete scam!!! Do not download this app unless you want to give away your hard earned money!!!
by 00lordfarquad00 on 2019/06/05 05:10
This is horrible the screens dont animate its useless its garbage, abuse of ads, this app should be shut down
by kitty Sim on 2019/06/04 16:36
Why do you have to pay 💰
by klight7542 on 2019/06/03 03:15
Like usual, the ad for this app made it look way better than it really is. The app itself is super buggy, full of ads, and super generic wallpapers. Even the live ones are garbage
Totally useful
by nuckinucki on 2019/06/03 02:10
I tried 5 apps for live wallpapers and all of them were wack, no lie. Meanwhile this app has the most beautiful live wallpapers, and i got no ads at all. People are being butthurt cause they have to pay but u can watch ads too to unlock the good content. I’ve been trying to find urban live wallpapers everywhere and as soon as i found them on this app i felt so good. And the wallpapers were free. I suggest this app. I terribly love it.
Just one thing!
by Punk Lucy on 2018/05/20 04:08
I love this app it is absolutely astonishing. Other then a small ad on the screen for a photo every now and then it’s awesome, most Live Photo apps do not let me save without a membership or paying every week or month. I love it how it automatically goes to your photos/videos as well. When I put it on my lock screen I tried it out and it worked. I was so happy and surprised. So I tried a watermelon one because it reminds me of my father (nothing bad happened to him) we always eat watermelon together. So I put it from my home screen. It worked but when I tried to hold down it did not work. It thought I was sliding to see more apps, is there a way I can fix this? Other then that don’t change a thing I love your app. Thank you for everything you guys do! I will soon buy things from you guys. I love your guys photos that you put up and everything. Thank you really, all I need to know if I need to perhaps have a new upgrade maybe that I don’t see or you guys need to change something. Once again thank you. Sincerely, Olivia
Doesn’t work
by IDK what this is XD on 2019/03/29 22:49
I love this app! It worked so well. My only complaint is that when I used it as a wallpaper it never really became live. Just the picture. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m on an iPad Air 2, or if it’s just the app, I tried looking it up on my phone but I couldn’t even find the app on it. I also tried holding my finger on the screen when I had the wallpaper downloaded on it but it still just wouldn’t work. Other than that I love this app. Even though it’s not live for me, the pictures are way better that anything you could look up quickly on the internet. I also love how many pictures there are! There so many to choose from, almost to many 😂! I don’t know why people are complaining because you can get really cool wallpapers just for watching an add. Now if you can watch an add for these wallpapers, well, that shows your patients level, don’t it.
This is nonsense.
by Rohan111993 on 2018/10/03 18:39
What is going on with these developers these days being so greedy for a dumb wallpaper app? I can’t imagine why Olivia enjoyed this app so much. Every 3 or 4 swipes through boring and generic pictures that animate for about 2 seconds, you run into either a forced ad to watch or a “secret” wallpaper that you have to watch an ad for to be disappointed by what you just unlocked. On top of that they have a bar at the top that constantly shows ads. Oh and don’t forget you have to watch an ad to download without paying a WEEKLY FEE. Next you have a lack in quantity in addition to quality. So now not only are the pictures poor quality but there are few of them. I reached the end of every category and I believe I saw more ads than pictures. Finally let’s address that weekly fee. I want to know what profoundly stupid person would ever sign up to pay 7.99 a WEEK for an app that gives you wallpapers. Even if the app had good wallpapers it would never be worth it. That is beyond stupid. Go to google and download an hd wallpaper of whatever your heart desires for FREE! Who was the idiot who came up with that idea in the first place??? No wallpaper app will ever be worth that. I await the day app developers become less greedy and we see a return of truly free wallpaper apps.
