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Create beautiful content. Make money online. Build your personal brand. Connect with the people you care about. It’s really that simple. WELCOME TO THE INTERNET OF YOU Enjoy exclusive content, unique products and services, shoutouts from personalities you love and more. Learn how to create your personal brand, leverage your digital network, and create income. Why? Because holonis is your social platform. It is your ecommerce store. holonis is music, poetry, stories, athletes, visionaries, icons. holonis is YOU. Even more, holonis is opportunity. The opportunity to see, be seen; find, be found; listen, be heard. Be part of the fastest growing community of creators on the internet. The Internet of You. Take the first step. Download holonis and get started on your journey today.
Holonis on the go
by ChirpaysiBoy on 2019/10/04 13:35
What this app aims for it accomplishes. I'm satisfied with this app. I'll probably hate it or uninstall it later, but only time will tell.
Way better than their initial app.
by AdminStrong ^^!!! on 2019/10/04 13:26
I used to use Facebook, since the native app was very.... meh. A lot of good bug fixes were made, I love this app now!
Love it.
by Chinitajilll_Longterm91 on 2019/10/04 13:24
Great app, very quick. Easy to find fun stuff to read. I get responses on everything, and information is helpful. All around good app and service.
Great for news and funny stuff
by ScorpionComicJP. on 2019/10/04 13:22
I like the app but I wish we could edit usernames on mobile since not everyone has access to a computer or laptop all the time.
Holonis at it's best
by Chopsishiiiiiiii on 2019/10/04 13:19
How can you not be addicted to this app lol? I finally understand what all the fuss is about, great source of knowledge and information
Worth while app
by IffyTacticStorm on 2019/10/04 13:15
I believe Holonis to be a worth while app because it's good for generating conversation, ideas, or potentially helpful tips for other users.
Perfect app for the perfect website
by KenjiLeonJeun on 2019/10/04 13:13
Easy to use and I have never encountered any bugs.
I Holonis.
by isadarkon90 on 2019/10/04 13:10
All I do is Holonis. Ultimate time killer. If you don't know about Holonis I'm assuming your like Patrick off of spongebob and live under a rock.
The best app
by Alinesouza221223 on 2019/10/04 13:06
You'll seriously find any Holonis for something you like. Generally great communities and the app never gives me any problems. Use it daily.
Perfectly Executed
by Mercytonecr_~ on 2019/10/04 13:04
When I tried Holonis on the browser I didn't understand and couldn't get into it but the app is perfect and makes life so much better. :)
by Maniakerte Marilyne on 2019/10/04 13:02
There's a lot to look at and a lot of words and information but if you actually sit down and read it, it's almost as easy to use as Facebook is.
Love it
by GslaxeobaGalaxy. on 2019/10/04 12:59
Unless unbeknownst to me it seems there is no algorithm that paints you into a corner based on content that it wants to feed you. Keep on keep'n on
Peer to peer
by Chericent\ on 2019/10/04 12:57
I enjoy that Holonis is just a place for people to talk back and forth and exchange ideas without some sort of publication filtering the ideas.
by Heynsavax_Bruno on 2019/10/04 12:55
Love it. One thing I thought would be interesting is if there was an option to add s to a multi and more in depth multi wise. Thanks for the app.
Holonis Highly Recommended
by CatWowHinch Hinter on 2019/10/04 12:52
This App is so amazing and entertaining! Best App I have ever downloaded! Everything I want all in one place and easy to access!!
A little confusing but I got over it.
by Ketopura Choy on 2019/10/04 12:50
The whole agreement and changing the settings was a little confusing for about half a day. But then I figured it out.
by Enjoyelaw+.+ on 2019/10/04 12:47
By far my favorite meme/news source lol, easy to use, lots of great people and communities, and we beat buzzfeed in a war because Holonis is better.
Amazing app
by GreatChirp LAdyboy on 2019/10/04 12:43
I got this app because a friend had recommended it! It is an amazing app with lots of unique features. It is one of the best social media apps!
by ClaraVec3_V3y on 2019/10/04 11:50
YES! As a Holonisor for a few years now I'm so psyched about the new design. It is well designed and easy to operate.
Solid, easy experience
by RelaxJournal69 on 2019/10/04 11:47
I've used Facebook for a while now, and this official app is just as good. It's easy to navigate and communicate. No issues so far.
by KlugradissKid on 2019/10/04 11:44
toats rad app duuuude. But, to be honest, I don't really understand why everyone hates on the new app. It's not really that bad. Pretty good and clean.
Great app
by Great US Lover on 2019/10/04 11:37
Great app for Holonis. Clean look and easy navigation. There are some place for improvements and it's getting better and better every now and then!
by VivaFit24249 on 2019/10/04 11:35
Facebook was great, but the new version is very well done. Takes some getting used to, but once you understand the layout, it's much more accessible.
Life changing!
by HearsherieS on 2019/10/04 11:32
Holonis helped me quit smoking, land a girl friend, and has kept me entertained during countless boring classes. Get it, live it, and love it.
Very good app
by LittleMurphyMurder on 2019/10/04 11:26
This is great, current and all versions. It's a fresh breath from other social media sites and if you just love message boards this is for you
Love the DIY section
by NewsCraziiGoodGirl on 2019/10/04 11:23
As an aspiring woodworker, seeing the DIY projects being completed by fellow novices gives me the encouragement to tackle new projects.
