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FilmoraGo - Video Editor&Maker
FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use video editing app with advanced features and tons of ways to be creative. Create music videos, make your own movies, and share videos with your friends! You’ll save time and have a blast. Why you'll love FilmoraGo: POWERFUL YET SIMPLE VIDEO EDITING TOOLS - Intuitive timeline view makes it easier to manage multiple timelines. - Trim, split, duplicate, or merge video clips. - Adjust playback speed for fast or slow motion. - Rotate video clips in any degrees. - Playback your clips in reverse. - Stunning templates help create videos in seconds. - Adjust display: change brightness, contrast, temperature, vignette, saturation, clarity. ADVANCE CAMERA FEATURES - The first iOS video editor with double take/multi-cam (available for iPhone XR or later). - AR Camera: Create memoji/animoji selfie video - Retouch: Reshape your face of size, eyes and lips - Video beautification: Whiten and Smooth your skin PERFECT MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS - Royal-free music library and built-in sound effects. - Record your own voice-overs. - Trim and cut the audio to remove unwanted parts. STUNNING VIDEO EFFECTS - Add animated text or fun stickers on video and photo. - Support fantastic filters and text overlays. - PIP: add multiple layers of video, images, stickers, special effects, text, etc. - Canvas: add background to your video and adjust aspect ratio. EASY VIDEO-SHARING AND SAVING - Share your video to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more. - Save videos to your camera roll. FilmoraGo 5.0 Unlimited Subscription - With FilmoraGo Pro Unlimited subscription, you have access to all features and paid editing materials including stickers, filter packages etc. Watermark and LogoRoll will be removed automatically. - Get all of FilmoraGo’s features and paid add-ons including stickers and filter packages. - No export watermark or logo roll. - Monthly, quarterly, or annual billing. - Payments will be charged to your iTunes account. - Subscriptions will automatically be renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the time of renewal. - Your account will be charged for the subscription renewal up to 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription period in order to avoid service gaps. - You can turn off auto-renewal at any time through your Account Settings. - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription. Terms of Use Privacy Policy We value your feedback. Here’s how you can contact us:
I love it
by anna jones 927 on 2021/05/09 03:40
It's cool😎
Great app!
by Andreweeeeeeeee on 2021/05/09 03:29
App is easy to use and pretty good considering it’s on a phone. If you’re not looking to spend money on an editing software on your computer this is a great choice for editing videos!
I love this app
by XBubbles_YT on 2021/05/09 02:58
App is awsome
by brailin2314 on 2021/05/09 02:45
I’ve been using this for a while and it’s soooo easy to use with soooo many features do recommend
by Jecsabel on 2021/05/09 00:27
Me encanta
by Gabe Productions on 2021/05/08 23:36
Good App I Like It I Used I Funny Clip Of My Friend!!
Love it
by leslie1180 on 2021/05/08 22:52
I really like this app, its so easy to use.
Amazing download it now!!
by 1385838574737372 on 2021/05/08 16:09
This is my favorite editing app I always use it when I’m editing my videos and I really recommend it to you all and yeah it helps with your videos to any type of video and I really recommend you having it so yeah •^•
So Amazing!
by Roree S. on 2021/05/08 15:24
I use this to make my YouTube videos (Channel is Saya-san btw) anyways, it is great and has amazing transitions if you make videos with pictures like I do! If you are wanting a high quality, amazing editing app, I recommend this one!💖
Love this
by o my god stop on 2021/05/08 14:20
O my god
So it’s all so much fun and that’s it bye
by tutti Frutti9900000 on 2021/05/08 14:03
So easy
by Jayparrillo on 2021/05/08 09:01
I use it on my cell phone to edit quality videos
by Dj-is-hokage on 2021/05/08 04:56
Really cool
best aPp ever
by Player9273827737372 on 2021/05/08 00:56
by SRG liu on 2021/05/07 22:15
It’s pretty good and yeah
The best
by demarco48285 on 2021/05/07 20:30
Studio said
by AbdulsalamY on 2021/05/07 20:05
The only thing I have believe was that
by Stuckinalaska on 2021/05/07 18:24
Fun and easy
I love it I was just joking about it being laging
by chdbddjd on 2021/05/07 17:21
I love it is so much it is the best thank you for the best app for editing
Great and easy.
by hondahorn on 2021/05/07 07:57
Easy and great
by geopromise on 2021/05/07 03:01
Easy to make a video
by KOR1X1 on 2021/05/07 00:45
by lkmdndnd on 2021/05/07 00:38
So goooooooood
by hdwjshneufjfnf on 2021/05/06 21:59
It’s nice fore yt
5 stars
by Johnny-Ray on 2021/05/06 14:58
Great for all your video editing needs!
well enough
by Armas Marrinerrp on 2021/05/06 02:39
Very fun, an App wants to get, he gives you
big push
by Everton Landortk on 2021/05/06 02:39
This software is very good, worthy of recommendation!
Awesome app
by MKT consulting on 2021/05/06 01:29
Great app to create short videos!
