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Enterprise Rent-A-Car
It's never been easier to rent a car from your mobile device. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car App is your own free personal assistant for all things car rental. You can easily view or modify upcoming reservations, get directions to a rental branch, call roadside assistance, or find a rental car for your next trip at one of our 7,800+ worldwide locations. Stay signed into your Enterprise Plus® account to make reservations even faster, plus earn points toward free rentals. Additional app features include: Make a reservation Find rental locations near you or your destination, narrow your search with location and vehicle filters, and save rental details to make future reservations even faster. Access all your rentals in one place Easily view the details of your rentals to reference pick-up or drop-off times, your current rental car information, directions back to your rental branch, and more. Manage your Enterprise Plus® account View your reward points balance, update your account details, and redeem points toward free rental days. Get help when you need it Contact roadside assistance or 24/7 customer support, and look up your rental branch details including phone number, address and directions. Favorite a location Visit a location frequently? Make it a "favorite" to quickly access the information you need or start a reservation. We're there when you need us. And now we're making it even easier to experience the benefits of Enterprise from your mobile device. By clicking on "Install", you consent to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy including access to or storage of performance and usage device & app related data for analytic purposes by Enterprise Rent-A-Car or its third party providers.
John Formisano
by John Formisano on 2020/08/10 20:49
Whether I'm traveling to Atlantic City to see my daughter's or like today traveling to the west coast, Enterprise makes it easy!!
Satisfied customer 💯🎯‼️
by KJF41$ on 2020/08/10 12:57
Anytime I rent from enterprise, I have amazing and respectful service. Thank you! Kawodi
MR. Rumbo
by xarenni on 2020/08/08 00:18
I want to thank you for the professional way you always treat your customers. You go out of your way to meet my transportation needs.
Great experience
by 11mily18 on 2020/08/06 15:06
I’ve had nothing but good experience at all location in the valley
User friendly. Needs improvement.
by Gamblin Jam on 2020/08/03 21:39
I wish the app had a filter option for AWD/4WD vehicles.
I love enterprise
by Poalypse on 2020/08/03 15:52
I love you guys
by Pet0829 on 2020/08/03 14:37
Best car rental ever. I highly recommend this guys
Fun fun fun
by doctorstrangebike on 2020/08/01 20:19
Always professional, love Conner, Ryan, Oscar, Blue and The new lady that replaced Oscar.
by ltonto on 2020/08/01 01:39
Always have been pleased!!! Thank You
Useless app
by Ben Den Guire on 2020/07/31 15:38
I made reservation reservation yesterday I got the email confirmation number unfortunately today I got enterprise call saying that they have no car till 4 days from now.They screwed up all my plan. YOUR RESERVATION IS CONFIRMED Thank you for your reservation. Your confirmation number is 1749701845
Hannah, did a great job
by Ruggedhands on 2020/07/29 12:32
She did such a great job I cried right there on showroom floor... sorry if “slipped”. 😂
Great experience!
by BobbyWayneJones on 2020/07/28 20:01
I find the enterprise app easy to use!
Phone App
by 79Bish on 2020/07/28 19:03
I just used the Enterprise App to make a reservation for the end of the year. It was so easy and I did not have to tie up any money when I made the reservation. I am a very happy Enterprise customer.
Aaron B
by Phoenix 2020 on 2020/07/28 17:48
Great costumer service Great rates Good cars
Good service
by ~katracho90210 on 2020/07/28 16:37
Enterprise best in rent a car
All there
by koco26 on 2020/07/27 17:36
Enterprise is outstanding haven’t had an bad experience there awesome and very consistent and clean service
by Tbbiirrdd1 on 2020/07/27 01:52
Love you guy
Great App
by Extremely Delighted on 2020/07/24 21:00
Makes booking process smooth. User-friendly.
by passwoed on 2020/07/24 14:47
I was interested in renting a car, so i downloaded the app. I hit “Continue as a Guest” then next thing I know, it glitches and I’m back on my home screen. If it’s going to do that the FIRST time i go into the app then it isn’t worth it.
Excellent service
by rekcoC on 2020/07/23 22:01
I’ve rented from Enterprise a number of times. No need to go elsewhere
Coverage options
by Crazy Legs II on 2020/07/23 19:12
The app is good. I just wish that I could select my insurance coverage options on the app.
by Patriot9375 on 2020/07/23 16:11
As a frequent traveler I am choosing to never again spend even a dime with this company. They have been loaning out vans and vehicles for the illegal kidnapping of citizens going on in Portland and have been providing transportation to ICE agents for the kidnapping of immigrants. Enterprises behavior is despicable and I will never again support them.
Breaking the law and constitution
by rewn1978 on 2020/07/23 15:38
This company is complicit in breaking the constitution and law by kidnapping people in unmarked vans via unidentified people. Do not trust this company with your safety, they seem perfectly fine with kidnapping and breaking the law, I don’t want to find out what else they would let slide.
by kg7001 on 2020/07/23 14:56
These cars are being used to kidnap people in Portland! Stay safe, avoid these vans!
Worst customer service
by dazaibungou on 2020/07/22 16:33
The employees treated me horribly as they provided service to other (may I add I’m an Asian-American and it was majority white people). After a long wait, the employees sounded almost disinterested as I request to rent a car and discuss any other options . I’m disgusted that I was given this horrible treatment and if it wasn’t due to my race then customer service training there’s to improve.
Easy to use app.
by DaxBat on 2020/07/21 21:01
Some apps are hard to navigate but you can tell that enterprise put a lot of effort into this app because it’s so easy to use. Bravo.