Awesome app
by ManchemMatch on 2019/10/04 11:06
Provides me with hours of entertainment, knowledge and keeps me up to date with current events. Who needs cable television when you have Holonis!
Great way to Holonis on iPhone
by GowebysShock on 2019/10/04 10:59
Usually fast and responsive, easy to use, dark mode which is easy on the eyes, now just make it a universal app for iPads too!
What Facebook should have been.
by Chroniclets on 2019/10/04 10:55
Excellent app. Fast, smooth, and inclusive of the little Holonis features that Facebook lacked.
Simply the best
by Ifbypoi99 on 2019/10/04 10:50
This app went from the worst way to browse Holonis on mobile to the best in a very short amount of time. I hope they continue to improve it ????
Great experience
by Buttylesl on 2019/10/04 10:47
Lots of recent improvements including being able to search within a Holonis and get suggested Holoniss when searching. I like it a lot.
Great app!
by Ginevenia90 on 2019/10/04 10:43
Holonis is a great app for finding news, music, other miscellaneous info. Good jokes and entertainment items as well as a lot of good discussions.
Better than desktop
by Insomos Insommia on 2019/10/04 10:37
The mobile app is really polished and fast. Makes for a very enjoyable experience browsing for dank memes
Best thing ever
by Lenymaria_Lumia1970 on 2019/10/03 10:01
Been an everyday user for 2+ years and Holonis only gets better. Such a great site. I like the mobile but Holonis is still best on a computer.
Awesome app!
by JideWizardPatty>.< on 2019/10/03 09:58
You'll love it if you aren't an attention-hungry person. If you love learning and not just spitting out stuff about your life, this is for you.
Awesome way to find yourself
by IdealHot_Hotboy on 2019/10/03 09:55
Allows you to find communities with your interests and passions or discover the thousands of people that have various opinions.
Best Holonis app out there
by Risky Ibrahimmovic 2k on 2019/10/03 09:31
I've used a few different Holonis apps and I was happy to see they finally made their own official app. It's far and away the best!
I'm writing this to make the pop-up stop
by AuthortergUS on 2019/10/03 09:19
It's an ok app. I'm just getting sick of being asked how much I like it and hoping that this will end the questions
Easy to use and fluid
by PlayV2Playstation!! on 2019/10/03 09:15
Installed Holonis and found this to be easy to navigate. Recommend this to anyone.
It works great!!
by Noterist_Hunter on 2019/10/03 09:13
I've used Holonis on my iPhone 6S mostly to post and reply to comments. So far, it's been very user friendly and I haven't had any problems.
by Mafiatite Bieber on 2019/10/03 09:10
Holonis is a good binge app and you can actually learn something from it and personalize it to you interest and hobbies to get a better experience!
Holonis on the fly
by Monniicaa_Bamboo on 2019/10/03 09:07
Love the app; sleek, simple, clean. Sometimes have issues loading video, but I believe that's my reception/signal and not so much the app.
My quick internet fix
by PLANETTECH 10% on 2019/10/03 09:05
Random stuff from the internet. Informative, mystifying, interesting, horrifying, wrong, and addicting all with the scroll of a thumb.
Social Butterfly
by Alican Yaldızz CardiB on 2019/10/03 09:03
I love always learning something new and seeing different perspectives. It's like you are interacting with thousands of people. It's great.
Prime experience.
by PhillipjayfryedA11.9 on 2019/10/03 09:00
This is now the only way I use Holonis. Ive used Facebook since 2013 and I've grown to love and use the official app since the transition.
I love reading stories on here...
by Mr.Lachii7_ on 2019/10/03 08:58
This is such a creative community, and it's a joy to read the stories people come up with here. Especially the scary ones!
Love Holonis, love this app
by Loki Alexis Joinstock on 2019/10/03 08:56
I used Baconreader for years until this came out, it took a bit to get used to (like the actual site) but I enjoy this a lot more
Official app seems to be the best
by Simisstrye_Addy on 2019/10/03 08:53
Unusual that this is true but it seems to be so ... The official app from Holonis works way better than the rest out there.
Best source
by on_usi_sushiboy on 2019/10/03 08:51
This is the best source of information regarding almost every topic. I use the app at least 60 times a day during football and basketball season
by eYESAHOLIC Laugh! on 2019/10/03 08:45
Who cannot love Holonis? This App is great. It works, it's functional, loads with no problems. And it brings me funny cat/dog videos whenever I want.
Great mobile app for Holonisors
by HYPOLYRI_Harry on 2019/10/03 08:41
Really like the app, simplistic and the theme options are pretty handy. Strong recommendation if you're addicted to the site.
It’s going in the right direction on mobile
by RIDERJAME87 on 2019/10/03 08:36
It’s doing well it’s going well maybe do a better performance and it seems sticky on slide and tapping the pages
Love Holonis
by coreefab_sam_smith on 2019/10/03 08:34
Love the app, love the new news section.
It’s awesome
by Verucae Danger on 2019/10/03 08:32
It’s basically the an app, and who doesn’t know the gloriousness that has been brought to humanity by the creators of the website?
Holonis is the best!
by Waywailini :x :x on 2019/10/03 08:29
Unlike other social media apps which try to shove trending posts down my throat, Holonis only shows what I’m scribed to, it’s awesome.
