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Live Wallpaper Maker - Live4K
Only in our app! A unique opportunity to bring your screen to life with fabulous Live Themes and Keyboards! Packs of beautiful icons and awesome widget sets are definitely a match made in heaven. Try them out to make a total makeover of your Home Screen and customize it the way you like! Features: – Widgets – Icon Packs – Live wallpapers – Live themes with keyboards – Live Wallpaper Maker – ASMR live wallpapers – Lock screen designs – Huge wallpaper catalog – Trendy patterns and freshest designs – App shelves and icons – Thematic categories – Wallpapers with quotes and sayings – One-tap downloads – Full iOS 14 and iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max support With our app you can: – Fully redesign your Lock & Home Screen – Browse through the extensive wallpaper catalog – Easily save wallpapers to Photos – Check how your wallpaper fits Lock & Home Screen without leaving the app Download cool iPhone wallpapers collections: Ultra HD, Hot, Sport, Autos, Animation, Space, Abstract, Nature, Animals, Urban, Holiday Mood, Abstract & Patterns, Quotes, Shelves and lots more awesome wallpaper styles to fit your taste! We have tons of cute, funny and even trippy wallpapers, so hurry up and get them! If you love the app – please rate us on the App Store. This will help us deliver more cool content in the future! – Please note: Live Wallpapers work only on iPhone 6S & 6S Plus, 7 & 7 Plus, 8 & 8 Plus, X, XR, XS & XS Max, 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro & 12 Pro Max. With other iPhone models, they can be used as still wallpapers. Please also note that our Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers are incompatible with iPad. UNLIMITED ACCESS MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION – You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within the app – Subscriptions are billed weekly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan – Free trial period is provided – Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase – Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period – Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost depends on the selected plan – Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase – Any unused portion of the free trial will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription The prices above are in US dollars. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Wallpapers don’t work
by BenGONZALES on 2020/11/25 16:47
I was trying out the wallpapers and I did what it told me to do “go to settings click wallpapers and click the provided picture” i followed all the steps and i held down on the screen and i did nothing. So is this app only for iPhone because I'm currently on iPad mini. The only thing i like about this app is the keyboards the keyboards are pretty dope but just please fix the wallpapers.
Best one!
by Hanadi- Criminal minds fan on 2020/11/25 08:51
Out of all the apps I tried these past minutes this one worked easiest and best for me, I’ll be using it more often it was really fun and easy I really enjoyed my live wallpapers now.
I like the app but-
by ldhevgdhg on 2020/11/25 05:25
I like the app but it doesn’t work for the second generation SE and I really wish it did
loved this app until... :(
by joeyz777 on 2020/11/25 01:05
yeah, it’s bad enough and upsetting enough i’m deciding to leave 2 stars anyway, this app used to let you make live wallpapers for free and that’s primarily what i used it for. i would rate that experience 5/5 stars UNTIL they decided to suddenly make you have to pay for a $35/year plan to get to save the live wallpapers you make. that’s just ridiculous in my opinion and after that i’m pretty much never using this app again. i would leave 1 star but this was a good app to begin with that i’ll give them a generous 2.
by ATLcoqui on 2020/11/25 00:33
First of all, I accidentally purchased the program because I couldn’t see the X and pressed continue (Apparently I wasn’t supposed to do that), but more importantly they wouldn’t give me a refund! Second of all, those Snapchat ads of it being a 3D wallpaper app is incorrect and false advertising (Developers please correct me if I’m wrong). The live wallpapers however are good, but not amazing enough to pay $40 a year. If a developer could please give me a refund that would be greatly appreciated.
Wow. :p
by UwU_ Potatolovesdraw&Color on 2020/11/24 22:20
So I played this before and it is a scam a lot of stuff you have to buy :/
It don’t make no wallpapers!
by c_bby._$$ on 2020/11/24 19:56
I have tried over and over again to get LiveWallpaper to work. I don’t even what it does. My sister has the app and it works fine but then over here all it does is save memory on my phone when I press save and the only reason I press save is because there is no other button to press. Omg!!! If u want people to buy ur app maybe u should make it work. The only thing that works is the thing that just doubles an app u already have! So in my opinion LiveWallpapers stinks!
Amazing and actually works!
by Roblox could be fun on 2020/11/24 02:10
I have heard in the reviews that people say that this game don’t work it actually does well when you put one on home screen it doesn’t but then when I put my one wallpaper on lock screen and then I just had to put my finger there and press it hard on the screen and then it started to move in sorry if you think I’m lying but I’m telling the truth and it actually is not lying and it’s not a scam because it actually work and just so you know this game cost no money! It is just amazing if you want to download it and you believe my comment then go ahead and download it 👍👍👍 five star game! Sincerely Hi I am kind 103
by .NoodleNoodleNoodle on 2020/11/23 22:41
Pretty much everything costs money. I do NOT recommend go find something else on the AppStore.
by hhdhdsuxgsy on 2020/11/23 21:03
Whenever I put the picture on my app it doesn’t work it doesn’t let me back in the app I can’t show it in the App Store I do not know how
Take away the unlimited access and just let me create to live wallpapers
by jdhdndnxnxnz on 2020/11/23 17:58
Hi I am a user and this is the only comment I have ever posted about a bad report that I hate I’ve been crying tears of here because I want to make a live wallpaper but the second one but your game is a limited access and I don’t want to buy unlimited access please take it out.
by sadahsss pooopy on 2020/11/23 03:19
It didn’t even do WHAT IT ADVERTISED! IT DIDNT MAKE THE NAME THING! I was so mad!!! This was false advertising!!!
by Logan cothern on 2020/11/23 02:04
It’s ok but I have to sub to it and it just uses so much battery
Horrible glitches out
by foxsports#99 on 2020/11/22 18:11
-44444674 worst app ever
My review
by wavyheadlyssa on 2020/11/22 14:25
I love this app all it takes is just a little music to put you in the zone and your phone will look brand new
So good
by MEME2294 on 2020/11/22 12:45
One problem
by i do not say balh blah blah on 2020/11/21 21:17
It’s always asking for u to pay like I don’t have money I’m poor I already payed you but it’s really awesome because the lives are cool
by ericfuentes on 2020/11/21 20:27
Don’t fall for it. Do not download. Unless you like to feel like a fool when this app only serves to get in your phone, asks you for $35 then doesn’t deliver what it promises. I figured at this day in age that apple would do a better job at weeding out these fakes but they HAVE to be making $ for supporting this bait download.
What I think
by it's a disappointed person on 2020/11/21 18:53
This app does not work automatically you have to hold down the screen to move your background and it only works on the Lock Screen. The only reason I haven’t deleted this app is because I like the backgrounds. But I’m still a little disappointed.
by kid jeffrey hernandez on 2020/11/21 18:22
Little bit weird
by bnjgjhkuyluin on 2020/11/21 16:21
It’s a little crazy because everything is not a live wallpaper and it’s called live wallpaper and it’s expensive it’s only 34 dollars a year for a game and it does not say that you have to pay for the wallpaper’s
by MrPh1sh on 2020/11/21 15:53
I like the app but I don’t like every minute of “do you want to rate the app”. And also you show way to much ads. So, you wanted me to send you a review? Here it is.