Customer service
by fatdad12 on 2020/07/21 18:30
I’m very satisfied with the customer service Alexa Blanchard help me with at the E Michigan ave Ypsilanti Mi branch. Very respectful and help full. She needs a promotion. Thank you Dikembe Wright
Easy to use app! Makes renting pleasant
by Firecyclones on 2020/07/21 18:25
Most apps are awful to use !
by choreops on 2020/07/20 16:35
So I downloaded the app, and because of all the good reviews, I thought this would be a good option for a trip I was taking in North Carolina with my family. The layout is very confusing and difficult to understand, but that’s not even the main problem. Thank god I checked out the app before leaving on the trip, because the app kept glitching out really badly. Like every 5-7 minuets. I emailed customer service and after 5 days, still no response. Then I called customer service to see if I was maybe doing something wrong, and after 4 hours of being left on hold, I gave up. Guess we’ll just have to Uber or something.
Easy to use points always visible
by trellybell on 2020/07/20 14:57
by i dont like this nickname crap on 2020/07/20 13:39
Love this app. Enjoy this company. I do think some stores customers service has went down. Overall very happy
by # 1farming game on 2020/07/20 05:19
The whole app is unreliable, it seems to be glitching really hard right now, it keeps showing no cars available, and that all the cars seem to be in Portland? Idk
by 1312<3 on 2020/07/19 21:57
the app glitches and bugs out
kept crashing
by avidsds on 2020/07/19 18:19
extremely glitchy
Terrible app
by armon134 on 2020/07/19 15:24
The worst app I’ve ever downloaded constantly crashes and almost never works
by dnbjvysrvb on 2020/07/18 03:32
Very conservative and convenient. Great service!
#1 Car Rental Service!
by Igor Petrushyn on 2020/07/17 20:11
I enjoy every time visiting them in Cambridge! My car is ready in 5-min usually, excellent communication, great almost new cars!
App is useless
by Cptjmz on 2020/07/17 15:30
I love Enterprise’s customer service but the app is horrible. Rewards information is incomplete and not up to date.
Great Customer Service
by D'Andre111 on 2020/07/16 16:36
The Team at Boerne Enterprise has amazing customer service. Great job!!!!
I love Enterprise!
by CharNook on 2020/07/16 01:44
I absolutely love Enterprise, especially the Plus program!
Always there
by coqui hawaiiano on 2020/07/12 00:23
Always there when I need a car!
Love Enterprise!
by MrMirkyWater on 2020/07/11 17:23
Customer service
by Mr. carlos colon on 2020/07/11 07:42
Always friendly, employees go above and beyond to make sure customers are satisfied and happy with their rental, absolutely would continue to rent from Enterprize and definitely would recommend it to family and friends.
by king kreame on 2020/07/10 07:08
I love them they’re always there for me
Great App
by walkdown on 2020/07/09 17:44
Easy tonuse
Couldn’t be easier
by Thompythomp on 2020/07/09 16:22
Literally the easiest rental car app.
Happy customer
by Classicman Sutton on 2020/07/09 12:32
An awesome company to rent a car from. Hoping this company will bring the services back to Andalusia Alabama. The rental car that’s here is too high and their mileage is outrageous please consider on bringing enterprise rental back to Andalusia
5 star to HANNA
by warlock112 on 2020/07/09 05:10
hanna @ union county location is the best sale rep in the whole world great communication ..
The Best Rental
by BacioPR on 2020/07/09 04:58
Ron K
by Ron S K on 2020/07/08 02:31
Love enterprise! Easy and always get what I need. Never had a bad experience.
Five Star Manager
by filarob on 2020/07/06 17:49
One of the managers at the Camp Springs location named Malik is what every manager should be. Demeanor,Appearance,Coversation I mean you name it. This young man has all the tools at his disposal and uses them well. Be proud to have such a model employee.
by J2medina on 2020/07/01 16:24
Anytime i need to rent a car in PR i only think about Enterprise. Employees are so service oriented all the time. Service in PR is 5 stars. I also rented last year in Orlando and the service was good too. I’m sure i will get the best service today as well.
Always Exceptional
by Str8olive on 2020/06/30 16:01
I always rent from enterprise as first choice. They treat you more personal one on one they always greet you as if you’re there only client no matter what location I go to.Enterprise car rental is the best!
Great service & clean rentals
by BERNREEFER on 2020/06/30 07:03
Great service &amp; Clean Rentals
Marion, il location
by another New to iPhone on 2020/06/26 21:48
The employees are great &amp; eager to help you get where you’re going and back home safely. The cars I have rented have been in perfection condition, which adds immensely to the secure feeling of a great car for our trips. Highly recommend Enterprise
First time renter
by cjlangton on 2020/06/26 21:25
Loved these people. Unlimited miles in a beautiful brand new sleek Chrysler van. Fantastic mileage. Very affordable. Professional customer service.
No rental!
by ezmony50 on 2020/06/26 20:59
Had a reservation for 1 PM and went to pick up the truck. They said they didn’t have one and I need to go to another office. They were not helpful nor courteous.
Bad app
by glorysites on 2020/06/26 02:10
Every time I had to look up something on my iPhone to finish the reservation the app would start over.
I’ve Always Had Great Service at this Location
by Jesussaves2 on 2020/06/26 01:53
The South Holland Location Awesome
App Issues
by Devloser on 2020/06/25 17:01
By opening the app a notif of “locale not valid.” shows up. It doesnt sign in to my account. When making a reservation, it doesnt search locations by name and an error notif of “Request failed: internal server error(500)” raises.
Service always quick in and out
by Ofaanga on 2020/06/25 12:46
Love the service here that’s why I rent from enterprise only service and prices.
Great Service
by Lkt420hdjddhh on 2020/06/24 15:57
I have only had great experiences with Enterprise. I live in Littleton NH so I’ve only dealt with that branch. The associate Shawn (if that’s how he spells it) has always been extremely professional, kind and has gone out of his way to make sure we are happy with all the services you as a company provide. Thank you and will continue to be a satisfied customer!!!
GAS TRAP! Be cautious
by diinow on 2020/06/23 23:14
I take half tank gas, I always make sure to bring the car back with full tank. Some times same level gas, they used to charge me $22 to $28 each time. That’s not fair. I called them but in vain.