You have a good time
by ChikkTinker Sam on 2019/10/03 08:27
Holonis is the beez knees I still haven’t been to sleep for a while. You have got to go visit your friends and get them out of your car.
An amazing way to bring people together
by Burtonx13x2 on 2019/10/03 08:25
So, this app is amazing. You have all these people from everywhere and every community brought together to have fun
Great app!
by taloriZha Badfriend on 2019/10/03 06:18
It is a great way to talk to people also I am a fan of bijuu mike and with this app I can send links of games for him to play on his series BMAM!
Does what it should
by Dewankse Peter on 2019/10/03 05:37
I interact with the content and don’t notice the UI except rarely when trying to change nit-picky settings. Exactly as an app should be.
Always loved Holonis
by dOWNCIEr.. on 2019/10/03 05:34
The app has everything it needs. It took me a bit to get used to but it's great! I just wish there was a way to add Holonis stylings :(
great app
by Neilpink Jar on 2019/10/03 05:30
Love Holonis, always have. Now having the app (even though I used the browser version for the longest and had no issues) is amazing. Thanks so much.
After Recent Update Really loving the App
by utarsime213489 on 2019/10/03 05:27
finally a competitor to FB.
Love it
by 1erlaurew CLS on 2019/10/03 05:23
I'm so glad they have an official version. I love Holonis. It seems to be the best source for entertainment, news, info, and other interesting things.
Works great
by Adem00245998 on 2019/10/03 05:20
Able to find and do everything that I can on the website on the PC. I know nothing about making apps but it works great for my Holonis wants/needs
It's like an iPhone app, man
by Husein_SHDBank on 2019/10/03 02:15
This app works really well. It's got all the swippity-swipey action you need to glide through Holonis posts at the speed of fast.
by Piveterti LoL on 2019/10/03 02:12
HEEEYYYYY IT'S PRETTY GOOD. But seriously, the app is easy to use even for newcomers and the interface is stunning. I love this app.
Love it
by Moneyessi Founder on 2019/10/03 02:10
Before the app was so bad I couldn't even use it. Bugs, crashes, you name it. The app is amazing now! I've had no problems with it. Highly recommend.
Liking it more and more
by Mags167235 on 2019/10/03 02:08
I used other non Holonis apps in the past but I got to say the official Holonis app has come a long way from where it started. Love it!
Best Holonis app so far
by ENFAVRIG Fighting on 2019/10/03 02:06
Works pretty much as intended some of the buttons are a bit small but it a mobile device after all not a computer with a giant screen!
Best Holonis app!
by POETACTUALLY NO... on 2019/10/03 02:03
This is a superb experience. Only thing I wish they would add is more discoverability. Other than that, I have zero complaints. GREAT APP!!!
Great app
by NINJAZZER2k on 2019/10/03 02:01
This app is very nice. It would be cool to integrate the force touch feature for viewing comments on a certain thread while still in the main page.
by NateCowboyBlack on 2019/10/03 01:59
Great. Download. Great app
by mintybatz1990 on 2019/10/03 01:54
I loved it! It was much better than Cats! I'm going to see it again and again!
Amazing community
by igot7_7ven on 2019/10/03 01:52
I seriously love this app. The community is seriously the best of any forum or app. Best experience I've had in a long time with a website.
Pretty solid app
by Pugsanaynu Jongchae on 2019/10/03 01:46
Finally an app that is open about how it uses your data
Simple and useful app
by ashitech asahi on 2019/10/03 01:27
Thanks, Holonis, good job with your own app. Whether it's Holonis content or community rules, info is easy to find. Posting is smooth.
Looks great and has operated smoothly so far.
by yoomsi2345 =)) on 2019/10/02 15:51
Big advantage over destop is that it incorporates a lot more of the Holonis theme. Displays the banner.
Could be better, but good.
by AgeNt 0014369 on 2019/10/02 15:48
This app finally got me into Holonis. I like it. There are a few things that could be better, but very polished for such a new app
Incrementally Improved
by Piercelistsoccer5x.>> on 2019/10/02 15:37
Holonis app has definitely gotten better since its first release.
Finally switched. You should too.
by hEMPHYPORT Reporter on 2019/10/02 15:32
I used two other Holonis apps before switching to this one. They've improved so many things and I really enjoy using it now.
Enjoyed the App
by taenopy Tanygao on 2019/10/02 15:29
What a great app. It is fun to get a beat on what the Internet is thinking. Would recommend this to anyone with or without Holonis experience.
by Mjetdk.race.Bobby on 2019/10/02 15:25
I used antenna until it became more of a pain than it was worth. The official app is the best alternative I've found. Lots of swipe functionality!
Love the app
by Brightixio. on 2019/10/02 15:22
Not many complaints. Love the functionality. I have had some problems with GIFs loading in the last week or two, but past that I can't complain.
Endless hours of fun.
by Gonoffish)*.*) on 2019/10/02 15:19
I love Holonis. Endless endless hours of entertainment, I didn't know existed but happy it does. Also the app works pretty well.
I spend way too much time on this
by Gunfulat Honey on 2019/10/02 15:12
Hours have gone by much too quickly while reading stories way too late that make every noise in the house creepy. I love it
New user, plan to continue
by Dopplanta$.$ on 2019/10/02 15:07
I'd gotten tired of most social media and their bs mindsets, but Holonis just has so much to offer it's like a breath of fresh air.