Would be 5 stars but a few minor things
by Bradypro on 2019/01/18 02:36
This is a great app I like most of the backgrounds and haven’t not liked one yet but there is 3 things that aren’t good about it. First the abstract backgrounds are way too bright I have epilepsy and my eyes couldn’t take the first few. Second the ads are in the way of the wallpapers. I don’t have a problem with the ad it’s just right in the middle of the screen blocking it and it gets annoying. Third is the lag. This one isn’t that bad but on the abstract ones and when you just keep swiping it starts to slow down and the ad lags a little bit so you can’t close it. But it’s not that bad if you just go slow and look at it I just sped through. But overall it’s just a great app and I would love to see an option to lower the brightness of the neon lights in them and new wallpapers this is a great app though I would recommend it
It is ok
by thescoopis true on 2019/06/20 20:50
The only thing about this app is that I have a iPod touch and the pictures would work on the app but it would not when I tried it. Another thing is that when I tried to put the theme on my keyboard and that did not work either!😢 I hope you follow what I said about this app. You might have a different perspective and/or electronic so it may work for you! But in my opinion it did not work sadly I will be deleting this app once again please let me know if you fix this app and make the bugs go away or make it so any other iPod touch or other Devices work with this app. Thank you for your time!🙃🙂😊
Works Fine with Quick Adds
by Kevindg72 on 2018/10/19 02:30
For the handful of crybabies the app works fine. It asks you to pay every time you open a wallpaper but it about 5 seconds so tolerable. I downloaded 5 live wallpapers and they work great. There’s also a free trial so can avoid the adds if you want. I also get a kick out of the people that need to start by telling everyone what awesome top of the line phones they have. Who cares! Just right your review. People want something for nothing. The quick adds aren’t that big a deal and if you can afford a $1,800 phone you can buy the app. If you can’t get the wallpapers to work you shouldn’t have a $1,800 phone anyway. My only complaint is there could be more live wallpapers to choose from. Great app though and keep up the great work.
Unusable without Upgrading to a Paid WEEKLY Subscription
by Kirstenhaga on 2018/10/11 17:00
I’ve NEVER written a review before, however I felt it was necessary. I downloaded your app after seeing an ad on Facebook and thought it was interesting that you could change your keyboard as well. I just opened it ( for a total or 3 minutes) to have your ‘Upgrade Now’ banner pop up over 8 times! Every time I tried to swipe over to see what your app even offered it would pop up and sit there for 3-7 seconds before allowing me to exit out of it. I have no idea what your app offers or if it even works because your pop ups have made it impossible to look through it. And a ‘free’ 3 day trial and then $7.99 WEEKLY subscription is outrageous! How do you expect to get people to upgrade if they can’t even look around in your app?! Or are you hoping they click the upgrade ad just so they can look around and then forget that it’s only a 3 day trial so you can scam $32 a MONTH off of your customers??? Absolutely ridiculous.
Hey you! Read this:
by AzuC on 2019/04/07 14:37
So, this is not a real review on this app. I just hope it comes across any person and that someone actually reads it. I just want you that know that you are very, very gorgeous and strong and to never give up courage. To always believe in yourself even when it doubt. And to never, ever forget that you are surrounded by people that love and to never spread hate into the world. You might come across a homeless person while walking downtown or someone on drugs, and whenever that happens just remember that even if you get a little self conscious for whatever reason, that you have many, many people here for you. Don’t give up hope. I love you. And don’t stop smiling! (I hope this message helps.) -Some random 11 year old girl :)
Love it!!
by Lexi my opinion☺️☺️ on 2017/07/02 14:38
If you like to change up your wallpaper like me almost every holiday of just monthly or even weekly then Wallpapers is a great app for you it has live wallpapers regular wallpapers animals popular all wallpapers are just amazing but there are a lot of adds............................................................................................................................................................................................................................……….............................................................................THERE ARE ADDS LIKE EVERY THREE MINUTES!!!!!!😩😩 But I'm ok with it since most of them are cool if I deleted this app I would wait like 30 mins and then get it back so if you can not live with adds I do not recommend this app but if your ok with adds constantly the I do recommend it!!!
Wonderfully Amazing
by 24799064290&4 on 2017/04/29 05:51
I always love to change up my phone constantly with new wallpapers, icon skins, etc. This app not only gives great quality wallpapers but has a vast spectrum of choices to flip through. No matter what kinda mood or color you are into at the moment, you will definitely find not only just one wallpaper, but multiple ones that fit your style. The cherry on top of this app is how easy it is to navigate & save the wallpapers to your device. If I could, I would rate this 10 outta 5 stars (: And I would recommend this app to literally anyone who wants to get rid of the dull default stock iPhone wallpapers & add some personality to their phone.
