dead ahead: zombie warfare Resist against the undead in this new tactical survival sequel of dead ahead! Slaughter the undead invasion in one of the most fun survival games of the year! Kill raid after raid of zombies, collect supplies, look for survivors and most importantly... create your own legacy! ZOMBIE INVASION Defend your bus and don’t let the hungry horde eat the living! Breakthrough barricades on your way and set up the battle camp to your advantage. Gather your team of gladiators and send them into battle, use any means necessary to ward off the horde of pixel crazed flesh eaters! Slash, shoot or burn the dead with barrels, Molotov cocktails, and grenades. Be direct and explosive or stealth kill your opponents. USE YOUR BRAINS, DON’T LOSE THEM Show that you have the real steel to conquer the maps! Finish off as many zombies as you can to become the ultimate freedom fighter! Command and conquer by using tactically offensive and defensive moves to obliterate the zombies and barricades! Remember – the rising dead won’t make it easy for you. IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS AND GEAR TO STAY ALIVE Collect items, earn experience, rebuild your bus and complete quests to upgrade your units and vehicles. The more gear you get, the more zombies you will be able to take on! Become the ultimate slayer of the undead! Banish the banshees to eternal hell! Contest against other player’s high scores! WHAT AWAITS YOU: * Blood-and-guts action-strategy game with a sense of humor * Safeguard the bus and your troops at all costs! NO DISCORD ALLOWED! * A huge world with numerous locations * Plenty of survivor units and zombies * Upgrades, special items and optional quests * Stop the world end * FUN!
Z warfare
by fordorefect on 2019/11/20 06:32
It’s great! It’s tough!
by werrty233 on 2019/11/20 05:07
Honestly I can’t say one negative thing about this the creator should be very proud!
Z warfare
by That Gamer88 on 2019/11/20 02:18
So far great game I’m always coming back love the graphics. Make more games like this maybe some free roam
Good but
by Queen lady X on 2019/11/19 20:50
Needs work on multiplayer
My favorite pocket zombie game
by jfu03 on 2019/11/19 15:20
Better than a lot of other games in this genre
Great game
by GoreGalore-420 on 2019/11/19 04:49
Awsome game that i originally found on xbox but love wasting time on my phone killing zambies
by Ninjakam on 2019/11/18 15:43
I love this game it's easy to get into and it loads of fun but there is one problem it take a bit to long to get new units and to level up ones you have besides this it awsome
Great but slow gameplay
by SoFly365 on 2019/11/17 15:28
Game plays well but gas (Energy) takes a long time to regenerate. Not really a problem until your testing team comps in later areas. Other than that solid gameplay.
by Ethanpre1413 on 2019/11/17 03:08
You should make the marine have a 50 percent chance of coming out with a pistol and have a 50 percent chance of spawning with a knife.
It’s good
by Malfestio29 on 2019/11/16 17:13
It’s good
Good game
by eddieboi1596 on 2019/11/16 15:25
It’s a very good and pixel based game
Best zombie game
by saltyhoe2020 on 2019/11/16 12:39
So far the best zombie game in the App Store
Good game
by rhabnahtbahb on 2019/11/16 11:59
Good game
by wkz7pop on 2019/11/16 07:56
Its a pretty neat game honestly best mobile game ive played in a while
Good game
by Gabebuscus17 on 2019/11/15 19:52
I love this game
Fun game
by sonnybunn on 2019/11/15 08:25
Love to play when I’m bored n can’t sleep
Difficulty settings
by sasori540 on 2019/11/15 06:17
I am not the first one to complain this. As I work in the field of art too. I really really do love the concept and art of the game. But the difficulty by the end steeps ridiculously, not even possible to deal with grinding real money. When we don’t have any levels to accomplish, we gonna visit previous levels thousands of times to gain EXP. That’s insane and design failure. The result will be losing more and more player. You definitely don’t want that. So design more stages in between, that have more gradual difficulty. It will be such a pity if you only have good concept artists but no good data analysts. It’s been years you didn’t fix this. Now I only play pvp for tiny little bit fun, considering to quit completely. Hope you could listen to us, at least once. It is about your money, after all. Thx
by Cmac71082 on 2019/11/15 00:04
I can't stop
Great pros. Worse cons.
by DanTheZombifier on 2019/11/14 20:47
Cute graphics, intriguing storyline and fitting music makes this game worth a try. Unfortunately, that’s where the game’s worth ends. It doesn’t have a well-planned progression model (poor balance) which ends up handicapping the difficulty levels from stages 3 on and drastically increased need for grind or cash infusion.
Good time waster!
by Bartender man on 2019/11/14 18:36
It’s a fun and pretty challenging game once you get to the higher levels. Haven’t spent a dime on it yet and I’ve made it very far.
by papapapapppppapaaaa on 2019/11/14 03:27
Good game
by Bloody gunace on 2019/11/12 14:16
Awesome game
by will6607 on 2019/11/12 00:03
Nonstop fun
Very addicting
by alex broooooooo on 2019/11/10 19:51
To me I love this game But it gets really hard when you get a stage four the demon zombie
very fun
by okayMatthew on 2019/11/09 23:55
love this game, beautiful graphics and amazing animations
Love this game
by Rod Tonetto on 2019/11/09 17:30
Love this game
Progression is really slow
by Fjjgkdjsjdjfh on 2019/11/08 18:53
Ok as of now if I grind a level it would give me 13-14 coins. If I need to upgrade my bus, which is around 12,000 coins, then I’d have to grind the same level around 90-100 times. A level costs 2 gallons of gas to complete. 180-200 gallons of gas takes 1,800-2,000 mins to fill up. There are other ways around this like the daily gifts (which aren’t daily and can give ~175 coins per 3 hours) but this is still very slow. I do like the game but as I play more and more problems arise. I also understand that these are strategies by the developers to make more money but it’s still very annoying. If you don’t want to make coins more common, you could make upgrades cost less or make things like trading or swapping out upgrading items not cost any coins. Unit intelligence is extremely low. I have two great examples of this: ranged units fighting zombies resistant to bullets and not moving away and just letting themselves die. Another one is when a ranged unit is against the psychic zombies with the big brains that push units back. You need a ranged character in order to kill these zombies, but they’ll most likely attack some slow, but strong zombie and letting the witches destroy the bus. A way to combat this is by making some zombies high priority, let the player control where units go and who they shoot at (tap on unit then tap on zombie), or let some units have different behaviors as in defensive (stays back and protects bus) or offensive (goes and attacks zombies and barricade. Buying new units is a joke. 2,100 coins for the next melee unit? All he has is a knife and can knock back zombies. Is that really worth 2,100 coins? No, it isn’t. Also the unit sale events are really overpriced. I have to pay $30 for 3 or 4 units (or $20 for one if you’re lucky) that I still have to upgrade? Besides the negativity, I like this game and I wish it wasn’t so difficult to progress.