No good and unresponsive
by me&julio on 2020/11/21 03:55
Hasn’t worked once yet, and as of this moment, 3 attempts to cancel and still coming out of my account. $7.99 per week for an iPad......Say what?!
by TheBacon wuz tacen on 2020/11/20 21:57
Trash noon
Me encanta 😍
by My pychungita on 2020/11/20 19:52
Me encanta 😍 es divina
I wish I could use it 🥺
by Itzy-Belle on 2020/11/20 18:03
I wish I could use it but sense it’s money, and I have an iPad it won’t work 😖 super disappointed
Not 4k photo
by aydin.msc on 2020/11/20 05:21
4k photos are not ultra hd.They are maximum 480p
Love this
by austin dillman on 2020/11/20 04:15
I love this app you can make live wallpapers I made a Dylan O’Brien one and I’m going to make a twilight one you can just get the pre made live wallpapers and you can change your keyboard with a fun background picture and make short cuts with cute icons if you are worried about paying for this no problem just take the free trial and if you run out of days just delete and reinstall the only reason to buy the premium is so you can get more stuff but sometimes you can watch adds to unlock it that’s all I got download the app it’s amazing pls don’t change anything ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
iPad problem
by DaCatmaster on 2020/11/19 17:34
Hi, this app combined with Widgetsmith and iOS 14/iPadOS 14 is the best way to customize your phone/iPad! The only thing I wish was better, is that the app is designed for iPhone, and the app needs to also be optimized for iPad. I would highly recommend this app and Widgetsmith.
They got me 🙄
by _vonna on 2020/11/19 17:24
Clicked it looking to find cool 3D visuals like the ad. Couldn’t find it. App runs extra slow, things take forever to load, and it’s not super intuitive to navigate from. Deleting the app now.
Not very surprising.
by fffeet on 2020/11/19 17:08
You can literally just search live wallpapers on the internet. You don’t have to download this wasteful game.
So cool!! 😁😁
by gvx799 on 2020/11/19 15:28
I love it like we all know that the settings wallpapers are these cool ones but these are epic like they have app covers and cool nature wallpapers it’s so cool I recommend this app for EVERYONE! Like I got this app thinking this is going to be a normal wallpapers app I was SO wrong it’s so much better then what I thought it was going to be! And I see what everyone is saying about adds I found out how to skip them so what you do is that you should hold a finger on each wallpaper and don’t let go just use each hand to scroll and hold. And if you find a wallpaper you like it might have a add but think of how many adds you skipped!! I recommend this app seriously. Thank you so much for making this app!
by noah cool man on 2020/11/19 12:03
Creaters look at this i wanted to make my own wallpaper but i couldn’t i had to have this thing i had to pay for you should make it so you get to make your 5 of your own live wallpaper before you had to buy something this is a rip off
Does not work 😒
by co ch!🤩 on 2020/11/18 20:29
I was excited to try to have “live wall paper “ But it doesn’t work!! I save it to put on my iPad,but it is not moving,like at all!!!! But on the other hand it is fun to just play with it and not on your phone or IPad.So it would be a great game if the game would work.!.! 😀😕😁😔😁☹️ U should get the game but don’t count on it working 😋
In love
by Ava Oblinger on 2020/11/18 18:11
I was not disappointed at all! I love this app and all the asome features I love claw machines and I love colors so I thought this app might make my phone all cool and it did so I totally recomend this app and yes there is alot of adds but its so worth it
One thing
by silly scar scar on 2020/11/18 17:08
I love the wallpapers but you can’t do anything with an iPad mini witch bothers me a lot because that is all I have!
My Review
by ⓁⒶⒹⓎⒷⓊⒼⒼⒺⓇ on 2020/11/18 03:09
A lot of stars
Charges you per week
by Dorkimoe on 2020/11/17 14:55
lol you guys are out of your mind. Charging per week to use a wallpaper app
by Sascha_fierce on 2020/11/16 22:21
It has cool stuff on it but it just has so many adds. I would give 0 stars if I could! 🤨
The best
by good app$;$;$:$:$:!;!,!.$ on 2020/11/16 19:54
It’s so good no glitches does everything how I want it to be and how there is Widgetsmith stuff that makes it so much better this is the best app ever.
Hard to find a good one
by J.L.Pete on 2020/11/16 09:49
It’s amazing app and so expensive for this thing. Still you can find free live wallpapers for free if you get through all advertising which is pop up every 30 seconds
Not good
by anonymous person 45 on 2020/11/15 03:25
super unhappy🙁! Their are WAAAAAAY to many adds! Always asking my age. What the heck?! Are they keeping tabs on me? Oh BTW the live wallpaper doesn’t work. Not to mention all the cool wallpapers are premium and I have to pay a lot of money every month to have the good wallpaper.
Insanely ridiculous ads
by pmadd on 2020/11/14 22:23
About 8 ads two of which direct you directly to in-app purchases with extremely non-obvious path to avoid within about 30 seconds of starting app for the first time...
How weird for me this thing is
by khing jones 456 on 2020/11/14 04:56
I guy is very great game to play I mean not a game a app to use for your background or whatever but when I tried it did not work and I follow the instructions to I want to editorial so if you guys can just link me what happening thank you because I’m on iPad to so it’s probably that
by Gavin leiker on 2020/11/13 23:38
I’m trying to hold and put different things on and it’s not live and does it only work on a separate phone like I’m so triggers right now
UI Dark Patterns and Annoying Ads
by Kicker#30 on 2020/11/13 20:53
Initial launch of the app tries to trick you into subscribing. Then you get bombarded by ads if you just want to use the free version
Best app ever
by kwame_13 on 2020/11/13 20:05
This is the first live paper app that actually live up to its name without subscription. I recommend this app to everyone.
It’s so bad!
by adonal37 on 2020/11/12 08:57
Omg it’s so bad do not download this it’ll never work
To the created
by roosterrem on 2020/11/12 00:17
This is a very satisfying game that’s why I like
Developers please help!!
by Grayson#2 on 2020/11/11 22:52
Overall it looks like there are some awesome themes! The problem is, when I click save and click save the entire theme, nothing happens. My screen goes white for a sec like it’s loading then I check my wallpaper and keyboard but nothing happens. I looked in settings and camera roll to see if that’s how it works but NOPE! I see some good reviews here just not how to fix this problem. I have an IPhone XR and good WIFI but nothing happens. Please help?
Too many ads
by redhead8295 on 2020/11/11 14:42
I get that yall are trying to make a profit but this is just too much
It might be
by Ixah 😀 on 2020/11/11 05:16
That I just think it’s impractical to be subscribed to something as trivial as a wallpaper app. I might buy it, but not subscribe. Plus it has too many ads to even get thru to see if it’s worth it.
Awsome would recommend
by juicybognut on 2020/11/10 23:28
Not worth it.,
by getguru15 on 2020/11/10 13:11
Deleted this dumbass app., It’s way too pricy for what it offers., Don’t fall for it., I just deleted mine.,
This app is weird
by kenna2011 on 2020/11/09 22:50
I honestly don’t know why I have it 4 stars this app pushes you to do a premium and you can create your wallpaper that is the part but the rest of it I really don’t know if it is good or bad so if you want to figure out then download this app.