Muito bão
by PEDaraiNHo on 2021/05/06 00:34
1000000000000000000000 muito bom mesmo essa é a nota ☝️
Super Good
by Basic Weirdo on 2021/05/06 00:29
This app is so good! I used it just right now to make a video for my mom. I would also recommend InShot. It’s another app I used that was great! If you read this, PLEASE stay safe and I hope your family will be safe too. Thanks!
by MASOn089@filmorago on 2021/05/06 00:23
Phone wall runner
Perfect!!!! App
by 69 joe on 2021/05/05 23:18
It’s the best app to edit and and videos
Best editing app ever
by LTKZay on 2021/05/05 21:40
I swear I know nothing about editing but I swear I make top tier edits with this
Muy buena
by sambtha on 2021/05/05 20:52
Bueno aplicación
by IPoopSumTime's on 2021/05/05 20:11
This is going to put my stuff on peoples recommended page
by WildCard Finn on 2021/05/05 19:30
It really good
by deatystormm on 2021/05/05 18:12
It’s so easy
by terell73 on 2021/05/05 16:21
Great app
by braylenj on 2021/05/05 16:05
Great app
by frcjljvh on 2021/05/05 14:43
OP level clash squad match.
by Minan9.0 on 2021/05/05 12:57
Love it
by Lkferlita on 2021/05/05 12:19
Thanks my YouTube video edits so easy!
by GuruGenrrator on 2021/05/05 10:27
Very nice
by capt Youstin on 2021/05/05 05:43
I love it!!!!
by zhshsdjx on 2021/05/05 02:25
This is amazing
by Kcoolix on 2021/05/05 01:56
Nice Fillmore man
Es lo mejor
by <:823> on 2021/05/05 00:35
De lo way esta aplicación :D
Good for edit YouTube videos
by franyei on 2021/05/04 23:48
Very good to edit YouTube videos, very easy to use
by Robinb99 on 2021/05/04 23:26
This s a great video maker and very easy to ise
Love this app despite they revamping it
by Donkeyrider1776 on 2021/05/04 22:02
I’ve used it for years on various pixel phones and loved it . Now I have an iPhone 12 max pro and it doesn’t acknowledge my pro license that I pay through google. Not sure I’m going to fork out for another license. However, if you need to tilt your footage at an angle Filmorago has the solution. Still trying to figure out hope to lighten the footage. But all in all super easy to use and post to YouTube Facebook and others.
Easy to use
by Capones mom on 2021/05/04 21:55
User friendly app with great editing features
Love it sexy
by shhsfvhege on 2021/05/04 19:52
Lol I love this app so much
Beginners fear not!
by 755 Media on 2021/05/04 19:24
Super cool app! I use it almost daily
by Ice Cream 🤗 on 2021/05/04 18:01
i use it to edit :)
Great so far
by Shulita2 on 2021/05/04 16:45
Love this app on my phone for easy access
by TopperTheMagicClown on 2021/05/04 16:14
Good, fast, easy, intuitive, professional result, inexpensive.
Lo mejor
by el_demonio on 2021/05/04 15:43
Es la mejor aplicación de edición de videos.
by Kai_yogurl on 2021/05/04 10:45
aaahhhhh this app was AMAZING!!!!!!😌✊ THANK U..!
by Cyrilla Waghornuk on 2021/05/04 02:45
They fixed the zoom in problem!!!! Thanks so much this is a great app.
by Tomthebimb on 2021/05/04 02:06
Even for someone who is tech challenged such as myself, this is a very easy app to use. You will definitely end up buying it as no one wants the watermark. But it’s reasonably cheap assuming you use it regularly.
great for memes and new youtubers!
by XxNorrisNutsBiggestFanxX on 2021/05/04 02:02
amazing! No ad every 2 mins and great options for edits,Music and more! would recommened!
Love it!
by Kittykattjh on 2021/05/04 01:22
I love the app but it would be nice if the pro wasn’t so expensive...actually I forget how much work is put into these things too so it might have taken a while..heh
This is the best
by Redrag0n on 2021/05/04 01:06
by jase hardman on 2021/05/03 23:28
I’ve been using this app for a year now and I have had no problems really good I recommend it
Love this app
by NicoGamby on 2021/05/03 22:55
You can do a lot with this app.
Best app
by ho22&:&! kz on 2021/05/03 21:56
I have a different app that’s filmaler go pro and you have to pay to upload this the best easy for beginners I edit because I have a YouTube channel.
Nice app
by seraphinacoffee on 2021/05/03 21:56
Nice app
Opinión personal
by NR210207 on 2021/05/03 21:37
Es un buen editor y es bastante fácil de aprender a usarlo recomendado
by SO UNFAIR - rip off on 2021/05/03 19:14
Op lol
by dccgkjkjvkpuaxv on 2021/05/03 16:47
Lo más
by alviaviby on 2021/05/03 16:17
Super app
by treeeyyyyy on 2021/05/03 14:34
Great app
My fav
by MAJikman40 on 2021/05/03 13:00
My go to app for text animation.
Easy to use
by Lissa Yaknovxt on 2021/05/03 04:05
Super easy app to use for editing a variety of videos
Dark mode
by Anjolena Lawrenceyp on 2021/05/03 03:57
Could you please make dark mode an option!
Great mobile editing software
by KeithJones-Personal Finance on 2021/05/03 03:32
I would recommend this editing app to anyone looking to make videos, especially beginner Youtubers
I edit my vids with this
by tiktok fan 133 on 2021/05/03 03:25
Very good app
by maarr12 on 2021/05/03 01:36
This is a very nice app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
The find for wiled Pokémon
by The best collaboration app on 2021/05/03 00:25
Very good and easy to use
by Fnaf Prince on 2021/05/03 00:09
I have use this app for a lot and I love using it
5 stars
by AceMandellSales on 2021/05/02 23:54
I love it!
Very good app
by tekinhafree on 2021/05/02 20:47
The best video editor! I just love it!