Great Service
by badddd b on 2020/06/23 23:13
I love to rent from enterprise... The best service ever!!! Every time be Outstanding
Great Experience !!
by Jaivyona on 2020/06/23 22:45
Love enterprise and the Online advantages I have! They have made it easy for me to book and pick up vehicle since this pandemic! My first pick when coming to rental cars. Love it love it love it. Thanks to all.
Director of Therapy
by Kurt Hookstra on 2020/06/23 17:51
I am always treated professionally and with the utmost courtesy. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. Hailey is awesome!
Enterprise is the best..
by WestSideOriginal90004 on 2020/06/23 01:13
by travesh12345 on 2020/06/23 01:01
My favorite location, friendly staffs and I would definitely refer my friends and relatives too. Thank you for everything
Great Service
by JungelsJ on 2020/06/22 01:48
Enterprise is always my go to rental provider!
Enterprise 1234 la Brea sandy the manager is the best this location gets 5 stars I highly recommend
by ortega R on 2020/06/20 01:28
Confusing memberships
by call instead on 2020/06/20 00:44
The app doesn’t manage dual memberships too well.
Best Place to rent a car
by Mikeyshayne72 on 2020/06/19 22:03
I like to rent different cars when I travel to experience something new. The team at enterprise Jason Blvd is always so helpful and they have even made recommendations on cars I might like. I have rented everything from luxury to economy. They have been clean, well maintained and fun to drive cars. Try the BMW convertible or the mustang convertible for fun!!!! When I travel with my family they always make sure I choose a car with enough room. I believe this is a location where they train management but if I am wrong it should be. Best customer service ever and the ap makes it so easy to choose what you want , make your reservation and you are out the door in no time.
Extremely easy to use
by linelit on 2020/06/19 21:56
If only all travel apps were this intuitive and simple. Great job Enterprise!
Thank you NE Consulting
by JavaJimmyGold on 2020/06/19 15:38
Thinking northeast consulting for your review of enterprise rental car. I had a similar experience in that my emerald account was closed without notification. I have never rented from enterprise again and I never will. I used to travel weekly for business and appreciated the service that I had when I was a member of a large organization but as soon as I started my own small business and my own consulting organization I did not get the service that I expected or had become accustomed to.
Enterprise Car Rental Expierences
by pagoda problem on 2020/06/19 01:27
Awesome, booking process, people and ease of APP Always the benchmark of excellence!!!
Bad reception
by usared on 2020/06/18 19:19
Turned down the confirmed reservation Had to argue to get one
by Mrs Boss Ladii on 2020/06/18 10:58
I been dealing with Enterprise for about 12yrs and about 3yrs straight to be excited but as look back and they always get me right together (something’s) an then I have to remind them I’m a “Loyal Customer” but gotta love em don’t ever switched up on on another rental company even if I Fly it’s always them never us .....
Reservation changes
by papa1425 on 2020/06/17 14:42
I I made a reservation and it changed. They automatically charged me for an additional $60 for two hours. Very frustrating.
Great experience
by ttaruch$$$$$ on 2020/06/17 07:45
I hi have had the best experience at the crown point location Paul and his staff are the best Rory is great The customer service is beyond great they are so friendly and makes me so comfortable I will not rent from any other location unless Paul or Rory is there
by Alice Bobalice on 2020/06/16 23:20
Rented a car for the first time ever at the Midwest City OK location and the staff were so helpful and courteous.
by DWMKY on 2020/06/15 14:10
The staff at Mount Sterling location always very helpful and nice
by Carolyn ingrid on 2020/06/15 06:00
Enterprise has always been very dependable
Fast and easy
by •happylady1• on 2020/06/15 02:42
Fast and easy process
Great company/ great app
by Spalding68 on 2020/06/13 04:44
Real easy
Additional driver needs to be available on application
by sukitoby on 2020/06/11 15:33
Even though the reservation is made under my name I will be at work and there’s nowhere on this application that I can add my wife as an additional driver so that she can be the one to pick up the vehicle
Transaction memory poor
by never nicknames never ever on 2020/06/11 11:37
I got started w reservation. When I needed to move to different app in order to find my user name and password, the Enterprise app lost all my data except the pickup location.
Worst car rental ever
by M. facts on 2020/06/11 02:29
Always call in to make sure they have the vehicle that u’ve reserved online before you go there, otherwise they will give you a complete different one up on arrival
Easy peasy
by Paulie29 on 2020/06/10 23:51
Super easy to book a reservation. Thanks
by Mada$$hell on 2020/06/10 15:56
I have been renting from here for years and always excellent customer service from everyone I rented from and I only rent from this location.
To the greats
by yolo3561 on 2020/06/10 02:17
This is the place to go if you need a rental
Excellent service!
by Michelle617 on 2020/06/09 21:43
Very professional. They always exceed my expectations! :)
Excellent car rental service
by Russ B 0502 on 2020/06/09 20:48
We always rent cars from Enterprise! The customer care is the best! The pick up and drop off process is done quickly.
Pickup or drop off
by Bossman🙄 on 2020/06/08 13:13
I love enterprise I get a car almost ever month. But I’m disabled can’t do a lot of walking and buses don’t go around where I go get the car. Plz bring back pick up and drop off.
Mr Pissuco
by Pissuco on 2020/06/08 03:22
Regular renter
by unclegarlic on 2020/06/06 18:13
Some places offer They pick rentals. I like that feature as I’m not to particular about my rental. And it’s always cheaper. Wish all of them did this
by lightandNight on 2020/06/06 15:54
Very done site -easy and fast! Improved !