Glitches and broken
by poggers name on 2020/11/09 21:04
Bro I made my keyboard not have emojis anymore and I can’t find my emojis and ur color keyboards don’t show when I add them and also ur app isn’t working, so JSUT to let everyone know before downloading, ur app deletes ur emojis
So boring
by 🧛🏿‍♂️🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 on 2020/11/09 20:57
I can’t do anythin on here because of a stiupod adds worst gaame ever🦄💖💖🧁😂😡💤🍩😍😍💝☕️💜❤️💕💔💔😠💗😏☦️😁😃😃😆☺️😂🤣😊😊😂😛👿👿🇧🇦👩🏾👩🏾🧑🏾‍🎤🧑🏾‍🎤👩🏿‍🏭👨‍🏫👨‍🏫👨‍🏫🤰🏾
I had it only for 1 day (24 hours)
by Previous itube user on 2020/11/08 19:06
So I installed this app late Saturday night. Went through some of the features to see if I even liked it. Saw some cool pics I can use for my Lock Screen and another one for Home Screen. I set both pictures up. 1 live pic for the Lock mode & another for unlocked. Went to sleep. Woke up, still in bed, started to go through the app again to see what other neat features it has. And from one section to another, something happened. It Crashed! Completely sent me off to my Home Screen app. As if I logged out of it. When I went back on this app, all the pictures were half off the screen. Meaning it was no longer a complete picture. All sections of this app, with pictures were completely off on my phone. So I deleted it. I have an updated software 14.0 on my iPhone 8 Plus. I don’t need apps that crash.
Love it but...
by QuietDude on 2020/11/08 02:44
I got it like a few minutes ago an I’m already thinking of getting rid of it because there are sooooooooo many ADS!!! Like more then usual I couldn’t even put a thang on with out an ad pop up!! Pls fix!!!!!!
by Ezra 2 on 2020/11/08 01:01
Its not free, and all the reviews are fake.
by bdjdjdnxu on 2020/11/07 04:00
So I have been wanting a cool app like a live wallpaper app or one of the widget apps and every singel one I download marked you pay to do stuff on it I really wish this app would let Go of the charges you have to pay for the live wallpapers
It’s meh
by MukDrag1 on 2020/11/06 18:45
I think this app has a lot of good wallpapers but you have to sign up for a trial to get some of them. They do have some good free ones. The biggest problem for me is that there is an ad every 10 seconds and I know you have to make money somehow but it’s almost too much
I wouldn’t recommend it but it isnt bad
by EmmyEmEmm on 2020/11/06 16:16
The ‘allow full access’ thing for passwords and all is, pretty sketchy to me. But thankfully optional even though it says otherwise. The live wallpapers dont really work as live? But that could also be because I’m on an SE 2020, not an iphone X, 11, or 12. The keyboards were nicer than ones on FancyKey, but the app crashed while i was browsing them. Kinda shady but not too bad, overall
Falsely advertised as free!!!
by Mr.Sensei on 2020/11/06 04:23
Falsely advertised as free!!!
False Advertising
by DIVERSDOITDEEPERTOO on 2020/11/06 03:26
They show a video of a spider 3D image. They not only don’t have that but non of their backgrounds are of this nature. Adverting something that is not real to sell a product is illegal under Ohio law. I have reported it to the Attorney General. They need to learn to be honest.
The game is kinda bad
by whhhhhhhhhhatttt on 2020/11/06 02:32
I love how you can customize my own live wallpapers and many more. but I’ve only had this app for a day and its acting up its to laggy and it makes my phone hot overall its good hut it needs to work on the ads andglitchy downloading process
I don’t know if you should get this
by elle t dog on 2020/11/06 01:17
I tried this and I thought it would be good I tried a Harry Potter background and I made me buy stuff just for the background
I don’t know how to put it on my lock screen:(
by gdgsgdvdvgsgs on 2020/11/05 23:49
Don’t get unless you want to spend money
by PoMpOmPuRiN is my BaE on 2020/11/05 23:42
The app is cool and all but there is no free option. I don’t mind having limited options to not paying but literally the second you open the app you have to pay $20 and I don’t know about you but that’s too much for wallpapers. There’s not even a free trial which makes this app seem sketchy.
Not fun
by aj7;):$:):!: on 2020/11/05 21:21
Because it is very slow as I thought 💭 it would be
Amazing App ALERT
by ilovedogs2734 on 2020/11/05 19:27
This app is so Cool. I love it so so so much. Some of these reviews say there are to many adds, but they really Aren't bad. Most adds are skippable for me. Definitely get this app if you are looking for an app that has live wallpaper and soooooo much more fun stuff. Also, this basically has an in- app slime app because of the asmr section and OMG its SOOOOOOOO relaxing. Also, you can just scroll through the wallpaper and its so cool. I cannot tell you how much I want people to get this app. You will feel relaxed.👍👍👍😍😍😍👑❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯
Could be better
by Frankenpickle on 2020/11/05 16:59
Ok first of all, how do you make your name wallpaper?! Heres the thing, you can't! I clicked on everything on the home page, and I couldn't find it. Also, I had to pay five dollars for it, even though it says this app is free. Not happy about this. My mom made me delete this and I was upset. You have to pay $5 a week just to keep A FREE app! Very disappointed.
Very fake
by goodestbot635553 on 2020/11/05 15:49
It wasn’t live I’m sorry app but it’s not the best.... I just it didn’t work for me well I’m just 9 so I’m too lazy to write an whole attire essay so bye!
Terrible basically a scam
by Sudo13 on 2020/11/05 13:10
I’m pretty sure half of these 5 star reviews are bots because 19.99 a year for a wallpaper or is 7.99 a week this whole app is just a huge scam and it looks good because it uses that money to be endorsed by things like Snapchat and tik tok. I hope you don’t download this awful scam of an app because you can’t even get it unless you pay the 7.99 or the 19.99. Awful, just awful.
by hi jccbj on 2020/11/05 12:06
This wallpaper app is the best I have ever download . You can save many cool looking wallpapers just by watching a has many cool wallpapers for iPhone and android. It worth it to download this app.
Wasted my money!!
by pm343 on 2020/11/05 04:52
Application does NOT do what is claims it can do! There is nothing live about it. Even if I find one that actually takes to my IPhone 11 Pro Max you have to hold and press the screen to get anything to move or react. I’m extremely disappointed! I followed all of the steps to the letter multiple times with ZERO success.
Worst app ever
by Berkleigh unicorn on 2020/11/05 03:08
Don’t ever get this app only if ur gonna let them play with u they ask for a monthly subscription like bruh who does dat I deleted this app cause baby I’m not gonna let them play with me like that. Period poo
by COCO!!!22 on 2020/11/05 00:43
Doesn’t work I am so sad.
Make one for iPads!!!
by swim girl 09 on 2020/11/05 00:07
I love this app it works great on my phone. I loved it so much I downloaded it on my iPad and it did not work:(. You need to make one for iPads. This works really well on phones but those with iPads miss out on all the fun these wallpapers bring! You really need to make one for iPads because then we all get the enjoyment of moving wallpapers. And on my phone I had to unlock before being able to move it and it does not move like the ads say. :( other than that I love this app :) thanks for making it. Ok I have one question how do you create widgets??