Great for mobile editing
by KidRoche on 2021/05/02 19:43
I use it for my IG and YouTube videos
Very good
by idkgsbd on 2021/05/02 16:39
Very good
by creavon on 2021/05/02 15:42
Thanks FilmoraGo
by Wolf lover girl on 2021/05/02 15:40
I think it’s amazing but I don’t love the fact that I need premium
by Chemeque on 2021/05/02 14:00
by 5679076433278 on 2021/05/02 08:40
This is something I made with this gorgeous app. It helps you edit your videos and it really helped mine out.
It’s a good app
by AidanThenice on 2021/05/02 06:49
Try the app it’s good for making videos
by lilninababy on 2021/05/02 05:15
User Friendly Good Free Effects Not Glitchy or Slow
Good apps
by the fiston family on 2021/05/02 04:53
Try it and never stop it help me lot I like it
by dkpesm189 on 2021/05/02 04:30
Best video editing app
by DelaneyFitz13 on 2021/05/02 03:14
I have tried a few different ones for my Instagram to advertise the hair I do as a stylist. This one is by far the most high tech, easy to use and versatile app I’ve found.
by familiascreativas on 2021/05/02 02:59
Trabaja muy bien
Really good app but I wish there was a free version of there Filmora10 or 9
by cyber spark on 2021/05/02 02:24
Really good app but I wish there was a free version of there Filmora10 or 9 on computer
Video time just a short video of you guys hope you guys are doing good
by The Birp on 2021/05/02 01:33
I think you did very good
Mi video
by Alezdede on 2021/05/02 00:47
Save the Dino paw patrol
by Littledude123 on 2021/05/02 00:36
Chase is going to save a Dino
Love it but the prices...
by bdusb0921 on 2021/05/01 22:27
I highly recommend FilmoraGo go for any mobile YouTuber or someone who wants to edit on the go. But the prices of premium member ship are huge like 6 bucks a week THATS EVREY DAY A DOLLAR NOT INCLUDING THURSDAY! But if you don’t wanna buy memberships this is the edit app for you.
Love this app, literally more than any other app
by Gator Guestrk on 2021/04/27 02:39
I have been using this app since 2013 and it only gets better. There have been features over the past years that I’ve had to get used to but overall I love it. I use it everyday. I think the idea behind this app is absolutely perfect. This app has given me the courage to explore my own creativity and open up to sharing it. I don’t worry about how many people notice my photos and I love that comments and likes are not a feature on this app. Every feature from the wide variety of presets, DSCO (ability to make your own gifs), taking videos AND being able to edit them and participating in challenges BRINGS ME JOY AND HAPPINESS! I highly suggest joining the filmorago membership, it’s worth every penny! Thank you so much to the creators and filmorago team for creating and continuing to update and evolve the filmorago app. It’s made an impact on my life so THANK YOU!
Disappointed and Frustrated
by Em9685743124609 on 2020/10/07 00:01
I paid for the monthly pro version. I’ve been using this app for over a month and it was fine but recently it has been lagging and freezing. It is very frustrating. I edited a video and now when I open that project in the app the screen is frozen I cannot click on anything or make any edits or save my video. I spent so long editing it and it was a waste because I cannot access the video. I have closed the app and opened it multiple times and I waited hours in between trying to access the video (since I was hoping it would no longer be frozen) but it has been 8 hours and it is still not working. The home screen of the app works but when I click on the video I just edited I cannot edit it or save it or click on anything. I am very disappointed with this app. There are also not that many features included in the paid version. Another downside is that when you add text or picture in picture it does not stay where you want it in the video clip if you cut out any of the video before the text or picture in the timeline. You have to keep moving the pictures and text around unless you cut out everything or add every video clip completely first before adding the text and pictures on top of the video clips. (sometimes while editing I find another clip I want to add or want to cut out something but it’s so complicated to do because it will cause all of the text and picture in pictures to move). I do not recommend this app!
Excellent App but it needs Improvement
by Tansimburke on 2019/05/02 02:47
I love this app mainly because it is free and I am able to add my music to my personal videos. I have given it four stars because I do not find it to be user friendly. The developers need to change the way photos and videos to be added to the user’s creation are displayed. The small round thumbnails are cute but impractical. If you don’t know what the video thumbnail you want to import looks like or you have multiple videos with the same image as the thumbnail you will end up just importing all the videos into the app in order to eliminate the ones you don’t want. Finding some of the features is also a tad too complicated. Apart from not being user friendly the app has not crashed on me since I have been using it so it is reliable. For a free app it offers a lot of features, enough features to enable you to complete your projects, unlike many other apps. Hopefully the developers will work on making the app more user friendly without taking away from what they already have.
Amazing but they changed it
by IloveStrangerThings13 on 2019/12/06 00:19
I love filmora go I edit with it all the time and the only editing app i use but it changed recently. So I haven’t used it in a couple weeks than all of a sudden I come back on there and it’s different and changed a lot i liked it before it changed now every time I try it and go on the app it works fine but then less than five minutes later it takes me off the app. I don’t want to give this app a bad review or anything but if they want more people to use it they need to put it back to the way it is. I’m a teen who loves editing and puts them on Instagram and I love editing stuff like stranger things,American Horror story, or Celebrities like Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby brown but now I can’t do that if filmora is acting like this so if the creator sees this please reply because my once loved app is acting up.