Why put the button to extend rental when it doesn’t work
by Dstar10024 on 2020/06/05 18:16
The app needs some serious Attention. No details of vehicles. No way to extend without waiting on hold for hours. How about a call back feature?! How about pick a car and go?! Why are you determined to make it as long and as drawn out as possible. BOO 👎🏻
This location is great
by Ndknendkekalkdfke847482983 on 2020/06/05 10:26
I have tried to use my local Enterprise so many times but always run into some kind of red flag that leaves me without a car at the last minute or always driving to the airport anyway so I have just stopped wasting my time on my neighborhood one and coming straight here. The employees are always super friendly and I am in and out usually in under 5 minutes which is awesome!!! Thanks for always being around
Belair Road Store
by Renter714 on 2020/06/05 00:54
The Mgr. Justin is the best and that’s a lot coming from me because I hold everyone to the highest standards possible. Also the team that he has working with him is just as awesome. I rented from other locations in the past but I would recommend Justin and his to everyone. I would put this team up against any other team also, when it comes to their customer service. Keep up the good work .
Customer observations
by Notheast Consulting on 2019/05/08 21:48
Over the years I have been a content Enterprise customer. However, last year my account was closed without notification and the manager of the local store I used changed as well. Since then it took me some time to reestablish my business es account because the local manager never provided NY the correct info. Finally, the account set up I thought I was going to have a more pleasant experience. Two weeks ago while renting a vehicle the manager at the franchise informs me I am not in his pickup area. Well after checking on this I cont fronted the manager. He stated I needed to use an alternate location despite both locations being almost equal distance from each other. Further conversation reveals that for this manager it’s a matter of preference and principle, so he said. I’ll continue to use Enterprise because I have an account. However, I’m extremely displeased with the manager at the local Enterprise in So Lawrence MA. After many years of using that location I’ve com to realize he just rather not deal with me. Shame on Enterprise for hiring this particular manager who does not value his customers. I kept the vehicles clean. Always respectful of staff. I will not return there.
Choosing your class
by publix for life on 2019/04/22 19:10
When choosing your class it is very deceiving. You have a big picture and disruption of the vehicle only to find out this is just an example of the class. When you look at class decryption it is no easily understood what the differences are. If I click the VW Jetta I kinda expect to get a Jetta (unless previous driver was late, or an unexpected thing happened) you need to be more clear on what the differences are in the classes and you need to make it more clear that it is a class you are choosing not a specific vehicle... also the “economy” class was more expensive... not sure how that works. FYI. If I could chose a specific vehicle I would pay much more.... say 20-30$ more to know exactly what I’m getting and to have the comfort of a familiar car or to know I’m getting a car I have been wanting to test drive... I’m not wanting to pick a vehicle only to find out what I clicked on (VW Jetta) was actually a Nissan... May be in the same “class”, but it is not the same. Yall are great. Your people in Athens al are great but I did not like it when that Nissan pulled up and that was the car I was given.
Outstanding customer service
by D2THeJ1 on 2020/05/24 23:50
I can not say enough about the outstanding customer service that has been provided by Enterprise Car rental. From their Chapman Rd location to their Fort Oglethorpe location. Service has been Superior! Wet have been using Enterprise since December 2019 on a monthly basis. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Enterprise never missed a beat!! We will stick by Enterprise just as they have stuck by us. Accommodating our personal needs even through our economic downturn. If there was something they could do; within reason of course it was as if we never had to ask- they just took care of it. I never say I love a service provider, but to everyone who we have worked with at both locations- you have no idea how much we appreciate and absolutely LOVE the way you treat your customers! You guys ROCK OUT everyday in my book!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a truly outstanding company, but most of all, thank you for being. . . Well. You!!
by Johnellelovesmusic on 2020/02/23 02:11
I was on hold for 16 mins before anyone picked up. I then spoke to rep about picking up my car to tow and bringing me another one. Tow company called me right after hanging up with rep and said he was coming to pick up car, but didn’t have one to bring to me which was a waste of my time and the Tow guys time. I’ve now been on hold again for 13 mins waiting for another rep to pick up. This is absolutely horrible service. To top it off the rental I was given had a bad tire and the the tire pressure light kept coming on. I took it to one location and he over filled tire to 40. I took it to a second location and they told me the pressure light comes on sometimes due to weather which didn’t sound right, but I went along with it since she is supposed to be the Enterprise expert. This has been a terrible experience. I am now at 20 mins on hold without anyone anyone answering. This is absolutely horrific.. Now I’m back on hold for additional 40 mins and still counting and for some reason I don’t think my rental is being sent to my location like the associate told me 3 hours ago.. I’m calling to follow up, but I’m still on hold.. The service is so bad that it seems as though you’re going out of business..
The company that picks you up?
by ManiStayFlii on 2019/09/16 15:52
Why can’t you request pickup when you’re making your reservation on the app or online?! If I make a reservation on the phone I can request a pickup, but even then I’m usually reserving a vehicle not available so they usually call me to refer to another location and not because they’ll be late to pick me up. So I’m still having to call to wait on a pick up or search for an available rental. Since you can make reservations still when they have no vehicles available apparently. Every time I have to call before my reservation and try to get in touch with someone at the office to get put on the pick up list. And most of the time I don’t get picked up until after my reservation time, which is a bit irritating. I rent from enterprise all the time and always need to be picked up. It’s inconvenient and annoying that I have to go out of my way to contact a human person that can help me set up, being picked up.
ERAC great! ... App? Mixed bag.
by Mikeyknows518 on 2020/02/15 16:24
I have always had a good experience renting from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Sometime I could say it was an excellent experience. I’ve occasionally rented elsewhere, but usually regret it; either the car isn’t maintained well or the service is wanting. With Enterprise I know I’ll get what I asked for, or sometimes something better. If there is a problem, they are quick to find a solution. ... which is why I’m confused by the app. I wanted to extend my current rental, but the app says I need to contact the local branch where I rented from. When I click “call” it dials the toll free number where my option choice of “extend current rental” gives me the same pointless instruction to “call the location where I rented from.” I had to look elsewhere for the number, the app had it, and click on it. If the app knows where I rented from and has the number, why didn’t it offer that to me when I clicked the option to extend my rental? Small glitch, but one that would have saved me 5 minutes wasted on the toll free line.