False Advertising
by Appyboy33 on 2018/08/22 22:31
So after purchasing a new iphone x special edition platinum gold plated +, after getting dirt on the screen of my old one, i wanted to get a snazzy look to my inexpensive new phone. I searched around for awhile and came across an ad for a holographic hd 8k 520fps background app. My interest was spiked, i decided to download this application, i was pleasantly surprised by an elegant welcome screen, however, after being introduced to this featurous app, I was extremely disappointed because unlike what was advertised, my background wasn’t actually 3D and it wasn't making my phone have birds flying out. I tried a couple of different backgrounds such as the moving yacht and gold plated diamond encrusted splooge backgrounds, but no avail. This is quite a disappointment... P.S. This is a joke, but you cant set the moving wallpapers as your background this app doesnt work as intended
Luckily I’m patient
by Hav250 on 2018/10/02 03:52
So let me start off saying that I don’t usually write reviews but I thought it would be a good idea to share my opinion on this app. I'm a decently patient person but this app kinda pushed my buttons. Every other time you scroll you are asked to get a premium subscription. I could deal with this usually but it takes an unnecessary amount of time to let you exit it. Also, the number of pop-up ads are pretty ridiculous. It is a good app and does what it's supposed to do but it lacks an understanding of the attention span and patience of the average human. I hope that The number of ads is reduced in the future because I understand that some ads need to be there but maybe not every time you tap your screen 🙃
by JordyCastrejon on 2018/12/23 21:51
If you try to download a live keyboard you can and then you go into settings, General, keyboard, add new keyboard, live wallpaper, whatever vernacular language suits you, but then the instructions given in the app tell you to click Live Keyboard, and ***Enable Full Access*** this is where the developer of the keyboard gets full access to anything typed on the keyboard, previously, or currently, INCLUDING credit card numbers, passwords, and addresses etc. So don’t do that instead click on the globe icon that switches to emoji keyboard or other language. Doing this can get you the live keyboard WITHOUT giving them sensitive information!
Pretty good, just one thing
by fashion2018 on 2019/02/18 01:02
I love this app so many fun wallpaper! I love how if one is locked you can watch a add and get the wallpaper, usually it only lasts 30 seconds per add! I also love that there are keyboard changes Hayes so cool Evan though I wish there were more without paying, but they do give a good amount! The only thing I would want fixed is when you save a wallpaper and put it as your wall paper on your phone it doesn't move like its supposed to witch is kind of disappointing, so of you could please fix that! Otherwise great app, I will be sure to let others know about you guys!! thankyou again😎😉😁😊😋
It’s a pretty good app
by najfidosnheofjodjd on 2019/01/10 03:04
This is a really great app but the only thing is whenever I put the wallpaper on the lock screen or home screen it’s not live it’s just a picture. I don’t know if I not doing the app right but other than that it’s a great app where you can photos no where else. One thing that makes it so good are the photos which I just mentioned the photos are absolutely fabulous there good quality and just look amazing I use a wallpaper for both my lock screen and home screen. Overall it’s a awesome app, I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do.
Devs please read this it is important
by party french fry on 2018/09/08 12:12
I really like it but the membership keep showing up on every single one that I look at and I already got out of it 10 times so I think it’s really annoying that’s why am only giving this app three stars please try to stop that and I might bump it back up but for now I don’t really like it and I have a request that I think would make it better Pokémon. I so I really like Pokémon and I’ve looked through the app and I haven’t seen any Pokémon but I have seen a lot of Pokémon gifts and I messaging appsI just really think that you should add Pokémon please buy am leaving you with three stars I might be a bump it back up later if you consider my review.