This Game Is A lot Of Fun!!
by DarkDarkyDarkDaerk on 2019/11/08 16:54
If you like strategy games and PvP then this game is meant for you!
Okay its good now
by reviewsrhawt on 2019/11/07 22:50
Good updates, still needs some work.. but cool game
by J3rryNono on 2019/11/07 06:26
This game is so far the best 2d game I’ve ever played . The system is fairly balanced, good job.
good game
by SWSsssssss on 2019/11/07 02:23
why Carlos need 30s to prepare? It is 25 originally
Cool game
by hbvcr. hybbyby on 2019/11/06 20:38
Fun game I like that there aren’t any ads
Z Warfare
by PJEEZ66 on 2019/11/06 00:02
I love the recent updates and the new skins helps give new life to old units! I would to get the new unit called Turbo, but she may only be available to win during Halloween! Is fun and exciting. The first levels are fun and the challenge of getting to level 7, later 8 is a real rush. At times, I think those levels are too hard, but the thrill of getting my first 3 stars made it worth it! My go to game for fun and I am a senior LOL!
It’s good!
by Hidelph on 2019/11/05 22:57
You don’t get to see actually good mobile games nowadays
Great time killer
by StoneyB93 on 2019/11/05 20:23
Definitely an addicting game to play when tryna pass some time
This game is so fun my grandson loves it
by hdbf hi rm on 2019/11/05 18:42
Out of 10 O10
Zombies Beware...this is Highly Addicting!
by Irishnites on 2019/11/04 23:23
This is a great and fun game for any zombie loving person. The moment I saw that you could have units that you can send out I was like “Boom! I am there!” I am hoping to see some Resident Evil RPD or Silent Hill crossovers in this game. Hoping that there will be some cool Xmas skins in the near future as well.
When is yes
by Tæenk7 on 2019/11/04 19:54
Multiplayer? “Yes” Multiplayer pvp? “I guess” Multiplayer CO-OP? “Uhhhhh” I NEEED IT!
Best game
by Teebo2345 on 2019/11/04 05:10
I love it, it’s so fun
by coulguy08 on 2019/11/03 23:06
This is a cool game
Great addictive game -
by Ramel Hill on 2019/11/03 22:58
Made it all the way to level 8 all levels completed with 3 stars... no real money spent! Level 8 on the other hand seems ridiculously difficult so far...
Multiplayer mode
by P.S add multiplayer on 2019/11/03 22:16
May you guys please add a multiplayer mode to play with our friends and siblings to fight the zombies that would be really cool and I rated this game 5 stars because how amazing this game is
by JUaNN CEENaaaaA on 2019/11/03 21:24
It’s fine.
It’s a good game
by Mr Thunderbowl on 2019/11/03 05:44
I like the combat system and all the unique character abilities the one problem I have is the difficulty spike after the first world but after that it’s awesome
Good game but not completely.
by Gator2117 on 2019/11/03 04:46
The game starts off fun because it’s easy But as you go on in the game it gets harder and harder Making you grind but in my opinion the grinding isn’t That hard.great game but hard to paly
Good game
by Solid kratos on 2019/11/03 03:39
Makes the time go by fast
Nice nice
by CippMisa on 2019/11/03 03:18
by dawan13 on 2019/11/03 00:57
Good game
Difficult yet awesome
by player12348750 on 2019/11/02 23:33
Difficult but fun to this play this.
by hhgghjhgggbn on 2019/11/02 21:36
It’s fun and entertaining
by reaper🤬👿👿😈😈 on 2019/11/02 18:58
I loved this game and I was looking through the App Store and then I see it and I was like huh I should download that game again I played when I was like ten years old love this game pls make more and don’t let any bad comments get you down
Good Game
by Will3729 on 2019/11/02 17:19
Always fun to play!
by STATE TROOPR on 2019/11/02 13:19
Cool game I like it
Great game
by doa black ops man on 2019/11/02 08:18
I absolutely love this game great time killer super fun to play it is a bit challenging and I will admit there are some instances where I want to pull my hair out but other than that it’s a fun game you get your team and you face them against a variety of zombies and there is also a multiplayer mode overall it’s a fun game
by D. Win on 2019/11/02 05:34
Love this game and I could play it for HOURS!!
Love it
by BOT_27 on 2019/11/01 18:52
It feels very smooth, especially with the new changes. Still a grindy type game.
Very good game would recommed
by kabdggdbnw on 2019/11/01 18:48
Good game
Love it to death
by Seargant7 on 2019/11/01 02:43
The games great, a little slow at the start but after that you won’t put it down. This is clash royals big papa
by I rated your game on 2019/10/31 22:00
I’m just In love with this game!I have no words..but if you read this I was thinking,”this could be even better with friends!” So can you add co op? And maybe versus? In co op the bus’s health should be balanced between the players bus level. You can like throw some easy zombies in there if they are low leveled or u can make an entire stage for co op,that’s up to you guys. Well I can’t say anything but I hope co op gets added. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Mr Nightmare Zach approves
by nightmare zach on 2019/10/30 19:12
Nice game to waste time and just chill and the characters are amazing in there own way maybe is it possible if you guys & girls can add more
by Hooksta01 on 2019/10/30 12:18
by GramFan93 on 2019/10/30 11:56
Love it
by BlackExcalibur125 on 2019/10/30 11:46
This is a good game and so fun
Really fun, interesting and good game!
by Antbanks 40 on 2019/10/30 02:15
For this game being free it is really good, I remember when this first came out and didn’t understand any mechanic but now the game is more improved and polished worth many new levels, units, and even zombies! I haven’t completed the final levels and I’m not a high level either but I have a good amount of units gotten them all free but sometimes the game can seem like it’s pay to win with most of the units costing money usually overpowered or really good. Again this game is really good and I would recommended it as a time killer if you have any extra time to burn.
by imdown69 on 2019/10/29 21:09
This is a fun game but getting started can be tricky depending on how patient you are but overall once you get the ball rolling it can be a lot of fun. The only issue I have (probably more personal than anything) is that some levels force you to use all of your power ups but there’s stuff you can buy but don’t have to buy to play the game which is cool all in all it’s a fun strategy game and worth a try.
by ST01takingNames on 2019/10/29 20:29
This update is the definition of awesome
Awesome game
by Hahdiendirnd on 2019/10/29 17:31
Very cool and unusually enjoyable
by QBle on 2019/10/29 03:58
Great game ;)
Really fun game but...
by Broketaco on 2019/10/29 03:03
Like I said, it’s a great game but you definitely need some patience to progress. I enjoy the gameplay but you’ll be waiting on gas and need to save up for new units.
Fun little chaotic game
by No Proaganda Please on 2019/10/28 19:43
Easy to learn- lotsa fun. Not a bad replay value.