Amazing!! 50th Birthday Video
by Happy Hatp on 2018/11/10 14:50
I used this app to make a 9 minute video for a 50th birthday party - on my phone. Starting with a Star Wars crawl mp4 file I saved to my camera roll, I had tons of pictures with transitions, filters, overlays, subtitles, music, and more videos. I kept wondering when it would crash, because there was so much! It worked flawlessly, and was very easy to use. Towards the end of crafting the 9 minutes, it had trouble playing it back in app and would freeze. However, I could still work on it no problem. To view the video, I just saved it to my camera roll. Obviously, in the end the file was too large to email, so I just air dropped it to share. Super easy! Highly recommend!!
Mostly it works.
by Wine, books and Wednesday on 2021/04/18 21:07
The new banner ruins videos. What’s the point of offering a free version that destroys the videos you create. I know theres an option to buy the program but why even have a free one if wandershares advertising destroys the videos you create. I understood them wanting a watermark on their free platform and I was fine with advertising for them. At first the ad was there but it didn’t take up the whole screen. This new one is obnoxious and the videos you create are unusable. Now that I’m familiar with editing and am ready to purchase software this makes me rethink buying a program that does that to its costumers. As far as editing goes this is great but a lot of times the sound doesn’t work at all. I have to exit and reload it or start over to get any sound. Even the music included with the app doesn’t work. It will play but no sound comes out.
GREAT but...
by mars maddie age8 on 2020/08/18 02:55
I love this app I have been Able to use it with a lot of things, but after a couple seconds after opening the app it has started to freeze. I had to completely exit out of the app and come back in and it won’t let me edit anything else about my video except save it, and sometimes when I save it, it only saves half the video. Another thing is when ever I try to download sticker packs, sound effects and, music it doesn’t take a certain about of seconds, or minutes, and not just even hours. Even if I start downloading it in the morning it won’t finish downloading until I fall asleep at night and wake up Again in the morning. I LOVE this app but all these problems make me mad. Please fix this, because I love using this app and would love to use it more but I don’t know if I can with all these problems. Thank you. 😊
Just a few cons
by dreetbigbandz on 2019/12/10 23:46
The new update is pretty useful and I enjoy it a lot along with the effects (btw more transitions, effects, and filters would be A1) but one thing I don’t like is that you can’t hear any audio whatsoever while you’re editing. Can’t hear anything from the videos or the music and that’s, in my opinion, a big down fall because how can you edit if you can’t hear anything? I also noticed as you trim clips and edit it gets very glitchy and laggy when you try to play it back. Also certain effects such as the tv/retro like effect makes the video glitch and lag very badly. I tried to export the video to see how it would look with the effect but exporting was taking FOREVER. If these few things were fixed though, this app would be absolutely superb and a complete go to video editor. 3 stars for now until they fix those bugs.
I’m not completely satisfied with this app
by Joeysappreviews on 2020/11/09 18:09
When I first heard about this app I was hesitant to download it. But when I did I realized it wasn’t that bad. I have been using this app for two weeks now and just recently it started freezing and became increasingly more laggy. I also don’t like the fact that at the end of every video you make on this app it shows the FilmoraGo go symbol. I am okay with it showing the watermark at the bottom of the screen but I don’t like the fact that it shows that picture at the end of my videos. And what makes it even worse is that you can’t get rid of it unless you buy pro so if you don’t want an ad for this app at the end of your video and you don’t want to pay money to remove it then I suggest you find a different app to edit your videos with.
by Emmy loves kittnes on 2020/06/27 01:28
I would give it 5 stars but it’s not SUPER EASY TO PUT MUSIC IN just a little suggestion what about a files section where you can pick a sound or music there? It’s easier but I’ve been using power director but it isn’t much greater either I just want you guys to make it easier ‘cause I don’t like going on apple music and etc. but please add that I’ll get it again but that’s all I need I’ll use it once you added it I just wanted everyone to have a easier way like how PowerDirector has that section.. But it’s still a great app! It works very well! But if I had a computer I’d use Filmora9 because a lot of people like it I just wanted to give that suggestion! If you red this owners thank you for your time! Please add the feature I don’t know if it’s because I’m on iPad but it just doesn’t workout for me sorry!
The best editing app ever!!!💖😍😃
by Ovar9000 on 2017/11/23 09:17
The app itself is really great!I just started using just right now and there are no issues with the app and I really love this as my editing app it has alot of choices to pick from and its really fun to use it when I check out the fliters,overlays and all but overall this is a successful app and I have struggled with other editing apps some apps are just stressful and tiring and confusing to use but this app is easier to use instead of other app because you can use it easily and dont get tired with almost all editing apps has made you do and still has not do a right thing yet and you end up deleting the app and find another app but yeah I really enjoy this app iz le bezt😂😍💖😃🖤
Could be better
by VHM-Reviews on 2020/05/29 17:36
I love filmora and all, but I wish it had more to it and have the music or effects download faster. I also don’t like how long exporting takes. On another app, I exported a 30 minute video almost immediately and it took about 15 minutes here. Oh, and I’m not sure if this is a thing in Filmora yet, but I would really like it if you could trim in the middle of the video because I have had problems like that and would like that to happen. Overall, it could be better but it’s what I use for editing so I’ll keep it. Update: So my brother decided to go on my iPad and mess around with Filmora. He downloaded almost all the music and I forgot to mention this but it was a week or two ago. It’s still downloading and I’m getting impatient. Think you could help me with this?