(Must be explained)😣😖
by Person1 🦄 on 2018/07/27 13:50
This must be explained, how do the photos come to life? I swear every time I try to save a photo from that app and put it on my wallpaper the photos don’t come to life and don’t say I’m wrong because I picked the LIVE PHOTOS. And I agree with every one else saying that the app has TOO MUCH ADDS, it’s ridiculous and this app seemed the most trustworthy but when I try the app it turns out to be a lie nothing works and too many adds, And why dose it only work on the IPHONEX!!!! I know I just said that the photos don’t come to life on my phone but they should fix it so that way it works on ALL PHONES!!! And when I watch a vid for the secret picture, it turns out that it’s one I DID NOT WANT!! I’m disappointed with this app because it thought it was going to bring my phone to life. 😞 (no hate)
Please listen
by Bearer or truth on 2018/03/15 03:11
All of the reviews saying how good this app is are most likely the people that work for whatever company made this app. Literally every 2 seconds there is an ad and I could not download A SINGLE PHOTO because everyone I clicked pulled up a pop up to get the premium membership to the app. I went through and clicked on at least 100 photos and EVERY TIME a pop up appeared that was trying to get me to sign up for premium. I absolutely hate apps that don’t give what they advertise. Please spare yourself from getting this app and experiencing the insane frustration that I did. This app is not worth the storage and definitely not worth a few minutes of your life. P.S., The only reason my rating is one star is because it would not let me put anything lower.
Horrible, don’t recommend
by livandmaddieiscool on 2019/06/09 20:00
When I got this app I thought it would actually work for once, but guess what.... it didn’t. So when I looked at the reviews a few were good so I checked my app again and tried again. I tried the one with the car and I didn’t work so I tried some other ones and thought didn’t work. I even checked the settings on my iPad and the app itself. So when I realized I wasted 10 minutes of my life I deleted the app. So I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just the app.
Uhh ok but.......
by MollyGaming386 on 2016/06/15 17:56
THERE ARE SO MUCH ADDS!!! When I downloaded the adds were pretty good! But when I got more into the app mor adds started popping up. This got me really really annoyed on how much there were!!!! And progressing on more glitchy ness and slowness started popping up!! Some good things are I agree this app is amazing so much crisp and cool wallpapers to choose from never change that!!😜 the app is very unique and cool. It's a lot different for everything else I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Some suggestions are make a more hip design this is all I have to say! Just make a update to fix all the things I said were bad!!😌😔 Sincerely, Mrs. Cupcakes
Where do you cancel?
by RoundishKungfu on 2018/03/16 18:42
When this app was first d/l it said in app purchases. Which would be fine if the purchases were on my terms. Like if I see something I like I’ll pay for it. But it wants to charge me 7.99 every two weeks?!? That’s stupid. And now I see no where to cancel the Free Trial... within the app, attempting to access the FAQ, or contact us, or any option for that matter just seems to lock up the app... so I am cancelling here instead. Dear app maker people. Please consider this cancellation of my supposed free trial. Just because you make it impossible to cancel, does not mean that I’m just gonna give up and change my mind.... if you begin charging me a subscription fee. I will have those refunded to my account as well. Thanks a bunch!
My go-to app for wallpapers
by SFazzone on 2017/07/27 03:47
I like this app and it's wide selection of wallpapers. I do get frustrated pretty quickly with the ad pop-ups every 10 seconds or so and therefore do not peruse the app for very long. Instead I quickly pick something and get off the app. If the ads could be spaced out a little bit longer apart that would be an enormous improvement. Otherwise, it's a great app for wallpapers and I can't imagine there anyone that could not find something on there to their tastes.. there's a quite a large variety.
Small selection and unstable
by Pyk on 2018/04/06 10:23
For $8 a week I expected a larger selection and a more stable app. It takes a few minutes to see everything in a single section and it takes less than a minute for it to crash. After relaunching it not only starts me back at the beginning, but it shows me everything in a random order. There is no way to browse thumbnails or quickly pick back up where I left off. I just can’t see a world in which wallpapers could be worth that much. I would suggest charging a 10-50 cents per download, I would be much happier with that. This would also give the devs more reason to expand the selection.