Good game
by xX43Ender43Xx on 2019/10/28 15:06
To be true at first I thought that this would be a terrible game to play, but now I’m regretting even thinking about that this game is amazing to play when you’re home and have nothing else to do. 10/10 I can’t wait to see what else you have in Store ( ps I would love it if you could add in pets :3 )
by ShadowSniper118 on 2019/10/28 03:20
Simple, addicting.
Very good game
by MrnoobECAD on 2019/10/28 02:23
This is a original type of game like my cousin got me in to this game and I just want to see the look on his face when I beat him in levels and crap but this game just impressive me
Good game.
by Ivfygrihfyhfthhfg on 2019/10/27 17:59
Progression is weird. Easy to hard. Stars system is unclear. Nice bus and troop upgrades. Good game all around.
Add more Skins
by TacticalCaptain_ghost on 2019/10/27 04:19
Nice Updates and Events Please Add Skins and More new units for People,Have a good day! :D
by Gavin meow on 2019/10/27 02:33
Game won’t open at all.
Good, but grindy.
by Subsittes on 2019/10/26 20:17
Not to mention some units are locked behind a paywall. It’s also a seasonal paywall. The core gameplay loop is really fun, but the premium currency system is kind of trash, as there is no way to reliably earn it. The vault system has good potential and could make the game less grindy, but you have to pay premium currency to open it. Also, the units locked behind the star unlock system could be better, as for some reason they were hit with a nerfing hammer. Some more than others. All units in the game should be able to be unlocked, and they could still be expensive. There just needs to be a way to get premium currency more reliably. There is a solution for this that might not upset the economy, just host more events with no tickets, limited try’s, but premium currency is awarded for doing well not just top 100(they should just get more). Everyone else should just get enough money to open the vault a couple of times. That and some seasonal units could be buffed like the Swat solider with the incendiary rifle. Inaccurate automatic fire is not balancing, it is just annoying and impractical. Same thing goes for the sniper.(except that is bolt action.)Not to mention some in game units should cost less courage, like the solider, he would be more useful if he costed less and if deploy time was less ended enough to be viable. And the axe man is just useless. I sound like I hate this game but I actually quite like it. Even with the current units there is a legitimate challenge to be had here and the game is really fun. Now to actually praise the game. As said earlier the core gameplay loop is really fun, unlocking units and upgrading them to put them in skirmish. It is satisfying to watch them do their work, and it is just sad that some Are locked behind a paywall. And that is all I have to say really.
Good game
by hdbc kecn. eck n on 2019/10/26 19:40
Good game
Awesome game
by DkMagik on 2019/10/26 18:39
Love the leaving and the challenges, the look is awesome. Only wish I didn’t have a limit on how much you can play it, but I understand
Excellent game
by Nanjing1213 on 2019/10/26 17:32
Better than 90% of games in store i’ll say
Great game
by MikeSr50 on 2019/10/26 16:04
Great game
by Dylan ^_^ 45 on 2019/10/26 07:20
Great game!
Good game
by oddboywill on 2019/10/25 13:22
Good way to pass the time at work
Really awesome and fun game!
by hahahahyah! on 2019/10/25 12:47
So much fun!
by proud 12482899 on 2019/10/25 11:54
by Bobbb博 on 2019/10/25 06:23
good game
by juju13334 on 2019/10/25 00:11
I y
by bob d302 on 2019/10/24 21:31
Great time waster
Good time killer
by drdockrock on 2019/10/24 20:50
If your board give this a game a try
by cool cat223 on 2019/10/24 14:43
Decent game, fun game play that’s for sure.
Good game but it is overly difficult
by cJude2005 on 2019/10/24 14:03
This game is great, but once you get to region 3 things get really challenging. You find out that your units don’t hold up anymore and that the upgrades barely help them so you have to upgrade them 10 times to notice a difference. If I could make a suggestion it would be to make the upgrades improve you units more, like by 5 or 10 rather than 3 or 1. Another option is that you need to make new units cheaper, I am not waiting till I manage to get 11,000 coins to get a medic when each level gives you 100 coins at most when you watch adds. So great game could use some balancing.
Really good
by ImmortalAngel2 on 2019/10/24 11:33
It has nice graphics and gameplay, and challenges aren’t even a question, they seriously challenge you with an impossible situation
by Night 2144 on 2019/10/24 00:16
Love it
The bois
by the skeet papa on 2019/10/23 23:25
It’s lit
Good Game but there is 1 thing
by MaximusS. on 2019/10/23 15:32
I remember buying the s.w.a.t team and I played the game for a while and then I switched phones and you cannot buy them with the gold coins you had to pay it with real world money that is a crappy selling tactic right there and you lost another star.
Love it
by noble tanker on 2019/10/23 11:08
This game is good
by Zidus333 on 2019/10/23 08:25
Pretty good game. Simple and satisfying while difficulty entertaining at the same time. Still being worked on a and updated but the dev(s) did a pretty good job and listen to feedback/suggestions and have an interest in making it better. Pretty fun pass time, no mandatory obligation to play every waking moment other than how fun it gets on it’s own. An excellent and unique feeling game. Easily worth 5 stars. Just wanna clarify something, I see some people on here complaining about how difficult it gets. While that is true, this is what makes it a strategy game. You get to certain parts where how high your units levels/stats are doesn’t matter as much as what specific units you use and at what time. The beginning to middle of the game can be somewhat to moderately challenging. Then the end of the game really takes some patience and trial an error and is especially challenging. But another great part about this game is it has an open link straight to the community, you can search on a forum or even ask questions about strategy from other players, devs, and talk about all kinds of general information. So if you’re really stuck and trying to get past, you can look up level specific strategy from others on the forum. This game is always changing and adding new stuff and is worth taking a moment to download and try it out. One of the best (if not THE best) and unique games I’ve downloaded from the app store.
Dead ahead
by AlexC001988 on 2019/10/23 02:56
Cool game
by whatvthebheck on 2019/10/23 01:27
Fun game, many different game modes only downside is sometimes you need to spend money to get ahead a bit and complete missions
by In depth perception on 2019/09/01 05:22
Great gameplay. Great atmosphere. Great sound. Great art style. (I absolutely love how the wind rustles through the hair and the clothes of the units). The bus, the landscapes and the buildings are all wonderfully dilapidated and run-down. The music is both melancholy and haunting, and a huge contributor to the game's amazing atmosphere. It's is a little on the difficult side, but for some this is part of what makes it such an strong title. I wish there were a bit more 'redneck, trailer folk, white trash' type units. These units are, dare I say, endearing? In my opinion some of the units, like Carlos and the swat team, don't really fit into the ethos they have created. But this comes down to personal presence and is a minor gripe - because overall, the game is excellent. It is both unique and familiar, cohesive and well crafted - and yet wonderfully subversive. The gameplay is quick and fun. The wide range of units and enemies does help with the occasional threat of repetition. The ability to swap parts from unit to unit would be a great addition. Again, this is a personal and minor gripe. Overall this little game is a well polished 'experience' that feels much larger than its parts - a true gem in a sea of mediocre titles that flood our game stores everyday. I hope this company sticks around and is either working on a successor, or perhaps a new IP, or both. Don't miss this gem.