Lisa Bake
by Dhia Rose on 2020/11/04 19:49
This is a cool app you don’t even need to sign in like press x when it tells you free trail then boom there you go.Also if it shows black and when you press on it then show white that would be great.But otherwise the questions this app is amazing I love it I hope other people love as much as I do.That’s All I could say for now.Bye
by 10 year old boy on 2020/11/04 18:24
I love the live wallpapers on here
Read this before buying
by xXHitTheShotzXx on 2020/11/04 17:38
Do not get it it’s a scam when you try to get a custom keyboard the apps says “press allow full access to keyboard” when I went to do that a message popped up on my screen stating witch I will do a summary allowing full access will let them saved what you type and will let them get your credit card info they will know where you live etc DO NOT GET THIS APP
3 sec Ads every 25 seconds? NO!
by KR820 on 2020/11/04 17:01
I barely go 45 seconds before I get another 30 second advertisement that I have to sit through. Then another one. Then another one. In total, nearly 6 advertisements lasting half a minute in less than FOUR minutes grand total using the app. One star for being completely greedy tools.
Good luck cancelling
by *splash* on 2020/11/04 13:58
This app is like a virus. It automatically renews after cancelation.
by qthibs on 2020/11/04 06:51
I don’t know how this app has 4+ stars but I don’t understand why anybody would want to pay 20 bucks a year for a live wallpaper when you can go on TickTock and save live wallpapers for free
One big problem.
by Jmckeedpm on 2020/11/03 23:13
I love this but I set it up but it’s not live. I put my finger on it for a few seconds and it’s still not moving.
by coolguyfoe 2975 on 2020/11/03 22:12
How to cancel subscription
by mel21026 on 2020/11/03 18:56
How do I cancel the subscription
by zrutoet err ditldu ti ut on 2020/11/03 00:39
by Thepolardolphin4 on 2020/11/02 15:02
it tricked me into buying the premium pack thing which was $20 i’m so upset
Very awkward app
by amira227 on 2020/11/02 13:47
Very stupid mad worst app ever with no single features and full of errors worst app and most stupid strange ever I would recommend this mad and stupid app to everyone
Awesome only with the keyboards
by Bear Fax on 2020/11/02 04:54
Its good with the keyboards but when I tried the wallpaper I tapped and held but there was no animation. please developers Tell me if its my device or if it just doent work,im on an iphone
by mayaib2019 on 2020/11/02 02:30
How do I change my keyboard to a different theme when I have already changed it once? I don’t know if it is because I am using it on a iPod 7 or if the app is just messed up, also how do you make the wallpapers live?
by DonThirty3 on 2020/11/02 00:13
They want to charge you money before you even get to use the app. Definitely not worth it, not even the free trial.
by jevegdhiwlheic on 2020/11/01 23:22
Amazing for my wallpapers. Looks so cool
Dont payyyyyyyyyy
by xavierasalazar on 2020/11/01 19:29
Charges me 20 dollars for an app that has a horrible setup and wallpaper.shaking myhead
doesn’t work
by Natedogslaydog on 2020/11/01 02:56
doesn’t work
by JLB528 on 2020/11/01 00:16
Didn’t Work
by robloxfortniteyoutuberepete on 2020/10/31 02:48
I read its 6s and up, and I have an 8 but when I pressed save, it didnt go through to my phone and it definitely did not work. I don’t know what happened.
Just one thing!
by Punk Lucy on 2018/05/20 04:08
I love this app it is absolutely astonishing. Other then a small ad on the screen for a photo every now and then it’s awesome, most Live Photo apps do not let me save without a membership or paying every week or month. I love it how it automatically goes to your photos/videos as well. When I put it on my lock screen I tried it out and it worked. I was so happy and surprised. So I tried a watermelon one because it reminds me of my father (nothing bad happened to him) we always eat watermelon together. So I put it from my home screen. It worked but when I tried to hold down it did not work. It thought I was sliding to see more apps, is there a way I can fix this? Other then that don’t change a thing I love your app. Thank you for everything you guys do! I will soon buy things from you guys. I love your guys photos that you put up and everything. Thank you really, all I need to know if I need to perhaps have a new upgrade maybe that I don’t see or you guys need to change something. Once again thank you. Sincerely, Olivia
developers please read!
by Torals_345 my insta on 2020/01/30 05:04
hello! i just bought the app like 3 minutes ago and i love it. immediately i purchased the $20-something a year plan (which is a fantastic deal btw) i fell in love with a few of asmr wallpapers and saved them to my camera roll and tried a few out on my lockscreen and the pictures are beautiful quality, the live pictures are really cool and it works really well EXCEPT for the fact that i thought i would be able to “interact” with the picture; drag my finger on the screen, play with the wallpaper, etc, and unfortunately it won’t let me do that. i hold my finger down to start dragging it and it just shows me a preview like someone else is touching it. now this could just be because i have an iphone X and since there’s no home button the app just doesn’t allow option of dragging and interacting with the wallpaper because it would possibly trigger the whole homescreen “pull-and-drag” button. the fact that the none of the asmr categorized wallpapers actually are interactive as they appear to be listed on the app is the only reason i am giving this app 4 stars
Doesn't work for me but there is another good thing.
by Anonymous #1212 on 2020/07/01 20:25
For me, the picture that I download from this app is animated (it is in live) when I am in photos, but when I put that picture in my locked/home background, it is not animated, But the other good thing is that this app has an animated background keyboard! It is not the best keyboard of all but at least is animated. To activate it, go to Settings>[the name of this app]> keyboards and then activate the languages you want (the languages you activate will be separated keyboards). Also, there will be an option that says ”Allow full access” but it is not necessary for the keyboards that you activated to work correctly. If you want to reorganize your keyboards in the little globe next to the space bar, go to Settings>general>keyboard>keyboards and then click ”edit” and then drag the 3 lines from a keyboard and put it wherever you want (just if you want to reorganize your keyboards in case you don't like how they organized when you activated them). Also, I say all of this (the 2nd paragraph) for the people that didn't know all of that.
Really bad app
by ~~~livi~~~ on 2020/08/30 03:43
Honestly I don’t get why this app has so many good reviews. Every time you try a new background an add pops up! If you don’t buy the premium version you can only customize one background and don’t have all the options for backgrounds. You also need to have nearly perfect WiFi for it to work and still everything takes a little too long to actually load. Also I don’t believe a lot of these are real videos/ pictures and it shows. A lot of the animations are weird, slightly cartoonish, and I don’t get them. Like who wants their background to be a hand holding a vase/ jewelry? Or a puff of smoke, or a tennis ball in front of a bad background? There just not cute, aesthetic, or understandable. Finally, maybe it’s because I don’t have the premium version but the backgrounds I saw in the add were not the same as the options I had to choose from. The only reason I’m giving it two stars is because some options are cool and it’s easier to use this app then go into tiktok, making a slideshow, saving it as a Live Photo, speeding it up in Snapchat, making a new tiktok using the faster version, saving it as a Live Photo again, and then making it my screensaver. ( which if done thoughtfully and correctly can take up to an hour)
Wow!! I am impressed, and totally recommend!!!