Enterprise in West Seneca NY
by Wildwood Fran on 2019/10/24 11:11
The gentleman that work at this enterprise, Phil, Christian and Nick are the greatest employees at enterprise. They are always courteous and always go above and beyond to accommodate my needs. With every reservation (and I use enterprise twice a week) I never have to call them to schedule a pick up. They have the two gentleman Bob and John that maintain the vehicles as far as cleaning them, arriving at my house 15 minutes prior to my reservation time to give me a lift to their office to pick up my reserved car (which I would like to add that they are also great employees that work there.) I’ve been using enterprise for well over 4 years now and this is by far the best enterprise that I have used. They are always 100% on their game and it’s a pleasure to have each and every one of them take care of my needs. I hope this review makes its way to the corporate office, and if it does- you guys have a great team on Orchard Park Rd in West Seneca NY!
I NEVER rent from any other than Enterprise.
by Funky Ladles on 2019/02/26 00:59
I travel several times a year. When I do so, it is generally a destination where I seek to take advantage of an exotic car rental. My contention is that if you are wanting to ride in style, look no further than Enterprise. My rentals have been different Mercedes models, a Porsche and several Corvettes. Be certain to have your private insurance to be top tier with a small deductible. Also, a major credit card that will absorb several thousand immediately. Generally, 2k is a “hold”. Returned to your card when vehicle is brought back in the condition of which it left. Super friendly and extremely helpful from West Palm Beach, to Miami Beach, to San Diego. I can always count on them to help make my trips memorable. Enterprise has never done me wrong, and I am dedicated to their brand..for life as a result.
Customer service
by camillacaye on 2018/12/28 21:28
I am writing not to make a review on the app really but I want to make a review on the customer service in the locations I use. I have rented over 10 cars this year from you and I have tried to gain information by calling the sales person at the locations . All they do is direct me to online or the app. I really needed help in trying to figure out and upgrade and redeem my points and it was dis heartening to try and give business to a company and be practically turned away because no one can help me only the app or online can . I’m in retail and I’m not sure how many clients we would get back if we asked them to refer to our website or Instagram page . Just making a comment ! Again - I only need help with an upgrade and to redeem my points Thank you
Best Place to rent a car
by Mikeyshayne72 on 2020/06/19 22:03
I like to rent different cars when I travel to experience something new. The team at enterprise Jason Blvd is always so helpful and they have even made recommendations on cars I might like. I have rented everything from luxury to economy. They have been clean, well maintained and fun to drive cars. Try the BMW convertible or the mustang convertible for fun!!!! When I travel with my family they always make sure I choose a car with enough room. I believe this is a location where they train management but if I am wrong it should be. Best customer service ever and the ap makes it so easy to choose what you want , make your reservation and you are out the door in no time.
Used to be 5 star
by Cmulligan57 on 2020/05/10 11:55
I love this office so smooth every time and has great prices so I’m willing to rent Tesla or more exotic cars sadly my last rental had a hiccup and miscommunication due to cell number mixups and lost communication during the rental my debit card canceled due to possible fraud from the rental even though it was me renting the car with my account then enterprise showed up at my house stating they tried to contact me which I believe them but then they stated they were about to put a police report on me for not bringing the car back. Everytime I have rented with them I always end up keeping cars longer if they are fun to drive and I’ve always paid in full day I do bring it in also fully washed inside and out full tank. But this one time my bank closed on me without my knowledge enterprise tried to bully me and now I haven’t paid my bill I want to cause I need to rent a car but feel they won’t let me now due to this incident
Shehde Abumayyaleh
by Shehade1 on 2018/09/11 20:18
I had bad experience with Enterprise specially in Düsseldorf airport. First time I rented a car they changed it twice, they gave me KIA first then they change it to ford then the ford needed maintenance then they change it to other ford, and I made it clear to them that I’m not going to take KIA again.. Second time I had very good experience with the people in Frankfurt airport, no problem with the car at all and I explained what happened with me to the manager, she said that they are sorry and she gave me free upgrade for the next time.. Then in Düsseldorf airport again, they gave me KIA and the employee was very rude, when I told him about the upgrade and showed he that the manager wrote it on his business card he said go back to the manager and let him give you this upgrade, then he said sorry we don’t have cars, then I found out that they have a lot of cars, they said it’s all taken, so I had to take the KIA and change it after a few days..
Car broke down
by bjones03060 on 2018/01/23 00:28
Enterprise left me stranded when the car I rented broke down. They sent a tow truck to pick up the car but the operator refused to replace my rental, saying the location (just 20 minutes away) was closing in 2 hours. So I was left stranded with no car. It took another day and a call to their 1-800 number to get the rental agreement canceled. I was promised a few days free rental for my troubles but that never materialized either. A regional manager was supposed to call me but never did. I got no apology for anything. I had rented over 100 days in the last year. But I will go to another company now. I have one rental left when I return from my trip then I’m done. I’m beyond angry at this point!
Highly professional rental car service
by RakDah on 2019/10/08 01:32
I have used many rental car companies across US, but I have finally settled with Enterprise. They have a very precise and professional approach towards the service. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. Their pricing is transparent aided with online app making the whole experience hassle free. The check-in and check-out is super quick. I have found their vehicle clean and good condition. Enterprise usually give you multiple options in a given category. I am used to their Luxury segment and I have many good cars / SUVs to choose from. I would recommend Enterprise to one and all. Thanks Enterprise for making my travels safe and memorable.