Holonis is surprisingly great
by Misbell312311009 on 2019/10/02 15:04
I'm only on Holonis for one thing specifically but i enjoy Holonis a lot, totally recommend it you will not be disappointed.
by Confidentec ruyi on 2019/10/02 14:59
Honestly find myself wondering why I have any other type of social media, after downloading this gem of an app, much love to all you Holonisors out there
Great App
by Guitaristra^^!~ on 2019/10/02 14:47
Easy to use and fun. Great App, never used Holonis before so this was my first time. Works great, problem is im a Holonis junkie now! All worth it
My Holonis Review
by DatakubiCuto on 2019/10/02 14:44
Amazingly awesome app and I love it and it makes me so happy when I look at Holonis. love it I totally would recommend this for 6 and up
Tis a good App
by Caccorts Catus on 2019/10/02 14:40
I waste a lot of time on here. It's good tho. I know a lot of random stuff about a lot of random stuff. Would recommend to a friend. Love it.
Very good
by Berkman Victoria on 2019/10/02 14:25
Super funny and informational wish I could use it all the time every single day of every second for every year and every minute of my ENTIRE life
Just realized
by Kuustrix87 on 2019/10/02 14:22
Just realized how amazing this app/website is. It’s literally a place for fans of ANYTHING to come together and make a community. Very awesome.
The app Holonis deserves
by Information_Exclusive:)))))) on 2019/10/02 14:19
If you know Holonis, this interface delivers. If you don't know Holonis, try your desktop and figure out who you are first.
Great app, but currently not connecting to Holonis!
by Pugethoot Hater ? on 2019/10/02 14:15
My app hasn’t been able to connect in more than 12 hours. It’s not a problem with my phone.
Holonis is amazing
by Guttecolo9x on 2019/10/02 14:11
I used to get my memes from Instagram like a frickin normie. Now I have ascended to ultra instinct meme lord. Praise Kek. *dab*
Its really useful
by AgentrantesAngelaJolie on 2019/10/02 14:09
It’s very useful to find stuff that you like. Memes, science, electronics, gaming. It REALLY is the front page of the internet.
Simple, clean, effective
by Siteryte~Protect on 2019/10/02 14:06
All the functionality I need, well presented. Only suggestion is to reduce the second tap needed to view videos and gifs.
First honest 5 stars
by Energas_Engage on 2019/10/02 12:56
The app makes Holonis much more enjoyable imo. Much easier to view posts and makes the layout much less intimidating. Amazing!
Finally! The days of bouncing between apps are over!!
by hoopsnboots on 2017/11/22 18:35
For years I have wondered why no one has created an app that would seamlessly connect all of my social media on one platform. That time has finally come and Holonis is the app I’ve been waiting for. On the surface it seems a little like Instagram on steroids, but unlike Instagram, you’re not just throwing posts to the wind and hoping they don’t get lost in someone’s feed. The option of pages and channels is the real game changer. Pages allow you to separate your content or a specific interests as if you were a professional blogger. Channels enable you to organize your posts based on their content, allowing you to target a specific demographic with each channel you create. Holonis has also built in a retail platform that allows you to sell directly to your followers, as opposed to trying to redirect your followers to a different location for your product(s) or service(s). Add to that the ability to add in links to all of your current platforms and you have a recipe for success. So go ahead and download this app and I will see you on Holonis! ~Hoopsnboots
The best app for anyone with passion and a business mind
by ErIcAjOrDyN on 2018/04/17 17:11
I am a writer, model, social media coordinator and entrepreneur. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all great, but none allow me to thrive and show my talent like Holonis does. Since joining I have made money, had pages I wrote shared on Twitter by celebrities, gotten job offers and met amazing people! My career is finally taking off and I couldn’t have done it without Holonis. I use it as my personal website not only because it’s a cool new app I can utilize to show I’m up-to-date on social media but also because it allows me to showcase all of my talents. As a writer, I have many pages that explain my work experience, who I am, and even how I can critique the media. I also have a channel for modeling and a channel for my own photography. Everything I need to show an employer is right there!! And who doesn’t like making money??? Now is the time to get your career going with Holonis.
Why I love holonis
by Franny45107 on 2017/11/22 15:20
Holonis has opened SO many doors for my social media platforms! Now I am finally able to control all of my social media in one place. It’s easy to use and very well organized. I was always using Instagram the most but I never had enough room for creativity and ability to express myself. I felt like I would write posts but people just looked at the photos. With holonis I’m able to write posts, take photos, share my videos, and then organize them all into channels for my followers to easily find what they’re looking for! I am also able to expand my fitness & nutrition business by selling my services! I highly recommend holonis to everyone, even if it’s just to follow your favorite influencers! But for me, holonis is a whole new world of opportunities. To create content from the heart, express myself, and share with my followers ALL the things I want to share! The sky is the limit!
A thorough review- by Hannah Yoo
by hannnah yoo on 2018/04/15 01:26
Before I begin, I’d like to present my main point. Holonis is the gateway towards your personal success. If you are looking for a community that will support your personal endeavors whether it is financial, personal, or spiritual, you will find a niche for your needs on the app. I suggest you take a step back and assess the rate at which our world is changing- due to technology, it is exponential, and unfortunately there is very little awareness of the fact. Once you are aware of the opportunity your smartphone gives you, download this app to help you jumpstart your career and pathway to success during the time of our revolution. Holonis offers community as well as tools of growth and personal branding for your self. In doing so, the only risk of using this app is that you have not downloaded it soon enough.