by lady rates this app on 2020/05/22 21:06
Ok there are so many bad reviews for this app and I do not understand why, it is awesome!!! Yes there are adds but these people need to make money. For people who said there’s did not work mine works perfectly I do have Live Photo’s though. I am guessing if you do not it will not work. I had no problem figuring out how to set as my wallpaper! I did not subscribe but there are SO many options if you do not subscribe, so don’t worry about that. Back to the adds there are a lot but people it’s not that big of a deal. And I think it is so worth it!! I do not usually write reviews but this app deserves it! I love this app so much!! And definitely recommend! There is a wallpaper for every thing you would think of! And they are all amazing! Mine worked awesome so I do not know why others didn’t it is probably something with there device. Developers keep it up it is awesome! And people reading this I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!!!! Thank you so much developers, and I hope you found this useful! Thanks!!!
by Supermarket tycoon on 2020/03/21 14:17
i think that this is such a good game, i have looked at the ratings and everyone is so upset about having so many adds, but to be totally honest they aren’t even that bad, there are not as many as you think there would be. there are even keyboard wallpapers and still wallpapers. the only problem i have with this is that you can only get one live wallpaper everyday or at least i think that is what it is because the first time i used the app i saved a live wallpaper and than tried to save another but it wouldn’t save. overall this is the best live wallpaper app i’ve ever had and if you are reading this don’t mind other peoples ratings because usually it is just a problem with there device not yours. also when people say that you can’t move the live wallpaper it’s because you have to go into settings than click on the wallpaper and on the bottom of the screen there is a live button that you click so that you can make it live. and only some of the wallpapers are for premium. 👍
Just a couple things!
by 227445 on 2020/09/27 21:51
Overall I think this app is a great app! There’s just some minor issues— well some of them aren’t issues just recommendations :). First, the custom keyboard! It’s amazing but autocorrect doesn’t work.. I’m not sure if this is good or bad 😂 , it works sometimes but it doesn’t work when I need it to. Also I have no clue it’s capital letters.... Caps lock doesn’t work on this, either. Next, the wallpapers! If your like me you don’t really have ideas for your backgrounds, or you just don’t have any good live Photo’s. I personally like the backgrounds just one thing, 60% of the photos cost money. You can also just watch a add or share it to get one free it still bugs me. Another problem is you have to have bassicly perfect wifi, this can get really annoying. Another thing is that every 3-5 taps a add pops up. I really am a cheapo so I don’t really wanna spend money on this app because I’ll end up deleting it, eventually. 👀 overall this app is pretty good! Hope this review helped you :)
Plz read before downloading!
by PLZ REACTTO MY REVIEW on 2020/10/22 21:19
Okay, so I saw an ad for this app and I thought it would super fun to have with the iOS 14 customization cuz I had started caring a lot more about how m to phone looks. The ad showed cool features that I was rlly excited about and it seemed like a free app so I downloaded it. When I opened the app I was kind of disappointed. To e first thing that popped up was the premium for $20 a year. That is a good deal, but not everyone can buy things like that. I kept using the app without premium, but I didn’t get the cool features I saw in the ad at all. The ad didn’t say anything about a premium. I tried to make a background for my phone, but all I could do was choose a Live Photo. The ad showed the ability to write 3D words and have a background that moved as you rotated your phone. That seemed super cool but I couldn’t even use it. Since I was already happy with my background and I couldn’t do what I was expecting I could do, I deleted the app. I think this app would be good if you don’t have a background and are trying to find a cute background, but don’t download this because of an ad you saw unless you are willing to pay $20 a year.
Doesn’t work
by IDK what this is XD on 2019/03/29 22:49
I love this app! It worked so well. My only complaint is that when I used it as a wallpaper it never really became live. Just the picture. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m on an iPad Air 2, or if it’s just the app, I tried looking it up on my phone but I couldn’t even find the app on it. I also tried holding my finger on the screen when I had the wallpaper downloaded on it but it still just wouldn’t work. Other than that I love this app. Even though it’s not live for me, the pictures are way better that anything you could look up quickly on the internet. I also love how many pictures there are! There so many to choose from, almost to many 😂! I don’t know why people are complaining because you can get really cool wallpapers just for watching an add. Now if you can watch an add for these wallpapers, well, that shows your patients level, don’t it.
Would be 5 stars but a few minor things
by Bradypro on 2019/01/18 02:36
This is a great app I like most of the backgrounds and haven’t not liked one yet but there is 3 things that aren’t good about it. First the abstract backgrounds are way too bright I have epilepsy and my eyes couldn’t take the first few. Second the ads are in the way of the wallpapers. I don’t have a problem with the ad it’s just right in the middle of the screen blocking it and it gets annoying. Third is the lag. This one isn’t that bad but on the abstract ones and when you just keep swiping it starts to slow down and the ad lags a little bit so you can’t close it. But it’s not that bad if you just go slow and look at it I just sped through. But overall it’s just a great app and I would love to see an option to lower the brightness of the neon lights in them and new wallpapers this is a great app though I would recommend it
Good but...
by TheWorldIsASewer on 2019/09/02 12:09
I love this app, I really do. There are so many amazing wallpapers. From cute to awesome to amazing to mind blowing. I love it! There’s a ridiculous amount of ads. I would really appreciate the app so much more if you got rid of all the ads. Truth is, everywhere I scroll to find new wallpapers is another ad after ad after ad. But even after that, this app is amazing. And then there is one more problem, everything is on premium. Though I do enjoy that you get to watch another ad for amazing live wallpapers. But even though I watch that ad for a wallpaper, doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like the ad amounts. So, in conclusion if you guys could change those things, (the amount of things on premium and the amounts), it would make me give it five stars.
Works Fine with Quick Adds
by Kevindg72 on 2018/10/19 02:30
For the handful of crybabies the app works fine. It asks you to pay every time you open a wallpaper but it about 5 seconds so tolerable. I downloaded 5 live wallpapers and they work great. There’s also a free trial so can avoid the adds if you want. I also get a kick out of the people that need to start by telling everyone what awesome top of the line phones they have. Who cares! Just right your review. People want something for nothing. The quick adds aren’t that big a deal and if you can afford a $1,800 phone you can buy the app. If you can’t get the wallpapers to work you shouldn’t have a $1,800 phone anyway. My only complaint is there could be more live wallpapers to choose from. Great app though and keep up the great work.
Unusable without Upgrading to a Paid WEEKLY Subscription
by Kirstenhaga on 2018/10/11 17:00
I’ve NEVER written a review before, however I felt it was necessary. I downloaded your app after seeing an ad on Facebook and thought it was interesting that you could change your keyboard as well. I just opened it ( for a total or 3 minutes) to have your ‘Upgrade Now’ banner pop up over 8 times! Every time I tried to swipe over to see what your app even offered it would pop up and sit there for 3-7 seconds before allowing me to exit out of it. I have no idea what your app offers or if it even works because your pop ups have made it impossible to look through it. And a ‘free’ 3 day trial and then $7.99 WEEKLY subscription is outrageous! How do you expect to get people to upgrade if they can’t even look around in your app?! Or are you hoping they click the upgrade ad just so they can look around and then forget that it’s only a 3 day trial so you can scam $32 a MONTH off of your customers??? Absolutely ridiculous.