Good game in all BUT
by GiratinaHero on 2019/07/26 04:40
This game is stupidly hard, like really I only open this game collect my rewards anymore, I don't even open up levels because their to crazy hard I can't even get one my highest level 14 troops past any of these new zombies, like first of all a large group of zombies that randomly just runs in without giving you time to even have 1 STRONG defense out, it's too ridiculous, I deleted Star Wars commander for this, I just wish you got rid of random banchees and runners coming out like first thing you open the level up, my bus is already destroyed by the time I have someone saved up and out on the field, junk, scrap, games are supposed to fun and relaxing to play something to ease the mind not something to get you so worked up that you spend endless pocket amounts that you don't have cause your virtually broke from paying bills all the time, like serious could you just make the game a tad bit slower with the zombies and a bit easier, other than that the graphic on this game are better than most games I played, and the characters are crazy, awesome unique
Fun game but major grind
by just a fellow on 2019/02/12 02:08
This game is fun and I’m a huge zombie fan. The concept for the game is great and I love working to get a new character, but it’s extremely difficult without paying real money to get in game currency. I don’t mind going back and grinding older levels I have played, it’s fun I think. The levels do get pretty difficult quick which is fine but to upgrade your character as well as your bus for the amount of coins you get with the levels that you CAN beat. Can being the key word, makes it just a strenuous grind with not much reward. As I said love the grind that’s the point of the game but the characters become weaker with each level because the monsters are very OP in hordes. So again level the characters and bus to upgrade the characters further, but not enough coins given. I would suggest other goals or achievements to get coins other than just trying to accomplish to get as many stars as you can because after stage three it gets hard to get three stars on most levels (if it can even be beaten). I’d suggest reducing some zombies hp or just simply adding more levels to give the players chances to level some characters and the bus. The game is great and I love it but not perfect. If there were chances to receive more coins by grinding or any other manner I’d definitely give the game 4 to even 5 stars.
Just one problem
by TD5447 on 2019/09/10 11:24
I love the game And all you’ve done with it but the missions can be very difficult maybe. Little too difficult like give the zombies that come after your bus a slower reaction but there tougher zombies when you get overwhelmed by all the zombies it gets very difficult sometimes it’s very unpredictable sometimes which is awesome about that sometimes I noticed zombies don’t go after the survivors that are attacking the barricade and you instantly win the game it would be interesting to have a pvp where one player is zombies and you get zombie hero’s kind of like the survivors but different and you slams them the same way with the blue currency you don’t have to but it kind of sounds interesting to me I would play this game even more if there was a zombies side with humans and instead of destroying the barricade destroy the bus and have it spawn humans out lower level missions spawn lower level humans and gets tougher as it goes on just a thought to think about in the future any way keep up the good work on your game👌
by DarkestGenesis on 2017/10/17 17:18
It's a good game and I enjoyed the first one too. The only possible thing I could complain about is the fact that the difficulty becomes steep quickly. I can't complain much though, I like the challenge. I just wish that every so often you could go back to the first area and there would be the ability to get more items or you'd have to reclaim the areas because the zombies would take em back. It'd be pretty cool ya know? Like you stop playing for a week and when you come back all of the areas you cleared have been reinforced. Maybe they're stronger? Who knows, and maybe a wondering boss that's hard to kill but gives good loot or several bosses ranging in difficulty. Update: The game is still the same as I had posted before, though a small complaint I have is the flame thrower units. They will begin to attack when their enemy is just out of range. Say I have the Glenn and he’s attacking a zombie, the flame thrower unit will go up to just behind Glenn and either set him ablaze (not the zombie) or just continue to spit fire till he runs out and Glenn is dead an by the time he’s able to spit more fire, he’s mostly dead if not already dead.
by Zidus333 on 2019/10/23 08:25
Pretty good game. Simple and satisfying while difficulty entertaining at the same time. Still being worked on a and updated but the dev(s) did a pretty good job and listen to feedback/suggestions and have an interest in making it better. Pretty fun pass time, no mandatory obligation to play every waking moment other than how fun it gets on it’s own. An excellent and unique feeling game. Easily worth 5 stars. Just wanna clarify something, I see some people on here complaining about how difficult it gets. While that is true, this is what makes it a strategy game. You get to certain parts where how high your units levels/stats are doesn’t matter as much as what specific units you use and at what time. The beginning to middle of the game can be somewhat to moderately challenging. Then the end of the game really takes some patience and trial an error and is especially challenging. But another great part about this game is it has an open link straight to the community, you can search on a forum or even ask questions about strategy from other players, devs, and talk about all kinds of general information. So if you’re really stuck and trying to get past, you can look up level specific strategy from others on the forum. This game is always changing and adding new stuff and is worth taking a moment to download and try it out. One of the best (if not THE best) and unique games I’ve downloaded from the app store.
by Inkred87 on 2018/06/18 05:01
I have not played for long, but I have made it to the final stages of the game. There is not much end-game content, so it is nice to place the pvp battles. I found this game through an online Facebook Ad. Usually, I do not indulge in any promotional videos but I really liked the style of the gameplay. The game plays like tower defense, and usually allow plenty of attempt with levels. There are some awkward balances with character, but overall I feel that the developers have done this purposely. I will continue to enjoy the game, but I hope that future updates allow for more customization with characters and additional levels. Update: I have continued the game. I have gotten all the stars and collected and leveled a majority of characters. I am eagerly awaiting for the game to release more levels and game play. I have often won the battles against players. I hope that another patch is coming soon. I miss the challenge. Eventually I will leave the game and do something more constructive. I probably need to read books or finish my schooling.
Desperately needs AI balancing
by CrakDaddReviews on 2019/06/06 10:00
I like this game. So much that I want to complete the game to its fullest extent by 3 starring every level. This is basically impossible. Because of a skill gap? No. Because the zombie AI is ridiculously random. Dogs for example, either die easily by actually attacking your summoned units or they just attack your base instantly resulting in an immediate 2 star. It has nothing to do with the timing of summons, I’ve played the dog and runner levels enough to figure out that the AI decision making is completely random. Which poses a huge problem when a dog spawns within the first couple of seconds and decides to ignore my defending units. There is no way my defending units can intercept fast units as they move side to side at a crawl. I give up. I’m not going to sink an hour of my life playing the game for 10 seconds at a time only to have to restart the level again by watching 30 seconds of ads. In fact this has made me fed up with a game I found pretty enjoyable. But until zombie AI becomes more consistent or unit movement is able to make up for a lack of AI, I feel very uncompelled to return to the game.