This app is perfect 🙂🙂🤗🤗🤗
by Emma call me Emma 😊 on 2016/08/08 20:44
I love this app because I can put lots of different wallpapers on my home & lockscreen I have been reading the other reviews and they don't like it because there are too many adds. Who cares about the ads???!!!! And one person said they couldn't find the live wallpapers. I found them and thought they were lovely these people put a lot of time into these wallpapers shouldn't you at least say thank you???? I really like the app and I hope you the good work up !!!!!!
Makes you pay per month..
by Wildkittens1 on 2018/01/14 04:58
The moment you click the app the users who own it already want you to pay a fee which is 2$ a month personally I think that’s stupid because it’s moving photos. Although they look neat you can’t even really go through it to see if you would even want to purchase it per month because the Ads are so constant!! It’s literally every second. Extremely annoying... also it says free trial which doesn’t even work cause it will go through your Apple account to start billing you for the next month. Yeah that’s not going to happen. Over all the app is clearly for the user to make money and not because he or she wanted the app to be enjoyable for others 👌🏼
Great! But...
by Kiwi101;0 on 2016/05/01 19:28
I love this app so much, the wallpapers are so creative and beautiful! But it keeps popping up asking me to rate it! After a while, it gets really annoying and seems needy and desperate. Although I have seen an improvement! It use to be that every other wallpaper there'd be an add! But thankfully they took those away. Also, when I try to set the live wallpapers as my wallpaper, it won't move! But besides that, I really like it! They look so 3D and the animal ones are adorable!🐹🐶🐱
It's ok but Wow there are Ads!!!
by neverwinter on 2016/12/03 19:43
The HD wallpapers available are pretty good and the app has a good variety. The live wallpapers on the other hand are very few (~20-30) and do not have very good animation ( the 80s did a better job). This would still be a good app except for all the ADS!!! Omg! I counted! There was a full screen video ad every 10 wallpapers plus each wallpaper had a small ad scrolling across the bottom. This app is all ads! I did wish it had a paid/no ad option. I would have gladly paid $1-2 to turn that craziness off. Ads Ads Ads Ads. +3⭐️ for HD wallpapers -2⭐️ for the insane amount of ads.
by WolfeMasters on 2018/10/14 05:59
Biggest ripoff and waste of time you’ll ever see. The app pops up an advertisement LITERALLY every 3 seconds, telling you to subscribe for $8 a week ($32 a month, $416 a year). The app won’t let you browse and look casually. Pressing “X” to close out the “offer,” only buys you 3 seconds. Then it pops up again, spamming you to pay. On top of them asking you nonstop to pay, it’s got other advertisements as well! I wish I could upload a video to show how awful this app is. Don’t waste your time, and definitely do NOT waste your money. It’s much easier to just make your own Live Photo and use that instead. You’ll save a fortune, the picture will be much more meaningful, and won’t hate your life.
Not as good as it seems
by 😜🤓😂😜🤓😂😜🤓😂😜🤓😂 on 2018/06/30 13:21
I got this app so excited because the pictures and everything looked really cool. There were supposed to be daily updates, not so much. And the adds are everywhere! Every time you want to go to the next picture there is an ad normally trying to get you to get the premium thing. I didn’t get the app to see all those adds, I got it to get cook wallpapers. Also the pictures take forever to load. You will sit there forever and never what the movement is. I deleted this app in the end because I didn’t find what I was looking for: a user friendly, faster loading, wallpapers.
by Alanie❤️ on 2018/12/01 13:44
Ok so if you buy this app, your going to love it but there is just one tiny thing, ads pop up like every time but I don’t really care. Anyway, all of the other wallpaper apps like make you pay something but not for this. Maybe Ads to buy stuff but you can just click the X button. Sometimes you do have to watch a video to get a wallpaper but it’s a short one!!!!! Please buy this game and write a review, it’s amazing!!!!!
Ads All The Time
by damonty862 on 2018/03/02 11:15
After I downloaded the app I scrolled to the second photo and an ad popped up. Started to scroll through 2 more pics and you guessed it- another ad. After scrolling through 2 more. I was asked to review the app or you can’t see the next photo. So after only 6 pics I was forced to give a review. How can anyone give a positive review when you have only looked at 6 pics and had to look at 4 ads. I will be deleting this app but I wanted to warn people about what they are in for should they want to download this app. Even though it’s free, it’s not worth the time and effort to find a wallpaper.