The Ads are a bit much
by CreepyCreeper36 on 2019/12/27 22:27
I usually don’t write reviews but here we go. Ok so when I was first looking through the app, it was great! I swiped around, trying to look for the neon ones, however, after I clicked on a category and clicked on the picture to see what it would look like live, but it wouldn’t let me exit out, or at least it didn’t give me enough time to figure it out. I tried swiping back, hoping to get to the category screen when 3 ads popped up back to back. I’d touch the screen and then there was an ad (this happened twice), I’d swipe once to get to the end of the pictures and then there’s an ad (this was the 3rd ad). It let me swipe twice before the fourth one came up. Please keep in mind that this all happened in about 1-2 minutes of being stuck without an exit. Overall, it’s not a bad app, however the spacing of advertisements was not the greatest.
3 things
by malprov on 2020/06/27 18:19
Hello,This app is great but there is a few things you can adjust. (1) WAY too many ads. I am trying to find the perfect wallpaper but just as I find the perfect one and ad comes on and it seems like forever till I get back and when I doo I realize I want another one. Like come on! 😡(2) It takes up WAY too Much battery, Like one minute I am looking for a nice picture and the my battery is dead!🔌(3) So the last one is that the keyboards do not have spell check so because of this when I text people they always respond by saying “ Your spelling is wrong”.🤓 So that was the three things that I think you should fix.😉Please respond to this so I know what your going to do🤔.Thank you 🙏👋
Love it!!
by Lexi my opinion☺️☺️ on 2017/07/02 14:38
If you like to change up your wallpaper like me almost every holiday of just monthly or even weekly then Wallpapers is a great app for you it has live wallpapers regular wallpapers animals popular all wallpapers are just amazing but there are a lot of adds............................................................................................................................................................................................................................……….............................................................................THERE ARE ADDS LIKE EVERY THREE MINUTES!!!!!!😩😩 But I'm ok with it since most of them are cool if I deleted this app I would wait like 30 mins and then get it back so if you can not live with adds I do not recommend this app but if your ok with adds constantly the I do recommend it!!!
So cool!! 😁😁
by gvx799 on 2020/11/19 15:28
I love it like we all know that the settings wallpapers are these cool ones but these are epic like they have app covers and cool nature wallpapers it’s so cool I recommend this app for EVERYONE! Like I got this app thinking this is going to be a normal wallpapers app I was SO wrong it’s so much better then what I thought it was going to be! And I see what everyone is saying about adds I found out how to skip them so what you do is that you should hold a finger on each wallpaper and don’t let go just use each hand to scroll and hold. And if you find a wallpaper you like it might have a add but think of how many adds you skipped!! I recommend this app seriously. Thank you so much for making this app!
Cool but doesn't work
by AddiePatty10 on 2019/09/14 22:05
I got this app yesterday and I got a really cool key board color and cool backgrounds. When I put the wallpaper on I press and hold the screen and it doesn't work. Another thing is that why do you want to make people pay for more stuff!! Just saying to the person who made this app please tell me why it is not making it live. Please tell me because the whole point of the app is to make it live!! Thanks for your help if you even respond to me💙 Ps I love the wallpapers though. Keep doing what you are doing besides what I said this is a great app. And please help me because I really want these pretty wallpapers. Ive even looking for a good live wallpaper app and I think this is the one. Ps I have and ipod touch but I done think that matters! Thanks again for all you are doing for me you made a perfect app😀
Wonderfully Amazing
by 24799064290&4 on 2017/04/29 05:51
I always love to change up my phone constantly with new wallpapers, icon skins, etc. This app not only gives great quality wallpapers but has a vast spectrum of choices to flip through. No matter what kinda mood or color you are into at the moment, you will definitely find not only just one wallpaper, but multiple ones that fit your style. The cherry on top of this app is how easy it is to navigate & save the wallpapers to your device. If I could, I would rate this 10 outta 5 stars (: And I would recommend this app to literally anyone who wants to get rid of the dull default stock iPhone wallpapers & add some personality to their phone.
Amazing and actually works!
by Roblox could be fun on 2020/11/24 02:10
I have heard in the reviews that people say that this game don’t work it actually does well when you put one on home screen it doesn’t but then when I put my one wallpaper on lock screen and then I just had to put my finger there and press it hard on the screen and then it started to move in sorry if you think I’m lying but I’m telling the truth and it actually is not lying and it’s not a scam because it actually work and just so you know this game cost no money! It is just amazing if you want to download it and you believe my comment then go ahead and download it 👍👍👍 five star game! Sincerely Hi I am kind 103
It is ok
by thescoopis true on 2019/06/20 20:50
The only thing about this app is that I have a iPod touch and the pictures would work on the app but it would not when I tried it. Another thing is that when I tried to put the theme on my keyboard and that did not work either!😢 I hope you follow what I said about this app. You might have a different perspective and/or electronic so it may work for you! But in my opinion it did not work sadly I will be deleting this app once again please let me know if you fix this app and make the bugs go away or make it so any other iPod touch or other Devices work with this app. Thank you for your time!🙃🙂😊
Luckily I’m patient
by Hav250 on 2018/10/02 03:52
So let me start off saying that I don’t usually write reviews but I thought it would be a good idea to share my opinion on this app. I'm a decently patient person but this app kinda pushed my buttons. Every other time you scroll you are asked to get a premium subscription. I could deal with this usually but it takes an unnecessary amount of time to let you exit it. Also, the number of pop-up ads are pretty ridiculous. It is a good app and does what it's supposed to do but it lacks an understanding of the attention span and patience of the average human. I hope that The number of ads is reduced in the future because I understand that some ads need to be there but maybe not every time you tap your screen 🙃
This is a cheat app!
by Bries mommy on 2019/07/06 06:00
I REALLY REALLY HATE THIS APP!!! I hate this app because it stole my apple iTunes gift card from my bd! The way it stole my money from my apple iTunes card is that I payed $7.99 to have a trial for 3 weeks. So once I payed this app it told me you have you allow them to go through your pictures and photos! And so I deleted this app because I do not want them to go through my pics and stuff! And I got so mad cause I wasted $7.99 to buy a wallpaper from this company! You should be ashamed of yourselves for making people pay and then force them to let them go through there pics! I would be! So please don’t download this app because all it does is just still your money and force you to them give permission to go through your pics right after you purchase stuff! FYI! I would give them no stars for a rating if I could! Cause this app is really stupid!
Really just a waste of time.
by wollfey on 2020/09/14 22:29
I got this app after seeing an Ad on Snapchat. The ad showed this 3d live wallpaper where whenever you moved the screen the live wallpaper moved with it. Well when I got the app it was nothing like advertised. Literally this app is so bad. I’ve had enough of just downloading apps that turn out to be total hoaxes. No, I’m not spending 20 dollars a month just to get literal WALLPAPERS. I could use that money to buy 2 months of netflix and get unlimited shows, I’m not using it to buy an app like this. But seriously, who would buy this? You can literally make your own wallpaper with better apps like picsart and kinemaster. Honestly I wish this app just didn’t exist it wasted a solid 10 minutes of my life trying to find this specific wallpaper only to find out it’s actually only for premium users.