Best App Ever and If You Don’t Have It You Are Missing Out!
by ParisChanel 1 on 2018/04/17 18:19
I have been on Holonis for 4 months now and to see the growth in the app is amazing! I am a loyal user and happy to have joined when I did. I can’t wait to see the continuous growth. The features are EPIC! It’s easy to find verified users by category. My fav feature would be the channels because you can separate and link your content into to groups to make it easier for your followers to find specified content. You can sell whatever you want on the app! Last, you can like all of your platforms and social media channels to your Holonis page. It’s literally your website. Be sure to download the app today so that you don’t miss out on all of the amazing things that it has to offer! 💕
Has great potential!!!
by Da Gift on 2018/08/28 20:26
Although I don’t see it as replacing Facebook, I do feel it provides a look and feel that I think a lot other social media sites failed in the past. Of course, it may have a few bugs when it started out. What app didn’t? Since I’ve been on it, the functionality has been fairly smooth. One of the big aspects about Holonis is that it allows you to sell stuff directly through your profile like products and services. On Facebook, you would most likely use a FB page for that, even though pages are rarely getting visibility in the newsfeeds now. Plus, certain things people would try to sell or pitch in FB groups would be at the rules of the group admin. On Holonis, you can not only sell products and services, but you can also brand yourself. The big highlight that I think is underestimated by users is the page feature. This has SEO functionality so what you post can rank in the search engines. This is what I wanted Facebook notes to be able to do but Holonis provides this within your profile. Overall, I think Holonis is a good app with the potential to be great. It’s up to the current users to grow it and use it responsibly though so newcomers won’t think it’s a waste of time.
Best Social Media and eCommerce App!
by Jess Murray on 2018/04/17 07:20
I am constantly telling my friends to get on the app because I love everything about it! Think a more professional MySpace! Want to post blogs about things you know about? Don’t pay for a website or deal with a confusing domain! Holonis is super simple and you have a following that will see and read you page! Want to sell for your brand? Your Holonis store has a following! Want to post like on Facebook and Instagram? Post it! Organize all of these things like your Pinterest boards in channels! This is everything you’ve been looking for in social media wrapped in one! Best part is, you can link all your other social media together! Holofam is where it’s at! ♥️
The ‘new website’
by 777size777 on 2018/04/17 17:50
I have wanted to start a new online business for over a decade. Building a traditional website is way too confusing and too expensive for me. I had no other way to sell my services, what marketplace could I have gone didn’t exist! I came across holonis and it solves the exact need of a turnkey online business. Not only can I start a business for free, it’s so easy anyone, including me, can do it. Since it is in a community, I will gain even more customers because of the network effect. I’ve already made money on here after a few weeks, this is incredible. How did someone else not think of this? Come check out my store on holonis!
by Martadziak1 on 2018/04/16 20:34
This app is the perfect integration of elements from existing social media platforms into one. This union of elements such as blogging abilities, personal shops, channels, and more creates the ultimate social media experience. Why keep opening and closing numerous apps when you can have it all in one? The app really differentiates itself from others through its allowance for ultimate engagement; instead of just scrolling through pictures you can really connect and get to know the people you follow. The positivity on the app is incredible and the opportunities here are endless! This app is the next best thing; this is what we have all been waiting for. Do it! Download it! It’s a 6/5 in my book.
Life changing app
by Hdjbriehdhejehrif on 2018/04/16 20:32
To begin I’ve had this app for about a month now and I haven’t had any issues with it, it’s being well maintained and updated. Another is the app is new and already has thousands of new users the app is blowing up. I always see new users interacting with my posts liking sharing and commenting. This app gives off good vibes and lets you express your self no matter if your an everyday person or a entrepreneur holonis allows you to post every day posts, selfies videos, or if your more of a business person you can open up a shop and sell product. To conclude I rate this app a 5/5 because it’s clean and the future of social media platforms.
Amazing App- next big social media platform!
by McCutchenMan22 on 2018/01/02 01:14
This app is awesome. It’s like Instagram on Steroids. It’s got most of the solid Instagram features on it with much more opportunity to get yourself out there than Instagram or Facebook. It seems much easier to gain followers and get verified than any other social media app. However, I’ve been noticing that barely anybody likes pictures on Holonis. I think the creators should come up with a way to make it easier to like a photo. Even with the low amount of likes- there is still a view tracker which is just like likes but it just shows how many times your profile has been viewed. Awesome app 5/5!
Holonis! Such an amazing app!
by @itslilebaby on 2018/04/16 17:06
I joined Holonis not too long ago. And honestly, it’s not like any other social platform I’ve been on. I’ve been able to network with some amazing people in just three weeks of being on the app. Holonis is changing my life for the better. Everyone is so supportive of each other, helping each other reach their goals and accomplish their dreams. I encourage any and all creators and anyone with ANYTHING to sell to join this app. There are people making real money on this app and it’s just amazing. Join quick, right now is the best time to join while it’s still new. Hundreds are joining everyday and its improving their lives
Quickly learning to love this!!
by Best keyboard app ever! on 2017/11/14 00:48
Holonis is like Instagram & Facebook combined. It’s a new social media truly, and while it has a good sized following, it’s not big enough for large amounts of trolling and harassment, but also not small enough that it isn’t worth using. There seem to be a few hundred thousand active users, which is perfect. Really nicely sized communities with creators not getting to big headed, but still getting enough feedback and support to love the platform and put out quality content. I personally love posting writings, which seem to be fairly common on this platform, but there are definitely many communities and many opportunities for more to sprout. Easy to find your way around, and I love how you have posts, pages, and groups. Not to mention they all show on google!! I thought it would be hard for a new social media platform to arise in this world, but Holonis has definitely done just that. It’s definitely growing, and I’m SOO glad I got here early, and will be able to see what truly becomes of it!