This is amazing i love it!!
by Cherise Mannly on 2021/03/05 11:16
I enjoy the easy using, edit by my phone can improve my work faster, and give y’all a shout out every chance I get. The blending and editing power of Video Leap is just as good as Adobe if not better. I love editing on my phone now. One suggestion I have is maybe designing a feature to where the animation (blink and pulse) could go with music. I’ve had this idea for awhile and after using Beat Leap, it doesn’t seem unrealistic. It would be cool if it could auto detect with whatever song we choose. Another feature that would be nice, would be the ability to save a section of the project. In case you want to save a cool intro that happened to use part of your video. Keep up the great work
I highly recommend!
by Courtcourtrowe on 2017/10/23 00:52
This is a really great app! I make edits for me and my boyfriends anniversary’s and it adds so many great effects. It makes my edits one of a kind and I love this apps so much. It makes your videos look really professional and it’s so easy to learn how to use it. Normally other editing apps I have used before were so complicated. This one I got the hang of in no time. I don’t know if they have change the music. You used to have to download music or already have it on my phone, but I can’t buy my own music. So it would be nice if you would already have some in the app. It could be really helpful. Thanks other than that this is a really great app! Love love love it! Best editing app on the App Store!
Good, but a few kinks
by $implelife55 on 2019/08/17 04:43
I believe this is a truly amazing app, just a few things. 1: When searching for a song on iOS, either the downloaded songs don’t show up or they do but don’t let me select a time to play. Sure the songs won’t show up from time to time but when they do, either they don’t play or let you select a time to play the song in your video, but don’t show up in the video. 2: Subtitles cut out. So when I go to put a subtitle in my video, the subtitle gets cut off by a little bit. Not a big fan of that. 3rd and lastly: Projects won’t save from time to time. This really gets on my nerves because I could spend seconds to hours of my time editing videos. I have seen other reviews talking all about this and we would love to have this fixed. Tl;dr Great app, Just a few kinks.
Updates aren't making it better
by ThatGirl86 on 2020/07/04 23:06
I got this app a while ago and I really liked it. It&#39;s easy to use and edit. I like that I can control the speed so much and that I can add transitions. It really is a good app. But the features being added just aren&#39;t helpful now. I can&#39;t move stuff where I want if it gets even close to a grid it snaps to it. If I film something even slightly off center I can&#39;t fix it because the app won&#39;t let me place stuff wherever I want. For some reason it&#39;s started zooming in on my videos and cutting stuff off. This I just noticed today. Like I can go through and manually fix the zoom, but that can be time consuming and tedious. I also don&#39;t understand the speed breakdowns? Like why are they 1, 1.3, 2.5, and 3.8? idk it&#39;s just getting less intuitive recently
Transition Glitches??
by Clayton's babe33 on 2018/04/26 02:54
I Love this app! it’s not like the desktop version, but for it to work this well on a phone is AMAZING! I’ve been having a problem with it today though. I haven’t used the app since maybe last week and today when i went to add transitions between my clips I tapped on the first one which was Box-ease and it basically just messed with the photo it was transitioning to and put a bunch of glitchy squares all over the screen then it went back to normal picture. it does this for almost all of them. i just updated the app a few minutes ago and tried to see if maybe that’s what it needed but the same thing happened again. I’m not sure if it’s just and IOS thing but i just started having this problem today.
Great Overall. But...
by Person61937282873928 on 2018/07/26 04:05
I think this app is great. It’s very simple to understand and use and it’s a great app for editing videos, adding cool transitions, and trimming clips together. There are multiple times, actually most times where when i add multiple trimmed clips to “next” my clips dont even show and its just a blank edit. My clips are like not even there and i have to do it all over again. I had to try to delete and re-download the app. Even shut off my phone and turn it back on. I think this is a very problematic glitch but I dont know if anyone else has it. I also think that the aspects of this app is great. The filters have such a variety but i think you can add very cool and crazy transitions to just have fun with. But overall, this is a very cool app!
Best free video editor
by FabioRiv on 2020/06/07 19:42
It is so amazing and easy to use. It is straight forward and simple to navigate. I quickly learned all the features on my own in just under an hour. The app teaches you along the way so it makes it easier. It is also great quality and has amazing edits and features not found in other video editors. Using it for free does not take features away from you, so that’s good. The watermark isn’t annoyingly big or sit in the middle. It is small and in the corner, so if you are not paying then it won’t be too much of a problem. Overall I really like this app and I think it deserves to be called the best free video editor on mobile!!
by KityQuake on 2020/10/14 04:25
i’ve been using this app for a while and i don’t have any promises with it for quite sometime but all of a sudden there’s been so many bugs and other thing, i just recently edited something and there’s a bug we’re it won’t play after about 2 seconds in. The biggest problem i have with this app is after about 30 minutes or less even, trying to upload a picture or video to filmorago but then it says downloading from icloud which never ends up loading so i have to delete that image or video and recover it just to upload it. Also when editing it can get really glitchy and buggy i know they may be because i’m doing all these different things and editing a lot but it’s really bad sometimes like unbearably bad. please fix all your bugs and stuff with this app!
Needs more stuff
by AP_Fingervortex on 2020/10/12 02:14
God the app needs more stuff to compare with IMovie. It should probably go ahead and get stuff from IMovie (ability to look in files, changing pitches if speed is increased or decreased, etc) and it’s older brother, Filmora9. (green screen?) it really needs more stuff that isn’t locked behind filmoraGo pro. Speaking of that, make everything that is part of it also be able to be purchased separately, just like the watermark removal and 1080p resolution option. Those are separate purchases, do the same for the pro features! It’s not that hard. Let music be previewed, fix the lag when playing the video inside the app, and implement features from iMovie or Filmora9 that still doesn’t exist yet on FilmoraGo, without it being locked behind the pro version.