Frozen wallpaper🥶
by The reviewer girl222 on 2020/04/13 21:03
Ok so I love this app and the wallpaper is beautiful and I use it all the time.... But there’s one problem. I downloaded one of the live wallpapers and when I returned to my lock screen to try it out, it didn’t work. I don’t know if this was just this one wallpaper that has a glitch or what, but it needs to be fixed. I downloaded this app on my iPad mini so I have an actual home button so I wouldn’t have the swipe up for home problem that I read in another review. This needs to be fixed. If it isn’t this app is technically false advertisement. Maybe the developer could install more detailed instructions on how to use the live wallpaper once you download it that would be more help. Thank you! 🙏
Too many ads
by aquatic love 💋 on 2020/01/01 00:29
I know this kinda doesn’t make sense but I’m giving it one star because I couldn’t even get to a single background because ads kept on popping up I was testing...or trying to test if it would work because I’m on iPad but I could even see what the first one looked like because and ad popped up and when that went away as soon as it started to play it ugh! ANOTHER ad popped up and when that away a free 3 day trial thing popped up and when I pressed cancel aka X ANOTHER ad popped up! There were more ads then there are at a movie theater! I mean this just ridiculous so I stopped (because I was about to slam my iPad) took a deep breath and tried again then the free trial thing popped again and then another ad popped, up I’d rather play fortnight! (Witch I hate) and I don’t see why it’s only for types of iPhone! That’s not fair! 😡😡🤬😡😡😡😡🤯
One Teeny Weeny Thing
by Cheesecake Factor 🍰 on 2020/06/05 19:48
I absolutely love this app! I thought it would be sketchy with wallpapers from, like, pintrest or some other social media. But they have REAL LIVE wallpapers and they are super cute! This app is officially on my top five favorites, except for one tiny little thing....... There are a little to many adds. Every forty-five seconds the same add pops up EVERY TIME! I am definitely keeping the app because I love it but can you fix the adds thing? Altogether this Live Wallpaper 4x is a great app and the more people that get it, the better. Sincerely, Gracie (and yes, it’s (Gracie not Grace!)
Can you at least make the first wall paper live?
by idiots coop on 2020/06/04 04:08
It sounded astonishing when I saw the reviews but the first thing that comes up is an premium trial to get access to live wallpapers. Then I went from 👆to 👇. If the developers read this, can you at least give free live wallpapers first time. My mother and father won’t let me spend money on apps. I was looking for an app that allows you to make a wallpaper that is animated but I’m kind of disappointed. I’m gonna say this politely, can you please give a free live wallpaper creator system so people who can’t afford get something they always wanted? I beg you guys. If I don’t get a animated wallpaper, I’d probably just remove this app. Thanks for the time reading this developers.😁
To long wait
by cool2bme407 on 2019/11/11 21:13
This app has amazing picks but I have not even downloaded it yet I have seen the picks on my sis phone but it has now took two days for it to download so much it’s not even downloaded it yet it might take three days if it doesn’t download today! This is just incredible just because it can take this long to wait I have been waiting more then u can imagine I have never waited almost three days before even though it can give your wallpaper a big time upgrade just for that to wait almost three days it’s incredible it is not even halfway through to downloading. Don’t download this app unless you’ll be prepared to wait three or two days or more!
It is not the worst🙂
by time out i love this game on 2020/04/03 23:13
This app has a lot of stuff asmr, animals, quotes...etc all that move. Their is even keyboard stuff where you can chose a theme for your keyboard. That I think is cool. But there are a couple things that concern me🙁. There are a lot of adds and that isn’t cool, also there is a lot of stuff locked and you have to pay to use it. I didn’t see any wallpapers that move that are free. But I can’t be totally sure that there isn’t any because I only skimmed through it. So besides the adds and you have to pay 4.99 a month ( or something like that ) it is a pretty good app.🙂🙂🙂
Devs please read this it is important
by party french fry on 2018/09/08 12:12
I really like it but the membership keep showing up on every single one that I look at and I already got out of it 10 times so I think it’s really annoying that’s why am only giving this app three stars please try to stop that and I might bump it back up but for now I don’t really like it and I have a request that I think would make it better Pokémon. I so I really like Pokémon and I’ve looked through the app and I haven’t seen any Pokémon but I have seen a lot of Pokémon gifts and I messaging appsI just really think that you should add Pokémon please buy am leaving you with three stars I might be a bump it back up later if you consider my review.
Deceptive Facebook ads
by Seeker007 on 2020/08/25 17:14
I rated this app 1 star because the company is placing deceptive and misleading ads on Facebook. The ads feature wallpapers that appear to be “dynamic” wallpapers that should animate without touching the lock screen. Unfortunately, the actual wallpapers in the app are only “live” wallpapers which you must hold your finger on the screen to animate. Also, the ads show wallpapers that are simply not in the app. For example, the ads show a wallpaper where you can type a stylized version of your name. When activated, diamonds or glitter are supposed to fall around your name depending on how you hold the phone. There simply is no such wallpaper in the app! Pretty obvious example of a bait-and-switch marketing tactic. Please downvote the app to send a message to the company that deceptive marketing is not ok.
(Must be explained)😣😖
by Person1 🦄 on 2018/07/27 13:50
This must be explained, how do the photos come to life? I swear every time I try to save a photo from that app and put it on my wallpaper the photos don’t come to life and don’t say I’m wrong because I picked the LIVE PHOTOS. And I agree with every one else saying that the app has TOO MUCH ADDS, it’s ridiculous and this app seemed the most trustworthy but when I try the app it turns out to be a lie nothing works and too many adds, And why dose it only work on the IPHONEX!!!! I know I just said that the photos don’t come to life on my phone but they should fix it so that way it works on ALL PHONES!!! And when I watch a vid for the secret picture, it turns out that it’s one I DID NOT WANT!! I’m disappointed with this app because it thought it was going to bring my phone to life. 😞 (no hate)
Won’t Work 4 Me? Why’s That? “Please Help It’d Be Very Much Appreciation”
by 333TimBo333 on 2019/08/10 16:12
Won’t Work 4 Me? All it shows when I open the app is that the zaps all paper that’s on the app photo and if they use me no options to choose anything at all won’t even give me an option to choose that sing the wallpaper that it shows me? It’s just like I put the offer in or open the app and it just shows the cool paper that’s on the app &. Is the zero options to do anything else nothing at all zilch nada zero options.... Why’s That? “Please Help Me with this issue It’d Be Very Much Appreciation”
Please listen
by Bearer or truth on 2018/03/15 03:11
All of the reviews saying how good this app is are most likely the people that work for whatever company made this app. Literally every 2 seconds there is an ad and I could not download A SINGLE PHOTO because everyone I clicked pulled up a pop up to get the premium membership to the app. I went through and clicked on at least 100 photos and EVERY TIME a pop up appeared that was trying to get me to sign up for premium. I absolutely hate apps that don’t give what they advertise. Please spare yourself from getting this app and experiencing the insane frustration that I did. This app is not worth the storage and definitely not worth a few minutes of your life. P.S., The only reason my rating is one star is because it would not let me put anything lower.