Love the game!! Just two suggestions
by Corny_Gangster21 on 2018/06/21 05:02
This is a great and fun game overall! It’s a great time filler and very addictive. I’ve had the game for only a few days and can’t stop playing! I love the zombie theme and haven’t found any problems...except for two. I find that when you start the game the first few levels are easy and at a decent difficulty, but then it just abruptly goes steeply into hard levels, making it a pain to progress. At the beginning the only really good way to avoid this is by buying caches, using the supplies from your timely supply crates/boxes to level up your heroes, or watching videos for prizes. This works well though. The second thing is that you level up too quickly(yes it’s a bad thing) and never have enough money to get the new unlocked characters right away! Otherwise I love this game and highly recommend getting it. Trust me, you will have fun!!👍😁
Needs some changes
by Teddy Snailsevelt on 2018/10/26 05:38
It’s a very fun game when I’m able to play. You get an amount of gasoline that allows you to play each mission. When you are out of gasoline you can watch videos to get more but eventually it stops you from doing that. So you can only get so much gasoline without spending $3.00 to get more. Next when you beat a mission you get coins. These coins are in game currency that allow you to access the market and buy things to upgrade units. Each mission gives you a solid amount when you beat it for the first time. You also get the option to watch a video to gain extra when you 3 star it which is fine. What’s annoying is when I get to missions that ramped up in difficulty very quickly and my units aren’t Aton enough but I can’t just play older missions cause they don’t give the same amount they used to once you beat it. So I have no coins and all I can do is play old missions for scraps and maybe get enough to level up every other day or waste all my gasoline losing the battles in the harder area. It’s an annoying stale mate of a grind
Great game! Since the Update it’s shown it still has potential!
by Boogerblaster99 on 2019/09/02 07:59
Revising my old review which was low due to paywall and seemingly P2W but since the update, things are getting better, though not completely corrected, in fact what they did the light soldier (one the most expensive units) is a travesty, but light soldier aside they seem to have started on a better path for the most part. Would love to see ANY new content other than (Paid) skins, maybe a more efficient way to earn dollar bills to make buying the units which were locked behind a rediculous Paywal to a in game currency of which the only feasible method of obtaining is forming over real cash for, which didn’t fix the unit paywall problem, just added ways for the extremely veteran players to MAYBE be able to afford them after forming over a (lessened) amount of their real money in hopes of obtaining. In all honesty, give ya more levels, more units, and stay more active on the community portal, which is now reddit. Which was another plus
Top best mobile game
by ogducknasty on 2019/06/11 04:18
(I know these are just words but Believe me I’m super picky when it comes to games) Honestly probably one of my favorite games for phones along side Plants vs zombies 2 I love the animation, the graphics, the detail in the affects different items give and get, and the characters are awesome ect. I honestly would give it 5 stars but I didn’t, not because of the leveling up system I don’t have much of a problem with that not many mobile games are super tuff, but I wish there was kinda more to do in it.. I’m not exactly sure maybe some events were you fight a giant boss or event levels that go threw 1-10 with new enemies idk maybe some mini story modes.. (idk if the creators can see this but) I’m trying to become a concept artist for video games and stuff. I honestly love this game an I’ve drawn some new enemies/units/and story stuff for this game just for fun but if you guys want some extra help I would be glad to be part of the team. (I try to keep the stuff close to the games style)
This game
by Glashia The Furry on 2019/01/19 14:28
I think this game is pretty good, but there are some problems with it as in paid units and the missions. Some missions are too hard like the first one in stage 8, it’s impossible to beat because the cranks are overpowered and also the paid for units I wish were cheaper or if you could get them from events. Austin should be 3.99, Specops should be 4.99, Jailer should be 0.99, the swat bundle should be 9.99 and the circus pack should be 7.99 and when I say this I mean forever and not just for a day or so and about the stages I hope the creator would make the levels of stage 7 and 8 easier and could you also put swat back into the game? But besides that I think every thing else is great and one last thing, could you make it easier to get coins? Because it so hard to get coins, if you can change any of these things I would be very happy and I would tell all my friends about this great game. Also please know this is not a complaint but just something I wanted to say. Thanks
Was good. How bad. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
by Da Monkey Nerd on 2018/07/17 07:56
When I first got the game it was fun. Everything was balanced and getting money and high +3 upgrades were easy. Yes there was ways to pay and make the grind go slightly faster but it’s never fun to pay real money for something. But now with a new update that came out , it made my level 13 account obsolete. All my characters I upgraded with +1 upgrades are not suffering because with the new legendary loot box, it’s very challenging to even get my hands on any +3 upgrades. And now with the new slightly overpowered character in the game only available by buying the pack with real money, things feel unfair. Why would I put any more time into a game that I grinded just for an update to come out and slowly make my characters and gameplay stale and unfair. Getting a lot of gold at once is slightly hindered when even getting a three star on a level. Only giving around 150 when I need about 200 to do anything worth my time. Like I said this game used to be a blast and had tons of fun playing it. Now I do not recommend anybody to buy this game unless your ready to pay real money to even have a chance of doing good. 😕😕😕
Excellent challenge, but not for the faint of heart.
by TakenAsian on 2018/10/11 19:55
It’s been quite sometime since I had the desire to play a push-back genre game, and needless to say I am very pleased with Z Warfare’s performance. The character deck mechanic and it’s available survivor styles gives a very wide variety of strategy. Secondly, the myriad of enemies available forces the player to think ahead and it actually does require some trial and error until success. One will find that this game can and will get very difficult as its missions do not discriminate in terms of player failure. As the title of this review permits, this game is not for the “easy-win” player and I see that many reviewers for the game have failed to take this fact into account. I do enjoy the challenge and am looking forward to the grind!
Addictive & fun! Not cheap though
by Ash Williams on 2019/10/22 11:25
I really love this game been playing it like crazy but I have spent about $150+ already and this is only my second day playing...takes real money to get some exclusive playable characters and to level your people up you either have to grind over several days re playing old levels for a chance to get items for level up or spend $20+ to get the special offers. That all being said it’s a great game for a quick battle and offers enough strategy to make you really consider what to bring on each mission to get a perfect 3 star. If you are not trying to get perfect scores and just want to casually play you will still need to earn enough stars to move to the next level so if that restriction was decreased then you really don’t need to pay for anything but if you don’t you mind find you can’t earn enough stars to keep playing the game easily.