Best customer service by far!
by Rad dude 2 on 2019/11/10 22:00
After trying all the others for years, my wife and I only use Enterprise—why? They’ve just been super helpful, courteous, kind and incredibly reasonable. Their people are nice, smart and capable. And they don’t beat you up over stupid stuff. For example, we had to return our rental car to a different location than we picked it up from because of a snow storm and other issues. Normally you have to pay a huge fee for that but they kindly and easily waived it for us! Didn’t hassle us at all and even smiled when asked about it. They have the BEST customer service of almost any place I have ever dealt with.
Fix Your App
by CriseldaApril15 on 2019/03/27 14:57
It’s been more than two weeks now and you have not fixed this issue: When I logged in to my Enterprise Plus account and try to access/open my future rental reservations - I could not do so. It’s always telling me, “We’re sorry but it looks like either our services are temporarily offline or you are not connected to the internet. Please check your connection or try again later.” The word “temporary” is a misnomer here because it has been two weeks ago since this message first popped up! If I needed to modify or cancel my existing reservation I had to go to your website. So tell me what’s the use of the app?
No one answers the phone
by GoNoles94 on 2019/04/24 02:30
I’ve tried calling the Southeast Shreveport store on several different occasions. I think I’ve only gotten through one time. It’s frustrating because when you need to extend a day rental, call for pickup to the store or confirm the right vehicle is ready you can’t get through. Worse, many times after waiting for 15 minutes on hold you get the fax line tone. When you call the national number they tell you have to call the actual store number. I value other aspects of Enterprise car rental, but I hope they can improve on their customer service via phones in the future.
Great Experience
by CrazyK727 on 2020/02/21 21:56
Enterprise provides a great experience during checkout and check in. Friendly, extremely quick, perfect. Only one bad experience with a checkin, out of like 50. The only reason the app doesn’t get 5 stars is although the app is quick and easy to use, it does not reflect the proper inventory for their franchise locations. When I have booked vehicles through the app even through it lets me book that vehicle type when I get to the location that vehicle type is unavailable. If the app just showed the up-to-date inventory I may have selected a different location to get the vehicle type I wanted. Other than that 1 item, Enterprise has been a great 5 star experience.
by skippermeow on 2019/10/17 19:52
I traveled in my job for years, my first and most often choice was always enterprise car rentals. In addition, when I purchased a near new pickup truck last year, I went to enterprise after finding a brand new pickup wasn’t such a great deal for my purposes. I purchased a enterprise used truck, saved nearly 15,000 over the best deal I found from dealers. I love my current year truck, my biggest drawback is my wife prefers the truck over our other car, she formerly drove. I think her next car will be a truck! Thanks to the hundreds of employees at enterprise I’ve dealt with for always being so nice.
Unsatisfied Customer
by Stefanie218 on 2020/03/22 05:52
I have rented 3 times from Enterprise in the past 3 months. My 4th time up at the office, they tell me I can’t rent because I can’t prove my address is mine. The same address that they pick me up and drop me off at. The same address that was on a stack of mail (some of which was from the government itself) with my name on it. The same address that’s on my insurance and my license. I was able to rent 3 times before, and suddenly my address won’t verify??!?! My family will now be missing valuable time with my father in law, who was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer this year, because I don’t have a way to get to him without this rental. I reached out to Enterprise Corporate the day of the issue, and have received no response- it has been 4 days now. Thanks, Enterprise for choosing the worst possible time to be rude and decide I’m not worthy of a rental.
Love the Newly Updated App features!!!
by JVFitPro on 2019/10/11 02:13
Thank You for really thinking about how you can make our rental process so simple to complete. I love how you already know my preferred pick up and drop off location. Setting the date and times is so easy to do now. It used to be so hard to redeem your points before and now it’s a quick click and you update our final price and show us the instant savings from using points. I can go on and on. Thanks Again! It had been about a year since I rented and I am happy with the amazing improvements you have made. Looking forward to more rentals with y’all 💪🏽
Love It!
by Jules2324 on 2018/03/05 01:39
Enterprise always makes renting a car so easy. All those super cheap budget rental companies have left me frazzled after every rental experience. I’ve always regretted it. Since using Enterprise, I never want to go to another rental company again! I love how they pick me up from my house for free, and always in the vehicle I’ll be renting, so I get a preview of what to expect. The process is the easiest and fastest ever- and the price is always what they said it would be. Never a hidden charge. The app fulfills every possible need, and makes it so easy and simple, a great-grandma could figure it out! Great job, guys!
Yukon Reservations
by I hate Leafy now!!!! on 2019/11/21 05:28
I am sick and tired of your screwed up app. And making and having reservations CONDIRMED on the pp only to have them close me the next stab and say no car re bailable. The availability of cars to rent at this location is abysmal. They have a horrible record. You set up a reservation on the app only to have them inevitably call you the next day to say they have no cars to rent. This happens with such high frequency that there is a problem. In my experience, it doesn’t happen at other locations. Just here in Yukon. Why no cars to rent??? This happens way too often. This is a problem of long standing and because it’s a problem of long standing one must wonder why hasn’t corrective action taken place. Why don’t they get in other cars to rent like other locations. This is a car rental place that chronically has no cars to rent.
Five star customer service
by Wordswithdug on 2019/06/27 14:47
I’ve been exclusively with Enterprise for five years now. I use them for business, on average, three or four times a month. Needless to say, I have a lot of face time with their local employees. They all know my preferences and my name. Once, a couple of years ago I cheated on them with another rental agency. Their price was cheaper, but there were more hoops to jump through and the service wasn’t stellar. I went back to Enterprise and couldn’t be happier. I will pay more for better customer service and nicer vehicles with fewer miles.
Bad receptionist
by Gatita tori on 2019/09/04 22:51
I had a very bad experience trying to rent a car . I always rent a car with enterprise but last Friday ( I landed on Saturday at 12:30 am from the airport to the office at lax I got to the rental office at 1:30 am the shuttle took forever to pick me up and my nightmare began there. The line was very long it was the Labor Day weekend which I understand, but I did my reservation 3 days before and I thought everything would be ok but the girl who was helping me , she spend 2 minutes just to let me know that I couldn’t rent the car at this point it was 2:45 am, I was waiting for my turn to be called for nothing . I always rent a card with my Visa card never was a problem at the airport office and now I switched to a different rental car , people who work at enterprise should be nice and helpful, managers too.