Edit order problem
by Lizy Sewallvc on 2021/03/16 12:32
May I ask whether the picture within the picture and the audio can be fixed as the text? At present, the video or audio is inserted before the debugged segment, and the position of the picture and audio in the previously adjusted picture is changed, so it has to be debugged again, which is very troublesome. And then can the derivation be made as a derivative of only one part? Sometimes you may want to only use a certain part of the video temporarily, but it takes too much time to export all the videos, can you refer to it?
by djyabble on 2019/06/20 04:15
I really enjoy this app! It’s fun and easy to use and you can make professional looking edits easily. The main problem I have with it is that it is NOTHING like Filmora Wondershare! I wish you guys could please maybe consider making the app more similar to Filmora! I used to have a PC and used Filmora and I LOVED it! It made very professional looking edits and since I used Filmora pro it’s expensive but worth it! Filmora 9 is free and you can make pretty much the same stuff. I really don’t like how FilmoraGo is nothing like either app because I loved both of those apps before my PC (which had multiple viruses) crashed and stopped working. That’s the only major problem I have with FilmoraGo it’s great for beginners but it’s upsetting! I really would love if you guys could maybe consider PLEASE making FilmorGo like Filmora 9 and Pro! Thank you! - DJ
Terrible and a waste of time.
by Seliscool on 2019/06/25 01:27
Let me start off by saying the creators had a great idea. The amount of things you can do with the this video editing app is untouched anywhere else amongst the free video editing apps. It’s simple to use and has countless features. Great idea. But the thing is, the app crashes or restarts every other second. Definitely not the app for hardworking editors who actually like their work to come out nice. Good work takes time and clearly this app was not made to work in the long run. You’ll spend hours working on a project just for the app to crash and hours or days of work to go down the drain. It’s not worth the hassle. Even when you save the video to the “my saved projects” section, the video will eventually delete unexpectedly. You might as well pay for a video editing app if the only good free one is just gonna waste your time.
This app is great but I’ve been having a problem
by Julia👍😍 on 2018/07/14 20:41
Ok so I’ve had this app for a long time and I really enjoy it and think it’s one of a kind but since today I started having a problem.... I had selected a bunch of photos and went to add transitions but my screen froze and I couldn’t add in any transitions or even try to make a new one. The app just froze so I reloaded the app and when I went to go back on it and edit that same video it I hit transitions and it froze again. So then I reloaded it again and instead this time I went to create a new video and add transitions and that froze too. So other than that this is a really great editing app! I just wish it would stop freezing when I’m trying to edit! Thanks, Julia P.S. Please try to fix this!
One Problem
by Willyjilly22 on 2021/02/24 20:12
Okay I LOVE this app. Its awesome. I really like all the effects and how I can add an extra sound, but there’s one problem that’s been going on. I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing, or a glitch you guys are trying to fix, but whenever I add music I try to push the arrow to get out of music and it goes away, but pops back up 1-2 seconds after, and I’m back on music. It gets frustrating because I cant finish my video if that happens. I have to re make it (and it will happen again) or just use a different app. I’ll try hitting the arrow again and again but it will just pop back up, I hope what I’m writing makes sense. Other then that I like it :)
by Girlygirl2.4 on 2018/09/01 20:04
First of all, it’s a good app, the transitions are great but let me settle one thing. I CANT USE ANY PICTURES I GOT FROM THE INTERNET. I have pictures that I took on my gallery and they work fine but pictures I got from the internet won’t work??? Please fix this because I feel like most people who want to edit on this probably use pictures on the internet. This is petty, if you want better reviews it is advisable to let people use pictures from the internet. I only got to make one video of pictures from the internet but the second edit I try to make doesn’t work. And when I try to add the images it kicks me out. I prefer to use KineMaster or IMovie because it just better for 1, you don’t get kicked out of the flippin app. Fix this please
by Bolton Brahmstr on 2021/04/06 09:24
May I ask whether the picture within the picture and the audio can be fixed as the text? At present, the video or audio is inserted before the debugged segment, and the position of the picture and audio in the previously adjusted picture is changed, so it has to be debugged again, which is very troublesome. And then can the derivation be made as a derivative of only one part? Sometimes you may want to only use a certain part of the video temporarily, but it takes too much time to export all the videos, can you refer to it?
Won’t stop Crashing
by ThembiD on 2019/03/23 16:17
I made a cute 40 second intro video on here and it turned out GREAT! So I then decided to try to edit a longer video. At first it was telling me that I didn’t have enough storage on my device (my phone has over 200GB left) so that was annoying. Then once I got all of my pictures and videos into one project and started adding transitions, the app crashed. I closed all of my apps and reopened FilmoraGo and once I clicked on my project it crashed again. Even after restarting my phone, the app won’t stop crashing every time I try to reopen my project. It’s a shame because there are so many great things you can do on the app, but they really go to waste since you can’t use them if the app is constantly crashing.