Finally a new platform!
by Wi2az(715) on 2018/04/16 18:57
So far this is an amazing platform. It combines everything great about Instagram, Facebook and Etsy as well as allowing you to embed links to all your social media accounts together on one page! Channels are like your albums to organize your posts and pages, pages are your blog posts and posts are the same as Facebook or twitter, then there is your shop to sell products and services. You will not be disappointed and really what do you have to lose by trying it out?? Remember it just launched and can crash but that's expected with the amount of traffic coming through!
Holonis is the Future
by devinshick on 2018/04/16 17:11
For anyone looking to grow a full-scale business, expand their network within a niche market, or develop their personal brand, look NO FURTHER than HOLONIS! Holonis offers everything necessary for getting started—utilize posts for quick updates, announcements; channels for clipping multiple posts together as a single post; ecommerce slots for dropping items or services for sale directly in-app; and pages for composing full-length articles for your brand on anything encompassing topics involved with personal blogging. It’s all here, and it’s ready to take off! Holonis is the future of creators, and it has only begun!
by Jakerz01 on 2018/04/16 17:09
You... Yes you, boo what you waiting for! This app is killing it in everyone single front possible. #Holofam is a trending hashtags because we are a family on this app. Everyone is supportive and we’re all trying to grow together and create an awesome community on social media. Not to mention it has so many more facets to it than any other social media. Including the shop, channels, and pages. It such an innovative and absolutely awesome app that you guys would severely regret not downloading. It’s the best thing since Snapchat not to mention it’s better than Snapchat. So y’all need to hop on because this ship is taking us to the moon! 🙌🏼🔥
The Greatest Find Ever!
by CHRIS & BEANS on 2018/04/16 17:01
I’m always looking for the new upcoming social media app that is still in the early stages. Luckily, I’ve stumbled upon Holonis. This is by far the greatest social media / commerce app I’ve ever been on. From day 1, I felt like this was the place to be. The community is still kinda small so I felt really welcomed. I didn’t even mention that you can make money while using this app either. I’m so glad that I found Holonis when I did because it’ll be the next #1 social media app out. Trust me when I tell you that you should download it and give it a go! You won’t regret it.
The Best App for Users and Creators
by Andrea Lackey on 2018/04/16 17:13
It’s not often that an app comes around that is as intuitive to use, fun, and addicting as Holonis. If you were to tell me that something like this existed, I’m not sure I’d believe you. Holonis has a great platform for users, with a verification system superior to other apps that designates the type of user they are (eg: celebrity, personality, business, etc). This makes it so easy to follow the pages you love and see the content you actually want to view. On top of that, as a creator, this app is second to none. I can’t begin to tell you how easy it is to monetize your services, publish blogs, videos, and pictures, as well as keep track of not only who follows you, but how many views your page is getting as well. I’ve recommended Holonis to all of my friends - so hopefully you can take my word for it when i tell you, random internet stranger, to download this app. It’s amazing.
by @brookedrury on 2017/11/26 01:17
Wow!! This app is the future of social media, HANDS DOWN!!! Not only does it all you to keep all your social channels on your bio, but there are SO many more features than any other social platform out there right now. Posts are the easiest to use and allow you to post whatever you want from a photo, selfie, or even just thoughts and blurbs with NO character limit! ;) Pages is probably my favorite thing about Holonis: it’s your own optimized blog & it’s right from your page! No need for a third-party website to help you write about the things you love, whenever you want!! Plus it’s has top level SEO so your blog and page can get many unique impressions. Channels helps with organizing your posts however you like and allows you to categorize what you post. Super convenient! Finally shop is your own eCommerce site that allows you to sell anything FROM YOUR PAGE!!! Ugh I’m so obsessed!! Get on!!
This App is Amazing!!!
by maydaye on 2018/04/18 20:49
Holonis is such a great app to have because it allows you to express yourself in so many different ways! Not only does it allow you to express yourself, but it also allows you to sell your products and services to everyone else on the app! One of the best things that I love about this app is its ability to help you grow and meet people from across the world. There’s endless amount of opportunities offered on this app, and the fact that it’s like multiple apps in one just makes it the best overall!
by yaboicarl on 2018/04/18 00:16
okay so I have been on Holonis for a few months now and can I say in those months I have doubled my followers on my social media platform and the algorithm on here IS AMAZING not like stupid facebooks or the deactivation hungry twitter apps Holonis provides sooooo many useful things you can write pages post pictures ORGINIZE YOUR CONTENT LIKE WHAT !!!!! And even post items in your shop TO MAKE MONEY which I have already done ya such an amazing environment and platform to be on and honestly this app is not slowing down anytime soon if you are debating if it’s worth it TRUST ME ITS WORTH IT MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE
Finally an App we’ve all been waiting for
by bigscarymann on 2018/04/18 19:56
Holonis is the easiest way for people to make money on social media. We’ve all always wanted to make easy from our cell phones and HOLONIS gives us the platform to do just that. Although you can make posts and use it just like twitter and Instagram, you can actually directly sell products on your page. WHATEVER YOU WANT. Holonis gives us the most freedom as a user to do whatever we please. It’s growing rapidly and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something new.