Abysmal service from enterprise
by poettaster on 2018/07/22 19:41
This review is for Enterprise “Plus” in general. I am using this app because their website and phone help are more trouble than help - lack of features (but no warning that that’s the case) on certain web browsers; rude and accidental hang ups on customer service lines with no call back; information about points redemption withheld or unavailable until much much digging and calling and searching is done; and, to top it all off, the inability to change a reservation when points are used. So Enterprise, this is what you call Plus”?! If you really are rated number one for service, the other companies must be positively abusive, because you treat loyal members like this: typical inept corporate BS and run around and nothing but a “we’re sorry for your inconvenience” in return.
For the most part...
by LLMay27 on 2018/05/08 16:52
It’s super funny that I get a call checking on my last rental experience but no call after the previous rental. Going through check point and being accosted by the border patrol because the previous renter smoked or used some type of opiate and drug dog wouldn’t get out the vehicle but never found drugs. After they swabbed the headliner, which tested positive for opiate residue they let us go, 3 hours later. (This occurred at US checkpoint, never left the country) we had to go back through 3 days later but they remember us after our horrid experience. Keep in mind we left El Paso airport and drive straight through the checkpoint. Not a call to check on us!
My Go-To for Car Rentals
by The Girl with the Red Shoes on 2019/04/23 12:38
I first used Enterprise years ago when my new vehicle was being repaired. My car insurance company used Enterprise to provide me with a rental vehicle. That first great experience caused me to go to Enterprise for all my vehicle rental needs. They provide exceptional and courteous service every time. Many times I receive complimentary upgrades. Pick-up and returns are quick and easy. When you find a company that you are happy with there is no need to keep looking. Enterprise has become my favorite go-to for all me car rental needs.
Efficient Enterprise App
by PiEyed on 2018/02/02 16:20
I find the enterprise car rental app to be a very efficient use of my time. I don’t have to call or visit do you make a reservation, I can just fill in the information about the car I want to rent. It is also easy to modify or cancel the reservation remotely. If I find out I can’t make the pick up or drop off time, I simply modify it through the app. It’s also great that there somebody that can pick you up or drop you off, if necessary. The app is very useful &amp; convenient, while the staff is very helpful.
Customer notes
by nickmans exhausting on 2018/05/12 14:28
I am unable to make a request through your site and called rental location to request a specific type vehicle. I do not feel that my request was acknowledged and have little to no confidence my request will be accommodated. Associate at Greenville Texas asked me for my phone number. I ask could I provide my confirmation number for upcoming rental. She took my confirmation number and then asked once again for my phone number. All of this information is on my reservation and I truly felt that my request was more of an inconvenience and disregarded once I hung up.
Only Enterprise for Me!
by GHuddleston on 2017/10/09 22:23
Every single time I rent from Enterprise I am impressed by the experience. The people and service are top notch and they appear to love their jobs. The training program must be first rate because all of their employees are personable, friendly and eager to help. On too many occasions, I have fallen for the promotions of other rent car companies, but there is seriously no comparison. Anything other that Enterprise has proven to be a disappointment. When given the choice, I will always stick with them!
by Cinneypoo on 2017/10/08 19:37
As a local resident in Mobile, Alabama, it was very difficult for me to get a rental to go pick up my aunt at the New Orleans airport. I ran into road block after road block and punished because of others&#39; pack of morals and ethics. My aunt is elderly and has dementia and I had to be there at a specific time early in the morning. The mobile airport location would only accept and itinerary (which didn&#39;t apply to me) and there were no other locations open but there was no flexibility on that policy. So now I have to rent a car from another enterprise location and it jeopardizes me being there on time to pick her up which in turn could be disastrous for my aunt who may get confused or lost!!! Thanks
Car rental is great, app is not
by missadventures on 2019/05/15 19:49
I’ve had great service from Enterprise and I like the cars I’ve rented from them. But this app is lacking! Namely, they need to figure out how to let you modify/extend a reservation from the app. You press “extend rental” button and it activates the phone. I use apps so I don’t have to call! 😅 Further frustration when the automated call said that I had to call the local office to modify the booking. Luckily I was able to find the local office number in my rental history and press it to call. But gah...! This app isn’t all that helpful. I hope it improves because I’ll probably rent from Enterprise again anyway.
Simple, easy to use, reliable
by mamapadawan on 2018/02/22 19:44
If you rent a lot of cars, you’ll find this app a wonderful timesaver. Log in to your enterprise account, and all your preferences are saved for you. Your free rental days are automatically shown and can be redeemed with a simple tap. All your reservations are automatically saved, and come time to pick up your car, the confirmation number is the first item shown in bold, large type for you. Very functional, simple to use, and best of all, it just works.
Me Laura Stewart
by flagatorgirl2 on 2020/03/05 04:38
I would just like to take a moment to recognize the wonderful very polite and helpful employees at the Enterprise Car Rental in Marianna, FL. I use Enterprise Car Rental frequently due to my son attending college 345 miles away from home. I will say this I have received the BEST costumer service any one person could ask for at the Marianna, FL office. In all due respect I must emphasize greatly the thanks I owe to all the employees “Thank You” I am gracious of your kindness and superior customer service. Thank You for everything! Laura Stewart
Extending warranty using points
by rneveu on 2019/03/22 18:03
The communication was not clear that upon renting a car you cannot extend out using your points. The Oakland Airport was not very helpful and was going to charge the full amount. However, I contacted the manager at Hilltop Mall in Richmond Ca and he was most helpful!! Because of his outstanding service and willingness to “work” with me, I’ll remain a loyal customer. It’s nice to be treated with kindness and compassion, as opposed to the mindset that it’s all about revenue and the bottom-line!! Thank you Jorge Alejandre!!