Love this
by austin dillman on 2020/11/20 04:15
I love this app you can make live wallpapers I made a Dylan O’Brien one and I’m going to make a twilight one you can just get the pre made live wallpapers and you can change your keyboard with a fun background picture and make short cuts with cute icons if you are worried about paying for this no problem just take the free trial and if you run out of days just delete and reinstall the only reason to buy the premium is so you can get more stuff but sometimes you can watch adds to unlock it that’s all I got download the app it’s amazing pls don’t change anything ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Horrible, don’t recommend
by livandmaddieiscool on 2019/06/09 20:00
When I got this app I thought it would actually work for once, but guess what.... it didn’t. So when I looked at the reviews a few were good so I checked my app again and tried again. I tried the one with the car and I didn’t work so I tried some other ones and thought didn’t work. I even checked the settings on my iPad and the app itself. So when I realized I wasted 10 minutes of my life I deleted the app. So I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just the app.
Uhh ok but.......
by MollyGaming386 on 2016/06/15 17:56
THERE ARE SO MUCH ADDS!!! When I downloaded the adds were pretty good! But when I got more into the app mor adds started popping up. This got me really really annoyed on how much there were!!!! And progressing on more glitchy ness and slowness started popping up!! Some good things are I agree this app is amazing so much crisp and cool wallpapers to choose from never change that!!😜 the app is very unique and cool. It's a lot different for everything else I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Some suggestions are make a more hip design this is all I have to say! Just make a update to fix all the things I said were bad!!😌😔 Sincerely, Mrs. Cupcakes
Where do you cancel?
by RoundishKungfu on 2018/03/16 18:42
When this app was first d/l it said in app purchases. Which would be fine if the purchases were on my terms. Like if I see something I like I’ll pay for it. But it wants to charge me 7.99 every two weeks?!? That’s stupid. And now I see no where to cancel the Free Trial... within the app, attempting to access the FAQ, or contact us, or any option for that matter just seems to lock up the app... so I am cancelling here instead. Dear app maker people. Please consider this cancellation of my supposed free trial. Just because you make it impossible to cancel, does not mean that I’m just gonna give up and change my mind.... if you begin charging me a subscription fee. I will have those refunded to my account as well. Thanks a bunch!
It’s a pretty good app
by najfidosnheofjodjd on 2019/01/10 03:04
This is a really great app but the only thing is whenever I put the wallpaper on the lock screen or home screen it’s not live it’s just a picture. I don’t know if I not doing the app right but other than that it’s a great app where you can photos no where else. One thing that makes it so good are the photos which I just mentioned the photos are absolutely fabulous there good quality and just look amazing I use a wallpaper for both my lock screen and home screen. Overall it’s a awesome app, I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do.
The add is not like the app
by Linkling007 on 2020/10/19 17:10
Like any other Live Photo you want on your phone, you have to press your screen if you want to actually play it. When I got this app I figured it may be different and play without pressing the screen. Also in the add you can move your phone to move the background...that’s 100% NOT true in the app, there is no single one like that. In this review I gave it a 2 star because I’ll be honest there is pretty good backgrounds (of themes) but by the way I wanted it like in the add there is no such thing so I gave this app a 2. This is just another app that gives you good looking backgrounds, or if you want to tap your Lock Screen then there will be the Live Photo.
I’m sorry but just not for me
by Gymnastics-student on 2020/07/06 23:27
I would like to download live wallpapers. WITHOUT A SUBSCRIPTION. It would be nice if there was no subscription! I waited a few minutes which is normal for it to download. Then once I went in, it said “start a free trial!” •Live wallpapers •Camera Access • all editing features And I was like uhh what the heck?! I tried something else. I thought it meant that you didn’t have to have a free trial. I logged out of the app, next thing I know theres a pop up thing that says “purchase subscription for live wallpapers” and I pressed no. And then I went onto App Store to review it! I’m sorry, I just don’t have money for a subscription.
Just one suggestion
by madison😕😟 on 2020/05/21 16:00
Hello live wallpaper I just want to let you know that I absolutely love your app but I do have one suggestion so when I go to the asmr and I save it,put it on my phone but when I press it it doesn't make an asmr sound I mean I don't really know if it is apple that wont let us do it or if it is something wrong with your wallpaper but on the app it has the asmr sound if you are the problem with that then can you ONLY fix that do not fix anything else it is great thank you From Fellow suggestion
by Diane K22 on 2020/05/07 22:21
I downloaded this app recently! The wallpapers are amazing. I’m an older woman but pretty tech savvy. I am having an issue getting the paper to move on my lock screen. The instructions came up the first time I downloaded a theme. I went back after I was unsuccessful getting it to move and no more instructions. However, it’s a great app and as we all know, you have to watch ads here and there as with all apps. No big deal to me!! It helps the developers keep things free!! Kudos to the developers for an awesome app!!
Make one for iPads!!!
by swim girl 09 on 2020/11/05 00:07
I love this app it works great on my phone. I loved it so much I downloaded it on my iPad and it did not work:(. You need to make one for iPads. This works really well on phones but those with iPads miss out on all the fun these wallpapers bring! You really need to make one for iPads because then we all get the enjoyment of moving wallpapers. And on my phone I had to unlock before being able to move it and it does not move like the ads say. :( other than that I love this app :) thanks for making it. Ok I have one question how do you create widgets??
Pretty good
by jilly.bean10 on 2020/09/16 00:00
It does work but it DOES NOT work on iPod touches or iPads. It ONLY works on iPhone 6s or newer (I’m not sure abt Samsung because I don’t have anything that is Samsung). There is a screen that comes up when you first open the app that says “unlock premium content,” now I didn’t see an x button to close the screen but all you have to do is restart the app completely and it will go away. It does have some really pretty wallpapers and if you don’t know how to set a live wallpaper it will give you a little tutorial, though it is pretty easy to figure out.
Works but you have to do something
by swhsorhenrjwbeowb on 2020/05/29 18:03
So at first it didn’t work but then I found it out. (On iPhone 8 so it will work for any iPhone that this apps supports). So here we go. First, you have to favorite the live wallpaper then add it to your photos and go to settings. You then have to go to wallpapers and the choose the live wallpaper that you want. Before you tap set, you have to press the circle with a line through it to make it work. I hope this helped you if you couldn’t figure it out.
Glad I got this app!
by XxWhiteStuffxX on 2020/02/22 19:02
Hello! I just wanted to say that this app is AMAZING! To be honest, I can’t even use this because there are so many great wallpapers to choose from and I just wanted to use all of them at once. Thanks to one of your advertisements, I don’t have to think hard for my new wallpaper and I could just get one straight from this app. Though sometimes it may be a little slow and I have to wait the next day to choose one, but it’s still great! Don’t stop working on this app now! It’s great!
Small selection and unstable
by Pyk on 2018/04/06 10:23
For $8 a week I expected a larger selection and a more stable app. It takes a few minutes to see everything in a single section and it takes less than a minute for it to crash. After relaunching it not only starts me back at the beginning, but it shows me everything in a random order. There is no way to browse thumbnails or quickly pick back up where I left off. I just can’t see a world in which wallpapers could be worth that much. I would suggest charging a 10-50 cents per download, I would be much happier with that. This would also give the devs more reason to expand the selection.
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