Pay to win
by defacedmungo on 2018/08/31 01:19
So I’ve been playing this game for over a week and became addicted to it. I’ve found the game to be very fun and entertaining. I even bought a character just because I knew how much fun this game was going to be. Very much later though, I’ve come to the realization that it’s a “pay to win” game. The stages later on become extremely difficult. Now, I’m not saying that lightly either. I love a challenge, but the stages are impossible without either paying for better characters, upgrades and coins. And the cost of things in the shop are pretty high. On the plus though, you can gain more coins and materials by watching ads. Even then it is not enough to fully get what you need to beat stages. Another way to earn coin is by selling material. Prices on selling them are fair, except there is a max sell limit in the store. Yet again restricting ways to pass stages. I enjoy this game a lot. But if I have to invest $10, $20, $30 just to pass it. It’s no longer worth the time.
Used to be manageable.
by StarWarsGuy365 on 2018/07/11 21:15
I was hyped for Stage 8. I really was. We all knew that it was going to be difficult, but not to the point where Level 12’s and below are stuck spitting out Power-Ups and wasting gas on the second mission of the Stage. Sure, we could level up a bit during the time it took for the devs to get Stage 8 out and make our units better, but that takes time AND coins. A lot of them. To be honest, I have better things to do than spending all of my time trying to level up when some of the harder stages only award you with only a dozen XPs. Until Stage 8 becomes more manageable, or if there’s a more efficient way of leveling up or regaining gas, I’m staying away from the Stage 8 altogether. It’s a shame too, I wanted to add the new zombies to my book. But there’s no way around Mission 136, which in my opinion, was a pretty poor choice on the devs’ part.
Fun game but needs a little bit more
by Bill lliB on 2018/02/15 17:03
I’m at stage 7 and I have everything but stage 7 3 starred but I want a little bit more than just constantly grinding stage 6 challenge 1, I would love a sandbox mode to goof around in and test out different decks to see what’s affective against the zombie hoards. I read a recent review that someone loved the game but disliked the fact that once a level is done it’s done and he/she said that they would implement a mechanic where the zombies sometime take back areas (but without taking away your stars) so that you can get more loot and enjoy the game more rather than just grinding. P.S: I would pay to avoid ads (a reasonable amount but I would still pay) and gas fill up
Easy play
by OAIPG on 2018/12/18 16:40
I don’t normally keep games for very long, and this game is no exception, but it’s easy to pick up and put down. You can start from one place and get to the other quickly, allowing for replay ability. Plus, it doesn’t feel like you’re forced to play. Just play whenever you want, there’s not much to worry about if left alone. It’s overall an amazing game with great gameplay, mechanics, and a stability that some games just don’t have. The community is also very polite and kind, and helpful for tips. This game is well maintained and filtered, and could only be made possible by amazing people and amazing players. 10/10 would recommend.
Great game needs more units, levels, and zombies
by Frogking501 on 2019/03/26 03:58
This is a great app overall and can provide the right amount of frustration to get you addicted. The units are great and the zombies are fantastic. I love the variety of zombies and how your dead units can be turned into the zombies. I do have a bit of a problem with the ga system that they use you only have about 10 attacks you can use until it refills. Some units cost a ridiculous amount of ingame money. And some levels are almost impossible to beat without specific units to use. That last one isn't really a problem it's just an observation. I would love to see this game thrive and more units and zombies be added in with new maps and maybe a little storyline but that would be up to the devs.
I really enjoy it! (Long short, recommend)
by Goldylokz on 2019/02/10 20:01
I actually really enjoy this game! I don’t write reviews often because, well, not everything deserves one. But this is awesome! The only issue I have is the waiting time on gasoline(your energy) but it’s not too bad. I’m still playing and haven’t run out yet, (about 45 mins in). But worth a try! It’s pretty fun. I Like the set up and playing mechanics. Let’s see how far I can play! Oh, another big bonus!! No mandatory adds!!!!!!! It’s all voluntary, atleast so far, and you can choose to watch adds for more money or stuff. I love that. I absolutely hate games that force adds on you to continue playing. So that alone is making me wanna keep playing. Cause I’m not interrupted!! Anyways, it’s a recommend!
Zombies need a nerf!
by DAVW player (241) on 2019/02/04 00:10
I love this game and I’d rate it 5 stars if I could... but the game could be better. I just got into stage 4 and 75% of stage 3 and all the new zombies are hard. Please nerf them! Health and damage for huge hp enemies such as one armed zombies and cops. They are So annoying to deal with! I was on level 36 with at least 20 one arms and 30 bulletproofs and the blocked me with level 5 grenadiers and firemen and even snipers! It’s crazy! It could be dumb luck to get so many of them but it’s to hard! My loadout is the best it could be for stage 3 and I can’t do it! Does this sound fair? Please nerf them!!!!!1111!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1! This game is too hard and I’m not even on stage 5!!!!!! I love this game like I said but this is the only flaw. I support this game so much and would love this to happen
Worth reading
by Solid Panda on 2018/09/19 10:51
This game is really good fun, I mean that as much as I think I can with any casual mobile game. It’ll offer you weeks and weeks of on again off again enjoyment. Tons of units make for endless combinations/builds to go for. However, with that said, if I could change one thing about this game I would add a bit more end game content. I’m at stage 8 and making my way through it at my own steady pace. But outside of upgrading units I know I don’t want, I’m not seeing much to do. I can challenge other players or replay old missions for barely any reward.. adding in a sandbox mode or even better yet I think many people would like to see a co-op game mode? Maybe you’ve explored this idea already but never hurts to throw in your ideas. Great game!
ITS GREAT but...
by Buttercreamfish on 2018/04/25 16:33
It's a really great game with a great concept. Honestly I'm writing because I have one problem. The issue is deploying units takes far to long for tactical advantage. It's one thing to have a unit cool down OR to have a resource bar that must fill to a curtain amount before you can deploy curtain units. But having resource AND a unit cooldown is just to much. It makes it so the only units you can deploy are weaker units with a fast cooldown and low resource need but then later when you need stronger you either have to sit and deploy no units for like a minute or not deploy them at all. The one thing that kinda fixes this is how enemies drop cases of water to let you deploy units but then that makes it so your sitting there waiting and hoping for the next case of water.
Great Challenge
by IFreyth on 2019/03/01 20:43
I’ve been playing this game for about a week now without the online play option. While I haven’t completed it, there are many levels that are puzzles to solve and require the right characters. The more you play the more interactions between items, characters, etc. become apparent. I’ve shilled our 5$ to get the heist character to make farming easier but it’s a very friendly free to play game. When I got into the online feature, PVP, I climbed up some of the tiers pretty quickly with my high level characters due to offline level progression. PVP I was nervous about but the system in place works really well, albeit sometimes being lucky helps. tl:dr Great game 4.5/5, some of the levels are really really hard f2p.