This location is great
by Ndknendkekalkdfke847482983 on 2020/06/05 10:26
I have tried to use my local Enterprise so many times but always run into some kind of red flag that leaves me without a car at the last minute or always driving to the airport anyway so I have just stopped wasting my time on my neighborhood one and coming straight here. The employees are always super friendly and I am in and out usually in under 5 minutes which is awesome!!! Thanks for always being around
Good Website
by Ladymontauk on 2019/12/18 15:46
I made a reservation easily navigating through the Enterprise website and was done in less than 2 minutes. Their choices of vehicles was very good. The only item that I found lacking is that there is no option on their website to select a vehicle that has electronic controls for the driver’s seat. That would avoid being shown at the pickup time a rental where you have to manually crank the driver’s lever, then shown rental cars “at a higher price” that have that specific feature.
My Enterprise
by every 2 wks rental on 2020/01/26 16:46
The Enterprise that I go to in Coconut Grove is the best I ever been to. The employees here a professional and very helpful. I have never meet a bunch of young mans that look the part. Very knowledgeable staff. Usually you guys change staff every once in a while but I ask that the crew that there please keep them there. They work well together and the manager Torrance is a great guy. If they move I might just have to find somewhere else to go and rent from. You every two weeks rental Mrs Leudra Thomas
Very well-executed, well-designed app!
by nofollow on 2018/11/19 14:54
While waiting at the service station for my car to be repaired I decided to download the Enterprise app and make a reservation. The process was quick, painless, and a quick phone call to schedule a pickup was the only thing more I had to do. Total time? Just under five minutes from the start of the app download to the end of the phone call. This app does all it has to, easily and without fuss or hassle.
Awesome Customer Service
by Commendations on 2018/03/18 20:28
Although this office is very busy, they will always acknowledge each customer. The staff is always pleasant and provide superior customer service. I am a regular customer ongoing for years now, and will only go the the Waipahu office, because of your outstanding staff members: Brian and Larson (former employees at this office) and Drew and Art. Drew and Art are awesome Enterprise employees and always do go out of their way for us. I would like to truly commend Drew &amp; Art for their superior customer service!
Downloaded the app and it’s Great !
by reviewpolice. on 2019/03/14 08:10
Im planning a trip back to New Orleans, Louisiana and with some friends and we found out we needed a second vehicle. I’ve rented with Enterprise before but never through the app. ( i downloaded it because i downloaded so many others to find hotel bookings for the trip ) So i downloaded the app and created an account. I must say it was the easiest thing to process and it reserved a rental car for us easily. Think im gonna dig this app thing.
by Jackfruit 8 on 2020/02/10 18:52
I do not know what my family and I would do without Enterprise?!!! We live overseas and visit home (the USA) every year since our daughter was 1 year old. She is now 21 years old and will be graduating from college this year... and all these years we only rented from Enterprise. 1) simply because Enterprise we think have the best employees and Managers working for them!! 2) the pick up and drop service is so helpful!! 3) the cars are always in top notch condition. Love Enterprise!
Lately I have had to do a few rentals. The Hamilton Ohio Enterprise has been wonderful to deal with.
by alisa smith on 2019/10/26 07:20
I hope u can see this. I uasw to not like going to the Hamilton enterprise. I would drive farther because I did not care for the service there. However I decided to go there again and hope my experience was better. It was and I have rented the last few cars there. Going back again in November. The stffbis very good there now and the best part they listen.
Best rental choice!
by Thatmcgeewoman on 2019/07/26 15:47
I can’t say about all branches, but my local Lacey Collision branch are absolutely the most respectful and friendly! I get treated like I’m their best customer, and if I could be, I would. I’d grab a car and get out of town way more often than I do. In the meantime, I’ll stay with Enterprise every time something comes up that I need a rental for. I know they will always have what I need, and when they don’t, they find it. That’s superior customer service!
Gas trap!!
by flapcrap on 2019/01/19 14:25
New scam at Enterprise! When you pick up your car now, it will have an empty gas tank, and the Enterprise worker will say “Just bring it back the same way!” Have you ever tried to drive a car until the tank is empty?! You CANT! You’ll take that car back with half a tank or more and Enterprise will have scammed you out of $10-20 worth of gas. Somebody at Enterprise figured out that when they do this to everybody, Enterprise makes MILLIONS of dollars off of us on this gas scam.
by K Tickle on 2018/11/27 20:49
I always have a pleasant experience renting from Enterprise. Historically I reserved from the website, but tried the app this time. Customer service has been nice and helpful as well. Hit a deer last year in one their rentals and they were quite expeditious getting a tow truck and setting me up into another vehicle. Completely hassle free, even offered to come and pick me up, although I didn’t need it. All around good and professional service. Thanks!
Let Down
by cattencondy on 2018/06/18 02:33
My date got messed up on app and when I realized the date was wrong it went up $50. No exception made. I&#39;ll suggest all my airline buddies use Hertz from now on. Had to change my entire day of travel. You could have given me car for the same rate but didn&#39;t. Enterprise just isn&#39;t there yet with loyalty and customer service. You could have helped but did not. Now that care will sit there. No business sense... none!
Absolutely Horrible Service
by Jordan Caltz on 2018/12/28 17:50
I used to love Enterprise but they have disappointed me! There is no place to leave a review on their website so I’m writing here. We needed a car before Christmas because all of my family was coming over. They promised us a car by the 24th, then did NOT meet that deadline. Then... they said they would call us when a car was available, and they didn’t! It is now four days later and the only option is a pickup truck, which will not work on the road trip we are planning. They have disappointed me incredibly. Get your act together Enterprise! If a rental car company cannot give someone a car, they shouldn’t promise it!
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