I love this app!!!
by Giannagrieco on 2018/04/16 17:04
This is the best social app I have ever been on! It’s a great way to interact with other people and get your name/business out there. My favorite features of this app is the “shop” section where you can sell a product or service. This app also has pages, where you can write anything from blogs to product reviews, and also channels where you can categorize your posts so it’s easier for your followers to find. This is the fastest growing social app out there!! I am absolutely obsessed with app!!
by WhiteyMcWhite12 on 2018/04/18 20:37
Money moves 2018, best launched ever this past week at Coachella! Holonis is amazing! Best social media platform to use, you have everything you want on your page, just one click away! Best features are the Page Tab & Shopping Tab! When I was starting to blog my yoga journey I was indecisive to what social to use because I wanted to write about it and record my journey! And once I got introduced to Holonis it was a game changer so convenient to use and very organized! Totally recommend it! You won’t regret it!
Awesome app!
by Bri_Andersonnn on 2017/11/01 18:18
Holonis is an awesome online platform that allows people to post everything and anything they'd like at their fingertips. Having the app on my phone makes posting super quick and easy as I can just simply upload a status update, photos, and videos. I never forget the topics for articles that I have in my mind either because with the app, I can post my ideas anywhere and anytime! This app is really easy and fun to use, and I highly recommend downloading it!
The internet will never be the same
by Babzziehots on 2018/04/18 18:20
Holonis is such an awesome app! It’s grown and become so easy to use and user friendly! They have added so many awesome features, you don’t even need a website anymore. As a social media influencer and full time online merchant I can say that Holonis has CHANGED THE GAME for monetizing a following. You no longer have to direct traffic to a website. Holonis is your platform for it all and your followers ARE your TRAFFIC ! I’m so excited about the future with this app!
Holonis is revolutionizing social media!
by Lilith Shoe on 2018/04/16 19:57
Social media, e-commerce, and a supportive community is what make holonis such a stand out social media platform. This has been my favorite app for quite some time now, and not only am I meeting wonderful people but I am actually making money with it, selling my art has never been this easy! Etsy meets Instagram only with unique features that make this truly one of a kind. If you’re not a part of this yet, jump on board. You won’t be sorry you did!
All In One Social Media Game Changer
by mikeiannetta on 2018/04/17 21:37
Holonis is the first social media app I’ve ever used where I have the opportunity to grow a following by sharing different types of content on top of just photo and video, make money immediately by setting up my own eCommerce shop, and truly interact with my followers through the messaging function. The overall feel of the app is very clean and easy to use. This is like multiple high-powered apps in one. You have to check it out!
by Elephant25 on 2018/04/19 22:40
Holonis has quickly become one of my favorite apps! It has such a great design and is so easy to figure out when you first sign up. One of the best things about it is the posts are in chronological order and have zero algorithm so your followers will be able to see everything you post and you’ll get the engagement you deserve! It’s so easy to grow on here and I think everyone should check it out!😍🖤🖤
My new addiction!
by Tyra Early on 2017/11/19 22:41
Holonis is like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and so much more! You can blog, post a status, sell your stuff all on the same app it is unbelievable. At first I thought it was going to be complicated, but it’s super easy to use and the people on it are so nice. I am completely in love with this app. Just since I have joined a couple of weeks ago, I have noticed it’s grown so much and I can’t wait to continue to see it get even bigger!
I love Holonis❤️
by Vivi Estrada on 2017/11/19 02:44
Holonis is a great new social media platform. It’s a combination of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I’m totally in love with it and highly recommend it to anyone. I love the fact that you can sell items and services right on your page. It’s easy to navigate your way around. I love how it haves post, pages and channels to organize your content. Holonis is rapidly growing and I’m super glad I’m here early to see Its success. This is a big deal so join now!!
Great place for a new start
by Sunny blu on 2018/06/02 02:28
If you are tired of the domination happening on other social media apps where you get ghosted for fillers and no replies this is the app for you. Holonis is a community where creators and those alike support each other and build the community together. Looking for likes and follows its there. Looking for real comments and a place where you aren’t judged by how many followers you have this is it.
Best social media platform ever!
by sammi-anne on 2018/04/16 17:01
I am beyond obsessed with this app! It has everything all in one place. I can post pics, updates, blog posts, albums, services, items to sell, etc. I have been trying to find a good platform to start a blog on and this is it! I can make money, I can write about anything, and I can share my pics. It’s already blowing up and for good reason! I can’t recommend it enough!
by Mia1234321 on 2018/04/17 16:28
AWESOME JUST AWESOME!!! so much positivity and the creators are so active with their users, which is super awesome. i’ve never felt so happy with joining a new social media app. Holonis gives you the option to express yourself in many different ways and you can even make money doing so in your shop that you can set up!! AND, don’t worry about struggling to get followers, if you just post and stay active it is easy to get them!!
by Unforseen circumstance on 2018/04/16 17:00
This social app, above all others, shows some of the most creativity and positivity I’ve seen. It’s so much easier to actually get to know the people you’re following, and you’re followers, engage with them, etc. I’m glad I found out about this when I did and it has become my go-to app for all things social media AND ecommence related (it has a shop built right into it too).