Vivid and unique!
by Ktmay429 on 2016/07/04 06:24
Yes, there are a lot of adds. However, if you allow yourself to get over that part of it, you may be pleasantly surprised by how many cool wallpapers there are! Very vivid, detailed, and unique screen savers and papers that I haven't seen anywhere else. I usually visit once a week or so and spent at least 20 minutes each time downloading new ones. The adds just become part of the process. It's a free app, what do you expect?
No search option
by vogt_v on 2016/07/28 16:57
I cannot believe this app doesn't even have a search option. I'm not scrolling through every single image just to find one that is even remotely close to what I want. Right now, I'm looking for a winter theme. So, I went to the holiday section because that's the closest I can get. Well, I've scrolled through twenty so far and there's no search option. Other apps have search options AND they don't force you to look through every single image. They do a grid so you're seeing more than one as you flip through, and if you want to examine one in particular, just tap on it.
Totally useful
by nuckinucki on 2019/06/03 02:10
I tried 5 apps for live wallpapers and all of them were wack, no lie. Meanwhile this app has the most beautiful live wallpapers, and i got no ads at all. People are being butthurt cause they have to pay but u can watch ads too to unlock the good content. I’ve been trying to find urban live wallpapers everywhere and as soon as i found them on this app i felt so good. And the wallpapers were free. I suggest this app. I terribly love it.
Okay if you can put up with all the advertisements
by Wanting a fair game on 2016/09/17 13:56
The wallpapers are nice, but there are way TO MANY adds. I understand advertising come with the free app, but this is ridiculous. It seems like every third swipe an advertisement pops up and takes over the whole screen. Some adds make you wait until the "X" or close button shows before you can close. Also, it would be great if the option was given to see more than one wallpaper at a time and then choose the one you want to see in full view.
by Fun Crayon12 on 2017/11/19 21:44
I gotta be unhonest. I'm only writing this review and rateing 5 stars to unlock full catalog BUT this is actually a rlly good app!! It's everything you can look for! Theirs different catalogs for ex: quotes,live wallpapers,popular. And it's amazing! They are all really cool looking. Even tho theirs adds that come up every few wallpapers you look at,it's not those boring adds,so at least your not like "ok I'm done I can't with all the adds". So I'm gunna rate this 5 stars.
Could be 5 stars...
by PandorArtz on 2016/10/08 17:48
As other reviewers have indicated, there is no search function in this app. This is a huge problem, and the reason I only gave 3 stars. The app includes a wide variety of fun and unique wallpapers, but simply categorizing by broad subjects isn't enough. For example, I was looking for Halloween wallpaper in "Holidays" but this was not easy. I can deal with the ads, but not being forced to look at every single choice, including many that seemed unrelated to any particular holiday. Add a search feature and I will gladly revise this review!
It is a good place to get wallpapers
by SAKruger on 2016/12/24 13:41
On wallpapers you look at wallpapers and there is a button down below and if you like that wallpaper then you push the button below and it saves it in pictures for you so you need to turn on camera 🎥 . Then just swipe you finger across the screen then it will give you a different picture . The pictures are not inappropriate they are fun ,and pretty . So get the app wallpapers now today right now .
Pretty good, but...
by Anonymous955 on 2016/08/04 01:35
The wallpapers are actually REALLY nice, but then again, you can't really see any of them if there are ads popping up every five freaking seconds. Also, I'm hoping that me rating this app will make the "Rate this app to help us improve... blah, blah, blah" pop-up thing go away. I feel like I'm seeing that more than I'm seeing the ads. I understand you want people to rate your app, but no one is going to leave a good rating if things like that happen all the time.
Great App But...
by DankGurl on 2016/12/22 03:57
Ok so this app has amazing wallpapers, and a variety of them to choose from, but man! The ads are EXCESSIVE!! I mean I get one every two wallpaper I flip through...I mean I might as well get one like it off of google...of course it wouldn't be as good, but at least google doesn't have ads about apps that I'll never buy. OH! And one more thing, the only reason it's rated 5🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 is because I get wallpapers free so yeah....