Everything I wanted.
by Blit_Zkreig on 2018/11/18 17:58
I completely like the game, except for some minor misconceptions. But let’s start with the good stuff. I like the layout of the game and the style. So much stuff going on all in that little compact screen. I also like the variety of units and zombies that will enhance the game and make you determined to find a way to beat the mission. Overall, great game and equals 5 stars from me. There is only one thing I hate about this game, which is there is no “reset progress” button. I really want to restart without logging out of my Game Center. If I ever get stuck in a stage, I’ll have to pay for coins and military cases. Then again, great game, 5 stars.
Amazing game until late game
by armcurl7 on 2017/10/08 06:29
The main problem I have with this game is that it progressively gets more and more difficult until it's near impossible to beat Worse the game plays extremely unfair. Early on it'll send waves of certain enemies that can be dealt with by the proper counting units. However late in the game it simply sends impossible numbers in waves nigh impregnable even with the usage of "water upgrades". What frustrates me the most is the catch 22 though of the game itself in this process. You need water to deploy units. However your starting amount of water is nowhere near good enough nor in high enough in quantity to meet this sort of spammed waves that lack any sense of design nor any real sense of strategy. It's like the game designers just decided "screw it every nightmare or level past the 3rd stage will be just a mass wave of impossible to kill units after 30 to 15 seconds". And worse by the higher levels there is 0 chance to deploy anything meaningful that can stop them or prevent them all from going through making a 3 star impossible. I'm pretty much done with this game as I have both really high ranking units and high tier units but they are completely useless in the face of these impossible waves.
Pretty good, but not enough rewards
by Kuroujjii on 2019/01/13 03:14
The game itself is fun. But, once you learn that you need to sacrifice items in order to rank/upgrade up your units it gets grindy. I don’t mind grinding in games, it definitely gives some satisfaction when you finally get what you want but this game makes you grind really early. And even if you want to grind, you only have so many tries to be able to do it. So, even if you wanted to give this game your 100% attention above all other games you would be limited to do so. I, myself, juggle multiple of these energy limit games so i am always occupied with something but the energy consumption for this game dwindles fast and there’s not enough rewards for it.
Good stuff
by T-P-G on 2018/03/21 03:08
It’s fun, uncomplicated and challenging. There’s no need to buy extra stuff, given enough time you’ll unlock everything you need. Speaking of which, the most expensive units to unlock are nigh essential for the last stage, so don’t expect to breeze through the entire game in a week. This is, at its core, a f2p, so if you want something that you’re ok with timelocking you out of playing for a while, but can pick up randomly for a short while, I highly recommend this title. Also the pvp addition is great, but expect the players that have put in the time to fully upgrade the best units (Sonya, sniper, mechanic) to stomp all over you, so be patient.
Z Warfare Awesome!
by Paolo le Pew on 2018/10/10 22:20
Everything I want from a zombie scenario! If you’re even considering, don’t hesitate, download it now! Great settings, great character design. If you like gruesome fun without being overly morbid, this is for you. Also, player vs player is a decent side-game that helps player acquire points/gear. My only complaint is it occasionally veers towards alien themes instead of classic undead. I had to add to this review as a recent update included making one stage take place during a rain storm. Really well done! Do more of these, maybe a night time setting or something. I hope you expand earlier stages with more difficult missions.
Great game if it weren’t for the PTW system.
by SCG_DM on 2018/12/01 21:24
If it weren’t for the PTW system this game would have been a perfect game. In my opinion developers should’ve balanced to where a grinder can progress in the game, I would’ve been okay with a paid app and for anything that you pay in game are for anything really makes the gaming experience insanely easy and/or for aesthetic reasons such as unique avatars. Being a a true gamer is a lost art... with this generations ADHD and coupled with the incessant need for instant gratification, the market is flooded with people willing to just pay to gain and advantage rather than working hard for it... and developers capitalizing on that; if not with in app purchases, it’s the never ending advertisement.
Four and a half
by Ozzy_Bear on 2018/10/02 04:40
I would like to give it a 4.5, the game is easy and fun to play I like its graphics as well as it’s gameplay. It can be very challenging and hard at times to get passed certain levels. Money is not to much of a problem until you start to level up higher. It becomes harder then as you can’t pass many levels witch means less money. But it its own way the challenge makes it fun to play as well as stop playing for a while. You also need to be smart and think about how you will approach the enemy as your team and skills will depend how you do. My only let down is that the levels get really hard and the less I win the less money I make.
Communist can of pesto
by lil mike pence on 2017/11/25 02:45
Basically this game shows that through capitalism we fail as men. Money hungry capitalists and they’re big pharmaceutical companies develops a “vaccine” that leads to autism and inevitably zombiefication. Through out this game you find out that only as a collective can you survive, eventually you get fed up purchasing upgrades and form a union. Through that union you end up unlocking Bernie Sanders as a playable character. And to win the game you upgrade Bernie Sanders to level 8 were he takes his final form as Joseph stahlin, and after getting 3 stars on all levels you get to view the credits which are based basically just a short hand version of Das Kapital by Carl Marx....odd game, but t worthy of 4 stars
by KSONNN on 2017/12/27 21:50
Beautiful game that really had potential. I honestly would have rather paid $6 for the app upfront instead of being forced to buy in game currency with real money. The game makes it so that it is literally impossible to progress. Your troops just don’t do enough damage, it takes forever to upgrade them, it takes forever to accumulate coins to upgrade them, enemy zombie archetypes are extremely unfair (especially the blue ones who can wipe your entire team in a second with little to no counterplay). The IAP system for this game is predatory. This game has no shame or respect for its players. It tries to wiggle itself into the consumers pockets as soon as possible without even the slightest decency. Such a shame, as I really enjoyed the overall theme, graphics, gameplay, and humor of this game. But all that is overshadowed by the greed of the developers.
Beautiful game
by Tha one lonely guy on 2018/08/17 17:18
The graphics although being pixelated works beautifully and the gameplay is real fine and the characters are even finer. Anyhow so ever since the multiplayer 1v1s were added I felt as if it was pay to win because if you buy the heist pack or something like that you become invincible because of high health and high damage for example when the riot pack came out I fought a lot of people that had it and always lost because they were single hitting my characters. But then again after a while they become available to everyone or goes away which I do like.
Great Game
by kingderpnugget on 2018/03/24 17:58
It’s not the best game in the world but it is sure as hell as fun and really impressive. There are so many pros when it comes to visuals and gameplay. From the pixelated art style which is beautiful, to the zombies which all have different variation when it comes to them. But there are some cons too. After playing for a while I noticed how slow you can be to get coins. Sure you can watch ads and can three star missions but after completing those, the pace of getting coins is really slow. And if you thought you can just re run missions over and over, there is a limit. But rather than that, I sunk most of my time on this game and it’s really worth a try.
by Kamikaze Chikin on 2019/08/13 05:27
When I first booted up the game, I realized you needed to act quickly or the game sends runners or dogs after you and if they so much as touch your bus you get a 2 star instead of a 3. This was relatively frustrating, but manageable. However, I whole hearted believe there is no good way to defend against the electric zombies. I’m stuck on this one mission where four or five of them show up at a time. I can’t get enough troops on the board to take the hit nor can I manage to kill them all before ALL FIVE OF THEM FLY ACROSS THE EARTH INTO MY BUS FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP RESULTING IN AN INSTANT TWO STAR. I like games with a bit of challenge but this truly feels like a cheap way to prevent me from attaining that perfect score.