A Love-Hate Relationship
by ♥️Cassette♥️ on 2019/09/30 12:25
Look, I love this app. It’s my favorite to edit with, but MAN do I hate it sometimes! I&#39;m not sure why, but sometimes the app likes to delete every project I&#39;ve been working on. Now I always save my videos to my device with whatever progress I&#39;ve made, which takes up a lot of space I can&#39;t really spare. Also, sometimes while I&#39;m editing the app just freezes, throws me out, and deletes most of the edits of whatever video I was working on. Other than those two very frustrating things, I&#39;ve never been able to find another editing app that I love as much as this one. ( also a zoom-in feature would be nice ) please and thank you! 💛💛💛
It's really great, but here's a tip
by Williemae Bagnalab on 2021/03/10 11:56
I downloaded the video by accident, and then went to cut a video with the attitude of playing. The results showed that the functions inside were really powerful and complete. I a small white also can easily start, inside or completely free, really thank you for providing such a good software !!!!! However, there are also defects in the clip, that is, the audio can not be moved, the text reading can not be unified voice and speed change, which is very troublesome when the video dubbing, to be adjusted by sentence. And the other thing is,
Mixed feelings 😡😄😭😐
by Earth tone on 2021/03/30 19:30
FilmoraGo is a decent app. I mostly make music videos with it, but you can do more stuff (cooking tutorials, baking videos, DIYs,). You basically just use the camera in the bottom left corner (which I call the clip camera) to take little clips and seems for your video. Then you click ‘NEW PROJECT’ and select the clips in the order you want them in the video. After clicking ‘IMPORT’ it takes you to a page with your clips all lined up in a video. You can add music, stickers, words, special effects, and filters. Overall I’d say it’s pretty fun, but there is one catch... There’s this thing called FilmoraGo Pro. With it, you can get little gifts (which I’m assuming give you stickers???) and you basically get what Pros and VIPs would get. I haven’t downloaded the pro pack yet because....... IT IS $5.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No! I can live with what’s for free. Especially since my music videos are only like 2 1/2 minutes long. Depends on the song. Creator(s): If you see this, please get rid of the pro pack!!!! Or it least lower the price!!!! (¢99 would be nice) PLEASE!!!!
Great tool, but there are a couple of bugs
by Teach it & Coach it on 2019/02/15 12:03
One of my favorite slideshare apps, by far! However, when adding pictures, the original pictures are not marked and this can make doubles of the same picture accidentally be added more then once. Another issue - once the slideshow has been previewed, the pencil tool will not let you go back and edit it to make adjustments. Actually, if you click the pencil tool, the app kicks you out completely. Other than those 2 factors, the app is user friendly and can be a great tool!
good enough
by sorry, UNKNOWN on 2020/08/20 21:28
This app is good, but it has a lot of good and bad things that frustrates me and makes me happy. The first thing is, the effect ‘mild’ only works for a few seconds then it’s completely gone. Maybe make it last longer? Secondly, I like how to watermark is small. Some editing apps the watermark is everywhere on the video or it’s just too big. So don’t change that please. The third thing is that maybe add a effect controller. For example, if you want to make a video screen shake. You can choose extreme or something, maybe add a slide where you can choose how much of it you want/ how hard/easy you want the effect to be. That’s all, you app is overly great, deserves more attention!
by No st math!!!!!!!! on 2020/06/10 19:34
I had a 40 minute video on Minecraft that I wanted to edit... it took forever to import. Kinemaster doesn’t take even a minute to do it but Kinemaster didn’t record the flipping audio. On photos, everything was good and recorded right. Back to this app, I used it because other apps didn’t work, but this app DIDN’T FLIPPIN WORK EITHER. NONE of the video was shown, and only the AUDIO RECORDED. Nothing seems to be working today, I thought this would work but it doesn’t. If you screen recorded long videos with audio, don’t use this app because it WON’T WORK. Please fix this if you see this, but otherwise, I’m going to probably delete the app and everyone reading this should too.
Reasons I don’t like it
by gjoiwso on 2018/10/08 11:49
First when I first used the app it did work but then the app got deleted by My little sister because if you most knew she was playing on my phone but not the point so then I re-downloaded the app to make a MJ aka Michael Jackson video so get this right it down if you want it had let me pick the picture but then when I click next it takes me to the Recording thing where you can edit your pictures and videos there would be nothing there as if I never picked anything Photo so I still gave you the benefit and tried everything and it still give me the same result as if I didn’t pick any pictures any videos anything And I’m not lying and I put that on my grandma Janice caps resting in heaven that I am not telling any lies and besides what would I get out of it bye now
Love this app
by dhdndnejdj on 2021/03/28 10:22
Such great things to do! I use iMovie and it will take me a bit to get used to this but I love it and I have only played around with it it’s not like all the other apps where it hardly lets you do anything without paying it actually gives you free options and the effects and transitions are amazing the amount of customization I can do is great the only reason it’s not 5 stars is because there are adds that ask you to pay for things and there is still stuff in wants you to pay for but you can get the full apps worth without paying anything which is very nice
Great app ... when it doesn’t CRASH
by Shadyfromfedex on 2018/11/09 21:39
This is by far my favorite video editing app. I am in no way bashing this app because it is easy to use and full of great features, but it has its issues. 1) It only lets you edit in landscape mode 2) you cannot use music from Apple Music 3) In my opinion this one is most important, the app constantly crashes, either during editing or when you try to open a saved project. These are all very frustrating issues because like I said this is definitely my favorite (phone based) editing app.