Not complaining about ads!
by CMS1972 on 2017/04/04 04:42
It's free, there are longer ads on other great apps. So no problem here, though I can see where it would be annoying. But the huge selection and so many different ways to customize things is worth going through the ads. I do pay for apps and games that don't have ads, but I use those every day. And I don't mind writing reviews for apps that offer even more for free.
Read This
by Fr123736 on 2019/06/15 12:50
So I downloaded this app because on the ad for it, It showed a person actually moving their finger and the wallpaper moving with their finger. Nope. You have to hold the wallpaper to make it move. And the animations only last about two or three seconds. More importantly, you have to pay money for the full version. I have a green snake wallpaper right now that doesn’t even move at all, and I would pick it over any of these wallpapers. I mean, they do have some cool ones that I might use, but, I’m really disappointed on this one. So if you want to interact with your wallpaper, don’t get this app.
2 stars. It's so annoying
by <Liana> on 2018/10/07 06:34
Okay: I'm giving this app two stars. You can't even scroll without getting a pop up everytime about premium. The live photos are great, this app has great potential and you ruin it by making a pop up come over every second. I literally had the app for 1 minute and I was already so done with it. Unlike some other apps it has great wallpapers and I got one as my lock screen too. But the pop up is so annoying and instead of making us want premium it just makes me want to delete the app.
Scam (please don’t download)
by iPod touch 4g user on 2018/04/13 14:15
Yes, in hindsite I should’ve read the description of the app before downloading to see that it charges $7.99 a month. However, in my opinion, this app and other wallpaper apps that do the same thing are complete scams (as I’m sure the developers are well aware of). I’ve been charged $16 overall, even though I’ve never once opened this app since I downloaded it. In fact I deleted the app roughly 5 minutes after downloading. Apple please get rid of these scams, they offer no value to the public and the fake 5 star ratings are just fueling the scam. Please reimburse my $16. Do NOT download this app.
Terrible and aggravating
by Bookfanatic 24 on 2018/10/03 19:33
I was really excited to have some live wallpapers, and don’t get me wrong. The wallpapers the app have look great. But within the first few mins of having the app open I got hit with at least 15 ads. 10 Out of 15 were the apps own adds for a membership. I couldn’t even scroll for more than a few pictures before another ad popped up. I would not recommend this app to anyone, unless you’re willing to pay $7.99 a month for the app. I’ll give it one star because the picture looked cool. At least from what I could see before more ads appeared.
One problem
by Grantskillz07 on 2018/11/20 22:49
I love the astonishing pictures, it’s a site to see, truly! 💕 The photos save perfectly but when I insert them to my background they don’t move like the app was told to do. I hope it’s just my phone, I give you 4 stars because I love the app I just wish the pictures will move wen you Insert them as your background. I hope all goes well with the app! -Sincerely Grant
It’s okay but..
by o.hurley on 2019/05/03 23:35
Okay let me first start off by saying I do love the live wallpapers. They’re super neat! But I also noticed on the app I could change my keyboard to a different background.. they’re is a little note that pop ups when you’re about to download, they are able to access ALL of you’re info including pictures, bank account info, address & whatever else. & READ THE FINE PRINT FOLKS. I don’t like the thought of someone having so much access to my personal info.
Ok app, needs grid view!
by Rydaddy33 on 2016/09/23 19:15
Just downloaded the app. Have looked at maybe 30 pics and had 5 ads pop up, which is kind of annoying to have so many, but what do you do. The pictures are great but I would really like to see a grid view option!!!! I have a hard time remembering which ones I liked and I'm not going to save every one. It would be nice to see maybe 9-12 at a time! So far not bad though.
Too many ads!!!
by Banosgirl on 2016/08/08 03:35
I would of gave 5 stars this is definitely one of the better wallpaper apps I have ever downloaded but the ads are crazy! Every 3 swipes an ad pops up and I have to wait 5 secs to exit out of it! It takes more times me waiting on ads and exiting them then actually looking threw the wallpapers! This will most def be the reason I delete even though it's a shame because you have really nice content!
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