Good for the Endorphins
by Me1112345678900000 on 2019/04/18 16:10
The gameplay is surprisingly solid and rewarding for a free to play. You have to tactically deploy the units you are given, and cannot rely on any one combination to last forever, because the game is really cheeky at throwing new, interesting enemies against you. The price curve for some of the more “elite” units is pretty high, be warned, but it is possible to purchase *MOST* things without paying a cent. Also: The game lets you regain fuel (and money) by watching ads. If you can stomach watching the same boring Fortnite ad for the fiftieth time in a row, you can basically play as if the energy system isn’t there.
Really fun, interesting and good game!
by Antbanks 40 on 2019/10/30 02:15
For this game being free it is really good, I remember when this first came out and didn’t understand any mechanic but now the game is more improved and polished worth many new levels, units, and even zombies! I haven’t completed the final levels and I’m not a high level either but I have a good amount of units gotten them all free but sometimes the game can seem like it’s pay to win with most of the units costing money usually overpowered or really good. Again this game is really good and I would recommended it as a time killer if you have any extra time to burn.
Almost great
by Spaceman Jerry on 2018/07/24 13:23
Such a wonderful concept marred by some of the worst monetization I think I’ve ever seen. Absolutely impossible to progress without spending as much time watching adds as you do actually playing the game, which is actually quite fun, and the devs have done a good job fostering a community for it. It’s too bad more people could not, or will not, be a part of it thanks to the sea of adds and a progression system that actually punishes players for not buying loot boxes. It is entirely possible to go into the crafting system only to exit with far less than you entered with and Literally nothing to show for it. All in the name of trying to strong-arm you into buying loot boxes. If you have a problem with monetization of any kind I would avoid this game like the plague.
Microtransaction Hell
by Vildhjarta555 on 2017/12/30 12:03
This is an extremely pretty looking game. The art style is very nice and polished. There doesn’t seem to be any bugs or anything like that, and the mechanics of the game are actually pretty cool and overall the game itself is really neat, BUT, What you have here is the poster child of the predatory system that mobile game developers do to its players. You’re going to constantly get pop-ups to buy something, The game is purposefully made extremely difficult at a certain point so you have to buy stuff. Mobile gaming in my opinion is cancer for the gaming community. They make a great looking game that plays well and then add a predatory system like microtransactions because they know the average person that just wants to play little games on their phone are naïve when it comes to gaming. Don’t be tricked folks.
Amazing game, coins annoying though
by Fix the bug now! on 2019/01/12 16:17
Currently my favorite iOS game. I like that it’s hard but not impossible, but that’s also because I bought a character that helps to grind for coins before that coins were impossible to get and if you wanted to get 18,000 coins that would take a month. And there is only one more thing, I keep getting an ad for a motorcycle that the developers also made but I can’t get it because you can’t get it in my region/country so if you could make it so I can get it or make it so it stops advertising then that would be nice
Wonderful challenge
by Rainbow jack533 on 2017/12/22 12:26
If you are looking for a simple game you can get through quickly this is not for you. If you like upgrading your units selectively, and solving the puzzle of each level then this is for you. Each levels zombie composition is different, and this is not a one team fits all composition for this game. I’ve enjoyed playing for for many weeks at this point. There are 7 to 8 stages and there at about 15 levels per stage. Lots of content. There are also walk throughs me if you are super stuck on some of the harder levels. Happy hunting my friends!
Incredibly fun yet flawed game
by Binghammer on 2018/07/25 06:24
The game alone is 4 stars. Tons of fun. If the difficulty was smoothed over at the later stages it would easily be worth a 5. I took off another star because of their business model. It’s so so overpriced for what they give you. 9.99 for just 1 new unit and claim it’s “75% off”. At that price I’m not even tempted. Another issue is the loot crates. They’re necessary to get upgrade materials and are made hard to get. A recent update made them even more difficulty to get in an attempt to get more people to buy them. Would love to give this 5 stars, but the poor value of the paid items and the near reliance on paid items to beat the game keep it from getting there.
Great game!
by Quiet Longface on 2019/09/30 02:28
I love the game. The exclusives are awesome and worth the couple hundred dollars I spent on the game. I have the swat team and the air trooper. It’s so fun to drop him in battle and watch him wreck the zombies before they can reach the bus. Also the swat team absolutely wrecks in PVP. All in all this game is very addicting, I haven’t stopped playing since I got it. I recommend you download this app and give it a try. And if you’re willing, spend a couple bucks and get some rare exclusive members on your team to defeat the zombie menace as you try to survive the zombie apocalypse!
Great game, but gets old for various reasons
by Jsextonmb157 on 2019/08/05 12:41
Love the game. The level of difficulty escalates rather quickly and is not consistent across levels. Many of the characters are very expensive but are not worth it. You find yourself saving and saving and saving, but then you buy a character that takes way too long to generate and is easily killed and has little upside and you feel like it was all a waste of time and effort. I thought (since they were so expensive), I would be able to upgrade and the upgrades would make it worth the original cost, but nope.
Great game. Almost perfectly to my liking. A few probs though...
by ZedHeads on 2018/10/12 03:12
So, I I've been playing this game for a while now, and I'm level 8. I've noticed a couple of problems. It's kind of pay to win. The best units, like Spec ops and saw, are basically 10 dollars. This isn't that bad though, since their only a problem in the recently added PvP system. Second, this game seriously needs a grinding system. It is ridiculously hard. All they really need to do is add a couple of daily levels and this game would be a lot better. Anyway, I still love this game, even with it's couple of large problems.
Terrible Pay To Have Fun Game!
by WalterHarris93 on 2018/09/20 21:09
Absolutely horrible game. Wont have fun for past 15 minutes I GUARANTEE you. Super weak characters that take a REDICULOUS amount of points and time just to do simple tasks. Game is designed limit your fun to an extremely small bubble and can only be enjoyed by paying for gold or watching ads after 15 minutes of play. Stronger characters and weapons are required at a rate so fast and calvulated you will NEVER feel like you can win... unless you watch ads and pay. They make levels impossibly hard to the point where you will catch yourself watching ad after ad just to retry a level that is simply impossible without leveling up. And giess what you have to do to level up? Replay levels and use up gas which requires constant ads
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