Want to be seen and taken seriously
by Lacurtis Greenmonty on 2021/03/10 12:55
It&#39;s the most comfortable, fully functional, and best editing software I&#39;ve ever used on my phone. But in the recent use, there are often stuck, flashback, audio and video synchronization problems, if it is one or two good, but if often have these problems, it is really very tortured. I want to optimize it. And want to double the speed can customize the number of seconds of function. Thanks to the developers for letting me use this great editing software
by Mandy7233 on 2019/02/17 05:53
I enjoy this app and use it all the time to make Instagram edits. However sometimes it will only give me access to the photos I took within about 20 minutes of using the app so that forces me to screenshot my already taken photos and then the app will give my access to them. All of the time I get strange errors and weird things that randomly happen after I make an edit and save it to my camera roll. The app is great but I would suggest working out some of those strange errors. It’s like every time you open the app you never know what error you’re going to get 😂. It’s overall a great app but, again the errors are weird.
They lied.
by indie is good on 2020/12/11 15:59
They said that the bug was fixed but clearly not!! I downloaded this app worried about all the reviews, but when I got into it, it was EXACTLY what I needed!! I found it very easy to figure out, and the only con I found was the watermark! (Which you can remove for money) I spent 2 hours on this app editing my animations with the motion feature, none of it was glitching or anything! So I saved my 15 second video to my camera roll, then watched it. IT WAS GLITCHING THE WHOLE TIME!! It was NOTHING like what it had looked in the app and wasn’t even my video!!! They scammed me!! I’m very glad I didn’t pay any money for it or I would be even more mad then I am right now. I 100% DO NOOOOOT RECOMMEND!!! (Unless you are a fan of spending countless hours on editing and then losing all your progress) &gt;:(
It’s a great editing app but eh...
by Shell2xx on 2021/02/14 00:39
I have been using this app since about 3 months and I didn’t really have problems, everything was working fine for me I still like the app, but ever since couple of days ago the app started to crash and as soon as I would tap on it, it would crash immediately so now I can’t use the app Edit: I think I found why I can’t do anything on my clips/edits I already made I deleted some of the photos and videos I used on those edits idk if that is the reason it could be, It started when the update came so I really don’t know what to do?
Not easy
by Lois Blow on 2018/12/27 09:13
This only works in landscape mode which is annoying, and I thought that I was raising and lowering the volume of music clip by clip, because some clips if there is dialogue you need to hear it, but it only works for the entire video. I also did a couple voiceovers, which sounded great, but when added more clips the voiceover was in the wrong clip, and I have no idea how to change that. When adding music-and the library of free music to choose from is awesome-sometimes the song stops abruptly, and when I tried to add the same song to keep it going, it just didn’t work. Not an easy video making app, but could be. I’m still trying to find one that does it all, but at a loss.
Worst Editing App I’ve Seen
by Matthew060205 on 2019/09/14 17:57
All the transitions and trimming clips and things like that work ok. But when I move the location of where a clip is on the timeline it disappears from the preview of the video but still appears on my timeline. No matter where I move that clip again it just doesn’t become a part of the video. Also, I’ve had an issue where I had a four minute long video and the timeline was working fine and everything but about a minute and a half into the video it literally just stops. The audio keeps going but the visuals literally freeze for the rest of the video. I may have had to start my project over four times because of this. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP AT ALL!
But Really, How Many Times Do I Have To Share?
by missjulsy on 2017/10/24 23:13
I don’t know if this is a common issue or not as I just starting using this app, but I have tried to “share” the app to get the Spring Collection at least five different times and it just remains locked. Other than that, my experience thus far has been very positive—admittedly there are times that there seems to be an awkward lag in between clips when I attempt to add transitions or just watch what I’ve done thus far but this is not an issue that extends to after I have saved the project, so it doesn’t particularly bother me very much.
I wish I could give this a better rating
by 01)473010 on 2020/07/01 14:07
Right off the bat, let me just say I think this is a phenomenal app. It’s the only FREE app that lets you do so many things, and I love that about it. Unfortunately, I have to give it 2 stars because of the quality of the video. I’m not sure how to fix it, or if it’s even fixable, but the more videos or photos I add, the worse the quality becomes. This happened after I only added TWO photos! Please help me fix this, I would love to give this app a better review. EDIT: They fixed it-great app with better quality
Can you please fix this...
by hwmmem on 2018/07/11 20:13
I’ve been using this app for more than 4 years because I just think it is fabulous, amazing and great every video that I have made has been edited by filmora because I think there is no other app like this. I really love it but recently when i wanted to edit a video I couldn’t, I had chosen my clips and imported them but once I was on the editing screen the screen was all gray and there was nothing to edit I kept trying but the same thing kept happening. It would mean a lot if you fixed this. Thanks and love filmora
by love Mirgan on 2020/05/10 19:38
So when I first started editing my video I thought it was already because you had to scroll to get to end of your clips. It’s also bad because you only have a little bit of stickers. Then when I got to the end of editing my video this black thing showed up and I did not put it there. I tried to delete but nothing will pop up to to show the delete button. It also took a very long time to load and then when I check my camera roll it’s not even there. I advise you not to get FilmoraGo on mobile. However, Filmora9 is not good either on computer. It choppy and makes the video repeat it’s self when I made the video clear and I didn’t repeat myself.
Really stressed out 😤😩😫
by wajskwvnwlsy on 2020/07/10 05:02
This app is really great! And helpful to make videos for YouTub. So i would give it 5 stars. But every time I click on One of my projects to start editing it I have to scroll all the way to where I left off and that takes a long time. But that’s not it the problem is that once I get there it only gives me time to edit at least nine parts of the video and then it just automatically turns off and goes to my home screen and when I click back on the app I have to scroll all the way back to where I left off only for it to do it again constantly. This makes it really hard to finish the project on time.😑😒
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