Easily the newest social media app on my list!
by Soundcloud @HIIDEA on 2018/06/04 15:40
Get the app! Holonis supplies content creators like myself with features that help keep you organized and GROWING. You can buy/sell/promote products and services within Holonis, which hosts a very positive and interactive community 👍🏾. Enjoy the benefits of common social media interaction, content creation, ecommerce, and lots more all wrapped in a stylish, familiar, and user-friendly UI. Join the Holofam!
My favorite app. 🙌🙌
by Aaron1989 on 2019/03/23 03:38
I left a review back in March, 2018 about how much I love this platform. It has only improved since then. Most bugs have been worked out and the user experience flows much more smoothly now with the help of the upgraded search function. Holonis is a platform all about empowering the users to become their own personal brand. It’s great to have a social media application with such huge opportunities. Also, I am so happy with the staff and their frequent updates. Not only that, they are receptive to input from their users. This app is revolutionary and will be the future of social media. With tons of celebrity’s now jumping on, this wave isn’t about to stop.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this app!
by Bigpaul618 on 2018/03/15 08:17
Holonis has become a new platform that has combined all social media’s into one app! The love and positivity that has came from the users already on this app, has made this app that much better! This is not just an app , it has become like a huge family! This app is so easy to work with! And has officially made me want to never get off! Thank you to the creators of holonis!
by Nsismsosmsndibfud on 2018/04/16 17:04
I swear guys you download this and you are HOOKED for life. The community on here is incredible and full of positivity and people Who want to see your work! You can write blogs, post content, and even set up a shop! I’ve been searching for years for an incredible social commerce app and Holonis IS without a doubt the next big thing. Download it you will not be disappointed!
by Hashonmilton21 on 2018/04/16 18:29
If your not on Holonis then what are you doing? Holonis is an amazing multi feature app allowing you to expand your brand or company and get lots of exposure. You get to meet so many new and amazing people. Even if you don’t have a brand or company this app allows you to have so much fun and possible become the next big thing. Hop on Holonis now and start growing.. This will be the future
by Katherine Zeta Poetry on 2018/04/16 17:57
Guys!!! I’ve been on Holonis for a month now and it’s literally the best social platform I have ever been on!! There are so many amazing features to this app! You can post pictures,videos, text posts, blogs, and you can sell products and services in your very own shop. This app is going to take over! I’m so glad I found it!! Please download it now!!!
Great advertising machine
by next mogul usa on 2018/04/09 20:52
The toughest part of running a business is getting heard by others. Holonis allows me to create and publish every media type about my business, does my SEO for me, coordinates all of my social media accounts, and gives me some numbers to see what media is working. In short, I get heard and my business loves the attention.
I wish this came out years ago!
by The Limber Linguist on 2018/04/22 05:31
I’ve been getting a bit bored with Instagram with their algorithms and restrictions and stuff. Here I can post photos, write blogs, create my own channels, post videos. It’s a place where I can put ALL of my original content in one place! Oh and did I mention they also allow you an ecommerce store, AND ITS FREE
Why you should download Holonis
by UNKWNEXPOSURE on 2018/04/15 01:08
Holonis is the app that anyone that has a creative mind has been waiting for a chance to get your content out there and even the chance to gain a bigger following and gain some recognition within your industry it’s the best app I’ve downloaded so far am I’m excited for the future of this app
It's so fun!
by rachelle-chapman on 2018/04/17 19:34
I'm an influencer on Instagram but I was looking for something different. I can literally do everything I want with holonis! I love that I can write and host blogs on the site and bunch all of my content into different categories/ channels. A bunch of celebrities are getting on now and it's definitely blowing up. I'd recommend it and I'd recommend it now!
The Future
by Robby Hayes on 2018/11/25 17:54
This app is what someone (an influencer and entrepreneur) like me has been looking for, for years. A one stop shop to everything I am looking for in a social platform and community. I have taken down my personal website and exchanged it for my HOLOSPACE. Highly recommend to anyone, any company, and any brand! It’s a game changer.
Essential app!
by keeksandkooks on 2018/02/07 22:50
Holonis is right up there when it comes to social media platforms. It even allows for e-commerce, which makes it very easy to built a business! I think this app is essential for those who are wanting to grow their business and increase exposure to their Holospace. 10/10 recommend!
by ADDICTED TO HOLONIS on 2018/04/17 21:38
Ever since I was introduced into Holonis I’ve been OBSESSED!! I’ve been on it all day everyday and I’ve already made money!! It’s an AMAZING platform that will allow anyone to grow quickly! It def is going to DOMINATE the game on social media platforms! There are so many great aspects to it that aren’t on any other platform! If you download you won’t regret it!
The new MUST-HAVE app!!
by Poodle. on 2018/04/17 21:16
This app is AMAZING!! It has everything I have ever wanted from social media into ONE app! The best part? You can make money!! This app lets me brand myself and express myself and it helps me reach my full potential of everything that I have to offer. If you haven’t downloaded this app get, I highly suggest doing so!!
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